1984 Turns 70 Years Old In A World That Looks A Lot Like The Book

by | May 13, 2019 | Headline News | 25 comments

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    This article was originally published by  John Vibes at Activist Post. 

    This month, George Orwell’s legendary novel Nineteen Eighty-Four turns 70 years old, and the warnings contained within the story are now more relevant than ever. Orwell’s predictions were so spot on that it almost seems like it was used as some type of accidental instruction manual for would-be tyrants.

    In the world of Nineteen Eighty-Four, there is an all-encompassing surveillance state that keeps a watchful eye on everyone, in search of possible rebels and points of resistance. Censorship is the norm in this world and is so extreme that individuals can become “unpersons” who are essentially deleted from society because their ideas were considered dangerous by the establishment. This is an idea that is very familiar to activists and independent journalists who are being removed from the public conversation for speaking out about government and corporate corruption on social media.

    Orwell is famous for coining the term “double-speak,” which is a way to describe the euphemistic language that government uses to whitewash their most dirty deeds. For example, in Orwell’s story, the ministry of propaganda was called the Ministry of Truth, just as today the government agency that was once known as “The Department of War,” is now called the “Department of Defense.”

    There was also never-ending war in Orwell’s story, the conditions of which would change on a regular basis, keeping the general population confused about conflicts so they give up on trying to understand what is actually going on. Some of these predictions were merely a recognition of patterns in human history since the idea of “unpersons” and war propaganda is nothing new. However, Orwell had an incredible understanding of how technology was going to progress over the 20th century, and he was able to envision how technology would be used by those in power to control the masses.

    The technological predictions made in the book were truly uncanny, as they give a fairly accurate description of our modern world. Orwell described “telescreens,” which acted as both an entertainment device and a two-way communication device. This type of technology was predicted by many futurists at the time, but Orwell’s prediction was unique because he suggested that these devices would be used by the government to spy on people, through microphones and cameras built into the devices.

    Unfortunately, just like in Orwell’s book, people in the modern world are so distracted by entertainment and the divided by politics that they have no idea they are living in a tyrannical police state. This police state was also a strong deterrent in the world of Nineteen Eighty-Four, because although many of the citizens in the book had a positive opinion of “big brother,” it was still something that they feared, and it was a force that kept them in control. Of course, this is not much different from the attitude that the average American or European has when confronted with police brutality and government corruption.

    Many of the ideas about power and authority that were expressed in Orwell’s classic are timeless and as old as recorded history; but his analysis of how technology would amplify the destructive nature of power was incredibly unique, especially for his time.


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      1. The big difference between us and the book is we are capable of killing all these fuckers and taking back our home. Only question is, will we?

        • Menz,
          To answer your question, no.
          Are you and I out randomly assassinating Democrat politicians lawyers, and Judges? Is anybody? That would have a very real effect. I expect that you, like me are law obedient and would never violate any Federal, state, or local laws. Morally, I would have no personal problems with killing every Democrat
          and Moslem politician in America, but the law prohibits me from doing so and I obey the law.
          That is the bottom line. Nobody is doing the deed.

        • Menzo, all of those scum will be fair game when the time comes. Let them make the first move which is what I expect will happen. Then we unleash hell on them in righteous self-defense. You ask will we? Well, I know I will if/when they make any type of move against me. They won’t live long enough to regret their move.

          • OOOoooooooh! Tough Guy!

        • Enough. You’re not killing anybody.

        • Menzo, we won’t do jack as long as we cling to Republicans, the enemy we sleep with. We talk about liberty yet we chain ourselves to two choices, both controlled by globalists.

      2. The real owners, TPTB are faceless and largely nameless. If they walked down the street no one would know them. The few that are recognizable are there for that very purpose, “Look at Soros, look at Soros” like he is the nucleus of TPTB. He is a player and because of his media exposure not at the top. As George Carlin said, “Forget the politicians”; they’re nothing more than the hired help. Forgetabout Democrat v Republican, its Globalist v Nationalist. Republican’s are largely Neo-Cons that are as hostile to the Bill Of Rights as the Democrats, they just pick other Amendments to ignore. Asset Forfeiture? They love it. The bullshit “war on drugs”, they’re in. Indefinite detention, right to a speedy trial, NSA spying? As the kids say, “We’re down with that”. They’ll generally stand by the Second and piss on the rest. The Democrats more or less piss on the entire Bill Of Rights unless you’re some sub identity group.

        • Politicians. Red or Blue, they all get participation trophies for the dysfunction of America. Sellouts for a few pieces of silver and the consolidation of DC power.

          I belong to the anarcho-libertarian party. One member. The motto is “I don’t want to join your or anyone else’s party.”

          • I don’t identify with any party as I am an anarchist. However… I’m going to party like it’s 1984 doo doo doo dah dahdah weeeeehaaaawwww 😛

            • But will where you be partying dear Genius? I hope to be partying with you in heaven : ) Get yourself right with the light friend… Jesus is The Way. Amen.

      3. I am in the process of writing a book entitled “2028”

        2028 will be the start of the major operations of the NWO to take over the world.

        The first step will be to create a false flag in USA to confiscate our guns.
        The second step will be to crash the derivative market creating a world wide economic collapse.

        G-D is vilified for the plight of the world

        Emp’s will be deployed to remove the all electronics – The NWO will have hardened all their require assets.

        Civil disobedience starts world wide – martial law in put in place.
        A pandemic is released to reduce the word population. The elites have a vaccination.

        Limited nuclear exchanges happen – not a full out exchange.

        Regional wars for limited resources have been raging for some time.

        After, 12 years of hell – things quiet down – people form local societies, barter is the only trade, Farming is a cooperative tradesman skills are highly valued
        G-D is back – life moves on slowly

        • Pathocracy – When Psychopaths rule
          1. suppression of individualism
          2. society based on self-interest
          3. suspicion of anyone different.
          4. centralized control.
          5. widespread corruption.
          6. secret activities in government,
          7. total surveillance of population.
          8. paranoid government.
          9. excessive, arbitrary laws.
          10. Contempt towards the citizens.
          11. controlled media, (propaganda).
          12. extreme inequality-rich vs poor
          13. rule by force or fear of force.

          14. spiritual life is restricted
          15. detainment without charge; torture and abuse; slave labor.
          16. people considered a ‘resource’ to be exploited.
          17. anyone who disagrees with the elite is classed as insane.
          18. suppression of free speech, demonstrations, and protests.
          19. Denial of basic life necessities such as food, water, and shelter.
          20. Widespread use of corrupt psychological reasoning, “double-speak,” and “codewords”.

          • Sebastion,

            Great list – Unfortunately most of this list is in place and happening – # 19 is yet to happen – but soon.
            I think they call this the Normalcy Syndrome!

      4. Rellik, once the balloon goes up we’ll be WROL. Cops, lawyers, and even judges will be at home taking care of their own families just like the rest of us will do. No cops on the street and no courts in session. The ‘free shit army’ never follows any laws anyway and gets away with all their crap with impunity. They’ve got theirs coming. But I’m also smart enough not to make any first move on anyone. What better way to undermine your own cause? No, let the dems make the first move then hell gets unleashed on them.

        • TDR, like rellik said above …. guys like us are the ‘good guys’. Slobs who try our best to obey the law, build lives, work, learn, care for those we call our own. Hell, I do charity work just because….. the need is so great. Do I own all the beans, bandaids and bullets? Yep. Just picked up some more shells today (got a tip on a job I did and stopped at the gun store on my way home). My real question is ‘when?’. When the hell will that balloon go up? What will it look like? What form is it going to take? How severe will it be? …. and so on. And most importantly, will you, me, rellik, Kevin and all the rest of those here I’ve come to think of as also being ‘good guys’ recognize the sign(s) in time?

          • ” recognize the sign(s) in time”

            Being uncertainly with virtually everything is the norm I’m inclined to think no. I also believe that chaos / destabilization is intentional not just here but everywhere TPTB have reach. Their goal of a “New World Global Order” requires the dismantling if not destruction of its predecessor. Give the public a good dose of chaos and they’ll largely beg for stability even with an authoritarian hand. It’s the standard MO of tyrants. Think Napoleon post French Revolution, Lenin with Stalin right behind him post Russian Revolution and Hitler post WWI Germany. The public predictably responds to this like a Pavlovian dog.

            • Sometime in the dystopian future, unfortunately not as far into the distance as I would like, if not for me but the youngest of the family, people will talk in hushed words about the old days. It will be passed verbally as history, fulfilling Orwell, will be rewritten. Eventually it will become legend and then myth. “You can’t be serious that people were allowed to do and think for themselves”!

      5. Read thru the comments and many rightfully do not want to fight for The Democracy of the 15 states in open Rebellion. But there are many who understand The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of The REPUBLIC OF THE UNITED STATES . Last count 65 million, ability to become Winter soldiers all of us. A jap in WW2 knew a simple truth there would be a Riflemen behind every blade of grass in our Republic .We The People know the season we are in ,Know there in nothing new under the sun. And have a Sprit Of 76 in our hearts and the Good FIGHT In Our Souls . We will not start this Uncivil War but make no mistake it will be Won by Americans who have a Firm Reliance on the Protection of Divine Providence.

      6. I’ve had the good life and and 70 years of it. I’ve nuthin left to lose so will go down fighting like my ancestors. Best to die for something than nothing…….

        • Jim in Va.

          How does one fight a pandemic that the root cause of which is anything the officials say it is? Given sufficient propaganda and false flags over time the US citizenry would support attacking Canada.

          • Captain Tripps! I sure hope “Trashcan Man” shows up.

          • Kevin; I fight what I can……

      7. In ‘Brave New World’ (published in 1932) Aldous Huxley feared that what we desire will ruin us. In ‘1984’ (published in 1949) George Orwell feared that what we fear will ruin us. Both were awesome books.

        Today much of both author’s fears are highly visible. Orwell’s fears are in our face and Huxley’s less dramatic! That said, I highly recommend a follow-up written decades later (and even more relevant today) by Neil Postman, ‘Amusing Ourselves to Death: Public Discourse in the Age of Show Business’. Postman writes of the possibility that Huxley, not Orwell, was right. Enjoy the short read. Then you decide.

      8. Orwell predicted the future better than Nostradamus, Jeanne Dixon or any other ancient or modern seer,

      9. Orwell was no mystic, he was just in a top-influential secret society and this agenda has been laid out quite some time ago….. some say hundreds of years some say thousands. I dont want to get too much into it , cause humans always have a problem with a group of beings being able to plot a foreseeable future given their absolute control on things. Furthermore if we do not organize ourselves and use their same weapons against them they’ll kill us like fruitflies.

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