2008 Repeat Coming, Says George Soros, Harbinger of “Impending Financial Markets Crisis”

by | Jan 7, 2016 | Commodities, Headline News | 57 comments

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    One of the most notorious and foreboding voices in international finance has warned the world that another crisis is coming, and it will be at least on the magnitude of the 2008 economic collapse.

    Many experts fear it could be even worse.

    Of course, George Soros isn’t saying all that he knows, but he is saying enough to make tumbling Chinese markets and anxious U.S. markets even more paranoid. The kind of selloffs happening in China that are triggering its market “circuit breakers” and the troubling 400-point plunge on Dow today show that investors are spooked and fearful.

    It wouldn’t take more than a whisper campaign from the right insiders to send it spiraling into all out crisis. Are we already there?

    via CNBC:

    Billionaire financier George Soros is warning of an impending financial markets crisis as investors around the world were roiled by turmoil in China trade for the second time this week.

    Speaking at an economic forum in Sri Lanka’s capital, Colombo, he told an audience that China is struggling to find a new growth model and its currency devaluation is transferring problems to the rest of the world, according to media. He added that a return to rising interest rates was proving difficult for the developing world.

    The current environment reminded him of the “crisis we had in 2008… China has a major adjustment problem,” he added, according to Bloomberg. “I would say it amounts to a crisis.”

    Soros is laying out the same scenario many analysts in the alternative media have been discussing – a debt bomb exploding in the third world as credit tightens, and a contagion from collapsing markets in China and perhaps other major financial centers.

    Goldman Sachs has forecast nearly the same economic crisis, dubbing it the Third Wave, and connected it with a larger collapse tied to not only 2008, but the financial struggles in Europe that followed:

    This wave is characterised by rock-bottom commodities prices, stalling growth in China and other emerging-markets economies, and low global inflation, Goldman Sachs analysts said…

    This triple whammy has its roots in the response to the first two waves of crisis — the banking collapse and European sovereign-debt crisis — and it is all part of the so-called debt supercycle of the past few decades.

    […] Now that interest rates are looking as if they might go up, lenders are heading for the exits and investors are pulling out of commodities, which are closely linked to the fate of the emerging economies.

    These analysts have identified that debt-plagued developing countries will fold when they fail to meet repay obligations. The subsequent rash of bad loans and bailouts will contaminate the economics of other markets, and disaster could follow in spectacular fashion.

    This is particularly true in light of a stronger U.S. dollar and an increase in the Federal Reserve rate, which is acting as a call on risky debtors.

    Soros’ position as a giant in the waters of financial affairs amplifies his comments, as many look to major moves by the billionaire with ominous tones:

    Marc Ostwald, a strategist at ADM Investor Services, believes that Soros’ comments — alongside a gloomy report Wednesday from the World Bank — only serve to cast a “long shadow” over global markets.

    “It should be noted that the current turmoil distinguishes itself from 2008, when reckless lending, willful blindness to a mountain of credit sector risks and feckless and irresponsible regulation and supervision of markets were the causes of the crash, given that central bank policies have been encouraged and been wholly responsible for the current protracted bout of gross capital misallocation,” he said in a morning note.

    The difference between 2008 and what is happening now is that the Federal Reserve ZIRP policies have had a direct correlation with the problems that are now becoming untenable – and almost everyone admits it.

    George Soros warned in 2010 that a major collapse was coming, but would set in over about eight years. The end of that timeline is no longer far off:

    “We are facing an extremely difficult time, comparable in many ways to the 1930s, the Great Depression. We are facing now a general retrenchment in the developed world, which threatens to put us in a decade of more stagnation, or worse. The best-case scenario is a deflationary environment. The worst-case scenario is a collapse of the financial system.

    More recently, noting the ensuing currency wars between China and the United States, Soros predicted that we are on the threshold of a Third World War as well:

    “If there is conflict between China and a military ally of the United States, like Japan, then it is not an exaggeration to say that we are on the threshold of a third world war,” Soros said.


    “One crumb of comfort could be the 10-year period between the 1998 Asian crisis and the 2008 credit crisis. If the pattern is repeated, it should at least mean we have another 8 years to go before the next crash,” Soros stated.

    There are many important things happening in the world right now. Perhaps it is much more than any one of us can keep track of, but they are worth paying attention to.

    Our entire way of life is slipping out from under us, and the architects of world finance and rearranging the pieces to play for keeps.

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    George Soros Says Crash Imminent, But It Might Take 8 Years



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      1. Meh

        • I intensely dislike that Lib Socialist Soros. But even so, he’s right about 2016. However, wasn’t there discussion or speculation that he had a role in the 2008 crash?

          • Not sure, i do know there has been a few years running saying the sky was falling,,,,
            Sooner or later it will, untill then

      2. Well I don’t want pain but let it come if it must. I will help all in anyway I can on here. Just ask if you need it.

        • MiV, got a crystal ball that works???

          Any bets on what the DOW 30 will bottom out number wise?

          My guess would be 4000 at the bottom, 18 months out…

          • 13000 is my guess but who really knows. What really struck me was a couple talking heads on tv today couldn’t figure out why gold and silver prices are on the rise. “It just make any sense” is what one of them said. I can’t believe people trust a neanderthal like that with their money. i guess I just don’t wanna believe people are so dumb.

            • “This wave is characterized by rock-bottom commodities prices, stalling growth in China and other emerging-markets economies, and low global inflation, Goldman Sachs analysts said…”

              Oh, okay. If Goldman Sachs says it, it must be true. Their criminal past shows the extent of their integrity.

              In REAL LIFE though, I went grocery shopping today. Six months ago a 25 lb. bag of sugar costed 9.99 – today I noticed on my way by that it went up to 12.79.

              I like Lipton brand green tea. A couple of months ago a 12pk jumped from 4.99 to 6.35.

              The price of meat in general is up a little bit, as is milk and eggs.

              It seems like everything is up a few cents at minimum, not counting the in-store sale items. Now I know I’m not an economy major, but it seems odd to me that if commodity prices are FALLING, then why would the products they are made with be RAISING by as much as 26%?

              I got a pretty good deal on some Progresso soups, usually almost $3 a can, today I stocked up big time at .98 each.

              I guess my question is, since we know we can’t trust the media about anything else, why are we trusting them on THIS? George Soros? Really? Mr. globalist elite himself? Soros who is also funding most, if not all of the chaos in the east?

              This is probably just another chance to scare the shit out of the public. Prices are normally going to go up and down, even without manipulations.

              It’s OUR JOB to plan and prepare accordingly.

              I can sleep when the wind blows.

        • Someone Here warned this community about the dangers of the Chinese economy and its financial system and said it was a bigger threat to the world economy than events in the US.

          That person also warned two years ago that Europe was a bigger danger to the world economy than the US. He was laughed at by the financial idiots here whose chronological age is higher than their checking account balance.

          Who was that masked man? Its in the archives. 🙂

          • I actually remember that. There were 2 in particular who got pretty rude. I think you mean their IQ’s are lower than their double digit checking acct balance.

          • DKlongarm

          • Someone here said 2016 would be the year to watch several years ago. This same someone said a convergence of events would commence and lulls would be few. I heard some fine gentlemen who I believe were UBS analysts say gold may exceed $3,330. They are correct.

      3. Oh boy, I’ve been waiting for this to happen for a long time… My 2012 MREs are only a year or two from expiration so the sooner, the better. Anybody have some herbal remedies for stool softeners? Got plenty of precious metals (brass and lead)and a case of life straws so buckle up boys, this is going to get rocky…

        • Try shlitz beer or some really strong coffee 🙂

          • Shlitz and a sack of whitecastle sliders.. lol

          • Also creosote bush tea will def. do the job and is very good for you.

        • If you lived here i would say kukui nuts,
          Add a little of that to your diet and youll be flowin

        • Wheat grass juice or concentrate – works every time!

        • Your 2012 MRE’s will be fine for a very long time, well past the expiration date. Store in a cool dry place. However, the end of this mess will be decided upon by God, not some crooked marketeer. You do seem to know what’s coming if you have MRE’s and life straws. When I was in the army, I was on a team that was recognized for our evasion skills as well as other stuff. Stay mobile and keep away from crowds,

        • Licorice root. But I’ve stocked up on bulk, unflavored psyllium powder a long time ago. It’s a great addition to my “kitchen sink” spaghetti sauce.

      4. Right, Because This Time It Won’t Be Any Different !

        So I Had To Warn Everyone Because No One Could See This Coming ?

        Right Got It !

        Thanks George’s Anus.

      5. “Socialism (lit. gouvernement in French) is the great fiction, whereby everybody endeavours to live off of everybody else.”
        – Frederic Bastiat, 1801-1850

        And… why yes, you ARE indeed correct. The fascist (note: Nazi – National SOCIALIST) left has ZERO idea why this has never worked, will never work, and CAN never work.

        But that won’t stop them from trying… with your money, your career, and your livelihood

      6. Speaking of Learjet leftists, limousine liberals and rich Hollyweird hypocrites, reminds me of the apocryphal story of USSR leader Leonid Brezhnev, who had his old grandmother visit him at his office in Moscow 35 years ago. Brezhnev proudly showed her his many Zil limousines, the gold plated handles on his mahonany desk, all his dachas, his multiple fine silk suites in his closets, and much, much more.

        Finally, the end of the day came, and all the assistants, servants and aides went home. After everyone had left, the aged grandmother looked around very, VERY carefully, then sidled up extremely close to her grandson and whispered very, very quietly in his ear:

        “This is all very well, Leonid. But… what if the Communists come???”

        I could send this story to Michelle-Marie Antoinette Obama for her review, but I think she is on another of her monthly uber-vacations right now. If I’m not mistaken, I think she rent out the country of Lichtenstein for the month, for just her and 800 of her Chicago cronies.

        • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      7. Please hurry…Same shit, new day.

      8. Just watched world news on tv. A wallstreeter expert said retirements have lost thousands but now is not the time to panic.

        • ❤ Had to download a copy for my personal collection, thanks!

          • …and I’m STILL hearing it in my head…

      9. I hate soros and I certainly wouldn’t have printed this bullshit even if he agreed with my world view. We always talk about the evils of libs but tout them when they talk doom.

        • The thing is, yes Soros is a despicable human being that should be on the short list of targets after the collapse, but he is well tied in to the oligarch class. Because of that, he is worth listening to in order to try and divine what they have planned. The real question is: What is his agenda behind this warning? How does he stand to benefit? What actions is he trying to provoke in the retail investors? What is his end game? After all, once you have a certain amount of money, it’s no longer about wealth. It’s about power and that is what people like him ultimately seek. With that foremost in your mind read what he has to say and try to read between the lines. That’s what intelligence gathering is all about.

          • Winston you are so right.
            Soros is a New World Order, Globalist, POS.
            He makes his money on the rise & fall of currency.
            So WHY??? Warn us?
            Whats his game?

          • For the true background of George Soros see:

            The Secret Financial Network Background Behind “Wizard” George Soros

            www dot network 54.com/Forum/155355/thread

            Who knew???

            • www. network54.com/ Forum/155355/thread

              “page not found”

      10. I welcome a 1930’s type of “contraction”. Most stocks are grossly overpriced, with respect to what the earnings are(P/E ratio). We shot our “wad” to protect Big banks and poorly run companies(GM) in 2008. There is no “wad” left. Depression is our best bet.
        National bankruptcy. I’d love to see the EPA, BLM, ATF, DHS, IRS et al. decimated, and several other ABC agencies eliminated eg HUD, Education, DOI, et al.

        • I’d be happy right now if they’d just stop EXPANDING.

      11. I would not concern myself or worry what day the market will crash. We must be prepared and not totally surprised when the Government tells the media they can finally report that all is lost, 401 k’s, retirement funds, mutual funds are gone.

        Pondering each day if this is the day is worthless and a waste of life. Pondering, speculating if lost funds can be recovered and maintain a profitable investment was not worth it to me. But, somebody knows the day. Not you and I. Another reason I exited the market years ago.

        The coming crash I think will occur when all the test programs have been conducted on new processing, ID, systems and behavior modification programs on people. But, you and I will not know the day.

      12. Silver has been climbing steady

      13. Soros says it’s just like 2008 all over again. Well this scum bag if I remember made a killing on the 2008 crash. Now here he is saying the crash is near, you can bet he’s prepared to make a lot of FRN’s on this one to. He was one of the PTB that was behind the last one and he is with them behind this one. These crooks will not be hurt wealth wise.

      14. I don’t trust Soros, I imagine when he is positioned for the crash which he is, his rhetoric will work to make it worse once it starts.

        Soros public fear mongering is a real bad sign. I don’t believe he has anyone’s best interests in mind except his own.

        He is right on one thing. Time to review your preps and fill in any weaknesses.

        People who survived real economic crashes all agree on one thing, they wish they had stored up more food.

        Nice thing about liquid packed vegetables, you can drink the water as well as eat the contents if need be, though they can’t stand being frozen in cold weather like freeze dried can.

      15. Soro’s is saying another 2K8 coming again? Guess his part in engineering the LAST one wasn’t enough – he had to come back around and kick us again to see if we’re still moving?

        Cripes. OK. Canned Chicken, Rice, Beans, bandaids, bullets, Bible.
        Some Silver, heirloom seeds and land. Good to go.
        Be well.

      16. Time to rip off the top to the Jeep, build a swivel bucket seat and mounted machine gun for the back and paint “Rat Patrol” on the side door. Ride thru the Mexican and dindu neighborhoods and let er rip. They’ll b comin to your neighborhood if you don’t

      17. story is from Daily Kos
        I can’t vouch for its veracity

        Trouble in Oregon as one member of Y’all Qaeda went AWOL and allegedly drank away their donations

        ht tp://www.dailykos.com/stories/2016…heir-donations

      18. Soros Snoros

        This month, next month. This year, three years from now. Don’t underestimate their capacity to kick the can down the road.

        But eventually the wheels will fall off the bus.

        To properly prepare for foreseeable contingencies, as well as to have something to barter, here’s what you will need:

        2360 dozen condoms

        240 half ounces of medium grade perfume

        22,300 boxes of cigarettes
        600 dozen boxes of cigars

        A goodly supply of lighters and matches to keep your people happy

        300 gallons of bourbon

        720 fifths of red wine

        comparable quantity of Coke or Pepsi for mixing or for the sugar addicts

        3,000 chocolate bars

        332 30-packs of Costco toilet paper

        sinful behavior won’t go away as long as hominids survive. The people who need that stuff now will need it then. Let someone else supply the rice and beans.

        You will either soon be dead, or to your vast surprise the warlord of your locality. What you lack in brains or muscle you can hire, because you will have what the survivors most want.

        • Crips, you’ve got the ladies all figured out. Make sure you add some tampons to your list, and it should be complete. Maybe some summers eve and heaps more chocolate and you’re good to go.

      19. Watching Obama’s anti gun town hall CNN propaganda show.

        God bless Criss Cyles wife who left Obama looking like a babbling idiot. Her sensible arguments and loving empathy left Obama looking like the fool he is.

        The next woman who is a single mother who admits to being raped and says she practices and carries and won’t let this happen again also left Obama a babbling idiot.

        Next Obama doubles down on the gun show loop hole, I’m sorry I’ve been to gun shows in three states and have never been offered to buy a Glock 19 in any of them since I was from out of state. In my direct experience, your sir Obama are a lying like a Persian rug.

        • Obama continues babbling about his standard talking points, illegal guns that his proposed attack on civil rights won’t fix and he admits it. But he keeps going back to the “If I could save just one Child”.

          Meanwhile Chicago burns.

        • Now Obama is going off on smart gun technology (that doesn’t exist).

          Let me say I have a biometric safe that cost several hundred dollars. It works pretty good, but come in on a cold day and guess what, it doesn’t work. Have dirty hands, and maybe it’ll work. Come in on a hot sweaty day and it fails again. If I was to depend on this technology, yup I’d be dead.

        • Oops now they brought up Gabby Giffords and her husband Mark who tried to illegally buy a firearm but was never prosecuted.

          He was whining about how easy it is to buy a firearm. Which he wasn’t able to do.

          Mark Giffords openly admitted in public he was trying to buy a firearm as a straw purchase for another. Yet he is not only not prosecuted, he is used as an Antigun shill by Obama.

          Another felony committed by Obama.

        • OMG, Obama is now saying his proposal is going to help gun suicides.

          Yo Obama, Japan has no guns, but has a higher suicide rate than the US. You propose nothing that will help. Zero, nadda. I can’t figure out what word you used more “I” or “Hope”.

          There is no gun law, regulation, executive memo or order that will identify, treat, or cure mental illness or prevent suicide. Obama is mentally ill if he thinks otherwise!

        • As usual, Obama was devicive pitting gun owners against the anti gunners.

          He continues to attack Americans while ignoring N Korea.

          It was just more Obama hate speech.

          CNN continues the hate and propaganda.

        • Throughout it Obama referred several times to the Austrailan total gun ban, but would assure people he wasn’t a gun grabber. Then Obama would refer to the Austrailan total gun grab as a model, but assure people he wasn’t a gun grabber.

          This coming from the man that assured Americans they could keep their Doctors. Yes you can keep your guns, just like you could keep your doctor, and you can keep your guns just like you can keep your healthcare plan.

          A lier, is a lier, is a lire, is Obama. Gun control is all about gun grabbing – gun control.

          • Ok is over finally, and I didn’t have a stoke listening to the lier in Chief.

            Obama is amazing, the way he could agree totally with opposing views, sound conciliatory or appear empathetic, and then go right back to the lies and talking points that were just discredited. The man is absolutely schizophrenic able to project the personality that works for the moment.

            Very rarely has Obama ever engaged in an open forum like he did tonight, but it revealed volumes about him, and not in a flattering way. The man is absolutely psychotic.

      20. Can’t overthrow government and bring citizens into slavery
        if they are armed.

        Hillary Clinton told two members of black lives matter that she was not interested in changing hearts, but changing laws.

        The same with Obama. Since he has been in office, race relations have hit rock bottom, but mass shootings up. The Muslim genie has been released and now is making great strives in this country and world wide.

        And when the day of Jihad hits America, he probably will be on their side. He did say in his book, that (paraphrased) when the winds blow against Islam, he would always stand with Islam.

        And Soros, well could not be more happier.

      21. 2008 again? In 2008, I was paying around $9.00 – $12.00 for a sizable rump roast. Yesterday, I paid $21.00. It was the husband’s birthday so we splurged. I call that splurging for us. As poor as we are, I thank God I’ve been prepping for years. I say, let’s get it on. I’m tired of waiting.

      22. We all know what the Greeks are famous for. You can bet Soros will do it to anyone if there is a dollar to be made.

      23. Georgy Porgy is not a Greek; he’s a Hungarian Jew

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