Why the End of the World Won’t Be As Fun As You Might Think

by | Jan 5, 2010 | Forecasting | 8 comments

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    War Nerd Gary Brecher of The Exiled, doesn’t think the end of the world as we know it will solve anything. Many of our readers have considered TEOTWAWKI – a system reset, a chance to start over, but would SHTF be as fun as it sounds?

    Apocalypse Never:

    See, that’s what’s sad about all this: the post-disaster world will be just like this one, only worse. All the lousy coworkers and squabbles and crap, but none of the luxuries. The winners won’t be the zombies, just another set of bosses. The end of the world is what you call it when your tribe loses. It may be the end of the world for them, like it was for hundreds of native tribes all over the world, but when your world ends like that, you don’t get to play out the game in some cool ruins out of a video game. Some other tribe takes over, that’s all. And when they do, there’s no way on earth you can hole up in your townhouse with a semi-automatic weapon and hold out. Because it’s organization that wins, not lone gunmen. If you want to survive, join a club. It only looks like chaos to the losers. The Mongols are my classic example here. They were a “horde” to the people whose asses they kicked, but if those losers had had the sense to accept Mongol vassalage (which the Mongols usually offered before they started leveling everything to the horizon) they’d have found out that the Mongols were actually better organized than their opposition. Most of the time the Mongol armies faced armies made up of a few professional soldiers and huge peasant levies, led by guys who were born into the job. Half of them were opium addicts, retards, lazy whoremongers, or macho idiots. That’s what you get when you trust a family tree.


    We’d love for the world to end, or we think we would. (First toothache or skin disease and you’ll change your mind, though.) But too bad, or cheer up, whichever; it’s never going to happen.

    So why does everybody talk about it all fucking day? Simple: it’s the most fun idea in the world. Think about it. Every zombie movie is about how great it’d be to have the city to yourself. No crowds, no annoying other people, just a free-fire zone where you’re the only real human being and you can blow the head off anything that tries to bite you or borrow a quarter, whatever. A lifetime shopping spree, total immunity to all the laws—like being a star, and if you were the last person on earth you’d be a star by like default. No competition.

    Sometimes you even get to have a dog, like in I Am Legend. But no people. That’s the dream here. And that’s why nobody faces the pretty durn obvious fact that after the apocalypse, alliances, partnerships, gangs, whatever you want to call them, are going to be tighter, stricter, more important than ever. Because that’s no fun. It’s just life at the office only without AC, TV, or the net. There’s never gonna be an end of the world. There’s gonna be an end of you, you personally; but the world won’t even flinch. You’ll be lucky to get an obituary, a half inch next to the weather report on the back page of Section B. The world is never gonna end. That’s what’s depressing.

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      1. Your words are so true Mac. Just look at places like Rwanda an other African nations. Militia mobs rule. Or some crime boss thug.
        The splintering in this country would be tremendous.You either belong to a group or your dead. You can hide but there is no last valley.
        This is where the phrase armchair commando comes  to mind. We have all read the books seen all of the movies but we have no clue or comprehension of  how miserable life would be. There are soldiers out there that have see the total destruction of towns and villages and they have seen the edge of  teotwawki .
        There may be a time that we look back an remember these as the good ol days. 

        I pray that this nation comes to its senses and gets back on track to be a productive and just nation but I fear the road there is going to have a lot of bumps.

      2. Ray, we recently had a prepping meeting where we discussed the TEOTWAWKI scenario. I opined that the best course of action given our proximity to neighbors and the layout of the neighborhood, would be to work with those around us to ensure survival and protection. There are roughly 10 neighbors in our primary bugout location, all with about 1 – 2 acres of land. There is one main access point that could be barricaded, but because of the size of the properties, if  ‘gang’ wanted to infiltrate a specific property, they could probably do so from other points.

        This is a security threat to everyone around, so my view was that we had to work with neighbors to band in a group.

        Yes, the argument for the lone commando is fun to consider and makes for a very interesting story, but reality suggests that it would be impossible to effectively execute. Short of burying yourself in a bunker underground, if you have neighbors in your vacinity and the SHTF, you’re going to have to work with them to ensure perimeter security and survival.

        Since the beginning of time, humans have banded together in groups with early motivators being the acquisition of food and providing of security. In SHTF, this will not change. Some groups will have good intentions, while others will be Mongols looking to kill, rape and pillage.

        I am with you and would prefer to keep things more or less as they are, without all of the liking and cheating from our elected and appointed leaders. But it is exactly this behavior that may lead to something even worse than what we have now.

      3. A great book on TEOTWAWKI scenario is titled, The Year of the Flood by Margaret Atwood.

        I actually have nightmares about me being alone in my townhouse and a gang of people trying to break in to steal food or kill me or both. I don’t want to be one of those lone holdouts. Being alone is not the way to survive a national crisis. I did research on Intention Communities and was amazed to find that there are many in my area. Many are currently forming, which I take as a sign of the times. Here’s the link if you want to check it out:

        There’s a tab for a searchable directory of communities.

        I just renewed my lease for 18 months before I found the directories of communities. DoH! When I’m free to move again I hope to have found a community where I could feel at home and be useful to the group.

      4. Mac,
        Bingo! You have hit the nail on the head here.  You only have what you can protect and you only have the rights that you defend.  Most importantly, you can’t do it alone. As the scale of gov’t decreases, religious, familial and tribal influences become more prominent and the law becomes just a piece of paper.  Oh, and remember that 5-7, 25, 50 and 150 are optimal group sizes when forming a community(see Global Guerrillas site or Google “Dunbar Number” for details).

      5. Greg have a BUG-OUT-BAG (BOB) packed and ready to go at all times with a 12 guage handy .  Nothing helps more in close quarters battle like the 12 Guage . Many times I have been told that just the sound of someone jacking a round into the chamber has stoped a confrontation from happening.  Even a half wit knows that he is in trouble with someone with the 12 in his hands !

      6. Airborne71:
        Thanks for the advice. I’ll do that. Yeah, that is a specific sound that makes people stop what ever they are doing and listen. 😀
        Best regards,

      7. Comments…..Well I got in contact with some of the Communities in So. Cali….and in no uncertin terms do they want anyone who will protect them selves (no guns)There idea is “if we leave people alone…they will leave us alone….So when people show up that will be making a living off what others have…I guess they will make a Deal!!!! “We’ll take all the food..young girls…and kill everyone elce….

      8. I just watched “After Armegeddon” on the History Channel last night.  It was a 2 hour show and was pretty grim.   The message was similar to the book One Second After by William Forstchen.   

        The television show graphically outlines the pros and cons of “bugging out” (hitting the road), while the Book makes a case for staying put and organizing.
        Both offer excellent insights and details worth considering…….

        I am very interested in Greg’s info on Intention Communities…..thanks Greg.

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