They’re Trying to Fool You Into Believing That Inflation Is Not a Problem

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    We’ve been very, very clear that we will not allow inflation to rise above 2 percent. We could raise interest rates in 15 minutes if we have to. So, there really is no problem with raising rates, tightening monetary policy, slowing the economy, reducing inflation, at the appropriate time. That time is not now.

    Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke
    December 6, 2010

    With all of the problems in Europe, protests on Wall Street, and middle east conflicts over the last year, something that has escaped scrutiny by prime time media stars and the general population is the consistent rise in prices across all consumer goods and services. While the Federal Reserve says they have inflation under control, their continued intervention into the financial and monetary systems of the global economy is leading us down a road that may very well lead to high inflation rates similar to those we saw in the 1980’s, or perhaps something much, much worse.

    For the Federal Reserve, policymaking these days is about deciding which of two imposing evils to take on – a decidedly moribund economy or the increasing threat that inflation poses to battered consumers.

    For much of the slow slog out of the financial crisis, the Fed which is meeting this week and will issue its policy statement Wednesday, has managed to train its gaze on jump-starting growth through its various quantitative easing measures.

    But recent indicators show that inflation is posing an equally daunting threat that further monetary accommodation from the Fed might serve only to aggravate.

    The pressure has come primarily through measures that Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke likes to call “transitory” – namely, the volatile but steady rise of food and energy prices that don`t make up core inflation measures but usually impact consumers more.

    Economists increasingly believe that while the so-called core Consumer Price Index (CPI) measure has remained around the 2% level that pleases the Fed, headline inflation that includes things such as groceries and gasoline is becoming a growing menace. The more inclusive inflation measure is at 3.9% and hammering at consumers, including the 14 million who remain unemployed.

    “Because of the level of debt that we have in this country and indeed over in Europe as well, market forces demand deflationary depression to occur,” said Michael Pento, president of Pento Portfolio Strategies and economist at Agora Financial. ”

    But because we have such an activist Federal Reserve and central bank in Europe, every time they step into manipulating the market by depreciating the currency, we have these huge spikes in inflation.

    Pento advises investors to disregard pronouncements from the Fed that inflation is under control.

    “They`re being mendacious,” he said. “They are trying to fool you into believing that inflation is not a problem.

    Source: Money Control

    As of this month, we have reached Ben Bernanke’s 2% threshold for the official Consumer Price Index measure. The CPI-U (Urban measure, which includes food and energy) has reached 3.9%. And those are the official numbers.

    Unofficially, if inflation was calculated the same way as it was in 1990, the CPI would show a staggeringly different number.

    According to Shadowstats, we are now seeing price inflation rates of over 11% – almost three times higher than the official numbers.

    Perhaps Ben Bernanke, Tim Geithner and President Obama don’t see it, but consumers are certainly feeling its effects. As a result, even though Americans’ wages are stagnating in nominal terms, they continue to spend money, which has analysts wondering what’s going on. They conclude that we’re spending more as a direct result of Federal Reserve machinations:

    Americans are making a little more money and spending a lot more.

    Under normal circumstances, that would be a troubling sign for the economy. But a closer look at some new government figures suggests another possibility: People are saving less money because they’re earning next to nothing in interest.

    Saving is already difficult because of more expensive gas and food. It’s even tougher because of the lower returns — the flip side of super-low interest rates that the Federal Reserve has kept in place since 2008 to help the economy.

    Critics say the Fed is punishing those who play by the rules — those careful enough to set aside money for savings or people who built up a nest egg and are living on fixed incomes that depend on interest.

    Source: ABC News

    What choice are people left with? They may not be consciously aware that inflation is over 10%, but their pocket books sense it. Why leave money sitting in a bank account when your cash savings will be decimated within a year? Equity investment has become too risky, with markets swinging 2% – 3% daily. This leaves only one option. Spend.

    Curiously, this is the same activity we hear about consumers engaging in at the onset of high inflation periods. When money becomes worthless, it seems, the people shift it into hard goods as soon as they can. For some this may mean precious metals purchases, for others it may be flat screen TV’s or iGadgets. For the purposes of this demonstration in consumer spending habits in response to economic and monetary conditions, we don’t care what they’re buying – just that they are spending dollars as fast as possible.

    Last year, Gonzalo Lira warned of a hyperinflationary tipping point by early 2012. While his time lines may have been off, likely because of the untold number of financial, economic and monetary variables at play, the consequences will be nonetheless as devastating as he describes.

    What the mainstream commentariat will make of all this will be really something: When CPI reaches 5% by the winter of 2011, pundits and economists and the Fed and the Obama administration will all say the same thing: “Happy days are here again! People are spending! The economy is back on track.”

    2012 will be the bad year: I predict that hyperinflation’s tipping point will be no later than the first quarter of 2012. From there, it will accelerate. By the end of 2012, I would not be surprised if the CPI for the year averaged 30%.

    By that point, the rest of the economy – unemployment, GDP, all the rest of it – will be in the toilet. By that point, the rest of the economy will no longer matter: The collapsing dollar will make 2012 the really really bad year of our Global Depression

    Much of how this plays out is dependent on capital flows and confidence. Right now, it looks like Europe may have received a stay of execution. That will be short-lived, and eventually all of our worst fears about the EU will materialize. Once that happens, we’ll have entered the next phase of this economic crisis – and it will be global. Shortly thereafter – and we’re talking perhaps months or a couple years – the US dollar will follow suit and collapse just like the Euro will.

    Leading up to this we should see, as Lira forecast, steadily rising official CPI inflation rates. We’re officially at 2% and 3.9% on the CPI and CPI-U respectively. When the CPI hits 5%, consider that a warning sign that the good old days of a stable currency are almost finished.

    One caveat we must add to this, is that governments and central banks around the world are doing their darnedest to hide what is really happening, so high inflation rates and hyperinflation may come out of nowhere and surprise all of us with their speed and severity. Furthermore, there is always the possibility of a complete loss of confidence in the world’s reserve currency resulting from a credit-event of some type that involves foreign debt holders unloading their dollars in a period of hours or days, as opposed to years.

    Whatever the case, once the event horizon is crossed it won’t take long for us to follow in the footsteps of Germany (1923), Hungary (1946), Yugoslavia (1994), Argentina (2001), and Zimbabwe (2008),.


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      1. Hyperinflation is definitely on the horizon. One huge set of variables is what happens in the Eurozone with Greek debt. When Greece defaults it will set off a chain reaction of bank failures and sovereign debt defaults. What if the Federal Reserve creates $10 trillion to stabilize the world’s banking system? We could see an immediate drop in the purchasing power of the dollar and a quicker end to the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. We could see a complete collapse sometime this winter.

        • The hyperinflation has already happened. Inflation is the printing of money, not the resulting increase in prices.

          The fed has hyper inflated to the tune of trillions of dollars and that money is already in the system, used to cover the debts of failed counter parties.

          Do you think the thieves are going to give it back to be withdrawn from circulation to prevent the price inflation that will CERTAINLY follow?

          The hyper inflation has already happened. We are merely going to live through resulting price inflation it causes for the remaining days of life for the dollar.


            World English Dictionary
            hyperinflation (ˌhaɪpəɪnˈfleɪʃən)
            Also called: galloping inflation extremely high inflation, usually over 50 per cent per month, often involving social disorder
            Collins English Dictionary – Complete & Unabridged 10th Edition

            • hopenchange [hohp-in-cheynj] verb, hopenchanged, hopenchanging


              1. To destroy something beyond repair.

              2. To commit an act of thievery.

              Example in context: I should have taken my car to a professional mechanic, that shade tree really hopenchanged my engine up real bad.

              I don’t know why I hired that expensive company to paint my house, they hopenchanged me for the last time.

          • The population didn’t miss it. We’re the guys and gals at the supermarket and the gas pumps. The only ones who missed it was the politicians and bankers (ie: the only segment of the population who is doing extremely well).

        • Hyperinflation is not about how much money is printed, GC. Get that straight. Hyperinflation is not about quantity. Its about value. And value is determined by how that printed money is deployed.

          Inflation is too much money in the hands of consumers chasing too few goods and services; deflation is too little money in the hands of consumers chasing too many gods and services.

          Most of the excess money that Bernanke has printed has remained in the banks as excess deposits to provide the banks an easy and stable mechanism to make a profit without lending any money, and to absorb the continuing losses from bad loans.

          It will take a few more years for this scenario to play out with a very slow recovery.

          WE had this discussion last year at this time, remember? Many of you were screaming “Hyperinflation” then, saying that it would occur last summer. It didn’t.

          I said it wouldn’t. I said there would be double-digit inflation by summer. That is what WE have if Shadow Stats is right.

          Double – digit inflation is not hyper- inflation.

          My dog once ate a term paper I had left out mistakenly. If your dog eats your dollars and you print out more dollars, all you do is replace the dollars your dog ate. In essence this is what has happened. It is just not reflected in M3.

          That is what Bernanke has done. He has made good on the GB’s losses at OUR expense, by increasing the national debt. Those losses are being absorbed by US through higher taxes to pay the interest on the debt that is created to make the losses of the GB’s good.

          That takes dollars out of the hands of consumers. The danger is deflation, not hyperinflation. While I am a true FAN of Gonzalo Lira, hyperinflation will not be a runaway train by the end of the first quarter of next year.

          I have $100 that says it doesn’t. Any takers?


          • very good DK! Your point is perfect, your points are rock solid. The dog analogy is perfect. BUT, hyperinflation is also lost faith in a currency. WHEN PEOPLE RATHER SPEND A CURRENCY THEN HOLD IT BECAUSE LOST PURCHASING POWER! The powers that be, think they can print unlimited money due, to the “dog” eating the currency, they are right, they can. BUT, What happens when the people, and governments of the world get tired of US gov. being able to just print money, while the people of other nations(and us, joe 6 pack) have to actually produce goods with labor? What happens when other governments have to export all their natural resources and the US doesnt have to export anything but more printed money(and bombs dropped from 30,000)? THEY WILL LOOSE FAITH! Thats when hyperinflation will happen. So I believe that eventually other people and nations will get tired of the printing of trillions, and trillions, of dollars,the corruption and fraud from wallstreet(the lattest being mf global) and we run out of bombs, or get our asses kicked on the field of battle, and (or) cities nuked? The game will be over. All I am saying is, WE CANNOT EXPORT OUR PETRO DOLLAR AND IMPOSE FAITH IN SAID DOLLAR FOREVER WITH BRIBES AND BOMBS!!!

            • K2: No We cannot export petro dollars, bribes, and bombs forever. Forever is eternity.

              But it can go on almost indefinitely; at least for a very long time, and at least until ALL of the enemies of the dual citizens in the US Govt have been vanquished by American military might.

              Hyper-inflation is much, much more than lost faith in a particular currency. It would be at least three years before the US Dollar could be replaced as the worlds currency, if the GB’s wanted to give it up. They don’t wanna give it up.

              What you don’t seem to understand is that the dollar is not OUR currency. It is the currency of the GB’s and they are not going to give it up until they are damn good and ready to give it up, if ever. Until then EVERYBODY can piss into the wind or barter until their heart is content.

              The gangster banksters own US: lock, stock, and dollar!

              And the new “democracies” born of the Arab Spring? They will be representative democratic republics under a system much like ours that will be owned, controlled, and manipulated by the GB’s, UR, and local PTB; ala CCP.

              Our debt is the worlds prosperity. OUR debt IS Chinese prosperity. That cycle is about to reverse, and is reversing, however slowly.

              The longer it takes for that cycle to reverse the more painful it will be for Americans. The quicker it happens the more painful it will be for the Chinese.

              If you think hyper-inflation is about to break hard and fast you can make an easy $100 making me look stupid! 🙂

            • DK knows what is going on. May be a bit off technically.

              Our debt is not Chinese prosperity. It is not payable. The process has been to ship the industry to China so IT can be bilked by the money powers just like us. They have been encouraged to buy gold and silver. Why? The banksters are trying to center all wealth into that area of the world so it is easier to steal when the time is right.

              The USA could not grow anymore. Our workers make too much, the corp has too many regulations and has outgrown it’s usefulness to the banksters for anything other than military power. The law of diminishing returns.

              We will be left to rot with worthless currency, while the banskters will be in control of whatever China ends up using as a world reserve currency.

              There are no countries, just different land masses all under the control of the same money monopoly. We have nothing left for them to steal in America so they are moving their scam to China.

              WE MUST KILL THE BANKING FAMILIES and dismantle the corps they built.

              That is the only fight, and if that one is lost there is nothing else that can be done. The Banksters know it. DK knows it.

              The only question is do we as a people have what it takes to pull the trigger on them.

            • GC: OUR debt IS Chinese prosperity because that debt represents the transfer of the American means of (wealth)production offshore and the direct transfer of American wealth via the unbalanced, balance of trade deficit.

              How do you foresee the GB’s stealing the wealth of China?

              The Chinese politicians are not as stupid as OUR politicians. It has been the Chinese government (not the GB’s) that has encouraged it’s citizens to buy gold, even while the Government buys all of its own gold production (and probably at a discount).

              There is a new gold standard planned eventually for a one world currency. That is why China, as is every other nation in the world, increasing its gold reserves, on a per capita basis.

              As long as the table is tilted in favor of the GB’s, gold backed money in the USA would be financial suicide.

          • Durango Kidd,
            I’m a former Banker and I would have to agree with your analysis. The money printing has mostly ended up in the reserves of the largest banks. Until this money is loaned out, or otherwise “invested” in the economy we will not see the hyperinflation. “Helicopter” Ben Bernanke will need to drop the money from out of his helicopter into the hands of american citizens in order to get the type of inflation talked about in the above article.

            • Don’t you people know by now, DK has been everything and knows everything, now a banker… can’t wait for the day he claims he was once a dictator to explain his diatribe on the merits of being one…..this “guy” is unbelievable…and so many of you keep buying his BS.

            • Mad hatter: If you do not believe me this is a chance for you to make an easy $100 and make me look stupid at the same time.

              Put your money where your mouth is or stfu!

          • “”Inflation is too much money in the hands of consumers chasing too few goods and services; deflation is too little money in the hands of consumers chasing too many gods and services.””

            No, inflation is an increase in the money supply, and deflation is a decrease in the money supply. Prices rise with inflation of the currency as it gets to the people, and fall with deflation of the currency as the people no longer have access to it.

            The money has been printed and given to the favored parties. The hyper inflation of the currency has already taken place and is like a ticking time bomb that has to go off, and will when the elite are ready for it to.

            They will spend it slowly buying up everything left in the hands of the people, and use it to make risk free money at the peoples expense while further consolidating the wealth where possible.

            They will restrict the amount of money available to the people, as they have been and did in the 1930’s. This time, they get paid handsomely by the FED for not giving it to the people. They improve their scam every time. Now they don’t even suffer a loss of income for choking off the money supply to the people.

            Sure, the money sits in banks now, draining billions of dollars a month in interest out of the economy and keeping the effects of the currency hyperinflation from being detected by the masses.

            If the people do not regain control of the money supply, the control will always be used against them. So long a people continue to believe the effects of inflation are really the cause, the banks will continue to take your money.

            They don’t even hide what they do anymore. They convince people that the effects of what they do are the problems, rather than what they are doing.

            However, they will only be able to control it for so long. You will know they are losing control when the banks start lending money to buy everything they don’t already own, thus gaining ownership.

            Then the iron fist will come down to enforce their ownership and Thomas Jefferson’s prediction will have come true. We will be left homeless in the country or fathers conquered.

            • GC: That is the whole point! The money is NOT getting into the hands of the people. And will not get into the hands of the people until Uncle Ben is ready for it to get into the hands of the people.

              The people do not control the money supply, the CORP controls the money supply. You of ALL people should understand that! 🙂

            • I do fully understand, and we are on the same page.

              The only thing is that you are defining hyperinflation as a price thing, when it is a currency thing.

              The banksters are also trying to convince people of that, so that the cause of the swiftly rising prices is not so closely associated with the printing (theft) of the money that is the true cause.

              The genie is already out of the lamp, but still in smoke form. When the price hyperinflation hits the people, the smoke will be the credited source of the genie (problems) rather than the lamp from which the genie came.

              The hyperinflation has already occurred and the effects are what we await.

              And unfortunately, the CORP does not control the money supply. It is the banksters themselves, and that allows them to control the CORP. The banksters are the lamp, the corp is the smoke.

              In the future, if history is properly written, our great great grandchildren will think us the biggest idiots in the entire history of humanity for knowingly allowing 12 or less Men/families to control the money, and thus the government of every country on the planet.

            • GC: I am talking value. Price and value are two different things.

              Price is the amount requested for an object, article, good, or service. I.E. bid, asked.

              Value is determined by the meeting of the minds of the parties to a transaction, without either under undo influence so as to produce the circumstances requisite to a fair sale or trade by their individual reckoning.

              If the genie was already out of the bottle as you say, and hyperinflation has already occurred as you say, then prices would reflect that hyper-inflated value.

              The values currently measured demonstrate 10-12% annual inflation according to Shadow Stats. That is NOT hyperinflation.

            • 10-12% is not price hyperinflation.

              Our only difference is that you measure inflation by an increase in prices, with is what the mainstream media has always said it is.

              Rising prices is the effect of inflation, not inflation.

              The hyper inflation has already occurred, and the 10-12 % is more indicative of the Feds ability, or inability, to control the effects of its hyper inflationary policy.

              The worst is certainly yet to come, with or without further currency inflation.

          • Look at the typo, chasing too many gods.
            That actually is the basis of all the problems.
            Now the judgement……..

            • Yes I saw the typo afterwards and the same thought crossed my mind.

              Everyone NEEDS aa Iphone right? 🙂

          • $100? Sure, but by the time I come to collect, it won’t buy me a senior coffee at McDonalds!

          • It seems that the money is going into circulation but not being multiplied by bank lending.

            It seems to me that the Federal Reserve has deposited hundreds of billions or more into our banking system and other banking systems just by (money creation). Many of the US banks are buying Treasury bills and notes or
            Government paper of one kind or another(not just the us government) with these Fed deposits. The money is then going into circulation and not just replacing
            money lost or destroyed some how.

            This will create hyper inflation and if the money supply were to be expanded by more normal means, such as by bank
            lending, then inflation would expand that much faster.

            • NDTCS: The money created is not, for all practical purposes, “in circulation”. These deposits only pass between the FED and the Treasury.

              The dollars created by the FED were used by the member banks to purchase Treasury Bonds. The bonds are held by the banks to provide a mechanism for them to generate profit (the interest from the bonds) in lieu of lending.

              This mechanism (excess reserves) protects the member banks liquidity from ongoing losses from mortgages, derivatives, and bad loans.

              These excess reserves are only in the member banks to support their liquidity requirements and make them whole while they work through the bad loans and losses. These excess reserves are not “stuck” in the member banks, and they are not intended for loan purposes.

              Once the mess has been muddled through and the economy is booming again, these excess reserves will be returned to Treasury.

              The dogs have eaten the dollars. Bernanke is only replacing dollars that have been “destroyed”. These dollars belonged to the member banks. Uncle Ben is continuing to use taxpayer funds to make the GB’s whole.

              It could take 3 to 5 more years to work through all of the bad assets and replace the GB’s destroyed dollars.

        • Some time ago I remember Bernake making a statement
          that infltion wa under control, and frankly he would prefer to see inflation a little higher. Some years ago
          I began purchaing I-Bonds , 2002 & up. The inflation rate is adjusted every 6 months. I follow statitics on
          the BLS websige where the CPI, CPI-U, are published monthly. The Gov. is mandated to increase the yield every 6 months to reflecg the inflation increase. In
          May of this year, I used the formula the Gov. uses and
          calculated theincreqse should be 4.6%. The CPI-U was
          2.3% but this figure has to be doubled to refledt the
          true inflaion rate, thus 4.6%. Go to the Treasury Diredctd website and click on rates for I-Bonds and see
          that the Gov. actually printed the 4.6^ rate. All the
          while saying inflation was in check, etc. The new numbers just came out and the new inflation rate for
          Nov-2011 thru Apr 2021 is 3.06 %. So how can the Gov.
          publicly keep saying inflation is only 2% or less when
          by their own admission thisyear alone they have admitted to 4.6 and 3.06%. I never see any of this info broadcast
          by the Fed or any of our periodicals. The Gov certainly
          would not be paying these rates unless they had to. In
          2002 any individul could purchase a maximum of $20,000
          of I-Bonds; today, the naximum if $5,000 per person
          for pper bonds (which will be dicontinued 1 Jan 2012)
          and $5,000 of electronic I-Bonds. The Gov. is not
          interested in the public buying these bonds which is an
          excellent way to maintain purdhasing poweer. These bonds, by the way, have a fixed rate for 30 year life
          plus the inflaion adjustments. If you bought I-Bonds today the fixed rate is Zero !!! As inflation soars, you may not make much money, but you
          can keep pace with the purchasing power of the dollar.

      2. I don’t think anyone around here is fooled……
        keep prepping !!!!

        • Absolutely, get your food, water, guns, gold and silver bullets (I think some of these elite Banksters are nocturnal feeders).

      3. My nest egg’s already been fried, boiled and scrambled. Next week we’re gonna eat the nest!

          • Just a little video about redneck pig hunting… LMFAO

            • In my “neck of the woods” (start of the Texas hill country) there are many ranchers that are begging for hunters to kill as many feral hogs as possible.

              An interesting “little phenomena” not catching press yet is the “evolution” of a “non-rattling” rattlesnake. Feral hogs “love” to eat rattlesnakes. So, the ones that don’t rattle/warn of their presence are surviving to “pass on that attribute”.

              Grew up in south Texas scrub brush country. I kind of like the warning myself! Lets go shoot somemore “bacon-on-the-hoof!

          • Now THAT’S what I need! We have quite a problem with wild hogs at home. Wife says they’ve even come up to within about 20 yards of the house. I wasn’t there at the time, or we’d definitely have had our own piggy shoot!

            • LOL yepp brave little shyts.. And I have search for the site to apply for that job guess the wait for that job is long. But yet I still keep practicing loading my shotgun..LOL

          • That was funny. what the heck is that, a 12 guage with slugs? I sure hope they can eat all that ham, what a waste otherwise. Dont let PETA see that. No, not our PETA (people eating tasty animals)

            • Nope its a 12 gauge semi with 00 buckshot. And I’m with you that looks like a great started for a first class BBQ.Member of PETA for many yrs now, Speaking of which if givin the chance try some elk jerky, A buddy of mine just got back from CO and gave me about 40 lbs worth of elk. Now thats good eats.

            • I’m not a PETA freak or anything, but i didn’t find that amusing. I do hope they at least went back and ate the meat or used the hogs for some useful purpose.

        • Bird’s Nest Soup

          Authentic bird’s nest soup is made using the nests of the swiftlet, a tiny bird found throughout southeast Asia. The swiftlet lives in dark caves, using a method of echolocation similar to the bat to get around. Instead of twigs and straw, the swiftlet makes its nest from strands of its own gummy saliva, which hardens when exposed to air. Humans who harvest the swiftlet nests often come from families that have made their living this way for generations. Prying the nests from the cave walls is extremely dangerous, and many harvesters die each year.

          Once the nests are harvested, they are cleaned and sold to restaurants, where they are served simmered in chicken broth. While I have never tried authentic bird’s nest soup, apparently it is an acquired taste – many westerners think it tastes quite rubbery the first time they try it. However it is quite popular throughout Asia, perhaps because it has the reputation of being an aphrodisiac. It is also costly; many western restaurants serve a less expensive version consisting of soup with noodles shaped to resemble a bird’s nest.

          • Been working on this bowl of soup for an hour. These chopsticks must be defective.

        • Rather smoke that nest!

      4. Man these people and our own government think we are stupid. They continue to fake these numbers and tell us all is well.. It’s not well; the light at the end of the tunnel is another train. But hey they say all is well just keep spending like us.


        • Can you blame them for thinking we’re stupid? Look at how many Americans voted for Hop-N-Change, continue to support the Kenyan and his BS policies, but iCrap, watch TeeVee for hours a day and believe the Lame Stream Media propaganda. I think the American people are stupid. Why wouldn’t our masters think so?

          • AND there lies the problem. Well said Mariposa!

          • I think you nailed it. Personal responsibility is considered a disease by far too many of our fellow citizens. Why bother when somebody else will pay your way and clean up your messes? Never mind what they take in return for all that ‘security’ and ‘government assistance.’

            • SO: You are right about that, but the UR, PTB, and GB’s are suppose to set the example for the rest of US. Oh yeah, that’s right!

              They did.

          • yeah how can you blame them when they voted to get their rights taken away under w bush’s unconstitutional patriot act, TSA and Homeland Nazi gestapo, all ushered in by w bush.

            • aeop,

              funny that you received “5” thumbs down…I smell bush fans! Wake up people!

            • Aeop,
              Stop with the Bush bashing. I noticed that Obama didn’t repeal those laws when he and the Democrat Senate and Democrat House had full control from Jan. 2009 to Jan. 2011 and the Dems had full control of the House and Senate from Jan. 2007 to Jan. 2011.

              Don’t you get it? Both parties are two different heads of the same snake. A snake that is controlled by an international banking cartel, a military-industrial cartel, and a mega corporation cartel, all of which are leading us to a collectivist one world system where giant government goes hand in hand with giant corporations — FASCISM on a global scale.

            • Doesn’t matter. Republicans and Democrats will SCREW us equally and without conscience.

          • In the “historic” turnover of the lower house of Congress in 2010, over 80% were returned to office.

            • Ben Dover,
              That’s exactly how I know that the American people are idiots and/or clueless.

            • Well, then, that offers some hope because 20% we NOT returned to office. Is that a record? Might just be. Repeat as necessary… which is every time we get the chance.

      5. tell that to my dam grocery bill

      6. I’m $’s poor and metal’s rich.

      7. I am spending money on tangibles: lead, brass, steel, food, clothing, food, and have been very careful to spend money to stetch every dollar as far as I can. I haven’t seen some of the inflation folks comment on, (a 2 pack of 40oz. jars of Jif PB is still $7.99 at COSTCO as it was 2 years ago, the 1 liter jug of Canadian pure maple syrup has gone down by $2)but in other instances I have. In some instances I know food prices have gone down as I have kept receipts for two years and monitored inflation in that manner. I watch the sales and stock up in a big way on the items I like when they go on sale. In the next 3 weeks spices and other baking items will go on sale as will ham and turkey time to stock up. I do live on a fixed income and the consequences of inflation are very real to me. Thanks for an insightful article.

        • i suggest you turn every jar and can upside down and check out how deep the “dimple” is…every product is “shrinking” and in very deceitful ways…including products you might buy at costco or sams or walmart. the box for taco shells is the same size, but the taco shells have shrunk…just about everything is being resized…believe me, if a price has not jumped up it is because the quantity of what you are paying for has gone down. even cans of dogfood have shrunk in size and gone up in price. your receipts are not telling you the whole story.

          • Well at least maybe this smaller portions strategy may help solve America’s obesity problem as long as the chaos pendulum doesnt swing too far out. There is always a silver lining to the dark clouds gathering overhead

            • I’m thinking that the obesity problem will be solved by the gubmint offering free liposuction. That removes unwanted pounds AND can be used to make a lot of bio-diesel. The money saved on reduced health care costs should easily pay for the lipos. 😉

        • In OH PB has jumped in price.

        • that PB at Costco that you cite as evidence of price stability is going up 30% on Monday. If you like that cheap price, buy it today!

      8. Drudge report today, 8% increase in food stamps, that’s 45,800,000, people, but don’t worry everything is just skippy! Also major hotels will air at their entrances the wonderful if you see something say something campaign on monitors!

          • This is great!!!

          • That was funny!


        • yep just read about that too. Gotta love these cold windblown days. I get to read up on everything


        • Yes, and I just cancelled my Hilton Honors membership in response to their getting in bed with DHS. if you want to know who else “partners” with Big Sis here is a partial list from DHS’ website (NOTE the last sentence at the end of the list):

          The following are some of the partnerships that the Campaign has formed:

          AEG Facilities
          The American Hotel and Lodging Association
          The General Aviation Community
          The Baltimore Orioles
          The Chicago White Sox
          The Colorado Rockies
          Federal buildings across the country protected by the Federal Protective Service.
          Grand Prix and Maryland
          The Indianapolis 500
          Jewish Organizations
          Mall of America
          Meadowlands Stadium
          The National Basketball Association (NBA)
          National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)
          The National Football League (NFL)
          Arizona Cardinals,
          Baltimore Ravens,
          Chicago Bears,
          Cleveland Browns, and
          San Diego Chargers
          The New York Mets
          New Jersey Transit
          Ohio State University
          Pentagon Force Protection Agency (PFPA)
          U.S. Golf at the U.S. Open
          The U.S. Tennis Association
          The University of Oklahoma
          Variety of states including six states participating in the Southern Shield that joined the NSI:
          South Carolina
          The Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police Department
          The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA)
          DHS will continue to roll out the campaign to numerous additional states and partners in the private sector.

          • notice all of the states involed are right wing rednect racist states, it figures those would be first to join themselves, they are nazis

            • Are you a homosexual that was raped by Bush? You certainly have a fixation with him.

              Obama expanded and renewed your beloved Patriot Act. How does that make you feel?

            • Naw POA, he’s just pissed that GW declined his invitation.

            • And you are an asshole!

            • I’m not a racist, right wing, gun toting, beer swilling Nazi, but I’d like to be one some day! Can you get me an application?

        • Remember those old sci-fi novels from many years ago when society consisted of an uber wealthy elite “citizen” class (rulers & owners with voting rights) and those “on the dole”? The latter were not citizens and could not vote. Their basic needs were met and they could slave away their lives or die fighting in foreign wars on other planets. Hmmm… maybe not quite so far-fetched after all. :-/

      9. The monetary inflation is eating our civilization alive. The current system is unsustainable. Unsustainable. The collapse is unavoidable. Plan, not only for the collapse, but also, for what will be afterwards. After the collapse is the real test. Stand in the breach.

        • I don’t see the stats saying we are spending more like most see them…I see that signifying we are spending more because commodities are costing more.
          Am I stupid??? Scratch that..

        • Not sure that I agree with this, OF. In my view, it is the government that is consuming this nation. It is getting bigger and bigger while taking more and more. Business has been virtually regulated, taxed, and licensed to death. It is now comatose and unable to hire anyone. The simple fact is that we have about twice as much government as we need or can afford. We do not need to return to the days of spending 18% of GDP on government instead of the current 24%. That is what got us into this mess in the 1st place. What we DO need is to spend about 12% of GDP on government and not a centavo more. That would allow private investment to return and many more jobs to be created. It would also allow us to pay down some of this HUGE debt before servicing it consumes everything but what the government has already consumed. Bottom line is that we can either grow our economy OR we can grow government. Something tells me that the citizens and the politicians have a diametrically opposed view on which is the proper course for the future.

      10. Ask those living in the Weimar Republic how that Hyperinflation worked for them! Even if we have only continue high inflation instead of Hyper, things will not be as pretty as our government wants to pretend they will be!

      11. About 19 million immigrants are included in that number on food stamps. Not just Mexicans, but also, East Europeans, Asians and Africans. What a country.

        • New sign for the U.S. Give us your worthless ,broke lawless masses and we give them all the American’s Tax money and S.S. incomes as well as all the food it takes for you to breed new voters.

        • Currently 20% are recieving food stamps per the goverments records. That is 1 in 5 people. That is a very high percentage to my way of thinking.
          While the banks are lending at 4%, comsumer goods are going up in price. So the real inflation rate needs to take that into account. For the business person who needs to borrow to buy inventory etc the low bank rate is a huge help but what happens when people are spending all their money on consumables (food,gas, heat etc)?

          • Does anyone else suspect that one reason interest rates are being kept so low is to encourage people to refinance mortgages for which the paperwork is not in order and a forclosure would be difficult?

            One can bet that on recent refis the papers are all in order. The banksters still must be more careful who they lend to, as there is little support fur further massive bailouts.

            • citi refied us last month for free including lowering interest 1 point. They contacted us, we didn’t call them. No fees, nothing tacked on the end, not a single dime out of pocket. They even came out to the house w a notary for final papers. Do YOU think the paperwork is now iron clad? yeah, me too 🙂 lmao

        • That makes me absolutely sick. I heard the other day that if you move here when you are old, you automatically qualify for social security payments – even though you paid little or nothing into the system.

          We are the patsys of the world.

          • And if you don’t qualify for SS, you only need to apply for welfare. Patsy is a very good word for it Mr. B.

          • I don’t see how that works…my friend has a mother that NEVER worked a day in her life…she gets nothing; not a dime of S.S..her daughters help feed her; she does qualify for govt housing.

        • I went to Walmart today to buy a plain black hoody for work at night and there were so many people there with full carts spending a ton of money. Then I looked around and realized why that was. It is the second, and everyone’s EBT card was just reloaded and they all had money again. I especially loved all the colorfull languages I was hearing as they used their cards…..


          • My wife went to wally world back on the 27th of Oct and the place is dead. We have gone to grocery shopping in the middle or late in the month. We have noticed that there aren’t very good sales around the first when everyone is using their food stamps! Strange huh?

          • Our state budget has 20 million dollars for entitlements for illegals. Meanwhile they are cutting all kinds of things for poor Americans (and gave themselves a raise too)

        • Yea…and my older sister, after working for the last 20 yrs, loses her job…and you know what they offered her in the way of food stamps…$100.00 a mo!! That’s only 25.00 a week…I know it’s only one person eating but ramon soup gets old after awhile!
          But then…she WAS born here, making her a legal citizen, so what was she expecting? Thank goodness she’s a go getter…we were raised that way…she got a job with a temp agency, and after being shuttled around job after job, she interviewed for a full time permanent job yesterday! Here’s hoping she gets it!

      12. And now, for something completely different-

        Caveman 1: I hear the price of brontosaurus meat is going way up.

        Caveman 2: Yeah. My wife said it’s over 4 rocks per pound now.

        Caveman 1: Things are getting really tough. We had a couple thousand rocks put away for Juniors college fund, but we’ve had to spend most of it just to eat and keep the lights on in the cave.

        Caveman2: Same here. We were gonna do some remodeling, or maybe buy a new place, but not now. Guess we’ll just have to stay in the same old 14 X 70 mobile cave for a few more years.

        Caveman 1: And it looks like Christmas will be pretty lean, too. Junior had his heart set on a new Stegasaurus bone ap for his drum, but now we can’t afford it. Not at 200 rocks! I mean, prices are getting rediculous.

        Caveman 2: And did you see the price of mammoth feed? I’m gonna have to start walking. And the wife hasn’t bought a new skin in over a year!

        Federal Reserve Caveman walk up. Says: You guys don’t know what you’re talking about. There IS no inflation. Everything will be great soon as we make a few trillion more rocks and do more quantative easing. Why, just look at this big rock here.(shows a 5 lb rock in his hand) Once we’ve made a bunch more of these, everything will be fine!

        Caveman 1: Can I see that rock, mister?

        Fed Reserve Caveman: Sure. I just made it. Isn’t it beautiful? (hands rock to him)

        Caveman 2: Mister! Look behind you! It’s a T-Rex! (he turns, and caveman 1 smashes his head with the rock)

        Caveman 2: Well, that should take care of dinner for tonight. Wonder what these guys taste like?

        Caveman 1: I don’y know, but lets save the thigh bone. I want to wrap it up for Juniors Christmas present…

        • A Beautiful Mind…

        • @Smokin: You been listening to Dutch Joens?

        • CAPTAIN CAAAVE MAN!!!! 🙂

          • Your dating yourself a bit there Clay.

      13. The Federal Reserve will never control inflation. It only wants to control you to make you into a serf, and destroy you so you don’t know the difference. That’s why Jefferson said banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies.

        America ceased to be any kind of Republic with the establishment of the Federal Reserve in 1913.

        Americans are the pawns, minions, and serfs of the International Bankers, and have been for the last hundred years. They have been SCAMMED.

        JP Morgan, Vanderlip, and other bankers held a secret 10-day Jekyll Island meeting, where they basically conspired to take over the country through CONTROL of the money supply through the central bank legislation.

        Republican Taft opposed the central bank establishment. So they got Teddy Roosevelt, the Republican, to run as a third party candidate, so that eventually Democrat Woodrow Wilson would not veto the legislation.

        Then the idiots are left scratching their heads, wondering who is a Republican or Democrat. It doesn’t matter, stupid.

        Recently, Romney asked, “Who should regulate the currency, Congress?!” No, you knucklehead, NOBODY needs to regulate anything. It is for the holders of capital to decide which competing currency is best for them.

        We have already become Zimbabwe, where everything is based in dishonesty, corruption, and cronyism. The whole system is sick and repulsive. Did I mention corrupt? It is Mob Rule from top to bottom.

        Read Article 1 Section 10 of the Constitution, and understand why gold and silver were supposed to be the only legal tender in America. It was to eliminate Control, and safeguard North America’s Liberty into perpetuity.

        Yet somehow the powers of Europe have squeezed, wiggled, and weaseled their way into taking control of America, and by extension, all of North America, and most of the rest of the world.

        It is all about Control. Even the individuals who describe themselves as members of a party are unwittingly playing part in that system of Control for the sake of the few . . .

        Voting on the basis of individuality would be the right step in the right direction . . . Or just support and vote for the true patriot Ron Paul.

        If you don’t understand anything, just know this: ultimately, there is no difference between the two parties because they represent the same Overlord & Master & Godfather. You’re being given the offer you can’t refuse! Capiche? And to them, it doesn’t matter who gets elected, Romney or Obama. They already bought them both.

        Ever heard of the Wall Street bailout?

        • Right on board to the end where you suggest “support and vote for the true patriot Ron Paul”. He could become president today, and it would make NO difference.

          The entire system that Paul has been a part of for decades has become a bought and paid for, criminal, corrupt, sewer.

          Elections involving ANYONE at this stage is an “illusion of choice”. THE SYSTEM needs to be completely destroyed and rebuilt from the ground up based once again on the “original blue-print” WE were “gifted”.

          Ron Paul would be just as “neutered” as anyone else trying to swim alone in that sewer. Destroy the sewer, reinstall a nice, clean pool, and then we can concern ourselves with WHO becomes president. At that point, OUR vote might actually “be counted” again. IMO.

          • Yental,

            I agree wholeheartedly that the whole FRAUD of the Federal Reserve should be burned down to the ground. The eminent Jim Rogers has made it known that Ben Bernanke knows absolutely zilch about anything, including economics!

            We should start fresh with competing currencies. The holders of capital can determine what form of exchange they want for their goods and services. At better establishments, you can purchase a very fetching suit or two for an ounce of gold.

            I do believe that Ron Paul is the only one on Capitol Hill who really understands finance, economics, and the business cycle. As such, he has led the charge to end the central bank, and has come out and called it “evil” in a very straightforward and truthful way.

            What other politician has ever done or would ever do that? No one.

            For this reason alone, in addition to dozens of other compelling ones, I believe he deserves the presidency.

            I do not believe he is the SOLUTION by any stretch of the imagination.

            For starters, Americans would have to subdue the alphabet soup of bureaucracies such as DHS, TSA, and all the other goobermint NeoFascist Bolshevik Nazi groups. I think this is what you mean by being ‘neutered’ like Obama currently pretends that he is not . . .

            • Right on the money!

            • “This [Federal Reserve] Act establishes the most gigantic trust (monopoly) on earth. When the President [Woodrow Wilson] signs this bill, the invisible government by the Monetary Power will be legalized. The people may not know it immediately, but the day of reckoning is only a few years removed. The trusts will soon realize that they have gone too far even for their own good. The people must make a declaration of independence to relieve themselves from the Monetary Power. This they will be able to do by taking control of Congress. Wall Streeters could not cheat us if you Senators and Representatives did not make a humbug of Congress…The greatest crime of Congress is its currency system. The worst legislative crime of the ages is perpetrated by this banking bill. The caucus and the party bosses have again operated and prevented the people from getting the benefit of their own government.”
              – Congressman Charles A. Lindbergh, Sr., 1913

      14. Mac you have done an outstanding job of bringing us the real meat and potatoes of the news.
        Just wanted to say Thanks!

        • Mac I second that thanks you my friend!!

      15. This is just kinda a thought I had last week while cashing my paycheck( I was charged $7.50 at wells fargo for honoring their check). I told the cashier that she along with the bank she worked for a nothing but thieves . Which in turn she told me she didn’t make the rules..To f–king funny. My thought is that if we the people decide since they make the rules lets start making our own rules, I’ll start with pulling every single penny out of these to big to fail banks. Next when I give a bid on a job I first ask what they do for a living, Bankers get charged 25% extra and all money is to be paid up front. any more thoughts people?


        • US Bank would not cash a check written on their own bank without me having an account with them? That was the only reason i went there was to cash a check on their account or i would have just went to my bank….. crazy

          • crash and burn

            The teller told me that if I opened a account with them there will not be a fee. I told her no there would not be a fee for cashing my paycheck because you and your bank will just steal the fees from my acount in hidden fee’s. I have have many run ins with this bank . Maybe thats why the securty puss at the door just glares at me.

            Making friends fast,


            • We have a grocery store one town over cashing Payroll checks for 1.50 that I can live with, but 7.50 is criminal

        • stop using all credit cards. that will teach the bankers. zero debt…zero slaves

      16. Been doing some reading up on Weimar Germany and hyperinflation. There is a historian who says that hyperinflation totally decimates savings, BUT that you could pay your mortages off really easily (as mortages were a fixed price) and it was super easy to get money to do a business and pay them back what you borrowed in a very short time because of the hyperinflation.

        The big down side was trying to get food and supplies. There was apparently plenty available in the countryside, but nobody wanted to sell to the cities and take their useless money. The bounty in the country probably wouldn’t apply today because there are so few farms in comparison to city people nowadays.

        It is said that debtors benefit the most in a hyperinflationary period because they tend to have fixed debts that can be paid off quickly with the hyperinflated money — so make sure you do not have an adjustable rate mortage or adjustable anythings.

        It sounds like a balancing act to me, but it also seems that as long as you have your own food, clothing, etc. already stored up, you could survive it, break even, or even prosper. It is the transitory period between inflation and hyperinflation that’s the tough stretch.

        • Great stuff KB… the transitory period is going to be the rockiest… That’s when the masses realize the paradigm has shifted and everything they have come to know has come to an end. The “reconstruction” won’t be easy either, as we have no idea what comes out on the other side of such a collapse… We hope for the best – return to a Constitutional Republic and the rule of law – but if history has taught us anything, these periods can be very tumultuous.

          • When the going gets tough….. the tough lock in the front hubs. Gas is on the right. Stand on it!

            • I’m really tired of the slow burn. I’m ready to “spin ’em up!” I’ve been idling with the hubs locked in for too damned long. If its gonna come, let it come NOW. We’ve wasted too much time and allowed too many criminals to profit from our demise.

              If I’ve gotta go through some pain, lets get it over with. I’d rather do it now without painkillers than wait another 10 years of slow burn. Kick the tires and light the fires!

              I’m like DK below:


        • KB I to am have studied quite a bit about that era and you are correct there stories of people paying off their mortgages with postage stamps Check out this interview with Historian Adam Fergusson. Remember the US is the Debtor out there and this is exactly the reason to inflate money. Peace Clay

          ( )

      17. Raising interest rates was a traditional tool to slow inflation. It inhibits borrowing thus reducing spending slowing the velocity of money. People are not borrowing at the very low rates we’re presently at. If housing does not take off with almost a 50% reduction in prices and record low interest rates the ammo they have is essentially blanks. I therefore don’t think raising interest rates is the viable tool it once was. A post industrial America cannot respond to the same “stimulus” (or de-facto reduction in stimulus through the manipulation of interest rates) as the America of manufacturing.

        I think their out of viable options and they know it; they have no wiggle room. The policies and plans proposed to move the economy or potentially reduce inflation are all for appearance and have no substance. You can’t print and borrow your way out of a problem that to a great degree was caused by printing and borrowing.

        • Agree with you Kevin2. The approach has been the reverse of ” you don’t add fuel to the fire”.
          The low interest rates and reductions of housing prices without any rebounding should have told the idiots that
          1) people don’t want their money and help.
          2) people don’t want to go in debt (as a whole).
          3) finally, people don’t trust ’em anymore.

        • K2: I going to disagree with you. The problems We have were not caused by easy money, or even by debt. Easy money was a symptom. Debt was a symptom.

          The cause of the demise of the economy was the transfer of that economy offshore. That eliminated OUR ability to repay OUR debt, as individuals and as a nation. OUR economy was stolen by the GB’s.

          The loss of 50,000 American jobs a month for the past ten years wasn’t an accident. It was deliberate. It was TREASON!!!!

          The easy money was just used to cover up the theft of OUR economy by the 147 multinationals who control 60% of ALL global commercial activity.

          By stealing OUR economy and transferring it offshore, they magnified their profits tenfold.



            DK, Tell us how you really feel, LOL 😉

          • They have used the ingenuity of the American People and the resources of this land to build themselves up, ripping us off along the way, then they have lobbied our faux government into giving them our money to decrease the pain of existence. Then, when they should be giving back they scram.

            Its a con. Its a one night stand. “Oh! I love you…” Once we’re screwed, they scoot and disappear. …aided by our faux government.


          • yes durango kid, only the vile plan was implemented in 1913

      18. Went to one of those “out of town” at a hotel “We buy gold for cash” places a couple of years back. Pulled an AGE one oz, ASE one oz & a ten oz Ag bar out. He asked me what I wanted for them. I asked him how many he could buy? He asked me how many I wanted to sell. Gave him a large number on each. He stared at me then started slobbering all over himself. He went back to speak to his number one. Gave me the price (below spot) and I asked him how they pay. He said with a Bank of Amerika check. I told him the sign outside said “cash” for gold. He said he would go with me to my bank and show his DL to make sure is cashed. I laughed at him and walked out. I was bored! It was Sunday, banks were closed. They tried stopping me & I kept on walking.

        • Good for you. Your bordem just became Priceless!

      19. In the UK, they are now ramping up the circulation of £50 notes. This, I think, is an acknowledgement of the coming inflation. The £50 will be the new £20. And £20 will be the new £5.

        As an example, you now pay £3.50 for a pint in the pricier cities. That will soon cost you £7.00 and then it will go to £20. A packet of crisps will be £5.

        There is historical precedent for the coming inflation: a number of social democracies in Scandinavia got themselves into similar problems in the 70s and 80s. Trying to fund too many social programmes and the whole system collapses. Then the government has only one choice: knock some zeros off the currency or jack the prices, depending on where the currency is going.

        The best bell weather for all of this is top level government salaries. Scan internal ads and see what they are paying people. It is an eye-opener. They know!!

      20. Cheer up a bit with a new joke:

        There is this guy who walks out from a cafe, and notices a very strange funeral.

        First is a black funeral car, then a second black funeral car, then behind the second car a man holding a big dog, and finally a big line of men only, following the man and the dog. Our fella counted around 240 men.

        He approaches the man with the dog and says:

        – I’m sorry for your loss my dear sir, and i’m really sorry to bother you in this time of grief. But i must ask you a question.

        – I’m listening.

        – What is happening here?

        – I bought this dog some days ago, and yesterday he jumped on my wife, and struggled her. Inside the first car it’s her.
        My mother-in-law tried to help my wife, but the dog killed her also. That’s her in the second car.

        There is a big moment of silence of pain and thoughts. Then our fella asks the man:

        – I’m really sorry sir, but could i borrow your dog?

        – Wait for your turn back in the line.

        • To funny Manos

          Glad to see you are doing ok. BTW how is this new voting thing affecting you? And whats the peoples reaction to this ?

          • Hi DPS,

            People are angry because the only thing we see for the last two years are taxes and more taxes, promises, lies, and fraud politicians.
            If the referendum proceeds, people will vote against the EU, and the euro. This will cause bankruptsy, fall of the government, resignation of the president, and new elections.
            Since all politicians are lying, the most possible outcome is a non-government condition, and chaos in politics, society, and finance.
            Things will develop fast, in i will inform you asap.

            Be safe.

            • Manos

              Thanks for your insight and please keep us all informed, I’m not sure about all the others here on this site but you remain in my thoughts and prayers daily. And if you read about the U.S. you will find that our goverment is very much like yours nothing but lies and fruad. But hey according to them everything is just great. I have to say BULLSHYT to them. I don’t see the US very far behind what you are seeing. Keep them jokes coming after all we have to have something to laugh about.


              PS Quote for the day
              The fastest way to double your money is to fold it in half and put it back in you wallet. (Will Rogers)

            • Manos, I also pray for you daily and think of you alot. Please keep of informed, you are our check and balance against the news patsy that serves the government here. Do you think they will wait until Jan for the referendum? That will make a lot of people nervous if they wait that long. Keep your head down and your family and friends close. I know we will never meet in this lifetime, but I hope to meet with you in heaven and sit down and have some nice long conversations. Hang in there my friend. one ex navy to another, Jim

            • Manos,
              Yesterday there were elections and ballot measures voted on here in Colorado. Without exception the issues which were soundly defeated were those that would raise taxes. Even the issue to raise taxes for public education was defeated by a margin of 2 to 1. When people have the opportunity to speak at the ballot box they do and it let’s the politicians know just how the voting public feels.

            • I wish our Whole Government would resign!

            • Wow Manos, seems like you just described our situation. Many thanks for your updates and your words of wisdom. My best to you and family.

            • manos: The best thing for Greece will be to exit the EU, default on ALL of its debts, and start over.

              Nationalize the banks (they will all fail) as they hold 63% of all Greek government debt, recapitalize those banks with new equity, and allow the German and French banks to eat their losses.

              Then issue new dracmas for Greece citizens at say 10 to 1 for the EU they have.

              In a short time new industry will move into Greece again. Greece will be solvent and people will go back to work in Greek factories as Greece becomes the China of the Mediterrean.

              It should only take two years, so that would be much better than the alternative that the EU has planned for Greece.

            • Looks like Iceland, part II. The banksters are going crazy over the notion that Greece may reject decades of servitude for themselves and their grandchildren.

              Maybe someone had a concience after all.

      21. ok, hypothetically, if a person had say 20 grand in a money market account, and they know its never going to grow anymore

        would they be just as well to take it all out of the bank and stash it? or would it even matter?

        or is there a place to put it that will bring in any earnings worth the risk?

        any one got 2 cents to add?

        • I’d buy booze & women and the rest I’d waste.

          • hahah i knew that was coming..
            I already bought my woman, and i swore off now what?

            • Look at your long term needs and spend wisely. Save some for your annual property taxes.

            • Or take some of it and buy a shotgun and 00 buck and kill the SOBs when they come for your taxes. When it hits the fan I think taxes will be the least of our concerns.

            • Seriously, all ownership is only a legal fiction that is maintained as long as everyone is fat, dumb, and happy. Even in our society which is supposedly governed by the rule of law, the PTB can confiscate your land for any number of reasons. Eminent domain anyone? Or some county zoning board can make your property worthless by zoning out your intended usage. In the end, we only truly own what we can successfully defend with force.

            • drugs i guess anon

          • RENT the women. Much less expensive in the long run.

        • VRF, Buy long-term storage foods. Store for tomorrow what lesser dollars can buy today. Best investment around.

        • Even commenting on such a question will bring tons of ridicule about getting out of the “corp” etc. etc. But.. I personally look for high quality companies with good business models that pay good dividends with a long track record of payouts.. AT&T pays right at 6% ( T ) Permian Basin ( PBT ) pays almost 7% and Penn West ( PWE ) pays 6%. All are very reliable payouts.. Exxon ( xom ) pays almost 3% and Petrobras ( PBR ) pays 4.75%. There are lots more companies that pay very nice dividends.. heck, Microsoft pays just over 3%

          • I think I’d have a few preps, buy as much PMs as I could then wait a bit. I would watch real estate prices in boring places like Washington, KS or maybe somewhere in NE. When you could find a small (5 to 150) acre place with a good well and a windmill for about 10 to 20 ounces of gold then I’d rustle up some livestock and plant as large a garden as I could.


            • Good post POA. Good link too.

              That said, how can Nebraska be boring? It’s where Cabela’s started (first out of Dick & Mary Cabela’s home, where they ran the business from their kitchen table in Chappell, then the warehouse in Sidney), and now boasts two additional stores in the Cornhusker State (one a 15 min drive from where I live) and 34 stores in North America.

              When I die and go to Heaven, the pearly gates will be the entrance to Cabela’s, and everything behind the gun counter will be free.

            • @Eagle71, I was doing a crane modification outside of Topeka, KS a few years back. Flew in & out of Kansas City at least 7 or 8 times. Each time I went to fly home I’d stop at the huge Cabelas store there for an hour or two then wander across to Famous Dave’s for ribs & beer. They finally opened a store in Lacey, WA that is much closer to me. Yeah, Cabelas is more than a store….it’s MAN shopping, LOL 🙂

        • I’d pull every penny out in cash. Wait for the nation wide banking holiday/stock market crash and back up the truck the next day at coin shop. 50/50 in small coins if I had all of my other preps. I would buy a stack of $100 boxes of nickels from the bank also. You might be surprised what vendors will barter for when banks & ATM’s lock up. Nickels will change composition by then. Buy a piece of land with some good black dirt. Build a large metal storage shed with concrete floor with RV hook up and back up a large Airstream trailer into it. PV panels and solar water panels, wind gen, shop wood stove. Deep catfish pond lined with clay and spring fed with micro-hydro generator.

          • Keep going. No one’s gonna pinch you cause I’m enjoying your dream too, LOL.

            • I shall raise rabbits and travel the states in a RV.

            • They still let you do that without a papers, yes?

        • VRF: Enhance your preps with food storage and ammo (5k). Buy some gold (7.5k). Buy some 1 oz silver (2.5k)

          Take your wife to dinner.

          Everything else is paper and promises.

      22. A boat to go 12 miles off shore.

      23. Who saves the Welfare and Unemployment checks? Who saves up food stamps? Here’s something else there are many people out there that are not paying there mortgages because they are so deep underwater they would need scuba gear to get out.

        There are many that have not paid their mortgage in 12 to 24 months and are not in foreclosure yet. All this mortgage money is being spent every month. It really does’t matter if its spent on a flat screen TV, Gas or food, its being spent.

        At the beginning of the recession banks tried to shame people into paying their mortgages. Today many don’t feel guilty and look at it as an investment that went bad. Hell I had a customer buy a bigger, newer home in the same community for half the price and just walk away from the home they bought in 2006.

        Its my opinion that when this bit of false liquidity runs dry, it will be game over, lights out for America. Its only a question of when it happens, not if it will happen.

        Countries all around the globe think they are all to big to fail. We are about to find out that even very small countries like Greece are to big to bail.

        • And those bail outs can’t last forever for the banks switching ledger sheets month to month to cover the ‘false’ realities—it has to stop soon..and then we can watch with popcorn and cokes.

          • Hmmm!! JJ I just realized I don’t have any popcorn in my preps. Can I still watch the train crash?

      24. Oompa!

      25. A vote for Ron Paul is a vote to End the Fed.

        • Will he win the primary in Iowa?

          • He came in a close 2nd in the Iowa straw poll. He won another Iowa straw poll last week with 86%. He will win the Iowa caucus.

      26. Headline on Drudgereport..

        Number of Americans on food stamps rise to 45,800,000.

      27. prior to 1913 a dollar was 90% silver and worth a dollar. today we have funny monsy worht 3 cents. Piad 10 bucks at rug stroe today. If it was 1911 I would have paid 30 cents or LESS.

        hyperinflation is already here.

        • And in 1911, you would have been lucky to make 50 cents for a whole day of work..

        • I had to go in for a blood draw for labs Monday morning. I had been fasting so when I was done I stopped at an old cafe (in business since 1936) for coffee. The average breakfast on the menu was about $9 and the big ones were $12.

          As a kid I was in a church group and each summer we would leave the parents behind and travel to small country churches for two weeks and put on concerts. We were allowed $5 / day for meals which fed us really well in restaurants across the country. We’d simply figure $1.25 ea for breakfast & lunch and $2.50 for supper. If you wanted something fancy you’d just eat cheap for a meal or two then splurge.

          I don’t think you can get a burger, fries & a Coke for $5 anymore, can you?

          • Elastic currency. Like a rubber band you pull on it and it stretches. Pull on it harder and it stretches some more. Put a bit more oomph and it snaps.

            We’re getting closer to the snap stage.

          • Yeah, you still can in my town. There is actually a restaurant that advertises $5.00 lunch specials such as a fish sandwich, fries, and a pop. They have five or six $5.00 specials every day for lunch. But there is no way that $5.00 would last a whole day’s worth of meals and, of course, the $5.00 meal doesn’t include tip.

          • Wendy’s…fries(or chili), drink(refilled),and cheeseburger (loaded)…all for $3.18 in Ky.

            It’s my place to stop when shopping for preps.

        • Rachel: 99 years is not hyperinflation. It is a trend line. Stick to your knitting.

          • The first half of those 99 years was manageable. The summer after high school I had a gig making $25 a weekend for a short time. When I got the money on Sunday afternoon I’d fill up my 56 Chevy, buy a carton of Marlboro cigs, stop at McDonalds for a Big Mac and still have money to spend on the girlfriend.

            Damn I miss that car.

      28. Once inflation gets it grip on us and does its damage, that’s when I look for some serious attacks on US interests. They’ll kick us while we are down.

        It could be in the form of massive Chinese hacker attacks, a few strategically placed EMP’s, missiles from Iranian ships or from some Latin American nation, you name it.

        The attack I’m most afraid of is one by our own government on the people – declaring martial law, suspending elections, removing more freedoms. You know, fun stuff like that.

        • The people that masterminded all of this are brilliant. In regards to China they would get hurt the most because their holding a couple of trillion dollars. The suckers bought the mighty USD that in reality is a mere shell of it’s former self.

          Why suspend elections and destroy the illusion? Both party’s are in essence controlled by the same source so in reality we only have one party. It’s best to keep the masses occupied in a futile attempt at self government. They love the dress up, the hats, the banners and the debates of my guy is better and different then your guy when in reality in actions not words they are identical.

          I’m telling ya, their smart, very smart.

          • Yes, they are very smart.

            They would have you believe that steel melts at 1570 degrees Fahrenheit, just the way my oven does . . .

            They would have you believe towers come crashing down into neat little piles when nothing touches them, as when the BBC reporter swears it’s already collapsed, while standing in front of the actual building . . .

            They would have you believe that there really were WMDs in the Middle East . . .

            They would have you believe that fanatical extremists are jealous of us because of our freedom . . .

            They would have you believe that aliens (not them) would want to attack and incinerate our planet . . .

            They would have you believe that the Central Bank is not just the purveyor of your favorite brand of toilet paper . . .

            I’m sure someone could add a few more facts about how smart these psychopaths really are . . .

            • In the end they are believed.

              They took a page out of the Joseph Goebbels playbook.

              “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

            • How true! That line from Joey G rings true in just about everything the US Government and the globalists do and more so each day.

              You guys mention “psychopaths”. Let me tell you, I went on a hunt a few weeks ago for information on them. They are everywhere! Once you study what a psychopath is and how they operate, you can find them easily. I have a theory that God ran out of souls and now days its hit and miss. The psychopaths have all the same machinery as the rest of us humans but they lack a soul. Oh, they emulate us but they don’t really feel it. They just emulate to fit in. Look around, you can detect it.

              …and where does the movement of psychopaths gravitate? GOVERNMENT! They are attracted to power and money. They believe that is all there is.

              Once you start to see them, you can start to battle them. In reality they are extremely easy to manipulate. They run on desire and their plans don’t really get that complex. But, stay out of their way. They’ll squash you like a bug and laugh about it. They are truly satan’s minions with only evil intentions. Sounds like a radical view, but, once you study and see whats going on, you find they are rotten to the core.

        • What you are “most afraid of” should be OUR universal fear. THEY are losing more control daily. I believe that there is nothing THEY will not consider, and do according to THEIR timeline, to “re-saddle” US in both body and mind.

          WE are just getting to “uppity” for our own good. THEY will remind us of “our designated place” again soon.

          • Re-saddle? Yep.

            The US Government is asleep in the barn. We need to wake her up and put the saddle back on.

            What we see as our government is really just a corporation with offices and posts named to mimic government. Its really not a government at all. This is why everything (including you) have been incorporated by either redefining the language or by covert means such as birth certificates and social security numbers. (Note: Living breathing beings cannot be numbered. Its fundamentally immoral to do so.)

            Saddle up, people. Reject your notions of “government” because they’re all wrong. Once you dig and find out about the Act of 1871, your view of whats going on will change. Once you find out about “birth certificates”, common law and other subtle enslavement techniques, you’ll realize:


            …or at least you should.

            Say to yourself three times, in the mirror:

            – I am a (wo)man, a living and breathing being.

            – I do not consent.

            – I waive the benefit.

            Then, the next time you’re pulled over for a offense on the road or the sheriff tries to force you to have a building permit, tell him that. I think you will find that their attitude changes dramatically. …its almost like magic, so I’m told. Its like the system has this mystical hold on minions of the government and when you say those things above it releases the “spell”. Sounds crazy. I can’t verify it, yet. The reports of it are everywhere. As soon as I can you can bet I’ll be reporting back.

      29. If it brings back the same CD rates as than , “bring it on”

        • You happy with inflation at 15% and a 12% return (taxed) on your deposit with mortgages at 16%? That was the early 80s.

          Inflation will eat you alive. The high CD rate is an illusion of keeping up.

          If it means anything this time the inflation will be higher and the CD far less.

      30. As we export more and more inflation to China it becomes more likely that China’s economic bubble is going to burst. When this happens, the demand for commodities will plummet, causing global deflation. Might this offset the inflation caused by the Fed?

        • It’s like the oil peg. If the economy goes into recession the price of a barrel of oil drops, the dollar increases in value (it can buy more oil) and the Federal Reserve can inject additional currency (usually by lowering interest rates) without a great fear of inflation.

          While the oil peg is not as stable as the Breton Woods agreement that had the USD backed by gold at $35/Oz it was very clever. It’s days are numbered but it has lasted almost 40 years at this point. Pretty good for nothing more than a slight of hand scheme. Of course every once in a while some foreign leaders get disposed because they want some other payment besides the USD but that’s business.

        • Inflation TO China? China is exporting inflation to US. Wages and salaries are not increasing in the US.

          They are in China, requiring higher prices for the same products to get the same profit.

          Meanwhile, their Rmb is increasing in value which also increases the cost of their products to US.

          Eliminate their 25% manipulation of their currency and the 25% tariff on all US manufactured products and WE would be exporting to China from the South.

          • Remember the recent story about robots being installed in factories in China?

            I have heard that China must create 2MM jobs/month to keep employment level. 10% unemployment in China means a lot of very unhappy people.

      31. We’re past tweaking. It doesn’t matter what the fed, the government or the president does or says. We have to do something very big and unprecedented to turn things around

        Read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( )

        • Back from your stint at Occupy Wall Street, comrade?

          • It’s interesting how it was real estate speculators and the big banks that destroyed the American family farm back in the 1980’s. People who are not blinded by the fake right-left paradigm propagated by the buttery soft butt cheeks of Rush Limbaugh and the rat-faced Rupert “Khazar” Murdoch’s FAUX-News would call that history’s most successful example of the collectivization of agriculture.

            Then there’s corporate America’s commitment to “diversity” that gives preference to government defined “victim” classes at the expense of historically “guilty” classes. Cultural Marxism is alive and well in America’s board rooms, it seems.

            As for the working men in OWS — I would be proud to be called their COMRADE.

            • I have been to to the OWS mobs in Porland, OR and in the capitol city. The people there were overwhelmingly young (20’s) and it was whiter than any TEA Party gathering I ever went to. There was no one capable of elucidating what they were doing other than protesting against corporate “greed.” I thought that was kind of silly since the primary function of a corporation is to make money for it’s owners, the shareholders. If you want to tax the big evil corporation, go ahead. They’ll just raise the price of your frozen waffles or phone service. The consumer pays ALL corporate tax.

              Taking money from taxpayers to bail out large banking institutions and corrupt corporations is wrong and illegal. Taking money from taxpayers to bail out student loans for individuals is pretty much the same only on a much smaller scale.

              The only way to mitigate the corruption in government is to reduce the size of the product that it has for sale. That product is power and control over the people. They give the government that power thru farm subsidies, education subsidies, food stamps, ethanol programs and a whole host of other, unconstitutional actions.

              Look at ethanol. It does nothing to help the environment. Actually, in California they are claiming that it is literally poisoning the ground. It has driven up the cost of corn and all of the secondary products such as those made with corn syrup or beef costs since feed prices have gone up. It is hard on small engines as it absorbs water into the fuel systems and most importantly it is so unmarketable that the only way to get it into the gasoline is for congress to take your money and subsidize it. And we still can’t get rid of it.

              I believe it will be chaotic but we are going to have to ignore the federal government and a lot of the state government. The truth is they are just too damned expensive.

          • Back from Tea Party Mein Fuhrer?

            • As your intellectual superior I am pleased that you have chosen to recognize me as your leader.

              Henceforth you are to post only factual information which you have verified. Opinions shall be based upon logical analysis of empirical evidence. (To the best of you meager ability)

              Oh, and if you do swing by any more occupy whinervilles please assist those folks in learning about basic hygiene. It will go a long way in helping their credibility.

          • POA,

            I am just seeing your comments, but I hope you have a chance to read this.

            I think your cynicism has made you blind.

            Things are so corrupt, that everyone should thank the Almighty there are protests taking place at all!

            You tend to think that merely protesting against crony capitalism, cartel economics, or ‘corporate greed’ as you call it, automatically makes you a communist.

            Nothing could be further from the truth. And I suggest you get your head untwisted before making that assumption.

            As many on this website have mentioned, like Net Ranger, your viewpoint is mired in a hackneyed paradigm of Left vs. Right, and Capitalist vs. Communist.

            You are definitely right about government corruption, and I think many OWS protesters would agree with you.

            I have been at numerous rallies in New York, and I know that many of the individuals there support the gold standard, abolishing the central bank, and lower taxes.

            ALL corruption is bad. You know this and state it is “corrupt and illegal.”

            Perhaps you are unable to learn new tricks.

            However, you have no right to be a pusillanimous dullard who despises people who have lost their homes and livelihoods through no fault of their own.

            Without any credibility or empirical evidence, you make the psychotic conclusion that all OWS protesters are some figment of your imagination.

            In reality, it is only based in the delusion inside your own head.

            Seek the truth . . . . .

            • Thru no fault of their own? Seriously? Not one bit of fault at all? I can add enough to know what I can afford and what I can’t. That’s why I still have my house. It’s called being responsible for myself. No one was tricked into buying a house, they just wanted more than they could afford. Or maybe they lost their job. Again, that happens. You don’t get special favors for that. Shit happens and you move on. That would be the opposite of what we all know OWS is.

              OWS is for entitlements, for sharing the wealth, for no one getting more than you do. There has always been corruption and yes out ‘glorious’ leaders have sold our country to foreigners but that’s our fault for being complacent. OWS is not doing a damn thing for that.
              ps, grow up… and oh yeah, enjoy your dinner being served up by the nuts formerly known as acorn, lmao

            • I have seen the corruption and have been wide awake since the early 90’s.

              The uncomfortable truth is that the occupy protests are not honest folks seeking liberty and a reduction in government interference in their lives. The occupy protests were predicted over a year ago. I have been there, read their signs and attempted to engage in intelligent discourse with some of them.

              Sorry, it did not happen.

              All I saw was a bunch of dirty, smelly, children moaning and complaining about others having more than they did. There was no one that could expound on a possible course of action that would result in a betterment of mankind.

              I opine based upon what I have seen and the short conversations I had with the participants. I stand by my statements as they are logical and honest. I refuse to buy the propaganda.

            • I think that lots of honest people lost their homes due to the loss of property values. Homes became worthless to own or pay the mortgage, even if they had been doing so for years and years. After 5, 10, 15, or 20 years of paying the mortgage, their property values would have been less than when they had bought the house! Imagine that: your life’s work and labor become worthless overnight! Inflation, then deflation, I think one of the Founding Fathers said that’s how they’d make us HOMELESS.

              So then the banks kept losing $, they cut back, and then the whole economy crunched back, and pretty soon, everybody started losing their jobs because there was no more $ to pay them, because nobody was paying the banks.

              Everybody had banked on the continuing rise in property values through INFLATION – the kind that the Central Bank would never control, in order to have the New Feudalism. Only Nobody thought it would not keep happening . . . . .

              I guess nobody can fault them for this. This has affected everyone all over the country. So, I guess you’re right, it was nobody’s fault.

              If somebody asks you who’s fault it was, just tell them it was Nobody’s fault. Better than saying it was the devil.

              I guess only Nobody can say this kid at the protests is a communist:


              By the way, do you know who’s on first?

      32. They are not loosing control. They have us right where they want us. Today Bernyankme Said they will have to start purchasing more mortgage backed securities. Think about this. This ultimately give the Fed ownership of properties on American soil that they they purchased with printed money. In other words for nothing. There are millions of acres of Federal land. I don’t know who owns the FED (it isn’t us), but they will own America when this is all over. We will be serfs working for our owners.

        • True, but we never were able to own any property, or at least not in my life time. dont pay your property tax for about 6 months, guess who comes and kicks you out.. Were already serfs, but we have also been funding this war against us, with all of our tax dollars

          • Your absolutely right. We lost most of our rights beginning with the creation of the FED, but we have continued to loose our liberty, March 9, 1933(the creation of the War powers Act), Federal Firearms acts in 1934, 1968, which is almost verbatim as Hitlers firearms control law in 1938( and we know what happened there), and in 1986. Those are just a few major liberties taken away. Some will say we should some gun control. I say not. Just look at Switzerland. Every Swiss house has a machine gun in it equal to or the same as the military carries in defense of the country, which by the way is what our founders intended. Some say, well you can’t let people carry gun all the time. Why not? There would be very little crime. Who’s going to rob a grocery store or jiffy mart when everybody’s packing? Some say there would be gun fights all the time. I don’t believe that either. There may be at first. Soon all the criminals would get the message or be eliminated through attrition. If Government would quit trying to regulate everything there would be very little crime. How? Look at prohibition, the law created a black market for alcohol that organized crime could exploit. Look at the current drug laws. Same situation. The more the Government get involved, the more problems and crime there are. It’s almost like they are justifying their existence.

            • You make my libertarian eyes water!

            • hammer, meet nail
              direct hit

          • VRF, you can own your land, you just don’t. “land grant sandwich” is the key and privatization.

            Government has redefined some of the language. They can tax commercial land. They cannot tax private land. The term “private property” is commercial and they tax it. Residence: Commercial. They tax it. However, if you have your land re-recorded as “private land” you can lawfully stop paying taxes. In fact, once you do that, you need no permits to build, bury or modify your land. In fact, the sheriff, assessor etc won’t even set foot on it.

            Basically the steps are:

            Study up on how to do this. They don’t make it easy. The system is shady and crooked and they have made it as hard as possible.

            Get a land grant. (Which, essentially is a full abstract.)

            Re-classify the property as “Private Land”, not private property.

            Refuse to pay the tax.

            Fight them in court.

            (Oh, and by the way, you can’t have a mortgage on private land so if you’re not paid up, forget about it.)

            • Thanks NR, I’ll look into this..sounds like a bunch of hoops to jump thru but one never knows if they dont try.
              at this point im still in a mort-gage..but if things get dicey..that could be done with pretty quickly

        • Possesion is 90% of ownership.

        • They take it very seriously when they are messed with. They are funny that way. They like their money printing job.

        • Well, we know why Kennedy was assassinated. Just think they assassinated a sitting president. What is to become of us?

      33. Bernyankme now that is some funny shyt… Thanks old southern man now I’ll have to get the wild turkey out of my nose…

        • Ooooh sh*t, that does burn!


      35. Just found out, after zero raise in three years, I’ve got to take about a $5k shave in the ol’ salary. That will put a dent in the preps. But at least I have a job. Thankful for that.

        I handle my fair share of the grocery shopping, especially the ‘big’ runs to Sam’s and Costco. Every time I come back, I tell my wife about the increased prices or the decreased portions. It’s subtle now, but it’s there. (Except coffee. I swear like a sailor every time I buy coffee now.)

        Not much we can do but continue to prep with a continually debased fiat currency.

        What interesting times,

      36. The Federal Reserve needs to be abolished!

        • I definitely agree!

        • If only you could be like ‘US Marines’ . . . . .

      37. THIS Judge – OVERSEES Child Abuse Cases??? Video showing him Violently Beating his 16 year old daughter!
        Judges think they are above the law it seems as well as all of our Government officials!

        This video is one of the most disgusting videos I have ever seen. I almost cried when I watched it!

        This video shows a man beating his 16 year old daughter with a belt and saying the foulest things to her! Using the F word over and over and saying she doesn’t deserve to live under his roof! It seems her crime was she downloaded some music files onto her computer!

        The man has been identified as Judge William Adams from Texas – but get this…… He presides over CHILD ABUSE CASES!

        “Obviously, it is a very disturbing video. We in my office as well as everyone on earth is taking a look at it, at this time,” Aransas County Attorney Richard Bianchi told The Chronicle, confirming that the man in the video is Adams.

        Adams is a family law judge, who presides over child abuse cases, The AP reported.

        That Judge is Sick! I can only imagine what else he has done to his child, besides what we see on the video!

        How many times over her childhood did he violently abuse her?

        The full story is here

        WARNING – Very Violent Abuse and Disturbing video! It is very hard to watch!

        • This SOB needs to be arrested, tried FOUND GUILTY AN put in the general population at a fed prison and the inmates should be shown this video in the rec room… ;0) and make sure all security camera’s are turned on and working… I wanna see this sheeit! ;0P I gaurantee he’ll never touch his daughters or any woman again after the inmates get done with him.


      38. Correction: Texas or Arkansas Country Boy… this S O B is a Texas Judge! peice of shit… Hang Em’ All let God Sort em’ Out! a peice of shit judge!

      39. One of our precious commodities is an example of inflation. 3 months ago a case 35 bottle of Nestles water at Sam’s sold for $3.99 Today it’s $4.18 and onl 32 bottles in the case. Roughly a 11 1/2 % increase in less than 3 months. That’s just water!

        posted 11/2/11
        New York’s largest foreclosure law firm, Steven J. Baum, whose clients include Bank of America, Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase and Wells Fargo, is under fire after photos from the company’s 2010 Halloween party were released to the New York Times by a former employee.
        The party apparently had a tasteless “homeless” theme, and the pictures depict staff seemingly mocking the very homeowners their company put out on the street. One photo shows a row of “foreclosed homes,” while another depicts employees dressed as homeless squatters

      41. Overheard on the prison exercise yard…

        Inmate: Say, buddy, could you sneak into the wardens office and bring me that whiskey bottle he keeps in his desk?

        Guard: Of course not! You know that isn’t allowed. Besides, you’re only 20 yrs old. You can’t legally drink alcohol even if you were free. And even if I wanted to, the cameras would catch me and I’d get fired. Unlike you, I need to earn a paycheck to support myself out in the free world. It’s not like it is for you guys in here.

        Inmate: Free, huh? Let’s see…I can only smoke outside and only in this one section of the yard, right?

        Guard: Right. No smoking allowed anywhere else in the whole facility.

        Inmate: So tell me, can you smoke in a restaurant? In a bar? In your office? No, you can’t. Can you have a drink whenever you want? Not if you’re coming to work, or driving, or pretty much anywhere else in public. Just the bars or home, those are your designated drinking places.
        And how about the car you drive home every night. You got tags, insurance, registration and such? Always wear your seatbelt? Drive the speed limit? Did you know that about a dollar of tax is included in every gallon of gas you buy? ‘Bout the same, or more for every bottle of booze or pack of smokes, too.
        And what about your paycheck? After your mortgage, groceries, utilities and car payments, what’s left? And do you realise that you are on more video cameras every day than I am? They’re at the convenience stores, the malls, post office, street corners, everywhere.
        Plus, everything you own, and everything you do, has been inspected, licensed, regulated, monitored and taxed by the government. Otherwise, they won’t let you do it. Now, are you any more free than I am? I mean, in all honesty, what’s the difference between you and me?

        Guard: Well…you’ve got a much better health plan…

        • The prison food does suck though. You’re right about the healthcare. What the doctor at the prison can’t treat, they would have to be taken to a hospital under armed escort, watched round the clock under armed guard and usually involved OT at some point. Heck one time the warden decided to aloow them golf clubs and ball to play out in the yard. That ended when when the two Muslim sects got in a beef over Rhamadan beliefs and squared off in the yard with the golf clubs and shanks. Had to suit up in gear and go in along with the dogs to convince them to play nice. But all in all you got it right.

      42. Bo Care will suck!

      43. These are the people who OWN you americans and your military and congress! pretty scary…


        Settlers Stone Elderly Palestinian Lady

        Tags: ISRAEL

        A group of Jewish settlers Monday stoned an elderly Palestinian lady as she was picking olives in Mukhmas, a village southeast of Ramallah in the West Bank, according to local sources.

        The 80-year-old woman was reported to be injured in the head and transferred to hospital for treatment.


          WW3 is brought to you by the Israeli Jews! Thank You Israeli Jews!

          Stuxnet Virus and Fukushima Nuke Plants blowing up are brought to you by the Israeli Jews! Don’t believe me… just check the nuke signatures of the nukes set off, of the japan coast… you can trace it back to Israel!

          Thank You Israeli Jews for 9/11 too… We love you for all you doo doo for we the American Goyim!

      44. Mac

        The likes of Gerald Celente(Trends Research),John Williams (Shadowstats),Stewart Rhodes(Oathkeepers) and numerous others(NIA) have been ringing this bell for several years now..predicting the usual scenario of complete collapse (preceded by hyperinflation)and breakdown of society reduced to a barter system for survival..and the need for preparing for the worst case scenario.

        Obviously the feds have a COG plan in place..and many others are planning otherwise..

        Williams has effectively pointed out the fallacy of skewed fed positions calculating the actual inflation/unemployment rates to placate the masses that all is well..

        Again, thank you for your great posts..


      45. Don’t mean to hijack….. Over on “The Daily Bell”, PGE of California are pulling all smartmeters due to health hazards and setting the old analog meters back in place. FYI&E.

      46. Just a thought, I remember when the riots went on here in Al. during the civil rights protests. it was UGLY, on both sides. well, they don’t teach that part in history and have always sugar coated the actions of the protesters for historys sake but, it makes me wonder just how nasty it’s going to get when the Gubment finally tells the moochers,of all colors, ” sorry folks, NO MORE, you now have to look after yourself.” and, this IS coming. we can’t keep this up, and shouldn’t have started it in the first place. kids, I think this is going to get real nasty, real quick.
        any thoughts?

      47. You just know Mac is busy figuring “which” story to bring up next!

      48. The Bomster’s off to another economic summit in europe. Isn’t that kinda like Michael Vick advising the Humane Society? (first thing you got to do, is show these mutts who’s da boss!)
        Or the Kardashian sisters as dorm room mothers at the girls prep school? (remember, curfew is 4am, and cover those hickies with make-up)
        Or going hunting with Dick Cheney? (he was flapping his arms. I thought he was a pheasant)
        Or 50cent conducting the New York Philharmonic? (key? I don’t need no f@#%&%# key! the butler lets me in. now one, and two, and…oh f%$# it! just make some noise!)
        Or getting a second opinion from Dr. Kevorkian? (you’ve got terminal athlete’s foot, we recommend you kill yourself)
        The Bomster talking about economics? Somehow, I get the feeling this ain’t gonna turn out right. Besides, I hear the prez is a little depressed right now. He had a contest with Me-shell to see who could collect those little silver souvenir spoons from each country and she’s 45 ahead of him. He does have all 57 state spoons, though.

      49. How long can the FED keep interest rates at or near zero? Seems to me if the banks can get money at zero interest and loan out at 6 to 10% interest why would the FED ever raise rates? What scenario could cause the FED to raise rates?

        • Maybe during a world war that would cause consumer output & after the Euro says that they are busted & broke.

      50. everybody go take all your money from your bank. just be the first one there The banks do not have enough cash to honor everyones accounts. you will hurt them badly

      51. How can people not pay their mortgages for 12 months or more? If my rent is one day late, the eviction process starts and get locked out. How can I get out of paying my rent for just a couple of months? That would go a long way to help buying preps that my family really needs.

      52. We printed tons of money and then we bought oil from the Arabs, and plastic stuff from the Chinese. They then, took those funds and lent them back to us so we could buy more. Now we’re just printing more money. Sounds like The Arabs and the Chinese took it up the ass for us. HA. So now we default by the printing press. Yep. Hillbilly wisdom.

        Kind of like giving your neighbor a broken clock to chop down your tree so you have firewood for the winter.

        I’m 46. Just keep this crap going a few more decades until I take a dirt nap.
        Love the site mac.

        Need more info. on the repubs and the dems going to nationalize our 401k and IRA.

      53. It has been so evident for years that inflation is already galloping along.
        If you go just food shopping, which I do often, you can see the difference. Of course many supermarkets are giving specials and this is what most poeple search for.
        Without these specials, one would have to live on car food but even that, has increased in price.
        if you live on SS it has become difficult but this lousy govt. states there is none. Infact, SS recipients have not had an increase for THREE YEARS!!!!! But, Congress decided to give themselves an increase last year or 6%. Why? For inflation of course!!!!
        So, they can survive too well whilst ‘WE THE PEOPLE’ can starve?

      54. as for inflation in the 80s
        thats a crock of bs
        prices were cheap back then

      55. “They’re Trying to Fool You Into Believing That Inflation Is Not a Problem”

        God, how I love article titles like this! As if anyone with an IQ above room temp can be fooled by a lot of bluff, bluster, and BS for very long. Usually, one trip to the gas station or the food market provides sufficient hard evidence that THEY ARE LYING about inflation (and unemployment as well) and it isn’t one of those little white lies either. No, friends, it is one of those HUGE, UGLY, NASTY lies that are told so often they take on a life of their own as the accepted truth… among some, anyway. The rest of us KNOW the score and we are NOT now and won’t ever be convinced.

        The main scream media is no better than the liars in government. They perpetuate this crap by repeating it on and on, ad nauseum. Apparently, they either have not ever heard of John Williams site over at shadowstats dot com or they are in with the liars big-time. So much for an “unbiased media bringing truth to the masses”. Cough, gag.

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