$1 Million Bounty for Arizona Sheriff’s Murder

by | Aug 3, 2010 | Headline News | 20 comments

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    The Mexican drug cartels have now officially brought the Mexican-style drug war to the United States if this story is accurate:

    On the day parts of Arizona’s immigration law, SB 1070, went into effect, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is in the news for another reason: there’s a price on his head – allegedly offered by a Mexican drug cartel.

    The audio message in Spanish is a bit garbled, but the text is clear.

    It’s offering $1 million for Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s head and $10,000 for anyone who wants to join the Mexican cartel.

    A man who wants to remain anonymous says his wife received the text message Tuesday evening. It also included an international phone number and instructions to pass the message along.

    Inquiring minds are asking when the Obama administration and those against serious border control policies are going to wake up and realize that without a significant Federal response the criminal enterprises of Mexico are going to spill over onto US soil.

    Will it take the assassination of a US law enforcement official? Or will it take hundreds or thousands of innocent deaths near border cities, much like those that we hear about on a regular basis occurring in Mexico, before we finally step up border security?

    If this “bounty” is real, then Sheriff Arpaio and his deputies are in serious danger. Based on the thousands of deaths in Mexico over the last 18 months alone, it’s clear that there are no limits to how far drug cartels will go to secure their access to money and power.


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      1. “Inquiring minds are asking when the Obama administration and those against serious border control policies are going to wake up and realize that without a significant Federal response the criminal enterprises of Mexico are going to spill over onto US soil.Inquiring minds are asking when the Obama administration and those against serious border control policies are going to wake up and realize that without a significant Federal response the criminal enterprises of Mexico are going to spill over onto US soil.”

        Our alledged ‘president’ knows exactly what’s happening.  He’s all for it.  I wouldn’t be surprised if at some point the ReConquista movement takes over the SW and declares itself the independent nation of Atzlan.  You can be sure the Teleprompter Mohammed won’t lift a finger to stop it.  My guess is he’d be pleased with the ethnic cleansing of non latinos.  Fewer for him to eliminate later.

      2. M D O , You scare me , Because I think you are right !   Sheriff Joe is one tough Hombre and will be the last lawman I think those who want him dead can kill .

      3. Comments…..Our only hope is to vote people into office who will firmly address this problem. But I’m not counting on my hope for anything.  I don’t hear anyone running for office addressing this problem.  The majority of Americans won’t this taken care of.  It really is the government going against the people.  History has shown us what happens to a country when people rise up.

        For those interested, here’s a immigration counter site:


      4. It is not only Arpaio,Sheriff Babeu has murder threats from the Mexican mafia or “La Eme.” If one sheriff or sheriff deputy from Texas,California,Arizona,New Mexico are killed at the border they will be a rallying cry for the movement. The border is a bomb waiting to explode there will be a major border incident. Los Zetas has taken a couple of ranches and there is worries that a major flare up will happen at the border. And if one sheriff or sheriff deputy are dead it will not only be Odumber’s fault but also the fault of both parties. The drug cartels are bold and they will shot at our police. Los Zetas are heavily armed,highly trained and they will fight back. When a border crisis occurs I wonder what the Obmessiah will say this time.

      5. Citizens of Arizona, high time to shoot shovel and shut -up.  

      6. Comments…..The government is out of control any way. It’s time to stand up & tell our elected officials every day of the week that we r tired of being run over by illegal immigrants, drug cartels, & elected spineless officials in Washington. Keep your guns make it legal for everyone to carry a gun & eliminate illegals as they come across. If illegal immigrants here are a felony why can’t any law official arrest them & prosecute them as felons & send them back after hard labor.

      7. Do you know why Mexico is falling apart? Because there is fewer clients so the cartels are fighting over reduced profits. This is what you have when you have a poor country next door. We could send in the army and put a stop to this, but they aren’t White and speak German, so we do nothing.


        The drug cartels are stupid and short-sighted enough to get Arapaio.  All hell will break loose with the noose coming back in vogue big time.   They don’t know what they’re messing with over there.     Those hard-tack-Texas Ranger-Style boys in AZ are nothing to fool with –  Zeta’s armies or not.     They better pick on an easier state because AZ will not back down.

      9. Probably Obama supporters.

      10. This is exactly what we need (not that the sheriff deserves to be killed),but it we have a high profile hit by foreign scum we will then realize that we have truly been overrun and have a great need to stop the flow of human sewage across that border.
        How many drunks,thieves,welfare parasites,murderers,drug dealers,hustlers and pregnant Mexican girls must we allow before it explodes into rioting by fed up Americans?

        If you start at the Pacific and run a 1/2 mile wide AP mine field all the way to the Gulf of Texas along with sniper towers every 600 yds in a free fire zone, we could just keep track of the explosions and replace those mines as they are used up and provide a stimulus to the economy two ways.  One, by letting the jobs that they take that “Americans won’t take” come open long enough that the pay will rise to a reasonable level, so that “Americans will take them”.  Two, by employing skilled labor to manufacture munitions, such as AP mines and sniper ammo, since it would be in high demand for at least a while, it would create jobs and stimulate the economy.  Oh, and it would take care of that pesky ILLEGAL immigration.  I don’t care what color someone is or what culture they come from, as we are a nation of immigrants,  but also we are a nation of LEGAL immigrants.  If they have something to contribute to our society and they wish to come here legally then so be it, they can come and contribute to our society and become part of US as a people.  It’s called assimilation, melding into our society as a member with something to give.  Other than that stay out until you fill out the paperwork and it is your turn!

      12. The murder of Sheriff Joe by the drug cartel would be grounds for war, envasion, and the elimination of all problems south of the border.

        They could run but never hide and we could and should put a cruise missile into the bedroom window of a different Drug Lord every morning.

      13. If they killed this guy we would finally get border patrol.

      14. He’s just one more ignorant, fat, sloppy Cop who thinks he’s solving the world’s problems. Money is tight and a million dollars looks good. Can anyone kill the bastard? I mean we kill thousands of young soldiers every year and they aren’t used up like this old wrinkled cocksucker. Just wait for the target to say, honey would you pass the mash potatoes and then bing! How many young soldiers have we wasted in Iraq and Afghanistan the last year? He’s just another nobody that got recognition for just doing a job.

      15. How many young girls are raped and murdered by the Mexicans? How many bank robberies? We allow Israeli Mossad agents to roam around this country freely and they killed 3,000 people on 9/11. This Cop is washed up and about to retire. If someone killed him who cares?
        Now I want to see a real hero U.S. Marshal arrest Bush and Cheney and Silverstein and the whole damn bunch for committing 9/11. If he was in Montana you’d never hear from him.
        How about all the children big Jewish pharma lies to each year? How many civilians have we killed in Iraq? How many innocent Germans were killed during WWII? What about the Vietnamese and Koreans we killed in our Jewish wars? This sheriff I would be mor eimpressed if he was laying bricks or pouring concrete. Sheriffs don’t do shit the deputies do. We got a fat bastard Jimmy Phillips for Sheriff and he plays big daddy sheriff. Soon he’ll be playing his cards and doing nothing like Mckelvey did.

      16. george, you are absolutely correct in the complicity of Mossad in 911.



      19. Sheriff Joe is old and wrinkled. If he was killed the people of this country  would raise heck, but do nothing about all the women raped here and all the soldiers killed for Israel. This Sheriff Joe is no Buford Puser. He’s just a sheriff doing a job. In Dorchester County Maryland we have a sheriff who’s wife has no neck and this fat bastard thinks he’s walking tall.

      20. Mexican women do serve a purpose. They please a lot of men on the border. Mexican whorehouses are the best. You got to visit Tijuana, Matamorros or any of the border towns. It’s an experience. I was there at 15 and had a great time. Went back many times.

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