10 Shocking Quotes About What QE3 Is Going To Do To America

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    Editor’s Note: The next round of mass money infusions to the US and global economy have begun. The following quotes compiled by Michael Snyder of The American Dream web site are from experts from all walks of life – mainstream economists, contrarian financial advisers and the central bank itself. Pay special attention to what Ben Bernanke has to say – it’s something we and many others have been warning about for quite some time. Bernanke is the architect of this so-called “recovery” and as he notes, the Fed’s power and scope are limited, because what we’re dealing with here is tens of trillions of dollars in debt and tens of millions of people without meaningful labor. While printing more money may extend the game a bit longer, it should be clear that nothing – NOTHING – they have tried has worked to resolve the fundamental problems facing the global economy. We’re simply kicking the can down the road a bit longer, and with each kick we are making the situation even worse. We had a chance to make it right in the late 1990’s. In 2008 it would have been painful but manageable. But no one wanted to to cause a panic. Now we are at a point where the debt is so immense, that it is no longer manageable. As several of the experts cited below forecast years ago, they will continue with quantitative easing to infinity – until the very moment that the entire system snaps at its breaking point. And then… all hell will break loose.

    Ready or not, QE3 is here, and the long-term effects of this reckless money printing by the Federal Reserve are going to be absolutely nightmarish.  The Federal Reserve is hoping that buying $40 billion worth of mortgage-backed securities per month will spur more lending and more economic activity.  But that didn’t happen with either QE1 or QE2.  Both times the banks just sat on most of the extra money.  As I pointed out the other day, U.S. banks are already sitting on $1.6 trillion in excess reserves.  So will pumping them up with more cash suddenly make them decide to start lending?  Of course not.  In addition, QE3 is not likely to produce many additional jobs.  As I showed in a previous article, the employment level did not jump up as a result of either QE1 or QE2.  So why will this time be different?  But what did happen under both QE1 and QE2 is that a lot of the money ended up pumping up the financial markets.  So once again we should see stock prices go up (at least in the short-term) and commodities such as gold, silver, food and oil should also rise.  But that also means that average American families will be paying more for the basic necessities that they buy on a regular basis.  The most dangerous aspect of QE3, however, is what it is going to do to the U.S. dollar.  Most of the rest of the world uses the U.S. dollar to conduct international trade, and by choosing to recklessly print money Ben Bernanke is severely damaging international confidence in our currency.  If at some point the rest of the world rejects the dollar and no longer wants to use it as a reserve currency we are going to be facing a crisis unlike anything we have ever seen before.  The real debate about QE3 should not be about whether or not it will help the economy a little bit in the short-term.  Rather, everyone should be talking about the long-term implications and about how QE3 is going to accelerate the destruction of the dollar.

    The following are 10 shocking quotes about what QE3 is going to do to America….

    #1 Ron Paul

    “It means we are weakening the dollar. We are trying to liquidate our debt through inflation. The consequence of what the Fed is doing is a lot more than just CPI. It has to do with malinvestment and people doing the wrong things at the wrong time. Believe me, there is plenty of that. The one thing that Bernanke has not achieved and it frustrates him, I can tell—is he gets no economic growth. He doesn’t do anything with the unemployment numbers. I think the country should have panicked over what the Fed is saying that we have lost control and the only thing we have left is massively creating new money out of thin air, which has not worked before, and is not going to work this time.”

    #2 Peter Schiff, CEO Of Euro Pacific Capital

    “This is a disastrous monetary policy; it’s kamikaze monetary policy”

    #3 Michael Pento, The Founder Of Pento Portfolio Strategies

    “This is the nuclear option for them. This is a never-ending weapon that is being fired at the middle class”

    #4 Donald Trump

    “People like me will benefit from this.”

    #5 Economist Anthony Randazzo

    “Quantitative easing—a fancy term for the Federal Reserve buying securities from predefined financial institutions, such as their investments in federal debt or mortgages—is fundamentally a regressive redistribution program that has been boosting wealth for those already engaged in the financial sector or those who already own homes, but passing little along to the rest of the economy. It is a primary driver of income inequality formed by crony capitalism. And it is hurting prospects for economic growth down the road by promoting malinvestments in the economy.”

    #6 John Williams Of Shadowstats.com

    “That’s absolutely nonsense.  The Fed is just propping up the banks.”

    #7 Marc Faber

    “I happen to believe that eventually we will have a systemic crisis and everything will collapse. But the question is really between here and then. Will everything collapse with Dow Jones 20,000 or 50,000 or 10 million? Mr. Bernanke is a money printer and, believe me, if Mr. Romney wins the election the next Fed chairman will also be a money printer. And so it will go on. The Europeans will print money. The Chinese will print money. Everybody will print money and the purchasing power of paper money will go down.”

    #8 Mesirow Financial Chief Economist Diane Swonk

    “I think this will end up being a trillion-dollar commitment by the Fed”

    #9 Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke

    “I want to be clear — While I think we can make a meaningful and significant contribution to reducing this problem, we can’t solve it. We don’t have tools that are strong enough to solve the unemployment problem”

    #10 Credit Rating Agency Egan-Jones

    “[T]he FED’s QE3 will stoke the stock market and commodity prices, but in our opinion will hurt the US economy and, by extension, credit quality. Issuing additional currency and depressing interest rates via the purchasing of MBS does little to raise the real GDP of the US, but does reduce the value of the dollar (because of the increase in money supply), and in turn increase the cost of commodities (see the recent rise in the prices of energy, gold, and other commodities). The increased cost of commodities will pressure profitability of businesses, and increase the costs of consumers thereby reducing consumer purchasing power. Hence, in our opinion QE3 will be detrimental to credit quality for the US….”

    We have reached a major turning point in the financial history of the United States.

    It would be hard to overstate how much damage that QE3 could potentially do to our financial system.  If the rest of the world decides at some point that they no longer have confidence in our dollars and our debt then we are finished.

    Sadly, the mainstream media does not seem to understand this, and most Americans gleefully believe whatever the mainstream media tells them.

    So what do you think about QE3?  Please feel free to post a comment with your opinion following this article….


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      1. this is your captin speaking ,please place your head between your legs and kiss your ass goodbye . thank you this has been your captin speaking

        • Ron Paul is a fool if he believes that Bernanke is actually attempting to stimulate the economy by “QE”.

          All QE does is protect the liquidity ratios of the banks. That is all that it has ever done.

          This time around Bernanke buys bad MBS as the banks move to foreclose on more American homeowners.

          As the banks move to foreclose on more American homes they create actual losses for themselves as these assets are marked to market.

          Therefore they need more cash to support the liquidity ratios. Instead of seeking new equity investors like most corporations do when they need more cash and their borrowing limits have been reached; Bernanke gives them OUR cash.

          It is theft, pure and simple.

          • Donald Trump said: ““People like me will benefit from this.”

            That is true. As the banks eliminate their bad assets, they will have more cash to loan to people like the Donald.

            People who are credit worthy.

            • John Williams said: ““That’s absolutely nonsense. The Fed is just propping up the banks.”

              Yes, John that is true. But John was screaming “hyperinflation” just last summer. There is NO hyperinflation, new ADDITIONAL dollars are not being created, and the economy is in danger of a deflationary collapse.

              The way a deflationary collapse is avoided is by the FED absorbing all of the bad MBS, clearing the banks balance sheets, and instructing them to begin making small business and consumer loans again.

            • Diane Wonk said: “I think this will end up being a trillion-dollar commitment by the Fed”.

              It may be more than that, but so what? It doesn’t matter if it is. When the FED buys these bad assets after they are marked to market, the new dollars that Bernanke creates only replaces the losses by the banks.

              He doesn’t insert new dollars into the economy at all, where the consumer would use them to buy things; increasing demand for goods and services.

              Remember that the definition of inflation is too many dollars in the hands of consumers chasing too few goods and services.

              EVENTUALLY the FED will sell these assets to other investors once their value has stablized, somewhere wayyy down the road.

              He IS however making the GB’s whole at OUR expense ….. again.

            • Egan Jones: Commodity prices are not being stoked by QE3; BIG MISTAKE, they have it WRONG! Probably intended to confuse the masses.

              Commodity price increases are the direct result of FREE TRADE which transfers American wealth to the Third World, increasing demand in the Third world for goods and services.

              Some of that wealth trickles down to the cheap labor who have not had any money before or not much of it (think China with more than 300 million consumers now with disposable income) and these people now want to buy KFC (chickens), Mickey D’s (beef), and want to feed their own herds grain.

              Another bogus argument intended to confuse the mass of Americans who do not know any better, and shift the blame to Bernanke (because WE hate him anyway), as to the real cause of inflation.

              My Peeps, its YOUR money being spent by someone else offshore because GWB allowed 42,400 factories and 60 million jobs to leave this country to enrich the very rich!

              Now you know the true cause of inflation.

            • It does not matter how they prop up the ponzi scheme, America’s fate was sealed decades ago. Our country has been deindustrialized via UN treaties, and the US is forced to keep pumping out all manner of foriegn aide, and absorbing the debts of others.

              They can print a zillion dollars if they want, it will only slow down the inevitable. And, the more they lie about it, the worse the final outcome will be. The parasites look at America, and know there really has been a free lunch, and once they have destroyed this country, they will move to a new host.

              Most of the people I know have zero clue what is happening, it’s sad.

            • DK…Beg to differ on the definition of inflation.Inflation is the expansion of the total monetary base not just the dollars in consumer hands.Also, don’t you think these banks are speculating in commodity futures with their newly sterilized Bernanke bucks? This will drive up prices also.

            • Bernanke said: “I want to be clear — While I think we can make a meaningful and significant contribution to reducing this problem, we can’t solve it. We don’t have tools that are strong enough to solve the unemployment problem”

              This is true.

              Bernanke cannot create jobs. Neither can he create a financial environment for jobs when fully one third of the American manufacturing sector has been stolen and shipped offshore.

              The loss of each one of those factories had a multiplier effect throughout the economy as small businesses, restaurants, and vendors who SUPPLIED these factories and their employees, went BK.

              Then these small businesses, restaurants, and vendors fired their employees. This is the vicious cycle that reverberates through the economy.

              Congress is responsible.

              I am surprised that DC is not burning with Congress in session! But that may happen yet.
              Engage your employees or be impoverished by them.

            • And JustMe, that 1 trillion would give 20 million for each of the lower 48 to start businesses to help those unemployed…realistically, wouldn’t that give a jump start to the economy more that this wasted effort?
              Which again proves the powers are not trying to help the economy; just one more giant step to destruction and more debt our next generations will be tied to.
              ‘It is what it is’.

            • Bernanke said: “I want to be clear — While I think we can make a meaningful and significant contribution to reducing this problem, we can’t solve it.
              ~~~We don’t have tools that are strong enough to solve the unemployment problem”~~~

              As my posts suggests, there is a way to do just that.

            • chit—I wish we had an edit –I meant billion per state, not million.
              I do believe 20 billion can jump start some major industries and manufacturing ventures…of course we’d need China’s permission first..we are so going into an extended, terrible depression, folks.
              Have you noticed prices?? Geeze.

            • I love it when so many fools thumb me down! Tell me you brainiacs; if all the dollars in circulation represent 100% of the wealth in America and the Middle Class has lost 40% of their wealth, what is the percentage of dollars that have been destroyed in America?

              This is not a trick question, you fucking morons, but take your time anyway! 🙂

            • The fact that so many people red-thumbed Durango’s 5:03 comment proves once again that 88.8% of preppers ALSO don’t understand economics and finance. His comment was EXACTLY spot-on.

            • You bring up a good point, but more than that, it’s about the inflation of gold. He, and others like him (G/soros comes to mind) are buying up ALL of the available gold. Coincidence? Nope. When the plan plays out in full effect, and the s/hits the fan, then gold is going to go to the moon. Most of the 1% are scooping it up. We 99%rs should grab the crumbs left on the table while we still can. And whatever you do, don’t BANK it. No safe deposit boxes…nothing like that. Keep it…hide it…make sure YOU and only YOU can find it in time of need. Small denominations will be the most useful. You don’t want to buy a loaf of bread with an ounce of gold!

          • Michael Snyder: I appreciate your efforts, as always, but you just parrot the platitudes of Alt Media and LSM puppets.

            You might be a great lawyer but you are a lousy economist. Those you quote with any substance, have by and large missed the mark as well.

            Please read my comments here and get the truth out to the Sheeple, who look to people like you for guidance.

            Give them some light: do not blindly follow the blind; or those who deliberately try to misdirect the American people.

            • The Great Depression lasted for 10 years because “experts” decided that they knew how to manage us out of it instead of just letting it run a natural course. Iceland decided back in 2008, to not manage themselves out of it (or pay the banks bailout) and while they have been struggling, they are healthier than the US or Europe.
              Natural selection allows strong and well managed companies to stay in business, the bailouts were thefts and rewards for poor management. If you reward bad behavior it WILL be repeated and now we are seeing the same types of dangerous/unstable derivitives and mortages being peddled again.

          • JRS: You can beg to differ with me about the definition of inflation, but you would be wrong. Inflation is not just the expansion of the monetary base.

            That expansion of the monetary base MUST be in the hands of consumers and they MUST be pushing demand, beyond the markets ability to produce the goods and services they demand, to create inflation: meaning that old production capacity has peaked and new production capacity is required.

            American industry is nowhere near capacity.

            BUT assuming that your definition were true, understand that the monetary base is NOT being expanded. De-leveraging destroys wealth.

            It especially destroys dollars.

            Bernanke is only REPLACING destroyed dollars. Not OUR dollars; not the dollars of the American homeowner in foreclosure, but he is REPLACING the dollars of the GB’s.

            • Beanie Baby Ben is full of more shit than a Christmas goose. Not counting all the government wastes that we can’t really put a finger on. Just the amounts of the bailouts since ’08 and the amounts spent on Islamic countries plus the billions that were fraudulent loans to “green companies”, and the billions sent to the UN; were kept and divided among each and every taxpayer; this nation would be exploding with growth.

            • Then there would be inflation. The overment should of just stay out of the way of the free market. It is capable of fixing itself..

            • With respect to jobs; We need to create things. An economy will only work if people “create” things. It is a function of labor or brainpower being combined with raw materials, to create a product of increased value.
              Our factories have been moved offshore. (not 100%, I understand).
              Homebuilding and autos have been the main driver where the average Joe can input his talents to create added value. Homebuilding is in the toilet.
              Think about this: How many people do you know who go to work and “make or build” things. EVERYTHING else that happens is just a function of supporting an economy that makes things.
              And Government at all levels, does not create value added. Government only “takes” resourses from the private economy. Even taxes paid by a gov employee is phony, because the money came from a producer to start with. Otherwise, we could just give everybody a fat Gov job. How stupid does that sound.
              We have to get back to making and creating things, not just selling products made offshore. This is War. We are competing with the world.
              Throwing money at the problem won’t work, and Uncle Ben has said as much. He’s the only one doing anything, because the congresscritters and boob in the Whitehouse havn’t got a clue.

            • Rick is right. The only people who create wealth are farmers, miners, and manufacturers. Everybody else is just moving that wealth around.

              The manufacturing sector actually hasn’t been doing too badly. My old employer (I’m retired now) supplies capital equipment ($100K to $1M a shot) for high tech manufacturing. 2011 and 2012 have been record sales years.

            • Agreed Rick:) But Government must establish a regulatory and tax environment that encourages business development and the creation of small businesses. It must be a fair business environment that rewards risk takers and penalizes those who fail.

              Congress has failed in this regard because they have rewarded their friends and themselves with OUR tax dollars, (crony capitalism); they have been bribed by lobbyists and Dual Citzens disregarding their responsibilities to US; they have bailed out the banks and nationalized their debts, but not their equity; and they have enacted a demonic trade system that strips Americans of jobs and wealth to subsidize the Uber Rich investment class.

              They have created a bogus tax system that extracts the highest percentage of taxes from those who can least afford it, allowing giant billion dollar multi-nationals to avoid the payment of any taxes; they have created a medical system that rewards Big Pharma and Big Medicine on the backs of the poor and the American family; and they have encouraged a MIC that rewards America for war.


              The Bible is filled with descriptions of nations, primarily generations of Israel, who have cheated their bretheran, exploited widows and orphans, squandered the nation’s wealth in corrupt and perverted living, and allowed the citizens to forsake the Lord and worship other gods; who are not God.

              Can judgement be far from US?

            • I think it was Billy Graham who said “If God doesn’t judge America, he will have to apologize to Sodom and Gamorra”.

            • Durango, what you post may or may not be accurate but one thing is certain, you are an egotistical a**hole.

          • Did you miss read what he actually said, you statements make no sense, read his statement again!

          • Durango Kidd, Ron Paul is not a fool, he is very careful in what he says. People that speak the truth have a habit of disappearing with our present push into communism.

            Obama is pushing communism, pure and simple, argue all you like, for what is, already is, and what you decide what is, is your choice.

            The focus should be on GOD. I have yet to understand how having a handful of people with all the money benefits the whole.

            There is a solution: No elections, move to a lottery, all people that want the job, can put their name in the hat.

            One hundred people as maximum for any business, as the max number of employees.

            One person can only own one business, period.

            One person can own one media outlet.

            And the government needs to also abide.


        • Thanks Captain, but I’d prefer a parachute!

        • For a currency to retain value, speculative or otherwise, it must stay within a certain proportion to the assets held/produced by the country, both the government and populace combined. The assets are reflected in gold reserves, oil, exports, GDP, and the overall strength of the economy and its ability to grow.
          Quantitative Easing, or the infusion of digital capital into the markets via the central banking scam, only dilutes the currency against its own asset base, rendering it progressively more and more useless. By employing simple grade school level math, anyone can see the crash course Keynesian methodology produces. I’m therefore a believer that what is occurring now has been deliberately engineered to contract the wealth and asset base back into the hands of the bankers and crash the world of the peasants, turning them deeper into slavery.

          • I agree. The plan is obvious. We will not be allowed to own transferable assets in the future under a cashless system. Only those who are connected will prosper. Whether or not this goes world wide for all nations is another question. People will revolt but to no avail as economies grind to a halt and food is hard to find. I can see this getting very ugly and it’s hard to draw a time line for these transitions. But the bankers must be saved at all costs! Ha Ha Ha Ha…….

          • Sterling Silver: What you say is true, but the key phrase is “the infusion of digital capital into the markets”.

            QE has not infused digital capital into the markets. QE has only infused digital capital into the banks. The banks are retaining that capital to support their liquidity ratios.

            The banks are not making that capital available to the market (consumers). That’s why there is no hyperinflation; not even double digit inflation, even though the bank bailout has continued unabated since 2008-2009.

          • Gravlore: If the dollar doesn’t decline considerably in value against the currency of OUR major trading partners, manufacturing jobs will not return to the USA and WE will not have a sustainable economic recovery.

            Like it or not, the reality is that under FREE TRADE a booming economy goes to the country with the cheap cost of capital, the cheapest cost of labor, and the most profitable business environment.

            Its a race to the bottom.

      2. i give it until 2013 maybe 2014 before it blows up in their faces.

        • look at the bright side. at least we have more time to prepare. the more time we have the better. i already have my list of names that i plan on calling to say “i told you so”.

          • Ive got a list of names too, but it aint going to go down like that…

            • VRF…you got it brother. ‘Scuse my French but payback is a m*therf*cker.

            • VRF and blackrifle- I’m 100 percent with you guys as well on that one, if you know what I mean.

            • I thought about that.IMO they are not that stupid.When it falls apart they will fly off to Asia perhaps with all the trillions they have stolen from the U.S. My guess is when thier Uncle Ben gives them the digital cash they buy hard assets somewhere so when downfall comes they are sitting pretty.

        • Martin Armstrong says that the next major turning of confidence is in 2015. Personally, based on what I read about China, Russia and other countries agreeing to settle oil trade in other than USD, I think that we’ll be lucky to get to 2015 without a major financial meltdown that will finish what started in 2007.

          • I”m guessing 6 months. What do spme of the others think?

            • 2, maybe 3??

            • I think we will be ok thru the elections for sure, they will pump money at that point and won’t care what happens. They have spent so much money it won’t matter a little more. So after the elections whoever wins will be either raising taxes like crazy on guess who? Us the middleclass and then we lose more jobs and people start buying stuff on credit and that keeps us at 0 on the chart, not gaining or losing GDP, thats what we are told but its really negative. Then after Christmas or right before with the middle east and superinflation everywhere and greece etc a war breaks out and its my guess what happens. Either riots and state control checkpoints for violence happens here and we are engaged in middle-east conflict. I could be completly wrong but that is my best guess. I personally think Israel will attack Iran without us at first then we will get dragged into it. IF the elections are rigged and romney gets in, israel and mittens attacks iran and it all begins. breakdown of everything. Thats my best guess trying to put the puzzle together. What do you guys think? Lets be adults here too.

        • Off topic, but may be of interest.

          New NBC show portrays U.S. life AFTER EMP blast

          Premiere tonight at 10:00 p.m.

          “The new NBC television show ‘Revolution’ portrays life in the former United States 15 years after an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) disables all electronics. Society collapses almost instantly and the country devolves into a collection of mutually hostile self-styled militias, private armies, and warring tribes.”


          • Get a job !

            • Guess I know what the “B” stands for!

            • LOLOL Daisy!!!

            • Sue B

              ? Who needs to be a job? Did I miss something?

              Take care

            • Daisy and Burt the Brit! … Thank you for the support!

              Sue the B. … I have a job thank you. MYOB!

            • Get a life SB. Sniping is easy. Say something of worth or STFU.

          • My husband and I are going to watch it. I really, really hope it makes him join me prepping. Or at least think about it more. Watching “The Walking Dead ” has helped a little. But I’m willing to try almost anything to get him on board.

            • JL…take him to see Obamas America 2016. Some of my friends have gone and seen it and now they don’t think I’m such a crackpot anymore. And make him sit through Meltup by the National Inflation Association. I recently commented that my good friend and I went to see the Obunghole movie and he called me the next day to get some silver. I know he was being polite to me all of these years but that movie scared him. Other people I know are coming out with their fears because of what is happening with the embasseys(sp.). People are scared but most get their news from MSM so they are very MISINFORMED as to what is really going on. Some..no..most…need a 2×4 in the head to wake up. You better start swingin JL.

            • @JL…You Go Girl!! Keep Prepping!…..Good Luck, CC

            • HIGHLY recommend the book “The Amateur” by Ed Klein. It’s more enlightening than 2016, IMHO.

            • Thanks for the encouraging words! It means a lot to me. But I have to complain about something. My mom said “Hopefully they will just put us in camps “. You all understand my reaction and how upset I was to hear that. My parents are only 55 & 56. What she said sickened me and upset me to no end. I live to far to do anything for them. But I know people on here will understand why I am so upset.

            • JL- it is very hard to be away from your parents when breakdown occurs. Just make sure you can have a enough gas if the gas station pumps were shutdown and have enough supplies in your car if something happened if your going to their location. I thought about it and its hard to figure that out. If you can its better to be with them in some cases and they drag us to camps. that will be the extreme part and probably wont happen to people that dont come out of their homes. I believe those will be for trouble makers and vandals. It could be and I dont think they are going to take to kill us. I dont think that will happen but could be wrong. Id rather be ready and leave work and leave my apartment with minimal things and scoot over to be with family. Family is most important. Get to them if things really go bad. If they dont prep try and get as much supplies as you can and get to them at the slightest breakout of really bad sign of things. You wouldn’t be morally right in the head and focused if you were thinking of your folks if Im ready you right. I left all my guns with my folks except for a couple and most of my stuff. Once things start to go south im heading mach speed to them. In worse case if there is a EMP blast I can pack enough stuff in my bags water and food and bike 400 miles to them. Might take me a few days but will make it. there are many of us in the same boat. be with family otherwise you will emotionally not be right and could breakdown and be seperated forever. do whats in your heart. dont liten to too many people. take ideas and make your decision on your own. you will know what to do. sorry for the grammer mistakes and long sentence. dont have contacts in

          • also off topic ,but i just finished “the jakarta pandemic”.it was a interesting read and made me think about how to deal with neighbors and friends who arent prepared when TSHTF. dont know if i would pay full price for it but if your library has it its worth reading.

          • Another way for them to make us look bad. But tbh if that happened that is what would happen those with more power ( firepower, and inhumane ideals ) will take power and hold power and guess what? They will roll over the rest just like the show showed. We are human and we are not the mose humane of spiecies. Note that after the show all of a sudden some news networks started showing prepper items on the news like ready buckets. Show was ok tho 🙂 granted they ruin it with those nifty little lockets.

        • We need to have faith in our leaders. Ben Bernanke has a PhD- and Barack Obama is AFRICAN american. Who am I to question the well educated and well minoritied.

          • Hhahaha , good one

          • I understand faith, but not in this context….

          • my question is this,,,,when do we stop being african,,mexican,asian and everything else and be just plain old AMERICANS,,

            • When it stops paying off.
              Yeah, yeah, I can hear the arguments now. But being hyphenated does get you to the front of the line and a free pass, for now.

          • Don’t you mean Buchwheat and Spanky???

        • you mean “our faces”

        • Crash and Burn, I sort of agree with you. My feelings are if B HO is re elected then we may be strung along until 2014 or so until it snaps. If Mitt Robme get’s in then the perfect thing to do will be to pull the plug after Mitt is in a few months. B HO can say it didn’t happen on his watch and Robme can say he inherited it. The sheep on both sides will kill each other arguing about it. My $5. wager is on early 2013.

          • I sure as heck hope you’re right. Sooner the better.

        • Nah, I wholeheartedly believe our ‘system’ will fail and end to be strong in any sector. But the question is… when? Personally I believe (from an historical perspective), that we will be affected very soon. But… by understanding that this culminated, in the most part, over the last decade, and that that could be the cycle that may be inevitable, then I think that we have until 2018-2020 until we implode. Yet, God truly only knows!!

          • Absolutely! The collapse that’s coming to America will only occur within the timeframe as God has set forth. We must remember that one day with God is like unto a thousand years with man. So, in reality, God has had a big day since the eleventh century.

            Now, on an individual basis, the S has already HTF for some. There are millions barely existing on their food stamp cards since loosing their homes and jobs. When that is taken away; Katie bar the doors! The ticking bomb will explode. When? Well, with all the indicators in place, it could be soon.

            Look at Greece; and all the people like Manos. Multiple families barely scraping out a living with not much hope in sight. Yes, it is sad but, gonna get a lot sadder and much more chaotic before it gets better.

            We prepare a little more each and everyday. We are prepared to ride out a two year storm if need be. We are going to visit a neighbor that has adjoining land (40 acres) and see what we can find out about where they stand. I haven’t seen them in the past ten years and it’s time to test the waters. There is too much good laying land with good water on it to ignore the possibility that, a gang/hoarde/group/travelers might find it and set up homestead between our residences.
            Hope we can see things eye to eye and find some common ground for making a contingency plan. We already have a problem with trespassing hunters. I don’t think many of those will stay around long when the magnums roar, and start flinging lead through the trees this fall.

        • the plan is for around taxday 2013.

      3. wait until the crops come in lower than they expected and food prices sky rocket then you will start to see it getting ready to explode

        • Evening All

          We too have experienced quantities easing but not to this extent. All it has done, and in my opinion all it will do is devalue the dollar/pound even further, giving less purchasing power and leading to much higher prices.

          I can’t see how this can work for the man in the street. I think the money needs to be vested in job creation and in growing businesses so they can have a chance of selling products in their own country thereby encouraging spending on ‘home grown’ products.

          Maybe I am just to simplistic

          Take care

          • Burt,

            It really is that simple. The morons in charge justify their existence my complicating it for the sheeple, yet, it really is that simple.

          • No, Burt. You are a positive thinker and that is the hardest part of preparing for the collapse. On some level we must continue to think positive on a smaller scale.

        • Yo C & B –

          You should have seen the looks on the customer’s faces there in line at the check-out over at the supermarket here today. The prices for the same basket of groceries keeps going up with each week that goes by. Folks were having a hard time accepting the totals quoted to them by the cashier. Some didn’t have enough money and were having to put items back.

          You don’t have to wait for anything amigo …. it’s all right here with us today. Soon, many will have a hard time putting food on the table even with the assistance of food stamps. 75% (or more) of all students in our school systems are now eligible for free breakfast and lunches while in school. That means that there are children coming to school hungry each and every morning.

          And this is just the beginning. Inflation and the really hard times are still ahead of us. Hang on to your hats. God Bless & good luck to all.

          • Whats up Mad Markie and hello to all. I have the 921 All American pressure canner. I just made a Delicious beef stew with “real” organic produce. Sadly the meat was store bought.

            But the point is a pint came to 1.25 to make. No long list of ingredients I can’t pronounce, no hidden unlisted ingredients. All should learn and consider this. I am also shocked at the price of provisions.

            • Recipe, please!!

        • Yup. Also, ranchers are taking their cattle to auction early and underweight because of lack of water and grass.

        • what crops????didnt drought and flooding do most of them in????

        • You know its funny(and off subject)…Ive been reserching the numbers from USDA and others for a radio spot I have coming up on the current corn/drought/grain situation and its odd.

          Total corn supply for US in 2012/2013 is about 11.98 billion bushels,that include a small carryover from last season of 160 million bushels…that makes this years crop down from last year about 13%(smallest crop since 1995) but its still the 8th largest corn crop on record…last year corn was about 3.50-3.75 a bushel…last week it was around 8.20,this week about 7.90,thats still over 100% price inflation in that market alone and remember yeilds are only down about 13%….food prices are going up cause they put corn in everything…still working on the small grain numbers but thus far they dont look too shabby….most all the corn growing nations crop seems to be up, looks like someones messing with us! 🙁

          • thanks for sharing that! all this is good stuff. This is not off topic at all. You did a really good job sharing that. Thanks. Im sure many on here do as well. this is related. Just like madmarkie was telling about the people in the supermarket who could not believe the prices of food. good stuff.

          • Good info REB! If it were not for all the gov backed corporate based ethanol plants, there would be no shortage of corn. It has been proven that there is no savings because of ethanol and it can screw up your vehicle over time.

            We are lucky that we have one old type full service gas station that sells gas with no ethanol. Most of the time it averages about a nickel more per gal. and it’s regular only. We get about 25 more miles to the tank and a big increase in hp.

            I have an old ’90 model F-350 with a 460ci gasser. It hates regular w/ethanol and burns thru it with less than 10 mpg. I have had to run midgrade or premium for years until I found out about the non-ethanol gas. The old work truck loves it and runs like a truck should. Getting almost 15 mpg with it. Ethanol gas sucks and there are some places increasing the ratio to as much as 15%.

      4. “We don’t have tools that are strong enough to solve the unemployment problem”
        Sure we do. Free us of the fed, all the alphabit organizations,spending,entitlements,taxs and regulations.
        Stay out of the average American’s lives.
        GET BACK TO THE CONSTITUTION and enforce it.

        • i see people protesting in alot of countries ,,,burning our flag,,but i havent seen any of them burning our money or food that beeen sent ,,,do any of you???/

        • RIGHT ON !!

          this is the way out

          too bad for them that they will all be gone, and the rule of law will put them all behind bars. because We The People will demand it

          I think thats what they fear the most..and so it should be

          lets bring it on..show em what we got

          • VRF and OLDSCHOOL- Great post! You bet when we run out of money we will not be sending corn to China or Africa or medical supplies or anything!! They will be screwed faster than a dewalt drill.

        • TPTB, beanie baby, Obama, and all the other elites can’t do that…even if it means signing cold checks.
          Know what that’d do to the unemployment figures??
          They would have to make up new lies.

          • jayjay, you got the picture “They would have to make up new lies”.

        • If the Gov gets out of the way, we’ll figure it out and make it happen. As a small business operator, I’m so sick and tired of manuveuring to stay out of Gov’s gunsights.
          Hey Government, YOUR my enemy!!! YOU are the problem!!!

      5. A picture of a $3 bill would have added to the farce that is QE3…

      6. When they propose globalism as the cure remember, it was globalism that caused this.

        • Sorry. Wrong ‘ism’. SOCIALISM caused this. Government and entitlement spending have grown faster than the economy could over the past 50 years.

          In 1950, US government spending was just under 24% of GDP. In 2012, it’s over 40% and growing…

          Public enemy #1 is an out of control federal government.


          • Globalists are communists, except for those that are fascists.

          • Tell me Mal, what is the percentage increase in the number of government employees between 1950 and 2012?

            Just asking 🙂

            • and dont forget the number now sucking off the government tit from than til now

            • Not sure what you’re driving at, but I could only find stats going back to 1962. 2.4 million civilian FTEs in ’62 and roughly 2.8 million today.

              It’s not the number of employees, it’s the outrageous promises made by our dear feds. 1976 was the first year entitlement spending surpassed defense spending as a percentage of GDP and it’s never looked back. Total revenues to the US government have held relatively steady since 1997 at between $2.1 to $2.5 trillion dollars a year. Entitlement spending since 2009 has eclipsed $2 trillion every year, meaning without entitlement reform, there is almost zero left for discretionary spending… unless the feds continue to pile on the debt, which they always do. And it’s only going to get worse as the baby boomers continue to age. What are the unfunded liabilities for medicare, medicaid, and social security? $75 to $100 trillion. The system is not sustainable.

              C’mon. You already know this! 🙂


            • Oh, DK, that was just on my mind and questioning also after Mal’s comment. I think about that a lot when discussions turn to shutting down the federal govt and the GDP % used here and there compared to the 60s.

            • JayJay: When people talk about “entitlement” spending that includes SS. I make too much money to collect SS, but I earned it while I was working for many decades and paying into the system.

              I “lent” that money to the federal government and if they were as good a fiduciary for my funds as they are for the retirement of Congress and government workers; they could afford to pay me and everyone else their due.

              It is corporate welfare that is ruining the country.

              For many years in the private sector the system was arranged (rigged) so that individuals must be “vested” and obtain that vestment after so many years of service.

              Unfortunately, and co-incidentally, many workers were/are terminated before vestment losing their retirement funds; but creating a bigger pie for the managers to divide.

              Members of Congress receive retirement benefits for life after just one term. WTF!!!??? So when I hear or read comments that somehow SS is out of control or that it wasn’t intended as a social “net”, I get real pissed off.

              Its time for the average American to collect his or her due, and its time for the fucking government to get their ass in gear or go to jail!!!

            • Yep DK, it’s time. On the subject of “why” the entitlements are “unfunded liabilities” we can’t forget about the huge overpayments that the public sector, via the unions, is taking out of the pie. Way more than was ever paid in.

          • So called free trade as practiced by countries with predatory trading rules had alot to do with this as did American unions which helped destroy industries. The American electrionics industry was attacked by Japan and Korea with the help of former high ranking govt. officials who upon leaving govt. became lobbiests that bribed our politicians to sell us out.The highest corporate tax rates have not been a smart policy either. Throw in mass third world immigration by the millions of those who cannot support themselves and we have todays mess. A silly, infantile electorate has also helped with the destruction.

      7. The Bernanke says he will buy mortgage backed securities. Sounds like a bank bail out to me. When will the banks nut up and take responsibility for their bad investments.

      8. I need some advice from the many wonderful folks on this site. Here is my situation and I need some advice:

        I live on the outskirts of the metropolitan DC area in Virginia. I do not want to be anywhere near DC when TSHTF. I was out and about over the weekend and it is amazing (1) the number of people in this metro area and (2) the number of people who are “asleep” and are not prepared for anything. Since many people here work for (indirectly or directly) the government (I DO NOT), everyone here has “the government will save us attitude”.

        This IS SO NOT the place to be right now as I believe that things are going to esclate quickly. My fiance owns a home here and it is in his name only. I am of the opinion we try to sell ASAP and if that doesn’t work, just let it go into foreclosure. I have excellent credit and I can purchase a home for us somewhere much safer that has a creek and some land that might actually grow something.

        I am looking more “long term and bigger picture” and I know that if we have a snowballs chance in hades of making it, we need to be near like minded people and have some land that will sustain us with crops and a few animals. He thinks that I am “going a little overboard” because he doesn’t keep up with the news and he is still somewhat asleep. (He is about half awake, thanks to me).

        So, my question is, if it were YOU, would you (A) work like mad to get out of here in the next two/three months or (B) sit tight where we are and just put all our money into preps and try to ride it out in Northern Virginia?

        I appreciate your feedback and comments. I really value the opinions on this forum and appreciate any and all advice you can give. Thanks

        • Southern Gal

          I am stuck in a very large city in the UK and I have no doubt in my mind that if I hade the chance I would be gone. As far from the city as I could be on a Lorre piece of land where we would be relatively safe from all those that will wake up the day after the ‘event’ happens.

          If your boyfriend is resistant, tell him it’s a holiday home, an investment for your joint future. If he disagrees find a man who shares your views lol. Only kidding. Seriously, you really are investing in your future if you have the chance to do this.

          Go for it girl.

          Take care

          • Jeeze this iPad is driving me mad. Sorry for the typos.

            Little piece of land.

            Take care

        • I just made a huge, sudden and dramatic move from the outskirts of Buffalo for the same reason. It just felt like time to bail. I took a beating financially but it really feels like the right decision.

          From my perspective, it looks like time is short – get the hell out of dodge if you can!

          • Southern Gal,
            Sorry you live so close to dc. I could never live there. My wife and I live in the outer edge of a southern town of 150,000. We will not be here when it goes bad. Does that help you make a decision on staying in the NE?

            From the dehydration talk the other day…
            My wife made dinner last night and we also ate 2 year old dehydrated peas. If you store them right they are supposed to last 25 years.

            • Thanks Bulldog!

              I’m grabbing bags of frozen veggies this week when I go to the store – looking forward to the new project!

              ~ D

            • Maybe this was already suggested. “Oven can” your dry staples. They will last 30 years.

            • JRS,
              I have heard people talk about oven canning. Can you give me a quick how to? We dehydrate, then vacuum seal with O2 packs and put the bag inside a mylar bag. it works great, but costs a little more.

          • Daisy

            Don’t say that, Sue will tell you to get a job as well

            Take care

        • @Southern Gal, this is my opinion – GET THE HELL AWAY FROM THERE!!! Get yourself a ready escape bag for just in case, but only you can tell when its time to leave or not. Find a State that seems to be fairing more economically and start looking for land and work.

          Good Luck to you and hope you can get him more awake before it’s too late.

        • I would of already been gone but I would try and get out ASAP. W. Virginia has a lot of very hardy folk that have had to live lean for many generations and for easterners will have a better chance than most in the times that come.

          I would think the worse possible thing would be for you to move out to a new place in unfamiliar local not knowing the locals and it all go down before you can prepare in your new home. I would think it would be better in that instance to just stock up on preps in place and be ready where you are then move and not have anything to survive in the new place.

          Remember this is going to be bad everywhere, so even in the new place, you would still need preps. Get prepped up where you are now and look for a new location to go if you are afforded the time. You can always move your stuff with you when you relocate if the world allows you the time. Good luck.

          • glacialhills:

            We were both born and raised in a small town on the Virginia/Tennessee border (Appalachian Mountains) and both grew up poor and on a farm. So we know how to survive in lean times as we both worked on the farm, baled hay, split firewood, canned, took care of animals, etc. We would be moving back to that area where we have family and friends.

            Since I work up about eight months ago, I have been prepping like mad. However, I know that will only carry us for 3 to maybe 6 months. We need to have land where we can grow food and have a few animals. Unfortunately, even though we are sort of outside the really urban area, we don’t have enough land for a crop or animals.

            I guess the real issue is I am ready to go *NOW* and my fiancee doesn’t feel the sense of urgency like I do. I am afraid once he feels the urgency, it will be too late because it will all be unfolding…and I will be the typical woman saying, “Damn it, I TOLD you this would happen and we needed to get out of here!” 😉

            • Yes, you are most definitely of the right state of mind Southern Gal, you need to just say, we are going back home…NOW.

              You sound like you know what it is gonna take to get through this in good shape, you just need to get the hell moving before its too late.

              You need to be having your family scouting for land for you right away and be ready to grab that good place when it pops up.

              I think with all that is happening right now with the protests in the Muslim world that when Israel attacks Iran in the next month it is gonna boil over.

              There are just too many signs that things are gonna go downhill before 2012 ends.

              You know what you have to do, You just need to do it.What is it going to take for your fiancee to finally see the writing on the wall,Take your pick there are hundreds of signs. Gas at 8 bucks a gallon when Iran shuts down the gulf? food gone from store shelves and no resupply because truckers can not afford to run or prices so high you cant buy it anyway? Government shutting down movement and travel or just declaring marshal law? Riots when EBT foodstamps or social security stops? EMP? by then you will not be able to leave and just be another casualty like the millions of others all around you living the DC gravy train. When that train goes off the tracks, that whole area will burn.

              Normalcy bias will be the downfall and death of most otherwise smart people. Tell him you don’t want him or you to be one of those that fails to act when you see the signs you are seeing. You can always move back and resume your NORMAL life when the world starts being NORMAL again.

            • I would make damn sure I moved far enough away from the possible “epicenter” of a nuclear explosion on Pennsylvania Avenue. Definitely inland at a higher elevation. Check out the proposed “flood” zones on the new Naval map that is attached to some of the sites with New Madrid Earthquake scenarios. It is a real possibility that this thing could blow and cause the Great Lakes to empty into the Atlantic via the Gulf of Mexico.

              I’m inland about 250 miles and at an elevation of a little over 2000 ft. but I’m still thinking about a flat bottom boat. If it were to happen, the sharks will eat good for a while and I wouldn’t be too far from salt water fishing. Anybody like shark fin soup?

              It’s good you are waking up to the real possibilities. Since it is apparent by your words that you are a believer and hopefully born again christian, then you should understand what it means to be “yoked equally” with your mate. It is crunch time and time for couples to be on the same page. All the good jobs,nice houses,cars and such; ain’t worth a dime if they keep you enslaved to a place that is hazardous to your well being. And from all the places I’ve been, within 25 miles of the “beltway”; sister you don’t want to be caught up in that kinda chaos when SHTF. Just sayin’. I wish you well and will say a prayer for you, Southern Gal.

          • This is where being a survivalist helps.

            Question to ask ones self.

            You have prepped, you have stored, you were ready, SHTF, o shit somethign went wrong your preps just burnt to the ground by a freak fire, tornado, hurricane, your ammo stash just got struck by lightning. Are you TRULY PREPARED?
            Think past your stores of food, and ammo. Can you walk into the woods with nothing but the cloths you wear and live? Can you provide for your family? Are you going to eat fluffy? poor fluffy 🙁

        • Gonna be tough to ride it out around DC when they don’t let you have the weapons you need to defend your preps from the horde. I’d move to the redoubt states (Montana,Idaho,Wyoming) if at all possible because of the mindset of the people there, but anywhere that has a low population density is better than where you are.

        • Well I would be scouting property in central West Virginia on the western slope. I’d buy 80 to 100 acres and I’ve seen some in that range for as little as $1k per acre. Its also 3 to 4 hours from DC and the road grades can be steep so it makes it harder to get to.

          I use to live in MD and worked in Chantilly, Va for a while so I have a good knowledge of the Mid-Atlantic region.

          I like having mobile capability so I would have the retreat to fall back to and retain the mobile in case you had to run from your retreat. By mobile I mean Travel Trailer self contained or Motorhome.

          The real trick to living there is to read the warning signs and get out within the first 18 hours post collapse. While everyone is still in shock and watching the news your arriving at your retreat.

          Good luck, I escaped that area in 1996.

          • Congrats on escaping…I moved here two years ago to be with him and have hated it ever since…but the things one will do for love 🙂

            I am lucky that my job allows me to live anywhere I can get access to high speed cable and within a reasonable distance of an airport. However jobs like mine are constantly being outsourced so who knows how long I (or any of us for that matter) will have a job.

            Thanks for the advice. Excellent points and I will look into all of them.

        • SG, your in a tough locale. I don’t have any good advice to give you as I don’t know your financial situation. If you left and went somewhere else you and your fiance will still have to find work in tough times. The house would probably languish on the market for a long time. Of course, in that area where there appears to be some job growth, the house might move faster. Hard to tell. Best to figure on if things get real bad, is to have a bug-out plan.

        • Hi Southern Gal,
          You need to listen to your own instincts because they are right! Get out of that awful city as far away as you can. Do what Burt says, convince your fiance that it’s a ‘summer/vacation’ home. You must trust your own convictions and listen to that interior voice; it’s there for a purpose; to guide and protect you. There is a purpose for all things in life and it is not for nothing that so many of us have woken or been woken up by our interior voices. I live within 100Km of a major city of more than 3 million people and within 20km of the largest/busiest traffic corridor in North America and let me tell you it gives me sleepness nights and I don’t even live in the US! The town I live in is over a 100k and I wish I could move north but it is out of the question for us due to family circumstances. I’ll just have to make the best of it. You, on the other hand sound like you are relatively free to go where you please and are not tied down with family concerns, sooooo, go for it! You’ll never be freer to make the right choices. Get out! You’ll be right in the path of those millions evacuating south out of the coastal cities to the northeast and there will be nothing that can protect you from that except distance and more distance. Good luck and God Bless!

          • Excellent advice. Thank you for responding with your thoughts and ideas.

        • @ Southern Gal;

          You might look at having things prepared for your initial escape out of Virginia.
          For example; pick out which vehicle you would want to take and the escape route out of your city. Maybe do a trial run and pack up your vehicle to see if all things fit, so you will know what will be quicker for you when you leave.

          Also., maybe have a rented storage shed in the area that you are looking at to stay or on your way thru.

          If the S**t does hit the fan., you might not have any problems looking for that place by the creek. Maybe.

          Best wishes and good luck !!! 🙂

        • @ Southern Gal
          It would not hurt to work like hell to have the ability to buy preps. It has been a long time since I was in Virginia, but the people were nice and down home. Time and the unknown is your enemy. Stresses you out. One thing I would not want is to be caught in the middle of a move so what ever decision you make you better have your significant other on board with you 100%. If you do move, you want the move as fast as possible. I am against a foreclosure. Why not rent it. Even at a low rental payment you may still have some income from it instead of a complete loss. If it all goes to hell, no need to worry about the property anymore. Storage units may be part of a plan depending on how much stuff you have accumulated. Get set up and go back for the rest of it.
          Good Luck.

          • I was in Virginia and DC area about 5 years ago. I must say , most of that state is not somewhere I would want to spend alot of time.The thought would constantly have me in fear. I was fascinated by the Virginia Beach/Norfolk/eastern shore area, but I honestly had a very strange feeling until I got further inland. Than there was Richmond area! not nice, this was after being up delaware and baltimore , eastern shore of maryland area. My advice is to leave this area now. I did like going to Appomattox, and throught the western mountain area though.

        • Southern Gal, I’m sorry to scare you but if it were me I would be gone from there no matter what. Tell me another place that’s a better target for a nuke weather from a real terrorist or a false flag from any one of the traitors among our ranks.

          I would put wall street as No. 1 and D.C. as No. 2

          Best of luck in the tough decision.

        • Southern Gal
          It sounds like you already know what your instincts are telling you (move). Listen to them.
          One thing to think about. When the sheeple awake, there will be a huge amount of anger unleashed towards the government and it is likely to turn ugly. Look at what has been happening at other capital cities. I certainly wouldn’t want to be stuck in such a sitting target.

        • why are you waiting so long?

        • Southern Gal,

          If I were in your position, I would at least try to get away from the DC area. When SHTF, it will be locked down tighter than you may want to imagine. If you have seen the GRAY STATE movie trailer, that is what DC will be like.

          Another thing to consider, that no one really thinks about, is when the mid-East blows up, whether it’s a major power, or some terror cell, are going to hit DC hard. Russia and China are not going to sit around and watch the US take over the world, because they know they are already on the list, so one of them may just nuke DC. Any number of mid-East types would love to pop something dirty there.

          So, if you end up staying there, at least make sure you have some Potassium Iodide. Lots of zombies in the area, too, so put back a few rounds of ammo.

          • JustMe:

            I just watched “The Grey State” trailer…now I have total resolve to get the h*** out of here. I hope to God that it never gets to that point… but if it does, I want to be back in my beloved East Tennessee mountains when it all goes down.

            I am now on a mission. Thanks.

        • Southern Gal: You are in the belly of the beast. If the SHTF, your area would be one the most secure areas in the country given the high number of military and governmental employees.

          I do not expect any big events domestically in the next three months. War is a possibility but that would only increase your local economy.

          “Northern VA” covers a lot of ground. I haven’t been in the DC area since my military days. I wouldn’t want to be in Alexandria, Silver Hill, or there about.

          If I had to live there, I would want to be on the west or northwest side of the City (DC) towards PA and hill country. If you and your fiancee are both working inside the beltway, you might try to relocate and rent your current house. I suspect your area has a strong rental market.

          Long term, because eventually the SWHTF, I would go within and decide where I would want to be if the lights went out from say, an EMP, and then decide where I want to be, how I am going to get there, and what do I do once I am there.

          In the long run WE are all dead, but if you have to survive, where is the best place for you to do that? One more thing:

          You will need to be there, to get there.

        • Southern Gal, I lived in the burbs of DC and left almost 30 years ago. It was an ever-increasing rat race even back then and it made no sense to live that way. We sold out and found a place in the country and have never regretted relocating.

          As you probably realize, DC is one of the top ‘targets’ so it’s not just the grid-lock and population that makes it one of the worst cities to be stuck in during a crisis or disaster. If the decision were mine to make, I would leave the area. I say this because I already DID leave the area and speak from experience. Ultimately, though, you need to make your own decision based upon your own situation. Sounds like you are weighing your alternatives, so be confident with yourself and you will make the right choice.

        • My opinion isn’t worth much…bottom line?? Are you that comfortable financially that you can lose your equity??
          Because we just were turned down for a re-fi– they paid for the appraisal after I complained a bit– and with our high appraisal(which was 18,000 over what we paid 5 years ago), we can not just walk away, even if someone offered a great deal on some land.
          Sell?? Oh, yeah, but not just give it away.
          Just my 3 cents, though.

        • If you can do it go west,get over the mountains into WV/TN/KY….I dont have to tell you what DC will be like after SHTF,I wouldnt panic but I wouldnt procrastinate either,hope it works out! 🙂

        • If the mortgage is upside down then this is a no brainer. Move out, let it go into forclosure but rent it out and keep collecting the rent until the bank sale comes up. Dishonest but everyone else is doing it and the banks are too stupid and lazy to enforce the assignment of rent clause in the note.

      9. Motto of the Federal Reserve:

        Making it harder and harder to put food on your table since 1913.

      10. With corn prices rising, I wounder what other form of oil that will be used to lube condoms ? It’s not worth livin no more fellas !

      11. I think Faber has it right. If the Dow hits 30,000 and the markets crash 66% we are still at 10,000 on the Dow. Its an illusion. I can guaranty your investment will not go up by 66% and when it crashes, I can guaranty you will have less then 30% of your net asset value as of 09/13/2012.

        The Dow doesn’t translate into an increase in your account. Has your savings, 401K, IRA or pension increased by 36% since April 2009?? Has your account increased 36% since August 2008? I didn’t think so.

        Unless your a Whale of an investor (more then 10 million)you don’t even have a chip in the game. The illusion is to make you think you have a chip in the game.

        • PO: You are so right. If you are not a big player you are feeding the TPTB. They play with OPM and that my friend is yours. So get OUT, you will not get RICH in the markets. THE HOUSE ALWAYS WINS! Pull your money out while you can before they close the doors. Like I said in an early post, they are getting every cent they can from you. Everyone should know they are laughing all the way to the offshore places they live at WITH YOUR MONEY. It’s time to shut it down. Pull it out or lose it, it’s your choice!

        • They also can now take even segregated accounts to cover loses by the brokerage or bank for their bad decisions. MF Global did that and the courts found it legal. Any accout is now fair game for confiscation.

        • I have estimated on chart simulations that to flatten out the long term price , the dow will have to sore to about 450,000 and could go no lower than 50,000 after that initial spike to flatten out the bubble created since nixon defaulted on the greenback in the 70s. thats assuming that this fiat system could survive such a shock. this is not good. hyper inflation is just around the corner.

          • Everything is relative. Making $250k a year in Florida is rich. Making $250k a year and living in Manhattan is poverty.

            The DJIA can go anywhere now because there are no fundamentals and the average PE ratio 23:1 so the book values are all distorted.

            Translation: If your connected to the markets in any way you will lose. The only question is when and how much?

      12. What number comes after trillion? Didnt think we needed to know four years ago.

        • Million
          Decillion is a 1 with 34 zeros.

          See what we have to look forward to.

          We’ll be going into a store and saying, hey buddy, can you break a Quintillion?

          • ooops, forgot Trillion.

          • You left out gazillion…

          • i want to be the first multi-sextillionaire!

        • quadrillion

        • A Trillion and one?

          • You’re not so dumb.

          • Bingo!

        • quadrillion

      13. When I was 8 year old, me and friends would dig into the sides of bluffs and find sandstones. We used the sandstones to trade with each other for bicycles, marbles, wagons. That started in the spring and continued on through the summer.

        In the Fall, a neighborhood a mile away was doing the same. They must not have had as many easy to find sandstones. One kid died in a cave-in. We were seriously into mining for sandstones.

        The next Spring I located a unique tree down by the water. I sat up a comfortable and inviting place for relaxing for all the other kids. I cajoled them into trading their sandstones for my special leaves. I ended up with all the sandstones.

        The fun was over after that. That’s how it goes.

      14. I leave about 25 miles outside columbia, sc, population 300,000. I have a pretty secuded place but still worried about being attacked for my preps. In your opinion, is the SE too dangerous?

        • hey there! I’m in your neck of the woods, Irmo. would love to meet up if we can.

        • grannie, it really depends on how fast you and grandpaw can run. I too live about 25 miles from a large city (Charlotte) but I feel somewhat comfortable here. However I am prepared to disappear for a while if need be. I have a daughter working in Columbia and I tell her all the time to keep the car filled with gas so she can get home fast.

          Good Luck!

          • at that point i believe columbia will be a safter place to be. you might want to join her rather than have her come back to this fucked up country after shit has hit the fan.

            • Thanks josh, but I’m not in Mecklenburg co. I am in a rural setting, far from a major road, I’ll take my chances here.

      15. Re: the previous article: we’ll go war to protect the us dollar as the reserve currency which must be used for oil (though I know India paid Iran in gold for oil). If the $ wasn’t already DOA, this QE, which will end up being far more than the1 trillion mentioned above, is the nail in the coffin. Sooo….TPTB are really fighting to maintain the control to name whatever will replace the $. Yes?

        • They already have the “AmeroDollar” proposed, for North America, and the main office of the World Bank already has a proposed World Dollar. Most likely, they will just push everyone cashless. Sweden already took the bait, and is going cashless now…

          • I’m cashless about 4 days before each payday.

          • JustMe: Right you are, and The Bernank is destroying more dollars than he is creating. The FED will most likely try to impose a total digital dollar after their banking franchise is renewed under Mitt.

            • I’ve always wondered how they would do it. A quick survey of world events might lead one to believe some sort of manufactured catastrophy is on the way. It would be fairly easy to just create a new law that dealing in cash is illegal.

            • The only reason all the QE crap has not translated into inflation is the banks are not lending but sitting on the money and getting rich off the float or using it to inflate the stock market. If that money is ever released into the economy look out.

            • John W: You are right, the banks are using their excess cash to push the stock markets to paint the illusion of recovery and make excess profits, but these excess reserves are primarily intended to cover the extensive losses coming with the Second Wave.

              Tsunami Alert!

      16. Hello Everyone ! I have had to entirely re-evaluate my prepping. On June 28th…our home burned to the ground. My 6 months worth of food….gone. All of my ammunition…gone. Spare jeans, undies, sox, cold weather gear, bows, arrows, etc gone. Even my guns that were in the “fireproof gun safe” were damaged. Cooked the bluing off the top 12 inches of the barrels. Finish on teh stocks on the door side of the safe….discolored….on the back side of the safe….like new. So…we are now starting over. Purchased a 5th wheel travel trailer…which we now have on the property. I have the power restored….& the trailer is now operational. It is good to be out of LaQuinta after 11 weeks ! So we now have a way to bug out….& take our home with us. I’m needing to restock food, & ammo as quick as I can. There is just so much to do that it seems pretty overwhelming sometimes. When you loose almost everything that you own but the clothes on your back…..& you are 55 years old….it sure seems like a big hill to climb to get prepared. If any of you out there have been doing the RV lifestyle….& have some ideas what to store…& how to store it , please let me know. Both space & weight are a factor….as you can only physically fit so much “stuff” into a limited space. We do plan to rebuild….but I still need to sift through the debris …& then do the demolition…before I can focus on rebuilding. I think that the two biggest lessons I have learned are :
        1) don’t have all your eggs in one basket.
        2) Anything you do not have in a fireproof safe…is gone
        I recommend that all of you walk outside your home ….look at it, & imagine that all you have left is the clothes on your back….& what you have in a fire proof safe. What…no safe ??? We had 3 safes…..& that’s pretty much all we have left…is what was in there. If you don’t have fireproof safes….you really need to consider investing some $$ ASAP. Trust me…it is worth the investment. Keep Preppin Y’all
        Montgomery County Texas

        • Sending prayers to you and your family.

          You are truly living the SHTF.

          • Random

            So sorry to hear you news. Is there anything we/I can do to help you?

            Take care

            • Hey they found Richard the Third buried in a parking lot in Leicester buried just where their research calculated he would be. He had been killed in battle just like all the accounst said, arrow in the back and a coup de grace to the head. Your country has some fascinating history. It also has a crap load of Muslims so that it is very dangerous to go in many areas. Especially for an unaccompanied woman. A friend of mine from Kent gets real upset how things have changed.

            • John W: Those aren’t immigrant Muslims; those are New Global Citizens intended to change British Demographics on behalf of the NWO.

              The UK will know that Shia Law has come to the Land of The Magna Carta, when the photographer who took the bare breasted photos of Kate the Kommoner is beheaded in the center of the City while the mayor stands by in approval.

              Burt please send me copies of these photos of Kate, I am sure they are better than anything Playboy has on the shelf. Thanks. 🙂

        • RT ~

          I am so sorry to hear about your home. Thank you for sharing the lessons you learned from this – it really makes me think!

          Hopefully Lady Hawk shows up – she has been doing the RV thing for years!

          Best of luck to you –

          ~ D

          • DK

            The UK WILL NOT know sharia law whilst people like myself live and breathe. Whilst we may be short on preppers. We are not sort of people, men and women who are willing to fight for their country.

            Take care

            • There is an arguments about

              Ammo starting below do not experiment

              Yes smallarms ammo does shoot off

              In a fire but can still can cause injury

              And loss of life. This i have been forced to see

            • Meant Does NOT Shoot off. Keyboard again

        • Random:

          I am so sorry for your loss…I can’t imagine going through that scenario and still having the good spirit that you have. Is there any way I can donate to your effort? If there is, please let me know. I want to help fellow preppers any way I can. Unfortunately since I am new to prepping, I don’t have any good advice for you.

          But thank you for sharing your story and providing the two excellent points of wisdom.

          • STUPID !!!!!

            • Rich00,

              So if you lost everything you had, I guess i could you get on this site and call you a liar???????????

              You have not heart.. Could you please go somewhere else to piss on people fluffy Or would be fluffer….


            • You know, I’m no Rich99 fan but is Rich99 this much of a jerk? Rich is more of a devil’s advocate – this is outright mean.


            • Once again, Go Away.

        • I feel your pain, I was where your at now, 15 years ago.
          I hope you had insurance, and ryders for your guns and such..also try very hard to get to your limit on your contents, and dont let the insurance company handle your rebuilding or the contractors..be involved and do it yourself and tell them who you are going to use..not the other way around.

          its definetly not a fun place to be..took me a year to get back into my new home, and there were always things that could not be replaced

          just look at the good part..no one got hurt or killed (at least as to what you wrote, and i do hope that is true)

          prayers sent

        • sorry to hear that, after one year of preping and still felling overwhelmed i cant even begin to comprehend starting over, best of luck and god speed to you and yours

        • This is a bullshit story……be warned …..if he had ammo in the house when it caught fire there would have been a neighborhood problem……..that is a bullshit story !!!!!

          • My ammo never went off either..it wasnt directly in the flames..it was in a gun safe

            even if you throw a hand full (stupid move , yes) into the fire it takes a while for it to go off..

            if there was anything to insulate direct impingement it more then likely wont go off..

            And i can prove my fire..its a matter of record..not that I care what you think..

            • BTW Rich99..if what you thought was true, you would hear way more about it in housefires than you do..dont you think so?

              especially with as many gun owners as there are in the USofA..there would be many reports of ammo going off in home fires than you hear about.

              sorry pal..i know this is gonna bug the piss oua you..but it is what it is

            • Besides Rich, I have nothing to gain by saying any of this..it wasnt my house that burned (in this post, mine was 15 years ago)..and I have no idea who this person is.And Im not defending them
              But what Im saying is factual.

            • Yea …I had the ammo in a Homak locker …that I used to store my guns in for many years. All the ammo went off ….did not really go anywhere .. But they said they could hear it . My wife’s colt 38 special was loaded , & on the headboard ….when hat ammo went off it busted up the gun. The other 3 guns that were not in the safe were 1) a Marlin Goose Gun …with the 36″ barrel it did not fit ! 2) the moss erg 500 riot shotgun & 3) an original MAC 10 , in OD Green manufactured in Stevenville TX . I had the Mac out recently …& it was still in the plastic case I carried it in . I had a couple steel ammo boxes of Federal Brass 223 ….that had all kinds of dents from the inside out , but nothing penetrated the box. Opened them up …& it just looks like confetti in there . I replaced all the springs in my S&W Sigmas ….so we could requalify for our CHL’s this past Saturday . When stripped the 40 after the fire , the recoil assembly just came apart while it was sitting on the table . Also, when I took the mags apart to replace the springs , the new springs were about 40% longer than the old ones . I guess the heat took some of the springiness out of them . I guess I will need to replace every spring in each weapon …..

          • Rich I have been at a ammo dump fire. Ammo is not the issue. It take a lot for Ammo (Brass) to Explode. Now add ammo with a fuel propellant (40mm Rds) Mxed with C4 that is a amazing show to watch.

          • Rich, it’s all about the chemistry and the physics. When the firing pin strikes the primer of a shell, the tiny amount of powder (or igniting compound) inside the primer is crushed and compressed. That compression creates heat which ignites the small charge in the primer. That small explosion creates more heat which then ignites the main charge of powder in the casing. This all happens in a split second, of course.
            Then, in another fraction of a second, the burning powder creates an amount of gas which greatly exceeds the holding capacity of the casing, thereby taking the easiest escape route, which is to push the bullet out the end of the casing and on down the barrel of the weapon.
            Rich, this is gonna be hard for you, but try to think about it…The firing pin striking the primer actually creates a tremendous amount of heat (relative to the small area of the inside of the primer) and that’s what makes our guns go BANG! It all starts with the heat in the primer. Now, think about the heat necessary to ignite ammo inside a fireproof safe. The fire outside the safe would have to be making a constant and incredibly large amount of heat. Yes, house fires do makes lots of heat, but it’s distributed over a large area, compared to the tiny space inside a primer.
            So, to rebut your insipid insinuation of dishonesty directed at RandomTangent1957- no, ammo does not always explode when a house burns down. And being inside a fireproof safe reduces that probability even more. It MIGHT happen, but it doesn’t ALWAYS happen.
            Furthermore, RT1957 is a longtime and well respected member here, and he makes sensible comments, and often very useful contributions. You, Rich, on the other hand, are an interloper and a baboon who all too frequently stops by to leave a stinking pile of excrement which you consider a ‘comment.’ I’ll call it what it is- a bunch of shit!

          • @ Rich99 : U got any $$ to back up that big yap ? I can document everything I said , with pictures , & fire marshals report & insurance claim forms . So you want to prove me wrong , bring it. Otherwise put a sock in it . From all I have seen from you on here ….U must be a Libtard. We can let Mac hold the $$ , just name the amount .
            Montgomery County Texas
            PS : To everyone else on here …thanks for the kind words . We are blessed to have a roof over our heads , food , clothes , & a good church group, as well as a great support group of friends ! Here are many in this world who have none of Hesse things …& probably never will . We may be slow but we are persistent . I hear tell that you climb a mountain one step at a time ….
            We have State Farm as our homeowners insurance . We also had replacement cost insurance on the contents of $118K , & we will max out before we get everything replaced … I need to get another ham radio set up ASAP . I had a Kenwood TS-440SAT , Which I really liked . I want to get another one of those , if I can find one in good condition , with the filters & MARS conversion.
            When everything goes down …I want to be able to communicate . That Kenwood rig runs on 12volts , so inside I ran on a power supply , but if I go mobile I found just hook her up in the pickup , & I was 100 Watts mobile ! Y’all keep safe . I need to go install a filter on the water supply line from the well to the trailer !

          • My friend had a shed with his ammo stores go up a month & half ago. Ammo in GI ammo cans. .22rf factory cartons on a pallet. NONE of the .22rf went further than 5 ft. Ammo cans split on bottom from pressure with NO rounds exiting. Biggest projectile hazard was a 5 gallon propane tank that detonated. I was there with the fire Marshal doing the investigation. As for neighbors, one of his attempted to file a insurance claim that “bullets” damaged his property. He’s now facing Insurance Fraud charges.

            And speaking of fraud, RICH99, you still polishing your trailer hitch?

          • Ammo in a fire goes pop-pop-pop like popcorn. Bullets won’t even penetrate a 1/8″ wood panel. Powder burns hot, but does not explode. little Richie, you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about. If there’s any BS around, it’s dribbling down your bib.

            Sorry, folks, but I get hot seeing that much falsehood concentrated in one place.

        • You have just lived the best test you can have for what is coming for all the rest of us. You will be so much stronger for having gone though it, even if it seems dark right now. When ts finally really does htf you might be able to just say “well at least it is not as bad as when the house burned down”.

          You are an inspiration to us all RandomTangent1957,being able to pull yourself up by the bootstraps and keep going,well is just awesome! god be with you on your new quest and I will say a prayer for you and yours.

        • mine went july 10 2011 lost all we had in home,,,but had many hiding places across 120 acres,,but did lose sdome good weapons and ammo and food but most was somewhere else ,,,never put it all in one place

          • Thanks for bringing this up..Im changing some of my preps,a nd locations..
            I’ve been thru what RT is going thru, and what you say has merit, and intelligence

        • That is sad and hard. Good luck.

        • Sorry to hear of your setback RT. Hope you had adequate insurance coverage.

          One thing you must keep in mind, no matter where you travel and setup, is having adequate safe drinking water. I would never depend on bottled water. For about $170.00 bucks you can purchase a one gallon countertop distiller. Plugs right into a 110 and produces about a gallon every five and a half hours.

          Bought mine thru Nutriteam and picked up a cheap timer at Wally’s. I set it to let the unit run for five hours and thirty minutes, which leaves about a pint in the bottom and keeps the unit from baking the scum/city chemicals/etc. into the stainless steel bottom. I have a mtn. spring and I won’t even drink that water unless it is distilled. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

        • RandomTangent1957,

          Lets get you set up with a post office box and maybe the family at SHTF can could give you a hand up (Not A Hand out) As a fellow Texan I would sure chip in what I have or could afford..

          God bless you,


          • How about a PayPal account? That would be quick and easy for those of us not local.

            I hope you will take us up on the offer, RT – we are a community and this is what communities do (or should do!) I bet if it was one of us that you would want to help!

            • Count me in. I’ll contribute.

          • Random

            Charity is a hand out


            I’m in

            Take care

            • A site like www gofundme com or something similar may work for RT1957. I’m in no way affiliated with the site. I’m in if something is set up. God Bless RT.

            • Me Too,

        • RandomTangent1957

          I am sorry to hear about your house fire. It is a tragic and unexpected loss. I hope your family is safe.

          There were many homes locally that were badly damaged or destroyed by the tornado this spring. Those affected have said it is discouraging, but they just keep focusing on taking ‘one day at a time’.

          Are there any charitable organizations (Community Action, Salvation Army, Good Neighbors, etc.) that provide some assistance (supplies, cash and/or labor) to help you rebuild? Many churches here have food pantries and clothing, home supplies,etc. to help those who have faced a home loss to get back on their feet. Many churches have “Household Showers” to help those who have lost a home to fire. Rebuilding your home is a huge task, don’t overlook or turn away those resources locally that might be available.

          Wishing you the very best. Take care and God bless you and your family.

          • @ KY Mom : thanks for your ideas ! We had red cross show up in the first couple of days , & they gave us a check for $500.00 ….which we used for food & clothes the first couple of days . It is amazing how quick you go through $$ when you are not at home . Normally I could make $500 last for quite a long time . But…when on day after the fire … & you finally realize that you have no underwear …socks , toothbrush …etc …… A quick stop by WallyWorld ….& there is a hundred bucks gone . Most of it went for my wife’s stuff . We guys can live like Cavemen …..buy the ladies want to be civilized ! We have had friends show up with bags of donated clothes. That worked out better for my wife ….but with me being 6’4″ 220 lbs …I’m a bit harder to fit . 17″ neck, 36″ sleeves , in a tall . Pants36 waist , 36 inch inseam. So ….I’m a challenge in the store , due to my size. I look pretty comical wearing 44 inch waist pants …..with all the fancy patches & embroidery ……kinda look like I should B “chillin in the hood”. LOL ! It showed that there are good folks of every ethnic background , that tried to help. We all have to remember that when the SHTF . There are good folks in every race , and economic strata . Many times you find that the folks that have the least ….are the ones that will try to help & give you anything they have !
            Montgomery County Texas

            • RandomTangent1957,

              I understand how difficult it is to find clothing for a tall man. My husband is also over 6′ tall. Do you have any outlet stores nearby like Marshall’s or TJ Maxx? Their stores in this area have a men’s big and tall clothing section. They also have a clearance section where you can find some good buys.

              Take care!
              KY Mom

        • There is wasted space underneath most trailers that can be converted into secret storage accessible through hidden floor hatches.

          If you need a place to keep backups of digital files, such as photos, documents, audio files, etc., then get an unlimited business account at 1and1.com. It is on sale for $3.49 per month for 12 months. You will have unlimited storage space. You get the account and three domains. Set up a personal website. Create multiple levels of directories with boring names. Make one of them password protected and store copies of files there. Keep the passwords on your person at all times, but without any notes that would clue someone else in on what they are for. I am currently doing this. Since I can have unlimited subdomains, I have started subdividing and doing websites for organizations that can’t afford a lot. The space isn’t costing me anything extra, and I charge an hourly rate for the work, which is very little money for each client.

          You could also make an encrypted backup on a solid-state hard drive and give it to someone far away for safekeeping. In the old days, I used to send my Mama floppy disk backups.

          • @ Archivist : thanks …all good ideas . I was fortunate thatblastbyear I bought a Western Digital 500 gig external drive on eBay for $60 bucks. I had done a backup of my relatively new HP laptop about 3 weeks before the fire . I had the drive in the gun safe on the top shelf . It got hot enough there to melt a blackberry curve that was sitting loose on the shelf . There were also the plastic US Mint containers of silver eagles ….that melted & were running down the inside of the door. the WD drive was inside the cardboard box it came in … Which was nicely “browned” . Inside the box was a 3 fold plastic clamshell deal , where one section held the wire & instructions , & the other held the drive . The plastic clamshell was kind if shrink wrapped around the wire & drive. After I pried everything apart…& hooked the drive to my new computer, I was amazed that the backup drive started up , & I was able to restore my data that was in the drive . That was one good thing tuyere I lucked out . I was amazed how much heat things in the safe were exposed to. The higher in the safe you looked , the more damage there was . I am going to look at “off site” data storage ….as a way to have better piece of mind . I will research 1and1.com . Thx again for your ideas !
            Montgomery County Texas

        • RT1957- I’m really sorry to hear about the fire. Been wondering where you were lately.
          Lots of people here are thinking about doing whatever we can for you. Please let us, or Mac, know if there’s anything you need that we could get to you quickly. Not necessarily the long term preps (I know you’ll be rebuilding those in short order), but anything else that y’all need. Just say the word and we’ll make it happen.
          And don’t give me no crap about not wanting charity! We’re family here. Dysfunctional, but still a family. (except for Rich, we’re sending him to an adoption agency in Kenya)

          • @ Smokinokie : thx for the support . I always look forward to your posts ! We truckers have to stick together . I’m still trying to get my mind around the current state of affairs . Trying to be logical . I’m thinking that I nEed to collect the insurance settlement ASAP , & invest in metals , before the currency becomes worthless . It will not help me if they pay me $120K ….& all that will buy is a “Happy Meal ” ! Now that we are back on the property … It will be easier to make some progress ….I hope . I’m going to have to work on leveling the trailer some ….the shower is not draining properly ….time to get the bottle jack out of the Take 3 car hauler trailer , & put some blocks under the low side tires . Stay safe out there !
            Montgomery County Texas

        • Sorry, and have missed your posts and comments.
          God be with you and will pray for your recovery.
          Fire is one thing I fear–we have been storing for over 3 years and it would be a total loss for us too.
          Fireproof safe–on the list now.

          • Thx jayjay ! Yes ….the one thing they can’t take from me is my faith . Get a good fireproof safe as soon as you can. The couple hundred bucks ( to maybe $1,000.) for a really big one … Is really worth the investment . I picked up a couple small fire safes @ SAMs Club for around $30 bucks …for important papers …that we can keep in he trailer . I will invest in the largest gun safe I can buy , once we get rebuilt . I’m also going to build a “safe Room” in the new house , with concrete walls , with a steel plate lined interior . Any safes , will go in there .
            Thanks for all of your posts , I enjoy hearing what you are up to ! Stay Safe .
            Montgomery County Texas

        • Sorry for you loss of property. I’m helping a fellow prepper replace his stores. Only advice I can offer is to not let the loss get you down & keep prepping as best you can. Insurance may cover your losses money wise, but it won’t come close to the time & labor you put into your goods. You & yours will pull through this incident; You all survived this real incident.

        • bless you & your family; I will be praying for y’all. my Dad has a camper & there’s all sorts of storage places that I never dreamed of. the folks in a campground are usually very talkative & willing to share ideas. hope you had insurance.

        • Sorry to hear it man…hope next year finds you better!

        • Again why being a survivalist and prepper helps nto just prepping.

      17. Guess they didn’t learn their lesson the first time around during the great depression, funny how history always has a way of repeating itself.

        PS about #7 Marc Faber, don’t think we’re going to need to worry about who is and isn’t a money printer seeing how China is now making it internationally known that crude oil can be traded using their yuan instead of US dollars. Our ability to continuously print to remain temporarily in the game is coming to an end and fast. Stay strong out there, SOT.

      18. We are doomed without QE3, this will just make it worse. I have a question and need some advice. My mom passed away a few months ago leaving me a bit of money. I lost my house a year & a half ago and my business. I have a great job & do well, but live in an apartment which I don’t like. I am buying 15 acres and building an off the grid cabin that I am paying cash for. I have zero debt & truck is paid for. Should I buy a house & pay cash? Buy a house & put down a lot & save some? Don’t buy a house & just rent to see what happens in a few years? Thank you in advance for any advice.

        • If you just need a place to stay until your cabin is built, I would just buy a cheap, older mobile home. A cheap mobile home won’t lose value, so when you get the cabin built, you could sell the mobile home for the purchase price or maybe more. Or you could keep it for additional storage space.

          • I agree with you Archivist, either a mobil home or a cheap RV. I see them on craigslist all the time and am considering one for a retreat in the woods myself.

          • Better yet, get a used, good condition utility trailer. Preferably with a pointed front end. Put a shower/bath in the nose, leaving everything else open. Try to find a trailer with a door near the front passenger side. When you insulate, use spray foam, along with good vapor sealing/calking, and a wood veneer interior. Surface mount electric (accessibility) twin-pane windows (small ones, with solid metal covers for stealth. Use roof fans for venting, and be sure to get insulateable roof fans too.
            Use it plain for everyday, fill it for transport, or add a bed, movable furniture (Quality camp items) lanterns & tables/storage units for a kitchen, electronics/radios, & storage to live in it.

            Travel trailers are NOT designed for year-round occupancy in northern climates. You need to move south for the winter, or design in such a way as to eliminate condensation which encourages mold & toxics to build up (people found all about that in the FEMA Trailers supplied to various disaster victims) to research this, look up “Sheep Camps” or the more modern version “Range Camps”. While you are at it, notice that many range camps have several units, as in sleeping, cooking, livestock support, and utility (food storage, washing, electric production, and storage of fuel (Lamp-oil) (inverters/solar/batteries), water purification, storage, and pumping, tools (utility/gardening/mechanic)

            Sort of a modern day wagon train… but seemingly just a bunch of work/utility trailers. If it really does hit the fan you SHOULD be watching for the signs, which means you WILL get a head start on the sheep.

            No, you don’t need a house, unless you really are rich enough for several dispersed far enough to take into account local unforeseen “problems”. What the rest of us need is “Vacations”, chances to visit areas, get to know the countryside, and determine/arrange likely spots for more lengthy stays. You could even arrange for a bit of land here and there for crops/trees/food&water storage, and maybe even a bit of support structure such as a well, and septic system discretely hidden here and there to handle the wagons.

            It all comes down to the two ways “don’t keep all your eggs in one basket” vs. “keep your eggs in ONE basket, but WATCH that basket!”. I prefer a bit of both… but the thing is, you don’t always need to own the baskets, you just need to know about them, where to get them… and let’s remember it’s all about the EGGS. The baskets just shelter, store, and transport the eggs.
            Oh…right, you also need to know about chickens, but again, that’s what vacations are all about, getting to know about “chickens”.

        • Rent–if you have that off grid place. Right??

        • Never, never, never go into debt if you can avoid it. Been there, done that, took me 15 years to get clear but I did it. May look poor now, but I’m a whole lot richer than those folks with a $300,000 house and a $350,000 mortgage.

          If your job requires you to be in a bad place from the SHTF standpoint, I’d rent. I did that for the 15 years I was in Michigan, as cheaply as I could manage. Coulda bought, but where would I be now? Trapped in suburban Michigan with an underwater mortgage. When I quit working I had enough cash to buy outright and bug out.

          BTW auction sales are a great way to get a good price for land. http://www.auctionzip.com is one place to start trolling auctions. In areas like mine, old and rundown small farms in the back-lands often go for little money. It takes a heavy investment in time, because you have to go on the road scouting the properties and then attending the auctions, but if you can do it, it will work for you. Gotta have cash in hand – once the hammer falls, there’s no chance to arrange a loan.

        • If you pay cash then your capital becomes non liquid as it will be tied up in the house,however since you mentioned losing a house before you may not be able to get a loan wothout a big downpayment. Use the down to adjust the monthly payment but put as little as possible into the place. A house can be a huge anchor that will drag you down. The advantage of buying is you can do what you want on the property without a landlord getting upset. Stay as financially liquid as you can.

          • This is only true if you are unable to pay cash. Yes it is an anchor but if you dont owe on it. It cost very little if you need to let it sit. I had done that since I have moved my home (Residence) to my “retreat”. Planning on donating one to the VFW for tax reasons. My other choice is to sell and either get FR notes or buy more gold etc. Land is just as good (Rental or for children).
            But if you must use a loan Fixed interest rate and affordable payment should be your only concerns (Financially).

        • texas prepper, my advice is to spend most of the money you have on useful things and keep a bit of that fiat in reserve but put most of it it into anything that you want and need. taking on a bit of debt , if you can service it , is not a terrible thing. its called using the puppet masters at their own game. you know what qe3 means, dontcha? it means we are on the verge of hyperinflation. something i said would happen many years ago. we are now there. hang on tight!

      19. The S O B ‘S running this BULL SH-T are only trying to suck every last cent from the MOM’s and POP’s of this world. They don’t give a RATS A-S about anyone but themselves. The people that are in or are staying in the markets will and rightly so lose everything they have. GET OUT NOW, shut the damn thing down. Make TPTB eat it, beat them at their own game. If you take a hit roll with it and move on. If everyone would pull out of the markets and the banks just think what TPTB would do. They would not know how to spend their own money for anything. Give them the hold 9 yards(The lenght of a MG belt), it’s time we the people tell them All pack your trash and get the F-CK OUT, every last one of them. I’m tired of this SH-T being dragged out, like I said they want every last cent they can get. Look at what the Big Boys are doing buying gold, silver everything they can their hands on. Enough is enough! It’s time we go down in a blaze of GLORY! I think everyone here knows that the longer this go on the worst it will be when it falls, time to start over now. Suck it up and move on, still I say 30 days at the longest. Thanks to all for allowing me to vent.

        • if we all resist , they lose. id we cave like sheep, we all lose.lets win!

      20. Here in Spain, the 25S will be a manifestation of the faction of the right (fascists), to storm the House of Representatives …

        This manipulation is directed by the Spanish government (by Mariano Rajoy from Moncloa), to impose a state of emergency …

        I live in the capital of Spain (Madrid) and no one is prepared, no, but yes, the pubs full of people laughing and drinking beer and eating seafood …

        If SHTF happens, everyone will die!

        My checklist (1 year for 4 people):
        * Indicators SHT: 100%
        * Escape Plan at 2nd Last Line of Defense (LLD): 100%
        * Documentation, operating procedures, manuals: 75%
        * Food: 75%
        * Water: 75%
        * Miscellaneous supplies: 75%
        * Handguns (small caliber firearms require special licenses): 100%
        * Drugs: 100%
        * Gold / Silver: 50%
        * Training: 100%
        * Other: 25%

        I keep preparing …

        • anubina..greeting from the USSA! I see no one is safe from government and banker fraud. How are your people faring wiht the economic mess that was no fault of their own? Sounds like they are doing what they do here, escape and avoid reality.

          • in googliano

            Here in Spain the whole system is rotten, 30% of the population has parasitized the rest, it is true that evade reality, drinking, smoking, eating like pigs, and celebrating the victories of football “Viva la Vida!” .. .

            The Spanish have a complete misunderstanding of the economic situation of the global financial situation, or of the many serious threats and weaknesses of the system. Yes there are forums with people who expose and criticize the sewer system.

            This summer I was preparing, with hard work, and I was aware of the amount of effort and time to simply store 500 liters of water (this is my first single contingency). I realized that if something happened, if I could go to the supermarket, get supplies, to pay them and take them discreetly to my apartment, it would be a Herculean task …

            My first line of defense and preparation is completed, my last line of defense is costing me more, as I have to raise my girlfriend and her parents to do the preparations (they think I’m crazy).

            Greetings from Spain!

            • Greetings Anubina,

              I have been watching the crisis unfold in Spain, it would seem that more people would be aware than here, as there have been reports of riots in your streets.

              Are people really that deep in denial of what is going on? Here, most people go about like Do-Do Birds, unaware of anything but TV shows.

              If a bank crash occurs what will happen in Spain?

            • Welcome Anubina !

              Do your best, and keep us informed. We get so little truth in the TV and even Internet news from Europe.

      21. The country has been in economic decay since the first war in the Perisan Gulf that began in 1991.Look how those soldiers have been treated since their return and all subsequent soldiers have been treated.That reflects the state of the economy.

      22. So either way it sounds like it will still be years away from any major decline

      23. Gold Bitchez!

        • Get your preps first. Gun/Ammo/Food/Water/Medical/Heat/Shelter/Form a group/More Guns/ More Ammo/Tools/Silver/Fuels/Land/Trading stuff/More Ammo/More Food/ Gold and then whatever you can get your hands on that will help when Home Depot is empty. M

          Then buy gold to transfer your wealth into what ever we decide will be our next means of transfer in the future. The gold I have won’t help me at all during the crisis. But it will allow me to build a life for my Grandchildren. And help my children adjust to the new life in front of them.

        • Fantastic Article

      24. It’s a financial black hole. The monry will be sucked up never to appear again for us in the middle. The coming depression will make the last one look like a cake walk. Insaniry is now a world wide event. God help us.

      25. Burt,

        I know it is important for you – grammar, spelling and punctuation. “Don’t worry be Happy.”

        What you believe in, what you have to say and how you say it, is part of your very strong constitution!

        Over here, some call it backbone. From here yours is very strong!

        Y’all Beware! Cheers!

        • Y’all

          A huge compliment. Thank you. In reality I need to cut my nails but don’t tell the others, let them think it’s the iPad okay?

          Take care

      26. RandomTangent1957,

        I don’t know how Mac can do it but if we can get your address I will send you a SHTF RESTOCK PLAN PACKAGE.

        Y’all Beware! We might be far away, but we can help!

        • Same here…if we can get Mac to send us something, donate online, or if we can somehow get something set up so that people on this site wanted to donate, I am sure there are others that would be willing to donate.

          • Count me in, but I only deal in cash–would trust many on this site to collect said cash…I love you guys that much.
            Get ‘r done, y’all beware.

        • I’m totally in!

          • daisy, as I know you’re having a hard time with your move to the new place, I respect the hell out of you.

          • AAAaaa SSShhhaaatttuuup !

      27. Y’all

        Just remembered I forgot to contact you, can’t find your addy that is the iPads fault can you drop me a line?

        Take care

      28. Burt,

        Need to meet in Scotland some time and tip a few.

        Y’all Beware!

        • Y’all beware

          Most definitely. You’re buying lol

          Take care

      29. Burt,

        The product I mentioned to you is very, very good.
        Just sent to your blog email address.

        Y’all Beware! Cheers!

      30. how much longer do i have to stay bent over???

      31. Money is getting tighter already, this month is looking to be the worst for us so far. Keep reading the articles and trying desperately not to panic about what is right around the corner. Staying positive.

        Did I see someone else say they’re in Scotland. That’s where I am. Smallish town, no idea how it will go down if the SHTF, close to the green belt so might be ok.

        Just going to keep posting here daily, glad of the community.

        L x

        • Nice to hear from other areas..thanks Scotland.

      32. RT1957, Sorry to hear of your loss, but glad to hear you’re pulling yourself back up by your own bootstraps. After I move back to Memphis from Miami in 1982, i moved into a trailer park. In Feb. 1983 my trailer burned up with everything I had in it. i had to start over from scratch myself. What hurt me the most was losing all the pictures of my wife and me from the time we started dating in 1975, even our wedding pictures. that hurt as much as losing her to a drunk driver the year before and i never found anyone else worth having for a 2nd wife. I’m debt-free and spending all my extra money on supplies prepping for what’s coming. I’m stuck in Memphis in the New Madrid Fault Zone and if it goes I’m screwed. Take care and keep prepping.

        • Ouch!…man that sucks,sorry…

        • @ Braveheart : sorry to hear of your loss. Loosing “stuff” is inconvenient ….but loosing family & friends is much harder to bear. If you have a belief in the “hereafter” ….then hopefully you will be reunited , when your time comes . Going through any major loss , causes most of us to sit back & re-evaluate what is truly important to us . All the stuff we spend our lives collecting , does not come with us when we pass . In the end , it is how we live , & how we use the stuff….will be all that matters . Our lives ….& anything we own….are just on loan from God .

          We were lucky that the fire occurred in the mid afternoon , so we were at work . We had let our two cats out to play for the day …so they were ok. My wife was the one who called 911 , as when sh got home from work around 3:45 PM , she opened the gate ….& heard a funny sound. She walked down the driveway …to see past the tree line , & found flames coming through the roof . She called 911 & then had the smarts to grab here spare keys for her 2000 Ford Excursion that was parked right next to the house , & moved it outlay from the house. I had a 2002 Mustang parked there as well , but the keys were in he house , so she could not move it . As the walls collapsed , the fell in the front end of the Mustang . We were fortunate that our wedding photos were in a 100+ year old safe that was in the living room . There was nothing left in that part of the home ….but the springs from the couch , love seat , chair , & sterio components metal housings . I also found some pictures that were in my office. Things that were in metal file cabinets were somewhat protected . Anything in plastic , or wood was pretty much erased . We had a 53″ Sony rear projection TV that was about 15 years old in the living room ….
          That literally vanished . Other than a couple metal components from inside , it just vanished ! The whole thing still seems surreal ….I know it is September …. But I’m still mentally such in July ??
          The hard part has been getting much accomplished , trying to sort through things in the heat of summer . I don’t know if it is old age ….or the effects of last years bout with Lymphoma ( & all the chemotherapy & radiation treatments ) but I just melt outside when it is above 80 degrees . After about 5 minutes I look like I have been swimming in my clothes . It is finally starting to cool down , & hopefully I will be able to be more productive going forward . I appreciate everyone’s words of support …..& look forward to learning more on prepping from Y’all in the future . It is good to have prepper friends who pass along what they have learned …so the rest of us do not to reinvent the wheel . May God bless Y’all .
          Montgomery County Texas

      33. @Southerngal. re: getting out of dodge. Here’s just my wee perspective. Making a serious relocation decision shouldn’t be done because of panic. While urgency is definitely needed, it needs to a mutually agreed decision.
        I am so very fortunate that when I woke up a couple of years ago – my panic was epic. But as I looked around and took stock I realized that we were always sorta preppers so it wasn’t really a life-style change, just a reorganization and additional re-thinking. While I wish I could wake up everyone, I believe it really does need to be this life-style desire, not a knee-jerk reaction… because it’s 2 yrs later and the event has only came closer (thank you, dear Lord and Savior). No less, my life in general hasn’t changed, just my purchases. If you yank up your & his life – it needs to be because ‘No matter what may come (will certainly come) this is how we want to live.
        Favorite movie line of all time: “Get busy living, or get busy dying”.
        Advice: Take the love to see the movie 2016. If he reads – gift him a copy of ‘One Second After’. If he still says “bahh!” then you have a zombie (while sorta awake) on your hands and I can only say ‘best of luck, keep reading, and by all means – keep your ear to the ground’.
        It can be done, but how on dear green Earth one drags those along is way beyond my thinking. Best analogy I gave my newest ‘awakin’ gal at work… 2 yrs ago sugar cost $.49/lb, today it’s .69/lb. Not much except I bought lots (current stash – 200 lbs) a few at a time; so I see a savings of $40.00 ~and that’s just one example. Multiply that by any standards (food products) you want. It will NOT (repeat that often) get any cheaper, no matter what you calculate. (Period!) I hope you & yours makes the right decision for ya’ll ~ say a prayer, then follow your heart because it hears the answer while we are busy and fretting with life.
        ~..~ wee.

      34. China is just about to explode with glee after this psychotic move by Bernanke. Sure China will suffer some consequences if we collapse but hey, these people are willing to live like vermin if it means they win the big spot on top. Taking down the wounded USA giant, would be the ultimate prize. On top of all this great news, there are an unusual amount of earthquakes to contend with, and lets not forget solar flares, volcanoes, super bugs, etc. etc….
        What the hell is a Family to do? Screw the bastards and live it up, pretend you have a future, pretend your kids have a future, pretend it away. There is a heaven and there is a hell, final judgment baby.

        • We call that “simulate”, not “pretend”…

        • Actually China is about to implode, period. They’ve gone even beyond the USA housing bubble. Their financial system has ALWAYS been as corrupt as ours has become. Just today there’s stories of the “ghost steel”. Warehouses of steel that were pledged as collateral for big loans. The loans have turned bad, and gee, there’s no steel actually IN those warehouses. Their export trade is down, as the rest of the world slides deeper into recession. Some China-watchers are saying that the new conflict with Japan over some dinky islands is just the Chinese PTB distracting their population from the bad signs on the horizon.

        • China is not the boogie man. They have been the whipping boy for the west for centuries.In the 1800s the British empire bought all their tea from China. Thing was, China would only take silver for payment. The Emperor refused any British goods as payment in trade.When the Brits began running out of silver, they got their Indian subjects to grow opium to get the Chinese addicted and using opium as a trade instead of silver.Two Opium Wars were fought over this with Britain coming out on top and continuing the opium trade through Hong Kong. Now we are indebted to the Chinese again (we are basically an arm of Britain).What will the Empire force on the Chinese now?History is continually repeating itself.

      35. Southern Gal,

        Agree 100% and let’s get it started.

        Y’all beware! Let’s move quick.

      36. Daisy,

        I think your expertise with the written word would be your in. Just thinkin out loud to keep costs down. LOL

        What lake are you near? I have some old fishing books of how to fish most lakes in SE Ontario.
        Be happy to send to you. My Dad collected them for many years. Boy was he was a very good fisherman!

        Y’all Beware! Thank You.

      37. #11….doc brown (back to the future)…”once this baby hits 88 billion a month, you’re gonna see some serious shit!” #12…everyone with common sense….”dumb bastards did it again”

      38. Thank you, Yall! If you email me I would love that book – I’m totally a newbie at all that kind of thing! Better to learn now while I can hit the grocery store than later when there IS no grocery store!

      39. With the QE3 active, just think of the people that have several credit cards, vehicle loans, home loan, college loans, and all dept being wiped out. Yes wiped out, there will be no banking left, records will be lost, people will be unruly and this is just the beginning.

        Guns and ammo, Guns and ammo, Guns and ammo.

      40. Would I be inclined to borrow money at zero interest then lend it to our government for close to two percent? Nice safe money I am making off of your money. Darn right. and would I risk that by lending it to the masses. Hell no!

      41. Time for some isolationism and fortress America . Let the other sit and spin . They want it …..come and get it ……oh , and good luck with that part .We will be waiting with a warm reception .

      42. RT..make sure your insurance replaces your preps..its all in how you list it in your contents..
        I think you catch my drift

        • Remember: “Competition Shooter”.

        • @ VRF : yes I understand . I have been working to document everything …the best hat I can . There are a couple spots where there are still cases of stacked canned food , that I have shot pictures of . I actually found glass jars if Heinz dill pickles …. That did not break . It is weird what survived & what is just gone . One of he most aggravating things was the insurance companies ” cause & origin team . They just come out & shovel everything out of the house…into the yard . This is so the arson dog can be brought in to sniff for accelerants in each room . I have learned that houses can burn up … & houses can burn down . Ours burned down . The fire started in a wall or the attic. There is not a burn mark in the wood floors in the bedrooms . No scorch marks on the tile in the rest of the house . Baseboards are intact , except in the living room where everything was gone , except the 100 year old fire safe . Replacing the food & ammo are my first priorities .
          Montgomery County Texas

      43. I have a question and need some advice. My mom passed away a few months ago leaving me a bit of money. I lost my house a year & a half ago and my business. I have a great job & do well, but live in an apartment which I don’t like. I am buying 15 acres and building an off the grid cabin that I am paying cash for. I have zero debt & truck is paid for. Should I buy a house & pay cash? Buy a house & put down a lot & save some? Don’t buy a house & just rent to see what happens in a few years? Thank you in advance for any advice.

        • Location,Location,Location.

      44. 11.
        Nah nah nah, nah.
        Nah nah nah, nah,
        Hey hey hey,
        Gooooood bye…

      45. Who really gives a shit if it fails? The whole thing is based on a Central Bank that should not even operate in the USA in the first place. Let them fall, along with the government that supports it. Good riddance! Let the shit storm begin! I for one am just getting tired of being concerned if next month is the month it happens, or next year. Just get the show on the road and let productive people rule the world and not the leaches that currently do. Friggin bankers!

      46. Greetings Everyone!
        So they let Bennie B. play “i’m a big boy with gray hair, i know what i’m doin'” again at the Fed.What a putz!
        I think we need to do a serious re-think as to our own futures.People complain when the proles do a “flash/rob mob”,
        yet we hear so very little about the Feds and their pets in D.C.(Ron Paul excepted,but one guy won’t fix ANYTHING) robbing us as citizens EVERYDAY FRAKIN DAY.Perhaps instead of just prepping(yes I said it!)and waiting for the crumbing of our country and civilization to “end”,we might try to seek a NEW paradigm.Seek to find what people really need and find a way to make it and sell it local.Perhaps even under the “radar” of the local TPTB.The Mormons been doin’ it old school style for DECADES.Thy live on welfare quite nicely when they start up a business and get off it ONLY after they make a success of said business.The proles might try that instead of getting the latest iphony with welfare money,but I digress.
        I’m not suggesting “making” anything like drugs or booze(perhaps just a touch of drink for friends now and zen).But as the Feds tilt further and faster into a Fascist form of governance(we’re almost there now!)they will most certainly want their “mark” on everything they can(Biblical prophecy being fulfilled perhaps?).Have you seen the movie “Brazil”?Then you know what I’m talking about.It may take as much as DECADES before it implodes,wreaking everyone’s day(as in little or no power,drinkable water or working sewer systems.)Unless your one of UBER-RICH like Mittesy R.and his three car owning Barbie doll wife he currently owns(he may have more than her,but if so he’s damn good at hiding that fact).
        We just had a power “situation” not long ago near us(one of several).And they’re “improving” the poles and transformers like mad(at least by the good ‘ol southern red-neck,home schooler way of doin’ method) to modernize their “grid”.Didn’t do much to “make things keep runnin’ so far.This I believe is the foretaste of the future events.Even during the Dark Ages in Europe,smart people found a way to run a profitable business.Perhaps we should have a article or two with comments.
        Jus’ Saying
        All the Best

      47. It’s all part of the plan

        One world government with the bankers in control

        Can only bring in a new system if the current one fails

        The money and the power the power and the money

        When we are all broke, cold, and hungry

        They will pose as the saviors

        And the sheeple will blindly follow…..

        the Watcher

      48. Simply put, ANY country that has to print up the volume of money that the United States is prtinting up is in its death throes. People want signs of a collapse of an economy, a country, an empire, just watch what they do with their currency. When the dollar has a fraction of what is was worth 50 years to precious metals, you know what is happening. The ONLY thing that can save the U.S. now is war. Seems to happen over and over again, war. Those that don’t learn from history are F’ed.

      49. Are the fotos of Kate on the Internet ? .

        • Who’s Kate???

          • Will’s wife

      50. There is about 700 billion dollars in our pockets and bank accounts.

        This QE money will not be inflating our pockets and bank accounts however. The rich manipulators who receive it will use it to get more hard commodities. Their pursuit will thus drive up the prices of necessary commodities and will drain the 700 billion we have, excuse me, had.

        That’s the way it works, excuse me again, does NOT work.


      52. The “ONLY” reason this is happening is because 90% of the American People are STUPID, DUMB, or LAZY and have “NO CLUE” what’s going on in this country. They are too busy watching Jersey Shore, Honey Booboo, or some other T.V show. You would be amazed at how many people have no idea the Federal Reserve is not a part of the Federal Government or what Petrodollar means and “REALLY THINK” ABS, NBS,CBS,CNN or Foxnews is all a distraction from the real News. This Country is in some “DEEP $#!+”
        B.R.I.C.s= Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa are all dumping the U.S. Dollar in favor of trading with their own currencies. But know is taking about that.

      53. I’m starting to think December 21st, 2012 might just have some significance in our future. Maybe those Mayans had some knowledge after all?

        Prepare and,take yourselves out of the system. Do not rely on the Government, rely on yourself.

      54. I don’t know who durango kidd is but I keep seeing his nonsense posted here. The Fed does not have any money, and what they loaned to the banks is created out of thin air. The banks do not have money either, other than their deposits. From which thru the magic of fractional reserve banking they make loans at 10 to 1. All the wealth (actually debt) created during the boom was created out of thin air. If you buy a house with 10% down, 90% of that money didn’t exist before you entered the bank. The bank created it out of nothing. Lets say the house you purchased was owned outright by the previous owner. The money he received at closing did not exist the day before. Multiply this by tens of millions and you understand the danger of fractional reserve banking with fiat money. Bernanke is once again rewarding the banks for bad business decisions. This new money is only replacing the money that never existed in the first place. We are not even half way thru the foreclosures (8 million more to go). People have already tapped their savings, maxed out their cards, and even consumed all of their unemployment benefits. And still, the money creators play their only card, create more money. Interest rates are 0%, Bernanke has nothing else to do but print more. Sadly, this could have been avoided if interest rates were raised years ago. The Fed was designed to have an elastic money supply. Only Paul Volcker actually let it contract, which gave Reagan a great economy once the dust settled.

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