15 Reasons Why I Choose Not to Live in the USSA

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    Editor’s Note: When we discuss emergency preparedness and SHTF planning, we often put aside the idea of simply walking away from it all. To be sure, the web of control spans the majority of the globe, so it’s not like you can just jump in the car, drive a couple hours and be living in Utopia. But, there remain remote locations so detached from the forces of tyranny that one can live in relative peace, and there are still some countries where property rights are respected, privacy is a way of life and government interference is minimal. Certainly, they are few and far between, but they do exist. While we shudder at the thought of even considering the possibility that the freedoms protected by the US Constitution have been all but flushed down the toilet, the reality of the situation is that we are seeing ever more restrictions on our personal freedoms. We can’t eat the food we want to eat, we can’t conduct fair business when both parties agree to a contract, we can’t purchase certain types of products that we deem are to our benefit, while at the same time being mandated by government to purchase other products (like health insurance) by threat of force. There are hundreds of laws, failing to pay property taxes being one of them, by which the government can seize the land which you believe to be yours. Looking around, we can’t help but come to the realization that the America of our youth is being destroyed right before our eyes. Our economy is collapsing, our government is mobilizing police apparatuses, our freedom of expression is being quelled and the powers that be are making it ever more difficult to, well, be an American.

    Consider a scenario in which the system does collapse into the oft predicted TEOTWAWKI (The End of the World as We Know It); would you rather remain in the belly of the beast, fighting every minute to stay alive as you attempt to scrounge food, protect your family from organized marauders, and live in fear of being rounded up and detained in a refugee camp for an extend period of time? Or, if the opportunity presented itself, would you rather bug-out to a different country – one whose infrastructure is not so dependent on just-in-time production and manufacturing systems, where the scope of government is limited, police and military influence is minimal, where cash transactions are looked upon as positive and not suspect, and where the people have lived a low-key, non-consumption life for decades?

    As one who is awake to the complicated nature of our world, and the ever approaching troubles that abound, chances are you have a bug-out location and secondary back-up in case the ‘S’ were to ever hit the fan. Is it not prudent, then, to also consider a bug-out option outside of your current country of residence, just in case?

    In the following article, the author, who left the USA five years ago, outlines some of the reasons for why he’s not coming back anytime soon, and why, if you have the means, you should consider an option outside of the United States. It doesn’t have to be a permanent solution – simply a back up in case the worst of our fears are realized.

    You may be storing food, water, guns, ammunition, and a host of other supplies. Chances are, you don’t ever want to have to use them. But something is coming; it’s as clear as day. If the world as we know it in America today does come crashing down, perhaps there is a way you can avoid having to use those supplies. But you may have to consider relocating a bit farther than you may have originally planned.

    The following article has been generously contributed for your consideration and reading pleasure by Don’t Tread on Me.

    15 Reasons Why I Choose Not to Live in the USSA

    I left the United Soviet States of Amerika (USSA) five years ago and never looked back. Upon discovering that government forces executed what I learned was a “false flag operation” (thank you Loose Change), that the economy was one giant Ponzi scheme (thank you G. Edward Griffin) and that there truly did exist a movement for totalitarian world government mirroring Biblical depictions (thank you Alex Jones), I figured I had some soul-searching to do.

    I have long been dismayed at the barrage of totalitarian news coming out of Fascistan. Sometimes, in the chaos of “third world” countries where I tend to reside, you actually have more freedom because the typical “first world” police state laws either don’t exist or nobody bothers to follow them. You can slip through the cracks. Heck, I’d driven a car for years without the correct papers.

    Here, we are allowed to sell candy, puppies or hamburgers on the side of pretty much any street, authorities would likely agree with you that 9/11 was an inside job, and so forth. The free-market stimulates growth while collectivist government destroys pretty much anything it touches.

    Sure, the USSA is not unique, but what was once the spearhead of freedom has become the spearhead of tyranny, and nobody got the memo.

    My fellow fluoride-head citizen and Platonic cave-dweller, I give thanks. Without you, none of this would have been possible. While those of us thoughtful and careful enough to read countless tomes and research endless laws and events, you continually deride us. For some of you there is yet hope.

    In the land of freedom, the following is a dish served hot.

    As a citizen of the USSA:

    1) I am no longer guaranteed the right to private property.

    Authorities may arrive upon my sovereign territory unannounced, without proper paperwork and force me to demolish my own home before being shooed off the premise. (Not to mention that citizens must pay thousands of dollars in annual feudal fees known as “property taxes”. In many other “third world” countries, the fee is so miniscule I shall not even mention it).

    Source #1

    2) I am no longer guaranteed the right to sell lemonade for 10 cents,

    even on my own property. (Oh yeah, that’s right I forgot, private property doesn’t exist).

    Source #2, 2a

    3) I can no longer, never mind sell, consume my own food products.

    Source #3, 3a

    4) I can no longer feed the homeless

    (with the food I am not allowed to produce or sell).

    Source #4

    5) I can no longer BE homeless.

    Source #5

    6) I am no longer allowed exercise of my so-called rights to publicly record audio or video

    (i.e. of police) from the safety of my own property (which I am not allowed to own).

    Source #6

    7) I am no longer guaranteed the right to own a business.

    Source #7

    8 ) I can no longer safely use a cell phone on a street corner without being mauled by authorities.

    Source #8

    9) I can no longer paint in the open air.

    Source #9

    10) I can no longer travel freely without authority sticking its hands down my pants.

    Source #10, 10a

    11) My child can no longer freely ride a bicycle.

    Source #11

    12) I can no longer freely drive a car without the FBI tracking me.

    Source #12

    13) I can no longer make jokes in public.

    Source #13

    14) I can no longer hand out eternal salvation.

    Source #14

    15) I can no longer believe the truth

    (i.e. Ron Paul is our political savior, the New World Order is real, etc.)

    Source #15, 15a, 15b

    Having said that, the reality is that soon there will be no place to hide (as I once personally thanked G. Edward Griffin over lunch, for penning those thoughts decades ago; mind-boggling the places and characters one can wind up with, truth truly is stranger than fiction!).

    I’ve been blessed to traverse the high plains of Central Asia, the majestic seaside of the Mediterranean and the chaos of Latin America. The fog of creeping fascism has spread far and wide, its global media and indoctrination systems spreading rapidly.

    For those that claim it unpatriotic to expatriate, here is a musing on that. The same might say that it is unpatriotic to question 9/11 or endless wars of death and destruction. Kind of ironic, what did the forefathers do when they faced persecution? They fled to new lands to live as free men. It is important to fight for freedom, wherever you are. Remember, they don’t call it a “Global War on Freedom” (GWOF) for nothing. We can all take daily stabs at the beast.

    There are two (2) basic options:

    1) Stand and fight:

    2) Expatriate and fight.

    Both will be needed in time of crisis. Some need to go down the well, others need to hold the rope. Godspeed.

    “The death-machine ain’t slowing down, it’s gaining pound for pound.”

    First posted to Global Governance Archive.


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      1. Everyone is entitled to do what they think is best, for themselves and family. I won’t leave the U.S., but will fight those who seek to destroy it whether from outside or from within. America is where I was born, and it is here where I’ll spend my final moments.

        • Only cowards run. I was born here and will fight if and when that time comes. Even if it means that I may get killed in the process.

          • Only idiots think that a tactical retreat is a sign of cowardice.

            • A tactical retreat out of the friggin country? That’s called tucking tail and running.

            • Well then where are you going to go? There is nowhere better than the U.S. despite the issues as of late. This is still the greatest country in the world and I was born here. This is my country. I would rather stay with with my fellow idiots and try to fight it out then run or take a tactical retreat. You do what you want.

            • “If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude than the animated contest of freedom, go from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen!”

              Samuel Adams

          • Agreed, the time will be soon and the Socialist have no idea the hell that will come their way.

          • You will be .

          • The time HAS come dunce. Come and gone, long gone. Its cowards like you who have done nothing in the face of decades of outrageous violation- which have gotten us to this point. Stay and take the fall for your lack of resistance when it mattered and could have been effective. Now its too late.

        • only a fool would leave his home and become a refugee for a bunch of carpet baggers who think they’re going to take over the country.

          • All I hear anymore is ‘blah,blah,blah….blah blah,blah,blah.’ Whatever is coming,is almost here so there is little,if anything we can do. I hope you all have been preparing for,lo,these many years,as I have.,

          • The Bush Family just bought 30000 acres in Paraguay when tshf they are gone, and those two cowards were actually presidents of this once great country.

            • The Bush family bought that land in Paraguay because it possesses the greatest known pure domestic water supply in the world. Sooner or later potable water will become a very, very precious commodity…..and the Bushes know it.

      2. I say #6 raises questions and certainly exposes situations, however, cities in the entire world is where most of this stuff is routine. None of this stuff is routine out in the rural areas. Lets be clear: 90% of the problems we’re talking about here occur in heavily populated areas. We’ve already said to get out of those places. …and there are certain states that adhere more to securing the rights of the people than not, you just have to go there. Go to a foreign country? Thanks number six for heading out and NOT helping us here. But, regardless, when the money goes so will the control. Almost all of the problems with government will evaporate with our credit rating. Do you really have more rights in other countries? Its not what I hear. Besides, in America, you have way more rights than you know, you just have to assert them. It only takes one question to the cops to change their minds, “Sir, am I lawfully required to do this?” Its a key phrase that they recognize and from that point on they’ll treat you with more respect because they know that you have just said that you’re not under their authority but the laws and they’ll respect that.

        Most people just expect the junkyard dog to stand down. Not going to happen unless you know the command to give him. Running away isn’t going to help. Most of us have accumulated much property here. Sure, if you’ve got nothing to lose and don’t care about your neighbors, scram. I understand. I can’t do that.

        • You may be living in a rural area – they are coming for you with the new exec. order creating a rural council. Good luck not having them breath down your neck in the very near future…

          • Fuck their council, and that is only if the staes agree.

            Do any of you have a line in the sand?

            I guess this country is now the Land of the pussy and home of the coward.

            • Well, I didn’t want to put it quite like that, but since you already did, OK.

              Look, nobody is coming for me. There are 1000 “laws” that I ignore every day.

              What many of you don’t realize is that you still have all those rights. Its just that the corporation tricks you into giving them permission to do what they do.

              Tell them no and make it perfectly clear that you are a sovereign human being and their corporate codes and statutes just got overruled.

              They go on presumption that you are under their authority. Inform them that you are not and go your way. Most of the time they’ll leave you alone. Don’t let them bully you. Really, thats all they are doing most of the time.

      3. Well, I sure would like to know where he bugged out to, simply for curiosities sake. I’ll make my stand here. True Americans still have freedom in their veins and they’ll fight for what’s right… when the time comes. When ‘it’ happens, I know I’ll have some other like-minded people watching my back.
        And let’s do a little run down of other countries/continents:
        1) Europe? Add 10,000 rules/reasons to the above 15. Limited to NO gun rights. Forget that.
        2) Latin/South America? Not as familiar with that region, but I know most of them are just a few decades removed from a civil war/revolution/serious social upheaval. Chile seems pretty stable. Unsure of gun rights and I’d be alone in a foreign culture with limited language skills. Nah.
        3) Africa? You’ve got to be kidding me. Been to a few places there. Wasn’t impressed. “Stability and individual rights” don’t come to mind when I think of Africa. Life is ‘cheap’ there. Definitely won’t take the wife and kiddos there.
        4) Asia? You could bug out to Australia or New Zealand. But don’t plan on taking any weapons. Forget Japan. I love the country, but they’re the most xenophobic people on the planet… and no guns allowed. Great culture. You’re not welcome there. Unless you speak the language and know a bunch of locals, I’d avoid Thailand and SE Asia. You’ll never assimilate in time.
        5) Canada? They’re less than a decade removed from socialism. It might be tempting right now, but the libs/socialists/communists up there can win an election at any moment. And guns are highly regulated. And it’s really, really cold.

        I know it’s a quick look at the world, but that’s how I see it. Lock and load and stand your ground. My ancestors did it at Lexington and Concord. Maybe I’ll be worthy of them some day?


        • Mal,

          You are right concerning your comments.
          All over the world, people are experiencing similar or not problems.
          One may flee from his/her country to escape poverty, in order to find something else.
          Speaking for Greece’s shit, every day we live something new.
          The worst thing that i heard the last two years, was published in the alternative media today.
          A mother left her wedding ring in some restaurant, for two plates of food for her kids.
          What the f…. is going on in this world?

          Be safe Mal.

        • “Well, I sure would like to know where he bugged out to, simply for curiosities sake.”

          PLENTY of reasons not to mention the location. It didn’t just slip his mind. The truth is that when American’s find a new “paradise” they end up screwing it up just like everywhere else they inhabit. Mentioning a good location is the same as destroying it. When Americans come to a place, they bring their ignorance, religion, and everything else when them. Very smart to not speed up that process by advertising the place.

          • Right. Americans are ALL eeeeevil!

        • My guess is that it’s one of the Caribbean islands. There are a few good ones left.

          • Which ones are at the top of your list?

            • None are perfect. Some of the better ones are: any of the Caymans, Dominican Republic (as far away from Haiti as you can get), any of the former French islands like Martinique. Guadeloupe & Dominica are still pretty rural.

        • Captain,

          You are correct. Agree with every word. I’m staying right here. Got deep roots in the county. Family was like the 6th to settle in this township and there were less than 100 in the whole county at the time. I’m here to stay, 4 generations.

        • Whether one decides to “bug out” or not is an individual choice. I would, however, suggest that anyone within hearing or print distance get a U.S. passport. Research the net for the proposed planned restrictions this corrupt administration has for restricting issuance.

        • Hey cap’n Mal, you forgot about the southwest asia; you know, fantastic paradises like Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, U.A.E., and lets not forget Israel. Ooohhhh, wait, I got the theme of your comment now! Yea, on further consideration, I think I’ll just keep me and mine right here!

      4. Third world country? No thank you. Yes, you may be able to fly under the radar but if you for whatever reason get on the radar, you are toast. Heaven forbid you get busted for something, real or imagined. Who wants to sit in a foriegn jail? Rights, what rights! How about health care? Have you seen a doctors office or hospital in far away lands? I have, no thanks. I’ll take my chances here thank you very much. Our country is worth fighting for.

        • Yeah really…why move to a third world country when you can just live in the one outside your door?

      5. Those are mostly meaningless reasons. Children not having the right to run permanent lemonade stands is no reason to leave the country.

        Where would you live? Europe is worse. I wouldn’t live in the western hemisphere south of the Rio Grande. Canada has the same socialist policies as Europe. America has the chance to get better with a Republican president.

        • The fact that you think that the other side of the government party can save you proves how deluded you are, Bill S. Sheer ignorance, sir.

        • You’re still of a “blue pill” mindset if you think democracy is real and that the GOP is not another head on the same globalist monster.

          • Agreed, Republican/Democrat/Whatever – they are all bad because they all want power and have corruption. A small, restricted government in the full control of the public is good.

      6. I encourage people to go out and see other countries. It may not be what it once was but our country is still the best. I know because I have.

        • You’ve obviously not been to Australia.

          • I would like to more than visit Australia Trish!

      7. 11 is my favorite pictures, a few days ago I got a full body massage and a hand job going threw the airport! Next time you fly, look at the people hired by the tsa, a bunch of unemployables!!!!!

        • Did you have to take your shoes off?

          • LOL!!!

      8. job creation is what the tsa is. Wait till they start “a domestic security force, as powerfull as the military” as obummer said when he was “running” for pres. jobs, jobs, and more jobs!

      9. Everyone on this site is a buncha GOVT SLUTWHORES

        • yeah, thats what we are, we just pump gubment propoganda around here. What a brilliant post pantherz.

        • Yo Momma!

          • The above response was @ Pantherz.

            • We know, you cool!

      10. I was trying to put everything down succinctly, but Mal got it down pretty good before I could post. Well done.

        Here’s how I see it. These United States are my home, and I’m damned if I am just going to walk away and let those statist bastards take it. (That is the only way 10% of the population can steal the country from the other 90%.)

        Your average, everyday American citizen is inherently moral, and has an upbringing and education which supports the concept of representative government. After the crisis hits, it won’t take much time after for those who trust the government to solve all their problems to disappear (one way or another), and bring back the tradition of individualism. No other country in the world has the background which will cause them to become, spontaneously, a new beacon of freedom. It is up to us to recapture what our forefathers handed to us, and then export it to the rest of the world.

        That’s right, I said export it. The Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution aren’t even published in most languages. Why do you suppose that is? It’s fear. Fear that our “crazy ideas” might infect their countries and take away the power of the ruling class. Instead of invading every country, and then ‘respecting’ their traditions so once we leave they turn back into the hellhole that caused us to invade them in the first place; we need to develop a system similar to the Catholic missionaries of the past centuries. Send people in to teach, provide the literature for them to learn for themselves, and cut off support for their masters when the slaves rise up to reclaim their rights. All this was in the power of the United States for the last two generations, but the cronyist corporate system that was put in place of our republic prefers the leave the de-facto slavery in place overseas. And for the last few decades they have slowly been trying to institute that same slavery here.

        It is the fact that only in America are the people resisting its implementation that is proof there is no better place to be when the SHTF. The people are the heart and soul of America, and when the system collapses, they will not allow a central government to destroy the foundation of what we have built.

        • Dang. Why do I even have a keyboard? I give up!

          Between Cpt. Reynolds and Dante, I’m pretty must a minor leaguer!

          Great job guys! Keep it up!

          …and Mac, keep ’em coming. Great Articles.

      11. I have a few reasons to stay.

        1)My chi-com AK. I just bought a trijicon red-dot and US Palm magazines.

        2)My AR-15. I was only recently able to afford my ACOG.

        How can I leave such beautiful implements of destruction? The right to bear arms is the greatest right available to mortal men.

        3) My Grandfather fought in WWII. How can I honorably flee the land of my birth when he went to fight overseas?

        4)My Oath upon joining the Marine Corps. It doesn’t expire.

        The greatest chapter in American history is being written as we speak. It’s a great time to be an American. The defense of my beautiful USA is both duty and destiny. I will die on American soil with a rifle in my hand and a smile on my lips.

        • #2 In theory yes, however three is not much freedom to do this. Your free to own it, and keep it unloaded in your closet. You can take it out and go to a legal gun club or shooting range and punch holes in paper. You can travel with it as long as you abide by all the regulations, and hassles. You can drive with it unloaded and locked in your trunk (Except Texas thank you). If your stopped and declare the weapon, even with CCW, the LEO will usually take it away from you, and possibly find some reason to arrest you. You can hunt with it, as long as you buy a hunting license, go where your supposed to go, and only at the right time of the year.

          You are free do defend yourself in many communities, but it dang well follow all the pre-established guidelines.

          So yes, you have the right to keep and bear arms, which is good if SHTF, and you have to rely upon yourself for everything, but even then…

        • Well the freedom to own firearms is the US is probably a good thing, since eventually they will be required for survival. The person who posted the article above probably figured out that it’s nicer to live in a place where firearms are not necessarily for survival..you know, civilized countries.

          • Oh, you mean a place where only the “authorities” have guns? Move to China. You’ll like it there.

        • Heterosexual? (Just guessing, I haven’t seen the link yet)

        • White?? Oh, that wasn’t funny.

          • Willing to work? The lazy usurper is a worthless mutt. I should read the article…

            • “The lazy usurper is a worthless mutt”

              Not to be overly pickey but you should’ve said…..”worthless Kenyan mutt.”

      12. A good percentage of the 15 reasons would be not be an issue in a rural small town in a sparsely populated state. Find a place that produces food and has natural gas reserves. Those two should maintain some employment directly and indirectly. Bring a skill like being able to fix things would be a great benefit.

        This article reminds me of a teenager that threatens to move out. The article never mentions where to go.

        • Kevin, you are #1 in my book. Good post my brother!(from another mother)

      13. #11)Is true. My son was not allowed to ride his bike to high school, they said it wasn’t safe. So then we got him a moped with a motorcycle helmet. He rode that to school for one year and then the next year they said it was illegal to drive it on school property. They considered a moped to be the same as a bike, meaning “unsafe”. They would however allow him to ride a motorcycle. How is a motorcycle safer than a moped???

        • We live in a very large neighborhood where the schools are inside it – all connected by trails & back roads.

          We all drive golf carts everywhere. We are not allowed to drive them on school property (but we can drive our car or motorcycle on school property).

          Stupid government.

        • Declaration of Sovereign Rights, then ride what you want. When they complain, just prove to them that it will do no good.

          Soon, my son will be travelling on his dirt bike to school. They’ll have a fit. I’ll ask them what gives them the right to infringe on my son’s Constitutionally Enumerated right to travel? I’ll stand on that. They will loose.

          Corporations always lose against living, breathing men. Its a given. Stop acting like your beaten. You’ve already won, you just have to properly educate them.

          …but frankly, public school gives you exactly what you pay for: not much. Shun the corporation. Its sucking all of us dry.

      14. that’s right coward run,ill stay and fight until my last breath.i’d rather die for something then live for nothing!

        • ….said the captain of the Titanic.

          • CAPT Edward John Smith did what he had to do. His choices were bad & worse. Worse if he survived. I wonder how long it took him after hitting ice to come to the ultimate solution.

      15. Maybe he doesn’t want to overpopulate his atoll in the pacific.America is woth fighting for, My family stayed on in trenton nj to fight with Washington after defecting from the British and believed in this country so much as to lose everything in Europe. They did it, I will fight too.
        My 8 cents (adjusted for the non existant inflation).

      16. For Sale: One homestead located in Utopia. No taxes, no crime, no gubmint, no worries. Owner selling for health reasons. (I’m sick and tired of being so happy here) Contact Shangri-La Realty, 101 Sweetbliss Rd. Himalayan Mts.
        Sorry, but I aint buyin’ a used car without driving it, and I won’t date your sister til you show me a picture. Who is the author? Where did he ‘expatriate’ to? Tell me about the wonderful 3rd world ALTERNATIVES to all the problems listed. Where the hell is this utopia? I haven’t been everywhere, but I have traveled a bit outside of okieland, and I haven’t seen it yet. (does Topeka count as a foreign country?)
        The author said our forefathers ‘fled to new lands to live as free men’? I thought our forefathers fought the british to live as free men. Did I miss something in publik skool histree class?
        Now, I won’t argue that amerika is screwed up and getting more screwed upper every day, but that’s just all the more reason to STAY AND FIGHT! Besides, any nation that produces fake hair in a spray can, drive-thru tacos at 2am, the playmate of the month, and music by Toby (we’ll put a boot in your ass, it’s the american way) Keith is worth fighting for!
        Powder’s dry. Sights are true. Safety’s off. Let’s Roll!

        • COSTA RICA

          • Costa Rica is too close to dictator-land. It is rampant in Central & South America. I know, I lived there for a few years.

        • Three choices: single, three shot burst or full auto with beanie and straw.

        • Okie, right there with you. Just came in from shooting half a dozen walnuts off of an American Walnut Tree. Its about 12in in diameter and was just a sapling when my great grandfather settled this area. From the stories I hear, its how he practiced. First on paper, then on walnuts, then on squirrels, rabbit, deer, or anything else that was reasonably edible.

          My roots run deep in this county, since before we got statehood and before the corporation existed. You can take my land and you can steal my guns but you’ll never break my spirit. They’d have one hell of a time chasing me off of here. It would be like trying to was the mud off this place. Too bad #6 never found a place to take root. If he had, I think he’d have found a different perspective.

      17. Most of the reasons for leaving that were listed, were pretty lame. Almost as if the person writing the article wasn’t a true believer of what is going on. Much better reasons to leave exist. I wouldn’t hold it against anyone who has left. But there are few small hiding places left. We are entering a new dark ages. Our ancestors survived the old dark ages, thus we exist. We will survive and prosper if we fight with the goal to destroy our enemies not just co-exist. And I don’t mean vote them out, etc. Slaughter them and hunt down their spawn and wipe them from the face of the earth. Their goal is to make you go extinct and they have a headstart.

        • While some will be battling each other on the mean streets of the former America, others will be drinking coffee in a nice civilized cafe in another country. We won’t be enjoying the stories we are reading in the newspaper, but we will be glad not to be living them.

          • I’ll be frying bacon and brewing coffee between bursts, thank you very much!

      18. Is that you Rachel on P/C of the day?

      19. My wife and I are too damn old to run very far or very fast. I think that we’ll stay right here in South Florida and give them the ‘finger’ when they come for us.

        • hope you have a life jacket madmarkie

      20. The Mexican that shot all those people in Nevada yesterday may have been urged on by an article at examiner.com, written by Miguel Perez saying that Mexicans must fight a civil war with Americans for the southwest within 5 years. He urged all Mexicans to choose sides now. Apparently one did!

      21. While I would not advise anyone to stay in the cities and crowded suburbs, there is still a vast amount of land and decent communities in the US. Most of us are better off staying right here.
        It is truly back against the wall time and there’s really nowhere else left to go.

      22. I will stay and fight. It’s MY country and I won’t let anyone take that from me (it will have to be over my dead body)

        There are places in this country where you still can have privacy and stay under the radar.

        I can grow my food without anyone knowing about it.
        I don’t need to sell lemonade, go through TSA, or be anywhere around the populous that are being controlled.

        I’ve said in the past that I’ve opted out. Though no one can fully 100% opt out. What I mean is to live self-sufficient. Create your own energy, grow your own food, build your own buildings and make uses of your land.

        In the middle of nowhere, this can be done. The only thing I have to do is pay property tax. A small price to pay to live in the country I love!

        Besides… How the hell am I to bring all my preps and PM’s with me without it all being taken away at the boarders?

      23. Thanks for this article; but I wish it had been more lucid and nuts and bolts regarding actually choosing and living in another country.. I have posted a few times on this very subject and I have done precisely what the article is alluding to.
        Some say that “running” away is cowardice; I would submit that CHOOSING to live anywhere is not running away.. it is making a choice. Whether that is deep in the country somewhere, or in another Country entirely; it has nothing to do with being either patriotic or unpatriotic. Whether you choose to live far away from the hustle and bustle of the city and it’s dangers by moving out to the sticks or beyond the borders; the result is the same and must be done with forethought and planning.. patriotism has nothing to do with the decision. By choice, I live a minimum of 3 months per year outside of the US. I have several bugout locations setup up both in and out of the country. Each location was carefully considered and selected for good reasons. I would detail more, but I dislike overly long posts and this is becoming just that..

        • You have any guns stashed at those foreign retreats?……nope…..Didn’t think so.

          • If you answer your own question, is it really a quesion ? Nope.. didn’t think so.

        • I do the same. I spend many months out of the country in an average year. I consider it to be diversification. It’s good to have contacts/friends in various locations.

          • You are correct. Many options are better than few options. Once you develop TRUE friends there, it is amazing what someone, who many here would think of as ignorant and poor, can get accomplished for you, their friend.

      24. Two words: Gilligan’s Island

        • Now you’ve gone and divulged the location of my super-secret bug out bunker!
          Danger, Will Robinson! Danger!

      25. I’m dating Ginger’s granddaughter! Three hour tour.

      26. Interesting food for thought however I know of no place on earth where these aren’t issues. I feel there’s more hope for the US than many other places, and at least here you have a leg to stand on legalistically.

      27. Thanks for all the thoughts of relocating. I’ve been wrestling with all the suggestions and studying the proposals but just don’t see it as being feasible. If it gets that bad, they will be glad to see us go!

      28. However peeved a US citizen may be with his loss of freedom, it reflects nothing on the loss of freedom for the citizens of where the US choose to invade. Gitmo, waterboarding, rendition, Zionists, drones, assassination, village wipeouts, mutilation of children, etcetera
        Ever wonder that if foreigners were safe in their own country from you, then they’d not seek refuge in yours!!! So the next time a brutal policeman jails yet another Black man, consider being Iraqi, Afghan, or where ever else has OIL!
        Irish and FREE, so far!

        • Mr Hand- I’m in agreement with you that the US shouldn’t be galloping around the globe inflicting ‘democracy’ at the point of a gun, nor should we be securing the banksters control of resources with the lives of our soldiers, but you’re painting with a very broad brush considering everything you listed. I’m gonna need a bit more clarification on the ‘village wipeouts’ (you talking about my lai by any chance?). ‘Mutilation of children’ and especially the ‘etcetera’ I’m not familiar with at all.
          And please remember, when you say ‘safe in their own country from you..’ it tends to shift the responsibility from the GOVERNMENT of the US to the citizens of the US. With all due respect, WE CITIZENS didn’t initiate these atrocities, and, for the record, we don’t like our government any more than the rest of the world does. We’re anxious to get rid of every one of the sob’s- we’re just a bit slow in getting the next revolution started.
          You say you’re Irish and FREE, so far. Are you in Ireland? Just curious. Both my grandmothers were the daughters of Irish immigrants. (Both grandfathers were English, so you can imagine the fireworks at our family reunions!) Plus, throw in a dash of Cherokee and Choctaw Indian, and it’s no wonder I’m always spoiling for a fight.
          If you are in Ireland, I won’t blame you personally for the idiotic things your government does if you’ll be so kind as to reciprocate regarding the dipsticks we have calling the show in Washington. Thank you.

        • you forgot the use of depleted uranium on troops and civilians.
          Good guys,NOT.

      29. I’ll just say that I’m glad he’s happy and not here. Rules may bite some times and I’m glad we are free to discuss those that do, but it’s clear this person and many others can’t accept some controls that are for the betterment of many.

      30. Leaving the country is really not realistic for the majority of people. Some Confederates went to Brazil after the Civil War and they still have a small community somewhere down there. My folks have been here for over 300 hundred years and we ain’t leaving. I really don’t want to miss what’s coming. I’ve been looking forward to it for a long time.

        • I do not want to miss it either. I wish there was an in between, would be cleaner than it is going to be. I have spent most of my adult life prepping. Hoping I never would need it her in the USA. But knowing I will. The sooner it starts the sooner we can rebuild. No not mad Max. Our economy and American values. But just in case I have my Zombie assault truck ready. Its like a boat, a black hole I just keep dumping money into. But if I need it I will be the “smart one” then.

      31. This author is a poser, a pussy, a moocher… he’s letting others fight HIS battle. Think about it he’s leaving you to die, and he’ll want to come back when the dust has settled.

        I’m sick of sunshine citizens. If you won’t fight the battles you aren’t getting the spoils. It’s just that simple. If you come back you’ll be an invader to the survivors who fought for the country you left behind.

        • I agree with your second paragraph. If you leave the farm don’t return after harvest time expecting a share of the bounty.

      32. USA will probably go the way of USSR. The USSR split but all of the parts still exist, and most still associate to some extent. D.C. will probably end up like Moscow, no longer in control of the whole empire and hacked off about it, but having limited means to exert the kind of control they had in the past.

        If things come very unglued I will flee to the part of FUSA that is most to my liking. Non-UN membership would be a real magnet. There would most probably be some decent areas to live without fleeing North America altogether.

        A breakup of USA would probably not be totally a bad thing.

      33. in lybia, just before we attacked the people who left were the rich. they took thier wealth, thier kids and left the poor people to fight.

        in the usa the rich would not leave unless the poor were revolting to the point they needed to escape. the poor and middle class do not leave due to finacial reasons as well as fear.

        no one wants to leave thier homes, community and friends. certainly not for poliotical reasons. not even in Nazi germany where the jews were told to leave or else, no one wanted to leave thier homes. And I don’t blame them.

        suggesting you leave the country because of bad politics you are suggestinmg that person gives up everything dear to them. only in extemes do people flee. And the usa (as many issues as we have) are nowhere’s near that point.

        I’ve met refugees from Sudan. It was difficult for them to leave everything behind and just move to a foriegn nation. Not everyone in the family were able to come here. They were divided between canada, uK, austrialia due to immigration policies.

        there is more to consider that just where to go but also who will come with you. how will you get thier. where will the rest of your family go? what top leave behind.

        it’s insane to think you can just pick some other country to retreat to especially in a crises. Everyone else will be trying to get out too.

        I don’t have the resources to relocate. I would be one of the poor left behind to fight. I would hope I could find a safe place for my daughter, she’s disabled.

        leaving is an extreme option that should never be taken lightly.

        • Excellent comments here.

          Following alternative media every day, such as sites like this one, has opened my eyes to the fact that I am less free than those who lived in the days leading up to 1776. Knowing all of this, though, I have to ask myself:

          – Where could I go?
          – Would my skin color and language make me a target of the locals or their local authorities?
          – How would I get there?
          – How could I bring my possessions (PMs, guns, ammo, food and other preps) without running afoul of port or border inspectors, “outbound” and/or “inbound”?
          – How would I make a living once I arrive? Assuming I cannot bring all of my farming equipment and tools with me, it will be a tall order to become self-sufficient before my imported food reserves run out.
          – Assuming I could not bring all of my supplies and equipment, how would I acquire what I need? I doubt a FedEx delivery would be an option. And if I went to an underdeveloped area, would tools and supplies even be available to purchase locally?
          – Banking regulations would cause me to trigger a red flag if I withdraw all of my life’s savings in advance of leaving. How could I convert my accounts to transportable wealth, or transfer electronically to a “safe” foreign bank, without raising some sort of alarm?

          And then there’s the issue of my surviving parents and siblings; they are staying put. I feel a responsibility to them, and they are also a major part of my support system, so that kind of nixes the whole thing.

          I would like to gracefully, and quietly, exit the financial system though. Just keep enough in the bank for property taxes. I only have one utility (power) to worry about as I’m on a well and septic system now, so once I setup an off-grid power system, all that’s left to worry about is the annual serfdom fee (taxes).

          I never thought I’d see such times….
          – How would I establish a support system once I arrive? I would know no one there….

        • The “rich” in the United States will hire the protection they need. If that protection can’t do the job they will leave here and head for Europe, Canada and Central America – they will at the push of a button – take their wealth with them. If you think they’ll stay here and wait to be hung by a rope by the masses you are mistaken – those will be the one’s who didn’t have enough resources to leave.

          • i dont suggest they come to canada jim, at least not anywhere near where i live…. they will be sadly mistaken if they think thye have found a safe haven… quite the opposite.

      34. As I see it, the author’s utopia will have the same problems there we will have here…like food shortages.
        Even if you can afford to buy a can of salmon for $25—what happens when that can isn’t on that shelf??
        Gonna go catch it yourself…yeah, right!!

      35. #16: Lady Gag.

      36. Strange thing happened to us last weekend. Hubby & I were buying a cartload of prep food at local discount store. Cashier says “that looks like a lot of food for two people.” We don’t have kids but she wouldn’t know that. Hubby (quick thinker that he is) replies we donate to food pantry on a regular basis (OURS, of course) and cashier says, “Exactly where is this food pantry?” Hubby says our church and cashier asks what church we attend. WTH??? We’re wondering if store employees are being told by mgrs to report large food purchases. Anybody else been questioned lately? Or was girl just nosy?

        • thats when you learn to control the conversation..right after she says ” that looks like a lot of food for 2 people” thats when you say..Yup it sure is. and drop the conversation.
          if she pushes back with another comment like that, you just say , hey lady we have a party to get to , we dont have all dam day.

          • C: Hey thats a lot of food for two people…
            Me: Yep. Well, we donate a lot to the church food basket program.
            C: Really? Wow. What church do you go to?
            Me: Oh, we go to Northside Baptist but thats not where we donate the food.
            C: Where do you donate the food.
            Me: Over at the community food bank.
            C: Really? Where is that?
            Me: What? You don’t know where the 3rd Street Food Bank is?
            C: No, where is it?
            Me: Oh, heck, I don’t know the address. Its across from the gas station. You know, there by Wendy’s.

            Heck, I could drag that conversation out all stinking day. You can do like VRF one time then just wear them down the next time. Then, you can ask them if they heard about the Vernon Pinchoet family that got burnt out last week in [neighboring town 20 or 30 miles away]. Hundreds of way to tie noseys into knots and maintain OpSec.

        • She was probably just being nosy or trying to make conversation; but who knows ? Either is as likely as the other. I have made some purchases that raised eyebrows at my local store; but it was just wide eyed kids.. WOW, I’ve never seen someone buy that many beans.. yep, we’re having a bean party.. you can come if you bring the rice. I’ve also used the food pantry excuse too, mainly because it’s true.. like you say, it just happens to be MY pantry.

        • i would have told them to stop being so nosy and go to hell.

      37. I think what the writer was trying to point out, fairly badly, in my opinion, is the steady erosion of liberties that have occured here. The old saying of not throwing a frog into already boiling water; but into cool water where the temp is gradually raised comes to mind.
        If you spend sufficient time in some so called third world countries, you do come to see and appreciate that the breath of liberty has not been as diminished there as here. Of course, you also really miss having a good hamburger from time to time..

      38. Uruguay

      39. Almost every day in the USA you face one tyrant or another, always present to push you around or take your treasure from you. One aspect of living in less developed countries is you trade the thousands of mini dictators for a small handful at the top. Your run-ins are far apart and few between, you basically just go about your daily life, albeit at a different pace.

        Your choice comes to living in the US with the daily picking at a festering scab, or a very infrequent pin poke. Patriotism is bullshit, a tool to keep the bed-wetters in line… Freedom is a state of mind, not a pile of dirt. Once chance at life folks, live it to the fullest.

        • America has become a nation of petty tyrants. We live in fear and tyranny due to the myriad laws, regulations, and enforcers great and small. From the PTA to the HOA to the NSA – all working to dominate every aspect of our live from cradle to grave.

      40. Attention K-Mart shoppers…blue light special on aisle 5.
        Gold is down around 1822/oz now. That’s about $80 off yesterdays high. Plus the dow is currently up a couple hundred. I have a sneaky suspicion that ‘somebody’ is peeing on the electric fence trying to short it out. Then they plan on rustling all our cattle. Don’t fall for it! Up the amperage and make ’em squirm!

        • I smell beef, it’s whats for dinner!

      41. Africa? Been there…Nops! Europe? Forget. Rules, laws, no guns, modern slavery…

      42. Did I miss something in his article???
        Where’s the altervative utopian country???

        In order to be truly free, I must be able to “… traverse the high plains of Central Asia, the majestic seaside of the Mediterranean and the chaos of Latin America.” That’s going to be a little tough with a husband, 2 sons, semi-dependant parents and in-laws.

        I hope he packed a REALLY sturdy tin foil hat!

        Wow…I love America and am willing to fight until my dying breath to save her Republic, but maybe that’s just me.

      43. Everyone must choose where they want to live and fight. You can be a freedom loving person and live anyplace in this world and take a stand and try to wake up people. This world govt. is a Giant beast creature it has an author and his legions. Eventually the Mark of the Beast will spread world wide and all fence sitters and everyone will have to pick the mark or starve and try to live away from the Beast grid. This is the time to make up your mind about John 3:16. God help us all.

      44. Okay, here we go. Where did the Bush family buy land? Was it Uraguay or Paraguay? It’s near a US Secial Forces base and a large water auquifer. Sounds like a place to go for when the Poop Really Hits the Fan! Or was that one of those BS stories put out by CT freaks?

        • I heard Bush purchased a huge ranch in Paraguay back when Monica was crawling around the oval office. I do not know the veracity of any of the claims.

      45. I posted this a day or two ago. I plan to stay here but keep a close eye on things. If it appears that a split of the USA is imminent I will run, walk, bike, drive or fly to get to the side that appears to be favoring small govt.

        Do not allow yourself to get stuck on the big govt, socialist side. What a nightmare that would be (as we all currently know).

        If staying in the USA means death for my children then I will try & get out. I’m OK with me going down with the fight, but not my kids.

        • Stay in the U.S. until your kids are adults so they can be enslaved by the authoritarian police state that already has enslaved you.

          As for them being killed? Maybe, maybe.

      46. Got out of town on a boat
        Goin’ to Southern islands.
        Sailing a reach
        Before a followin’ sea.
        She was makin’ for the trades
        On the outside,
        And the downhill run
        To Papeete.
        Off the wind on this heading
        Lie the Marquesas.
        We got eighty feet of the waterline.
        Nicely making way.
        In a noisy bar in Avalon
        I tried to call you.
        But on a midnight watch I realized
        Why twice you ran away.
        Think about how many times
        I have fallen
        Spirits are using me
        larger voices callin’.
        What heaven brought you and me
        Cannot be forgotten.
        I have been around the world,
        Lookin’ for that woman/girl,
        Who knows love can endure.
        And you know it will.
        And you know it will.
        When you see the Southern Cross
        For the first time
        You understand now
        Why you came this way
        ‘Cause the truth you might be runnin’ from
        Is so small.
        But it’s as big as the promise
        The promise of a comin’ day.
        So I’m sailing for tomorrow
        My dreams are a dyin’.
        And my love is an anchor tied to you
        Tied with a silver chain.
        I have my ship
        And all her flags are a flyin’
        She is all that I have left
        And music is her name.
        Think about how many times
        I have fallen
        Spirits are using me
        larger voices callin’.
        What heaven brought you and me
        Cannot be forgotten.
        I have been around the world,
        Lookin’ for that woma/girl,
        Who knows love can endure.
        And you know it will.
        And you know it will.
        So we cheated and we lied
        And we tested
        And we never failed to fail
        It was the easiest thing to do.
        You will survive being bested.
        Somebody fine
        Will come along
        Make me forget about loving you.
        At the Southern Cross.

        • One of my favorites, along with Little River Band “Cool Change”.

          • Problem is putting 80 foot of water line in any harbor in the Caribbean. Just isn’t going to happen POp. That’s over a 100 foot of yacht easy with a deep keel to hold that stick vertical. Have seen the Southern Cross, all the way to Antarctica & up to the Galapaos Island(s).

        • Excuse me, but I have to get this song out of my head. Everone please sing along:

          Flew in from Miami up to OKC
          Man I had a dreadful flight
          Squirmin’ while the TSA groped my junk
          Something here just aint right
          I’m back in the USSA boys
          Back in the USSA

          Said I had no weapons or contraband
          They wouldn’t take my word for this
          Put the blue gloves on and they fondled me
          I didn’t even get a kiss
          I’m back in the USSA boys
          Back in the USSA

          Back in the US
          Back in the US
          Back in the USSA…
          Those okie girls really knock me out(woo ooo ooo)
          They leave the west behind
          Muskogee girls make me sing and shout
          And Tulsa’s always on my my my my my my my my my mind

          …thanks I think I’m cured….anonymous, you can stop singing now…

      47. There once was a man named George F. Kennan. He was a US State Department bigwig. He wrote many books, one of them was called “Around the Cragged Hill”. (1994?) In this book he wrote, probably, the best description of the break up of the USA. A Russian recently wrote a poorly conceived article on the same subject. George F. Kennan wrote US government policy. His ideas in this book are based in government policy for the future. If you can get hold of a copy, check it out. He said, back then, that the US would become ungovernable and have to be broken up. Looks like he new about something.

      48. I might move my familly for thier safety, But as far as Me..No way, The Traitors are going to taste my dirty shit stained boot heel as i stomp their face in. I been in this country my entier life, Im old enough to remember when we had more freedoms than we do now, and Im smart enough to see who is fucking that all up here.

        So when it comes time to draw down, I’ll be there.
        If i survive i will than retrieve my family and show them what happens when a patriot is cornered

        • Oh really? Pretty sure what happens is they send highly trained former special forces SWAT members after you and they gun you down with a .308 round at 1,000 yards.

          You won’t even be able to see or hear the round that ends your life.

          Good luck with that.

      49. What damages the credibility of articles is when I know one of the items to be completely distorted and trumped up. The man who was beaten by police had just gone into the girl’s bathroom at 5 Degrees night club in Denver, pulled out his penis, and pee’d in the sink in front of them. When a security guard tried to grab him, he threw a bottle of alcohol at the security guard and ran out the front door and away from police. While I do not say it is OK necessarily the way he was engaged, he is not just some innocent guy talking on a cell phone. Mr. DeHerrera had just committed a series of crimes and the police were stopping him. That is not tyrannical. He brought it on himself. When you put together an articles, make sure everything on it is valid, otherwise one distortion reduces the credibility of the whole piece.

        • Actually, it wasn’t DeHerrera who had done that, but his friend.

      50. The world is presently on a Slippery Slope, accelerating ever more rapidly, and deeper, into the Greatest Depression ever to befall mankind, exacerbated by natural disasters of every description. Like Al Jolson said in the 1927 movie, “The Jazz Singer”:
        “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!”

        The people of the United States of America are now beginning to fully realize that we have slipped, and are continuing to slip, deeper and deeper toward a Hell of unimaginable proportions that awaits us. Soon, the Great Depression of the 1930’s will appear in retrospect, if there is anyone left to retrospect, as a mere mild Recession compared to what lies ahead.

        We have allowed our leaders to sell us into slavery to foreigners whom history has shown to be a cruel and merciless people. They have taken possession of our lands, our infrastructure, and ownership of our monetary system.

        Our leaders have become as “Shanda Kommanders,” the Death Camp Jews, who lured and cast their own people into the Ovens of the “Final Solution” to save their own skins.

        You cannot spend your way out of debt, despite the pretty picture painted by the consolidators. Interest rates will soon be skyrocketing to unprecedented levels. Taxes, bails, fines, fees, levies, fares, tolls and forfeitures, are continuing to rise at ever more rapid rates. Prices are soaring and the wage gap widening. Deflating housing bubble funds are being transferred to a new inflating stock market bubble. Un(der)employment is on the rise.

        Sell everything you’re making payments on while you can. If your credit is already lousy, let them repossess. “Downsize!” Ask for discounts on everything you buy, even at major stores. If you’re walking down that dead-end road, loaded down with heavy chains that you’ve put on yourself, unload now and live, not at, but below your means. Be able to sleep nights.

        Because Time is Money, and Time is Life; then Money is Life. In other words, do the Math: If a=b and b=c, then a=c.


        As a hedge against chaos, buy yourself a bag of junk silver (Pre 1964 Dimes and Quarters) while they’re still willing to accept worthless paper for intrinsic value.

        Because of limited resources, ignorance of true indebtedness, the drain of entitlements for the impoverished, the physically and mentally weak and helpless; and, for lack of what Nazi Germany referred to as Lebensraum, we’re going to have to make some difficult choices very soon as to who will live and who will die or the choices will be made for us.

      51. BC Canada, Alaska, Switzwerland, Monaco, New Zealand; in that order, IF I HAD to leave the USA.

        Why give up the USA? WE can take it back and impose the US Constitution once again. Propoganda from a globalist that wants to pursuade US that America is not everything its supposed to be.

        Ok, its not. But it is flexible enough to be what it is suppose to be if WE demand it. Engage! The squeaky wheel gets the grease! Raise hell!.

        Organize, participate, contribute. If you are out of work, when their should be jobs and opportunity in America, paint a protest sign; organize a group of unemployed and picket your local elected US Reps …..

        AT THEIR HOUSE!!!

        Then they will get the message, loud and clear.

      52. Stay and fight ?.
        The us is a rotting house infested with termites (not the average joe) it will soon collapse just like the other empires.
        when it does it will be in total chaos,the already other third world countries will look good at that point.

        Many don’t know that the so called third world countries have plenty of up side, you can be a slacker here in america but a genius in another country and make a nice living too.

      53. I’ve lived in other countries, and still do, because of my job. I can tell you for a fact, there IS no Utopia. All countries have their problems. All goverments seem to be rife with criminals. Bankers are life-sucking scum, wherever they happen to be. Wherever you are, it’s all about the almighty dollar, the almighty peso or the almighty rupee. It doesn’t matter.

        The USA is home to me. I learned early on to respect the freedoms that our country is based on, because at that time (waaaaaaaaaaayyyy back) we were taught in school to say the pledge of allegiance and to pray in gratitude for our freedoms. Whatever country we are living in at a particular time, I spend the time studying with my daughters and teaching the, a reverence for freedom that seems to be forgotten in education these days.

        I thought this article was kind of silly, because whatever your version of Utopia, you are always going to have a trade-off.

        Bloom where you’re planted. Don’t wait for someone else to stand up for what is right. If you see things that are wrong, say something. Do something. Change has to start somewhere and it will start with small single voices that clearly say “NO.”

        • *and teaching the CORE BELIEFS

        • That’s typical silly feminine innanity.

          “Bloom where you are planted.” Yea, bloom in Baghdad. Bloom in Afghnistan. Bloom in Fukushima.

          You’re an imbecile and unworthy of serious discussion among men.

      54. One thing that hasn’t been brought up as a reason to relocate is that you can live a REALLY good life outside of the US on what we would consider to be a very small income. I know many, many people who have retired down South and live far better than they could live on their income if they retired up here..

      55. Whoever wrote this article is DELUDED. There are no lands that have as many liberties still standing despite the fact that the “elite” and bankers keep chipping away from it. I say so from experience of having lived in Europe and Middle East.
        The problem is that the author does not realize that he, or she can’t hide in this small world of ours, no matter how far they run. They (he or she) will still be affected by the fallout. So, why run if we can fight? At least we still have our Bill of Rights standing and have our guns.
        So, is it better to kneel in supplication or stand for our liberties? I choose to stand firm.

      56. The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.

        Thomas Jefferson

      57. If we desire to avoid insult, we must be able to repel it; if we desire to secure peace, one of the most powerful instruments of our rising prosperity, it must be known, that we are at all times ready for War.

        George Washington

      58. IMO if, or rather when we see the outright collapse of the US economy and the resultant societal meltdown, it will cascade globally and then the proverbial phrase “no place to hide” comes into reality. I live in AZ and when David Mcafee (of the software company) bugged out of Portal, AZ to Uruguay it was my wake up call. Auctioned off everything and split because of the coming doom in the USA. At least if we stay here we are in familiar territory with our preps, support group and effort to support and defend the constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic… My opinion is similar to James Wesley Rawles’ the enemy will be a cohort group of foreign and domestic forces. I believe some of our creditors will send out the “Repo Man” as we still possess more “collateral” (natural resources) than any other nation on earth. Nonetheless, I am highly trained and highly motivated to do my utmost to see that the rights guaranteed by the constitution continue not only for my friends and family but yours also. Shame on me for sitting here and pontificating about it instead of going out and doing what I believe in my heart is right. We are no longer represented by those whom we elected and how much longer will it be before those of us talking on these blogs hit critical mass, get off of our asses and take our country back. Not much longer and it will be to late…I spend a tremendous amount of time researching this and believe we have about 15-18 months left before the overnight collapse occurs. My family thinks I am F’ing nuts for the preps and exercises I put them through and I pray the world never proves them wrong.

        • Not that long if food prices do not slow down.
          No way can average earning families continue to pay increases in gas, energy, and food.

        • Hi from south of the cattle crossing. Live near Portal but hang out in Rodeo. Border Guns

      59. Greetings Everyone!!
        The System is failing,that’s the reason for the fascist police actions,TSA etc…TPTB WANT total control.They Lustfully hunger for it.Plain and simple.But it’s now much,much too LATE.CHANGE IS COMING!!. They know it and are using every trick they know to keep their “UBER-RICH” status at the top.What can we do?Just keep a low profile and be READY for it.The whole system is crumbling around the world.Soon there won’t be a “Big Sis” and her lackeys at the airports,train stations or anywhere else.Without the funds to pay the lackeys,”Big Sis” loses her charms as a employer.Just keep calm,the CHANGE is arriving on schedule and on “target”.We’ll soon see the lackeys start fighting with each other as the “important”things of this current Civilization(if it can be called that anymore) come totally unglued.”running away” solves nothing,due to the fact this is going to be a GLOBAL EVENT.Very many will die(many already have),and only a few will be able to get by.Any want “mutton on toast”?
        Best to All
        Hug your loved ones

        • GFG: I have always wanted to try “mutton”.

        • How will they run out of funds when the currency is backed by nothing and can be printed in infinite amounts? More likely is more central control and planning. More government jobs. More police state goons. More bureaucrats.

          You think it’s ending soon? Yea, something is ending soon, but it isn’t the American empire. It’s freedom and any semblance of a free market economy.

          Those in the “private sector” will be (already are, actually) nothing but slaves to the government sector. It’s a hierarchical society, and if you are working for anyone other than the finance or government sectors, you’re nowhere near the top.

      60. The maximum effective range of an excuse is zero meters.

        15 reasons are just excuses with a fresh coat of paint. That the author felt the need to post them to the web is probably just another exercise in attempting to tell his family why he acted like a little girl who cut and ran because she thought she saw a big dog 2 blocks down the street.

        Good riddance. Next step, strip the ex-pats of thier US citizenship. Might take an Amendment to the Constitution, but I’m for it. People waiting years to immigrate and this little girl runs away. Hope the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

        We may have problems, but Americans are known for solving problems. We just need to learn that the politicians keep making more for us to solve. Best solution? Never re-elect anyone. The premise that Joe or JoAnn Politician is the best for the job is nonsense. If they are the best we can come up with, then we are screwed.

        And the author calls him/her self Number 6. This ex-pat is so paranoid he/she/it won’t even give a name. What a little girl.

        Note to the PTB. Please lock the borders down. No ex-pats allowed re-entry. Let the little girls leave in mass. We don’t need thier sort of ash and trash. They participated in making this mess just as much as all of us did, but they are afraid to clean up the mess. If your not willing to help clean the house, you shouldn’t be allowed to live in it after it gets cleaned.

        And yes folks, we are all participants in making this mess. If you have ever bought anything you didn’t need, you aided and abetted the growth of consumerism. If you ever use credit, you were an active participant in the finance sector.

        Note to the “lock and load” and the “hang’em from the nearest tree” crowd. So you’re advocating suspension of the Constitution? Or is it just for certain parties? Hmm, what about you too? The rule of law supposedly applies equally to everyone. Admittedly, Lindsey Lohan somehow gets a walk as well as some others with money or status. But the question still needs answered, “Who did this dingbat really harm?”

        • You seem upset that he has the means to leave while you’re stuck in your trailer. You’re the worst kind of imbecile, the low IQ goons that can’t even reason logically or think critically. I’d write another several words to tear you apart, but you’re not worth my time.

      61. I think you should all stay in the US and fight. Find a cause and fight for it.

        • Yea, join the anti-war movement. Protest in the streets. Vote for Obama.

          Oh wait.

          Or you can save the whales, take up that cause. Or fight against gay marriage.

          Or any other stupid bull shit that the elite simply do not give a shit about. Yea, waste your life and energy on THAT.

      62. I have been spending 2 months a year in Colombia. Would be great bug out country that is on nobodys radar, but you need to learn a little spanish. In Medellin the weather is perfect year round, no need for heat or ac. The wars are over and the people are happy. Pablo Escobar has been dead 15 years. Economy is good. Government is entrenched right wing with an army that can fight. Excellent property rights with miniscule prop tax. They have more exports than imports and a trade surplus. No government debt. Construction big time, no recession as in the US. Have big cities yet outside the cities they have a tremendous agricultural sector growing every food item known. And beleive it or not its safer than US cities unless you go in the slum areas. Freindly people and for single guys the babes are drop dead gorgeous. Exept for the poor, and there are a lot of middle class and rich,
        the people do not look like the mexicans we see every day. My girlfreind is completely totally white. Just putting this out for those looking for a bug out place to consider. KF

        • Can you own guns? Can you find a job? Or are you just there living as the rich American expat?

      63. Kinda reminds me of someone who is tired of their car or their house and decides to sell it…they have a whole list(real and imagined) of why they need to get rid of this thing ASAP…sad when its your country you want to be rid of….Ive said before this is my piece of dirt,my bean patch, aint leaving and you gotta go through me to get to it…ya go ahead and laugh but we’ll see how funny you think it is when youre dead….my family roots are deep here on this rock…Cherokees were here a long time,Irish hines 57 mutt showed up in late 1600s,they met somewhere and fought the brits when this nation was born…then they fought the yankees in Lincolns war…I intend to stand worthy of their blood and sacrifice,and God willing I will…not everybody who leaves is a coward perhaps but I hafta agree that you cant expect to sit safe somewhere else then hope to waltz back in here and live off the cream of our sacrifices,just aint right to expect America to defend you when you wouldnt her,and after such a fight I dont think therell be such a easy border as there is now,leastways I hope not…I think itll be a different world in which America will return to first principles and the people who want to despise America will get their wish…we wont give a d&mn about what goes on in the rest of the world…we may just listen to Washintons advice about foreign relations and have none…then theyll be accusing us of not caring about their plight to which we wil reply as Gable did to Scarlett in”Gone with the Wind”…frankly my dear we dont give a d&amn!

        • You will sacrifice yourself and spit in the face of all your ancestors strove to achieve for thousands of years. Did they fight and struggle through the eons for you to be a fat, comfortable slave? Or did they struggle for freedom?!

          I think I know the answer. They weren’t hoping for their descendants to have iPads and fancy cars. They were hoping they’d be free men, to live and die as they chose on their own terms.

          Then again, I suppose your desire to stay tells me all I need to know about you and your supposed desire for freedom…

          You’d rather take the blue pill and the iPad.

      64. No country is a utopia fair enough,but some are better than others.

      65. Let’s go for siete. Press one for English if you want to live here.

      66. Iwill face the enemy and draw my sword

      67. I just wish he said where he went, where to go. How much money does one need? Can one earn a living overseas? In what country? Live as a nomad?

        Frankly, those of you sitting there saying you’re going to “stay and fight” are imbeciles. There is no one to fight. Only armies of militarized police and faceless bureaucrats. There won’t be blue helmeted U.N. troops in the streets, just more regulations, more bureaucrats, and ever more brutal police – all embodying the state’s absolute power over human existence within the United States.

        I’ve gone deep inside the beast, and found it hollow. The elites are protected by mercenary armies, so far removed from your day to day life that they seem mythical, like the gods they believe they are. You cannot strike at them.

        Too much central control. Too much authoritarianism. Too brutal and militarized a police state. There is nowhere to run, and nowhere to hide. Not within the United States. Their police state apparatus is all seeing, all reaching, all encompassing. You won’t escape it within the wilds of Alaska, and certainly not anywhere else.

        Flight is the only logical course of action for the man that seeks liberty. You must accept that your fellow Americans do not want liberty. They do not want to be free. At best they want to be comfortable and safe, and the Big Brother police state aims to provide both of those feelings. Freedom is not part of the equation, and is anthetical to safety.

      68. It’s all well and good to own guns, but if you don’t have enough firepower to take down the government, then your guns are just placebos. They might make you feel a bit better, but they don’t cure the disease.

        This ain’t the 1700’s any more. In those days, any man with a musket could make himself into a match for the best stormtroopers the King could hire.

        Nowadays, the rebel, the partisan, the guerrilla, the insurgent faces a much, much tougher task than confronted the Minuteman of old. A typical citizen’s firepower is badly outclassed by the modern body armor, UAV’s, and advanced night-vision equipment possessed by the servants of TPTB.

        Going somewhere else isn’t necessarily the worst option. I remember that when I visited Lebanon (of all places!!!) a few years ago, I was surprised how much more at liberty I felt than in North America. Less surveillance, less checking of ID, and fewer cops. The politics were pretty lively, to be sure, but compared to the docility of most people in North America, it was refreshing to be in place that actually had political parties that were really different from one another.

      69. I guess I will waste some time and respond wether or not yall are talking to me or not(kinda looks like you are)….first off my ancestors fought for freedom on this ground,they bled and died on this ground,not some island somewhere in your imagination,alot of your kind scoff at the idea of Heaven then you try to convince us theres some little third world hole we can run and hide in while America burns that will magicly survive unscathed,its easier to believe in Heaven than to buy that story…sorry Im not interested..go ahead and leave…if youre gone then we dont have to worry about you giving us grief.
        Basicly some of you are blowing smoke…you say youre seeking freedom but what you really want is to avoid any responsibility….cant have freedom without the responsibility…only a selfish imitation…life isnt that precious as to sell my self respect for a illusion of security!

        And as for the Ipod thing mentioned above I had to ask a kid to be sure what it was…DONT HAVE ONE! NO CELL PHONE!NO VIDEO GAME THINGY!Never have owned a new vehicle,drive an 18 yr old Toyota pickup my Dad left when he passed….havent a TV set or cable,got this old 05 comp on dial-up thats about had it.

        And whats the BS about being a slave?? Except for the property taxes and those on things I buy, I havent paid a dime to this federal govt in decades…how about yourself? I dont ask the king if I may hunt or fish or carry a gun and I eat well…do you?
        Havent had to use a SS# in decades either,oh they assigned me one but I dont use it…havent seen that card in years….I raise most all I and my family eat,I fabricate tools and make machines to do my work…I “need” $100.00 a month to keep things together….how bout you? I tell our Sheriff to kiss off regularly…he listens…how bout you?…I think you dont have a clue…thats okay, many dont..but be careful making assumptions about who you think are “sheep”(like I told a preacher years ago…Sheep are stupid…I sure aint a sheep and theres alot of “Good ole guys and gals here and elsewhere who take a backseat to no one! You go ahead and leave…like I said itd be for the best anyhow,wouldnt want you getting hurt…you be careful nom,ya hear!?

      70. Bravo REB… well said. Not that I don’t think being ‘prepared’ isn’t a good thing… but good lawrd. I watch people build themselves into panic. Panic is not good…

        There are many ‘good ole people’ around… and we don’t seem to think of ourselves as ‘sheep.’ We were doing it ourselves before it became a cute acronym DIY.

      71. REB just becaause you don’t use your SS card doesn’t exempt you. You are a slave you pay those property taxes and on time I bet. There will come a time when that same sheriff will bust a cap in your a** for talking back. Your means of feeding your family garden’ animals ect. will be stripped from your the law already exist. All you naysayers sit back and enjoy yourselves because what we did to the black slaves is coming back around, what we did to the indian is coming back around. Bless America? What goes around comes around. What did Don Meredith sing on monday night football? Turn out the lights the parties over.

      72. You go on dreamin there sonny, those of us who can are doing what we can…while you sit in mommas basement and critic cause thats all you can….bye now!

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