10 Years (Or Less): Orwell’s Vision Coming True

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    In the wake of all of the Brexit vote, a chilling blurb made headlines and it went largely unnoticed and uncommented upon.  The line was couched within comments made by Boris Titov, an economic policy maker for Russia’s Kremlin.  Actually all of the following merits attention, but one line stands out.  The source for this excerpt is a Facebook post by Titov.  Here it is:

    “…it seems it has happened — UK out!!!  In my opinion, the most important long-term consequence of all this is that the exit will take Europe away from the anglo-saxons, meaning from the USA. It’s not the independence of Britain from Europe, but the independence of Europe from the USA.  And it’s not long until a united Eurasia — about 10 years.”

    This is a very revealing post to show how unfavorably the past 50 years of post-World War II American imperialism has been viewed.  The tipping point, as mentioned in a previous article was the outright 180-degree that George H.W. Bush pulled on Mikhail Gorbachev: the promise of NATO membership upon reunification of the two Germany’s and the dissolution of the Soviet Union, and then not fulfilling that promise.

    The American corporate interests inserted themselves, as the communist government shattered, leaving in its wake oligarchs, the Russian mafia, and a “Wild West” environment within Russia proper and the ex-SSR’s, the former Soviet satellite nations.  A tremendous amount of chaos occurred for a decade that was both enabled and further fostered by the United States.  The perception in Russia even before the Soviet Union came into being was that Russians were in an economic war with Great Britain, and the United States was looked upon as an “extension” of Britain: a country with language, law, and cultural parallels,especially in terms of expansion.

    As of the past several years, the United States has been encroaching upon Russian territory and economic interests.  That encroachment has intensified into a U.S.-created “Cold War Resurrection” stance with the bolstering of NATO forces in the Baltic states.  The U.S. is virtually thumbing its nose at Russia with the distribution of the “anti-ballistic missile systems” emplaced in places such as Moldova.  As Putin pointed out, it takes not even a sneeze and a couple of hours to convert those platforms into use for Tomahawks with nuclear capability.  The Russians did not exercise “en passant” with such an opener, and are placing missiles of their own to face the U.S. assets.

    The U.S. and Russia are fighting one another indirectly.  Two weeks ago we were treated to the U.S. aircraft attempting to throw Russian bombers off of their mark in bombing forces hostile to Assad, and the Russians were blocking our planes from bombing their intended targets as well.  The Russians support Assad’s defense against insurgents that wish to topple his government, and the U.S. supports the “freedom-fighting rebels” determined to overthrow Assad.  Syria, Ukraine, and the entire western border of Russia are the flash points that can be transformed into a conflagration with the tip of a hat.

    The true hat tip needs to be given to Eric Blair (or George Orwell, if you prefer): he gauged it right and was completely spot-on.  We are seeing the novel “1984” solidifying into the actual breakdown into zones of influence – one of them even now being named by Titov.  The three zones: Oceania (to include the United States/North America, and Britain), Eastasia (the Oriental nations), and Eurasia, just as mentioned in Titov’s quote.

    The spheres of influence are forming.  Vladimir Putin met with the Chinese Prime Minister last week.  Make no bones about it: the Chinese and Russians have been enemies for a long time.  In this vein, however, both recognize the United States actions and have committed to aid one another militarily if the necessity arose.  The United States (with NAFTA and the Chinese Free-Trade, as well as the aforementioned attempt to turn Russia into a third-world vassal when the USSR dissolved) expected Russia to knuckle under, and China to follow suit for big daddy Warburg’s New World Order waltz.

    The music didn’t play in that manner, however, because strong cultural ties and nationalism cannot be eradicated as quickly as they wished.  Brexit is a clear proof of this.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at SHTFplan.com or contact him here.

    This article may be republished or excerpted with proper attribution to the author and a link to www.SHTFplan.com.

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      1. I heard we already were under the NWO.

        • We are right in the middle of ww3. It just hasnt gone thermo nuclear yet

          • Captain C,
            YUP, we been at war for quit awhile with several countries just not in a all out manner, kind of behind the scenes type of war, but i am afraid that is on the verge of becoming a all out war. just to many things world wide that are on the verge! one little wrong turn and it will explode!

        • Makes me wonder who I will get to shoot first; a black don’t matter hooligan, a scum illegal, an islamic savage, un foreign scum peacekeeper, a traitor american in a costume, or a scumbag politician. What a fracking list of trash that needs removing.

          • I left out the NWO shitscum.

          • Menzo, it’s true that the list is long and it will get whittled down. Whoever the first one with bad intentions toward me is doesn’t matter. First come, first served [with lead of course].

          • What Titov is saying here in this Quote: “…it seems it has happened — UK out!!! In my opinion, the most important long-term consequence of all this is that the exit will take Europe away from the anglo-saxons, meaning from the USA. It’s not the independence of Britain from Europe, but the independence of Europe from the USA. And it’s not long until a united Eurasia — about 10 years.”

            What this Means is, that the USA has lost its way, by aligning itself with the Zionists, and now found itself once again on the wrong side of history. We desperately need a house cleaning, and a shake up and rid our country of the chaos makers. When the President of the US, single handedly uses the US military to bomb sovereign countries on a whim, and kill their people with no accountability, or with congressional approval, that’s how we lost America to Tyrants. Turn off the Boob tube and grab your best battle rifles and train. Its coming..


          • I’m betting a black.

            • Probably. I really don’t know how to make it clear to these black militant types that if they start to block traffic and harass white people in the wrong areas, they will suddenly find themselves completely outgunned and outmatched with modified vehicles and other nice goodies and they will wish they were back in their hoods harassing the white city sheeple who will take their shit. I don’t just speak for myself either. Better know your fucking place boys. Come to our ‘hoods’ and you will not get to go home.

              • Keyboard commando! They are harassing, blocking traffic and killing white folks. Govt has also declared war on Americans, refugees, open borders….etc….

                But, keep typing!!!

                • Not where I live they aren’t. Rural area. Yes I’ll keep typing until I have to do something else, no name.

              • Keyboard commando!! Blm are blocking and harassing whites..and killing! Govt also has declared war on patriotic Americans, open borders, support for blm, Isis, refugees, etc….keep typing!

                • You come on here and make comments like this to someone you have no idea who they are. I’m betting you are either one of the n iggers, or some dick sucking queer. Or a government piece of trash. Which is it?

                  • I am tired of keyboard commandoes as country is taken and destroyed!!! Keep typing!!

                    • You didn’t answer my question no name; ni g ga, govt scum or f ag? All three perhaps?

          • “who I will GET TO shoot first”

            I ain’t gonna parse words here, but you’re a flaming moron.

      2. Race wars alone wouldn’t place the USA in a Position 4 Obama to enact Martial Law but with race wars distracting local security from this sensitive system it sure could http://tinyurl.com/z3u5rvy

        Notice this connection with the Muslim Brotherhood and we know they have been involved with Hilary and Obama so they know our power grid vulnerability , http://www.wnd.com/2016/07/muslim-radicals-poised-to-exploit-u-s-racial-tensions/#!
        Did you know they only need to knock out 7-9 of the main transformers to cause a wide spread power failure nation wide !!!!!!!!!

        • Tommy,
          and i assume you know that the transformers you are talking about would take YEARS to be replaced AND ALL the BIG one like these have been farmed out to oversea countries, there are some old manufacturing plants that have been shut down, but they have probably been gutted and might not be able to make anything let alone the internal parts to build them!! things can go south very fast, to much on the verge of disaster everywhere!!!!

      3. Yeah we are at least in 1985 or 1986 by this point. Hell , we are even past 2001 and 2015 (McFly)! This country, and therefore the entire world , is beyond boned

        im going to drink some cold ones and watch footage of thgus thuggin and cops coppin tonight

        • Hurry it up already

      4. The Russian mafia is no more Russian than the Russian revolution. Both are J*ewish through and through.

        David Duke put out videos exposing this fact. See them on YouTube.

        “The Secret Behind Communism”

        The other one on Organized Crime I don’t recall the title.

        • If we could go into the bowels of the New World Order and find out who the top players in this conspiracy truly are, do you think they are Jehova Witnesses??? Hmmm.

          I’m thinking Rothschilds and Warburgs. Who else?? Any ideas??????

          • I bet the ones we’ve never heard of are he worst.

          • B from CA,

            Aside from the Rothschilds and the Warburgs, who btw are first-line blood-related to the Rosenberg’s of Russia–

            The Bush Crime Family, the Monsanto Crime family, the deNemours/Duponts (also spelled De Nemours/DuPont), the Astors, Bilderbergers, JP Morgan, De Beers, and the generational Genovese Mob Family. Also, the Chinese Li Family. I don’t know about the elusive Bundy Family as McGeorge Bundy passed away yrs ago and heard their wealth was confiscated by the Rothschild’s but not sure there.

            I don’t know for certain about the (Bill) Gates family since their wealth is not old money/generational wealth. Plus they are Billionaires, not Trillionaires. My guess is these powerful families control Gates/Microsoft.

            There are 13 total, so a few are missing from this list that I don’t recall at the moment. One is a Saudi family.

            Some believe that the Disney Family are also in the top 13 of powerful families, which is quite possible.

            Some believe the Kennedy Clan ranks at the bottom of the list but I’m not 100% certain about them especially considering the Kennedy’s combined wealth is in the Billions, not Trillions, although it is old money, generational wealth, and so it’s possible.

            But the Rothschilds are the most powerful/dangerous, worth $500 Trillion. They own the media, oil, all of the central banks, and the government—yes they OWN the government. They select and approve U.S. Presidents. They have also financed every war (both sides) since Napolean.

            I believe that they played a significant role and orchestrated 9/11, along with the Bush Family. The Bush Crime Family estimated worth is about $100 Trillion.

            Collectively they control both foreign and domestic relations. They inter-marry, (not siblings or 1st cousins though) 2nd cousins and on to protect the royal bloodline, which is not considered incestuous. These inter-marriages are arranged or approved by the family patriarchs.

            All of them own multiple residences and along with their primary residence all are on secluded estates or private islands on hundreds of acres. They are constantly surrounded by security or protected by armed body guards. They do not mingle with anyone outside the royal family bloodlines. You couldn’t get within a mile of them without a security camera detecting your presence.

            They are dangerous psychopaths (at least the head of the families, the patriarchs are) and there is no way to infiltrate these families. They are too protected for anyone to gain access to them without getting axed.

            • A couple Blackhawk copters would be a beginning to end these pukes. Then follow thru with more attacks. These freak need to go.

      5. Most Europeans are done with the US. They only remain part of the empire by force (bases) alone. Most Europeans are also pretty pissed about the US flooding the continent with angry Muslims.

        I suspect, after a drink or two, they would admit to feeling closer to Putin in outlook than Obama. The transgender bathrooms, the Muslim hugging, the low-IQ, low-quality ‘black’ culture America exports (gang bangers and rap), the shitty corporate GMO food, the crappy sugar and salt food, all of it receives nothing but derision.

        Putin is knocking on an open door if Russia wanted to become Europe’s protector. All he would have to do is say “We will block two groups of people from freely entering Europe: crazy Muslims and lazy Africans”, and Putin would get them to switch from NATO.

        • A fresh stinking turd looks better than obumbo.

        • FT,

          They could start by nominating Putin for the Nobel Peace Prize and inviting him to throngs of cheering people to give speeches, especially at places like the Brandenburg Gate, maybe Rome, maybe the Eiffle Tower, etc. When that happens, you will know beyond a shadow of a doubt that a ‘sea-change’ has occurred and they have embraced Moscow as their Messiah. As far as I can tell there is a lot of angst and animus towards Moscow. The current leaders there helped to hoist the man in the People’s House on the American public and shift policies in the direction they have been going for the past 8 years. Colin Powel was cognizant of the transformations that were being planned even if he didn’t play an active role as they were being implemented by the shadowy puppiteers of the NWO. Time will tell.

          Louisiana Eagle back from inspecting all our incredible and beautiful former Territories.

      6. “The most sacred of the duties of a government [is] to do equal and impartial justice to all citizens.” —Thomas Jefferson (1816). (Notice, no word from Jefferson that Hilary would be exempted in future)

        17 minutes. This is a video of the actual deposition of the Hilary server IT guy. Look at the faces of these sleazeballs. As Lincoln once said, anyone over 40 is responsible for their own face. In defense of the IT guys, he is probably worried he will end up like all those other people that died in Clinton “accidents.”

        https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j2fWfNR4FsA&app=desktop Funny how they are so big on the 5th Amendment of the Constitution, but the 2nd Amendment can be trashed as needed. Just more from the “depends what the meaning of ‘is’ is” crew; this of course will follow the usual Clinton three step shuffle of deny, delay then divert attention.

      7. “There is no greater tyranny than that which is perpetrated under the shield of the law and in the name of justice.”

        – Charles-Louis de Secondat, Baron de La Brède et de Montesquieu (you know him as just ‘Montesquieu’) 1689 -1755) commenting on the Hilary ruling ahead of his time!

      8. Police called after a third grader said brownies were “made out of burnt black people”

        h ttp://www.blacklistednews.com/Police_called_after_a_third_grader_said_brownies_were_%22made_out_of_burnt_black_people%22/52543/0/38/38/Y/M.html

        and these IDIOTS are “educating” our children ???

        • Satori, They are indoctrinating them.

          The teacher should have just taken that comment up with the parents instead of getting the police involved and scaring the child but then sociopaths and psychopaths are ineffective and even if they are educated have no common sense. Yet they are allowed to influence, impress, teach, counsel, coach, and “guide” impressionable children.

          When my son and daughter were in high school one of the high school teachers had “taught” students about the Viet Nam War and also told them that the baby-boomers, meaning their parents, got them into the war when at that time baby-boomers were somewhere between elementary school and college and were not responsible for getting us into the war. They didn’t mention that the baby-boomers suffered as a result of the war and had nothing to do with starting it. Since the teacher was tenured he was never fired as he should have been.

          These contaminators routinely pit groups and also generations against each other (I even see evidence of it here on SHTF) and they have infiltrated every system and industry on the planet. I am not so brainwashed that I can’t see it, but have noticed that many are brainwashed because they have bought into their crap.

        • Satori, I just finished that article. Schools have really changed since I was a kid. Back then, the school officials handled EVERYTHING. Now the school officials insist on calling in LE for everything, even the stupidest complaints. No, it’s not ‘education’ in the true sense of that word. It’s ‘brainwashing’.

      9. Europe and Asia should side with Russia, it’s the same landmass. Shut down all US bases overseas, kick the Yankee warmongers out. I know, easier said than done and that’ll never happen. Arrest and prosecute those responsible for 9-11 and the present US government who continue the coverup of 9-11, also previous and ongoing staged false flag murder and mayhem. Hang all convicted in a neutral court. Remove all nukes from the apartheid enclave of Israel and return the land to the rightful owners. I read that the DHS-Patriot Act legalizes this government to carry out these false flag acts as a matter of national security. That is security for the mob of government crooks. I can’t see any of this happening, Russia and China have Rothschild fiat debt usury banks also. I must be daydreaming.

      10. OT
        Look at the scum bag that shot the cops in Texas. he is wearing Muslime pray beads!!!

        • SGT, I read he was ‘associated’ with The South Dallas Mosque. He was a muslime convert and its being covered up.

      11. I remember an old bumper sticker from the sixties, “Orwell was an optimist”. Why we cannot heed warnings I’ll never know. We could start with the Founding Fathers warnings and go from there. Reboot, so to speak.

      12. Yep just went out tending my garden. Everything is looking good had a cucumber just picked off the vine. Boy what a difference between fresh veggies and the Schwag in the produce section. Had to take a break from all the news. Doing something for myself makes me feel in control of my destiny.

      13. Over at The Daily Sheeple, “Professor Tells Gun Grabbers To Arm Themselves And Storm NRA HQ”. Anyone who takes that libturd professor serious will just get themselves killed.

      14. Surprised me to see South America as part of Oceana. They hate corporate America and the government goons that back them up. Any look at history will show the damage done. They ID with Europe, not the US.

      15. Not true, we must first be disarmed prior to 1984 taking place…

      16. Brexit is “33” in numerology and 33 million voted, that”s all you need to know. Let those who understand, understand..

      17. Sounds like an optimistic Russian.

        • Both look ready for a moon pie and grape swoda.

        • Stupid, easily tricked and killed this brigade will be.

        • Love the Jello pudding boys!! Won’t last five minutes against the Russians in WWIII.

      18. Its apparent the USA star has fallen. We are a nation in decline and no political candidate could even begin to fix anything. The powers that be are trying to use fear and cocercion to achieve their goals. And I think they are losing ground. they are now resorting to hail mary last ditch measures. And those half assed attempts are failing . They fail to realize for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

      19. And what if Trump dies of a heart attack just like Scalia? What are we going to do about it. .? Only the second coming can save us from the children of Satan.

        • Lone Wolverine,
          It’s time to board the ARK.

      20. Isn’t it obvious this is all about killing the euro dollar.? Flooding Europe with the EBT third world to break them and send the rich ones converting to dollars and moving to the USA. With all their money?

      21. “…it seems it has happened — UK out!!! In my opinion, the most important long-term consequence of all this is that the exit will take Europe away from the anglo-saxons, meaning from the USA. It’s not the independence of Britain from Europe, but the independence of Europe from the USA. And it’s not long until a united Eurasia — about 10 years.”

        This says it all…
        the world is being led by prideful babies…
        titov is a pussy!!
        just saying…

      22. Republicans could have nominated a door knob and beat Clinton. USA would at least have a chance if they had. But nope, they nominated the elastic chameleon who is a life long democrat until recently. Trump and Clinton, that’s our choice? Candidates are normally interchangable but not this time.

        • ij
          Look at the thug that killed the Cops.
          He is a Muslime terrorist. He is wearing his muslime prayer beads. You put the picture up. I didn’t.

          As a cop I wish that they had taken this thug out before he killed my brothers.

          Only a fool or a terrorist would want to kill any one of a single race.

          Pissed and I’m hurt to see my brothers cut down in cold blood.

          His fist clinched in his black power salute wearing his muslim prayer beads. You don’t say anything about that but the Other turd that kill the folks in the church you rail on. Hell it got so bad that they are taking down the Confederate Flags, because he was in a picture with one. If this be the case I want Muslim prayer beads removed. I pray he didn’t start something that people like him will loss!


      23. Here in Oregon on the east side of the state property is also becoming much higher priced as those who know are positioning themselves for the coming shitstorm.

      24. We’re going to see an economic collapse that will lead to mass starvation around the world. Billions could die. That will lead to the one world government prophesied in the Bible’s book of Revelation. We’ll have a world leader possessed by Satan. The Great Tribulation will start when the world leader signs a seven year peace treaty with Israel.

        (Daniel 9:27 NIV) He will confirm a covenant with many for one ‘seven.’ In the middle of the ‘seven’ he will put an end to sacrifice and offering. And on a wing of the temple he will set up an abomination that causes desolation, until the end that is decreed is poured out on him.”

        (Revelation 13:16-17 NIV) He also forced everyone, small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on his right hand or on his forehead, {17} so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of his name.

      25. Well the weather is warm, and natives are getting restless. According to drudge they where marching and clashes between them and police where occurring.

      26. a

      27. Asshat… agree with that about fresh picked cukes and other veggies. I went to Aldi’s because they had cukes for 29 cents, first day of sale they were soft and some even rotting inside the display boxes. All the big grocers have old produce at high prices, but it sits there as if somebody stupid will buy it. I see that the Senate passed the new GMO labeling law, a deception served up by the GMO producers themselves. A code or symbol on the packaging to only be read by a smartphone. What total BS! Poison the gut-brain connection with glyphosate and frankenstein GMO’s. I was reading a story about ancient life on Earth, digging up ancient artifacts made by intelligent beings, these carbon dated as hundreds of thousands of years old, some declared as millions of years old. History is an obvious lie. Of course human beings are also genetically modified from way back, not necessarily to produce sickness and shortened lifespans like the evil bastards do today.

      28. We are at a crossroads. Asians have shown an ability to live in civilization and create prosperity, to invent and innovate. Whites have shown an ability to live in civilization and create prosperity, to invent and innovate. But, there is one group of people who have yet to do these things. In their absence of this achievement, they have instead traveled across the planet, recreating their failure in pretty well every country, no matter what it’s history, language, culture, geography. The failure looks the same and it is one reason why something like BLM travels so quickly around the world: it is the same violent, failed culture that resonates. But people are getting fed up with this game. They see violent and ignorant shouting and demanding respect where it is not earned or deserved.

        Behind the scenes, there are things such as race-based bio-weapons. There is mass surveillance and control files. There is China, which is definitely not groovy to violent, ignorant cultures and groups. How long will the patience last?

      29. Frank
        All good points. I do think that there is more than one culture that falls into the never ending failure standard.

        “How long will the patience last”. Patience to the failure/welfare class will be inverse to how well our society is doing, economically and otherwise. As the economy has fallen the past couple of years, the rhetoric on this site has taken on some darker tones. Working class people are having a very hard time taking care of their own much less being forced to tend to people who are perfectly capable of working and taking care of their own business.

        • Let me give you my take on your commment.

          “Working class people are having a very hard time taking care of their own much less being forced to tend to people who are perfectly capable of working and taking care of their own business.”

          You will have a even harder time if all the lazzy other slaves are working because the rules of supply and demand set wage prices and the coropration running the slave farm wants to keep wages low, profits high.

          Greed is keeping a lot of debt slaves working as they fight over the bones masser throws into the fields now and then and most of the money given to these “Can work, Won’t work” come back as taxes anyway and the bigest one is mud tax because rents have been forced sky high.

          Corporations are not paying there dues when it comes to taxes so maybe you should pick on them instead of people that have decided to opt out of the game.

      30. It’s alrady here and political correctness used by the facist left is breaking out into what they call “Hate Speech” because they have ran out of arguments and smack you across the face after getting violent because they hate the truth.

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