10 Items To Help You Start Your Emergency Food Storage

by | Apr 8, 2020 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 8 comments

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    Food storage is one of the first things you should consider when beginning to prepare for a crisis like the one we are in now, or the aftermath of this one, which will be far more severe. Other than water, your focus should be on food and how to make sure you’ve got enough.

    The ten items that I’ve listed below are going to be a good way to start preparing.  They can still be purchased right now and will offer decent nutritional content when there’s no food anywhere else. The sooner you start, the better.   You may choose to purchase these items all at once, or you can pick up one or two items from the list each time you go grocery shopping.

    1. 20 lbs. of rice – this is a great filler and can be easily added to soups to bulk up the meal.
    2. 20 lbs. of beans black and pinto beans are both good choices. Beans are filling and nutrient-dense. You can get white beans or kidney beans too.  Really, just get something you’ll want to eat.
    3. 24 cans of meat – get something you like.  If you don’t like spam, don’t buy it.  We store canned chicken because that’s something everyone likes and will eat.
    4. 24 cans of vegetables – getting a variety of different vegetables could help with food boredom if you actually have to start eating from your prepper pantry, but it can be easier to just buy a whole bundle of the same canned vegetables.
    5. 24 cans of soup/broth – Again, but what you like and consider different kinds of soup.
    6. 12 large cans of spaghetti sauce – this stuff is cheap and it’s easy to make a quick meal out of it.  You can even heat it up without having pasta in a pinch and add some water for a tomato soup.
    7. 2 lbs. peanut butter – it won’t hurt to have more peanut butter.  It’s universally liked and lasts for years when stored properly and is full of healthy fats and proteins.
    8. 5 lbs. of salt to cure meat or season food.
    9. 10 lbs. pancake mix – look for one that only requires the addition of water to make up a batch of batter. These can be made for any meal and eaten with peanut butter, jam, or honey.
    10. 1 gallon of cooking oil – try to choose something like olive oil or coconut oil because those healthy fats will be a lot better for you.

    Please don’t forget to have a working can opener on hand. These are fairly inexpensive but it will be worth having to get in your canned foods if you have to. You don’t have to spend a lot on a can opener, the only suggestion is to get one of decent quality that won’t break after a few uses and make sure it’s manual in case you need to use it in the absence of electricity.

    Eating healthy may not be our biggest concern if we have to dip into our prepper pantry.  But during a pandemic such as the one we’re all living through now, it is beneficial to make sure your body has a fighting chance if you do come in contact with a viral infection.

    These foods can hopefully help some people begin to start storing food and organizing a prepper pantry.  These aren’t, by any means, all of the foods you can store, but they are a good starting point for those just beginning.

    GOOGLE Is Doing Whatever It Can to De-Monetize us And Shadow-Ban us. During these TOUGH financial times, we ASPIRE to stay completely independent and pay our full staff, so we can continue to deliver VALUE to you. It is possible for you to HELP us, by supporting our COVID-19 expert survival report HERE!

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      1. Mac Slavo, thanks for the reminders of fundamental survival foods. I also have honey, dried & canned vegetables (vegan wife), and seasonings.

      2. Do not forget booze and honey for medical reasons.

      3. soup broth …no
        beef and chicken bouillon…yes.

      4. >Survival<

        3 weeks without food
        3 days without water
        3 minutes without air
        1 day without smokes and beer

      5. Mac, I’m not picking on you, and I understand the value of the list to people that have not been reading your site for over 10 years like I have. I am merely conveying my recent experience when shopping for the specific items on the list.

        Last Sat. when I visited my local grocery store none, zero, nada of the items on the list were present on the shelves of that grocery store. This store is part of a large regional chain that is the premier grocery chain in the region where I live.

        That, I think, speaks to the amount of people that had an oh crap moment in the last couple of months. The shelves of this grocery store have been in that condition since the end of January.

        Notably, they did have TP and PT. ;-))

        Cleaning supplies, especially bleach have been MIA since that same time. Two weeks ago they were able to replenish disinfectant wipes. I was lucky to snag a couple packages (the limit was 2). This week there were, AGAIN, none to be had.

        Also, this chain has implemented limiting the number of people in the store at any one time. They have also implemented one way aisles and mandatory marked separation at checkout.

        So, while having a list to go buy is a good thing, people need to be cognizant that many of the items on the list are not currently available in some areas.

      6. You should have taken more time to make your list. Rice and beans are more easily bought at Costco in 25 lb bags. If you are going to buy canned meat get a variety. Chicken tastes like tuna if you don’t rinse it first. If you are going to buy canned vegetables get fruits also. Soups are good but get bouillon cubes for flavoring your rice and making soup. Spaghetti sauces come in jars, they break, OK, but buy tomato past or sauce in cans to make your own. Include a variety of spices to add flavor to your boring food supply. If you buy peanut butter, buy honey or jam too. Table salt and curing salt are not the same so buy what you need. Buy Bisquick instead of pancake mix to give you more options. Unless you intend to fry all of your food, 1 gallon of cooking oil is more than this list will need to prepare. Add sugar, baking powder, coffee or tea. Do not include alcohol for food storage. In difficult times you will need a clear head.

      7. Some flour and sugar.

      8. Part of your “food”, to my way of thought, is a high quality vitamin and mineral supplement, spirulena, powdered greens, bulk bucket of organic gluten free oatmeal; powdered milk, eggs, and butter.

        Canned goods have been denatured and lost important nutrients. According to some very impressive Nobel Prize winning doctors, disease and illness starts with deficiency of minerals and or vitamins. Enzymes for food digestion and utilization are missing from canned goods, so also needed is a good probiotic with enzymes.


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