20 Ordinary Americans Talk About The Economic Despair That Is Growing Like A Cancer All Around Them

by | Sep 24, 2013 | Headline News | 230 comments

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    20americansThere are hundreds of formerly prosperous communities all over America that are being steadily transformed into rotting, decaying hellholes.  The good paying middle class jobs that once supported those communities are long gone, and they have been replaced with low paying service jobs if they have been replaced at all.  When you visit those communities, it is almost as if all of the hope has been sucked right out of the air.  It can be absolutely heartbreaking to look into the hollow eyes of someone that has totally given in to despair, but unfortunately the number of Americans that are giving up on the economy continues to grow.  Today, the labor participation rate is the lowest that it has been in 35 years, and more than 100 million Americans are enrolled in at least one welfare program.  It is easy to say that they should just “get a job”, but as I have written about repeatedly, our economy simply is not producing enough jobs for everyone anymore.  The percentage of working age Americans with a job has remained at the same level that it was at during the worst days of the last recession, and meanwhile the quality of our jobs has continued to steadily decline.  Median household income has fallen forfive years in a row, but the cost of living continues to rise rapidly.  The middle class is being systematically shredded, and poverty is growing at an alarming rate.  The U.S. economy has been in decline for a long time, and the really bad news is that it appears that this decline is about to accelerate.

    We are a nation that consumes far more wealth than we produce.  We are a nation that buys far more from the rest of the world than they buy from us.  We are a nation that has a “buy now, pay later” mentality.

    As a nation, we have accumulated the largest mountain of debt in the history of the world.  40 years ago, the total amount of debt in our system (government, business and consumer) was about 2 trillion dollars.  Today, it is more than 56 trillion dollars.

    The consequences of decades of incredibly foolish decisions are starting to catch up with us, and it is those at the bottom of the food chain that will suffer the most.

    I could spend the rest of this article quoting 30 or 40 more statistics that show how bad things are, but today I wanted to do something different.  Today, I wanted to share some quotes from some of my readers about what they are seeing where they live.  The following are 20 quotes from ordinary Americans about the economic despair that is rapidly growing like a cancer all around us…

    #1 David:

    “Yes, the American economy is in the pits. I know five languages, have three degrees (including two graduate degrees), and have lived overseas for 16 years and I still can’t find a job in the USA. Everything is broken in America. Maybe I should give up my American citizenship.”

    #2 Zach:

    “I’ve been struggling since I finished college in the summer of 2010. My dream is to work in the courts, law enforcement but it’s almost impossible to get a call back for an interview. I interviewed with Garland, Texas PD for a position in the city jail and I made the final 30 of 300 applicants that applied for the 3 positions.”

    #3 Akitawoman:

    “I have two Master’s degrees, am 61 years old and earning $10 per hour. What does that say about the current economy?”

    #4 Cincinnati Dave:

    “I work for one of the banks mentioned in your article. I was in mortgages. I saw all of this coming, so several months ago I asked to get into another area of the bank and fortunately, for me, they granted by request. A lot of people are losing their jobs and there is really no prospects out there for anything else whereby the same kind of money could be made. I will make nothing near what I had been earning but am at the least grateful to be employed. This is all so sad to watch happen.”

    #5 Iceman:

    “I used to work for WF processing mortgages. The week that the rates went up, I was out of work, not one extra week of work.”

    #6 Tim:

    “The U.S. economy is producing mostly part-time, low-wage jobs. These jobs barely pay enough to put food on the table.”

    #7 K:

    “What I am aware of, is every person I know, who had to switch jobs in the last five years took a pay cut. The smallest cut among my friends was 10%, the average was closer to 18%. No we are heading down a bad road, and we are past the point of no return.”

    #8 Makati:

    “After spending most of my life in the middle class, I now consider myself lower class due to age and income. Nothing wrong with that. I am still able to provide myself with what I need and some of my ‘wants’. I am like most retirees today.”

    #9 Mondobeyondo:

    “As many of you already know (but maybe some new members of this blog don’t) – I live in Phoenix, Arizona. Where you live here, determines (to a great extent) your economic well being. Those in the “East Valley” – Chandler, Gilbert, Scottsdale, etc – have the jobs, the opportunities and the transportation. Those in the wealthier areas of the “West Valley” also have these benefits.

    The remainder – those who live in the older west side of town, and the south side of town – are mainly forgotten and left to struggle. Many are hard working citizens who just want a chance. Unfortunately, chance costs money, in the view of many people, and as far as the municipal government is concerned, there’s no money for us. It’s cheaper to let them live in a tent in the park, where the cops at least have an excuse to evict them.”

    #10 2Gary2:

    “We are no longer the land of opportunity where anyone can make it.”

    #11 GOM:

    “There is no middle class here in the Florida Panhandle. Only folks who have money are the retired and they hate everyone. They own all the antique stores [big business] and most thriving businesses and restuarants. Military is big here, they spend every dime they have on stupid stuff and taxis. Tourist are way down since the spill. Now for the good news. A major food chain here is going out of business [Food World] Another is losing 20k a month to theft. Every other property it seems is up for sale. There are tons of empty real estate [store fronts] There are thrift stores opening everywhere. People are selling goods on the streets, only to be run off by the cops. Crime is getting out of hand. Most don’t go out after dark. Police are beating up the homeless at the beaches. Panhandling now is mainly younger people. Where did all the older ones go?”

    #12 Rodster:

    “In my area which is SW Florida, it’s been getting tighter for my customers so on a case by case basis I lower my price when they need auto repairs. I still find road signs advertising homes for sale (cash only). Many are advertised as foreclosed.


    I’ve started seeing people living out of their cars. It’s not a daily occurrence but I have been noticing it.”

    #13 Devery:

    I have been looking after the homeless now for 4 years. Last winter I had an encounter where I was told that I could not hand out blankets and sleeping bags in the dead of winter and that I would be arrested for trespassing if “me and my friends” didn’t move along.

    So, I adopted the policy that I would pull up next to them, have them get in the car and we would go for a drive. I would find a place to pull over and give them what they needed then I would drop them off in a different place.

    #14 Robert:

    “Around where I live in the SE, things seem ok but I live in a university town. Go to some of the surrounding small towns and it is desolate. Car dealerships closed. Entire streets with abandoned stores. The only activity is a one clerk post office. I know people in our church who are a paycheck away from going over the edge or going over due to a spouse dying and losing one of their social security checks. I see grim. More homeless. A local church is feeding many more including some folks living out of their cars—lots of children. Mostly minimum wage jobs in the area. If it were not for the university and its 34,000 students, this place would look as bad as the smaller communities.”

    #15 TN Gal:

    “Here in southeast TN we have jobs, mostly part-time or low wage. Our problem these days are so many people dependent on government programs no one wants to work. They do better on programs than working partying and paying for insurance. Housing still very depressed. Seeing more homeless around and local churches straining to provide food. Crime is up and drugs, which were down, are coming back with a vengeance. Middle class here are senior citizens on SS, younger retirees not the older ones. Older ones seem to be struggling. Sad.”

    #16 Deb:

    Michael, I live in North Central Illinois. About 60 miles southeast of Chicago. The town we live in has about 8,000 in it. Very “middle class” farm community. Unemployment is high and so is underemployment. We know many people living off 2 part time jobs. That seems to be the norm around here. Or people taking jobs that they would never of considered in the past, just to get by. My son used to work for CAT in Aurora, but was “let go” in order to bring in new workers at a lower pay scale. It took him over a year(which really isn’t bad) to find a part time job with 3M.

    #17 Susan:

    “Drive around Los Angeles at 3:00 AM any day and you will see the devastating and pervasive homelessness from 8 to 80 year olds.  And the massage parlors and hookers on the streets of used to be ‘high-end’ neighborhoods are exploding. No other way to make a living.”


    “A couple of years ago it was reported 9K people a night slept in their cars here in San Diego County. Special car parks are set up in some church parking lots. The cops look the other way. Wonder what the figure is now?”

    #19 Jimbo:

    “My own viewpoint is that a collapse of the current economic system is inevitable and imminent.”

    #20 El Pollo de Oro:

    “During a conversation on prepping, someone recently said to me, ‘If things get half as bad as these preppers think they will, I don’t want to be alive.’ So, how bad will things will get? Real unemployment is already at Great Depression levels (John Williams’ Shadow Statistics contradicts the BLS’ bogus figures), but when this depression deepens, I think we’ll be looking at 50% or 60% unemployment easily. Much worse than the 1930s. It will be absolute hell for millions of Americans, and when the money stops flowing down to the man on the street, the blood will flow in the streets (Gerald Celente). Lots of it.”

    Michael T. Snyder is a graduate of the University of Florida law school and he worked as an attorney in the heart of Washington D.C. for a number of years. Today, Michael is best known for his work as the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and The American Dream. If you want to know what things in America are going to look like in a few years read his new book The Beginning of the End.


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      1. And to put the final nail in the USA economic coffin–

        We hired a Peace-Maker.

        • How about person # 125,000,001 ? That BO and the rest of the politicians use warped figures that have been completely skewed to make it seem like times ares better and the rainbow has come to America again. Those SOB’s have sold out Americans and they know it. This country has more than enough to support well 315,000,000 people, but not 3,000,000,000 people or more in most of the world. People in smaller communities usually fare better than big metropolitian areas, as they will also after true SHTF. EVERYWHERE though you can see the true agony of too many people that don’t have jack.

          It is not people that are drug addicts or screwed up mentally, etc. This is good people that want a good job. Blame both parties for this. The Repubs. want those kick backs from slave labor overseas. The Dems want that cheap garbage so their penniless voters will have plenty of “affordable” goods. All the while the good paying jobs are lost. With that tax revenue from not even rising taxes a single point from good paying jobs. Tens of millions of people working for good paying jobs would bring much prosperity to the whole country. Logic like this of course is something that government doesn’t want. Happy hard working good paid citizens mean that the government loses its ultimate goal of control over the masses. Misery breeds a police state.

          Times WON’T get any better either. THEY CAN’T. The figures don’t add up, no matter how much they try to distort the truth. The economy is still nothing but a highly polished turd.

          • Things are bad and will get worse for many. The solution is a simple one: organize, communicate, volunteer, donate, vote, and let your Barnhardt out.

            Things are the way they are, but that does not mean that Americans must accept the status quo. WE have the power to change things. Start where you are at. All politics are local. Begin with your School Board and Common Core, then direct your Group to County and State politics.

            Votes matter.

            Americans must reclaim their political heritage. WE let “George do it” and George fucked US over, allowing 60,000 factories to offshore, destroying 70 million jobs. Then WE let O’Bummer do it, and things went from bad to worse.

            The American economy was stolen by the NWO Global Investment Class. That theft was facilitated by POTUS and Congress. Lame Stream media ignores “offshoring” as if the economy can be fixed while jobs are sent abroad to generate massive corporate profits using manipulated currencies and cheap labor.

            Political action must be taken by the masses. For now, tens of millions of Americans should become involved with the Tea Party and wrest control of the Republican Party from the likes of John McLame and Lindsey Graham.

            100 million American gun owners hold the future of America in their hands. Only 129 million votes were cast in the last election; including the dead in Chicago, and the multiple voting by ACORN.

            Every American must become politically active. If you do not, you deserve what you get. Engage! 🙂

            • Yes people do need to engage, but the two party fraud isn’t the ticket. Might as well ask Santa if you think voting will help. What’s needed is a revolution. Those in power will never represent the people. They can’t be convinced but they can be replaced.

              • Sookie Sookie: I agree, but 100 million American Gun Owners could take control of the Republican Party by supporting the Tea Party, just as the commies took control of the Democratic Party to elect a Marxist.

                The Globalist NWO interests have been applying themselves to political activism while Americans have have immersed themselves in SNL, DWTS, and Idol.

                If you lose you gun rights, and 1st and 4th Amendment rights because you have become one of those advocating “dropping out”. You have no one to blame but yourself.

                Any “Revolution” must have a political component allied to its agenda. 100 million American Gun Owners in solidarity, can dictate the outcome of any election, platform, and the ascension of any candidate.

                Engage! 🙂

                • What get that 100 million to stand up. Most will buckle. They say I have my gun when needed. When they deemed needed in their mind it will be to late.

                  Survive its death.

                  I didn’t say quit. But this country becoming a complete failure my be part of any planing any people is having.

                • Sookie Sookie: I agree, but 100 million American Gun Owners could take control of the Republican Party by supporting the Tea Party. That would only happen when hell freezes over. The Tea party was a joke.

                  • If an old black and white photograph
                    was taken today of the people lined
                    up at the free food pantries, no one
                    could tell that it wasn’t the Great
                    Depression of the 1930s.

                  • ” And when Hell freezes over we’ll fight them on the ice Sir ! ” Quote from an unknown Marine in Korea.

                  • Sure you could tell the difference. Even poor folks dressed impeccably in the ’30s. Their clothes were beautifully tailored, if patched and threadbare and possibly made out of feedsacks. Their faces looked proud, distinguished, honest and literate. Men wore belts or suspenders; their pants didn’t sag to show their knickers. The old feedsack dresses probably had better care and craftsmanship poured into them than whatever Miley Cyrus is wearing. And not one would wear a meat dress, even if they could afford to buy a year’s worth of meat to make it. It would have been regarded as blasphemous waste.

                  • Old Guy
                    You are right!!! and so is Facebook, because very man may not stand at first, but when he loose and family member or good friend he will fight. We didn’t fight for the county in Vam we would fight for each other. I believe we will do the same here.
                    TPTB are trying to start and fight with us. I just heard the scary Kerry just singed the UN treaty on gun control. Lock and load my friend lock and load!!!!

              • “If voting changed anything, they’d make it illegal.”
                ~ Emma Goldman

                We live under a system of “government” that almost no one, not even the most blindly patriotic voter has any real control over. And no amount of “campaign finance reform” or “term limits” or “free TV time” is going to change that, because democracy is fundamentally flawed. It’s a sham… a con game.

                The truth is that democracy is a lie. We have been taught that democracy is a synonym for freedom. That under democracy, government represents the people. And that in a democracy, people have a say in how they are ruled.

                There is no one in government who represents me, and whether I vote or not, this will not change. I am governed by leaders I did not choose, who enact policies I do not believe in, and are paid with money I earned, but did not consent to give to them. In every meaningful way, I am completely and utterly disenfranchised… and so is just about everyone else.

                If you vote… if you participate in the great con-game that is democracy… you are part of the problem.

                So just say no. Withdraw your consent.

                “Representative government is artifice, a political myth, designed to conceal from the masses the dominance of a self-selected, self-perpetuating, and self-serving traditional ruling class.” ~ Giuseppe Prezzolini

                “Presidents are selected, not elected.” ~ Franklin Delano Roosevelt

                • We are supposed to be a Rebublic. The framers drafted a Republic. A republic that guarntees that the inalienable & god given rights outlined in the counstition & bill of rights cannot be infringed. In a republic the counstitional right,s of the few cannot be usurped by the wishes & wants of the many even if the few is one person and the many is everyone else. Unfortunately we have allowed it to degenerate into a democracy. a Democracy is nothing more than Mmob Rule. A democracy is two wolves & a sheep voting on what to eat for dinner.

                  • Old Guy:
                    I could not have said it better. I like the one that said. Its like two liberals and one conservatives voting on how is going to pay more taxes.

                  • Dale, this is not about Liberals vs Conservatives.

                    It’s about the People vs an out-of-control Government!

                    So-called “conservatives” have no compunction whatsoever in trampling a mans rights!!

                    Spare us the false left/right paradigm… It’s been exposed!!!

                    BTW… pull your head out of your foxhole Sargent… by doing so, you just may expose yourself to the truth.

                • Your Mama: You should probably consider the source when you fall for a snappy one liner:

                  ” Emma Goldman quotes (Lithuanian born American International anarchist who conducted leftist activities in the United States from about 1890 to 1917. 1869-1940)”

                  So what we have is another commie trying to demoralize, and disenfranchise the power of Americans which reside in the Republic through their vote.

                  Stay home faggot. WE don’t need your vote to take America back! LMAO! 🙂

            • Durango Kidd.

              Politics are not going to save this country.

              • Hell, folks, politics is what ruined this country!! 🙁

                • And one more thing before the crap hits the fan–for whatever reason.
                  Those ‘spiritual’ leaders better be getting those churches ready for influx.
                  And they won’t be donating!!!!!!

                  • …and most therefore wont be welcome… 🙁

                • JayJay: Yes, politics have ruined the country because only the political class have been involved in politics in this country.

                  They are a minority yet move the country on their behalf and use American institutions to benefit the few (them) at the expense of the many (US).

                  The masses must get involved and control OUR future from the ground up. Begin where you live. support those who are trying to make a difference if you only add your name and your vote to their efforts.

                  Republicans are only a third of the population. democrats are only a third of the population. Independents are the swing group who can make a difference in the direction of the Nation.

                  The Tea Party IS making a difference. Add your voice, support, and energy to their efforts. Claim your personal power.

                  Engage your employees or be exploited by them. 🙂

                  • durango kidd says:

                    “Yes, politics have ruined the country because only the political class have been involved in politics in this country.”

                    Say what??? lol.

                    If a person gets “involved” in “politics,” they are by default part of the “political class,” and will invariably be corrupted by it.

                    So much for politics and the political class. They are the reason for the season.

                    “The typical citizen drops down to a lower level of mental performance as soon as he enters the political field. He argues and analyzes in a way which he would readily recognize as infantile within the sphere of his real interests. He becomes primitive again.”
                    ~ Joseph Schumpeter

                  • Your Mama; Joseph Schumpeter was a 19th century European economist who extolled the virtues of Socialism (and Marx), believing that Socialism would triumph over Capitalism.

                    Like Kissinger, Schumpeter was a German professor who migrated to the United States bringing his European ideas with him. He was eventually investigated by the FBI for his support of the Nazi’s.

                    You really pick’em kid!

                    Why are all of your heros European, and why are they all Socialists? Can’t you remember a quote from the Founding Fathers ?

                    YOU are a fucking TROLL for the commies!!!! LMAO! 🙂

                • One of the things George Washington warned about were political parties where the sole purpose is the party. That is what the Soviet Union had. Party mattered over all, the same mentality driving unions.

              • You could still argue that war or revolution are politics, just conducted in a far more aggressive manner.

                • Aggressive diplomatic measures

                • War is a means to achieve a political end

                  • I believe Von Klautwicz said that.

              • slingshot: Politics are the ONLY thing that can save this country. get involved where you live. You can make a difference if you BELIEVE you can make a difference.

                If you don’t have that drive, conviction, and faith, you will be a victim, not a victor. Engage! 🙂

                • Politics is WHAT got us here today, and American have been reduced to slaves by Politics! Killing the maggot criminal Politicians and their Corporate masters is the only way out of this. Americans now have so many Talk Radio shows and Chimp blogs, it is comical. Thats why they call it “talk radio”, not “Get Something done radio”. It’s not even theater of the Absurd, but Radio for the Chumps! Politics in America will be changed soon,even violently, but without the currant politicians, they will be dead!

                  • Phil I your radio comments spot on. That is a way to describe many things. Talk x 100000000000)). That all that seems to hapeen.

                    I am also just as guilty.

                • DK.
                  If you look at the condition and welfare of this country, THAT IS POLITICS!

                  Politics is eating caviar, drink expensive scotch,
                  fucking a page or two. They get old and senile and will hold on to their fake Glory as they trample the rest of the nation into poverty. They feel you pain.

                  NO Balance Budget.
                  No Term Limits.
                  Remove themselves from law that we must obey.
                  How about the inside trading being reinstituted.

                • Durango:
                  Politics gives us Politicians. We don’t need Politicians! We need STATESNEM!!!

                  • @Sgt. Dale

                    This is painful…

                    Dale, do you know what a “STATENEM” is?


                    1. a skilled, experienced, and respected political leader or figure.


                    senior politician, respected political figure, elder statesman, political leader, national leader.

                    AKA, a politician.

                  • Sgt. Dale.
                    Your statement that many will not fight at first is a true one. Only after it directly affects those who will not at first, will they take a stand later. How Long it takes, is the question before they act. Many do not have any skin in the game and will rely on others, including government. Government will be overwhelmed and I believe things will happen quickly after that is realized by the multitudes who have failed to hear our warnings.
                    I like to try and figure out events and bring them to the lowest possible denominator of the equation but as always something else is added/unforeseen and changes everything.
                    Should the Call to Arms be made, it would still be difficult for we as a people have been raised to obey the law and the taking of another life is abhorrent to us. There are two points to be considered. One being the Law being forced upon us and the other the absence of Law. The disarmament by U.N, troops or the disruption of rioting masses as examples. A person can choose one or the other or both to cause him to act. There again he or she may not act and comply and can well die because they are not prepared to resist or withstand hardship.
                    I believe we are all looking for a sign. A sign so terrible that it forces us to act. That the fear of the unknown is overcome, our comfort level erased and find out what we are made of deep down.
                    Until then we will sit on our rumps.

                  • I think it’s the same as when you ” sing” your name on a document. Of all the wars the US has fought, I never heard of the war in ” Vam” either.

                • I read herr and rarely comment and I hear you DK and support your right to try to affect change the best way you know how.

                  But at the same time like everyone awake these days you have to look at the likely outcomes and draw your indelible line in the sand and know that at that point you will stand your ground and you will deliver full intent.

                  Because as many of us know that is the only thing that will win the day in the end. GBWY

              • A revolution requires a majority, not a minority. We have to use the ballot box for a while longer, until the majority of the population is sick of it and wants to see the change we are hoping for.

                • Smokey: Actually a “revolution” only requires a dedicated few or a small percentage with the energy and drive to “sell” their program to the masses.

                  In America 100 million gun owners in solidarity can chart the course of this Nation for the next 200 years; or until Jesus comes. Whichever comes first.

                  Colorado gun owners, both republican and democrat, banded together to repudiate the communists in government to protect their personal interests.

                  Is not the future of the Republic and OUR econoy in their and our personal interest?

                  The economy can be saved by taking control of the government, repudiating FREE TRADE, and installing FAIR TRADE between nations once again.

                  China is not a developing nation. It was developed by Globalists with American depositor funds.

                  FREE TRADE is the program of the Globalists to use the American Dollar to promote their interests at OUR expense; and they have been very successful selling that program through LSM, because they control the levers of power nationally.

                  Offshoring was never a topic in the last election despite all of the debate about rekindling the economy; so the most basic element of OUR financial situation was totally ignored.

                  Patriots have the numbers to strip the control of government from the Globalists and restore it to the American people.

                  If not US, who? If not now, when? Engage! 🙂

                  • DK,
                    Is EXACTLY RIGHT. THINK AMERICA. WHY exactly DO WE BORROW MONEY FROM CHINA? Because OUR factories were moved THERE. They MAKE most of the retail consumer STUFF now, we DON’T.
                    This was predictable, in fact, it WAS predicted, and many of us fought it… it was called; the GATT and NAFTA treaties…

                    Ross Perot was the predictor, and said it best. That when these treaties were established, we would hear a “Great sucking sound, of factories and jobs leaving America.”
                    Over 10,000 import tariffs were voided by the good lobbyists of Wall mart… this was shock and awe that the ‘capitalists’ pulled on us. How’s all that righteous capitalism working out for ya? (Ever heard of ‘commercialism’? No? That’s what built America, ‘capitalism’ along with their socialist buddies is what tore it down.)

                    And now, making a hamburger is counted as ‘manufacturing’?

                    This was all done to shut down the Unions, and create a no mans land of depressed wages, that’s what’s happening. As we have to ‘compete’ against cheap labor, then add in the Mexican problem. We have become Rome, and the H1b visa, plus the Mexicans and other illegals, have delivered slaves to the masters of both parties. The republicans pay you lip service because they got cheap labor and the democrats ignore you because they’ll get a ton of new voters…(while The CHURCH loves all those new Catholics. Can you say; Babylon?)
                    All of these crap heads coming in from socialist countries, without any allegiance to the constitution, will beget a dark future.

                    Now, tonight, Caesar Obama announces they are going to sign the UN Small arms treaty… get ready America. Pray that Caesar waits for the senate to implement the thing that will finish us… the requirement for an international gun registry… YOU MIGHT be able to sell that nasty weapon to somebody in Bangladesh, ya know? This requires the registration of ALL PRIVATE SMALL ARMS. Will Caesar wait for the Senate to ratify it before he goes ahead and implements it? He’s been warning you, “it will happen”… did you have ears that hear?

                    Remember who did this to us… ourselves. YOU didn’t vote this time, you stayed home, in the millions… fed up and pissed off… I get that… but, you stayed home… you said Romney was the same as Obama? Ha, at least he was an American, you decided to “Let it Burn”… so now you get your wish.

                    Never forget, we abandoned our first commission; Eternal Vigilance. The bowls of Karma are full, and the pouring will commence.

                    CWII on the way.

            • Do you really think there are two parties and they are looking out for you? Delusion is your problem. Most of your congressmen are millionaires who want to be billionaires. Those who are not, want the power of office AND to become millionaires. They represent their next election, not your interests. Isn’t that obvious to you by now? The only ‘vote’ that will change things now is the one at the end of a 45 or 308 and they are working hard to take that option away from you.

              • Makati: All the more reason to organize, communicate, volunteer, donate, vote, and let your Barnhardt out!

                If not Us, who? If not now, when? 🙂

              • Members of the Democrat party always vote the party line. Discipline is ruthlessly enforced. Only the Stupid party allows morons like Mclame and Nancy Graham to take sides against against the leadership. Fuck with Pelosi and she will cut your balls off and feed them to you. Mitch McConnell on the other hand will play with your balls if you just kick him around a little bit.

                • We have the same practice up here. We call it whipping the party. In the tail end of former Prime Minister and Liberal Party of Canada leader Jean (actually a male, French version of John) Chrétien, he was beyond ruthless in enforcing his will. If any member of Parliament dissented, he wouldn’t even be granted a chance to cross the floor or sit as an independent. He was immediately removed from his seat in Commons and someone else would take that seat. For almost 15 years, Canada was a de facto one-party country, with a Prme Minister who owned the Commons, stuffed the Senate with his cronies (Canada’s upper chamber is by appointment, not election) and filled key civil servant positions with patronage appointments (something we are STILL dealing with in the form of civil servants still taking their marching orders from the LPC despite what the PM and Parliament dictate).

                  In my opinion such a practice must be abolished and each MP should be allowed to vote the will of his constituents instead of the party line. Otherwise, our 300 and some Members of Parliament might as well be canned and save some money, leaving just the PM to run the show.

              • Capitalisim vs communisim.

                Capitalisim represents an Anvil

                Communisim represents a Hammer

                We the People are in the Middle of both.

                Both were created/invented by the SAME evil Zio Kommie bunch. They plan to use the Hammer(hammer and sickle on Red kommie flag) to Crush and destroy Us folks standing between their Anvil and Hammer.

            • Durango quit being a denialist. Its over the USA is in decline. There hasn’t been for quite some time and never will be a viable ballot box or political solution. There are no simple solutions only hard choices. We have very little power. The majority want to vote themselves money & services from the public coffers. Voting for the lesser evil is redundant. Jobs are a supply & demand situation. There is a demand for low wage menial labor and a larger supply of illegals and welfare drawers working off the books to more than fill that demand. Today a college degree is so common that a HS diploma back in the sixties was worth more. I was politically active and voted in almost every election ever since I was old enough. It was futile. Ill never vote again. The only thing to do now is Prep& Pray. If the NWO don’t get you the end of an age clatyclisms might . If your left alive it will likely be a Root Hawg or die. Survival of the fittest. Not necessarily survival of those who are good moral upstanding citizens. It will be survival of the better suited to the environmemt & changed world they find themselves in. We need to pray for divine intervention. The USA,s Star has fallen the pot of gold at the end of the American dream Rainbow is empty. That pot has been mortgaged and redistributed to our enemies by all of our failed elected officials. It was done on purpose. beatin on the dead horse of political activism is futile.

              • Better a free dishwasher than an enslaved doctor. Making plans to relocate…internationally. Remember freedom? I don’t but I’ve heard stories about it.

              • The old guy says:

                “beatin on the dead horse of political activism is futile.”

                So true.

                “We have four boxes with which to defend our freedom: the soap box, the ballot box, the jury box, and the cartridge box.” ~ Unknown

                It would appear we a quickly approaching the use of the last box.

                • YMWW
                  You are DEAD on. I pray that it doesn’t come to that.
                  I just heard that SS Kerry just signed the Arms treaty and the UN.

              • Old Guy;
                This is the first time I have to disagree with. If I for one second thought the party was over. I would move to Costa Rica, or some tropical island. I pray that we meaning me and you and our friends here can make a difference and bring back this Great Republic. I do mean by any means possible. I would rather it be peaceful, but if not, SO BE IT. Like I said before I would be honored to stand by you in our ALAMO!

                • Survive it death.

                  Never said give up. I still vote. But I know it weight. But by giving it up you are pissing on it origail meaning and use.

                  • Voting is not enough. Activism by Patriots must include organization. How did a clown like Obama get elected?

                    He was an organizer who organized organizations to work for his lection. If a fraud like O’bummer can get elected, 100 million American gun owners can take America back from the NWO Globalists.

                    Engage!!! 🙂

                  • You vote before atacking women or after you little shit

            • Wait for the day we are told that 150 million are on entitlement programs. That additional 50 million will have broken our backs, just what they want.
              I see the democrats and progressives gaining control, I have no idea how but they will. And they will pass ANY bill, legislation, regulation without any resistance. This entitlement thing is just a smoke screen. It’s maintained with Monopoly money and so are you and I.
              One day we will wake up and see that the executive branch has been whittled down to just a few opinions. And that’s going to be us, and we will abide.
              We are going to be forced to think about things that we haven’t even considered in 236 years. We are going to be tried and a pile of us are going to be killed.
              Once this thing gets rolling and their foots on the floor, they aren’t letting it up.
              How do you stop a train? You take out the track in front of it and behind it, so they can’t back up and regroup. It who’ll soon be in our hands what we want and what we will get. Once that occurs, it is what it is and we let it happen.

          • Howdy, BI, and I have to agree. this nation won’t see any more rainbows until the current system is destroyed and we start all over again from scratch.

            • I flew into the US for a three week vacation last month to visit with family. This time I was stunned!! (it’s my forth visit since 2009) What really shocked me were the number of people in the communities that I visited, that weren’t there!! It’s like people have up and vanished.
              I had someone travelling with that had never been to the US before and she asked the obvious question; where is everyone?
              On my return home we stopped in Honalulu and had a day long layover …. So I could visit Pearl Harbour!! We went aboard the USS Missouri ….!!! What an honor!!! But what freaked me out most was the fact that all the guides on board were stunned at the amount of visitors. They said it was there biggest crowd in a year ….. And there can’t have been more than a hundred people on board.
              Now back to that boat ……. Oh yeah!!! …… I’m a Missouri fan!! ITS AWESOME!!! Maybe someone should crank up the Mighty Mo again and put her to some use over on the East Coast off the coast of you know where!!
              Say safe Americans. Good luck and keep yer powder dry.

            • I don’t want to see it destroyed, just cleaned out. If it takes holding court at gun point and leveling charges of treason, it’s fine by me.

              You signed NAFTA? You’re being charged with treason. You were responsible for your bank’s financial woes and took a bail out from uncle sugar and never re payed? You’re getting charged with treason. You enjoyed firing your staff and factory workers because you moved your factory to Asia? Don’t cry when you get slapped with a 2000% import tax on the shit you bring back in.

              My take on it- Fix America first, fuck everybody else.

          • As I have said for months…. We have about 20 months before it gets real bad…. You need (if you have the means) to buy food for two every time you go to the store. If you need one can of chili buy two. Start filling the shelves. This goes for everything you use. Practice OPSEC and cache. On the other of this train wreck will be a different life. You must out last the train wreck. Please Please Please…. Prepare for you and your loved ones and form teams of people that can complement each other’s skill sets. Learn usable skills. Don’t assume your SSI, Military retirement, Corporate retirement, or Fed/State/Local retirement will be intact. This will be a semi rapid descent into Russia 1990. You can thrive and survive but keep the Lord out front and work very hard to be ready….. PRAY, PREP, PLAN, FORM TEAMS.

            • You are so correct ….20 more months…and a optimist. Cashe at different locations.

            • At some point you will need to add better proof to your statements

              • All I need is the QE2, the labor report and my insurance agents report on natural disasters. How long at 17 tril and climbing do you think we can sustain an economy. China takes over as the world economic power in early 2015 (which is in 17 months). BRICS or SDR will become the new reserve currency soon after that. Then we are done economically. We have lost millions of high paying jobs. The real unemployment rate is at 19-26 percent depending on what state you live in. Those that are employed are working lower paid service jobs. The Obumer health care train wreck is carousing insurance rates to almost double (and the co pays are higher, the deductibles are higher, and the lines are longer). Over 1 million people have been moved from full time with medical benefits to 30 or less hours with no benefits. ( a gift of the “affordable Health Care Act). We have three municipalities over 150,000 (including Detroit) that have filed bankruptcy. There are many more getting ready to do the same. There bonds are peoples retirement checks. The student loan debt load stands at almost 1 trillion with very little in the way of a job prospect. China has 1.5 Trillian of our debt and another 1 Trillion in the bank vaults waiting for the right time to dump it into the system to further destroy the dollar. China has 320 million middle class (15000-35000 annual income and the cost of living is much lower and they save more). They will not need us much longer. They spend 120 billion on their military (which is like us spending 360 billion). This amount is increasing 15% per year. They build a power plant every three days. Russia is debt free and is the supplier of Europe’s natural gas. China and Russia have a defense agreement. Out of 1000 points our high school students score 485 in reading, 500 in math, and 502 in science. We are 22 out of 34 industrialized nations over all for education. 20 months is probably optimistic. And I can provide pages and pages and pages… if you would like but you would have to do some research. I teach to fish…. I don’t give fish…. If you need me to back this anymore try not listening to MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC, or reading NYT, WSJ, or the like. Try reading real reports on the real condition of our country.

            • March would be a perfect time… if there is one. People will be able to grow things all summer and some time to get things started. Worst time…? August to December probably.

            • Man on the Inside….not so sure about the 20 months-thinking it might be a lesser time than that, but I do agree with everything else in your post.

          • Be Informed,

            Your description is sad, but true.

            Of course they are going to skew and polish all data. The administration controls the main stream media.

            The Obama ‘recovery’ continues…

        • not to get off point here ,i forget who the resident earth quake expert is on the page ,but this quake in pakistain is somthing ive never seen ,an island just pushing up out of the sea ,seems almost profetic

      2. Couldn’t there have been a terrorist at the UN today? Preferably a Muslim terrorist. Would have been fitting for the communist in chief.

        • He was there. You just named him.

      3. Looks like nancy pelosi took it up the butt in the picture above. Scarey

        • People keep voting Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Obama back into office… What do you expect?

        • What does Obama look like he’s doing under the J.M. Bullion ad, top right.

        • Someone’s extremely desperate to want Pelosi. He’ll be lucky to live to talk about it.

      4. I am still amazed things continue to hold us as well as they have. I think it depends on the rest of the world taking our I.O.U.s. Once they quit taking them, the game is over.

        • Chip says:

          “I am still amazed things continue to hold us as well as they have.”

          That’s because the criminals along the Potomac have the biggest guns in town (for now).

          Those who claim to rule you can’t get what they want with diplomacy/the economic means, so they just pull the gun and threaten their neighbors (the rest of the world).

          That’s the US Governments modus operandi today (do what we say or we’ll blow your head off and starve your women and childern).

          Worse yet, Boobus Americanus consents to this criminality! He simply chants: USA… USA… USA.

          It truly is a sick state of affairs.

      5. Real people
        Real interviews
        No political agendas
        No products being pushed
        —- Real Truth. —–
        You got to love this article
        — Miss DeeDee

        • “What one generation will tolerate, the next generation will accept, and the next generation will embrace.”

          The younger generation are NOT being taught about the Constitution or American values in the public schools. History is being rewritten in the textbooks. Children are being taught that capitalism is BAD and socialism is GOOD.

          ACLU founder Roger Baldwin: “I am for socialism, disarmament, and, ultimately, for abolishing the state itself. … I seek the social ownership of property, the abolition of the propertied class, and the sole control of those who produce wealth. Communism is the GOAL.”

          “Socialism is the prelude or ‘intermediate step’ towards communism according to the Communist Manifesto written by Karl Marx.”

      6. Until we physically remove , try , and hang the tyrants in local ,state. and federal Government we will keep heading down this path of doom and enslavement. The POS PTB have destroyed or country Which has been the plan all along. They are just playing the roles when it comes to prosecuting over Operation fast and furious ,Benghazi, Irs, and all the other crimes that I haven’t mentioned.I have come to believe that we are all gonna see the shtf in a continuing motion that is gaining speed. I can only feel sadness for the little ones who have not got to feel the freedoms we all have and what they will have to endure. I think teaming up with the right types that you mesh with is key to increasing you odds of survival.Sometimes I let naive set in and think that this will all turn around…. Then reality stomps the shit out of naive.

        • @two – i am with ya on that , i am also guilty of thinkin that this race to socialism will stop .
          it dont look good from where i sit right now.
          BUT !!!!
          its the least we can do………..

          CALL THE SENATE!!!!!

          • OR: # make dc listen

      7. deport omama, WTO, NAFTA,CAFTA, Nancy Pelosi, several hundred Congress critters, liberal tax-payer funded secondary higher education machines, …. Al Sharptongue, Jesse Jackson, ……relocate the United Nations to another Continent, Hairy Reid, …..and a few dozen federal programs.

      8. my town has rolled up the sidewalks and gone out of business…wont be long before it just turns to dust and gets blown away. it is really sad. what was here has left, what remained is closing. and the costs of living here keep going up. glad I live ten miles out of town but now I gotta go thirty five miles away for anything. this was a manufacturing town…now the only factory still in business is all part time and some shifts have been cancelled. I don’t know how people here are surviving but I know it cannot be easy for anyone in the area. of course, there are still those who just don’t believe what is happening in their own front yards.

        • I spent most of the summer trying to get a good part-time in San Antonio (at several places) and couldn’t. I even tried to get work-study and failed. It’s a tough economy, for sure.

          • To Tim:
            I sympathize with your plight, since I have a kiddo in college. Remember to thank your current govt for taxing and penalizing the shit out of businesses, so they can no longer create jobs.

            • @ GOP4EVER. Correct. the government has regulated busness out of the USA. With the help of the enviroweenies and the taxasaurus politicians who are in office to become billionaires. They all have rolls to play when they “investigate” the government treasonist activities. Big busness may have left the country for more profits, but the regulations sure made it profitable to leave. DK, your a government troll or a very misinformed MSM bot.

        • Where are you located? Sounds pretty grim. I expect there will be quite a few areas that will be folding up the streets.

      9. I’m in my 50s. I have an associate degree in accounting. I used to do temporary office work. I was making $11 – $13 an hour between 2006 and 2008. 2008 was the last time I did that kind of work. I used to work for two different temp services. They would talk to each other about when my assignment was ending so lots of times I went from a job with one temp agency to another job with the other temp agency. Nobody has called me for years. I worked for the Census for 5 months in 2010. I buy and sell stuff online. This year I’m averaging about $2000 a month in income. My wife works in a factory and makes $20 an hour. We’re almost fully prepared. I feel blessed.

        • I’m in CCTV and tv. Just gets busier and busier. Was grossing 20-25k/month with one employee now 30-45 with 2.5 employees, and more projects on the horizon. It feels weird, watching what is going on around me. And I remind my self to look around often,especially when I start to get frustrated with a client. I tell myself it won’t last and prep like crazy. Been saying that for three years.

          The security industry was projected to grow from 5 billion to 17 billion in 5 years. I believe it. The cameras I have been putting in lately are mostly due to employees stealing or vandalizing.

          • My husband works for a packaging company, small, maybe 45 employees, family owned.
            He received a phone call last May, asking him to come work for them (the Operations Manager knew my husband through his former employer) so after talking to them, my husband accepted their job offer to come be the new Service Manager.

            He’s now making more money than he’s ever made, they are so busy, they are asking the guys to work Saturdays and possibly even Sundays!
            He’s traveling more, going into companies like Georgia Pacific and Dixie…they are ordering packaging machines like crazy!

            So now my husband, who has always been so-so with prepping. He went along with it, but let me make most of the decisions…has stated that he no longer wants us to prep!
            He feels we will NEVER see the economy collapse, that there is no WAY these companies are ordering all this equipment if things are REALLY that bad!
            I am beside myself!! We had quite the arguement about it last night! Our son, who IS prepping told him he’s being ridiculous!
            I’m sorry to say that my husband can now be called a sheeple!!
            The new job was such a great surprise, I thought with the extra income, we can really ramp up the prepping…and now, he wants to live the “good life”!
            Well, my son and I talked, we are NOT stopping…I know what’s coming, I read this blog and others…unlike my sheeple husband!! Who knew that him being offered this great job would lead to this!!
            Just goes to show that he wasn’t being honest when we looked at bug out land…he was going along just to “humor me”….

            I guess I can take comfort in the fact that one day I will be able to look at him and say “I TOLD you!!” And maybe I won’t let him eat for a few days, just so he’ll truly appreciate the food I’ve stocked up on!! LOL!!!

            • That last paragraph say what kind of wife and woman you are. If he is smart he will leaveyou now. And who would want someone like you in there group. You are a typical EX WIFE.

              • Get a life, man! Give the lady a break. She is only taking the liberty to vent a little and laugh a little. Nothing wrong in that. She is like the woman in Proverbs 31:10-31. Truly a “woman to go down the river with”. LOL!

                • Why she isn’t giving him one. Maybe he just needed a break also. So when it not here way she turn into a bitch . Or always was.

                  • I love folks like you who know nothing of a situation but insult people anyway. What a great leader of your community you are. “If you don’t like it leave”…. Great advice. You need to rethink anything you post FACEBOOK… and especially comments like the one further up about me backing the 20 month time frame…. I work on the inside and I KNOW WHAT THEY ARE THINKING and how screwed up they are and I read and analyze… (One of my jobs). If your just here to snark and not help or lead… move on, we don’t have time…..

              • Hold up, FBP. That lady is a fellow prepper with the same kind of problem a lot of us have. I think she’s exactly right. Hell, if I was her, I’d go further and put the husband out. The husband is the one who doesn’t ‘get it”. He’s the one with a problem, not her. she and her son are doing exactly right.

                • Thank you braveheart and laeagle…I won’t even respond to Facebook Page…who seems very bitter against women, judging by the comments made about me, someone he doesn’t even know..
                  I am doing the best I can, but it would be so much easier if my husband and I were a team, which is what I want!
                  And yes, I vented on here, because I know there are others in the same difficult position as I am.
                  Thanks for understanding 🙂

                  • Face book is a…. well…. prick…..
                    SmokyMtnLady… rock on girl… your husband will turn around…. and he still loves you and you still love him…. FACEDICK does not get that because he is unloved…..

            • Ive witnessed companies blow millions and than close the doors weeks later.. nothing in this life is a sure thing, except death and taxes.

              you can still prep and benefit from knowing your doing the right thing by your family.
              he could get hurt tomorrow and be on his ass on the couch, that place wont carry him for life

              • That’s what I told him, VRF…that we will always be here for him, not his company….he did read SHTFplan tonight…something he hasn’t done in months, so I was encouraged by that 🙂

                His behavior just came out of nowhere, that’s why I was so shocked! I thought he was reading this blog and others and come to find out…he stopped months ago!
                And in August we actually contacted a realtor and went looking at bug out property!
                Personally, I think he’s scared and a bit overwhelmed and doesn’t want to admit it…so I’m just trying to stay calm…now…wasn’t so calm the other day! LOL!
                And I’m not a witch, as someone suggested….I’m a mom of four, who sees where this country is headed and I want to protect my family. That’s all.

                • Keep the faith girl… You will be fine….

            • Hang in there SmokyMtnLady–who knows; maybe this attitude adjustment just sank home for someone reading here and your husband’s resistance woke them up and saved them?
              There’s always a plan–we just don’t see it. 🙂

              • Or made a man go why should I if I don’t she WL just turn anyways.

                • I normally don’t attack people but you need to piss off…. or come up to the pacific northwest so we can kick you punk little ass…. attack a woman… what a big man you are…

                  • MAC …..moderate this fuck….

                  • Thank you, Man on the inside…Facebook Page is obviously a very angry or scared person….I just chose to be the lady that I am, and ignore hate 🙂

              • TY JayJay 🙂 I’m still prepping and praying…

            • Tell him as soon as we have six months food and water, enough ammo for no less than 7 firefights, 90 days of expenses in the bank, and we’ve paid off some bills, we’ll get cable or go on vacation or something like that.

              Tell him at that nice dinner you let him take you out for.

          • Got a question for you in the BNC connector and power for CCTV cameras.

            Is there a certain distance you cant exceed in cabling length?

            where would I get good prices on 100′ or more BNC& power line combo wire? ( its just easier to run a combo line than two separate lines

            should I attempt my own terminating? or just add on cables to make a certain run length?


            • sorry this was for Ken

        • Right degree, but not enough of it.

          Where were you and your wife in high school when the homework was being passed out and the reading assignments were being made? Why didn’t either of you get a marketable 4-year degree?

          Sorry folks, but there is very little sympathy in the thriving sector of American society for the goofs who horsed around in high school or wasted good money on a liberal arts degree. I have seen so much wasted time in schools and so many lazy high school kids with attitudes who find out too late that they should have shut up, sat up, paid attention, and done the work.

          There simply are not enough jobs to go around for everyone who wants one. My guess is that we are not that far from a good job being a household “servant” for an upper class family, with benefits consisting only of eyeglasses, a uniform, a pair of shoes for the work, a small food allowance, and a room above the garage with utilities included. Once per year, you’ll get time off to travel to wherever home is located to visit your family, but at your expense.

          There are far too many couples getting serious and making babies when neither of them has a secure bread-winning job with benefits. The day will come again when a man cannot even think about serious dating unless he has a decent job “with prospects,” and the girl will make sure that he does or she won’t accept his first invitation to dinner.

          To think that we could go the way of the Soviet Union in 1990 is a stretch — what happened there was a complete dissolution of all facets of their state-controlled economy, including the military. What could well happen here, however, is a large shift of formerly middle class and lower middle class people into the ranks of nomadic poor, living out of their vehicle if it’s paid for. That’s when any kind of job, even a household “servant” job, will look good and will be appreciated. People will then begin to appreciate education again and vow to never again squander it.

      10. Couldn’t be Bush’s fault can it?

        • Certain groups of people want it to be Bush’s fault. I just cant help thinking that our current president and adminstration have been in office for 5 years. More than enough time to figure things out.
          5 very long unproductive, foreign policy disaster, economic pile of crap, laughing stock of the rest of the world, years.
          The U.S. is declining. This is part of the world economic cycle that has played out for hundreds of years.
          The big question is who will be the next world leader?

          • Bush allowed , no encouraged, 60,000 factories to offshore during his administration. He fulfilled his daddy’s dream of globalisation.

            Obummer has continued that process as 15,000 factories offshored during his first administration. No one talks about it. But why would they? The NWO PTB control the LSM and O’bummer is a CIA asset.

            You cannot “fix’ an economy by shipping your means of production offshore. This has been TREASON at the highest level of government and these assholes need to be swinging at the end of a rope from the Lincoln Memorial.

            Take power politically, then take your revenge!!! 🙂

          • The Big question is Who will the Next Leader be?

            Not sure as yet..One thing Certain though, he will definatly be required to speak Yiddish.

        • Bush had annual deficits of around $250B. Thus, BO inherited that.

          But BO and his dem house and his dem senate increased the annual deficits to well over $1.5T per year.

          Those are his.

          All of the EOs are his too.

          Americans are just dumb. See how Dancing with Stars are doing.

          • No kidding. Bill Nye the Science Guy just strained himself while practicing for the DWTS show, and millions of lefty nerds are feeling the pain.

            He can apply a little global warming to the joint, that should work.

      11. Go to this website and contact each senator listed
        to tell them to DEFUND Obamacare and to
        OPPOSE cloture. This is very important to let our voice be heard before it is too late.

      12. I live in central NY, There is almost nothing left here but the colleges and government type job’s. When I started driving truck 35 yr’s ago, there were 100’s of manufacturing plants scattered all over upstate, they are all gone today… Today I make the same dollar per hour pay I made in 1988, except now there is No Overtime, No Benie’s , No paid vacations, NO Nothing… At 54 yrs old it don’t matter how much experience a man has , So I’m just happy to have a job…
        The “Crash” can happen Any Time…….. I’ve been waitin for years……….

      13. Welcome to “McWorld”,at least until obamcare thins most of us out of the game.

      14. All it will take is for Matt Liar or Katie Kuntric to come on a d say “devastating news in the financial markets….” and it’s game on.

      15. Simple math shows we are screwing up as a nation,spending more then taking in thus borrowing/printing dollars ect.I will say to a small degree see green shoots in barter/cash economy and more people interested in getting their food locally,yeah,probably going to be a economic shit storm but these things I do see give me a bit of hope for the long term future,short term will unfortunately probably be ugly,just help out others if you can.We as a species will help folks other side of the world in a disaster,there is hope for the human race,live for today,prep for tomorrow.

      16. You still don’t get it! Everything is fine and is getting better everyday. It has been the best improvement for the nation the last FIVE years.

        You can sign up for Obama Care, unemployment, SNAP and Welfare, Sec.8 housing. You can stand on the corner and make money looking sad. They do not turn you away at the hospital emergency room. I don’t have to work either. I get all this from all of you.

        All is fine, I tell you.

        • As long as all of us continue to work. And as long as there are not more and more of you because a paycheck can only be split so far and we can only give so much US land to China and Russia before we cease to be the US.
          And don’t forget that Obama “care” has not kicked in yet… There is further to fall once that starts.

      17. “We will fundamentally transform this country.”

        Most of the people hoped that transformation would be in a positive direction. It has been anything but positive.

        I retired 3 years ago this coming Monday. For the first couple of years everything was fine, and basically it still is. I feel blessed. Four months ago I took a part-time job thinking I would use the money for additional preps or increasing my emergency fund. In that time period nothing has gone to savings, but I have been able to help one adult child who went through a job change, and got behind on rent and car repairs. I now look at the additional income as a family emergency fund. A new guy started at work. He’d been unemployed for 8 months. He told the boss during the interview, “If I don’t get this job I’m going to be homeless.” (he has a working wife and 2 young boys) The guy works hard, he’s afraid of losing his job.

        Where I live we have recently had major floods. Thousands have lost everything,and I do mean everything. Most had no flood insurance so there will be little or no help getting back on their feet. Their neighbors and strangers have been very generous with donations of food, clothing, money, etc. But the losses some folks suffered are so great they will never recover, especially with the current economy.

        I’m not taking anything for granted, ever again.

        • “Most of the people hoped that transformation would be in a positive direction.”
          Why? I kept asking what those type of statements meant but the press never asked and the public at the televised gathering never asked so why did you hope? You never asked what he was doing or what he meant!!! Anytime I hear someone give me what I consider half of a statement or half of an answer I walk AWAY because that person is dishonest. But this nation voted for this car salesman talking politician. And now we do have change.

        • Anyone who ever believed he had a plan for positive change had to be five years old and a dumb five year old at that. Anyone with life experience and an IQ over eighty could see what he was about. We have a nation of children voting these psychopaths into office based on their hopey feely emotions.

      18. I would not be surprise that next year this time, that many of our cities could be under some form of martial law or mandatory curfew hours. Chicago could use this now in certain neighborhoods. How could this ever come about in this country?

        If anyone is interested, read Deuteronomy chapter 28. Before any of you shoot me with replies of “Please don’t Preach to me”, I am not. But, it explains the reason.

        America’s success did not come from our personal abilities and know-how, it came from above. Regardless what is said regarding abilities a person may have, if it is not blessed from above, there is no fruit. How many people have we known who had great talents but died from the needle or on their own vomit or suicide?

        Our country is dying, from the inside. We are not talking about our successes, we now speak about SHTF and surviving horrible events and fear/worry rules the day.
        Some of you say, I will not be afraid, but, you will be, we all will be. It is human nature.

        I remember when my family and I when to bed with the front door and windows opened to let cool air in through the screen door at nights. Cannot do that in many places.

        The solution and the problem does not begin here on this site or others like it or end here. The problem is our relationship with God. What we see here is this…..
        We have kicked God out of the schools, families, The Church, public life, personal life and so now we are reaping what we have sown………

        If anyone thinks I am really wrong, I am correctable but it seems to me that in the latter part of 2013 it should does not seem like we live in the 21st Century as envisioned.

        Actually, in my opinion, we are witnessing two deaths. One, The end of The American Empire(very sad). Secondly, The end of this current order and The Birth pangs of A New World Order rebirth nationally in 1991 by President Bush directly after Gulf War I.

        The world as we now know it is about to change and we are not ready for it. Millions of people are getting ready to die and don’t know it. It is true that sites as this provide a service, but the most important thing a person
        could prepare for is: Where will they will spend eternity.

        I really didn’t mean to write so much, but we are at a threshold and preparing to step over it……….
        God bless everyone of you……..

        Just my opinion about this whole thing……..

        • W&W…agreed..the rot is from within,and we will fall. The nation has abandoned it’s moral compass and turned to a false secular god. Maybe it’s punishment…maybe its just years of poor leadership and the mentality of “anything for a quick buck now” screw the long term outcome. Either way we are toast.

          • We have let in tens of millions of third world immigrants to whom freedom is just a vague concept. They are more interested in a ball of rice in their bowl. America has truly been outsourced and insourced to death.

        • Amen Brother, Amen! ! !

        • America is not “dying” from the inside. It has been poisoned by the NWO PTB who control American institutions for their personal benefit.

          Fight back for God’s sake. As long as Americans allow themselves to be fucked, the NWO PTB will keep sticking the green weenie up your ass!

          Engage!!! 🙂

      19. It has gotten so bad and dangerous in Chicago I am considering leaving my high paying police job and starting over. It’s 100 times worse than the media reports. It’s almost time to pop the dust covers off the PMAGS fellas.

        • Plenty of good smaller cities and towns out west that need good peace officers.

        • My brother lives in bourbannais, about 44 minutes south of Chicago. Its getting bad there too. My biggest fear is that he and his family will not make it out when shtf, and get back home.

          • I was stationed at Great lakes in 1965-66. Back then Chicago was a great place for liberty. safe, clean and you could always meet young ladies when you were in uniform. Sad what it has turned into.

        • Yeah I agree on the dust cover thought, pulled some more Pmag 20LRs out and filled them. Added a couple more Monkey Stompers to the vest and filled them. Took the T-1 off the AK and switched it to the Repr (need to re-zero). Checked the pouches and mags on the MOC belt. Just feelin’ restless/caged and unsettled.

      20. Obama “Fired Up” and Ready to Repeal Second Amendment
        September 24th, 2013

        On behalf of your children, President Obama plans to take the guns you own and make it harder for you to buy them.
        During a speech September 21 at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation’s Phoenix Awards dinner, the president promised he was turning his attention back to his gun control agenda.



        • Let’s hope some numbnuts introduces a bill to repeal it before the 2014 elections, especially if Obama mouths off about how he likes the idea.

        • Obummer cant disarm Syria. No way he can disarm America Patriots. Lock n load. Shoot ANYONE who comes to your door to confiscate your firearms.

          No law abiding, Constitution loving LEO will participate in that process. any that do deserve to die.

          Engage your enemies or be destroyed by them. 🙂

          • GRRRRRRRR….damn button doesn’t…want to give…the 100 thumbs..up…you deserve.

        • Slack,

          These articles made me think of Obama’s ‘promise’.

          Is signing and enforcing the UN arms treaty is the next step?

          By the end of this month, 386,000 UN ‘peacekeepers’ will have completed their training in:
          – US weapon systems
          – urban warfare
          – learning English

          I wonder how many others have already completed their training that we don’t KNOW about?

          Kerry to sign UN arms treaty, despite senators’ opposition

          Senator Corker warns…
          ‘You may not take any executive action to implement this’

          Drudge Report

          • Ky Mom: By signing the UN Treaty now with no immediate intention of implementing it; the commies in government will wait patiently (hoping) until they have the required 66% majority in the Senate to move on American gun owners.

            The desire by the commies now, is to make sure that enough member states sign so that the treaty does not have to be “processed” again.

            Even Canada refused to sign the treaty because of fears that it would affect “personal gun ownership”. And WE all know that Canadians may as well be carrying slingshots. 🙂

      21. Yep, gotta love that CHANGE!

        • No I don’t.

      22. And now..the Prophecy..

        …One will come,

        …the Voice from the Outer World

        …bringing the Holy War…Jihad,

        …which will cleanse the Universe,

        ….. and bring Our People out of Darkness.

        No matter who you are you have to admire Mr Herbert’s style,
        which is to say, yes, HE had IT….STYLE! Oh well, enough
        digression for one day.

        All things Solar…

        Did you know that during the last Solar cycle the peak observed Penticton
        flux measusres were in excess of 220 SFU (Solar flux units)? That in this
        cycle we have never observed anything even approaching that value (184 SFU
        MAX during the Sept 2011 period)…Hmmm? That over the last 6 months only 3
        seperate peaks have been observed which exceeded 140 SFU? That as of a week
        ago there was only ONE observeable spot group on the face of the solar disk.
        That in the spring of 20012 the Japanese HINODe Hi-Def X-ray imaging satelite
        provided irrefuteable data which can only be construed as indicating the onset
        of an unexpected – probably prolonged – solar minima…(see ‘Maunder Minimum’
        at Wikipedia). That the ditinct trendline for the measured Penticton Flux is
        falling linearly and RAPIDLY…

        After you have chanced to look up ‘Solar Minima’ as suggested above let me
        know how you sleep at night afterwards…’Global Warming’,? By comparison to
        a distinct downtrend in Solar activity, ‘GW’ t’would be about as relevant as
        pissing in the Ocean, relatively speaking here….yep, the SUN is that potent,
        for those who were wondering….

        Just a little FYI here for everyone….”I know Thee Friend(s), Yea I know Thee.”

        Adios Muchacho’s

        • If that is you…. glad to here from you!! Hope all is well. Will be keeping an eye to the sky.


          • sorry – it should be “hear” not “here”

          • 🙂

            I hope this finds everyone well and hale…I have been much worried for everyone in the last few months. There is MUCH to tell, soon; this place is AMAZING.

            Bear with me yet a bit Friends, my connection is a tad ‘quirky’ here in the bush….I DO have a few bugs to work out ere I can resume a full dialogue with everyone here, therefor patience, please.


            PS: “B”…I’ll get a hold of you soon. I have already contacted Mac and ‘D”…I hope all is well Friend.

            • JOG…Great to hear from you…hope all is well! 🙂 REB

            • JOG,

              I am so glad to see a post from you! Hope this finds you and your family well and settling into your new home.

              Take care!
              KY Mom

        • JOG…is that you?

          • He is saying: protect yourself from the Sun. have a shelter. Under ground.Thats what TPTB is prepped for.

      23. What are you all complaining about? You have your Obama Phone don’t you. I mean there is almost 17 trillion dollars in the Obama stash. I see it on T.V. What are you worried for.

      24. I stayed an extra 5 years at work to get my pension up to a higher level, I saw the price of gas and food going up, knew it was going to get worse. Retired this January. I’m doing OK, and enjoy it a lot, but you can see it out there, times are tough. I’m careful, so it’s fine for now.

        Lots of cars with For Sale signs, lots of yard sales, lots of folks with two or three jobs to just get the rent paid, lots of spare rooms rented out, lots of adult children living with parents, lots of repossessed cars even in ‘good’ neighborhoods, and increased turnover in rentals and recently sold homes, folks are getting evicted or forced out due to job market. Lots of folks getting hours cut to part-time.

        The working people are getting hammered. The bums and welfare queens are still getting a free ride. The workers who need some temporary help are getting told they made too much money, or being offered only a pittance, like $47 a month for food assistance, while watching entire families of illegals or druggies getting the full monty with their tax money.

        You can feel the despair, and the tension, and the anger out there.

        • Smokey

          In the past 18 months three homes were vacated and the insides were trashed. They were renters and all their belongings like, chairs, tables, beds, clothes etc. were put on the street and collected by the sanitation dept.
          You would not believe how many, HIGH PRICED PLASTIC TOYS, were in the trash.

          • I not only believe it, but see it here, too.

            • Smokey: Are you in Arizona?

      25. The rich get richer while the poor get poorer. The middle class is losing ground and joining the armies of the poor and impoverished. The current economic policy of deficit spending cannot bode well for the future of our once great country. Americans have always been a good and generous people. They are a hardworking people for whom no task was too difficult or menial. The “can do spirit” was what made Americans truly exceptional in the world. Alas, with the government promoting its teats and more than a quarter of the population dependent in one way or the other on government handouts, the situation looks really grim. The plan was to have all of us eventually suck on the governments teats in the form of Obama Care. America wake up. Resist Obama Care. Stand with all those who oppose Obama Care. Call your legislators, your senators, your representatives to defund Obama Care now before it becomes further entrenched. The situation does not look good. The government will come to collect their Obama Care taxes where ever you are. You will not be able to hide from the hated tax collectors who have already shown their true colors when they targeted the Tea Party. This travesty cannot be allowed to stand. Stand with Ted Cruz tonight and in the days ahead while we can still stand. United we stand, divided we fall!

        • Go to the web site people of Wal-Mart. That will give you a clue about the mental capacity of many of our fellow citizens. No wonder the pols hold us in such contempt when they see clowns like that walking around.

        • The biggest .gov teat suckers live around the DC beltway.

          Eight of the richest ten counties nation wide are located around the District of Corruption.

          Things are going well for the Military, Intelligence & Cops (MIC) complex.

      26. Yes I agree the economy is broken, and just today I got a text from my father who told me his health insurance deductible will double on Oct 1st from $3k to 6k and his monthly premiums will now be 1/4 of his bi- weekly pay! Just waiting for this to wash up on my door step next. Hold on to your hats, she’s a comin’.

        Standing by~

      27. I live in So Cal and am in sales…. I’ve witnessed a steady stream of large companies move out of state. I’ve done what I do for over 26 years and generally have prospered during recessions…. not this time. It is a giant struggle, that I see no end to….

        • Stan 522,
          The new ten dollar minimum wage plus the retroactive tax increase on small business will pretty much finish the state off. Add in the drivers licenses for illegals, the new Brown rule that illegal felons even repeat offenders can no longer be turned over to the Border patrol,the cutting off of water to the farms and the insane ARB 32 and Calif. is a place with no future. The rest of the country is maybe five years behind.

      28. I run into people from around the country and it seems that everyone is saying basically the same thing. The economy sucks, they don’t believe the story line that’s being told by the MSM and the government and they don’t see the end of it. They see more businesses laying people off than businesses expanding and hiring, they see more shops closing than opening and they all know a number of people that’s been recently laid off.

        Over the past couple of years I’ve noticed more chicken coops in peoples yards and more gardens.

        As I’ve said before, the Great DEBTpression is going to make the Great Depression look like the good old days.

        • Bet if Obama ran again he would get elected again. Stuck on stupid is the name of the game.

      29. Mass starvation feared in Syria; ‘We have no food’


        “”We have no food, no milk and no medicine,” said a woman from Moadamiyeh, who identified herself by her nickname Um Lujain for fear of government reprisals. “We are surviving on one meal a day”

        shades of what Selco went through

        • Did not Obama and Clinton the instigators of this civil war? Just like in Libya and Egypt. The MB has infiltrated our so called govt. all the way to the white house.

      30. Let it all crash…

        Then let the fun begin….

        It’s why the govt. bought up all the ammo..they are getting ready for civil war.

        I’ll stay home thanks.

      31. Dr. Michael Coffman is doing a series at newswithviews titled:The Global Financial death spiral. The latest is the 4th article, with more to come. I will give the direct website to it…you can access the other preceding 3 from the 4th one. What was interesting in this one, to me, is he tells you who the owners are of the Federal Reserve…the ultra-rich..and if our currency collapses, it will not bother the bankers because “we the people”, according to the Federal Reserve charter (I think that is what he called it)…we are responsible for paying the “lost” dollars…(when they become worthless) back to the banking cartel…the bankers, or owners of the Federal Reserve…(Dr. Viera wrote an article several years back titled: The Shearing is Nearing…and he mentions how the government will come after the people’s properties…things of real value, etc to pay the debt…he was talking about the “fiscal gap”, which today is speculated to be around 200+ trillion. You can go to http://www.newswithviews.com and find Vieira’s article..writers names are at the left sidebar) Lots of information from Dr. Coffman in this article…re: China and Russia, and others. Here is the website: http://www.newswithviews.com/Coffman/mike142.htm Now, on the uplifting side…here is a video you want to see, where the sheriff talks with a group of young demonstrators, who are promoting the 2nd amendment… http://www.wnd.com/2013/09/watch-deputy-face-3-armed-citizens/

      32. I spent the last two days working in and around the Navajo Nation. It dawned on me that a large portion of these people may not even realize a collapse has occurred when it does. The “modernized” native Americans of the SW will miss satellite tv and their rides (cars). Other than that they will move deeper into the rez with their elders and no one will mess with them and they wont mess with anyone else. They will survive as they have done. They will exist. This seemed like no kind of existance to me before, but I have now realized that I may get used to it.

        The best survival tool we have is our mind. I think sometimes we prep for a contiuation of life as close to a life as we had. Reality is it will be no semblence of what we have now, even for those whom struggle daily on the street. We must prepare our minds for evil that few of us can even fathom at this point. Evil we will witness and in some cases made need to perpetrate. What we deem as evil today may be everyday life in the future. Selco and his stories of the Balkans are horrble. Multiply that by 10 and that is what we may very well see. God bless all. I pray daily for a way out of this mess for ALL OF US.

        Too many things moving around our country, too many warning signs, I figured we had til about mid 2015, but I am kicking things into high gear.

        Just in case.

      33. It’s bad out there and everything coming from the government is propaganda . The have manipulated every thing right down to their Twitter accounts. It has come out that more then half of potus twitter followers are fake. I think some 19 million of potus twitter followers are fake. I’ll bet they all voted for him too.

        It’s a brave new world order where everything can be manipulated electronically!!

      34. So how is all that “hope and change” working out for you? Not being sarcastic from the other side of the world either, please dont get me wrong. I love the US, been there a few times and hope to visit again, got friends in Oregon and Arizona and they are saying much the same as you guys. The rest of the world depends on the US economy being healthy but it isnt and it looks like it wont be for a long time, if ever in our lifetimes. Japan (the worlds second largest economy) uses 25% of its GDP just to pay interest on its debt and it is going in for QE too. We have a glimmer of hope here in Aussie as we have just had a change of government and the new lot have started to crack down on waste, spending that was out of control under the previous government and excessive debt already. We are in for some harder times here but our unemployment rate is genuinely under control at the moment. I have noticed in the past 15 or so years a lot of our employment has been “contract” or part time – not a lot in the way of career building opportunities. As long as the rest of the world keeps going we should be OK, but if the US implodes we’ll crash and burn with you. I’m lucky to be very well set up financially and logistically but I worry about my kids, both in their early 20’s, who are struggling.


        • Your new PM looks pretty good to me.

          Time to end the muslim immigration there and get some of your gun rights back.

        • Aussie:

          Glad things may be looking up abit down under. Here in USA, well don’t depend on us for anything. We are financially out-of-control. Anybody with us will also go down with us.

          The scary thing is that China and others may be purchasing large portions of real estate in this land of stupidity.

          Japan, China, and GB probably will fare ok since they collectively own well over $5T of our T-Bills. When they start to cash those in, watch out.

          Good luck Down Under.

          • Let ’em buy US real estate. It can be taken back via eminent domain with a simple local vote.

            • Smokey. You keep forgetting.

              It is not ‘he’ that votes that counts….but it is

              ‘he’ that counts the votes that counts.

              • Please get that through DK’s thick skull.
                I’m so tired of his rhetoric.

                • And you don’t keep spitting out your own. Poor me poor me.

                  I disagree with some of his core ideas and thoughts. But I will say he has not given up.

                  You have.

      35. Quote of the Day

        “Any community that fails to prepare, with the expectation that the federal government will come to the rescue, will be tragically wrong.” Michael Leavitt, HHS Secretary.

        modify that to “any individual that fails to prepare…”

        • So profoundly true Satori !!

          What the younger generation fails to comprehend is that those of us with 30-40 years in the workforce have seen it all slide downhill – we have decades of watching and interpreting behind us and we make judgements from a longer baseline. Kids, mine included even though they are in their 20’s, really only have a few years wordly experience and for them it has always been like this – they can’t see the gradual (but now rapidly escalating) decay that we have witnessed, lived through and protected ourselves – and them in a way – from.

          Of course there are plenty of older people too who have no idea and trust the gubbermint to provide as they always have.

          If it HTF any time soon my kids will come running to Daddy and finally believe The Old Man wasnt so stupid after all. If it gets bad after I’m gone at least I will be leaving them with a lot of handed down skills, stores and assetts that will give them a flying start on the rest of the sheeple.


          • Ghost malls
            Taxing and enslaving the middle class with Obama care…robin hood fucker.
            But in this case…not taking from the rich but making the middle class poorer.

          • I got a red thumb for that? Oh well, we know who the first casualty will be …….. 🙂

      36. Sure is a change from all that hand-wringing over Bush and Hurricane Katrina, isn’t it?

        While I agree with the statement the Secretary made, it certainly proves that they think we have short memories and low intelligence out here.

        The Colorado flood damage is pretty bad, but it’s mainly access roads, they can be restored in a month if they tried hard enough. I seriously think they want folks to sell out and leave, into the cities.

        • Agenda 21 at work.

      37. @ B.I. O.T.

        Is this in the realm of possibilities?

        Thanks, since in live in the pacific northwest?

        Make sure to watch the video…..


      38. @ Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. Cool alias. The Cascadia fault has to break. The mere fact that the 7.8 strike slip in Queen Charoltte Islands going off last year and the 7.5 in southern Alaska did not set it off means that there is AT LEAST the amount of energy pinned up of a 8.9 quake. Likely WHEN it breaks it will be 8.9-9.2. The time it will shake will be about 5 minutes long, that is what is going to destroy roads. Yes it is due. 313 years, when the time is about 250-260 years between ruptures.

        The southern San Andress broke at a similar time back in 1700, so if the San Andreas went first, you could probably be pretty sure the Cascadia was not too far behind. I would also look for increased volcanic activity along the Cascadia range before something is ready to go. Some of the volcanos were active back in the late 1690’s.

        That earthquake today was quite unexpected in Pakistan. I looked back again at the precursor earthquake activity, and it heavily pointed to the Australian plate letting loose a big one, but on the eastern portion of it, especially New Guinea, not the western most part of it. Energy patterns stil point to the Nazca plate in South America. Past earthquake activity showed the Pacific Northwest and California somewhat in the target range until October 1 or 2. New plate boundaries earthquakes could change this. The new earthquake on the Pacific/Asia plate up in nothern Russia points again to New Guinea as back on March 5 of this year, the same spot was hit in Russia, and 5 days later New Guinea had a major earthquake.

        • I found a website on Earthquake maps, and it has all the stuff you talk about on it. The bigger the circle, the stronger the quake. Then I looked at a fault line map….whooee, some parts of our country are gonna get kicked, big time…thanks for the heads up, BI…

      39. DK had a good point. Enough people get pissed, then organized, it can make a difference. But the movement needs some serious momentum. Problem is, Things are so incredibly f’d up now it seems almost impossible to fix and I think most people have simply given up. I’m kinda there myself.

        The most frustrating thing to me, at age 63, is that we saw this coming for decades. Perot was right. Ron Paul is right. First, the unions got too powerful and the Feds got behind them, hence they simply made it far too expensive for manufacturers to compete on a global basis. Then you had NAFTA and free trade. Hey, who can blame a manufacturer for moving offshore in order to survive to fight another day?

        The fix for our ruin has been in for decades. So can we turn it around?

        Well, I have no doubt that we will have an acceleration of the present economic collapse. No escaping that. And that is where prepping comes in for me. There will be survivors, and I plan to be one of them. After all, I have my family to think about, and I plan to fight for their future. I also think there are yet enough like minded, liberty loving Americans like myself that will do all we can to resist the globalists, establish strong local communities, and get our country back on track from a grass roots level when the dust settles. DK makes a point about 100 million gun owners. We have a lot of power in that. A lot! We are also a big country geographically. We will not be conquered. People can only be pushed so far, and many of us are now at that point of push back, and many many more are being awakened. This is why I am hopeful. I am also hopeful reading stuff from DK, SmokinOkie, Braveheart, Pipet Michael, Prepared Pastor, Be Informed, Daisy Luther, and Mac, of course. You all are what America is truly all about. We will take our country back, or at least I will do down fighting. I am proud to be associated with you all on this blog. Thank you all for teaching me so much, and for sharing your own experiences.

      40. I graduated college 20 years ago; there were so many jobs, I could make more money by not taking a part time job. They were literally standing in line to hire us. Now, if I call in sick, 4 people are up here putting in an application for my job. Some of the graduates from 2-3 years ago still have not found full time jobs.
        I hate what I do for a living. But, I’m to damned scared to quit and start over.

      41. Should have read: I could make more money by not taking a full time job.

      42. @ B.I.

        I’ve been following this site for a while and am in awe of your comprehensive knowledge of plate tectonics, etc. Are there any “active” areas to be concerned about in SW Arizona, Sonoran desert? Say, 50 miles west-southwest of Phoenix area. Dad told me when I was young that a huge earthquake occurred in southern Arizona in the 1800’s, but since the area was lightly populated back then no real notice was taken. Insights?

        Thank you, Sir!


      43. Great article. Once again all I can say is “You have not seen nothing yet”. We are just getting started in the decline of America. Because of our technological ability here in the good old USA we will see things that make North Korea look like a great place to live. God help us.


      44. Kenyan forces used chemical weapons to end seige, 137 people killed – Al Shabaab

        Al Shabab, the Islamist militant group claiming responsibility for an attack on a shopping mall in Nairobi, claim Kenyan forces used chemical gases to end the siege prior to blowing up the building, burying 137 hostages.
        0″Having failed to defeat the mujahideen inside the mall, the Kenyan govt disseminated chemical gases to end the siege,” says a tweet from an account believed to be run by the al-Qaida-backed group.
        0According to Al-Shabaab, the goverment forces blew up the buiding to hide the evidence of chemical weapons use. The mall then collapsed, 137 people were buried under the building, claim Islamists.
        0Voice of Russia, AFP
        Read more: http://voiceofrussia.com/news/2013_09_25/Kenyan-forces-used-chemical-weapons-to-end-seige-137-hostages-buried-Al-Shabab-6469/

        • They’d like you to believe that.

      45. Its been stated and accepted as fact that there isn’t a stupid question. And that is false. A 9th grader in FFA class asked the teacher when would be a good time to castrate his gilt? A gilt is a young female swine. If that not a dumb question I don’t know what is. Now its been stated there are no unsolvable problems. Yet I cannot see any viable solution to the economic woes. Naming the causes the why,who and how don’t solve anything. My opinion is its in decline. Today is as good as it will ever be., Tomorrow will be worse. In the not too distant future we will wish it was as good as it is at present. Outside of divine intervention we are screwed.

      46. These thoughts may hurt, and for that I apologise. But from an outsider’s perspective, this is how I see it: for years American hubris and arrogance led to many failing to see what was happening right before their eyes. Other Americans were pulling everything up and moving to China. It started slow, and then went hell-for-leather from 2000 to 2010.

        And now things are going exponential as the whole economic house of cards comes down.

        A friend of mine who lives abroad but travels once in a while to the US (and is in his late 50s) always comes back and points out how the US more and more looks and feels like a third world country. He has the benefit of perspective and age but also the distance that comes from just dipping in and out of a place.

        Another thing foreigners notice but Americans can’t see is the exponential explosion in US bases everywhere. That is the one thing America is exporting on a grand scale. These bases are vast and luxurious (certainly compared to hell holes such as Detroit or Oakland).

        • Frank we appreciate the honest assessment of what others see. Interesting about thhe bases. And yes we are a country in decline, but I do hope others do not miss the underlying simmer of our resolve. Many of us are awake and aware(just not enough of us) and busy preparing for what lies ahead.

      47. Kerry to sign UN arms treaty, despite senators’ opposition
        Fox News

        Corker Warns Obama Administration Against Any Action to Implement U.N. Arms Trade Treaty Without Senate Advice and Consent

        Direct links below
        (posted on Drudge Report”

      48. Not to worry folks, Obama has come to the rescue with his Obamacare Navigator program which pays upward of $48.00 an hour. No background checks, just apply. It’s a job opportunity with great upward mobility. Hire in at entry level and soon advance to the lofty position of identity thief. Lots of money to be made there folks step right up, sign on the dotted line. You can walk, you can talk, you can climb so high they’ll see your… hold your money folks… LOL


      49. My friend worked at a bank up until a year ago. The lowest level of managers were making $150K and those in above them in the next 10 levels of management were all north of $200K. Even many of the workers (those in SF and NY) were pulling down over $140K plus vacation, bonus, and benefits.

        I think the same goes for government. Recently worked a project where there were about 4 workers. Each week had a meeting with like 8 government people who’s only job seemed to be to ensure the 4 subcontractors did the work.

        I don’t see it. yes, people I grew up with back in a not-so-small southern town have lost their businesses and pinch every penny; but, if you are in SF, SC, or NYC then you are making a king’s ransom. Its simple, the closer you are to the teat, the more milk your drink.

        • Should be “SF, DC, and NYC”. (and don’t give me some line about how its so expensive to live there. I have. It isn’t. Add in about $20K to $30K for housing. That’s all.)

      50. You white folk still guilty? What do you think he meant when he said he would fundamentally change america? Americans really are stuck on stupid. Too late now, the middle class are almost gone. There will only be rich and poor, no one in between. Well perhaps poverty will bring back people to the Lord, and stop being so self centered and over consuming!

      51. It is amazing to me how passionate the Democrat machine is about creating welfare recipients out of all of us. The allure of this healthcare shit is that yes the premium will be more, but wait for it, you get to become a welfare stooge with subsidies that will offset the costs to a reasonable number. Only problem is that this has to be paid by someone somewhere down the line and it creates a mentality among the reipients that government is our friend and we must reelect Democrats to keep our freebies. Very sinister but effective. However, in the end, this dog won’t hunt as natural laws will prevail as always. I do not want government subsidy, I don’t want to be forced onto the roles. Why is America so damn stupid? Is this the twilight zone? Make it stop!

        BTW: I keep reading articles where blacks are assaulting whites based solely on color. This will get worse not better as the environment leads us down that road. Where do all these new criminals go when the prisons are full? Not looking good.

      52. Okay everyone there was a series of earthquakes on South East Pacific Rise and when this happens, within 16 days, instead of just 15 days, it is really specific about the areas that get hit with a major earthquake.

        Danger areas until Oct.11:

        Central to Nothern Japan, far southern Japan
        Western China
        New Guinea to Fiji
        Samoa to Kermadec Islands, maybe northern New Zealand
        Northern Argentina to Chile
        Peru to Ecuador
        Southern Mexico
        Any Boat out by the Macquarie Islands region

        11 times out of 11, 100% of the time a major earthquake has struck after this point between the Antarctic and Pacific plate has been hit.

        @ ShootShovelShutup. Look at the fracture that makes up the Gulf of California and you will see that the very eastern part of it where the ocean water stops is just due south of western Phoenix. This means that the branches follow up into the Sonoran Desert and means there are some major strike slip faults. Arizona is farther away from the main plate borders, but still means that Phoenix can get a violent shaker. Basically anywhere that there are tall mountains there is the risk of very strong earthquakes, especially younger mountain ranges.

        It is rather amusing that I never really gave any thought to Arizona having large earthquakes until I saw a fictional large earthquake on the TV series back in the 80’s Alice. I said to myself, large earthquakes in Arizona? Back that long ago I did research on quake activity in Arizona and yes there lies the potential for a fairly large earthquake there. Something in the low to mid 7 range would be reasonable to expect. There are some thrust faults there also that would be quite destructive like Northridge earthquake of 1994. Again, any tall mountain ranges means something is uplifting those mountains.

        People also don’t realize that New Mexico is also prone to very large earthquakes. New Mexico for one thing has large volcanoes, 4 of them. Arizona has two; north side of the Grand Canyon named Uinkaret, and the Sunset Craters just north of Flagstaff. So yes, these areas is quite tectonic.

        • well, no time was wasted in that Peru prediction…

      53. Howdy folks. I very VERY rarely comment on any posts on this site, but do enjoy reading the essays and following comments on a daily basis. I see a lot of regulars on this site commenting on most if not all of the posts. I agree with just about all of what is said. We do need a complete fundamental change to the way things are run, not just in this country, but with every evolved society in the world. One thing that is often overlooked is the fact that the rest of the world needs the US economy……good or bad. China and Russia could very well change the world power landscape if they attempted to get rid of the dollar as world currency, but how long do you really think that would last? A total collapse of the US economy means the world gets taken down with it. We are the largest importer of good in the world wether it be food, fuel or tiny pieces of plastic junk. So long as this continues, our dollar will never be overtaken. It’d be world suicide to try and replace it. That is both good and bad for our country. We do not have to worry about the dollar being replaced but that also gives our “leaders” no excuse to change the way they spend. Revolution is not an option. We as a people have too much to lose. We rely too much on cars, gadgets, easy access to food, water and clothes. I as well as most of you on this site do my best to not rely on these things as much as possible, but we live in an age that one cannot help it. I fear we are far too reliant on “stuff” that we are going to let it suffocate and bury us. Best of luck to you all. I we could all weather the storm together!

        • Your missing the big pic here! The elites have almost all the money they need now. It’s not about buying and selling anymore, it’s about culling the population and controlling those that are left. It’s been their agenda for a long while now. And your seeing the end-game, the total social, moral, and economic collapse of not only here, but globally.

        • The King County Prosecutor apparently feels the Marine could be charged with illegal discharge of a firearm, since his first shot was at a tire on the thief’s vehicle.

          Totally irresponsible conduct on the Prosecutor’s end. The Marine held the thief at gunpoint, when he got up and tried to leave for his car, rather than shoot him, he tried to disable the vehicle. Then the thief drew a pistol and started the shootout.

          He won’t be charged, but it says a lot about leftist King Country. Wonder how long it will take him to get his pistol back. And how long the rightful owner of the thief’s pistol will have to wait before he gets his back.

      54. Thanks to Be Informed, I am informed about earthquake risk, and I thank you!

      55. BI,
        you’re right AGAIN…6.8 in Peru

      56. I got fired today. Top revenue earner ever in the history of DBCC Salesmen. When you are told to shut up, don’t talk back, you are not special, and they can see the words Fuck You in your eyes, you and they realize you are not a slave or sheep and need to fire you immediately before you inspire the slaves and revolt.

        I never liked pitching D&B Credit Builders to small businesses, I loved raping the corporations!

        My dream sales job would be selling God’s Word for Love.

        GOD IS GOOD. God Bless.

        • Best of Luck to you and yours!

          • Thanks.

        • @ Iowa ~ Best wishes to you and yours.
          It sounds as if you got out of a mismanaged,
          ugly place of business. It is their loss.

          • Thank you.

        • Iowa:
          I hope and pray for you and yours. I hope you have a good family in the area or a Prepper group you can fall back on.
          The collaps is coming soon and we will all be in your shoes, you will be better prepared for it when it comes.
          My God watch over you and yours.

      57. There hasn’t been a lot of change for most around here. Of course, most are Amish. lol.

        The greatest swindle perpetrated on mankind has been by the Central Banks.

        “Faith” in colored pieces of paper and computer digits are like faith in witch potions or shaman spells.

        Money lenders have convinced various foreign princes to trade the most valuable resource on earth for worthless FRNs backed merely by “faith”. lol

        When they find out how they have been duped, it will be too late.

        The “black gold” will be gone…burned up by two ton hunks of metal travelling in circles from gas pump to gas pump. What a waste.

      58. This time the system worked flawlessly as the above post comment #2330119 said, Peru 7.0 and the energy being focused on the Nazca plate. I was beginning to worry that from the Pakistan earthquake because I said the eastern portion of the Australian plate will get hit and western did. There was just too much energy coming from the Nazca plate. Peru finally got it.

        Now the big whopping question. VRF, is your family OK and safe?

      59. Ya’ll don’t understand, we need more immigrants to improve our economy!

        This is Satire.

      60. Just like the dinosaurs died out because their time in the sun was expired, the great empire of the United States is also experiencing its demise. Greed and mismanagement always takes the life out of all the greatest intentions of mankind. We are where the normal course of evil men and women’s actions have inevitably brought us. The only thing left for reasonable men and women and children to do is isolate themselves from the insanity and try to enjoy what normal life is left to them. Insane people have triumphed and we have lost the battle. I know that this is difficult to grasp but enjoy today. There may not be a tomorrow.

        • just another mound builder society
          (only America has built huge bank and insurance buildings and huge metal boats rather than mounds)

          • … the flip side might not be obvious to everyone: the citizenry simply abandoned the society. it was servitude for them. Same with the servitude of the middle ages. That’s how America was formed after all! Maybe Brazil or Ecuador is the new America. Or maybe a New America will replace the mound builder America.

      61. What is killing the middle class in America is two distinct groups, the uber rich and the uber poor. No one should be forced to support either. An example of the uber rich scam is gasoline prices. For several years major oil companies have reported record breaking profits, insisting that high gas prices are necessary. (And they are only so that the members of the board of directors and or CEO’s can continue to receive 10, 20 ,50
        or even 100 million dollar bonuses per quarter). The Uber poor also drain the productive middle class as the current welfare system taxes the life out of the working class. This to support single mothers who deliberately produce 5 or 6 head of bastard ghetto children as “mo baby is mo check”. Many pregnant welfare mothers hope for “A baby that can pull a check.” A child with a disability is desirable to them as another avenue to workless income. When the current system finally crashes and burns we must insure that these problems are speedily dealt with. The Presidential Primate
        placed a tax on my cigarettes of ten dollars a carton…”So that underprivileged children”
        (read bastard ghetto children here) can receive free health care. And please don’t tell me I shouldn’t smoke as what I do with my life is not subject to others whims and dictates. The government is stealing from me to support scum that Id just as soon see aborted or terminated. You breed them you feed em.

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