10 Signs That Obamacare Is Going To Wreck The U.S. Economy

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    Obamacare-Line-300x265It is hard to find the words to adequately describe how much of a disaster Obamacare is turning out to be.  The debut of Healthcare.gov has been probably the worst launch of a major website in history, millions of Americans are having their current health insurance policies canceled, millions of others are seeing the size of their health insurance premiums absolutely explode, and this new law is going to result in massive numbers of jobs being lost.  It is almost as if Obamacare was specifically designed to wreck the U.S. economy.  Not that what we had before Obamacare was great.  In fact, I have long argued that the U.S. health care system is a complete and total train wreck.  But now Obamacare is making everything that was bad about our system much, much worse.  Americans are going to pay far more for health care, the quality of that care is going to go down, they are going to have to deal with far more medical red tape, and thousands upon thousands of U.S. employers are considering getting rid of the health plans that they offer to employees altogether due to Obamacare.  If the U.S. health care system was a separate nation, it would be the 6th largest economyon the entire planet, and now Obamacare is going to absolutely cripple it.  To say that Obamacare is an “economic catastrophe” would be a massive understatement.

    Of course we were assured that it wouldn’t turn out this way.  We were promised over and over that we were going to pay less for health care, get better coverage, and be able to keep our current health plans if we were pleased with them.  The following is what Obama said at a rally in 2009

    “First of all, if you’ve got health insurance, you like your doctors, you like your plan, you can keep your doctor, you can keep your plan. Nobody is talking about taking that away from you.”

    Oh really?

    That was such a dramatic lie that even NBC News is turning on him.  They discovered that Obama has known for three years that most people that rely on individual health insurance policies would not be able to keep them…

    Buried in Obamacare regulations from July 2010 is an estimate that because of normal turnover in the individual insurance market, “40 to 67 percent” of customers will not be able to keep their policy. And because many policies will have been changed since the key date, “the percentage of individual market policies losing grandfather status in a given year exceeds the 40 to 67 percent range.”

    That means the administration knew that more than 40 to 67 percent of those in the individual market would not be able to keep their plans, even if they liked them.

    Pretty much everything that Obama told us when he was selling us on his plan has turned out to be a lie.

    So what can we expect from Obamacare moving forward?  The following are 10 signs that Obamacare is going to wreck the U.S. economy…

    #1 It is being projected that millions upon millions of Americans are going to lose their current health insurance plans thanks to Obamacare.  Most will be faced with the choice of either purchasing much more expensive health insurance or going uninsured.  This will put even more stress on a middle class that is already disintegrating rapidly.  The following is from the recent NBC News investigation mentioned above…

    Four sources deeply involved in the Affordable Care Act tell NBC News that 50 to 75 percent of the 14 million consumers who buy their insurance individually can expect to receive a “cancellation” letter or the equivalent over the next year because their existing policies don’t meet the standards mandated by the new health care law. One expert predicts that number could reach as high as 80 percent. And all say that many of those forced to buy pricier new policies will experience “sticker shock.”

    #2 The health insurance premium increases that some families are experiencing are absolutely mind boggling.  According to Mike Adams of Natural News, one family in Texas just got hit with a 539% rate increase…

    Obamacare is named the “Affordable Care Act,” after all, and the President promised the rates would be “as low as a phone bill.” But I just received a confirmed letter from a friend in Texas showing a539% rate increase on an existing policy that’s been in good standing for years.

    As the letter reveals (see below), the cost for this couple’s policy under Humana is increasing from $212.10 per month to $1,356.60 per month. This is for a couple in good health whose combined income is less than $70K — a middle-class family, in other words.

    According to NBC News, an elderly couple in North Carolina was hit with a similar rate increase…

    George Schwab, 62, of North Carolina, said he was “perfectly happy” with his plan from Blue Cross Blue Shield, which also insured his wife for a $228 monthly premium. But this past September, he was surprised to receive a letter saying his policy was no longer available. The “comparable” plan the insurance company offered him carried a $1,208 monthly premium and a $5,500 deductible.

    Many Americans that were formerly in favor of Obamacare are now against it after they have seen what it is going to do to their budgets.  The following is one example of this from a recent Los Angeles Times article

    Pam Kehaly, president of Anthem Blue Cross in California, said she received a recent letter from a young woman complaining about a 50% rate hike related to the healthcare law.

    “She said, ‘I was all for Obamacare until I found out I was paying for it,'” Kehaly said.

    #3 Obamacare actually includes incentives for people to work less andmake less money.  The following is one example from a recent articleby Sean Davis

    In California, a couple earning $64,000 a year would not qualify for health care subsidies. A bronze plan for them through Kaiser would cost them about $1,300 each month, or $15,600 a year. But if that same family earned just $2,000 less, it would qualify for over $14,000 in annual health care subsidies, dropping their premiums for that same Kaiser plan to less than $100 per month.

    #4 Thankfully the employer mandate in Obamacare was delayed for a little while, but it will ultimately result in widespread job losses all over the country.  In fact, we are already starting to see this happen.  The following is from a recent article in the Economist

    BEFORE the recession, Richard Clark’s cleaning company in Florida had 200 employees, about half of them working full time. These days it has about 150, with 80% part-time. The downturn explains some of this. But Mr Clark also blames Barack Obama’s health reform. When it comes into effect in January 2015, Obamacare will require firms with 50 or more full-time employees to offer them affordable health insurance or pay a fine of $2,000-3,000 per worker. That is a daunting prospect for firms that do not already offer coverage. But for many, there is a way round the law.

    Mr Clark says he is “very careful with the threshold”. To keep his full-time workforce below the magic number of 50, he is relying more on part-timers. He is not alone. More than one in ten firms surveyed by Mercer, a consultancy—and one in five retail and hospitality companies—say they will cut workers’ hours because of Obamacare. A hundred part-timers can flip as many burgers as 50 full-timers, and the former will soon be much cheaper.

    You can find a very long list of some of the employers that have either eliminated jobs or cut hours because of Obamacare right here.

    #5 Even if you are able to keep your job, there is no guarantee that your employer will continue to offer health insurance as an employee benefit.  In fact, it is being reported that large numbers of employers have already decided to no longer offer health insurance to their employees because of Obamacare.

    #6 According to CBS News, so far the number of people that have had their health insurance policies canceled is more than three times greater than the number of people that have signed up for new policies under Obamacare…

    CBS News has learned more than two million Americans have been told they cannot renew their current insurance policies — more than triple the number of people said to be buying insurance under the new Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare.

    #7 If what is going on in New York is any indication, those that are signing up for health insurance under Obamacare are going to have a really, really hard time finding a doctor

    New York doctors are treating ObamaCare like the plague, a new survey reveals.

    A poll conducted by the New York State Medical Society finds that 44 percent of MDs said they are not participating in the nation’s new health-care plan.

    Another 33 percent say they’re still not sure whether to become ObamaCare providers.

    Only 23 percent of the 409 physicians queried said they’re taking patients who signed up through health exchanges.

    #8 Obamacare is turning out to be a gold mine for hackers and identity thieves.  The personal information of millions of Americans could potentially end up being compromised.  According to CNN, Healthcare.gov was found to be teeming with security holes…

    The Obamacare website has more than annoying bugs. A cybersecurity expert found a way to hack into users’ accounts.

    Until the Department of Health fixed the security hole last week, anyone could easily reset your Healthcare.gov password without your knowledge and potentially hijack your account.

    And according to the New York Post, Healthcare.gov has been designed so badly from a security standpoint that it might have to be “rebuilt from scratch”…

    The chairman of the House Intelligence Committee said ObamaCare’s website, already a tangled mess, might need to be rebuilt from scratch to to protect against cyber-thieves because he fears it’s not a safe place right now for health-care consumers to deposit their personal information.

    “I know that they’ve called in another private entity to try to help with the security of it. The problem is, they may have to redesign the entire system,” Rep. Mike Rogers said on Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union” political talk show. “The way the system is designed, it is not secure.”

    #9 As I noted in a previous article, approximately 60 percent of all personal bankruptcies in the United States are related to medical bills.  Because millions of Americans are now losing their health insurance policies and millions of others will choose to pay the fine rather than sign up for Obamacare, more Americans than ever will find themselves overwhelmed with medical bills when they get seriously sick.  This will result in even more personal bankruptcies.

    #10 In the end, the burden for paying for the subsidies that Obamacare offers is going to overwhelmingly fall on the taxpayers.  This is going to cause our nightmarish national debt to get even worse.  Peter Schiff recently explained why this is going to happen…

    It is also ironic that high-deductible, catastrophic plans are precisely what young people should be buying in the first place. They are inexpensive because they provide coverage for unlikely, but expensive, events. Routine care is best paid for out-of-pocket by value conscious consumers. But Obamacare outlaws these plans, in favor of what amounts to prepaid medical treatment that shifts the cost of services to taxpayers. In such a system, patients have no incentive to contain costs. Since the biggest factor driving health care costs higher in the first place has been the over use of insurance that results from government-provided tax incentives, and the lack of cost accountability that results from a third-party payer system, Obamacare will bend the cost curve even higher. The fact that Obamacare does nothing to rein in costs while providing an open-ended insurance subsidy may be good news for hospitals and insurance companies, but it’s bad news for taxpayers, on whom this increased burden will ultimately fall.

    So what do you think of Obamacare?

    Has it directly affected your life yet?

    Please feel free to share your thoughts by posting a comment below…

    Michael T. Snyder is a graduate of the University of Florida law school and he worked as an attorney in the heart of Washington D.C. for a number of years. Today, Michael is best known for his work as the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and The American Dream. If you want to know what things in America are going to look like in a few years read his new book The Beginning of the End.


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      1. Not directly affected…yet. I have no intention of participating, but I am sure I will suffer the trickle down of the effects soon enough.

        • Same here. I will NOT sign up! I have no property in my name nor do I have more than a few dollars in a bank account.

          • +1
            Only stuff is my vehicles,
            Only 5 yards on the island they would go to and i know where they are,

            • You know folks, actually the train wreck has already happened. The news is just too unbelievable for those (sheeple) that haven’t had the wreck smack them square awake yet. Maybe they’ll never wake to the news.
              With unemployment,people on foodstamps, armed agencies and loss of rights(yes it’ll get worse) the wreck just hasn’t been accepted by enough people.
              Voting won’t change the wreck called DC only a confrontation will.

              • “”””So what do you think of Obamacare? Has it directly affected your life yet?”””

                I would rather buy a bag of crap than an “insurance” policy that locked me into the medical establishments “treatments”.

                And no, it will never affect my life directly or indirectly. The corp has been locked out for a long time now and I have no intention of opening the door.

                • If you have a borderline small business, (and everyone in America should have a corporation as the table is tilted toward corporations), then you could retain some of your earnings and feasibly limit your salary and wages below the threshold and qualify for the subsidies.

                  If you live in a world controlled by the NWO Economic Agenda, you must use it to your advantage whether you believe in it or not.

                  That is financial reality. 🙂

                  • Someone should sue O’bummer for breach of promise, etc. Just saying, if the shoe fits, sue the bastard.

                    I am sure there is an attorney out there somewhere willing to make a class action suit out of it. 🙂

                  • To DK (should maybe be posted below the next comment.)Where are the attorneys? Look what all of the lawsuits did to the Palins….why can’t both sides play at this…..!

                  • Play the game. Have been playing it for years.

                  • RED: Actually there are a number of lawsuits pending over the legality of various aspects of the legislation, but once politicians are held personally accountable for blatant lies and malfeasance in office; or for introducing clearly Un- Constitutional legislation nothing will change.

                    Legislators and government officers are EMPLOYEES and not above the law!

                    An unconstitutional law is a breach of their oath to the Nation and to the American people. Sue them personally, collect the civil fines, and then hang them for TREASON!

                    Its time to make an example of these MFR’s. Just saying.
                    Death to the New World Order !!! 🙂

                  • Bingo!

                    The small group policy I have for my wife will be traded in for TACA in March. Her policy, an expensive one because I have to maintain a small group to cover pre-existing stuff for her in Florida, now nearly a thousand dollars a month will be around 300/mnth for the Platinum. This with a $2000 deductible and 100% coverage after that. The policy she has now is a $3500 deductible. This is way better for us. That because we are decreasing our income by a couple thousand a year. I signed up for my VA some years back because I couldn’t afford nearly 2k a month for her and I both. BlueCross was the only company in Florida to give me a waiver for the group participation because I qualified for VA coverage. Nice company.

                    We will probably wait until our small group contract is up in March though. Just to make sure this thing doesn’t up and change on us before we drop the small group. Once we drop the small group we cannot get the pr-existing coverage if TACA goes bye-bye.

              • The confrontation has already started. It started when folks started saying they are not participating. It started when folks took the time to understand jury nullification and were courageous enough to stand on that principle in a trial. It started when people said fuck the IRS and did as much shaving of their taxes as they could get away with. It started when people figured out the Democrats and Republican parties are two wings of the same turkey.

                The revolution has already started, guys. It’s just a question of each of us picking how we are going to resist these SOBs.

                We have justice and morality on our side. Letting a tax cheat off is the MORAL thing to do, unless you like having your tax money used to incinerate innocent foreigners.

                Start the revolution in your life today. Do something. Put stickers on gas pumps and in public spaces that call for an end to this government. Do what your conscience tells you, and do it proudly. Without real patriots, America is going to die, and soon.

                • Boycott the commercial aspect of Christmas. Do your shopping now and stop at Thanksgiving. Let the bottom line after the “Obamacare” roll out be a disaster. That’s a revolutionary vote-with-your pocketbook that may have a real impact. Pass it on to your friends, family and churches.

                  • @ Sigi ~ For the past 20 years that is exactly what I did. I Xmas shopped throughout the year, and stopped right at Thanksgiving. Then, I do not go near a mall until Jan. 2nd. Now, everyone is grown, and no one in our family wants gifts. We help one another throughout the year instead, as we believe Charity Begins at Home. We have 2 great nephews that
                    weI will gift for , that is all.

              • DRD5508 you are correct! I have to admit that I for one, shall enjoy seeing the Obama class moochers when the gravy train derails. I can see it now hoards of Obama moochers crying that “We bees needin our EBT, you posta gibs us dat.” Or when there are no more freebies and you will see Obamas people squirting buckets of tears from their eyes and then crying about their loss of Medicade, Medicare, Section 8 Housing, EBT, WIC Checks, TANF, SNAP,
                Earned Income Credit…. The day will come when useless eaters who have spent their whole lives bleeding productive people dry,will be terminated.

            • Huckstercare is a contract with the devil.

              Sell your soul for a little piece of the
              Rock. Come one come all, bring your friends.

            • I have been carrying private insurance so I wouldn’t have to use the VA. My insurance has now almost tripled and it sounds to me like the whole country is going to turn into a VA type health system. If I drop my insurance and sign up at the VA clinic will I be penalty taxed? It is so sad that it has come to this.

              • No. If you sign up at the VA you will get a letter telling you that you meet the conditions for minimum health care and no longer have to worry about the failing of this unconstitutional crap called ACA. Nor will you have to worry about a penalty fine

                • Received the letter from the VA. I’ve been signed up with VA healthcare for 15yrs. I don’t use it in order to allow more room for current military, and I am covered under wife’s insurance that we pay $680.00 a month for. When they drop her at work I will add her to my VA and pay the VA the difference. Might be an option for you other vets. I will never join ocommie care.

                • Thanks for the info. I applied for VA medical for the first time, so that in case our private insurance becomes too expensive I can bail to VA.

                  Sad, since we planned and worked for years to make sure we had insurance. Now we are looking at the prospect of the government making it unaffordable with the “Affordable” Care Act.

                • but I guarantee you will be waiting in a long line of veterans who have been waiting and waiting for their healthcare appointments etc….good luck!

                • You also won’t have to worry about good care because you will get none from the VA. At one time it was quite good but not now. Enter at your own risk. All it is good for is getting assessed for a disability that is service related.

                  • I had to have several extensive surgeries dealing with vascular issues. Finally after I had to pay the maximum payment several years in a row and was left unable to continue working I signed up for VA medical care. I had a vein removed from my arm and grafted into my femoral artery almost two years ago. So far the VA surgery has been the most successful. The medical care has been great but I have to say I’d have much rather had C rations than the VA hospital food.

              • I don’t know, but that’s a valid question. My parents, both working, tried to sign up for Medicare and were hit with substantial penalties for not enrolling the second they hit 65. The fact that they weren’t costing the government anything didn’t matter to anyone.

                • Those are the rules. You start paying in at 65. if you do not use it, then that is your choice.
                  it is clear on the medicare site.

                  • They weren’t exactly computer-literate ten years ago, and it never crossed their minds to try to get government benefits as soon as possible.

                • It’s only ten percent a year. Many opt not to get signed up right away since at $104 a month it takes quite awhile for ten bucks a month to equal even one year.

          • Typical dead-beat, low-life American’t. Aren’t you worried that they’ll take away your FOOD STAMPS and HOUSING VOUCHERS?

            • Government troll ALERT!!! Please do not respond and collapse the comment ASAP.

              Thank you for you assistance

            • FA, You’re at the wrong website. not one of us are on any govt. program, period! Also, nobody in my community is a low-life or deadbeat, so go f#$% yourself, @hole.

              • How do you know that>?? No one is over 65? None are retired or disabled vets.

                This is not a clan. Just speak for yourself.
                be well

                • I am 100% care for by VA. And they may of added 20 years. But they took my drone. They will pay. They will pay.

                  • FBP
                    hell build another one I`m not building drones I`m building drone killers along with a few elephant traps
                    things working well here,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


            • I think you meant to post that on Daily-Kos or perhaps democrat underground.

              The people on this site prefer to be more self sufficient.

              Other than that, I think you’re just foaming at the mouth with jealousy.

        • Count me out…

          • Flashback: Obama’s Campaign to Transition to Single Payer Health Care (VIDEO)

            “President Barack Obama made it no secret he was a proponent of a single payer health care system in America when he first came on to the national scene. However, he explained to his supporters over the years that a “potential transition” would be necessary to break away from the current system.

            Interestingly, as the implementation of the Obamacare exchanges face problems and millions begin to lose coverage from their private insurers, something President Obama promised would not happen, Democrats and their liberal allies are now beginning to suggest a single payer system as a solution to the rickety exchanges.”

            The public health insurance option… ‘It wouldn’t let private insurance compete–that a public option will put the private insurance industry out of business and lead to single payer.’


            • I believe the goal of Obamacare was to crash the economy and gain more control over the people.

              After they bankrupt all the private insurance companies, what is left? …the govt.

              When the govt. health insurance is the only one left, then they will ‘double down’ on control of the population. At that point, expect the RFID chip.

              • It has been obvious from 2008 that Obama hats America and wants to destroy it. His parents and grandparents hated America too, and he spent his formative years in a Muslim country where America is not popular.

                Obamacare was designed to crash, force a single payer system, cause the US to bankrupt itself, and destroy the dollar.

                One World Government has been the end game from the beginning. I understand Obama’s motives. But I don’t understand hundreds of Democrats in political office who support it. Don’t they know that we are going to lose all our wealth to Russia, China, Saudi, etc.? Are they stupid? Or are they expecting a position of authority in the dictatorship? Obama will throw them all under the bus once he (I mean Valerie) becomes World Leader.

                • Daisy,
                  realize because the NSA knows everything, all members of Congress are subject to blackmail, bribery or assassination. That is why they have let America fall to this dictatorship.

                  • Daisy

                    While virtually everyone has something in their past that would be compromising people in positions of power tend to generally have more of it. I think its called, “skeletons in the closet”. I believe both The House of Reps and Senate are a boneyard. Infidelity, prostitutes, drugs, homosexuality and the old standby illegal financial transactions are ripe among the powerful.

                  • It’s the high tech version of the day Sadaam Hussein took over and had shot politicians dead who disagreed with him, then asked if there were any more who disagreed.

                    Nobody did.

                    There’s even a video out there of the shootings.


                  • EFNP
                    YOU HIT IT, they have them by the short hairs, and unless we remove ALL of them it will not stop!

                • They believe they are creating their utopian hippie commune. They have been dreaming it, planning it and doing it since the 60’s. Look who they are, you can’t miss it. Fucking hippie commie’s that need to be laid to rest in their Zen caves. Read the “Forth Turning” by Strauss & Howe for a good idea what to look forward to. Like I’ve said before, they destroyed the family moral in the 60’s 70’s with burning bra’s and abortion, the economic moral in the 80’s and 90’s as yuppie’s with greed is good and now they will destroy social moral and anything else of value remaining with debt. The most destructive generation in history is now fully in control and WILL destroy us all if we do not stop them. For the hippies that don’t like what I’ve said, prove me wrong, don’t just thumbs down as usual. Be brave, stand out. What else are the fucking silver pony tails for, still rebelling against “the man” man????

                • DaisyK: Lose our wealth to Russia and China and others? LMAO! We are GIVING them our wealth. That is what Free Trade is about: transferring the wealth of America to an elite Billionaire Class of Oligarchs around the world, supported by a global investment class, and enforced by Agenda 21 which by passes Constitutional government.

                  Everyone else is grist for their Mill. Death to the New World Order!!! 🙂

              • Next year is the time to show up at the polls and get rid of these losers. I know the majority here believe it’s a waste of time but local elections are choosen by the public. The presidency is not. What good are you doing by hiding in your bunker waiting for SHTF? Either you fight the bully everyday or you continue to give him your lunch money. I choose to fight!

                • Indy,
                  I definitely think its a waste of time, but ill still do it, at least then i am entitled to bitch about stuff!
                  If you dont participate, you have no right to bitch!

                  • thanks kula , i agree
                    Stand up , speak your mind or sit down and shut up .

                  • We’ve voted every election since we were both 18, and I faithfully write to my self-absorbed “representatives” who don’t care at all about I want because I never send money. The question is, for WHOM do we vote?

                  • @Vicky
                    Yea, over here the options are quite narrow, be it state or local, the choices usually all stink, i just wish it was one term and thats it, most of these donkeys have been in politics for far too long and dont care what everyday people think, tax and spend, need more, raise taxes, spend more,
                    Bunch of idiots, i have voted every time and the ones i vote for almost never get in, too many sheep!

                  • Kulafarmer
                    as long as I still pay taxes I have every right to bitch ,,,cuss,,piss and moan,,,voteing sure as hell don’t give that right


                • ROFLMFAO!!!!!!!!……..

                • Theres a problem with that line of thought; Indy Colt. You’d just be replacing corrupt; convoluted bastards; with just as corrupt; convoluted bastards. Our entire political system IS completely geared to weed out; or destroy; anyone of Integrity; Virtue; Smarts; or Good Character & Conscience. THAT is why you will NEVER see a Washington; Lincoln; McKinley; Truman; or Kennedy in office again. It IS designed for Mediocre individuals; with little smarts or values. Which is why I hold little hope for this country as a society and nation.

                  • If Patriots do a leagle Name change, to say a name like Mr. Israel Silverstien, or Samual Goldberg etc I bet they can get elected alot eaiser. Campaign for everything possible thats against white folk, antigun, pro negroes, pro illeagles and Very pro jewish and state of israel issues.

                    Then after elected…Show your True stripes! Isn’t that how most get elected today. Time to fight fire With fire.

                    Later when any accuse you of being a liar, simply tell them that you read some talmudic verses about how its okay to lie to goyims and that you like and agree fully with such a great system to allow lying etc.

                    It sure works swell for many current lifelong polititions like fienstien and schumer et al eh. Adopt Their systems and beliefs and use it all against them all.

                    Maybe we need elect a majority to us house of real patriots, then have em all dress in german officer WWII uniforms or replica uniforms, and have a leader from that group to make a formal anouncment that real american folk are fed up with and tired of all the bs crap, and if no others plans to Fix it all…Then thats why we got elected for to Fix this crap and find some form of a “Final Solution” so to speak.

                    After all the past 50 yrs has proven that No Matter What we say or do, they are going to keep calling us racist and nazis right…So we have zero to lose by going All Out.

                    I’d just bet if such a scenario occured in the us house with a majority elected and outfitted as stated in such Uniforms, that the libs and negroes black causaus and the kommies would all take a serious notice and get at least somehwat worried or concerned that maybe this time around We Mean buisness.

                    Cause hey, whatever remains peacefull and Works is good right. A full emptying out of the entire Un patriotic kommie bunch from the us house chambers, due to Fear of the “new” guys just elected, is a good start to gain control and Fix it all.

                    And nothing will create a more state of abject Fear in them black caucaus and lib kommie fools than seeing a new majority all wearing “Matching Uniforms” as prior described!…If Fear works…So be it. They do not own any copywrights or patents on use of fear thats always used against Us folks right. Fight Fire WITH Fire. Then burn their kommie asses to ground.

                    That new patriot Majority of house reps will need a slogan. Hows about “The Only good Kommie, Is a DEAD Kommie” It will add to the matching officer uniform attire ambiance eh. Ach Tung! The US House Is in Order Now!

                  • Dave,

                    Most have tea party reps and if not vote anything other than dems. I know repubs are great either but they aren’t the one’s trying to gun grab. I believe not voting is a lazy, cowardly thing to do. Choose your side and draw a line in the sand.

                  • Oh and did we forget about the recall vote in Denver? Or how Sheriff Joe Arpaio kept his seat? If voting was rigged neither of these things would have happened. This is the reason TPTB have taken over the republic. No one felt they could do anything about it. Gays and minorites make sure their voice is heard

                  • I think you’re correct that we would just be replacing one corrupt bastard with another corrupt bastard, but with term limits, they wouldn’t have enough time to really dig in. It would be a more superficial level of graft and corruption.

                • Clean up Washington, Vote for the Challenger

              • KY Mom…….Nobody could say it better! Collapse/Control is what the Gov. wants and intends to get. We all have to push back as if our lives depend on it, AND, they do!!!!

                • The Jews are the only people in the world who have found hostility in every country in which they settled in any numbers. The big question is – WHY?
                  Today it is taught in the schools that “Anti-Semitism” began in Germany in the 1930s after which they were deported. What is not studied is the fact that at one time or other the Jews have been expelled from every nation in Europe! When the Jews first began to immigrate to America the early colonialists in New York, Charleston and Savannah tried to ban their entry. Benjamin Franklin pleaded with the members of the Continental Congress to enter a specific ban against Jewish immigration into the U. S. Constitution to bar them for all time to come.

                  The Jews claim that they are “only” a religion. The truth is that the Jews are a RACE. Less than 30% are members of any Synagogue. Whether they are Orthodox religious, atheists, capitalists or communists – they still claim to be Jews – members of the Jewish race! Every race has inherited traits. In the case of the Jews they include trading, money-changing, usury, and a loathing for “productive labor” which is scorned as beneath the dignity of the Jews in their “bible” called “THE TALMUD.”

                  The Jews have not changed since the days when Jesus Christ took up a whip and drove “the money changers out of the Temple.” Jews have always united to form monopolies. Today they control all the department store chains and speciality shops along with the lucrative jewelry and animal fur trade. Jews dominate the fields of all precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, tin, lead, etc. They will always ban together to drive Gentile competitors out of business.

                  Today America is being flooded with Jewish immigrants from Russia and even 20,000 per year leave Israel for the U. S. – all with dollar signs in their eyes. Jews have used their vaunted money-power to seize control of the Democratic Party and constitute over 50% of all its financial contributions. Today they are buying up more and more major U. S. companies. While only 3% of the population, the Jews control over 25% of the nation’s wealth and this percentage rises every year. They are the only racial group totally organized to work for political domination over America.

                  Opposition to the Jews did not begin in Germany but dates back before the birth of Christ over 2,000 years ago! Study the statements made by “The world’s greatest men.” They reveal why the “wandering Jews” have made enemies out of every host country that ever accepted them.

                  • Tactical: You Have done your homework Sir! Indeed! If any of the acurate factual info you posted has come to you from any website or book links I have provided here, it feels good to know at least one more person is awake to the real Nature of the “Hidden Hand” nation wreckers.

                    Now they are going to call you a Nazi, evil Racist, and of course an antisemite(define “semitic” tosses em for a Loop since they are really Khazar Edomites!) so you may as well go All Out! Never back down from speaking and writing Truth eh!!

                    Grab a very Powerfull magnafying glass, Peel back any of the Many Scabs that cover every festering wound to our american republic, and its other 98% of peoples, then gander into that magnafying glass, into the Puss under those Scabs. In Every sore-wound, you will see microscopic khazars and ziojew banksters dna peering Back up at You!

              • If he ran again today he would be re elected. Some just flat out are in love with the guy. Hard to understand. It’s more like a cult.

            • “””“potential transition” “””

              Interesting that in yesterdays post the idiot politician said policies were not being cancelled, but were being “transitioned” into Obamacrap.

              Watch the catchphrase of “transitioning” take off like a rocket on the Jew networks.

              • Obama is a Jew ? I thought he was Muslim. Obama is an Anti Semite or so I thought. Christ I’m so confused, are we fighting the Muslims who blew up the world trade center or are we fighting the Jews. The Muslim oil barons control the world economy and banks with the petro dollars. The Jews wish they had as much control and money as the Camel humping Muslims. I give up. I’ll join the crowd here and just hate anybody who isn’t a white Christian.

                • Nobody mentioned the word “Hate” except for YOU of course!

                  You cannoy be that lame or stupid to never notice that almost Every Last name of most Every bankster-fed res folks-whitehouse prez advisory staffs-Head chairmen of Every Importnat us senate and us house comittee are jews-and that litterally EVERY MSM in All forms, newspapers, magazines, Hollywood, TV, TV News shows, are all so over represented by a jewish demographic, especially when compared to the fact that in the general total usa population jews equal less than, 2% total.

                  Yet on TV and TV News shows alone, it is more like a 90+% jewish persons you see nitely on EVERY Major channle tv news and EVERY show segment.

                  Hollywood is Saturated with 99+% jewish presence. Especially in the Owning and Controlling aspects.

                  Aprox 75+% Prez advisory staffs are jews.

                  A Vast Majority of the aprox 35,000 us senate and us house AIDES are jewish. And when its the senate and house AIDES that are the Lawyers aka “councilers” to the elected officials, thats probobly close to 100% jew lawyers. They write most bills, deal with most Lobbists, and advise the officals most.

                  Then we have the USA Justice systems as a whole. How many FED Judges are jewish? Alot more than 2%!! Same for Prosecutors and reg lawyers. Same for Private sector lawyers.

                  US Supreme Court is a full 33% Jewish, with that last female us supreme hobammy added a very likly Morano “conversio” catholic(really a jew and pretend catholic) time will tell) compared to gen pop of less than 2% Hmmmmmmm…And You say Muslims is who controls it all?

                  Of course you will also say that, I, because of mentioning these stats and Facts am also a “hater” of jews correct?

                  So by Your logic, or rather lack of logic, if a person said “Gee the SUN sure is HOT today and likly to get even Hotter by Mid day” Then of course You will call that person a “SUN hater” right?

                  Because they dare to state Facts that happen to revolve around a jewish presence.Equals hater eh.

                  Best get over it as folks have recently abandoned the negroes use of “Race Card”, and that same vast majoirty of non jewish public folk are fast learning to accept Truth and Facts, and if it happens to include jewish issues or names jews in a negative light, due soley to those jews made the choice freely to oppose american values and oppose whites and christians so much, that every day now More such avg reg usa folks are doing the same thing when it comes to that jewish lable of “Jew hater” or “Antisemite”…BOTH have almost entirely Lost their “MOJO” as has the african blacks “Race Card” also lost it’s “MOJO” effects.

                  Folks are sick and tired of looking the Other way and ignoring wrongs or evils, just because a jew or black is the Perpetrator of it. NO more Free-Pass based on Race or religious Choice.

                  Ironic that the main group with the most blacks and jews both within it, is the same group that promotes “Equality” the Most often! yet at same time, also cry loudest that we need to place blacks and jews on some Tall Pedestal way Above whiteys and others as if the jew and black were some type “special” group of “Special” individuals. That too has Lost its MOJO. Get it yet?

                  • Hey man,
                    Sorry you can’t take a joke. The sooner you realize Jesus was raised Jewish the sooner you might chill out and get back to prepping. SHEEEZ !

                  • Them Guys. Do me a favor sport, I have to listen to the BS your spewing from the Inmates at the prison where I work. Please know that the logic you use is incorrect and you spelling could use some work. Please keep the Anti Jew and Negro hate speech to yourself.

                • But, then you will have to agree with everything they say or face the outrage, scorn and name calling.
                  The SHTF Clan is not very tolerant, that is for certain.

            • I think that was the Obamacare plan all along ie; create the Affordable Care disaster then roll out single payer to replace the failed program, (mission accomplished)

              • That was what KY Mom wrote in her copy of someone else’s quote or link.

          • I like Michael Synder’s article as they point out the shear obvious of what is occurring. BO care is but one item that is undermining the foundation of the US economy. The US dollar is going to continue to take hit after hit as more countries, especially OPEC, figure out that there is far more stability and financial security by hard currency and or a basket of other currencies that have something behind them rather than 17 billion in debt and hundreds of trillions in phantom derivatives floating around.

            Like I said last night, never get the BO touch, everything turns to sh!$ that BO touches. IF there is a future America, BO is going to be regarded as the worst president ever. BO will make Jimmy Carter look like a true leader. Maybe this was all meant to be and BO is just fulfilling his masters’ wishes. In any case BO care is probably one the dumbest plans conceieved in the past century. I am sure others out there could come up with rivals to stupid ideas, but BO care has got to be in the top 10 as the world’s most retarded “concepts” in the past 100 years, maybe even the past 500 years.

            • Howdy, BI, and everyone else, and once again, you’re spot on. Just like everyone else here, I’m NOT signing up for Obamacare either. I’m not even paying the penalty. As BI said, this was all done by design to kill what’s left of the economy. the only way I see to stop it is for MASS NONCOMPLIANCE. there are some who say Obamacare might kill itself with all the problems popping up in it that were supposedly unforeseen. even the mad scientist was shocked at the kind of monster he created and has said to himself, “Wow, I’ve outdone myself!” But don’t expect him to ever admit it publicly. I’ll bet there’s more opposition to Obamacare now than we’re aware of. If we all join together in mass noncompliance, I think we can kill this monstrosity.

              • I’m worried. I’m worried that there ISN’T resistance to Obamacare except on sites like this. People here represent what… 1% of the population? 0.01%?

                I’ve been listening to the radio and TV and listening for the screaming. I know the MSM hides things but I figured if it was as unpopular as it rightly SHOULD be, I’d be hearing at least SOMETHING from the MSM by now. Maybe it would be a 5 second blurb buried between stories… but SOMETHING.

                I hear nothing. Well except “the website’s a mess”. Yeah so what. Websites can and will be re-written (at our expense no doubt). What about the entire concept? Not hearing anything.

                Either everyone’s asleep or everyone likes this thing.


                • Majority are asleep and revere him as god. Most people don’t know how to think, period.

                  It will collapse, intentionally and to help this along, tptb realize that when the sheeple start losing disposable income to higher premiums that means less money being spent in small businesses. Then we start to see job loses, businesses close, ect., ect. until there is not enough to keep it going any longer. This is a job killer and everyone was warned.

                  As far as getting a conservative/libertarian president in the future, I seriously doubt it. Too many that can’t think, don’t care, want something for nothing, and have no integrity or values. Besides, if that were to happen he or she would be hated by the majority and have little success anyway trying to turn this around. We will have to start over, some how, some way.

                  Sorry so bleak, but unless we have a miracle of deliverence from the true God this is where it’s headed. But you all see this wreck ahead so stay on the path and be wise.

                • The anger was getting though on our local news last night loud and clear and I am in a (sadly) blue left coast town. I think it will build to where the national news will HAVE to cover it. The people are getting fed up, but I think On the Path may be right- that it’s too little too late anyway. But little is much IF God is in it.

              • Obamacare is a symptom, not a cause. Killing it will do nothing.

                • @ Gods Creation. BO care IS a symptom and not the cause. This is probably the best analysis of anyone on this comment section. So many are looking at BO care as the virus, when it is the fever. There are so many other issues that are mega serious that make up the whole pathogen that is the US government and the world government. So much more it is frightening, like being thrust into one of those science fiction horror movies that no one ever thought could happen. George Orwell 1984 in 2013, 2014, ……….

                • Well said.

                • GC that is the truth of it, and if it wasn’t OB care it would/will be something else. It brings to mind the beaten wife that stays with the drunk husband that beats her sensless and hopes beyond HOPE that he will CHANGE.

                  We are now a nation of victims scwabbaling over the scraps. Dem or Repub does not matter its two fleas fighting over the dog, are we the only folks that say “hey no dogs allowed?”

                  The very fact that we are having these types of disc ussions should wake everyone up but it isn’t.

              • Brave. You make a point that Obama care was an intentional act with intent to destroy the economy. The next point you make is that Obama ( mad scientist ) is shocked at his creation. WTF???? If he intended to destroy the economy why be shocked? I left for a few weeks and came back to your bombastic and borderline retarded reasoning.
                You also made a point several people here do not take any money. Giving the community benefit of doubt makes me think several here are social security sponges and retired. Given the time spent playing with asinine scenarios, the only other explanation is most here are unemployed.

              • I agree and there is NO way I plan to ever sign up for Obamacare!

            • Be Informed:

              I would encourage you posters to read JayJays article about how Obamacare was PLANNED to FAIL and why. I do not agree with you, Be informed, that it is “one of the dumbest plans conceived in a century”. Nothing as monsterous as this bill can ever be called dumb; the intention of it is to break the back of the American Republic.

              “Maybe this was all meant to be and Obama is just fulfilling his masters wishes”. MAYBE??? You write like this is your first RODEO!!

              Thank God a lot of us on this blog are well passed MAYBE! Nothing that will affect American’s like Obamacare ever had a MAYBE attached to it.

              Sorry, Anonymous, you need to stick to your earthquake predictions. You are sorely lacking in your political education to have written this article.

              You don’t seem to be able to grasp the severity of the ObamaCare legislation. Once again, go back to JayJays articles about why this legislation was written TO FAIL.

              Her article pointed out the TRUTH. In one of your posts you stated that your understanding of what is happening in politics around the world was hard for you to understand. From the article you posted today, I can assure you that I am in complete agreement of your assessment of that.

              • Howdy, POG. I read JayJay’s article and it’s spot on. TPTB know exactly what they’re doing when it comes to their evil agenda for us. I’m not signing up for Obamacare, PERIOD, and if anyone wants to penalize me for it, they can bring it on. We’ll see who’s standing at the end of the day.

              • @ Pissed off Granny. IF it was some insidous plan, then you are saying that it is going just “as planned” to help take down the country. I am not sure about this. It is only my opinion, but I think the whole plan of BO care was to get EVERYONE ID’d through the notion that EVERYONE will be covered under BO care. The Backdoor plan to a national ID system. Then to have ID card and or people microchipped, MARK OF THE BEAST, that you would have to have this RFID in a card or in the body of someone. If anything for something as evil as this, BO care you would think they would want it to go as smoothly as possible.

                Then there is the simple idea that everything BO touches turns to sh!@ and even the plan to take down the country is not working like it should because too many people are finding out what total garbage it is. In other words, when you want to take down a nation you don’t advertise it by having a lit fuse burning all the way to the explosive. They would want to hide the debacle of it as much and as long as possible. A silent destructive force is way more effective than to automatically have right off the bat all these problems and wake up many people before the evil plan has time to take its viper hold on the country. Just BO touches anything it turns to sh!@, even evil plans do.

                • BI, I think both you and POG are correct, just in different ways. I think the health care debacle is a means to an end, just like everything else that BO and his handlers do…

              • @ Pissed Off Granny. In all due respect to the game of chess and life, a true master of deception is going to fool you and others into a misconception, many times a conspiracy theory that THEY want you to believe. You say I lack political education. I think you prehaps might lack the ability to think completely outside the box and off the wall. When you go to watch a magician’s show do you allow yourself to be distracted by the lights, the sounds, the fluf, or do you look much deeper into what is trying to be hidden.

                The government sets these conspiracy traps for people like yourself that take this, all the while their real plan remains hidden. I and you can speculate all we want, but to say that I am some greenhorn to the deceit of the political landscape is not a fair assessment. I figure out things based on not allowing myself to have a narrowed and horse blinder type of view on anything. I demise little as impossible and try to look at all angles of an issue. When you say that I am a fool for not automatically accepting an idea that may or may not be correct is doing exactly what the BO supporters do, close their mind to other possibilites.

                YES, it is possible that BO is nothing but a total jackass and tried to start a socialist type of medical system based on his Marxist philosophy and it boned. I am saying this is a possibility that this is what “could have” happened. Not everything is a conspiracy, some issues are just someone f’ed it up. It is also possible this is a backdoor to ID systems and something a lot worse like the Mark of the Beast. This is is what is called weighing in on all possibilites and keeping an open mind. Automatically assuming that this is it, the government loves people like that because they can control them just like the sheeple by keeping them focused on a lie designed to keep them from the truth because they fail to look outside one box into another or many.

                • BI – I for one will “focus on the lie” with granny.
                  Obama has said he wants a single payer system and it should be rather obvious that this is the way he will get it done , and without congress .
                  Dont overthink this one , its biting you in the ass right now !

                • Be Informed:

                  We are led to believe that the OBcare legislation is about healthcare.

                  That legislation is just like the Patriot Act.

                  On the surface, to a lot of people, both seemed like a good idea. But peel back the layers and what are they really about……CONROL!

                  Now you might think that word CONTROL is a conspiracy theory; don’t think most of us here would believe that.

                  I never stated that “it is possible the Obama is just a jackass and has tried to set up a medical system based on his marxist philosophy”, that is your statement. Never did I believe Obama is responsible for this legislation. You give him too much credit. He IS JUST A TOOL!

                  “Conspiracy Theorist” is another word that TPTB love to use, just like anti-semite. They have used those words down through history to try to discredit truth tellers; but it is not working as well as it used to; the sheep are slowly waking up.

                  I don’t need to go “outside the box and off the wall” to understand the “control” portion of ObamaCare and the Patriot Act.

                  And I don’t go to any magician’s shows; I just watch Congress, the Federal Reserve, TPTB, to get all the sleight of hand I will ever need to observe.

                  • @ Pissed off Granny. Ever see what happens when you try to take the fish at the first nibble, 95% of the time it gets away. YES, I think there is a terrible plan behind this BO care, and you bet it is about control. IF this was solely based on the premise to fail, which is what you were applying, then why has this become totally transparent to even the masses as an automatic failure? I mean 47% of the masses think of BO care as crap already. IF you were going to introduce a program destined to fail only to gain control then why let it fail right out of the box? Someone in the government probably screwed up the plan, whatever that may be. Almost all of the time you let the fish take the hook deep and reel it in, and let BO care set before the failure sets in.

                    This is my point, don’t fall into MIND TRAPS that those in control set for almost all section of the population. I don’t like the word conspiracy either, call it a “CONTROLLED GOVERNMENT SCHEME” then. I will give you a hypothetical scenario in which this could happen.

                    Let’s say you have an attack on a city, real awful attack that takes out 100,000 people with some WMD. You don’t know whom did it. You are going to have some people convinced that the government did it, others that arab terrorists did, some will blame white supremacists or black radicals, others will say anarchists did it, many will blame a foreign country, others might even think that one lone wolf did it even though someone like this would have to have much money to pull it off. The government or those that did do it know that they can put blame on any or all these people by fabricating all sorts of stories to fit the situation. Whom is right and did do it? That is where the open mind comes in that there are all possibilites and nothing can be ruled out. Detective work is in order.

                    BO care and the Patriot Act have a foundation based on control, but like the above example, all is more often more than mets the eye. I have said again and again BO care sucks, but I did not say that positively it was meant to fail to collapse the economy, though this is possible. I personally feel it is a much deeper insideous plan behind it that is much, much worse. I personally have deep fears it is all about, or most of it, in to getting people the Mark of the Beast type way of getting people tagged.

                    I think that BO care is capable of collapsing the economy, yes. I however have looked into shear volume and free trade with the enemy, the US dollar overseas, and the spending on just plain welfare minus BO care can accomplish this quicker than anything. Remember people are going to be the ones paying through the nose at first, the government will subsidize only a few at first. Ultimately this could become a huge financial burden, but the other issues are the ones that will take everything down before BO care has a chance to alone.

                    I want the truth, and truth tellers are noble, that word truth. If you are others, even in good faith, are locked into a premise and fail to look outside the box to other possibilities the damage done to the truth is as bad as those that try to surpress the truth. If you are saying that one idea is the ONLY train of thought to BO care, and this is NOT the truth and it was to mark and tag everyone then you have helped to disguise the truth.

                    One track minds often prevent the truth from coming out, even with the absolute best intentions, because they got their foot caught in a mind trap. Too often what sounds the best is a misconception and a rigged falsehood. BO Care could be something that none of us thought about, like a total distraction to something planned that is hideous. I admit that even the web site going down could be planned. Opening up one’s mind and then narrowing down what one sees is the basics of logic. Dr Suess once said something that can help all of us even in basic life. When you are trying to find something, find out where it is NOT first. Process of elimination.

                  • PO’D Granny: Well said. Hobammy IS just a TOOL! He was hand picked long ago as a small kid, trained up as a total Marxist and anti white, anti american kommie. He gained top prez office because the ones in control Wanted him at this particular point in time. I am certain it has something to do with getting at least One african blackman into top office as the Prez of america just so they can say he did it etc. And to keep usa blacks in line.

                    Hobammys Main job is to get folks to Blame him for it all. That way nobody but a small few jewised up folks are noticing or saying anything regarding WHO is really running it all. Look how often we see a post that claims Muslims run the world! Cause of course hobammys a muslim right. Yet his muslim education was mainly during his few yrs untill age 6 or so in indonesia schools and mosque attendance etc. THEN he moved to Hawaii to reside with his PROVEN CPUSA members Grandparents and mother.

                    Hobammys Mom and both Grandparents Raised him since the age of 5-6 yrs old right. All 3 are admitted Kommies right. Who Invented communisim? Muslims? or..Jews?!(answer is jews invented communisin and first used it in russia circa 1918). Muslims are alot similar to kommies Yes. But muslims aint who Raised him. Why does hobammy admit he carries a solid gold small Monky Head in his pants pocket everywheres he goes 25/7 since that represents some type HINDU religious belifs if hes a Muslim? Muslims Forbid ALL such Idols! Hobammys NO muslim folks. Kommie Yes. Lib Yes, jewish mother and grandparents? Very likly. He admited his mom taught him on all major religions and he basicalys is NONE. Other than a false christian as are his chicago preachers church group of whackos Jeramiah wright etc.

                    His Mother is jewish. Jews systems state YOU are a jew as long as your Mother is jewish. Daddys matter way less if at all. You father can be some african from africa blackman as long as mom is jew so is You! Thats how israel the State determines who has a right of return to live there aka if mother is jewish? You get right to return(even though 98% of jews are Khazars and they nor ANY ancestors ever were in israel prior to 1948 but thats whole other article).

                    As long as They has their Shwartza negroe as Prez barley anyone is looking at nor blaming any zionist or bolshevik jews.

                    IMHO, all who aint done so as yet, Should Read the Protocals of elders of Zion Plans to gain world control NWO for their Tribe. Ignore crys that protocals are a forgery etc. Even “If” true so what? What IS a forgery other than a COPY of the Original right!

                    I bet BI has never yet read the protocals. Because if one reads them and compares to all they KNow of thats happened over the past 100+ yrs, they can conclude no other belief then YES we are witnessing the gradual fullfillment of every single thing or issue Planned long ago and written down in those Protocals period.

                    In Fact the Protocals are so accurate when that comparision is made of past true events you KNow happened, you fast realize that almost NO other written material has provan as accurate on Predictions, besides the King James Bible Prophecys!

                    Except that the Major main difference between KJB bible and the zionist Protocals is that the bible is from GOD and Protocals are from SATANIC Influence and inspirations.

                    The Fast-Track to Knowledge of what TPTB’s True Plans are is all contained within Both the Protocals of elders of Zion, PLUS, the Karl Marx Menifesto. and BOTH stem from their ROOT which is the Talmud teachings period.

                    Thats not hate nor antisemitic nor racist nor anything else but simple Facts. Facts that Lead you to Truth and Knowing what the hell is going on today and why and WHO does it all. I do not believe most folks, BI included, are going to read that stuff. Be it fear of truth based? Or belief of naysayers claims? I know not why. Just I have a strong feeling most will keep refuseing to research it all. Thats why they will come very Close to the real deal truth, filled with much knowlegde of many issues, but Never actually grasp the real FULL truth and therefore always need keep guessing and pontificating on many what ifs. Why most folks reject some of the Main sources of the real plans etc? Great question I cannot find an answer to Granny!

                • B.I.;Seems to me that we are all on the same page with what is going on to the Republic and constitution,But we are lacking in a plan to stop this from evil from happening,and seem to be waiting for it all to implode or explode into violence against each other!
                  When the bill of rights and the constitution was written America only had about 3 million people, and so the sovereign citizen had a lot more power over the the Legislature to do what was intended by the citizens.It has now ballooned to over 300 million, with an out of control evil government that most people seem to fear instead of them fearing for their jobs?
                  This is just an opinion but maybe a start, before this process becomes inevitable. We all need to contact our State Legislature (who is suppose to be working for their constituents) and secede from the union,and set up new republics probably around 6 across the country, draw up or follow the original Bill of Rights and Constitution,as to make the branches of the new Republic more accountable to the citizens.
                  We are wasting to much time arguing amongst ourselves, and put forth some positive energy into the type of change needed to shutting down this overblown evil government,before we are at each others throat! (BY Design) Any Thoughts??


                  • Thinker,

                    The entire system is corrupted, from local to state to federal. There is no reason to believe that any state addicted to fiat currency will break that addiction voluntarily and return to a republican form of government.

                    You would not take a house that is falling down and try to rebuild it. it would cost too much. Instead, you would tear it down, haul off the scrap, and start over by building a new house on a good foundation.

                    The people will have a chance to rebuild, but only after the collapse happens. It has already been planned, well executed, and is now inevitable.

                    The wild card is how the people handle the establishment of a new society AFTER the collapse. If the people band together to keep the banksters out, take back the land that was stolen, and return to sound money under their control, they will prosper.

                    If not, the banksters will have succeeded and the future is bleak, only to be salvaged by the return of Christ himself to rid the world of the evil and stanic Jews currently acting as the “money changers”.

                    There is really nothing to now but wait and prepare to survive in the collapsed society. To Survive long enough to carry forward the Constitution and the idea of freedom.

                  • Thinker and all,
                    The EU Times reported Oct. 5th that Pentagon sources informed their Ministry of Foreign Affairs that Obama is preparing to invoke the powers of the National Emergencies Act by holding that various States are now in a “state of insurrection”. This is because three States passed laws making it illegal to enforce the NDAA in their territories and over half of the US States oppose Obamacare. I agree our States need a strong militia, but unless what Obama has left of the US military will rise to the occasion of ousting this dictator, I am afraid our Republic is doomed.
                    I don’t recommend you go to that site directly on your personal computers because mine got hacked with a really deep virus I believe came from there. You could read it on a library computer: eutimes.net/2013/10/pentagon-warns-to-expect-radical-changes

                  • GC,enfb I agree with you both! However i have been frequenting this site for a long time and the anticipation of the inevitable is hard to stand by and do nothing! Like most of the consensus here it has become “A Death by a Thousand Cuts” and most of the 99% given the easy way to another day is going to take it! I think most of the Military and the Leo’s are as brainwashed as most, but i do think that a well organized Militia could stop the corruption, and collapse it, by the showing by example from the city,county and state who they are working for ! This has become such a joke that i couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t try,for my Kids and Grandkids sake! It will be a trap shoot if any of us will survive if we don’t take the bull by the horns and give it a shot !!
                    Remember “money is the root of all evil” there is a better way! We have to try before its too late!!


                  • Actually it is “the love of money which is the root of all kinds of evil,” if you want to get the quote right and that is an important distinction. People who do not love money aren’t corrupted by it even if they have a lot. Those who love money can be destroyed by that love even if they have very little cash.

                • BO is enacting his dads commie plans. Research his real dad Frank Marshall Davis and you will see it’s true. I can’t believe more people don’t know these facts. The question should have never been where’s the birth certificate, it should have been: Who’s your daddy

                  • ENFP, i’m not questioning the article, but EUTimes.net is not a reliable source of information. Their IP address is somewhere in IL, not even in Europe. Plus, they often link to articles from whatdoesitmean.com, another unreliable site and rumored to be a front for Russian Intelligence.

                  • LUST & GREED For Money Is the ROOT of all Evil. Not money itself. GREED for it is that evil spoken of and it is worded like I wrote it here.(its from the bible verses).

                    This so called Collapse most speak of is probobly not going to occure as most think. More likely it will be more like this.

                    Some Monday morn, something will be announced by the Prez and MSM TV news. They will say all current methods of use of us dollars etc has been rejected by too many other nations to repair it.

                    THEN, they will tell you all of a brand NEW money scheme plan. CASHLESS same as their controlled forrunner to cashless world money the “BIT COIN” plan. It is so damn obvious how Bit Coin arived all a sudden, got floated awhile, mainly rejected, and NOW again its all over RT tv news and Max Kaiser tv show. But Coin revivals!

                    The govnt will Take full control of bit coin, make all be forced to use cashless system, announce a final Mergeing of USA+CANADA+MEXICO thats same as the EU mergers.

                    By Tuesday all will be up and running swell. Any cashless system glitches wil be fixed rapidly and be IT. It as in THE main new plan to fix the worlds entire troubles etc.

                    Once enough worlds peoples get onboard…NEW MSM&Prez announcments! “ATTEN Folks! To fix the final last remaining few small glitches and create a more prosperous happy SAFE NWO for ALL in an EQUALITY Based world…Beginning Tomorrow the United Nations will Oversee a brand new NWO!

                    Most libs and kommies and welfare blacks etc worldwide will Jump for Joy! They will sing Kumbaya and report Visions of Dancing Unicorns, in the upper clouds of course! and Hillery and all her Lezbo Bitches pals along with a worldwide Homo convention group of Mixed colors of homos and dykes and lezbos, will demand the entire worlds 7 billion folks Join Hands across oceans! and Begin to Sing “We are the World! We are the Future”!

                    The ONLY folks NOT holding hands to sing is going to be mainly True Christians and True Patriots who KNOW this NWO is crap and is going to END Badly. In short time too, like 3.5 yrs or 42 months.

                    Pre Trib Escapist repturists will definatly be shocked and sad to find themsleves still ON earth. Oh well we tried to tell them Truth eh.

                    There aint going to be NO survivor patriots that Rebuild america into some diseny land wonder so many here dream of. Sorry but if you are a believer, then you know no such rebuild happens untill the Lord returns to make it happen and NO humans as yet has a copy of His blueprints period. All todays phony Pastors who calls themselves New Apostles, Kingdom Builders, or who demand we donate cash to rebuild a jew temple in israel etc, ALL of them are as Fake and Phony a pastor as a Three dollar bill.

                    There is zero, NO, None commands from Jesus nor wrote of anywheres in entire bible for any christians to build any “Kingdom” for Christ to return and occupy it, NO such orders to rebuild a 3rd temple etc…Sorry but None such verses exist in the bible period.

                    It exists Only in the false minds of various preachers who desire money wealth, power, prestige or all of that stuff. Whatever happens THIS time around in the world is likly to be a worldwide event, and very likely to be the LAST go round. Not saying its 100% we wont see rebuilders fix usa etc after smoke clears. Just saying that idea is probly closer to 99+% incorrect and we are who sees Christ return if we survive death untill. If we die off? We wont have time to get very Cold and THEN see His return for Us.

                    No matter how many or what preps we may stash or own, once it all goes worldwide Cashless…Forget it.

                    There is no going Galt nor telling anybody “I wave the bennifits” etc. The most likly scenario and only real method to remain alive while rejecting cashless and that MARK 666 crap is going to be to Live like early 1st century christians in some catacombs caves if even Thats possible with todays mass survielence systems feds has control of now.

                    Just remaing on your homestead property like God’s Creation poster guy, use of a LLC to “Hide assets” and rejecting the “CORP” is all going to Fail big time when MR Big enters the scene aka Antichrist man.

                    All who waste much cash they pay to pastors to send to israel rabbis and sanhedrin to rebuild some 3rd Temple for jews etc….SAVE YER CASH! Use it for You and Family to enjoy Now.

                    Ever since 2000 yrs ago and the NEW covenant of Christ and christianity, the ONLY “New” temple, the ONLY “Temple” period that the bible speaks of is…”Do you realize that YOU, Your phys Body, IS the New Temple that GOD resides or Lives in?” Get it Yet?

                    The Temple God lives within IS the Physical Human Bodies OF every True believer spirit filled Christian alive worldwide. If any antichirst is going to “occupy” or “Sit/stand In” any “Temple” when its antichrists 42 months time frame?

                    It has to mean his attempt to become Your God. And Own and Dwell in You. Or something similar to that idea as nowheres is any verses that say any 3rd temple for jews or any others is to be rebuilt. Just look at why many Pastors today claim the jews Must build 3rd Temple In jeruselem. ONE verse from book of Danial, that says something about “HE” will stand in the temple and declare himself as God right?…So pastors Use that out of context verse as some type proof that they and You Must assist jews to rebuild a 3rd temple, otherwise How can danials predictions become reality?…Gee! Perhaps Gods plans are still Hidden and we need to WAIT and see what happens eh. Where does it state christians must begin to build temples or assist antichrist Talmudic jews in doing Anything at all ever? Its not written. Its an Invented Fantasy by Loony Falsehood believer preachers, who get very Rich hanging out with such talmudic antichrist and anti Jesus jews and rabbis.

                    PS: Danials verse of a man who stands in a temple and defiles it and declares himself as God etc WAS fullfilled already in 3-bc if I recall right, when Antiochous the Roman defiled the 2nd jew temple alter and brung a swine pig inside temple and slit its throat to shed pigs blood all over the holiest of holy section. Then he placed a Statue of Zeus in the jews temple etc. Thats a historic Fact, mentioned by several jew historians like Josephus etc. It has nothing to do with todays era or any 3rd jew temple etc. Read it yourself and see before wasting more cash to pastors like Hagee to build a 3rd temple for His jewish pals that give hagee huge donations.

                    Many Pastors along with their rabbi pals are getting filthy rich with so many foolsihly donating cash to build a 3rd temple. Besides the jews Owns all banks so let Them pay. The true temple God dwells in is Us. Christians.

                    Take care of That temple(You) makes way better sense no?

                    Therefore “If” we do get a chance to rebuild america after smoke clears? Okay fine I am all for that plan. I just think far too many folks are pinning every and all their hopes on that scenario becoming reality. In all likley hood, its a vast pie in sky utopian dream that will bum out many. Same as Voteing is mainly useless today. So is any real belief in a rebuild usa plan. I just cannot picture such evil and bad stuff even a WWIII perhaps, and that its Not yet the final events prior to Christs return? No way. That rebuilding project is probobly going to ccoure during Jesus Christs Millenial Reign as King of Kings etc. Thats when We get Our big chance. As His administrators and Crews.

                  • Them guys.

                    In truth, Obummer IS NOT the PRESIDENT!
                    Valerie Jarret is! She’s the one who coaches the “in over his Schwartza.”
                    She’s the one who calls the shots!
                    For those who know their history, she is akin to a modern day RASPUTIN!

                    Remember, the chimp-in-chief is the one who needed a teleprompter, to give a speech to a class of 6th graders at some elementary school, sometime ago.
                    In truth, he couldn’t find his ass w/ both hands in his back pockets unless V.J. read him the procedure.

                    Most say that Obummer-care is all about CONTROL, which is true to a degree, yet it’s also about financially crushing the middle-class and eliminating them as a threat to TPTB.

                    In the end, we have but two choices…..

                    Revolution(to regain liberty), or death(by political design)!

                • BI.
                  I like the way you analyze what is going on. I will add a couple of thoughts. First the Fukushima reactor crisis is going to comsume us if it is not contained. Even if it was contained today, we will still suffer for years from excess radiation. I believe I read where this thing has already spewed out 168 H bombs worth of radiation. But not to worry, because our government will raise the allowable limit of radiation exposure and all will be fine . Right?

                  The second thing you might want to investigate is an article in Archaeology Today that through analysis of the Book of Revelation has postulated that it might have been written by the Jewish community much earlier than we have always thought. It may have been touched up some to become a New Testament prophesy. This does not affect my view of Jesus Christ being the savior of those who believe, but it makes me wonder about how this end of the world we feel coming is going to be accomplished. We don’t have 20 20 foresight, and some of our hindsight is dimmed by our cultural beliefs. Very few things in this life ever work out just like we plan.

                  • There is so much talk about Obama as the cause of all of this but in reality (in my opinion) he is just a front for the forces that are really behind this. Sebelius is taking some of the heat for Obama and Obama is taking the heat for his controllers. It is convenient for them that we are distracted and don’t look at the groups that are benefitting.

            • dumbest and retarded? That’s is going easy and shortsighted. How about INTENTIONALLY, CALCULATED for the destruction of America to which he has NO ALLEGIANCE.

              • Anybody who has ever heard Hobammy attempt speaking on Live TV, withOUT teleprompters, has to have noticed that his great orator abilities Depend entirely upon Pre written speechs by use of teleprompters he can READ from right.

                When he wings it on a Live Tv event his speeches are full of Ohs and Ahs then always end with an Aaaaannnnnnddddd! And its obvious hes not capable of keeping his Train of thought focused for more than 1-2 Minits tops. He gets radically confused within a few minits speaking live and appears frazzled, and totally OUT of his element and Unfit to rule anybody or any small city as Mayor let alone the Prez of a world leading nation right.

                So please tell me How in the world Hobammy could possibly sit down and Write a 3000+ page long Healthcare Laws package of fed laws, especially when its filled fully by so many laws and leagleze statements that even a Top Lawer office of true experts cannot make heads nor tails of it all?

                No Hobammy never wrote a single word or page of it all. More like a Hundred seperate groups, insurance co’s, Hospital owners, like the USA Catholic Bishops conference of 2200 usa bishops who oversee over 600 usa Hospitals! along with Many other Leftist and Globalist NWO Radical orgs and think tanks IS who wrote the 3000 pages laws.

                Thats how even After TV news shows tells us the bills done, its 1200 pages long, then Next week, same TV news says, Opps its 2000 pgs long now! Next week Oopps! Its now 3000 pages long folks!

                And how does a done deal law get stuff added in directly in the very center middle of that 3000 pages? All a sudden 400 pages were added inbetween page 2000 and page 2001, 400 more pages of “stuff” added to expand the law.

                I bet the final end sentence says “This Bill becomes Law on such and such date, and includes Everything as written…..AND FOR OTHER PURPOUSES!

                Every state or fed law I ever read ends with and for Other purpouses! Just what other? and just WHO determins that other purpouses? and just When will That happen?

                More solid Proof every fuckin law at every level, state local or fed is Crapola big time.

                The ONLY new Fed Law I fully support is this one…

                “Fed Law #1= Beginning Now Today soon as signed into fed law etc…The us house is going to take every fuckin fed and state law ever passed…research if its constitutional, research if its good and needed, then Keep those few laws, and take all the rest outside to the Capitol Steps and BURN the Entire state and fed laws and Tons of law books they are written in in a huge massive Bon Fire…..Then as time passes if we see a real Need for more new laws at any level?…the WE the People can discuss makeing it a law…”

          • Ditto. I have no intention of even trying to sign up. I don’t get tax refunds, so they’ll have nothing to take from me. It’s probably just a matter of time before they start sending threat letters, making phone calls and knocking on door—they’ll find NO ONE IS HOME in this house.

            • Sixpack, if anyone wants to penalize me over Obamacare, they’d best be ready for the fight of their lives.

              • Braveheart,

                They will win any fight you participate in. Best they find no one home. If they attack first with a letter, mark on it incorrect addressee and have it returned to them.

                • “Bertha” may disagree with ya GC.

                  • Bertha should keep her muzzle shut except as THE last resort.

                    Even then, it would best for you and “her” to vacate the premises and attack from a different point. That way you can take out more them before they pry Bertha from your cold dead hands.

                  • Outlaw, thanks for that. “Bertha” and the rest of my “ventilation team” will be there for support.

                  • I agree w ya GC, just givin bertha and BH a hard time.

                  • Bertha????

                • GC, I know you mean well and while I can appreciate the thought, it’s my fight; it’s my decision. i’m not signing up for Obamacare, I’m not taking the RFID chip, etc. etc. etc. My position on taking up arms is only for if it reaches that point. for all any of us know, something else could happen to kill Obamacare. If that happens, so much the better for us all.

                  • braveheart — I’m with you there, brother

                    I would rather have an ID tag on my toe,
                    than an ID chip in my arm.

                    I would say they can kiss my ass, except
                    that I don’t want their stinking lips
                    anywhere near my ass or any other place
                    for that matter.
                    Hang tough, fellow patriot.

                  • Reminds of the scientist that “Gened Up” a three legged chicken that was to taste better with more meat. Nobody can prove it cause they can’t catch the SOB to cook it.

              • Braveone, they will be no knock on your door. If you work for a living they will just attach your pay check, unless your pay is in cash under the table? Hard to fight someone you’ll never see.

            • They’ll just take is straight from your bank or add it to your properly tax. Don’t pay the property tax and it’s not your property anymore.

              • Wont say itd be impossible but the property tax isn’t federal nor even state…its county and township(at least here)theyd have to get the county to work for them and thered be a lot of “issues” with them attaching anything to property taxes…anyhow Id sell out or give my property away before Id allow them access that way…

        • This is nothing but a controlled train wreck, hold on because the intention behind this debacle is about as evil as one could imagine.

          It is too late to complain now so get ready for one hell of a ride to the end of a once thriving society, it’s all downhill from here with the regime at the controls, remote control of course.

          • Even when it was first presented (Obama Care) it was an obvious lie. Everything about this admin. is about removing the constitution and enslaving Americans. Obama Care, Gats, NAFTA, Immigration, etc..
            Way past time to have removed the poloticans. Still heated everytime I hear about Bengazi(sp).

            • By the way, have any of you all seen the cereal box Total? Has a pic of Obama on the box with the caption: Total failure.

              • I’d much rather see his photo on a milk carton saying “MISSING” on it. Forget the amber alert, nobody wants to find his ass.

                • sixpack, thumbs up. Loved it and agree about the milk carton. Would love to see him and his crew in stripes too.

                • sixpack

                  He went looking for Jimmy Hoffa —

                  no word on either yet…..

              • @ DRD5508,

                I’d prefer seeing Obama wearing an orange prison jumpsuit holding up a plaque with numbers being photographed.

                • My preference would be to see him like we saw Sadaam…swinging in the breeze…

                  • REB,

                    That would be too merciful.

                  • …never said what condition the swinging corpse was in before it got hanged up there now did I… 😉

        • I definitely will NOT signup for Obamacare and I am leaning on not paying the fine.

          • There is no “fine” unless you get a tax refund. If your refund is > $5000, you receive $5000 LESS on your refund. If your refund is < $5000, you receive no refund.

        • As I have said many times, the only way to defeat this is to not comply, en masse. As for the economic effects, we’re going here one way or the other. Those of us that can see it get a front row seat. We just need to make sure we come out of the other side of this and end these scams once and for all.

        • What the hell could we expect? Let’s call Obamacare what is, just another welfare program, that’s it.
          Health insurance is a product, not a right as our so liberal friends has so professed.
          Insurance is bought like a commodity as needed.
          What is the number? 30 odd million will supposedly be getting covered with health insurance with Obamacare? How many are actually going to pay for Obamacare? Why pay when they can get it for free? Why buy it when they can sign up for it the day they need it?
          It kind of makes you wanna go to work don’t it?
          Does anyone know that the EPA virtually has closed down the Doe Run lead smelting facially in Herculaneum? Oh, apparently Doe Run is the last lead mine in the country. Wanna take a guess on this shit?
          Who has been stocking up on ammunition lately? Hint, DHS.
          Slithering sneaks like what has been being elected is out of hand. They keep chipping away at us taking our freedoms and one of these days we might wake up and see, we ain’t got none.
          They’re gone!!
          It’s going to get to the point with Obamacare, if you are 65 and needing a bypass, good fucking luck!
          Read a little Zeke Emanuel, (Rohms bro) you’ll love this shit. Oh and ahh, Zeke baby was one of the main authors of Obamacare. One of his main secretive statements, if your 65, you’ve had your chance!
          Don’t worry about it, just lay down and go to sleep. It’s just a bad dream.

          • Anon. I am curious that no one, but no one, ever brings to the party the fact that 90% of the population of the U.S. can’t pay for a toothache remedy let alone, surgery. What in the hell are these people going to do with 5K deductibles. It’s all bullshit. One welfare program to another. Thanks for your statement. I’m guessing, and don’t mean to be rude, a number of people on this site would need assistance in the event of a major health issue. What has changed? I bet all of the emergency rooms will still be filled with people who have never paid for shit.

        • What the hell could we expect? Let’s call Obamacare what is, just another welfare program, that’s it.
          Health insurance is a product, not a right as our so liberal friends has so professed.
          Insurance is bought like a commodity as needed.
          What is the number? 30 odd million will supposedly be getting covered with health insurance with Obamacare? How many are actually going to pay for Obamacare? Why pay when they can get it for free? Why buy it when they can sign up for it the day they need it?
          It kind of makes you wanna go to work don’t it?
          Does anyone know that the EPA virtually has closed down the Doe Run lead smelting facially in Herculaneum? Oh, apparently Doe Run is the last lead mine in the country. Wanna take a guess on this shit?
          Who has been stocking up on ammunition lately? Hint, DHS.
          Slithering sneaks like what has been being elected is out of hand. They keep chipping away at us taking our freedoms and one of these days we might wake up and see, we ain’t got none.
          They’re gone!!
          It’s going to get to the point with Obamacare, if you are 65 and needing a bypass, good fucking luck!
          Read a little Zeke Emanuel, (Rohms bro) you’ll love this shit. Oh and ahh, Zeke baby was one of the main authors of Obamacare. One of his main secretive statements, if your 65, you’ve had your chance!
          Don’t worry about it, just lay down and go to sleep. It’s just a bad dream.

        • I have a feeling Kroger’s Walk-In Clinic is about to get busy!!!

      2. Good article

      3. I was talking with my friends(liberal college guys) about that “American Blackout” show.. and they said, I kid you not, the Liberal hippie kid was right..
        they said the blackout was only 9 days, so the prepper “could afford to share extra food.” and the prepper “a little extreme and overkill.”

        this means, many people didn’t even take that show seriously. they don’t realize that the power might be off a lot longer than 9 days.

        ohhh the short sightedness of the liberal mind is amazing

        • Once I found out the kid was a tag-along and not part of the family, I understood why he was so different.

          As a side note—the daughter, while sitting at the dinner table, kept rolling her eyes as Dad spoke—I’m afraid at my house, I’d have slapped that little brat right out of her chair.

          • Better yet, took her aside privately, and said that if she EVER rolled her eyes again at something I said, she AND her boyfriend were going on a one way trip off the property, with only one BOB between them, and good luck…

          • That fat pony tailed guy holding the knife on the stupid prepper would had been tracked down at a later date and ….ed, along with his buddies. The reason why the prepper was stupid is that after they held his kid hostage while they raided his preps, it should have earned them a death sentence. It should have been applied as soon as he came out of the bunker. Scout the area, then open up on them with lead. Remember, they came armed.

        • “…so the prepper “could afford to share extra food.”

          that sounds about right, progtards are always free to give away OTHER PEOPLE’S STUFF. Not when it’s their own.

          • Did you notice the three guys and a girl in the elevator. I changed the channel before I saw the end but they were in the elevator what three days? Kind of makes you wonder where they took a dump or other things.
            That documentary wasn’t worth the money in any case. Worthless!

      4. “What difference, at this point, does it make?”

      5. Of course this is going to crash the economy. The price of these policies for the average working person is a good chunk of a house payment. What would you do. Buy a house or get health insurance that gives you nothing? Im pretty sure that the average person wont be able to qualify for a house anymore. The people who they are counting on buying these policys are the young who tend to feel invincible and want to buy a house. If they buy the insurance, they wont be able to buy the house. Crash city here.
        Im myself am unemployed and have no income so I suppose the policy is free. It makes better sense for me a 60+ guy to just sit home and get a minimum wage job and get a reverse mortgage on my house. Then I get free health care, wellfare, food stamps and all the rest. Right?

        • I think the new American Home will be an RV, of various sizes…

      6. According to a new Forbes list, Russian President Vladimir Putin is now the most powerful world leader. Obama is number two. The “Number Two” metaphor is very appropriate for Obama considering the incredibly crappy job he’s doing. Russia’s comeback is an incredible feat considering it was the U.S. that bailed out Russia after it collapsed in 1991.


        • Vladimir Putin in 2016.

          At least he spends Russian money ON RUSSIA.

          • Just joking, but he’s obviously smarter than any US politician, other than Ron Paul.

            • Be oh so careful about whom it is you compliment.

              If you admire him that much, please, please call Atlas Van Lines and make arrangements to have your household goods shipped, with all due haste, to Moscow.

              Enjoy that dull gray concrete square rabbit hutch you will call “home” above the treeless streets, and enjoy the shoddy, useless goods available to you for purchase without Communist Party special access.

              And good luck with that problem getting fresh meat, fruits or vegetables.

              • How dare I should express an opinion!

                America, right or wrong, take it or leave it…Bla bla bla. I’ve heard that from every fascist windbag.

              • Obviously you’ve never been to Russia, and a great deal has changed since the fall of the USSR. If you have the money you can by whatever you like. I never had the money and got pitying stares at my shoes and fleece-ad-fake-fur hat by the well heeled and real-fur-hat wearing Muscovites in the 1990’s. My neighborhood in Moscow had lovely trees. There are great river walks, greenways and absolutely no problem with the fresh veggies and fruit (unlike the Soviet days). That said, until the election of B.O. I would rather live here where I was free and there was a lot less corruption… was.

            • Archaeologists recently discovered what is believed to be the remains of the first politician.
              Two thigh bones with a skull lodged between the hip joints.

              Seems the politician died from a disease known as rectal-cranial inversion.

              • Recto-Cranial inversion: removing a person’s head from their arsehole, “he needs a recto-cranial inversion”

                Recto-Cranial insertion: Sticking a person’s head up their arsehole ” he is long overdue for a recto-cranial insertion.

                Party politician: someone with their head up their own arsehole. Obviously.

                Lobbyist: Someone with an arsehole they want a party politician to kiss. Sometimes with lots of arseholes.

          • @ TheEndIsNear.

            HA HA! At this rate Strongman Vladimir Putin just very well could be the leading contender in the next presidential race if we don’t get our crap together!

            • LOL. It’s hilarious watching all this idiocy & not funny @ the same time.

              • @ TheEndIsNear,

                Very true indeed!

            • Did you see that they launched 4 missiles today? That’s got my attention.

              • Sigi,

                No I did not see their missile launch. However,

                -with adversarial foreign submarines launching test ICBM missiles right off the U.S. west coast,

                -China & Russia developing stealth drones and fighters,

                -Russian military planes making low fly-by’s on our aircraft carriers at sea,

                -not to mention increased airspace intrusions into our Alaskan Air Defense Identification Zones (ADIZ),

                I am not surprised by the new saber rattling. Hopefully we can avoid another cold war.

        • That’s okay, a Russian Empress, Catherine The Great, bailed US out when we were trying to split from England.

          We’re even.

          • But Obama has Russian troops training on our soil to help him in a “national emergency”. Will they help him or take over?

            • Probably neither. If a powerful foreign country gave you an invitation to come over and look around, wouldn’t you welcome the intel, er, I mean invite?

              Free training…cool. But, just because the Russians are taking advantage of some freebies, doesn’t mean they’re planning to take anything over. This fear that has been instilled into us since BEFORE the cold war is not rational. Even if that was the plan, they can’t possibly have enough boots on THIS ground to overtake the amateurs, much less the retired pros.

              Tame your fear—live longer for it.

              • Sixpack: Most american folks got so deluded by cold war propaganda amd fables from msm tv news shows, that if you asked the avg man or woman to Describe what exactly is a russian kommie? Their answer will be “Oh them russian komies were white folks similar to americans, but they were atheists and Thats why they liked communisim so much”

                Try asking them who invented communisim? They will say russian atheists. Close to same as white usa folks but atheists who speak Russian instead of english.

                Not One in 5000 or more will answer to who invented communisim? answer= Its a jewish invention as were a vast majority of the main leadeship inner circles of russian soviet ussr.

                If You try to tell them that fact…They will probobly disown you and never talk to you ever again. Thats how badly brainwashed most american folks is.

                ps: If you have a party at home and tire of guests when gets late at nite, and desire all guests to just Leave already so you can sleep…just wait for a Lull in conversations, then calmly and loudly so all can hear you ask them something like “So…Anybody Else notice how many jews seem to be in control of america lately?

                I gaurentee you can set your watch by how long it takes for every guest to Vanish pronto! TWO Minits Flat everytime!

                Soon as you say that, the entire house goes dead silence. All you first hear is 50-100 persons sucking in a very Deep breath, then Holding their colletive breaths…All will remain froze in place like statues! Only their eyes will be moving. All eyes darting side to side desperatly looking for another person to make that first Move!

                Soon as one make a first move, everybody there at once will ask “Gee where did ya put our coats? as its Late and we Must be going now! Thanks for a swell party sixpaxk! See you next time ok”.

                But for You sixpack there will Never be a next time party as none will ever return nor invite You to Their parties and all will lable you a “Hater” or antisemite racist.

                Sure works fast to empty the crib though!! Never fails!

                You can substitute jews in control for African Blacks and it works almost as well too. Like “Gee has anybody else noticed how many Blacks are in elected offices recently”?

                The same exact affect you will get. Silence by all, deep breaths, afraid to make a move, eyes darting side to side searching out another to move first! Then where are our coats so we can leave?

                I have tried it several times even for a friends party when he wasnt able to get folks to stop and just leave when very late…Works swell every time. TWO minits flat crib is totally empty of people! So will be your calander of events with friends afterwards!

                • agreed.

        • Putin is definately the strongman, and holds some appeal over this joke we have. But just remember the strongman is subject to put his foot on your neck at anytime. And just like Obama, Putin wouldn’t honor the Constitution or Bill of Rights either. Trekker Out. If we can’t have Ron Paul, Rand would be OK.

          • Here’s something to think about…

            If the NWO elites thought for a minute, that they could take control of Russia and take down the rest of the world, bringing in the New World Order, don’t you think they might have done that by now?

            WHY DIDN’T THEY TRY?

            The answer is, because they needed the country with the most muscle to make their world domination plans work—and it ain’t Russia who has the most muscle.

            Sometimes logic is a bitch, ain’t it?

            • But they Did first try it with use of Russia. They first thought by overtaking russia, the largest nation on earth three times the total size of the usa! They figured to first take russia over, then use russia with also the largest population worlwide other than china which back in 1918 was still a 4th world nation just barely.

              To use russia to overtake Europe with communisim. They tried that when flooding bolsheviks into germany after WWI. Germany already was politically and MSM controled by jewish kommies same as usa is today. The floods of more russian and polish jewish bolsheviks joined forces with the german eliete jew kommies.

              But german folks said screw kommies, we own germany and its supposed to be a white christian nation not a jew kommie bolshevik bs nation.(sound familier to usa yet?)

              But if the russian kommies did succeed with first germany, then they figured germany and russia together acting as kommie forces and no other european nations nor all combined could ever stop the spread of a NWO kommie jew run entire Europe. Then use all That to take over usa and canada etc, then mexico and south america etc and soon an entire NWO jewish kommie ruled.

              But finally even with all the russian gains due to being usa allies in WWII and smashing germany for defying kommie russias jews etc prior to WWII, the kommie russian jew eliets realized even if all europe went kommie and joined forces, russia had no good warm water access for a large Navy and nobody is going to conquer the entire world without the west under their control aka the usa and mexica and canada under russian jew kommie rule.

              If NO navy of any large size? NO conquering usa and canada period.

              Thats when they decided to send More, way more kommie jews into the usa. So they can use america and Its naval forces along with vast wealth and vast resources to try again at a NWO totally Owned and Controlled BY Kommie bolshevik and zionists jews. Only once its offically a real NWO…Thats when all bolsheviks, zionists, any other types of jews will Join as ONE group that is just Jewish period.

              And their 4000 year old utopian dream of total rule-control of and Ownership. Official Title and Deeded actual worldwide ownership of every square inch of worlds Lands, every possible resource, every single ounce gold, silver, cash, Food and Farmlands…And finally of course total Ownership of the small portion of goyim Gentiles They allow to remain alive to function as Slaves for every jewish person to Own and do with as he or she sees fit. Thats when jews get to live out their Talmudic Fantasys of enslaveing the goyims, and robbing all gentiles of every cent they have, each piece land, homes, etc etc…And be able to do all they desire even Kill gentiles without any repercussions whatsoever.

              Except for a slight snafu delay due to them stuborn German Folks who stood their ground to refuse to allow Their nation be taken over by a bunch of bolshevik kommie jewish clowns, we see that Today, the orig Kommie russian jewish plans are moving along as planned.

              Germans back in 1930’s era simply slightly slowed down temporarily that 4000 yr old talmudic plan for jews to own and rule entire world, with communisim They first invented and turn the whole world into a wasteland filled to their Necks with the fresh blood from 6.5 BILLION Dead butcherd Goyim Gentiles(Thats YOU if not jewish!)

              Yes Indeed! None can any longer deny we are living and seeing that talmudic evil NWO 4000 yr old plan come to fruition and faster than Greeased Lightning!

              Seems the ziobolshie jewish kommies and talmudics are makeing Up for Lost time caused by them pesky determined german folks back in 1930 era eh.

              However!!! Perhaps…Just…Maybe..American Patriotic folks will also gain a Backbone, and get riled and fed up enough, to do like the germans did and FIGHT Back against Kommies be they jewish, black, white, or any other combination of kommie NWO Fantasy utopians.

              Unlike what we all was taught to believe of WWII issues…Truth is it Was Germans that Fought against Russian Bolshevik Kommies, and Saved all europe from a certain takeover by them kommie bolsheviks. And as a Thanks to germans, most european nations, like american folks bought the Lies and MSM propagandas and assisted the kommie russian Butchers and bolshevik jews destroy germany, then Again Blame germany for Another world war that same as the First world war, was instigated and started and Financed by jew sources.

              Whoever has full control of #1 the Banks and moneys-#2 all forms and sources of, MSM’s medias…Will gain total Fed Govnt control Politically, then control of Militaries and NAVYS, and then it is a cakewalk to a NWO they also fully own and control. Who Today does control all or near all MSM’s? USA and Most all Other Nations Govnt’s? and their “Purses and Swords” aka Banks and Militaries.

              Its Not jobs, Not the economy, not poverty,drugs, bad weather, Earthquakes! Sun Spot Flashes! no no no…Rather like Klinton said- Its the economy Stupid!

              Klinton Should have said “Its the Jews stupid!” because all I listed and asked of Who todays Owns it all aka Govnts banks MSM and Militaires etc? THEY DO!

              Kinda like that old soap opera on TV eh, “As the Log Burns, so are the Days of Our Lives”…Filled with so many Lies and non stop propaganda that just One person in 10,000 will even research what I wrote here to find that its truths!

              • I always like your posts, they always offer previously not thought of info. Nice.

                • Sixpack: Thanks! But have you noticed that Every time you agree with My post info you get tons of red thumbs? That is more proof positive that even Here where some of the absolute best thinkers post at, is filled with tons of either evangelical types that have bought into the main messg only begun 100 yrs ago at Most, IE: Main evangelical message by “Most” pastors today is you Must bless them jews and state of israel no matter What! Or else God wont bless you nor america! And NO amount of actual biblical verses nor actual statements BY Jesus Himself will ever cause them fools to RE-think it all.

                  OR, they arrive here as the red thumb brigades from various Other website forums, with probobly Glen Becks site as That main culprit. I say Glen Becks website due to a vast majority of his followers and believers that beck is some type GURU of Truth, Must Toe the beck line of jew and israel state worship same as them evangelicals from the TBN and John Hagee pastors crowds.

                  And contrary to what some may think, those preachers have massive huge followings nationwide, even worldwide!

                  If after a fictional Round-Up scenario of americas Top nation wreker Enablers and assistants, I was given the job as top decider as to which group goes Up against that proverbial Wall to Face a fireing squad first…The choice between MSM folks and Pastors would indeed be a tough choice….However unless the near future changes, I am and would likley still Lean towards Put them phony pastor enablers against that Wall FIRST! Then MSM, then pols etc etc.

                  Nobody has done More the past 50 yrs to create so massive a number, 50 Million at least, of Brainwashed gullible foolish defenders and unquestionable supporters of the actual Nation Wrecking Crews, Nation wreckers those evangelicals refuse to even Think may be a problem and evil.

                  Perhaps the red thumb brigades are from BOTH groups eh? Glen Beck site and various evangelical church type folks I noted of.

                  You can speak out to those types litterally for Hours and keep their atten focused on what you state, and pretty much fully agree on All you say…UNTILL they hear or Read you mention that Forbidden words group aka Jews-Jewish-Israel….Make one mention in even a small negative tone, or even just Agree with one like Me who does that(as You at times do) and be the main speaker or one to agree with him and they all Collectivly Disown you forever!

                  So Bewware Sixpack! By agreement with my posts, You are going to sooner or later Lose your “Mojo” here, and even also be called vile names designed to halt or silence all truth or facts, be they about, that red thumb brigades “pets” aka jews and israel.

                  I do appreciate Both your comments on agereing with my posts as well as what You write most always!

                  With so Few compliments for Any of the group here that posts similar info as I do, and you know who they all are by now, I wonder if us “Few” should invent a type of Truthers Club, perhaps named the “Maytag Repairman Club”!!

                  Since we usually get less complimemts than he has pals!

                  • Them Guys! For one i also appreciate your knowledge (even though controversial) I have been researching what you have said and have found everything to be factual. However since we have been lied to about so much since before i was born! I have found myself in question about everything as of late! For me it makes logical sense that no way could they have murdered 6 million jews and disposed of in that short order and that Hitler was just the fall guy! ( Just as i hope OB is going to be ) If we survive this American Holyhoax ! Any way we are in agreement there? One question that i i am sure you may have an answer for is. (1) If most of the works such as the bible and others were translated from one dialect to the other,one version to the other,how to know which version is the real one? (Please don’t say you have to have faith) Because so for most of the text books and other reference material have been written by the jews, as well as the media, in order to create this reality we live in.
                    (2) I have also read where most of the prominent bloodline of the Khazars is in Palistine? if you have talked about this and i missed it? Thanks for going over it again.
                    Finally just wondering if you think it possible that Hitler and Eva could have escaped to Argentina as some is now reporting??

                    Thanks for your response !!


      7. The economy is toast anyways. I do not even watch this debacle anymore. Spend my time on skills, preps and precious metals like lead.

        • Lead will be a precious metal. Government regulations just closed down the last lead smelting operation in the US. We will have to get it from foreign nations like China.

      8. My husband and I are old enough for Medicare but there are changes and huge cuts coming for Medicare and I am sure everyone who is not wealthy will be affected. I do not recognize my country any longer.

      9. When more people begin paying more for “health insurance” under Obamacare than they spend on housing, this economy is done. Just stick a fork in it. It’s no wonder the Federal Reserve might increase QE.

        • Agreed and this is being done on purpose to first institute a single payer system which will eventually collapse the system and cull the population.

          Next stop, a one world currency with the eventual goal of a one world govt. All aboard !

          • I think you are partially correct.

            I believe the primary purpose of Obamacare is to impoverish the American populace, so that they are so busy trying to survive financially from day to day that they have no time or energy to fight what Obama and his fellow communists will do to finish off a free America.

            Had it not been Obamacare, it would have been some other national program or national effort to heavily tax us out of the ability to do any more than exist, and work to pay their taxes.

            Everything Obama has said, done, and lied about is classic, textbook Communism.

            I worry about what it will take to stop him and his followers.

            • “so that they are so busy trying to survive financially from day to day that they have no time or energy to fight what Obama and his fellow communists will do to finish off a free America”

              Well, that just means we’ll all have to channel our inner “Rocky Balboa” and stay on our feet at all costs…give “stay the course” a fresh new meaning.

          • Rodster,

            Folks are still focused on the “healthcare” aspect of Obamacare when in fact it’s a new tax meant to bail out the government so Obama doesn’t have to commit political suicide by raising marginal federal income tax rates in order to fund federal entitlement programs. That’s my theory, and I’m sticking to it.

            • It’s a new tax meant to impoverish us. And the seed of it started with Hillary when Billy was infesting the White House.

              • When your premiums are $6000 a year, and your deductible is $15,000 a year, it is a forced donation to health insurance companies.

        • Second that.

          I don’t know when the tipping point is, but IMO; the decline of the economy from obamcare has already started.

          There are stories all over now about premiums doubling and tripling and deductables going thru the roof. Those stories are going to get around the watercolor, then the nieghborhood and then the family at thanksgiving and wallets are going to start slamming shut yo prepare for wahts coming.

          the holiday season, which is usually the best for the economy; has real potential of being a negative quarter for companies and the country.

          we’re getting closer to the edge of the cliff every day.

          • @ lena,

            >>”I don’t know when the tipping point is, but IMO; the decline of the economy from obamcare has already started.”<<

            You're 100% correct about that. Obamacare sticker shock is still amplifying and when people realize that they are paying for everyone else, the real economic shock will set in.

            In one swoop of the felt tip pen Obama has pushed health insurance tax to the top of the cost of living matrix for most Americans, above food and housing priority.

            Stories are already emerging from California of 1000% rate increases. Crazy. We'll see how long this lasts Lena.

            • YH and Lena, both of you are spot on. I don’t think we’ll have much of a Christmas season this year if at all. Where the hell did the Obamanoids think the money was going to come from to finance Obamacare? DUH! Even without Obamacare, there’s still other things pushing us closer to that economic cliff. The SNAP budget is being reduced as of Friday. the other govt. programs will see shortfalls in revenue soon enough. According to the census bureau, the number of people on those programs NOW OUTNUMBERS PEOPLE WHO ARE STILL WORKING TO ANY DEGREE AND STILL PAYING TAXES INTO THE SYSTEM. I saw this coming during the 2008 campaign. All of the foreigners who have come into this country since 2008 get straight onto the programs, no questions asked. Obamacare will just be the straw to break the camel’s back. If we can stop Obamacare, then we have a good chance of saving the camel’s back from being broken.

              • @ braveheart,

                At some point in time the Obamanoids, however entranced they may be, will have to face facts that this was a deliberate act on the part of Marxist progressives to financial gouge and bilk every single American for more tax money. This is the big grab.

                No sane person can look at this steaming pile of Obamacare manure and consider it good policy. I predict it will collapse in on itself from lack of participation, and then we will see the lengths to which the government will go to forcibly take it from us. The government is desperate to have this tax revenue and they will not stop until they get it.

                History appears to be repeating itself, all the way back to King George III.

                • YH, while it is encouraging to see Obama supporters becoming disillusioned and turning against him, only time will tell how all of this will turn out. I would hope that massive noncompliance will take place and kill Obamacare. How the hell could the feds deal with multi-millions saying NO all at the same time? I hope it can be settled peacefully, but if they start using strong-arm tactics, IT NEEDS TO BE GAME ON! braveheart

                  • @ braveheart,

                    Here Here! I fully agree.

          • Has anyone read ” How to kill 11 Million People ” By Andy Andrews ? He featured his book on Glenn Beck at Mercury Memphis One ( Go ahead…but Glenn does have great guest !!! ) I personally like what he does.

            Anyway….it is truly worth a watch….and you will see how well aligned all this is to what Hitler had planned for the Jews and how it was carried out….History does repeat itself…..What Hitler did to the Jews is being repeated today…..Verbatim !!!

            Be Safe…

            • Not only does Glen Beck have good guest, but he’s the only one in the media that sticks his neck out. May be things that he says that I don’t agree with but he takes a strong stand. And that’s something that we must have by a man that has a large audience. Just like Ted Nugent, he don’t really appeal to me but he stands for issues that are important for our country and he reaches people that wouldn’t listen to any other Conservative. Trekker Out. Live Free Or Die!

              • Trekker:

                I felt the same way about Beck when he was at CNN and Fox. Bought his books, tuned into his programs. Bragged about him to friends and relatives. Him and O’Reilly, both.

                I look back on that and I am ashamed I could have been so foolish.

                Ever hear a word from either one of them about who the banksters, congressmen, elitists really are who are ruining America and the world?

                Hell, no! Their zionist masters that own the networks where they work or worked would Andrew Breitbart them in a second. Not a day goes by that Beck doesn’t shove some “Israel First” shit in our face. He knows where his bread is buttered.

                TPTB could care less what O’Reilly and Beck are whining about as long as they skirt the primary issue: WHO THE REAL CULPRITS ARE THAT ARE PLOTTING THE ONE WORLD ORDER AND THE TAKEOVER OF ALL THE WEALTH OF THE EARTH.

            • Verbatim means “word for word”.

              Grammar: LEARN IT, EMBRACE IT!

              • FA, do you think you’re a teacher?

            • NoRegretVet:

              There was a recent post of Beck’s naming of nine people… eight of them Jews… as enemies of America and humanity.

              He calls them prime contributors of the.. …..wait for it–“era of the big lie”. The eight Jews are Sigmund Freud, Edward Bernays (the founder of public relations and nephew of Freud), George Soros, Cass Sunstein (now of the White House), the former labor leader Andy Stern, Walter Lippman (who can no longer defend himself), Frances Fox Piven (who Beck believes is “sowing the seeds of revolution), and her husband Richard Cloward who is also a jew.

              Now can anyone explain to me how Beck can overlook who these people are? His support of MLK is just beyond understanding, the man was a Communist.

              Joel Stein pointed out in the LA Times in 2008 on the dumbing down of America: “Only 22% of Americans now believe the movie and tv industries are pretty much run by jews, down from nearly 50% in 1964. The Anti-Defamation League, which released the results last month, sees in this number a victory against STEREOTYPING.


              • Po’D Granny: Good Info!! And you are absolutly right on Glen Becks BS. I saw beck on CSPAN I think it was when he made one of his “Mission” agenda trips. Beck went to Israel and took a couple thousand folks stupid enough to buy his bs crap. They paid own way as beck didnt actually Take them he got them to join beck in Israel so once again beck can play the grand role of the number one main jew and israel supporter planet wide.

                He satrted his speech, began his Famous Tears factory act, crying and blabbering uncontrolably, while non stop Praiseing jews and every issue jewish he can think of.

                They he says “I am now a Jew”! and ALL of You need become Jews too! Please Join with me as a real jew!” then he babbled non stop on how the poor little jewish folks are always 100% Innocent “Victims” of the worlds nazis, thats all non jews or goyims worldwide are evil nazis. But the innocent defencless always a victim is of course jews.

                Beck KNOWS thats BS Crap. A totally Sold out fool fooling many more folks along his twisted windey path leading the sheeps to destruction while his zio masters pays beck his 30 silver coins.

                I Had to turn the tv off…Then I later read that his Mormon religion believs that when mormons are baptized, some type Majik DNA changes happens. And the former gentile blood and dna Chnages into actual Real Jew dna and Blood! Really no Joke! I read it and later read several posts from former mormons saying the same thing.

                Seems mormons think They are the New jeruselem jews and that it is in Utah AT the mormon Temple is where Christ shall return to, then make every Mormon the True saved co world leaders etc.

                All due to that blood dna change over to jew dna blood at baptisim!

                That article also stated mormons believe Jesus And Satan are or were Brothers! Twins If I recall right. That Jesus is Just a great prophet, but Hes NOT God in flesh as christians believe.

                It seems to be a cult. Either way after hearing beck tell of all his former drunk and drugs troubles etc, it seems since he joined the Cult his head is more screwed up now than from prior dope or drinking abuses ever made it screwed up!

                Beck HAS to KNOW from all the books he says hes read, and as You stated based on what he tells folks of the very kommie bastards you just named. Oh Beck KNows its kommie jews alright. Yet he claims hes one too now!

                maybe Beck also has starry eyed utopian dreams of a NWO that He plays a huge part in eh? Seems so.

                Glen Beck same as Hannity, Palin, O’Rilley, and the rest ALL every single one sold their soul to Satan, and sold their Services to the Higest bidder jews and zionists period. ALL are simply Controlled Opposition stooges and what a damn Shame so many otherwise intelligent pariots keeps Falling for such idiots eh. They are what hyjacked and Ruined the Tea Party groups! All of them attend every Tea party major event, invited or not. Then prance around on stage outdoing each other in Who can Wear the Most and Heaviest sets of Six Pointed Stars of Zionists and Israel Flag pins plastered all over their suits etc!

                Every one like him and hannity et al would sell their own Mothers for a new Multi million Book Deal if necessary.

                Take a good gander at the Side view Profile of Hannity, match that nose to his slightly slanted asian eyes, and very close set beedy eyes and what does hannity really look like? irishman?!! NO way…Hes a Khazar.

                Same as the Many who claim to be a catholic and irish or german or english, scottish french etc etc…Yes they Shave long beards off, wear normal stype clothes, change names, change languages, convert to catholic, some even to protestant or baptist etc…BUT that Khazar DNA, and their Talmudic influence always Remains deeply Imbedded in their Dark Hearts and dark Minds forever and forever.

                Spain invented a new name for such catholic converts Granny…Spainsh folks called them “Conversios” aka False converts by former jews but always remain a solid talmudic jew and nothing ever changes That part of them.

                Maybe thats why they so easily do the Dirty work in the MSM TV and Radio shows eh. Pray for more folks to wake up to such decievers and deluders.

            • “Verbatim” started at least as far back as the Gun Control Act of 1968.

          • Take a few minutes and watch ” The End of the World ” with Naomi Wolfe….it is a short mulitple part videos on Youtube..not very long so you can watch it in total in about 30 minutes…..She is on the money….with “10 steps on the road to Tyranny”….and she feels that we are on step 8 now….All the tyrannical leaders did the same things to control the populace….it is shocking to see the comparision to what is going on in Amerika today…God Help Us All…..

            Be Safe

            • NoregretVet: Have you ever wondered why when all them folks speak or write of tyrants and tyranny, and NWO evils etc, NONE ever mentions the Facts that it was jews who invented communisim, and used it to overtake russia 1918, and then proceed to Exterminate as many as 250+ Million Innocent mainly White Christians folks not just in russia but Ukraine, Poland and a dozen more eastern Europen nations?

              And how None ever mentiones that communisim run by jews first in russia 1918 happened at least 20 yrs or more Prior to Anybody ever heard of Hitler or nazis?

              Yet by some strange and Ongoing Coincidence, ALL any such “Truth” tellers in msm and hollywood and radio or tv, always and ONLY ever mention about six million jews, gas chambers, nazis and hitler.

              Even if you throw out all the proven Facts that there were never six million jews in all europe when nazis came to power, and nowheres close to one million jews were killed, and a ton of other proven facts that totally debunk aprox 98% of the many lies we been told of it all.

              How can anyone think six million jews warrents such non stop mentions almost Daily on tv etc..Yet Total 100% avoidence and totaly ignoring of 250+ Million NON jews killed?

              Thats NO coincidence same as the Facts that almost every MSM tv or writer of these issues is jewish also.

              Perhaps we all are being swindled and scammed to the Inth degree into ignoring the pure evils jews as kummies has done eh. And treating them as if the Only Victims that ever mattered are the jews. Except of course when Blacks like al sharpton need air time to claim blacks are worlds only victims that matter. Some victim combo eh. Blacks and jews….Reminds me of as a small kid 10 yrs old when I first noticed now and then I’d see various whiteguy groups warning american of the Future destruction of white america by those same Two groups. Blacks and jews.

              Another Coincidence perhaps? No not at all. Too bad our parents and grandparents never listened ebough back then 50 yrs ago.

              All I know is when everytime, non stop mentions are made of Six million victim jews, while always they ignore any whispers of that 250+ Million whos deaths began Before nazis were ever heard of sure sounds fishy to me.

              A few hrs research goes a long way in discovering the lies we were taught of WWII etc.

          • The tipping point will be when the farms can longer afford to produce crops and what little gets produced will go to the political elite who will also have the own shopping centers only for them and not the populace. the government will only exist for its own purpose.

            They are creating a society of the political apparatus of the state with all it’s entitlements of the privileged political elite. Where we only exist as a source of revenue to support their life style .

            The Cold Hard Facts are the ACA ( affordable care act ) oxymoron is nothing more than a EUGENICS PROGRAM designed to eliminate what they consider ENEMIES OF THE STATE.
            They will blame who is convenient to them and demonize them, persecute them , concentrate them, then offer the final choice of extermination. EVIL Supported by the state crushing life and liberty as we know it . This why we must prepare for a fight, there is no voting our way out of this it is beyond reason these entities only understand stealth, suprise and violence of force when it may become neccessary for good men to through off the chains of slavery.

            I am afraid all of the apathy of the past 50 years and all of the distractions provided have obscured what TPTB were doing to us . It ultimately provided a fertile ground for the growth of a progressive communist state on our own soil.

            Ultimate WE ARE ALL KULUKS NOW.

            Things will deteriorate until people have lost everything , have everything taken from them ,
            Then TPTB will have no control over us, we are free again.




            Semper Fi 8541

        • YH, when more people begin paying more for health insurance than on housing, faith healers will be in big demand. Oh yeah, Christians are now the enemy of the State. I guess that is why.

      10. I don’t even need 10 signs to see that O care is going to tank this country, I can see the writing on the wall without the 10 signs

        Its the plan people and its working great because we are letting them fuck us like this..

        stand up for your country and stand against this bullshit or continue to kiss the kings ass

      11. #11 Because it was DESIGNED to.

        • #12 The family plan offered by Companies will be eliminated.

          My wife teaches and the school district is thinking about removing the family option. This would leave myself and our kids without insurance. My brother farms and just received his Dear John letter. His son has cancer. What a great plan…. Kick everyone that already has insurance off of it. These people in DC are evil fucking satanists all about control. I will take their lead and assume that we are equal under the Constitution and purchase exactly what they purchase.

          I do not consent. I will not CONTRACT with US INC. for a privilege.

      12. That was always “their” plan (wreck the economy)…certainly never any intention to help bring the opportunity for restoring happiness to the lives of Americans.


      13. Fuck Obamacare and the horse it rode in on. I ain’t complying.

        • you misspelled jackass

      14. obama wasnt lying, he was talking in govspeak, more is less and less is more.
        you health ins rates will be lower = your rates are going through the ceiling.
        you can keep your plan = your plan is no longer available etc.
        once you learn govspeak it all becomes very clear

      15. It’s already wrecking the economy…wait…it’s pushing our already wrecked economy over the edge. I’m not complying either.

      16. And remember: “We have to pass this bill so you can find out what is in it.” May the voters of CA get every thing they deserve in full measure for voting that woman into office.

        • If I could give you 1 million thumbs-up for that comment, I would. But the extension of that is WTF were the other Congress critters thinking WHEN THEY DID JUST EXACTLY THAT??? I don’t dare express the feelings this stupidity creates in me!

      17. The TWO-FOLD purpose of the so-called “Affordable health care act is:

        To Bankrupt America and Destroy or wreak havoc as this article illustrates;


        To usher in the Mark of the Beast which the Act describes as a “Class 2 Implantable Medical Device” (an RFID chip) that the Act ALSO says is MANDATED for EVERYONE to have WITHIN 36-MONTHS of 10/1/13.

        READ IT FOR YOURSELF, it’s a downloadable PDF, if you do not believe me!!!

        So do not let yourselves be DISTRACTED by the Act’s ECONOMIC evil!

        Jesus told John Leary the RFID chip (or the Mark) will:
        – disable your free will;
        – consign you thus to Hell as taking it violates the First Commandment;
        – pump in voices to command you and neither the voices or commands you will be ABLE to stop or DISobey (yes, think zombie apocalypse, as great art/literature apprehends or anticipates the future– one example: the doors on the 1968 Star Trek show are now standard everywhere, Kirk’s “on screen” is your flatscreen TV, the computers are now our tablets, etc. etc.);
        – the shootings we’ve had in recent years were done by people who, like McVey, were chipped;
        – that “men in black uniforms” will come for all those Americans who refuse the Mark and that there is a provision in the Act (I read it) that calls for some type of law enforcement to do this (think foreign chipped soldiers, already here, whose chips will be turned “on”, when that time comes).

        Jesus told MARIA the Mark has WITHIN it diseases designed to kill hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of millions of people.

        I know some of you probably think I’m nuts. What you think of me is none of my business. I really don’t care.

        But when something WICKED comes this way, OUR way, yours AND mine, I go into high gear.

        And hopefully you will too.

        – The Lone Ranger


        “Truth needs to be REPEATED as long as ther are men who disbelieve it.” – Gandhi

        “Truth NEVER damages a cause that is JUST.” – Gandhi

        “I might BE despicable but when Truth speaks through me, I am invincible.” – Gandhi

        “Those that make peaceful revolution IMPOSSIBLE make violent revolution INEVITABLE.”
        – President Kennedy, shot down like a dog 50-years ago this November 22nd, by the people who continue to wreck our planet and its precious people.

        “Satan HATES man, because God put Man ABOVE the angels, which is why Satan HATES man– he didn’t want to serve Man, as God had set forth. So he broke AWAY from God [Lucifer = Darth Vader] and the other angels and made it his mission to DESTROY man and bring as MANY human beings to Hell to suffer WITH it.” (can’t recall the author right now)

        “Satan is spirit. Satan is evil spirit.” – Dr. M. Scott Peck, and then Peck goes on to say that only with a HUMAN body who COOPERATES with Satan CAN Satan do its DESTRUCTIVENESS.

        “There are two states of being: submission to God and goodness or the refusal to submit to anything beyond one’s own will– which refusal automatically enslaves one to the forces of evil. We must ultimately belong to God or the devil.” – M. Scott Peck, M.D., in his book, “Glimpses of the Devil.”

        • Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. -John Dalberg-Acton

          Food and healthcare are both BASIC needs of the people.
          Plans to have the population receive the RFID chip were included in the original Obamacare bill. Thankfully, Section 2521, Pg. 1001 was removed from the final version that passed.

          However, the final version of Obamacare provides a “back door” by granting authority to “enact future regulations for smooth implementation” of Obamacare.

          The RFID chip implanted into people would enable CONTROL of the masses. In the future, under the guise of healthcare, I believe the government will push to have the chip implanted into the population.

          The RFID chip can store and retrieve data – medical, financial, location, etc. The chip also has many ‘other’ uses.

          Those who control and monitor the chip, would have great POWER over the people. They can remotely locate and shut down a car that is many miles away – because it has a ‘chip’ in it.

          Likewise, I believe with an imbedded chip, they could locate and if desired ‘shut down’ individuals by causing a heart attack or some other fatal condition.

          In the future, I believe salaries and payments from the government (food stamps, social security, etc.) will be downloaded remotely directly on to an RFID chip?

          Obamacare was never about healthcare, it was about CONTROL.
          Some even admitted it…
          When radio host Paul W. Smith asked liberal Congressman John Dingell (D-MI) why it will take the government until 2014 to fully set up the ObamaCare system.

          Dingell said this: “It takes a long time to do the necessary administrative steps that have to be taken to put the legislation together to CONTROL THE PEOPLE.”
          Source: News Talk WJR Radio with Paul W. Smith – 3/23/2010

          Sky Deutschland has developed technology to transfer ads from train windows directly and silently into commuters’ heads.

          All that is needed is ‘direct contact’ or … an implanted chip.

          “Passengers leaning their head against the window will “hear” ads “coming from inside the user’s head”, urging them to download the Sky Go app.

          The proposal involves using bone conduction technology, which is used in hearing aids, headphones and Google’s Glass headset, to pass sound to the inner ear via vibrations through the skull.”

          • The RFID chip will have GPS too. That way they can track your whereabouts all day long, much like what truck drivers are using. Also, similar to the iPhone and iPad, punch in the maps app and there you are to within one foot accuracy.

        • Speaking of quotes:

          “They hates us for our freedoms”
          -George “The Retard” Bush

          Remember the semi-functional illiterate you people put into the White House not ONCE but TWICE? Enjoy!

          • FA, dial 1-800-EAT-SHIT. I hate to say this, but FA makes ncjoe and finx look good. At least those 2 trolls do show some self-restraint.

          • FA.

            Hate to say this, but it was said that after the current POTUS is done with us we will look at Bush as a conservative and 2006-2008 as the good ole days.

            What does Bush have to do with today’s decisions made by the current POTUS and Senate? Do you think Bush wrote the current Health Care Act?

        • Lone ranger I agree with most of your comments except man being above angels. Paul said: He made man a little lower than the angels.


          • Indy you are correct, and not only is man a little lower than the angels, but LoneRanger is also wrong about angels serving man, angels sole purpose is to serve GOD. Just as our role is to worship GOD. Trekker Out.

        • Sounds legit

      18. Health care costs get out of control. Food prices continue to rise. While they are looking to cut food stamps. (Only feeling bad for the people who actually need it) It’s like good old Alex says. They want us living paycheck to paycheck and below. Just a matter of time before you will just be able to put enough some gas in your tank to get to your slave job! And that’s it! Zero extra cash. Control

      19. The “Plan” was doomed to fail. Premiums have skyrocketed because they have to cover you despite pre-existing conditions, so the young healthy client is paying more to cover the old guy with cancer and heart disease. They all get to pay the same premium. You can’t be denied coverage, so if you wait until you get sick, you can sign up almost on the spot and be covered.

        This is dependent on having lots of young healthy people forced into the system to provide the money it will cost to take care of the older/sicker clients

        • “they have to cover you despite pre-existing conditions, so the young healthy client is paying more to cover the old guy with cancer and heart disease”

          Medicare and medicaid already did that, we damn sure didn’t need obummercare for that. Obummercare has nothing to do with covering anybody.

          • The “old guy” may be a vet who fought for YOU and may have been, and may still be, of considerable value. The human race has never had a “right” to food and medical care which didn’t exist, as such, until recently. Except for palliative care, I’m not a fan of prolonging life if a disease is really hopeless, but don’t know how I’ll feel at 65. It’s not your call (Or Obama’s) to determine who lives and who dies. The RFID chip scares me senseless, and I’ll refuse it, but health care is always up to you and your genes. People used to get old and then they died, and I think it will revert to that. I just want the government to leave me alone and I’ll take care of myself as best I can. Leave some dignity for the old people you’re so willing to kill off.

        • Yes and the old guy with cancer and heart disease will meet the death panels and not get any care because his productive life is over and he can no longer benefit the STATE. So the gov gets to keep all the money the younger folks pay in. Bernie Madoff would be proud. And remember, “if you like your doctor and your insurance, you can keep it and it will cost you $2500.00 a year less”

          • “the old guy with cancer and heart disease will meet the death panels and not get any care because his productive life is over and he can no longer benefit the STATE.”
            That is why us old guys need to speak out, resist and make everyone we can aware of what is happening to this country. We have lived our lives and have less to lose by becoming “enemies of the State”. Mentor the young while you can.

            • The VA is 4 sure a death panel. A lady I work with just lost her husband. He was fighting to get 100% and they refused due to the back pay they would have owed him. His last visit he got x rayed for a lump on his side that was effecting his heart and he died a few days later on vacation in FL.

              This man was a hero. He was a spook captured in Laos and spent 2 years in a POW camp. They told him he needed to tell them a bunch of crap like how resqued him and their company number before he could get 100%. They were even in the process of taking money back and bumping him down to 70% because they said he shouldn’t be getting money for his heart. She has spoken to a few lawyers about a wrongful death suit but no one wants to sue the government. They all agree it was a wrongful death though. Welcome to Hoebamacare death panels!

      20. Obamacare has always been designed to wreck the economy even further. Was never designed to work. America now has government health insurance(taxes, penalties, and fines), but not better health care.

      21. I think the end goal is to have the exchange system (via private companies) fail so the .gov will be “forced” to create a government insurance plan at a very low cost so people will sign up for it. The deliberate underpricing of the .gov insurance plan — combined with calling any private plan a “cadillac” plan and thus heavily taxed — will run private insurance out of business … and then you have a single payer system.

        It’s a classic move: create a problem , then ride in to solve it.

        • Bingo DH. It was never supposed to work. They will come to the rescue and the masses will fall for it and be further enslaved, further entangled and without a clue. I can hear the political speeches now and the relieved listeners fainting with with such awe of how great it will be. Where’s SNL when you need ’em?

      22. People will die because of this mess,no insurance, no care.

      23. What difference at this time does it make? Oops,sorry Hillary.

        • should be

          what difference did she make?

      24. Like I said before, Obamas only still standing because the “blowback” is coming from all sides now. “But I didn’t know”. He knew alright. Maybe he is beginning to see that we know he knew. The rest of the World does too and is calling his bluff. He should of put those Alpha IT guys on the healthcare project. The fusion and datacenters seem to be humming along quite nicely. Strategic error, there seems to be no end to them.

      25. The Prodigal Son of a #^%!& Returns

        Dayum! Are y’all still here? Is America still here? Feels like I just stepped out of a couple weeks in the twilight zone (brief explanation below). But it’s good to be back. I missed you all, you gun-toting, food-storing, self-sufficient rascals.
        And speaking of the twilight zone, and other alternate realities… How come, when I’m standing in line at the store or somewhere, a beautiful stacked brunette never walks up to me and says, “Pinch me, I think I’m dreaming”? Stuff like that just never seems to happen in real life.
        I did pinch a gorgeous brunette once. (we were in the produce section and cantaloupes must have been on my mind) Just as she turned and slapped me, I realized it was Mrs okie. And she realized it was me (but slapped me anyway).
        She started to sputter an apology but then she heard me say, “No! Honest Sweetpea, I knew it was you all along.”
        When she realized I HADN’T known it was her, she slapped me again!
        Trying to salvage a smidgeon of self respect, I stammered, “No! Really! I knew it was YOU! I’d recognize your pretty little, uh… back pockets anywhere. I was just showing you how much I appreciate those back pockets. Boy! The way you fill out a pair of jeans is just…”
        She ran her hand over her backside and said slowly, with steam coming out her eye sockets, “These pants don’t HAVE back pockets.” Then slapped me again! (me and my big mouth)

        On a serious note-
        It never WAS about health care. And ‘immigration reform’ is not about immigration. Just like gun confiscation has nothing to do with public safety. It’s all about CONTROL. And dominance of a helpless, ignorant population of sheeple.
        Obamacare, is simply one of the lynchpins used to crash the system. (Cloward and Piven, remember?) Out of the chaos, the tyrants thinks they can build their socialist utopia. With themselves at the top of the pyramid, calling the shots, of course.

        note* I’ve really missed you guys at Mac’s Place. Just got back on the road from 3 weeks at home. Wife’s car got t-boned by a punk-ass kid running a red light. For those of you who supported our trucker strike, thank you. And I’m sorry to have bailed out, but family comes first. Mrs okie is mending well (couple of cracked ribs, banged up knee, and some nasty bruises) It’s amazing what prayer, and several thousand dollars worth of medical care, can do. I’ve got her on light duty for the next few weeks, just 10 or 12 hours of farm work a day, (plus sentry duty midnight to 4AM). She thinks I’m spoiling her!
        I’ve been on a total media blackout for a while. Now, I got a hundred hours of catching up to do. Is that Kenyan bastard still in the oval office? Did they ever get that 1981 Macintosh plugged in and running the nations health care system? Is the government still shut down? (I can’t tell)… and who’s in the world series?

        • smokie, you nut. Thanks for the laugh and keep your sense of humor,I do appreciate it.

        • A BIG HOWDY, SmokinOkie. Glad you’re back. with all the crap that’s going on, we could sure use a good dose of your humor now.

        • The only one of consequence is Boston Red Sox and St. Louis Cardinals, Boston’s on top, getting ready game 6 tonite…I think it’s 3 &2… Welcome back!

        • Smokin….

          Glad to hear from you again. Was beginning to think you were the first casualty of the Health Care Law. Thought maybe you may have stubbed your toe with no insurance so the panel said no fixie and then done you away.

          Keep Truckin !!!!

        • We missed you too you ole rascal…prayers for Mrs Okie and you…:)

        • Aaaahhh! Thanks smoking for a little ray of sanity in an insane world. Sorry to here about the missus and I hope see has a speedy recovery.

      26. Silly Politicians

        Pissed off Hungry Sheep

        wake up one day to become Wolves

        we can only hope

        • Pissed off hungry sheep wake up one day
          …to become CHOP STEAKS!

          • FA, go away before we make chopped steak out of your sorry ass!

            • …too boney and stringy…full of parasites…all them libtards are the same…

      27. I don’t believe anyone is trying to bankrupt the country. It would not be in the best interest of anyone to do that.

        I think I more agree with YH that it is somewhat of a bailout of the gov to try to get more tax revenues rather than cut back their bureaucracy.

        The whole world is basically in the same boat.

        We can scream and rant about it, but the fact is growth is over. Cheap energy is the only way that the banking Ponzi and usury schemes can survive. Infinite growth is needed to pay the usury. This is why there are more and more paper games and shuffling of digits in a circular clusterfuck. The end of the road is near and they have no exit ramp.

        Just look at the extra hundreds of billions of dollars taken out of the economy every year since the price of oil went over $100. This is money that can never be replaced and plastic junk that will not be bought. The economy is, after all, 70% based on consumption.

        It would be different if your wages had went up by 5 times in the last 10 years…but they didn’t and oil did. Ten years ago it was $20 a barrel. The deficit is masking this tremendous economic loss and keeping people off the street.

        Look at Egypt…this is where we are headed. The riots were more about the bread subsidy and collapse of their hydrocarbon exports when they started.

        We have only a limited window to prepare for the coming end of the hydrocarbon based economy. Right now there are tar sands and fracked nat gas, but they too will be depleted in the next decade or so. Better start preparing for a “world made by hand”.

        Now, have a wonderful afternoon…get out of the blue light and into the yellow light for a while.

        • @ JRS,

          If it looks like a giant Bail-In, and feels like a giant Bail-In, and the federal government is at it’s debt ceiling/limit, and taxpayers are paying for it; I’d bet my bottom dollar that Obamacare is a giant taxpayer funded government Bail-In.

      28. Should I get a gov loan so I can become a doctor? Decisions, decisions. OBGYN or Head shrink?

        I coming back if I can just roll over. Dig me up.

        • Ted- get into forensics. With your experience you’re a shoe-in for a Nobel prize!

          • I wouldn’t suggest being a cabbie. Unless you have routes that never take you over bridges.

      29. The only pre-existing condition that matters is the Second Amendment.

        • Too bad your Supreme Court DISAGREES.

      30. Did you see where Alaska has shut down the Obullshit care enrollment sight. Only 3 people signed up.
        I’m not signing up!!!!
        My four kids are telling me that they arn’t going to sign up. My neices and nephews arn’t going to sign up. These are were they think the money to run the damn thing.

        I had a zombie/leach tell me” why sign up” I just go to the hospital and they treat me. He told me that he hasn’t paid a dime in over 5 years. He told me he just hands them his card from the Gov. and he walks out. He is not a Vet. Vets should get it free!!!
        They aren’t going to turn away some one that has not signed up Obullshit care. ARE THEY?

        • Vets DO “get it for free” already.

          UP THE ASS!

        • Obuttfkr will change the rules in the middle of the Inning to suite his team.

        • Talking to a group of ladies the other day, and they were all comparing how bad their company-provided insurance policies were becoming on Jan. 1. I said I didn’t have insurance, and was asked if I planned to sign up for ObamaCare. I said emphatically NO. And one of the ladies looked at me with wide eyes and said, “But you HAVE to! It’s the law!” I just looked at her. One of the other ladies said, “I think she plans to pay the penalty.” They were all in disbelief – but so was I. I thought a couple of those ladies were smarter than they obviously are!!! Goes to show you just never can tell!!

      31. Like this is ANY surprise ……the AGENDA is to destroy the middle class and the economy !!!!!
        Ya wanna know what all those bullets and MRAPS’s are gonna be used for ?

      32. We add 40 million people to our population every 10 years thru immigration and the birth rate of those immigrants. Nearly all of them are poor. We will then be adding 40 million new non-payers to our medical system every 10 years. Anybody here seriously think the price for Obamacare isn’t going to double or triple soon? I arrived at the 40 million number by the fact that we allow into our country 3 million people, legal and illegal every year. I only assumed 1 million births to them. Very conservative on my part.

        • Worried about DEADBEAT IMMIGRANTS?

          You should peruse through the comments up above made by your fellow American’ts who readily admit -indeed, they even actually seem PROUD- to having NOTHING; no savings, no property, no investments whatsoever.

          D E A D B E A T S ! Made in USSA.

        • Stupid fool. See what good a fucking stupid KNIFE will do you when your government BLOWS UP YOUR ENTIRE BLOCK WITH A DRONE.

          Unbelievable dimwits.

          • Well, folks, FA did put down Eisen. i’ll give him credit for that.

            • Fuck off, old man. Youve had a boner for me now for quite some time, and I dont do old guys.

              • Eisenturd, go f#$% yourself! I don’t give a rat’s ass about you, but when you start attacking the good people on this site, I won’t stand for it. Plenty of others would agree with me. Just act right when you come on here and I’ll ignore you. Start your BS again and you’ll get treated like a troll.

            • Maybe he was talking to himself?

          • FA.

            We know about the drones, doofus. Hurry and sign up for ACA. I’m sure ‘fungus of the gonads’ is covered.

        • I was thinking more along the lines of a Crossbow with a night scope.

          • SAhootis:
            Yeas bow and arrow are a must. You can hunt with them and use them with stealth on other targets.

            • My other stealth weapons are sling shots(make my own). I like the Y version because they fit in you back pocket. We cast 00 buck for ammo. Rocks are okay, but tend to curve one way or the other. Ball Bearings are great when I can find them.

        • Maybe so… but I don’t think a movie prop will suffice.

          • To use in a real swordfight it has to be carbon steel instead of stainless steel since stainless steel is brittle and will break easily. But what are the chances that you are going to get in a real swordfight?

        • EISD:
          yOU ARE DEAD ON. Ther just might come a time where you can’t and don’t want to make noise.

        • I also have a crossbow and a supressed .22.

      33. What the hell could we expect? Let’s call Obamacare what is, just another welfare program, that’s it.
        Health insurance is a product, not a right as our so liberal friends has so professed.
        Insurance is bought like a commodity as needed.
        What is the number? 30 odd million will supposedly be getting covered with health insurance with Obamacare? How many are actually going to pay for Obamacare? Why pay when they can get it for free? Why buy it when they can sign up for it the day they need it?
        It kind of makes you wanna go to work don’t it?
        Does anyone know that the EPA virtually has closed down the Doe Run lead smelting facially in Herculaneum? Oh, apparently Doe Run is the last lead mine in the country. Wanna take a guess on this shit?
        Who has been stocking up on ammunition lately? Hint, DHS.
        Slithering sneaks like what has been being elected is out of hand. They keep chipping away at us taking our freedoms and one of these days we might wake up and see, we ain’t got none. They’re gone!!
        It’s going to get to the point with Obamacare, if you are 65 and needing a bypass, good fucking luck!
        Read a little Zeke Emanuel, (Rohms bro) you’ll love this shit. Oh and ahh, Zeke baby was one of the main authors of Obamacare. One of his main secretive statements, if your 65, you’ve had your chance!
        Don’t worry about it, just lay down and go to sleep. It’s just a bad dream.

      34. The scary thing to me is that the entire Democratic party and some rino’s like McCain and Graham are still backing Obama with this disaster which tells me they are part of the NWO takeover of America and i fear the only way back to our republic may be that we have to take it back. i am not afraid to fight but lets be honest a revolution would be hell on earth but i fear that we cannot have fair elections anymore and i don’t see how we get control back to the people any other way. I pray to God that he intervenes.

        • Why the fuck would GOD wish to intervene in order to help a nation of WAR CRIMINAL TORTURERS, MURDERERS, RAPISTS, SCAMMERS, KIDNAPPERS and PERVERTS?

          If anything, He’s showing His intervention by CRUSHING YOU.

          • FA, any one of us could crush you like a worm.

          • WHY would He intervene?

            Because none of us fit in those categories AND He WILL return to CRUSH the head of the serpent! = Satan!

      35. So how bad is it?

        First I want to thank all who have tried to warn their love one’s and friends to what we see coming down the road. Let those who scorned us now express their anger and fear as they awake to this subversion of the nation. I have no more words for them. All that is left is the wanting to have physical confrontation to extract my pound of flesh.
        We all have endured much. The constant lies which are many. Unemployment, inflation, CPI, Crime, Housing, Banking, Immigration, Medical, Energy, Foreign Policy,
        Homeland Security, NSA, FBI, IRS, and much more.
        Their direct attacks upon us, with names of Terrorist, Unpatriotic, Arsonist, Kidnappers, Cowards, Gun Crazies, Doom and Gloomers, Bible thumpers and yes, the Lunatic Fringe.
        Over the years and through different administrations I have seen our manufacturing base dissolve. Our buying power diminish. Our family unit fragment. Our golden years destroyed. Our Prestige as an American is no more than a bully, where once our righteousness, honor and protection was herald throughout the world.
        There is NOTHING SAFE in our world of today.
        Our homes, children, money, speech, food, water, energy,land and finally our lives.

        • A nation of morbidly obese hedonsists with a penchant for greasy burgers and excessive masturbation does NOT make for ideal revolutionaries.

          • FA
            I give you that one.

          • FA, congratulations. You finally made a sensible statement we can all agree on.

          • Describing yourself FA?

          • FA
            You are right for once!!!!

          • Unless the enemy has all the burgers and cute girls?

          • Keep it up, eventually someone will pay attention to you

          • FA, how many times must a person masturbate, before it is considered excessive? I can tell you one thing! More than one of your comments per article, is excessive.WASP

      36. I would like to say thank you to Obamacare. If it wasn’t for Obamacare I wouldn’t have been put on the path to learn more self sufficiency in regards to medical and health care. I’ve been learning medicinal herbs and animal meds that are fit for human use and I’ve been picking up books on medicine for different situations. By no means am I anything of a medicine man but my eyes are open.

        • Good luck trying to take out your own appendix when the time/need arises.

          • If you think when this thing called Obamacare is all said and done that we will have instant access to medical then you must be one of the elites. Those of us at ground zero had better realize that the healthcare system is being trashed beyond repair and in a short period of time the damage is going to be so severe that it’s going to take years upon years to get anything that resembles a functioning health service. My plans are very simple, do as much as I can for myself and when more is needed, price what can be done here verses the cost of a medical vacation to another country. I’m sure that there will be more and more travel agencies popping up that cater to the medical vacationers, it will be one of the few growth business directly related to Obamacare. We should lobby to have all restrictions lifted from Cuba.

        • Same here, and I’ve found it quite enlightening. We haven’t been to a real MD for almost two years and are probably the healthier for it. We both have good teeth and good genes, so guess we’ll depend on them.

        • Same here Rick..I take 7 vitamins daily and Hemp oil each night.
          Fish oil, D3, Magnesium/calcium, garlic, cayenne, turmeric, and ginger.

      37. Obama’s communist Weather Underground, bomb-making “mentors” Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn (nee Ohrnstein) must be laughing themselves silly.

        The Unaffordable non-Care Act is expressly DESIGNED to hit the middle classes and the small businessman / entrepreneur like a freight train, and it’s no accident that these demographics are precisely those that are earmarked for TOTAL destruction according to the Marxist model of historical determinism. These groups will NOT be merely PROLETARIANIZED via Ogabe-Care, since industry is a prerequisite for having a “proletariat,” and all positions in what little industry remains in Amerika are earmarked for Third World menials from south of the border. No, when we accept the fact that the regime HATES us utterly, it becomes clearer just WHAT they envision for us, and it’s not difficult to foresee how it will ultimately END if their agenda is not stopped.

        In the meantime, Amerikans will be taxed and regulated into oblivion (according to Lenin’s oft-quoted formula for destroying the bourgeoisie) in order to finance benefits and support infrastructure for our replacements, an imported pro-Marxist revolutionary proletariat, in what we once could at least pretend was our country. Parenthetically, CORPORATE Amerika SUPPORTS this process, which infers obliquely but unmistakeably that Bolshevism always was and is a weapon wielded by the RICH against the middle class.

        Eventually, and in keeping with the philosophy that motivates Ogabe-Care, non-compliance and non-payment of future DRACONIAN fines will be punished with the placing of liens upon real property owned by the middle class, culminating in its physical SEIZURE.

        Once you are kicked out of your home, will you be forced to watch as the UNITED STATES (it’s new “owner”) moves a wonderful Somali family of sixteen — with FULL honky-funded “health” coverage — into it so it doesn’t remain empty? Will Bill and Melinda Gates then establish a college fund for them, while watching your 1.75 kids STARVE?

        As if any further proof is required, HERE is an example of what motivates Obama’s “mentors:”


        “In December of 1969, the SDS War Council was held in Flint, Michigan. Largely led by members of the Weather Underground, what came to be known as the Flint War Council meeting was the rhetorical stage for much of the bloodshed that was to come.

        “Over three hundred people attended, including Kathy Boudin and future Obama neighbors Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, who were both extremely active Weather Underground leaders. Decisions were made to ‘go underground’ and to launch an offensive against the United States. At one point, they discussed whether white babies were valid targets and Boudin gave a speech referring to mothers of white babies as ‘pig mothers.’”

        Keep this FOREMOST in your mind when you consider who will be HURT most by Ogabe-Care, who will BENEFIT, and who is RUNNING Amerika NOW. And PREPARE.

        • Ahab:

          No conspiracy theory in your post. Just the FACTS, man. Great information!

        • …sounds about right…

        • Sounds like enemies, foreign and domestic, THIS is why we have 2A
          The tree needs feeding

      38. I keep reading complaints about how Barack Hussein Obankster lied and what a douchebag he is and how he’s destroying this country.

        Yet for a full fucking 12 years I was BANNED over & over & over & over again from so many websites I forget the numbers just for trying to warn you low-brow, inbred, shit-for-brains MORONS about how GEORGE W BUSH was purposely setting-up the stage for a dictatorship.

        SO now, forgive me if I L A U G H in your fucking stupid faces and tell you that

        I T-O-L-D YOU SO!

        Enjoy motherfuckers, *I* have a second passport and a place to escape to. *YOU* stay here and SINK WITH THE SHIP

        • You are not banned here. Your passport will only give you more time to live your life out. Not saying it will save you from the intrusion of an international government.

          • This is one of about THREE websites I’ve discovered in my entire life here in Amerika that NEVER bans people, I’ll give you that.

            And as for giving myself more time to live my life out ..that’s ALL I NEED!

            Thanks for the civil response Sling, despite my anger and belligerance

            • Just some neighborly advice, FA.

              Someday, in the real world, you might find yourself in a jam. Now I can’t speak for all the folks here, but if you treat others as you wish to be treated, then you might find that some of these here folks might lend you a hand…if, of course, you are deserving of it.

              Mellow out and save the feisty for the real show.

        • we heard you

          some on here may even have agreed with you

          but as far as that passport goes, unless you can set your pin head ass on it, and fly it out of this country on it , you wont be going anywhere when the axe falls any more than any one of us..so pull up a chair and load a magazine and shut your dam pie hole

          • I’ve already mapped-out several ways of slipping out of the USSA unnoticed. Some involve crossing into Mexico and taking a flight from there, others involve slipping into Canada or sailing out from a small local seaport.

            YOU stay here and fight the Amerikan Gestapo (on THEIR terms), *I’ll* escape this collapsing shithole and join forces with whoever wants to see Obama’s head mounted on a wall ….just like I do.

            • PLEASE GO.

            • FA
              That is high risk. How many will join you to make a
              fighting force. Training? Obama will be long gone. Tight borders and the transportation of firearms along with ammo costly. Not that it can not be done. May take years.
              I can not get a solid Pick 7.

            • FA.

              It is a federal offense to be an illegal immigrant in Mexico. If caught, the punishment is pretty bad. Do the right thing, if you decide Mexico, go there legally.

            • Run Coward Run

        • FA, I agree with your points about Bush. None of us had any use for him. Your passport will only buy you some extra time to live. if the US govt. doesn’t get you, someone else will.

        • FA, Can you just reduce profanity in your comments please. You do make few valid points but over 99% “F” usage in your sentences does make the readers nauseated.

        • FA

      39. IDIOTS!

        When GW Bush legalized TORTURE, you motherfuckers said NOTHING.

        When GW Bush legalized MURDER, you motherfuckers said NOTHING.

        When GW Bush legalized WIRETAPPING INNOCENT CITIZENS, you motherfuckers said NOTHING.

        When GW Bush legalized WAR CRIMES, you motherfuckers said NOTHING.

        When GW Bush legalized KIDNAPPING, you motherfuckers said NOTHING.

        When GW Bush legalized CORPORATE BRIBERY, you motherfuckers said NOTHING.

        When GW Bush legalized the POLICE STATE, you motherfuckers said NOTHING.

        When GW Bush created SECRET COURTS, you motherfuckers said NOTHING.

        When GW Bush LIED ABOUT IRAQ, you motherfuckers said NOTHING.

        When GW Bush LIED ABOUT AFGHANISTAN, you motherfuckers said NOTHING.

        NOW you’re all up Shit Creek without a paddle …BOO HOO … so go EAT SHIT & DIE MOTHERFUCKERS.

        • Most of us hate Bush as much as Bam. You dont know who youre talking to. Fuck off.

          • Eisen, are you sure you’re not related to this guy FA?

            • Eisen, Eisen, Eisen, Eisen. No I will not make out with you, you old queer. Stop trying to get my attention constantly.

              • Eisen, I was only asking a question. Since you want to start showing your ass again, go f#$% yourself!

              • PS, Eisen, I didn’t really expect you to respond anyway. So I’ll try to ignore you from now on as long as you stop attacking the good people on this site. if you start that shit again, I’ll get you.

          • E. Back to the bitcoin thing. I was a naysayer but talking to a friend last night who is buying in I started to come around. It could outlive the dollar. Maybe beyond our lifespaces; but, I can envision a time when the USA has been destroyed and bitcoins still work fine. Sadly.

            • I told you so.

        • FA
          The birth of this atrocity goes back to the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 with Woodrow Wilson. To include gold Confiscation by FDR. Nixon taking us off the Gold standard. Clinton with repealing Glass Steagall.
          NAFTA, GATT. GWO. Most Favorite nation status. Now by law your savings belongs to the bankers.

          It has been long in the making.

          • World Trade Organization. Not GWO

            • Nixon took us off gold standard because when FDR stoled folks gold and made it illeagle to own any gold for us citizens, FDR still allowed foriegn Nations to trade in the us dollars they had FOR an equivelent in Gold.

              That remaind the law on gold posessions etc and foriegn nations untill Nixon Ended what FDR fucked us with. If nixon never did that, by now all fed owned gold would be Long gone to foriegn nations who traded in us dollars For real Gold transfers. What nixon did was a Good thing.

              It matters NOT what backs dollars. Gold, silver or salt or sugar. The true main problem is and always was Usury intrest to a middleman bankster we have no need for since every nation has a right to print its own money.

              Paying usury intrest the last 100 yrs to a handfull of jew banksters has enriched jews and zionists at all others expence. Its a huge jew money swindle is all.

              Before usury and Fractional reserve banking tactics involved Paper cash, it was FIRST invented and used in London BY Rothschild jew bankster head when he got total control of Englands banks and money back in around 1665 era…They did fractional reserve tactics but only with Gold as money. For each Ounce gold his bank had he Loaned Out TEN Ounces! same as today only with Paper money.

              So despite Ron Paul and a slew of other Gold bugs, they never tell you That info eh. A new Gold backed dollars system will be the exact same as todays NON gold backed.

              Because same as 1600’s ad era Most gold is Owned BY the same jew banksters cabals. When they Contract gold or dollars or YEN or Brit Pounds sterling etc etc…It creates shortages of enough cash for folks to have and spend…Same if we go to gold . They control it. They will create shortages and that makes for Recessions and depresions.

              Too many pro gold advisors never tell you the FULL story or truths. Includeing Ron Paul.

          • “Now by law your savings belongs to the bankers.”


            I took all my saving out of the banks in 2008 and converted them to PRECIOUS METALS. I sold all my Amerikan-based investments and went balls-deep into non-U.S. based portfolios, including investments in CHINA. I bought property overseas so I’ll have a place to go to and I speak another language fluently. I’m currently ready to pack-it up and LEAVE at the drop of a hat.

            • FA

              I was just making a statement. Not directed personally at you. Good to see you have it all together. Myself I will be here till the end. One thing I will ask of you. If you do leave us behind, should it all turn for the good, please stay where you are.

              • Yes and that goes for George Bush who has a farm in Paraguay.

            • FA
              I think all of us here wished you were already gone. Your blog would be readable and debatable if you would stop with the profanity!
              The use of profanities is a show of ignorance.
              You are more that likly a smart guy but the profanity brings you down.

            • FA, In China there is a law stating if someone uses “F” word in any sentence gets life. Use two or more “F” words, they’ll execute you. Just wanted to share before you move there to be close to your investments.

            • Bubye!

            • Don’t waste any time. leave now!

              Im not kidding..
              when everything goes down you and everyone else that’s not a member of the “fuck them” game will be staying right here, no one in, no one out.

              they will suspend air travel like a light switch, and it will be the first time in your life that you will see the border protected like fort knox

              welcome to the party

        • this shits been going on for 50+ years

          how narrow minded to blame it all on Bush, and as for saying nothing..you don’t speak for me

          as for blaming it on Bush..Might as well add him to the list as far back as the Truman Era

          • yeah sling shots got it more right than I..100 fuckin years..

            can you Blame that on Bush too?

            Hey I hate the dam guy too but if your going to blame at least get your shit straight, and don’t just pick on one guy.. they are all out to fuck us..

          • “NARROW-MINDED” is not being able to distinguish the rapid BUILD-UP & ACCELERATION of the POLICE STATE during the Bush Regime years.

            THAT’S how HOPELESSLY UNINFORMED you are my friend.

        • You forgot Fukushima. Speak up about what really counts. Yep, that is your paddle drifting away too. Consider this another real time event for you to speak up about. This cause needs your passion now just as it needs everyones. Passion, not hate. And leave mothers out of it.

        • FA, go back to your third world shithole. You welfare collecting, food stamp using, section 8 living, drag on society.

        • FA, you don’t speak for me or any other people here. You go eat shit and die yourself, @hole!

          • Miss me yet?

            • Eisen.

              I do?

            • Eisen, I hate to say it, but FA makes you look good. At least you do show some self-restraint.

        • FA;
          Plenty of us opposed Bush’s policies. I think most of us know it started to be out in the open with him, though in reality it started a whole lot earlier.

        • FA-your screen name is synonymous with Barry’s feelings about this country….so take your troll ass and move on!

        • Mac, can you ban this FA punk?

          Seems like ninao on acid, He’s obviously trying to get a rise out of people here so why do you continue to give him what he wants?

          • Indy, I agree w/ ya. I understand and highly appreciate Mac’s policy on no censorship, but sometimes it is obvious that people need to be removed. Not as a matter of censorship, but rather as a matter of common sense.

          • I don’t need no stinking acid
            I’ve got tracers in the 50

            • Uh,I’ll take the acid,might make end of days a bit more interesting and palatable!

          • Naw fellas…censoring or banning isn’t the answer…best way is to ignore and not respond if what someone says bugs/offends you…I understand some of the irritation that some of you feel but we either believe in the principle of free speech and open debate or we fall perilously close to becoming that we profess to hate by allowing anothers voice to be silenced…that’s not the way…let a persons speech and ideas rise or fall in the arena of ideas based on their worth or lack thereof not on the acceptance or rejection of those words and ideas by a censor…I personally don’t like a lot of what some people say both here and in the day to day but I do like the concept of free speech…even offensive free speech…especially offensive free speech…otherwise my/your speech (which without a doubt DOES offend the PTB) may be judged by those who intend to control us and end up silenced…I know it can be tough but at what price are we willing to shut the other guy up…because the truth is what we allow/justify being done to one guy we disagree with they can justify doing to all of us that they disagree with…just my two cents…

            • REB, I have to agree with you. I don’t want censorship either. So from now on, when the trolls come on here, I’ll just give then a green or red thumb, depending on the content of their comments. That’s going to be a bitch for me. I actually enjoy going off on ncjoe and finx, but REB, out of respect for you, I’ll give your recommendation a try. braveheart

        • We say plenty now, and many of us tried to stop it then. I’ll never forgive Bush for the Patriot Act, but it’s a little late. He’s no longer president and we have an even worse specimen to fight right now. Yes, you are angry, and maybe for good reason, but you are probably with the best people you can find on this site and if you’ll notice, most of us are polite and there is little profanity. I don’t know how long you’ll need to do things legally, probably not for long, but don’t get your ass in a sling by calling attention to yourself at this stage of the conflict.

      40. Our insurance is increasing by 300 a month. From 600 to 900 but we have a higher deductible and higher co-pays. I was against this from the start, now I am very upset.

      41. The next time someone says Hillary for President 2016

        Remind them of this

        US Ambassador Christopher Stevens was Raped, Tortured, Cattle Prodded and burned til he was dead, this went on for 7 hours while Hillary and Obama Ignored his pleas for help

        ask yourself this

        does that sound like someone you want for a president, now, or any time in the future?

        we have a serious problem in this thug group..it will be the death of us all if we don’t hold them all accountable asap!

        • “Christopher Stevens was Raped, Tortured, Cattle Prodded and burned til he was dead, ”

          I like the way you pull absolute BULLSHIT like that from the deep recesses of your ASS and then present them as FACTS.

          Have you considered running for president?

          • Ahhhh….yourmotherwaswrong! We all had wondered where you had wandered off to-NOT~!

            • Bingo JP! Funny how the one’s that read these comments daily can find the trolls even when they change their handle. He’s also been posting under average guy

              • You know Indy, what’s really interesting is that he’s probably as foul-mouthed in real life as he is here….there are just some aspects of someone’s personality that just can’t stay hidden and Barry’s cyber peeps ALWAYS blame Bush, when in reality, all of the presidents have belonged to the same club and have had the same agenda, whether we realized it or not!

          • FA, I won’t shed any tears if you fall victim to Obama’s goons. Folks, I never thought I would say this, but next time ncjoe or finx come on here, I’ll let them slide. I know both of them are irritating, but at least they do show some self-restraint. FA seems like Eisen on steroids.

          • @fuckamerika- what are you doing? do you come back to this site to start arguments and try to make people mad?
            is that how depressing your life is? how desperate you are for attention?

            try taking more meds.. or less meds.. whatever it is that makes you so depressingly angry, stop. I know you have heard the term “troll.” I don’t take you seriously, and I doubt many people do.

            • caliber, ever hear of a child that does bad things to get attention. Well if you will notice FA gets lots of attention, the best way to make him go away, is just not give him a vote, or a response. You can read his garbage but don’t give him the satisfaction of know it. Trekker Out. Profanity is not Freedom of Speech, it’s ignorance of a language.

          • Dem Women..
            All ugly, middle aged, mini-van driving women.

            Funny… men are turning their noses up on marriage….enslavement. No wonder.

            • I wouldn’t have a Democratic woman. I might catch something. I’m not desperate.

      42. Administration = LIARS, Narcissists, Corrupt, Anti-American, shall I go on?

      43. The reduction in SNAPS and the increase in medical insurance payments will put a crimp in Christmas spending and so affect the last quarter economy stats. of the year.

        • I certainly hope so, Im tired of supporting worthless subhuman welfare career moochers! HOHOHO! Dat welfare check needs to go!

        • That would be a GOOD thing! As states already on this thread, I think we need to boycott the spending season leading up to Christmas. If the worst one in history follows the Obamacare roll-out the optics won’t serve the left very well. Also, the retailers need to be taught a lesson about making Thanksgiving a shopping day and the ugliness of Black Friday.

      44. I do not thing the payroll tax/IRS was ratified by all the states. Hmmmmmmm.

        • That’s a nonsense argument against taxation, it’s been tried hundreds of times in courts and fails each and every time.

          • Joe Bannister, along with a growing number of other patriots that have beat the IRSS might be inclined to disagree.

            If even 25% simply said “no more”…the system would be destroyed. 2014 is as good a year as any.

            I am assuming that you know that the illegal income tax pays one thing…interest on the counterfeit money created by the nonFederal Reserve. You think it pays for the gooberment operation? Do some research.

            • BTW, all of this discussion related to the “AGENDA” of “obamacare”(notice how “he” now only refers to “it” as ACA), is simply participating in a long, well planned MISDIRECTION always used to disguise the actual plan.

              It has been a sack-o-lies from the inception to this day. “BUTT”, it has accomplished what “it” was intended to do. The left butt cheek is in a “fart battle” with the right butt cheek of the same stupid ASS! And the always unreliable state propaganda MSM is talking about nothing else.

              But, so much ELSE is progressing domestically and globally while this distraction is “headlined”! Don’t fall victim to this “hat trick”, ignore it and pay attention to what this is designed to HIDE!

          • Yea,,,,
            Government courts!
            Of, for, and by the tyrants!

      45. So far, we have not been directly affected. Wife starts drawing SSI in Jan, I haven’t decided yet when to start. So now we’re mulling what to do. Do we go Cobra for a little under 2 years before Medicare eligibility? Ideally, we want just a catastrophic policy and we’ll pay for the odds and ends ourselves. I did get on the HHS website, and catastrophic policies show up, but who knows if anything there is accurate. I was just nosing around as I refuse to give any personal information. Bottom line is that now HC is so screwed up no one, even employers knows how to proceed. But, it’s typical government. Pass a law that has unintended consequences, then pass more laws to fix the consequences that they caused. A never ending cycle. Single payer here we come. Elections do have consequences, and the American people lost.

        • I dont think you can get just a catastrophic plan anymore, you still have to get whatever their minimum coverage requirements are,,,

          • No, I checked Tennessee plans, comparing to Kentucky plans, and there was a catastrophic policy rate.
            No, I did not give data, and am don’t have to worry about health insurance.
            I am 63, Gene is 65 and VA.

        • On foxbusiness today they were saying you can get cheaper policies if you shop somewhere other than the exchanges. I think the website gohealth dot com lets you compare policies, etc. I didn’t realize that you didn’t have to buy from an exchange if you got kicked out. Anyone have more info on this?

      46. It is no wonder they call us nuts. When we talk of the United Nations, Trilateral Commission, Council of Foreign Relations. World Trade Organization, LIBOR, Fractional Reserve Banking, Builderburgers, Basel Switzerland, Geneva, ISO9000 and people like Sorros, Rockefeller, Trump, Buffet, Rothschild.

        Who even cares. They have no idea who, where or what they are.

      47. Good Day All,

        What follows is VERY LONG…I offer none here apologies for it’s length; it is WHAT it IS!

        Some few days ago I promised some few here that the LIGHTR WILL shine again, I did NOT Lie! Friends, thid contry is SUBK in a morass SO DEEP that we may not prevail ere the End comes…but we wILL fight THAT EBD Tooth and Nail…so help me God.

        Where first does the required RECTIFICATION begin? Dweel on that as you read what is below posted…by the time you have finished reading you will KNOW that starting point, for it i the same one that has always been the Foundation of ALL Rightousness…wheresoever it be found in this World.

        Read on Friends…and OPEN your minds to the Truth one last time ere it be swallowed whole by bthe machinations of those who care NIETHER for you, or for your CHILDREN.

        It may well ne that this is TOO long for Mac’s version of WordPress, if so, then I will post it sectionally…

        A Parable for Our Time….”The Two Twins”,

        …Once upon a time,

        In a land not too far away and possibly not too long
        ago, there lived two siblings, whom we shall for the moment
        refer to as ‘J’ and ‘L’

        They lived in a beautiful land filled with good people
        who, like most, experienced the occaisional difficulty or
        disagreement from time to time. For all that, yet, the Land
        was a happy place where each had a place, and a place to be.

        When the siblings were born there was great joy at the
        birth and it seemed that little – if anything – could bring
        any other needful thing, for all in all, the inabitantss of
        the Land seemed to lack for nothing.

        As the twins grew, it soon became apparent to all that
        J was the most-favored child; Fair of face, fine of form,
        swift in action and unerring in aim. L was not as well
        favored; For by an accident of birth a leg had been twisted
        and the little one’s speech was a lisp.

        For all that, the twins loved each other with all
        thier hearts and without reservation – neither looking
        upon the other as ought but most beloved companion.
        In time, as they grew, whensoever it happened that a
        dispute arose amongst the People, and when it was the
        case that J was nearby, a Marvelous thing was seen
        to happen…

        In J’s presence, those contending whatever matter
        was at hand, would be seen to slow and then to cease
        thier fractuousness, and at that point, in a small,
        clear voice J would begin to speak. As the swiftly-
        growing child began, all nearby would calm themselves
        – increasingly so as J proceeded – and listen to what
        the child said. In short order they – invariably –
        realized that the entire matter at hand was – in
        fact – a small and trivial thing, for which simple
        solutions were plainly evident.

        The pattern of this continued as the twins grew
        and all in the land were happy and at peace. As time
        passed J’s fame as one who could ‘mend broken fences’
        spread far and wide, and as always, the twins were

        When the two had become teens a new thing began to
        be obvious to all the people. After J’s influence had
        settled any dispute at hand,it was the case that L
        could later relate that point-for-point, stroke-for
        – stroke such that anyone hearing it later felt as if
        they, themselves, had been there, present and watching
        whilst J’s marvelous skill had soothed the tempers of
        those present. In this, the pair were a perfect
        complement to each other, for though it was J’s simple
        clarity which ruled all who heard it to peace and
        peacefulness, it was also the case that J’s mind,
        invariably – once a dispute had been rested – went
        further afield to new, fresh contemplations without
        regard for what had transpired, or even the desire to
        dwell upon it.

        Thus came L into fullness as well, for it was the
        case that often – when K was in the field or in the
        garden – and Folk came to visit, that L related the
        stories of J’s previous actions to the delight of
        all who came. So it was that J’s wisdom – through L’s
        recounting – spread forth like a ripple in a pool,
        moving out through all who heard it, far and wide.

        The effect of the duo which was J ands L upon
        the People was singular; None feared that they might
        be placed at harm in anything, that nothing was so
        complex that it could not be fathomed and attended
        so long as the twins abided with them. Even the most
        maddening of difficulties were seen through
        whensoever J was at hand and often, through the
        tales that L told of J’s past marvels, the People
        were often able to see things for themselves when
        – rarely – J was otherwise absent or preoccupied.

        So it was that the Land was at peace for a long

        The years passed…in the fulllness of time
        both grew into adulthood, becoming good, caring,
        honest people. J’s fame continued to spread and it
        came to pass that people far and wide sent forth
        for J to come, to help them to see things, simply and
        clearly. At first, all was as it had been. But,
        alas, L’s lameness was wearying and after a time,
        J said, “Beloved sibling, the road wears upon you,
        if you so desire, I may go about on my own and you
        may rest here without the trials and tribulations
        of walking the long road with me.”

        Such was J’s love for L, that seeing the
        distress it caused, no matter the personal sorrow
        of seperation, even temporarily, between them
        – which had never occured in all thier time in the
        Land – that the offer was so made. At first L was
        horrified that J had suggested somesuch, and could
        not bear to be without that one who had been the
        ‘constant companion’ throughout thier live’s, even

        Thus J did not travel forth to assist those
        who called out to them, for the help that only J
        seemed to be able to provide. The skies darkened
        in the Land somewhat thereafter and the people were
        – they knew – not as happy as they had been. Though,
        in truth, none could quite seem to pin-point why
        such was the case.

        In looking out upon the Land J’s heart yearned
        to go and to do as had been done before, when
        all had been peaceful and happy. Too, J knew why
        the skies over the Land were no longer as bright
        as they had once been and knew thereby that duty

        Still, J made no mention of this again to L
        out of Love and concern for the one who was the
        other half of J’s existence. Time passed.
        As it did, In short order, L percieved the skies
        growing yet less bright than they had been and the
        twins began to hear tales told by travelers of how
        poorly things went in other places farther from
        the Land. L loved J very much and with each new
        telling of the woes abroad also saw how hard it
        weighed upon J to know of these things and yet be
        unable to help those in need. Twins know much of
        each other, perhaps not all, but much…so it was
        that L recognized that J’s purpose, unfulfilled,
        wore upon both J and by J’s absence, the People
        as well. Though afraid for J, L called out and
        said, “The land suffers whilst you abide here
        with me, go forth then to those who need for
        that help that only you can bring. Bring Peace
        to the Land again Sibling.”

        As you might expect, shortly after a few
        trips to and fro, always returning, J’s
        influnece once again brought peace to all the
        people in the Land; the people and the skies
        did seem to brighten once more. All was well
        everywhere one looked.

        Each time J returned home, J tried as best
        as possible to explain what had happened whilst
        the twins had been apart, but J did not, was not
        made for such and the tale told was less than it
        would have been had L been present to watch and
        listen – for such was L’s gift in life.

        Going out into the Land J’s trips took longer
        and longer with each trip, as with increasing fame
        more and more called to summon J’s presence. L’s
        heart was sore in J’s absence….for no other did
        L love so much in all the Land. L tried to tell
        of J’ travel’s to those who came to visit,
        though the story’s told were not as clear to
        those who heard them as before when the twins had
        always went together. Those who heard L tell of
        J’s good works were often later not sure of the
        ‘Why’ or the ‘How’ of the solution’s which J had
        arrived at in L’s telling…it seemed confusing
        and a confusion to them.

        It came to pass that J was summoned by those
        in a far off Land to come to help them, to which
        J agreed reluctantly. Being twins it was often
        the case that the one knew what thought the other
        even as that thought was first playing across the
        mind. So as J agreed to go, an unusaul fear
        in so going passed through J’s thought, as did at
        the same time a fear to be so very far away from
        J occured to L. Never before had J felt such,
        never a fear to go, Neither previously had L
        feared J’s absence yet suddenly both were taken
        by the same fear though neither knew why…
        Time passed…

        Finally L spoke, “sibling, though I fear this
        thing, you must needs go, the Land and the People
        will suffer – as before – if you do not. So then
        go, but return swiftly once the task is done,
        tarry not on the road home!”

        And so J left upon the road to far away, time
        passed…. and more time passed and more yet and
        J was not seen upon the road by any thereabouts.
        Many came to ask L wwere J was, what had happened
        but L knew no more than they and could not explain
        J’s absence to them. Still More time passed…

        As life went on it happened that the local
        folk encountered their own share of problems and
        in J’s absence, having no other recourse, they
        then came to L with these proiblems. L naturally
        tried to look back, into memory, to see the
        thread of what J had done on so many occaisons
        before and thereby help the People in J’s absence.
        Though occaionally it was the case that the
        problem at hand was so nearly similar to one that
        L had witnessed J attend to previously – and
        swiftly – for the benefit of all, too often it
        was the case that those who sought L’s aid left
        disappointed and angry, no better served than
        they had been before they came. In this L was
        wholly diligent and sincere in the effort to
        help, but it seemed that only J was so uniquely
        possesed of the skill neccessary to soothe and
        heal the hurt’s and the Heart’s of the Folk.

        Time passed, and more time as well and still
        none saw J to return along the road. The peolpe’s
        Heart”s were heavy for they feared for J, whom
        they all loved very much…but no word was
        forthcoming from that far away place to which
        J had travelled.

        Years passed and no one saw J coming Home
        upon the Great road which stretched over the
        Land. L was hearbroken in J’s absence and try
        as might L s sincere effort’s to help the
        peolpe in J’s absence came to less and less in
        the eyes of those who came. The skies over the
        Land darkened therefor and the folk came less
        and less to see L. Also, it became the case
        that – as the years passed – that L’s Heart
        hardened from the weight of so much effort to
        duplicate what L has seen J do so often and so
        easily, but which now seemed so very difficult
        and beyond reach. When Folk did come, L no
        longer cared to strive so much, to try to do as
        J had done…the spirit within fled In time.
        The grievances the people held against each
        other swelled and grew till all one heard was
        dire tales being told: Tales of Theft, Tales
        of Murder and finally, horror….Tales of WAR
        among the People. The Lives of Many and the
        Works of the hands of whole generations were
        lost in the WAR which followed…War IS Horror
        indeed, as can readily be told by any who have
        seen such….ever has it been so.

        The two main character’s of this story,
        J and L have names and though they are
        represented as People herein they are not.
        They are something else…

        ….They are instead two concepts, closely
        intertwined – actually, inextricably so – who
        Must Always be paired together else the weft
        and woof of life among the People…ALL Peoples
        everywhere, be shriven and civilization fail.
        Look around you today and see the result of
        J being absent from the World and it’s
        Peoples whilst L remains, cut off from J ‘s
        unique ability and talents, unable to be what
        it’s sibling was; unable to do what only
        J could. In the World today Peace and Harmony
        and Fellowship fail everywhere one looks.
        The Wicked and the Greedy flourish everywhere
        and the People are stripped of thier dignity
        more and more so with each passing day…
        Is this not so? If not, then where is it
        otherwise…but tell me, please, I beg you!

        What then ARE these two siblings?

        In the tale here told J is that which
        we call “Justice’ while L is that which we
        call “Law” Though closely twinned they are,
        neither the other is. And it is the case
        that, as in the story, when Justice goes
        far afield and does not return presently,
        that the Law – absent the close companionship
        of it’s sibling, Justice – is a poor
        substitute for it’s twin… the skies WILL
        darken, happiness WILL fade… and in the
        End, Horror will take us all, but that
        Justice return to the Land and again takes
        up residence amongst the People, there, to
        be reunited with it’s sibling….

        ….Twins INSEPERABLE!

        Therefor, When Justice is absent the
        Land, Law is seen to be an incompetent

        For Law is Not by it’s Nature Justice…

        ….Who HERE does not know this?

        TYRANASAURUS JOG…the guantlett is thrown down TODAY …for from tiny acorns are grown MIGHTY OAKS.

        Mac Slavo, it is NEAR to the time to let a little LIGHT out of the box that it was given to you in…soon; I always keep my WORD.

        • Mac, it is time to institute the 1000 word post limit. The site has become a vanity press for them as can’t make any more sense than Michael Foucault. Please !

        • Hello JOG….What a wonderful comparison for all of us to see!! (and) ‘You’ve got Mail’….(: take care CC.

          • Howdy CC!

            Good to hear from you Sweety…been a TAD ‘busy’ lately! I hope all is well with you Hon…till a little later then … 🙂


        • I do apologize for writing this off topic story but sometimes a little humor helps, that is if you find it to be funny.

          There were two grown twin brothers who lived with their Mother and one of the brothers had a cat called Kitty.

          One brother was quite sensitive and very thoughtful to their Mother and his little Kitty. The other twin brother was quite insensitive, rude and abrupt but at least he was around most of the time when the sensitive twin had to work out of town.

          One day, the sensitive twin had to go out of town for a week so he asked the insensitive brother to take very good care of their Mother and of course his dear little kitty. The sensitive brother said that he would call home everyday to see how they were doing.

          On the first day that he was away, the sensitive brother called and asked the insensitive brother how Kitty was doing and he replied fine, he asked how Mother was doing and he also said fine. The next day the sensitive brother called again and asked the same questions, the reply was the same, they are fine. On the third day when the sensitive brother called, he asked again how was kitty and the insensitive brother said he’s dead. My dear lord said the sensitive brother, how could you be so insensitive to blurt out something so devastating to me. He suggested that the insensitive brother could have let him down easy by stating that kitty was on the roof but he was sure he would come down soon. On the second day you could have told me that kitty was still on the roof but you managed to get some food up to him and you would again try to get him off the roof. On the third day you could have said that kitty apparently died painlessly in his sleep and that he was in heaven now. The insensitive brother said, yea, sure, I get it, sorry. The nice brother then asked how was Mother, the insensitive brother stated that she was on the roof.

          The moral to this story is, in order for there to be sensitivity then there must be insensitivity to compare it to. I don’t get it really but it sounds kinda good. Just playin.

        • …such a simple and yet complicated principle…Justice and Law…one cannot stand without the other…good one JOG

      48. Everyone should watch and watch again the videos from the Hidden Secrets of Money. Watch and pass on. Most people don’t realize what money or currency is and the only way the system keeps afloat is by our (middle class) labor. Money is created from nothing and we pay to have it created. So there.

      49. FA-I will not read any more of your posts. You just blabber away about the truth as your sick mind sees is, but I will neither read or reply to you again. You are dead to me.

      50. A very handsome man goes into a talent agent office and says “I want to be a star. Stage, Screen or TV. I don’t care.” The TA asks him his name. He replies. “Penis Van Lesbian.” The TA responds with, “Sir in my experience in the industry that name will not fly.” The guy is upset and states he will not change his name because it has been in his family for generations and storms out of the office. Five years later the TA gets a letter with a check for $50.000. It states thank you for your honesty. You were correct and I did change my name. This is a token of my appreciation. Signed Dick Van Dyke.

      51. I think there is one issue that ALL of us can completely agree on. The Constitution MUST NOT be compromised. It was desined to protect us, and each day something like BO care that demands we pay for something that we are suppose to have the Constitutional choice guaranteed for us, to choose to go to dr. quack or not, to be treated or not. Let’s not forget the evasion of privacy either. All of us can agree that our freedoms are what must be preserved and that each day those freedoms dwindle and are attacked by those control freaks. The elitists try to take the thorn of the Constitution out of their asses because this is the one item that is preventing them from totally enslaving all of us.

        • Be informed

          You’re absolutely right, my friend.

        • Good Evening BI,

          Truer words never were SPOKEN Friend!

          The Founders LEFT Tyranny behind when they embarked on the magnificent experiment which is this country. Surely, there were other attempts before that to create what they did…though none proved capable of bringing forth into the World what came ONLY from HERE.

          Time is VERY short now Friends…those who have LEACHED the World dry of all it’s wealth are well aware that a ‘clock is ticking’. When 200 people hold HALF of the Wealth of ALL Humanity surely there NEED BE no more ‘discussion’ of WHETHER ‘something’ is WRONG in the Land? Of course there IS something wrong…and few here indeed do not know what that ‘wrongness’ is.

          The Founder’s were a bright, talented bunch of People who worked within the limits of thier times and knowledge to create something wholly different than what had ever been….A PLACE wherein Human dignity was THE FIRST PRINCIPLE, founded on Individual EFFORT…not something added on as an ‘afterthought’. For all that they strove greatly, yet they failed in thier efforts. Was that failure a matter of conception – broadly – or something else?

          All here of good mien, of good character, know already that what was created then was good…and wholesome; Yet ‘Insufficient’, clearly. WHY?

          Here too, those here willing to scrutinize what those did then, already know the answer; Do you not? Yet what FORM can such an answer take…SPECIFICALLY. There lies the root of the problem, for at all times it is seen that those whose every breath centers on acquiring “!MOAR!”, will ever pervert the basis of Law and of Governance. Such is THIER Nature.

          THIS MUST STOP, FOREVER…else there will remain NONE to know the difference. As each of us grows in Life we CHANGE, so too must any Civilization CHANGE..or fall to decay…Ancient Rome and a myriad of others as well. In each case those who HAD ‘influence’ used it for thier own benefit…and not for the BENEFIT of the whole; such is simple, incontrovertible history. HOW DO WE CHANGE THIS? There IS a WAY.

          Dwell on that, I pray you. In ONE WEEK’S TIME a ‘New Light’ will come forth…there are not many avenue’a left such that Humanity does not SOON face EXTINCTION at it’s own hand; the knowledge of Man today is FORMIDABLE, horrifyingly so. A DECISION must be made by MANY, SOON or ALL will be lost…Everything…Everywher, 10,000 years of EFFORT…wasted.

          The Journey of a Thousand miles begins with but a SINGLE step…but it does not BEGIN at ALL unless that FIRST step IS TAKEN. I have invited Mac to consider what he has already been given…a new place from which to begin, a new basis, a new FOUNDATION upon which to build… I hope he takes it to Heart, soon…for Hope is fading from the Land, moreso with each passing breath each of us take, day by day…as the forces of Tyranny come ever closer tom thier goal; DOMINION, forever.

          A time to THINK is near to hand…THEN a time to ACT. Look into your Children’s and Grand-children’s eyes over the next week…and try to envisage WHAT thier fates will be in the World that the “Master’s of ALL” are constructing now…then you WILL decide, to the left…or to the right, whether you wish to or no.

          The Choice is yours….that is, until they make it for you.


          PS: to SATISFY those who ‘doubt’ I offer this: In the event that the release of the ‘New Way’ come as compulsion, then I will VANISH from you…forever. For what comes MUST come from the MANY…and not be the product of ONE alone, lest we REPEAT all of our failures of the past. As I said, a time of DECISION IS near to hand…so it is.

          • Sounds like one more with a Messiah Complex newager eh.

            Only I have the Top Secret Info plan! BUT I cant Tell you what it is! BUT Trust IN ME as The saviour.

            Or maybe like Jimmy Swaggert IE: “If people do not send Me 9 Million dollars in 10 days…I will be Taken from this world by God and All those who never donated me cash will suffer by the Loss of ME! Cause Only I Knows the secret Plans.

            All this time I thought Jesus Christ WAS the real true Plans! Silly Me eh…I should have donated to Jimmy Swagert and waited to discover a VOICE with all the answers to fix the world for good…Silly me.

            The entire world is On FIRE! Ragging out of control and ONLY I KNOW where to get WATER to Douse the Flames!

            BUT! I refuse to Tell anybody Where that water is for One More Week!! Then I rekon the fire aint so bad as we thought if it can wait a week longer.

        • I completely agree with you. POG must be having some hormonal fluxes and deficiencies with all the poison coming out of her. That is the only explanation that I can figure. She and one of her sidekicks can be mean, really mean, like a starving junkyard dog. She tends to be one tracked and with her, it is, ‘my way or the highway’. Watch how many red thumbs she is able to mobilize.

          • Anonomous:

            Attack the messenger; not the message.

            Rather than blame it on my hormones why don’t you show proof that what I write on this blog is not truth.

            When you can do that you will get a thumbs up from me.

            Incidentally, which anonomous are you? I suspect you are the one where the “poison came out in you” and forced you to write a scathing attack on fat people on a prior blog that I took to task for your ignorant post.

            None of my posts are “my way or the highway”; people here can make up their own minds, anonymous. I back up my posts with facts……don’t need to post any foolishness about anyones hormones.

      52. It’s all backwards, folks. Seems more and more each day I’ve woken up to a dream, not so much a dream perhaps, as a nightmare. That continues to remind me each day of exactly how little hope there really is. I laugh, uncontrollably, when I hear the same people who screamed “Bush is a tyrannical Nazi!”, defend perhaps the most autocratic administration this country has seen. I laugh at all this talk of how shocking A.H.C act is turning out to be, and how terrible the website is, when people have been screaming till they are blue in the face trying to tell you what it is, and the apparent logic is lost, of seeing every other institution run by the federal government either fail, or stumble violently along, yet expecting them to be competent enough to maintain 1/6th of the U.S. economy. Really, I can’t help but laugh at the irony of it all…if it wasn’t all so pitiful. It’s really shameful to see this country (of which I believe in it’s founding principles very strongly) run, operate, and act the way it does. I could see the rest of the world laughing at us, if they weren’t concerned that our insane, over protective, police-state dragnet wouldn’t point it’s aim them. So the question, I suppose, comes to this. What is to be done about it? Does one just bury themselves in a hole, spending their time and money preparing for this inevitable conclusion, or is there another option? Because I’ve found myself eying that shovel awfully hard lately.

      53. we’ve delayed building our mountain get away for 2 years now, because i’m afraid of what will happen to my job when this rolls out fully. I fully expect my salary to decrease, as my liabilities to lawsuit happy trash increases.

      54. My rates went up…for me and my family. Thanks Obama. As always, you did a bang up job. You stole from my right pocket, my left pocket, then just stopped letting me have any money at all that I’ve earned. So, yeh…thanks. I hope you and your idiot minions on capital hill are really proud of yourselves. One day you will have to answer for what you’ve done. I just hope I get to see that day. If not, when you meet your maker you can explain to Him why you destroyed one nation under God.

      55. As many of you already knew, not a shocker. Just prep hard folks. The Shit truly is about to Hit the Fan! Those of us with our eyes wide open, and not our asses in the air knew what was coming. For those who thought otherwise, I say, Good Luck! Don’t knock on my damn door! I have no sympathy or anything else for you.

      56. Obama has said today that if your current health insurance is cancelled, you should “just shop around.”

        • What an asshole.

      57. To those of you here who absolutely HATE both GW Bush AND Barack Hussein Obankster with EQUAL zeal, I APOLOGIZE for the course language and words I regularly use out of anger and frustration. I say this because if you hate both these d-bags equally then it’s because you’ve WOKEN-UP & REALIZED that both parties are nothing other than wholly-owned subsidiaries of Goldman Sachs & Friends.
        To such decent and well-informed fellow Americans (and patriots) I offer my sincerest ‘I’M SORRY!’

        I hope all of you can understand and relate to my anger, which comes from watching DAY IN and DAY OUT how constitutional rule of law is DESTROYED while sheer EVIL seems to have taken control of this land. Great evil generates great anger. I’m TIRED of watching cops shoot people’s pets and children without any accountability whatsoever, of seeing banksters actually REWARDED for financial fraud while WE have to pay for it. I’m FED UP with the constant LIES. And to think that at first I used to laugh at those who thought that our government was responsible for 9/11!

        NOW I KNOW it to be true.

        So I come onto this generous website, one of maybe THREE still remaining in the entire USSA that allows unmoderated comments, and unload my frustrations like an angry pitbull. That’s wrong.

        Reading through many of the comments here I realize that many of you are good people who are just as angry and frustrated as I am. I wish I could meet MORE like you, because I almost NEVER DO in everyday life and that fact’s made me reject my fellow citizens as being nothing but a pack of useless, gullible FOOLS and morons. Inevitably I kinda came to HATE EVERYTHING AMERICAN by extension.

        Sooo, to all those folks (and webmaster!) who coped with my comments by using patience, understanding and reason: THANKS FOR HELPING TO BRING ME BACK FROM THE EDGE OF INSANITY.

        I will try to focus on the P O S I T I V E from now on.

        • FA, I’ll be the first to accept your apology. I’m glad you finally realize the error of your ways and found that you’re in good company on this site. WE ARE ALL opposed to Obama, his predecessors, and everything they’ve been doing to destroy our country. Like you, the internet is the only place for the most part to find like-minded people who believe as you do. We are all opposed to the government’s policies and are no less disturbed than you are at the destruction of this nation. Pushing the ‘reset’ button isd the only hope I see for this nation. The system is far too corrupt, evil, rotten; too far gone to save it. We’ll have to start over from scratch and return this nation to the kind of rule we had when we first started right after the Revolutionary War. Instead of leaving the country, why not stay and stand with us and fight. not one of us are going to ever surrender to the NWO. Surrender is not an option; it’s not even in our vocabulary. War IS coming to this land and there’s no stopping it. Stand up and be counted. braveheart

          • Yea, this site i think most are awake, go to CNN for sheep, mind boggling sheep

        • FA

          I will give you a thumbs up on that statement,
          albeit with much trepidation.

          You have been firing on the friendlies. As such,
          you’ll have to forgive us if we seem gun shy to
          one comment toward making amends.

          If sincere, we can feel your anguish and rage
          against the machine, we are all consumed with
          the same predicament. Helplessness abounds,
          and we will welcome you with open hearts if
          that is what you truly seek.

          And by the way, change your handle to something
          more befitting a patriot. Please.

        • FA.

          We move on to better things. You are not alone.
          As I have said before.

          I was crazy when I got here, but I’m all right now!

        • FA
          See I knew you were a smart guy. No need to apologize.

        • FA.

          If you are sincere, then I am sorry too for saying you had ‘fungus of the gonads’. Sometimes people can say something before they think.

          I am not angry anymore. I have come to expect this stuff with the way today’s Democrats are. I am just preparing to play their game as less as possible.

          My health insurance is $1300 per month now. It will go up again and then probably get dropped. I know the premiums are escalating so that I look at the other options.

          America is what it is today. We just have to face the music and be ready. We owe that to our true Founding Fathers.

        • After reading your previous posts, followed by this, I have to ask this……Are you my Son?

          LOL my 21 year old is as angry and pissed as you. All your posts make a little more sense now.

        • I fucking HATE everything that is government. The government is so incredibly corrupt, they are also ineffective. Every level from local through the executive, ALL NEED TO BE PURGED AND RESET!

          Makes me so freakin mad i feel like loosing it!

          Every year it gets worse. Now the spying, and thugs with guns and the fucked up crooked judiciary, FUCK EM ALL


        • To FA: Amen and God Bless! All we really have at the end of the day is each other…and that is all we need.

        • I understand your anger & frustration. Keep in mind that what you see today is the result of decades of brainwashing & conditioning. The methods are countless & have obviously worked. Even some here still repeat the lies we’ve been told without ever questioning the source. However, don’t give in to anger. Use that energy more constructively. There are those who can be reached, who are open to the truth. Forget about those who want to bury their head in the sand – the day may come when those of us who are awake will have to rebuild this world. I’m prepared to face the coming storms – are you?

      58. I get so pissed every day thinking about all this stuff, that I went past my exit on I64 in Yorktown Va. area had to go to the Bush Gardens exit and circle back to get home! OMG!! Its getting that bad!

      59. « Breaking News »
        Supplemental defense funding requested for Iran strike

        DEBKAfile October 30, 2013, 3:57 PM (GMT+02:00)
        The defense-political cabinet holds an urgent meeting Wednesday to decide whether to accede to the defense ministry’s application to cancel the current defense budget cutback of 4 billion shekels (just below $1bn). DEBKAfile reports that the extra funding is requested to pay for the accelerated pace in recent weeks of IDF preparations for a possible military confrontation with Iran.

      60. Here’s what I think…

        Commie take over.
        All the NWO boys…it’s a global club and we are their slaves.
        Country does not matter anymore.
        China sucked up our factories..and they support the factories to make things so cheap America cannot compete. Planned collapse of the American economy.
        All the elite are buying metals and keep printing paper…all currencies to be brought down by derivatives at once.
        Global currency planned, backed by gold. Casheless society, transactional taxes. Fobs with tracking numbers that will act like physical currency.
        Chemtrails designed to weaken all our immune sys. Then codex alimentarious to decrease the nutrients. Then they release the latest engineered virus to wipe out about 3 billion.

        Obama passed all these exec. laws in prep for the US domestic war they will engineer..then in come the China and Russian UN peacekeepers… BAM…WE HAVE JUST BEEN INVADED. Then you have to turn in all your guns.
        They fire up the fema camps and kill off all the repubs and patriots.
        I always knew all you dems were commies.


        I researched this for three years straight….it’s what’s coming.

        • Talk about a madnight!

      61. This article has it all wrong from the beginning. The false statement of ten signs, com-on there is much more than ten signs. Maybe twenty-five signs or maybe fifty signs. In reality there is only one sign condensed. THE COMPLETE DOWNFALL OF THE LEAVE IT TO BEAVER LIFESTYLE OF america.


        NEED I SAY MORE?

      63. Now if everything collapses…. Just think of all the starving dems and Obama supporters.

        We’ll….. you know what to do..


        THESE are the people who enslaved you.

        • Yep, ill means test people before i share veggies with them, simple questionaire,,,
          Anything that smells of progressive, collectivist, liberal, or muslim extremist will get the special products!

      64. http://www.ijreview.com/2013/10/90806-doctors-treating-obamacare-like-plague-refusing-participate/

        Well…. we have the president of the United States who has never run a lemonade stand who is messing with the banking, car and now health care business.

        What could go wrong.
        OH yeah..now he’s in the web site business.
        How’s that working out for you?

        Think of all the entitled black folk who think they are getting new health care from St. Obummer. Stupid fools. Who will be their Dr. ? They need to get paid.

        That sense of entitlement and ..”I’m the customer”.

        Good luck with that.

        I bet many Dr’s will form their own groups and then you pay into their group…their own form of health insurance.

        It’s how it used to be…you just paid the Dr. and the hospital.

      65. “#5 Even if you are able to keep your job, there is no guarantee that your employer will continue to offer health insurance as an employee benefit. In fact, it is being reported that large numbers of employers have already decided to no longer offer health insurance to their employees because of Obamacare.”

        Inevitably, this will happen to someone here:

        “In 2013, the average annual premiums for employer-sponsored health insurance are $5,884 for single coverage and $16,351 for family coverage.”

        This means that when your employer-sponsored health insurance gets cut off, you are getting a $6000 PAY CUT. ($16000 if you have family coverage). This is money your employer SHOULD now ADD to your (yearly) pay. Don’t forget to remind your boss of this.

        Just be aware of this if your employer tries to pocket this money, and then raise his hands saying “It’s Obamacare! What can I do about it? My hands are tied.”

        If you have a copy of your original employment contract, re-read it.

      66. Hi, Will Obama be looking at my private medical records?
        : Rayann
        No, when you apply for insurance through the Health Insurance Marketplace, you cannot be denied coverage based on your age, gender, or health status, even if you have a pre-existing condition.
        : Dave
        Where can I get a test for herpes? Is that covered?
        Can I get health coverage for my dog pooky?
        You would to contact the insurance company that you choose to see if it is covered. You would contact your doctor to find out where you can have this test.
        Do you have any other questions that I can help you with?
        Will Obama care cover my gay lover who has the piles?
        Your Marketplace application should include members of your household who want or need coverage, including:
        Your spouse
        Children younger than 26 that will be on your plan, whether or not they live with you
        Your partner who needs health coverage
        Anyone you include on your tax return, even if he or she doesn’t live with you
        Anyone else younger than 21 who you take care of and lives with you


      67. In re point #5: Most of the big legacy employers were the muscle behind Obamacare, and what they really want is single payer. GM especially wants it to get out from under their obligations. So does Ford. And Generous Erectric. All big players in the Obama campaigns.

        Just mention that to help keep focus on how the country go here.

      68. Maybe someone has already addressed this perspective but something is up. Just speculation, but when the main stream corporate presstitutes start dissing Obama’s Healthcare plan, reporting leaked memos and start pushing poll numbers showing unfavorability rating you have to ask yourself, why? After being mute on all the scandals and unconstitutional acts why are they suddenly turning on him? Is the Cartel putting pressure on him to act on something they want? Maybe they realize that implementing this health care plan now may implode the economy to soon before they are set? Or am I just making a “mountain out of a mole hill” and just should go back to bed?

      69. Read this online..


        I’ll still have a job…because I unfuck large bus. computer systems. Business is booming.
        Dating hot women will be quite a bit easier….any decent looking guy with a job will be prime man material for them.
        I’ll dress like a prince and drive past the food lines of these who were watching TV while I was reading computer books.
        I’ll laugh at all the dems who thought Obummers was going to set them free…he was really tasked with enslaving us all to the NWO boys.

        Yeah… stop getting all bent out of shape on all this shit.
        What did you expect…they opened up the flood gates to the country and let all the foreigners in…you didn’t expect America to be the same?

        The commies fucked with religion and took Christ out of the schools….now you have people with zero moral values…what did you expect?…so stop getting unglued.

        The population is aging and all those who build the base roads and bridges are long dead…the folks who followed them have “MBAs” and zero welding skills.

        Take heart in the fact that the United States is collapsing.
        Only then…can we rebuild it and require that all be armed and we pass laws against offshoring jobs. We pass laws against having a high percentage of lawyers running the country….we need more plumbers and carpenters running the place.

        This is along slow collapse.

        I’ve lived my life in the age of currency collapse.
        We’re finally digging out of debt.
        It’s a long slow go..but we’re getting there.

        I just hope we make it before they have to jack the rates up.

        You’ve all been great…
        I’ll just say this…

        No factories, no jobs, no hope, no real education of tangible value, too many kumbya and not enough people who needed to be washed out.

        My big beef. Affirmative Action.
        I’ve always had to work with some AA hires and I get stuck doing all the work.
        Then they get all the bonuses.

        I threatened to walk at my place and got $12k in raises.
        They knew who was really doing the work.

        If I ran the country…
        Kick out all the foreigners…we don’t have enough work for our own guys.
        Law…no manufacturing outside the US. Hanging if you do.
        Required fire arm training for all.
        Official National religions… Anything Christian.
        No foreigners in any official office.

        We’ll I’m sure there’s more…

        I’ll end with this…


        Hence… everything is doomed to failure.

        BTW… Hey Jews… when you finally do own everything…. end everyone is poor and debt slaved to your Federal reserve…. then you’d better start to worry.

        Back in the day… the jews made everyone poor by releasing credit..then when you
        could not pay..they took your farm, home or business.

        Then with a nation poor.. along came Hitler and we know the rest of the story.

        History always repeats.. when the masses are slaves and poor….in time they will rise up.

        Funny… the Jews all want us to “Never forget”. Damn right…
        Nobody talks about why over 6 million of them got killed.
        They must have done something to piss off an entire nation.
        I’m tired of the lies of the victim bs.
        You all tried to enslave a bunch of hit headed Germans.
        You don’t fuck with these people. They have a temper and are quite

        thanks for letting us post Anon. No way could I ever really spill my guts and let everyone know how I really feel and those of many others i’ve talked with.


        • all probably very true, yes you will probably still have a job,.. but what I think your missing is, you will still be a slave, and probably more so because of what you do

        • WHEN IT ALL COLLAPSES If I might add, execution for any and all illegal aliens in the USA.
          Execution of any and all career welfare moochers,(not people who really need help, but people on welfare whose
          only reason for being on welfare is the large numbers of bastard welfare ghetto children they produce).
          Surgical sterilization of da baby momma and da baby daddy when the first bastard welfare ghetto child is shat into the world.
          Execution of CEOS who have moved factories out of America, pay unliveable wages, or price gouging.

      70. @ FA. You know what you say is absolutely true about being banned from web sites. I am quite civil, but extremely opininated and I sometimes mouth off with everything that is so wrong and I too have been banned from 3 web sites. I hate hypocrites, especially web sites that preach freedom of speech, then ban you when you step over their Miss Prissy little line. We are all so LUCKY to have one of the 3 or so FREE sites left in the country to go to.

        I say this again to everyone, please always think a kind thought for Mac, someone that still appreciates and lives by the First Amendment and the Constitution and runs a FREE web site that all of us can still enjoy in a country where political correctness and censorship has poisoned almost everyone. Two thumbs up again for SHTFPLAN.

        • Welcome to my world!

        • I haven’t been banned from any sites, but I get my posts removed all of the time, or warned. These sites have chosen to censor everything, then claim it’s part of their personal rules. No, it’s because they cowered, and now they play the game.

        • AMEN!

      71. The economy is already wrecked due to increasing energy costs and declining resources. Obamacare is just another fly in the ointment.

      72. Timothy: Increasing energy costs and declining resources have NOTHING at all to do with the failed economy. You cannot have a robust economy when you are deliberately shipping the factories and jobs offshore under Free Trade; and denying the development of America natural resources under the guise of “environmental protection”.

        That should be obvious to everyone, as it is elementary to the process of generating jobs and GDP in America.

        O’bummer Care is NOT just another “fly in the ointment”. It is a deliberate attempt to destroy 35% of what remains of the economy, while TRANSFORMING America into a totalitarian state.

        Get your O’bummer Chip by 2015 or no health acre for you! You can choose to take it in the hand or in the forehead, or you can choose not to take it at all.

        The NWO has Free Trade, but WE have Free Will. Engage!:-)

        • Durango kidd, please explain to me how long an infinite growth paradigm can last in a finite environment.

          Yes, I agree that shipping jobs overseas has contributed greatly to the decline of the FSoA. Regardless, the continued growth based policies of all nations and governments whether they be communistic or fascist in nature are irreconcilable with our current energy and resource predicaments.

          We cannot continue to grow and we must take every action now to stop our growth based system and start to relocalize our economies and resource bases. The alternative is starvation and global war.

            • I love it. Throw around enough hand-made graphs, (with no data), flash around some impressive-sounding acronyms like EROI, and you can always get a critical mass of people to believe you, so long as they don’t look behind the curtain. You even believe it yourself. Hey, it worked for Global Warming, why won’t it work for Peak Oil? And you can get some bitchin’ grants to use to support your academic jet-set lifestyles.

              People who invest in oil and gas production are not fools. If they ever think that they can’t get enough out of their investments, they’ll stop drilling faster than Democrats can pass a new tax bill. Are they? No, they are not. Around me, (gas country) they are building infrastructure that will take decades to amortize, and without a shred of government subsidy too, unlike, say, wind turbine builders and Solyndra. Does your Luis de Sousa have any skin in the game? No, he does not. He can make any outlandish claims he wants, and will never lose a dime over it. Indeed, as long as his disciples continue believing, he’ll get more money.
              Bottom, line, your “sources” are not only obsolete, they are full of used bull fodder.

              And somewhere, some smart psychologist/economist has a PhD thesis waiting for him. “How High-Gain Feedback Creates Intolerant Pseudo-Scientific Faith Communities”, or some such. Start with AlGore and work your way through Peak Oil to Peak Everything.

              But at least you gave me my laugh for the morning. Thanks for that.

              • This is not ‘Some Graphs with no data’. This information is available from many sources including the oil industry itself and several oil industry geologists.

                These are just recent articles. There are plenty more that have been published over a course of 30 years. And there are plenty of scientists and geologists to confirm the basic concepts being discussed.

                At some point, one needs to just realize no matter how many facts you put out there, people want anyone to blame but themselves and their own unsustainable life styles.

                We blew it. We took this one time endowment of cheap energy and threw a big world wide party, not thinking for a second what we would do when this energy ran out. Well it’s getting too expensive now (which is the only reason drilling for shale oil and fracking are profitable).

                The parties over and it’s time to pay the bill. But instead of accepting our fate, many people would rather just sit around and cast blame.

          • Timothy…most people still believe the US will be energy independent in a few years and that the Democrats are holding back development. Fact is, Obama granted more leases to bid on in the Gulf than any other pres.

            You start mentioning EROEI and their eyes glaze over. They think a trillion BOE of kerogen will save the economy when the EROEI on that resource falls to less than one and will never be used in any meaningful way.
            They fail to realize how fast the decline rate is on tight oil and shale gas wells is. US crude oil peaked in 1970 and will never reach that level again.

            I read that the Ghwar is 35% to 50% cut with water and the oil column is down to 40 feet from 350 feet.

            The whole world is in a rising resource crisis…from energy to clean water to food. The jobs will not be coming back even if people would work cheaper than the rest of the world. Besides, who needs more plastic junk in the Pacific trash vortex just to create “busywork” as jobs.

            As you said, you cannot have infinite growth on a finite planet. There is a world of hurt coming for everyone within the next decade or two, if not sooner.

            I keep harping on growing your own food and securing clean water but I truly believe most people think that there is a political or economic way to solve the world’s resource crunch and still keep their current lifestyle…many will starve…I will try not to be one of those.

            A bunker of food for 6 months or a year will not save anyone if they don’t already have the skills to survive the coming calamity already in place. There will be no “reset” back to anything like today’s standard of living. When the global supply chains break they will never come back.

            • Natural selection is coming.

            • Well, the Halfrian may have opened leases for bidding, but without permits to drill, they are worthless. And the permitting process is in reverse. Has been since 2009.

      73. “Don’t do this to me.” I don’t want to be in the special gov Olympics. I’ll buy my own medal and it won’t be bronze. They’ll just steal it anyway.

        I don’t think I have any shoes on…

      74. I loved what this country USED to stand for.
        R.I.P. America.
        21 GUN SALUTE.
        For those about to ROCK….FIRE!

      75. Braced for imminent nuclear accord with Iran, US pulls away from military option, IDF stays on the ready

        Israeli Air Force on the ready for Iran
        DEBKAfile Exclusive Report Oct 31, 2013, 9:52 AM (IDT)
        Israel’s high command, assuming that an American-Iranian nuclear accord is near its final stage, plans to continue preparations for a unilateral military strike on Iran’s nuclear program into 2014 – hence the IDF’s request for a supplemental NIS3.5bn (app. $1bn) defense budget this week. debkafile: The main body of the accord is complete. All the same, President Barack Obama plans to announce before Christmas that only partial agreement has been achieved and negotiations will continue – to avoid coming clean on the full scope of the deal with Tehran.

      76. This is how obamacare affected my life:

        Husband had a full time job
        I had a full time job (I have MS and this job was perfect for me because I have trouble walking)

        February, we start to see more taxes taken out of our checks

        March, Husband’s job cut to part time

        End of March, My job cut to part time

        Now things are a financial mess and we can barely afford to feed ourselves and child, let alone keep up with bills

        We live simply. We never had cable, cell phones, etc.

        July, Husband loses insurance from work, doesn’t matter cause now he can’t afford it anyway

        August, I lost my job. They can’t afford to keep me on.

        September, Husband still looking for work, I cannot find a job that I can do as of yet

        October, I take in babysitting, washing laundry for two elderly neighbors for extra money. I go back to making jewelry and selling it on ebay.

        Husband looking for under the pay table work

        No insurance, will not be enrolling in ACA

        This whole mess did NOT have to happen, did it? We were doing fine, then bam.

        Not giving up though.

        • Yikes! Is there anything I can do to help?

          • Do not go under the table. There be monsters.

        • LM–you are in my prayers.
          May God answer our prayers.

        • “Not giving up though”

          – The slogan of choice for true HEROES and WARRIORS. MY thoughts and prayers are with your family LM. Please hang in there.

          • Ill second that!

        • I read this after seeing a blog where one stupid woman was calling Obicare a godsend and declaring it “the right thing to do!” Arrrrggh!

          I wish she would read our stories and others like them. There’s no way that this is “the right thing to do!”

          Until June I too had a job and lost it as soon as the company found out what Obicare would cost them. You are right- this mess did NOT need to happen!

          The good news is, even the liberal press cannot hide this mess and was reporting on people losing insurance last night. I only wish they would be honest about folks like us who were also robbed of our livelihoods.

          Will be praying for you and your husband.

          FWIW You might also look at Etsy as a place to sell your jewelry. I am encouraging people to look there among other places to get their Christmas presents and to buy before Black Friday. One way to kick back at the corporatists and the White House is to refuse to be part of the Christmas buying-season. It may not be a killing blow, but a blow nevertheless to Obicare if the first Christmas after its roll out is a disaster for retailers. Simplify! Don’t go in debt! Make by hand or buy from artisans like LM!

        • Payment in advance, just in case she gets elected. They did the same with the present Dictator, too.

          What amazed me is that she sells her soul so cheap. The Vampire Squid could afford half a Billion.

        • VRF:

          In that same article it states Hillary also gave a speech in front of the CARLYLE GROUP.

          Look up who is in that group and what they are into. Their tentacles are everywhere there is any money.

          • Oh yeah I know all about the Carlyle Group..

            so sick of whats become of our countries government, so sad that something wasn’t done so many years earlier, not sure if I’ll still be alive when the smoke clears
            or my family.

            like Ive said before, No Fate

          • She is also involved with the Bilderbergs.

      77. Get ready for the tribulation. Prepare your hearts for the Lord’s second coming. Seek salvation in Him, and give your lives to Him. Jesus is the truth, way, and life.

        • JesusFollower:

          This is the best and most important advice on this or any other blog.


      78. Good Morning SHTF!

        If you are reading this, then you are on the right side of the grass. Today is a special day for I have reached another milestone. Turned SIXTY! Again it is time to ponder where I have been, where I am at, and what is in store for me in the future.
        As for the past, would I do it all over again?
        Sure would. Only that I wish I knew then what I know now.
        For the present. Life is good. I attribute that the having a wonderful wife for almost 34 years. Also I am still trying to be 20 with an older body and recuperation time is somewhat longer. To the future? I feel I have no control. There is too much crap going on in the world. Very little peace of mind. You would think life gets easier as it goes, but it don’t. Faster and more complicated. That is why I am most resistant to change and sit back and watch as others rush into the unknown without question. If you can still talk to your children, consider that a blessing. Hoping still, none of your bad traits were past on to them. We all have flaws.
        In reality, I see no future leaders of any worth.
        Our country continues to ride into the abyss with no objection. Except here at this forum. A minority to be possibly crushed by the ignorance of the masses.
        My readings here, tell me we are a good people and because we are good people, restrain from violence. We all know what needs to be done. We cling to what we have now, that being stability in our lives, knowing full well what happens when it all comes down. We have no DEFINED enemy. Bankers, Lawyers, Law enforcement, Blacks, Whites, Jews, Muslims, Gays, Have Nots, Neighbors and much more. We even turn on ourselves here at the forum.
        All and all I do remain cautiously optimistic for we have not hit rock bottom where change is forced to come of age. Until then we will continue to air our differences in type. To express ourselves with zeal and hope that change is for the better.

        We shall see.

        • Happy birthday slingshot! I am a Halloween baby too, but I am 7 years older that you today. My so called Golden Years are not turning out as I had planned, but I never expected the overthrow of our country to be an inside job either.

          • Happy Birthday Texan.

            Wishing you a special day. All Treats and no Tricks. ;o)

            • Thank you slingshot! All treats so far and a neighbor just brought me some homemade doughnuts! Yum.

        • Happy Birthday! 🙂

        • Hey, Slingshot! Happy Birthday! I’ll have a few beers for ya and wish ya well!

        • Slingshot!! Welcome to the sixties!! If only we could re-live those early years of Peace,Free love, and Freedom, life could have turned out much differently.

          Happy Birthday!!!!


        • Happy Birth Day Slingshot!
          Hindsight, yep, lifes funny isnt it, many decisions that we make it takes many years to see the ramifications,,,
          “A minority to be possibly crushed by the ignorance of the masses”
          It will be a miracle if i dont end up incarcerated or dead because of my resistant nature,
          But then again i also didnt figure i would live much past 40, now am staring at 50 in mere minutes in the big scheme,,
          Its really a shame that a concept so simple, personal liberty, can be considered objectionable to so many.
          2013, the last year, rebirth is on the wing

          • Kulafamer.

            50 in mere minutes? One leaving the 50’s and one beginning. Happy Birthday to you.

            I’m thinking about getting one of those Hover Rounds and armoring it up for the future where I load up with a shotgun and drive into glory. Can you imagine their faces when they see that?

        • Happy birthday slingshot! 🙂

      79. Thanks Guys.

        • 60 eh?

          congrats man

        • For your birthday a small gift of a language lesson:

          S’deen rozhdeen-eeyah teebyah! Happy Birthday (in Russian).

          Pohzh-drohv-lai-yoo! Congratulations!

          • Sigi.

            Cool and thanks. Made a copy to practice.

      80. cyber warfare

        attack of the home appliances

        Russia: Hidden chips ‘launch spam attacks from irons’


        “Cyber criminals are planting chips in electric irons and kettles to launch spam attacks, reports in Russia suggest.

        State-owned channel Rossiya 24 even showed footage of a technician opening up an iron included in a batch of Chinese imports to find a “spy chip” with what he called “a little microphone”. Its correspondent said the hidden devices were mostly being used to spread viruses, by connecting to any computer within a 200m (656ft) radius which were using unprotected Wi-Fi networks. Other products found to have rogue components reportedly included mobile phones and car dashboard cameras.:

        are these “cyber criminals” individuals/
        organized gangs ?
        the Chinese government ???

        • @Satori, that is spooky…

          If I choose to download an APP to my phone, my new dishwasher can communicate with the manufacturer’s call center via my phone, if there’s a problem. Evidently there’s a speaker in the dishwasher control panel that will transmit diagnostic tones to the mfg. At least I’ve been informed that there’s a chip in my dishwasher! I wonder what else it can do….

      81. *****MERS CoV UPDATE*****

        Patient with respiratory symptoms and travel history under CHP investigation


        this is a POSSIBLE case in Hong Kong

        and Saudi is reporting another case and death

        the Hong Kong case is a perfect example of how a pandemic will start and spread
        air travel will be the death of us

        MERS cans spread human to human
        but fortunately,so far, is spreads very poorly
        this is what is saving us from a world wide outbreak

        MERS Cases and Deaths,
        April 2012 – Present

        Current as of October 30, 2013, 9:00 AM EDTCountries Cases (Deaths)
        France 2 (1)
        Italy 1 (0)
        Jordan 2 (2)
        Qatar 7 (3)
        Saudi Arabia 121 (51)
        Tunisia 3 (1)
        United Kingdom (UK) 3 (2)
        United Arab Emirates (UAE) 6 (2)
        Total 145 (62)

      82. It’s all part of the plan. Anyone who’s done research into our TRUE history will look around & see the symptoms of a dying empire. Increased centralization of power, moral decay, a fiat currency that is less valuable than toilet paper, invasion & murder of foreign nations in the name of “freedom” – all that is left is the confiscation of firearms. I am now prepared for this day. Are you?

      83. I’ve lurked here for a while and this is my first comment. For the main thing, my hat is off for who runs this site, you are in the top 5 in my estimation. Now that I have read the majority of the articles and comments to them, this is what I’ve come away with. The vast number of people who comment have a lot on the ball as to what is happening here in our country and the world in general. For lack of a better term some here have very specialize skills pertaining to certain things (earthquakes, sun, finances, preparations, etc.), having said that, and the site is very lucky to have them. I have notice what are called trolls here can hit some buttons hard, but I see them as two types; A: ones who get off in doing that sort of thing and/or are paid to do just that. B : they are just jealous of the ones here who have seen the light and are prepared or are preparing for the future and they have not done one thing to do just that for themselves.
        Now my take on the events going on for what it is worth: The government, is truly out of control and have forgotten the Constitution completely and what it stands for; FREEDOM FROM TRANNY of the Government itself. Greed and One’s Power to control has replaced it in their minds, and that path leads right to destruction. I agree with some that say the telling time will be right before the Mid-Term election in 2014. Why; be it Democrats or Republicans (not much difference between them), if it looks like some or all of their power will be cut by outside the two parties (Tea Party, etc.), they will drop the hammer on us little people to stop that. In that I mean they will step up the pushing to get the masses to fire the first shot, so that Martial Law can be installed to take total control. From now on look for the pressure and False Flag events to increase in number and carnage, they will not give it up easily. Now baring some event like; WW3, Earthquake, CME, EMP, or someone dose fire the first shot (either side), things are going to get quiet intense between now and Nov, 2014. If everything stays the same as for the powers at the Mid-Terms, then in 2016, no matter who is elected President, with end 24 to 36 months from that time, it will be all over for the United States. Prepare your mind- your body- and your soul for the TIMES COMING!
        A huge THANK YOU for this site and allowing me to express my thoughts.

        • Welcome! 🙂

      84. Disasters that cancel each other out.
        How much do we really have to be concerned with?

        At the top of my list would be something extraterrestrial. Alien Invasion. Asteroid or comet hitting the earth. Solar flare. Alien invasion would be a hoot. Having them flying around doing all sorts of alien stuff. That smart guy in the wheelchair said to avoid contact. TOO LATE! We already have probes in deep space. SETI has been sending signals all over the skies.
        Then the comet issue. We will be able to see that coming along with that hidden planet. Reset those ICBM’s. Asteroids seem to come and go and a few hundred good size hits can do us all in. Let us not forget solar flares. The sun takes a good shit and we hope we are not on the side facing the impact when it hits.
        Getting down to earth. All those earthquakes shaking the crust. The whole Midwest about to slide into the gulf. Awakening volcanoes spewing ash into the air blotting out the sun causing firestorms across the planet. Al Gore would claim he was right about global warming. Throw some tsunami’s in to wash it all down. As the magnetic storms progress I can see myself riding along with the crust of the earth as it slides across the mantel like a rollercoaster. Then the earth flips upside down. I’ll be speaking Australian then. Foster’s Beer and G’day mate.
        Anybody thinking about ObamaCare?
        Progressing down the scale to World Wars which include
        Nuclear attacks. Fukushima doing a job on the Pacific.
        Arabs doing their Spring Cleaning of Christians. Russia and China flexing their military muscle.
        Then we have the birds, pigs and exotic microbes whipping up deadly mixes for us.
        The whole world is under financial duress and our government is arming up with new controlling laws in the wings.
        No more EBT or SNAPS. You’re on your own! No retirements, Social Security or Medicare.

        Just one thing left to do to cover it all.

        Keep prepping.

        • I don’t believe SETI sends signals, rather they compile vast amounts of incoming radio data and analyze it for signs of intelligence by looking for patterns in the radio data. Although I haven’t read up on SETI lately and they could be doing something new.

          Do you have a link?

          Regardless, all of the radio and TV communications throughout history have been traveling through space since they were first emitted. If there were aliens close enough to visit our planet there would be three scenarios:

          -They would have showed up already declaring peace or conflict
          -They would have deemed our intelligence too low to bother with us.
          -They would have discovered our violent nature and decided not to bother with us.

          I’m sure there are other scenarios, but realistically, if they were out there and able to travel to our infinitesimally small spot in the universe, we would know by now.

      85. Thanks to all for the supportive and friendly comments, particularly in light of all the verbal abuse I heaped upon you guys/gals.

        As for my continued use of this screen name, please note that I spell America with a K in order to draw a comparison with all things NAZI.

        THAT’S the Amerika that I reject; the war criminal, bankster nation of lies, torture and fraud that’s imposed upon us by our so-called ‘leaders’.

        The REAL America, spelled with a C and constituted by folks such as YOU ..is certainly still ALIVE & WELL. I would consider it an HONOR and a PRIVILEGE to fight & die alongside any of you if and when the time comes.

        PS: A special THANKS to Sgt Dale for his inspiring kindness & ability to MAKE SENSE!

        • Glad to have you…here there be tyrant haters…welcome to the club 😉

      86. @ Be Informed ~ 6.6 Taiwan ~ October 31st, 2013.
        The earthquakes still keep on a-coming.
        When did they first start, was it Sept. 23rd?
        I think I recall you stating that date.
        Interesting patterns.

      87. Google is going to fix the Obamacare website. Don’t that make you feel all warm and fuzzy?

        • …time to take names and pick targets…don’t forget/forgive those who collaborated with the tyrant…those who enabled the misery…paybacks are a’coming…carmas a’coming and shes POed

      88. While alot of well intentioned talk show hosts are focused exclusively on Obamacare, El Presidente is working with the RINOs, the Catholic church, various evangelicals, George Soros’ foundations, multinational corporations and the chambers of commerce to enact AMNESTY for illegal immigrants as fast as possible. Do not allow Obamacare to distract you!!

        We need to apply the heat to the clowns on the Potomac. We can stop this!

        But, if 11 to 33 MILLION illegals get amnesty, they will vote for the hardline Communists (to the left of Pelosi, Schumer, Jackson-Lee, Waxman, Sanders, Boxer, Sanchez, Melendez, Mikulski, Bloomberg, Emmanuel, Brown) at the state and federal levels until the end of the century. The children and grandchildren of libertarians and conservatives will be marginalized and oppressed, and we will lose the country. Expect a militarized, corrupt police force in every city. Expect higher taxes. Expect more crime, more gangs, more mob attacks, a more racist public school system that resembles Corcoran or Soledad.

        • Badges? we don’t need no stinkin’ badges!

      89. You all are just pissed that you will have to pay a little bit in taxes. You are all concerned more about your pocket books than you are about the welfare of your family and neighbors. It is disgusting. You people are no better than the greedy politicians running Congress.

        I know someone who’s insurance fucked them and won’t help pay for any of their cancer treatment. Obamacare is guaranteed to pay it for him.

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