16 Unanswered Questions About The Las Vegas Shooting That The Mainstream Media Doesn’t Want To Talk About

by | Oct 4, 2017 | Headline News | 33 comments

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    This report was originally published by Michael Snyder at The Economic Collapse


    The public is not being told the truth about what really went down in Las Vegas. As you will see below, the evidence is mounting that there were multiple shooters and that this was an operation that was planned well in advance. But according to the mainstream media, a 64-year-old retired accountant with a flabby physique that had no military training whatsoever and that wasn’t very experienced with guns was able to pull the whole thing off all by himself.  We are being told that Paddock was a “lone wolf” that didn’t have any ties to terror groups, and since he is now dead nobody is ever going to be able to interrogate him. But the American people definitely deserve some answers about what took place, and that means that all of us should keep digging.

    The following are 16 unanswered questions about the Las Vegas shooting that the mainstream media does not want to talk about…

    #1 Photos of Stephen Paddock’s hotel room have been leaked, and one of those photos appears to show a suicide note. Why hasn’t the public been told what is in that note?

    #2 Were there additional shooters? A taxi driver clearly captured video of an automatic weapon being fired out of a lower level window. A video from another angle and brief footage captured by Dan Bilzerian also seem to confirm that automatic gunfire was coming from a floor much lower than the 32nd floor room that Stephen Paddock was located on. And if you weren’t convinced by the first three videos, this fourth video should definitely do it.

    #3 Why were law enforcement authorities discussing “another suspect on the fourth floor”, and why isn’t the mainstream media talking about this?

    #4 As Jon Rappoport has pointed out, it would have been impossible for Stephen Paddock to kill and wound 573 people in less than five minutes of shooting with the kinds of weapons that he is alleged to have used.  So why won’t law enforcement authorities acknowledge this fact?

    #5 How in the world did Paddock get 42 guns and “several thousand rounds of ammo” into his hotel room without anyone noticing?

    #6 How did someone with “no military background” and that wasn’t a “gun guy at all” operate such advanced weapons? Because what we are being told by the mainstream media just doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. I really like how Natural News made this point…

    Far from what the firearms-illiterate media claims, these are not systems that any Joe off the street can just pick up and use to effortlessly mow down 500 people. Running these systems requires extensive training, experience and stamina. It is physically impossible for a guy like Stephen Paddock to operate such a system in the sustained, effective manner that we witnessed, especially when shooting from an elevated position which throws off all the ranging of the weapon system.

    Far from being a Navy Seal, Stephen Paddock is a retired accountant senior citizen with a gambling problem and a flabby physique. The only way he could have carried out this shooting is if he were transformed into a human superweapon through a magic wand. I’m calling this “Mission IMPOSSIBLE” because of the physical impossibility of a retired, untrained senior citizen pulling this off.

    #7 Why was one woman telling people in the crowd that they were all going to die 45 minutes before the attack?

    #8 Why did it take law enforcement authorities 72 minutes to get into Stephen Paddock’s hotel room?

    #9 Why did Paddock wire $100,000 to the Philippines last week?

    #10 Why was Paddock’s girlfriend, Marilou Danley, in the Philippines when the attack took place? Did she know what was about to happen?

    #11 Was Paddock on antidepressants like so many other mass killers in the past have been?

    #12 Why was ISIS so eager to take responsibility for this attack, and why was the FBI so quick to dismiss that connection?

    #13 Apparently Paddock had earned millions of dollars “through real estate deals”. If he was so wealthy, why would he all of a sudden snap like that?

    #14 Why did he move so frequently? It is being reported that Paddock had 27 different residences during his adult life.

    #15 Why were nearly all of the exits out of the concert venue completely blocked?…

    In essence, the concert trapped the people, preventing them from escaping, and denying them the ability to seek cover. From there, sustained, full-auto gunfire is almost impossible to survive.

    From Fox News, a caller named Russell Bleck, who survived the shooting, said live on air, “There were ten-foot walls blocking us in. We couldn’t escape. It was just a massacre. We had nowhere to go.”

    #16 Why was a country music festival chosen as the target? Was the goal to kill as many Trump supporters and other conservatives as possible? And is there evidence that Stephen Paddock was connected to Antifa in any way?

    At first I thought that this was a fairly straightforward story too, but the more I have dug into it the more complex things have become.

    Personally, I have come to the conclusion that Stephen Paddock definitely did not act alone. That means that the others involved in the shooting are still out there, and they must be brought to justice. Let us never forget what these extremely wicked individuals did to innocent civilians such as 27-year-old Tina Frost

    A 27-year-old woman has lost her right eye after a bullet ripped through her face during the Las Vegas concert massacre.

    Tina Frost remains in a coma in hospital after undergoing surgery to remove the bullet that became lodged in her eye when a gunman opened fire on the crowd of country music fans on Sunday night.

    Frost, who is originally from Maryland but moved to California several years ago, is expected to remain in the coma for a week.

    Whoever did this is going to pay greatly. Yes, I do believe that Stephen Paddock was involved. But he did not act alone, and the mainstream media is doing the public a great disservice by ignoring all of the evidence that this was not just a “lone wolf” operation.


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      1. The #1 question, why isn’t Hillary in prison?

        • #2, And I especially like how we’re looking at a GLASS bldg. and the flashes don’t line up with the shooting.
          and it’s REALLY apparent when they slow it down/

          And then there’s that whole problem with only 32nd floor windows being broken….

          Yeah, so no.

          • While the windows technically don’t “open”, it’s not that hard to remove and replace one if you have the tools to do it.
            And BINGO, no trace.

      2. what happens in vegas, stays in vegas….once again mike snyder has a great story.

      3. Watch that fourth video in #2 above as many times as you need to.

        • None of the videos work

      4. the laura ingraham show is in for conspiracies as everyone that is a rational thinker in the country should be on this. as evidenced by the economic collapse article, too many things smell funny.

        Laura’s current conspiracy is how come there’s no records and especially the video records on him bringing in bags of guns basing it on the fact there are cameras all over casinos; and they have no video records of him bringing in bags of guns ?

        i’m no 9-11 truther or birther, but something aint right here.

      5. “We did it and we want to take your guns because of it.”

        thats all they can think about, and any way they can accomplish this goal no matter who it kills or what it does to this country

        get ready folks here comes the only tool they have for all of us nails .. the Hammer could fall on this one and open up a new can of woopass called the second American Revolution

        The first Revolution was a direct result of the Brits Gun Control program , the 1774 import ban on firearms, and gunpowder. and subsequently the 1774-75 confiscations (forced confiscations) of guns and gunpowder , they used deadly force to effectuate the confiscations ..< there in lies the reason for the 2nd amendment , and we dam sure dont need to repeat history

        September 1774 260 of Gage's Red Coats sailed up the mystic river , and sized hundreds of stored barrels of gunpowder from the Charleston powder house , and act of war in anyones mind in those days .. they ( Brits) were acting on their threats , just as our politicians and media and the far left liberals are acting RIGHT NOW!

      6. As far as evidence there is none that we know of to suggest it is more than one. I know the 4th video looks like evidence of someone on the 4th floor and another video does too (sort of… but not conclusive) possible strobe effect of a faulty light… the woman standing up is pointing away probably where the shots are raining down at people, the video in question might be deceptive. I’ll stay on the fence until more evidence comes out. Like his brother said, if he is an intelligent man, there is no reason to suggest he couldn’t have surely the points made here are conjecture.

        • @RedG

          Unless we are looking at a doctored video/audio recording, the cellphone video from the cab driver clearly shows muzzle flash and the associated report from the gun.

          That cellphone was, at most, a few hundred feet from the window. Using the sea level (not corrected for LV altitude) sonic speed of about 1100 fps, you are talking a few tenths of second delay.

          The gunfire report matches up well with the flashes.

          I don’t know your experience, but I have seen enough real muzzle flash (not in the movies) to distinguish between it and strobe flash.

          Am I gonna believe you…or my lyin’ eyes (and ears) ?


          • My understanding is the glass in the whole building is fixed….doesn’t open….which is why they were knocked out on the 32nd floor. Was the glass damaged (even a small hole cut in the glass for a muzzle) in ANY room in the rest of the hotel ?





      8. The left/government will determine what the story will be to justify their agenda. It is clear that “we the people” do not need to know the truth and just stop asking questions. We will tell you what you can hear, how you can hear it, and what you are to understand from the dialogue.

      9. Videos have been removed by YouTube. Your government control at work.

        • Tampering with evidence.

      10. People stopped reading newspapers, watching crime blotter frivolous advertising disguised as local nightly news. Fake latest news dying a deserved death. People get their news from the internet for depth on any matter. That reveals users identities and opinions that are known to be kept to assess a risk threat. So free speech comes at the cost of revealing yourself to nefarious agents of the government. It’s not like many people exercise the right for a redress of grievences publicly anymore, except as opponents to the fixed two sided controlled agenda. Increased control of the internet will greatly decrease acceptable opinions necessitating the public outcry in the attempt to maintain people centered representation.

      11. Relax People, Just another False Flag operation, nothing to see here, move along.

      12. Most of those questions aren’t answered because they’re wrong. He had 23 guns. He only used one of them. They wouldn’t release the suicide note information if 1. it wasn’t a suicide note and/or 2. it’s an on going investigation.

      13. 1) the note -give the police some time to process it all. they’re not going to pick it up off the table and read it to the cameras. It may include information that could cause more national divisiveness.

        re: the security guards running after another one; the witness could have simply seen three guards running with one far ahead of the others.

        – I don’t know why people can’t believe he couldn’t get all the weapons upstairs without anyone noticing, or without help. Hasn’t anyone stayed at a large hotel? Simply load weapons from a car trunk into a couple of long duffle bags (or break the guns down into parts) and make multiple trips over the course of some days, or one day. There’s a hundred people in the lobby carrying bags up the elevators and no one is going to take a second look. Put a “do not disturb” sign on the door so housekeeping stays out for a day or two.

        – some of the questions about shots from different locations could be echoes between the buildings. The taxi driver audio has one volley, and another volley in the distance of the same duration – likely an echo.

        – in the fog of war and chaos, witnesses rarely know what the hell is going on. There’s lots of conjecture. Even in a relatively low impact crime scene witnesses rarely concur with what they saw happen.

        It wasn’t 500+ people “wounded”. Somehow “injured” became “wounded” (implying “shot”) in some news. The “wounded” tally is including everyone who was simply bruised, trampled in the stampede, in shock, crying hysterically and sent to the hospital, scraped knees from tripping, etc.

        I have no explanation for the apparent muzzle flash on the lower floor. We need to find out if there is a bar or disco in that area that might have flashing lights. I know a CNN video shows the strobe light flashing after the event as the reporter speaks in front of the hotel, but I have to ask if CNN-cia digitally added the bluish strobe flashes so that everyone would discount what appeared to be amber muzzle flashes. “Oh, those muzzle flashes? That’s debunked from the CNN video done later that shows a strobe light popping in that area.”

        I believe it may come out that Paddock was actually against guns and wanted to show in epic fashion how anyone could buy guns from various states, obtain legal bump fire stocks, high cap mags, and thousands of rounds, and create mayhem. He might have believed such a massacre leveraging the power of gun ownership would end the 2nd amendment for the rest of us. Thank God Trump is in. This massacre would have otherwise done in the 2nd Amendment.

        When you comment on sites or Facebook, make this about Antidepressants. Every mass killer is under psychiatric care, and it’s the meds that are making them psychotic and removing their conscience. see the website SSRI Stories.

      14. sorry, i raise the BS flag. He did not have 42 weapons in the room, he had 23. 4 were Daniel Defense DDM4’s and at least one with 100 round mags and a bump stock, and 3 FN15s. High quality kit. “5 minutes” can be an eternity if you are on the other end of 30/50/100 rounds in 30 seconds. Using a bump stock and extended mags he could easily fire 100 rounds in 15-30 seconds, move to 2nd weapon, fire off another mag, etc. Firing into a dense crowd does not require aiming other than “point in the general direction and fire”. the video clearly shows he was not targeting individuals, just firing into the crowded areas. Bipods and effective positioning will greatly lesson the barrel rise during high cyclic firing.I would think you are experienced with weapons like this. If not, then don’t muddy the waters with government obfuscation/false flag/conspiracy crap. It makes your narrative leaky at best. Wait for ballistics to show rounds versus weapon types. Wait for cartridge count and see 7.62 wound count to shell casings. Same with .223.

        Now I DO have a problem with 72 minutes from first shot until police bashing down the door. You can’t tell me that SOMEONE in Mandalay did not call 911 or front desk and say “some guy is shooting”. Those items need investigation/

        • You CANNOT create sustained perfectly timed fire from a bump-fire stock, let alone one supported by a bi-pod. It’s not possible.

          • Blaster you don’t understand the scenario. He didnt have to “aim sustained fire”. Simply bump fire these weapons into clumps and groups of people. It’s not hard to understand. 25,000 people constrained into a small area. A 12 yrs old could hit targets as easily.

      15. I live in Las Vegas. My son was working the show. I do personally know one of the dead.
        Wonderful girl and mother. Ok. This is really important to throw out there.

        I was watching local channel 3 news when during a live remote reporter/anchor
        Kim Wagner said and I quote…. ” I have just been given information about what was found in the shooters room, when this info comes out the whole world will be shocked…..but I can’t tell you what that is…..the whole world? That is quite a bold statement. I urge all of you to hammer her for what she meant by that. So far all of my phone calls have not been returned.
        Heather….rest in peace you wonderful soul… We will miss you… I can also say that we listened to the scanner all night, both police and fire. What really happend is not what the official narrative says. At least from what we heard. I realize it was pandemonium at the time so reports were coming in from all over the strip of shits. Anyways. Take this for what it’s worth…

        • Dusty,your story true sorry about the personal loss.That said,please understand that excepting a few exchanges/phone calls with a couple of posters here do not know each other from a hole in the wall,thus,not positive your story true.A link to the channel 3 news story if not totally buried would be very interesting,would say folks should make copies/screen shots of any articles/videos they feel may disappear.

      16. #1..the note.

        Well it’s fairly early in the investigation, and how common it is for evidence to be released to the public in any crime ?

        #2& 3: Was any glass out of any other floor to ceiling window in the hotel ? Early reports of an incident of this type are notorious for inaccuracy.

        #4: 5 minutes of shooting. Every time line I read says the first reports came at 10:08….meaning the shooting likely was going on for a few minutes prior before folks even figured it out to call. 10:19 (11 minutes at least) shooting pauses (changing magazines on multiple weapons ?)

        10:21, shooting starts again, security guard shot thru the door at 10:26. 10:38, police report no shots for 10 minutes. SO, add it up….18 minutes of shooting time, assuming reports are accurate…could have been a couple minutes more or less….say 20 minute of actual gunfire at the outside.

        If he had just 3-4 semi-auto with 40rd mags, maybe one full auto, a 100rd drum for it, yeah, in 18-20 minutes, he could have poured a LOT of rounds down on the crowd.

        Something else we don’t know, how many folks were hit by the same bullet ? In a crowd like that, surely some were. Ballistics would be near impossible to sort out.

        So Jon Rappoport (whoever that is) is full of crap.

        #5 is just complete bullshit. He didn’t have 42 guns in his room…he had, by all reports, 23….including one handgun, and 10 rifles (well WTF were the rest of them ? Shotguns ?)…the rest were found at his home. Which the link clearly says as well…..so why sensationalize the number ?

        As far as getting them in his room…heck, LV is a convention city. People haul all kinds of crap and cases and display materials and God knows what else into their rooms for conventions. 19 suitcases wouldn’t have even brought a sideways glance from the staff.

        The rest of his points are a combination of stupid and silly and maybe and what if and so on….again, I’m not surprised this is what passes for news here.

        There likely IS more to the story than we are told (as is often the case), but easily refuted “points” like above don’t do a damn thing to lend credibility to an alternative view.

      17. I will not give up my guns….. I need them to defend myself and my family Fri those that would do us harm like whoever the shooter/shooters did in Las Vegas…..troubled times we live in indeed.

      18. YouTube video of Paddock at anti-Trump rally takwn down. Check out Pam Gellers site

      19. I don’t agree with the physical impossibility hypothesis particularly if we talk about .223 Remington caliber. In rifle configuration shooting .223 or a Nato round from an AR 16 is as physical as opening your car door. Furthermore, in a compact crowd of 20,000 with 600 rounds, you have 600 victims, guaranteed, with a minimum of training. And those bullets easily go through 4 people.

      20. What strikes me is how well planed this attack was or appears to be. I also wonder why he hauled up so many guns to his room when he only used maybe three or four.
        Bang fire is not very accurate, and the range was 400 meters, but he controlled his fire enough to a very crowded place. He must have practiced. But with a scoped AR-10 fired semi-auto would have killed far more people, why the spray and pray?
        He stopped shooting after about 11 minutes. Why did he stop? Hard to believe he ran out of ammo. Swat took 72 minutes to show up, he had plenty of time.

        Not that I expect the truth to come out, but it sure looks idealogical.

      21. “#4 As Jon Rappoport has pointed out, it would have been impossible for Stephen Paddock to kill and wound 573 people in less than five minutes of shooting with the kinds of weapons that he is alleged to have used. So why won’t law enforcement authorities acknowledge this fact?”

        Actually I think I pointed that out first 🙂

      22. My guess is(and only a guess)that half the wounded were self inflicted trying to escape/crawl over fences/trampled by other folks ect.I remember the Who concert in 78 I believe,was open seating and a door broken in led to a crowd rush,7 people trampled/squashed to death.Now take a largewr crowd and some nut shooting said crowd up.

      23. “As Jon Rappoport has pointed out, it would have been impossible for Stephen Paddock to kill and wound 573 people in less than five minutes of shooting with the kinds of weapons that he is alleged to have used. So why won’t law enforcement authorities acknowledge this fact?”

        Because it isn’t true, you idiot… He was allegedly shooting for TEN minutes at least. If you can’t get that right, why am I bothering reading you?

        The man had 23 weapons in his room, 16 of which were rifles with minimum thirty round magazines. That is 480 rounds right there. He also had several high-capacity drum magazines, which adds at least another couple hundred rounds. He may have had more magazines of thirty round capability and reloaded – we don’t know.

        In short, he could easily have fired 1,000 rounds in the incident time frame.

        He was NOT AIMING, he was clearly “spraying and praying”, as they say. You don’t hear fast firing if you’re AIMING.

        Considering he was shooting into a packed crowd of 22,000 people, we’re lucky he didn’t kill more than 59. Most of the 500-odd wounded were probably wounded by through penetration rounds and ricochets.

        “#5 How in the world did Paddock get 42 guns and “several thousand rounds of ammo” into his hotel room without anyone noticing?”

        Ten suitcases, that’s how. Read the reports. He did NOT get “42 guns” into the hotel room – only 23, of which only 16 were rifles. DO try to get your facts straight. The 42 figure is the total he OWNED.

        “#6 How did someone with “no military background” and that wasn’t a “gun guy at all” operate such advanced weapons?”

        Trivially, that’s how. It’s not complicated at all to fire a rifle, even an AR-15, AR-10 or AK-47. Anyone can do it, although not anyone can hit what they’re aiming at. But since he WAS NOT AIMING, that point is MOOT.

        “Far from what the firearms-illiterate media claims, these are not systems that any Joe off the street can just pick up and use”

        Far from what this firearms-illiterate person claims, yes, they are. And if you don’t initially know how to use them, well, Youtube is your friend.

        This attack was obviously planned well in advance. He didn’t just walk in off the street, buy 16 rifles and bump fire devices, then walk over to the hotel and start shooting. Get a clue.

        “Running these systems requires extensive training, experience and stamina. It is physically impossible for a guy like Stephen Paddock to operate such a system in the sustained, effective manner that we witnessed, especially when shooting from an elevated position which throws off all the ranging of the weapon system.”

        Complete horseshit. Any 64-year-old guy – including myself at 68 – could fire any of these weapons with zero training IF YOU DON’T TRY AIMING.

        Firing from an elevated position actually IMPROVES the probability of his hitting the crowd as long as he holds a high enough point that the rounds he’s firing don’t drop excessively at the range of 400 yards. After firing the first magazine, he’d have no trouble adjusting his point of aim (NOTE: NOT aiming at specific people, but at the CROWD which is a HUGE target – 22,000 people!) to guarantee his next burst hit the crowd.

        While you can’t AIM an AR effectively at greater than 400 yards without training, you can FIRE an AR in the direction of your target and the bullet will go where you point it out to a range of several thousand yards with the ability to still wound someone.

        Firearms safety classes make a point that bullets have a MAXIMUM range far in excess of their EFFECTIVE range. Firing full auto at a crowd depends on MAXIMUM range, not EFFECTIVE range.

        As for the other questions, sooner or later we’ll get the answers. The girlfriend in question was due back to Vegas today, and the cops will be questioning her.

        So this article ends up on par with the rest of the crap I respond to here – completely inaccurate and irrelevant and mostly conspiracy theory with zero basis.

      24. The groupies at this alternative site lack critical thinking ability as much as the liberal dingbats.

        Per what several posters have pointed out, you DO NOT have to be a ‘superhuman’ to use M4 type of rifles, especially with the availability of 30-100 round magazines with a bump fire stock. When so-called experts, ex-Navy Seals, John soap on a rope or whatever his name is says it’s true, take it with a grain of salt. STOP being a mindless drone. Otherwise, you’re no different the mindless leftwing nuts you criticize often at this site.

        Whether you’re operating an auto rifle or some type of bump fire system, you DO NOT have to aim at your target. Supposedly, there were countless thousands of people at a LARGE concert venue. All you have to do to point at that direction and just “spray.” It DOES NOT TAKE A SUPERMAN OR A NAVY SEAL to do this. Average joe can easily pull this off.

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