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Do you LOVE America?


    This article was contributed by Tom Beck of Portfolio Wealth Global. 

    Imagine that you were hibernating for 11 years – that in September 2008, you fell asleep and only awoke today. You haven’t been caught up in all the hype, the recession talk, Bitcoin, Brexit, the trade war, debt ceilings, Russian election meddling, and all the ENDLESS news feeds we receive daily. They’re like little needles, piercing little dots on our backs, NON-STOP. You have slept through all of it, though.

    Instead, you’re a clean slate, working only with data you gather today, instead of noise you’ve been conditioned to receive for eleven years. You look at your screen and see that in Japan, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Spain, Slovakia, Portugal, the Netherlands, Malta, Luxembourg, Italy, France, Germany, Finland, Bulgaria, Belgium, Austria and other nations, governments are able to finance their debts with ZERO interest or with NEGATIVE interest for the foreseeable future (the next 10-30 years).

    Then you look at the U.S., the country whose GDP is the largest by light years compared to the rest of the planet, whose economy is the most diverse, whose corporations are the BEST in the world, and you notice that they actually pay interest on their government bonds. 

    When given the choice between the two (U.S. debt or this crappy zero-yielding bonds), as an investor, you’d immediately lend money to Washington. That’s exactly what investors have done.

    After performing that intellectual exercise, you’d look at the S&P 500, but you don’t focus on its PRICE, but on its VALUE. The 500 companies that make up the index are growing at a 5.5% rate (adjusted for inflation), paying a 1.81% dividend yield. You compare that to bonds and their returns and you realize that you MUST own stocks.

    Lastly, you’d look outside of the stock market into real estate, where you see that in the SAFEST markets in the country, you can still earn 5%-6% in real terms on your money, and you realize that there’s no reason not to own that as well.

    Then you dig deeper, and it finally dawns on you that 70%-80% of the population doesn’t own assets whatsoever. So this entire situation has nothing to do with them; only with the rich, who will get MUCH richer, thanks to governments and central banks.

    You research the cost of living in various areas and cross it with jobs growth and wage increases, and you’d see that it’s just above the rate of inflation. The average man is SCREWED.

    Now, you’re realizing that this is a house of cards; in the short-term, prices are FORCED to go up, but in the big picture, the danger of a system implosion is real and clear.

    The conclusions you reach are:

    1. Short-Term (next 12-24 months): Fear and focus on GEOPOLITICS have driven investors into cash. Once this subsides, stocks will head onto all-time highs and real estate will continue to climb due to investment demand, not retail demand.

    Therefore, I must participate, but take profits whenever possible.

    1. Long-Term (next 0-60 months): If I have cash, I can’t just hold it in fiat currencies, since there’s no incentive to. I will convert a portion of it to precious metals.

    Lastly, you’d contemplate what I call the Smart Speculation Allocation, which is the 10% you devote to HUGE-RISK stocks, which can go up by hundreds and thousands of percent.

    It’s the part of the portfolio we allocated into Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero and Steem in 2017 and made more than 1,218% on back then.

    You’d begin by studying what the president is saying:

    Don’t let this OPPORTUNITY slip through the net: The most powerful man ALIVE wants the dollar’s interest rate at Z-E-R-O, in order to (1) refinance the national debt, and (2) lengthen the duration of bonds to 50 or 100 years.

    If there was ever a president that told you he would make your mining stock go parabolic, it is Donald J. Trump.

    In 12 months from now, the wealthiest and most important nation the modern world has ever known will elect a leader. Trump will make meaningful strides with China in the meantime, and will have more aces up his sleeve to jolt his approval ratings – you know he will.

    No country goes into a severe recession just because it is raising tariffs on other nations. The U.S. taxed goods coming into this country throughout its history up until the 1960s and did JUST FINE.

    Bottom line: Compared with European sovereign bonds, Treasury bonds are CHEAP. Compared with bonds, stocks are CHEAP. Compared with gold, silver is CHEAP. Compared with anything, mining stocks are CHEAP.

    Invest accordingly.


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      1. Stocks are way out of balance P/E wise.
        PM’s are being manipulated like a gambling casino sets
        the odds.
        Until we kill the EPA, mining is dead.
        I invest in real estate.
        Mining would be my #2.

        • “The most powerful man ALIVE wants the dollar’s interest rate at Z-E-R-O, in order to (1) refinance the national debt, and (2) lengthen the duration of bonds to 50 or 100 years.”

          Refinancing the national debt by reducing interest rates to z-e-r-o doesn’t do shit for the economy. If anything it inhibits retirees from spending their income from investments, cutting consumer demand. It doesn’t change anything or stimulate anything but the stock market which is already overvalued because multinationals have used the low interest rate environment to float C-H-E-A-P corporate debt to fund stock buybacks.

          For all intents and purposes 1% or zero rates are already negative when inflation is 2-2.5 percent. The FED should raise rates .50 basis points, but it doesn’t have too because investors have sooooo much cash and no where else to park it. But no investor is stupid enough to buy 50 or one hundred year bonds. No demand for that issue. 🙂

      2. Average Millennial Has $27,900 In Debt… AND 65 POUNDS OVERWEIGHT

        • Imagine how much more they would have if they stopped
          smoking dope on moms couch and put the Xbox down.

        • So true! If you can’t bring it, you can’t sing it. Laden with debt and fat and stressed you are going to be a lousy worker.

          The US only looks good for the following reasons:

          1) The US dollar is propped up by the US military
          2) US corporations went global decades ago and keep their profits offshore and their supply chains all over the world
          3) US corporations have the pick of the world’s workforce so they can flex when the economy goes up or down
          4) The American economy is now bifurcated between the slave plantation, low IQ eaters who are fed cheap crap from the third world, and the “Big Bang Theory” nerdonomy of the military industrial complex and tech industry. It is a successful formula but only as long as the US can get vitamin infusions of smart Asian and European nerds. As they say, the US is now a Hitler economy set up after World War II by the Nazis and can only keep going if it gets high IQ racial infusions. It cannot continue on knee grows and white trash.

      3. Back before there were preppers …their were the “back to earth movement” people.
        Some critics had accused us of becoming too withdrawn and uncaring. Turn on and tune out i think it was called.

        One day a friend came by with two other guys that i had not previously met.
        We were shootin the breeze about this and that when something about Bill Clinton was discussed.
        One of the two guys that i had not previously met, a throw back from the 70’s ask “is that who the president is now”?
        At first i was kinda shocked that he was so detached that he seriously had no idea who the current potus was.
        But after i thought about it for a few years…concluded that i probably wouldnt be any worse off if i had just sat that era out too.

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