Soros Weighs In: “It Is Necessary to Think the Unthinkable”

by | Sep 19, 2011 | George Soros | 131 comments

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    George Soros, billionaire financier, chairman of a Cayman Islands based private hedge fund, and Grand Master of the world’s chess board, is weighing in on the European crisis and details some of the problems faced by Europe, as well as some proposed solutions. Love him or hate him, Mr. Soros is a major player and holds significant influence, therefore we stress that his comments should not be ignored.

    By all accounts, the situation in Europe is very serious, though news coverage suggests (and has continued to suggest for nearly two years) that the crisis is just days from a final resolution.

    While Europe is an ocean away and their problems are seemingly isolated to only the Eurozone region, we simply cannot ignore the implications of a European collapse on the American economy. History provides a clue as to how bad things can get even when the triggering events happen in other countries. While we often look back at the catalyst for the Great Depression as being the October 1929 stock market crash, the reality is that the Great Depression went global and full force when European nations defaulted on their debt obligations and their economies crumbled. The situation is starkly similar to what we face today, and according to Soros, may go full circle very soon:

    To resolve a crisis in which the impossible has become possible, it is necessary to think the unthinkable. So, to resolve Europe’s sovereign-debt crisis, it is now imperative to prepare for the possibility of default and defection from the eurozone by Greece, Portugal, and perhaps Ireland.

    Source: Thinking the Unthinkable in Europe by George Soros

    Greece, Portugal, Ireland are toast. They’re finished and there is nothing that can be done to save their economies. But they are not the only ones. Spain and Italy are in the same boat, with many smaller EU countries also facing serious debt problems:

    “It appears the authorities have reached the end of the road with their policy of ’kicking the can down the road’,” he [Soros] says.

    “Even if a catastrophe can be avoided, one thing is certain: the pressure to reduce deficits will push the eurozone into prolonged recession. This will have incalculable political consequences.”

    Source: Raw Story

    The catastrophe, unfortunately, cannot be avoided, and the consequences will be civil unrest across Europe and the real possibility of a complete collapse of the EU economic, monetary and political systems. Mr. Soros puts forth a solution, which he believes may be Europe’s only hope. As you may have guessed, this would involve even more centralized control over the entire region, complete with a single monetary governing body and tax collection apparatus:

    “There is no alternative but to give birth to the missing ingredient: a European treasury with the power to tax and therefore to borrow.”

    “Once the principle of setting up a European Treasury is agreed upon, the European Council could authorize the ECB to step into the breach, indemnifying the ECB in advance against risks to its solvency,” he says.

    “That is the only way to forestall a possible financial meltdown and another Great Depression.”

    Back in 2008, Secretary Henry Paulson, et. al. suggested that we were facing the legitimate possibility of another depression and one Congressman actually said on the House floor that Congressional leaders were told there would be martial law on the streets of America. President Obama’s administration and their mouthpieces in mainstream media have told us that they actually prevented this Greater Depression from taking place.

    Yet, global political and financial leaders continue to suggest that a Great Depression is imminent. Of course, they never run out of “solutions” for the problems we face, leaving the majority of the public in Europe and America holding on to the idea that they know what’s best, and if given carte blanche over the governments and central banks of the world, they will save us.

    We disagree with Mr. Soros with respect to resolution to these problems. What we’re talking about here is not your average recession – it’s not even a prolonged recession. The financial collapse of essentially the entire industrialized world cannot be forestalled by more centralization. Whatever the solution, however, it will not come without a lot of pain being inflicted on the people of The United States, Europe and the rest of the world.

    We are heading now into what may prove to be the worst crisis in modern history. We saw what happened at the culmination of the global great depression of the 1930’s. By the time it was all over, tens of millions were dead.

    It is our hope that a similar result can be avoided now. Our greatest fear, however, is that the problems are so severe, and the global economies and political systems are so intertwined and fragile, that there is simply no way to stop the cleansing and re-balancing of decades of excess that is to come.

    In his book The Crash of 2008 And What It Means, Soros writes:

    The year 1944 was the formative experience of my life. I shall not give a detailed account of it because my father has done it better than I could. Imagine a child of fourteen, coming from a middle-class background, suddenly confronted with the prospect of being deported and killed just because he is Jewish. Fortunately my father was well prepared for this far-from-equilibrium experience. He had lived through the Russion Revolution in Siberia, and that was the formative experience of his life.

    When the Germans occupied Hungary on March 19, 1944, my father knew these were not normal times and the normal rules did not apply.

    The Crash of 2008 And What It Means; pp. 12 – 14

    Every few generations throughout our history, we have experienced what Soros refers to as “far-from-equilibrium” situations – or, “unthinkable” situations – when the political, economic and/or social stability of entire nations or societies is threatened.

    Prepare yourself, because by all indications the “unthinkable” is exactly what we are facing today.

    Let us not ignore the lessons of history, but rather, use them to survive and thrive when the world around us falls apart.


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      1. This is NOT a warning! He is the clown that is causing all this to happen! He is a Nation KILLER! He is one of the many elite that should be hanging from a street light in Washington D.C.!
        The Revolution IS COMING !

        • I agree. As a teenager, George Soros turned in his Jewish neighbors to the Nazis. That right there tells you something about him.

          I believe that man is EVIL. It is probably all part of his “plan.”

          • Yep he is a nazi!! Something has always bugged me about the american nazi party(BUNDA???) THEY SAY on the history channel, they disbanded! REALLY, SOOOO 100,000 american nazi’s JUST went away before ww2. I call BULL$hit on that!!! THINK ABOUT IT PEOPLE! Their children are running wallstreet and washington now!!! Makes sense doesn’t it!!! YEAH, THEY JUST DISAPEARED!!! MY A$$!!!!!!!!

          • History is written by the victors!

          • Google old footage of the american zazi party in…oh… NEW YORK!! You think they all just left new york? “OH, they disbanded us, lets start listening to Thomas Jefferson now” YOU THINK THEY WOULD SAY THAT AND JUST GO AWAY??? BULL$HIT!

          • NO ONE can tell me they just”disbanded” As you connect the dots(and look at the american sheeple, in say, the airport, LOOK AT THEM, LOOK AT THEM) TSA= NAZI

          • 60 Minutes: Dec 20, 1998

            KROFT: No feeling of guilt?

            Mr. SOROS: No.

            KROFT: For example that, ‘I’m Jewish and here I am, watching these people go. I could just as easily be there. I should be there.’ None of that?

            Mr. SOROS: Well, of course I c — I could be on the other side or I could be the one from whom the thing is being taken away. But there was no sense that I shouldn’t be there, because that was — well, actually, in a funny way, it’s just like in markets — that if I weren’t there — of course, I wasn’t doing it, but somebody else would — would — would be taking it away anyhow. And it was the — whether I was there or not, I was only a spectator, the property was being taken away. So the — I had no role in taking away that property. So I had no sense of guilt.


            “WHETHER I WAS THERE OR NOT, I WAS ONLY A SPECTATOR… I HAD NO ROLE IN TAKING AWAY THAT PROPERTY” as he confiscated the possessions of fellow Jews! That is how a psychopath defuses his/her conscience; “my victim would be done in by someone else anyway… ka-ching”

            • Let us live such lives that on Judgment Day we are not in the wrong line before the Judgment Seat of Jesus Christ the King, that we are not with the goats.

        • Actually I think he wants it all to happen. He makes more billions that way.

        • Easy son, it aint Tet yet. I am however stroking my EBR wating for the day.

        • Is that why he can’t enter certain countries for fear of being hanged by the neck??

        • I don’t think so!! I went through the airport(s)today, our nation is ripe for destruction(what a bunch of F#cking sheep)!! When china tells us to “get our house in order” You think they are talkin about finace?? BULL$HIT, they are TALKIN ABOUT TAKE OVER, DESTRUCTION OF US CONSTITUTION!! THINK ABOUT IT!

        • I couldnt say it better…this is like some guy killing your Mom then coming to the funeral to say how sorry he is that some one wasnt there to stop him,the bassturd!

        • Soros’ goal is not ours.

          His goal is 90% depopulation and to enslave the survivors.

          Remember that in the 20th century governments may have killed as many as one-third BILLION of their own people—NOT including war deaths.

          When Soros accomplishes the same, like those before him, he will sacrifice those lives to Moloch and Lucifer, his “god.”

        • You are absolutely correct! Soros is the problem! This prick should be strung up by his balls!!

        • Amen, soros does experiments on societies just to watch the results. He is not our friend and needs to be watched ever so closely

      2. And one can be sure that the filthy Soros will make billions off any collapse that happens…

        • Soros is an employee (and fellow “tribesman”) of the Rotshchilds, he is doing his share to make certain that the whole house of cards comes crashing down to install a world government.
          We will find ourselves in a similar predicament soon enough, along with attempts at disarming us, huge reductions in SS & pensions, etc to make the people cry out for relief & they will give it to us!.
          Notice how I said “attempts” at disarming us…

          • This is right on.

            • can you say NEW WORLD ORDER. I bet this crisis is orchestrated by the power elites in order to get their, EU wide treasury, EU wide Revenue, THEN when the BIG US DOLLAR crisis happens, then a ONE WORLD CURRENCY.

              Im just a regular Nostradamus, I tell you.

          • Hey Dave. Our guns are the insurance policy taken out for us by our forefathers.

        • He already did that to the Brits.

      3. Agreed. He would know better than anyone as he’s one of the main players in the whole mess. And his answer? Just give them more power.

        As an aside, isn’t he in his 80s? Does he think he’s going to live forever? Wouldn’t it be a good time to give away all your assets and try to atone for all the damage you’ve done in your miserable life?

        • Lizard people never die!

          • i hope your being sarcastic…

            • I was.

            • good. because realy, we’ve got enough shit to worry about… i doubt that lizard people are even a thing.

          • Steak tartar and Belgium endive is one of Georgie’s faves.

          • It’s true. The older Soros gets, the more he looks like a lizard. One day he’ll just unhinge his jaw and swallow David Icke in 3 easy gulps. Yum yum good.

        • He’s an atheist…

      4. he is a disgraceful individual, but he is actually telling us , what most here already know.

      5. Glenn Beck was playing out scenarios of economic collapse back in 2009.

        The “Powers That Be” that have caused this economic debacle have been keeping the Titantic afloat long enough to square themselves away. When the global economy finally implodes those who have prepared for it will be a lot better off than the sheeple who continue to ignore the reality of what’s happening around them.
        I have no doubt the PTB are positioning themselves for the greatest transfer of wealth in human history. When the U.S. Middleclass has been destroyed the “New Game” will begin. I cannot emphasize enough on getting that year supply of food in the pantry before the chaos begins. Good Luck To All

          • wheedle,

            I just watched this. Makes me glad I grow a garden and have a stocked pantry.

            KY Mom

            • I’m working real hard on that pantry KY Mom, while the Sheeple I try to warn ridicule me. I’m done trying to help fools. Guess I’ll go to Walmart for more ammo and canning jars.

      6. *Yawn.

        The elites have a great deal more tools in their toolbox to keep the ponzi going. Europe will still be Europe in the event of a Greek default but it is the precedent that gets set which worries me. Seeing austerity fail in Greece – why would Portugal, Italy, Ireland, et al implement measures when they can just file a quick Chapter eleven and have their shopping bills cancelled?

        No worriezzz I has da popcorn and kan share!

        • Plenty of REAL butter I hope!

        • SHTF won’t happen till after 2012. Obama / Bernake will keep the presses going at least that long and buy the time thru the election

        • So he wants about $4800 per person to provide jobs for 9% of the work force? Ok, I don’t know how many are capable of working…say 70% of the population? I think that is high but that is ok. So 70% of 310 million is roughly 217 million potential workers. Now 9% of 217 million is roughly 19.5 million people. That is somewhere in the neighborhood of $78,000.00 / each unemployed person.

          For $78 grand I will start and run a successful company employing at least 5 people making between $40k and $65k per year IF the government were to stop outlawing job creation.

      7. Mac,

        “We are heading now into what may prove to be the worst crisis in modern history. We saw what happened at the culmination of the global great depression of the 1930′s. By the time it was all over, tens of millions were dead.”

        What does tens of millions were dead refer to? Please elaborate.

        • Specifically, I was referring to the war at the tail end of it…probably could have worded it differently… I can see where the interpretation would suggest that I was referring to 10’s of millions of dead at the end of the 30’s…my apologies…

        • Many had there lifespans shortened due to malnutrition.

          “In 1940, the US population was supposed to make up at least 141.856 million people upon the preservation of previous demographic trends. As a matter of fact, the USA had the 131.409-strong population in 1940, of which only 3.054 million can be explained with changes in migration dynamics. Thus, 7.394,000 people simply do not exist as of 1940. There are no official arguments to explain the phenomenon,
          “Few people know about five million American farmers (about a million families) whom banks ousted from them lands because of debts. The US government did not provide them with land, work, social aid, pension – nothing,” the article says.
          “Every sixth American farmer was affected by famine. People were forced to leave their homes and go to nowhere without any money and any property. They found themselves in the middle of nowhere enveloped in massive unemployment, famine and gangsterism.”
          At the same time, the US government tried to get rid of redundant foodstuffs, which vendors could not sell. Market rules were observed strictly: unsold goods should always be categorized as redundant and they could not be given away to the poor because it could cause damage to businesses. A variety of methods was used to destroy redundant food. They burnt crops, drowned them in the ocean or plowed 10 million hectares of harvesting fields. “About 6.5 million pigs were killed at that time,” the researcher wrote.

          The consequences of those policies were predictable, the author of the article wrote. “Here is what a child recollected about those years: “We changed our usual food for something for available. We used to eat bush leaves instead of cabbage. We ate frogs too. My mother and my older sister died during a year.” (Jack Griffin).”

          So-called public works introduced by President Roosevelt became a salvation for a huge number of jobless and landless Americans. However, the salvation was only a phantom, Boris Borisov wrote. The works conducted under the aegis of the Public Works Administration and the Civil Works Administration were about building channels, roads or bridges in remote, wild and dangerous territories. Up to 3.3 million people were involved in those works at a time, whereas the total number of people amounted to 8.5 million, not to count prisoners.

          “Conditions and death rate at those works are to be studied separately. A member of public works would make $30, and pay $25 of taxes from this amount. So a person could make only $5 for a month of hard work in malarial swamps.”

          The conditions, under which people were working for food, could be compared to Stalin’s GULAG camp.

      8. Ponder the imponderable. Do fish ever sneeze?

        • I actually stopped for a moment and wondered….if they did it would be cute! thx for the tension breaker.

        • I have found the probability of a fish sneezing to be directly proportional to the amount of ground pepper on the fish’ salad.

          • Watercress! 🙂

        • I have a couple aquariums and can vouch for the fact that they yawn.

      9. I agree. Soros is one of the key designers of the coming Euro crash. Geithner was just on TV explaining how he is helping the EU. That makes me feel so much better….since he has done such a great job with the US Economy. Also had to endure another Obummer speech… just more class warfare, Veto threats, & Elitist lecturing. I would like to think that we have the chance of holding things together until Jan 2013 when we hopefully elect someone better. ( Hard to believe that there could be anyone worse ! ) I have been reading this site regularly for over a year & this is my first post. I have been working on my prepping for about a year…and try to make progress on one of my project lists every week. I have stored the lists on my I can refer to them anytime. The breakdown is :
        1) Security
        2) Transportation
        3) Sustinance
        4) Metals
        5) Communication
        6) Barter
        Then I have in each of these lists…broken down into small bite sized projects of all if the things I am trying to accomplish. So…whether it is picking up another brick of 22LR @ WallyWorld…, stopping by the auto salvage to collect spare engine electronics for the Faraday box in case of EMP, or more food to stock for long term storage I have the list at hand. I know that I will probably never feel that I am 100% ready. But every week I try to make some progress. Every week, I learn something new from a post on this site. ( Like the suggestion of ear plugs stashed in your vehicles…in case you have to shoot from the car .) I probably would have never thought of that….but before the end of the week I will have that one covered ! Kudos out there to all of you folks. Everyone has areas that they have more expertise in than most of the rest of us, and your posts make everyone wiser. My wife thinks that I am crazy for prepping…but I think that she is starting to come around. I have also been able to get a couple of friends to begin prepping. Several others I have convinced to purchase a firearm & learn to use it, & get a CHL.

        Montgomery County Texas

        • Don’t forget to enjoy life too. Some niceties we have now may be unfathomable luxuries in the near future. Relax… There’s time.

          • I agree. Enjoy life and take some down time from all this. It’s good to be prepared, but take a short break.

            When things finally come apart and you are prepared and safe in your home, kick back and watch a movie while laying low and keeping an eye on the home. I believe this is how Ferfal reacted to the crisis in Argentina, at first.

            • without electricity???

            • Buy tri-fuel Honda JJ or hide pv panels. Or, just move now.

          • What’s the shelf life of a hostess twinkie? And the chocolate cupcakes?

            • I think I read somewhere where they uncovered a bunch of both in a tomb in egypt….still in perfect shape!! 😉 (tongue planted firmly in cheek)

            • i read somewhere that Twinkies last forever because they are not in the food category as we know it.

          • Good advise. If I spend to take my family to a church festival or something, I have to keep telling myself to enjoy it because you never know what things will be like in a month or a year.

            At least one daughter will have experienced Disneyworld.

            • BD – our church picnic was last weekend and I was thinking the same thing.

        • maybe one to add to the already great list is “allies in arms” could fall under communication, but thought I’d mention it.

      10. You had to figure that somebody like Soros was trying to centralize more power so that he (and others like him) can have more control. This is what is going on–and has been–everywhere including here in America. It’s simply inevitable that those who have money and power always want more money and power.

      11. Hi guys,

        I have two good jokes for you. Just forget about our sorrow/soros for a while:

        1. The Pope has an appointment with the Italian president but he remebered it half an hour before. So he calls his driver Manolo and says:

        – Quickly at the Presidential mansion.

        So Manolo steps on the pedal and runs. But traffic was so tough that they had to stop every now and then. Stops signs, traffic lights, cops etc, make it even more difficult.

        So the Pope visibly angry tells Manolo:
        – Sit back in my place and i’ll do the driving.

        So He steps on the pedal and forgets all traffic code. At some traffic light, a cop stops him and is ready to give hime a ticket. But he sees the Pope as the driver and Manolo sitting comfortably in the back.

        So the cop calls the head and says:
        – Sir i got a big fish.
        – What, some minister?
        – No, higher
        – The prime minister?
        – No, higher
        – The president?
        – No, higher
        – Don’t say, higher than the president is only the Pope.
        – Higher sir, higher.
        – Higher than the Pope is only God.
        – Sir i don’t if he is God, but i’ll tell you that his driver is the Pope himself.

        2. What do you mean i should behave myself?

        – Since i was a child i watched Tarzan walk around naked.
        Cinderella returned home afterhours.
        Pinochio was lying.
        Aladdin was a thief.
        Batman was driving with 300 miles/hour.
        Snowwhite was living in a house with 7 men.
        Popey was smoking and had tattoos.
        Pacman was running in a dark room, with digital music, eating pills that made him high.

        Smile. it’s the last thing they will take from us. Our souls.

        • manos 🙂

        • Manos! good to hear from you ol’ boy. I sure hope that you and your family are well. I’ve been reading about the austerity measures that the EU gods wish your government to implicate.

        • Hope all is well for you and yours in greece! You are my brother!

      12. God has a solution.

        Year of Jubilee.

      13. Blah Blah Blah- okie spouts off with another weepy emotional rant….but might there be something to it?

        They can ‘think the unthinkable’ all they want. The question is: can they govern the ungovernable? The question is not ‘do they want to?’ Of course they do. The question is ‘are they able to?’ I believe the answer to that is an emphatic NO. They can control, and govern, and manipulate people and markets to a large degree, but the all-encompassing control they seek is beyond their ability. Two reasons for that, and it’s two groups of people.
        First, the ‘ungovernable’ masses, who cannot, or will not, be productive enough to be worthwhile to the PTB. These are the masses who must always be distracted, and placated with bread and circuses. They consume more than they produce, and when they are too much of a problem, they must be retrained(which is difficult and only partly feasable) or they must be moved around, restrained(with force) and eventually, disposed of. All these things take time and lots of resources from the PTB which they would rather not have to spend on the sheeple.
        The second group of people are the ‘uncontrollable’ ones who refuse to be completely manipulated. Those who know anything about personal freedom, and these are the same people who know about integrity, responsibility and accomplishment, are the kind of people who will not allow themselves to be totally enslaved. This second group will tolerate a lot of injustices, but they have their limits! Every day brings us closer to those limits. They are much more of a problem for the would-be rulers of the world. These people believe in private property ownership, gun ownership and many other ‘rights’ that irritate and obstruct the elites in their plans.
        The first group probably numbers in the billions, or at least in the hundreds of millions. They are, at best, only marginally worth keeping alive, and the PTB know that the cost of disposing of them is very high. They can be thinned out by wars and man-made famines and other disasters, but there’s still just too many of them and the PTB don’t have a perfect solution to that problem.
        The second group probably numbers in the scores of millions, and not just in America. Though they are a much smaller group, they are an even bigger problem for the PTB. These people simply refuse to go quietly into total enslavement. They are able, and willing, to fight, regardless of the odds of winning. They fight for an ideal, rather than just for personal victory. It is the “concept of freedom” that the elites can never destroy.
        Looking at it from this perspective, I believe the ultimate victory is ours, and the outcome was never really in doubt. We may lose our homes and property, even our lives individually, but our children and grandchildren will carry on after us and Jefferson’s idea of Freedom will never be completely taken from humanity.
        (hand me a kleenex, I think I just moved myself to tears…)

        • Good critical thinking – SO

          Here’s a tissue

        • I just shake it twice (double shakes). Jefferson was at the right place and the right time.

      14. ahhh, the circle of life……he was a product of the last collapse, he now helps to orchestrate the current collapse…and out of this current collapse, a new Soros will be born.

        • Schwartz. The man’s name is Schwartz. Of course if my name was Schwartz I would change it too.

        • Oh Lord…lets hope somone has neutered the ole pervert and he dies without seed…got pliers?..check!…got tweezers?…check!…got microscope?…check! Got freedom? Roger we are good to go…lets take care of little shorty soros and friends!

      15. is ptb the powers to be? i like what you said and im not going out with a fight. I see it this way, some troops will be in our area and telling us to relocate to a safer area and we need to all go with these reserve troops. Then I will refuse and a gunfight will break out. I will get about 5-6 of theirs or more and they will call in backup. I will dress in their attire and cause confusion but that is not what I want to happen at all. I dont want any of our troops shot at. I want them to leave us alone and go on their way. The guys that I want are the gang bangers that think they can tear down people and steal, your on my target my friends. that is who im after.

      16. well said!!! praise the lord..

      17. Wow, Bloomberg one day and Soros this next. You guys sure have great go-to sources!

      18. Don’t touch it, it’s evil!

      19. Mr. Soros is an economic terrorist and should be in prison.

        Now that I’ve got that off my chest, I will say that he is correct. We are rapidly reaching the point of no return.

        I’ve got almost 2 years of food stored. Just placed another huge order. Same for anti-biotics – I’ve got tons but I’m about to order more.

        Make your final preps folks. It’s about to get really, really rough out there.

        • Where do you get your antibiotics? Prescription normally required. No Dr. I know will give antibiotics for storage. If I can buy, which ones store the longest? Use my email to reply please……[email protected]

          • a good broad band spectrum is doxcycline. its a all around good antibiotic. but tell the dr that you have used that before and he will give you 20. take 2 per day for 10 days. or wait till the world collapse and save yourself some money and then go help yourself in the pharmacy if you need it when shtf. just wait, your more resiliant than you think. just have extra food/water weapons.

          • I’m not going to say how it’s done, and for the record, I am not a hoarder of antibiotics, but there are ways to legally obtain them. Of course, if they thought you were getting too many of them in this legal way, or using them in ways that weren’t intended, then they might come after you. I have a very very small amount on hand, which can be easily justified by their intended use, which is legitimate. I do not use them outside their intended use, but could in time of crisis.

          • I would write such a prescription for anyone who asked.

      20. I love the term Unthinkable. The Elites are losing control and that is an Unthinkable event for them. As for the rest of us Serfs we are preparing because we already thought of the Unthinkable.

        Here is the difference; we know any event is out of our control. The Elites think they can control anything.

        • Thousands of people lined up to be groped at NFL games this weekend, the Elites have already won and the Sheeple go BAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

        • PO, I agree that the elites are losing control and would add losing patience. There are 2 levels of elites. The 2nd level aren’t at Soros’ level. This 2nd level, are the ones (gov’t leaders, as an example) that are messing up. That is why we hear from Soros.
          Folks, don’t get stressed out on what is happening or weary of prepping. These cockroaches can’t stand the light (truth) and us being free thinkers. They are hoping to corner us to fight them on their terms. We win when we stay together and help the less fortunate without their wealth.
          Know your enemies strengths and weaknesses. They aren’t fighting us, they are fighting against God. Whether you agree or not, all socialist/bullying regimes try to suppress who and what? God, and place their throne above His with (as what many opine here) the sheeple being their servants. Who was the first to try to place his throne above God? You know the answer!
          Stay in His grace and may His peace be with you all.

      21. Desperate people do desperate things like steal off your neighbor. What do desperate governments do; they steal off their neighbor. Things like this start world wars.

      22. Soros is an employee (and fellow “tribesman”) of the Rotshchilds, he is doing his share to make certain that the whole house of cards comes crashing down to install a world government.
        We will find ourselves in a similar predicament soon enough, along with attempts at disarming us, huge reductions in SS & pensions, etc to make the people cry out for relief & they will give it to us!.
        Notice how I said “attempts” at disarming us…

        • Correct on all counts. Soros is certainly part of the SS, the Synagogue of Satan (Apocalypse 3:9).

      23. the best place for Soros would be in his coffin on the way to the crematorium

      24. Insanity rules the world. Each day that goes by just keeps getting stranger and stranger. Life is now better than anything on TV.

      25. Hey George, what people do you think will survive when the SHTF?

        Not you and your kind.

        • which makes one wonder about the frame of mind of his followers/employees…in it for the money??


        Enough said.

        • Wrong, actually.

          • What, did I misspell the “non-practicing” jews name?

      27. “There is no alternative but to give birth to the missing ingredient: a European treasury with the power to tax and therefore to borrow.”

        Geez, were there not men who said the same thing in order to justify creating our Federal Reserve? The key phrase that’s recently been published is “controlled default.” If you look at any chart of the value of the dollar since 1913 to present, you’ll see “controlled default” in practice. Like Wall Street says, “If you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu.” (To be devoured.)

      28. as i have posted on any soros news about what he is taking over or investing in:

        “George, you cant take it with you when you pass away….Im much younger and “way way” better than you
        look today….your days are numbered George…”

        • SD – They won yesterday! Yesssssss! Here we go!

      29. This is pure propaganda …..the unthinkable still hasn’t happened and won’t ! Am I the only one that is seeing this same old doom pattern year after year ?

        • RICH: The prepper gene doesn’t often discriminate between crisis and chaos. To them that possess the gene the sky is more often falling than not.

          Want to see a prepper gene in action? Watch a feral cat.

          The thing I find most amazing is that the REAL disasters that await US will just make these events look like a bad haircut, yet, hysteria and hyperbole, abound.

          It would be laughable if it were not so sad.

        • Pure propaganda? Well, personally I wouldn’t call it pure, but there is an agenda here, just look on the right side of the column. Got to make a living. And to make a living, got to keep the natives on edge. So, keep the adrenal glands pumped up on fear.

          I’ve been seeing the writing on the wall since ’81, and preparing accordingly. But the “collapse” that everyone is talking about here isn’t what most think it entails. It’s not going to be like a “building falling over” type collapse, they won’t let it. This is a planned demolition and it will be taking place in slow, slow, slow motion. That’s why when you read these articles and comments, you could be reading one from a year ago, two years ago. The names are different. The situations are different, but the theme and plot line is basically the same. It’s good for business. Not to take away from the number of Americans who are destitute, that number is rising. But most of those people are still more concerned about; keeping their addictions satisfied, paying the IRS, having beer and junk food in the fridge, internet and tv service up and running, and the ability to text. As long as they have credit cards, we are far from leaving the slow melt down mode.

          There’s still a ton of money around. Not like 5 years ago, but still substantial nevertheless.

          Slow melt down: which means more time for them, those running the show behind the curtain, to always stay a few steps ahead of the masses so they can milk this for every penny they can get. We got a long ways to go, folks. There’s a lot of wealth in my region. Maybe not in yours, but definitely in mine. And they want it all. So far, nothing has stopped them yet.

          I just heard a statistic tonight that 28% of the middle class has jumped ship and joined the poverty passengers in the life rafts. If this continues, and it should in a fascist state, then you eventually end up with two classes of people. I don’t plan on being on the poor side, but I definitely won’t be in a gated community, either.

          On the other hand to all this bull shit I’m spewing out, then there’s FUKUSHIMA. Talk about “spewing” out, North America has already collapsed from what’s coming over. When the fuel fleas, aka hot particles start to be experienced through out the bodies of all those millions of Americans that are consuming them on a massive scale, then you’re going to see a whole mess of suffering. Why radiations not a subject here shows how much even the Preppers are in denial…too much to handle; a mental, physical, emotional overload. Riot’s in the streets one can handle, but a tiny, invisible particle machine gun shooting mini micro ammo in 360 degree directions non stop for eternity in the cellls of my body?

      30. ready or not its comming

      31. Ths fascist George Soros is one of the main “unlights” who has CREATED the far from equilibrium evil besetting this planet


        • Thanks for the link, JJ. Noticed a strange thing this past weekend at Odd Lots. Several shelves in food dept. were empty. Big 6ft.x4ft. shelves with nary a thing on them. Trickle down effect, maybe – food production slowing down so seconds/overstocks are as well?

          • I’ve noticed empty produce bins at stores that always had plenty. Also some of the produce look’s more like garbage than produce. I have been pointing these little changes out to my wife. She is starting to get it.

      32. It is said that in complete darkness you can light a single candle and light the entire room. At that point there is nothing the darkness can do. You can’t bring more darkness in to overpower the candle.

        BUT! In George Soros’ case, I believe that if you brought him in the room, he would be like a black hole to the light, sucking it all in and keeping the light of the candle from radiating throughout the room. This criminal bastard thief (a term I normally reserve for politicians, but is an apt term for Georgie) is a drain on the world. He uses up and commands resources that only multiply the darkness and absorb any light.

        …and he’s been doing it for 80 some years. He’ll be dead before long, his empire disbanded, handed to people who didn’t earn it and will squander and lose it. Untold suffering has he caused. Painful will be his death. I’m sure he’s very attached to his empire. In a way, its a handicap.

      33. Its hard to say how it all unfolds, but I think Greece exits the EU and the banks absorb the losses ala the FED window with help from China, the Middle East, and Brazil.

        Whats $150 billion between thieves? Chicken feed!

        In a another year or so, a couple more down the drain. In the end the EU gets stronger. Thats bible prophecy. Hard to believe rationally, considering the situation right now, but I’ll put my money where my mouth is for any takers.

        Mac can hold the money.

        • Greece is behaving the same way as Argentina. They are promising austerity to get their next fix of debt and loans, but they are too far down the rabbits hole to fix the situation. So they are behaving like a bunch of losers so upside down on their loans and indignant they had to briefly try to live within their means they are going to go out with a bang and rack up as much debt as possible before going bankrupt.

          They will get a few more injections of money, just because the bigger picture is the survival of the Euro and they will milk it for all it’s worth. Their promises are worth less than nothing.

          The amazing thing is that the fucking geniuses that created the EU didn’t have any circuit breakers setup to absorb any type of storm and all the players signed up with no plan B. Oh the launch maybe a little choppy but then it’s smooth sailing forever for everyone they surmised. This is what may kill their grandiose scheme, trying to build a life boat when their ship is sinking.

          The EU has just as good chance of unraveling as it does of becoming stronger. How much money do you have to back up your persuasion?

      34. Greece is smaller than California in every way. It’s all smoke.

        • The last time I checked (which admittedly was a few years ago) California had an economy that place it 6th in the world. Not a good comparison, but accurate.

          • Those numbers no longer apply—businesses can’t leave fast enough..’austerity’ there is the buzz word..they are showing the world how to screw the pooch royally.
            I give CaliMex a yer or two–all that will be left are illegal Mexicans, welfare moochers, and politicians.

      35. I see no reason to kiss his rear end either. He apparently is a major founder and supporter of numerous subversive organizations whose main goal is the replacement of Democracy and Capitalism with socialism; remember the Nazi’s?

        We should listen to what he says because the Bible says “know thine enemy”

      36. Its true that Mr. Schwartz pushes Socialism, but anyone with that much money isn’t about to give it over to any government. I am sure he believes in socialism, but only if it is paid for by the middle class; and corporate fascism for the globalists and uber rich, which is again, paid for by the middle class.

        Money is power and that makes him a dangerous man. Hope he dies real soon.

      37. Fiat based debt currencies create an over-complication of the thought paradigm that Soros is stuck in. Debt is the problem and lack of liquidity. The simple answer is to increase liquidity without adding to debt, something that a debt based currency cannot provide. Precious metals , as money, especially now that they trade in real-time, allow for the adding of liquidity without the adding of debt. It’s a 21st century version of “fishes & loaves”.

        The complication is how to introduce it and that answer has been gaining traction, although quite invisibly, for about 15 years. There’s no problem with the design, simply the marketing because the shift to PM,s as money cannot come from the top. It must come from the marketplace in a bottom-up context. This is what makes it rather invisible to many if not most. Whenever there is a migration from a legacy system (USD) to a newer system (gold-as-money in real-time), it’s absolutely imperative that neither system crashes. A top-down approach to the shift would result in a debt based crash for all fiat based debt currencies. The shift is taking place one person at a time as gold becomes more desirable to circulate. Gresham’s Law is reversing and Gresham’s law is predicated on fixed values for bullion and is not applicable to real-time gold.

      38. The rich are going to pay a heavy toll when the shft. A lot of them will lose everything, and rightfully so. The poor don’t have much to lose and everything to gain because we can begain the process of rebuilding. I look forward to collapse but I dread the pain and suffering it will cause.

        OsiXs (Revolution 2.0)

        • Mad Max: Let me ask again. I have been to your website. How many new recruits have you enlisted in that Marist revolution of the proletariat?

      39. Soros as well as Buffet and a whole host of other gezzers like hefner, castor, chavez needs to retire their egomania and hand the reigns. They are a bunch of indignant selfish old pricks who insist on hogging everything they can like a senior driving 45 mph in the left lane in their Caddy who can barely see over the steering wheel, instead of graciously stepping aside and letting someone more capable drive. God forbid if they use there wisdom to impart on the next generation who can incorporate it into their own views instead of trying to be a tyrant for as long as possible.

      40. George Soros’ “solution” is nothing of the kind, it’s debt-based central banking and the corporate interests that grow up around it that has created this kind of toxic financial environment, creating an even bigger one to create even more toxic debt is not the answer.

        Money is virtual, paper is a representation of agreed on value and doesn’t represent any actual service or resource, therefore it is completely interchangeable with any other currency or medium.

        Central banks issue credit backed by nothing, essentially legal counterfeiting, and taxpayers are left with the bill plus interest. This system is basically a giant sieve that drains money from participants in the economy to bank shareholders. Commercial banks do the same, lending “fractional reserves” that don’t exist, also measured according to “leverage.” As most of the debt in the world is unattached to anything real, defaulting on it all would cause no damage, except to the “creditors” shady organizations and ultra rich who’d rather we didn’t know who they are as they are already criminally rich.

        The solution is collective forgiveness on all national debts and the reformation of our monetary systems that relies on a debt free, constitutional money system. This would save taxpayers enormous amounts of money on debt and interest and free an incredible amount of resources. International settlements could be processed with gold/silver. The solution is, in fact, incredibly easy. F the bankers.

      41. I am a resident of the UK and what scares me the most about all of this is how the majority of people I know aren’t even aware of what’s really going on and to be honest I don’t think they even care after all the government will take care of them wont they?

        • Welcome UK…to the USA…mentality!!! It’s running rampant here too!

      42. To smoke the unokieable….

        I was getting in the mood to think the unthinkable. Then I remembered the Titanic, and thought, why not sink the unsinkable? Or put on an old Elvis record and ‘Dream the Impossible Dream.’ Better yet, maybe I could win that unwinnable lottery jackpot. (note: if it’s anything over a million, you’ll never see another okie post, I promise)
        Or I could take a wrench to the ’89 Dodge pick-up sitting in the back yard and try to drive the undriveable. Or maybe that’s fix the unfixable. Or I could register as a democrat and try to elect the unelectable. Or head for the channel and swim the unswimmable (oh wait, that’s been done) Perhaps our government will revert to a precious metal backed currency, then they wouldn’t be printing those unprintable dollars. Nope. Better scratch that from the list- there’s always more ink and paper, so there’s no such thing as the unprintable dollar.
        Right now, I’d settle for swatting the unswattable fly. Little rascal keeps buzzing around the monitor…(smack! crash! zap…fizzle…repair, repair) Where was I?
        Oh yeah, maybe I could mosey out to the back yard and sneak a peek at the college girls sunbathing next door. Kind of view the unviewable. Nah, I better not. The wife has threatened the unthreatenable if she catches me at it again. And since a man only has one unthreatenable in a lifetime, I don’t want to use it up just yet.
        I’d turn on the tv but it’s all just hollywood garbage. Why waste time trying to watch the unwatchable?
        Maybe I’ll try writing the unwriteable comment. But then again, nobody would read it because it would be…well, you know.

        • Hilarious. Thanks for the laugh.

          Now go smoke the unsmokable, you SmokinOakie, lol :-Q

      43. What a laugh, give the guys who created the problem the ability to directly tax the population they’ve been fleeceing. Way to go Soros !! You always were an elitist Fabian Socialist shill. Remember folks, this is a guy who has made all his money producing absolutely nothing, hides out in the Camans paying squat for taxes, while catering to every perverse commie, socialist bs idea of alleviating the productive segment of society of their wealth in order to weaken them for his 1984 Roller Ball utopian fantasy where, of course, uber billionaires like him make all the decisions as to how you will live; or
        else. Why don’t we all pay Soros and son a visit, pick him up by the heels and shake him out for the loot he seems to be perfectly willing to liberate from folks who actually earn it. No thanks George, saw the Woody Allen flick “Sleeper” when I was a kid; it was supposed to be a comedy. How ironic that this globalist dirtbag wants to impose it as a horror film.

      44. Greetings everyone!’
        CHANGE IS COMING!!!!
        America as we now know it will change or fragment into something new(perhaps a fascist state,but who knows?).Europe will slink back to the dark ages in some form again.China and the “Asian Tigers” will slip back to the “Warring States “type of system.Soros what ever he did in the past will have to render an account to God.Death haunts his footsteps every day.Most of the posturing he’s doing is so much lips on a chicken. Guns or no guns,prepps or no prepps,each of us with also have to come to terms with CHANGE.Can’t stand off the military or even a large mob of desperate people alone.You NEED two things,One a GOLMOAS(group of like minded odds and sods)Notice I didn’t say same minded,just like minded.Second a firm knowledge and belief in God.The first to have people to associate with and count on in the dismal future(you have to be VERY careful with this one,as I recently learned to my regret and sorrow). Faith gives you reason to hope and knowledge the basis for such hope.Science has no basis for hope merely theories as to why,political leaders disappoint,and “men of high education and positions” gave us the term “ponzi scheme”.Many people died in the Nazi death camps just before the end of WWII because they lost hope.
        Sorry,I didn’t mean to rant,Just express what I feel.
        Best to All
        Hug your loved ones
        Mugs to all the rest,

      45. Soros is a front man,a step and fetch-it for the real Elitists.He sows destruction and fear whenever and where ever he can.He’s a blotch on humanity.He should not be heeded,he should be ridiculed,scorned and laughed at before he opens his mouth.His words are alchemical acids that corrode reality.Throw rocks,beer bottles and bags of dog crap at him if you can get that close!

      46. Perhaps each of us needs to keep doing exactly what we are doing now, as best we can, inasmuch we are given the ‘lights’ to see. That is to say, we keep helping people understand science regarding both the placement of the human species within the natural order of living things and whatsoever could be real about the world we inhabit. After all, we are faced with having to acknowledge the all-too-probable fact that the gigantic size and monstrous impact of the human species in our time is casting a giant shadow over the surface of Earth and can be seen recklessly extirpating global biodiversity, irreversibly degrading the enviroment and relentlessly denuding the Earth of its resources on our watch.

        The lack of intellectual honesty, moral courage and personal integrity by many too many with appropriate expertise could result in humankind inadvertently precipitating the ruination of the Earth as a fit place for human habitation. We have to stop thoughtlessly chattering in public discourse about nothing more or less than what what the owners of the mass media agree is OK to say, and start speaking “truth to power.”

      47. White people make up 10-15% of the worlds population and are the only people on the face of the Earth that are reducing in numbers.

        Talk to Blacks and Hispanics about intellectual honesty,moral courage,and personal integrity!They will surely listen!Hahahaha!!!

      48. Here is a link to my article yesterday on how and why the global economy and global markets are crashing, including stock markets, real estate markets, and even gold. Hint: it could have something to do with prices of diesel gasoline exceeding $11 per gallon in the UK in 2008. Can you get how prices like that could set off a massive ripple effect?

      49. It will be very interesting to see if we ever find our balls.

      50. Amanda Knox, you were the only one. Come back to me and we’ll play with the handcuffs.

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