The Savings of Millions of People are Going to Vanish in Less Than 12 Months

by | Sep 28, 2011 | Forecasting | 148 comments

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    We often look to Wall Street and wonder how those hedge fund managers, financial institution leaders and even traders can go about their business without regard to the average person on the ground, whose assets may be getting wiped out while those in the financial sector make millions of dollars in stock market manipulations and bonuses.

    What it boils down to is money.

    Via The Intel Hub and Madison Ruppert – Editor of End the Lie

    In a surprisingly blunt interview aired on the BBC, an independent trader admits that he “dreams of another recession” since some people can prepare and treat a market crash as an opportunity to “make a lot of money from this.”

    What exactly is “this”? Well, according to Alessio Rastani, “this” is the inevitable crash in the markets that is headed our way.

    Rastani, an independent trader, does not treat the crash of the Euro and the stock market as a possibility. He treats it as an inevitability.

    He pulls no punches in this interview and it is clear that the BBC presenter is shocked by what he has to say.

    When asked what would keep investors happy and mitigate the economic crisis currently unfolding, Rastani reveals, “Personally, it doesn’t matter.

    See, I’m a trader. Uh, I don’t really care about that kind of stuff.”

    In the BBC interview, stock trader Alessio Rastani provides us a glimpse behind the curtain of the general sentiment and motivation on Wall Street and other financial trading centers. If you want to know what the guys on Wall Street are thinking right now, don’t miss Rastani’s short BBC interview, where he warns that very bad things are coming our way over the next twelve months:

    This economic crisis is like a cancer. If you just wait and wait thinking this is going to go away, just like a cancer it’s going to grow and it’s going to be too late.

    What I would say to everybody is… get prepared.

    This is not a time right now for wishful thinking that the government is going to sort things out. The governments don’t rule the world. Goldman Sachs rules the world. Goldman Sachs does not care about this rescue package, neither do the big funds.

    The first thing people should do is protect their assets. Protect what they have. Because, in less than 12 months, my prediction is, the savings of millions of people are going to vanish. And, this is just the beginning.

    So, I would say, be prepared and act now. The biggest risk people can take right now is not acting.

    In his Intel Hub commentary, Madison Ruppert continues, explaining that those in the financial sector are focused on one thing, which is to make more money – whether markets go up or down, whether people on the street get crushed, whether the economy thrives or dies:

    I’ve never heard a trader come right out on mainstream media and lay it out in such a plain way. Indeed he is correct, a traders job is to make money. Period.

    A trader need not worry about what will be done to fix an economic crash because as long as they are making money, they couldn’t care less.

    This is something that the mainstream media likes to pretend is not the case, as though investors actually have an interest in keeping the stock market and the global economy afloat.

    This is simply untrue as Rastani reveals.

    Traders and investors are just like corporations, they are only interested in the bottom line. If this means profiting off of an economic downturn while their neighbors are foreclosed on and their entire nation is robbed blind then so be it. As long as the cash keeps coming in, who cares?

    Speaking of the current global economic meltdown unfolding around us, Rastani says, “I’ve been dreaming of this one for three years.”

    He also reveals the mindset of many a trader in saying, “I go to bed every night, I dream of another recession. I dream of another moment like this.”

    He then gives the example of the market crash of the 1930s which was not only a market crash but an opportunity for some people to make a lot of money.

    After his frank statements the presenter says, “If you could see the people around me, jaws have collectively dropped at what you’ve just said.” I guess she wasn’t expecting him to tell the truth.

    Full Article at The Intel Hub

    We may look at Mr. Rastani as a greedy Wall Street psychopath whose sole purpose in life is to profit from the misery of others, but keep in mind he’s not alone. At least he came out and told the truth, no matter how ethically or morally deprived it may be. Now consider that there are thousands of people just like him, many of them in much higher positions within the financial and economic infrastructure – people who make the decisions that affect the lives of billions of people worldwide. Like Mr. Rastani, they don’t care what happens to the pleebs. Their concern is only themselves and their direct interests.

    Alesio Rastani’s candid musings should be taken seriously – because this is what’s going on behind the scenes. Short term profit (money and power) is the motivation for him and others – the stability of the system be damned.

    There is no single person who we can blame for what has happened and what will happen in the future. The system is a monster and it is the collective consciousness, which in this case is a culture of greedy me-first thinking, that is eating up our economy and financial systems like the cancer Rastani mentions.

    They will not stop until the host is dead.

    Take Rastani’s advice, because he, like many of us,  understands that the system we have come to know, the system we have entrusted to protect our assets and our lives, is nothing but a sham designed for the few to profit while the majority suffer.


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      1. A small joke and i hope i don’t insult Hindus like Mr Rastani,

        There is this indian guy who lives in London, and goes to the shop for some toilet paper.

        – Good morning my dear sir. I would like some toilet paper please.
        – Here is this Perfect paper which costs 2 pounds. There is the HalfPerfect which costs 1,5 pound. And here is this no name brand which costs 0.25 pounds.
        – Ok my most dear sir, i will take the no name paper please.

        So our Indian guy takes the paper and leaves. One week later he returns to the shop and says to the shop owner:

        – Dear sir, i have found a name for your no name toilet paper.
        – And what is this young man?
        – “John Wayne”, the Indian replies.
        – John Wayne?, asks the shop owner.How’s that?
        – It’s rough, it’s tough, and takes no shit from Indians.

        Don’t misunderstand my intentions. It’s just a joke.

        Be safe.

        • Hey Manos stick to the greek & gypsy jokes at least your fellow
          countrymen won’t get mad at you. 🙂


        • I remember someone tried to make Chuck Norris toilet paper once, but it had serious problems because it wouldn’t take crap off of anybody.

          • HA! Love it! You know, the toilet paper came about as a result of a staring contest between Chuck and a Kalifornia Redwood–obviously the tree lost!

            Forget about the presidency, Chuck Norris for Fed Chairman!

        • Well, I for one thought that joke was VERY funny.. LMAO.

          • It’s funny for lame brain, low IQ, imbeciles.

            • So, you enjoyed it then.

        • Does anyone know how to cancel a bid on eBay? I put in a $7 bid for a “Mickey mouse outfit” and now it seems I’m only 19 minutes away from owning obama’s entire cabinet

          • I would just throw it away once you get it, you’ll never get the stench of socialism out of that thing.

          • HA’. Hope you have enough ‘behind you’ to pay that “debt”!


        • That joke is a classics … and I liked it! You know it’s a good joke when it makes it’s way around the world and then back again. Great Joke! Manos

          Take care I wish you and your family well.

          Bloodyfellow –

          • Bloodyfellow,

            Thanks for your wishes. I have a couple of quick ones:

            1. How do you scare the shit out of a man?
            You hide behind him and start throwing rice.

            2. What’s the difference between a fetus and a mother-in-law?
            The mother-in-law, has no potential of becoming a human being.

            3. The best one about the Greek prime minister:

            There is this guy stuck in some traffic jam of thousands of cars. Suddenly someone knocks the driver’s window. He takes a look and sees a furious guy, making weird moves. So he lowers the window and asks:

            – What happened. Are you ok?
            – I’m fine, but the prime minister is not. Two hours ago, terrorists kidnapped him and they ask for 20 million euros or else they will pour gas all over him, and put fire . So we made a commitee and ask from drivers on this highway, to give whatever they can.
            – And what each driver gives for this occasion?
            – More or less a liter of gas each.

            • Hahahhahahaaahahaha! Liter of gas!!! 🙂 Hahahhaaaa!!!

            • Here’s a funny one:

              Manos, go eff yourself.

            • Hey, manos,

              What do you call 100 politicians on a bus falling over a cliff?

              A good beginning!









        • Sorry about your stuck caps lock key.

          If you can’t fix it, at least replacement keyboards don’t cost all that much.


        • are you done yelling yet?? lol

        • I think the world is about ready to hit the reset button and correct it self without a lot of bloodshed,There’s no doubt that there will be very hard times for a while til the family farms get operating again and the mom & pop stores, business get going, bartering and trading will be the new norm for most people.40-50 yrs of everyone pitching in doing their part then 20-30 yrs of everyone doing what they’ve been doing for the past 30 yrs,living the high life and spending more money than they have.. then it’s hit the reset button again.No one ever learns from history, they think things can’t happen again. besides how could anyone go about rounding up all the people you mentioned? We could send back all the illegals with one of the people that you mentioned under each arm, take care of a couple problems at the same time.

        • Here – Here!

          Read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( )

          We don’t have to be afraid anymore. We will win!

          • Communism has been relegated to the ash heap of history Mad Max. We want a renewal of the American Revolution. Common sense 3.1 is socialism at best and marism at worse.

          • Move to China already. We don’t want socialism, I want personal responsibility, it’s why I own weapons. Stop being so lazy and wanting to live off the backs of others, get out and do some work.

        • The best things in life ARE free, but where do you think we are going to get food and clean water, if there is a crash? People will riot and pillage stores and people, if they run out of food. People will be out of work. It’s not quite as simple as you make it.

          Jesus is coming back again, as He promised in the Bible, and the world is getting ready for it, whether they know it or not. Unless one trusts Him as his/her Savior for the forgiveness of his/her sins, he/she will perish eternally. Christ is the only perfect Person to ever walk the earth, because He is 100% God and 100% man. And as sure as the sun will rise, He is coming back! That is the main thing that people must be ready for!

      3. The 99% of morons who believe in our current paper fiat system are going to lose everything? Damn straight and to the point. The other 1% that hold precious metals (AU & AG) and irrigated crop lands are going to be just fine when the paper money scheme finally ignites and burns to the ground overnight. A lot of people are not going to make it through this.

        Mike F.

      4. I find it a dark irony that this type of “free market” psychopath, as well as the boobs schooled by their talmudvision and H✡llyw✡✡d, will decry the [much exaggerated] evils of Christendom.

        Consider the prevalence of genocide, war, slavery, usury, and other economic crimes against humanity since the advent of private central banks. There is nothing in Christendom that ever remotely approximated the scale of such crimes against humanity in this age of Judaic financial ascendency and hegemony—nothing.

        The “Renaissance” began the subversion of the Church’s doctrine against usury (taking profit on a loan of money). The failure to teach against usury and the failure to punish usury has led to the enslavement of us all but the usurers.

        • Our Founding Fathers feared centralized banking systems more than standing armies because the banking system could work like a trojan horse, from the inside out and only the shell of the nation would be left.
          You can’t fight what you can’t see.

          • +1 and so, so true

          • +1000 Too true!

      5. LOL

        I think I may be able to adapt this to North American Indians with ease!

        • I’ll be an instant hit at the FEMA reservation.

          Is that what is happening, are we being visited by our Past perhaps and put in our place for karmic balancing? From what I have read, I HOPE NOT!

          Just failed fiat currency number 602…

          Ready the Silver, Hi-Ho!

          I am a proud member of the SHTFPLAN tribe! The survivors!

          • Yes, indeed! We think it’s great that SHTFplan has some of the real few, the real proud, on board as well…

      6. manos, this is likely not a community of the politically correct. don;t worry about it. It is a sad thing, though, when someone must feel compelled to apologize for a joke…..

        As for the story, duh.

        The whole thing is designed to profit the elite. They no longer even bother to hide what they do. Who cares if one guy who knows the game step forward and speaks about it. Everybody already knows.

        The question is, what will it take to stop it? The answer is, it can’t be.

        • Perhaps the dollar descending to it’s intrinsic value will stop it?

          Billionaires breaking glass and hitting the streets of financial centers around the world?

          Two ducks and a goat that get along with each other and myself?

          • There’s reports that more than a few of the defenestration deaths in 1929 were not suicides.

        • I totally agree–not our fault.
          Nothing we could have done to defeat evil like this.
          Not voting?? Didn’t do it.
          Voted the wrong in?? Didn’t do it.
          Belong to the wrong political party?? didn’t do it.
          Cheated a little on your taxes?? didn’t do it.
          Stopping trillions stolen in a few decades just couldn’t have been stopped by us.
          This ‘place’ where we are now…where our nation is now…we would have gotten here faster if not for ‘internet’.
          Good or bad??? Who can say—but thank God for blogs/forums/sites like this one to keep us informed.

          God bless my lost America.

          • “Stand beside her and guide her through the night with a light from above.”

      7. I saw this interview. He comes across as ruthless if you don’t see it all. The bottom line is that he is trying to warn people to prepare for what is coming. I don’t think he is all bad. I really don’t understand enough about trading to know if what he does is wrong. Is he profiting after someone else fails. Or is he harming the system?

        • I think u are right GA Girl. What he is talking about doing is perfectly legal. He is trying to tell people that the S is heading for the fan and he even said u don’t have to be an elite to do well with a downturn. He sounds heartless when he says he doesn’t think about everyone else’s problems, but really, why should he. The bottom line is we are responsible for ourselves and answereable to God. It would be nice to think that everyone watches out for everyone else, but that isn’t the world we live in.

          • Like I tell my kids:

            Just because it’s legal doesn’t make it right.

          • rainyday and Daisy are both right. The US and much of the world suffers from a cancer of irresponsibility on the personal scale. We should pause to consider the job of the trader vs. an ‘investor’ and everyone else. A trader’s entire reason for being is to make money on a trade, whether the market(s) go up or down makes no difference as there are myriad ways to profit from trading. Investors also want to make a profit but ultimately are looking to gain from from increases in value on whatever they choose to fork their effort into. Though the difference is subtle to some when you understand what makes a trader and what makes an investor the difference is substantial.

            Then you have everyone else who refuse to even play, for myriad other reasons, but gamble nonetheless on the overall success or failure of economies at large. None of these choices are inherently evil or good but but folks can’t say Rastani is evil when they submit themselves to fate by not acting in their own best interest. I’d be shocked if the world’s major religions didn’t each have their own sacred texts extolling the virtues of the prudent man storing choice food and oil to preserve himself (and his kin). Take responsibility for your own fate, for no one else has ever been responsible for it– nor ever will!

      8. Gods Creation,

        The weird thing with this guy, was his cold blooded maner to mention the plan.
        For him, and people like him, we are just numbers in charts and statistics.
        So sad.

        • It wouldn’t change anything even if he felt differently.

        • People like Mr Rastani see themselves as the top of the food chain. They are the carnivores; we’re the grazers. When in human history has it been otherwise?

          • Even TRex carnivores may become extinct. Arrogance and nossy behavior, can lead one to a different path than he/she thinks.

            Be safe Hal,

            • I can,t wait to see him make a large short trade and the counter party can not pay and goes bankrupt. I just hope he has a lot of his own money at risk! get prepared, James

      9. Maybe this trader felt the need (guilt) to tip off “the people”.
        Maybe he thinks it is the right thing to do.
        It is always interesting to hear an insider’s take.

      10. I saw this interview before it was posted here.. there are some serious quesions as to whether or not the guy being interviewed was actually who and what he claimed to be.. it is thought that he might be a part of a group who has spoofed such shows before.. I think that they are called the “yes men”, seriously.. apparently, there is a group of people posing to be this or that high powered wall street type and completely fooling certain financial channels / shows..

        But I have no doubt that what he said is pretty much what any trader would think in the provacy of their own cold little hearts..

        • Sam Not Sam….”there are some serious questions as to whether or not the guy being interviewed was actually who and what he claimed to be”…..OK, you post that, but give us no proof that he is NOT legit!! So now what you have done, is to put a question in a person’s mind that this is a spoof, when in reality you have NO idea if what he is saying IS true!!
          I hate when people do this!! I mean, I have family that I direct to this site, hoping to open their eyes to what is coming…and then they read your comment, and start doubting what they are reading! In the future, will you please post what info you have, so we can ALL decide if someone is really who they say they are…or not!! Thanks!

      11. He may dream of a resession but he’s talking about a depression. He’s just a cog in a suit.

      12. It IS about money. The traders are in business to make money. They don’t make monetary or fiscal policy. You can’t blame them any more than you could blame a car salesman for the problems with GM or Ford or Chrysler. It’s naive and ignorant to expect a trader to have anything else in mind except the interests of his clients.

      13. I believe he was totally legit. I watched the video yesterday, too. But again, if this video were shown on the MSM, would it be ignored? Of course it would! The normalcy bias wins most of the time. Greed runs this world and this guy is just a small part of it. We may not like his message but he was honest in stating it. BBB folks and leave the rest to God.

      14. This guy is wrong. I’m thinking millions times 1000. Cue the steam rollers the size of countries. I have a difficult concept of understanding the different ways how fiat can disappear Mac. I understand that stock shares decline and disappear in value. GDP grinds to a halt. Some people make money when being short or snap up advantages when they appear. Snooze you loose theory. 30 T bills? Even those are valued in fiat.

      15. I have no problem blameing Barney Frank and all the bozos in Massatwoshits that voted for him.

      16. What do we expect this guy, Rastani, to do?

        He is pretty powerless in the face of excessive government borrowing and “quantitative easing”. You might want to equate him with a surfer who is taking advantage of the big waves. He can’t change the surf so why not surf on the big ones?

        The worse you can say about Rastani is that people like him are opportunists. Also, he takes his chances. That is unlike people who get into positions of government power and then do their damnedest to manipulate regulations and trends so as to meet their own expectations and/or to implement their own ideas of how the world should be.

        • I appreciate the fact that he’s warning people to get prepared! He’s out to make money, sure…but he pulled no punches!! This is what I’ve been trying to tell my family…get your money out of your 401K and other savings accts…buy food and ammo!!If you leave your money in a 401K you might as well kiss it goodbye!! The Government IS NOT watching out for us…THEY are the ones that are robbing us blind!!!

      17. Assuming this isn’t some hoax, I for one appreciate Mr. Rastani’s honesty. Too bad we can’t get the Fed and the IRS to do the same thing.

      18. Savings will vanish? or investment money will vanish?

        To me when someone uses the word “Savings” that means to me money people have earned and put into a savings account in a bank or better a credit union..

        so , how would this affect a “savings” account? they cant take money out of my savings account..right?

        its a legit question, any answers??

        • They can and do take the money from your savings and use it to make investments into other things. they retain a certain percentage, in order to deal wit people wanting to change their balance (withdraw say 10% of the savings).

          But what he is most likely referring to is rapid inflation, which means although the numbers don’t change, the value of those numbers are rapidly shrinking.

          you *need* your savings to grow at a rate of three to five percent *at this point in time*, for your savings value to remain static. that is, the numbers must go up by at least that much to avoid your wealth being destroyed.

        • At this point VRF I’d say the Gov’t. can and will do whatever it wants!! But I’m assuming he’s talking about 401K’s and other retirement plans…for now! Like I said…who is going to stop Obama and his thugs? Congress?? HA!!! They’ll be right in line behind him!!!

          • “For now” is right. Who’s to say that some sunny day TPTB are going to start researching individual IRAs and CDs and savings accounts and say, “Whoa! He/she’s got quite a little pile there. And to think some people are third generation welfare and don’t have a dime. Shameful. Positively un-American. Have to start spreading the wealth around. Yep – gotta be done.”

        • a sense, teachers, police officers, firefighters’ money invested with their unions was ‘savings’, but didn’t they get screwed?
          401s and pensions are in a sense ‘savings’, but aren’t many getting screwed??

          • Absolutely! My friend worked at a large chemical co. and retired two years ago. She felt something was “in the wind” and took a lump sum pension. Said as of last year new hirees are not being guaranteed a pension AT ALL! Her husband has been in computer field for over 25 years & still working. His 401k has taken a nosedive; he’s lost about 80% of investment. The old money fortresses have turned into ramshackle hovels with broken windows and money flying out helter skelter.

        • Easy to deny you access in a digital world. Possesion is 90% of ownership. FDIC insurance would be worthless in case of a run on several banks.

        • Unfortunately, they can take money out of savings accounts and any retirement account you may have. Just look at what happened in Argentina in 2001! I lived there when the SHTF. People lost everything – retirement accounts, bank accounts, homes, etc. Seeing ATM and bank lines stretching two city blocks became an everyday norm for the first couple of weeks. It’s scary! Keep some cash stashed away in your house. Small denominations and rolls of coins will work well.

      19. so is he saying trader or traitor?

      20. And Goldman Sachs and its alumni runs the US Government.

      21. I don’t consider Mr. Rastani to be depraved or immoral. He has a job to do and he has a responsibility to his clients. He redeemed himself by sincerely trying to get the word out on main stream media to the average man and woman on the street to prepare now for what is coming i the next 12 months. If anything I would consider his interview heroic because that may be the last time we see him in the main stream media. He will almost certainly be blacklisted by the powers that be.

      22. i thought this was debunked as a joke. like the site, but when this was attempted to be validated by the bbc, it was found to be a hoax. I don’t disagree w/some of his statements, but lets not further a hoax.

      23. I recently talked to my uncle who works for the air force. He is very wise and a straight shooter on everything. He is VERY knowledgable. For the first time, since I have known him he gave me a very stark timeline of events. Basically, the breakdown of society in the United States will start some time in 2012. 2013 is the end game. He is VERY WORRIED about what lies ahead and how it will exactly unfold. For this to be coming out of my uncles mouth really concerns me and validates everything that I have believed was going on for some time now.

        • Tony – next time you talk to your uncle, you might ask him if he knows even more than he is telling you but is required to keep mum on certain subjects. Not blaming him in any way/shape/form (in fact, he sounds like an uncle of mine who served in WWII and was much-admired straight shooter also) but the military does have its secrets. Would be interesting to know.


          It’s from a scripture in Genesis (can’t remember chapter/verse, sorry), but #13 refers to rebellion against God’s constituted authority.

          #13 is also revered number to the occultists/Luciferian/Kabbalists/Synagogue.of.Satan/TPTB whatever you want to call them. They take #6 as “man” plus #7 as their “perfected man” & together = 13.

          They also sometimes magnify it with 13 x 13 x 13 = 39. Think: WW2 1939, for instance.

          There’s a recent guest article at Henry Makow’s site re an old novel entitled “The 39 Steps” in which the “fictional” plot unfolds an Orwellian plan. The plot first blames the Jewish cabal but then turns around & says that isn’t true. Evidently the book was made into movies in decades gone by. But it is being remade into yet another movie in the Here & Now.

          Good to know what your uncle said. I’ve often wondered, due to the false hoopla re 2012 Mayan bunk, if the 2012 fiasco was/is just a diversion & to keep people hyped. Then when 2012 passes by & all is well & everyone relaxes, then boom… they pull a big “rebellion” in 2013.

          • PS & fwiw: When TPTB instigate WW3, it supposedly will only last 13 weeks (91 days) per former “insider,” Doc Marquis.

        • Yep. Attention whore. Not a trader by profession.

      24. Illegitimi non carborundum

        • +1

      25. Funny, I heard that it was TRIED to be proven a hoax but that the BBC was able to prove he is bonafide. Of course the PTB wanted to discredit him and would have done their best to do so.
        Who knows. The message is still there..

      26. The guy has either grown a pair or a conscience. Either way I could see an accident befalling him for telling the truth. But at any rate making money is his goal. I just can’t see how having lots of 1’s and 0’s or PM by the trickload is going to help once the poo hits the rotary cooling device. Maybe once its all over but you can’t eat computer code or PM while people are fighting over a slice of stale bread. Its happened many times before ww1 Europe and depression in Europe and here, ww2 Russian front, pre marshall plan Europe and in about any socialist country. Yes PM and money are nice to have but I’ll take knowledge, skills, training, and basic preps over being a CEO or trader on wall street without any skills in the real world.
        I know people who are gifted in banking and corporate skills but can’t change oil, tires, or catch a fish. Luck all

      27. This fella just might have redeemed himself in the eyes of God for having used this opportunity to come forward on the BBC and tell the world what his people are truly all about.

        These sociopaths will keep trying to make money until there is no currency left that hold any value at all…then they’ll try to control the tangibles market…food, water, electricity,medicine etc. to the point that the sheeple will die in desperation so that they may continue to live in splendor.

        All these men, their entire class need to be retrained after TSHTF to do something that gives back to humanity if we even let them live.

      28. I have an option to clear out the existing balance of my pension account early next year. If our monetary system holds out until then, I will be taking advantage of this and cleaning out my account of every cent I can take.

        While doing so means I forfeit the last few years I have accrued as far as years worked required to retire, but I don’t care. I can see what is coming.

        • I here you but I also know of a way that you can make a lot of money when stocks are going down. I would be glad to show you how and what to look for. Email me at [email protected] and I will give you some idea of what I have in mind.

      29. New historical moment for “” That is noting the loss of peoples savings over a period of twelve months. I think it began in the summer of 08, but it continues to this day. Middle class America’s “savings” was often defined in the terms of home equity that is long gone.

        It amazes me that a country focused on “jobs” does not think about getting the 4 million foreclosed homes back into the market place at new low values – people would actually be able to afford today’s housing in many markets (my new payment is $527 a month) and its the loan is something I have enough silver and gold on hand to pay off any time I want. When people buy these homes they have to rehab them, and that means JOBS but our government would rather spend over $200k a new public union employee than what matters to people.

        • Jim: I thought I read that there were 8 million foreclosures instead of four, but maybe 8 is the number under water. At any rate it is about time for the banksters to unload their real estate at bargain basement prices.

          Potential buyers should make a really ridiculous low ball offer. They will get the message. I told my broker, this is my offer, tell them to take it or leave it. I will not accept a counter. And I didn’t.

          As for video. I saw it yesterday. He is talking recession not depression. Independent traders like him make money in a recession. In a depression he would be selling apples on the street … that is if he doesn’t jump out of the closest window first.

          • If we all just cut the useless parasite “brokers” out of the deal – deal FACE TO FACE and in CASH, these parasites would all wither and DIE – credit cards, real estate “brokers”, etc… If you can buy with cash – do so and starve them!

        • and thise public union gubmint-type employees will be filling someone’s warped quota or socio/political itinerary so don’t expect merit to factor in to who gets the job that cost $200K to create.

        • Jim,

          Sometiems I think you are the only sane person here.

          • That doesn’t include you.

      30. That’s right. Even gold can’t save. But if you must have at it!

        I’m not afraid anymore!

        The Revolution has started –
        Read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( )


        • You should be afraid. Be very afraid.

          You’re obviously as sharp as a tomato. You’ve had folks on this site advise you that you are promoting marxism with you revo2 BS site.

          Now please, STFU!

      31. when it all goes down and there’s blood running in the streets I have but two questions:

        1) How long before the electricity goes off (maybe permanently)

        2) How long will the water be drinkable before I have to whip out the Katadyn filters?

        Everything else is going to happen whether I care or not…I just need more time to get out of Sugar Land and set-up a low-profile OTG stead in the sticks with some kind of income….

        If I run out of time there will be a lot of dead looters stacked up around my firing position the second some fool takes a shot in my neighborhood’s direction.

        • #1. Approximately 3-4 days

          #2. 2 days after #1

          • Of course #2 depends on the population denisty of your area. If you’re talking about Sugar Land, TX. Been there, very populous, make it 1/2 a day.

        • Reeeeallly….got a few hundred thousand rounds do you? You can fend of 30 or 40 individuals converging on your house or “retreat” who are armed? Who might have improvised explosives or molotov cocktails? You must be a great shot! Or wait, you got your M2 Browning 50 cal. right? Mounted in your front window? You gonna take em’ all out right and all you will hear is the loud booms and jingling brass? Right? BEAUTIFUL MAN!

          Good luck with that one…

          • when all peaceful options are exhausted and the enemy is at your door you’ve got two choices….fight or die. Luckily I’ve got two prefessional LEO’s and a couple of veterans in my immediate circle of neighbors who feel the same way.

            OBTW…if you can engage your adversary with your weapons at a distance beyond accurate handgun, shotgun, AK or SKS range (300 to 600 yards+) you might not have to fight them at close range because they’ll think the wiser and find somebody easier to pick on.

            I’m not hoping this scenario becomes a reality…but I am banking on it since it’s the way every multi-class, pluralistic society fragments and falls when the illusion of abundance/equality dissolves along with the public-funded police presence.

            God’s creation, don’t mock me…if it got as bad as it already has in Yugoslavia, Argentina, Somalia etc…you’d want to be living on my street.

      32. My home I built and moved from 4 years ago—1700 sq ft, 2 bedroom, with inground pool, huge wrap-a-round porch, 1 1/2 acre just went to a contractor for 60K–he sold it next week for 120K.
        Great buys are out there.

        • JJ: For sure. You make money when you buy, not when you sell and that applies to every asset class.

      33. The root of the problem is money. Money used to serve two purposes. A medium of exchange, and a store of value. Now, money is still a medium of exchange, but it is no longer a store of value. It’s just paper.(Or even just digits in a computer.) That’s why people are now buying tangible assets, such as PMs, food, guns & ammo, because paper has no real value, but real things have some value. Ask the Zimbabweans. What’s their paper worth these days?
        Until we get the value back into money, the system will continue to fail the common man and enrich the financial manipulators. That’s why people are talking about the gold standard, because then money would be a tangible asset with real value, not just printable out of thin air paper. It doesn’t even have to be gold. It can be anything people consider valuable and are willing to use as a medium of exchange. (Gold and silver get my vote)
        The other problem is Fractional Reserve Banking, a form of leveraging other people’s money,(which means fraud) but that’s a post for another day.

      34. @ Death N Taxes
        Those are two good points. I’m about 52 miles NE of Sugarland. I have been trying to figure out how to do some solar….& purchase some water filtration as well.
        While I have a good well & generators….I can get water out of the ground for a while…but if fuel runs short or an EMP damages the generators….then I’m in trouble.
        I have a good number of 5 gallon water jugs on hand….but they will only last so long. I will also need water for our 3 horses ( transportation ) . I understand what you mean about getting out of Sugarland…as that whole area out to Rosenberg or further has seen incredible growth over the past 10 – 15 years. We have been having the same in Montgomery County, but not quite as bad. I am fortunite that most of our neighbors are “country folks” & they can & will band together to protect each other. While my wife would like to move further out…I don’t see that happening before the SHTF timeline….so I’m trying to just be ready to dig in. With my 10 acres…I can make quite a perimiter wall of dead looters as well. If anyone has any suggestions for how they built a workable solar system please pass along information. I am also trying to learn more about water filters…some have ceramic filters that are supposed to be able to be cleaned….some have disposable filters ? I would also appreciate any reccomendations on what is the best long term solution. If I get a filter that works for a couple of months & then I run out of filters….I’m still toast. I guess I could stock up on purification pills….but shelf life could be a problem. I want to be in the position that if it takes a couple of years before things come around…that I don’t run out two weeks before that !
        Montgomery County Texas

        • We had our well guy install a hand pump on our well. It can be done even on a drilled well that is over 100′ deep. Now I can sleep at night.

        • Montgomery County Texas…..very nice mix of rural and sticks….love the people out there too; feels like the REAL Texas instead of a dorm community of high-dollar lawyered-up chumps and their prissy wives who can’t even cook (like Sugar Land.)

          Look into Big Berkey and Katadyn for water filtration and stock up on filters…another option is using clear 2L bottles on a sheet of corrugated tin or aluminum & letting UV radiation kill bacteria in gathered water after you’ve gravity filtered it through several layers of T-shirt material.

          • Death & Taxes: Sugarland? I can remember when the highest and best use of Sugarland was for a pet cemetary!

      35. And the PTB say not only are we not in a depression; but that technically we aren’t even in a recession.. sure.. right..

        Highest unemployment rates August 2011
        El Centro, Calif. 32.4
        Yuma, Ariz. 29.4
        Merced, Calif. 17.5
        Yuba City, Calif. 17.0
        Stockton, Calif. 16.1
        Modesto, Calif. 16.0
        Fresno, Calif. 15.8
        Visalia-Porterville, Calif. 15.7
        Hanford-Corcoran, Calif. 15.3
        Palm Coast, Fla. 14.9

        • Interesting how eight of them are in Mexifornia. Where is Detroit? Is it not counted because there is no employment at all?

          • Most of Detroit is on welfare, not unemployment so that doesn’t count in the numbers.

            But that will change on October 1st thanks to Michigan’s new welfare cap law.

            • Will be verrry interesting to see what happens when those 12,000 families go outside to get their mail that day and – surprise! – no free money. Welcome to reality, folks. I have opened our mailbox the first of every month for the last 25+ years and – surprise! – no free money. Oh, the disappointment…the heartache…

        • SNS: Obviously Illegals being subsidized by taxpayers. They probably make more on unemployment than in the workforce.

          I was talking to a (white) kid from PA working as a janitor at the University where I am at for the summer. He’s making $9 an hour and living in his tear drop trailor with his two dogs and a cat named Heather. (Hey I’m not making this stuff up!)

          Anyway after taxes he probably clears $260-275 a week for putting in 40 hours a week, but he has good health care. (Its the VET bills that kill him) Anyway, he is taking a couple of classes so he is moving in the right direction.

          AZ unemployment max is $240 a week. Go figure!

      36. I read somewhere this guys a fake but I still agree with him!

        • Please post what you “have read somewhere” so we can ALL read it…or don’t say anything!! Sheesh!!!

      37. What savings? Ain’t got nothing but my truck and my guns 🙂

        • You can’t eat either of those! Get some food!

      38. I also believe that this guy is a fake, but faking for the best, most altruistic, of reasons. Maybe he is part of an activist group. Obviously he was chosen because he has such an appealing delivery. Even when he is trying to talk tough it comes across as charming. He only stumbles about in his speech in response to her question. Maybe he had to ad lib or remember the answers to a list of possible questions. It is just my impression. Maybe he is legit, either way the message is important.


      40. I am a trader by profession and I can tell you with great degree of confidence that we will not have a crash this autumn, nor for the next 4,5 years.
        The technical analysis of the american dollar is suggesting that a total crash (that is 100% destruction) is to be expected in 2016/2017, not sooner.
        At present, the American dollar is on its bumpy way UP. It is slowly getting stronger while everything else is weakening. It may surprise you but that is actually very healthy.
        In a worst case scenario everything goes down the toilet bowl. Nothing resists, including Gold.
        In THE END GAME nothing has any value except essentials: food, shelter, drinking water, clothes etc. that is if you survive it.

        • You sound like a OP’sM kind of guy.

        • Ok, now that’s what I wanted to see…proof that this guy isn’t all he claims to be…but on the other hand…all I can see is that he claimed to be a trader…not the BEST trader, but a trader, and the article does say he does do some trading…and look how he is being attacked!! I guess “They” don’t like anyone letting the cat out of the bag….BEFORE “They” are ready!!!

      41. Rastani is just some lone trader telling people what really happens. He is not running the game, just playing in it. He’s warning people to get prepared and hopefully this will wake up more people.

      42. I want you all to consider this –
        in the case of classical economical collapse/depression the money CAN NOT DISAPPEAR! if the money system survives, then all that money in your saving accounts and 401K will not disappear. they will simply “change location”. and guess where? yes you are right into the pockets/accounts of the elite.
        what happens when money is devaluated? simple explanation – middle class Joe who had 5000$ put away for a rainy day becomes 5$. while the Mr Rockefeller who had 50 000 000 000 gets to own 50 000 000$ Joe is broke, Rocky lives on as nothing has happened.
        What happens when stock market crashes? Joe has invested 5000$ into some shares or any other stock market mambojumbo, during the crash this is going on – 5000$ of shares gets dumped for 3000$ (2000 goes to Rocky)then those 3000$ buys new shares and rebounds a little – 3200$(-200 for Rocky) (Joe sighs with relief) then it goes down and the shares are sold again now and Joe sits with only 1500$ (1700 goes to Rocky) and finally the process gets repeated and Joe sits with 5$ (if any) while Rocky owns 50 000 004 995$. Joe goes hungry, his family is destitute and Rocky can buy a new carpet to his door…
        the only situation when money can disappear is when the entire monetary system of entire world disappears. i.e. only when money as a concept is totally and irrevocably destroyed. and even then the elite will come out of it on top of us.

        manos, I just remembered the story you told about that woman who committed suicide because of debt… well, Lithuania has been famous for being the number 2 by the quantity of suicides per 1000 inhabitants (No1 is Rumania if I am not mistaken) So I know all to well these stories. That is why I wish we will see the reset button pushed in a near future.
        There was one particular story in Lt that grabbed me by the throat. A guy, husband and father of a girl, drives the highway from Kaunas to Vilnius. He gets stuck in a traffic jam on top of a tall bridge near Kaunas. He sits there listening to the news and music, suddenly he gets out and jumps off. Later we learn that he lost his job 6 months earlier, bank took away his flat and family feeds only what their parents can share with them…

      43. The proverbial shit is on its way to the fan. Do NOT stand in front of the fan. Get far away.

        FINALLY, The shit is gonna hit the fan!!!!!

        • Do not stand BESIDE the fan. The majority of the F.M. goes out radially to the axis of rotation. (How that applies to our current situation is left as an exercise for the student.)

        • It sounds like you are looking forward to it. Lets pray it doesn’t happen. Though it probably is inevitable. It will be horrible.

      44. It is not that they’re going to take away your savings, They simply are not allowing anyone to save, by keeping commodities artificially high so one is forced spend and spend and never save and save.
        How’s that for corruption?

      45. My wifes and my retirement are in 503b. The only way to get this money out is to die or quit/retire/ leave our jobs. Our Money is prisoner to those on wall street and wall street aint taking hostages these days. Sucks to be us. We stopped investing in 2008 and are paying off our debts with the extra! Anyone who thinks a class war isnt already on the way, may want think again and decide what side are you on. If people act like they envy you, have they ever said “It must be nice to ______” (fill in the blank) That envy will turn into H8 when people start losing the things they covet and love.

        • Claymation, I’ve heard tales of lots doing just that–leaving their jobs to get at it before they lose it.

          • JJ, I have heard that too. It is just not a possibility for us. We are just lucky to have the jobs we do. We live in a very rural area of NY,and unemployment has always been a problem. My wife and I have joked before that a receesion in our area is a step up from whats been going here locally for way to long. We just stopped putting money in and can only pray for the best and prepare for the worst. Peace!

            • Rural W.Va. is same re unemployment, stores closing, nearby factories shutting down, etc. Like you, we pray for best & prepare for worst. House & cars paid for, no extraordinary debt, food purchased on sale, clothes and household items from consignment shops and yard sales. Hubby came home crowing about two ties he purchased from neighbor up the road this past Saturday – both excellent quality – for 50 cents each. I found a brand new crockpot at Goodwill last winter for $2. Saving money can be fun – it’s all in how you look at it!

        • I feel for you Claymation! Me and my wife are unemployed, lucky that we got our child when wife was still working, so now we have one year left of child support. Otherwise it would have been relocation to BOL a year ago…
          also you are so right about class war. Now I do not want to sound like a bloody commie, but when SHTF, the only thing I will extend towards a former millionaire in need will be cold steel!

          • No offense, but if what you say is true about how you feel regarding “millionaires”, then you should also resolve to never accept a job from anyone except a poor person. A really, really poor person.

            • well, I do feel exactly like that. but regarding job, principles are a very expensive thing. and I will accept a job even from such bastards as Monsanto. yet when SHTF I will still do what I said.
              I intend to wait it out and then … chop-chop 😀

      46. Here we go with another prediction and another 12 months from now . Do you really think if there was any validity to what he was saying they wouldn’t have cut his speech off ??? Cmon now

        • if he winds up dead like the entire SeAL team that allegedly took-down Bin Laden, or like Matt Simmons we’ll know then if he was telling the truth.

        • sorry I was having a manic outburst again

      47. “Instead of operating from a plush office in Canary Wharf Mr Rastani works and lives with his partner Anita Eader in a £200,000 semi in Bexleyheath, south London. The house, complete with a mortgage from Royal Bank of Scotland, belongs to her not him.

        They go on to say that Mr. Rastani actually owns a public speaking business and admitted to being a part time trader and full time “attention seeker.” Worst part: he’s got about $1,542.70 in the bank and his trading assets are $15,737.17 in the red.”

        • Great —two good news in one day…this guy is full of chit; and my canned butter is good for years; no butulism.

      48. I noticed the trader did not mention how he intends to beat the crash. I have studied it for a while.
        Gold and Silver: Probably not. It is too easy for governments to change the trading rules so the metal becomes worthless. France is already in process of trying this. Limiting the amount of purchase, purchases only by credit card, etc.
        So far I have one problem with it all. What are the elite doing about it? They have the most to lose! I have faith in their greed.
        By the present rules, the only survivors might be Amish farmers. They at least have made themselves semi-independent of the money system.
        Even they have to pay taxes on the real estate they own. So they have a need for money to survive the parasites in government.
        I have always been afraid of the stock market for amateurs. I am definitely ignorant of the rules. I can see the Security Exchange people knocking on my door wanting to know how I have inside information on this or that. That is the curse of knowing something before hand on gut instinct. One wealthy man I know of has used his irritated stomach to determine his choices for years. His stomach knows better than his brain what is going to crash and what is going to win big time. He is a billionaire.
        He also has a battery of lawyers. He knows the rules and how to get around them.
        The problem with any society that depends on labor to get things done is you have to pay the laborers if you want them to work.
        Part of that payment is insurance that they will be taken care of in their old age when work is no longer an option. Social Security and pensions have been the answer to that for the last 70 or so years. Ever since the 30s that has been the great Ponzi scheme of the elite to keep the rest of us in line.
        Well, the rules are shifting that scheme out from under all of us. The danger in doing so is a general rebellion amongst a part of your population that has absolutely nothing to lose.
        Most of us old folks have anywhere from 5 to 25 years left to live if the insurance statistics are any indication of truth.
        One way or another, anything we have made during a lifetime of labor is going to be gone. Most of us will lose everything we own due to medical bills. The rules are set up to recycle everything we have saved over a lifetime in a few years of bad health from things like heart disease, cancer, diabetes, Parkinson’s, MS, or you name the disease and someone old will get it.
        Most of these terminal patients are mobile. If they go to jail, the government pays the freight on their diseases.
        If they have been total dead beats most of their lives and have nothing, then Medicaid will come in after 60 days and take over payments to the Medical people.
        So someone out there, please tell me why anyone in their right mind would bust their selves up working for a living when the carrot has been eaten by the elite?
        The danger here is that if the carrot is gone, these people have nothing to lose . . .

        • “Gold and Silver: Probably not. It is too easy for governments to change the trading rules so the metal becomes worthless.”

          You are talking about “paper”. The actual metal is being managed by manipulating “paper”. It won’t last; you can’t just change 5000 years of history. By and hold physical!

      49. Like him, I have given up on warning people: most people are brain dead and stuck in a world of reality TV. They are done: crisp.

        I lived through the collapse of Communism and what happened afterwards. It was both the worst of times and the best of times. If you were tough, sharp and willing to take the opportunities, then you had a blast and made a ton. If you were clueless and put your faith in politicians, then you got run over.

        I am looking forward to the collapse because it will wipe out the zombie companies, and the zombie people. It will re-set the marketplace and will open up huge opportunities for the smart and hard working.

        Welcome the new times and the restoration of real work and real wealth.

      50. Is this me or is this you?
        No, It’s me

        • WAIT a minute….. I’m confused who is me, I thought it was you but it is me, isn’t it?? Oh well maybe I’ll find a nice man who wont confuse me….

          sorry to rant all

      51. Amazing, cause when I do venture out I stlll see bumper to bumper traffic, and assholes riding my tail. I still see those Ipods and blackberrys doing well, I still see damned near everybody with a cell phone, I know those things aren’t free, I don’t need one. I still see those high cost LCD tv’s in everybodys house (but mine) and I’m sure nobody but ME here is still on “dialup” ISP

        So I don’t know who it is that’s “cutting back” except ME of course, but than I always been hanging on the bottom, smirks.

        • Seen on a bumper sticker:
          “Don’t try to keep up with the Joneses. Drag them down to your level.” 🙂

      52. Speaking of TP… Most of the world trades in USD fiat currency. When our USD returns to it’s true value of zero, then the TP will be a very valuable asset to own.

        What would you rather have:
        a) food and an outhouse with a 1000 rolls of TP, or
        b) 400 pre-1964 quarters?

      53. anyone do a background on mr. rastani? morons!

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