Harry Dent Says Dow Will Probably Go To 9800 or More by Labor Day

by | Aug 27, 2009 | Harry Dent | 6 comments


Harry Dent, of HS Dent Investments, Forecast Update for August 27, 2009:

Odds at this point are that the markets will continue to edge up into next week and we could see targets of 9,800 or 9,970 on the Dow by Labor Day.

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    1. Bob

      He was bearish and now bullish. What a load of…
      HS Dent continues to be very POOR in predictions.

    2. AS

      I agree. Aug 17 “…odds are we have already seen a top” and now this. That’s what happens when you try to be a short term guy and don’t speak in riddles like Faber does ­čÖé

    3. Kingkang

      Dent lacks so much credibility and charges a heck of a lot to listen to his dumb seminars.├é┬á I agree I like the “Riddle Master Marc Faber.”├é┬á He gives good analysis on the technical and fundamental front.

    4. admin

      In Dent’s defense, he is dealing with an extremely volatile market that is totally disconnected from the fundamentals, in one of the worst crises in modern times. I am not sure how he does his analysis, but i am guessing he bases a lot of the short-term work on technicals, because it seems that technicals and news is all that there is to go off of short-term.

      Bob, he is bullish, but only until the next resistance level, and depending on what happens, he may switch his short-term outlook again. In the update above, he actually advised that aggressive traders can play this bounce, but to be prepared to sell at any time. Prior to this update, I believe last week, Dent suggested that traders/short-term investors move back into the markets with a 3% stop in the event that we have hit a top. So, he did make a good call there. (I believe i forgot to publish that update… my bad — will try to do a better job)…

      His long-term outlook remains quite negative, with a deflationary collapse starting this fall into mid to late 2010. 

      I still like├é┬áMr. Dent’s service for the excellent research they do in economic fundamentals and global demographics.├é┬á

      For those who play the stock market near-term, it is a dangerous game and highly unpredictable. Long-term though, I think one can use information from many of the contrarian experts like Mr. Dent and Doc Faber to help position oneself to preserve wealth, and perhaps even grow it a little.


      Thanks for the comments all


    5. Bob adrax

      “charges a heck of a lot to listen to his dumb seminars.”

      Yeah, fooled lot of people with demographics BS.

      “His long-term outlook remains quite negative, with a deflationary collapse starting├é┬áthis fall into mid to late 2010. ”

      Yeah, he was the same when bullish. Claimed DOW will climb to 25K+, even as we collapsed in 2007-2008.

      Take it for what its worth. My view is HS Dent has been generally wrong on DOW, gold, oil, you name it basing it on his demographics and other BS indicators. He should be paying people to listen to his BS and not the other way around, bet his membership is way down.

    6. David

      It amazes me that people pay for Dent’s worthless newsletter.

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