11 Red Flag Events That Just Happened As We Enter The Pivotal Month Of August 2015

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    This article was originally published by Michael Snyder at the Economic Collapse Blog.

    red-flag-warningAre you ready for what is coming in August?  All over America, economic, political and social tensions are building, and the next 30 days could turn out to be pivotal.  In July, we saw things start to turn.  As you will read about below, a major six year trendline for the S&P 500 was finally broken this month, Chinese stocks crashed, commodities crashed, and debt problems started erupting all over the planet.  I fully expect that this next month (August) will be a month of transition as we enter an extremely chaotic time in the fall and winter.  Things are unfolding in textbook fashion for another major global financial crisis in the months ahead, and yet most people refuse to see what is happening.  In their blind optimism, they want to believe that things will somehow be different this time.  Well, the coming months will definitely reveal who was right and who was wrong.  The following are 11 red flag events that just happened as we enter the pivotal month of August 2015…

    #1 Puerto Rico is going to default on a 58 million dollar debt payment that is due on Saturday.  Even though this has serious implications for the U.S. financial system, Barack Obama has said that there will be no bailout for “America’s Greece”.

    #2 As James Bailey has pointed out, the most important trendline for the S&P 500has finally been broken after holding up for six years.  This is a critical technical signal that will likely motivate a significant number of investors to sell off their holdings in the weeks ahead.

    #3 The IMF is indicating that it will not take part in the new Greek debt deal.  As a result, the whole thing may completely fall apart

    Leaked minutes of the fund’s latest board meeting, which took place on Wednesday, showed staff “cannot reach agreement at this stage” on whether to take part in the new €86bn (£60bn) bailout for Greece. The document said there were doubts over the capacity of the Athens Government to implement economic reforms, as well as the over the sustainability of the country’s sovereign debt pile, which is now projected to hit 200 percent of GDP.

    The German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, only sanctioned a new Greek deal earlier this month on the condition that the IMF takes part.

    #4 Italy is going down the exact same path as Greece, but Italy is going to be a much larger problem for Europe because it has a far, far larger economy.  This week, we learned that youth unemployment in Italy has reached a 38-year high of 44 percent, and Italy’s debt to GDP ratio has now hit 135 percent.

    #5 The Canadian economy has officially entered a new recession.  This is something that was not supposed to happen.

    #6 The price of oil plummeted close to 20 percent during the month of July.  It was the worst month for the price of oil that we have seen since October 2008, which just happened to be during the height of the last financial crisis.

    #7 Commodities just had their worst month in almost four years.  As I have written about previously, we witnessed a collapse in commodity prices just before the stock market crash of 2008 too.

    #8 Thanks to Barack Obama, the U.S. coal industry is imploding, and some of the largest coal producers in the entire country have just announced that they are declaring bankruptcy

    On Thursday, Bloomberg reported that the biggest American producer of coking coal, Alpha Natural Resources, could file for bankruptcy as soon as Monday.

    Competitor Walter Energy filed for bankruptcy earlier this month, and several others have done the same this year.

    #9 For the month of July, the Shanghai Composite Index was down 13.4 percent.  Despite unprecedented government intervention to prop up the market, it was the worst month for Chinese stocks since October 2009.

    #10 A major red flag that a recession in the United States is fast approaching is the fact that Exxon Mobile just announced their worst earnings for a single quarter since 2009.  Compared to the same time period one year ago, Exxon Mobile’s earnings were down 51 percent.

    #11 Chevron is another oil giant that has seen earnings plunge.  In the second quarter of this year, Chevron’s earnings were down an eye-popping 90 percent from a year ago.

    And in this list I didn’t even mention the economic chaos that is happening down in South America.  For full coverage of that, please see my previous article entitled “The South American Financial Crisis Of 2015“.

    To a certain extent, I can understand why most Americans are not alarmed about the months ahead.  The relative stability of the past several years has lulled most of us into a false sense of security, and the mainstream media is assuring everyone that everything is going to be just fine and that brighter days are ahead.  At this point, many believe that it is patently absurd to suggest that we could see an economic collapse in 2015.  But of course even though the signs were glaringly apparent, very few of us anticipated the financial crisis of 2008 either.

    A few weeks ago, I authored a piece entitled “The Last Days Of ‘Normal Life’ In America“, and I stand by every single word of that article.  I truly believe that the era of debt-fueled prosperity that we have been enjoying for so long is coming to an end, and our standard of living will never again get back to this level.

    Just yesterday, I had the chance to go over and stock up on some emergency supplies at a dollar store.  It always astounds me what you can still buy for a dollar.  The combined cost of raw materials, manufacturing, packaging, shipping and retailing most of these items shouldn’t be less than a dollar, but thanks to having the reserve currency of the world we are still able to go to these big box stores and fill up our carts with lots and lots of extremely inexpensive merchandise.

    Unfortunately, this massively inflated standard of living is going to come crashing to a halt.  This next financial crisis is going to destroy the system that is currently producing such comfortable lifestyles for the vast majority of us, and that will be an extremely painful experience.

    So enjoy this summer for as long as it lasts.  Even though August threatens to be pivotal, it is going to be nothing compared to what will follow.

    Fall and winter are coming.

    Prepare while there is still time to do so.

    beginning-of-the-end-snyderMichael T. Snyder is a graduate of the University of Florida law school and he worked as an attorney in the heart of Washington D.C. for a number of years.

    Today, Michael is best known for his work as the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and The American Dream

    If you want to know what things in America are going to look like in a few years read his new book The Beginning of the End. Michael’s latest book, Get Prepared Now!, explains the coming crisis and how you can survive it.

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      1. Scary, is it not?
        What to believe is the question.

        Bless all here…

        • Yes indeed Eppe, God Bless us all…Who knows for sure??? TPTB know for sure…they have already decided how this craps game will proceed…and like George Carlin said “The game is rigged, the table is tilted”…
          Prepare one and all…

          • Good day to all my prepping friends at SHTF PLAN. As I have been away for awhile, the thoughts of folks here have been with me. Cuz (oicu) has kept me informed of the articles and such. It seems as though the skirmishes between TEST and JQP have disappeared.

            As I have been busy with more intriquing adventures, I wanted to stop back by and share a few things that have been going on. There is definitely a new horizon, on the horizon. The messages have been coming through loud and clear. As I stated a few weeks ago here, the five months from August through December 2015, will set the stage for the domino affect, that will take us up to the final five months that will consummate, the end of this age. The time in between could be years or even decades. I believe it will be more like 15 years, but could be only 15 months for some, and 15 days for others.

            The wife and I went to a Gathering this past Sunday which was spirit filled and met a man of Christ, and shook his hand, after listening to his witness and teaching. I won’t call names for various reasons, but suffice to say, this man has been doing the Lord’s work, nearly every day, for nearly five decades in over fifty nations. He is a true man of God, and has received many revelations, divine gifts, and more importantly, divine visitations. Various angels and even the Lord Jesus Christ himself, have made appearances with words of comfort, warnings, and work orders.

            This man was led by those same divine leaders, to follow a path carved out many centuries ago by the very first dissenters of the Roman Catholic Church, even before Martin Luther.
            As most that have never had divine interaction in their lives, it is hard to believe these events: but as one that has had a few interactions, I believe anything, and all things, are possible with God. If a person is visited by the King himself, then you are very blessed and anointed, and are in a very elite group.

            Later in the week, I was shown many things by the spirit and I want to share a couple that may come in handy. I won’t get into prophetic words that my newest friend has been shown because it would require too many paragraphs, but I will close up with what is coming.
            This man has received very specific words and visitations on the exact same day of the year, for the past nineteen years. From the start, he has made himself available for these spirit filled encounters and the messages along with them. That day each year is the Day of Atonement, or by Hebrew association the most sacred of the feast days, called Yom Kippur. Forget the “jewish” association, because it is of the Lord and Heavenly Father, first and foremost.

            When is the Day of Atonement this year?
            Jerusalem was reclaimed by Israel during the Six Days War in June of 1967. Recall that in the seventy-weeks paradigm, the “seven” is seven weeks of years which is (7 x 7) forty-nine years. June 7, 1967 falls in the Hebrew year 5727, adding forty-nine prophetic years to this date we arrive in the Hebrew year 5776, which is 2015 on the Gregorian calendar. Interestingly, if one counts exactly forty-nine (360 day) prophetic years (17,640 days) from the June 7, 1967 date of Jerusalem’s recapture, we arrive at September 23, 2015—the Day of Atonement! Coincidence?
            It will be interesting to see what message the Lord has for His servants this coming Day of Atonement.
            Last year, the message was long, but basically said, we are in a time of “intense inspection”. We are looked at from every corner and even the hairs on our head are numbered. God says we as humans have entered a time of “intense acceleration”, and each person of earth will soon be under a season of “shifts”. There will be “power shifts” that come upon His chosen and those that “seek His divine authority” in their lives. There will be “conviction shifts” upon those that refuse Him, or have been living a lie, aka, the fake christians, that use church as a scapegoat or tool to further their own selfish desires.
            Then there will be “economic shifts” for those living for the all mighty dollar and the useless stuff bought with it.
            So it is about to begin. Each person has to make the decision as to how they handle the upcoming shifts. Parents will be most hard hit because they must make decisions that affect the children that are under the age of accountability. Many did not heed the warnings that were given many years ago here on SHTFplan, and other places, about getting their finances/mortgages/deposits of investments, in order. I remember giving warnings about debt here, many times.

            As we approach the last month of the “ninety day” countdown warning for preparation, that was given about two months ago, it is now critical to fast track the procurement of Provisions for at least the winter months ahead. Do not hesitate, because many different storm fronts are brewing.


            PS. I was walking out to the barn the other day, and as it had just started raining pretty good, and I had an umbrella. There had not been one clap of thunder and it had not been very hot. i looked to the sky as I approached the barn and thought, “that cloud looks kinda weird”. At about that same time I heard a voice say…”lightening bolt” and I thought, I’m in the open with a danged metal framed umbrella. I ran the last twenty yards and just as I got under the roof, a lightening bolt hit about a hundred yards up the hill and disintegrated a full sized peach tree, hanging full of fruit.
            The spirit of the Devil has the ability to monkey with the weather, which includes lightening. Maybe, that evil spirit was coming after this man that is trying to produce good fruit of the spirit???
            Talk about making you thankful for guardian angels. Everyone washed in the blood has one or two. Call on them.

            • LOL! Lightening bolt, RUN! Hey cuz, we got that picture yer wife sent, you know, the one from the truck stop diner where you was standin’ in front of the counter and the short order cook was holdin’ them grilled cheese sammiches ,one over each of yer shoulders with them smilin’ faces that was fried onto each one, both of em’ just a lookin out fer ya, till ya ate ’em o’ course! And you’se a right bout them folks that a didn’t heed yer warnins, them same ones that you was so generous to give, well sir, ya’ll can feel real good ’bout that now cause they’s all a wailin’ and gnashin’ their teeth now, and it’s a whole lot harder fer them instead o’ you ’cause they gots more than 8 teeth in their haids.

              • Anon, pull your head out of your ass, even your thinkin’ is now stinkin’…

            • Good read, cuz.

              • Interesting that the article omits probably the most immediate, significant item of impact on USA- which almost no one is heeding, despite the fact that it is much more intertwined w/ us than Greece.

                PUERTO RICO just missed its SECOND debt payment and by Monday will go into default.



                • This ‘non-story’ will be all over the news soon:

                  Puerto Rico default will be the first and largest U.S. Municipal bond collapse in financial history!

                  50% to 70% of Americans retirement funds are tied into PR bonds.
                  Fuse is lit.

                  • Davos,that has actually been on the news in a very visible way for awhile,just greasing the skids mentally for folks paying attention that things economically going to change drastically.Till then,live for today/prepare for tomorrow!

                    • a Puerto Rican gave some interesting insight on PR: US planned to dump PR after their vote for greater independence and transfer their “attention” and focus on new substitute– CUBA

                  • Good point. About half of U.S. municipal bond funds own Puerto Rico’s debt. (Bloomberg) Obama said he won’t get involved with their debt crisis and default that will hurt many Americans. I think it is a very short fuse.

            • Passin, I do enjoy your commentary. Thank you for your posts.

              • Yes , I agree! We’re actually in a time of shifting as well.

                Y’all run the race that’s set before you!

                • Agreed. Passin you speak the word and you walk the path. Thank you.


                  • Yeah the blind leading the blind down the path and over the cliff.. weeeeeeeee……. explain how Noah got all the animals on the raft. Darwin is still laughing in his grave about that wopper.

              • I shed no tears for Exxon or any other Oil Cos and No TEARS FOR THE COAL INDUSTRY either. These companies have destroyed our global environment on a mass scale killing our food chain frim the plankton in the sea upwards. Shut them all down and go green. These Co’ s have raped Americans for a century.

            • PWTW, good to see you back. I’ve got another supply run to my cousin’s BOL in 2 weeks. It’s possible I could be bugging out anytime between now and the end of the year. Nothing out here looks promising except for the possibility of revolution/civil war.

            • Hey there Brother PWTW.

              I was stopped dead in my tracks by the Lord to read your post. I visit often but hardly ever post. I was paging down and I was told to stop and go up a bit and I caught the words “Lord Jesus Christ”, then I knew where God was directing me too. I started reading where you were talking about the “Man of God” after reading your post. I now know what God has been telling me to do. My mind has been blasted the last few weeks with the thought of stocking food and water…we do what we can but are no where near where we need to be…we’ll after this sign the Lord showed me…we will be pushing harder to get all in order…

              The Lord our God is incredible and all the praise and glory go to Him. I thank Him each and every day that he pulled me out of the miry clay. He saved me back in dec of last year, dec 14th to be exact (He took His time to save me…I’m 51 and never felt more alive)…and since then He has placed a lot on my heart and when I go out and about I pray to the Lord to put folks in front of me to witness to..I always ask, if its in Your will dear Lord place folks in front of me who you want me to witness too..yesterday it was a young mormon and another unbeliever….the Lord had me plant the seed and now someone else will water and the Lord will make it grow if it is in His will.

              If anyone out there is reading this and feels the need.. cry out to Jesus and repent for your sins and accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior…Believe in your heart He died and rose three days later and is now sitting at the Fathers right hand and confess with your mouth He is Lord. Amen

              On closing I want to say God Bless you brother and keep your eyes open to see and your ears open to hear.

              A loyal humble servant of Christ

              • Bless you and yours, brother Russ.

                50 is a Jubilee year. People do not realize the significance of how important the age of 50 and 51 can be for them.
                Sometimes it starts with correction and then amazing things start happening if we walk the narrow path with the spirit faith.

                The mockers and naysayers have a rough time ahead, that you can bet on. Don’t waste your time on them unless they ask for help and witness/guidance. We are to “stay on the path” of preparation, and not let them bring us down to their dark world. We are children of the new light.

                • The Moedim are extremely important as I have been learning the last 7 months. That and the fact most every theologian and bible scholar and pastor has totally gotten the Daniel timeline wrong….and Jonathan Cahn is wrong too on the Shemitah.

                  • The timeline was given by Christ, when He spoke of the parable of the Fig Tree in Matthew 24.

                    The generation that sees the Fig Tree restored ( reforming of the Nation of Israel ), shall also see the time of the end of this Age.

                    What is a generation? 40, 70, and 120 years (some say 100).
                    As all these Matt 24 events unfold, we are told to be watchful and wait.

                    The time of Antichrist was shortened, but time of tribulation was not. Those that say we are in tribulation, don’t know what real tribulation is. USA/House of Israel/Caucasian peoples predominately, as well as the races that have been grafted in, will see tribulation for the allowance of major sins like idolatry, abortion, and acceptance of homosexuality. White privilege, and pc, don’t mean squat when the dominoes start falling. The falling can come and go in waves of time. But they will grow closer together as the birth pangs.

                    There will be plenty of time left, but little time left to prepare, (for most). Supernatural protection and covering is what is the most important tool for prepping. Having years of food and weapons won’t be worth a hill of beans if the covering isn’t in place.

                    I had rather be one year too early, than ten minutes too late.

                    Just sayin’.

                    • Thanks for the fairytale.

                    • Not 120 years….120 cycles of time from the beginning.

            • “The time in between could be years or even decades. I believe it will be more like 15 years, but could be only 15 months for some, and 15 days for others.”

              Honestly you are just as bade as Michael. It could be 15 minutes, 15 seconds or 15 hours. Or even a combination of 15 plus 15 years. Who can say. For some it will be today for others tomorrow. What is “Death” Alex for 1500.

              • RJ, you seem to be a skeptic.

                But, I will humor you a sec.

                There are two deaths. Death of the flesh, and death of the spirit/soul/intellect of the soul/mind being.

                Man can kill the flesh and spill the blood, but only the Father that gave the soul life, can take it away. Satan is powerful, but he can’t give life, except he can take flesh life. He has killed millions through fake religions and demonized leaders. There souls are still living in the other realm, awaiting the end of this age. Some were approved and written in the Book of Life, others will have to work it out during the Millennium. Some already had their chance.

                Death of the flesh is just a transition into the realm where only spirit bodies and souls live. Spirit bodies and souls can enter this dimension, but flesh and blood can’t enter theirs.
                Simple as that.
                We had to be born from above, through the womb, in order to die the flesh death to return to that dimension. The fallen angels refused to be born “of the womb/flesh”, so they are already sentenced to death of the spirit/soul, when God is finished “using” them to “test” men and women in the last five months.

                Simple as that.

                • Sorry I don’t believe in your christian analogy about life after death. Have you ever read the summerian texts or gnosticism which was around well before jesus came on the scene? The truth is that all religions are created to appease the masses and make them feel like they will one day get their just rewards in the afterlife after enduring misery in the flesh.

                  The entire final premise of the bible is in complete contrast to what christians tote as free will. To have a world that is sin free would also mean that free will would be gone and that man would be incapable of sin.

                  According to the bible, even angels were able to choose between following god and going their own way, so this outcome is not plausible.

                  **Not to mention the whole god releasing the devil one last time before finally taking him out forever game. Who does that? It’s like catching a serial killer and letting him out of jail for a few more weeks before deciding to lock him up forever.

                  I also wonder where people went when they died before jesus and the bible came onto the scene. I guess you lost the spiritual lottery if you happen to be born before jesus christ died for you, right?

              • RJ, You should feel privileged that the Great one has lowered himself to ” humor” you. You certainly don’t deserve his one on one counseling, unless you’ve really pissed somebody off somewhere in your past. You’re 100 per cent correct about his timeline, when people can’t/won’t answer direct questions with a direct answer, it always falls to the old baffle ’em with bullshit routine, after all, there’s no way he can answer your question so he has to change the subject and hope like hell you’re too stupid to know the difference. The funny part is there are plenty here who just lick it all up with a spoon and beg him for more. There’s no help for the truly lost sheeple who can’t think for themselves.

            • PWTW
              Thank God you are OK.
              Keep listening to them voices not all of them are bad.
              I is up to us to know which is and which isn’t.

            • Shavua is singular for Shavuot = weeks. A week is 49 years.

            • P.W.T.W.
              I thank the Good Lord you are ok. Stay safe and it good to know you are back.
              To bad the peach tree had to go. I like peach pie!;-, oh well better the tree than you.
              S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

              • Thanks for the kind words and yea I am OK, for the most part. MRIs turned up bad disc in lower back, and damaged rotator cuff recently.

                Pain of the flesh is never ending when you get old and worn from hard work. I have always heard the saying, “hard work never killed anyone”. Maybe not, but when you were worked like a grown man from the age of seven thru 14, you sure as heck get a jump start on the wearing out part. There was no such thing as gloves when we were kids in the sixties. By the time I was ten, my hands were totally callused over. Ten more years of back breaking work at an average of five bucks an hour, praise the Lord and pass the taters.

                The pain is something i deal with without taking heavy meds. Ibuprofen and aspirin, and occasionally muscle relaxers when it gets real bad. No pill junkie here.

                When it seems unbearable, i bear down a little harder and think about all the pain my Saviour took for me while preparing for, and hanging on the Cross. Surely a little suffering on my part is nothing compared to what He endured for my sins.

                Bless you all, and remember this….As true Christians, we prepare as best as we can, but rely on the blessed hope of the Father’s promises from Joel…….

                And I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten, the cankerworm, and the caterpiller, and the palmerworm, ….

                And ye shall eat in plenty, and be satisfied, and praise the name of the LORD your God, that hath dealt wondrously with you: and my people shall never be ashamed.


                • BTW, I would add Spain to the list that Snyder has provided. he has laid out a good list.

                  Don’t forget Japan. Bad ratio of debt to GDP.

                  Just many markers of an impending economic implosion, worldwide.

                  Personal house in order….check
                  Preps in order….check
                  Accepting reality of the times…check
                  Accepting and anticipating transition into the Spirit…check, and check.

                • passin

                  I’ve got the same issues you do with aches and pains. No drugs for me either. I drink tons of water, try to eat right and once a month I have a body massage. It’s costly, 90.00 for 90 minutes, but well worth it. It’s amazing how great I feel afterwards.

                  Thanks for your words. God Bless.


                • try valerian tincture. it works well for my husband who had back surgery a few years ago. He has been taking it for a couple years now instead of the pills they prescribed. Couple droppers in the morning and he is good all day. google it. you can get it at any herb store. very easy to make just takes some time (6 weeks)

            • Sorry but both believers and unbelivers both are told the next time you see Jesus is coming on the clouds, so No One has visitations from him….

            • https://www.lewrockwell.com/2015/07/charles-hugh-smith/why-now/

              Pay attention: Good article explaining the “War on Cash”

              Btw/ Religion is for the weak, lazy and gullible. Skip church and head to the rifle range. Do something legitimate to save yourself and family. Prayers are hopey wishy washy bs. Religion has never given anybody everlasting life. Show me one person several hundred years old. Connect the dots stoopid sheep.

              • Religion isn’t about everlasting life. Jesus is.

                • Geezuss died 2000 years ago and he’s never coming back. Neither is Elvis. Get over it.

                  • Why do the Bible Bangers Prep for survival when Jesus is coming to get them?

                    This makes no sense at all, unless they fear that they could be wrong and Jesus isn’t coming.

                    When did SHTFPLAN dot Com become a Christianity outlet?
                    Religion has nothing to do with this said Article.
                    Why is the Thread being hijacked by Bible Thumpers?

                    Why is this being aloud, but discussing Zionism is not aloud? Just what in the fuck is going on around here?

                    • You need to find the truth dude.

                    • One more comment before i leave for a while again, on another adventure.

                      See, FTW, the true Christians don’t follow a “religion”, and especially not man’s doctrine. We follow the Word through faith.
                      Jesus Christ makes himself known to His Sheep, because the Sheep know His voice, and follow.

                      He is coming back to set up His kingdom here on terra firma, not in the clouds. It will be in the land of Jerusalem, and points beyond.

                      Goats and sheep will be separated. Where will you be? Answer. Every knee will bow, and you will too.

                      You don’t have to participate in our little corner prepping party of Believers. Scroll your little worried mind and ass on through the comments in this little corner, and keep your negative insults to yourself, and that goes for the others that are jealous as well. You all will have your time to rant to the King of Kings soon enough. See how well that works out for ya.

                      I will say a little prayer for conviction towards all you non-believers while I’m soaking my feet in the surf at the beach this week. Ya’ll keep em’ coming.

                      PS. FTW it is “allowed”, not aloud. Low IQ problem? Yep, just what I thought. Another dumbass trying to make like he is an Einstein.

                  • You sure do enjoy talking through your saggy ass dontcha Nob.

            • Any proof to back up your predictions? Or is it just your personal opinion?

          • The whole situation reminds me of Howard Kunstler’s book, “the Long Emergency” in which things get more and more local…

            (No petroleum = no corporate farms, transportation becomes increasingly local, everything just seems to shut down, mostly) Also, in Mike Ruppert’s book, “Crossing the Rubicon” and especially his documentary, “Collapse”, in which he talks about the end of the age of fossil fuels.

            • The Cyber Wars Begin: Obama Says US “Must Retaliate” Against China For Historic Data Breach

              “The US has determined that the Chinese cyber attack on the databases of the Office of Personnel Management “was so vast in scope and ambition that the usual practices for dealing with traditional espionage cases [does] not apply,”

              The New York Times reports. In short: “this agression will not stand, man.”


        • Makes one wonder where humanity started and where and why…
          I guess it depends on what you believe???

          • Good question eppe, but I kinda look at it this way.

            Since the dawn of man, why has the people allowed to be lured in and controlled by a power structure of such a few others to rule over them?

            Technically, nothing has changed by the behavior of Human’s and something drastically needs to be done about that.

            • Just searching for the true truth.
              I question everything in life…

              • I question everything as well. I do root cause analysis of mechanical failures for a living. There is no easy root cause to identify here, other than human nature running it’s course.

                Greed and power are horrible things! Normal people have guilt and worry…those in power have hubris and no remorse. It’s a lose-lose scenario for the timid and those who just go along to get along.

                Myself, I spent the afternoon mounting a scope on a new rifle and sighted it in. I know that when things go downhill there will be precious few of us with the tools and intestinal fortitude to retrieve this Republic from the jaws of the monsters.

                It sounds like a shooting gallery in our rural neighborhood today. I think that everyone around here is getting ready for the other shoe to drop. I’m lucky to be surrounded by country folk whose farms have been in their family for a hundred years. Those idiots in the large cities are in for a world of hurt.

                • Usury on money, aka interest, is the economic parasite that destroys the system. This is why there was Jubilees in times past and why humans are now facing huge debts world wide. Usury is the preferred method of taking over countries. Study the writing of The Economic Hitman John Perkins.

                  • A better use of your time would be to study the jewish Talmud, if you really want to get to the bottom of who the usurious vampires are.

              • True truth

            • The many don’t submit to the few willingly; they submit because the few can muster sufficient force, military or other, to force them to submit.

              When the many get fed up you see things like the American revolution, political organizing and movements, and unions.

        • 12 The scum government allowing islamic savages by the thousands into the US and calling them, ‘refuges.’

          • Hey! Maybe you’re the scum

            • No, Anon, Zero isn’t the scum but the feds and muslims definitely are. What about you?

              • You’re a good man Braveheart!

            • Anonymous by the offense you took over that I would wager you worship the baby-raping pussy muhamed. Fuck you.

              • Zero, it’s my pleasure. Anon had no business saying what he said. He probably does worship muslims for all anyone knows. Anyone who stands up for muslims deserves to die.

                • I stand for the many muslims that want out of the evil religion called Islam. To whomsoever will.

                  Check out the conversion rate in Iran. Over the past 20 years or so the conversion rate to Christianity has been overwhelming.

                  The young Iranians know they have been lied to and see the evil that calls itself radical Islam. It, Christianity, has gotten so strong of a movement that the gov of Iran has now began placing restrictions and threats of it’s converting peoples.

                  Learn the truth, and the truth will set you free.

                  • Indeed, people should learn the truth, for themselves, not by blindly falling for everything spewed out by self anointed Bible thumpers who claim to speak on ” Gods” behalf. There are lots of psycho’s who read the Bible and think they have become credible prophets, when the truth is they’re simply internet nobodies with self delusions of grandeur, seeing their guardian angel’s faces in clouds behind them in photographs and other nonsense, people like this are dangerous, not only to themselves but potentially others too.

                    • You are one sick puke, Charles and anon, etc,etc.

                      One day you will eat those words and choke on them, if you don’t repent and receive a new heart. The one you carry now is callused over with misery and shame. Sad.

                      if you hate us so much, why do you follow us/me around like a little whipped pup? You can’t enjoy such nonsense as you spew.
                      Maybe you are a faggot and hope you can make someone turn gay with you. It ain’t me, sad sack.

                      I guess it is the only way for a sick puke like you, to get your jollies.

                    • Pissin,

                      No, I’m not a ” faggot”, which is your favorite word you like to use to disparage people who disagree with you. It also shows that you could NOT possibly be a messenger of God like you claim to be, you revert to a small child nastiness when you get pissed, like a little girl throwing a temper tantrum. If indeed you were what you claim to be, than none of this would bother you at all, you would be empowered by the knowledge of God that none of this means anything, but you always have to call names and throw fits when people point out that your stories, although entertaining, are fabrications you’ve invented in your mind, along with your ” cousin”, oicu812. Truth is you’ve been outed for what you are, a dangerous, delusional psychobabbler. Take THAT to the beach with you preacher boy.

                    • You nailed it Charles. BS and Fraud. Its time for the truth. Yall Try Worshiping Nature who returns many favors daily, not some jealous god of fear and hell.. devils and demons… thats sick… Your brain will save you people and you so crave the truth if everything. Peeps are easily brainwashed with Fear, Faith and Patriotism that masks their fraud.

        • #12 American society has completely lost all morals by embracing gay marriage and putting PC ahead of 1st Amendment rights and personal beliefs, and telling private businesses how to conduct their business by mandating they make homo cakes and homo flower arrangements, etc. It’s time for the queers to go back into the closet and/or seek proper treatment for their mental illness.

            • I guess you over looked the part where the Nazis sent homosexuals to the camps; right along with the Jews, Gypsies, etc.

              • You totally missed the point. Probably didn’t even read the article, I suppose. Just jumped ahead to troll your propaganda across the forum.

                The parallel drawn is how a minority of sodomites are using the Nazi’s political techniques to subvert our country.

                In case you missed it: the Nazis were a minority in Germany until they managed to worm their way into power. Then they became slave masters.

              • Whatever number of victims were murdered by WWII-era Germany (Nazis), it pales in comparison to the number of innocents murdered by Communist regimes. In the Soviet Union, the harshest leaders were actually Jews who did not tolerate any dissent.

              • Whatever number of people were murdered during WWII-era Germany (Nazism), the total pales in comparison to the innocents murdered by Communists. In the Soviet Union, Jews made up a significant number of the leadership, and dealt death regularly to those who dissented.

          • homosexuality is demonic.

        • Eppe
          it is not what you believe it is what you were BRAINWASHED into thinking was the REAL story and then finding out MOST of what you were taught was ALL lies to control how you think and react to things the real people in charge want you to!! after you wake up you wonder how in the HELL did i eve think that way!! welcome to to the OPEN eyes mode of thinking!! amen it happened before it was too late!!

        • Was prepping while enjoying life. Am prepping and enjoying life, will continue prepping and enjoying life. I see no reason to change either. What may come can come.

        • Eppe: The handwriting is on the wall!

        • I just saw on the news that Puerto Rico believes they will NOT default on the 58million………They bought a bunch of scratch off lottery tickets.

        • I don’t feel I people need to believe in anything in particular, but have faith………that other people will screw things up given half a chance.

          Taking the kids to the beach you meet three types of people. Those that build sand castles, those that watch, and those that smash them. There’s always one or two that just have to smash, much like Obama’s doing!

        • This guy has been running his mouth for the past 8 years…he’ll keep on spewing until he’s right. Of course, even a broken clock is right twice a day. They’ll be another bailout you idiot!

      2. I’ve seen dates of catastrophic prophecies come and go, but I think the real deal is coming and coming very soon.

        • I find prophecies to be nonsense. Anything and everything that is happening in today’s world is from the direct result of TPTB’s actions. With everything going on, prophecies can be easily fitted into the mix of today’s news headlines.

          Even a 100 years ago, a lot of the same prophecies could fit into the mix of news headlines at the time as well. It’s a recycling event and there is nothing new when it comes to these relevations.

          A 100 years from now, there will still be the same correlation in prophecies as it was 500 years ago.
          I wish God/Jesus would come down to planet Earth and do the deed that needs to be done. Something tells me though, that just isn’t going to happen.

        • Same here Joe: Scary as hell, isn’t it?

        • Of that great and terrible day, no man knows save the father. But before that comes much tribulation. It’s all that tribulation I prep for!

          Wars, storms, tidal waves, earthquakes, plagues, drought, famine, they’ve been happening regularly for millennia. To not be prepared for life’s little lessons in humility, is to be like the liberal progressive squirrel that doesn’t store up nuts and seeds for winter!

      3. The only solution to fix #1 through #11 to save the humanity = Bring down the castles of corruptions from north to the south and east to the west and burn them alive under any shape, name, beliefs.

        Destroy the multi nationals corp. in all lands, burn down the mega banks and oil cartels and their owners. I wish we had a more peaceful solution but the current elite class world wide doesn’t want peace so a violent use of force by the 99% of the humanity is the only choice.

        • Those corporations and mega banks would not exist without corrupt politicians , lets start there , the rest will fix itself.

          • And the great joke is that the bought-and-paid-for pols think we are the tools to use and dispose of.

          • Why be picky—GIT ‘EM ALL and be done with it.

            • Great, sounds like we have 3 leaders here who are willing to take the reins and lead the charge! Let us know when you’ll be starting it up, thanks.

        • Oh, they will burn all right; but just not the way you want them to.

          There is a King that will take care of that without any of your help, Stolz Farfromneuggin.

        • Might want to burn down all religion while you are at it.

          • The Communist nations have done a fairly good job of that over the last century.

            Perhaps you would be happier in one of them.

            • Religion is man made and not what Jesus intended. Get a clue. Christianity is NOT religion. Mormons, Catholics, Protestant, etc is all man made and have killed plenty of people to prove their fruits, so where do you stand ya dumb fvk?

              • So tell me what Jesus intended and how you know it.

                BTW, insulting a poster to your posts, AKA Argumentum ad Hominem, is a glaring indication of a poster that cannot support his argument or claims with either fact or factual reasoning.

                Just so you know.

                • The Lord never intended for His church to be divided up into hundreds of competing groups teaching vastly different doctrines. The Lord is not the Lord of confusion. It is man that has changed His doctrine and turned it into a mass of confusion and division. Much of this has be for filthy lucre (1 Peter 5:2) and in Ephesians 4:5, Paul tells us that there is “One Lord, one faith,one baptism,” not many Lords, many faiths and many different forms of baptism.

                  Christ set up His church while on earth and appointed Peter as the lead Apostle over his church. After Christ’s death, Peter was to receive guidance from Christ to direct the church through a process called revelation. Christ established a particular leadership structure in His church, and this structure was to help unify the people within the church and to help avoid confusion on who was responsible for what components of the various roles within the church. In Apostle Paul’s instructions to the Ephesian members of Christ’s church, who were called Saints, he told them what the structure of the church should be. Christ’s church was set up with apostles, prophets, evangelists (missionaries), pastors (bishops), and teachers and this structure was to help perfect the saints. Paul also told the members that this church leadership structure was to be the structure until there was unity in the faith and until the members were perfected [which would not be until the Second Coming of Christ ]. This leadership structure was designed to keep the saints from being confused about which doctrines were correct.

                  The reason there are so many different churches today is because the church Christ established was changed by men into a church that men wanted and the followers have become confused as to which doctrine is correct and where to find a church that teaches correct doctrine. We do know one thing and that is that Christ’s church will have 12 apostles (the number in the original church), a prophet, a strong missionary component, and pastors (also called bishops) and teachers. If a church is missing these key leadership components, then it is not structured after the church that was originally established by Christ and described by the Apostle Paul as cited in Ephesians 4:11-14 below (KJV).

                  So kill the religions. Next question? And just because you are a stupid fvk is not an ad hom attack. You were the one being snotty and telling me to gtfo and go to some commie country. Remember?

                  • So, .02:

                    When you talk about killing religions you only mean killing the Christian religion.

                    Islam, Hinduism, the African animist relations, Voodoo, Hoodoo and Macumba which they are derived from, as well as the Chinese gods and ancestor worship and Japanese Shintoism along with all the other lesser known ones are just fine.

                    FWIW, Jesus and his followers -all of them including the apostles- were Jews and practiced the Jewish religion so if there is any true Christian he does the same. Do you?

                    The falling away from sound doctrine, the Apostasy of the Church, is a part of the end ties prophecy and is not a distortion by man but by Satan acting through men.

                    Perhaps you should ask yourself a simple question: Do I confess that Jesus is the Christ come in the flesh -if so do so- or am I under the spirit of the Anti-Christ (who is Satan)?

                    • I believe what 02. is saying.

                      “Everything we have learned and were taught is a lie, why would Religion be any different?”

                      What makes Religion different from everything else?


                      This is usually the answer I receive from the Bible Banger Groups. Sorry, that is not an answer because faith is not fact.

                      Believe what you like, It bothers me none. It bothers me when an article like this gets hijacked from said Group(s) that has no relevance to said Article.

                      Take your Religious drivel to Craigslist “relgion” forum if you like, that is where it belongs or troll along onto a Atheist Blog, they will welcome you!

                    • Might want to check that at the door. HOW MANY TIMES do we go through this Barn Cat? Jesus was NOT A JEW.

                      And YES Islam, Hindu, etc should all be banned.

                      The Christian religion has been corrupted in so many ways it to should be restructured to what the original church was supposed to be.

                      Despite the clamor of the blinded in part, “church-goer” and the duped “Judeo Christians” following the likes of Billy, Jerry, and Pat, et. al, Jesus would have been a follower of the Babylonian Talmudic Pharisaism of the day, which exists in the very same anti Christian Judaism form today… In fact, St. Paul even described it as well, noting that it was even then, working in his day, that “mystery of iniquity.”

                      Judaism follows the Talmud and not the Torah, the first five books of Moses…The Torah takes a far distant 2nd place in the minds and comments of the Rabbi’s of Judaism and as a consequence, they do not follow the original Hebraism of the early Israelite, those who met and agreed to abide by the Law given to them at Mt. Sinai.

                      When the tribe of Judah was taken to Babylon in a mild form of captivity, they abandoned their ancient Hebraism of the Torah and began to follow the “oral traditions” of the Pharisees who were called upon to circumvent these early Laws of the Torah while they were in the Las Vegas of the day, Babylon… This circumvention given to the Figs of Judah, both the good and bad, evolved into the long series of Rabbinical traditions that became the infamous, Talmud… now 63 volumes of very anti Christian writings and commentary… and clearly anti Jesus..

                      So, when He called them down and stated that their rules make the Laws of non-effect, He was speaking about their Talmud…

                      So, would Jesus have become a Jew in order to abide by the Talmud… Go figure… Hardly… Jesus was not a Jew..

                      ht tp://www.truth-books.com/jesus_not_a_jew.html

          • Amen Brother 🙂

        • Stolz, sad to say, you’re right. The only chance we had for peaceful change was Ron Paul and that was lost. We’re all being forced into a situation none of us ever wanted. The elitists have nothing less than the worst possible intentions toward us and they have to be eliminated. Either kill or be killed.

          • If Ron Paul was the only politician you ever had going for you, than you were doomed from the start. It’s the equivalent of saying George Washington was the only man who could ever lead America, once he died it was all over with. If you put all your faith and time into one man and one man only, you’re bound to be let down time and again,you’re betting everything on the outcome of one horse so to speak, and when he loses as all horses or men eventually do, you have nothing left to start again with. Never a good idea to be too wrapped up in only one man.

            • Charles, I challenge you to name me any politician in congress besides Ron Paul who had honesty and integrity. You can’t because they don’t exist. His own son Rand Paul has sold out to the TPTB. I don’t see anyone else to believe in, do you? The ballot box has failed so now we have to turn to the cartridge box. God knows I wish that we could avoid it but I don’t see any other way to save this country.

              • First thing one must ask dear BH is this “is this country worth saving?” One example to think about is this: The second paragraph of the United States Declaration of Independence starts as follows:

                We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.

                These same people were slave owners and only allowed MALE land holders to vote. So what we started out as a country was based on total hypocrisy.

                If there be an object truly ridiculous in nature, it is an American patriot, signing resolutions of independency with the one hand, and with the other brandishing a whip over his affrighted slaves.

                So, are we to think you want to “save” a country that was started on lies, and still operates on lies and always has been “do as I say, not as I do”. Seriously, we need a different paradigm.

                • 02, you’ve summed up the paradox of the United States in one sentence. You can’t be for freedom and slavery at the same time, unless, of course, you’re a politician.

                • The sole purpose of the United States when it was created was not enshrined in keeping slavery as part of the country’s doctrine unlike the confederacy.

                  The existince of the confederacy was because of slavery. The US wasn’t.

      4. I’m certainly no fan of BHO, but we are the most resilient people on earth, and even with all the calamities he and George Bush have brought upon us, we could still somehow endure and survive, if not for those in the country that refuse to make an honest living. We all know it will never happen, but if we could just rid ourselves of the tax and spend like there is no tomorrow mentality that is so prevalent then we could balance the books, start a National Savings Account and actually get a good night’s sleep. Wouldn’t that be nice. Ya’ll will laugh at this, but if I were King, I would order 10% of all crops in the country had to picked by hand by those on welfare, ptsd, food stamps, government retirement, bipolar, multiple personality disorder, and all the website owners that require commenters to use disqus. It wouldn’t take long for the above mentioned to quit their whining and find viable employment. Pain builds character, always has, always will.
        And a nation without Impeccable Character is nothing more than a blob on a map. Thanks and God bless.

        • Taxn2poverty, the Founders would of frowned on your ideas of forcing people to work for Government Programs. The problem is not entirely a people issue, it is a Government issue.

          They are the ones who have made a system that is easily available to those who choose not to work or are able to work the system to their benefit.

          The Government Programs should always be there for the people, but only to those who truly need it. The broken system we have now needs to shut down the loop holes for those who are conning the system.

          All people who are of working age that are physically and mentally able to work should not be getting hand outs.
          Those that choose not to work, well that is their problem, not the taxpayers. Women that have 6 children from 6 different fathers. Guess what? That was their choice to put themselves in that situation, not the Government.

          Can’t blame people who choose to find loopholes to defraud a broken system. The Government System is the reason why mental, stable, and physically able bodied people scam the program.

          Name One Government operated program that has had a success?….please take your time……anybody and everybody can ponder this question too….and again…please take your time and think real hard…………………..you can do it, keep plugging away……………………………………….give up?……….I do too!…..I can’t find an answer either!

          • As bad as I hate to give the government credit for anything, the VA educational bill for WW2 veterans actually paid tremendous benefits. But that was the one and only profitable example. It went into the red when the drug addicted Vietnam veterans came home, and that’s a fact. Now, on with the other stuff. I blame anyone, anywhere that takes advantage of any loophole that lessens my take home pay. People are the problem, not government. People run the government, people make the loopholes, people take advantage, and the system feeds itself until one morning the last taxpayer figures out it is useless and nonprofitable to go to work. Then who is to blame: The taxpayers, that’s who. Again, people are the problem.

            • The VA shouldn’t exist. Perfect example of government run health care. All the slackers ‘working’ at the VA should be kicked to the curb. Public sector jobs are the last refuge for the unemployable.

          • There have been SEVERAL govt programs that succeeded—but none of them were to the benefit of the American People.

            How ’bout operation paperclip? In the aftermath of World War II American Intelligence launched Operation Paperclip as a covert attempt to recruit the scientists of Nazi Germany for employment in the United States. It turned out to be quite successful, just look at Monsanto and a couple of other big pharma corps. They rule the world today.

            Rex 84? short for Readiness Exercise 1984, is a plan by the United States federal government to test their ability to detain large numbers of American citizens in case of civil unrest or national emergency. I think they’ve got this one covered as well.

            Project MKUltra? Project MKUltra was the code name of a U.S. government covert research operation experimenting in the behavioral engineering of humans (mind control) through the CIA’s Scientific Intelligence Division. One can’t read an article or watch a TV program without running afoul of this operation.

            Operation Mockingbird? Operation Mockingbird was a secret Central Intelligence Agency campaign to influence media beginning in the 1950s. I think they succeeded with this as well.

            Project MKNaomi? A joint Department of Defense/CIA research program lasting from the 1950s through the 1970s. It is generally reported to be a successor to the MKDELTA project and to have focused on biological projects including biological warfare agents—specifically, to store materials that could either incapacitate or kill a test subject and to develop devices for the diffusion of such materials. Anyone want to argue this one?

            Project RESISTANCE? A DOMESTIC ESPIONAGE operation coordinated under the Domestic Operations Division (DOD) of the CIA. Its purpose was to collect background information on groups around the U.S. that might pose threats to CIA facilities and personnel. I think they have greatly expanded on this one, to include most all of us today.

            Here’s one to laugh at though:

            Operation Acoustic Kitty

            Acoustic Kitty was a CIA project launched by the Directorate of Science & Technology in the 1960s attempting to use cats in spy missions to spy on the Kremlin and Soviet embassies. A battery and a microphone were implanted into a cat and an antenna into its tail. This would allow the cats to innocuously record and transmit sound from its surroundings. Due to problems with distraction, the cat’s sense of hunger had to be addressed in another operation.

            • “There have been SEVERAL govt programs that succeeded—but none of them were to the benefit of the American People.”

              That is exactly what I was aiming at Sixpack. Programs that succeed for the American People. They are pretty much non-existent and vague.

              I wasn’t disputing the questionable success of what the Government has been involved in the past, though some of them are borderline sketchy between right and wrong, most of them are wrong and immoral.

              Thanks for your input

              • The Interstate highway program seems to have succeeded rather well and benefits every American residing within our borders.

                Lots of others as well.

                • Interstate highways never had Anything to do with the people. Eisenhower built them to facilitate troop and equipment movement throughout the country to facilitate any war effort!

          • Social Security cut the poverty rate of senior citizens from 50% to 10%, though the percentage has been going up again.

            Medicare was create to solve a problem that the private sector couldn’t: provide medical insurance to senior citizens at an affordable price. And by the way Medicare spend 97% of its budget on paying for medical care, only 3% goes to overhead.

            The Tennessee Valley Authority, and its supporting programs, lifted the poorest area of America out of grinding generation poverty; it also provide the electrical power required to enrich the uranium required to build ‘Little Boy’.

            The Bureau of Reclamation built Hoover dam which allowed the South West to bloom. It also build Grand Collie Dam which provided the power for alcoa to make cheap aluminum which allowed Boeing to build modern Seattle and provide the water to permit farming in eastern washington.

            The Interstate highway system.

            The Internet.

            And on and on.

            • I’ll just address the Medicare claim.


              Trusting a Government entity to do ethical bookkeeping is naive at best, downright foolish at worst.

              Medicare has, as usual for any government program, become a huge profit center for the entire medical/pharmaceutical industry. Being on Medicare myself, (I had no choice when I retired), I see the flim-flam that goes on every time I get a “summary of payments” from them or my Part B provider. Not mention the billions that are pissed away to outright fraudsters. Successful program? Yeah, for the leeches that profit from it.

            • Every it of that is statist Horseapples!

              • I wasn’t talking about you Coach!

          • Through the 60’s and Mid 70’s we were told we were fighting Communism in Viet Nam and thats the same time when the Commies set up shop here in the US. for the FreeShit Army. Ironic??

      5. “as in the days of Noah”…

        It’s hard not to “feel” the collapse coming. It’s not coming from any one direction but is surrounding us on all sides…

        • It wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark !

          • God did not take Noah and his family OUT of the flood. He took them THROUGH it.

            • Great comment Mom.

      6. The oil companies obscene profits are down 20% in July. Boo Frigging Hoo! The gas hasn’t fallen at the pump that percentage here in Florida. A couple pennies is all I’ve seen. We are still being gouged big time. The price should be well south of 2 dollars a gallon right now. These oil barons have stolen hundreds of billions of dollars over the years, polluted the planet with their offshoot chemicals and all the while suppressed clean technology that would render them obsolete. And I would be remiss in not saying, Obullshitusurper You frigging SUCK!

        • 🙂

        • The price would be less than $2.00 if not for the taxes. Federal and state taxes here are around 65 cents per gallon. Gas is $2.39, so the price the store gets is $1.74. They keep a small percentage to pay salaries and overhead. The distributor makes a little bit more. The oil company that explores, drills, transports, converts to gasoline and countless other products, and pipes it all over the country makes less than what the distributor does. The store I worked for was owned by the distributor, and he had what was probably the biggest wine cellar in the area. He was rich, just on 10 cents a gallon, but on thousands of gallons per day in sales at each location he serviced.

          If you look at inflation, gasoline is a lot less than it ought to be. Gas here in NC is $2.39. 40 years ago it was $.52 (I had just started working at a convenience store at the time). So gas is 4.5 times higher than it was 40 years ago. Candy bars were 15 cents back then. Soft drinks were 20 cents. I was paying $50 a month rent for a house at the time. Tell me something else besides gas that is only 4.5 times higher now than it was 40 years ago.

          • Food, 40 years ago we, the dairy farmers, were getting about 8 dollars per hundred weight. Last month we were paid 15 dollars for one hundred pounds of milk. Food horrifically cheap in America, but hopefully not for much longer.

          • Duke power, haven’t you been watching the adds? Gas is $2.30 at red star in Zebulon, n. c. today.

          • I walked 20 miles to school, uphill both ways, 4000′ snowdrifts. Why the hell did they always build schools in the middle of nowhere?

            • You left out bare footed.

        • Obscene profits? They make less than Apple, less than Sony, less than Microsoft, less than Disney. Their profit on gasoline runs around 5%. Taxes run 10% to 20% depending on what state you are buying in.

          Oh, and those petrochemicals. Without them you would not have any sort of high tech PDA to post this drivel on. Or a car to ride in. Your living quarters would be at a 1920 technology level.

          Posted not to reform aljamo, because he (she? it?) is a True Believer. But others might be lured in by the nonsense.

          • I worked almost three decades in an oil refinery starting out as an operator and retiring as an operations supervisor. Oil Refining is a very dangerous and expensive business to run and very competitive. The workforce is paid very well, they’re highly skilled. The margin for error hovers around zero.

            Oil refined today was purchased 2 months ago.

          • The evil oil company routine is getting way old. Hasn’t been a real item to complain about for a decade plus. Many of the refineries have been sold off by the majors to address risk management issues. Risk management would include enhanced and costly regulatory compliance. Also consider the new age workers starting to make their way into the refining industry. Much less capable than the operators were twenty years back.

            Pretty much majors are headed toward E & P, “energy trading”, developing new oil fields etc…. Lower risk than trying to run refineries in the US with the current business environment.

            The cost of your gasoline is much more dependent on the laws of supply and demand these days. The refiner is buying oil on the open market. The refiner’s profits are greatly limited to sales at the pump and whatever differential they can squeeze out of the purchase of crude.

            Thank a liberal for this gift.

            • If people don’t like the oil companies, then park the car and ride a bicycle. I’ve been doing it since June of ’10 and it is truly amazing how much money is to be saved, no to mention the health benefits. Thanks

              • I spend $2800 a year driving back and forth to work. 50 miles a day is a bit much for this old fellow’s body to handle if i decided to go the bicycle route. I’ll have to stick with the car.

        • Horseshit. NONE of the ‘clean’ alternatives come close to the energy density og coal or oil. If not for ‘big oil’ and ‘big coal’, you wouldn’t have a computer in your home to complain through.

          Say anything you want, but if the world is forced back to ‘organic’ farming, most of us will have to find another planet upon which to live. Without industrial-scale farming and cheap energy, Earth’s carrying capacity goes down by about 6B humans.

          • Would not even have electricity to run a computer. Try building a power plant or a high tension grid without oil-fueled machinery. Without coal, there would be almost no steel, just wrought iron or cast iron, and even those in rather small quantities. No trees left either, because the only way to make iron without coal is charcoal. About 15 tons of it for every ton of iron. Steel would be so scarce that a simple paring knife would be worth as much proportionally as a small car is to us today. The vast majority of tools would be wooden. Not that there isn’t some wonderful artistry in wooden tools, but you will have no more than a 17th century society if that’s all you have.

            I truly wish we could set up a separate planet for these naive little children to live on, with only the technology they favor. They’d be crying to be brought home in just a few months. Those that survived, anyway.

        • The government is making more money off a gallon of gas than the oil companies.

          Suck on that for a while.

          When I see the Democrats lower fuel taxes to help the working man, the guy spending 20% of his weekly paycheck filling the gas tank, and ending so-called bullshit regulations on the big, bad, oil companies to bring the price under $1.50 a gallon, then it wont’t be so obvious this hatred of Big Oil is nothing more than deflection and distraction on the part of the left.

          • I tell you what, lets remove all state and federal gas taxes but we will also remove the massive subsidies the oil companies receive at the same time; and by subsidies I mean the tax loopholes, the military and diplomatic protection of their supply sources, and stop handling them with kid gloves every time they have an oopsie.

            Care to stake wager on which way gas prices would go then?

            • Then you are ok with 10.00 per gallon gas?

            • @ No such
              Fer real? Which massive subsidies are you talking about. I only see “normal” types of tax “loopholes” that are being used. And by loopholes, I mean expenses and capitol expenses.
              Right now the Fed stands in the way of the Keystone pipeline, north slope E & P. There was a company here in NM that had to give up it’s oil leases because of some friggin’ lizard. This “endangered” lizard looks suspiciously like a lizard that is all over NM. Whatever alphabet agency’s rep got a hard-on for this particular independent oil company. Slammed them for millions. Jus’ because.

              Exxon has pumped out > $8 Billion for the Valdez spill. Not exactly kid gloves. BP has shelled out $42 billion for the Deepwater spill. Not exactly kid gloves. From experience I can tell you that the industry has really stepped up and created a “culture” that has a low tolerance for activities that could harm the environment. People will lose their jobs if they don’t fall into lock step with the new agenda.

              As far as protection of our oil interests…you would not want to leave our energy needs in the hands of OPEC or South America. Remember the OPEC oil embargo of ’73. The economic implications are scary. IMHO that’s why we’ve been busy developing our own oil fields.

              • Subsidies? You mean like the severance taxes oil companies pay, (and they ain’t small) just for pumping thew crude oil out of the ground? Pennsylvania just raised the severance tax on natural gas. Not for any reason other than that they could. More money for politicians to buy votes from the Free Shit Army.

                • Severance taxes help local govs build infrastructure to support oilfield activity among other things. Ya can’t drive a 100k lb rig across a backwoods bridge rated for 20K lb.
                  Royalties on the other hand, last i knew, were from 1/8 to 1/4 production. So of the $100/bbl the oil companies were getting six+ months back, $25 went to the owners of the lease/oil rights. So now the oil company is making $75 per barrel. Whoops, less operating costs. Bakkan is running $65 per barrel. Wow looks like the windfall profits for the evil oil companies just isn’t as factual as certain folks would have you believe.

                  ht tps://www.caseyresearch.com/articles/the-truth-behind-the-bakken-a-mathematicians-take

                  • Severance taxes go to the state general funds, not to local communities.

                    To their credit, the gas companies which are drilling all around me are rebuilding and/or repaving the roads they use to get to their rigs, but that’s on their dime, using their own contractors. They know that anything they give to the state for infrastructure upgrades will get the work done in three to five years, and they need it done now</b).

                    Not that I have any love for these companies, mind you. They are pretty careless about the messes they make, the pipeline easements they force on us make that land pretty much unusable forevermore, they are constantly blocking our roads, so that a four mile trip to town for me has become a 24 mile detour, and they run all sorts of book-keeping shenanigans to avoid paying property owners their due. (Look up Chesapeake Energy on that score.)

        • Remember during the last low dollar ppg they told us low gas prices were bad for the economy? Guess they learned their lesson, lol.
          There is NO reason for the prices we are paying at the pump. In spite of it all, WA State dropped a 7cent increase on each gallon. They do that when they think we have a little change left over. Asshats.

      7. The hair on my neck keeps standing up. I can’t point to one thing but everyone is looking over their shoulder. You don’t quite know what it is but you know its there. Plan like its going to happen.

        • I’ve also noticed that people–aware or not–seem to be edgy. Maybe it comes from being in VA.

          • Thats cuz Va. is so close to DC.

            • Jim: Glad the prevailing wind blows that stuff from DC up the coast and out to sea 🙂 Away from south central VA !

        • Feels like a Wile E. Coyote moment . . . we’ve already run off the edge of the cliff and are now looking around to see what is wrong.

          Buckle up.

        • The guy across the street form me just ran about 300 rounds through his Match Grade M1A1 today. The feeling in the air is becoming tangiable.

      8. I’ve been reading the unhivedmind.com lately. He lays the entire control worldwide on the Jesuit Order and backs it up with indepth reasoning. He claims the King James version of the Bible is not the real Bible, that it has been rewritten to hide Rome’s evil plans. Notice the Jesuits get little critcism in public, because they control everything. It is the Catholic church that seeks to destroy Christianity. The Jesuits created Islam as a religion back around the year 595. Their present center of control is London, who carried out the 9-11 attacks in New York. We are all their slave subjects from birth. The Jesuit Order is all about depopulation and through lower Orders, London included, are the masters of the developing New World Order.

        • And who is the “black pope”?

          • The one eating the ribs!

            • …may as well throw in the Watermelon and Fried Chicken while you’re at it too! Is there anything else we may be missing?

              • Don’t forget the rib bones, chicken bones, and pieces of watermelon he leaves on the ground instead of throwing them into a trash can.

                • LMAO, good one Braveheart. I suppose I neglected to mention the obvious lack of courtesy of cleaning up after one’s self.

                  • Hey, cockroaches and flies gotta eat, too!

                • And pork chops. Hoooooweeeee. Ever seen a black man with one tooth trying to eat a pork chop? He be gnawing on it for three days.

              • Have you ever noticed that the foods mentioned as stereotypically black fare and called “soul food” is the same food that southerners as a whole like? Fried chicken, ribs, watermelon, collards, etc. Everybody I know eats like that.

                That’s how you can tell all the black stereotypes originated with Yankees.

                Here’s a sample, lyrics from a 1913 Victor recording, “N—– Loves His Possum”:

                N—– loves a possum
                Sizzlin’ in the pan.
                N—– loves the corn juice
                Steal it if he can.
                Ain’t no use to talkin’
                N—– through and through.
                Loves his watermelon
                ‘Deed he do, do, do.

                Composer, artists, and record company were all northern.

                • Sounds like a Johnny Rebel song.


                  • Nope. But I do have Johnny Rebel records. They are not very good, but I have them for the sake of completeness.

                    I collect all kinds of records. I have tried to get copies of every song I’ve ever heard. Some of them are elusive.

                    Also, if I like an artist, I try to get everything they ever recorded. I have everything ever recorded by Glenn Miller, Jimmie Rodgers (the country singer), Led Zeppelin, T. Rex, Hank Williams, and many others. I have almost a complete set of Mantovani’s albums and most by 101 Strings. So my collection is varied and huge.

              • And skipping out on the check too.

            • I love pork ribs at Ruby Tuesday’s.

          • Here’s a link that I think describes him best

            ht tp://www.exposingsatanism.org/showthread.php/69-The-Jesuits-and-the-Black-Pope

          • The Superior General of the Society of Jesus is the official title of the leader of the Society of Jesus—the Roman Catholic religious order, also known as the Jesuits. He is generally addressed as Father General. The position sometimes carries the nickname of the Black Pope, after his simple black priest’s vestments, as contrasted to the white garb of the Pope. The current Superior General is the Reverend Father Adolfo Nicolás.

        • You are insane if you believe what you wrote.

        • Give us a break, you’re sounding like one of the Jew haters that come here now and then.

          Jesuits created Islam? 9-11 Attacks by Jesuits?

          Total looney tunes birdseed.

          If you believe that crap, then what you claim to be ‘indepth reasoning’ certainly goes a long way to explain the workings of the lefty mind. No wonder Obama can do no wrong, fact and fantasy occupy the same place in your dictionary.

          • Society of Jesus wasn’t even started until the mid 1500s, by ex-soldier named Loyola. Without he had a time machine, no way he created Islam.

            The Jesuits became an internationalist revolutionary order, and had to be suppressed. A Renaissance precursor to the globalists of today. They are still at it.

      9. Matthew 24:20
        That whole chapter for that matter

      10. AlJ, if there in charge, for hundreds of years. Why don’t WE know it? Why are elections going on? Why so secretive? Let’s put a smile on that face of yours!

      11. The thing that is not reported is the under ground economy , I have seen so many of Americas top workers drop out of the work force because they are tired of paying for all these bums that want to collect welfare. Now they to are collecting welfare, but they also work for cash only , took their money out of the banks,and live off the grid as much as possible .
        Those were the ones supporting two or three families.not anymore. So as not to be racist they are now statistically equal . Things may look bad for the dead beat that saw welfare as a way of life ,or the country that took all they could from the people , but the working man is living high under the radar. I read the stats and laugh ,they may collapse , not the white working men that really own this country..

        • Yep, the proportions of makers vs takers is not good.

        • Going Galt is the way to go. Eleven years and still getting by. Small jobs on the side pay a little cash, or cookies, or home-made candy. I have been bartering labor for years. I’m looking to have a yard sale in the near future to turn some extra items into cash to put into preps. One thing I won’t be doing is returning to the labor force.

          • If I ever get to work again, it will probably be to teach others what I know. Those who can’t do anymore, gladly teach.

            • Six,thought it was those who don’t know ,teach!Just kidding!

            • I’d teach, too, if I could find anybody to listen. My grandkids sure won’t. If it’s not on their iPads, their eyes glaze over in minutes. Sad.

          • No thanks, I like taking a D 10 doser and tearing the earth to bits. Plus I can make 60 grand in 6 months and take 6 off while drawing 525 a week unemployment. Life is good.

            • You can’t even spell dozer. How do you expect us to believe you can operate one?

              • auto correct

                • Auto correct helps you run a dozer? (Sorry, I just couldn’t resist!)

              • That got a big smile from me Old Coach.

              • I happen to own a dozer and it has all new undercarriage and is in good cond and paid for. and I parked it. folks are buying on credit and operating so cheap there isn’t any profit. and I call bullshit on you earning $10,000 a month. the operaters wages have been falling for two decades. your not being paid $40 per hour when a Mexican will do the same job for $15 or less.

                • Call all the bullshit you want. 30 an hour plus 120 per diem in North Dakota = 10 grand a month. There are/were low boy drivers making 50 an hour. Things are now starting to tighten up a bit with the crashing oil prices. Just got back from Yellowstone Park working prevailing wage + per diem and grossed 13,000 in 5 weeks. But truthfully, I don’t give a shit what you believe.

                  • If you do ever give a shit, I’ll be glad to send you one of my Toilet catalogs so you can buy a new model since you make all that money scraping stuff up. I know you want a nice place to take a shit when you do start giving a shit again.

                • Oh, and if you are going to be a spelling Nazi, it is operators and it is you’re. PLUS, the Mexicans are not taking jobs from GOOD operators where production is key and prevailing wage is just that. I made 44.77 an hour in Nevada building 195 between Reno and Carson City operating a D10 on a 367 foot 2 to 1 slope cut. Prevailing wage here is 36.64 Mexican or no Mexican they have to pay prevailing wage PERIOD on gov jobs. So you make prevailing wage, overtime plus per diem and that is 10 grand a month easy. The jobs are out there you just have to know how to find them and the contractors don’t hire Mexicans on government subsidized jobs.because when paying prevailing wage, they want the best. Sorry about your bad luck with your dozer, maybe you should move.

                  • Sounds like someone out of casper wyoming

                • And if you were to look, operating engineers on the coast in King County, Washington State running a front end loader with a bucket larger than 8 yards, prevailing wage is $55.79 per hour. So O G they do pay more than 40 an hour for equipment operators in many places. Next time you call bullshit, Google is your friend.

                  • Is that $58/hr with their ‘dozer’ and fuel or your ‘dozer’ and fuel?

                    • Their dozer, their fuel and most the time it is walk onto the job, run the already warmed up equipment until quitting time and you put it in the line up for the fueler/oiler and shut it off and walk away. Yes, 58 an hour to pull levers and play in the sand box with the big boy toys and all you do is bring your lunch.

            • You must not own the dozer, then. Leaving expensive machinery sitting idle while you screw the pooch for six months is stupid.

              You should be making 120k a year instead of 60k, and putting the money into something for the future, instead of just getting by.

              • There comes a time when trading hours for dollars becomes a situation where the hours you have left are worth more than the dollars you make. Now what you might consider the future, I see dollars becoming worthless while hours are precious. You only live once and I want to enjoy my time on this planet while my health still holds together instead of working 6 days a week 52 weeks a year to pile up digits in a bank account that most likely will be stolen in the future anyway. I keep expenses to a minimum so I do better than just get by on 60 grand a year. I gave up on the toys and the 150,000 dollar hauler years ago and live very simple on less than 1200 a month burn rate for all expenses. Time is priceless. Work, not so much.

                • Reminds me of a guy I know of who learned to fly helicopters in ‘Nam. Would do six month stints on the Alaska pipeline, then come home and blow it all on sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll. Last I heard he’s bunking in with a friend. Can’t pass his physical, doesn’t know any other work, and hasn’t got a dime left. (Although I reckon he’s got a SSI pension.)

                  • Lol I have been married 40 years, Class A CDl physical every 2 years including UA, drug UA’s on nearly every job I take with more than once involved in randoms. In my trade druggies are quickly washed out. Hair tests are now becoming the norm which makes it even better for me as now even more competition is going to get the axe making for even better wages. Supply and demand. Might have to only work 4 months a year..

                    S W E E T!!

        • Wolverine,you are correct,I see underground cash/trade/barter economy growing by leaps and bounds,figure soon a alt currency will come into play as govt.’s try for a cashless society,there is still opportunity out there,just not so much if you play by govt rules at all its levels.

      12. I just stocked up on more spiral notebooks. Wal-Mart has them for 17 cents each for the ones with 70 pages. That’s cheaper than their cheapest notebook paper. You can get a whole case of the notebooks for $4 or $5.

        We will need paper and pens or pencils to record what happens for the future. Also for inventories, personal diaries, garden planning, etc.

        Besides regular pens and pencils, I have mechanical pencils because the leads take up so little space. You can put 10 or more containers into just one for storage because they’re never full when you buy them. You can write for a long time with a stockpile of pencils and leads. The small diameter means you can write smaller and use less paper.

        There are some good deals in back-to-school supplies right now at Wal-Mart and the office supply stores. I have paper, notebooks, pencils, crayons, coloring pencils, copy paper, etc. Now is the time to buy.

        • Good idea, thanks. I think I’ll do just that.

        • Now is the time to stock up on cold and flu supplies. When autumn arrives, people will begin thinking about winter colds and sniffles. There is plenty on the shelves now.

          Another item I seldom see listed is thread–plain old sewing thread. Have a few spools and sewing needles to repair clothing. Try not to get the ultra cheap-o 10 for a dollar kind. Get bigger spools of a brand like Coats & Clark (my fave is Guterman’s but sewing is my thing.) that won’t have the tendency to shred, snarl, and break. If you only pick a few colors, pick black, white and gray. Oddly enough, gray blends into most anything. (Learned that from having a serger.) My travel sewing kit has helped me out of a lot of problems; yes, even camping. Pulled out a needle and fishing line (light weight) to fix a tent torn up by heavy wind (and 8 months pregnant). Still have the tent many years later. 🙂

          The notebooks are also good for noting herbs and plants that you find helpful when wildcrafting. Good to know your inventory on herbs–what works, what doesn’t–assuming herbal knowledge, of course.

          • I always keep cold/flu medicine in my medical supplies. You never know when you’ll need it.

          • Needles are a good barter item. I have stocked up, and have the larger needles for upholstery, etc.

            We inherited everything from a professional seamstress, including supplies and a treadle sewing machine.

            You can also repair window screens with needle and thread.

            • Love my treadle machine. I have embroidery machines as well but for basic sewing not much beats a treadle. I need space to really use my loom and spinning wheel but one day it will happen. If it has to do with fiber and fabric, I’m all over it. I even save the cat’s hair to make yarn. Read that you have to be careful about items made with cat hair; you get too hot in them. LOL Still want to learn about spinning with cotton or flax; guess I should hurry that plan along.

          • @Y…..I just put 5 trays of Passion Flower leaves in the dehydrator! I love herbs!

        • Archivist, leave a little time to rest that trigger finger. No good to get writer’s cramp when working the trigger. 🙂

          • Don’t you worry. I’m a professional.

        • You’re an inbred idiot and should be horsewhipped for writing about pencil lead. Pencils use graphite to mark with. Enough of a butt head detail Nazi for you? I really showed you what fer! I ar smart!

          Betty Lou! Git me my beyre n seegretts! Wrasslin is on!

          • Huge Anus! Got it!

        • Archivist, I pray you are correct, but writing about what we are about to go through will be so horrible no one will believe it anyway. But good luck, and thanks for the advice.

      13. I’m not a grammer nazi, but ExxonMobil is often the largest company by capitalization. We should be able to spell that correctly.

        • I think Acid is back with a new name.


      14. The real red flag went up when Obama got a second term. Just a thought.

        • The Lord raised him up just like he did Cyrus and Nebuchadnezzar to punish our pagan heathen nation.

        • Not that I care for any of the “elected” officials BUT. BHO can at least read the teleprompter compared to that brain dead crack head we had for 2 terms before Barry arrived. And the ONLY thing I can say I like about Barry is he told Israel to fight their own damn wars. Bravfvkin-O..

          • Good point about Obama telling Israel to piss off about their own self inflicted wars/problems. Makes me wonder what is the goal here? Is there something more about this situation or is it just some more smoke and mirrors?

            I suppose I’ll know the answer is when the US Government stops sending Israel payments of 30 Billion a year to support these people. They are Gods Chosen People, why isn’t God supporting these people? Why do American Taxpayers have to fund them?

          • WE should be blessing Israel

            The Calling of Abram
            …2And I will make you a great nation, And I will bless you, And make your name great; And so you shall be a blessing; 3And I will bless those who bless you, And the one who curses you I will curse. And in you all the families of the earth will be blessed.”

            • Jesus just told me that you are on his list Russ for supporting the likes of Israel.

              • Right on…that means I’m saved and will live eternally with Christ…Praise the Lord!!!!

            • The trouble with that statement is that, according to experts, everyone on earth is descended from Abraham. Everyone on earth is at least 50th cousins. Also, both Jews and Arabs are descended from Abraham.

              The current nation of Israel is not the same as the Israelites who escaped Egypt. The Israelites were Semitic. Most of the people in the nation of Israel are not Semitic, as proven by DNA testing. In other words, we are not required to treat the nation of Israel different from any other nation. That is fact.

              • Issac, not Ishmael inherited Abraham’s blessings. Read your bible please, “Jacob I loved, Esau I hated.” God blessed Ishmael because of Abraham though, but Ishmael grossly misused those blessings. God said of him, “His hand shall be against every man, and every man’s hand shall be against him: he shall be a wild ass.” Now, look at the Arabs when they get excited about anything. Go back a few years to Yassar Arafat’ funeral. The people mobbed the funeral procession, climbed all over the casket and knocked it to the ground. Could you imagine American’s acting in such manner at Kennedy or Reagan’s funeral. In closing, concerning Israel, so goes Israel, so goes America. Obama has done us a terrible disservice by turning his back on Israel. God bless and give Israel some thought. thanks

              • That may be true…but they are still a remnant of his chosen people and God will have the last say when it is all said and done.

      15. The best thing I read in this article was stocking up at dollar stores,really are some excellent deals among a lot of garbage,and everything you buy costs,well….,a dollar!

        • Warchild:
          That dollar store was my secret weapon. I get rice, beans, seasonings, dried foods, canned meats, and a lot of real good deals there. A lot of this stuff can be put in air tight 5 gallon buckets with an O2 absorber and BINGO you have stored food for a good 5 years. I’ve doing this for about 8 years now and the food is always good to eat.
          I rotate the buckets and it works out real well, but I got carried away with the beans, a person can only eat so many beans before the wife kicks you out of bed at night!;-{ I don’t care how you try to flavor them.
          S.T.S.F.P. N.Reb

          • If anyone out there is interested, Dinty Moore beef stew is an excellent prepper item. I’m not advertising for anyone or anything, but that stuff is delicious. A 38oz. can costs less than $4.00 and has good beef, carrots, potatoes, and very good gravy. One can easily provides a meal for two with some left over. Just throw’n it out there. Be safe everyone.

          • I discovered that Roses and MaxWay have added a lot of dollar items to their inventory since we have stopped going to Wal Fart. The last time my wife twisted my arm and we went to WM they were out of what we wanted anyway!

      16. I don’t know about you all, but I have seen enough red flags. I don’t want to wait another 30 days. If we are going to go through TSHTF, Let it start now. I’m getting to the point in my life that this waiting is going to take the last gray hair off my head.
        I’m about as ready as I can be, I’ll put my trust in the Good Lord and the talents he has given me. For back up I have my family and friends, plus M1A, M4, 1911.
        Food, water, ammo, first aid stuff, communications, cooking, lighting and heating sources, seeds for planting and so on.
        If this balloon is going to pop, well “GIT’RDONE”!!! I’m not getting any younger. This way this will give us a chance to rebuild before we crappy off.
        S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

        • Come on Reb,you can wait 2 more weeks,just ordered some parts for perhaps a final assembly before it hits the fan,just a couple of weeks,OK?I am happy to familiarise meself in it’s uses in tough times!

          • Warchild;
            Ok a couple weeks, but it is still going to mess up my wild pig hunt in October!;-{
            S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

            • Reb,me order when together would,for lack of better word,have the feral pigs blackout!Pork,along with fish/long pig the other white meat!

      17. Might want to add another number to the list.

        NAACP organizing an 860 mile march from Selma to DC starting soon. Called the “Journey for Justice” their ultimate goal is to “restore voting rights” in a number of states that did not go along with their idea of “voting rights”.

        A quick search of the internet has all the details.

        When will patriotic Americans ever get together and march on DC demanding our country back?

        • Never. We’re too busy trying to put food on the table, clothes on our kids’ backs, and a roof over our heads. It’s gotten so hard that we have no time to think anymore.

          • I think instead of too busy, we know better than to waste our time. Nothing can stop the train from derailing and all the marches and protests in the world means jack. Let the blacks march and dance and cry and complain, deaf ears is all it falls on. It is a big club and we/they are not in the big club and if there is not a couple billion dollars involved to grease all the corrupt selected representatives, nothing else matters.

        • Most blacks won’t march 860 feet to get their SNAP cards.

        • Many of those protestors are paid to demonstrate by the left like Soros.

          Those who want their country back in a similar march destination will get fired for leaving their jobs and aren’t paid welfare recipients.

        • I wonder if we can talk ’em into a march all the way back to Africa. It would really really make a bold statement if they could pull it off. SARCOFF

      18. The Old Coach… Heh, you must own stock in these polluters. Struck a nerve did I? All pure BS you spew! Hemp itself can replace oil and vehicle fuel without the pollution, Henry Ford built a car made of hemp that ran on hemp fuel. Housing can be constructed entirely with hemp products, saving old growth forests from being clear cut. Cleaner non polluting and substainable agriculture methods are proven with growing hemp, a fast growing renewable. Your name fits your drivel. Old and coaching stupidity, a dinosaur. And the oil industry has brought nothing to humanity except war, death and misery. Another reefer madness fool you are.

        • Houses are built from pine cut from cultivated forests grown for the purpose, not from old growth hardwoods. Just like all the paper you use. Pine trees are just another crop, like corn or beans. Weyerhaeuser harvests trees and plants more in their place.

          Also, hemp can only be used for wallboarding and some sort of bricks, but the framework of a house cannot be built of hemp. The framework has to be wood or metal.

        • OK, hemp and collidial silver to the rescue. When does your infomercial run?

        • ALJ, you must be smoking that hemp.

          Hemp is not structural, nor can it be used in composites to make it so. It’s organic fiber.

          You’ve succumbed to reefer madness. Toke less, think more.

          Call people dinosaurs all you want, it still won’t make hemp the golden panacea for the world’s problems, no matter how many time you say or click your heels together, it’s bullshit.

        • Archivist, smokey, I was thinking much the same. Hemp is a fibrous plant used mostly in rope-making although I have seen hemp fabric from time to time like in shirts, etc. (kinda looks like linen; don’t know how well it wears) That said, if you want to weave a house, I suppose you could. Still need a framework to hang it all from. Perfect for a BOL in the tropics. 😀

      19. I’m glad I can do my part to keep the big oil companies down by going 2 weeks before i fill up. See I work 10 mins away. The gov finds ways to take $ from me I find ways to go without to keep my$. It’s what self reliance is about. I’m winning too so fuck the corporate greedy scum and Uncle Sam too. I’m not a Jew but I’m cheaper than one not because I’m greedy because I don’t want to play the consumption game. Do more with less and don’t complain either.

      20. I posted my last comment to the person I directed it to by pushing the reply spot below his post following my earlier post. Why would it appear at the bottom? Is your reply option out of order. Or is someone deciding which replies can follow in order which comment?

        • Al,happens to me a few times even when not in line replying to a comment and my comment not first,think a site glitch occasionally.

        • I never have understood how this works either. Sometimes my posts wind up sideways on the wall.

      21. Yep. I meet with friend tomorrow, can’t wait to tell you all the latest. I have feeling that it’s more of the same..will just have to see. Everytime that something bad was about to happen to me I always got a bad vibe, I have been getting it again lately.. its impossible for this shtf event to not happen between now and the 2017 election inaguration.. no liberal will ever be allowed to win and if they win, the people will never accept another 8 yrs of hell, so the revolutionary war, civil war is going to happen. Between now and then period. The people want the bad things to stop in the country and if it does not stop by November of this year, I predict that people will be armed to the teeth swarming city centers by the hundreds of thousands and this time the Jade Helm 15 military and it allies with fire on the people and trigger a civil revolutionary war. My outlook is not a good one..my outlook is a very good possibility based on current trends. Engineered Economic calapse on a mass scale will cars being report, homes foreclosing, followed by massive layoffs and the networks feeding the people B…a….it on TV is going to rock off the people off to a violent response. this cannot continue.. let’s jot do get that they tried to get them selves secure by tying to EMP the country last October 2013 and almost succeeded.

        They tried to kill us in mass on October 2013. We were not ready it the time and all us would have been dead and not posting on this site. See utube video title Obama failed EMP event with Dr James Garrow to listen to what really happened and what they tried to do.

        They know that if the people wake up and they don’t get to kill of 90% of us by then that they have a very serious up rising to face and from the moment they fire on the patriots in public that means instant revolutionary war. The muslim protest in Arizona proved that people are kit afraid to take guns out in public to protest, now picture massive job layoffs, cars report, home foreclosed, then military called out into the streets. This is someone one somewhere I believe will trigger the war, fire the first shot, and that it.. I really believe that once this happens, it’s not going to stop and when the ceasar “pope” calls in the UN and activates Jade Helm, and then Chinese soldiers attack white families in their homes and streets it’s now war. I took Dr James Garrow warning seriously and believe that he is telling us what they have planed.. look at the timing of when the pope is coming in the country.. very interesting. My opinion mat not mean anything to most but it’s still a lickely senario. Its a possibility that it could go this way..



        Agency azz clown super moderator.

        • The election is in 2016 not 2017.

          • For once I got to back up crazy Katy….the inauguration is January 2017

            • Yep, the inauguration is when we all get our asses reamed out with a brand new AUGER.

            • Seriously? The actual election takes place in November 2016 what the hell does it matter when he is sworn in? Honestly I just don’t understand this reply. You must be one of those who think that Obama will never give up his throne and remain president forever. Just like people were saying when Bush was president.

        • You are a fucking insane conspiracy theory nut. seriously, relying on a youtube video as a genuine source? trying to kill us in 2013? you are FUCKING INSANE.

      22. So what? Life goes on as per usual. Deal with whatever whenever it comes. Can’t live in state of fear. God’s will be done!

        • Boogieman, 90 per cent of the posters here live in a daily state of fear, it’s the only thing they have to look forward to.

      23. Red flags to the left of me! Red flags to the right of me! Here I am stuck in the middle with you. I can’t think of any better place I would want to be!!!!!

        I’m kinda getting use to them. I’m more afraid of the Red flag with the yellow stars flying over some of our cities. If it comes to that they won’t be there long. The problem is the Obullshit has played so many games he will give the cities to them. Or maybe a black and white flag from the isis scum. I wouldn’t put it past the TURD. (no disrespect to turds)

        Off. Topic.
        Question for you good folks.
        A bunch of the financial companies have moved out of New York and moved to Chicago. Jade Helm has moved a very large contingency of our military to the Southwest. NORAD has just moved back into Cheyenne Mountain.

        I have two thoughts. The Guberment knows something is going to hit the East Coast. A comet, or an attack using nukes or just EMPs.

        Like most of you know things just don’t add up. Any thoughts.


        • They’re scared.

        • Sgt Dale

          “A bunch of the financial companies have moved out of New York and moved to Chicago.”

          It might be as simple as the cost of real-estate or politics as Obama has lots of friends in his home base, the windy city, that would get greased by the move. When you see the UN relocate look out.

          Of all places Chicago.

          • The more I think of it Chicago, Chicago, Chicago……..mmmmm. Who owns the buildings; anyone connected to the President? Chicago……..big time Democrat City, power base of the present administration. Financial Companies……….mmmmm.

            This smells fishy.

          • ‘Course they won’t actually be IN Shitcago. The main operations will be in Elk Grove Village or some such suburb. Only thing downtown will be a blind pig.

            Frankly, if I didn’t have family in New Jersey, (I beg ’em to leave but….) I’d happily write off 90% of the population east of the Shawangunk Ridge (includes Albany) and west of the Connecticut. Gad, and to think I used to live there.

        • Yes,as in N.H. might need more kerosene for lanterns.I could really use a couple more weeks folks before it goes to hell,just blew over 900 on some parts/need em in and a day assembly,just 2 freaking weeks is all I ask!

          • It’s always going to be that way, needing just another couple of weeks, or next year, for the prep pile.

            Just got to prioritize what you need and work on the basis it could happen soon, or it could hold off. But I’ll get the Absolute No. 1 Crucial Stuff today and next time work on the Absolute No. 2 Crucial Thing, and work from the Absolutes down the Necessities, and lastly the Nice to Have goodies and Might As Well stuff.

            • Tis not a need but a want!I have what I need I hope but really would “want” this project.Though a useful prep tool have a 1/2 dozen of said tools already.

        • Real estate, taxes, and DeBlasio, are 3 reasons to leave NYC.

        • Food for thought Sgt.

      24. I want it to go all to crap in the very cold weather. It would hasten the die off. Nothing works as good in the cold. and no electricity means no heat. 90% will die and the sooner the better.

        • Damn but aren’t you a ray of sunshine? 90% die off is what you are hoping for asap? You must be the big hit at parties. Might want to check into the psycho ward.

          • OK,Warchild is “Officially “pissed!Genius site that he has pushed like hell is now thru it’s members a locked chat!Well,guess he got the moderation/power the petty tyrant was looking for!Yep,no better then say the public being locked out of the pacific trade agreement by the feds!Oh,father,I mean Dr. Frankenstein/er,Genius,beware of the monster you have created!

            • I found the same. 🙁 I was looking forward to real-time chatting with whomever went. Saturday is the only time I can sit up late enough to indulge in such. Oh, well….

              • I wonder if that chat was only a 24 hour deal or if there is a limited number of participants at any one time. I had no trouble getting on it a few hours ago while i was at work, and it seemed to work last evening right after he posted the link.

                • Yahoo&Someone,have gotten on in past and was empty for most part excepting one time,had a chat with regular about pooch and such.I believe Genius got the moderator power and now is in tyrant mode,the nerve after all the promotion/requests for visits,hell,call it what it was

                  Warchild will respond to this out right tyranny/declaratiuon of war!Ironic that the push for site was in posts regarding possibility of civil war/war of succession article,well,war it is!

          • 02, rejoice and be happy, they will need you and your doser/dozer to dig the burial trenches. Per diem and all. So get extra fuel filters. But I unfortunately agree with Old Guy for those that haven’t prepped. Every one of them that dies early will take pressure off of what few resources we have left. It is brutal, but that is the difference between prep and non prep. Also every non prepper that ktb [kicks the bucket] early is one less we have to worry about feeding or shooting us in the back. Well, here’s to rays of sunshine. Again, thanks. PS: I do not wish death upon any child or infant, it is not their fault no one prepped for them!

          • Nothing new. I heard liberal flamers yearning for 90% back when I lived near Ann Arbor, (Bezerkley East). Some of them even offered to go first.

            • We better hope the operators of the 100 nuclear reactors in America are not amongst the 90% or it will most likely go to 100% PDQ. Everyone keeps overlooking the fact that if things go sidewise and the people cant get to the nukes that all the preps on the planet is for naught. Be mindful of what you wish for.

              • Ah, nothing wrong with glowing in the dark while we eat our preps. Won’t need the flashlights. Happy fallout!

      25. At Thermopylae, 1,000,000 Persians lost 20,000 yet failed to disarm 300 Spartans. 80,000,000 lawful Americans would resist even harder. That we promise. Bring it on.

        Molan Labe!

        • Lawful Americans,eh,will resist like a rabid fisher cat,that said,screw the laws!

      26. Hmmmm….,seems site would allow Warchild to create his own chat room(not sure if I am special or anyone can create a chat room!),that said,how about it folks,Warchilds Fireside Bar perhaps,fire side chats,a virtual Algonquin round table of intelligent/scintillating conversation,any interest!

      27. For most people despite localized, temporary, emergencies, there has been no situation to justify what most preppers do in recent memory.”

        Save up for an emergency, get ready for a few days without power or water. That is a great idea. But bunkering up for a 100 year stretch in your basement is not supported by history or common sense. 

        • Mr,a 100 years silly as you won’t live that long nor your kids,that said,a few years easily seeable.

          Would be nice if good folks though had long term seed vaults ect. for say a comet hit ect. that may come close but not totally wipe out the planet.

        • But its going to happen! They’ve predicted the shit hitting the fan so many times that they HAVE to be right this time! (Sarcasm)

      28. New to this site, but glad I found it…sort of. I’m fascinated by the articles, but also scared by them. Most of the comments seem to be made by males, so I feel a bit out-of-place.

        I just want to say that I feel hopeless. I will be 50 next year and live alone with my almost 11 year old granddaughter, whom I have custody of.

        We are poor, my mom helps supplement my income (bless her), and we live in a nice 2nd story apartment in the suburbs.

        I’m not blind to the changes I’ve seen taking place in society over the past decade or two. I can remember better times. But I feel helpless as a potential survivalist. Moving somewhere else is impossible financially, and I don’t even own a firearm. I actually have quite a lot of storage space for an apt., but haven’t started stocking up yet.

        Is it even possible to keep myself and granddaughter alive? How would one fortify & protect an apartment with 3 other apartments physically attached? I feel safer being on the second floor for some reason, but what if the neighbors go insane and come through the walls or floor?

        Any ideas or links to sites for new preppers, and/or apt. dwellers would be very appreciated.

        Great site and blessings to everyone here!

        • Get a firearm,get some training and practice. Thats half the battle. Prep a bit at a time as much as you can and hope you have time to get where you want to be.

          • Mellisa,what Jim mentioned in regards to defense.This link will show you how to feed a family of 4 for a year on 300 dollars:ht tp://americanpreppersnetwork.com/2012/08/a-year-of-food-storage-for-300-for-a-family-of-four.html,we put a space between http at start of link to avoid moderation,delete then paste and learn,keep in mind this is a bland diet but will keep you fed,site there has other great ideas.Hit dollar stores for basic med supplies/bandages/gauze/aspirin ect.You have crossed the hardest part of prepping,accepting things may go very wrong.There is a phrase I use a bit that at this point annoys some folks as I use soo much but true,and it is”The smalls add up”Any thing you buy will be used as you rotate thru food(just hopefully not the med stuff),kudos to you for caring for your grand daughter and any ?’s just ask,a knowledgeable bunch of folks here with great ideas and links,you can do this.

            • Thanks Warchild & Jim in VA

        • Being in the burbs, your best bet is to arm yourself, get plenty of water and food storage and find others like you for a community watch/support group. This could be for anything- weather, national defense, and man made like a collapse. There are tons of survival tips–just use search engines or places listed on the left side of this page.

          Also This can be a rough place.

          • That’s a good strategy, Woogie! I would only add: keep it libertarian, an alliance, not an authoritarian unit of watchers that can therefore be easily captured (from without or, from within!). Every member’s strategy and tactics should also be kept to themselves to avoid the enemy’s reliance on intelligence for their victories. Remember, the enemy is unavoidably within every group.

            • Thanks Woogie…I have been reading a lot of stuff now.

              @Anon & Woogie…I’m not sure forming an alliance with my neighbors would be a good idea. First of all, I don’t know them well. Second of all, my complex is full of college-age students, some elderly ppl, and 30-40 yr. old yuppie types. Personally, I think the kind of ppl that live here will crumble if the SHTF, or run off. I was thinking it might be best to fortify my apt and stay hunkered down with my g-daughter until the worst is past. Board things up and keep others out.

              I have a woodburning fireplace which is good, although the smoke would attract attention that we’re here.

              Anyways, I’m off-topic and just wanted to thank you all for replying.

      29. Terrorist Lives Matter — Navy to charge Chattanooga hero

        “According to former congressman and retired U.S. Army Lt. Col. Allen West, the U.S. Navy has decided to bring charges against the naval officer who fired his personal weapon at Mohammad Youssef Abdulazeez during the ISIS supporter’s July 16 attack on the Chattanooga U.S. Naval and Marine Reserve Center.

        Abdulazeez, armed with a handgun and an assault rifle, killed four Marines and one sailor.”

        “The United States Navy is bringing charges against Lt. Cmdr. Timothy White for illegally discharging a firearm on federal property.”

        WND dot com

      30. When there is no more room left in HELL.
        The dead will walk the EARTH.

      31. It is bad folks time is running out fast. People dying off in the cold does happen but I’ve seen homeless people survive in tents. Your house without heat can be survived around here I’ve delivered heating oil to people that ran out and you can tell the houses that don’t have heat the snow on the roof don’t melt away like the others. It’s miserable but it can be survived a lot of houses are old and they have fire place inside and there is dead wood in every small wooded area that can be easily collected. you will only freeze to death if your to lazy to find a way to stay warm. I’ve worked outside in temps under20 degrees for over 10 hours daily it sucks but it is doable with the right gear. People need to not fuck around with the cold temps. Spend the $ and get the best $ can buy and you will be good. I like goretex. Mittens are better than gloves balaclava if it’s windy. Get a thick wool hat don’t shave your face either. I have a padded coverall and it works great I don’t feel the cold at all even if its windy. Your blood thickens in the winter so that helps. I like the coverall better than the bibs because I feel it traps more heat in. If you go inside take the coverall off right away. You don’t want to sweat. Most people around here don’t even dress right for the weather because they go from car to building and back. I’ve seen a guy at work going out on the linehaul with thin jacket and just a t shirt. I said dude are you nuts your not prepared to take a trip. He said I’m not gonna be out side at all which they aren’t. But he didn’t factor a breakdown in. If the junk truck breaks down you will freeze to death before the wrecker can get to you. People spend all this $ on shit they don’t really need and cut corners where they shouldn’t. No cotton poly cotton blend is ok.

        • Thick blood brought about by hypothermia causes many problems within the body… Cardiac arrest is best avoided. Keep warm at all cost.

        • Speaking of fireplaces and cold…..I’ve been shopping around for new homeowners ins. I’m having a hard time finding someone who will insure with wood stove as primary heat source. I wonnder if ins companies being influenced by spa.

      32. “The next 30 days could be pivotal” which means they won’t be. First a collapse is supposed to happen in September, then its supposed to happen in October, now august? Make up your mind. Nothing will happen, and if it does it’ll happen over decades. People say I suffer from “normalcy bias” but the only thing normal is reading about some fear mongerer making some prediction that NEVER turns out to be true. Y2K came and went, 2012 came and went, this will come and go. something else will come along and they’ll say well its really it this time ,just like it was countless times before, and it won’t be, but people will continue to listen because they want to live in fear.

        • Are you a shill…I thinks so Bro…even the 50 shades of ignorant sheeple know things are going south…!

      33. Interesting historical facts from the so called “civil war” in the U.S., facts not widely known and suppressed by the usual culprits can be read at whatreallyhappened.com titled: Judah Benjamin: The Big Jew of the Confederacy, by Mike King on Aug. 1 at 13:17 time. It deals with the Rothschilds and their support of the Confederacy. Two countries north and south both controlled by foreign interests, and the attempts to kill not only Lincoln, but others like the attack on Seward.

      34. Nice

      35. Sounds like Big Business (Babylon, in the Book of Revelation) is falling. That means the weakening of the powers-that-be. …Not too bad, eh? God’s fighting our battles for us.

      36. No wife, no worries.
        no slavery.

        • I was dating a gal a couple years back. As we moved forward, I noticed that it was not gonna be a good match (which is why folks date in the first place). She always referred to this kind of news as “too depressing” rather than “what can I learn from this?” More and more she seemed like she would become more a liability than an asset. Coupled with other concerns, and we ended up parting ways. Any woman I date in the future has to have a self-sufficiency mindset.

          I read a few MGTOW site, by the way.

        • No commode, no sitting,
          no sitting, no shitting.

          Julius Shitzer 44BC

        He who fails to prepare for the night, fails to prepare for the dawn.

        I am a survivalist and by nature a survivalist is an OPTIMIST. I do not
        have one pessimistic bone in my body. If what I just said sounds odd to you
        then you are not yet a survivalist and you do not understand the modern
        survivalist at all. It has been very difficult to communicate to the public
        and the mass communications media, the concept of an optimistic, hopeful
        A fireman is a fireman, not because he believes everything will burn, but
        because he believes much can be saved. Doctors don’t believe in death, they
        believe in life, and a survivalist is not a survivalist because he believes
        everything must be destroyed and everyone must die, he believes that life and
        freedom can be saved, if people of good will are prepared. A fireman does not
        start fires, a doctor does not make disease and a survivalist does not make
        Crime, disease, war, revolution, fire, flood, periodic financial collapse
        and famine are the results of nature and the nature of man and unfortunately
        are not within the power of anyone on this earth to prevent.
        We all know that the sun will set each day, leaving us in darkness and we
        all know that warm summers give way to cold winters and that we can do nothing
        to keep the sun from setting ot the cold winds from coming, does this make us
        pessimistic? I think not! So then why is the survivalist called a pessimist
        when he makes ready to face events that are just as much part of history and
        nature as the sunset and changing of the seasons.
        Another misconception is that survivalists are predicting world disaster.
        On the contrary, we seem to be the OPTIMISTIC MINORITY that is predicting
        world survival. We are hard pressed to find any well recommended historians,
        economists, political scientists, sociologists or military strategists that
        can come up with a scenario that gives even a fifty-fifty chance of avioding a
        large scale catastrophe, yet we survivalist dare to be OPTIMISTIC about the
        future. We survivalists do not need to predict the probability of disater
        anymore than we need to predict the sun setting.
        Those who critize survivalists, are like men who refuse to look at a
        calendar, in the hope that through self-imposed ignorance they can keep from
        aging another year.
        “You survivalists will be disappointed if we don’t have a world cataclysm”,
        here is another accusation that is pure B.S. and I could not think of a milder
        phrase to describe it. We survivalists have loved ones we don’t want to see
        hurt or killed, we have homes we don’t want to see destroyed, we are not fools
        to think that just because we are survivalist’s a world cataclysm would be fun
        for us or the we would not experience danger, loss, hunger, injury, cold or
        even despair and death.
        We have spent time and money to improve our chances for survival and
        recovery from disaster, but we would have a great celebration if some day we
        could be assured that we had wasted our time. No, we will not be disappointed
        if there is no disaster to survive, anymore than the Red Cross is disappointed
        when there are no floods and storms or the man who buys an insurance policy is
        disappointed when his house fails to burn down.
        It may be said that the survivalist would much prefer the pleasant (but
        unlikely) surprise of being wrong to the (probable) deadly rude awakening that
        the nonsurvivalist will face if he is wrong.

        So, you see the survivalist cannot lose because his survival preparations
        will be of value regardless of what the future has in store. In time of
        crisis, those who have not prepared to turn to each other, will turn on each
        It is most regrettable indeed, that many people consider survivalists as a
        threat and regard them with suspicion and even hostility. This attitude is
        logically indefensible and is rooted in the nonsurvivalist own sense of fear
        and guilt. Subconsciously, the nonsurvivalist may hate the survivalist for
        reminding him of how fragile his lifestyle is. Now, let’s get the facts
        NONSURVIVALISTS. Every person who has not made provisions for surviving
        without food, water, fuel and other essential needs from the outside, is a
        mortal danger to his neighbors.
        What will a man do when he and his family are freezing, hungry, thirsty,
        sick and starving? He may ask or beg his neighbors for help, but when they
        have no extra fuel, food, water or medicine to give, will he just go back home
        to die with his wife and kids? What do you think? We survivalists who stock
        up on food and other supplies, now do a favor to society because what we now
        buy is replaced on the shelves so there will be that much more available in an
        emergency. We survivalists won’t be looting and killing for food. We won’t be
        a burden on the medical facilities or a danger to the police. Since we will
        be able to turn to each other, we will not need to turn on anyone and we may
        be able to help at least some.
        Survival preparation should be regarded as a social obligation, one that
        every individual owes to his family and community and his nation. The
        nonsurvivalist is simply a poor and irresponsible citizen.
        So the reality is, that survivalists are optimistic, self-reliant
        individuals, who cannot help but see the imperatives of preparing for the worst
        possible events, while hoping sincerely, that they won’t happen. Today’s
        survivalist is an asset to his community and to the world and should be proud
        to be called SURVIVALIST.

        • Optimism leads to Stupidity and it could get ones self killed for having such a high confidence / ego.

          Nothing wrong with Confidence, in fact, it is very much encouraged. Optimism on the other hand is “hoping” you have the courage / confidence in doing something.

          Confidence – knowing you are doing right physically and mentally.

          Optimism – unsure, lack of confidence, hoping / praying, roll the dice, heads or tails, did I mention praying?

        • Did you write that yourself, For What It’s Worth? If so, do you mind if I use it in a blog post? If I start a new blog that I’m considering, that is.

      38. Excellent advice and commentary…No doubt we’re going to have another crash…Most sheeple don’t know the New World Order Psychopath crew is orchestrating it…They gain from everyone else’s loss…The game is rigged and they’re the riggers…go to >>> globalistagenda.org and nwotoday.com for all you need to know about the New World Order and their dystopian eugenics plan for the little people…they want 90% of us…Gone Baby Gone…yeah…a lot like what the Nazi’s did to the Jews and anyone else they didn’t want around. Go to…Georgia Guidestones…they have their wish list from Hell carved in Granite..!

      39. Red Flag? So soon?

        America has been in a continual “state of emergency” since the 1930s when it defaulted on it’s debts and was acquired by the private international bank known as the Federal Reserve Bank in bankruptcy proceedings. The gold holdings were turned over as collateral for loans to the United States.

        Every President since Roosevelt has renewed this by Executive Order.

        The bankrupt state, known as the United States of America, is a shell corporation owned by the international banks and you are on the hook for the debts.

      40. Seems to be a lot of us posters talking about changing this or reforming that.

        There is nothing anyone on here is going to do. If you were gonna do something about it, you wouldn’t be posting on a blog, you would already be in action.

        And no, voting is no solution, as the liberal left policies are as bad as the righteous right policies. None of them understand the “life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness” concept. Not the military, not the cops, not the revenuers…they are all statists that truly believe the have the mandate to tell you what to do and how you should live your life.

        They can all get fucked.

        I just want to be left alone to live as I choose whereby if there is no victim there cannot be a crime.

        • Well I guess you said it all. So, I won’t say nothing.

      41. Audit your preps! This is the time for those last minute preps you’ve been waiting for!

        • A quart of naptha and a couple of Zippos (Zippo went to war) Have extra flints and wicks.

          If they don’t like Zippo and Naptha, f ’em.

      42. Oil is cheap. Those who made lots of money on it are getting their tails handed to them. Should see prices on stuff start to fall everywhere. So, lower prices on chinamart stuff and good (oil economy factory farms) and such ought to be good for Joe and Juanita Public, just in time for the coming election.
        Many including Barron’s are calling a Recession; but, if stuff is cheaper, that has to be a boom. We ought to see companies who’s profits are highly dependent on the price of oil making wonderful profits. Where are they?

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