‘The World as We Know It is About to Change Dramatically’

by | Jan 10, 2010 | Bob Chapman, Forecasting | 11 comments

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    Bob Chapman says we’re Still In A Credit Crisis, New Liquidity Threatens Inflation. On top of that, we could very well be on the precipace of a paradigm shift in America:

    If Congress passes any kind of health care, the public will go ballistic and be prime for revolution. Our position is that bank lending will not improve nor will unemployment. If this is accompanied by official devaluation and default everything could break loose. The elitists realizing this will arrange another 9/11-type event with the usual cast of characters and we expect conflict will spread into Pakistan and that Israel will attack Iran enveloping the Middle East in flames. That would send oil prices considerably higher and cause a collapse of world stock markets, with the exception of gold and silver shares. The excuse to impose Martial law would be apparent. The country could go into lockdown. Transportation could be limited, food and gas rationed, banks closed and many other major inconveniences. The current mainline media, Wall Street and governmental propaganda about economic recovery would end, they never having to prove that a recovery ever existed. During the first six months of 2010, Americans and others will continue to live in their world of inreality. These hopeless fools are again being taken down the garden path. The world as we know it is about to change dramatically, so prepare for it.

    According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis the recession is over, but only technically, as we have officially seen two continuous quarters GDP growth. However, based on recent revisions, we have to assume the “official” numbers are cooked — the government originally said the third quarter of 2009 saw GDP growth of 3.6%, then revised down to 2.8%, and now says is was actually 2.2%. If we look at growth as caclulated by John Williams over at Shadowstats.com, then we can see GDP growth for the 3rd quarter was almost non existent. Therefore, we maintain, along with Bob Chapman and others, that while we may technically be out of recession, we remain in a broader depression trend.

    There are a lot of things that can go wrong here, including a new wave of the residential real estate meltdown and collapsing commercial real estate as evidenced by California, Florida, Nevada and Scottsdale. We’ve also got consumers and small businesses who are strapped for cash, and borrowing less from banks, bringing our credit economy to a standstill.

    As Mr. Chapman mentioned and we’ve advised previously, we’re looking at the middle east as a serious hotspot for the possibility of emerging wars because of Iran, Israel and terrorist groups looking to destroy oil infrastructure targets.

    And last, but not least, we’ve got the possibility of a bubble collapse in China, which would subsequently force the Chinese to pull back on Treasury purchases and funding US debt.

    Chapman on China:

    In addition as China has publicly stated the world has run out of enough dollars to service public debt. That means more Fed monetization, perhaps on a level of more than $1 trillion a year. That means hyperinflation, because the elitists won’t be ready, as yet, to pull the plug on the economy and plunge into deflationary depression. They have to increase terrorist events and world war on a parallel basis, so that all strike at the same time. This way they can blame the economic financial problems on the enemy who would be responsible for this horrible war. These are all the reasons for having freeze dry and dehydrated foods, a water filter and a method of defending your family as a first line of defense. All other funds should go into gold and silver coins and shares.

    Any number of events could be a catalyst for a global economic avalanche. Once it starts, no bailout can stop it.


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      1. Oh Goody! Pass the popcorn! Honestly, I’ve never been a sports fan or a spectator of much of anything, however, the “Economic Inreality” show has me absolutely transfixed.

        I find myself yelling at the TV, booing some and cheering on others.

        Come on Obama! You’re an idiot! Go Celente! Tell them like it is!

        Woo! Hoo! Get Schiff in there, he’ll shape them up!

        Turn the dogs loose on them, Sarah! They’re assholes anyway!

        I really, really get into it. Its way better than sports because it is REAL and what happens helps or hurts people. Which reminds me, everybody’s favorite Terminator, Arnie the RINO, did a cool thing recently. He made some hard choices and submitted a conservative budget. Wow! If he could have done that a couple years ago, maybe Cali wouldn’t be broke, you rekon? 

        I hope you all have a great week. Chin up. Work hard and do the best you can. Find some people to help you. Remember: If it all falls apart, we’ll need each other.

        But, most of all: Keep your ammo dry and your food hidden!


      2. I love getting my daily reality checks from you, Mac!  With your sunny disposition, you should get a job at the hallmark company.  🙂

        NetRanger is right, the only way we can get through this is by sticking together and learning from eachother. 

        Thanks for keeping us informed.


      3. Great post Mac!

        The only thing I would add is that I think China has already pulled back on their, er, investment in U.S. debt (in particular shortening maturities) and in fact now the biggest purchaser of U.S. Government Debt  is, er, the U.S. Government !  So we’re good, right? 

      4. Tom,

        You bet! Full faith and credit, baby! I’m all there! …uh, not.

        Its a ponzi scheme that makes Bernie Madoff look like a saint.

        Instead of Madoff with billions, its Made-Off with Trillions!!! …and those trillions were ours!

      5. The most important thing I have ever learned in all my life was when I was employed with a financual instution after I retired from the Army .  Let me tell you what it was :  You can not EVER give people the idea that thay have no access to their money !!!  If thay think or know thay can’t , watch out the Riot is on . If the president de-values the dollar or declares a bank holiday allong with closure of  ATM and credit cards he will have a howling mob after his hide from one end of the country to the other . And there are way too many ways this could happen. watch out!

      6. Nice, Shogunole.

        I only skimmed one article there, and already I’m a big fan.

      7. 2012 year is looking pretty good for a crash…. we all have a front seat ticket on this one…  remember to collect the 3Gs  Gold, Guns and Groceries….oh and some bullets for barter

      8. Sure gun freaks, what are you going to do…start shooting the gov’t goons that will come to your doors to collect your pea-shooters, like they did in N.O. after Katrina? You didn’t see any of those phony tough guys refuse to surrender their 2nd Amendment rights in the face of that illegal takeover of an American city.

        You’re all a bunch of internet windbags with no real courage to get together and stop this fascism from continuing.

      9. run for the hills i say….and bring some cold beeer….and hot mamas…yaahoo we can make a big party ….come on..baby….

      10. We are one event away from catastrophe. Its not a matter of if but when.  Get ready because its coming sooner than later.

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