1.2 Million Will Lose Job Benefits By Christmas

by | Oct 22, 2010 | Headline News | 82 comments

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    At the onset of the economic crisis, Gerald Celente forecast that by 2012, people wouldn’t be worried about whether or not they would be able to put presents under the tree – they’d be worried about putting food on the table.

    For 1.2 million Americans, this may be a reality during the 2010 Holiday season:

    Huff Post Reports:

    If Congress fails to reauthorize extended unemployment benefits by the end of November, it will spoil the holidays for 1.2 million people, according to the National Employment Law Project.

    “The program deadline falls in the midst of the holiday season, when unemployed families do their best to put food on the table and hold on to their family traditions,” said NELP in a release. “It’s also a time when the economy, especially the retail sector, is counting on consumer spending — supported in part by unemployment benefits — to maintain the recovery.”

    According to the government, there are 14.8 million people unemployed in the United States as of October 2010. That is the official figure. Unofficially, it likely exceeds 30 million without work. At some point, these people (and those who join the unemployment rolls going forward) will lose their jobless benefits as well.

    They can kick the can down the road, but eventually entitlements and emergency economic programs will have to come to an end – be it through forced cuts and expirations, or debasement of the US dollar.

    And then what?

    Then, the system really comes unhinged.


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      1. All ican say is im one of the unemployed,Havent been able to get work for 7 months. In fact , thier has been thousands of job lost here were i live .One employer i went into interview , said look at this.He showed me a stack of papers he said were 126 job applications for 2 job positions. He said i can pick and choose the very best people for the cheapest labor prices right now .Needless to say i went from makeing 18 bucks an hour as a machinist for 20 plus tyeas, to him offering me a job with no health benefits for 9.75  , he told me to take it or leave it, so i left it . Crap is going to hit the fan , 6-12 months from now, oil will be back at 150 to 200 dollars a barrel , jons will be worse and probably the dolalr will be devalued. Im makeing preperations to live with Dad and Mon at age 46 , i left home when i was 17  and now i have to do this, but its better than the streets .I never though i would ever be here at this point .

      2. Exactly, Mac…it’s going to get ugly (or uglier) one way or the other…at some point – the only question is “when.”

        All government spending is going to be massively slashed – which will result in some pitch forks coming out…

        …or we are going to destroy the dollar in an attempt to inflate our way out – which will only cause nominal prices to skyrocket, making the entitlements that are still being paid worth considerably less – thus the pitch forks will come out anyway…

        The first solution is clearly the lesser of the two evils – though I doubt our politicians (from EITHER party) has the will to do it.

        This is going to end very, very badly…maybe not tomorrow…heck, maybe even not within the next 5 or 10 years…but it WILL get much uglier before we are out of the woods.

      3. As the country moves even closer to economic collapse the political party politics continue. ” If ” the Democrats retain their power in Congress they might convene and pass emergency legislation to allow unemployment/food stamp extensions to continue, awarding the voters for their loyalty. On the other hand, should the Republicans gain control, the American People may allow the new representatives time to initiate legislation to stimulate job growth in the private sector. Either way this goes, the government will have bought themselves more time to pursue their agendas regardless of the will of the People.

        IMHO, the American People will lose patience and physically demand positive action from Washington DC before Spring 2011. Once the American People reach the financial hardship of being unable to put food on the table, civil unrest could become widespread. Hunger could become the catalyst that reunites the American People in a way that Washington DC may no longer be able to control. Or hunger could move the country closer to complete chaos. These are perilous times, and those who are unprepared will suffer the most. Stock your pantry as best you can, and Good Luck To All.

      4. “They can kick the can down the road, but eventually entitlements and emergency economic programs will have to come to an end – be it through forced cuts and expirations, or debasement of the US dollar.”

        Oh, it will definitely be that last one……they will keep extending and pretending that things are gonna get better right up until the rest of the world rejects the dollar, and oil goes to the moon.

        We’ve reached the tipping point now, I think.   

        DC and the FED simply can’t do anything.  The FED lowered rates to zero, and for 2 years, it hasn’t worked.  So they’ve begun buying the federal debt ( out in the open, they’ve been buying the excess for several years using offshore shell accounts ) which will eventually cause massive inflation and world rejection of the dollar.  Raising interest rates would simply kill off what little is left of the economy…..and those are the only 3 courses of action they have !

        The whole problem, IMHO, comes back to energy….oil really.  In the past, coming out of recessions meant growth, which meant more use of oil.  Now, the excess capacity of the world to produce oil is gone…..so any ‘green shoot’ of growth gets nipped in the bud by a hike in oil price….which means there ain’t gonna BE any growth, which means there ain’t gonna be a recovery.

        Since the debt based money system we have depends on growth so the money supply can expand to pay back both principal and interest, the money system is about to be history.  And the transition BACK to an honest based money system based on something real ( like gold ) is gonna be hell because the civil unrest is gonna be massive.

        Got Preps ?   or more important…..Got ENOUGH preps ?

      5. Comments….. It seems as though every post in this whole blog has reached the same conclusion.  As a nation, we are screwed. It is also obvious, that no matter what our government does, it won’t work.  The system must reset itself, and that will be a painfull problem.  The only questions seem to be, when, and how long.??
             I hear people talking about being hopefull with the upcoming elections.  these elections won’t really change anything. You have to understand, that the elites own both sides.  They don’t care who gets in.  Do you ever see anything changing??  Different methods–same ending.  it’s all about control, always has been , always will be.
              We no longer live in a free society. Our ruling elites just ignore the constitution. and make laws as needed, by pressuring the lemmings that they own in congress, to pass anything they desire, at the obvious displeasure of the majority. 
              As things stand now, I fear violence is the only thing that will force change now. The agenda being pushed by the elites is moving at a pace that elections can’t change fast enough.  They have control.  But it can be taken away.  Will it, remains in question.
             As repeated many times, all these problems can’t end well.   A natural cleansing must take place in our society. Control must be taken back from those in power, and it won’t come without a fight.  This fact has become glaringly obvious. Unfortunately, as society collapses, the citizens have their hands full just surviving.   I’m reminded of the saying, “it’s hard to worry about draining the swamp, when you’re up to your ass in aligators”…..  So true.
              I have felt for a while, that we are so close to the tipping point, whatever that is.  I still feel that way,and wouldn’t be surprised at any false flag that happened at any time. I have had the gut feeling for a while, that sends me to a new urgency to buy more of this or that. What else can we do??   Good luck readers, and count yourself lucky that you are some of the few, who are at least “aware”of the pending disasters coming this way.

      6. Comments….. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZzzzzzzzzz………….

      7. I see a lot of folks in the 1st poster “Luckcharm’s” position.  I see shop jobs offered locally for 8$/hour, that paid 8$ an hour in the 1970’s when it went 8$ still meant something.  Globalization is a race to the bottom, with top dogs like the US in big trouble, even as a handful of US citizens become Uber-rich.  Without the so called ‘social safety-net’ it will get harder and harder to try and lump all people without work or working part-time as lazy welfare folks.

        As long as hard working people graduating high school can’t even get a full-time fast-food job b/c in many places they are competing with people in the 40’s and 50’s with long resume’s/work histories we are in big trouble.  Everyone living together again is certainly the way most people with families will be forced to go to save expenses–but this isn’t the old days of family farms where kids/even adult kids at home can contribute by milking cows, tilling fields etc.  There is very little to do in the modern economy/family if you don’t bring in some fiat $.

        I’ve been forced to work multiple part-time jobs to try and get by, and the wages haven’t risen in my field since I graduated college in 1999.  Everyone can’t be a nurse or an engineer etc.  Lack of work hits most people’s self-esteem big time, and with 8 million men (who tend to conflate ego with income/job prestige the most) we will be in for some big trouble as people become more angry and desperate and the lottery ticket hopes crumble for most.

      8. i’ve been drinking bird nest soup every night (i only get the homemade kind back at home). the only reason why i drink it is because it’s supposed to be good for complexion.

        i’ve been taking the store-bought kind online (e.g. http://www.geocities.jp/hongkong_bird_nest/index_e.htm of famous branded only of course) which is directly mailed from Hong Kong. this would be at a more affordable price.

      9. I read that US corporations have $2 TRILLION IN CASH socked away overseas that they’re afraid to bring back to America because they’re afraid the Dems will seize it, tax it or figure out some way to just take it. I’d do the same if I were a rich corporation or individual: I’d leave my money offshore where it’s safe from seizure.

        So, until the Dems are kicked out of power, we’re not going to see any growth at all. Because no one ever worked for a poor man and “rich corporations”–you know, the ones the Dmes hate–have all the money needed to move the economy along stored safely overseas.

        And that’s where it belongs, until America wakes up and stops voting for politicians who say, “What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is mine.”

      10. I see all of this as a plan.  Bring the system down because it’s going to anyway.  Let’s work on the infastructure so things don’t get too run down.  If a few cities get out of hand, they will clamp down hard & fast.  The housing bubble is laying on it’s side waiting for CPR and if it wasn’t for Fannie/Freddie the whole system would be out in the streets like France.  It’s a race to the bottom & Japen is wondering what’s the deal with the Yen?!?!  The US is “reported” to own more gold than any other country.  Will they knock on your door?  Who is really been buying back all of that junk gold anyway?  The big banks are sitting on the out of order toilet with bailed out digits & will need helper bars installed to get up.  Our leaders know the military bubble is next.  City & State pensions are trying to be kept in the closet during Halloween & the vote.  Chess anyone?  After the vote, baby ruth in the pool (full of sewage).  How long will the pool be closed?  Will you want to swim in it?  Will they make you……

      11. The solution…  start pumping American oil so much that gas is 75 cents.
        Ban all container ships for 10 years…if it’s that important…make them fly it in.  Get back on the gold standard but limit gold exports…only let domestic folks retain gold for script.  Require that all Americans be trained in the use of firearms….the founding fathers wanted us all armed.  Send out special forces to “take out” all the international banking forces that have tried to destoy the dollar…send a message!    Search youtube for the following:  Lindsey Williams, Gerald Celente, Peter Schiff, Jim Rogers, Lydon Larouche.    This is what I was reading last night…..  wow… http://www.larouchepub.com/other/2010/3736inter-alpha_genocide.html

        ps.  Require Walmart to stock a certain percentage of US made goods…at least give us a chance…if not..they get a nasty fine.  This should be true for all stores.  pps.  Stock food, silver, get armed and join the NRA.  The FEMA camps will be used to scare the American people to let them crash the dollar, and bring in the NAU/Amero.  This has all been planned.  Message to the NWO….yeah, your plan will work…but if you try and ban firearms….  the sleeping masses will awake.   Teach your kids what it means to be an American.  Take them to voting each time….teach them about guns, Join the NRA.  I respect the anti-gun folks.  That is their choice…. But I will be armed.    ….”From my cold dead hands”.

      12. Cathy…..what the hell  are you talking about? I think you are definately on the wrong post. We don’t need any bird nest soup here.

      13. Walmart sells the same shit everyone else does, just cheaper.  If you really believe that the “fix” to our problem is making the poor and middle class pay more then you are crazy.   The problem IS the government and taxes and overspending.  Our problem IS NOT Walmart or Target or Exxon, etc. 

      14. I really can’t see either political party wanting to be the ‘Grinch-that-spoiled-the-Christmas-of 2010’; therefore I have a hunch that they will probably extend the unemployment benefits at least another three months to put us into the first quarter of 2011.

        This works for me because in February I turn 62 and can start receiving my ‘early’ Social Security’ at a 25% reduced rate in March; for at least as long as Social Security lasts.

        And while we’re on the subject of Social Security; there is a word that I have been hearing more and more lately that some are using to describe the program. This word is “entitlement”.

        I worked a full time job during the summer of my 13th year. The very first paycheck that I received had Social Security taken out of it and my employer reduced my wages by 10% to pay the 7.5% contribution that he supposedly made in my behalf. I have been employed continually since then; this means that I have paid into Social Security for 49 years of my life. I had no choice in the matter. Medicare was deducted from my checks since it’s inception. Again, I had no choice in the matter.

        So now it is inconvenient or even impossible for the government to pay me the agreed upon amount because they have looted the so-called surplus from the program each and every year and put it into the general operationg fund of the US Government? That’s called theft.

        Don’t want to honor the agreement/contract that you made with me? OK. Just pay me the 15% of my wages for 49 years that was put into the system on my behalf + interest compounded annually at the prevailing rate and we’ll call it quits.

        Can’t honor the contract that the government ‘forced’ upon me and pay me the amount that was agreed upon for the rest of my life, as per our agreement? Can’t pay me back for what was taken from me either. Then we have a problem Houston. And it isn’t just a problem with me – its a problem that the government has with millions of its senior citizens. Grannie get your gun!!!

      15. Houston, the eagle has crashed.  Apparently we have had a major malfunction……  All people refer to the gov emergency broadcast system to be told what to do.  Ramp door open, Operation QE II.  Anybody think health care reform is real….  If the retards take over The House/Congress and take away unemployment, guess who’s going to blame who?   Bird soup…..anyone……..

      16. greaseman,    I thought we had hit the tipping point back in “08, but somehow we are “zombie-ing” along.  We are definitely past the no return point.   “A natural cleansing must take place”

        Buffalo Steve,   You are right about drilling American oil.   Recent oil reserve data,  says the USA actually has 200 years of recoverable oil….much of it still easily recoverable……(you can still find oil using from ground, in parts of Texas, Oklahoma, California…not counting Alaska, and off shore.)…. millions of  oil and oil related jobs.

        For recovery to happen, the USA will have to repeal, or at least put a moratorium on, all the stupid job killing, environmental laws.  There is something wrong with our government who saves fish, over American jobs.

        Not only have they killed the oil business here, but many of our most productive farmers, are going to Brazil, because they are sick of have bureaucrats,  telling them how, when, where, and what,  they can plant.

        America has been fed the “LIE”  about “free trade” and “globalism” for long enough. LOOK WHAT IT HAS DONE TO OUR JOBS, AND ECONOMY!

        Lucky Charm,    I agree, that it is too late, to stop paying all the entitlements and unemployment.    People have to eat, and it is this governments fault that there are no jobs.

        The pendulum has to swing back to “Made in America” And that starts with ending oil importation,  and bringing back common sense.

      17. all this doomsday propaganda is nonsense. everything is ok. there is just a slight ripple in the american economy caused by chinese currency speculation. our stock markets are going up almost on a daily basis and is the envy of the world. 

        we can assure that big improvements will be made in our economy by voting for the independent third party tea party candidates who have the intelligence and gumption to help america. specifically i would urge you to vote for the palin/o’donnell ticket in 2012.

        PALIN/O’DONNELL 2012

      18. Mushroom, you need to crawl out from under the rock you’ve been living under!

      19. greaseman, I humbly believe the system started to “reset” in a big way starting in 2008. Only our government figured out how to keep the party going just a little longer.

        You see, there are two parties involved here, and I’m not talking about the Democrats and Republicans. I mean the US government, and TPTB, or those that are above the government.  They often serve each other’s purpose (knowingly or not is another subject of debate), but I believe their end-goals are diametrically opposed.

        I believe with every fiber of my being now that TPTB, or the elite, intend to reset the system in such a way that the American populace does not rebel. This is something they do not ever want. Therefore, the heat will be continuously turned up as the frog keeps simmering in the pot. The lies and nonsense on TV will only get worse as TPTB scramble to keep the masses entertained and confused on the real issues troubling our economy. This is why things will get hyper bizarre as seemingly one strange news event after another comes along (think UFOs, 2012 talk, etc.)

        I hope I’m wrong. I would like nothing better than for the people to rise up and rebel. But I don’t see it happening unless some cataclysmic event transpires. And I wouldn’t bet on that.

        We will go out in a whimper, the once mighty United States of America, except for those with their eyes opened.

      20. My 99th week of unemployment payments ran out on April 4th. Since then, I’ve been living on borrowed money and food stamps. An unemployment extension will do nothing for me. What I need is a tier v that I can qualify for.

        Why don’t I get welfare? Well, gee, I’m just worth too damned much. My $10,000 apartment puts me over the limit. I have to become homeless and spend down my $10,000 and THEN I’ll be eligible for welfare. Then, I can get a maximum of $151 a month in spending money and $215 towards the rent. Can you find an apartment in New York for $215 a month? Guess!

        Back in the 80’s, when I worked as a bank teller, I stood in line at the grocery store to pay for canned soup and sandwich fixings and used cash to pay. I was behind a Hispanic couple with three children, including one in a stroller. They paid for beef, milk, baby food and a host of great food and used food stamps. And THE WOMAN WAS PREGNANT WITH ANOTHER CHILD! Yep, they couldn’t afford the three kids they had and they were having another one. And, guess who was paying for those food stamps!

        On and on and on it went: my taxes kept going up and up and up year after year after year until George W. took over. Then, I got a stinking $300 check and that’s all I’ve ever gotten in tax relief. Now, I need help and what do I get? The finger. Or, as we like to say, the New York Salute. And I’ll get it again when I try to retire and Social Security has already gone up in smoke.

        I don’t know what the hell this country is waiting for to wake up. But, I fear it may already be too late. So many depend on the fed and no one wants to throw grandma to the wolves. I don’t either, but we’re already broke.

        If people don’t wisen-up soon–and I mean soon–then we’ll be history. You can’t have millions of people broke, starving and homeless and expect peace and prosperity. I just hope enough people aren’t so cowed into submission that they lie down like sheep and just die.

      21. I know a few people on UE, and they are ALL slackers, Gaming the system to the end,,, which is near. Unless there is an extension, (I am sure there will be).

        One guy I know just canceled his phone, cable, and cell. And he has been sitting at home for over a year. Spending his UE checks to pay basic bills, and spending the rest on the best weed he can find. He’s been baked for over a year thanks to UE.


      22. LuckyCharm:I understand that it might be very hard to take a job at almost 1/3 of the previous pay but then you say you refused the job and will move back in with your folk. I worked 3 jobs, 6 days a week when I needed to( no sick days or benefits= work or don’t get paid), to feed my kids and support myself. Slowly I got better jobs in my field and now work for one employer with benefits.   I understand if you can’t find work but you wrote that you won’t take work if it is not what you had before. The jobs are no longer there so if you are waiting for the same job and pay, you’ll never work again.
        We get people who come to our clinic and look at the wall of free bread items and say how bad the times are but then walk away without taking any bread home because it is not their usual brand or type of bread. If they were hungry they would not care about that. So I think that as long as the checks keep comming from the extended unemployment, the focus will be on getting back to the past, not dealing with how it is now.  I know several people who have been out of work for 2 yrs and  say they won’t look till their checks stop.  It is an attitude that I don’t understand. But I know there are plenty of people who have no change at any job and my heart  and my prayers goes out to them.

      23. Comments…..Wow, Luckycharm, a 46 yr old “man” moving back home. Another mama’s boy added to the list of girlie boys. All this while my friend is living in a fucking tent and shiting in a plastic bag while serving in Afghanistan and getting shot at by snipers, all without any complaint. Excuse me while I get my violin out for you Luckycharm.

      24. Pull all of the stops out!!!!!!!!!!  The Dems want the gay vote, the illegal alien vote, the un-informed vote, the poor unemployed vote, the separation of God vote, I’m on welfare vote, I don’t “want” to work vote, I’m a drop out, uneducated vote ……………

      25. My ‘profession’ for the years 1999 to 2005 was ‘truck driver’.
        I now have an opportunity to work for a cable laying company,
        making $20 per/hour.  But you know what, I ain’t gonna do it!

        Why?  I’ve opted out of the rat-race.  I’m tired of working my arse off 70 hours a week, to make a ‘decent’ living.  And for what?
        So the Guv can confiscate nearly half of my wages every week
        to pay for people gaming the welfare system?  To pay for wars in
        countries I can hardly find on a map, when our own borders are
        being invaded to the tune of  1/2 million uneducated, unskilled,
        unassimilating illegal law breakers a year? 
        I’m done.  I’m through.  I’ll live in an R.V.   (I will not, however,
        eat any soup made from the nest of birds!).  I’ll scrounge for food, gas,  clothes, whatever, if it ever comes to that, but I’m
        DONE  paying for socialism’s grand utopia.  Bye BYE!


        Thought I’d share what Pastor Lindsay Williams said an elitist of the NEW WORLD ORDER(dying of cancer)told him on his deathbed confession…take it or leave it—but my ears are perked..(the emphasis are mine)

        1) keep your eye on China and Russia, not ME—control of petroleum, global crime syndicate has moved all corporations abroad(most to China!–heard Dell just moved their last factory to China)…..our elections are rigged; Republicans are helpless anyhow!..this is too big to be stopped

        2) crude oil is going sky high…$150-$200 a barrel…$5 a gallon will drive massive inflation
        3) told to have a 6 month suppy of food and water (duh)

        4) And Napolitano(Homeland Security) told a friend the same thing last week..have 6 months of water/food

        5) 400 to 1 insider trading during September(


        selling their own stock)….
        October insider trading has gone from 1,600 to 1….(get the picture?)

        6) two years ago he stated EVERYONE will be working for the govt…(check out what ‘s been nationalized in last 2 years!)
        7) within 4/5 months a ME crisis…the elites want a conflict in the ME..but don’t take your eye off China/Russia
        8) as I suspected, the mortgage mess was created by MERS through the elites …..I knew it!! to gain control or nationalize more bank business
        9) the bill to allow banks to foreclose without proper documentation will be passed after elections..Obama just vetoed the first bill for show for the dems..it’ll get passed later
        10) 2.7 trillion bailout for every corporation in trouble at this time,..could be as high as 5 trillion(another bailout)
        11) deathbed confession :after two years you will be soooo poor..(no comment) 

        12) world council churches must relieve the religion of ‘God’ to bring in new world order
        one example: a county pastor in Arizona told Pastor Williams that a new ordinance was just passed in his county that if any complaint came to their attention they had the ability to close the doors for good…can you say communism anyone?? the complaint can come from an outsider(atheist) and not be confirmed…
        so there it is! 




        Just a reality check..
        Saw a huge tanker that brings goods to the USA about 20 stories high and long as 4 football fields…it returns with all cartons/boxes empty every 4 days..



        This works for me because in February I turn 62 and can start receiving my ‘early’ Social Security’ at a 25% reduced rate in March; for at least as long as Social Security lasts.

        Not so fast…husband turned 62 in May..online application, agent called to ask a question or two, said all was fine …nothing in the mail in June…called and they hold back a month, but by my reasoning, that was two months if he received his first check in July, not one!!

        Just a heads up there pardner.

      29. Wages and jobs are a function of the supply and demand for labor. Send 3o million illegals home and there will be many millions of  jobs  available and wages will go up.

        Read the analysis at SHTF America: Illegal Immigration. If you think things are bad now, wait until another 30 million illegals migrate north. Those $9.75 an hour jobs will be going for $5.00 so we can “compete” with China, Cambodia, and Viet Nam.

        Follow the link up and on the right.


        Why don’t I get welfare? Well, gee, I’m just worth too damned much. My $10,000 apartment puts me over the limit. I have to become homeless and spend down my $10,000 and THEN I’ll be eligible for welfare. Then, I can get a maximum of $151 a month in spending money and $215 towards the rent. Can you find an apartment in New York for $215 a month? Guess!

        Hell, marry an illegal Mexican!!


        Max Hardwood
        October 22nd, 2010 at 7:44 pm

        Hi there …..your name wouldn’t be John Galt would it???

        I just read that book and throughtout, noticed it was all about America now, government interference and the rebellious wave for capitalism and freedom.

        It won’t have to get to manufacturers, business men, scientists, and inventers disappearing–the government is running them away.

      32. Wow! There are some interesting posts and some bizarre posts today. There are so many different opinions, some are still stuck in the Democrat/Republican debate, some want to shoot anything that moves, some want to save ten dollar bills, and some just want to eat soup. What to do with a house so divided? It is strange how we all live in the same country, are all going through the same (although at different levels) economic issues,
        and we all see the process so differently. The process of how we arrived here and how we are going to make positive changes.  I am not sure positive changes can occur until we, as a group, lose the need to be “right” and start looking at the issues objectively. Until that happens it will be more of the same, a house divided and a house conquered.

      33. I hope JJ and all hard working Americans will get their SS that they worked so many years for.  Because the government has forced you to pay into the sytem all these years or even decades….. 

        And why not, the FED can print money or digital by computer any amount of money at any time  – Even for BAILOUT. 

        Just in case you don’t know in the past the government took (sue) private  corporations to court for RECKLESS HANDLING OF PEOPLE’S PENSION FUNDS.


      34. 1)      America we need to budget well; the forecast is very, very bad.  There will be increased unemployment.

        2)      In the past your jobs were outsourced mainly to China, Mexico and India. And now mainly to Mexico and India.

        3)      Because the FED and Henry Kissinger wanted President Nixon to promote the dollar to be the GLOBAL RESERVE CURRENCY and it has.

        4)      Nixon thought that it was a PATRIOTIC thing to do, but he did not know he was being DUPED and being USED.  Nixon was being called an EVIL man by the media constantly even AFTER he died to this day  – Sad

        **** I only buy gifts for my brother and my co-workers, which were made in China – you know that’s my way of retaliating against them.  But then it’s the thought that counts, right???? *****

      35. Kathy,  I think I need to take you to the Chinese Westwaunt to break up with you.  That bird nest soup has been coming from the back side of a parrot sitting in a nest & it hasn’t helped your complexion.  Stop buying it online!  It smells like King Cong.  Stop creating debt with your credit card.  You get what you haven’t prayed for.

      36. there’s a lot of socialistic propaganda on here. america is doing fine -i don’t see any gangsters in the streets like in greece or france. our stock market is the envy of the world. so is our banking system. you socialists need to have faith, hope and charity in your hearts. sell whatever gold, silver and platinum stuff and coins you have and then save the ten dollar bills that you get in hollowed out books.. this will tide your family over through and ripple in our economy due to chinese spys and currency manipulators. god bless america and god bless the american federal reserve ten dollar note…

      37. In the comments above, a well meaning but ignorant fool suggests that we vote for Palin and Rosie O’donnell in 2012.     While I doubt that they will run, I choose to stick with what works and will cast my vote for Herr Obama and Hillary Clinton. ( foot in mouth will be forced out) 

        Lets keep the Obama mania going for at least 4 more years!!!!

        Change we can believe in baby!!!

      38. usually i ignore insults because i realize that my logic has and will prevail in the long run because of my ivy league university education. but , because of the ferosity of the attacks on me here, i feel i must take this opportunity to win here.

        the prepper peopaganda on this site is enormous and uses pseudologic to profit financially by frightening uneducated readers with doomsday scenarios and advising readers to buy freeze dried food, ammunition and guns. really. like they’re real rambos and are going to shoot more than one gun at a time. i’ll bet all these gun and ammo experts here don’t even know what bullets to buy. i saw a huge argument in the local walmart when some gun nut tried to return boxes of bullets he had bought by mistake -he didn’t even know what bullets fit his gun. what a calamity. he bought 357 sig bullets and they wouldn’t fit into his 357 revolver. oh yeah, freeze dried food tastes horrible -i bought some at walmarts last week -it tastes horrible.

        the econommy of the united states is the strongest in the world. . and it is the envy of the world. look at all those folks sneaking into our great country to enjoy our freedoms. i don’t see americans sneaking into other countries. the world depends on us to defend freedom and prosperity in the civilized world from arrogant killers walking down mountainsides with ak 47’s like i saw last week on fox tv. and the whole world appreciates the efforts the united states is making to destroy terrorism. our american federal reserve notes are the backbone of international commerce and is the reserve currency that all countries use to buy things. this is wonderful and demonstrates the strength of the american banking system and the american dollar. that’s why i say sell silver and gold junk and buy ten dollar bills to put away for a rainy day. the ten dollar bill is the salt of the earth and will prevail when all those so called precious metals are rusting away to nothing.

      39. Hihihiihi, university educated musroom, PM NEVER Rust away.

      40. Mushroom,

        The U.S. economy was the strongest in the world. Then it came the outsoursing. People lost their jobs and konwledge was given to the Hindus, Pakistanis, Taiwanez, Sumatra, Phllipinos etc.
        You people have the potential to gain back what was taken from you.
        It has not to do with doomsday scenarios. It’s plain numbers; economics 101.
        You cannot ignore uneployed people, homeless people, foreclosures, food stamps, poverty. Is this the American dream that your grandfathers worked for? Is this the American dream the we the Europeans dreamed of?
        No man it’s not. This is a worst case scenario for a failed communism, and not for a free and democratic country.
        I hope things turn for the best.

        May God Bless you all.

      41. Walk into Walmart, Best Buy, Apple Store and look around nothing made in the USA. I laugh when I hear about the Republican plans to create jobs. Every job that was sent to China was done so by a Republican Fat CAT!!! They line their pockets at the destruction of our country and they want to run things again. If it was not for them hanging on to the coat tails of the Tea Party they would be done.

      42. mr. manos. you have an absolute genius for reality conveyed perfectly ( and with grace ).

      43. The whole world has to fall apart. Israel became a nation. Will there be a “man” that comes onto the world scene to untangle the mess? Will we adore him for being able to do so? You bet we will. But the whole world has to suffer, and suffer badly, to the point they will give up a lot of rights. We are not in for a great future. I had one son, and he is not having any kids. Boy, am I glad now. I won’t have to go to my grave worrying about grandkids. I can imagine the pain people see in the future for their grandkids. There is no way to stop the clock. At least we have time to buy ammo, guns, food and live low. I heard that the Patriot Act says you can’t hoard food, that the gov can arrest you for that? Hope they have prisons big enough for all the LDS people!!! They definitely do food storage. Me too. But, we are in a new norm. We have to get used to it. NAFTA went through. All the jobs went overseas. There is not enough to go around. Our gov does not care about it’s people. As long as we have the internet, we can keep in touch. But, they will take that away, too. Make friends out of like minded people. Watch who befriends you. Don’t let others know what you have. And have what you need on hand to protect what you got, and a shaft to dump the bodies in.

      44. “…when all those so called precious metals are rusting away to nothing.”

        HAHAHA, precious metals don’t rust, dummy.

      45. Corporations are fed up with Democrat politicians’ rules and high taxes.  So they said: Screw you.

        The Republican Party CAN NOT dictate, run or interfere with corps’s policy.  Republican politicians said” It’s impossible to find common ground, because Dems want to:
        1)      TAX
        2)      SPEND
        3)      REGULATE
        4)      LAW SUIT
        5)      TAX AGAIN

        So Coporations said “Screw you! I am leaving.”

        And the Little guys who will pay the price.

      46. Sorry, YELLING LYNN
        Those are really old talking points

        About two-thirds of U.S. companies and foreign firms doing business in this country paid no federal income taxes from 1998 to 2005, according to a study by the Government Accountability Office

        What did Dick Cheney say about deficits and spending????

        In 2002, Vice-President Dick Cheney and the Bush administration’s economic team met to discuss a second round of tax cuts, which would follow Bush’s 2001 cuts. At the meeting, “then-Treasury Secretary Paul H. O’Neill pleaded that the government — already running a $158 billion deficit, Cheney said “deficits don’t matter”.
        Hey Lynn, what did your parties hunt for WMD’s cost……$3 trillion!!!!!!!! Your tired argument that coporations left because of high taxes is just FOX NEWS  BS.

      47. Digitalcommando

        Thanks for your comments. Can i ask you a favor though?
        Please skip the Mr part. Just Manos. We are a virtual company with similar interests, concerns, and thoughts. Age, gender don’t play any role.
        But thanks anyway. Your parents should be proud for your manners. I wish Greek kids had the same manners nowadays.

        Be safe

      48. Read a few of the comments on here about me .First off,I will work for less than i was getting paid for .But at 9.75 an hour from 18.25 is a big step down .I live in a 1 bedroom apartment in a crappy part of town.I pay 650 a month for rent , which in this california town is reasonable .I have a truck that i pay payments on, its 6 years old.I still have to pay truck insurance and registraition and food, gas and electric bill , and other thing that you need to be legal in this country .What i didnt tell you about is that im a 2 time cancer survivor.I had close to 20,000 dollars in savings at one point but once i cancer came in , that money was gone in 2 years for bills and follow up,I also was working at that time and had some medical insurance but it covered only a 2/3 of the total cost ,just removal of my kidney and surrounding tissue cost 41,000 dollars  .Also  to mention i have lost another organ 1 year late with a differant kind of cancer .So my likely hood of collecting social security to which i have paid 158,000 dollars into in my 27 years of working  and paying is slim to none ,Im pretty sure im not makeing to age 65 . My medical condition caused me much grief and pain and im lucky to still be able to work for someone , thus how i chose my name  here. But im trying to live as cheap as i can . I need to bring home at least a minumum of 400 bucks a week clear to live and be able to pay what bills i have .With a 10 buck an hour job by the time they take taxes out, social security, workers comp, state taxes, in california, you will be seeing 300 bucks a week .  My rent alone  will require more than 80 hours of work now at that rate of salary  and rent isint much cheaper around here besides the government project rentals in the downtown area which is full of drugs and prostituiton and absolute crime .

        Before you judge me, walk in my shoes and get out of your glass house before you go throwing stones at me people !  You go through what i have and your greatful to be alive , but the living part is harder than actually dieing .

        My family doesnt want to see me homeless  and trust me, the ideas of me moving back home to my Dads house is like rock bottom for me,I drad it !!! The choice i have is either the streets or dads house while looking for a job that pays at least 12 bucks an hour .Im still hopeing that  i find something, but with winter coming  on here, the chances get slimmer and slimmer.Im sick and tired of people throwing names at me as well .They call me mamas boy  and lazy ! I guess working for 27 years doesnt mean a dam thing, leaving the house at age 17 and being a man  makeing it in the world .I never took government handouts before in my life  and have never  applied for food stamps or Government houseing but yet  i get belittled by others because of my job situation that wasnt caused by my fault?  Those that want to ridicule me, get cancer a few times, lose some of your organs out of your body , try working through chemo and radiation therapy and keep your job,like i did .At break times at work you would go to the restrooms and throw up and you were so exhausted at the end of your working day that you would go home  and sleep  and on the weekends  because you were still so tired you stayed home and rested for the upcoming work week  and you suffered so much to keep your job . When you do what i have been through and you lose your job because of the economy and you exhausted your savings on medical bills, then come to me and tell me im a mamas boy or lazy !!!!!   You open up your mouths without no understandings of what people have been through and you ridicule others .All i can say is let me take away your health and your savings and then finally your job ,Lets see what your made of then !  Please do us all a big favor, come back on here after all of that and then ridicule another person that has gone through this? I bet you a dollar that you wouldnt dare to because you would know exactly what it is like and you feel the pain , anger, hurt  and most of you worked hard for just  dissapear . Only then will you finally  get it !!!!  I wrote this responce not for sympathy or how bad i have had it, because i know people who are going through much worse than me . I understand thier problems and feel thier pain  while the world laughs, ridiculus them, calls them names  and makes them out to be lazy people not worth anything . To me this isint one bit funny  and for many now falling into the ranks of down and out and soon to be on the streets , it will be a matter of life and death, its no joke !  I just hope this posting  will make those that first want to critise people to think before they speak and make accusations which are based upon nothing but to make them look superior or to make other’s laugh .  I believe the very people that do such things are clueless and because they currently have a job or some money they think they are safe and wont get to that point , all i can say is life has many changes in store for them .With out health and money , you dont last long in this thing we call the American dream, you just fade away and die .All it takes is a car accident, a phone call from your doctor, a job layoff, a sickness or disease that comes to your attention , and your position of safety and secureness is ripped from you in minutes .It happens to thousands of people every single day  and i hope all of you out thier dont forget that fact !!!  

      49. No one answers Johnny D, so I feel that I have to confront his lies.  You made things up as you went along to fit your propaganda. I guess Trolls are patrolling websites and perhaps the same person with a different user name…. 

        Check your investment’s income statement, corporations PAY TAX FIRST, then redistribute their earnings to shareholders and then YOU’ve have to pay tax again…..

        His facts were made up, because they never happened – His statements are twisting the facts…..

        Just recently the financial WMDs costing taxpayers multi-trillions and not including foreign aid or healthcare for illegal immigrants which Dems included in their bills……

        Democrats have controlled both houses for many decades, if you add all these years up, it will show that ¾ of the time they have been in charge and still are.  Republicans could not stop or fix the mess fast enough without a fight.
        “Those are really old talking points” as Johnny Deaft said; oh yeah, that’s when the problems started and are still happening and the impact is NOW- ECONOMIC TSUNAMI DISASTER as Max Keiser, Marc Faber, Jim Rogers etc….and the rest of the world.



      51. Democrat congress is the one that drove businesses out of the country -  Long before Cheney and Bush in charge.  China and India manipulate the market because congress lets them. 
        Cheney and Bush wanted the wealth to be in our corporation’s hands and back into the USA, instead of China,  India and the NATO’s corporations.
        That’s the cost to promote the dollar to a “GLOBAL RESERVE CURRENCY.” And the little guys are the ones who have been paid dearly for it.

      52. I believe that by summer 2011 when we see no change at all in Congress by the neocontards the people will get enraged. And when the people get angry it will be very ugly. I still think a dollar collapse is 5-10 years. However along the way we will have states going bankrupt,the alt-a,option arm resets,pension bubble popping. If you want to know what will America look like when the dollar collapse. Here is what is coming in a city near you. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oq2I2XX3ves

        Thank god we have the second amendment and states passing firearm freedom acts.

      53. electronic voting machines like sequoya and diebold are the modern way to vote. they are very secure and accurate and can deliver voting results to the media like fox news much quicker than those  old fashioned paper ballot systems.  everybody knows paper ballots can get mysteriously lost in some back room. just remember with modern electronic voting machines there are no hanging chads , dishonest votes by election officials  or double entries.

      54. “the modern way to vote”

        HAHAHA, another good one, “the modern way” hAlarious,… and spiffy. Can’t hack that.

        The best way is not to play the game in the first place. Kind of like what the unemployed might be doing soon, sitting home with family and trying to take care of their own selves and not worry about trying to look like they’re a part of being the boss over others.

      55. To anyone that thinks either party is the solution you’re blind.  It’s just going to be the same old, same old no matter who gets in.  A better bet would be to stalemate the government so they cannot do anymore damage.

        Few people realize that Japan has been trying to get itself out of the same problem we are in for 20+ years now doing the same things we’re now trying.  I think this is the definition of insanity.  Kenysenian economics has no solution to this problem.  Then again gold/silver backed system is not the answer either.  Few people have researched enough to realize before the American revolution (which ironically was actually caused by a Central Bank, the Bank of England) we used printed money backed by the full faith of the government.  They managed the currency to balanced supply/demand.  Video: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-515319560256183936#  Sadly its long but informative.  You can verify facts yourself, some of it is speculation but you can take it as you wish too.

        Someone mention that there is 2 trillion plus in corporate coffers outside the US.  Who cares where it is, it’s their backup plan to stay alive when it gets worse.  You cannot force a corporation to do anything otherwise no one will start up companies.  I would close up mine asap if the government started to tell me how to run my business.

        To those whining about being unemployed.  You’ll never get anywhere in life working for someone else, the tax system is setup for those who take risks to make their own way in life.  Start a business.  Find a niche in your area and go.  Hopefully inexpensively.  Be your own boss, I love it.  I could actually qualify for help from the government cause my income is so low, my companies buy everything I need.  They also do my investing since its at a lower tax rate.

        There is so much money awash in the world today because of the feds retarded attempts.  The government cannot create jobs, it can only hinder them by taxing those who do create jobs.  The velocity of money has slowed so much we’ll likely see serious issues if it carries on much longer and the flood of worthless dollars is continued.

        No real solutions in my post.  They’re beyond the governments ability as they would cause revolt (stop paying out “entitlements” mostly).  The system will cleanse itself eventually, no matter what the illegal Federal Reserve and the useless Treasury Secretary try and do.  They’re just pushing back the day of reckoning.  I prefer it though, more time to buy more land (with cash) and solidify my positions so I can benefit best from it all.

      56. There are millions of reasons the electronic machines cannot be trusted, such as:

        The results can be pre-programmed.

        They can load your name to show that you voted for someone other than what really did.  And the officials are unable to check.

        They can load names of deceased, illegal, phony names etc… into the machines as people who voted.

        The count can be programmed to stop at any number during the process.

        The count can be advanced by 2, or 3…. 100, etc for certain candidates instead of only one vote each.


        Even though the computer prints out the result, the officials or candidates have no way to verify if that is the actual results that the voters cast their votes for.

      57. Mushroom, you sound like a redneck, even your microwave
        owen can be hacked into.

      58. @ JANE, Good points !

      59. Well, we know for a fact that democrats get 100% of the dead vote. 

      60. Jane rhymes with INSANE. Google ” US Corporations pay no taxes”  then you can drop your FOX  NEWS lies.
        Check this out on Google too Jane
        “How my G.O.P. destroyed the U.S. economy.” Yes, that is exactly what David Stockman, President Ronald Reagan’s director of the Office of Management and Budget, wrote in a recent New York Times op-ed piece, “Four Deformations of the Apocalypse.”
        Get it? Not “destroying.” The GOP has already “destroyed” the U.S. economy, setting up an “American Apocalypse.”

      61. Hmmmm…. Free Shit Army ..? Unions (public) … ?
        Big Business(outsourced) …? Payouts…? Mozillo …?

        Who goes to jail ?!?

      62. I seen a piece on the news last weekend where people that did not vote “had somebody else vote absente illegally for them” with out their knowledge.  The ballots were signed by somebody else!

      63. First of all, it’s the Democrats that bankrupted this country. Let’s try to get that straight, ‘kay? When you spend and spend and spend, and go into debt, and just give money away to people who didn’t produce anything in return for it, then the country goes broke. And don’t try to tell me or anyone else otherwise. You give somebody money for nothing, guess what? You’ve got nothing. Doi!

        And, since the government is itself basically a nonproducing entity, the only way it can get money to spend is to take it from all of us. And, since the rich are rich because they have interests in businesses and can, therefore, keep ahead of inflation and taxation, they get richer while the rest of us get poorer.

        And why do we all get poorer class? Right! Because we can’t keep ahead of inflation, nor can we keep ahead of taxation, which keeps going up because inflation raises the price of everything. Which means that the poor wind up paying a kind of “inflation tax” that they can’t stay ahead of, whereas the rich just start another business and stay rich thereby.

        So, don’t blame the Republicans and stop blaming the rich. You know very well that you’ve never worked for a poor man in your entire life and that you consider yourself not poor, but “prerich.” And you know that you’ve never dug yourself out of financial trouble by spending even MORE money, the way the Democrats just did.

        Second of all, I trained as a poll worker and the machines are non-tamperable. The paper ballots go into the machine, are scanned by the machine and STAY IN THE MACHINE. So, if there’s any question, the paper ballots can be checked.

        The machines are not hooked up to the internet, they are nonprogramable, the poll workers check that the machines are clear and the counters are at zero when the machines are turned on. And there are party representaives there to watch every single move the poll worker makes to make sure the machines are at zero, are empty and are working properly.

        So, vote, Republican, then get rich.

      64. You are insane and are too extreme.  You want me to believe you, just because you say so or anyone you choose and anything posts on Google? 

        I NEVER used Google or gmail or hotmail, because it retains everything people search or use their email (it scans every email that goes in  or out.) This has been in the news.
        I don’t do anything illegal, but I do not trust liberals keep the records about me.
        As I have mentioned before, what I have seen corporations deduct profits to pay tax, and then distribute earnings to shareholders;  Shareholders (taxpayers) has to pay tax again. – So corporations do pay tax.
        America has a lot of corporations don’t pay tax, because they are out of business. They write it off as a lost and carry the lost over the following years. That’s why America has high unemployment because Dems want to:
        1)      TAX
        2)      SPEND
        3)      REGULATE
        4)      LAW SUIT
        5)      TAX AGAIN

      65. Hey Johnny Deaf, my last post is intended for you.
        And I hope this calm you down.

      66. Unforunately they will join the huge list of people that have laid off this year, and still have no work. No work and no benefits, not good at all.

        google / yahoo  search: Daily Job Cuts

      67. Same tired BS Jane,
        How about this again from Reagan’s man
        Stockman says “the second unhappy change in the American economy has been the extraordinary growth of our public debt. In 1970 it was just 40% of gross domestic product, or about $425 billion. When it reaches $18 trillion, it will be 40 times greater than in 1970.” Who’s to blame? Not big-spending Dems, says Stockman, but “from the Republican Party’s embrace, about three decades ago, of the insidious doctrine that deficits don’t matter if they result from tax cuts.”
        Back “in 1981, traditional Republicans supported tax cuts,” but Stockman makes clear, they had to be “matched by spending cuts, to offset the way inflation was pushing many taxpayers into higher brackets and to spur investment. The Reagan administration’s hastily prepared fiscal blueprint, however, was no match for the primordial forces — the welfare state and the warfare state — that drive the federal spending machine.”
        OK, stop a minute. As you absorb Stockman’s indictment of how his Republican party has “destroyed the U.S. economy,” you’re probably asking yourself why anyone should believe a traitor to the Reagan legacy. I believe party affiliation is irrelevant here. This is a crucial subject that must be explored because it further exposes a dangerous historical trend where politics is so partisan it’s having huge negative consequences.
        Yes, the GOP does have a welfare-warfare state: Stockman says “the neocons were pushing the military budget skyward. And the Republicans on Capitol Hill who were supposed to cut spending, exempted from the knife most of the domestic budget — entitlements, farm subsidies, education, water projects. But in the end it was a new cadre of ideological tax-cutters who killed the Republicans’ fiscal religion.”

      68. Hey John!   Both parties have bankrupted the US not just the dems. Ater Nov we are going to have to get in the face of the Retards to stop Global Fascism.  Both parties are guilty of TREASON at the highest level and on a grand scale, with the notable exception of Ron Paul.

      69. Jane, Clinton left office with a surplus!!

        JPMorgan Chairman and CEO Jamie Dimon, in a letter to shareholders, touched on a theme that critics of the Iraq war were highlighting more than a year ago: That spending on the war was damaging to the economy.
        Dimon cited “an expensive war in Iraq” as one of the possible triggers of the economic collapse. Spending on the war ballooned the deficit and crowded out investment in domestic priorities.
        Gen. Hugh Shelton, who served as the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff from 1997 to 2001, told ABC’s Christiane Amanpour on Sunday that top officials in the Bush Administration pushed for war in Iraq “almost to the point of insubordination.”
        Shelton was speaking specifically of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, Deputy Secretary of State Paul Wolfowitz and other Pentagon officials.
        Shelton called the Iraq war “unnecessary” and said that the Bush team went to war “based on a series of lies.”

      70. Anonymous,

        What did William Jefferson Clinton do for the US?
        NOTHING, accept for disasters such as:

        – the DOTCOM BUBBLE disaster:  Costing millions of jobs,  and the silicon valley almost collapsed.  His people made millions from the retirees and hard working Americans.

        -  The USS COLE disaster:  John O’Neill almost nailed it but Clinton’s people removed him because he came to close to the truth.  Later on, John O’Neill DIED on his 1st  day on the job at the WTC, 9-11 EVENTS.

        -  Impeachment for illegal activity in the White House.  Lost his license to practice law.

        – Many manufacturers were moved out of the country.

        – The real estate bubble:   Made policies to benefits his political party and Goldman Sachs (his son-in-law firm) by setting up the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac situation.  And forcing the banks to give loans to unqualified and no jobs borrowers.

        Explain to America, how did Bill Clinton get surplus with no jobs and Bush inherited a depression and a dotcome bubble just bust???? just because the Federal Reserve said so .  Just to save his ass from impeachment.

        Dems don’t trust the paper ballots but do trust the electronic voting machines???  Wow, So obvious!!!
        The paper ballot system retains the signature of voters, but with the electronic system they can copy or modify the voting info.  With today’s technology, it’s very easy to do so.  You see a lot of people’s faces in a model’s or a famous wrestler’s body.  Most people tell me, they don’t trust the headquarters that keep the voting machines overnight?  The voting machines can be switched. 

        These days they place extremists in high-level positions within government offices (post office, Whitehouse, courts….)
        They know the type of chips that were installed in these machines, and how they can manipulate them during or after the voting process. 

        They do send result for each candidate to the central headquarters for a final tally. 

        This tally can be programed in favor of any candidate or party, that’s why Democrat party demands the electronic voting machines.

      72. I’ll say this again: I trained as a poll worker and the electronic machines cannot be scammed. End of story.

        As for who bankrupted this country, the Dems the Repubs or both, it’s very easy. The Dems don’t recognize property rights. If they did, they wouldn’t have any money for their “compassionate” programs. But, i doubt the people the Dems are taking money from consider them to be compassionate. So, those people hunker down, stop producing, send their money offshore, etc., etc., until they’re safe, no one has anything left to spend and we’re all screwed.

        The Republicans, on the other hand, DO recognize property rights. So, people feel safer with them in charge and keep their money here, where it can be used to stimulate OUR economy, instead of some foreign bank haven’s economy.

        At least, that’s the way it is when both parties stay true to their message. If they pander to voters, there’s nothing we can do. Just because Americva ius the greatest country on earth, and founded on principles of freedom and equality for all, doesn’t mean that no bad person ever gets his/her hands on the reigns of power and screws everyone over. Case in point: Obama.

        Just remeber this: propertry rights, good. No property rioghts, BAD.

      73. I have been unemployed for almost 2 -1/2 years, after being laid off from my upper management position with a company that downsized 75%, and now operates on a skeleton crew to stay alive. My unemployment benefits ran out last May, and I have been able to pay the bills since then using my IRA and savings that I had by living frugally all of my life and saving for retirement. The money is running out, and I am considering saving the remaining cash I have through bankruptcy. I have an excellent resume and have applied for THOUSANDS of jobs, rarely getting a response. I sometimes wonder if these are real jobs or not. In any event, the days of my near 6 figure salary all all gone, and I am prepared for a sub 15.00 an hour job to put food on the table. We all need to face the fact that the middle class is being destroyed by design, and we are all becoming slaves to the govenment, no matter which party is in office. While they pad their salaries, golden health care plans and retirements on our poverty, they view us as sheep to be herded.  The looting of the world has been an orchestrated event, and we are merely pawns in the game of world domination.

      74. @John – Someone writes the code for the electronic voting machines.  And since they won’t open source it for everyone to check and verify that code, it is not trustworthy period.  As we have seen they are easily manipulated by whomever programs them.  There were machines when Bush was being elected that had 3x more votes registered then they had people coming into the polling station.  Neat!  You can check the news its on there.

        @Jane – You’re paranoid that google knows you’re searching for a directions to some store?  Wow.  And they call me paranoid.  Time to learn how to use the internet I suppose.  Surfing anonymously is actually quite easy.  There are these neat sites and even programs (open sourced so you can even compile it yourself if you’re that paranoid) that let you go about your business.  All the records are tied to some massive heavily used server that you just pass through.  Amazingly this has been around since… Oh I don’t know 1998 the first time I used it.

        To think any party is better then the other is to show true ignorance.  Under Bush we hit all time spending sprees.  Obama just didn’t want to be outdone.  Cannot blame the guy.  With less then 50% of Americans now paying into the Federal system they cannot really stop.  When more people take, or at the very least do not contribute towards a system they will not allow the status quo to change, sorry.  We’re doomed.  The idiots in charge (both parties are equally retarded) don’t get it and those that do cannot change it.

        —- General Rant/Observations —-

        If people stopped buying shit they didn’t need.  Took more interest in being better educated (seriously if you watch TV and haven’t seen Jay Leno’s street questionnaires… It’s scary) about some of the boring things like economics, government, etc. then you’re really not in a place to complain when you’re owned and a sheep.  Sorry.

        Find a niche market and exploit it.  If you’re not your own boss, you’re at the mercy of someone else, scary place to be.  I make next to nothing for income because I leave it all in my top corporation (have had one since I was 18, I figured out they pay less taxes then people).  The corporation pays all it’s legal taxes and I am fine with that.  I use roads, power (for now) (no water or sewage mind you) and some government services (none by choice) so I don’t mind paying in a bit.

      75. You are either lying or still in a Rehab program for drug treatment. Google has been in the news for violating people’s privacy for a few years now. 
        And Google admitted that it retains records of people who use its search engine.  Any email (email, hotmail, etc..) coming in and going out, Google scans it and retains it. 
        Rececently in Australia and in other countries, they tried to prosecute Google for video taping of the streets and people’s houses. So who is paranoid here? Me, Google or You who cannot tell fiction from reality???? Not using Googles search engine is not considered stupid or being paranoid, dummy! It’s my right and my choice.
        Have you had a reality check lately?  You don’t think one person is better than another; or one party is better than the others, you must be extremely stupid. 


        If I have two (2) choices, I prefer to put an idiot in charge, because he will do much less damage than a crook.  Another Bush Basher, your party (Democrat) has spent hundreds of millions of taxpayers dollars; and guess what, you guys still lost and Bush got more votes than were accounted for. 

        Justice Scalia said “Gore and Liberman lost, so get over it!”  and so should you and all Bush bashers.

        Since you just got out of the drug rehab, you might not know that another independent newspaper recounted the votes and Bush still won!  END OF STORY

      76. My poll worker trainer put it this way: “What kind of person would spend millions of dollars to get a job that pays only $200,000?”

        I said, “Egotists, megalomaniacs…?”

        He said, “Now you know what kind of people you’re dealing with.”

      77. @Jane – You should have read what I wrote instead of getting enraged.  Logic over emotion wins every time.  Google DOES record everything you do.  But if you are so clueless as to not know how to avoid that (easily) then I will not bother helping you.  I surf from the Middle East, south America or sometimes even Europe.  All without ever leaving Washington state.

        I hope you weren’t calling me a democrat.  I’ve not bought into either parties retardation in decades and I’m only 32.  I rather throw out my vote on a third party then give either party my favor.

      78. @Anonymous – Priceless haha!

      79. It used to be a world ruled by the strongest then it was
        ruled by the servents of god “the Church” then we finally
        made it to rule by government “of the people and for the people” but now we have groups of people “corporatism” ruling us & most of us did’nt have a clue. Now we are
        ruled by the most ruthless of this heirarchy who it seems
        get rich off of other peoples misery. They don’t have to be smart, strong, courageous, intuitive, prosporous, lucky but just willing to be narcissistic, liars who will
        do anything to attain their ends.

        I see how so many of you actually think you have some brilliant plan to fix this but what you fail to see is this is not happening because of greed and corruption. There has been greed and corruption ever since Roman times but what we are seeing now is a war on the working man. Yes thats right Americans are the eaters & TPTB see us as obsolete. they don’t need us to work, buy, or anything but just to die!
        911 was the beginning of a war on middleclass America, to take our security, freedom, wealth, standard of living and lastly our very lives but only if we do nothing. For
        we are the architects of our own destinies and no man can
        do anything to change that, unless we choose to let them by our own inactions. For the freedoms we cherish must be paved from time to time with the blood of tyrants
        & patriots. No man no matter how well intentioned can change a system that took over a century to corrupt and obfusicate. I realize our time is too short to keep talking for our words go unnoticed by those with the power and even if they knew which they probably do by now
        these men only understand two things, Action & a lack of action. If enough of us take action these men will fall
        for they are bullies and bullies are easily taken down if
        we get them on uneven ground when their unprepared. our
        one and only chance is to unite against these tyrannist
        who pretend to have such grand intentions. I believe these
        individuals think they are saving the world as well as
        humanity. They believe they are saving us from ourselves, that we don’t know whats in our own best intreast, that if they let us we would consume all the vast resources that allow us to thrive on this world &
        they believe there are far too many of us. If you never heard of this look up the “Georgia guidestones” and you
        will see their agenda. For it has been as clear to me as the water i drink or the air i breathe & i don’t understand how so few of us see these things for how they truely are. I realize it’s easier to deny the truth and go on living worry free but as for me its allready affecting my life, health, ability to live and someday may kill me.
        I was never very ambitous, i just wanted to be happy but now it seems my lack of ambition along with the ambition of others will cause my demise. For whatever happens to me I don’t want to die without fighting back against our oppressors.
        we thought we were a country based on democracy but found out only too late its all hypocrisy. Wake up as many as
        you can. If they or you choose to deny the truth instead of researching it then you are allready living a lie as far as freedom and equality goes. If you allow fear of government oppression to deny the truth for you then you
        will never be free and you allow your fear to oppress you
        so government don’t have to!
        We only have freedom for as long as we continue to fight
        our oppressers & once we are oppressed the next step is
        deletion. God help the rightous, please send us your kin
        to keep us safe from harm, keep our minds searching for truth, light and the warmth of human kindness but keep
        us werry from the darkness of human evil, give us the strength to strike down the wicked and to remain vigilant
        in the coming hours, days, weeks and years. For none of us are an island and we will need assurance from not only our brothers and sisters but from you Lord. Amen


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