“No Cuts. No Fees. Education Should Be Free!”

by | Mar 22, 2011 | Headline News | 43 comments

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    Like the lady who nearly fainted when she assumed President Obama was going to pay for her gas and mortgage, students in Michigan await their free education credits, chanting “No Cuts. No Fees. Education Should Be Free!”

    If you’re wondering why the United States is in this economic and financial mess, you needn’t  look any further:

    It only takes a generation or two to completely screw up a free nation. Somewhere along the way these Generation Z’ers got mixed up – likely because their NEA managed public school taught them that dependency and wealth redistribution would be the solution to end all problems.

    What they fail to understand is that education (as well as other services that “should be free”) involves a lot of moving parts that include teachers, administrators, janitors, construction firms, security personnel, text book authors, and a host of other people who need to get paid for their time and energy.

    The momentum towards socialism in America is more prevalent now than at anytime in our history. The perception in a large part of the country is that there is a light at the end of the tunnel for those who would forcefully mandate others to collectively provide health care, food, education and housing for the less fortunate. What they don’t realize, however, is that government on all levels is so broke, the light at the end of the tunnel is about to be shut off because of a failure to pay the electric bill.


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      1. When a commodity like education becomes free both its market value and actual worth becomes zero.
        If everyone was given 1 ton of gold, free, gold would become wothless. However, with gold, the actually industrial qualities would still be there, with education, not so much.
        Education in America has already been destroyed at the primary and secondary levels. Government has given us Public Schools which are nothing more that robot programming stations to make sure the little sheoplets understand what they are to do when they grow up.
        Education is free. The internet is here. The fact is guided education is nothing more than spoonfed information. Any sheoplet can do it, however, many go on to actually learn stuff. This usually takes place after they get a job. It truly is funny how industry requires you to have a “degree” that means nothing about your ability to perform a job. They require you to have that to get said job.
        Education, aside from Bankstering and Government, is one of the great scams of the 20th and 21st centuries. When companies value setting in classes over experience doin a job, well, thats when we’re headed for the end. …and we’ve been headed for there for a long time.

      2. It already is free — at least for anyone willing to take it.  Most people don’t realize that you can walk into most any community college library and read all day with no one to bother you.  And most libraries are still open.  And MIT has a website for “open courseware” where they publish the syllabi for over 2000 sources.  And there is a site called Khan Academy that gives really nice 10-15 minute videos for how to do all types of math.  These idiots in the video don’t want “free education,” they want “free diplomas.” 

      3. Schools are one of the largest welfare drains on our economy. Almost 2/3 of my property taxes go to schools in my state and yet I’m still forking out monies for school bonds that I voted against.  The sad thing is that the school really ARE teaching kids to be compliant. To never ask questions. To test but not to learn. And most of all, to feel entitled, to feel special, to feel that so-so is always good enough because there are no failures in life. Then they graduate into the real world. It would be amusing if it wasn’t so sad.

      4. I’m sorry, but you’ve drawn the wrong conclusion from rightfully angry students.
        Current students and their parents have been hoodwinked by the education system that is ever more expensive and soon to be out of reach for most people.  I’ll argue that a better educated workforce is a lot better for society than one which is not.  Similarly, an interstate highway system is a lot better than the road system that preceeded it.  Both are socialist and everyone benefits.  So what.
        Our problems are fascist in nature, not socialist.  When ever greater resources are vacuumed up by the corporate elites less remains for everyone else.  What we have is corporate fascism where the profits remain with the elite, and the losses are foisted off on the rest of us.  It’s irritating to read posts like this because its just what our corporate and governing masters want…’let’s you and him fight’.
        I’ll depart with a final analogy: The bankster, the student and the tea partier are sitting down to a dinner of pie that is sliced into 12 pieces.  The bankster takes 11 slices and then says to the tea partier, “Hey! That kid is trying to get your slice!”

      5. Wow! Free?! That’s AWESOME!! Tuition is for SUCKAS! So when these little workers come out of the FREE EDUCATION SYSTEM, they’ll understand what it means to work FOR FREE!! It’s a win/win because they won’t be able to find JOBS so they’re already groomed for the indentured servitude that they helped create!
        I LOVE IT when a plan comes together!

      6. Weinerdog, thanks for your comments. In my view, socialism, fascism and communism are one and the same… Though traditional definitions may make separations, the end result is always the same… tyranny.

        It was not my intention to come across with a “let’s you and him fight” tone…

        I agree with your view that “a better educated workforce is a lot better for society than one which is not.” The problem of course, is how to better educate your workforce… What good is a workforce if they are a drain on society from birth and continue the paradigm until they die?

        From where I am standing, we’re either moving towards liberty or away from it…the periphery debates and political parties don’t mean a whole lot to me… please see : Why Most Americans Are Leftists (https://www.shtfplan.com/headline-news/lt-gen-ret-boykin-marxism-in-america_11012010 ) for my general sentiment on democrats, republicans, marxists, socialists and fascists…

        Thanks all – great comments.


      7. It’s official.  The SHTF.

      8. I’ll agree that a better educated workforce is better for society, but I don’t agree that these people are “rightfully” angry.  They have been priced out of the market (and I don’t think you can compare college tuition to food costs, housing, etc., so please don’t bash me for that — I know plenty of skilled craftsman making good livings with no college education).  I don’t know all the mechanics behind running a college or why the costs are so high or where all that tuition money goes.  None of the college professors I know live in mansions or drive expensive cars.  This post angered me because it (IMO) blatantly illustrates the entitlement mentality of college aged people. 

      9. Comments…..Thanks Mac.  I’ve been lurking for a while and really enjoy your blog.  The trouble with labels is that they do 2 things wrong in my book:  1.) It can be shorthand for lazy thinking, which leads to: 2.) “Hey, you’re attacking my team!”
        It’s your blog and I have no intention of picking a fight with the proprietor of such an excellent site.
        Anyway, I’m hoping that everyone, (Red & Blue teams, whomever) recognizes the pickle we’re in.  Being a prepper makes us one of the smart folks in my book, regardless of one’s political preferences.

      10. Rusty, no offense meant.  While I’m college educated, my plumber lives 2 doors down and we’re friends.  There’s no reason why skilled trades shouldn’t have the same opportunities and living standards as college folk.  The way I see it, if you have to work for a living, (like me) you’re working class.  😉

      11. No offense taken.  It was the original story that got me going.  We are in the same boat.

      12. No offense taken.  Your points are well taken.  It was the original story that got me going, no one’s comment. 

      13. A better educated workforce *IS* better, however, who decides what is “better’? As long as the government decides that its socialist/fascist/communist principles override truth, education will never be “good”. …and they will CERTAINLY decide if they are paying for it or providing it. There is only one reason they want to make education free. If you thought it was to improved society and make the world a better place, well, I would call you a fool. There is a hidden agenda. Hidden to some, that is. The agenda is tyranny through dependence. All you uneducated sheoplets, get in line to get sheared and slaughtered. Here is comes.
        GA Mom,
        How has TSHTF?

      14. While I don’t think education should be free at all, I do think the cost has gone beyond the real of appropriate. I watched a video on face book a month or so back that was from a guy who had studied this and I wished I could find it and remember what specifically he said. Bur basically it was about the scam “higher education” has become and the price of it becoming our of reach for most

      15. We’ve been hearing the “No Cuts, No Fees, (fill in the blank) Should Be Free!” chant from the lefties for awhile now.  “Homes should be affordable for all”, “every school child deserves a hot breakfast”, “everyone should have medical insurance” are all heads on the same hydra.  The best point is made by Mac.  There are a lot of moving parts necessary to make anything “free.”  

        Ironic that one of the areas of our economy consistently hit by the highest inflation is education, dominated by lefty radicals.  Isn’t it interesting that teachers, college professors and the like have a problem with working for free?  

      16. The entitlement culture along with crony capitalism is destroying our once great nation.  Work ethic, self reliance, individual responsibility are becoming outdated notions.  The unions are a perfect example of coersion and extortion.   We’ve outsourced our production and jobs. We’re at the tipping point and our politicians won’t do what’s necessary to save us.  Prepare the best you can and pray we will find our way back to our founding principles. 

        “God often comforts us, not by changing the circumstances of our live, but by changing our attitude towards them.” 

      17. While we sit here and come up with cute little sayings like that, Asians are working their asses off, saving 35% of their income, and buying all the gold, silver and US corporations they can get their hands on. Hmmm… I wonder how this is going to end? 

      18. “Education” IS free – SCHOOL is NOT. These retards need to get their f*cking words right….

      19. Of course “higher education” is more expensive today and out of reach of the many. Thats to keep the kids of the masses from competing against the kids of the rich. It has always been that way.
        Only the most determined and brightest of the poor will sacrifice to get their education. Then they eat the lunch of the rich kids, because they are smarter, more determined, and more motivated than the kids of the rich.
        To compensate for the lack of motivation of their kids, the rich increase the cost of higher education to US. Doesn’t work. WE still kick their ass in a fair competition.
        Thats why “crony capitalism” exists. Its the only way the kids of the rich can compete.

      20. Just a sidenote on tuition costs.  Seems to me that they really started to climb when the Government (meaning well) came along with financial assistance like the Pell Grant.  And as the Endowment Class Schools began raising their fees, State and smaller privates were able to follow suit.
        Like weinerdog, I believe in education.  I always thought that what was being produced by earning higher incomes, was higher contributions as a tax payer. 

      21. NR, short ton, long ton or Metric ton?  I’ll take my ton of free gold in 1/10 oz AGE’s in rolls of 50 and in white monsters!

      22. That’s only 291,666 1/10 oz coins.  29,166 one oz coins.  907 Kilo bars.  Less than enough to fill one sailboat dagger keel.  That’s really not that many.

      23. I’m actually OK with free college education as long as the taxpayer isn’t paying for it.  As long as the teachers and colleges are willing to provide it for free I say “go for it”! 

      24. What those kids really meant is  to say is “our education/schooling should be paid by someone else.”
        Yeah, that sounds really sustainable, eh?
        For those concerned about skyrocketing tuition, just give it time – it’s a bubble that’ll pop…eventually.  Granted, it’s too late for me, but the math is already getting to the point where it just doesn’t make sense…
        For example, out of state tuition (just tuition) at Arizona State is now c. $20K per year.  So, including living expenses, etc., let’s call it $100K for four years…just to get an undergrad degree.  IMHO, given the current job market, that’s already at the point of being a questionable investment to say the least. (btw, nothing wrong with ASU – all my siblings went there).
        $40K per year is not uncommon for tuition (just tuition) at private schools these days.  Let’s call that $200K for a four year degree.
        I can’t imagine entering the work force right now with just an undergrad degree and $200K in debt.  It just doesn’t make sense.  There is nothing wrong with only having an undergrad degree, but just an undergrad degree and $200K in debt is a different story.
        I have no idea when the bubble will pop, but it eventually will.  My guess is that the trigger will be parents/students realizing how absurd the math is and/or some sort of reform in student loans (e.g., lowering loan limits and/or the end of govt backed student loans…either of which could be brought on by an increase in the default rate on existing loans).
        By the way, the default rate on student loans is NOT going down these days…

      25. You want free, I got something free………a baseball bat up along side your ignorant ass head.Round all these punk ass, pimple faced socialist wannabes up, put them in the military and send them off to Afghanistan. Those that survive will have a pretty good idea as to why NOTHING is this damned world worth having is FREE! Plus the GI bill will help them further their education.

      26. If they have gotten to college age and don’t grasp the concept that a college educations costs somebody a lot of money to produce, they are in the wrong place. College is going to be beyond them.
        And if they understand the cost but just want somebody else to pay for it, then they NEED to get a job and work for a while and learn some values and respect for those who do work.

      27. “Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty… I have never in my life envied a human being who led an easy life. I have envied a great many people who led diffcult lives and led them well.”
        —  Theodore Roosevelt

      28. BaseBall?  What’s on the cap SJ?  You be thinkin wrong if I disagree with u!

      29. Comments…..over a period of say thirty years, kindergarten is now all day long and for four year olds. if the kids parents earn below the poverty level, then the kid gets free breakfast and free lunch. the kid rides a bus to school..free. the parents don’t pay rent on books anymore in the public schools…free  if the kid has to have a special workbook and cannot afford it, guess what, yep. free  NOT….everything this kid gets is a taxpayer expense.  now lets check out the college student…that have to fill out the student loan paperwork before thean can begin college…each year. if they cannot afford a loan, then they apply for scholarships, grants etc…. guess what..free? Not. the taxpayers money fills those coffers too.  and you get all of this at public schools and institutions of learning paid for by the taxpayer.  something tells me that these kids are idiots raised by idiots…

      30. Lets break down what education was suppose to be to begin with. We have primary, elementary, high, college. primary was designed for small kids, ABC’s and 123’s. Elementary was till the 8th grade initially and that was considered advanced for the day. High school was for 9-12 which a 80 years ago was our modern equivilant to first two years college. Most kids didn’t go past the 8th grade…which was equivilant to a high school grade now.

        High school was to get the diploma for “higher education” to secure a good paying job. College was for advancment into careers such as lawyer, medical school, editors, school teachers.

        Today our high schoolers are the equivlant to an 8th garder back then. an associates degree is like High School back then. 

        higher college is needed for a career…like medicine,ect.

        we need to restructure to extend high school another 2 years. So after grade 14 they get an associates degree. (Modern equivilant to high school diploma 100 years ago.)

        In reality we have actually lost 4 years of public education system. We have actualy lost the “high” school system.  

        of course, making college part of high school won’t go well with colleges cause they would lose money and our public schools would be burdoned with the added years.

        But under the current system we are privately paying for high school education under the name college and 4 years of public school has been wasted for students. 


      31. Often rude leaders want to control people, they prefer you remain uneducated, so they make it very expensive to get an education (very costly tuition and books, etc…). 

        It’s up to you to educate yourself to protect yourself and your loved ones.

      32. There are some programs that help certain groups to get in the elite schools (which all run by liberals) with a special (free) grants or free financial aid.  They were placed as interns or pages within Congress, Whitehouse, Senate or placed in a high position jobs within the pharmaceutical/healthcare industry. 

        And there is another large group who have been here for many generations and can’t receive financial aid, can’t find a job and then end up on the streets around the world to fight for Military Industrial Complex.

        They told you they don’t need a lot of leaders, therefore even though you have a degree you start at a bottom job for McDonalds.  Do you see anything wrong with this country?  It either shows corruption or incapable leadership.         

        If you have a degree and still can’t get a good paying job or are unemployed then that shows the system is broken and you don’t have leadership.

      33. There are two particular systems in the U.S. that have been hopelessly compromised by government intervention: sickcare and education.
        For both of these prices have sky rocketed because of government easy money inflating costs. As we all well know, both these systems can readily tack on debts that can ruin your life.
        How did it come to be so?
        Simply …  crony capitalism such that politicians philandered and sold their vote to interests groups in order to get/stay in office.
        Eventually what ‘goes around comes around’ and now we find ourselves with a dysfunctional government, financial system, educational system, healthcare system and currency.
        What ‘goes around comes around’ … that’s all the education one really needs in life.

      34. I wonder if maybe these protesting kids would consider asking their teachers to take  100% pay cut? That would go a long way toward getting their “free” edumacation. And the teachers would send a signal to the kids that they’re willing to work for nothing because education really should be free, right? How about it teachers?

      35. The light at the end of that tunnel is a train coming the other way.

      36. Great comments on this subject.  I for one am totally overwhelmed at the thoughts of college for my oldest two in just a few years.  They have made higher education unaffordable and out of reach for common people. 
        It is just like health care in this country.  I fought tooth and nail to keep Obamacare out because it was bad for our country.  But health care is also out of reach for commom people.  My mom is on chemo right now.  One shot she has to take is $5,000 each.  I guess a lot of people would just have to die instead of getting healthcare they really need. 
        Back to college costs – How can they really expect people to come up with that kind of money?

      37. Entitlement Mentality
        Too many years of dad’s calling their daughters PRINCESS! and moms referring to their sons as their LITTLE PRINCE! Ha ha ha

      38. Ahem, USA (#1) GDP is equal to China (#2), Japan (#3) AND Germany’s (#4) combined.
        USA is the world’s #3 leading exporter.  Yes, Virginia, we are exporting tons of crap.
        USA (#1) also has the best fed, medicated, clothed, sheltered, educated, entertained moochers on the planet.  Nearly 50% get a handout and 40% pay no federal income taxes, and many of them get more money back than was withheld!!
        The top 10% wage EARNERS pay 59% of the tax revenues the Fed collects.  Yet, those that get more back than they put in say “it is not enough.”
        Why so many think the USA is finished?  If you look closely, the USA is saving it’s natural resources and letting the rest of the planet use their resources and slave labor to create junk in exchange for our IOUs.
        The fat, dumb, and lazy American race has never had it so good.
        The net combined worth of the American household alone exceeds $60 Trillion.   You got $15 trillion in GDP.   You got even more than that in industrial property and also value of investments private and public.  America has over $100 trillion it can write against, and NO, we are not liable for derivatives.
        So pull your heads out of your asses and enjoy live.  The only thing you are running out of is your life.
        It is not unusual for a family to have debt five times or more of their combined annual incomes.  America is not broke.  This party will go on for decades.

      39. Courtesy of G.K. Chesterton’s Father Brown:
        What do you call a man who wants to embrace the chimney-sweep?”
        “A saint,” said Father Brown.
        “I think,” said Sir Leopold, with a supercilious smile, “that Ruby means a Socialist.”
        “A radical does not mean a man who lives on radishes,” remarked Crook, with some impatience; and a Conservative does not mean a man who preserves jam. Neither, I assure you, does a Socialist mean a man who desires a social evening with the chimney-sweep. A Socialist means a man who wants all the chimneys swept and all the chimney-sweeps paid for it.”

      40. Rick: We have had this conversation about the cost of education, and particularly the cost of education at ASU. The correct answer is still the same. First, there is no need to pay out of state tuition. That skews the argument considerably.
        Anyone can move to the state and go part time at the community colleges for one year as they establish residency. Residency requirements by the state mean you get a driver’s license, register to vote, pay rent, and utilities.
        If you are going to college, do it to be come a professional. Someone that requires a professional license to conduct business. ie doctor, lawyer, engineer, etc. Don’t pay for college if you are going to be a fast food manager or work for retail.
        College graduates make over one million dollars more over their lifetime than a high school grad. A recent article on Yahoo! supports the idea of higher education also.
        The upper class do not want you or your kids competing against theirs for the available jobs; its that simple. If you have what it takes and that is your desire, make it happen folks.
        Leave legislation to the lawyers and you get the mess the government is in. Leave business to the financial elite and you will become an economic slave.
        Get an education and a degree and make it happen for you!!!

        the funny part is “”your taxes”” are paying for Barry’s”” bum boy”” “”” reggie love!!!!””
        His quote unquote – GAY PERSONAL TRAINER – maseuse!!! lol ;0) your all morons and your living a lie! Keep payin’ your taxes – Reggie needs a raise!!! lol ;0)

      42. Comments…..Yeah, well, let me tell you this. I put myself through college, my parents didn’t have the money to pay my way, nor would I have ever asked them. One thing my old man used to tell me, “Son best you learn to see to yourself cause there just ain’t no help a’coming. Put myself through college, earned my degree, worked around, kept my mouth shut and my eyes and ears open. Eventually started my own business and have been running it 20 years strong now. Best thing I can tell you young’uns is this: If you think somebody owes you anything then the best part of you run down your mommie’s and daddy’s leg during conception.

      43. free education….? teach your own damn kids.

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