20 Early Warning Signs That We Are Approaching A Global Economic Meltdown

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Editor’s Note: If you think that the economic crisis is restricted to the United States of America, then take a moment to read Michael Snyder’s latest article from The Economic Collapse Blog below. Make no mistake: this thing is global… it’s everywhere. Whether we’re talking about the United States or China, personal debt levels are through the roof and wholly un-servicable. Monetary policy in all of the world’s developed nations is a complete disaster. And the proposed solutions to these underlying problems are, as should be obvious given the last five years, utterly meaningless and ineffective. As Snyder points out, the signs are everywhere and we will soon see the fallout from the collapse of economies, financial markets and failed monetary policies all over the world. Folks, we are going to see the second wave of this crisis play out right before our eyes in real time. Are you ready for it?


Have you been paying attention to what has been happening in Argentina, Venezuela, Brazil, Ukraine, Turkey and China?  If you are like most Americans, you have not been.  Most Americans don’t seem to really care too much about what is happening in the rest of the world, but they should.  In major cities all over the globe right now, there is looting, violence, shortages of basic supplies, and runs on the banks.  We are not at a “global crisis” stage yet, but things are getting worse with each passing day.  For a while, I have felt that 2014 would turn out to be a major “turning point” for the global economy, and so far that is exactly what it is turning out to be.  The following are 20 early warning signs that we are rapidly approaching a global economic meltdown…

#1 The looting, violence and economic chaos that is happening in Argentina right now is a perfect example of what can happen when you print too much money

For Dominga Kanaza, it wasn’t just the soaring inflation or the weeklong blackouts or even the looting that frayed her nerves.

It was all of them combined.

At one point last month, the 37-year-old shop owner refused to open the metal shutters protecting her corner grocery in downtown Buenos Aires more than a few inches — just enough to sell soda to passersby on a sweltering summer day.

#2 The value of the Argentine Peso is absolutely collapsing.

#3 Widespread shortages, looting and accelerating inflation are also causing huge problems in Venezuela

Economic mismanagement in Venezuela has reached such a level that it risks inciting a violent popular reaction. Venezuela is experiencing declining export revenues, accelerating inflation and widespread shortages of basic consumer goods. At the same time, the Maduro administration has foreclosed peaceful options for Venezuelans to bring about a change in its current policies.

President Maduro, who came to power in a highly-contested election last April, has reacted to the economic crisis with interventionist and increasingly authoritarian measures. His recent orders to slash prices of goods sold in private businesses resulted in episodes of looting, which suggests a latent potential for violence. He has put the armed forces on the street to enforce his economic decrees, exposing them to popular discontent.

#4 In a stunning decision, the Venezuelan government has just announced that it has devalued the Bolivar by more than 40 percent.

#5 Brazilian stocks declined sharply on Thursday.  There is a tremendous amount of concern that the economic meltdown that is happening in Argentina is going to spill over into Brazil.

#6 Ukraine is rapidly coming apart at the seams

A tense ceasefire was announced in Kiev on the fifth day of violence, with radical protesters and riot police holding their position. Opposition leaders are negotiating with the government, but doubts remain that they will be able to stop the rioters.

#7 It appears that a bank run has begun in China

As China’s CNR reports, depositors in some of Yancheng City’s largest farmers’ co-operative mutual fund societies (“banks”) have been unable to withdraw “hundreds of millions” in deposits in the last few weeks. “Everyone wants to borrow and no one wants to save,” warned one ‘salesperson’, “and loan repayments are difficult to recover.” There is “no money” and the doors are locked.

#8 Art Cashin of UBS is warning that credit markets in China “may be broken“.  For much more on this, please see my recent article entitled “The $23 Trillion Credit Bubble In China Is Starting To Collapse – Global Financial Crisis Next?

#9 News that China’s manufacturing sector is contracting shook up financial markets on Thursday…

Wall Street was rattled by a key reading on China’s manufacturing which dropped below the key 50 level in January, according to HSBC. A reading below 50 on the HSBC flash manufacturing PMI suggests economic contraction.

#10 Japanese stocks experienced their biggest drop in 7 months on Thursday.

#11 The value of the Turkish Lira is absolutely collapsing.

#12 The unemployment rate in France has risen for 9 quarters in a row and recently soared to a new 16 year high.

#13 In Italy, the unemployment rate has soared to a brand new all-time record high of 12.7 percent.

#14 The unemployment rate in Spain is sitting at an all-time record high of 26.7 percent.

#15 This year, the Baltic Dry Index experienced the largest two week post-holiday decline that we have ever seen.

#16 Chipmaker Intel recently announced that it plans to eliminate 5,000 jobs over the coming year.

#17 CNBC is reporting that U.S. retailers just experienced “the worst holiday season since 2008“.

#18 A recent CNBC article stated that U.S. consumers should expect a “tsunami” of store closings in the retail industry…

Get ready for the next era in retail—one that will be characterized by far fewer shops and smaller stores.

On Tuesday, Sears said that it will shutter its flagship store in downtown Chicago in April. It’s the latest of about 300 store closures in the U.S. that Sears has made since 2010. The news follows announcements earlier this month of multiple store closings from major department stores J.C. Penney and Macy’s.

Further signs of cuts in the industry came Wednesday, when Target said that it will eliminate 475 jobs worldwide, including some at its Minnesota headquarters, and not fill 700 empty positions.

#19 The U.S. Congress is facing another deadline to raise the debt ceiling in February.

#20 The Dow fell by more than 170 points on Thursday.  It is becoming increasingly likely that “the peak of the market” is now in the rear view mirror.

And I have not even mentioned the extreme drought that has caused the U.S. cattle herd to drop to a 61 year low or the nuclear radiation from Fukushima that is washing up on the west coast.

In light of everything above, is there anyone out there that still wants to claim that “everything is going to be okay” for the global economy?

Sadly, most Americans are not even aware of most of these things.

All over the country today, the number one news headline is about Justin Bieber.  The mainstream media is absolutely obsessed with celebrity scandals, and so is a very large percentage of the U.S. population.

A great economic storm is rapidly approaching, and most people don’t even seem to notice the storm clouds that are gathering on the horizon.

In the end, perhaps we will get what we deserve as a nation.

Michael T. Snyder is a graduate of the University of Florida law school and he worked as an attorney in the heart of Washington D.C. for a number of years. Today, Michael is best known for his work as the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and The American Dream. If you want to know what things in America are going to look like in a few years read his new book The Beginning of the End.

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    1. eppe

      It is getting crazy out there!!!!

      • Big Muff

        And Hillary “the gutted salmon” is looming as the next dictator.

        • Kulafarmer

          Big muff?
          Like the ear things or??
          Sorry couldnt resist

          • Big Muff

            Unshaven like the next dictator.

            • Kulafarmer

              Like a 70s porn star

      • wormdirt

        The sad fact of the matter is that even with all these warning signs the majority of Americans will respond with, “What happened? I never saw it coming!”
        US media outlets are reporting less and less REAL world events and instead focusing on crap like drunk Bieber.
        I can only shake my head at the stupidity of the masses. Top that off with the nutjob in the whitehouse blaming his poor numbers on racism and that only solidifies in my mind that idiocy is a plague in this country and has infected nearly everyone from top to bottom.
        Bad times coming. God have mercy on the innocent.

        • 1braveheart

          Wormdirt, I have to agree. most people have no idea what’s about to smack the living daylights out of them. They’re all in for the biggest shock of their lives. It will be tragic and horrific.

          • John W.

            They suspect and that is why they avoid taking a hard look at what is coming. Since most of them have no extra money what could they do anyway? The wealthy can take steps to prepare far easier than the huge numbers of borderline poor can.

          • Tucker

            I have buddy who’s a few years older than I am, and I remember having a conversation with him back around 2007 or 2008 – when this impending and inevitable economic collapse was just beginning to rear it’s ugly head. I had been paying fairly close attention to the unemployment statistics, and had seen a steady rise in extremely dismal economic statistics appearing in the news, not only for the city this friend of mine lived in – but, in literally every region of the country.

            Much to my amazement, this buddy of mine shrugged off my concerns and told me that his own financial situation had never been ‘better’.

            That’s the problem, you see. Not many people care to keep an eye on the bigger picture – the economy as a whole, and not just their own personal situation at a given point in time. This is not a healthy or wise attitude to adopt, and especially so in today’s world where we are heading for a complete financial collapse of our entire nation.

        • Be informed

          I truly want SHTFplan to thrive and get many more people looking at the site. This economic meltdown is becoming stale and old.

          Here are 25 fresh new or revisited suggested possible topics that could be made into interesting articles that people might enjoy reading in the future. 🙂

          1. “How well fear, real and peceived, WORKS to control the masses”.

          2. “Subtle ways the anti-gunners are chopping away at your self defense rights and how lawyers are attempting to swiss cheese and loophole the 2nd. Amendment”.

          3. “Why those that are control freaks want you to be as defenseless as possible and take away even non-lethal defense devices”.

          4. “How an agricultural blight, natural or man-made, could destroy the U.S. economy and the country”.

          5. “How relatively easy it would be for a foreign terrorist group to fire an intermediate range nuclear armed missile from a flat bottomed ship and cause a nationwide EMP of almost all electronics in the U.S.”

          6. “How really horrible a TRUE dirty bomb made of plutonium powder would be on a region, including the economic devastation”.

          7. “Why is it so difficult for the public to believe in false flag attacks”.

          8. “How easy it is to manipulate numbers and how clueless we really are to just how much debt there really is”.

          9. “How catastrophic it WILL be to the world economy WHEN Toyko is finally hit with a massive earthquake”.

          10. “How broad is Chinese influence on energy rich countries and how this is strenghtening their success in future wars”.

          11. “What it really means if Hezbollah is fully able to launch tens or thousands or hundreds of thousands of rockets into Israel”.

          12. “What happens if your entire stockpile of supplies is destroyed during the opening phases of a SHTF event catastrophe”.

          13. “How vulnerable is the planet to asteroid impacts, approaching the one year anniversary of the Russian meteroite impact, same debris field the planet will pass through”.

          14. “The Caribbean crustal plate, little known monster to the Atlantic sea coast”.

          15. “Why you need to have some degree of self preservation with your survival supplies, and how sharing can spell and quicken the end for you and your family”.

          16. Legal defintions of hunting drones on your own property. Where does the actual definitions of the property line end and start? Including the tiny bird and insect type drones to watch out for”.

          17. “Other self defense weapons to add to your firearms and their practicality”.

          18. “How political correctness is destroying our freedom of speech, and how mr. government is so strongly helping this along with the internet and civilian realm”.

          19. “How much intense fear black swan disasters bring, and how such a black swan false flag could usher in martial law far easier”.

          20. “How many people do the elitists really want left in the world after the purging and means of this actually happening”.

          21. “Unless you have an unlimited amount of supplies, why survival supplies can sometimes bring a false sense of security after true SHTF to those unwilling to learn and plan to forage off the land WHEN their stockpile runs out”.

          22. “A new government friendly Constitution, and how the ignorant public is fully endorsing it hook line and sinker”.

          23. “Why is humanity becoming so stupid and just how stagnant human progession has become since the 1970’s or before”.

          24. “What life would be like without all those basic freedoms that so many take for granted”.

          25. “Could the beast government someday actually make prepping illegal, which you would only be allowed to store a certain amount of supplies?”.

          • KY Mom

            Breaking: China dumps all U.S. bonds, declares South China Sea a closed zone


            • Perspective

              It’s a hack.

            • KY Mom

              According to this article (originally from CNN), the article was hacked and therefore is NOT the truth.

              • Unreconstructed Southron

                #0 The pretender in the not-so-white-house is doing his best to produce one?

              • slingshot

                Thought we were off to the races for a moment.

                • Kulafarmer

                  I wish,,,

              • TnAndy

                but one day it will be true…..

            • RickInOregon

              Well crap, I was just getting ready to head out and buy a new guitar. After this article I’ll be better off buying a violin.

              • Rodster


              • Be informed

                @ RickinOregon. I could dig up all sorts of worse than this articles back in 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009 (especially). Crying wolf is not productive. There is a whole slew of other things happening all over the place that can easily bring about a mega SHTF. These economic cave in articles are so much like that annoying neighbor’s car alarm set on the slighest movement and it goes off. A passing truck, a beam of sunlight, someone touching the bumper. IF 2015 comes about and no economic collapse has occurred and these people are still printing this that “now that 2015 is the year”, it is time for the tar and feathers.

                • Cat

                  BI, you need to start your own blog.

              • Christian Man

                Violin case to hold the “musical instrument” LOL

              • Kulafarmer

                Na,, go get the guitar, especially if you really want it, only live once bud.

                • lower40

                  i agree ,get the guitar ,if all goes south ,you can always sing for your supper

                • egore

                  Make it acoustic though.

              • Foxma

                I have Spade Cooley’s old 1935 German made violin.
                Want to buy it?

          • maddog

            BI, Ever hear of earthquake lights?

            • anonymous

              Spaceweather.com or TheExtintionProtocol had a recent article on earthquake lights. Dave

              • Kulafarmer

                Ive seen them,,,

            • Be informed

              @ maddog. Usually only earthquake lights are seen around strike slip faults, horizontal movement of faults. This is probably due to the depth of the fault and the fiction that builds up with horizontal type faults. Deep thrust fault, or covergent pltes this doesn’t happen but very rarely. It is almost like the sparks you see when you grinding something down or sharpening something. These are warnings to what is coming, the fault is in the last stages of failure. The New Madrid and San Andreas can have earthquakes lights, the Cascadia fault probably won’t to warn anyone.

              • maddog

                Thanks BI. Apparently these lights showed up in Mansfield, Ohio.

              • Spook89

                You meant ‘friction’, right?

                • Be informed

                  @ Spook89. Fat fingers again. Many times I just don’t see misspellings and other errors.

          • Eisenkreuz


            • Be informed

              @ eisenkrap. Preparation is plenty for many other reasons as I have stated many times before. Don’t prep for one event, prep for ALL of them because any of them could occur. Go back in 2009, five years ago and see the same, but much worse predictions of direness.

              Now shall we get back to your psychotic rantings in the previous article. Was it not you wishing that most of the people on this site would die? You said it will be a good day when the boomers die. People you don’t even know you are wishing death on them. You call me crazy? Even NC Joker did not go on and on about wishing everyone death. Anyone that would like proof of this can go back to The Message to Obama article and see all the eisenkreuz comments that have been collapsed to see the meltdown stage of a lunatic.

              Tell me eisensh$%, when are you planning on acting on all these wishes if we don’t just do off and die? You may not like what I say, but I don’t go around wishing the good people on this site to die. You need to go check into the local sanitarium where they can get you some help before you go totally bonkers.

              Anyone that wants to see eisencrap’s comments that have not already, there are there. See someone filled with so much hate that they would write they can’t wait to see you, me and most of the people here die. See someone that may be in the breaking news very soon unless they get help from somewhere.

              • Eisenkreuz


                • Any Mouse

                  Molon Labe or “Come and Take”, made famous by an inscription and a movie. The inscription located on a statue in Thermopylae and the movie about what happened there, when numbers counted for naught.

                  You seem to be the only one descending into histrionics over homosexuality. If you are trying to come out, please, just do so and get it over with. Until then STFU about it.

                • Justsaying

                  That Eisenkruez Turd Troll Guy

                  I am new here for the past few days.but i gotta ask who is the wacked out Narsacissitic overly self accessed troll named eisenkruez ?

                  And who is he talking to ? I was just reading along and he/she/it just jumps in all crazy . What other post was/is he responding to ?

                  Someone please explain it to me .

                • mqg25

                  What’s the matter Eisen? Did you lose your Gerbil?

                • Be informed

                  @ eisennuts. There are insults and there are the babblings of a psychopath. I can count on one hand all the people on this site that have wished that most of the people on this site would die. You have this obsessional hatred of anyone over 35 that is not just an insult, it is a real loathing of people that are middle aged or older, that anyone can do a search of your past comments to verify. This is not insulting out of fun, this is weird like something that those serial killers that target one group of people.

                  I am targeting the laws of this country that are making one group pay for the past so called abuses of another group’s ancestors. I am targeting the unfairness of not protecting potential victims namely children, especially weirdos that you pal around with. You bet I want to help safeguard the defenseless. There are plenty of perverts that are now hiding behind the threat of discrimination suits to molest children. That is the way these stinken laws work. Just look at how this works with those apes like jesse jackson and sharpton that scream discrimination everytime some black person is not definitely guilty of a crime. I don’t hate homosexuals, I hate the way the law system is allowing those that are criminal sex perverts way more easy access to childen. Just like I can’t stand the way they are attempting to take away our rights to self defense. I have never said that I want homosexuals to die, this is judgement left up to God. I don’t question God as God knows a hell of a lot more than me.

                  Back to you. Your so called figure of speech is something that is WAY beyond this. You mean it, and want people that are older to die. You want people out of the way just because they have been on this Earth for longer or longer than you. It is not just getting upset with the way things are, as you have spouted off before, just not as intense. You have a true rage against older people. You look at the criminal profiles of these mass murderers and they have that commonility, one group of people deeply hated almost always based on a gender or some strange fetish toawrds hair color or some other physical appearance. Again, how many people on the history of this site have said that they want one group of individuals, regardless of whom they are, to ALL die? And again and again. Eisencrap is certainly in an exclusive DEMNENTED club when it comes to that one along with that nut NC Joker.

                • Gregory8

                  Eisenpoopy” Look who’s having a hissy fit, you, the “Queen” of histrionics. You get your panties all in a twist over every little perceived slight and start your premenstrual bitch fest at the rest of us. Take a couple of Pamprin or Midol and calm down you little girl. Oh, and don’t forget to change you knickers sweetie since it seems that you’ve just soiled them, AGAIN!

                • Calgacus

                  So you ARE queer after all, Eisenstein.
                  Thought so.

                • Anonymous

                  Poor Eisenfuck… can’t get along with anybody. (Sigh!)

              • 1braveheart

                BI, I noticed our community discussion is still out of service. Mac, what can you tell us about that?

                • 1braveheart

                  BI, BTW, that is an excellent list you came up with. I would certainly enjoy those articles, especially if any of them were written by you.

                • Be informed

                  @ braveheart. If Mac would like me to, I could certainly try to write an article about any of these topics mentioned. When I can add something to the site that offers much to all of us, I enjoy contributing what I can.

                  Eisencrap is trying to downplay his rantings of wanting practically everyone over 35 to die, but he has written this over and over again his total hate of people that are older than him. We have all seen this. I sent in that article I saw on Fox News about how homosexuals are absuing the systems to target Christians and anyone that disapproves of their life style to show just how screwed up the laws are in this country and how political correctness is helping to take away all of our rights. Making the government have a stronger thumb hold over the people. Eisencrude was the one that told me to lick a porcupine’s ass, showing his further stupidity that the quills are not on the soft underbelly of the animal. I like to add to the discussion of future and present day SHTF events.

                  Eisentrash was on everyone about something yesterday, like an unbalanced wild eyed crazy person talking to 5 different invisible people at once. I guess I should not have rattled the lunatic’s cage too much, but this was too much. Is was everything that was sending him into a rage like a rabid coyote. Maybe he just had a spate with his boyfriend. I just say, how many people on this site have ever wished that almost all of us would die. This shows a real life psychotic right in front of us.

                  I wish Mac would repair that Comminity Discussion section, it was sure nice to be able to automatically go to a recent comment from any of the past comments with a simple clicking on to it. This is a covenience that will be missed if it does not come back.

                • Calgacus

                  At this point, the site owner needs to ban Eisenstein and/or report him for not just hate speech but for threatening posts. If he allows it to continue it doesnt saymuch for his character or his respect of most readers does it.

                • Ben


                • hillbilly SC


                  Be careful what you wish for. You might just get it.

                  That is what I tell the Mrs.

                  I would give you a thumb down if I could. (Stupid ‘puter is acting up again) 🙁

                  The reason why, is look at the other sites that are shutting out people from speaking. While I don’t like what Eisen is saying, he does have the “right” to prove to us, he is an idiot. If he acts on his words then we are in our “right” to stop him.

                  I normally don’t comment on these types of discussions, I’m just a person who looks for information on how to do things better, or maybe something new. 🙂

                  As I said: “Be careful what you wish for.”

                  Y’all play nice now. 🙂

                  hillbilly SC

                • .02

                  Calgacus, Lets not EVEN go there. Once the banning starts the slippery slope comes into effect and b/4 you know it everyone is afraid to say anything. Look at what the NSA threats have accomplished. NOW we are afraid to really speak our minds so as not to get on the no fly list. Remember, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

                • Calgacus

                  To Hillbilly and 02. I hear what your saying but a threat is against the law and who needs boots on the throat?

                  Eissenkrauts post was removed. Maybe I just cant find it but from what I can tell his threat disappeared. This site dont need that kind of behavior and even w/ the first amendment you dont have a right to threaten or wish someone dead that way. Theres consequenses and I know I dont want no part of that. Besides its idiots like him that try to ruin this place. Thats what trolls want to do, detract and destroy.

            • 1braveheart

              Eisenturd, you just can’t get enough of us, can you? BI is far more intelligent than you’ll ever be and I would say YOU suck really bad, so f#$% you!

              • Justsaying

                Now I am seeing a pattern. Most people on here would like for the “EisenTurd” (1Braveheart said that and it sounded really good ) anyway seems everyone wants this eisenturd person to basically just ” Eat Shit & Die !!! ”

                Am I understanding this forum now ?

                • .02

                  ya think?

                • What?


                  You have it somewhat right. There are a lot of people here that would love to see Eisenscheisskopf eat shit and die, but for some of us, no. It is too illustrative to the forum to see how someone can make a lot of sense one minute, and go BAT-SHIT crazy the next. This sad situation keeps us all on our toes, as far as our thoughts and posts go- since we don’t want to sound like an angry libtard without anything meaningful to say.

                  Eisennuts gets tiresome after a while, but it’s like a train wreck, you just have to look, or read.

                • 1braveheart

                  Justsaying, welcome aboard, and I have to compliment you on your quick judgment of eisen. I take it you have some previous experience with trolls. eisenturd is our worst one by far. the past 2 days he’s been on one helluva roll. Must have run out of his meds.

              • newbee

                My above comment was directed at Eisenkrook

          • slingshot


            Good subjects.

          • NetRanger


            On #25, Gov. making prepping illegal: It already is! FEMA rules state that anything over 30 days is considered hoarding. I actually read the rules one time. This is why good Mormons in the current age were dialed back to 30 days worth of supplies so as not to cross FEMA guidelines.

            • Spook89

              Simple…don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

            • Be informed

              @ NetRanger. It may seem that I am coming down hard on Mac, this is not the case. I respect Mac and the site so much that I only want to see the best for it and all the people that visit it. This is why I spent some time coming up with 25 other ideas for articles that might help Mac and the site and be of interest to everyone. I have sent Mac a preparedness article that I might post as a comment if Mac doesn’t in someway use it.

              This is a police state when there is any law preventing hoarding. When will these evil characters make it illegal to have a certain amount of wealth? Same principle. We are definitely in big, big trouble and they wonder why people are holding on to their firearms and the 2nd Amendment so desperately.

              • buttcrackofdoom

                thanks for the list BI….i appreciate what mac does and anyone else on this site that spends a lot of their precious time to contribute WORTHWHILE content. well done!

              • apache54

                Be Informed
                there are so many laws on the books no days you probably break several a day, WHY are they there? and NOT enforced, wel you know that answer as we proceed into a complete controlled police state they can pick and choose those they wish to prosecute! this won’t stop unless we as a group implement drastic political changes in DC and at State levels THEY have infiltrated just about everything and THEY are in the top levels of ALL the parties, it is either civil war or they win! do you want your freedom? then they have given us NO choice!!

                • apache54

                  sorry about the spelling, not enough coffee before typing this and did not do spell check! oh well you get my point!

              • RandomTangent1957

                I’m not hoarding….no really…I’m not…..look….see here….free hot lead…..cummon ….come get some ! Screw these Rat Bastards. If any of us collect metals, food, or tidily winks….through our own toil….it is ours. The arrogant omniscient lecturer can spout off ” You didn’t build that” …..& all his class envy diatribe. They will find that for trying to take what is ours…..the price will be heavy.
                I have no ill will towards anyone…..but ” Don’t Tread On Me” is a mission statement .
                Standing by in
                Montgomery County Texas

            • 1braveheart

              FEMA can go f#$% themselves! Nobody tells me how much in supplies I can have in my home or anything else!

            • Christian Man

              Falsehood! I know better than that @Netranger.


            • Shootit

              What’s on the hording list? I would like to do a compliance check! Blah Blah Blah

          • NetRanger

            I’m grabbing onto this one:

            5. “How relatively easy it would be for a foreign terrorist group to fire an intermediate range nuclear armed missile from a flat bottomed ship and cause a nationwide EMP of almost all electronics in the U.S.”

            I’m so tired of all the BS being spread about EMPs and how it will blow this and blow that and you better have all your electronics in a steel ammo can, etc, etc…

            If anyone has any thoughts on this, send them my way. I think I already have a decent bullet list in my head. Just need to outline it and then fill it in.

            You can send any comments (be sure and put “SHTFPlan EMP” in the subject) and send them to [email protected]

            I’ll see if I can get this done in a week or so to get you guys up to speed on the real dangers, the myths and the outright lies about EMPs and their truly estimated effects on the grid, personal electronics, backup generators and vehicles. You’ll find out why grounding your equipment may actually amplify the effects of an EMP!!!

            • The Old Coach

              On that note, people on the East Coast are all freaking out about a test of an aerostat (tethered ballon) radar system that is being done from some Navy base. Look-down radar to spot just such an attack much sooner than ground radar can, and doesn’t require keeping planes in the air all the time, which is expensive.

            • Calgacus

              Thatd be great. Id like to know if there really are tech differences between emps and solar flares that can mimic the emp burst. And if so does equipment really stand a better chance w/ solar flares.Thanks.

            • apache54

              Net Ranger,
              I work with delicate electronics and we use static protection stuff, and you are CORRECT, do not ground the containers you have stuff stored in that will have a opposite effect, if you are handling the stuff then YOU need to be grounded before you touch them. lots of stuff to know about handling electronics safely

            • .02

              If all the electronics were fried tomorrow, I would “Praise the Lord” . Is anyone else totally fed up with EVERYONE gazing into their smart phone like a zombie? I for one hate what electronics have done to our children. Look how fat they are becoming from sitting behind the game console.

          • Any Mouse


            That’s quite a list. Is it in any particular order?

          • JayJay

            Considering the message received on the video I posted just a few minutes ago, we are screwed.
            Not in a few years, but now.

          • sixpack

            “21. “Unless you have an unlimited amount of supplies, why survival supplies can sometimes bring a false sense of security after true SHTF to those unwilling to learn and plan to forage off the land WHEN their stockpile runs out”.”

            BI, we need to start foraging LONG BEFORE OUR SUPPLIES RUN OUT.

            We need to be preserving what we can find NOW, before the hoards come in and skin the land bare.

            • Any Mouse

              The upside is that most folks won’t know what plants are good and which aren’t. Those in the know will have a definite advantage!

            • Calgacus

              The hoards are ignorant and lazy. They aint gonna make it out of the cities. Theyll enjoy destroying it all too much. Watch how a herd of wild animals get when theyre mad. They dont think, they react. When theyve been cut down in size some will go out and scout and ravage but most will stay behind waiting for others to wait on them. Its all they know. Cant retrain animals very easily.

              • Arby

                I think the end result will vary a lot depending on what season of the year it occurs. If SHTF happened now while it is minus degrees and under freezing it would be very different than mid summer.

          • Lisa

            BI, You do have a point, but we need to bear in mind that this is Mac’s site and he might see it as unappreciative of us to tell him what he should be posting. I think you have a lot to offer, yourself, and you’re a good writer and thinker. Maybe you could start your own site so you could control what gets posted. I’d read it!

            • buttcrackofdoom

              i bet mac very MUCH appreciates HELP from BI, and everyone ELSE that adds to this blog, right mac?

            • Be informed

              @ Lisa. The good intentions are there to help the site. Like what Mac has posted, “the web site thrives because of its community”, these are only suggestions. I don’t think I could run a web site of my own, yet I have considered it as a distant possibility.

          • Norse Prepper

            @BI, excellent list. Each of these things to a large degree could get the ball rolling. Scarier yet is only a few that occur simultaneously could do the same.

            God Bless ya,

            • Be informed

              @ Norse Prepper. Maybe you might consider or could write one of these articles, you are a fine writer that has contributed much in the past.

          • Northern Grower

            BI – Great list!
            The Europeans are outlawing open pollinated seed and it has already been proposed at least once in congress. food storage is NOT enough you must know how to grow and preserve your own food to be secure. The Olympics could provide a nice false flag or war excuse.

            • lonelonmum

              UK based opinion:-

              Seed saving is a BIG deal. Given how the law is changing here in the UK, my dear old Mum and I are really grateful that we started saving our favourite heirlooms a decade ago.

              I’ve just relocated and it’ll take 5 years for my personal seed store to be fully adjusted to the new locale. e.g it’ll be 5 years before my crops are perfectly adjusted to the exact soil composition, and weather conditions on my new plot. I’ll have to wait 5 years till my crops are at maximum productivity every year. That’s something I’ve factored into my prepping.

              Given the coming legislative changes I am now so grateful that I mastered seed saving ahead of the curve as soon some of my favourite vegetable varieties will ONLY be available from my own garden and seed swap circle. If you do’t seed swap get a circle going now. This will mean that in the event a wildfire destroys your land, you’ll still be able to retrieve a nucleus crop to start again from another gardener in your seed swap circle. This potential for give and take is why I believe all seed swapping should remain at the barter level amongst neighbours, friends and aquaintances.

              Seed saving is an art form, it takes a few attempts to perfect the skill. Please don’t wait until your families lives depend on it, to learn the skill. Start this season!

          • NIGHT BREAKER

            A big one no one has picked up on here and only NEWS outlet is picking up on.The governer of New York ‘s comment that Conservatives are not welcome in NY speech and should not live here . I seems the sociopathic Cumo it taking a page out of his mentors National Socialist book along with the mayor of NYC.
            75 years ago some one else uttered a similar statement and RELOCATED people lbe did not like into a restricted housing arrangement . ( Ghettos) I also most half expect our dear leader to chime in that he has a solution to the Consevative Problem.

            I feel as if I went to sleep in 21st Century America and woke up in 1933 NAZI Germany.
            I am a conservative , combat veteran , Redneck ( And a messanic Jew how’s that for a combo going to get some red thumbs there so I know a little thing about anti semitism and no I am not wealthy )

            This retoric is down right frightening . My relatives in the old country were burdened by a history that tried to exterminate us , first the reds , then later the Nazi’s, only a fraction of us remain , 500 lost to 20 surviving today some have a living memory of mans inhumanity to man.

            People wake up! Do not let this happen again here This time it will not be a minority of people marched into the cattle cars , do not let a demigog dictate your future .

            All this hate leads to a very dark place ,
            A place called Auschwitz.

            NEVER AGAIN


            Semper Fi 8541

            • NIGHT BREAKER

              Auto spell sucks

            • NoRegretVet

              Ref To….Night Breaker..

              This post/book does have a tremendous association with what you just posted…just got to read this really short book.

              Firstly, I hope I get all the spelling correct here !!!

              A well known Author….Andy Andrews wrote a book entitled ….” How do you kill 11 Million People ” he said you could read it during a basic Porcelian Pony ride in the morning..it is a very short book….he just lives a few miles from where I am located..and NO I do not know him personally…just of him…

              He is a faith based and wonderful Man and a warm and fuzzy motivational speaker….He said it took him a lot of years Praying before he could write it..

              I think everyone should read it….he was on Glenn Beck a while back and gave a great intro to the book….

              Night Breaker….You should get what he is saying before anyone else….and the same thing is happening to us ….and that’s where you get your answer to ” How do you kill 11 Million People ? “.

          • Old Sarge

            Personally, out of your 25 points, I’d like to see #1, 2, 7, 12, 15, 21, and 25.

            Although through EO 13603, prepping would be illegal and punishable, so I just answered 25…

          • watching and waiting

            This current posting is an on time article because it is happening in real time.

            The problem is date setting which causes unwarranted stress and anxiety about future SHTF events. People get tired of that.
            I agree fully with your blog.

            And I think you know this: we are in a controlled take down world wide in all areas. All the trash/smack people have been blogging on what they are going to do, well, they are going to get the chance to put that plan into action.

            You write very good blogs, very informative……

          • Cam Moore

            To the list, we might add:

            – Why public schools in the United States are teaching (more accurately, pretending to teach) children mathematics using outlandish multi-step methods that serve only to confuse them about basic math concepts.

            – What the media has impressed upon soccer moms to make them deathly afraid of responsible firearms ownership.

            – Why are children no longer eating vegetables, even when offered them (instead turning to chicken nuggets and pretzels)?

            – Why the Disney Channel is being used to deliver social engineering programming, often showing children living only outside a family unit (when mom and dad are shown, dad is portrayed as a mental incompetent).

        • What?

          If the MSM really reported the news as a lot of us see it, their ratings would be even lower than they are now. I don’t see a big problem in the rural areas as far as rioting goes, but looting will be a problem. I just hope it doesn’t devolve into a South African type situation. I think the only way it would get that bad would be a stock market crash coupled with dollar devaluation and a rise in the price of commodities. LP gas prices have become outrageous. We as a nation are on our way to increased food prices already, and with the cattle die-off in the Dakota’s and the Redoubt, beef prices could double or more in the near future. Grain prices are dropping, but devalue the dollar a bit more, and that will stop.

          Will people do more for themselves? Will they demand that TPTB do more for them?

          My guess is the latter. It’s gonna be a wild ride.

          • anonymous

            wait until you see this summers produce and dairy prices as there is NO Water in CA. Sanfagsisco had recorded the least amount of rainfall since the 1800’s ever.

            • The Old Coach

              Central Valley is cold-cocked if they don’t get a he;; of a lot of snow in the next 2-3 months.


              Soooo glad I chose my BOL in the Appalachian Redoubt, where water is mostly a dammed nuisance, and we pay to get rid of it so our crops don’t drown.

          • The Old Coach

            I think ratings would be way UP, until the Halfrican Dictator has the IRS/FBI/NSA/EPA/ find excuses to shut them down. Do you see that they’ve arraigned Dinesh D’Sousa on some trumped-up campaign finance charge?

        • OutWest

          Geeze — really now……
          I don’t know how many times
          I can keep kissing my ass
          goodbye here.

          • What?

            If you’re flexible enough to do it once, a bunch more shouldn’t be a problem. 😉

            • OutWest

              In a pinch,

              you could always do it for me, lol

              • What?

                Spit take!

          • sixpack

            “I don’t know how many times I can keep kissing my ass goodbye here”—at least without offering up an engagement ring…

            • anonymous

              @ sixpack. In your case, Id be willing to help.(before you kill me…Joke)

              • sixpack

                that mental picture gave me a few good laughs–thanks Anon

          • buttcrackofdoom

            hell, 97% of americans already have their heads UP their ASS, so kissin’ it buhh-byeee would provide a mild bit of relief, i would think… no?

        • K in Kansas

          I hope everyone filled their propane tanks…..the wholesale price just hit 5.00 today.

          • Christian Man

            What part of the country are you in, our propane prices haven’t went up any in a long time still $2.19 a gallon at the closest gas station.

            Lots lower than that when delivered.

            just wondering and general area is fine I understand Opsec.


            • The Old Coach

              Cost me $18 to fill a 20-pounder yesterday.

          • Shootit

            The scuttle butt at coffee most of the farmers/ranchers have been topping off all of their propane tanks. The big ones(500-2000 gal)they use for irrigation. They were tipped off a couple of weeks ago. Glad I contracted my natural gas price for 2 years.

            • Shootit

              Just checked propane price at local coop. $6 a gal for small quantities(under 20 gallons). That price is up $2 since Wed.

          • Arby

            Ref: K

            I just had our propane tank filled, It is on an automatic fill program. When the guy showed up the dispatcher had told him to only fill it to 40% !!! The price has jumped .60 in just a couple days. Today it is 3.50 but the lady at the office said it is going up daily.

            Guess they only wanted to sell me a little bit so they can gouge me even more in the near future.

            Kicker is our electricity went up about 10% at the beginning of Jan.

            We heat with wood pellets and the last time I went to TSC the lady said they were having trouble keeping them in stock.

            So please tell me again everything is ok….SURE

            Its cold enough here to freeze the balls off a brass monkey and propane is being rationed.

            FOLKS BE READY ITS COMING What is that smell in the air???

            We live in South Central Va.

        • Christian Man

          Noticed that for many months, the “new headlines” on Yahoo and most other mainstream ‘News’ sources remain the same. I check the news periodically, on the weekends, and the headlines do not change for weeks.

          Same garbage different day! Seems to be the Lead stories.

          Even Faux News has the same condition!

          Time to rotate the prep stock!

          BTW, what’s the best way to stock Soda crackers, so the won’t go stale? They use to stay good until after their suggested use date, but lately they do not stay crisp until that date..


          • polly

            look up DRY CANNING. You can put them in canning jars and process in the OVEN. it totally dries them and the jars seal.. they stay crisp for ages. DO NOT DO DRY CANNING WITH WET STUFF (veggies etc) only with dry like crackers, cereal etc

          • Sigi

            I’d pack the soda crackers with silica gel desiccants in something airtight.

            I’ve noticed stale news lately as well. Friends in Ukraine keep my FB feed hopping with news from there. The article above does the situation no justice at all.

            There are some radicals among the protestors, but many of them are every day folks who are fed up. As they see the police becoming brutal and fascistic, more come out to protest. My previously apolitical friend is urging people to join in. Tonight she posted stories of protests outside of Kiev with the state administration building in Cherkassy being taken by protesters and something happening in Lviv, West Ukraine.

            Add to that the totalitarianism budding in New York and the naked targeting of conservatives by leftists, I’d say the real story of our times is the emergence of lawlessness among the powerful. The Man of Lawlessness may be nearing his revealing.

          • Calgacus

            Learn to make them instead. Stock basics and learn to use the basics for all your needs.

        • the dude

          they’re all turning into …..zombies its the apocalypse!!!!

      • swampratt

        LET IT MELT

      • shotgunfetus

        Started prepping 10 months ago hope I have more time to get ready for this crap

      • eppe

        Think it is now time to short the market?

      • durango kidd

        Anyone? Not me, but some of the examples have other ROOT causes, typically political. For example, Argentina is getting its hand slapped hard by the Anglo American banking establishment for eyeing British territory in the South Atlantic. Keep your eyeballs to yourself and your big mouth shut, Argentina. Don’t try to fuck the Queen. It’s not allowed within the Rules of the Great Game.

        Venezuela? Well, you can be a socialist country, but you cannot be a communist country in the New World Order. Any fool and Castro should know that. Can you say “Nicaragua” ?

        Ukraine? It is the bastard child of the Soviet Union: half the people (the Western half of the country) want to join Europe if only to have the ability to travel freely and migrate to the West. Not so coincidently, the western half of the country is also underlain by enormous deposits of shale that the locals (and the EU) want western oil companies to exploit for the benefit of Europe and to the chagrin of Russian Energy.

        The other half of the country is populated by Russians who have been there now for several generations and speak Russian. Its only natural for a population that speaks a particular language to identify with the land of its mother tongue. (Which, btw, is also the reason that latino ILLEGALS need to be repatriated to their country from the USA.)

        China may be a problem … for China. Let’s remember that the CCP totally control China and can institute whatever reforms they deem necessary to save the Party (pun intended); and that America did quite well before it started transferring the wealth of the Middle Class to China.

        The decline of China as a financial giant and trading partner is planned by the PTB anyway and would only mean that factories and jobs would return to American shores; a process that is already beginning for lower energy costs and a higher Yuan. Last year that transfer was $350 billion. Let China eat cake and humble pie.

        Finally, if the market dropped only 170 points, that is not even a hiccup. It may mean that the PTB are going to manage a gentle but continuous decline, by design. I mentioned that possibility a couple weeks ago here. It still remains to be seen. No need to suggest that the sky is falling Chicken Little, recessions and depressions come and go. Buckle up.

        There are many advantages to having the Dollar as the currency required to play the Great Game. The biggest advantage is that WE decide the winners and losers and all of the Players need to respect that reality or play with themselves. Pun intended.

        Generosity has its limits. 🙂

        • Cede

          Whatever Drongo. The piece of shit US dollar is soon to be as useful as you.

          • durango kidd

            Cede: LMAO! As sharp as Michael Snyder is, he is only looking at events on the surface. The drop in value of the Turkish lira, for example, is a prelude to the transfer of excess global production to Turkey. It has been planned for years and I pointed that out here, a year ago. Egypt would be participating too if they hadn’t thrown out the NWO Muslim Brotherhood.

            Events around the world do not represent chaos; only transformation. They represent planned demolition. Think Building 7. Think “never let a crisis go to waste”, even when those crises are planned.

            Turkey is about to be used like China was to spread the NWO through Crony Capitalism. Workers will receive slave wages based upon the value of their money against global currencies; economic depression in Turkey will stimulate the cry for foreign investment; the Uber Rich will build factories in Turkey and sell those goods to Europe,Asia, and the USA at world prices making massive excess profits.

            China is the Template. Get a clue. 🙂

        • Sigi

          It’s interesting how many ethnic Russians in Ukraine are not with Moscow on this one. That said, Ukraine has a pre-USSR history, with its people being sure of their national identity even when under the rule of Poland and Lithuania before it.

          • durango kidd

            Sigi: I agree. Most of the population wants to connect to the EU, become EU citizens with all the benefits of EU citizenship, and get an infusion of capital from the West to develop the country.

            Its only a particular segment of the elite who want to maintain commercial and political ties to Russia, but these people are in office. 🙂

    2. 10mm

      All by design. Closing in on some serious business next few yrs.

    3. Paranoid

      I’m trying to push the idea that the people on this site share info rather than snide comments. One such. The UN says that Just filtering drinking water in a layer or two of towel can cut illness by 25% or so. Lots of smart people here. What do you know?

      • Archivist

        Putting water in two-liter plastic drink bottles and leaving them in sunlight can kill most pathogens. I keep a lot of them in my greenhouse, serving double duty as a heat sink in cold weather.

        Read about solar water disinfection on Wikipedia.

        • PKLauLau

          Don’t forget that ionic silver can purify water….or a silver coin?


        • guero

          True in El Paso. Not true in WV. You need a lot of sunlight.

          • guero

            Sunlight, that is.

        • Any Mouse

          SODIS done properly is a great tool and can be easily accomplished on a small scale. Thanks for sharing Archivist

        • slingshot

          Due to the plastic’s reaction to sunlight. The heating of the plastic may leach components of the plastic into the water. You will taste it. I do not know how hazardous it is to drink. I have drank it before. Never put water in milk containers because you can become sick if the water warms. Deposits of milk attached to plastic containers and you can not wash it out.

          • Sigi

            You can store water in canning jars too. I think it may keep longer than in plastic.

          • Wind River Mom


            We fill the old milk containers and store for toilet flushing (only). That way we don’t take clean water away from our ‘drinking/cooking’ stash. Can’t have enough water.

        • The Old Coach

          Don’t leave it in there for more than a day or two. Many clear plastics leach chemicals into the water.

        • Northern Grower

          Just read that plastic bottles give off even more chemicals into the water if stored in direct sunlight. Maybe back to glass canning jars.

          • IIC

            Get the 1-1/2 quart canning jars or the 1/2 gallon = work best for water storage and “canning” water. Make sure you have them stored in a strong place that handle the weight.

          • AZClimber

            Look guys, when it comes to your water, don’t go homemade / improv you’re asking for extreme hardships if so. You need water containers made for… WATER. 50g drums, 7 or 6g containers, bathtub storage bladders, etc… there are options for any scenario. Don’t f*** around with water.
            I will run 2 – 12 1q canteens naglene oasis depending on my outing. This plastic is expensive at $9 each, but there is NEVER any plastic seep which discourages hydration. They are a clear coyote tan and easy to inspect / clean.
            Use your milk jugs and soda bottles as makeshift sandbags, not as water storage.

            • IIC

              we were just were talkin’ secondary options..sometimes a dozen jars at a garage sale fits a budget better at a buck than 9 bucks..you do what you can.

      • maddog

        Paranoid, Get some iodine crystals and be 100% safe. The UN just might tell you things to make it easy to come by and pick up your body.

        • Paranoid

          Got the Iodine, But it works far better and faster in filtered water. Also this info was from data in Africa for reducing deaths. Doc’s said a lot of waterborne bugs like to attach to particulate and so can be filtered out.

          • guero

            Neither Iodine nor Bleach kill all bugs. Boiling is the only way to kill everything. But filtering gets rid of a lot of stuff.

            • sixpack

              So in a worst-case scenario, do all three, just to be sure…rather than sorry.

              • polly

                get a berkey purification system – use the black filters….google for specific info

            • Highspeedloafer

              Big bubbles mean little trouble.

        • PuppyPrepper

          I thought the iodine crystals were not available any more, Polar Pure or whatever it was called.

          • Paranoid

            Got mine 30 years ago.

      • buttcrackofdoom

        there is MUCH good information on this site…you just hafta be smart enuff to filter out the good stuff…just like yer e-mail inbox…don’tcha know how to hit the delete button? well it’s the same here, just let it in one ear and out the other if it’s useless to you. kudos to mac for keepin’ it REAL!

      • NoRegetVet

        Ref to: Paranoid…..

        You are right…I have posted my last remark to people like ..as 1Braveheart says ” EisenTurd ” I will not allow anyone that low to annoy me again…And hopefully everyone else simply ignores him.

        Now….I signed up as a ” Berkey ” water filters dealer…I am going to just concentrate on the Big Black filters…cause you can make your own 5 gal water purifier with 2 food grade buckets and simple coffee spicket (sp)…..I have used several “Coffee ” filters for my first stage of getting any debri or particles out of the water…seems to help a lot…

        • PKLauLau


          I can’t afford a Big Berkey, but maybe just some filters. Can you explain or post a link on how to do this with 5 gallon buckets?


      • Smokey

        Any filtration is better than none.

        The best means of purifying water is to filter it, then boil it.

        When tea was introduced to Europe, requiring boiling water to make it, the death rates from waterborne diseases dropped dramatically.

    4. Mal Reynolds

      Making a big food run this weekend and probably ordering a few more filters for the Berkey. I believe 2014 will be remembered much the same way in the 21st century as 1914 was remembered in the 20th.

      Stay frosty,

      • buttcrackofdoom

        berkeys are expensive(i have one) and i bought a bunch of the same type filters from a site that convert 2 five gallon buckets to berkey-type filters…with more capacity…they were only 30$ each but it’s been a couple years ago…if you DO buy them, put them together now and try them out to make sure they WORK. get buckets cheap or free from donut shops or craigslist”food grade” are the search words for C/L…you should have MORE than 2 ways to get drinkable water. do that food grade search and you’ll also find the 275 gallon crates for 75 to a hundred dollars…make SURE it has a foodgrade sticker on it and it didn’t have sumthin’ like “aquacer 580”, like 2 of mine(still able to flush toilets with them!) the mormon church also has the 30 gallon drums for 15$ also. mormons are good people…not my religeon, but i NEVER met a mormon i didn’t like! and a great place to be a prepper

        • Wind River Mom

          Also, if you have a Bug Out Bag (hopefully, everyone does) – buy a Life Straw personal filter – they are small/ lightweight, filter 264 gallons of water, kill 99.9% of parasites & bacteria…cost $15-$20.

          • VaFarmBoy

            Try a Sawyers Products filter that includes straw, water bag, and flushing syringe. It filters up to 100,000 gallons and removes 7 log (99.99999%) of all bacteria and 6 log (99.9999%) of all protozoa. Sawyer’s certified 0.1 micron absolute filter removes bacteria and protozoa at a higher rate than accepted EPA guidelines. About 25 dollars for one. I have on on a water pump to my water bladder in bug out pack.

        • Mal Reynolds

          Never thought I would ever type the following:

          Thanks buttcrack!!


        • lonelonmum

          test your filter cartridges with red food dye before you store them.

          In an event it’ll be too late to discover you bought a dud the hard way.

    5. Nathan Cline

      On the one hand, it’d be nice if we can postpone the chaos for a while. I could still use some more time to get prepared. On the other hand, let’s set the mother fucker on fire and let it burn. The faster it collapses, the quicker we can start rebuilding.

      • AnneMarie

        More time? We’d better not wait too long, this thing could blow soon. We think we know how bad things are, but in reality they are much worse, they won’t let us know the full story. And we always need just one more sign until we spring into action and hustle out to buy those supplies. Gather ye rosebuds while ye may, make hay while the sun shines, remember the ant and the grasshopper, be prepared for the thief in the night.

        • 1braveheart

          I’m not waiting on another sign, I’ve got a food and water run scheduled for this weekend anyway. Looks like time may be running out.

        • Nathan Cline

          I know….I know. I’ve been preparing with every inch of my being, for a couple years now. Only been truly politically informed for the past 3-4 years. What I wouldn’t trade to go back to 5 years ago, making $140k/yr…I would do a lot of things differently. I would be totally set today. Unfortunately, the past can’t be changed; all I can do is focus on the future. Over the past six months I’ve been spending every dime on building a diesel genset with a good engine and gen head, which is now a reliable workhorse with most of the kinks worked out. Got some food stored up, silver, some fuel…living in a small town far out of the way of trouble, right next to a huge supply of fresh water. Also got plenty of trade skills. Not as prepared as I’d like to be, but ahead of the game in some ways and ready for whatever.

    6. eppe

      I hope everyone who has been prepping, it might be the real deal, good luck to all…

    7. Jimbo

      When the banks take an extended holiday and people cannot buy food, news of Justin Bieber and who’s dating who in Hollywood will not seem too important. People need to pay attention to the direction we are headed in this country.

    8. 1braveheart

      Eppe, I would love to say that SHTF is NOT around the corner, but I don’t think I can with any degree of honesty. I don’t like the way things are looking either. Just keep prepping. That’s what I’m doing.

      • eppe

        amen brother, you can hang with me at the compound if it all falls down…

    9. .40 glocks rock

      Its just a matter of time now aint it ? Wish I had another year , but it looks like it might not go that long.

      • 1braveheart

        Yeah, another year would be nice. A person can buy an awful lot of preps in a year. the more you can get for yourself, the better off you will be.

    10. Anonymous

      We really need to get some kind of communications set up between us. Everyone seems to be chickenshit on posting a email address. Everyone that wants to barter or just talk should at the very least post what area of town they live in and a email so as they can meet somewhere like a gun range or store. I can see keeping a street address private.

      • SWFL

        Do I detect a fine sense of irony in your post on promoting open communications – Anonymous says- ?

        • Archivist

          That’s what I thought also.

        • Anonymous

          I had posting problems. Im the same old “DaveinID”. Bonners Ferry area. I would give you my email, but florida is quite far for socializing.

          • DaveinID

            works now??? wtf

            • anonymous

              My post with the old name was floating in moderation like the one farther down.

              • Sigi

                I was having the same problem when I posted much later.

          • phstat

            @Anonymous…..S.E.Idaho here

            • anonymous

              Nice area. Irode my bmw motorcycle through pocatello in 2005 to Kalispell and then to hwy 95. did a big loop looking to relocate out of Ca,

              • NoRegetVet

                Ref to: Anonymous…

                Florida Panhandle here….Gulf Breeze area…

                Now who else is wanted to talk in this area ?

          • Mountain Trekker

            Now are you the real Anonymous or is the other anon with the small “a” the real anonymous? We’re you really in the Air Force? Bonners Ferry is that anywhere near Yaak? Trekker Out.

            • Dave in ID

              I was one of 3 Anonymous’s. I think my old Id will work now, it just leaves me in Moderation for a while. Bonners Ferry (Im not in town, its just close)is roughly 40 miles from the Yaak River by highway. There are other fire roads and rails that access it from the west.

          • Northern Grower

            Bonner’s Ferry is a great area! We are looking to leave Wi and are looking in MT and ID

            • Dave in ID

              Keep in touch and ask questions about the area.

              • Northern Grower

                Will we be seen as outsiders or welcomed because we are hard working conservatives? I don’t think we have 20 years to become known as locals. Looking for someplace quiet to raise animals and veggies. Thanks

                • Dave in ID

                  Everyone has been real nice here as soon as they realize I am a Ultra constitutionalist/conservative libertarian gun owner.

                • Paranoid

                  Simple suggestion; an NRA sticker,in you truck window helps a lot some places.

          • jbird

            @ Anonymous …. East Coast Florida here

            • NIGHT BREAKER

              coastal Southern New Jersey here,
              Some where between Barnegat bay and the Pine Barrens.

              Semper Fi 8541

      • maddog

        I know what you mean An. This is my whatever email angeloservices at gmail.com. I’ll respond if your serious with a better email for you.

        • anonymous


          • maddog


      • Faith of the fallen

        As far as communication goes I’m a big advocate for a shtf plan convention where we could meet up and have a face to face. Somewhere in the central US. Memphis, St. Louis, or Paducah would be pretty much dead middle America. Love to have a big gathering.

        • JayJay

          I’m not far from Paducah–get it going!!

          • 1braveheart

            braveheart would love to attend.

            • Kulafarmer

              I cant swim that far

              • Indy Colts

                Paducah please!!

        • buttcrackofdoom

          we need one in so cal too..i will be doing the victorville gunshow feb1-2 if anyones in the area…i had a PREPPERS MEETING for ALL the people on my address book and ONE EFFEN PERSON showed up….YEESH aSHEEP at the WHEEL!

        • Norse Prepper

          I’ve always thought it would be great to meet some of the folks on this site.

          Mac, you in?

          God Bless,

      • slingshot


        This is the communications.

        • slingshot

          For communication I am going to mark by black magic marker, “SHTF”, on the topside on the Bill of my baseball cap. If we meet I will tip my hat and if you know what it is, all the better.

      • PuppyPrepper

        Austin TX here.

    11. 1braveheart

      Michael Snyder, your last sentence in the article is definitely spot on. We will get exactly what we deserve as a nation. May God help us all.

      • JayJay

        I hate that sentiment. I taught public school and one thing I loathed was a teacher making all the class suffer for one or a few misbehaving.
        Mass punishment is not good for any.
        I hope and pray God individualizes punishment.

        • Kulafarmer

          I dont think God will have much to do with whats coming

          • Barn Cat

            No, God has EVERYTHING to do with what’s coming. America will be paid back for murdering 55 million unborn children. A country that hates God, hates Christians, and mocks what is holy will be destroyed.

        • Boo

          From PSALM 91:

          7 A thousand may fall at your side,
          ten thousand at your right hand,
          but it will not come near you.
          8 You will only observe with your eyes
          and see the punishment of the wicked.

          • Barn Cat

            There’s no guarantee that Christians will survive. We can only know that if God wants us survive then we will.

        • Barn Cat

          We’re going to see a global economic collapse that will lead to the one world government prophesied in Revelation. I expect 90% of Americans to die in the year following the collapse.

    12. carynverell

      geez i have been living and prepping the last ten years or so like it was another depression going on..and i have been laughed at, mocked, and told i was a crazy tin hat wearing loon…but what i am seeing these days are many people that i know personally beginning to suffer personally because they did not pay attention to anything going on around them nor preparing themselves and their homes/lives and families for what has been coming their way over the last several years. well, no room for moochers, freeloaders or anyone else that is not in my immediate family gene pool and they better learn some stuff fast or they aint getting in either.

      • eppe

        We are in the same boat, been called every crazy name known, but us preppers will get the last laugh, if there is such a thing….I hope the best for all…

        • Paranoid

          No we won’t get the “Last Laugh”, More likely the “Longest cry”. But perhaps we can save a little of the good.

        • JayJay

          I’m already working on my sign for the garage door:
          LAUGHING NOW???

      • buttcrackofdoom

        live like no OTHER today, so you can live like no OTHER tomorrow!

    13. Arby

      I do not like the slant that BBC World News often puts on things but I still try to watch it a couple times per week.

      In a half hour “news” program they do a fair job of showing what is going on in the world. There is more than enough pain and suffering that is for sure.

      It just boggles my mind that people do not get ready and prep as much as they can. My sister just asked me this evening if I had a bag of sugar she can borrow until she goes to Sams…..She and her husband agree that trouble is coming but to quote them “WE WILL NOT SEE IT IN OUR LIFETME” Can you believe that???????

      • Archivist

        We just gave a neighbor some of our extra two-liter drink bottles so they can store extra sugar and not worry about ants. A two-liter bottle holds 4 pounds exactly. Stores around here are still occasionally selling 4-pound bags for less than $2.

      • Paranoid

        No problem just tell her she’s half right, with that attitude she won’t live to see the end of it.

    14. wrong

      Its all okay. We live in the greatest country in the world. The government will take good care of us. The great one has everything under control. I’m sure he wants nothing but the best for us all.


      I’m feeling a trip to Sam’s Club would be in order on Saturday. Its getting pretty ugly out there.

      No offense to you ugly.

      I did just get a nice order of Mt House in on Monday.

      • Archivist

        We finally found a way to be more anonymous at Sam’s. We talked our church into setting up a charge account to buy groceries for Wednesday night suppers, etc. We have one of the charge cards. So we can get in, pick up what we want, but pay cash instead of charging it. Nothing looks unusual because the account is a church, which would naturally be getting large quantities. We let our own card expire, as we don’t need it any more.

        • Warchild Dammit!

          Eh.need to buy no more,am set,the real issue is am I set for orphans ect.,2&4 legged?Time will tell I guess….

        • Canadian Vet

          That is a very clever idea. I would never have though of that in a hundred years.

          Now, talking about stores, I’ve been keeping my eyes open when I do groceries for bare shelves. I’ve seen a lot of gaps with junk food and the like and that doesn’t really bother me. However, what I’ve seen that bugs me is some of the basics that are missing. I’ve even unable to find milk other than the soy or lactose-free stuff, no cheese, no bread, only tiny plastic bags of potatoes, even ground beef and bacon shelves are empty sometimes.

          And some of these shortages aren’t just before the next delivery comes in, they are within hours of the truck leaving.

          And recently, my local gas station was all out of regular and they were selling premium fuel at regular prices.

          I am getting REALLY worried about the logistics in my neck of the woods.

          • anonymous

            premium doesnt normally have ethonol in it so it will store longer in our cold weather. Is your dollar exchange rate only worth 90 cents now? The Canada traffic seems to have slowed a bit on hwy 95.

            • Canadian Vet

              Yeah, it’s in the 90 cent ballpark these days. Not as advantageous (for us) exchange rate as I’ve seen before but still a damn sight better than the 70-cent range it was at not that long ago.

              And don’t get me wrong, I sure didn’t mind filling up my tanks and jerrycans with premium at regular prices. What bothered me was the LACK of regular grade fuel. If the most widely distributed grade of gas is nowhere to be found, there is something off with the production or distribution systems at this point.

              • Dave in ID

                I know what you mean. In the Sandpoint Walmart the shelves only have a few items of each product. The grocery part of the store is getting that way. Also, I notice things like cheese, bread and even baby food are going bad BEFORE the “Best before” date. I really dont need to go there anymore, its just that I used to be able to get can goods, breakfast cereal, auto oil and filters etc, cheap. Now it isnt worth the long drive.

      • 1braveheart

        Wrong, in my area, only 2 sporting goods stores are carrying Mountain House and I do plan on getting some more. It’s the only brand of freeze-dried food I’ve tried so far and I’m impressed with it. Costco supposedly carries some other brands of freeze-dried foods but last time I was there I didn’t find any.

        • Shelley

          Hi, Brave. Costco does carry a decent selection and good prices, but you have to order it thru the website. Here (in WI) it’s not in the stores either, but shipping is free and it’s very fast.

          • PKLauLau

            BH: Thrive from Costco or order from Thrive’s site. Stuff is really good.


        • wrong


          I got my last order from FreezeDryGuy. I don’t normally order online for obvious reasons but this company was highly recommended. It came in a unlabeled box which was nice. Very pleased with the whole order and will be ordering more next month.


        • Anonymous

          Braveheart , Sams in little rock has a bucket of freeze dried. Not sure
          Of the price, but bass pro just opened here too. 72076 is a zip
          For the one closest to u. It will say available in store or on line only
          Hey to SmOkie too

      • JayJay

        I dried 20 bananas and sealed in mason jars and last week got my Elderberry.

        Green peppers next, 3/$1 at DG. Get ’em when you can.

        • wrong


          We love our dehydrator. Pineapple was on sale last week for 1.50 each at Aldi. I bought 10 of them and filled our 9 tray dryer. Delicious. I’ll be doing that again.

    15. no justice

      Everything before was so much fluff, until it hits China. This is the canary in the coal mine, china is strutting around the last few months much like North Korea does, in order to present an impression they have control over the situation. No matter how much gold they buy, it would not matter. I usually don’t get too excited about “the end is coming” scenarios, but I’m loading shells and going to the market tomorrow. And LP is around three bucks a gallon, puy in a wood burner at the earliest moment, this will repeat.

    16. Canadian Vet

      If China is going to collapse, they will call in every last red cent in foreign debt they are holding, in tangible assets, to try and stay afloat. Odds are, they’ll get a whole lot of jack squat. And then, they will do what countries in serious need of cash have done countless time throughout history: find someone to invade and pray they hit paydirt before they run out of food, ammunition, fuel and money to pay their troops.

      • DaveinID

        China and Japan might go at it. China has alot bigger(more tonnage) Navy, but Japan has some very well disiplined seaman and advanced technology.

        • 1braveheart

          I have to question the quality of China’s military hardware, regardless of any other capabilities they have. Let’s not forget, “MADE IN CHINA”. It would be interesting to see how it plays out.

          • anonymous

            They sent a man into space for fifteen days and my ak has never misfired with chink ammo.

          • buttcrackofdoom

            so, yer saying “made in china” is a warning label?…hee hee

          • Canadian Vet

            One would be suicidal to underestimate their military capabilities. Much like the US, China exports much lesser versions of what they keep for themselves. And that includes their missiles, aircraft and warships.

            Perhaps there is no way their fleet could stand against the full might of the US Navy Pacific Fleet it the PLAN would still get a few good hits in before being turned to scrap metal.

          • Smokey

            It’s better than the Russian stuff, and they have a lot of it. So nine mediocre attack planes can overwhelm one US F-18, and so on.

      • anonymous

        I tried to reply with my old name and it floated away somewhere. China and Japan might go at it. They both need a distraction as thier economies suck and Japan is irradiated. China has a banking problem and Large ghost cities.

      • LH

        Obungler White House: A Fully Owned Div. of Goldmun Suchs

      • LH

        Interesting comment. But… who are they going to invade? They can’t make it over the mountains to the south to India, and even if they did, that would go nuclear. Vietnam would bury them in a long, expensive, guerilla war, and they know that (plus they have their failed 1979 invasion of Vietnam – or at least border incursion – that failed). Russia? I don’t think so. Japan, Philippines? That takes maritime power, and and they don’t have that yet, tho it is expanding. Taiwan? If they fight back full force, it will be an expensive war. And if it they destroy Taipei, it’s not as if Taiwan is unarmed. What else is west? Some of the Choastan republics? Do they really want to alienate their already restive Muslim minorities in their western reaches, that are already causing problems, and some of which are allied with Russia. You may be right, but I don’t know….

        • anonymous

          China has a large naval force including nuke subs. google the chinese navy verses Japanese navy. They also have alot of missles that can reach Japan, Okinawa, and Guam (if it doesnt flip over from too many people)

        • Canadian Vet

          The Chinese Navy might not have the tonnage of high-tech warships and the global presence of the USN but they are a serious regional force to be reckoned with, even if they haven’t fully developed the body of corporate knowledge and experience to be a true blue water navy, although they have extensive experience in brown and green water operations. And should they wish to do an amphibious invasion of Taiwan, the Philippines or Singapore, they would have enough civilian vessels to serve as troop transports, using their assault ships for the sole purpose of establishing a foothold.

          However, I doubt they would make much of a move against Taiwan or the Japanese Home Islands, not with 7th Fleet right there and 3rd and 5th Fleets’ regular stomping grounds being only a few weeks’ sail from the area, at most.

        • TheGuy

          To attempt to invade (directly) any country with nuclear reactors is no longer on the table if these guys have any brains whatsoever.

          If I’m losing, and losing badly? … lemme tell ya something. All my spent core rods are going to suddenly lose all their coolant in their storage pools as if by “accident”. I’m already dead anyway. What I got to lose?

          Suck on that.

          • TheGuy

            All of this stuff about it going to a hot war… for any thinking person this is utter BS. I only hope the war planners are thinking people. Because that’s the wild card in this picture.

            Picture this… global environmental catastrophe as ultimate deterrent. Forget global thermonuclear war. I can think of all sorts of truly horrific things I could to to this planet with a single hydrogen bomb. Stuff that could endanger the entire biosphere at least as far as humans are concerned.

            So all y’all best not push anyone even remotely nuclear-capable into a corner where the only outcome for them is death. I’d strongly advise against it. Whomever that may be. US, China, Russia… all have the capacity to do the stuff I’m thinking of.

    17. Misfit

      Not another article about the approaching collapse. How many years has this collapse been approaching and it still hasn’t arrived yet? Crying wolf results in loss of credibility. Some years ago, I used to be so into this site believing in the accuracy of its content. I have been waiting for the collapse to happen, and waiting, and waiting and yet nothing has happens years later. There is only so many times you can cry wolf before people start believing this is BS.

      Another thing is all these signs. “20 signs, 50 signs, 30 signs the great economic collapse is approaching. How many signs are there?? Yet, time after time these article come out. Is it ever going to get here?

      Folks, I am a prepper to, but this is starting to become ridiculous.

      • Northern Grower

        Well The shit is hitting our fan here. Our greenhouse sales are about 60% of what they were in 08 and our costs have all gone up every year!People don’t have the money to spend. This is a northwoods retirement and resort area and winter heating is wiping some people out. propane is being rationed and wood is scarce and high priced. snow is deep in the woods and has been below zero for weeks!

    18. Satori

      China can call in all the loans they want

      if they’re trying to cash their US bonds good luck with that

      they’ll have about as much success as the Germans did
      getting THEIR gold back !

    19. Gonetoolong

      Time to stop training with my guns, I better start saving my bullets and reload the rest of my empties. Feels like it is getting real these days. My business has been slowing here the past 3 months, people are relaying a concerned vibe in my daily interactions. Obamacare is going to hit like a ton of bricks when the realities of it hit home. Eyes wide open out there comrades.

    20. aljamo

      These 20 signs point out the facts that predatory capitalism has been a monumental failure for worldwide humanity.

      • LH

        There is a ****massive*** difference between true capitalism and the corrupt, crony-socialist – and literally fascist – “capitalism” you are ranting about. You seriously need to get a clue. And learn some Austrian economics

      • sixpack

        These 20 signs point out the facts that all countries need to immediately round up and execute their banking elites and repatriate their assets…

    21. GEO_LITHIC

      Americans lots of them are facing winter hardships right now… so its very hard to care about the Turkish Lira when its 40 below with the wind chill and your about to run through all winters wood..or the farm down the road is having trouble getting propane so their kids are living with friends…electric bills and food are out the roof..and spring looks to be along time coming [When the snow starts to wear me down I watch Jeramiah Johnson again] With this being one of the hardest winters in a long time and many folks said it would be, I understand how its easy to forget the rest of the world! Maybe I’ll care again in the Spring

      • JayJay

        It’s 4° now and my water is running.
        I have never known a winter like this and I am 63.
        Maybe when I was too young to know it was cold, but not since I can remember.
        There were two 0° nights already this month. I’d rather have a $100 water bill than frozen water.

        • anonymous

          Electric thermostaticly controlled pipe wrap cost 30$ at Home Depot/Lowes. Has not raised my electric bill up enough to notice.

    22. Eisenkreuz


      After weeks with no food, the body will consume its own carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. It will then begin shutting down organs until only the brain, lungs, and heart remain active. At that point, the cerebral cortex will be shut down, and only the reptilian brain will retain functionality. Cannibalism in survival situtions is not a conscious choice so much as an autonomic response. So, dont say you would never do that. Its very common.

      • slingshot


        OOOOOOOOOOOOOH! I will cross that bridge when I get there.

      • Any Mouse

        There is food everywhere, you only have to learn where to look. If you ever get into a situation where cannibalism becomes an option you probably shouldn’t have been there in the first place.

        • Eisenkreuz

          Tell that to everyone who has ever lived in a war zone.

          • Any Mouse

            OK, To everyone that has ever been, lived or will be in a warzone, GTFO before you eat each other. If you have before or are thinking now about cannibalism, you probably should have left long ago.

            There ya go cross, what else you got.

      • 1braveheart

        I’m well-prepared and still prepping. I will never reach that point. I’m not like eisen.

      • 1braveheart


    23. maddog

      Getting excited, the RESET looks to be within reach.

      • Eisenkreuz

        This is nothing to look forward to.

        • 1braveheart

          One thing to look forward to would be for you to go away.

        • maddog

          Are you fucking kidding. It can’t happen fast enough. If you’re not looking forward to it what are you prepping for? Is it that you’re waiting for some guardian angel to come and save America from all the communist bullshit and make it all better? I don’t see any suggestions on how to solve anything, just a bunch of fucking whining. When I post to RESET this as in correcting the ships course I get what? someone might get hurt? Come on shit or get off the fucking pot already.

    24. Northern Reb

      OK, here we go just one of those artical that make you think. HOW MUCH LONGER WILL IT BE before THE SHTF?????
      Just keep prepping, keep an eye and ear on the news.
      Please if anyone know for a fact that something is going down let us know.
      My wife just came home with about $30 worth of vitamines, tooth past and matches. Going to make a run for some tang, koolaid and teas and some kind of other flavoring for water.
      S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

      • Northern Reb

        IF I HAD A BRAIN OPPS @$&%$##&

        • Any Mouse

          Peppermint, Sumac (has a lemony flavor), dried mesquite seed pods can be heated and steeped into a tea (kind of a pumpkin/pumpkin spice flavor), prickly pear fruit (tastes like a cross between a pear and a raspberry), pine needles can be used to make a tea, a few drops of lemon or lime juice livens water quite a bit, so does the zest.

        • Northern Reb

          Thanks everyone for your input. Going shopping tomorrow.
          I wrote all of this down I know that the wife will like this, IT’S SHOPPING!:-(
          S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

      • JayJay

        Don’t forget instant coffee, cocoa, and tea is plenty cheap.

        • Any Mouse

          Grandkids on coffee, depending on the ages that could be quite entertaining.

    25. posseecom


      We’ve been getting ready for years now..
      I watch the financials and daily geo political blogs/sites constantly..

      Yeah. it’s all showing signs of unraveling and has been for years now..

      The good news is..we just reinstated our membership to our local range after our county range was closed last year..due to political rangling and other such anti 2nd amendment bullshit by the state here in massholeachusetts.

      Look..as things progressively get worse..you’ve got to pursue those enjoyments in life that shun all this crap away for a while..for me is organic gardening, shooting down range.a bit of fresh and salt water fishing.along with family and friend get togethers..

      Screw dc, the banks the globalists and all the rest..fuck em all!!

      Enjoy the moments that make you whole..whatever they may be..

      Our time is a short stint..

      Make it count..

      prepare accordingly and also take the time to enjoy everything that makes you at peace

      Other than that..none of it matters anymore..

      I am ready on all counts..


      • KY Mom


        Good advice! Keep prepping, but remember the many blessings we have. Hug your loved ones and spend time with them.

        I read the financial news everyday too. As the article above notes, things are unraveling.
        Like a snowball going down a hill, it seems to be growing and gaining momentum.

        Keep praying and prepping!

        • posseecom

          KY Mom

          You are always a breath of fresh air..!

          I am constantly reminded, by your posts, of Daisy and Burt the Brit..with whom I still remain in touch with outside of here..

          Thank you for all…


      • LH

        Glad to see the spirit of Lexington lives on in at least a few of you over their in the People’s Kommunist Republik of Massachussets.

        • posseecom


          We are outnumbered by a vast majority of real massholes here..only 4% of us have LTC(CCW) by latest state stats.
          Lexington and Concord are now the bastions of well heeled progressives/Obama, and central planning supporters..

          As far as economic malaise…yeah it’s a slow descent alright…as everything worsens,the states and feds will just ramp up hidden (and in plain sight) taxation as always to feed the beast..until there’s nothing left to tax..

          As long as the fed continues QE ad infinitum,the markets will continue their climb upwards..these sabre rattlings of impending war(s) will forge on..currency wars will continue on..and massive unemployment worldwide curves upward…

          Most of these prediction of collapse never anticipated the QE phenomena kicking in to prop up the failing financial systems after the 07/08 debacle..
          The majority of major power players are all in the same boat and utilizing anything to keep their bankrupt/corrupt institutions afloat…and the rest of us commoners be damned..


      • sixpack

        Possee, I’m into life’s little pleasures like going fishing— and I’ll be fishing, but I’ll have more lead than just sinkers in my tackle box, and my BOB will be with me at all times. Igloo on my left, 1911 on my right and my pole propped up on a y-shaped stick within easy reach…that’s my idea of ” gone fishin’ “

        • anonymous

          Id go fishing, but walking out on a sheet of ice and drilling holes just aint the same…unless I had a stick of boom.

        • MXLord327

          Sixpack – My idiotic state (Maine) just outlawed lead sinkers…

          • sixpack

            did they outlaw the brass and primers too? sorry ’bout yer luck.

    26. Warchild Dammit!

      Long term would like to reside in Argentina,despite their short term local govt.is one of a few countries could easily internally exist in regards to food/energy ect.

    27. RICH99

      Here we go again …..more recycled articles ……..I think I read this back in 2008

      • anonymous

        No you didnt. Most of the info just showed up at zerohedge the last couple of days.

        • PO'd Patriot

          Different wording, same slant just regurgitated.

      • DumbDude

        Rich, Have you found any new positive outlets for your active mind in 2014? What does a recovering doomer do other than rub folks the wrong way on prepper blogs.? 🙂

        • DumbDude

          After re-reading this It sounds sarcastic and smarmy. I didn’t mean it that way. A while back you said something that sounded like you were going to make some changes for 2014. How’s that going? Question comes from someone in similar shoes. I’m glad I prepped to the level I did, but now its time to focus on other constructive outlets and avoid the daily doom.

    28. Eisenkreuz

      I am thoroughly disgusted and offended by the fear and ignorance some of you old bastards have over homosexuality. Its not a choice and it has no correlation whatsoever with molestation of children. That is the most offensive shit ever. When I was growing up I saw a lesbian commit suicide over being bullied and watched several innocent people be assaulted over accusations of being gay. Dont fucking tell me that god loves it when you hate people you fucking pricks. I hope all your children go gay and then you can see what it means to be bullied day in day out. As you sit there with your forth marriage telling us that gay marriage is immoral you fucking pricks.

      • Durka

        Homosexuality is a choice, or would you like to argue that with the current First Lady of New York City, an ex-lesbian?

        Also, as Masha Gessen and other gay/lesbian activists have stated, “The only reason for gay marriage is to destroy marriage.” You see, the bullying is happening in the other direction now.

      • Anonymous

        Eisen’s daily rant,off topic of course. who pissed in his wheaties?

      • sixpack

        regretting coming out of the closet, are we eisen?

      • 1braveheart

        Eisenturd, we’re thoroughly disgusted and offended by you coming on here with all of your BS so that makes us even. if you can’t stand us, then why do you keep coming back? Go the f#$% away if you can’t stand us and stop torturing yourself.

        • The Old Coach

          Because queers like him are sociopaths, that’s why he keeps coming back. Gotta do as much destruction as possible every day, or he goes to sleep feeling inadequate.

      • maddog

        You should be spanking your monkey and not the keyboard.

      • JayJay

        Bravo about the 4th marriages..who are they to preach??

      • Mountain Trekker

        Eisenkraut it sure is good that JayJay made it plain what you were talking about, I didn’t quite understand what a “forth” marriage was. I thought it meant going forth or going forward. I guess it could have meant going forward and and telling you that queers pretending to marry is immoral. I really liked the part where you said, and I quote( telling US that gay marriage is immoral) pretty much tells who or what you are. Also it’s rather odd that you would be so concerned about something being offensive and also call someone innocent when it pertains to Queers, but on the other hand you say they had it coming when our people got killed in Lybia and also in Boston when people were killed and lost limbs you thought that was great. And you have also made such statements when talking about our Servicemen. You Sir are worse than Obama ever thought of being, and when ever you decide to play good guy, NO ONE SHOULD EVER THINK OF GIVING YOU A THUMBS UP. Trekker Out.

        • Eisenkreuz

          YOU MORON,


          I AM NOT GAY.

          I SAY WHAT I THINK.

          I CAN HAZ THUMBS UP?

      • Be informed

        Eisenrot writes about the abuse of homosexuals. I have not harassed any of them before, as I normally leave people alone that leave me alone. How many innocent little children have been too afraid to tell others about being attacked by these preverts? They go through years of hidden torment and fear. Some commit suicide. We don’t hear about this anymore because we are not politically correct to discuss queer and dyke abuse, just the same we are not allowed anymore to say islamic terrorist. Political correctness is the real enemy here.

          • Be informed

            @ eisenkrapper. I want to ask you something, are you retarded? Most of the attacks against children are from pedophile queers, homosexuals and bisexuals. You said it yourself that they can’t help themselves. Watch to Catch A Predator and see all these fags that try to arrange meetings with boys. Go back to your NAMBIA meetings. No one ever has fooled around with me. I become upset at the innocent victims being targeted by these deviants. The same as I can’t stand it the way they have taken away people’s rights to carry firearms, stun devices, pepper spray, and anything else to save someone.

            To say that gays are not pedophiles is so ridiculous it is laughable. Not all homos are pedophiles as practically nothing in life is absolute. Duh. With MOST of these queers, everything goes, including bestaility. You only support this because you are a part of this.

            • 1braveheart

              BI, I can answer your question, YES, EISENTURD IS RETARDED.

      • Boo

        The feelings are not chosen, but the actions are. The feelings are not sin, the actions are. If someone has unwanted same-sex attraction and does not act on it they are not condemned for it.

        • ReformedSumo

          Boo I gave you a thumbs down because I adamantly disagree with your assertion about sin. Our Lord explains in Matthew chapter 5 (Sermon on the Mount) that sin starts in the heart and mind (ie feelings and desires). You have sinned long before any actual act has taken place. Homosexuality is not the “Unpardonable” sin but it must be repented of just like any other sin. Just my two cents – Hate what God hates and love what God loves.

          As a side note: I have been a loyal reader of SHTFplan for well over a year now but never felt the need to respond because most of you are so much smarter than I am. As a little background I am a former Marine, former Special Forces (Reserves) a medically retired Police Officer (took a 5000 pound car and a 17 yr old to end my career). Moved from Northern Arizona to Northern Idaho where this has become one of my favorite sayings: “I wasn’t born here but I got here as soon as I could!”

          Semper Fi

    29. Buzzfix

      We’re F****d!! But I’m okay with it. Its not like I have a choice anymore than any of the rest of you. Lets get this crap over with and rebuild.

      • Northern Reb

        I agree, I don’t know about be f’ed but there is a world of hurt coming down.
        I’ve been waiting since the mid 70’s for it to hit the fan and it looks like something is starting to take shape. I hope and pray that if the shft it holds off until spring it has been a bear in Illinois. It is -5 degress right now and they said after midnight is will start warming up to about 20 degress so it can give us another 2 to 4 inches of snow with some 30 to 40 mph wind friday night.
        I think the rebuild will take time and I probably want see it but, I think we will return to the Republic that our Founding Father want us to be, I sure pray that it does for my grandkids sake.
        S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

    30. iceman

      No time to prep, we got the grammys this Sunday, the Superbowl next Sunday, then the Olympics,got no time to worry about a collapse or stocking up on food and other items, got no room with all my material needs I got around here… now back to the E channel, got to catch up on what’s happening to beiber!

      • JayJay

        What’s a beiber and what happened??

        • Any Mouse

          A beiber is similar to Vanilla Ice from the 1980’s only much stupider and effeminate.

          • Kulafarmer

            A beiber is like a miley cyrus with different genitalia

            • Mama Bear

              A beiber is half a pale milli vanilli.

        • The Old Coach

          A beiber is a larval Eisenkreutz.

          • NIGHT BREAKER

            EWWWW !
            Maggots rhymes with F****ts

            Semper Fi 8541

        • Canada Canuk

          @JayJay…Justin Beiber,(Canadian Pop star) sad that he has taken this path with all his talant and $$….his latest shananigans are all over the news just now….He is giving the rest of the Canadians a bit of a bad name, between him and our Mayor of Toronto, not sure who is getting the most (bad) publicity. ): take care, CC.

        • Smokey

          He’s a 19-year old pop star who got drunk on whiskey and pills, then got into his Lamborghini.

          You know the rest. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

          He’s Canadian, so maybe he’ll get deported as an undesirable, but fat chance of that.

    31. KY Mom


      Good advice! Keep prepping, but remember the many blessings we have. Hug your loved ones and spend time with them.

      I read the financial news everyday too. As the article above notes, things are unraveling.
      Like a snowball going down a hill, it seems to be growing and gaining momentum.

      Keep praying and prepping!

      • KY Mom

        Sorry about the double post. The first one disappeared.

    32. charles

      Amazon had record holiday sales in 2013. Guess you missed that Michael.

      • LH

        Question: How much lower were brick and mortar sales.Your comment is important, but also not complete in terms of what really happened

        • PuppyPrepper

          And Amazon had record sales but at the expense of their profit margin (and everyone else’s).

    33. Eisenkreuz


      • 1braveheart


        • 1braveheart

          Eisenturd, if you think you can take something away from someone, go try it and let’s see what happens to your stupid ass.

      • Kulafarmer

        Eat a snickers,,,,,

      • Norse Prepper


        • Mama Bear

          [snorts soda through nose]

      • Be informed


    34. Be informed

      2009 Nope.
      2010 Nope.
      2011 Nope.
      2012 Nope.
      2013 Nope.

      2014, ???????????

      Ever hear those car alarms go off? Everyone has. How many people out there actually take a car alarm going off in a mall parking lot seriously as someone trying to break into a car? This is what is happening with these economic collapse articles that state now is the time for sure.

      I could take similar articles like this and simply change the date that FOR SURE this is the year. There would be little difference. Until there is more definite proof that can have something to back it up, this is a tomorrow article.

      This is milking something, until the cow goes dry, that due to the fact we don’t know what the real numbers are, is something that we cannot predict. Storm clouds have been building for years now, yet not one squall. “Yet this is the year”. This is very trying on the nerves to those that prepare to keep hearing this over and over again.

      It is imperative that everyone prepares for what the future is bringing. You can look at the everyday decay of human society as even a better indication of why it is so important to prepare. The huge problem with ANY economic article is the sudden urgency of it is going to happen immediately. Same story, different year. Crying wolf is extremely counterproductive to warning people for their own good.

      A good economic collapse article would stress absolutely no date, not even the words soon unless the author is almost certain it will happen. Then if it doesn’t happen, not print up another article with the same very soon theme to it. When the same article comes out stating now is the time as months and years before, the person writing this loses all creditability to those paying attention. State the facts of what is going on, then say it is getting more dire economically. Even say they are not sure of a date of collapse. At least be fair to the reader and pay the piper when it doesn’t occur.

      • Be informed

        Sorry about the crossed out lines, meant it only for the years 2009-2013. Don’t know why it continued to cross out the rest of the full comment.

        Anyway, I want to hold any article for truth and prepare accordingly for any SHTF. But when again and again, and again these economic collapse articles come up and nothing happens, it is just like those annoying car alarms that go off blearing out disrupting everyone’s nerves. Whom takes these things seriously because again and again these things go off set on a hyper senstive mode. When a REAL car thief breaks into a car, the alarm goes off and no one sees it because of all these false alarms. This is the problem of milking this economic implosion issue over and over again and nothing fails to manifest itself again and again. This is the way false alarms work, until no pays attention when IT REALLY HAPPENS.

        • Nopittypartyhere

          BI. I think we’ve seen many ominous signs over the last few years, we just don’t have any idea the worldwide shenanigans taking place to put fingers in the dike so the fat cat bankers don’t drown….they a playing fast and loose. Sooner or later it WILL catch up to them. When I see articles like this, it sends me searching for more info into the games they are playing. I just don’t know how much longer it can go on, but then I’m not a schiester (?sp).

        • sixpack

          Usually, you put “bold” html tag before and after what you want bold, and the rest stays regular. I noticed it doesn’t always work that way here.

          • sixpack

            —let’s see if this works—

            Here’s what just worked to isolate the one word ‘bold’. (Take the periods out.)I had to put periods in it or it wouldn’t have shown up as text.

            Putting a forward slash in the second tag nulled the bold command for the text following it.


            • sixpack

              nope, it still didn’t show the tags.

              • The Old Coach

                I works for me. I hope.

          • JayJay


    35. LH

      Who do the Chinese sell their bonds to? And if so, how do they sell without collapsing the bond market. http://www.thepoog.com (a conservative Canadian site) has a lot of good stuff on this.

    36. Pissed off white guy idea

      Hey… I’m just trying to get out alive and not have my divorce turn into a private SHTF event that dogs me for years.

      As for the country, the dollar, the bees, China, the dems who are really commies..bla bla bla.

      It sure is fun to watch all that shit go down.

      No worries if you prepped up a bit and are resourceful.

      Frankly… All of America could stand to lose a few pounds and we deserve to have this shit country collapse. It’s gone commie.

      When I’m old I’ll look back and laugh at it all.

      I just want to be around to hear the news that Diane Feinstein..and the rest of the commie Jews died off.

      I do plan on making a personal trip to her grave and piss all over it. Really.

      We need to pass a law…any any gun legislation and you are a traitor to the United States of America.

      I we weren’t all armed…. China and Russia would have invaded years ago.

      I often wondered what the collective fire power of the NRA members would be and the ammo stock pile.

      Yeah…turn in your guns….Nope

      Doen’t anyone find it Ironic that it’s the Jews that are trying to disarm us…
      It’s like they don’t know their own history…they all got disarmed and marched right into the gas chamber.

      Stop worrying…. you prepped didn’t you..?

      • LH

        I just worry about the mentally retarded, handicapped, etc. The truly INNOCENT people who will be affected. If anything bad happens, I plan on trying to help those people to the ability I have. I am NOT talking about the slackers,sleazeballs and various leftists who need to get off their duffs

      • slingshot


        I function very well in chaos. Been a Long Time but what a RUSH.

    37. grandee

      It’s too cold to play out side this week, so I went to store and bought 20 lbs of leg quarters. Removed the legs, deboned the thighs and saved them to the freezer. They made seven meals.
      Took the thigh bones and made chicken stock. Canned 21pts
      of stock. Made the waste meat from the stock into chicken salad and snacked while the canner was working.
      Also bought a big bag of potatoes on sale and will can those tomorrow. Want to do some kind of food prepping each week, depending on store sales. Mostly meat soups and such till it’s time to go back out to the garden.
      Can’t wait for garden time ! ! !

      • PO'd Patriot

        grandee, good on you. Now’s just the time for that!.

    38. Okie rebel

      There are good folks here in oklahoma that I have talked to about the coming crisis. They admit it will happen sooner rather than later. The most frustrating thing that bothers me is, they still have not bought anything, saved anything, canned anything to get ready. Makes me want to shoot them in the @$$ with a BB gun and tell them to get it in gear and get it done.

      • DumbDude

        Funny, I never even bother to admit I think there’s anything to prep for much less that I would have anything anyone else would want. Okie maybe you should consider your opsec.

    39. swinging richard

      It does seem to be closing in. I do not know how long it will take for the chain reaction to reach the USA, or how bad it will be. Good luck to all. Prep and pray.

    40. Eisenkreuz

      Dont forget to get headlight and taillight covers for your car. People will shoot at those lights at night. If you use the high beams under headlight covers it provides just enough glow to see in front of you. Be ready to fit some steel plates inside the vehicle, including around the engine. You better have some fuel stored.

      • 1braveheart


      • VaFarmBoy

        Pull the fuses or use duct tape to make slits in headlights for less night visibility.

    41. maudy fricket

      China, like everybody else, has huge problems. A lot of internal unrest in China. 10,000’s of riots and protests every year. China has military ties to Pakistan and Bangladesh, which is on the east side of India. China has naval bases all along the Straits of Malloca. China has a substantial intelligence presence in the US. Possibly even para-militaries. They also have strong ties to Chinese organized crime in the US. Not to mention China owns quite a few American polticians.

    42. Sgt. Dale

      WE know that the top 20 just happened, So what to do.
      I for one am going to go to the Gun Show on Sat. and get some more reloading stuff. Come Wed. I’m going to make a grocery run and Med. run. On Mon. I’m going to order some water purification stuff. I’m going to keep prepping until I can’t prep no more.

      We have seen a lot of the above before, and we are still here. It doesn’t mean that it could all fall apart this time, but I’m not going to hold my breath.

      We been talking about a Economy collapse for a while, Things look like they are getting ready to go KER-PLOP.
      I can’t imagine how the Zombies and Leaches are going to respond to this. (NOT) Just kidding. I’m to a point now that I don’t care! Just as long as they don’t bring it to my neighborhood.


      • The Old Coach

        The breakdown situation bears some resemblance to earthquake physics. Stress in a fault builds and builds until something (we don’t know what) trips it. So far nobody (including BI) has any reliable way to predict just when.

        Which is why we prep today, not next month.

    43. The Lone Ranger

      1. First and foremost, get right with God.

      2. Pray.

      3. Pray some more.

      4. Store water and as reasonably as much Nonperishable (Nongmo) Food as you can.

      5. Don’t keep it all in one place. Have multiple places to store/stash/cache it.

      6. Refrain from spending valuable energy on nonsense– online or offline.

      7. Do what you are able to, ask God to help see to it the rest gets done.

      8. Collaborate, cooperate, share.

      9. Substitute Trust in your God for the fear or any fear you might feel from time to time.

      10. Stay centered. Just focus on what you are able to do. Talk of meltdowns, threats of war, human life being attacked both passively and actively– all these things and more can throw you off your center. Therefore make a list every morning and every evening of what needs to get done. Emphasis on the word “needs”.

      If something is going to happen, it is going to happen.

      That’s not as important as How you choose to Respond to it.

      Prep out of wisdom, out of strength, not out of fear. Don’t give your spiritual center over to the fear mongerers, those who beat the war drums, etc. Yes, protest injustice, but be prudent, strategic, and wise when doing so.

      You are alive right at this very moment because the Supreme Intelligence of the Universe– God– has granted/allowed/authorized that. What are you doing with that gift of life? Are you trusting, or fearful? Are you a lover, or a hater? Are you a creator, or a consumer? Are you a basher, or a nurturer?

      Be ready to face your God at any moment.

      Satan really hates when you pray for your online or offline enemy/enemies. Because it has great potential to convert/transform them, that is, make them other than an enemy.

      Remember the dark side– greed, envy, fear, anger, hatred, etc.– and stay away from it, lest it consume you and begin to own you.

      Stay in the light. Stay in the truth.

      At a certain point, each of us is going to stand before the Great Light, that is, before Almighty God. Be ready to give an accounting of yourself. Each of us is a sinner, and in need of grace. Each of us has the potential to become a ruthless dictator or a Saint. Choose wisely.

      God bless you all!

      – The Lone Ranger

      “Pray, hope, and don’t worry.” – St. Padre Pio

      “The root of all war is fear.” – Thomas Merton

      “We make ourselves real by telling the truth.” – Thomas Merton

      “Well-behaved women seldom make history.” – Louise Thatcher Ulrich

      • laeagle

        LR, I really agree with all you wrote. Thanks for the sound doctrine and encouraging words. Laeagle.

        • The Lone Ranger

          You’re most welcome, laeagle!

          – The Lone Ranger

          “There is not enough darkness to put out the light of one small candle.”
          – Motto of the Chrisophers

      • JayJay

        Shoot–I was trying to figure what nong mo was!!

        It’s late, go to bed, JayJay.

      • grandee

        Been studing the life of Joseph in Genesis. Once he knew through Pharoah’s dream he had only 7 yrs in which to prepare, he didn’t waste any time gettin started. And then those 7 yrs of preps, which seemed to be more than enough, ended up being only JUST enough. I wonder if folk like Mike S, Mac S, Tess P, BI, KY mom etc aren’t our “Joseph”. Use time wisely. We have been given plenty of warning. Now–off to can potatoes!

    44. shotgunfetus

      A pellet gun may come handy its quiet and can kill small critters for dinner

      • John W.

        22 cal. revolver and a roll of toilet paper. Figure it out.

      • The Old Coach

        I just stock the old Aguila “Colibri” ammo for my .22s. No need to have an extra gun around.

        Quieter in an 18″ barrel than most airguns, and I’ve actually killed a skunk with one shot to the lights.

        Airguns need a lot more maintenance than a single shot .22 rifle. “Too many moving parts”, as my flying buddy once said about helicopters.

    45. JayJay

      I do believe we all have enough on our plates, but the message here devastated me…it really knocked me for a loop.
      I know what chemtrails have been doing to the planet…but this news??

      just use http, blah blah..you know the drill/
      I am totally depressed now more than ever.
      Maranatha…Come quickly, Lord.

    46. slingshot

      The twenty warning signs you are going to die.

      1 you have no food.
      2 you have no water.
      3 you have no shelter.
      4 you have no camping tools.
      5 you can not build a fire.
      6 you can not live in the heat.
      7 you can not live in the cold.
      8 you can not live in the rain.
      9 you have no hunting skills
      10 you can not escape and evade your enemy.
      11 you are insufficient at First Aid.
      12 you can not traverse terrain.
      13 you can not operate in the dark.
      14 you are inexperience with firearms.
      15 you have no plan for any circumstance.
      16 you have never done a pre-run of your plan
      17 you will not adapt to fit your needs.
      18 you are unable to multi task.
      19 you are unwilling to things not normally done.
      20 Unable to accept what is happening around you.

      • Northern Reb

        You are talking about 80 to 90% of this country. I hope they stay in the big cities and fight it out among themselves.
        Then what is left start moving out looking for food and shielter they will be worn out to put up much of a fight.

        The last thing I want to do is have to drop the hammer. I don’t want to have to do it on some zombie mope that did not prepare and then tries to steal what I have for my Sons and there families, or tries to harm them. My grandkids will not go with out as long as I can breath.

        With that said I still hope we ( I mean all of us) never have to go that route and we never have to use our preps to survive SHTF.

        S.T.S.F.P. N.R.N.S. N. REB

        • slingshot

          Northern Reb.

          Our society is a throw away society. We even throw our kids away to the authorities for we fail to do our responsibilities for our actions. I have picked up all kinds of stuff along the roadside and fixed it. Three cookers that only needed new regulators. Metal bed frames that I cut into angle iron. Sheets of 1/2 plywood.
          I go to flea markets and buy Coleman, white gas double burner cooking stoves for $5.00. The pump does not work because they did not OIL them. Hundred Dollar Stoves for $5.00 each.

          Tells you plenty as to which we will be up against.

          • Northern Reb

            You are correct about the throw away society. I try to do the same thing. When I see things on the rode side I”ll pick it up and use it or sell it. Yard sales and flea markets are great also for goodies at a low price.
            Will I use everything I pick up I don’t know but maybe someone else will need it when the SHTF happens and it might save a life or two.
            This is a cheap prep amd can be fun at the same time.
            S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

      • Any Mouse

        17 and 18 arent quite right. You don’t adapt to your needs, you adapt to the situation you are in. Multitasking can get you killed. One thing at a time, in their due time. Focusing on the task at hand is paramount in a survival situation

        • Any Mouse

          Fingers not quite keeping up with the brain. You adapt to the situation you’re in to meet your needs.

      • the dude

        spot on!!

    47. laeagle

      BI & All,

      Remember the story of the ten virgins. The key is to be prepared and anticipate the end game at all times, for surely the Lord is coming and he will not tarry. Will you be ready when you get the call? Drill, drill, drill! Train, train, train! Prep, prep, prep. Personally, I don’t think any of us will be able to truly prepare f or the scope of things to come but you will have an advantage over those who failed to prepare or even think about these things. Many have eyes but cannot see; many have ears but cannot hear! The one who is training now will be the one who will know how to respond when the events unfold. Do not, I repeat, do not grow weary in doing good, doing that which is the right thing to do. Let us continue to encourage one another as long as God allows us to stay connected in this way. We are a community and the more we can do to strengthen these ties the better off we will be.

    48. Patriot One

      Liquidity in the credit markets is drying up. Have any of you gotten letters from BofA, Chase, Citi or Wells Fargo this month reducing your available credit limit on your credit cards? I have and balances have never been lower. On one card my limit was reduce 90% to $1,100.

      So if you think the economy is bad now, what do you think the affects of tight credit markets, reduced incomes for the average Joe and about $5000 a year increased obamacare cost will have on the economy???

      If the Chinese credit bubble even get a leak it could ripple around the globe at the speed of email. We will know in 7 days. But hey, don’t worry the Bieber will occupy most of America for the next week and the rest are getting ready for the Super Bowl. It might be a good time to take most of your liquid cash out of the bank and bury it in the yard!

      • slingshot


        Chinese Wealth Managed Funds. ;0)

      • JayJay

        ***Have any of you gotten letters from BofA, Chase, Citi or Wells Fargo this month reducing your available credit limit on your credit cards?***
        Well, if that doesn’t tell us ‘they’ know, nothing else will. 🙂

        • The Old Coach

          Nope, and I have a Citi Mastercard.

      • Gonetoolong

        We have been paying ours away. Now they are hounding me more than ever to load’em back up. Not gonna do it. Wouldn’t be prudent. Nothing unusual from the banks in that sense.

    49. Anonymous

      Harden your bugin/bugout site(s),its getting rocky. Things could break by the end of the month.load up before all hell breaks loose. Have you noticed that the news isn’t covering these events? government doesn’t want you to panic.

    50. rockymtnprep

      I am new here and wondering where to.start. I am a widow who is looking to connect with others on how to prep, can, and other essential tasks. I have some food storage and.72 hr. Kits. Are there any women’s groups? Thanks

      • John W.

        Mostly a bunch of moonbats here. Eisencrust is full of good ideas.

      • anonymous

        Buy a portable water filter from a sporting goods store, buy some plastic garbage cans with lids and fill them with water in the garage or back yard in the shade, buy some food, can goods and a gallon of clorox to help keep your water from growing alge. Filter all the water you drink. dont over clorinate the water 1 part per million is fine (strong). A firearm would be good to have. Warm clothing and firewood. I assume you are in the CO area, so keep warm, hydrated and fed.

      • The Old Coach

        Go on this site


        Buy and READ the manual.

        Whatever you may think about the LDS church, they’ve been at this prepping thing for many years longer than any of us.

        • KY Mom

          The Old Coach,

          Agreed! This is an excellent book!

          I downloaded the book first and started reading it. Not long after, I also purchased the book.

          For anyone just starting prepping, this will provide you with lots of useful information and get you started on the right track.

      • Eisenkreuz

        Seven dimensions of preparedness:
        1. Canned or dehydrated food, camp stove, fuel, stored water, water filter, chlorine.
        2. Pistol, rifle, shotgun, Type 3A Kevlar body armor, helmet, 1000 bullets for every gun, folding knife, lead sap gloves, stun gun.
        3. Medical supplies.
        4. Gasoline stores and fuel stabilizer, propane, kerosene.
        5. Portable toilet, biodegration enzyme, sanitary products, paper plates cups utensils.
        6. Shortwave radio, satellite phone, ham license.
        7. Solar/hand crank/battery powered flashlights and lamps.

      • rockymtnprep

        Thank you annon. I have done all of those things so maybe gardening and canning this summer? I will start reading up on preserving and growing food. Its all so new and scary.
        How do you know who to trust?

        • Dave in ID

          You are on the right track, now just continue to add to it. Make sure your preps are safe from water(flooding) thieves, Hide it in closets, attic, under the bed etc as most thieves are looking for guns, gold, tv sets, and things they can sell for crank(drugs) quickly. Get motion detector lights, and if you can afford it, a alarm system. A Pound puppy would really be good with a fenced yard for day time and in house at night, as thieves hate noisey dogs. Who to trust? you got me there.

        • KY Mom


          The website below has a number of articles by Peggy Layton.

          There are several pages of links to her articles. Her earliest article is dated in 2009. Start with the oldest article and then read newer ones. I have found them very informative.

          Have a great day! :)


      • slingshot


        What questions do you have?

      • DumbDude

        Check out Lisa Bedford’s takes on http://www.thesurvivalmom.com she spends no time on conspiracy theories, and a lot more on food preps. Her older articles are better than her newer ones (where she just has lots of free giveaways). Check her archives and her lists of lists. M.D. Creekmore’s 10 things to do now: http://www.thesurvivalistblog.net/survival-food-storage-walmart/

        Then readthrough and click on the links at the bottom of that page.

        That’s my best advice.

        Good Luck.

      • grandee

        Rockmtnprep, you are in the right place for gleaning good info. I have been lurking/gleaning for some time now. Mostly good people with a good sense of humor and good prepping skills and information for people like me who have only been at prepping a little over two years.
        Hope you will visit often.

      • PKLauLau


        Hi. Lots of women here, but nothing specific. I’m late to the party too, but catching up. Read the comments, best education and specific information you’ll find.


      • Babycatcher55

        Read the sidebars on this website, also Tess Penningtons 52 weeks to preparedness, Ready Nutrition, SHTFblog, thesurvivalistblog , and survivalblog…. Those are the best sites I know of. I like this one( except for the trolls but I ignore them) the best cuz it has more info on what to look for coming down the pike, with posts by KYmom, Be Informed, Braveheart, justOneGuy, and others. Read all you can! Put it into practice, and you will be there before you know it!

    51. Doofus

      Are we saying next week is a better time for stocks?

      • John W.

        That train has left the station. Wait for the next one.

    52. AgDr

      KY Mom
      Another shtfplan reader suggested that I ask you my question because of our great respect for your ability to find information. I have searched for information on Companion Planting; there doesn’t appear to be much out there. There was great information posted a couple of articles ago, but I need a comprehensive guide to be able to harvest a large crop of a balanced diet, for a large family. I have gardening experience and even a retired farmer in my home, but I need a lot more OPSEC from a variety of vermin on a sustainable multi-faceted farm. Also, I need information on Propagation. My “farmer” and I have done some, but we need a lot more knowledge. I’d be grateful for any help you can give us. Thanks:)

        • KY Mom

          Marigolds are a popular companion plant in the garden.

          Marigolds naturally produce a scent which mosquitoes and other insects don’t like, so there are ideal to plant around your house, porch and garden. Marigolds are a garden friend.

          They help protect beans, carrots, cucumbers, lettuce, melons, onions, peppers, potatoes, pumpkin, radishes, roses and other plants. So, plant some marigolds in and around your garden too.

          Marigolds also have medical uses.
          Off the Grid News has a number of articles about medicinal uses of plants.
          (Direct link below)

          • KY Mom

            Direct link…

            Type in “medicinal uses” in the search bar at http://www.offthegridnews.com

            A number of common plants and their uses will come up.

      • Eagle Eye

        Search for the Green Wizards.org forum and get involved. lots of good info on preparing for a world more like our great grandparents lived in.

      • Heirloominati

        Carrots Love Tomatoes, by Louise Riotte is a good primer.

      • KY Mom


        My favorite gardening book is The Vegetable Gardener’s Bible by Edward C. Smith. It has lots of useful information.

        It focuses on:
        Wide Rows
        Organic Methods
        Raised Beds
        Deep Soil

        There is also a free e-book you can download that has several pages (p24-26) of useful information about companion planting.

        Survival Gardening With Heirlooms

        Hope this helps!
        KY Mom

        • Kulafarmer

          Sorry KY Mom, didnt see your post when i did mine,,,,

          • KY Mom


            I am glad you added a post about this book too. When more people are recommending a book, that is a good indication that it is worth buying. I have found this book very helpful.

            I wish he had more information on seed saving in the book. I want to purchase a good seed saving book. I have been looking at getting The Complete Guide to Saving Seeds by Robert Gough and Cheryl Moore-Gough. It covers seed saving for vegetables, herbs, fruits, flowers, trees and shrubs.

            Do you have this book? Recommendations?

      • Kulafarmer

        A real good book on the subject
        The Vegetable Gardeners Bible
        By Edward C. Smith
        Lots of real good info

      • Satori

        “JayJay says:
        Comment ID: 2919206
        January 23, 2014 at 9:25 pm

        I do believe we all have enough on our plates, but the message here devastated me…it really knocked me for a loop.
        I know what chemtrails have been doing to the planet…but this news??

        just use http, blah blah..you know the drill/
        I am totally depressed now more than ever.
        Maranatha…Come quickly, Lord.”

        you may want to read this
        have your ProZac ready

        Global Extinction within one Human Lifetime as a Result of a Spreading Atmospheric Arctic Methane Heat wave and Surface Firestorm


        • Leslie Anne

          Guess what? Everyone is going to die. As soon as a person is conceived, the death-clock starts ticking. Why worry about it?

    53. Logicrazy

      I still think whatever sets off the powder keg will blindside everyone. Been in China many timess, from one end to the other. They think differently than we do, also have been in Middle East and they think different than we do. Have been all over South America and Europe,they also think differently. People are the same, yet viees are not. So knowing this, and reading a lot -Well by the looks of whats going on, I would say the fight over resources is heating up, while the failure of finances unwinds. So anything could happen.

    54. Jen in michigan

      I have to take issue with the idea that this story is simply the same old recycled information or that SHTFplan is crying wolf. Some of you have been ready for a collapse for a long time and I can understand your frustration with repeated information. But, some of us are learning about what’s happening in the world. As more and more of us remove our heads from the sand, I ask that the experienced preppers would be patient. As many sheeple as possible need to learn about the state of the global economy.

      As we approach the cliff that’s ahead, now is the time to bring more people into the fold. If you are experienced in planning for a collapse, that’s wonderful, but please don’t wish for it to happen soon. Rather, please view the wait as a time for as many as possible to be enlightened, so that as many as possible will be safe when the collapse does ultimately come.

    55. Surveyor

      Theres a question I have and havent seen discussed here:
      State Borders in a SHTF/ML or near-martial law situation.
      Im sure some of us have plans to bug out or get to friends across state lines…should we be thinking about
      dual vehicle registration/id for the bug-out state? Or
      keeping a separate vehicle for this? I think there will
      be checkpoints…and plates & id could be key. Thanks

      • Smokey

        Don’t worry about that, if it needs to be, just take the plates off and put ’em inside the rig to show if you have to. Carry a couple of copies of any documents that show you have reason to go where you are going, like a property tax statement or an invite from a relative or friend.

        Might want to go ahead and get invites written up and signed now.

        The issue is not going to be ‘Not Our State’, it’s going to be who the people are. Refugees are one thing, predators are another.

    56. king krazy

      With everybody holing up who will be left to fight for God, Country and the Constitution ?

      • Kulafarmer

        My god i cant even start thinking about country, just dont have the constitution for it right now! I gotta squirrel away some more nuts!!!

      • DumbDude

        Who do you want me to fight? My nice neighbors who don’t believe in a personal god? My co-workers who vote democratic because they think the government will help the poor? The timid, kind, but confused grade school teachers that are asked to teach my kid that some of the other kids in class have two mommies?

        Is an unprovoked punch to the face good enough for you, or do I have to show up unexpectedly and gun them down?

        Those people HAVE this country, its mostly theirs now. I don’t think they will listen to a thing we have to say until they see the mess that their ideas and guidance lead to. And even then they probably won’t listen.

        I’ll raise my children right, and fight anybody who tries to do me, my wife, or them harm. But, I’m not going to be fighting anyone over ideals. I’ll hope the pendulum swings back sometime in the next 20 years, but I’m not going to take part in any bloody revolution, it will do more harm than good.

      • Be informed

        @ Gwen. These are absurd odds, as an event approaches the due time the odds of it occurring go up. As the event becomes more overdue, this probability approaches nearer and nearer to 100%. These skews numbers are meant to fool the public into not being too afraid. Most people have not taken college statistics to understand how chance works. The New Madrid going off is somewhere between 20-50% depending on the time between the previous breaks which is not well researched enough because unlike the San Andreas, the New Madrid is buried under much loose soil from the run off of the last ice age and from all the rivers depositing silt.

        • Gwyn

          @ Be Informed ~I have taken College Statistics.
          Thank you for the reply. I knew the percentages were skewed. I posted the above to glean your reply.
          Thank you. Keep on ‘telling it like it is,’ to the public, also letting the public know how earthquake magnitudes are lowered, to avoid upsetting the masses.

    57. Freeman

      The article states that “Most Americans don’t seem to really care too much about what is happening in the rest of the world…”

      Actually, from my vantage point, most Americans don’t seem to care what’s happening in America, never mind the rest of the world. Talk about normalcy bias, it’s off the damn charts!

      I suppose trumped up disability claims, food stamps, workers’ comp, Section 8 housing, credit card debt, cancelled utilities and sleeping in tent cities is the new norm.

      So long as they have their smart phones, ball games and Bieber, all is fine in the “land of the free and home of the brave.”

      It’s no wonder the global elite consider them to be “useless eaters.”

      • Kevin2


        “It’s no wonder the global elite consider them to be “useless eaters.””

        I can understand why the ruling elite not only control the masses for gain but also survival. If you look at the ignorance and lack of discipline of the body politic in nations throughout the world under some presumed form of democratic system you would come to the conclusion that they cannot possibly effectively govern themselves. Worshippers of the sphere are some of the most ignorant. They don’t know and worst yet don’t care to know.

    58. maudy fricket

      We’re freakin’ doomed! There’s no way out! We’re all gonna die! Run away! Run away!

    59. Frank Thoughts

      Having lived through many decline episodes in my life (yes, that stuff and me are that old), I call BS on the calamity scenarios. It won’t end like in the film The Road.

      The system is calibrated to survive and survive it will. But, it will do this at a price: and that price will be prosperity and living standards.

      Day by day, things get shabbier, people dress worse, you notice how everyone looks obese and ugly and stressed, infrastructure crumbles, you notice your favorite restaurant doesn’t clean the toilets as often as they used to, you go into a shop and there is dust over everything, the proprietor is now from some Third World hell hole you have never heard of: “Yes, yes, you can have for 5 per cent discount, no, get out of my store or I call cops!!”.

      In a word, decay. Look at Britain: that place went down the crapper for decades. The nature of the state is that it is self-preserving. It will requisition the resources to keep itself going anyway it can. If it can’t tax it out of people, then it will spread what it has more thinly (lower salaries and benefits). Right now we are very much in a fantasy period that covers up the reality of the crisis. This is caused by the ability, in the digital age, to create great noise and commotion without having anything real happening underneath. An illusion.

      The upper middle classes (professors, public sector managers, etc.) have been absolutely looting everything in site: still getting big pay rises, still making money off their inflated assets, etc. But this will not last: since there is no wealth to support this class of people, they will find their living standards pancake. We will then end up with the Pure Bifurcation: small, extremely wealthy elite, and everyone else, shabby and poor. That’s your future mo-fos.

    60. KySSG

      Good morning to all.

      Came home from work last night exhausted and went to bed early, but then found I couldn’t go to sleep right away. So, I searched my bookshelf and decided to converse with an old friend, George Orwell’s 1984. Read for over two hours, and came across a section that I think sums up the masses today perfectly. He is describing the “proles” in the following:

      “Heavy, physical work, the care of home and children, petty quarrels with neighbors, films, football, beer, and, above all, gambling filled up the horizons of their minds. To keep them in control was not difficult. A few agents of the Thought Police moved always among them, spreading false rumors and marking down and eliminating the few individuals who were judged capable of becoming dangerous; but no attempt was made to indoctrinate them with the ideology of the Party. It was not desirable that the proles should have strong political feelings. All that was required of them was a primitive patriotism which could be appealed to whenever it was necessary to make them accept longer working hours or shorter rations. And even then when they became discontented, as they sometimes did, their discontent led nowhere, because, being without general ideas, they could only focus it on petty specific grievances. The larger evils invariably escaped their notice.”

      Pretty much says it all right there. Sound like anyone you know?

      The United States Constitution (c)1791. All Rights Reserved.

      KySSG . . . out.

      • Frank Thoughts

        Orwell was a genius and one of the best writers in modern English.

        He nailed it and you don’t need to be in the UK for longer than 5 minutes to see every word he wrote there still holds true, maybe even more so.

        The general so-called ‘working class’ population (proles) (not many work that much and most are on some form of public assistance), could not hold a conversation about political economy for 20 seconds. Right on cue, as soon as things get a little difficult in the cash department, rather than trying to work harder, study or do something more fruitful, they instead disappear to one of the many gambling shops on the high street to have a ‘punt’, or turn to predatory lenders such as Wonga for a loan at 1,600%.

        They are done: mere mouths and anuses to be fed crap and kept alive as a reserve army of garbage that can be used for political ends when necessary. Turned on or off like a switch.

        • KySSG


          Our two previous posts hit at the same time, and covered the same topic, more or less.

          Jack London’s The Iron Heel was another good one, although 1984 is still my favorite.

          As we used to say in the army, “If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit.” And it seems that is exactly what is going on today.

          At work I see all these kids running around with smartphones and I have to laugh and shake my head. On the rare occasion when I have to use my antique flip phone, some of the kids chuckle. One of them said, “Man, get a new smartphone!” I replied, “This one is smart enough. I punch in a number and it connects me to the very person I want.”

          The United States Constitution (c)1791. All Rights Reserved.

          KySSG . . . out.

      • 1braveheart

        KYSSG, my company has a shitload of such people. You described them to a T.

    61. Be informed

      Above eisencrudes has linked something about how homosexuals are not pedophiles. Yet like many slanted opinions they fail to take into account all the real records of just how rampant homosexual pedophiles are in the society. Many victims fail to come forward about being attacked by these deviants because they are too embarrassed, confused about what happened, or just scared to death. You look at How To Catch a Predator and you see just how crazy it is that these fags want to contact boys for rape. This is from police records that show all the online chat of the huge number of queer pedophiles that try to make arrangements to get a young kid. The bisexuals are especially horrible for the little girls as well as the boys. South Park did a skit about this how the online chat lights up like a Christmas tree when a child posts that they want to met an older man. This is not just a cartoon, it is real, again from real police reports.

      There are monogamous homos, but you will find that orgies are something through history are queer generated. Orgies are the worse slap into God’s face on decency and totally animalistic. Talking about animals. Practically every single sicko that rapes an innocent animal, is into bestaility, is a homo. This is a terrible plague over in Germany and other countries that have with their stupid wisdom allowed bestaility. These countries that are suppose to be for protecting the rights of an animal not to be tortured to death, allow these animals to be raped by these sociopaths. When you see the fear in these animals’ eyes it is beyond sickening. These are people’s pets, dogs and cats, that have been stolen many times by these sickos.

      Eisencraps continues to support this. Not the rights of an individual to be whom they want to be, but support the rights of those that are pedophile and/or sheep banging total weidros more rights to commit these acts of perversion and pure evil upon so many that go unreported each year in ALL countries. It is all about what is right and wrong, and “strangelings” like eisenrot are helping to spread this total anti-God devil behavior to everywhere like a plague by making it seem that homos are the victims, and not all the innocent children and animals that are losing their protection by libtards that are making laws to prohibit a parent from protecting their children based on the premise of discrimination. That shows the total decay of morality, decency, fairness and goodness, and all common sense in society.

      • Kulafarmer

        Just my opinion,,,
        I am no more equipped to dictate or judge another for their beliefs or sexual orientation than anyone is to judge me,,,
        generalizations are a slippery slope,
        I dont believe that God, is the destroyer of all that some man deemed wrong based on their religious beliefs,,
        that said, while I am not gay, I do know many men and women who are, NONE of them are pedofiles, many of them are engaged in meaningful long term relationships, and I dont believe they have been engaged in any more orgies than any hetero person I know,,, (there were a lot of foggy years in there a while back)
        We are all entitled to our opinions, we are also all living in this free country (supposedly free) along with that comes tolerance, if we have the right to deny a gay person something then at some other time we will be denying someone else a basic right,
        I dont ask for others religion,, keep it to yourself I got my own beliefs, you think your belief is right and mine is wrong??? according to whom?? and dont answer God, because the bible was written by MAN,,, it didnt float out of the heavens and alight upon an alter of gold with the words “law of the land” on a sign above it,,, thats right, man wrote it,
        religion, is just another method of one MAN or WOMAN trying to control another MAN or WOMAN,
        so Ill keep my beliefs, you keep yours, Bobby down the road can have his, and Susie can have hers, I am more worried about someone trying to change laws based on religion, than someone trying to make sure everyone has the same rights, I equate it to the arguments over slavery and womens voting,
        anywho,, not an attack on you BI,,, but it seemed a good place to insert that we need to be careful what we think is wrong because its our personal belief, and what is wrong because it is not protected by the constitution,,
        the constitution does not designate one particular race or sex as having more rights than another, just as you or I have no right to do that…

        • Be informed

          @ Kulafarmer. My real issue is absolutely not with any one group, it is the protection on the innocent from the rampant evil that is being allowed to flourish from the government spreading fertilizer all over it. I was only trying to link something from Fox News on the governmental abuses of power against Christians and others that should have the free choice to deal with someone or not. Then Eisen…. attacks this like a rabid animal says that I need to go lick a porcupine’s ass, that I have no teeth, red neck and uneducated and how much it says that I should die. I was not directing this towards this nut at all, only trying to point out the Constitutional destruction of our rights.

          Of course eisenrot then goes on a rampage saying that other people that don’t agree with him should die on other issues. I cannot stand how they empower criminals over victims’ rights to defend themselves. I see pedophiles getting more free range to hurt and molest children from what is going on. Eisenrots would have you believe that ALL homos are innocent victims, yet this is hardly the case when it comes to real police records of what is actually going on.

          I am completely pro 2nd Amendment and this includes making those that can’t defend themselves as safe as possible to not become victims from these monsters. You will find some homosexuals that actually are pro protect the children against the sickos in their community. I am not radical, only practical and support the rights of self defense EVERYONE based on any person has the right to defend themselves against predators. Jonh Walsh lost his little son because of one of these sick and evil predator pedophile demon and has launched a crusade against others ever becoming victims again. Now the wonderful government is making it much easier for chidlren to be victims based on the warped idea that the chance of discriminationis valued over the safety of kids. That is my problem with all of this.

          Eisencraps didn’t have to wish that everyone die that is over 35 as stated again and again over the months, this time much worse than ever. Even NC Joker only wished death on all of us a few times. Like Moutain Trekker states above, this psycho was glad about the Boston bombings and all those that got maimed, and all those that are dying over in wars, as eisen continues to spit on veterns. I don’t call names to people on this site unless they attack others, and act and deserve a name that better reflects their actions. Eisennuts fits someone that wished death upon all or most of us quite well. This lunatic has definite dangerous traits to anyone around him.

          • Kulafarmer

            Totally agree with you BI,,
            Thus my next in line post about civility,,,
            There are limits to everything and some people just don’t get that,
            Extremism takes all sorts of forms, i have been labeled as extreme because of my 2A and constitutional views, but the one doing the labeling is trying to take our rights away, so go figure,,,
            Same thing with the issue your talking about, and it can be tied to almost anything, ie, knockout game, islamists, nazis, progressives, libertarians,,, ad nauseum .
            Wasnt a personal reference to you BI

      • Aunt Kathy

        You may be entiled to your opinion but those evil words are absolutely shameful as well as not true.
        My grandson who is 31 y/o is gay. My husband and I raised him since he was 9 months old after he survived the horrific car crash that killed my daughter and son-in-law. We saw him grow up and develope and he was neither feminine nor any of the low-class, scathing adjectives that you used to describe gay people. He discovered himself and I love him unconditionally. Although my husband and I initially didn’t understand his feelings, we did our own research that opened our eyes to something that was never discussed in our youth by our generation.

        Although I will never get over the tragic death of my daughter, I always knew that my grandson was spared because the universe had a special purpose for him. He is now a hospice nurse and has the wonderful gifts of compassion and empthy. He is also engaged to marry the special man in his life who is a successful electrician.
        Before passing evil judgement on others who are different, you need to walk in other people’s shoes and see the world though their eyes. Things that misinformed “Bumper Sticker Christians” know nothing about, other than unity through hatred under the guise of phony religious belifs. I am a devout Pagan, but I respect all faiths. It’s ok to have disagreements with our neighbors but we can certainly be mature and respectful.

    62. Kulafarmer

      just an observation,,,
      I have noticed that lots of people are not even remotely capable of having intelligent conversations about stuff,,
      one or the other will attack someone and make a bunch of slurs of one sort or another, then pretty soon they are just exchanging insults, I have also noticed that the so called progressives ave some of the worst, the next group are the ones who spew the anti simetic stuff or other racist crap,,, I know we all at times just cant help ourselves getting drawn in to or being the dispenser of a spitting match, I am just as guilty, but really??? if you start calling someone names etc, you lose all credibility! Im not talking being snarky or sarcastic but outright rude or demeaning or malitious in what you say,,, if you think you can say anything you want because its the internet,,, well then there is a special place for folks lke you,, at the bottom of a heap somewhere im sure,,,
      if you want a civilized society, you need to act civilized!
      If you want people to think you know your shit and at least read what you are trying to say perhaps you shouldnt be calling others rude names…

      • Dave in ID

        @ Kula. wish you were my neighbor. Dave, Bonners Ferry Idaho. where we grow hay, potatoes and firewood.

        • Kulafarmer

          If you know anyone who needs a good hand im looking to relocate, dont need much, just a roof, a small paycheck, and a chance to prove!

    63. Tractor

      What goes UP must come DOWN
      And we are gonna HIT the BRICK WALL VERY, VERY HARD
      It’s all coming together just like they planned, dreamed and hoped it would.
      It’s a beautiful thing to totally (TOTALLY) destroy such a proud and prosperous nation (I can just hear the elite sitting around at their meetings bragging How They Totally DESTROYED America, “Yea these are GREAT DAYS BRO”

    64. Dave in ID

      Stocks, Dow and the rest of the world are making a slight downward adjustment today of 1-2.5 percent. I wont be surprised if at the end of trading today, the feds do something sneaky to bring it back up to a more reasonable loss. Its sooo manipulated. Or maybe it will just keep going lower? I think I will go to the Mennonite bakery and stock up on maple bars before the crash this weekend.

    65. Dave in ID

      Sarc on the crash, but not the Maple bars.

    66. Lady K


      Have you thought of signing up with National Geographic for a tv show? Feel like this forum is just not big enough for all your ideas and opinions!

      @BI Good suggestions! Love to see those articles!

      @ Everyone. God loves every one, even Eisenkreuz. God judges every one, even Eisenkreuz. And I am contend with that.

    67. maudy fricket

      Wal-Mart to lay off 2300 Sams Club employees. 2% of workforce.

    68. AgDr

      Jay Jay, Eagle Eye, Heirloominati, KY Mom, Kulafarmer
      Thank you very much for the information. Copied all you said to a doc. and will begin to study:)

      • KY Mom


        You are most welcome! If you have prepping questions, just ask. Someone here will have the information you seek.

        You might want to check back to the gardening questions later tomorrow. Sometimes, excellent information will be in moderation and delayed in posting.

        Take care!
        KY Mom

    69. OhioRiver

      The Venezuelan government devalued their currency during the night. No one can believe this, but this could easily happen in America if inflation become rampant.

      One morning we wake up and realize that we’ve lost 40% of our life savings (except for the banks).

    70. Pissed off white guy idea

      Wanted prepper hooker who will trade mres for services. ha

      Isn’t that how the oldest profession got started? ha

      So the dudes that survived and got to shoot the baby batter and pro create has prepper over tones of a good hunter and pantry.

      Think about it.

    71. Renagade

      No man knows the day or the hour but the month and year is Jan.2015

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