12 Videos from Florida Show the Wrath of Hurricane Irma

by | Sep 11, 2017 | Headline News | 29 comments


This article was originally published by Daisy Luther at The Organic Prepper


If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million. Below you’ll see videos from different parts of Florida that show you the true wrath of Hurricane Irma.

Irma first made landfall in the Florida Keys as a Category 4 hurricane. The second landfall occurred as a Category 3 on Marco Island.

In some positive news, Irma lost power over night and was been downgraded to a Category 1 by the time it hit Tampa and St. Petersburg.

Millions of Floridians are without power. (Last night it was estimated that 7 million people were in a blackout.) Florida Power and Light has said that the restoration will be a “slow and dangerous process that could take weeks.” (source)

Key West

The storm also pulled the water away from Key Largo.


Marco Island

(Umm…why is that guy out there with his motorcycle?)


Irma also drained Tampa Bay.


Updates to come…

I’ll be adding more videos throughout the day.

The danger isn’t over yet, even though the Hurricane has been downgraded. A CNN meteorologist tells us what to expect:

Irma is moving up through Florida Monday morning, said CNN meteorologist Taylor Ward. The storm will weaken as it travels over land. The storm’s eye will move through southern Georgia by Monday afternoon. There is the potential for hurricane-force winds of at least 74 mph in northern Florida and southern Georgia, Ward said, and tropical-storm-force winds of least 35 mph will be felt in the Atlanta metropolitan area later.

By late Monday, the storm will reach northern Alabama but the impact will be felt well in advance because of its size, Ward said. There is also the threat of tornadoes in southeast Georgia and coastal South Carolina, Ward said.

The storm is expected to move on to western Tennessee by late Tuesday, Ward said.

“While the worst is over for southern Florida, the flood and wind threat will continue for portions of northern Florida, Georgia, Alabama and Southern Carolina,” he said. (source)

For those affected by the hurricane and power outages, the following links may help:

For those of you suffering, please know that our hearts are with you.

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    1. Upstate New Yorker

      Next is Hurricane Jose.

      • The Deplorable Braveheart

        I saw some of those videos on The Weather Channel yesterday. I hope CSS is OK.

        • CrackSummSkulls

          Survived, Also had some mini tornados. Huge oak trees up rooted and fallen on the area road ways that I saw at daylight. Had a big one down and blocking my escape route out of the property. 3AM was in the eye of the hurricane. Neighbor came by and helped me remove it when I cut it with my chain saw. Had a chain saw already gassed and ready to go in my SUV. Also cut 3 huge trees fallen on a road way to a neighbors and I started cutting and clearing and then about 6 others came by and helped to open the road up for vehicles.

    2. buttcrackofdoom


    3. Heartless

      Just made it through Irma. Minor damages where I live. South of Tampa Bay (almost see the SkyWay from my roof). Many south and especially east of me – not so lucky. Sorry folks, but I live in a middle-class, working, mostly Caucasian neighborhood where ‘Lawdy Lawdy’ everyone looks out for one another. Most up at daybreak cleaning up, checking on their neighbors. I’d pity the poor looter thinking to hit us. That’s why God put alligators here in Florida – to aid in disaster relief disposal of unwanted …. ‘trash’.

      • uk watcher

        Now I know why gators are so plentiful you have been feeding them since the 50,s

    4. Sgt. Dale

      it is all Global warming. No ifs ands or butts.

      Just ask the Witches on the VIEW. The wife left the TV on and the view came on. When I heard those morons saying it is global warming and if you say it isn’t you are STUPID. If it global warming why is the northern hemisphere getting cooler???

      Storms like this happens every 10 to 15 years. It is just life on this big blue plant!!!

      Almost forgot they tied in Global warming with Gun Control Debate.


      • Concerned-Citizen!

        Those nasty cunts on the view should all hang and do society a solid, The End.

      • Jim in Va.

        Latest studies tie these storms to sun spots and storms on the sun. The other crap is political. We can do nothing about the sun!

      • The Deplorable Braveheart

        Sarge, you say THE VIEW? Those broads are some of the biggest morons on the left. They’re always full of it.

        • Anonymous

          Braveheart, God gave woman as man’s “helpmate”–to help him along. Unfortunately, some men consider them “broads”, etc.

          • Heartless

            ain’t a damned thing wrong with the term ‘broad’ for a woman. Meaning – “having an ample distance from side to side; wide.” Don’t know about you; but, I surely preferred a gal with child-bearing hips over some skinny-ass liberal chippie. Got 4 wonderful kids with her due to that little fact – all natural birth. Thus, 7 grandkids on down the line. If you wish some reason to be “socially or politically correct” find a real issue to gripe about. I’ll call a fag/faggot a fag, queer, homo, (and a lot of far more disparaging terms) and to hell with whether they’re some LGBTqrst or whatever. There, now that you’ve been insulted personally – you can freak out, LOL.

          • The Deplorable Braveheart

            Anonymous, those morons on THE VIEW make the single life look like paradise to me. I’m not desperate.

      • Anonymous

        The second amendment is extremely important.

        However, the idea that Global warming is a “hoax” is bullshit. Of course, its happening. It’s a scientific fact that the earth is warming and the poles are melting. The catastrophes may not happen yearly, but they are going to get worse and worse in size and occur more and more often. If you haven’t noticed its happening, then your eyes and ears are closed. (“Ears but not hearing”; “eyes but not seeing”).

        • Old Guy

          Nope your wrong. Man isn’t the cause. and man cant mitigate it. Those greenie scientist lie and adjust their figures. What is happening is a magnetic pole shift. Not all glaciers are melting. there are more polar bears than ever.

    5. Him

      Anybody see any info on Cape Coral? Shoreline?

    6. southside

      16 years on. A whole generation has grown up knowing nothing but war. An entire military career if war. Imagine that. You could have been a private in ’01 and be a senior non-com now,all in the same war. Our political leaders are are disgrace,and military ones not much better. Happy Patriots Day everyone.

      • Concerned-Citizen!

        It is truly disgusting and so wrong…WTF has happened to this damn country.

      • Anonymous

        When I was in the military in the 80’s, many of the female personnel were deemed what they call non-deployable because they were single parents. That in itself is a disgrace.
        Whats the point of having people like that in the military? Same as welfare. And yet, they got promoted faster than their male counterparts. How you like them apples? All of you
        redneck families with your proud military traditions-wake the fuck up. Tell your kids not to
        join. They are not serving this damn country any more than they are serving special interests. Don’t tell me I’m not patriotic. I gave 4 fucking years of my life for this country.
        They ruined it. No more guinea pigs for these foreign excursions until they let us win a damn war.

        • The Deplorable Braveheart

          Anonymous, it’s called affirmative action.

        • southside

          Right on,Anon!. I was in 1978-1986. Single parents were supposed to have back up in case of deployment,many did not,pissed everyone off as it made those who were single carry an extra load. There were male single parents,too,but not as many. I think of the military than,and the way it is now,and want to cry.

        • buttcrackofdoom

          excellent summation, anon….EXCELLENT!

    7. Brian

      It isn’t just America that is being hit by storms. Asia is seeing it too. From what I’m seeing, preparations help more after the hurricane. Getting “out of Dodge” was the best advice. If you had a bunker, it needed to be flood-proof. They’re talking about no power for months in parts of Florida.

      • buttcrackofdoom

        just goes to show you, when it gets dodgey, get in the dodge, and get the hell outa’ dodge. better to DODGE it, than take a rammin’!

        • The Deplorable Braveheart

          BCOD, you just had to mention Dodge. The only Chrysler product I ever owned was a 72′ Dodge Tradesman cargo van and it burned up on me. Never touched another stinkin’ Chrysler product since.

          • buttcrackofdoom

            one of my faves was a dodge 1 ton van with a bubble top, slept 4, and you could tow a shit-ton of stuff with it…..damn, i miss that like i miss my last wife.

    8. Dave

      And, we get to pay for all these things to be cleaned up and fixed. The lap of luxery at our expense. Not to mention the huge warning. They dodged a bullet, next time they migt get a cat 5 head on.

    9. aljamo

      I went to a shelter at Largo high school at the last minute, what a trip. So happy the storm weakened, left the shelter to sit in the car, much better there even though cramped. No obnoxious people there was a big plus. Power out but can beans and a sandwich tastes great. Zero damage when I got home.

    10. aljamo

      80% in Florida said to be without power. Traffic lights out everywhere. Some wreckage around, power may be out for some time. Where is our FEMA assistance for critical need, such as ice to keep insulin from spoiling. I went through a hurricane up around Ocala back a few years, help was provided such as food and ice. Nothing here at all. Every store is out of ice, nobody knows when more will arrive. I do have one advantage being used to the heat not using air conditioning. Everybody without it is just rewards.

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