13 Catastrophic Events Which Could Soon Lead To An American Apocalypse

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    This article was originally published by Michael Snyder at The Economic Collapse Blog.


    Is the strongest and most powerful nation on the planet headed for an apocalypse which will bring it to its knees?  We live in a world that is becoming increasingly unstable, and apocalyptic themes have become very common in books, movies, television shows and video games.  It is almost as if there is an unconscious understanding on a societal level that something very big and very bad is coming, even if the vast majority of the population cannot specifically identify what that is going to be.  Last week, the Global Challenges Foundation released a new report entitled “Global Catastrophic Risks 2016” in which they discussed various apocalyptic events that they believe could wipe out more than 10 percent of the population of our planet, and they warned that these types of events “are more likely than we intuitively think”

    Sebastian Farquhar, director at the Global Priorities Project, told the Press Association: “There are some things that are on the horizon, things that probably won’t happen in any one year but could happen, which could completely reshape our world and do so in a really devastating and disastrous way.

    “History teaches us that many of these things are more likely than we intuitively think. Many of these risks are changing and growing as technologies change and grow and reshape our world. But there are also things we can do about the risks.”

    According to this new report, we are five times more likely to die from the various apocalyptic catastrophes that they analyzed than we are from a car accident.

    In this article, I want to discuss some of the most important threats that they analyzed, in addition to adding some of my own to the list.  But first I want to mention that I do not believe that the Global Challenges Foundation is correct to identify climate change as one of the most significant catastrophic threats that humanity is facing.  Our climate has always been changing, and I do believe that we will see wild climate shifts in the years ahead.  However, human activity plays an exceedingly small role in all of this, and there is not very much that we can do to prevent what is going to happen either.  Most of the climate change that we are going to see in our future is going to be as a result of other catastrophes in this list, so I have not included it as a separate item.

    With that being said, let’s quickly examine some of the potential threats identified by the Global Challenges Foundation…


    In various locations around the globe, there are gigantic supervolcanoes which could dramatically change the course of human history in a single moment by erupting.  In the United States, the Yellowstone supervolcano is becoming increasingly active, and a full-blown eruption could potentially be up to 2,000 times more powerful than the eruption of Mount St. Helens back in 1980.  As I mentioned the other day, major metropolitan areas such as Salt Lake City and Denver would be essentially destroyed, food production in this country would be virtually wiped out, and a “volcanic winter” would cool global temperatures by up to 20 degrees for up to several years.

    Asteroids And Comets

    This is something that the Obama administration is actually quite concerned about.  During his tenure, NASA has established a “Planetary Defense Coordination Office” that is in charge of tracking giant space rocks, and NASA is working to develop a method to destroy incoming asteroids using nuclear weapons.

    Scientists admit that they only know about a small fraction of the near-Earth objects that are actually out there, and we get hit “by surprise” all the time.  If we were to get hit at just the right place by a very large object, like say just off the east coast of the United States, the consequences would almost be too horrible for words.

    Today, 39 percent of all Americans live in counties that directly border a shoreline, and most of those people are along the east coast.  According to the University of California at Santa Cruz website, if a huge asteroid did slam into the Atlantic Ocean, it could potentially produce a 400 foot high tsunami that would sweep inland for many, many miles and kill millions upon millions of Americans in the process.

    Natural Pandemics

    The flu pandemic of 1918 killed approximately 50,000,000 people worldwide, and scientists assure us that it will happen again one day.

    Yes, we have come a long way in fighting disease, but as we learned during the recent Ebola outbreak, a really nasty virus can grip the entire world with fear in a very short period of time.

    Engineered Pandemics

    This is probably even a bigger threat than natural pandemics, because now we have the technology to genetically alter naturally occurring diseases and make them even stronger.

    Whether it is on purpose or by accident, it is only a matter of time before a genetically-modified superbug gets released into the general population, and when that day arrives it may make all previous pandemics look like a Sunday picnic.

    Artificial Intelligence

    Could someday entities that we have created turn on us and start killing us?

    Some might refer to this as “the Terminator scenario”, and it is becoming more realistic with each passing day as our technological capabilities continue to increase at an exponential rate.


    The human race now has the capability to purposely modify the weather, and this means that we also have the capability to do a tremendous amount of damage.

    Have you ever looked up and noticed long white trails criss-crossing the sky?  This is being done on purpose, and when they spray chemicals into our atmosphere it could have some very severe long-term consequences that the authorities may not be anticipating.

    Nuclear War

    Back during the Cold War, most Americans would have probably named this as the number one catastrophic threat facing America, but these days most people tend to believe that “the Cold War” is over.

    So nobody has really objected while the U.S. strategic nuclear arsenal has been reduced by about 95 percent, and Barack Obama insists that he would like to reduce it even further.

    Meanwhile, both the Russians and the Chinese are rapidly modernizing their nuclear forces, and they both have developed hypersonic glide vehicles that can defeat any missile defense system that the U.S. can put up.

    Our relationship with Russia has already gone down the tubes, and our relationship with China is rapidly deteriorating.  In fact, China just rejected a request for the USS John C. Stennis to make a routine port call at Hong Kong.  Most Americans assume that a war with either one of them is impossible, but the truth is that we may find ourselves in a conflict with both of them at the same time eventually.

    The catastrophic threats above were ones that were mentioned in the report from the Global Challenges Foundation.  Below are some additional items that I would like to add to the list…

    Islamic Terror

    It isn’t just ISIS that we need to be concerned about.  Islamic terror is exploding all over the planet, and according to Wikipedia there have already been 95 such attacks globally so far in 2016.

    Up until now, they have been killing us with guns and bombs, but what happens when they inevitably get their hands on chemical, biological or nuclear weapons?

    Terror attacks using weapons of mass destruction could literally turn our society completely upside down virtually overnight, and it is only a matter of time until this starts happening.

    Power Grid Failure

    Someday you may wake up and discover that the power grid has totally failed.  Just try to imagine a world without any lights, cell phones, computers, televisions, ATMs, heating and cooling systems, credit card readers, gas pumps, cash registers, refrigerators or hospital equipment.  A massive electromagnetic pulse, either from the sun or as the result of a nuclear blast, could instantly plunge society back into the 1800s.

    The EMP Commission spent years studying this, and they told Congress back in 20o8that up to 90 percent of the U.S. population could be dead within one year of such an event due to starvation, disease and the breakdown of society.  So this is a threat that people better start taking seriously.


    World War III will not be fought like previous wars, and the Internet is one area where we are particularly vulnerable.  The Chinese, the Russians and the North Koreans have all been working very hard to develop their cyberwarfare capabilities, and I was recently told by someone that has deep connections inside the U.S. intelligence community that our power grid could be taken down with just the push of a button.  That is how easy it would be.

    With each passing year, we are all becoming more and more dependent on the Internet.  So what would our lives be like if it was suddenly gone?

    That is something to think about.

    Economic Collapse

    If you want to watch society melt down right in front of your eyes, just take away all of the goodies.  On The Economic Collapse Blog I have written more than a million words about the coming economic problems in this country.  We got a very small taste of what is approaching in 2008 and 2009, and yet most people do not seem to have taken that warning seriously.  Since that time, our long-term economic and financial problems have grown far more dire, and now the early chapters of a new economic crisis are unfolding right in front of our eyes, and yet still most people don’t seem to be alarmed.

    If you want to see how devastating an economic collapse can be on a nation, just pick up a history book and start reading about the Great Depression of the 1930s.  Unfortunately, what we are heading for is going to be a whole lot worse than that.

    Civil Unrest & Martial Law

    As the economy collapses and other things on this list start happening, people are going to be absolutely freaking out.  A whole host of polls and surveys have shown that anger and frustration have been building up to unprecedented levels in this country, and at some point there is going to be a huge explosion.

    Desperate people do desperate things, and we got small previews of what is coming in Ferguson and in Baltimore.  Violent crime rates are already rising in our major cities, and many among the elite are getting out while the getting is good.  In fact, 3,000 millionaires left the city of Chicago last year alone.

    Of course whenever civil unrest erupts, the government responds by trying to regain control, and eventually things are going to get so bad in this nation that we will start to see martial law imposed in various areas.  We saw a little bit of this in Ferguson and in Baltimore, but that was nothing compared to what we will eventually experience.

    Catastrophic Earthquakes

    A historic earthquake along the New Madrid fault seismic zone, the Cascadia Subduction zone or any of the major faults in California could affect millions of lives, cause hundreds of billions of dollars in damage, and literally change the geography of our continent.

    Personally, I believe that those of us that are fortunate enough to live long enough will witness historic earthquakes in all of those areas, and scientists assure us that all three zones are way overdue for major seismic events.

    Even if just one of the catastrophic events that I have discussed above were to take place, it would completely change society.

    Unfortunately, I believe that we are entering an era of history in which a “perfect storm” that consists of a confluence of these catastrophic events will shake this nation to the core.

    So what do you think?

    Do you agree or disagree?

    Please feel free to add your voice to the discussion by posting a comment below…

    GetPreparedNow-MichaelSnyderBarbaraFixMichael T. Snyder is a graduate of the University of Florida law school and he worked as an attorney in the heart of Washington D.C. for a number of years.

    Today, Michael is best known for his work as the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and The American Dream

    If you want to know what is coming and what you can do to prepare, read his latest book Get Prepared Now!: Why A Great Crisis Is Coming & How You Can Survive It


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      1. There’s a lot that can go wrong here, that’s for sure.

        The majority of my preps are for a variety of events. I mean surviving an asteroid or a nuke dropping on my house is going to be impossible, but if you have the right skills, equipment and mind set I think most events listed here are survivable.

        • Agreed. I feel that an asteroid impact would trigger most of these scenarios including mega tsunamis. Pretty much any disaster that has a ‘Mega” in front of it.

      2. The flu pandemic of 1918 which killed 50 million people worldwide is believed by some to have been the result of vaccinations. The fact that scientists say it will happen again is probably not an empty threat. Got to love TPTB. They sure are efficient in thinning out the herd from time to time. Have you noticed how crowded the place is getting. About time for another round.

        • Actually, it was because of Aspirin. It suppressed the fevers and kept people contagious and feeling OK. They continued to be sick and die but without the headache and fever their bodies didn’t fight the virus. That pandemic was certainly a strain of the flu that was worse than average but the new discovery of Aspirin as a fever reducer and pain reliever pushed it into the realm of a pandemic.

          • This!

          • Wasn’t that right after the Fatima prophesy of a great plage ?

            • Wolverine:
              the girl from Fatima and the other two children and Our Lady of Fatima were in Southern California Thursday week before last at approximately 3:30 pm, with me.

              • I’m serious. I had a kind of spiritual-miraculous experience. There were no words spoken. Just a sense of their presence and some dream-like visions as I was half way between being asleep and awake or conscious and unconscious. Still since you mentioned Fatima I couldn’t help but think about my experience and what a coincidence that someone (you) brought it up.

          • The vast majority didn’t die of the flu.

          • If you go back and read the Spanish Flu typical case, you would find that the victim would fall ill this afternoon and be dead by suppertime tomorrow night or the next morning for sure. Your theory may be true on the margins, but doesn’t sound like it made a whole lot of difference. <bb

        • I believe it is time for all illegal immigrants to receive all 291 “mandatory” inoculations. (lab rats) THEN if it looks safe let TPTB take them and we’ll all just opt out via log-in.

      3. Don’t forget the flying monkeys. Keep a pail of water by your bed. Which way is home?

        • More food. More ammo. Less sleep.

      4. At this point,what difference does it make??

      5. The Oath Keepers have a great preparedness plan that everybody should be looking at. It’s called the Community Preparation Team concept. And if you are really smart, you’ll join up and have access to some great training videos and ideas.

        • donit

          • Don’t forget to remember that the feds have told (even the cops) that organizations such as Oath Keepers and equivalents are even worse than we are. Not only do they carry guns but they TRAVEL with them and STAND THEIR GROUND, and even though 100% lawful Roy Finicum said, “Better shoot me then” and there wasn’t a millisecond go by before his body was ‘taking on lead’. So, if you are a patriot then YOU ARE a domestic-terrorist – – which is precisely what “The Feds” are (in every conceivable way and worsening). Everyone knows ‘the feds’ are feeding these sets of ‘delusions and illusions’, and we know they will stop at nothing to get our guns …otherwise killing us isn’t going to be very easy. Unarmed, we are no different than The Aussies …screwed.

            Sheriff’s DID SAY to NOT conform to any more unconstitutional laws, and isn’t it odd that right now there are many such laws making their way up the ladder for approval (most in CA. though).

            IF there is any truth at all to the media story that Russia and China made some sort of ‘backdoor deal’ several months back, then it may well be they’d combine efforts – and we’d be hard put to keep them ‘at bay’. Obama has seriously negated the effectiveness of our defenses at all levels, and nuclear is the very first one he sent ‘down the tubes’ – can you say “sitting ducks?” Of course, North Korea would LOVE to bomb hell outta us but they can’t get the damn rocket to behave. (Maybe they got the plans from SpaceX)?

            As for Oath Keepers, damned if I am going to put in 21yrs of service, and then pay by the month to “ensure my rights” will not be infringed. To hell with paying a penny for that, as it’s the law already and can’t be changed. If they try, nobody will comply and they’d be some kind of fire-fight (large or small who cares)?

            Same goes for NRA – ain’t gonna pay annually for what is supposedly ‘God-given’ – -so Mr. LaPierre can make his 1 million annually offa someone else’s pocket money. (NRA ‘folks’ are also listed as being “domestic terrorists or POTENTIAL domestic terrorists, and man if you are ex-combat of ANY ‘commando’ unit you can rest assured they are being tracked in one fashion or another. (No different than the currently returning soldiers are).

            Aside from myself there are very many here who WERE ‘ex-combat’ “somethings” …and are playing everything as close to the chest as possible, never saying anything (except perhaps misleading info such as your location and ???). That kinda stuff…

            No matter what it may be that’s allegedly coming soon, take heart in that man has always survived – – and at the present we are only facing a bunch of frigging LOONS! That should not scare anyone since ‘loons’ are nuts, and nuts can be out-thought and killed off no differently than they intend for us …or so they say. heheh… we’ll see what we will see soon enough. Until then, chill, don’t let the hype get to ya, and keep prepping as you follow your ‘gut’ (DONT follow the media …nevva)!

      6. Oh it’s only a matter on time and this entire poor country is DONE, finished, bloody mad.
        We need to get rid of this so called gov’t and truly start over and get rid of all the god damned foreigners and blacks…

        • I wish we could still do thumbs up the comments . You would get a thumbs up. Pointing out the obvious is unheard of still.

      7. I live a couple of hundred miles west from the new Madrid epicenter. I would like to live long enough to see it happen. It would be something to witness.

        • We must be neighbors, I’s south of springfield (contrariety to popular beliefs there is civilization here just ask the deer), that is unless you are an oaky.

          • I reside in the Newton & searcy county part of Arkansas. Buffalo River country

        • Old Guy, the way things are going, I think it will happen within our lifetimes. I’ll be 300 miles east of New Madrid with family. If I stay in “Memfrica”, I’ll be screwed.

        • Miracles as in the days of Moses. No matter the cost come quickly . Isn’t that what we are all saying? This will be the greatest event in all of human history. Just as it is written . It’s just a matter of when? And know one will know the day or hour. We have been warned for a reason . So we could fill our lamps . Isn’t it obvious. We are the wise virgins.

      8. By far, the most likely threat will be the power grid failure….and the most catastrophic. The author is correct, in that 90% of Americans will be dead within the year. Our 100% dependency on electricity will be our demise. And it is not a matter of if, but when. With each passing year, the likelyhood increases exponentially. Our enemies are well aware of our weakness, and just waiting for the right time to strike. Only (3) well placed EMPs, launched from a merchant ship off the coast will bring Armageddon. Once launched, those ships will be scuttled….with no way to know who the perpetrator was for a retaliation strike. America dies not with a bang, but with a whimper.!!!

        • EMP doesn’t stop our guns from functioning.

          • Yeah, but the guns may act as antennas and give you a bit of a shock during an EMP.

            • I’m still not turning loose!

        • Don’t know who the perpetrator is?


          We STILL have enough nukes to do that. Five times over.

          Someone’s got a problem here and it ain’t us. Our safety had better be foremost on everyone’s minds. Just saying.

          • Except that nuking ALL of our perceived enemies will be the opposite of worrying about our safety. It’s a small planet and that much firepower would destroy it and render it uninhabitable for millennia until the radiation from all the bombs and power plants subsides.

          • Just ONE of our new Nautilis (is that still the name?) subs have “a bevy” of ICBMs within them. Combined just the subs could devastate the planet in 30 minutes flat.

            Putin recently said he could nuke America in 30 minutes flat, with no retaliatory strikes. Hmm…. …”Obama has ordered that if we are nuked we are NOT to return fire with a nuke.” If this is untrue my apologies, yet it is what I have read in three military ‘newspapers’ (Navy Times, etc).

            How convenient for the attackers to know this, straight from his lips!

        • Ninty percent dead in one year ? Two months without food is all it would take to wipe out ninty percent . Think about it . Hunting fishing. Get serious. How many Americans have missed a meal let alone missed two months of meals. It would be mass suisides. Mass killing of looters. Starving gangs going house to house and burning out preppers. Get real before it’s too late.

        • The single biggest force for killing humans and destroying civilization is governments and wars.

          An economic collapse in the US will likely be engineered by people who want a revolution. Governments gone rouge are more successful at killing people than natural disasters.

          A well engineered financial collapse of the US dollar will kill people globally. Very few natural disasters could ever effect people planet wide.

          • Kevin2
            More people are killed by their own government than by foreign governments.

      9. “Have you ever looked up and noticed long white trails criss-crossing the sky?”

        Uh, no, I haven’t.

        • Well you better look up, cause the f…ing usaf is criss crossing the sky…

          • Not around here, or anywhere else I’ve ever been, from Florida to New York and Canada, and Texas to North Dakota. I don’t know about the western US since I’ve never been there.

            • They do them a lot in Southern California near the Pacific Ocean and when it rains it pours. And sometimes we get wind storms with the rain, especially in Winter when the storm rolls in from the Ocean. It is like summer this week. When they do the chem trails, usually takes a few days to get enough to draw in moisture enough to get rain. Clear skies now.

              • In extremely Western NC they sure as hell are doing something up there “criss-crossing” …growing up in Maine I always thought they were simply jet-contrails (that is what we were taught in school that they were).

                UFOs were nearly a nightly event for two years of my life, from about 11 to 13 I guess …then it just stopped. (Keeping it short, when the HORSE “rears up-WILD EYED-and starts hauling ass while you are approaching the wooded area where the craft landed, something was SURE AS HELL in those woods, and my horse was very used to bear, moose and the usual Maine critters.
                Guess ET freaked him out though….

      10. Another article by this hack? His readers are still waiting for last years prediction to materialize. I guess since he can’t pin down an economic collapse, he will just throw them all out there. Pathetic.

        • Thank you Mac for publishing another article by Michael Synder! And please keep on writing, Mr. Synder. Remember Noah–he kept on building the Ark in the face of ALL the naysayers.

        • With unlimited money printing they can delay anything for how long ? If it wasn’t for QE infinity his predictions maybe would be correct? Pathetic might be anyone that says money printing will save us? How many tricks can they pull out of their sleeve to delay the Zimbabwe . Venezuela effect.? Too bad those people weren’t fear mongered enough to prep.

      11. There was a 3.5 earthquake yesterday in western Kentucky. Too many people believe that earthquakes only pose a real threat on the west coast.

        If there was a major earthquake along the New Madrid fault line, the ENTIRE country would be affected.

        As noted in the article, buildings are NOT built to earthquake code, as in California.

        A major earthquake would damage infrastructure, especially buildings, roads and especially bridges. Then, trucks and trains would not be able to transport goods, especially FOOD.

        We have seen the damage an earthquake in Japan did to ONE reactor. Radiation from Fukushima is still spreading across the Pacific Ocean.

        If multiple nuclear reactors were affected by a large earthquake, great areas of land might not be suitable for farming for a LONG time.

        Currently, about 2% of the population grows the food that feeds the other 98%. The last major earthquake on this fault line included the area known as the “breadbasket” of the country, where the great majority of the wheat and corn in the U.S is grown. (See map in article)

        The east coast has a large population concentration extending up and down the Atlantic coast. Should food distribution be affected, soon after the large cities in the east (New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Baltimore, Washington, Atlanta, etc.) would experience food shortages.

        You would see a “golden horde” of people leaving the cities and heading to the country, where they believe there would be food.

        Foreshock? A Significant Earthquake Just Hit The New Madrid Fault Seismic Zone
        “The New Madrid fault zone is six times LARGER than the San Andreas fault zone in California and it covers portions of Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Missouri, Arkansas, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Mississippi.”

        “the U.S. Geological Survey has admitted that the New Madrid fault zone has the “potential for larger and more powerful quakes than previously thought“, and the number of significant earthquakes in the middle part of the country has more than quintupled in recent years.”

        “Unlike on the west coast, buildings within the New Madrid fault zone are typically not constructed to withstand major earthquakes.”

        “It is also important to remember that there are 15 nuclear reactors along the New Madrid fault zone.
        If a major earthquake did hit the area, we could be looking at Fukushima times 15.”


        • KY Mom – not only are there all those nuclear reactors in the New Madrid area but in Marshall County (Calvert City area), there are a lot of chemical refineries. They will do a lot of environmental damage too, not to mention the casualties. (I used to live in Gilbertsville – 6 miles from Calvert.) Then there are the dams. Kentucky Dam was becoming weak from all the traffic crossing it daily so they built a bridge to move the road off the dam. Don’t know if they are doing anything to strengthen the dam or not. I’ve been gone for 8 years and not going back.

          • Nubmaeme, there’s also an oil refinery in Memphis right on the river, not to mention some other chemical plants in the same area. If they go, that’s significant environmental damage for that region.

            • Braveheart – Have you ever seen the map made from Edgar Casey’s prediction about the Midwest? The country is split in half right along the Mississippi River. Maybe the New Madrid is what is going to do it. Even if it doesn’t split, if the New Madrid goes, the Midwest is gone.

              • Edgar freakin’ Casey? Really? Holy shit, dude.

                • TLBaby, I’m also skeptical of Casey.

                  • I guess I’m safe because I live only about a half hour south of the international Edgar Cayce headquarters in Virginia Beach, VA.

                  • While I find some of his work interesting, I know that you have to approach his work with caution. I just find that the map of his prediction for the Midwest and the way the New Madrid fault is positioned to be more than a coincidence. When his prediction was made, few people knew of or had even heard of the New Madrid fault. Back then, even scientists weren’t sure what caused earthquakes. Casey was from Hopkinsville KY so he probably felt a few tremors while growing up.

              • Nubmaeme, I’ve seen the map but I’m skeptical about the country getting split. That part of the Midwest will be devastated to be sure, but I question the possibility of any split. I’ll be 300 miles east of the area and be OK.

                • Isn’t it true that the majority of the interior of The USA (on either side of The Missippippi), is actually below sea-level? (Just as is New Orleans and most of Louisiana (to look at it anyway). lol…

                  Seems to me that if that big ole river split deep and wide we would have an East and West un_United States – – all of the reactors underwater would be an earth-ending event over (not all that much) time.

                  BUT – – we have quakes every second of the day so the possibilities are not every as high as the doomsayers would have you to believe.

              • Nubmaeme, I’ve seen the map but I’m skeptical about the country getting split. That part of the Midwest will be devastated to be sure, but I question the possibility of any split. I’ll be 300 miles east of the area and be OK.

                • Braveheart – That makes two of us. I’m now a little over 400 miles east of there, protected between two mountain ridges with a thick sheet of granite underneath me.

                  • Three or four hundred miles East?

                    Sounds like an idyllic location when an asteroid hits the Atlantic causing the fault to go. Between the tsunamis and radiation from the nuclear plants your descendants, if any, will be well suited for a water environment.

                    Just sayin’

                    • Hmm – there’s mountains and about another 300 to 400 miles of land between us and the ocean. Tsunami in the Atlantic doesn’t bother me unless it’s on the scale of the movie Deep Impact, then I might get my feet damp. I am 1200 feet above sea level. As for descendants, my only remaining descendant is 42 years old and there won’t be any more. The line stops with him. So I’m not worried what will happen in the future, in that way, since I have no investment in it.

          • Nubmaeme and Braveheart,

            Good points! I was not aware of the large number of chemical refineries in the area and the danger of significant environmental damage.

            Dams breaking and landslides could also occur.

            Yet, a great majority of the population is not prepared for even a minor emergency.

        • Much more concerned about New Madrid than San Andreas. San Andreas will effect primarily west coast. NM will blow apart the entire country. Pipelines, bridges, railroads and food production – gone. Great earthquake site is Adepto Perfectus (Dutchsinse)on F.B. or Y.T.

          • Mar Mar
            I live in New Mexico… what do you mean it will blow apart the entire country?

            • NM as in New Madrid – not New Mexico. Context is the key to understanding.

      12. I took all those NBC Warfare schools while I was in the Navy. Seems to me, if it happens most of us will be dead, shortly, however, looking at Japan, many of those that did not die in the immediate event, lived into their 70’s and beyond.
        It still does not mean to stop prepping. what it means, is be Positive, and do not let the government make you afraid.

        • Not afraid of the government, they can blow me…
          Mother nature on the other hand, now she can be a real bitch

      13. From what I’ve occasionally been watching and reading up on for quite sometime now, I’m pretty sure that this forthcoming “Event” is going to be more devastating than one can possibly imagine. Study the info presented on these sites and see what you think;

      14. I think 50 million “progressives” will shoot themselves in the head when Trump gets elected. Will that be considered a catastrophic event or just Darwin working his special magic?

        • I’ve heard that they’re all moving to Canada. I wonder what the Canadians thinks about that?

      15. Ha, guess i got to be careful what i write,,,
        Wrote a response with a couple uncouth words in it and got sent to moderation,,,
        Reminds me of bein a kid getting my mouth washed out with soap for saying a$$

        • Octogan soap was the worst, imho.

          To all ‘those posters’ that are worried about opsec, if you post here, they know who we are.
          Who would build a cabin 5 foot above sea level?
          Disparaging remarks indeed.

          • That’s 46 Ft Dumbo. I know facts mean nothing to you . 5218 log-ons to read your e-mail listed crap. You will be bombarded with spam viruses. Dimwit or more of a dope?? Its a tossup, You are both.

            Michael Snyder
            May 2nd, 2016
            Economic Collapse Blog
            Comments (32)
            Read by 5,218 people


          • I see someone else is familiar with Octagon soap!!!!! Good for everything including kids’ dirty mouths.

            • Nub, there was another bad soap, just cannot remember the name.
              An y suggestions???

              • eppe – you’re not thinking about Fels-Naptha, are you? That’s only for cleaning and laundry but you don’t want to use it on your skin…or in your mouth. Our favorite is lye soap. We usually get it from a favorite vendor at our farmers’ market but sometime we make it.

              • I used to get the brown bar out in the wash house, man that stuff tasted bad,,,
                Eppster, whats up with the comment above about cabins at 5′ above sealevel?

                • W’s bol.

              • When I was a kid, we had Lava™ soap for really dirty jobs. Serious stuff…. would hate to have it in my mouth….

          • Listen to the second half of this recording:

            ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=poCWRJTgMQU

            and you will hear all about the wonders of Grandma’s lye soap.

        • Kula,
          I’ve been banned from( these are all I can remember)
          Free Republic, Gateway pundit, Daily mail, ABC news, Washington Times, and warned by several others. I had no warning and have no idea why. I never threaten, use bad language, I do occasionally express very anti government, and anti political party ideas. I have been thrown into moderation here, but I never do a HCKS or
          Acid etch rant. I could not even match them. There must be a “feature” in the moderation filter, to list us as “evil” although we are just innocent preppers.

          • Rellik, I’ve got you beat. I was banned from EVERY MSM site before I found this one. Huffpost.com was the last MSM site I was banned from and they’ll ban you faster than most others. I was also civil and polite but very firm and outspoken in my anti-govt. and anti-establishment views. With MSM it’s your views that count. It doesn’t really matter how you conduct yourself. If you don’t ‘tow the mark and walk the line’ with them, you’re out. But that’s OK. I’m not missing them one bit.

            • Same here bud,,,
              Its very rare i get sent to the penalty box here, so can laugh it off as a glitch,,,
              I still get scrubbed from certain sites, Wapo was the most recent,,, not that i really care

              • Yeah, I have been bumped to moderation (or maybe there was a typo in my email/user name?) once or twice here. I figure it’s just a minor glitch in the matrix since most of the time it doesn’t happen.

        • Kula, LOL. I got my mouth washed out with soap once for saying ‘shit’. The soap tasted like shit. Man, those were the days.

          • We used to get the barbers strop on the back of the thighs,, that one smarted a bunch,,

          • Needless to say i used to get those treatments a bunch, think my mom would still like to do that to me if i didnt outweigh her by about 2 and am the guy who keeps the grass cut and riffraff at bay…

      16. That was some serious doom and gloom….covered all the bases, ya did. Congratulations. You get the fear monger of the week award for writing this stupid shit. You forgot aliens though, not the ones from Mexico, the ones from the planet Klingon. Not to mention the most likely catalyst, our tyrannical fkn government. You’re welcome.

        • Every one of those things is a very real possibility & people should not fear but pay attention. A little extra bottled water each week or a few more cans of food. I’m not afraid of any of it but I am prepared. These are necessary postings “just in case”….

        • Snyder is a fear monger, but you can’t deny that it would be a miracle to go the next 25 years without one or more of these things happening.

          There’s just too many things stacked against a better future now, mostly because of the actions or inaction of our own country.

        • A dose of fear is sometimes like a dose of reality? Warning the peasants of ww1 . Ww2 . Ww3 . Is all fear mongering. WW 1 happened . WW 2 happened. Maybe WW3 won’t . But it might be a good idea to be ready just in case . You will suffer less. And that’s usually a good thing.

          • Old folks used to say that what happens twice happens three times.

            • Many things in life “come in 3’s.” Death in a family. (That family will usually have two more deaths in short order).

              Death in a town. That town will have two more.

              Celebrity dies – usually two more go within a short time.

              Everything comes in threes …damdest thang I’ve ever heard or seen, and as unlikely as it sounds, it surely seems to have basis for truth. (I’ve even experienced the “three knocks” on a window, and the next day there was a family death). There was nothing ‘normal’ about that knock either ….it was ‘ethereal’.

        • Every so often, I use the fear to scare me into action. It motivates me to prep in a neglected area. Then I let it go for awhile, “give it to God”.
          Rinse & Repeat. Works for me.

        • yeah, the Klingon’s are bad enough, but at least they have a sense of honor. It’s the Ferengi that really keep me up at night. It’s bad enough to have our own bankster scum, but extraterrestrial bankster scum? That’s terrifying!

          • What do Captain Kirk and Toilet Paper have in common?

            They both keep Klingons off Uranus!

        • My thoughts exactly, well said.

        • A dose:

          We don’t need someone to tell us any of this stuff. It is just a way to get the conversation started like at a party when people don’t know each other.

          We are just good little Boy Scouts whose motto is “always be prepared”.

          Let me give you a scenario that might make you shift from fear based motivation to reality based motivation.

          Always have clean underwear because you never know when you might get in an accident. That’s just a classier thing to say than “because you never know when you might (have an opportunity) to get laid. But the point is the same. Do you see. Some body could write articles about being prepared in the event 300 people drop by all at the same time. Who cares. We want to be prepared for anything and everything. Hot weather. Cold weather. Loose a job. Break a leg. Asteroid from planet of the Apes. We give each other information and ideas.

          • Let me give you a Dose of Reality.

            I have a second home in the sticks with a a grid tied solar system with battery back up. This is a 6000 Watt system which powers the entire house, A/C included. The house is on a well and one of the first things I did when I bought the home was remove to the big jet pump that runs that well and install a submerged pump instead. 120 vs 220. When I switched the pumps, I also added a Simple Pump at the well head in case there’s an EMP or something of that nature I’ll always have a hand pump and thus, potable water. Our septic is a french drain system. The house is 100% off grid in every way. Granted we still are hooked up to our electrical co-op but if it goes down, which it does fairly often with summer storms and wet snow in the early spring, we don’t even notice. We keep bees and chickens and have quite an orchard on the property. We’ve been growing and canning our own fruit and vegetables for the last 20 years or so. I can’t even remember the last time I paid for meat. I’m a bow hunter as well as a gun enthusiast. I kill, process and package my own meat, have for years. My family eats venison, fish, and water foul. I can’t even remember the lat time I paid for meat other than in a restaurant. We currently have enough food that we put up to last us at least a year, that’s not even getting into all the pounds and pounds of sugar, rice, flour, different kinds of beans, wheat and pasta. The house sit a half mile upstream a lake that would take a day to drive around. I got a boat at the marina and a canoe hanging in the garage, again, just in case the SHTF and we don’t have access to gasoline. Wood Stove for heat with something like 10 cords, give or take, of dry, split hardwood just waiting for the day the heater no longer functions. I put a steel roof on the house before I put the solar on so I would never have to deal with the roof again as long as I’m alive.
            I don’t need motivation, I’ve got common sense, I can build, fix or install anything, and I have disposable income.
            This article was pure stupidity and fear mongering, plain and simple. If an author who writes for these blogs runs out of pertinent ideas, they fall back on this bullshit. It’s typical of hacks.

            • Dose:
              Great. You are right.

      17. “Civil Unrest & Martial Law”

        I put all my chips on this one.

        The protesting going on over Trump is going to increase. The zombies/moochers/illegals see him as ending their freebies and free ride; they are not giving that up and if trying to keep it going messes up the entire country; so be it.

        I’m expecting protesting and rioting to hit the bigtime at the gop convention and follow trump all the way to election day to keep him from winning and stopping the free lunch.

        • Lena, I agree there will be civil unrest and martial law but it will go further. Get ready for one rough ride!

          • Can anyone imagine the virtual explosion if the feds wasted Trump to ensure that Hillary gets her throne?

            The Never-Ending Story aka The Never-Ending-Revolution (just like The Middle East nobody would want the same shit, so for thousands of years everything would remain in a state of upheaval.

            Seems like no matter what may happen, most feel it is going to be of a magnitude never before seen by us, let alone experienced.

            I try to stay chilled. No man knoweth, yet SOMEBODY knows what is coming down the pike, and with all the “rich and famous” heading underground (or moving to the opposite side of the planet), with entire nations building very deep underground shelters …it suggests something on the order of full scale nuke, which is highly unlikely.

            An EMP is “highly likely” especially when interfaced with the plans of The NWO coupled with dozens of “things” that have taken place within The States. (JADE-HELM-15 – Blue Helmets (and lots of them), at several (supposedly closed) military bases. (This I have affirmed myself, by driving to the LANTCOMELINTCTR in VB,VA. and asking a few of the men I mentored, and ….. Yep, there are a slew of them, and there are more in many other places ….waiting. (Doesn’t take too much thought to figure out what they are awaiting does it)?

            An EMP does seem to be the ONE THING THAT COULD BE “NAILED” for a certain day …and there you go with all the other questions now about fully answered. This kind of news WOULD spread amongst celebs and of course to our fearless leaders (if they bothered to tell them all). NOTHING ELSE could be nailed down to a certain day (even an invasion could be postponed due to weather)? lol…
            But, I believe I am talking about an invasion …which brings us all the way around the circle and back to guns and how are they gonna get us to give them up? Not wanting a revolution the feds would MUCH RATHER option for ‘flat out killing as many as possible’ …and then go in and clean out what’s left. (I never did say their thinking was worth a shit, as it never is).

            We have insane people running one of the most formidable countries on the planet, and right now Trump is “fixin” to frig up all of their plans, and YOU KNOW that ain’t gonna be allowed, so I shudder to think of the alternative(s).

            Invest in PMs (lead/brass/nickel).

            Also, an EMP would also be a rather “controlled event” (or at least that’s how the feds would be looking at it). Number of casualties, where to distribute the “family coffins” (which has already been done, but I’m unsure if it’s believable info or not)

      18. At any rate shorter lifespans seem a sure thing going forward.

        • 2nd.

          thanks to obamacare and illegals bring diseases back into the usa that were wiped out, I predict that within the next 3 years, reports will come out that the lifespan is decreasing.

          throw in any catastrophic even and it drops 10 years in one year.

          • Yes, but at least the 0.025% of the population that wants insurance to pay for a sex change will be able to get their surgery. After all, isn’t that worth doubling or tripling the cost of your health insurance and enslaving you to big pharma?

      19. It seems the point of the article and the report its based on are to scare me into wanting more government provided “security” , lmao !
        The report is from a bunch of UN , CFR , climate change hacks.
        Get on your knees and pray that your government saves you !!!
        Do as they say out of fear and stay with the flock , you’ll be fine .BAAA

        • It’s funny when he says don’t worry about global warming because climate change happens naturally and there is nothing you can do about it anyway. But then goes on telling us about earthquakes, comet strikes, solar EMP, volcanos, AI, etc like there is something anyone can do to prevent any of those!

        • I’m sure you’ve read by now where Hitlery was approached by an ex coal miner and she assured him her husband was going to put that coal area back to work doing something else. Bill? She’s already admitting that as president she would have Bill doing things, if not everything (since she is senseless and a liar AND would get us into a war against ourselves within a week or less of ‘stealing’ office (through assassination or whatever it takes for The Clinton Family).
          Did you read that the feds have placed a large order for fork-lifts, BIG ONES capable of lifting several cars/trucks in unison. Speculation has it they are for taking the cars off the highway that an EMP “fries”. (Their vehicles have already been EMP’ed “proofed” …but just as a precaution you know, sort of like ISIS is just a “JV-Team” and is of no worry).

          Don’t stay with the flock. Get far away from them and go it on your own. Stay low. Stay hidden. Stay quiet. To say that matters are going to get ‘sporty’ is putting it smugly. We’ve no idea what we are walking into …but come hell or high water I’m going to fight hell out of it until it kills me …unless I can manage to kill IT. (Now that would make for a great day eh)? 🙂

      20. Just throw a dart and pick your disaster,govt. response will be one of the biggest threats to our survival.

        • I think “the government response” is what the sheriff’s are trying to tell us to NOT “go along with”, because it will be unconstitutional, especially if any of it is aimed at guns, and right now EVERYTHING is aimed at guns and getting rid of them (as civilians keep buying them up like crazy along with enough ammo for a small revolution).

          Can’t imagine anyone remotely considering kicking in doors – that would be foolish at best, if anyone at all would consider doing it to begin with.

          The federal response to everything is to gather up the guns, though there is no specific law stating such that I am aware of, and it’s not anything I’m going to abide by anyway. Domestic Enemies of America is what my damned government has become. They threaten me they take a bullet otherwise it’s gonna be me taking the bullet.

          Everyone has to draw a line in the sand somewhere. My lines don’t move and are not up for discussion. (Not when I have been more than assured that I’m at a stage that asks if I am going to keep my Oath or not. Answer: Hell yes!

          And so you have it. And where might YOUR line be?

      21. What is not on the list and poses on of the greatest threats is nanotechnology…as in micro-miniature self replicating nanobots.

        It is worth reading up on as it is already being created as we speak.

        • Jimmy
          nanotechnology is scary stuff, I worked on nanotechnology patents back in the day. UT Arlington turned the restaurant and bookstore into a nanotechnology center. Being ignored but it should not be.
          Another thing being ignored is Bill Gates and Monsanto’s chemical warfare against the US, a big factor in rising insurance rates. Big Pharma’s concurrent chemical warfare against citizens.
          I fail to see how we are 5 times more likely to be killed by these 13 events than in a car accident, because some could be a long way out there.

      22. Why the sudden surprise of all these threats. The book of Revelation already had told you what is coming including other parts of the New Testament. I understand that you should be prepared physically for things. Taking care of my family is my God given responsibility, but also making sure one is spiritually prepared is far more important. Regardless of your preps, training, etc- Life is eventually fatal but the afterlife is forever.

        • Amen!
          Live and love for Jesus on this earth.
          Do what you can.
          Eternity for us all is right around the corner.

          Even so, come Lord Jesus!!

      23. Well, rather than worry, I spent the day cutting/splitting firewood….for the winter of 2018-19.

        • I stored more cash, silver, lead and gun oil.

        • I’m having the ignition system replaced in my old pickup.

          • Very wise Archivist.

      24. One category that is missing up there & I’m very surprised they did not cover it. That is a major crop failure, whether natural or human induced. Upwards of 10 million people starved to death during the Holodomar in Ukraine (1932-33). There is plenty of historical & factual information online about that tragic event. Also, farmland is disappearing at an alarming rate while the earth’s population still continues to increase. What exacerbates the problem is that soil currently used to grow crops like wheat is becoming depleted of minerals that will eventually render it useless for agriculture & even animal husbandry purposes. Just keep that in mind Americans, where obesity is now an epidemic & tons of prepared food are thrown out into the garbage everyday. Also, well over a million die every week from either malnutrition or just plain starvation in the 3rd World. It could very well happen in the developed countries someday.

        • Johnny:

          The holodomar was a man made famine, not a crop failure. But crop failure is what caused the Irish potato famine. When the farmers only grew one type of potato, like russet French fry potatoes. That’s why we grow several varieties. But GMOs are the unknown. They got to go. Now!! Good point.

          • Well aware of that B. You didn’t read the second sentence, “whether natural or human induced.” Also, there’s some speculation that the Irish potato famine in the 1840’s may actually have been intentional. Like all of history, it too is subject to revision. By the way, I come from a family of farmers going back five centuries to Eastern & Central Europe plus took courses in agricultural economics through the Ohio State Extension!

            • Johnny:

              Your credentials will make you a real asset to the site. Stick around. I welcome new information. I’m not afraid to be wrong. I am smart enough to know that there is more than one way to view anything, sometimes lacking certain data can compromise ones conclusions. So I always am open to receiving new data/info. Thanks. Never heard that the Irish famine may have been designed. And it never even crossed my mind.

              • I have Irish famine ancestors. It had a few causes, including the failure of the potato crop. Like the Ukraine, it was mostly engineered by the government. More land was stolen through the legal system, the Lord’s wanted to get rid of the peasants and go with sheep and cattle, Irish could not leave land to the oldest son like the British, so every generation had less to farm. In the end, they all had potato patches. In the meantime, the British were throwing people off their ancestral lands. Nevermind that Ireland exported millions of pounds of other food during the famine. The brits called them useless eaters, lazy, animals, rabbit breeders. This is why I know that when folks start using bs language like that it is ridiculous. The potato blight put what the government was already doing into overdrive. They hit the tipping point and a million died and a million left.
                Why I am obsessed with a bit of land and a varied crop of food.
                We haven’t hit the tipping point yet, but we will because what is happening is systemic. The Bigs do not want us anymore.
                We are moving towards our own tipping point.

                • Rebecca:

                  Your best post ever.!!

              • Thanks B from CA! I’m in my mid 60’s & plan to stay around for a long time & yes, I’m preparing for the proverbial day when the SHTF! Also, you correct me if I’m ever wrong. By the wat, visited CA back in the 70’s when it was a great place to vacation, especially San Diego. What a great town!

      25. Like I said before, this is not a site for women who are expecting their first baby or the baffoon that just destroyed her life because the dumbass can’t see into the future past His nose.. when I tell you guys that women are in trouble I mean they are in a lot of trouble..If anyone believes that a nuclear is even survivable is mistaken, if if you survive your still screwed..and yes me too.. But then again it depends on what I an facing, because aggressives..like us are more in tuned mentally to adapt to hell on earth. China is working around the clock to gain that capability..testing long range. Anyway I am sure the trolls want to give us some advice.


        • HCKS, good points. Let the trolls bring it on. Everyone here knows I’ll take them on in a New York minute.

      26. Spot on article ~ the scenario are endless and very possible, like the man said stock up on the 3 B’s!

      27. I agree HCKS. A nuclear isn’t to be taken lightly. What do you think is worse; a nuclear, nuclear war, or nuclear meltdown? Your post is thought provoking and nuclear is broad. We are aggressives I guess and our aggressives are tuned rather than in tune. First babies are more at risk than 2nd or 3rd babies? I didn’t know that. Nuclear is not survivable unless you survive. Well said and great point. And China is long range testing. Long range nukes or what? Please enlighten me. I can’t comprehend your incredible brain.

        • Wouldn’t a “nuke war” bring upon all three, thus making IT the worst? …just a thought is all Copper. Nuclear IS survivable (and has been survived more often than not, and certainly never at ground zero).
          Since everyone is talking globally about nukes, I’m convinced they fully intend to get a rocket going and send us an EMP via ‘satellite’ …unless it’s already up there and “they” are awaiting the next ‘stage’ to complete before ????

          Locked ‘n Loaded

          Hell, I dunno.

      28. The only reason we are here. Is that we get depopulated before we can totally destroy the planet? Isn’t that obvious?

      29. No preps are entirely wasted as my corollary to Murphy’s Law states:

        “Disasters you’ve properly prepared for become less likely to occur”

        So far it’s working.

      30. With the things going on at this time . How could anyone be stupid enough to not at least hedge there bets?I mean your life is on the line. Not to mention your family ? What are you saving up for ? One trillion seconds is thirty thousand years . Do you really think we will get out of this with out any pain?

      31. How could anyone look around and see what’s happening . And ignore iit.? Maybe as it is written . The Tares need to be culled ? Can you argue with that? Do we live with these people? Do we live with serial killers ? Or culle them?why do we have prisons? To let them survive? To hope they change? Do we not see how evil some are? Are we so out of touch with reality ? Have we been lead to believe that their is no unacceptable evil in our world. And we should except any perversion as an alternate life style? Where does that end?i
        Is their no limite to the wants of man? Do we have any right to limit their wants?

      32. Most Americans can’t imagine starvation. Have you ever missed a meal? What a bunch of useless eaters? We will learn the hard way?

        • Lone:

          You ask so many questions. The answers and the questions have been debated by scholars, theologians, and philosophers since the beginning. The problem when one or some enforce new actions to curtail wickedness in others is a history lesson. Sometimes the outcome is great but more often than not the outcome is worse tan the initial evil. So where do we start. The first place is to start with self, to make sure we don’t have a two by four in our eye when we condemn the splinter in another’s. Seems obvious. But easier to say than to do. Educating, enlightening, informing, alerting comes in second place. Which is partially why I come here. Third is taking wise and prudent action. This is where some men dare not enter. I say action must be accompanied by ethics, wisdom, knowledge, and courage. Good luck. That is perhaps most crucial of all. Einstein said that between genius and imagination, imagination is more important. Donald Trump said that between genius and luck, luck is more important.

      33. I would suggest that the United States develop their own “hypersonic glide vehicles” that will be able to defeat any defenses that china and Russia could come up with which would then keep both Russia and china from launching any nuclear weapons at the United States.

      34. Why everybody in west is convinced that a very bad catastrophic will come ?
        Simply it’s conscious which feel the crimes and killing of other people and God revenge is eminent….
        The westerner will not talk about get die…
        everybody knows for sure that after death everybody will be held accountable for what he did…
        Western dream to die in a natural disaster hope he can escape judgement….and this is what all about.

      35. A large coverage EMP would deny ALL of the nuclear power stations with cooling, thereby causing HUNDREDS of meltdowns and radiation releases into the entire Northern Hemisphere and oceans. At that point, millions would eventually die and would NOT be farming or consuming. It’s quite possible more earthlings would starve to death than die in the USA from radiation.

        There are “leaders” in this current world that is that stupid!

      36. I agree something is coming our gov will not tell us if they did it would be a disaster in itself.they will let it happen then clean up the mess that’s what all those plastic coffins are for they know. the rich have bunkers and under ground hotels we the people have a ditch
        . stay strong never stop prepping hungry people will do anything I mean anything!

      37. I read this string until the subjectivity gave way to bravado, so if I duplicate something already said I apologize in advance. My input is purely my own theories and opinions.

        Natural disasters- always have, always will. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Anything else is a waste of effort and resources.

        Nuclear- he said, she said. I don’t care who says we or they or anyone else has reduced their nuclear armament by any % because the fact of the matter none of us will ever know whether it’s the truth or not. My theory, every nuclear power could reduce it’s inventory 99% and still wipe out the majority of humanity by blast, radiation, emp, nuclear winter and so on. Again, hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

        EMP- same as above.
        Internet attack- same as above
        Economic collapse- same as above. My own personal opinionated twist, I believe water will become the next oil and gold. I will probably have made the journey before it happens but my bet is the youngsters here will see the start of it.

        Basically, my answer to the article and subjective posts after is the same, hope for the best, prepare for the worst, semper paratus! I say this because the fact is, as long as the system in place remains unchanged, we have absolutely no control over any of the above scenarios. History is ignored, the same practices remain in place and are increased expecting some magical different result. My theory, they aren’t expecting a different result, the powers that be have learned from history how to repeat it to their monetary and power hungry advantage.

        The one thing said in the string of posts I whole heartedly agree with and feel we have any control over is being tracked. Discharged commando types, of course they are, especially if they join faction with any group or individual deemed a “threat”. Well, they aren’t the only ones being tracked. ANY of us that voice our opinions too loud or fly a Gadsden flag overtly are too. If you do it on the www, you’re increasing that chance exponentially. When something happened to change life as we know it, in the ensuing chaos of martial law, those on the radar will be the first to disappear.

      38. I don’t pay attention to this kind of article much. I already know in my prep project in the scope the degree of severity in my plan. So when students in my computer disaster recovery class got off track and wanted to talk about what could happen with the computer crashing I would quiet them down with my loud voice and say “…In 1955 a stewardess on the tarmac of American Airlines forgot her airplane was just in back of her with the engines revved. Then without thinking she backed up into the 10,000 R.P.M. propeller!…” So I asked my class “…. What happen to her!!…” The next five minutes were filled with explanations…but not the one I wanted. So I held my hands up to quiet them and once the room was quiet I said “…nope your all wrong. It dis-assed-her…”

        In some classes the groans were as loud as a pregnant woman in labor. Then I would wait for the inevitable question “…haa…haa..what does that have to do with anything?…” With that I would answer “…what it has to do with is I am trying to save your butt’s with disaster planning/doing and not spending hours speculating on what could go wrong. We already did that at the beginning of the class when we defined the scope of our plan …now unless you have some new risk we haven’t talked about let us get back to disaster planning/doing…”

      39. I don’t discount any of the article’s examples of how things could turn to chit.

        Personally, I believe that one of three things (or all 3 at same time, or in rapid succession) will happen to bring WROL to SHTF before any of the natural disaster suggestions.

        Economic collapse of some sort.
        Civil/Political unrest.
        Engineered EMP.

        I think that TPTB know that the current FRN is doomed, and they will try to time up an engineered EMP to cull the masses enroute to a reset.

        I don’t think it will be too long after they run gold up to $2000 USD and beyond. Possibly before the next election, or just after, if the results don’t please the bankers.

        Bank Holiday starts on a Wednesday, and banks don’t reopen on the following Monday.

        Cities burn within a month.

        I am inching up on 60 years old.
        I have had a great marriage of over 30 years.
        I take ZERO prescription drugs. I take less than 20 NSAIDs a year, and I do not consume alcohol.

        I am pretty prepared for bushcraft living. I got all kine stuff stashed.

        Yet I feel like I got nothing to lose when SHTF, in any fashion, rolls up on my AO.

        Off topic….
        Kroger Peanut Butter with expire date of 2012 tastes just fine and dandy.
        Frozen Edamame just six months beyond expire date… not so much.

      40. i dont know if this was mentioned however it is very possible that one of these things could actually trigger another for example cyber warfare could cause a grid down failure that was blamed on islamic terroism which could lead to economic collapse that could lead to civil unrest and martial law

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