The U.S. Is In An Earnings Recession Already, And It Is About To Get WORSE

by | Sep 23, 2019 | Emergency Preparedness, Experts, Forecasting | 2 comments

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    The S&P 500 is in an earnings recession for the first time in three years, and it’s expected to get even worse. Analysts surveyed by FactSet currently project a steeper drop for the third quarter, with estimates calling for a 3.95% decline on average.

    According to a report by Market Watch, the entirety of the S&P 500 index has reported abysmal results for the second quarter, showing an average earnings drop of 0.35%. Components posted a 0.29% decline in earnings per share in the first quarter, marking the first period of back-to-back declines since the second quarter of 2016. Earnings recessions are typically categorized as two straight quarters of falling earnings.

    It isn’t expected to improve either, as most analysts project an even bigger drop in the third quarter. Some of the worst-performing companies for the second quarter were in metals and mining, with earnings for that subsector down 76% on average amid falling prices and rising costs for companies like Freeport-McMoRan Inc. The materials sector overall saw a 17.88% decline, led by weakness in mining that’s projected to persist for another quarter. Industrials were another negative area, though most of the sector’s 10.23% decline could be blamed on Boeing Co., which swung to a big loss after its 737 Max jets were grounded. Building products and construction companies were other big contributors to the sector’s decline.

    Market Watch did report on a few “bright spots” in the earning report, however:

    Software and IT services were among the bright spots in the tech sector, but storage and semiconductors helped drive a 5.98% average earnings drop for information-technology companies. Chip companies had been calling for a second-half rebound heading into the latest round of earnings, but now some executives are a bit less confident. And looking ahead to the third quarter, analysts model a 30.81% drop in chip-sector earnings, steeper than the 25.38% drop experienced in the latest period.

    The other sectors to show profit growth were communication services, financials, real estate and utilities. Analysts expect the same five sectors that grew earnings in the second quarter to repeat that performance in the third quarter.-Market Watch

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      1. How much silver would it take to form a silver foil hat to protect yourself from 5g high frequency microwave radiation? I jest but this article provides interesting insight why the run up to 5g is being aggressively pushed. This will force every tech consumer on the planet to buy new devices and will represent the largest singular ewaste push in human history, likely to outpace and outsize the cumulative total of all ewaste which came before. The move from cdom to world based cellular was just the toe getting dipped into the pool, soon comes the big splash.

        Rather than putting money in the bank, we’re going to be investing in these YShield HFS series paints with grounding tape. And some rf blocking curtains to place under normal curtains. In relative comparison, the smart meters are not even turned on yet and are running at tenth pace. Soon we’ll see the full power of total radar and frequency control on the ground level. They just ran 5g fiber lines in our areas and the clock is ticking, we may have to vacate soon. If you want a real fright, look to the 5g development tower identification activists. Then couple that with this sort of economic news. That’s their way out and they’re taking it without even asking for permission, that’s how desperate these companies are. Consumers have been getting wise and not purchasing the new tech, but the investors demand growth and profit at any expense. 5g is the new asbestos, get ready for it.

      2. “””This will force every tech consumer on the planet to buy new devices”””
        Bingo–and add to the land fills.
        Says the lady with the TracFone for emergencies in her purse.

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