Washington is Wrong Once Again – Kurds Join Assad to Defend Syria

by | Oct 18, 2019 | Experts, Forecasting | 9 comments

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    This article was originally published by Ron Paul at The Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity

    When President Trump Tweeted last week that “it is time for us to get out of these ridiculous endless wars,” adding that the US would be withdrawing from Syria, Washington went into a panic. Suddenly Republicans, Democrats, the media, the think tanks, and the war industry all discovered and quickly became experts on “the Kurds,” who we were told were an “ally” being sent to their slaughter by an ignorant President Trump.

    But it was all just another bipartisan ploy to keep the “forever war” gravy train rolling through the Beltway.

    Interventionists will do anything to prevent US troops from ever coming home, and their favorite tactic is promoting “mission creep.” As President Trump Tweeted, we were told in 2014 by President Obama that the US military would go into Syria for just 30 days to save the Yazidi minority that they claimed were threatened. Then that mission crept into “we must fight ISIS” and so the US military continued to illegally occupy and bomb Syria for five more years.

    Even though it was the Syrian army with its Russian and Iranian allies that did the bulk of the fighting against al-Qaeda and ISIS in Syria, President Trump took credit and called for the troops to come home. But when the military comes home, the military-industrial-Congressional-media complex loses its cash cow, so a new rationale had to be invented.

    The latest “mission creep” was that we had to stay in Syria to save our “allies” the Kurds. All of a sudden our military presence in Syria was not about fighting terrorism but rather about putting US troops between our NATO ally Turkey and our proxy fighting force, the Kurds. Do they really want us to believe that it is “pro-American” for our troops to fight and die refereeing a long-standing dispute between the Turks and Kurds?

    It was a colossally dumb idea to train and arm the Kurds in Syria in the first place, but after spending billions backing what turned out to be al-Qaeda affiliates in Syria to overthrow the Assad government, Washington found that the Kurds were the only willing boots remaining on the ground. While their interest in fighting ISIS was limited, they were happy to use Washington’s muscle in pursuit of their long-term goal of carving out a part of Syria (and eventually Turkey) for themselves.

    We can never leave because there will be a slaughter, Washington claimed (and the media faithfully repeated). But once again, the politicians, the mainstream media, and the Beltway “experts” have been proven wrong. They never understand that sending US troops into another country without the proper authority is not a stabilizing factor, but a destabilizing factor. I have argued that were the US to leave Syria (and the rest of the Middle East) the countries of the region would find a way to solve their own problems.

    Now that the US is pulling back from northern Syria, that is just what is happening.

    On Sunday the Kurds and the Syrian government signed an agreement, brokered by the Russians, to put aside their differences and join together to defend against Turkey’s incursion into Syrian territory.

    Now “our Kurdish allies” are fighting alongside the army of Syrian President Assad – who we are still told by US officials “must go.” Washington doesn’t understand that our intervention only makes matters worse. The best way to help the Kurds and everyone else in the region is to just come home.


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      1. They are never effectively going to tell you the reasons why, past the level of muh morale. Murica.

      2. Thank you Ron Paul for your decades of a stated position that most Americans no longer want endless wars. A strong military is necessary but the “intervisionists” idea of endless U.S. Military presence all over the world is ignorant. Has anyone read any history; great empires like Rome, Greece, England, Spain, etc. overextended and collapsed their own otherwise successful states. Come on Lyndsay Graham, you’re smarter than this. John McCain and the ever-expanding empire were wrong.

        The President is correct with his approach. We cannot afford to try & dictate to every other nation. Diverse cultures and philosophies will not allow it. Some countries in the Middle East define their conflicts in centuries – it is an endless quagmire. Just like quicksand.

      3. Short history lesson
        Empires that overextend both, militarily and finically collapse.
        Roman, British etc.

        Trump is absolutely right AGAIN
        Mcarthur – “Don’t ever put American soldiers on Asian soil again’
        Trump – Don’t ever put American soldiers on Arab soil again.

        2020 KAG LANDSLIDE

      4. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”

      5. Trump did exactly right to pull our troops out of Syria. We never should’ve been there to begin with. The ones who are crying the loudest are the neocon scum. He also did right to get rid of John Bolton.

      6. From the article: It was a colossally dumb idea to train and arm the Kurds in Syria in the first place,

        The Kurds defeated ISIS handily in a short period of time ; meanwhile 19 years and a trillion dollars later US troops in Afghanistan have accomplished nothing.

      7. Ron Paul ain’t no real Texan and never has been….real Texans don’t stab their allies in the back .

      8. When President Trump Tweeted last week that “it is time for us to get out of these ridiculous endless wars”, why didn’t he start getting troops out of Syria, anytime since he’s been president, or get our troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan, like he said he would do, on the campaign trail?? LIES! (Just one of many I know of). If those aren’t “ridiculous endless wars”, I don’t know what is!! Ooooh, but noooo, it’s the 50, no..100, no…how many now?? troops in Syria, that have to leave! He could of got those troops out, at ANY time, after he became president! So why, all of a sudden? Because our NATO “ally” Turkey, told Trump, that he, Erdogan, was going into Syria, NOW, so move your troops out, NOW! So Trump had to look good for the public, so he comes up with this “gotta get out of these endless wars” excuse! What a joke he is!
        So NOW, Erdogan has control of our base…or at least, how easy would it be, for HIS troops to take over, whatever, or whoever is left there? Is there anyone left on that base?? And although no one wants to talk about it, Erdogan has OUR nuclear bombs!! Shhhssss…don’t let anyone know!!
        So let’s see, Isaiah 17:1 says, that the capital of Syria, Damascus, which is a HUGE city, will be destroyed totally. I’m thinking, that the only thing, that could leave that city in a “ruinous heap”, would be an earthquake, or….a NUCLEAR bomb! So, we have Turkey coming down from the north of Syria, Damascus is being spoken of, more and more….and he has our nukes. How far fetched would it be, to say that Turkey is the most likeliest, and most obvious one, that makes this prophecy, come to pass? (And then say, it was OUR fault, since it was OUR nukes?)

        “The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap” (Isaiah 17:1)

      9. We must remember that our military is just a political tool now.

        I feel that our military has been missed used for years and decades all for political wims and not for defence of our country.

        This must STOP !

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