Your Time To Prepare for the Economic Storm That’s Coming Is Almost Out (Micro-Documentary)

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    This just released micro-documentary from one of our favorite web video producers, SGTbull07, makes it clear that not only are we heading into a hyperinflationary depression – it’s happening all around us right now.

    The Madness of a Lost Society 2: Final Warnings

    Watch The Madness of a Lost Society (Part 1):

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      1. A conversation about the coming ‘population storm’

        “Talk of the Nation Special on Population January 6”

        What an opportunity!

        Willful and pernicious silence of so many experts as well as broadcasts of ideological idiocy by clever sychophants and duplicitous minions of the wealthy and powerful for the past 60 years make the mere chance for an intellectually honest and morally courageous conversation on “Talk of the Nation” so potentially valuable now here. Opportunities like this one have been occasionally occurring for many years but were routinely missed. A catastrophic failure of nerve by many too many of ‘the brightest and best’ among us who chose, instead of presenting scientific research as was their duty, to foster belief in erroneous preternatural theories; to say whatsoever was politically convenient, economically expedient and socially agreeable; to go along with global gag rules as well as ignore and censor exchanges of sound perspectives regarding human population dynamics and human overpopulation of the Earth. This failure could be one of the great mistakes in human history. I fear our children will come to see it in just that way.

        The growth of the human species worldwide could be the proverbial “mother” of human-induced global challenges. If that is so, then failing to acknowledge this predominant challenge will render efforts of humanity to overcome other human-driven, increasingly complex challenges to human wellbeing and environmental health ultimately irrelevant, I suppose.

        Please consider that both those who believe human population numbers are exploding and those who believe human numbers are collapsing are correct. Globally, human numbers are undoubtedly increasing, but in some places on the surface of Earth human numbers can easily be seen decreasing. It depends upon your scope of observation. I am perceiving and thinking globally when I report human numbers are skyrocketing. In a similar manner, I can certainly recognize that human numbers in many places (eg, Italy) have been declining. But in order to make that report it is necessary for me to change my scope of observation.

        Imagine that a change in one’s scope of observation is like the difference between looking at the forest or the trees. Looking at the forest is like looking at absolute global human population numbers; whereas, looking at the trees is like looking at the population numbers in a place like Italy. Global human numbers can be increasing, while the human population numbers in Italy are decreasing.

        So much of the Earth’s environs are being degraded and so many of its natural resources dissipated. So many people are coming. So much time has been wasted. So many opportunities missed. Time is precious….and short. Windows of opportunity are closing, one after another at an accelerating pace. Let us agree not to let this “Talk of the Nation” opportunity be another missed opportunity like so very many others in my lifetime.

        We could begin this week by talking to all nations. After all, what are we waiting for? The clock to run out of time, so as to relieve us of human distinctly human responsibilities we can assume and duties only human beings with feet of clay can perform?   

        Steven Earl Salmony
        AWAREness Campaign on The Human Population, est. 2001

      2. This world is disgusting. The only thing i’ve bought recently is my shotgun just yesterday 😀 I have a feeling its gonna be one of my best investments in a while..

      3. I normally don’t comment on blogs but I will on this one.I really think that we are on a collision course with destiny. The debt set up by our “leaders” is totally unsustainable and it is just a matter of time before our way of life is really affected. We must move to a more simple, basic lifestyle to survive. When NAFTA was entered into allowing jobs to go to Mexico and then most favored nation status to China it was the beginng of the end. Without a productive society no country can survive in the long haul. That is just common sense. I do not see congress passing laws to curtail outsourcing, keeping our schools from educating  students from other countries on how to beat us in business,etc. That is like giving an opposing team your playbook. Is that stupid or what? I don’t know if this will be a sudden collapse or slow but it will happen eventually. Best thing a person can do is to persue as much of a self sufficeint lifestyle as possible and be very frugal and keep on reading as long as the PTB let us. I am a bad typer so if I made mistakes please forgive. God bless.

      4. there is no “storm” coming. america’s economy is remarkably stabe considering what is happening in greece and ireland. this is because our economy is run by expert harvard trained intellectuals such as summers, rubin and paulson. these geniuses also had real world experience at goldman-sachs and j p morgan which gave them even more wisdom  -  as proved by the additional whiz kids they hired such as petraeus, gates, orzag and geithner.

        our economy is run by these world class experts . with this in mind i would urge you to sell silver and gold and get as many crisp uncirculated ten dollar bills as you can. look at the disgraceful performance of gold and silver today when both were beaten down in value by the magnificent allmighty u. s. dollar.  look for the dollar to reign supreme in the weeks and months ahead as the american economy gets into overdrive and really starts to roll.

      5. steven , do us a favor and decrease the population by 1

      6. Can I get some of what you are on.

      7. Oh yes one more thing. For all of you would be Rambos out there. Get real. It is good to have a means of protection/security but the notion that you need an arsenal, 100’s of rounds of ammo etc. is not very wise. If you are involved in a situation don’t you think the other party is not fireing at you? Are you immune from getting hit? This isn’t the movies. Have you ever fired a gun,especially shotgun, 9mm,etc in an enclosed room without hearing protection? You can not hear for about two days. I fired a 357 on a range in my law enforcement days once w/o protection and my head sounded like it was in a bucket. That hurt and was not pleasant. So, if you would survive an up close combat situation indoors I hope you know sign language. Goon Lck and God bless

      8. What?  I didn’t hear you….  You didn’t wear your ear protection on the “range”.

      9. Just one round. Was that a mistake! The example was refirred to to make a point. 

      10. As I said in another article America is going to end up like Pakistan in a couple of years. Never in history have there been such distrust on our failed government. People are waking up to the fact more govt is an infringement on our rights. When the collapse comes forget Mad Max or 1984. It will be combination of both. Sections of the nation will not be under the control of the govt. these areas(deep south,Midwest and southwest) will be controlled by paramilitary militias. How? Well with high gun ownership,large number of vets,and former LEO,and current LEO,guardsmen,and soldiers from these areas will no longer listen to Washington. So the feds will loose more then half their forces. The district of criminals will control the eastern seaboard and some areas of Florida . We have 230 million people in cities and 15 million in towns. When the collapse comes we will have massive misery,high crime,riots in cities. The central govt will get weaker and weaker. With high inflation,high unemployment we will enter a hyperstagflationary depression. Now time line is hard. i for one do not see a debt collapse in 5-10 years time. OPEC has not gotten out of the dollar…yet. And there is not replacement for a new reserve currency…yet. However America will end up like Pakistan a quasi failed state slowly collapsing.

      11. James,

        I have fired hundreds of rounds during my 2 year service in the Greek Navy. I was a gunner in an ammo depot, and during drills i used to shoot with an M1 Garand, a B.A.R. light machine gun, and a Thomson  submachine gun.
        No ear muffs or other kind of protection was used and today 20 years later i’m ok.
        In shooting practice it’s a bit different because the rivals are very close to one another. This means that your ears are not protected from other guns mostly rather than yours. Out in the field i use protection, especially during 25 yards stable targets.
        Finally, to defend this site, i believe that nobody here is a rambo or whatever. We believe that it’s our right to defend ourselves and our families during some crisis.
        Living in shitty Greece, i tell you that this day is approaching for me and my family. I believe that you read the news. My only concern is to have the guts to shoot when the time comes.
        My hearing is the last thing to consider as long as i manage to protect my wife and daughter.


      12. First, ignore Mushroom.  The only thing smaller than his brain is his peepee.  This site is consistent with extremes and middle ground.  I check it daily and enjoy it… support it’s sponsors.

        To learn what life is likely to become with a dollar collapse and socialist government – visit an Argentina survival blog, also…

      13. One big difference practice target shooting in a range vs. a live fire fight – adrenaline flooding your body.  You will not notice the noise or the pain from the gun blast.

      14. Manos, I agree with you 100% I didn’t put down or didn’t mean to anybody here. This is a must read place for me. I would not hesitate either. I have concealed permit here and have extensive training( 13 years law enforcement) I have appreciated your input from Greece and hope you and your family well. On some sites there are guys talking about AK’s, AR’s etc plus 1000’s of rounds.Those are guys I was thinking about.

      15. Thanks James, I know what you mean.

        Be safe Man


      16. Steve…uhhh, if you don’t have at least “hundreds” of rounds of ammo your guns will quickly become paperweights, there are many other uses for THOUSANDS of rounds of ammo if the unthinkable happens, and I am very happy to be sitting on about 20k rounds right now, with no fantasies of being rambo.

        Bad advice……….

      17. Sorry, I meant James, not Steve

      18. i don’t understand all the insults here and i totally fail to understand all this palaver about “guns” and “ammo”. the next thing that will happen is that gun nuts in america will have 90 millimeter anti-tank guns on their front lawns. this collecting guns and ammo stuff indicates some kind of psychological disorder like the anal retention complex or the effects of paternal abuse or too much drugs and/or alcohol. you gun nuts seriouslt need to take strong laxitives and see a recognized  father figure psychiatrist.

        you “gunnys” need to depend on our well trained police forces and swat teams for law and order the same way that americans have done since 1775. if you take the law into your own hands you are a criminal and should be prosecuted. i hope the federal government outlaws guns in america soon. somebody i read on the internet was saying that our attorney general eric holder and some other social progressives are currently, in full cooperation with hillary clinton and the united nations,  are taking strong steps in the near future to confiscate all guns and all ammunition  in america. this is wonderful. there is no need for these murderous relics in our modern american society.

        i am now going to pray for all you gun toting jack wagons……..(although i sincerely feel it is too late. some of you are truly beyond salvation)

      19. @mushroomhead…if your feeble and continual attempts at satire weren’t so pathetic they might actually be funny, but unfortunately they simply parrot the inane attitudes held by 99.9999% of the populace today. One can only hope that if anything is outlawed it’s mushrooms. But alas, I stopped putting any faith in the law many years ago.
        You wouldn’t know salvation if it was giving you a lap dance.
        When the shit hits the fan come on by (if someone hasn’t already shown you the business end first) I’ll show you the large end of mine so you can watch for the bright flash.
        GMAFB – No apologies extended, and remember:

        Happiness is a warm gun – bang, bang – shoot, shoot. (The Beatles)

      20. Dan Quail potatoe launchers for everyone!  I’ll take mine with mushrooms…..

      21. Just saw Fran Tarkington on Fox Business Channel, his topic of conversation? “The Government taking your 401K & IRA’s!” In so many words he said there would be riots in the streets. After following this coming collapse from 2006 I’ve noticed that serious subjects rear themselves on the net with a pretty good lead time before the MSM airs it’s first sound bite; and when it does make it’s presents known on MSM; it’s a done deal or they’re forced to address a topic that won’t go away! But in any case the “lead time” is getting shorter. Things are in overdrive now.
        As far as thousands of rounds? A box of .22 LR Stingers in your pocket might be just as good as a pocket of “Junk Silver” to go shopping. Once the crap hits da fan, do you really think cartridge production will continue, (Excluding Military) if you do you’re probably buying paper Gold too!

        And anyone that thinks I’m amassing a stockpile to go toe to toe with dozens of Bad Guys is plain nuts!

        Hell……..that’s what the claymore is designed for.

      22. Mushroom missed his meds… when a bald naked man screams, “…to take strong laxitives and see a recognized  father figure psychiatrist.” in an empty room, the only person listening is his inner Richard Simmons.  Mushroom likey his turn in the barrel!

      23. I am also one of those who feel that time is running out for us as a nation. If  you or I attempted to ‘cook-the-books’ and run our own personal family finances the way that the Fed. Reserve and the US Govt. runs the finances of our country …… we would have started serving a life sentence without parole some time ago.

        2011 promises to be a very interesting year for us all. BOHICA boys and girls ……. it’s headed our way quick.

      24. jaream – that was excellent.  I wanted to say something but it didn’t come to me.  Thanks!  LOL

      25. Mardochee: America is not going to wind up like Pakistan as a failed state. You are out of your fucking mind! Another fear monger spreading propaganda! Nothing supports that premise!


        Many nations have had budget, currency, and financial problems. They are still in existence. We are no different. The readers here are too intelligent to fall for that propaganda. Its BULLSHIT!

        The Second American Revolution has already started, and you apparently missed it. In twelve years, America is going to become the nation it was intended to be by Divine Providence.

        Google Washinton’s Vision of America: The world against her shall not prevail! Only, gloom and doomers like you end up on the ash heap of history. America will fulfill her destiny!

      26. Give it to ’em Durango! Everytime I read this defeatist crap, it brings the redneck out in me! I’m so sick of this whining and hand wringing. If its gonna get bad then bring it on! Me and the rest of the 3% are sick of waiting on the rest of the morons to wake up.

        Oh, to some it will be the death of America because they see America as the great sugar daddy that gives you everything. They won’t get their food stamps and they won’t get their SSDI or whatever the freeloaders call it. They won’t get a chunk of my property like they do now and they won’t like it! Boo hoo! Cry me a river! I used to shun the “worthless eater” term, thinking it unkind and untrue. You know what? It is true! The overwhelming majority of people *ARE* worthless eaters. I try to reform them but big sugar daddy government has them so firmly attached to that they can’t see life without it. They have made a life of crime trading votes for the government collusion to stealing my property. I don’t care how tough it ends up being, at least they’ll suffer and suffer big. Wothless eaters, indeed!

        In the meantime, we’re going to look like a failed state. But, America is America not because of where we are but what we are and what we were. The DNA that brought us here and made America exceptional is still in a certain percentage of our flesh. You’ll be surprised how many sheep wise up.

        But, I’m with The Kid: BULLSHIT!

        Its been 233 years since the revolution. America hit her peak in the early 1800s. The banksters and greed mongers have been working to bleed her dry ever since. We ran the bastards out in 1776 and they have slowly crept back in. Now, its time to run them out again.

        I see great things in our future. If we can just get this collapse going so we can just take the pain, hang the banksters, hang the crooked politicians and get back to our constitutional roots. We’re sovereigns, dammit! …and we’ve just about had enough of this shyster bullshit.

        I’m sick of Depression Lite. Pull the safteys. Light the fuse! I’m ready for the full one, unadulterated, hammer down, where am I gonna get my next meal, collapse. Nothing else will crush the corruption that has infected America.

      27. NetRanger; Glad to see you on board. MA has been spewing this crap every chance he gets. Its pure propanda. The same propaganda we have been hearing out of Russia since the USSR lost the cold war. People like that think that if they repeat a lie long enough, that the rest of US will believe it. No way! We are smarter than that!

        I have NEVER been more optimistic about this country than I am now, because I know that changes are coming. Good changes! Changes we can manage, direct, and to which we can adapt.

        Yes these will be difficult, challenging times, but they will be times that will allow US to recapture our heritage of freedom and personal liberty. The price might be high but the price that we have already paid has been higher, and we have nothing to show for it. But that’s because we have done nothing about it.

        Changes are coming, and after the changes come, we will once again possess this land for ourselves and our posterity in Freedom and with Personal Liberty. This is the destiny of America shown to Washington before it was a nation. This is our time. This is our destiny. We will rise to the occasion.

        We always do. That is our DNA. That’s US!

      28. The recent big move in silver was almost in conjunction with a stronger dollar so its not necessarily correct to say that people moving away from the dollar was the reason. Many believe it was JP Morgan backing out of some of their short position in silver.

      29. Netranger…Durango kid….I agree on this one! How did Charley Daniels song say it?…..some folks are sayin that Americas fixin to fall,well this Lady may have stumbled but she aint never fell and if the russians(or any other commie SOB) dont believe that they can all go straight to hell,we gonna put her feet back on the path to rightousness and then…God bless America again! The corporate united states will indeed collapse and good riddance to it…but America will endure!
        We are in for a world of hurt but we will survive it…and then we can start over again without DC devils running the show!

      30. D Kidd, and N Ranger..Im on Board with you..
        Let em Bring it on..time to clean up this crap..let the chips fall where they may.
        I support my family thru hard work and educated choices..let the feeders fall where they may
        its time to man up..lock and load, and be your own American!

        I cant wait for this BS corp to belly up..Im ready are the rest of you?

      31. I do think that we are headed for a world of hurt in the near future.  I really don’t think that it is going to get to a point of people blowing each other away in the streets.  The reason is most people dont have what it takes to take another persons life.  I served for 25 years in the army and it takes alot of training and a different mindset to kill someone.  I think that most people in an economic collapse will just hunker down in their homes and try to make the best of the situation and I think that neighbors will become a lot closer than they are now.  We are a people that have seen adversity in the past and made it through just fine.  I do think that there will be an element out there that will take advantage of the situation but a group of neighbors banding together to protect their turf will be a hard opponent to take out.

      32. @ Net Ranger & @ Durango Kidd –
        I admire your patriotism; it is to be commended.
        However, are you sure that you aren’t actually confusing a healthy dose of reality with defeatism? I can’t even begin to wrap my mind around 14+ trillion $ of actual debt and somewhere between 150 – 200 trillion $ in unfunded future liability. The idea that these debts can ever be repaid is completely recidulous. We shipped all of our manufacturing overseas years ago; we make almost nothing in the United States, so we don’t earn enough to service even the interest on our debt without borrowing it from China.  These massive debts WILL NOT  be repaid and our present financial system must crash under the weight of these defaulted debts.

        And just who is going to step forward and save us when this finally happens? Damn sure won’t be the brain-dead masses who we saw assaulting Wally-World or Target on Black Friday as featured on the nightly news! I can’t wait to see these morons in action the day that the ‘prize’ is the last can of beanie-weenies on the shelf rather than a video game!!!

        Perhaps Snookie, or someone just like her, can come to our rescue? Give me a break!!!

        For my family and I; the term “survivalism” is somewhat of a misnomer. You see, we don’t intend to survive. So why do we prepare? Because it is our intention to survive long enough to be able to choose the time, place and manner of our passing.

        Can you imagine what it will be like the day that the shelves at the grocery store empty and there is no scheduled resupply? The ‘spam-suckers’ with a 2 – 3 day supply of food in the fridge and on the shelf will all be headed for your house for dinner on day 4! And guess what? There are one hell of a lot of those a–holes out there!

        2011 promises to be a most interesting year.

      33. Oops! Sorry for the typo. “Rediculous” not “recidulous”. Me bad!

      34. Agreed NetRanger. 100% completely agree!

      35. I’m with your way of thinking MM. 

      36. First off Durrango Kidd I am a member of the New York Tea Party! Second all I am saying is how on earth will we pay off this debt. i am not a defeatist, I am a realist. We are 14 trillion in debt,we are having $1 trillion deficits a year. We keep spending on welfare,unemployment benefits,food stamps,the wars in the Mideast. The thing is look at the nation has become. The urban dwellers do not even know how to grow food,hunt,raise livestock. We have 70 trillion in unfunded liabilities. How will we pay it back? We have to start cutting spending across the board right now. I love America,I love the Constitution. However you have be realistic about what is coming. By 2019 the interest we will pay for the debt will be the same amount we pay for national defense. This in unreal! If in the future OPEC,China,India,Germany decide to dump the dollar because we are bankrupt,who will save us? No one will bail us out. Our society is decadent and do not even read the Constitution. I am not a fear monger all I am saying what would happen if a hyperstagflationary depression happens. Like or not Durrango Kidd the nation is going to face a storm of epic proportions. However I appreciate your optimism. I wish men like you are power to save this great nation.

      37. Here’s a short audio conversation with Austrian economist Dr. Jorg Guido Hülsmann discussing the possibilities for hyperinflation in the U.S.:

        Germany went through four or five years of monetizing more than 50% of their governments debt before hyperinflation really took off.

        The U.S. is not monetizing at that level, yet.

        Therefore, based on the German experience, hyperinflation is still a ways off according to Austrian economist Dr. Jorg Guido Hülsmann.

        It seems that the thing to draw from that is, hyperinflation can be expected once the government monetizes its debt at levels at or above 50% for a couple of years and this likely won’t happen until interest rates rise considerably. Until then, we will have inflation, spiraling inflation,… and more QE stimulus.

        When QE stimulus stops, that is what will trigger the rise in interest rates.

        A wild card is D.C. getting wise, cutting spending and lowering money printing. How likely is that?

        MadMarkie said, “We shipped all of our manufacturing overseas years ago; we make almost nothing in the United States,…”

        True or False

        “According to data assembled by Dr. Mark Perry, in his article in The American (12/23/2009) titled “Manufacturing’s Death Greatly Exaggerated,” “For the year 2008, the Federal Reserve estimates that the value of U.S. manufacturing output was about $3.7 trillion.” If the U.S. manufacturing sector were a separate economy, with its own GDP, it would be tied with Germany as the world’s fourth richest economy. The 2008 GDPs were: U.S. ($14.2 trillion), Japan ($4.9 trillion), China ($4.3 trillion), U.S. manufacturing ($3.7 trillion), Germany ($3.7 trillion), France ($2.9 trillion) and the United Kingdom ($2.7 trillion).

        U.S. manufacturing employment peaked at 19.5 million jobs in 1979. Since 1979, the manufacturing workforce has shrunk by 40 percent, and there’s every indication that manufacturing employment will continue to shrink. Because of automation, the U.S. worker is now three times as productive as in 1980 and twice as productive as in 2000. It’s productivity gains, rather than outsourcing and imports, that explains most of our manufacturing job loss.

        U.S. manufacturing is going through the same kind of labor-saving technological innovation as agriculture…”

      38. 14 T is a LOT of money.  Hell, the 2 people that won the lotto will have a hard time wrapping their brain around their winnings & wondering how their life will change.

      39. Great info Clark. I always said that the rise of interest rates could hurt us bad. It makes sense though that when QE ends interest rates will have to be raised.  We still have time to fix this problem though that is the silver lining. Clark what would it take for the FED to monetize 50% of our debt? The information you put forth indicates we will just have stagflation for the next couple of years. So I guess we still have time to fix our debt problem.

      40. Mardochee Augustin asked, ” what would it take for the FED to monetize 50% of our debt?”

        Good question.

        Plunging Treasury auctions?

        More war?

        Bailouts of the states and cities?

        More of the same?

      41. MadMarkie: actually, its “ridiculous” with an “i”, but hey! no need to sweat the small stuff. 🙂

        I do not disagree with your or MA’s perception of where we are at, only where we are heading, as I believe we can manage the crisis, recover, succeed, and excel, as we always have.

        That is not to say that many in government shouldn’t be tried for treason, and the bankster gangsters shouldn’t be in jail, or that things may get worse before they get better. I just know that they will get better, because no one adapts better or competes harder than a motivated American. We just need a level playing field and a little fairness economically, politically, and socially. That’s all.

        Clark (our cut and paste master) has done some very good work here in his post. Kudos Clark.

        When you consider what bad shape we are in economically and the fact that 42,000 FACTORIES were shipped offshore during the Bush regime and our GDP is still 3 TIMES the size of China’s, we have no where to go but up!

        But we need to exercise our liberty and demand economic and political justice. The PTB are not just going to give it to US unless we demand it. Those demands are in process. They had better wise up, and wise up fast.

        Actually, it has been a great blessing in disguise to have Bush and Obummer as back to back presidents. The incompetence has been staggering and it has finally caught the attention of the American masses. Now WE are on the move.

        MA: There is no intention of paying our national debt back; and why should their be? We have transfered our means of production offshore and those countries who have been the beneficiaries of our generosity need to repay it or we need to repudiate that debt.

        To see the Economic Plan of the NWO I suggest that you read SHTF Economics. The plan is to redistribute the new world currency according to the wealth of nations (gold and platinum). At that time, all debt will be dissolved.

      42. ANON:  Yes, 14 trillion dollars is alot of debt. More than we could ever repay; which is just what the NWO Bankster Gangsters want. When they are ready to dissolve the US Constitution and impose One World Government upon the USA, this is the carrot they will dangle in front of the American people to accept the new world currency/one world government: by REFERENDUM!

        They will actually try to bribe US to give up our God given rights by a vote!!!!!!!

        Before that time, the American people must rise up and attack the bankster gangsters POLITICALLY while we still have that power; repudiate the debt of the Federal FUCKING Reserve, and put these bastards in jail for treason!!!!!!!

      43. Maybe…maybe we tell our govt that they contracted illegally with a private banking cartel(fed reserve) and we order them to default on all so-called debt,as it is not our debt that they ran up in our name,they stole our credit cardand used it without our consent!
        Dissolve corp USA in bankruptcy,jail its officials then start it up again as it was supposed to be(NON-corporate and under new management ,OURS),and tell the so called creditors that its too bad they loaned money(ours) to an unlawful corporation (at usery)knowing full well the truth…its not our debt boys!

      44. You got that right REB. The debt belongs to the federal reserve, not US. And oh by the way, its time to start charging them a fee for their banking franchise, retroactive, if they want to keep it.

        Mineral wealth developers must pay a 12% royalty fee to extract oil and gas. That seems like a fair rate of return on banking profits; compounded, of course. If the member banks want to set the rules (compound interest) then they must live by them. seems only fair doesn’t it?

        Lets see… banking profits since 19??, compounded ……….. help me out folks!

      45. Net Ranger, Durango, and all you other true patriots…  Bravo to all of you!  I am a constant reader, but not a poster.  But, I am a committed prepper and yes, I DO have a mountain of weapons and ammo.  I also want this to come to a head, get it over with and work at rebuilding this great country.

      46. The best argument against demo[K]racy in an age of highly predictive social science and monopolized mass media manipulation. Over two hundred years ago,  prior to such such immensely effective scientific and technological manipulative developments our American forefathers were sucinctly aware of the dangers of a pure democracy and structured this nation as a republic. Like in the fable of the ‘Frog and the Scorpion’ , both shall perish and a dictatorship will necessarily arise from public clamor to fill the void.

        The battle will soon be on for control and domination of a dictatorial reconstruction solution — and it will be between another short Austrian and a lanky Zionist. Place your bets….

      47. Nothing new under the sun

        And now for a little history lesson…

        FSN In Depth: Michael E Newton, The Path to Tyranny

        The Path to Tyranny: A History of Free Society’s Descent into Tyranny

        Michael E Newton
        James J Puplava CFP

        Western civilization is risking the return of tyranny by increasing the size and scope of government. Throughout history, free societies descended into tyranny when their populations realized they can use the power of government to give themselves benefits at the expense of others. The Path To Tyranny examines how and why each of these free societies descended into tyranny and evaluates the current prospects for the United States.


      48. Mushroom will be eaten alive – dear mushroom, you should change your name to “sheep”

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