10 Facts About The SWATification Of America That Everyone Should Know

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    This article has been generously contributed by Michael Snyder. You can follow his regular writings, research and analysis at The Economic Collapse Blog and The American Dream. Read his recent book The Beginning of the End to get an idea of what America may look like in the very near future.

    SWAT-Team-Oregon-Department-Of-Transportation-300x300The number of SWAT team raids in the United States every year is now more than 25 times higher than it was back in 1980.  As America has conducted wars overseas in recent years, our police forces have become increasingly militarized as well.  And without a doubt, many of our cities have become much more dangerous places.  Thanks torelentless illegal immigration, drug cartels are thriving and there are now at least 1.4 million gang members living in the United States.  But there are many that believe that the militarization of our police forces has gone way too far.  Almost weekly, SWAT team brutality somewhere in America makes national headlines.  You are about to read about a couple of horrific examples of this below.  Once upon a time, police in America were helpful and friendly and the public generally trusted them.  But now our police forces are being transformed into military-style units that often act like they are in the middle of Iraq or Afghanistan.  The following are 10 facts about the SWATification of America that everyone should know…

    #1 In 1980, there were approximately 3,000 SWAT raids in the United States.  Now, there are more than 80,000 SWAT raids per year in this country.

    #2 79 percent of the time, SWAT teams are deployed to private homes.

    #3 50 percent of the victims of SWAT raids are either black or Latino.

    #4 In 65 percent of SWAT deployments, “a battering ram, boot, or some sort of explosive device” is used to gain forced entry to a home.

    #5 62 percent of all SWAT raids involve a search for drugs.

    #6 In at least 36 percent of all SWAT raids, “no contraband of any kind” is found by the police.

    #7 In cases where it is suspected that there is a weapon in the home, police only find a weapon 35 percent of the time.

    #8 More than 100 American families have their homes raided by SWAT teamsevery single day.

    #9 Only 7 percent of all SWAT deployments are for “hostage, barricade or active-shooter scenarios”.

    #10 Even small towns are getting SWAT teams now.  30 years ago, only 25.6 percent of communities with populations between 25,000 and 50,000 people had a SWAT team.  Now, that number has increased to 80 percent.

    And thanks to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, police forces all over the nation are being showered with billions of dollars of military equipment that is coming home from overseas.  The following is what a recent Time Magazine articlehad to say about this phenomenon…

    As the Iraq and Afghanistan wars have wound down, police departments have been obtaining military equipment, vehicles and uniforms that have flowed directly from the Department of Defense. According to a new report by the ACLU, the federal government has funneled $4.3 billion of military property to law enforcement agencies since the late 1990s, including $450 million worth in 2013. Five hundred law enforcement agencies have received Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicles, built to withstand bomb blasts. More than 15,000 items of military protective equipment and “battle dress uniforms,” or fatigues worn by the U.S. Army, have been transferred. The report includes details of police agencies in towns like North Little Rock, Ark., (pop: 62,000), which has 34 automatic and semi-automatic rifles, a Mamba tactical vehicle and two MARCbots, which are armed robots designed for use in Afghanistan.

    But when you start arming the police like military units and your start training them like military units, eventually they start acting like military units and the results are often quite frightening.

    For example, just check out what happened when a SWAT team in Florida raided the home of one young couple earlier this month

    At approximately 6:16 am on June 10th, 2014, Kari Edwards and her live-in boyfriend were seized upon by a SWAT team who smashed in the door and using flashbangs and armed to the teeth, swarmed upon the couple and even stripped Ms. Edwards naked in the process.

    The couple says that the group entailed personnel from DHS, for whom Edwards once worked. After smashing in the door, the tactical team threw in flashbang grenades, traumatizing their cat and swarmed upon Edwards’s boyfriend and Edwards who had just gotten out of the shower.

    “They busted in like I was a terrorist or something,” Edwards said.

    “[An officer] demanded that I drop the towel I was covering my naked body with before snatching it off me physically and throwing me to the ground.”

    “While I lay naked, I was cuffed so tightly I could not feel my hands. For no reason, at gunpoint,” Edwards said. “[Agents] refused to cover me, no matter how many times I asked.”

    That is the kind of thing that I would expect to happen in Nazi Germany, not the United States of America.

    But this next example is even more horrifying.  The following is what one mother says happened to her 2-year-old son when a SWAT team raided her home…

    After the SWAT team broke down the door, they threw a flashbang grenade inside. It landed in my son’s crib.

    Flashbang grenades were created for soldiers to use during battle. When they explode, the noise is so loud and the flash is so bright that anyone close by is temporarily blinded and deafened. It’s been three weeks since the flashbang exploded next to my sleeping baby, and he’s still covered in burns.

    There’s still a hole in his chest that exposes his ribs. At least that’s what I’ve been told; I’m afraid to look.

    My husband’s nephew, the one they were looking for, wasn’t there. He doesn’t even live in that house. After breaking down the door, throwing my husband to the ground, and screaming at my children, the officers – armed with M16s – filed through the house like they were playing war. They searched for drugs and never found any.

    I heard my baby wailing and asked one of the officers to let me hold him. He screamed at me to sit down and shut up and blocked my view, so I couldn’t see my son. I could see a singed crib. And I could see a pool of blood. The officers yelled at me to calm down and told me my son was fine, that he’d just lost a tooth.

    Does that make you angry?

    It should.

    That young child is probably going to be disfigured for the rest of his life because of the brutality and the carelessness of that SWAT team.

    Yes, we live in perilous times and many of our communities would rapidly descend into anarchy if there were no police.

    But that does not mean that they have to act like Nazis.  They should be able to protect us while treating us with dignity and respect at the same time.

    So what do you think?

    Please share your opinion by posting a comment below…


    Michael T. Snyder is a graduate of the University of Florida law school and he worked as an attorney in the heart of Washington D.C. for a number of years. Today, Michael is best known for his work as the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and The American Dream. If you want to know what things in America are going to look like in a few years read his new book The Beginning of the End.


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      1. A man died and went to heaven. As he stood in front of St. Peter at the Pearly Gates, he saw a huge wall of clocks behind him.

        He asked, ‘What are all those clocks?’

        St. Peter answered, ‘Those are Lie-Clocks Everyone on Earth has a Lie-Clock.

        Every time you lie the hands on your clock will move.’

        ‘Oh,’ said the man, ‘whose clock is that?’

        ‘That’s Mother Teresa’s. The hands have never moved, indicating that she never told a lie.’

        ‘Incredible,’ said the man’. And whose clock is that one?’

        St. Peter responded, ‘That’s Abraham Lincoln’s clock. The hands have moved twice, telling us that Abe told only two lies in his entire life.’

        ‘Where’s Obama’s clock?’ asked the man..

        ‘Obama’s clock is in Jesus’ office.

        • He’s using it as a ceiling fan.

          • Legalized brutality is the signature of a
            government with global aspirations.
            Whoever said the sword isn’t mightier than
            than the pen probably never experienced a
            swat raid busting down their door at 3 am.

            • Yha…with swords!

              • The article ask, “does this make you mad?” There is so much about the very collapse and decay of society that makes me angry. More so it is so depressing to see the literal rot of everything around us. Each generation the previous one longs for the old times. This though is totally different this cycle around as times are not only changing, people and planet are behaving, acting, and resembling a rotten tooth.

                You look around and Mac and others have no limit on stories to prove just how God awful times have become for most people. This is worse now than even the depression back in the 1930’s because people are totally disunited with each other and their families and friends. One of the most disturbing trends is self abuse that is rampant all over the place. People are so numb that feeling intense pain and overstimulation of dope and other stimulants is on a drastic rise.

                Something like SWAT is yet another example of a police state forming deep roots. It is example of the population just not caring about what is happening. It is also a very short attention span. Just look how Fukushima is poisonous the region in the west Pacific and very few even care to talk about. It is a hazardous jaded situation that allows these authoritarian abuses of power to manifest themselves and grow like tumors until it affects everything and is most difficult to remove. Unless more people start to say STOP to this garbage times are unfortunately just going to get worse and worse until……………………

                • Howdy, BI, and as always, I’m right there with you. As I stated in a previous post, the only way to stop not only the SWAT violence, but all unjustifiable police violence, is for people to say NO, You’re not allowed to hurt me, and start fighting back. Never thought I would say this, but it’s time for the SWAT teams or even a regular cop who abuses his/her authority to start suffering casualties. they have families out here somewhere among us. How do they know THEIR homes could never be attacked? They’re no less vulnerable than the rest of us. SWAT personnel are so overconfident because no one has ever put up resistance to them. Well, it’s time for resistance to begin. Once a certain number of SWAT personnel are killed, we just might see police abuse take a nosedive. All of the higher-ups who have been protecting them [chiefs, prosecutors, judges, whoever] need to be replaced with people who believe in the rule of law and not the rule of evil, corrupt people. If we the people have to follow the law, then so should the enforcers. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. That’s how it used to be in this nation and we need to return to that. BI, that is the only effective way I see to deal with the issue.

                  • If that had been my child or grandchild, I would find the names and addresses of that SWAT mob and the sheriff they work for, and I would administer a little long range 300gr 338 Lapua justice. If we did a few of these, these assholes would get the idea that it is dangerous to their health as well as their job security to abuse their authority. Heads and groins everyone.

                  • 10 things they should know is they are going to get shot in the face with a shotgun or in the chest with a barrett if they are lawless and try to continue this behavior on the wrong people.
                    1. Some people will not be afraid to die
                    2. Booby traps they will be overconfident and that will be their downfall
                    3. They have numbers and they will attack a house with numbers and will be a safety issue.
                    4. Don’t know the inside of the house as the owners.
                    5.As you slowly lose your ranks and our being killed you will need to replenish your troops to keep up with pace.
                    6. Most will back down when confronted, most on here will not!!
                    7. Flash bangs used against home owners, flame throwers or traps can’t be mentioned online here will be used.
                    8. You kill a bee and the beehive will eventually attack you!
                    9. Make sure you take a cookie with you after you do your job! We will have plenty of cookies for us!
                    10. Don’t do this, it will be the end of you in the long run.

                  • Waiting in Idaho, I’d like to comment on that with you, I have a .338 and don’t care they already know who has what to a point, but I would join you to make sure the job is done and done right. We are not the bad people, we know who is abusing the power and who is really hurting others. We are being ripped apart from this anti-american admin in the white house. We need to unite with each other and remember that if it comes down to it we need people that will sacrifice themselves for real. I just wish there was a way we all could get to know each other and have a code name. Or if something came down we could back each other up, because once it starts there is no turing around or going back to day 1.

                  • Another keyboard warrior heard from.

                • I think evil is cloaked in many disguises, from blue uniforms of a police officer to the priest that hears confessions. Evil is evil, sin is sin and there aren’t any degrees of either. The devil goes about as a roaring lion seeking whom it may devour. Take nothing for granted………

                  • @ braveheart and PO’d Patriot. I have wondered for a long time just how to make those in the middle ground actually care for what is happening. I have know so many people that TALK big, yet when it comes to comfort and conveninece they will seel their souls to the evil for a few trinkets that they lose interest in within a few weeks or months anyway. I think this is the hug problem, that most people have such little self value of themselves and those around them that it is easy for the government or any fast talking “salesman or saleswoman” to easy deceive and fool most people.

                    This is why I have mention the jaded or listlessness of most individuals that just don’t care. They value really nothing, and such people are so easy to round up and corral. Perhaps this is a cycle of human beings, but throughout history there has never been such a high volume of the population that basically doesn’e give a darn about much of anything. This is a human mental and spiritual plague, and this is an enormous problem.

                  • BI, regarding your post @5:13 p.m. Most people today are easily distracted by just their I-phone its no wonder that being so engrossed they miss the message. I can’t put it any other way…..Take care, my friend.

                  • the majority of the swat raids involved drugs as a premise for invasion….and job well done..considering the majority of drugs infiltrating every aspect of society are by “coincidence?’ co opted by the feds in the first place one way or another..just as the majority,not all, of terrorism is state sponsored as well thus giving us the Patriot Act,ndaa,dhs etc etc etc…

                    Nothing is by accident

                    Everything by design

                    Think for a moment..


                  • PO’d Patriot….yes, indeed, evil takes many forms….and we should all be mindful of this….like a preacher who is a serial killer, or a boy scout leader who is a pervert…..evil finds a way to grow…mostly because people are not so much aware now as they once were…evil goes where it will grow hardy….and it doesn’t take much to understand exactly where it is growing within our gov’t….

                • OK, I have some issues with this article and I expect some serious thumbs down here. As most know, I am a retired LEO and Army vet. I do not like the cops running around like mall ninjas or paint ballers anymore than most in here do, but I am not a fan of this article.

                  Do I agree we are becoming a police state? Yes, and I don’t like it, but here are my responses to 1-10…..

                  1: Yes, I believe SWAT teams are over used. The number of raids has definitely increased, but with civil liability and attorneys suing everyone for a scared rookie over reacting, departments have turned to units of specialized members of their departments for warrant services. Can they be heavy handed? Yes. Do they die like rookies were in the late 80s and early 90s? No. There are pros and cons to both on that one.

                  2: Yes, SWAT teams are deployed to private homes, that is usually where they go after someone who is “bedded down”. The raid is usually targeted for when the wanted person is asleep and therefore (in theory) reduces the chance of a violent confrontation (50/50 on that one also).

                  3: 50% are black or latino witch leaves the other half to be mostly white. Read your demographics. That is an asinine remark. What are the demographics of the cities that are serving most of the warrants and what are the demographics of the suspects in those same cities. This one is a race baiter statement and is ridiculous (unless you are Rev Jesse or Al).

                  4: If a SWAT team is coming, they “generally” are there due to violent tenancies of someone in the house. I am surprised that the number is not higher.

                  5: Drugs. I have heard people complaining about the violence of the Mexican Cartels etc, so when a swat team goes after a drug dealer because of the violent tendencies we are supposed to be shocked? If you think drugs and drug dealers are nice, take your family and friends and take a trip to Watts or some other drug infested shit hole and refuse to use or exercise your 2nd amendment rights. Look at the stats of your shooting and murders and see how many are drug related. This is foolish.

                  6: Half the times, there are multiple locations on a raid. One is usually where the dope or contraband is being kept and there is usually one where the head figure or boss is living with his family because even most of those idiots don’t want the contraband around their family because it is dangerous. I am not supprised at this one bit.

                  7: Weapons, see above. SWAT teams also raid storage facilities (a little much in my opinion, but they do). However, when I have been in a raid by a SWAT team, weapons are almost always there. Maybe that is just the rules for my old department, I can’t speak for everyone across the country. 62% going after drugs and 36% finding nothing (see above safe house comment, a total of 98% combined), coincidence?

                  8: I agree, they are being used way too much. Nothing to argue on this one.

                  9: Hostage rescue is rare, and I believe that stat. SWAT teams are rarely there for an active shooter except to clean up and clear the area and look for an outstanding suspect. Those happen too fast and are usually up to the first responders and line officers to handle with minimum training and traditional weapons and gear (handguns and shotguns). That is why you tend to see “pray and spray” from inexperienced officers (that is sad, but true). The active shooter training that SWAT teams train for are usually handled by the least experienced officers.

                  10: I believe this stat. The Feds are giving grants for weapons and training as the war zones are scaling down, and that is where we get the police state.

                  I am not saying that there is not a police state, and I am not saying that there isn’t a problem, but this article is fear mongering. I agree with the over use of military gear and fatigues, but I have also been in the stack of well over 100 raids/warrants, and a better trained and experienced officer is 100 times better than a rookie still shitting burgers from the academy grill.

                  The bottom line is that if you wanna argue that we are a police state, I can live with that. But this article seems to be written by someone who hates the cops or has no experience or knowledge of why things are done (and my sincere apologies if i am wrong here, just my observation).

                  I agree that we are being more and more oppressed, and that SWAT is overused, but I am not a fan of this article. Sorry

                  Keep your powder dry,

                  • This was odd– the librarian wanted to know what I wanted to look up on the Internet before allowing me Internet time.. is this the norm? I would have said something, but my time was up, but, like, what business is it to them?

                  • JJsan, excellent post and you made some very valid points. I’m not opposed to the CONCEPT of SWAT teams as long as they are used for a LEGITIMATE PURPOSE. You certainly can’t dispute the fact that police work to a large degree is not what it used to be. As TPSnodgrass pointed out in his post earlier, a certain percentage of SWAT raids have no legitimate basis because of poor planning, raiding the wrong address, innocent people being harmed/killed unjustifiably, and the SWAT people still don’t find anything. Too much mis-management, inefficiency, and mediocrity in police work, ESPECIALLY SWAT WORK, these days. My relatives in LE could run circles around those idiots, plus they don’t have that “us vs. them” mentality. they have so much better sense than that since they’re all “old school” cops and those are the only kind of cops I trust. I don’t trust anyone who’s been drinking the federal koolaid. On your point about the article being fear-mongering, that may be to some degree, but the author did make some valid points. any article about police abuse and/or corruption is always disturbing to me. Like the cops in my family always say, “cops are not supposed to be dirty”. That lesson has been lost on too many people in LE today. I know there’s still a lot of good cops out there. It’s the ones with the “us vs. them mentality” that are never to be trusted. That’s the FEDERAL ATTITUDE towards we the people that goes all the way back to Abe Lincoln. as far as any invasion of my home is concerned, a perpetrator, regardless of who he is, had better think twice before kicking in my door or coming in thru a window, because the perp will die, period. I’ll only call 911 afterward to tell your fellow officers they can come clean up the mess. JJsan, on the fear-mongering we’ll have to just agree to disagree, but I do agree with the rest of your post. I gave you a green thumb anyway because I enjoy your posts and I know you mean well. take care.

                  • Simple answer JJ,legalize all drugs,end the cop/court/prison/drug cartels,folks want to die tis their right if they over abuse.You on the road high ect. then you get busted as you are risking others lives,till then,none of my business.We all know the biggest drug dealers are the pharm industry which pays off the govt. and has their blessing.I can see situations where I want medical personal/perhaps fire but police,no thanks,will take care of it.You disagree with my drug legalization then at least support outlawing booze,biggest cause of issues according to the few I know in the leo community am actually friends with.

                  • You are retired as a Law Enforcement Officer and Army Veteran….HOW long since you were active? My Father was a college professor who established a Law Enforcement/Criminal Justice program at our local college back in the 60’s….he would be horrified at many of the LEO’s now…

                  • Here’s the problems I see with SWAT.

                    1. They get bad intel ALL THE TIME.

                    2. Too many innocent people getting hurt and killed.

                    3. Too many rights being flushed down the toilet to make this tactic legal. I mean basically anyone inside a target home has no rights to privacy or self defense and that is inexcusable. The LEO’s act like gods and can kill innocent people without much fear of accountability. And what happens if someone defends their home? THEY ARE KILLED OF COURSE AND THE KILLING OFFICER GETS A PAT ON THE BACK!

                    4. People have the god given right to shoot an intruder who kicks down their door in the middle of the night.

                    5. There is NO ACCOUNTABILITY in law enforcement!!! How many times have we seen officers breaking the law/harrassing people/gestapo tactics and when it’s brought to the attention of their superiors nothing happens!!! This is the norm not the exception.

                    I know there are bad people. And I have no problem keeping the streets clean but not at the expense of violating the rights of innocent people.

                    SWAT MEANS possibly putting ME IN A POSITION where I would have to kill law enforcement officers and be killed in return even if I had previously done nothing wrong. This should not be tolerated.

                    When a man puts on a SWAT vest he should not power over my life and privacy but he does and it just aint right.

                  • “5: Drugs. I have heard people complaining about the violence of the Mexican Cartels etc, so when a swat team goes after a drug dealer because of the violent tendencies we are supposed to be shocked?”

                    JJSan, the MAJORITY of those “drug dealers” now days are NIT dealers, but USERS. This is being greatly abused. I can’t remember EVER reading about a violent pot smoker. The number one drug bust today has been for marijuana, according to recent DoJ stats.

                    To be clear — IT IS NOT USUALLY A DRUG CARTEL OR EVEN A GANG MEMBER that lives in the private residences that more often get raided for alleged “drugs.”

                    They SWAT team probationers. Alleged child abuses. Shoplifting rings. Asian resellers buying stolen goods. Pot growers. People for traffic tickets. They SWAT team human rights activists before a protest… none of which are inherently violent.

                    SWAT teaming a drug cartel stronghold is one thing — how they are abusing this tool is another thing altogether.

                  • well we arnt a fan of you breaking the 4th amendment either

                    there are other ways, if the cops had above 100 IQ they sure as hell could think up a better way

                  • JJsan, supply creates demand. It is the exploded number of SWAT teams that is creating the raids. Why send out just a cop when you can kick in the door, the lawyers will mop up later and say it wasn’t the SWAT team’s fault, acted to highest professional standards, yadda yadda yadda.

                    When the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem begins to resemble a nail.

                    It’s not just the confiscations after Katrina – look at the deployments through Watertown MA after the “Boston bombings” (check out the police tweet before the explosion too that there would be a “controlled explosion” , while you’re at it). Search the images. Going door to door, screaming and shoving AR’s in citizens’ faces? These teams aren’t about drugs any more than the 2 billion rounds of hollow point they’re buying up. That kind of state action is not what 1776 was about, it’s what it was created against.

                    With the false flag events and overkill responses, they’re trying to prepare people to bend over and accept the SWAT-based totalitarianism, which is the true state-sponsored terrorism. So the article made fair points. If the SWAT numbers didn’t explode, the abuse wouldn’t either. I don’t think I trust those guys to obey the Constitution. But “just obeying orders” will never cut it with me.

                    Next July 4, spend less time on the barbecue and more time on rereading your Declaration. Make it a tradition.

                • Recently deployed combat vets are being hired by police agencies nationwide upon discharge. Protect & serve has now become shoot to kill.

                  • Braveheart and JJSan: The reason that things often go “Bad” is that the police are almost always using scumbag informants who are often inaccurate with their warrant information. Confidential Informants (CIs) are under pressure from their handlers to produce and they’re often still users (drug cases) themselves, so they get info wrong and in some cases, just make stuff up. In the last year or so we’ve seen some backlash against wardens and cops, most recently in Las Vegas, by unorganized folks who hate all authority figures. It’s just a matter of time before some small, well organized, groups, or highly trained individuals, decide to take matters into their own hands. Some folks labeled as ‘eco-terrorists’ have gone so far as to list the names and addresses of state legislators for angry folks who want to ‘register a complaint’. It doesn’t take much imagination to see how far this can go with modern technology including the internet.

              • This post may not be read much, but given the “SWATification” I thought this was interesting:

                “The smallness of the army (or police) renders the natural strength of the community an overmatch for it; and the citizens, not habituated to look up to the military power for protection, or to submit to its oppressions, neither love nor fear the soldiery; they view them with a spirit of jealous acquiescence in a necessary evil, and stand ready to resist a power which they suppose may be exerted to the prejudice of their rights.”

                The Federalist No. 8

                The Consequences of Hostilities Between the States

                New York Packet
                Tuesday, November 20, 1787
                [Alexander Hamilton]

            • They must NOW remember that they will face an EXMILITARY individual that has seen combat and will not take it lightly that someone has just broke into thier domain and will defend it to the hilt. Sometimes caution is in order for survival. Not all civilians will react in such a matter, yet it remains true thay have not broke, busted, destroyed the wrong house. NOMI

            • http://privacysos.org/node/1449

              Regional SWAT squad claims it is a private organization, not subject to public records law

              That doesn’t fly, and it can’t be right. As my colleague Jessie Rossman, staff attorney here, said, “NEMLEC can’t have it both ways. Either it is a public entity subject to public records laws, or what it is doing is illegal.”

            • “But when you start arming the police like military units and your start training them like military units, eventually they start acting like military units and the results are often quite frightening.” And then the people begin to act like insurgents and run their ass off !

          • “””Yes, we live in perilous times and many of our communities would rapidly descend into anarchy if there were no police.”””

            That’s what they ant you to believe. The honest people who would begin carrying openly would far outnumber the guns of cowardly criminals. Many would get killed committing their crimes, and the people would again be able to dish out the justice.

            Anarchy is the state of SELF GOVERNMENT. Any other system puts the government above the Citizens.

            The Constitution is Lawful anarchy, with a government that only has power once a Citizen has been harmed.

            • This is off the subject, but Paul Craig Roberts has done it again!

              Please read, “A New Recessiona and New World Devoid of Washington’s Arrogance?”at his website. (Wonderful writer and so informative!)

              • Also, “From Insecticides to Genocide” at the Daily Impact.

                (A world soaked in insectides is not a place where bees can live… we’re really going to miss them!). Brace for hunger.

            • Horrible video at RT news, showing McDonald’s worker attacking a much smaller woman, with only her toddler son trying to stop it… several by standers did NOTHING to help!!!

              When I see stuff like that, all I can think about is– if only someone had a gun and pointed it at the assailant! Really sickening to see aggressors get away with this crap!

              • Actually,would have kicked her in the head and problem solved,no need for firearm there.

            • Im with you 100%! I would be tickled pink if they disbanded ALL LEO’s and alphabet agencies! Power to the PEOPLE!

            • “””Yes, we live in perilous times and many of our communities would rapidly descend into anarchy if there were no police.”””

              Righton GC, we lost our lone city police officer 6 months ago and we are not descending into anarchy. What a crock of shit that statement is/was.

          • When you need a Cop they are no where to be found. When you don’t need a cop they find you frequently.

            • …and they are NEVER there to be helpful…

          • eppe…..LMAO, thank you for making a lot of things somewhat tolerable. Its always good to hear from you.

        • what do I think? That is not a “swat team”; that is a police state! Lets call it what it is!

          Furthermore, I wouldn’t have “ASKED” the bastards if I could go to my baby– especially, if I saw blood, etc… I would have RAN to the crib!

          Unfortuantely, this is only the beginning– Nazism has come to the United States and we better face facts before a real dictator gets in power and starts committing genocide on us.

          • I’m sorry to say this but we need real truth and stop the corruption. Only way to end this is for a revolution to reset things. We have too many evil people and everyday that goes by we can see how just 4 years ago things were better and now they have reall gone to worse. We have some prepping and figuring things out to do. We will never change a thing until all the american people stop listening to MSM and come together and force these people out. We talk about talk to neighbors but we have not taken real action. If any attempt would happen you bet the blacks in large cities would attack whites for trying to impeach obama. And the blacks with whites would be attacked to. They are being confused (the radical blacks) and we need to get them all on the same page and same team to change things. I doubt that will ever happen since people will never become a team,

        • DID THAT REALLY OCCUR– THE INCIDENT IN FLORIDA??!! I looked at the video and there was no violence–there wasn’t even the couple! ??!!

          • Happened FOR REAL in Atlanta.

            ‘No-Knock’, no warrant raids are not only STUPID and un-lawful, they are used by thugs and criminals as well.
            Payback is a BIATCH.

            h t tp://www.wsbtv.com/news/news/local/toddler-critically-burned-during-swat-raid/nf9SJ/

        • Obama is the reason for the militarization of our police forces. His Majesty would have EVERYONE disarmed and under martial law if he had it his way. We need to IMPEACH him NOW, before he can break any more laws, stomping on our Constitution. I believe our constitution to be important enough to TAKE A STAND AND CALL FOR AN IMPEACHMENT. Write and call your congressmen. They know he is walking all over the Constitution. Yet, all they do is “talk about it”.

        • As former law enforcement, I could not be more sickened by the “uptick” in the use of SWAT for every perceived confrontation that law enforcement now thinks they may have.
          Not once did I ever serve a search or arrest warrant with a SWAT Team. My last department was very small with 9 of us. I remember one of our officers getting angry over the Deputy Chief spending money on new patches and other “non-tactical items” during the Sequestration (we were 90% federally funded)as he felt that money should have been used on a bullet proof “Riot Shield” he had been asking for. We had a community of 900 people. ??? LE is delving far to deep into “tactical/Military type goodies” for use AGAINST the general public. The general public is viewed as the enemy, on the same level that Al Qaeda is viewed on the battle field. It is no longer “Protect and Serve”. It is “Oppress and Violate”.

      2. the use of the word ‘victims’ in “victims of SWAT raids are either black or Latino” is probably a reach.

      3. SWAT teams were put together because the Public was, and is better armed than the police.

        They were also put together because the drug dealers and gangs had better fire power than the Police.

        The tower shooter in Texas was taken out by the public with their hunting rifle. The police were armed with 38’s and 12 Ga. shotguns.

        Every raid that I was on arrested at least 3 people and we came up with just about everything you can think of. From Pot to Crack to Meth to LSD, Just to name a few.

        Today they are using the SWAT teams for TOO Many things. In my opinion they are over using the TEAMS, and using them in Violation of the Constitution!

        • Someone needs to sue on the grounds that these no-knock raids are unconstitutional. The Supreme Court just ruled 9-0 that warrantless cell phone searches are illegal.

          If cell phone searches are illegal (and the search doesn’t physically harm anyone) then these slam, bang, middle of the night raids where innocent people — and dogs — are hurt or killed should be unconstitutional, too.

          • Daisy
            I couldn’t agree with you more.
            I believe a No-Knock raid is DEAD WRONG!!!!
            If someone kicked in my door if I had time I would respond with deadly force. Any normal person would.
            I wish that they would take it to the Supreme Court.

          • But, what if the Supreme Court would just happen to rule they are OK? The issue would be settled, and we could all just go on our merry way, right?

            Yes, this does need to be initiated via the courts, but, we can’t allow the courts to render the final decision on right and wrong.

            • SCOTUS is complicit with establishing the police state. Who hangs the SCOTUS criminals? Who rights their wrongs. Most things SCOTUS decrees is unconstitutional.

        • While I agree that there is a need for SWAT teams, I also agree that they are grossly over utilized!

          The callousness in personal conduct that has been reported in certain instances should be criminal!

          Unfortunately, when the pendulum swings to far to the right or left, it can’t be fixed. There is also a clear pattern of moving away from transparency in police/sheriff departments across the country. In one example, there is a regional SWAT team that came under scrutiny for records from the ACLU and the regional board set up to oversee the “regional SWAT team” activities responded by telling the court that they did not have to respond to the FOIA request as they are not a Govt agency? WTF???

          Bottom line is, when you dress police/sheriff up as soldiers, arm them like soldiers, train them like soldiers, then you get exactly that, soldiers!!!!

          IMHO it’s time to start holding the chief/sheriff and involved members personally responsible for misconduct/criminal conduct!

          If the chief and or sheriff is removed from office immediately after criminal conduct has been proven, them maybe those agency heads will start to take things serious and clamp down on the misconduct before it escalates to serious misconduct/criminal conduct!

          The buck stops here should have some meaning!

          • C W R.
            You are correct, anytime there is a miss action by any of their officers they should be held accountable.
            But remember some of them are Political hacks. (NOT ALL OF THEM).
            Just like anything else there are bad a long with good at the top.

        • Eppe, keep them coming. 2 of the best I’ve heard yet.

        • Howdy, Sarge. If SWAT teams would be restricted to their original role as envisioned by the late Daryl Gates, I could live with the concept. I can only hope I never have to shoot any SWAT cop forcing his way into my home, but I won’t tolerate ANY invasion of my home, REGARDLESS of who is doing it. As you know, the mentality of too many, BUT NOT ALL, of today’s breed of cops is not the same as it used to be. when we have to fear cops as much as we fear real criminals, you know something’s wrong in our nation.

          • I fear cops MORE than the criminal. I don’t call 9-11,

            e v e r.

            • .02, I don’t call 911 either. I call upon the members of my “ventilation team”; .22LR, .380, .30 Carbine, and of course, my beloved Bertha [12ga. pump].

            • .02
              You haven’t seen some of the criminal I have seen. You fear the wrong people, but that is your call. I pray that you never do. I would love to meet you, and I might just change your mind.

            • as you should, .02.

              the main differences are that criminals don’t have a government-backed position of authority and use/treat of use of force against you, nor do they put themselves forth as “good guys” or “protectors.” criminals aren’t held in high regard by most of the population, either, simply because they are criminals, and criminals are locked up and even executed for their wrong-doing, not simply given a paid vacation or fired from their job.

          • RBH
            You got nothing to worry about you ain’t breaking the law. They won’t mess with you.
            Now after saying that Some of these young pups coming up I don’t know!!!!
            My friend keep watching your 6.

        • “…in Violation of the Constitution!”

          You have been brainwashed over your 60 years to believe that whatever the state says, is “lawful”. Guide me to the part that says drug possession is unconstitutional. Keep violating the people for your 20 pieces of silver. I’m sure you can justify it in your mind.

          The people can defend themselves. You yourself said it “…the tower shooter was taken out by the public…”

          And why shouldn’t the public be better armed than the police? The people would certainly get more respect and not be beaten about the head so much if they were.

          • JRS
            The only reason drugs are illegal. It can’t get taxed.
            George Washington had a Whisky Rebellion, because alcohol was taxed and they were told that there was going to be a tax on alcohol, and there was a rebellion.
            20 pieces of silver. How dare you! I have saved more lives in the last 30 years, because of my training that I got through the P.D. than you will ever know.
            I have believe that you should have all the guns you want. You must not understand I will stand you your side any day to make sure you have a 2nd. Amendment.

            • Hence a home made still for you and friends,want the smoke,grow a couple of plants,more a Carlos Castaneda fan,shrooms and cactus/Alice in Wonderland type,grow poppies(legal),nick em(frowned upon),point is,you want recreational substances they are easy to do ones self,no need for dealers and more importantly no taxes to the beast.

        • “As Whitman sat crouched with his back positioned on the north wall, and looking in the northwest corner area of the observation deck where Crum’s shot was heard, Martinez jumped around the corner into the northeast area and rapidly fired all six rounds from his .38 police revolver from a distance of approximately 50 feet (15 m) at Whitman – all of which missed. As Martinez fired, McCoy jumped to the right of Martinez and fired two fatal shots of 00-buckshot with his 12-gauge shotgun, hitting Whitman in the head, neck and left side.”

          my drunk Mom spent two hours crouched behind a parked car on Guadalupe St. Alcohol got her, not Whitman.

        • Yeah, I’ve seen videos of swat teams where they kicked the doors down of innocent miltary vets and murdered them for no good reason!

          Even in my hometown this happened! So please spare us the excuses for this Nazism!

          • Anon
            When you walk a mile in my shoes. Then you might know what we do, how we do it, and why!

            Please don’t call me a Nazi.

            I would never do that to you.

            Deaths will happen. It’s too bad but it happens. If I had my way no body would ever get hurt.
            There are about 18000 raids a year and there are only around 5 people killed a year. Out of that 3 are bad guys. The lose of life is bad, but it happens.
            Is there bad SWAT team members yes, and they don’t last long on the team.

            When I was on the team, I was a Sgt. I had to answer for their actions. I wouldn’t I wouldn’t put my ass on the line for any BAD TEAM member. They would be gone.

            There is more than like nothing I can say that will make you happy. So please let us keep it civil. Thanks

        • Sgt Dale

          Family in covert has informed me that the majority of the drug invasion is state sponsored one way or another..just another guise to overwhelm the leo who are following the letter of the law unknowing that it’s their ultimate superiors who are co opting the entire the situation over all..and by superiors I am referring to d.c…not the locals.

          And it’s bout time the locals are made aware..and also..yes drug dealers are not your average nice people at all..but then again neither are the members of ISIL .etc who are also funded by our covert opps as proxy ‘freedom fighters”..

          It’s a damned quagmire..



          • Posseecom
            I believe that they are correct.
            You and I both know that the Bastards in D.C. have something to do with bring drugs into the USA.
            We need a change big time.
            Those turds in DC more than likely use more of this shit than a normal person. Take a look at the laws they pass and the things they do. They have to be on DRUGS!!!!!!!!!
            I would love to run a raid on Ried, Obullshit, the HOUSE AND SENATE. You know that ain’t going to happen.


        • So,pot/crack/acid,as long as not endangering others none of publics business,if legal no real high profit motive that brings about violence/crime,plus,just none of my business.Sarge,do you disagree with my point that alcohol causes more issues socially,would you make it illegal?

          • WAR:
            Nice to hear from you.
            They guys and gals that we got were selling to kids.

            Alcohol is a big problem. I would have to say there are laws out there to deal with alcohol.
            The had tried to make it illegal in the 20’s it didn’t work.

            Alcohol used as medicine and drank in moderation is Ok if you want to. You see I don’t drink because I grew up around several of my uncle that were drunks, low life bastards. One slap my grandmother when I was 18. It was the last time he did that. My twin brother and I kick the shit out of him,(WAS I WRONG?) After that happened it was the last time any of my drunken uncles even raised their voices to her.

            You see I’m I believe what you do in your house is your business. When you take it out on the street you become my problem. Its a safety issue and believe it is my job to try my best to see that no one gets hurt. This is how I feel.

            Pot, Crack, Acid, and Alcohol. The problem with this stuff is if they OVER USE it. These folks turn into Zombies and Leaches. They don’t produce, the just use, and we have to pay for it.

            I hope I answered your ? Good to talk to you again I hope You and Yours are well!

            • Sarge,am saying if legal no real point in trying to sell/hook kids ect.As I have said,you behind wheel ect. you are then endangering others,folks commit crimes while drunk or high,well,courts have ruled tis no excuse(as it should be),folks overuse booze/drugs(legal and illegal),food ect.Tis thier right though perhaps stupid.I don’t want me mum robbed/jumped because of someone supporting habit,let em die in peace if they choose to on cheap drugs whatever they may be.On a side note with the bottle,friend died from booze,hardly the first by a long shot,hence trying to put the bottle down for good as no reason some day could not be me,doubt my friends thought when drinking they would do it till it killed em.Tis a bit of a battle but have a few months so far.On a side note,do not blame the booze for my friends death,have a good weekend Sarge.

              • War:
                Stay strong, and You and Yours have a Great week end and a super 4TH.

      4. http://ssristories.org/old/index1.php

        and they talk about wanting gun control

        how about pharmaceutical and doctor control?

        makes you wonder if you have a ticking time bomb waiting to go off in your office, neighborhood, or home

        its this kind of drug that should be illegal ..im sure it would be if all of these killings and bizarre acts werent intended and wanted … these are the Zombies I think we hear about coming..and more and more people are put on these drugs each and every day

        I know for a fact of one case that isnt listed here, so how many others are not on this list

        watch your back folks the next person you bump into in public might just be off his meds or more like on these meds and waiting to blow

        • link found on previous topic

      5. When that kind of shit happens and the officers aren’t severely punished, the people of that town should exact a little vigilante justice. If that kind of thing happened to my child I can tell you that that son of a bitch wouldn’t be walking the streets for long. That’s what tyrants do, intimidate the people with their minions. If they are allowed to get away with it then its our own fault.

        • That’s why the cover their faces. So you will never know which one of the thugs did it to you.

          • yep, and if you have to wear a mask to do your job, then obviously you know what your doing is wrong immoral and very very illegal

            If that were my kid/ baby that got flash banged, I’d be scary quiet..

            because i would be thinking of my plans to pay each and every one that came into my house that day, back 10 fold
            and no sense showing that im premeditating my punishment

            • Who wears a mask? Answer, Criminal..Enough said..

              • Black Bart does, he steals your hard earned dollars every waking minute. Through inflation, taxes, and through the EPA, DEA, NSA, CIA, FBI, DHD and on an on adnauseum.

                • Your right Patriot there are many of mask out there. I always liked Black Bart in the Western.

              • In real life the Lone ranger wearing his mask would have been shot. and at the time him being a indian lover would have added to the impression that he was up to no good.

              • PA.
                The Lone Ranger!!!

              • yep, that and his (Mikes) 100 heads insurance policy..im sure it has some of them wondering if they should screw with him or not.

                I feel the same way about my family..if anyone wrongs them to the point of them killing a family member, the criminal elements days and their associates days just might come to an end because of their actions.. right down to 100 heads associated with that 1 person
                its a hell of a deterrent if taken seriously and carried out by those in your circle , yes its drastic it could come down to someone killing your sister and you take out the perps entire family,or someone taking you out, and your nephew taking them and everyone he knows they are kin with.. but hey fair warning..
                now I might not roll that hard, I guess it just depends on who does what to whom.

                its one of those, “Feel Lucky?” kinda things

                I dont think it will be long before someone is ready for one of these “raids” and cleans out an entire swat team..than what?
                or the Punisher sets his sites on the swat team leaders family
                so careful what you wish for Mr Masked SWAT team loser

            • VRF
              Come on now. If you work in a lot of the chemical area, Pipe line in Alaska, Medical area, Just because we wear something to cover our faces don’t make us a criminal.

              • that was satire…right?

          • T O C:
            We wear mask and goggles so that we don’t get anything thrown into our face. If Pepper spray is used so that it doesn’t effect us. Most of us have our names on our gear, so all you have to do is read the names.

            • So,how would that work for anyone,in this case,lets say a masked robber who kicks in door/thus breaking 2 glass bottles,one bleach/one ammonia,am thinking hospital visits minumum.

      6. As a retired law enforcement officer, I have to agree that the Swatification of America is indeed dangerous and used far too often. IN the departments I worked for, (2), both deaprtments had SWAT officers, however they were normal patrol officers, so the department had a contingent of SWAT officers on patrol 24/7 IF, something came up. Raids were done infrequently and warrant searches were conducted after a great deal of pre-raid planning and intelligence was conducted. We had no mistaken addresses, or the other hurry-up mistakes that come from poor management and ineffective officers. Good police work involves the officers getting OUT of their patrol units and into the community as often as possible. Officers should know their beat areas, and the residents as well as possible. Knowing WHO the good people are, is MORE important than being able to recognize the local thugs. Laziness and mediocrity has over-taken law enforcement “management” in so many areas of this country, it’s pathetic. The people MUST take back their cities and their law enforcement agencies, the taxpayers are indeed the true employers of all public employees, something MOST agencies “forget”.

        • “taxpayers are indeed the true employers of all public employees,”
          dam straight, it is the tax payer that gets sued when these cops step on their dicks like this..that also needs to change and dam fast!

        • TP Snodgrass, welcome aboard. You sound like one of the “old school” cops like I have in my family. I’ve heard the same thing from my LE relatives many a time, so you’re right on target. The ones I worry about the most are federal, going back to Ruby Ridge and Waco. Feds I don’t think I can trust, period; not with their mentality. Once again, welcome. You’re in the right place.

        • TPS:
          You are right. I have seen this happen many times. Well planned, right address, and intel.
          The only person I had was the 2nd Chief I worked for wanting to hurry things up.
          Did you ever have one tell you or hear one of the Upper rank tell you to hurry up I don’t want to pay O.T. We just ignored them and took our time any way.

          Today you can’t get the cops out of the cars. In my day I walked Main St. went into the business and talked with people. Today the folks don’t even know the cops in town.
          In my day I had three roles on the team. #1 Outside containment, #2 Medic, and #3 in the worst case scenario Sniper. Thank God I never had to squeeze the trigger!

          Again Welcome!

      7. Cops Motto Today – Harass and Enslave.

      8. >>”But that does not mean that they have to act like Nazis. They should be able to protect us while treating us with dignity and respect at the same time.”<<

        I don't need or want their brand of "help". We all saw what these monsters did to traumatized survivors during post Katrina in Louisiana and New Orleans. Going door-to-door disarming, assaulting, and rounding people up. In my humble opinion, they are not Americans, they are enemies of the state and should be treated as such.

      9. “After the SWAT team broke down the door, they threw a flashbang grenade inside. It landed in my son’s crib.”

        I’ve got a conscience. If I was the SWAT guy who threw that flashbang grenade, and I knew it was me who did that, I couldn’t live with myself.

        I’d turn in my badge, quit the police force, and do everything I could to help that toddler boy recover from his injuries (give money and sell things), apologize profusely with tears to the mother and father, pray for forgiveness from God, and make life-long restitution.

        If fellow SWAT members and SWAT bosses tell me it was justified and in the line of duty, I’d just shake my head no, and if they can’t see that they’re an instrumental part of the wrong I did, then shame on them.

        And being the realist that I am, I know there’s plenty of guys who wouldn’t think twice about the collateral damage and who’d go to the bars with their SWAT buddies congratulating themselves, and then sleep just fine.

        But I couldn’t do that.

        • The ends justify the means.

          • “The ends justify the means.”

            Ends: Find evidence of drugs and arrest the alleged perp.

            Means: “My husband’s nephew, the one they were looking for, wasn’t there. He doesn’t even live in that house. After breaking down the door, throwing my husband to the ground, and screaming at my children, the officers – armed with M16s – filed through the house like they were playing war. They searched for drugs and never found any.”

            From: A SWAT Team blew a hole in my 2-year old son

            The ends didn’t justify those means.

            • I think you misunderstood. I’m not agreeing with what they did, I’m saying that in “their” minds, the ends justify the means. I think they are out of control. They think the horrific treatment of American citizens is OK because the outcome of what society will be in the end is what THEY want.

              • Thanks for the clarification.

                I wonder how many lawyers have called that family to represent them in a MASSIVE lawsuit against that city’s SWAT team?

                And in the end, the taxpayers will get screwed since it’s ultimately their checkbooks that will pay for the awarded damages due to grievous police misconduct.

                • Yes and the stalwart and stellar officers get to do it all over again. Individual retribution is needed. It won’t stop it right away but it might give some pause before they attempt to repeat what they did. I’m sure there are probably some who were horrified at what happened to the toddler ( that were on the team). First and foremost, the team leader should be on the receiving end of the severest retribution. As the team’s commander you accept responsibility for the action of your team. Cut and dried. Its up to you to comprise your team members of what they are up against and how they will respond. Not every entry is cookie cutter perfect each and everytime. Your intel that you receive better be accurate cause your fat ass supervisor(captain) who is being groomed for a better position ain’t gonna take the weight if things go south and hists the mourning news.

                  • Anyone on that team who didn’t stand against what happened, and don’t lend their testimony in court to that affect, should be in line for some of that “retribution.” Only one threw the grenade, BUT that does MOT absolve the rest from doing the right thing.

                  • Yeah, just like Gerard Butler’s retribution in Law Abiding Citizen!!!! That is what is needed.

                  • MXLord327, excellent movie. Had to have a copy for my collection.

            • The Police were more dangerous to citizens than the criminals. No matter how you look at it regardless from any perspective thats plain wrong.

              ‘We had to destroy the village to save it”.

              • And that is the same line of thought that our government takes with drone strikes, no matter of the innocent it encompasses, regardless of the children, all in our names, siting your and my safety.

                • Killing innocent people, or even non-violent criminals, does NOT make me more safe.

            • I can just see those idiots after the raid drinking beers and joking about it – “Did you see the size of the hole I blew in that little kid? It was awesome!!! Ha ha ha ha!!!! Sick bastards…..

        • I’m wondering about the guy that bold faced lied to the mother. The baby had a hole in it’s chest with blood splattered. And he lies about it being a tooth out. What kind of LE does that? A Pychopath. Look up the definition.

          While I think we’re on the path to a global financial meltdown. Maybe it wouldn’t hurt to write our state governments requesting an end to these raids. Or limiting them to where there’s a real risk.

          • it would be definitely time to jump up and pull that ass holes mask off!

            • Yeah, after you unload a 30 round clip into him.

              • Ok, for the sake of you OCD shitbirds, I should of said, “magazine” instead of “clip”.

                • PO,what is this “clip” you speak of?!Are we talking paper/cloths hanger/belt clip?Why unload that into folks attacking children!?

                  • LOL

                  • “With a clip of 8 rounds, lock and load.” Stand by you m’fers.

                • Clip is easier to type!!!

        • Freeslave, I’m glad to hear that from you. My relatives in LE are the same way. People who undergo SWAT training get turned inside out. They have no soul, no conscience, no morals, no heart, etc. They are mindless robots who will follow orders without question and without reservation. They are just like the feds want them to be.

          • Sorry dude, you’re 100% wrong. I have a family member in law enforcement who’s on a SWAT team, and I’ve met many of the members. They are nothing at all like you describe.

            • Have you had the pleasure meeting them muzzle first? I’m betting if you happened tobe the mistake ofthe day you’d have a different opinion…

            • Grafique, if your family member is one of the good cops and NOT brainwashed with that “us vs. them” mentality, then good for him. that’s the only kind of cop that can be trusted. Plus, I get my information from LE relatives in my family and they’re all the “old school” type. they would never accept any of the federal brainwashing nor even join a SWAT team. Law enforcement has really changed since 9-11 and not for the better. You might want to question your family member in SWAT to see where he really stands and look at his eyes when you do.

              • No need. He and his teammates are the good guys. You’ll just have to take my word on it. None of them is a mindless robot with no soul, no conscience, no morals and no heart as you painted them.

      10. Up date: 4 CH-47’s later followed by 1 C-130 all going West. Anyone west of the Mississippi River keep an eye out and pass on any sightings of Military aircraft or any kind of ground movement. We need Intel. THX.

        River Rat at the ready!!! NOMI///MOLON LABE!

      11. All SWAT Teams do is add to the “Us Against them Mentality.”
        When they hide behind masks, that only increases their corruptness, and the ability to get away with it. When the populations see their own government Break the Law, and are corrupt, that only reinforces and justifies the public to commit crimes too. Its a race to the bottom folks.

        • WWTI, that is the mentality that the feds have brainwashed all those SWAT guys with. It’s time for SWAT teams to start suffering defeats and casualties. I don’t see any other way to break the cycle of unjustifiable police violence. SWAT team members also have homes and families somewhere among us. How do they know THEIR HOMES will never get “SWATTED”? I think they’re just as vulnerable as any of us.

          • The thought of someone reporting a SWAT members house having a Meth lab or wacked out people with guns gives me the giggles.

            Then the LE get a list of thier homes so they can check to make sure they aren’t raiding a fellow SWAT members house. And then someone hacks the database and gets the list of all LE homes. Muhahahaha!!!

        • SWAT team members think no one knows who they are, well Ive got news for them..it aint so
          and any one with enough time on their hands could “stake” them out and figure it out, one at a time and follow each one home

          Ive been living in my country community for about 16 years, I know where all my cops live…do you guys and gals?

          make it your business to know! they work for us, we should see how they are living, in what kind of home..do they have a family?.. etc.

          Im kinda lucky being a small country area, most of the cops take their cop cars home..thats the give away for me.

          but if its important enough for you to know than you should make a point of it, before you really need to know

          hey if they didnt fuck with us so bad, none of this would be necessary, unfortunately these days it is necessary to know

      12. Where did we go wrong as a nation..? At what point in time while we collectively weren’t paying attention did this happen? This is not the America I grew up in. I want it back……

      13. SGT: Most all the SWAT members I know have drunk way to much COOL-AID! They truly feel they are above the law. No matter what they do, they believe the higher ups will protect them. Just my thoughts.

        River Rat at the ready!!! NOMI///MOLON LABE!

        • River Rat, it’s a fact that too many higher-ups do protect them all the way to a judge. It’s an evil, corrupt system that will eventually fail. The SWAT teams will eventually face retribution.

      14. Has anyone else noticed that they’re now wearing balaclavas to hide their faces? Just like they do in all our favorite third world vacation destinations. Makes one wonder why they do that now. Standing ready in Daytona

        • They cover up their faces because the are ashamed of themselves.

          • If they could feel shame, they probably wouldn’t do the things they’re doing.

        • They all want to be like the Lone Ranger or Batman. Never Grew up.

          • Why if they want to be like Lone Ranger or Batman do they have to use all their buddies to pile into a home? That is more like street thuggery not Lone Ranger or Batman.

            I actually agree with what you’re saying but it seems that they’re thinking is really messed up.

      15. So what are we, ordinary peon Americans, supposed to do about it?!

        Add this to the list of about 10,000 other things our governments are doing. Even our commander in chief isn’t following the law anymore.

        The only thing I can think of it to wake up our sleeping neighbors. But they don’t want to wake up. They are content and blissful in their stupors.

      16. There’s a good reason why only lower IQ applicants are desired to fill these LEO positions. They don’t want people who have above average intelligence, as those types of people are more capable of exercising critical thinking skills. Smarter people also tend to have a greater capacity for understanding and appreciating moral and ethical behavior. They need stupid people to serve as these types of LEOs, so that when a clearly unconstitutional and illegal order is given, these same stupid people will obey their tyrant masters without hesitation.

        • Agree AJ. Knuckle draggers.

          • Wrong, what I want to know is,
            did your finger do any damage
            to the door of that beautiful
            Jimmy pickup.

      17. The crap we witnessed in Boston, no short term memory loss here, is all the proof you need to KNOW that that slippery slope we’re on is damn near vertical…

        This is pure evil… THERE IS NO OTHER EXPLANATION!!!!

        • I wonder if they could still get away with claiming they threw that flash-bang grenade “for the sake of the children”…

      18. You are a fool if you do not have at least 3 of these on every entry door. You may not ever need it but then again, you just might need the extra delay this will give you and your family to become aware and react. While they are bashing on the door to get in, you can effect your escape or, lock and load the AP rounds and take out a stack or two with one round.


        • Although I’ve never seen these types of barriers in action, I have seen variations of the theme…

          Think vertical that swing out of the way, and are tied together horizontally when in secure mode…

          Even if the door is removed, it’s still tough to fit through the spaces in between…
          What I was looking at was pure genius… he had no problem with me passing around the “basic” configuration… but “strongly” (veiled threat 🙂 ), requested I not reveal the details to anyone…

          10 sec’s to do or undo… again I say… pure genius!

        • In the old days, Mr. West, everyone had this security measure! they just had a long piece of wood angled across the door and nobody could get inside… wish I had picture of exactly how it worked!

        • A 36 inch length of hardened steel with a 2 inch diameter, set at a 45 degree angle between a steel door and a concrete floor… will make it easier to break a window.

          • they dont like comin in thru windows..too easy to shoot like fish in a barrel comin in thru a window

            plus the sound of them breaking a window gives you more time to react than them bashing in your door and being in your living room in 2 seconds all of them

            with a window its slow going and one at a time
            harden the shit out of your house and while they are banging on your door , lock and load the part is about to begin

      19. Law enforcement has become the American Gestapo as evidenced by early morning raids and injuries to citizens. Soon the armed citizens will shoot first and ask “Where’s the warrant?” later.

        • I think it has already begun. In previous years the primary cause of death while on duty for police officers was traffic accidents. It still is but the number of officers who are shot in ambush is increasing.

          In my city the budget has decreed that police patrols work alone – one person per vehicle. I’d be interested to hear whether cops were “doublieng up” in cities that have experienced a surge in questionable deaths of civilians by police officers. Albuquerque comes to mind. Have police begun to patrol in tandem yet? Anybody know?

          • Don’t know now, 30 years ago, in parts of Cleveland and Baltimore, they went in threes per car, One always stayed behind to radio for help, and keep the car from being stolen. in Baltimore, they just wouldn’t come to a lot of town after 10:30 PM

      20. the problem is the entire generation has changed you once have law enforcement that was raised in the world war 2 generation now you have law enforcement that was raised with Jersey shore. They where once taught that hard work get you respect. Now we are taught respect comes with violence. Weather you have a shining badge or not. A shitty generation will enter every part of Society.

      21. Just got done talking to a guy that had a swat team, helicopter, etc. on his farm. Turned out a neighbor turned him in for growing marijuana and there was none. He got an apology from the sheriff and was told that the DHS allows them the latitude to do what they did. So if someone turns you in, do you have the right to face your accuser? I don’t know, but I doubt it.

        • I would have had a little ‘talk’ with that neighbor.

        • payback is a bitch

          plant some weed on his property next year and than call the cops

          I wouldn’t say anything, or do anything right now..patience , than punishment

      22. Every poorly executed SWAT raid is based on intellectual failure. Successful combat operations are a balance between instinct and intellect, it’s what makes man such a deadly adversary and in the case of many SWAT teams is the one thing missing.

        • I have found most cops to be intellectually lazy, mouth breathing, soup slurping, wife beating, meatheads. Just some observations.

          • Late in return, but I knowledgably agree!

            • I know a lot of former cops. Most are really nice people. They joined to serve and found found the crap that went on intolerable and left. Those with twisted souls stayed.

      23. Gazprom Ready To Drop Dollar, Settle China Contracts In Yuan Or Rubles

        “Something very dramatic happened overnight when, in a little noticed statement, Gazprom’s CFO Andrey Kruglov uttered the magic words:


        In other words just as the US may or may not be preparing to export crude – a step which would weaken the dollar’s reserve status as traditional US oil trading partners will need to find other import customers who pay in non-USD currencies – the world’s two other superpowers are preparing to respond.”


        • MOM, expect more of this as the Russians and the Chinese grow tired of cowtowing to the dollar. Its the arrogance of it all that chokes them.

          • …and the blatant attacks on sovereign countries and lawfully elected governments…

      24. ambush, ambush, ambush

      25. It becomes more and more self fulling , the more force they use the more resistance they get back, and the more “average” people just trying to get through the day get tired of being F’ed with at road side stops for nothing when the idiot knows he’s not dealing with some tattooed up snot rag headed with his ass hangin out punk, and just stop supporting their local or state cops altogether.

        It gotten so crazy even retired or active duty military are talked to and treated like street punks.

        I used to consider cops as my distant cousins in uniform and was ready to “assist” if needed, but not anymore.

      26. I guess we should have a pot of coffee and donuts ready for them when they break in. At least it would be a distraction. Food is a great weapon!

        • With lot’s of Ex-lax might keep them busy so they dont beat you to death, while they are saying stop resisting..

      27. A drug raid on a Meth house has its own set of rules.
        A Swat engagement with drug cartels or Terrorist has its own set of rules.
        A swat engagement to force others to comply has its own set of rules. Gun confiscation or personally being removed.

        The first two, provided that they are done with GOOD SOLID WARRANTS, establishes safe neighborhoods and lowers crime.

        The third statement is one of wrongful action against me. If you pay you taxes and have made no threats, commit no crime, you should be secure within your home. Even if a Cat 10 hurricane or the meanest criminal is in the area. It is my life and my PROPERTY. Fuck you when you say for my better good. Yes I would reap the bad if it happened. Also when Law enforcement says you are on your own, don’t come back here and put your law on me after the dirty work has been done.

        Old age and treachery will overcome skill and youth.

        • If they want you bad enough, they will “invent” a crime that you have committed…..

      28. More Financial Manipulation…

        Must-see charts show the Federal Reserve is taking “secret” actions right now

        “…the Fed is in the business of obscuring the truth. Official inflation numbers vastly understate actual price rises…”

        “…the Fed and the media tell us things are better than they actually are. Meanwhile, the Fed is taking secret actions that reveal where Yellen and friends really think the economy might be headed.”

        The Fed’s New Tool: Reverse Repo

        “The Fed has announced that it’s using “reverse repos” as a new tool to manage monetary policy. Don’t let “reverse” confuse you: Reverse repos are just a way the Fed soaks up cash from financial institutions.

        The Fed is the “borrower,” swapping its Treasuries for banks’ cash. You might call it the opposite of quantitative easing: reverse repos drain money from the financial system.”

        How Repos Fit into the Fed’s Balance Sheet
        “The Fed funded and continues to fund its quantitative easing programs with bank deposits. Here’s the rundown on how that works:
        1. The Fed creates cash from thin air.
        2. The Fed buys Treasuries and mortgage-backed securities (MBS) from banks with that freshly minted cash.

        The Fed pays banks 0.25% interest as an incentive to keep the new cash on deposit at the Fed.

        Reverse repos are also a source of funding for the Fed: they provide cash for the Fed to continue purchasing Treasuries and mortgage-backed securities.”


      29. They need to employ the returning vets somehow after the banksters wars. What better fits them to use the same gears/weapons that they used before along with better combat gears and daily showers before going to the War zone in the streets of Amerika.

        I am sure not all of these folks are bad people but I am worried some of them are suffering from PTSD and a chance of hallucinating the war zone but this time targeting Americans on American streets.

        I hope that I am wrong. I sincerely do hope so.

        • Yeah, that’s what TPTB would have us believe, so they would have an excuse to disarm them.

          The truth is, returning vets usually know exactly what is going on, how they have been duped to fight the Bankers’ wars, and so TPTB consider them a threat!

          I’ve talked to returning vets and never seen more self-sacrifing bunch of people in my life. I’m not saying all are like this, just the ones I’ve met… very, very honorable and know whats happening!

      30. Many of you *know* my feelings on this, but just incase you’re a newbie, here it is again.

        The term “to protect and serve” is no longer valid. Once you understand and accept that, you prepare your mind for the road ahead. People that work for the BEAST(government, LE, SWAT, Military) have some hard choices to make…and fast. Once the SHTF, everyone wearing a badge, uniformed or contractor is going to be a target, plain and simple. People are not all stupid and they know who is ‘upholding and enforcing’ these unjust laws that benefit only the police state. Retribution will be swift and deadly. All you have to do is follow your own stupid ant-drug slogan and JUST SAY NO! to unjust, corrupt, evil-doers who pretend to be ‘good people’.

        This brings me back to my words of:

        -KNOW your neighbors…
        -KNOW where they work…
        -KNOW what they do…

        and combine it with Sgt. Dales famous line-

        • Socrates, spot on. Let me add that the federal and state supreme courts of all 50 states have ruled repeatedly that law enforcement has no obligation to protect any citizens whatsoever. They serve the GOVERNMENT, NOT THE PUBLIC. THEY ARE GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES, NOT PUBLIC SERVANTS. In other words, when any of us as individuals face a home invasion, etc, WE ARE ON OUR OWN AND WE WILL HAVE TO FEND FOR OURSELVES. WE HAVE TO BE OUR OWN FIRST RESPONDERS! If/when I’m faced with such a situation, I’ll handle it any way I consider necessary, regardless of legality.

        • I have sporadic contact with my neighbors. If I see them in the yard I usually wave or take a jaunt over with an extra cold beer and we shoot the breeze somewhat. Most of the time we go about each others business and very little is said for weeks. I could tell right off that neither of those on the southside nor northside had any comprehension of what is going on. So for opsec reasons, I’ve never mentioned anything. They’re on their own as I am done preaching. And if they were to come over looking for food I would shoot them in the head and bury them deeply to keep them from ratting me out.

      31. Most raids of any kind will occur after 2 am. and before 8 am. I don’t know if that is helpful to you except to give you insomnia, but if it comes down to getting out of the house before the world comes down you need to be out by 1:30 am. Best to know your route in the dark anyway right?

        • Stew….. I sleep very well each and every night. My wife and son remark how fast I fall asleep. I just let go and sleep well. I can’t be worried by the boogieman. God knows my hour. Yet I will rise up and do my best to protect my family. I won’t go into details. I wish you and yours well.

        • Well, then when they come for me I will be awake.

          When we had to bring our mother home on a ventilator because she had run out of Medicare days, the first thing my brother said to me was, “You sleep from 8 to 1 and I will sleep from 1 to 6.” We both worked 19 hours per day taking care of her.

          She died more than 20 years ago, but I still fall asleep around 6 or 7 pm and wake up at 1 am most days.

          Trouble is, the police in this small town (we have 5 officers) see me out walking my dog every morning in the wee hours, so they know my schedule.

          • Best you vary that schedule. Don’t set a pattern. OK Daisy K?

            • I try. But here it is 6:30 and I am having trouble staying awake.

      32. Stinkin cops……All they know is hurt, maim, kill…..

        And thier proud of it. LMAO……I’ll die first. I don’t care.

      33. Obama Asks For $500 Million To Equip Syrian Rebels As The ISIS Juggernaut In Iraq Spreads


        why are we giving a half billion dollars to known terrorists ???

        oh yeah

        they’re just “moderate” terrorists


        Oh, it’s just the “moderate” terrorists Obama will be arming. Not the more radical types. But how Obama will make the distinction? Well, that’s what polling is all about. To wit: “Excuse me, would you describe yourself as a moderate or extreme al-Qaeda jihadist. Answering affirmatively to the former assures you your own US-made Humvee and a few thousand bullets to shoot at US soldiers across the border in Iraq.”

        un-f_cking believeable

        • I wish you guys understood. Unstable countries dont sell oil. Get it. The goal is to keep I stability. And look at nigeria. So oil price can be manioulated by you know who.

          Same thing as this article. Next swat might have nothing to do with crime. Does anyone on the team actuallu know the targets are crimjnals? Or is that dictated. Same thing happening in military. Personnel doesnt know who is bad. They just follow orders.

      34. They will lie and charge you with something that is not true just to make others think that caught a big fish. It doesn’t matter if it ruins reputations, causing you money for an attorney or if you loose your job. Its all about them. They will ruin lives to keep their job. The training they get in the military is fine for what they have to deal with but this is home of American citizens not their enemy.

        • 100% spot on!

      35. The cops are increasingly becoming lawless, if they don’t stop there will be civil war. New death sentence laws for bad cops should be enacted. But those in power celebrate the goons who enforce their will. So the nation will descend into civil war, millions will die.

      36. If these no-knock entries persist, what we (American law-abiding, God-fearing folks) will do is just replace the door that is full of bullet holes! Simple, really!

        • …or the cop ends up DEAD (shot in the FACE) like this guy, who broke in a window at 5:30am in a ‘no-knock’ ‘raid’. I don’t personally think the accused was any angel, but I know that no-knock raids are ALWAYS death for someone.

          h t tps://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Eh93rv48CwM

          • 4409 said it all didnt he? sure sounds familiar dont it?

            I think were all in agreement the more blogs on this subject I see the more these cops should wake up and start saying No to these types of raids,, hey they all “want to go home at the end of their shifts” than if thats the case grow a few brain cells and realize this isnt the way to go about this

            yep keep hiring below the 100 mark and this is what you get more blind sheep following their leaders off the cliff

            all you cops have to do is grow a real pair and say No, you dont pay me enough to subvert anyone’s rights
            no money is enough to back slide into becoming a traitor to your oath

            make all the excuses you want..they mean nothing

        • …just two pins and a song.

          • Ever really wonder where the phrase “deader than a door nail” came from?

      37. Breaking Story, a commercial interruption to the post about SWATification.

        “It appears, however, that a regional [EPA] office has reached a new low: Management for Region 8 in Denver, Colo., wrote an email earlier this year to all staff in the area pleading with them to stop inappropriate bathroom behavior, including defecating in the hallway.

        In the email, obtained by Government Executive, Deputy Regional Administrator Howard Cantor mentioned “several incidents” in the building, including clogging the toilets with paper towels and “an individual placing feces in the hallway” outside the restroom.

        Confounded by what to make of this occurrence, EPA management “consulted” with workplace violence “national expert” John Nicoletti, who said that hallway feces is in fact a health and safety risk.

        The scheiss has hit the fan at the EPA of all places!

        Alright EPPE, top that.

        • EPA…Eradicating Poopy Aisles.

        • Sounds like a job for Captain Underpants.

        • “Howard Cantor’, any relation to Eric cantor, who just lost his ass, er, seat in congress?



        THE POLICE ? OR THESE SCUMBAG CRIMINALS ????????????????????

      39. “Shoot first and inquire afterwards, and if you make mistakes, I will protect you”.
        Hermann Goering, founder of the gestapo, – instruction to the Prussian police (1933)

        Ladies and gentlemen, does this ring a bell??

      40. Folks, one thing you got to understand. The money (FRN’s) will be the last thing to disappear. The rest of our so-called freedoms will be long gone(1st,2cd and 4th amendment rights). It will be purchasing ability, not purchasing power, that will force people to forsake their God-given rights. Once this has been accomplished, the road for the evil will be laid bare and easily traveled. Moves are being made but we are not quite there yet.

      41. Surely, everyone knows that there are good cops out there who walk or ride the beat. The people here also know that there are those in large, moderately sized and even small cities who suffer the Napoleonic lust for power. These people, Police Chiefs, Sheriffs and other petty polititions are the ones who are promoted. If that is a surprise to you then you are not paying attention. Americans must stand firm against the enemies of mankind and we know who they are! Americans must now take their American Revolution and spread it around the Globe because the whole world is suffering under, and I do mean under, the Jewish bankers, namely, the Rothchild family of devils, who , at the present time in world history control the entire planet! AWAKEN, dear people and see the threat that is not, at present being met! This can happen if you open your eyes to the truth of the matter and the truth of the matter is that we are being destroyed by Global Communism! The Obamunist Regime is only a tool of the Globalist’s and we as Americans, must oppose it all the way! We all die, sooner or later, so let us all commit to gloriously defending the only significant Revolution that ever existed on this Earth, the American Revolution against power over free born men and lets take our Revolution to a worldwide suffering mankind and lets do it with joy in our hearts!

      42. On a side note,in keeping with the smalls add up another few 5lb. bags of rice,smaller as am trying it out for like/dislike(am sure will love it all if starving!).I also bought a few of the portable/lightweight Sawyer filters,will give em a test run and report findings after using in local streams/river.I have no extended bathroom stays one going to me mum,sure,a lot of ways to make water safer to drink but it’s portability and lightweight had some real advantages in my book for on the fly bag/just hiking/hunting ect.

      43. Presidential Hypocrite: Obama speaking about global warming skeptics: “Obama also took aim at Republicans for pleading ignorance on climate by saying they aren’t scientists.”

        “I’m not a doctor either, but if a bunch of doctors tell me that tobacco can cause lung cancer, then I’ll say, ‘OK.’ It’s not that hard,”
        —not that hard? Then why do you still smoke? What an IDIOT.

      44. I wonder how will a prepper like us to stop those swat boyz when shtf comes.

      45. Pigs is Pigs.

      46. The SWAT teams and now regular police seem to be making a sport out of killing family’s pets…. Why…??? By doing that they come off as a bunch of psycho’s that have lost the respect of the public….

        They should be reminded that their family’s are venerable too….

        BTW, I used to be a LEO… and I have lost a lot of respect for the profession, mainly due to the individuals now in it…

        • BTW.. It’s not a profession , it’s just a job
          And any job where the IQ of the members in it are all below 100 there’s no way any of them could be or act professional , they lack the intelligence
          Might not have been that way when you played the game , but it is now

        • The bullshit behavior of bad cops is why folks like you need to be in the profession,turn the wall of insanity back from the inside.

        • Most serial killers start out by killing pets, just sayin”….

      47. The people involved with this behavior are not making friends. If not friends then….a very slipery slope for this.

      48. And this folks is why you dont EVER! give up your guns, and why you should always have at least one at the ready

      49. What worries me is that you will get people that will say there is no problem with these SWAT raids ’cause obviously these people were doing something very wrong or bad – if they were good people nothing would have happened to them.

        • We call them “sheeple”…

      50. Well I have read all the post. I have to say I have been called everything from a Nazi, knuckle dragger, low IQ. Killer, Heartless. I’m waiting to be called a even worse.

        I came to this site to try and address to you folks that there are Very good LEO’s out there, but after reading some of your post I see I have a lot of work ahead of me.

        What bothers me the most is some of the folks here (not all) who I thought I was getting though to and was making them friends that stabbed me in the back! That is Ok I had my vest on.

        Every time you lump all LEO’s in the same boat you make a big mistake. If I was new to this site and this was the first thing I read as a LEO. I would say F#$K You. You folks aren’t worth it. I know that there are some very good folks here. I would start naming them but I know I would forget one. You know who you are. There are several that have backed me up in the past and I want to thank you. Unfortunately some of you that have back me up have also stabbed me in the back tonight. That is OK I forgive you, and I hope that we can start over again.

        It would be very easy to become a troll here, but I won’t because I believe it is peoples fear of the unknown that scares the HELL out of them and Cops are hard to get to know.

        All the B.S. on how some folks here hate Cops and would rather call a criminal. They have seen the criminal I have dealt with. If you still think that way PLEASE call one and after they rape you, your wife, your kids your dog in front of you, and then kills one of your loved ones. Then tell me that you will call them again to help you or protect you. That is if you are still breathing.

        Sorry for being so morbid, but Damn It some people just have to be kicked in the head!

        We use modern weapons because they are available, If we go up against some very bad guys don’t you think for one second that they are not going to have modern weapons.
        We wear mask not to hide our identity, but to protect our faces, just like we wear or vest, and other equipment.

        Yes! If there wasn’t any more cops there would be chaos. Do you really thing that the police are gone that nothing would happen? Tell that the to Asian store owners in LA after the Rodney King trial when the Cops had to pull back. One hell of a good video where the store owners protected them self and their stores until they ran out of ammo. It would be nice if we didn’t need Cops, but we do and you and I know that there will be a few bad ones. Just like any profession.

        Now for the poor bastard that you folks keep Crucifying. Do you know for sure that he just didn’t toss the flask bang and it was an accident. Do you really think for one second that the Officer knew that he had tossed it into the crib or tried to toss it into the crib. No you don’t
        Most Cops have families and most SWAT team Officer are young guys in the late 20’s early 30’s with families.
        I don’t know for sure but I’ll willing to bet that the Officer has given up on SWAT and might have left the force.

        Most of you people watch too much TV. Until you walk a mile in a COPS shoe you might just might want to hold your judgements.

        Mr. Snyder how much Law Enforcement or SWAT training do you have? All of your stats are correct.
        I only have a few questions/remarks.

        On #1 80,000 So what, that just means there are more teams to do more raids.

        On#2 79% on homes, Well yah that is where they live.

        On#3 You mean 25% on black 25% on Latinos (or there in) and 50% on Whites.

        On #4 65% We have to kick the door in No kidding might be because the are locked or barcaded.

        On#5 65% we are looking for drugs. No Shit what do you think we are looking for Twinkies?

        On#6 36% of the time no drugs are found, well then that must mean that 64% of the time drugs are found. Are you sure we weren’t looking for something else?

        On#7 35% of the time weapons are found. This is were you are so ignorant. We always believe there are weapons in the house or site 100% of the time that is why we wear protective gear.

        On#8 100 have there homes raided every day. There is around 260,000,000 people in the US that means there are about around 100,000,000 homes in the USA. You are talking about 100 WTF!

        On#9 Only 7% for an active shooter or hostage. I hope with active shooter the LOCAL LEOS takes him/her out. If you are waiting for SWAT you might have to wait 15 minutes. The bad guy can take out a lot of folks in that time frame. As for a hostage bad guys know that when SWAT does arrive it is over so why take them.

        On#10 I have no clue where you got this number. I worked in a town of 5,000 and we had a SWAT team in 1989. The town to our east population 3,000 Has a Team, all the other towns where I live population from 3,000 to 25,000 had Teams by 1995.
        Last question! DO YOU HATE COPS?

        • your job if you choose to do it, is to loudly denounce the bad cops, and get them out, not just in your little world ..be a big man and go nation wide..until than you lay with dogs.. etc..you know what im saying
          guilt by association, Sarge we’ve had this talk before.
          there will be no “good cops” until the bad ones are gone

          get at it, want to see your mug and name come up denouncing this all..or its just hot air?

          and if you were referring to me as a stab in the back, what do you call all these public servants turning on the public..is that not a bigger stab in the back?

          we didnt start the fire, dont bring this to our already convoluted fight for our rights and freedoms , the back lash will be bigger than any dept or cop can imagine.
          Im not going to be the one to deliver this..but history shows these acts will come back to bite those who perpetrate them.

          • VRF;
            You are right we have had this talk before. There will be no good cops until all the bad ones are gone. Think of what you just said. That is like saying there will be no good Doctors until all the bad Doctors are gone.
            Again there are bad in every profession.
            Thanks for the reply. AS you know because I know you read my posts. I do denounce the bad cops. I wish I had a away to do it nationally, but I don’t I do it in the little world I live in, and here.

            • drop the cop and badge and go out and do speeches, as a cop you should be looked up to by your brothers and they should listen , do seminars .. be pro active .
              become someone you can proudly look in the mirror and say Im trying to do some good out of all this
              yeah its scary to walk away from a government pension and perks ..( you’ll still get em so dont freak)
              Stand up for those you have said are being wronged on here.
              Show other cops they dont have to do this to be a “good cop”
              Get to the “higher ups” and push to stop this type of illegal act
              rub elbows with the policos and show them the error of their ways

              you know there are plenty of ways to be that Ex-cop.. the one that made a difference for the Republic and citizens you are to serve

              Understand Not all of my posts about this subject are to be a dig on you personally..I dont work that way
              But I dam sure am trying to get you off dead center, because I feel you of all could be that man

              You and I are both getting older, we Both have seen shit no man should ever see or endure … shouldnt we of all people try to make this a little better for our children?
              I think so, Im doing my part best I can
              I think you have a better calling than where your at now, you will get the support you need, and now is the time

        • I hate many cops and the unjust laws they enforce for their puppet masters,know a few leo’s and am actually friends with em.The blue line of silence must be broken not only on the bad apples but the bad laws,believe many leo’s won’t go for this as less needs for their unjust services,my leo friends actually agree with me on that,ends to a large degree the leo/fed/drug cartels,they have much monies to lose.I will never call the cops,that said,don’t show up afterwards and charge me with crimes,in the eyes of the govt at many levels the majority of citizens are criminals,why would you call someone who will just make a bad situation worse.

          • War:
            I agree with you about bad laws. But you have to remember that the laws are not made by the police. The laws makes in government make them.
            To honest with I do my best not to enforce them. (ie) seat belts, I do enforce them on kids, but I just stop the driver and make them put them on. I don’t go looking for folks breaking the law, I believe in live and let live. Where I draw the line is when people hurt kids. That is when I go hunting for them. This could be drugs, abuse, porn, neglect, or what ever. You hurt a kid I will do everything in my power to see that you pay for it!!!
            Thanks for responding

            • Sgt. Dale, if even 25% of cops were more like you, there would be no need for an article like this. Sadly, I don’t believe that is the case, at least in the last 15 years or so.

            • Sarge,I to will ruin someones day who hurts children purposefully,actually,anyone who hurts others due to be meaner/stronger for no reason,tis why my days very limited when things go south.Tis OK,had a good life/friends/family/pets/saw Jethro Tull 115 times from the mid 70’s till the bitter end/pretty damn good run.

            • Sarge,I to will ruin someones day who hurts children purposefully,actually,anyone who hurts others due to be meaner/stronger and hurts others for no reason,tis why my days very limited when things go south.Tis OK,had a good life/friends/family/pets/saw Jethro Tull 115 times from the mid 70’s till the bitter end/pretty damn good run.

        • Sgt. Dale,

          Thank you for your posts. I believe you are a good and fair man.

          I am thankful we have many good policemen here.

          We live at a time when TENSIONS and FRUSTRATION are building in many areas. The economy worsening, paychecks for many staying the same while food, utilities, gas, and nearly everything else GOES UP, illegal drug use increasing nearly everywhere, a porous southern border letting in who knows who, etc.

          Yet due to financial constraints, I have read many cities are reducing their police and fire departments.

          We need more good police like you.

          May God bless, guide and protect you and the many others like you.

          KY Mom

          • KY Mom

            The Tension and Frustration, over the economy pay checks not getting it done every month, The cost of everything going up. I understand. I’m in the same boat!

            All the stuff coming across the southern border, Drugs, and Aliens. This is just making things worse.

            Financial problems in the cities, and they are cutting back on Police and Fire protection. Just look at Detroit. The Chief there to people to arm them self to protect themselves, because the cops are cut to thin and they might get there way to late.

            We have an Administration that believes it is above the law. Just look IRS, Benghazi, VA, Fast and Furiuos, drones, Wide open boarders, just to name a few, and we set back with our hands ties because the powers that can do something about it are NOT! The last time we had this problem we had a CIVIL WAR!
            What is going on is not LEO’s fault, but we are the easiest ones to blame.

            There are a lot of Police Officers like me, but we are a dying breed from the OLD school that can think for them self. Todays new Officer scare the hell out of me. this is one reason I stay on the job, to keep these guys in line and to try and re-educate them.

            Thanks for the Blessing, and my the Good Lord watch over you.

        • Well saarjint, would you like some cheese to go with your whine? Go ahead and have yourself a good cry now……..

      51. The problem with the police and military is that they are communistic and are paid with money STOLEN from others through taxation-theft, America had less crime when there were NO police and everyone had a gun on their hip, there was also no public school system to demand money and destroy your property rights, the government is nothing but a crook if all it does is steal from one to pay another, if you have police at all, you are living in a police state!

      52. its the same propaganda you cops are being fed, that our troops were being fed. and when it comes to roost , you better suck it up, as you get what you give.

        no belly aching

        • VRF;
          No belly aching here. From what you said I will be in VERY GOOD SHAPE!

      53. Cop killing is up 53%. Wonder why? Maybe you cops reading his should start thinking about a job change.

      54. “That’s all the media and the politicians are ever talking about, the things that separate us, things that make us different from one another. That’s the way the ruling class operates in any society. They try to divide the rest of the people. They keep the lower and the middle classes fighting with each other so that they the rich, can run off with all the f#king money. Fairly simple thing. Happens to work. You know, anything different, thats what they gonna talk about. Race, religion, ethnic and national backgrounds, jobs, income, education, social status, sexuality. Anything they can do, keep us fighting with each other so that they can keep going to the bank. You know how I describe the economic and social classes in this country? The upper class keeps all of the money, pays none of the taxes. The middle class pays all of the taxes, does all of the work. The poor are there just to scare the shit out of the middle class. Keep them showing up at those jobs.” — George Carlin

      55. This ought to wake some up..or freak em out lol

        there are many grades of ballistic armor, I, IIA, II, IIIA, III, IV.

        it is a bit strange how they numbered it. If there was a Type 1 and an Type 2, to me the best thing to put between them would be Type 1.5. Type 1+ or Type 1A. However, in ballistic armor they say 1, 2, 2A, 3 etc etc which is odd.

        Type I will stop only the smallest of handguns….22 LR through 380 acp.

        Type IIA can stop most semiauto standard duty sidearms (9mm and 40S&W) but NOT 357 magnum. Most police departments wear IIA

        Type II can stop most handguns including MOST (but not all) 357 magnum rounds.

        Type IIIA stops all 357 magnum rounds and most 44 magnum rounds.

        Type III is rifle armor, it will stop 5.56 NATO, 7.62×39 AK and even conventional 7.62×51 NATO rounds. Note, this is not a vest, it is a metal or ceramic plate that is added to the vest generally covering the heart (sometimes a back panel is added) however even WW I era AP ammo will go through, and most hunting bullets designed to hold together and penetrate deeply into an animal (ammo like you’d use for hunting moose or grizzly) can also penetrate it, as can pretty much any ‘magnum’ rifle/.

        Type IV is rifle armor (again a ceramic chest plate only) that can stop most AP ammo fired from 5.56, 7.62×39 russian, 30-06, 7.62x51MM, and the 7.62x54R as used in the Dragnuv sniper rifle. However, it generally can only stop ONE hit of that type, and SOME of the hotter magnum hunting rifles with the right bullets can also bust through it. Or, a sufficiently powerful round like the 458 Lott which cannot punch fully through it will simply drive the plate back with enough force to kill a human, even if technically the bullet is stopped.

        Don’t shoot the messenger if this is debated to be un true. But maybe putting that hunting rifle under your bed is a better choice , or just set it up in your living room on a bi-pod and a few sand bags , hahah just be careful of your neighborhood

        don’t start nothin’ wont be nothin’,oops too late.

      56. 416 rigby D.O.N.E! wear what ever you want ..it will be like getting hit with a tank at 2,612 ft/s ,5,304 ft·lbf

        whats that line Clint Eastwood uses?

      57. Just about all municipalities, counties, states and the U.S.A. are corporations. It’s the difference between say, “Orange County” and “The County of Orange”. As soon as you see the “County of..” or “State of”, that’s the corporate name. Just like all of our names (birth certificates) have been made corporations. It’s the name you read on bills coming to you spelling your name in all capitol letters. So all these state and municipal police forces are corporate. Only the sheriff is the organic police, which is why some states either totally got rid of them or are trying to. All these state and town corporations have investments on Wall St. in something called their CAFR. It’s the “Comprehensive Annual Financial Report”. Their “Budget” is just the thing they soak taxpayers with by always crying poverty. Go on your town or counties home page and search around for the CAFR. You’ll be amazed at how much money is tucked away in there…When you appear before a judge in, let’s say, a criminal case, you are actually in an “Admiralty/Maritime/Equity” jurisdiction. But Admiralty can only arrest a thing, like a ship or it’s cargo, it cannot arrest an organic human being. It’s called “in Rem”. They’re actually going after the corporate “you” of the birth certificate, because that’s a “thing”. Judges and prosecutors make a fortune doing this. This whole fiction takes a bit of study but there’s plenty of info about it to be found on the web..

        • You sir, are very well informed. I get less than 0.1% of the US population knows anything about this.

          • yep, wait until they tie into me..hahah i pity the fool

            male and won custody of a 5 year old Daughter, ended up having her biological egg doners rights removed and had the child adopted by my now wife in less than 9 months
            I played hard ball with the court and Judges , and had them wondering when i was coming for them next
            also had CPS clear far and wide of me and my child

            thats just the tip of who they dont wanna F with

            show me how many men that would be single and won full custody of a female off spring, and than in less than a few months after that ended up getting married and had that woman( my beautiful wife) adopt the child completely removing the Bitch from the situation , and the Court was happy to do it, hahah

            I take no prisoners ..fuck with me or my family I’ll be the wolverine i speak of below

            befriend me and be loyal and I will have your back 24-7

            Ive been places and seen shit no one should see, I came back and aint taking no shit from no one

            • I’m your friend!

              You da man!

              You beat some hellaciously long odds that have beaten down many a man. Seriously, that’s awesome.

              • thank you , It took a lot to make it happen, and Don’t ever take any shit from no one..No One!

      58. Cops:

        all the lies you have been told, and all the propaganda you’ve swallowed will not save you from doing the executioner’s jig at the next, and new USA Nuremberg style trials.

        yes it is that simple , so be careful of the shit you swallow and regurgitate , because a lot of us aint buying any of it any more

        be careful poking a wolverine with a stick.. it might just jump up and rip your balls off

        • VRF:
          The new boss, same as the old boss. It looks like you have already been fooled again!
          Good then put people in office that will change things PLEASE! I would love to see it!

          • you know if voting worked it would be illegal , and probably enforced by cops

      59. “Why should the advocates of militarized police object if we respond with a ‘militia-ized’ citizenry? Don’t they get the basic concept of cause and effect?”

        • VRF
          I have no problem with a Militia-ized Citizenry.
          It is a vicious circle isn’t it.

          • sure is Boss… kinda like the cold war huh?

      60. It’s a total police state except for it being called a ‘police state’.

        Yet, Americans do not rise up against tyranny as long as they have their 7 days of football or dancing with the stars on TV.

        • O R.
          You are right on!!!
          If the power grid goes down most of the Zombies and Leaches won’t upset because they can’t cook their food they will be upset because the they can’t watch TV, play on the computer, and mindless games.

      61. There is a strange guy in New Hampshire that legally changed his name to “human.” He went all the way to the NH Supreme Court because he wanted a vanity plate that said “COPSLIE.” The DMV initially denied it because they said it denigrated an entire group of people. The SC upheld it on 1st amendment grounds. Surprising because of all the massholes that have moved into NH and taken over the politics. Kind of funny, but I really wouldn’t want to be driving around with that big of a bulls-eye on my car!!! I read he is running for state office now, that would be a hoot….

      62. Some of your comments are beyond radical and threatening. As a police officer and former swat team member it is appalling to me that you think this way about police. A vast majority of us work our nuts off on shitty schedules away from our families and are happy serving the community. You are the tiniest majority as are the corrupt officers that you speak of. Why can’t you comprehend that. We are not mindless drones. We are husbands and fathers who aim to make it home at night. We know the law better than the majority and we understand that criticism will come from those who have not the slightest inkling of an idea what it is we do.

        My current Lt is unhappy with the states ruling on Act 746. He believes we should arrest and charge anyone openly carrying a firearm. There was silence and then a few us stated for all to here that we would not follow that order because we believe in our second amendment rights. Just because you don’t hear about these sort of things doesn’t mean they don’t happen. If you really wanted to make a difference you could do a ride a long. Familiarize yourself with the dept SOP. It can all be FOI’d. Those of you who talk about killing cops should be ashamed of yourself. I pray we never cross path and I have no malicious intent towards anyone, but I will go home to my damn good looking wife and baby boy every night.

        • Just who are you addressing? ( as it seems you arn’t smart enough to navigate this site, because there are reply buttons to say what you want to whom you want, must be due to your score)

          Some here wouldn’t be thinking this way if it wasn’t for our reactions to your actions. so its provoked.

          We all work our nuts off cry baby, shitty schedules? ..don’t make me laugh you have no clue, private sector has to work their ass off with no representation, besides go cry to your union, I’m sure they will get you a few weeks off with pay..waaaa or just go shoot a defenseless dog and get a week or two off.
          BTW- ZERO cops have died from any action with a dog . yep look it up

          well we are Husbands and Wives too pal, or don’t they teach you that in thug school?

          As you said your superior wanted you all to do something against the grain .. but only “FEW” of you stated that you wouldn’t..that’s a problem, the FEW more than likely got chastised by the others for not falling in (union) line. I guarantee it ( yes I do know about your job and how shit gets played I’m just not wearing blinders like you)

          I pray we do cross paths you need a lesson in civility and just who you were hired to work for. Im up for the lesson are you?
          and I too will go home to my Wife and Kids, even if it means stepping aside of you. So you seem to think no one else is worthy of that but you and your cop buddies. narcissistic shit head!

          we have as much rights to exist as you do. That tin badge grants no extra rights, maybe you were told differently? A reeducation is than in your future
          you even type like a punk ass bitch cop

          hope your IQ can decipher all that

          • Well I was not trying to personally attack anyone via the internet which is why I specifically didn’t respond to any one post, I guess only tough guys belittle and make threats via the internet.

            Wow you have a vivid imagination. Keep on being the stereotypical nut job and I will continue to serve my community and not live up to your wild imagination of what you think a police officer is/does.

            You can be as condescending and threatening as you like. People who think like you are an insignificant minority. I hope one day a police officer has the opportunity to prove you wrong and does not fall short of your expectations of what a police officer should be.

            I do not think I am better than anyone. We are equals. I treat everyone as I would like to be treated. I am sorry that you feel that way and I will continue to my best to be an example of how a police officer should treat a fellow American. I don’t want to be your enemy. I want to stand up for the constitution and I refuse to go against them.

            There are no doubt bad apples in the bunch but they are the exception not the rule. Your obvious deep seeded hatred of law enforcement will only blind you to the truth.

            God Bless

            • “know the law”

              how about know the constitution and bill of rights ?

              that’s what we need in the police force

              BTW..totally wrong about me got nothin’ against a real peace officer ,but that’s fine my skin is so thick a walrus is jealous

              • Re read my second to last paragraph.
                I clearly stated that I stand up for the constitution.

        • Eric,doubt any here would have a problem with anyone defending their family,swat teams should remember that as they become more common place and enforcing bullshit laws.Many whatever occupation will defend their families,many soon won’t make it home to their families if out of control govt. at all levels keeps up.

      63. I just got this from my congresswoman, Cynthia Lummis.

        Prohibiting Federal SWAT Teams

        Dear Friends,

        In June 2011, armed federal agents with the Department of Education broke down the door of a California home and handcuffed a man suspected of student aid fraud (Washington Post, June 8, 2011). While some may applaud their zeal for fighting fraud, I am very disturbed that the Department of Education has a specialized team with the authority to do a raid on a private home. There are numerous other examples including a raid by the Food and Drug Agency on an organic grocery store suspected of using raw milk (LA Times, July 10, 2010). In May of this year the U.S. Department of Agriculture even requested sub-machine guns.

        All these agencies are using provisions of the Homeland Security Act of 2002 to arm themselves to the teeth. This is costly and dangerous and that is why I am proud to join Chris Stewart of Utah and co-sponsor H.R. 4934: The Regulatory Agency De-militarization Act. The bill revokes provisions of the 2002 Homeland Security Act that grant Offices of Inspector General firearm and arrest authority and prohibits many federal agencies from purchasing or using firearms regulated under the National Firearms Act such as machine guns and grenades. The act also requires a report detailing all federal agencies with teams that have received special tactical, military, or other training that goes beyond the scope of regular law enforcement.

        If you have any thought or concerns on this or other matters, please do not hesitate to contact me.


        Cynthia Lummis

        • DaisyK I also just recieved this Email today from U.S. Reps. Lummis, to bad they’re not more like her. Thank for making this comment. Trekker Out.

      64. ACTING like they are in a war zone is the best way to end up IN a war zone. Keep it up, guys, and it’ll happen. Americans are laid back but even we won’t take s**t forever. When things snap, it will be so fast you won’t know what hit you.

      65. When shit finally jumps bad I can guarantee you most of your local LEO’s will not be fighting for this corrupt government. They will be along side one of you fighting for their rights as an American.
        Some of these thugs we deal with act like we are in war zone. Why am I the enemy when I want to be on an equal playing field with these drug dealing criminals.
        I’m not saying we should have mraps, but I want a good vest and my ar while out on patrol. I also want to see people carrying a side arm to protect themselves. They have us tied up doing Mickey Mouse bullshit instead of being visible and keeping people safe.

        Why in the hell does the department of education need a swat team??!!! Get rid of all that shit. Anything the federal govt touches turns to shit. Leave it to the local level where there is more transparency and oversight.

      66. “The tree of liberty must be watered periodically with the blood of tyrants and patriots alike. It is its natural manure.”

        Thomas Jefferson

      67. When these police forces start getting annihilated by the people, they’ll become irrelevant.

      68. There are ALWAYS more of us than them….

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