The Rapture: May 21, 2011 @ 6:00 PM Local Time

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    Followers of well-known Christian TV and radio host Harold Camping are preparing for the End of Days, slated to occur tommorow, May 21, 2011 at 6:00 PM in your local time zone.

    Camping, who has made a living from his California based Family Radio Christian network since 1958 and has assets totaling in excess of $25 million, has been preaching since 2008 that the end of days would occur on exactly this day, at exactly this hour. While the exact number of his followers is not known, Camping’s success shows that they number in the tens of thousands world-wide.

    Many of them believe tomorrow is it. It’s the beginning of the end. According to Camping’s interpretation of biblical prophecy, May 21 will begin with cataclysmic natural events at 6:00 PM around New Zealand and progress around the world every hour. That means at 6:00 PM tomorrow, no matter where you are in the world, you can expect earthquakes and other disasters. The rapture will kick off shortly thereafter with only a chosen few being taken to heaven. If you’re still on earth after the rapture, you can expect Armageddon – total destruction of everyone and everything on the planet. By October 21, 2011 it will all be over and the earth will reportedly be completely destroyed.

    The Holy Bible, in Matthew 24:36, says, “No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.” Apparently, however, Brother Camping figured out the calculations necessary to determine when the end is nigh. According to Camping, the rapture begins exactly 7,000 years after Noah’s flood, and that day happens to be May 21, 2011.

    It’s noteworthy to mention that Mr. Camping predicted the end of the world back in 1994, after which he claimed that his numbers were off. This time he’s certain.

    He’s so sure, in fact, that hundreds, if not thousands, of his followers have liquidated their bank accounts to either enjoy their last days on earth or to donate those funds to the May 21, 2011 awareness campaign. Many of his die-hard believes are absolutely convinced.

    We have no doubt that the world will end – eventually. We do however, have our doubts about tomorrow being that specific day, simply because so many “prophets” have made the same failed predictions for hundreds of years.

    We’ll report back to our readers on May 22 with more info…or not.


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      1. Nice countdown clock Mac!  This will only happen in California.  There’s been a run on purple robes & white sneakers.

      2. …and plastic bags.

      3. …….With zippers!

        Does this mean the price of gold will go up?

      4. Not sure but the price of purple Kool-aid just went up.

      5. Oh noes, weesa gonna die!!!!!
        A little Jar Jar Binks humor for ya there.

      6. This so-called church (501c3 whore) hasn’t divested themselves of their $72 million fortune.  They’re still raking in the donations from their resident sheep.
        <b><i>There is NO rapture</b></i>…Jesus will return at the end of the tribulation, as far as I can tell it isn’t the end yet…
        See for further details…
        GMAFB – no apologies, nope, nada, none…

      7. Time to change channels, gold is going up and so are we.

      8. Nothing is going to happen as usual. If something does happen, the Fed will print more dollars and we’ll all be saved. After all, Wall Street and the banksters are doing Gods work and helping us.

      9. The idiots that believe this bigger idiot are …  well, there is no word.
        They deserve what they get.

      10. So has “brother” Camping liquidated his $27 million dollar assets to join to he prince of peace in heaven? My guess? … probably not and people like him are the reason I stay away from 501c3 propaganda centers. After all:
        “For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them.” ~ Mathew 18:20

      11. I will have my “prepare for Y2K” book safely tucked underneath my pillow tonight. Just in case!!!

      12. Who else can we bomb for “humanitarian” reasons before we run out of time tomorrow?

      13. Jesus love me this i know, for the bible tells me so.
        We will all go to be with the lord when he is ready. The bible tells us the not even the Angels in Heaven know the date and time. What makes these people so much more deserving than gods Angels.
        Either way, the truth is that we will all be by his side, yes even the worst, but it is our own spirits as part of God that will learn through many lives. And we will continue to learn through every incarnation until our souls get it right. We screw up to much like the likes of AH, OB then we go right back into the womb, not even a chance to visit back home in heaven like those of us that are doing our best.
        The true God and his son love us, would you ever kill your child because they haven’t listened to you or learned the lessons you want them to. No you would keep trying until they learned in their own time. Until they get it right. You just don’t throw them away, and neither does God or Jesus. We will all be with him one day. EVERYONE!

      14. A little humor, a little common sense.

        You’d think if they were in it for the money though, they’d have the common sense to give it a little more time. Tomorrow is going to be so awkward if they’re wrong.

      15. Who ever is carrying the football this weekend, DON’T let Oboma play with it.

      16. No shit. Today i paid my credit card. I could have spend the money in sins.
        Mr IMF did.  🙂

      17. First of all, let me say, I am a Christian, and do believe in the return of Jesus, and in the rapture.

        However, I would love to get “Epic Fail” signs and slap them over all of Camping’s billboards, lamp post signs, etc. tomorrow evening.

        We’ve had our share of nut cases traipse through our congregation with their own pet dates. Will they never learn?

      18. On Monday he will be back to the chalkboard claiming he again mis calculated.  

      19. In the book of says something to the effect that no mortal man , nor angels will even know when that day will come..

        so this is all just mental masterbation people

        and if it does come one day..there aint a dam thing you can do about it, so enjoy the ride that is today..and when the sun comes up tomorrow…do it all over again

        peace out…see you all on the 22nd

      20. How many of these people do you think will wind up commiting suicide after the non-event as they will have nothing left to live for?

      21. It is written: 
        All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness (2 Timothy 3:16)

        Harold Camping is taking a few verses out of the Bible and ignoring other ones – such as has been pointed out above.  This is a common error that many people have made down through the ages.  It happened to William Miller, leader of the Millerites, in 1844 when he predicted the coming of Christ for that same year.  This was known as the Great Disappointment.  Miller, despite being a devout Christian, also ignored the warning from Jesus that no man knows the day or time.  There will be quite a few disillusioned followers come Sunday morning.

      22. uhmmmm , the world is going tooo end ….
        get youur self together mannnn 🙂

      23. Heh – I’m surprised no one in the MSM has even thought to hit Google to hunt down the “Millerites”. This particular misguided (scam?) has been cranking along now for ages. The Millerites did their thing in the 1830-1840’s. At first the guy thought it would hit in 1843. Then, oops, it didn’t. So he said his math was wrong and that it would hit next year. Judging by our continued presence, guess what didn’t happen? 

        The more things change, the more they remain teh same:

      24. Comments….. I do believe in a rapture and that we are living in the beginning of sorrows as mentioned in the Bible. I do not believe in the May 21st rapture, nor do I believe in the pagan, human sacrificing mayans end of the world time table of Dec 21st 2012 either, both are wrong. I do believe that in the 20’s, just maybe ten years out, that the world will look a lot more depraved, hellish, anarchy and police state with the beast of revelation ruling. Governments around the world, due to no money, will become parasitic on its people to try to stay alive. I foresee a planet resembling a prison soon and that this event and controlled collapse was a well thought out plan of elites behind the scene.

      25. Odd Questioner:  It is my own personal belief that those in power (the elite, the Bilderbergers, Illuminati, etc.) WANT people to believe and be disappointed afterwards.  This accomplishes two things:

        1.  People declare that they no longer believe in God,that He is a farce and part of a fairy tale

        2.  People become desensitized to claims of Christ’s return so that when the real thing approaches, people who aren’t familiar with what the Bible says will say “yeah, sure he’s coming back!  I’ve heard that a hundred times.”

        Both have the desired effect of reducing the number of souls that will be saved and strengthening the control of the elite.


      26. Last chance to order my Rapture Preparedness Kit for $99.99…………….order right now, delivery in 5-10 business days…..

      27. i pity the rubes who deposit their 10% into the wallets of charlatans like this.

        there hasn’t ever been, nor will their ever be, a god.  you’ve all swallowed lies.  i hope the reflux is worth it.

      28. @DigiRonin (Mushroom)…I wouldn’t say nothin’ will happen…it’s events like this that give TPTB an opportunity to pull a false flag. This is a perfect opportunity to HAARP something like the New Madrid and then blame it on a rapture event.

        So keep your eyes open and keep on fillin’ those #10 cans with fresh crisp $10 Fraudulent Reserve Notes.

        @MiVidaLoca…I’d rather believe there is a God to find out there isn’t one than to believe there isn’t one and find out there is…therefore, I believe.

        GMAFB -nope, dream on…


      29. @MiVida – yup, to an extent… but I don’t think it’s the government per se. I think the blame lies squarely on the collective ideology of the folks who make up the majority of the media. 

        After all, if you control the message, you control everything else: politicians will pander to you, (ideological) fellow travelers will amplify your message, even if they don’t quite understand the real logic and reasoning behind it, and in general, you can always get people to pay attention if you add drama or humor to it.

        Insofar as then Christ will return? No idea. It can happen five minutes from now, or it can happen five millennia from now. In either case, it’s all eternity once you’re dead, so the time differential on this side of things doesn’t really matter. When God wants it to happen, it’ll just happen. 

        The whole ‘rapture’ aspect of it was, I suspect, constructed purely by men.  Nothing more, nothing less. 

        As for the atheists among us (trolling or not)? You;re more than welcome to believe (or not) as you desire. No one is stopping you from denial.

        A world “free” from religion? Try China, 1960’s, during the “Great Leap Forward”. 100 million people died from that little pogrom. An estimated 50-70 million people were killed due to the Leninist and Stalinist “purges” of the 1920’s, 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s. 

        QED: Murder, theft, genocide, and empire knows no religion, nor was born of any. Certainly, a tyrant will handily use one as an excuse should the opportunity arise. Otherwise, ideology works just as well.

      30. With tens of thousands of followers I hope they are not serving Kool-aid tomorrow.

      31. I hope he’s off on his time a little bit.  My oldest graduates from high school around 6 pm.  I’d like to at least get through that.

      32. Ham Sandwich that’s a great point. Not only will they have nothing left to live for, but many of them will also have quit their jobs, sold their homes and given away their life savings. That makes suicide an even more probably option. Just goes to show you the amount of harm that false prophets can bring on their followers.

      33. Do you take credit cards Templar?  I want to keep my tp. 

      34. GA Mom- congratulations on getting the first one through high school. Well done.
        Odd Questioner- I’m still pondering the rapture aspect, but DITTO everything else you said! Well put. (I’d say ‘amen’ but people would think I was being sarcastic)
        sam- actually the reflux is a benefit. It moistens the vocal chords so we can preach longer!

      35. $25 million in assets and tens of thousands of hungry, destitute Christians within a 100 mile radius of Harry’s estate — a simple fact of glaring hypocrisy that would seem to elude only those of an IQ below 45 and the moral comparative capacity of a street junkie.
        Consequently, Camping’s ‘rapture bunnies’, with not an ounce of silver, nor a single pouch of Mountain House among them, will soon be found burning their Bibles for heat and feasting upon each others recently expired remains until the actual end arrives. Unfortunately, for these dysfunctional children, whose parents ignored the falling lead paint chips from the ceiling into their Frankenberrys at breakfast, they never completely brushed off the engraved tablet to expose the eleventh commandment… ‘Deal with reality, or it shall surly deal with you’.
        And before any feelings of superiority well up in contrast to these particular mentally deficient fools, let me point out that we have our ‘Campings’ that we cherish and follow in mythological social and economic absurdity as well, although they come in a more sophisticated and cosmopolitan guise in the form of Oprah, news anchors, politicians and celebrities.

      36. $25 million in assets and tens of thousands of hungry, destitute Christians within a 100 mile radius of Harry’s estate — a simple fact of glaring hypocrisy that would seem to elude only those of an IQ below 45 and the moral comparative capacity of a street junkie.
        Consequently, Camping’s ‘rapture bunnies’, with not an ounce of silver, nor a single pouch of Mountain House among them, will soon be found burning their Bibles for heat and feasting upon each others recently expired remains until the actual end arrives. Unfortunately, for these dysfunctional children, whose parents ignored the falling lead paint chips from the ceiling into their Frankenberrys at breakfast, they never completely brushed off the engraved tablet to expose the eleventh commandment… ‘Deal with reality, or it shall surly deal with you’.
        And before any feelings of superiority well up in contrast to these particular mentally deficient fools, let me point out that we have our ‘Campings’ that we cherish and follow into mythological social and economic absurdity as well, although they come in a more sophisticated and cosmopolitan guise in the form of Oprah, news anchors, politicians and celebrities.

      37. I don’t like insulting the religious people here, but don’t you see how stupid all of this makes religion look?
        You can’t just say “well, they’re a crazy sect of Christianity”.
        Every aspect of these cults are all based upon fear of the dark, death and other superstions to make you feel better about it.

        I’m reminded of an excellent quote: “Man will only find freedom when the last tyrant is strangled with the entrails of the last priest”.

      38. I think at this point I am more scared of people, mentally ill or not, rioting out of fear of the end of the world than the return of Christ.

        As a Christian, I think Camping is miserably and wholly incompetent.

        At this very moment, Spain is rioting, although they are doing so for economic reasons, from what I can tell.

      39. I just hope my sect isn’t one of the crazy ones.

        Dave-I CAN say that. In fact I will: “Well, they’re a crazy sect of Christianity”-okie
        Harold Camping does not speak for all Christians. But that brings up another point. There must be something incredibly attractive or incredibly offensive about Christianity for there to be so many counterfeits peddling their version of it. Something has to have value for there to be any reason to counterfeit it. Normally, this is where I’d launch into a brief 6000 word rebuttal of false religions and atheism, but I’ll spare us both the pain of that.
        Also, as a Christian I honestly have a lot less to fear. The dark, death and all the other unknows don’t scare me at all.
        As to your last quote: “Man will only find freedom when the last tyrant is strangled with the entrails of the last priest” Not sure who said that first, and I’m too lazy to look it up, but it is without a doubt the most idiotic thing I’ve ever heard. Who disemboweled the priest and who strangled the tyrant? Did the priest and tyrant think that was ok? If humanity ever reaches the conclusion that there is no god, of any kind whatsoever, then all morality is then relative. At that point there is no restraint on man. When that happens, and thank whichever god you want to that it never will, then the only logical action of man is…ANYTHING HE WANTS TO DO.  When morality becomes relative then it also becomes irrelevant. Man can kill, steal, and abuse and the only restraint is the limit of his desire and his ability. In a truly godless world the only rational thing for me to do is burn my neighbors house, rape his wife, steal his stuff and kill him. Or for my neighbor to do the same to me. After all, in another time or place that behavior would be acceptable, right? Remember, we’re talking a world where man defines all the limits and those definitions change based on time and culture. There is no fixed standard when morality floats with the culture and the times so it’s perfectly ok for a man to do anything he wants. Chaos and the law of the jungle are the only possible results of a truly godless world. I’d rather have the one where there is a God, even if I have to live with the quacks and religious fakers too. 

      40. Well, here at my house, we’re going to celebrate the latest failed rapture with a bunch of beer and a BBQ.  I hate to offend anybody and I know that a lot of folks here are gonna get mad, but the simple truth (the real truth) is that……THERE IS NO GOD.  The person (Jesus) was executed and DIED 2000 odd years ago.  He did not rise from the grave.  No one has ever risen from the grave, not even Dracula.

        And SmokinOkie, you are right.  Morality changes with the time and culture.  It’s been this way for all of recorded history.  Man can kill, steal, and abuse, and the limit is how much the other living men and women in his area of influence are willing to put up with.  When they get sick of it, they haul him in for trial, and imprison or execute, his sorry ass.  No god required for that.  

        We’re on the teetering point between the god-fearing world, and the god-less world right now.

      41. Okie’s right. We have a metric ton of modern examples where religion had no part of the picture, yet tyrants, hatred and crime happily flourished. Most of WWII’s major participants had this problem.

      42. Jonny V–We’ll just agree to disagree on the God opinion. And about the resurrection of Jesus. You’ve got too many good comments throughout this site for me to just write you off. And we sure don’t want to turn this into a purely us vs. them debate on religion. There’s already about 12 million websites elsewhere for that. My main questions for you are these: Is the BBQ southern style? What kind of beer? Can I come dressed as dracula? (I promise not to start preaching at you) 🙂

      43. Wow, there was a lot more let out then we needed to know.  Good on you Okie.  Obama has turned his back on Israel and more.  Watch “Out of Africa” and you might understand if you are a non believer.  Some of you have let yourself down but that is freedom.  You make me proud Okie.  Either Obama has never read the Bible or he doesn’t believe, or both….  It’s in the details that you can’t see with your eyes.

      44. Well Okie, for something as big as another rapture, we’re going with prime grade ribeyes marinated in a nice merlot, with sea-salt and fresh ground pepper.  Side dishes would be risotto of wild mushrooms (Gordon Ramsay makes it Easy, pg 42-43), my own steak topping recipe of mushrooms, orange and yellow bell peppers, purple onions, garlic cloves (lots) and butter, all seared together (blackened).  Might have sweet potatoes on the side, with Tillamook Mud-Slide ice cream for dessert.  Don’t forget the white cheddar (extra sharp) cheese and cracker appetizers…………

        You can wear any clothes you want, as long as you have some on.  The last thing we need around here is another middle aged man running around naked.  🙂

      45. And oh yeah, the beer.  Hate to admit it, but I’m cheap on the beer.  Just regular old MGD.  Got lots of Crown Royal inside if you need an octane booster……..

      46. Cancel my subscription to the resurrection & send my credentials to the house of detention.

      47. Comments…..FOR SALE: Two pounds green bananas, four pounds slicer tomatoes soon, but not soon enough, to be ripe.

      48. I suspect we have someone with some Consciousness, here. 

        @ North Angel

        Yes, 2020 could very well be the epic year. Many who post here won’t see it arrive. It will be the darkest of times, and yet for those who understand the mechanics of Consciousness, the field of all possibilities, it will be the lightest of times for those who abide by Nature’s Laws. 

        The World Is and you Are.

      49. Okay, if the rapture is supposed to happen on May 21, 2011 at 6 p.m. in your own specific time zone…..then I guess we will find out first hand if it is happening on the other side of the world since it is already daytime over there and not far from 6 p.m. In fact, very soon, since it is already 5:15 + p.m. in Kiritimati, Christmas Islands…as I am writing this.

      50. Evidently there are a lot of people that believe this bumpkin. Too bad. Jesus will return, but I am not going to wait with my bags packed. He will come when He gets here,

        Meanwhile, events on the ground do not coincide with biblical prophecy. Anyone that reads Revelation can see that.

      51. How ridiculous that anyone could believe this.  Just maybe it would be more prudent for people to prepare for something real like the collapse of the economy rather than this nonsense.

      52. Templar–Can I get express shipping on the kit?

      53. Comments…..if God was gonna “end the world”, i think He would be smart enough (afterall,he is the one in charge of everything) to not announce his intentions. and so what if he did, and the world in fact ended? well, who cares-we won’t be around. our idiot president has already ended the world as we knew it with his poor decisions and his over abundant arrogance.

      54. Great link, BJ. Thanks! Makes so much more sense now. I knew he had to have been framed. Looks like this puts a kink in the plans for SDR’s. Go figure, the FRN has people in power on its side? I’m confused. I thought the destruction of the dollar was by design, by the PTB, ultimately.
        Sorry I’m off topic guys. As far as the rapture thing goes, I see nothing good coming of this. I hope HamSandwich is wrong, but I don’t think he is. At least it looks like Crusty Camping might get his rapture (read lynching). He’s got to have a plan. What could it be?
        Mike Rivero’s website is down. Some bs ‘domain under construction’ page comes up. WTF?

      55. Comments….. Only God knows when is the judgement day. lets make a deal, if the world will not end at exactly 6:00PM,you will give me 1million $

      56. Time in Greece is 13.05, Saturday the 21st.
        If all goes well, talk to you tommorow, Sunday the 22nd.
        If the world ends we may meet each other to the other side.
        I don’t though, if SHTF PLAN readers go to Heaven or Hell.  🙂
        Be safe everybody and have a beautiful weekend.

      57. gawd told me of this day and PROMISE me I’d live and Be King of all the land once he SMOOT ya heathens! ;0)

      58. Johnny V…..”We’re on the teetering point between the god-fearing world, and the god-less world right now?.

        As a Christian I fundamentally disagree with you, I know there is a God and there will be a Judgment Day but I must say that the statement that you made above is RIGHT ON!

        We are definitely teetering between the 2 worlds…..One between God and Satan. We are definately in the End Times.

        “The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist”.

        Mr Camping is doing Christianity a real disservice.  

      59. Jesus is coming, just probably not today.  No one knows the day or the hour, not even Jesus, only the Father.  Why does this man think he can know when it is clear that God only knows?  The thing we have to do is be sure our heart is right with God whenever Jesus comes.  It is not something Christians should fear, it is meant to save us from this evil world.  If we are born again believers, then being with our Lord will be a good thing.

      60. Durango says “events on the ground do not coincide with biblical prophecy”
        Good grief what planet are you on?  They coincide exactly with Biblical prophecy.
        Great quakes, birds falling out of the sky dead & millions of sea creatures washing up dead [go to], did you know that “Chernobyl” translates as wormwood [google wormwood forest] and RIGHT NOW we have a greater “chernobyl=wormwood” event in Japan.  The days of Noah as Jesus predicted with the great violence [read God’s reason for the flood] and the UFO’s & nephilim [read the Book of Enoch, yeah I know it is extra Biblical]
        And the great sign of “the fig tree” which is Israel & the sign was probably the 67 war where “israel” became whole regaining Jerusalem.
        And now y’alls homeboy BO wants Israel to give it all back.  YOUR POTUS has just set in motion another sign.
        And Daniel [Dan 12:10] and Paul [1 Thes 5] BOTH say that true believers WILL NOT be surprised but for NON-believers Christ will return as a thief.  See the quote everyone uses is mis-used!
        No wonder the nation is in so much trouble for all the Biblical ignorance I read here!
        Back in 2000 on election night I told my ex-wife that GWB would be the last Christian POTUS !
        Durango & all the other “events on the ground do not coincide with biblical prophecy” folks.
        You do not have a clue what you are talking about!  You need to pray for understanding.  & Read Matt 25, the parable of the virgins!

      61. Comments…..Got no koolaide in the house. Gonna have to substitue it with a little Gentleman Jack. Sorry its gonna have to do………

      62. Thanks Harold.  I’m not worried about today at all.  Many things to happen yet. Po’dpatriot, the rainbow pixie sticks will work too.  I’ve been hoarding them for years.  Templar, when is the drop dead time?

        When the people of amerika meet on utube to protest we’re going to have to learn smoke signals before obama hits the internet kill switch.  Any local tribe teaching smoke signals at the university okie?  They’re still holding my horse hostage up in kansas. 

      63. ROFL its already or past 6:00 in some places in the world. Did it end? No. WATCH. Harold Camping will say OH! ITS REALLY JULY 21, 2011 Hahaha my bad. -_- 😀

      64. Matthew 24:36 But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only. THE WORLD ISN’T GOING TO END, That is if God says it is, but I’m trying to say, no idiot like Harold Camping, who started this, is full of it. GOD decides when the world will end. Not no random guy, who ALSO said the world was gonna end in 1994. Plus, why did he say 6:00 P.M. is when it was gonna end? Why is it always the 21st of every month? People really need to shut up.

        Mac, how is this time difference going to work out?  Which states is it that have different day light savings times.  I’m in Juliet GMT.  This is a job for superman.  Manos you are on point.  Let us know what’s happening.  I’m prayed up.  I’m going to miss cranking out some homemade ice cream with the grandkids every Memorial Day weekend.  Hey, you, yea you.  Get off my yard.

      66. 7 more hours to go………and just stay clam ok!!

      67. People shouldn’t waste their lives believing and paying for this crap. I actually feel bad for Camping because so many people will stop listening to Family Radio after today. His low credibility will become even lower.
        I’d say Mr. Lennon had the right idea:
        Imagine there’s no Heaven
        It’s easy if you try
        No hell below us
        Above us only sky
        Imagine all the people
        Living for today

      68. The time will soon be here when my grandchild will long for the cry of a loon, the flash of a salmon, the whisper of spruce needles, or the screech of an eagle. But he will not make friends with any of these creatures and when his heart aches with longing he will curse me. Have I done all to keep the air fresh? Have I cared enough about the water? Have I left the eagle to soar in freedom? Have I done everything I could to earn my grandchild’s fondness?
        -Chief Dan George-(1899 – 1981)

        “We also have a religion which was given to our forefathers, and has been handed down to us their children. It teaches us to be thankful, to be united, and to love one another! We never quarrel about religion.”
        Sogoyewapha, (Red Jacket), Seneca 1752-1830

      69. Time in Greece now is 19.08.
        Nope, nothing yet in southern Europe. Except of the austerity measures, which if they continue i see all Greeks to rise up in heavens 🙂
        To get serious now, i’m a Christian, believe in God, and i think that HE has mysterious ways. But if something happens i don’t know if it will  be announced.
        I’m preparing my income tax statement now, and should send it through the web by Monday. So if something happens, it better be soon.
        I will let you know again.

      70. So, has New Zealand, Australia, or Shanghai fallen over yet? Japan?

        Oh, guess not.

        BTW, speaking of all the predicted earthquakes that never happened, I think it’s a fun time to introduce something y’all may find interesting: 

        As much as the Government has done its level best to screw us over, they actually do provide some tidbits that are interesting to watch. One in particular is the USGS Earthquake map, updated hourly:


      71. Comments….. Religion has done more harm to the world than all wars put together.  I would imagine that this Camping guy will lead more people from religion than to religion, which IMHO is a good thing.  This is one prediction that deserves scoffing.

      72. I’ll be sitting curbside at 6:00PM with luggage in hand, waiting.
        I just hope I won’t be groped by TSA Agents with their “hands in my pants” before they take me. Nuff said!

      73. So it’s now May 22nd in some parts of the world.
        Seems like the apocalypse will arrive fashinably late.
        That or the Mayans will win the apocalypse competition. Which I doubt.

      74. Goldenfoxx, I disagree, for the reasons listed above. Atheist regimes have killed more people than all religious holy wars and inquisitions *combined*. 

        The point is, religion per se is not at fault. The fault lies with human nature – specifically, the combination of two things:

        * ambitious and egotistical/narcissistic men with charisma
        * a population always seeking utopia on Earth, and are willing to subject themselves to unspeakable privations in order to get it.

        As I’ve said earlier in this thread, religion is a handy excuse for the tyrant. So are the promises of security, order, peace, and in general the lure of reaping rewards without labor. 

        Religion, I daresay, is one of most civilizing influences of the human species. When properly administered, it focuses and amplifies altruism, kindness, patience, hope, respect, love, charity, morals, and a whole host of other positive aspects of the human mind.

        When abused, it can wreak terrible damage and amplify the darker instincts and urges. The trick to it all is to have faith, and to focus obedience only to God, and not to the whims of man. A good religion can give you the tools to tell the difference. However, like most of humanity’s most powerful and complex things, most people don’t want to take the time to learn, and so can easily fall prey to those who do the thinking for them. 

        The funny part is, even religions that you think are the most stringent, actually do foster debate and even dissent. I often find myself debating local priests and deacons (I happen to be Catholic), and often go over controversial topics with folks of all religions – we manage to do so without hatred, anger, or resentment.

        It is only when the fundies or the otherwise sinful become in charge does religion become a dark force for evil.  As a non-Christian example, look into ordinary Islam versus Wahhabism (the sect that Al Qaeda folks mostly worship under).  

        Long story short, don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. This Camping guy deserves our pity, and his actions may deserve contempt. OTOH, I don’t blame Christ’s teachings or God’s writ for the actions of a faulty (like the rest of us) human being’s acts of free will, you know?

      75. Mr. Lennon was wacked out on drugs while looking for a mountain top guru while singing about (L)ucie in the (S)ky with (D)iamonds.  He mentally lived on the Utopia Island.  He was yen and yang got him.

      76. I just got a 5:15 out of LAX for Honolulu!

      77. Um… its already the 22 is Austraila and havent seen any breaking news yet. These radical evangelical and fundamentalist groups are why people think christians are nuts. they are only a small # of christians . I am so glad to be in the one holy Catholic and apostolic church!

      78. Co

        Volcano erupts in Iceland, spurs 50 quakes
        White plume shoots 18,000 feet above the glacier where the volcano is located
        breaking news

        REYKJAVIK, Iceland — Iceland’s most active volcano started erupting Saturday, with a white plume shooting 18,000 feet into the sky, scientists said.

        Only on

        Silver prices settle, but sales continue to soar

        Pakistan looks east to ‘good friend’ China
        Red Tape: IRS snafu means refunds in limbo
        Foreclosure flood may not have crested yet

        Getty Images
        First Thoughts: Mitt Romney’s good week
        Converting currency on Google can lead to malware

        Getty Images
        Why we can’t pry our eyes from celeb gossip sites

        The eruption was followed by around 50 small earthquakes, the largest of which measured 3.7 on the Richter Scale, according to Iceland’s meteorological office.
        There was a similar eruption at the same volcano in 2004.
        Scientists don’t believe this eruption will lead to the air travel chaos caused in April 2010 by ash from the Eyjafjallajokul volcano.
        The Grimsvotn volcano is located underneath the Vatnajokull glacier in southeast Iceland.
        This is a breaking news story. Please check back for updates.

      79. old guy can kiss my black a$$

      80. So – how come there aren’t any more comments? Is everyone dead? Did it happen? I’m confused. It’s 6:02pm in California and I’m still here.

      81. A very orderly rapture, it adheres to our timezones 😉

      82. i just smoked a joint and on my journey i spoke to jesus he told everyday is the end of the world for a select few, when at the same time a whole new world for others, it was wild man!

      83. Come on nothing will happen. There will be a little shake and every one is dead and i hate god for kicking me out of heaven and if you believe in god he lied to you and and ever sense the world has been created

      84. Nothing happened/….

      85. Comments…..  Ha nothing happened just to prove ONLY GOD KNOWS

      86. its like past 7pm now. and that timer on the page counted down. why don’t i see anyone being whisked into the air buck naked into their saviors arms?

      87. Comments….. There ain’t going to be no rapture.  Volcanoes erupt all the time, and there’s an earthquake happening right now somewhere in the world.  Sheesh! The sheeple are falling apart.  I’ve grown up sitting in the pews of religious halls, and I’ve come to the same conclusion as Thomas Paine: “All national institutions of churches, whether Jewish, Christian or Turkish, appear to me no other than human inventions, set up to terrify and enslave mankind, and monopolize power and profit.”  As a child I remember vividly well sitting in church and listening to the hell fire crap.  From then on, I questioned the validity of even going to church.  It’s not for me nor is religion.  You don’t have to go to church to commune with God. JMHO.

      88. I sold all my Sh** for this & nothings going down.

      89. The comments from Christian’s prove they still don’t get it.
        Not only was this obviously a silly prediction, THEIR WHOLE BOOK IS ESSENTIALLY JUST AN ANCIENT HARRY POTER NOVEL!

      90. today was the end of the world or  the end of Work Harold?   80milliong.. not bad…

      91. Comments… change lot of people to belive in GOD you did a good job
        BECAUSE that GOD give one more chance for the people to belive in him
        GOD be with you

      92. This one’s nothing. Imagine the Raptures in 2012. They’re going to be coming none stop. 

        “Hmm, let see, which flight should I board, the afternoon or the red eye?
        Oh, the weekend is much cheaper, I’ll just wait. If I do miss the flight or its full, I’ll just dust off and begin practicing The Golden Rule (if I can remember what it was) a few times to make sure I get on the next flight, no problem. I’m a damn good person!”

      93. Comments….. @Goldenfoxx
        Rather than fear, I’ve found great strength in the Christianity I know…
        “There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves punishment, and the one who fears is not perfected in love.” 1 John 4:18
        “Do not fear those who kill the body but are unable to kill the soul; but rather fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.” Matthew 10:28
        All of Psalm 91
        As far as Harold Camping and men like him: Jesus Himself said, “See to it that no one misleads you. For many will come in My name, saying, ‘I am the Christ,’ and will mislead many.” Matthew 24:4,5
        Regarding “this Camping guy will lead more people from religion than to religion”: “But the one who endures to the end, he will be saved.” Matthew 24:13

      94. @ Odd Questioner

        “Religion, I daresay, is one of most civilizing influences of the human species. When properly administered, it focuses and amplifies altruism, kindness, patience, hope, respect, love, charity, morals, and a whole host of other positive aspects of the human mind.”

        When properly administered? Is that like when the missionaries spread the gospel to the local primitives, i.e. if they don’t convert, abuse them, or rape them, or kill them?

        Religion is simply a tool used to control the minds of the masses, for achieving selfish and greedy objectives. It’s a self righteous, arrogantly egotistical system of propaganda that fundamentally brainwashes those who are accustomed to living in fear and want someone to tell them how to live their guilt and shame riddled lives. It’s a sad commentary on how low humans will descend in order to survive as individuals and, as a collective.

      95. From Yahoo / AP:  Christian movement preparing for End of Days

        Oakland, Calif: 
        The doomsday message has been sent far and wide via broadcasts and web sites by Harold Camping, an 89-year-old retired civil engineer who has built a multi-million-dollar nonprofit ministry based on his apocalyptic prediction.  After spending months traveling the country to put up Judgment Day billboards and hand out Bible tracts, Camping follower Michael Garcia planned to spend Friday evening with his family at home in Alameda, near the Christian media empire’s Oakland headquarters.
        They believe it will likely start as it becomes 6 p.m. in the world’s various time zones.   “We know the end will begin in New Zealand and will follow the sun and roll on from there,” said Garcia, a 39-year-old father of six. “That’s why God raised up all the technology and the satellites so everyone can see it happen at the same time.”   The Internet was alive with reaction in the hours past 6 p.m. Saturday in New Zealand.
        Some 200 million people will be saved, Camping preaches, and those left behind will die in earthquakes, plagues, and other calamities until Earth is consumed by a fireball on October 21.

        Yellowstone National Park is moving.”

        Yellowstone sits atop one of the world’s biggest, active volcanoes, one capable of laying waste to much of north America.  Scientists keep an eye on it using a network of seismic and GPS sensors.

        It looks like the Mini Ice Age is comming very soon since volcanoes around the world has been erupting.  The last ice age killed more people than all of our wars combined.

      96. If the (8.0 or 9.0) earthquake does not happen today, it might at any time within the next few months.  Because the media keeps telling us it’s long over due, and it’s Nostradamus’ and now Harold Camping’s predictions.  If science can explain it, then why should we believe them?? 

        Everyone knows a big earthquake in California will be a major disaster, not much left just rubble, dirt (disasters) the only left will be the untapped oil fields.

        BTW, many of us don’t believe God would torment mankind.  But what do we know according to the ruling elites, we are just MORE USELESS EATERS. 

        The U.S. is in crises, believe in propaganda at your own peril ….  


      97. Religion can be used as a tool – just like any other institution, concept, ideology, philosophy, idea, ideal, or system. 

        …or perhaps you can tell us what religion Mao Zedong, Pol Pot, Adolf Hitler, and Josef Stalin used to control their respective masses?  (Yes, I included Hitler – his big hook was national pride and worship of the state as an agent for order). 

        Quod Erat Demonstrandum (err, again).

        One bit of clarification: As for the term “when properly administered”, I was referring to the way a religion is run, not distributed.  

        BTW: Arrogance and assumption of superiority is a dangerous thing, no matter what belief system (or lack thereof) you practice (or not). Why? Because thinking yourself to be better than your fellow human, for any reason, leads to a rather disastrous outcome when cold reality teaches that you are most definitely not. It can be fatal post-SHTF.

      98. Comment     How come we are still here?I  know that this total imbecil idiot Harold now will say that he screwed these calculations again.So he will come up with another day I’m sure.What is realy sad,that there are some folks who believe him-that I canot understand.

      99. Well…I warned him…..
        You do not max your credit cards, write a zillion hot checks, run off with your lover and tell your boss to go fuck himself.   
        Ah well….life’s a real bitch somtimes……..
        Me?  I’m just sitting here with all my prepper stuff, put some fuel stabilizer in the stored truck….and I’m still waitin’……..

      100. well its 10:53 pm the 21 of may i was outside at 5:59 and nothing happened i knew it was fake a scam maby i never thought it was ganna happen the time will come and its not now or 2012 when the sun dies we die but thats not going to happen for a lllooooooonnnnnnnggggggg ttime

      101. Anytime a religious kook says something like this, it goes in one ear and out the other, anything any religious person(kook) says, can be discounted at the moment it is said.

      102. Look, these people that think the rapture is going to happen a certain way are just goofy. It may indeed be close, however, Camping is just another nut who is bilking his followers out of millions.
        I’ve studied the Bible in depth for 20 or more years. I think I’ve pretty well got it down. The “rapture” will occure, however, there is no indication of the actual time. Certain events have to take place. …events that have not taken place.
        1. The rebuilding of the temple on the temple mount…
        2. The destruction of Demascus…
        2 Thess, Chpt 2, V 4 to 10 gives you clues.
        “He that lets will let until he is taken out of the way.”
        Only someone with a deep understanding knows that that means. We had a preacher that was particularly well versed in prophesy. I found him captivating. He led me on a journey that I will never forget. The rapture will happen but will come “as a thief in the night”. A clueless world will never understand the complexities, the multiplicities  and the wonders of Yahweh. …and greed blinds a person to all of it.

      103. Harold While I agree we are in the Last Days, for however long they last, my reading of scripture does not suggest we are anywhere near the point where Christ returns.

        Close maybe, but no cigar. 

        To those that addressed me  on other posts like Empty Hand Killer and others, I could not reply because there were problems with posting, as some of you may know. I have also been away from the computer and busy on other projects. EHK, no we never got into a fight on Whiskey Row.

      104. Dry bags are packed in the truck canoe is loaded fishing pols are good to go. Cooler is full of food for next three days and o…yes the beer and homemade wine. The beer is for the dog the wine is for us!  Hell we’ll just grab one when he is not looking.

        Hope you all have a great weekend!

      105. Um hi… i feel awkward

      106. I was just about to give away all of my precious metals before 6PM, but at the last minute I decided against it. Whew! That was a close one.

      107. NetRanger good morning,
        On the Damascus destruction, see all the deadly riots that are developing in Syria right now.
        As for the rebuilding of the temple, i read somewhere that the Israelis are making the plans or building it in pieces all over the world. As soon as the pieces are ready they will be moved to Jerusalem and connected there like pieces of puzzle.
        I agree with you, that God will return without warnings, drums, or trumpets. Humans may even not recognize him for the second time. We have devoted ourselves in hunting material goods, and forgot to clean up our souls.
        Weather here is beautiful. I’m on my balkony looking at the Cretan sea, and drinking my coffee. My daughter is messing around with her scooter, and my wife still sleeps. The sun is glimbing and the day will be fine, except of those damn chemtrails who cross the skies.
        Have a nice Sunday.

      108. “Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful”. Seneca the Younger, philosopher, statesman and orator

        Religion is what keeps the poor from murdering the rich.
        Napoleon Bonaparte
        Man will never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest.    Denis Diderot

      109. Yeah…i survived the rapture!!!!
        this time.

      110. @maonos… aren’t certain Judaic sects waiting for a certain type of unblemished bull to be born first, then reach its 2nd year?

      111. Comments….. European American said: “Religion is simply a tool used to control the minds of the masses, for achieving selfish and greedy objectives. It’s a self righteous, arrogantly egotistical system of propaganda that fundamentally brainwashes those who are accustomed to living in fear and want someone to tell them how to live their guilt and shame riddled lives. It’s a sad commentary on how low humans will descend in order to survive as individuals and, as a collective.”
        Excellent! Give the man a beer!

        • Well said !!!

      112. ***Announcing the First Annual SOU Gloatfest Celebration!!***
        The foregoing non-event shall henceforth be referred to as C(amping’s) R(apture) / A(pocalypse) P(rediction)…CR/AP. Nonbelievers are welcome to join us as we gloat, but get this much straight:This belongs to Harold Camping, NOT Christianity in general. Please keep that in mind. Now, let us proceed…
        The CR/AP didn’t happen as promised, so now what? What do we normally do after a big mess of CR/AP like this? First, we wash our hands, then we go celebrate with friends! In keeping with our tradition of using any excuse to throw a party, the university has scheduled a real barn-burner tonight! (barn-burner is a slang term, don’t anybody dare try to actually set fire to the barn)  The ‘Gloating Party” will be held tonight at the main campus of SmokinOkie University near Bugtussle, Okla (home of the Clampitts when they were still poor). The event is BYOBBQ. Both stills are working so liquid refreshments will be provided (thank you to the Brewers/Distillers Alumni of SOU). Entertainment will be provided by the University’s widely acclaimed Dept of Music and Related Noises (if we can get the banjo out of the pawn shop in time). Featured speakers and their topics include the following:
        Nicky “The Enforcer” Donatto–‘How to retrieve your ministry donations’
        Esmerelda “The Mother of all Mother-In-Laws” Ringbottom–‘Maximizing the spite and sarcasm in your correspondence to H Camping ministry’
        The Most Honorabl Rev. Leroy Pockets–‘Why you should have given the money to me’
        Our recently-paroled Dean of SOU School of Ethics, Calvin McLyre–‘Why Camping should have learned his lesson the first time’
        Alice Crinkle, Professor of the Philosophy and Welding Depts–‘Proper manners when gloating: How to say I Told You So politely’

        At the close of the gloating festivities, some of the sorrority girls are hosting a kegger in the adjoining pasture(also known as the football, baseball, soccer, lacrosse field) Come join us as we celebrate the continuation of the world and the end(hopefully) of Harold Camping’s big mouth! Everyone is welcome at SOU but a word of caution for first time visitors: be very careful when crossing the pasture, you don’t want to step in any CR/AP.
        Security will be provided by the university. Later in the evening security may be provided by the county sherrif and/or state police. At that point, consider the party to be over.   SEE YOU THERE!

      113. What is with all these queers doing what they do I mean really my friend was crying because she was with her dad and halfway around the states her mom was living and she was sad that she couldn’t see her because of the end what the hell if you don’t know what’s next then shut the fuck up.

      114. I find it interesting that few if any tele-evangelists spoke out against Camping.
        Knowledge: n, from the greek;knossos, to know. Knowledge is testable by application. Ie. outcome is predictable.

        Religion is purely a matter of faith and precludes any evidence contrary to the faith.
        The presumption that lack of faith prevents good works and a strong moral stance is ridiculous. Those who would claim such are fanatics and should be treated as such.

        Wars are fought over resources. Ideology, among these is religion, is the con-job to enslave the masses and in doing so, gain popular support for war.

        Religion has been an integral component of almost all wartime ideologies held amongst the masses.
        As a member of the clergy, I find few have strength of their convictions. Say one thing and do another. Willing to fight over mere words. I find the supposed faithful arrogant beyond measure in their mistaken belief that their religion is the one and only true religion. I find it even more troubling that few have ever studied their religion but rather leave all interpretation up to the priesthood. I find this odd. You refuse to believe the pronouncements of Bernake and Geitner, both of whom have extensive credentials, but take as utter truth the interpretations of Pastor Bob, Father O’Malley or some Imam, guru or pot-head.
        And all I got was this stupid T-shirt.

      115. So this is what the afterlife is like…

        Hmmm…it feels vaguely familiar.

      116. Anonymous- concerning the smoke signals: sadly, nobody around here knows anything about them. The Indians and whites all think ‘smoke signal’ is when you turn off the highway into the tobacco shop. The language of ‘casino’ is widely spoken though. Now, about your horse up in Kansas-some bad news. We tried a night time insertion (without permission from Kansas, of course). I radio’d in for seal team 6 but they were busy so I sent F Troop instead. Bad move on my part. Sorry about that. Communication was spotty, as it always is in these underdeveloped states, but by piecing it together I can relate this: F Troop stopped for gas in Wellington, had a flat tire near Wichita, Got speeding ticket in Salina, found your horse living under an alias near Hays, rescued horse and made it as far as Newton when static…trailer in ditch…more static…etc. Last I heard from them was “….F Troop Retreat!!…” Same thing I always hear from ’em.
        Let’s just say I owe you one horse. Don’t worry, I’m good for it.

      117. “Man will never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest.”
        Wow!  Imagine that in your mind for a moment. My religion and my God seems a lot more humane than strangling someone with someone else’ entrails.  Hmmm.  Imagine.  I just don’t see Jesus strangling anyone with entrails.
        European American said: “Religion is simply a tool used to control the minds of the masses, for achieving selfish and greedy objectives. It’s a self righteous, arrogantly egotistical system of propaganda that fundamentally brainwashes those who are accustomed to living in fear and want someone to tell them how to live their guilt and shame riddled lives. It’s a sad commentary on how low humans will descend in order to survive as individuals and, as a collective.”
        It’s so sad that people cannot see God.  All they see is their own misery.  Then, they blame it on God, when, in fact, their misery is caused by themselves.  WE ARE TO BLAME FOR OUR OWN MISERY.
        p.s. Don’t associate ALL Christians with this guy.  Most Christians cringed when this guy started spouting his “prophecy”.  We get so sick of apparently-disturbed people standing for us and saying clearly unscriptural things.  It’s just sad to me that the “lost” world instantly jumps on these things and associates all Christianity with these few people.
        Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.

      118. There are two fantastic sites that lay out from a pre-tribulation standpoint (the rapture occuring prior to the tribulation) what needs to occur prophetically prior to the rapture. My favorite is the first one.

        and (not at all affiliated with Camping or his ilk)

        Based upon my bible studies over the past few years, the only thing I believe that still needs to happen prior to the rapture from a prophetic standpoint is Israel standing alone… which in light of Obama’s speach is a hair’s breadth away from happening. Does that mean the rapture will occur immediately? No. It doesn’t. It’s not going to happen until GOD is ready for it to happen.

        Camping was a wing-nut. We can know the season of the rapture based upon the bible prophecies set forth in the prophetic books of the Bible like Isaiah, Jeremiah, Revelation, etc but for anyone to say that they know the day… let alone the hour that it will occur, that person is either crazy, narcassistic, or laughing his way all the way to the bank.

      119. Was it Jesus or John the Baptist who invented time zones, allowing for everyone to be conveniently raptured, not all at once, cause St Peter has to take a break sometimes???

      120. Kyle2012 is back on shtfplan…yawn. Kyle, just so you’ll know- we’ve raised the caustic wit level by 24% since you were last here. And sarcasm is up 19%. Maybe we should have invested in those instead of PMs. Where you been anyway? Hanging out with Rawles or Alex Jones or something? We thought you had more class than that. And don’t give us that alien abduction excuse again. We ain’t buyin’ it! Well, anyway WELCOME BACK! Now, start cranking out those comments.

      121. I like Family Radio.  A lot.  I have for years.  The hymn tunes and other sacred music played there have brought me great solace and peace over many years of terrible loss and its suffering.  As a trained musician, and a believing Christian of the Anglican tradition, holy music speaks to me in a very intimate, transcendent way that words cannot always match.
        Does this mean I am obliged to believe everything broadcast on Family Radio?  Of course not.  As a free-born American I may believe anything or nothing of what I hear.  Agreement is yet another thing altogether.  This is called “Liberty”.  Some of my ancestors (which includes the same Pilgrim Fathers that influenced Camping in his own unorthodox way) died that we here today might live under its blessings.
        Harold Camping is what he is.  At least he put his beliefs out there without reservation and for all to see, without filter and spin.  “Let the chips fall as they may” as we once said in relation to honest men.
        So he was wrong.  Very wrong.  So what?  Those who believed him made a free choice as is their right as free-born Americans.  The freedom to screw up is no less important — and no less Christian — than the freedom to be perfect.  For one thing, it’s how we learn.  Except for those atheists and holier-than-thou, omniscient savants here who were born in perfection, as Venus from the sea.
        Speaking of the freedom to be perfect:
        Many posters here take an obvious glee in exploiting this sad affair as an excuse to smash-mouth not only Camping, but any and all Christians.
        Some of what has been said is nothing less than hateful.  Other posts are full of spite or venom and vitriol.
        Do these fools not understand something very basic?  In our post-Christian world, the very world they would rage against here on this site, their lives hold no intrinsic value apart from their economic productivity.
        This is to say, our atheistic, post-Christian “rulers” would kill such as these posters as soon as look at them.  Is this what you want?  Is this what you long to achieve — a world without Christ, without the “myths” that teach us to treasure all life, no matter how lowly, to treat our neighbors as we would treat ourselves and to forgive our enemies, to love them as brothers rather than seek bloody retribution and its never-ending cycle of violence?
        I pray to my God that you are fools in ignorance, not having comprehended or considered the world you desire?
        A final thought, added because I simply must make this otherwise implicit point clear to you people:  You offend us without cause, in malice and ignorance.   I wish you no ill will but I will remind you that the Golden Rule is true whether you like it or not.  Bile and villainy will return to you, I guarantee it.

      122. Well, the zombies didn’t show up and neither did jesus……..Wonder why?  Oh yeah, religion is just a means of keeping poor people from killing rich people, that’s why.

      123. The time zones? Meh – everything’s supposed to be sync’d to GMT anyway these days, isn’t it? 

        I will give Camping credit… he had at least that much over Warren Miller (well, to be fair time zones hadn’t quite been invented when Miller had his fling with the whole rapture time-a-thon).  

        BTW, Jonny… last I checked, nothing is really stopping the poor from killing (or even stealing from) the rich, except, well… government.

        During most instances of widespread civil unrest throughout history, the first victims are often the rich folk.

        Couple o’ examples:

        Paris in 1792 must’ve been a real fun place for the wealthy and nobility to be hanging around, no? Dr. Guillotine’s fancy new invention got one hell of a workout during that little spat… mostly on rich folks. The poor had to settle for being shot or hanged… or they just starved. 

        Russia in 1917 was a pretty big party too – though only some of the poor became rich, well, right after they killed off the existing rich folks. Immediately after that, they immediately set about killing off the poor in some rather horrendous numbers. They didn’t need religion to keep the poor from killing them in their dachas, the poor had fear of the Gulag and the firing squad to do that for ’em. 😉

      124. Associated Press has more articles about Harold Camping than the president of the U.S. (Obama) at AIPAC.  That’s very unusual because Associated Press fills Yahoo’s pages every day. 

        Most people want to know what Obama was doing there last week.  Perhaps Mac can post the video(s) in different segment, so people can view them.

      125. Either Mr. Camping is selling someone else’s agenda or he needs a new calculator; he is a multi-millionaire, I wonder who is behind him. 

        I didn’t watch Glenn Beck, CNN or any other junk news stations, but someone mentioned to me Beck just recently talked about the end of war in a few days. The news said people are distressed because it didn’t happen. Oh yeah!


        That shows how little the main media and Associate Press how little they think of your intelligent.

      126. As an athiest, I’m amazed that so many (otherwise) intelligent people here believe that without religion there would be no morality! I don’t need religion to tell me what is right or wrong. I know many so-called christians whose morals and ethics leave quite a lot to be desired.
        I choose not to believe in a two-thousand (or so) year-old superstition. That does NOT make me an immoral (or otherwise “bad”) person!

      127. @Odd Questioner;  See, that’s the only thing truly remarkable about the human race.  The human has an enormous capacity for cruelty.  Far greater than any capacity for humility, or compassion, or charity, or generosity.  Man’s over-riding qualities are cruelty and greed, and churches lead the way in both of those catagories.

        Harold Camping has a 100 million dollar empire.  Within a scant few miles of his “throne” are tens of thousands of hungry, homeless, people.  With the “apocolypse” immediately upon him, do you think Harold Camping did the christian thing and bestowed charity and help upon his fellow man?  HELL NO!  He locked down his compound and no has not been heard from since his BS prediction failed to happen.  A true christian would have been out there feeding the poor, but we seem to be running short of those these days.

      128. True indeed… people can be damned creative when it comes to finding new ways of torturing and depriving their fellow man.

        Sometimes, religion makes for a nice and comfy cover for it (see also the Inquisition during the 16-17th centuries). Sometimes, it ain’t (see also North Korea, err… today).

        Humility, compassion, charity… these things have to be fostered, taught, and encouraged wherever possible. I have yet to see a large-scale example that can do that as effectively as religion does (and yes, the opposite can be true as well – it all depends not on the Divine, but, well, on the people in religious authority).

        Camping? Yeah, probably a scam. The best scams always tap into the deepest part of the human heart, after all. That said, exactly how many followers did he have? I’m guessing it was less than the media hinted at. After all, all it took was one question: If Camping believed that this rapture event was truly coming, why didn’t he divest himself of all his assets – that is, why didn’t he give it all away to the poor? That alone screams “scam”, and most folks with two working neurons were able to figure it all out in very short order, long before one could actually contemplate if he was right. (To give you an idea, we were even joking about it at Mass today, if that gives you any idea).

        (Incidentally, it seems that it’s only $72m, not $100m, at least according to CNN: )

        BTW – while poking around the web, I came across something pretty damned interesting – maybe even worthy of a separate post on the site:

      129. JV    do you denie Jesus?  Yes or no.  Do not answer if no.

      130. @ Anon, there was a person named Jesus who was executed 2000 odd years ago.  His death was not especially remarkable or cruel for the time.  I do not believe in any “god”.  There is none.

      131. Comments…..TO;NETRANGER.  i believe that quote is in reference to the departure of the holy spirit from the earth,at the
        same time that the rapture is happening, Effectively removing any constraints provided by the spirit,here on earth. At that point all bets are off.  see .II Thess.2-7  (6-7) and the lawless one will be revealed.Also, one other key component, is the seven year peace  treaty spoken of in Dan. 9:27.I believe, there will there will be a treaty,the palestinian”s will get there statehood, They will split Jerusalem and the new temple will be built right next to the dome of the rock,As you know the dome of the rock was built on, the old temple site.

      132. Comments…..Anonymous said: JV    do you denie Jesus?  Yes or no.  Do not answer if no.
        If your daughter came to you and told you she was pregnant, and the father of the child was the Holy Spirit, would you believe her or call her a liar?  In Jesus’ day, if a woman was pregnant and not married, she was stoned to death.  A lie to save your life is better than being stoned to death–no?
        Some people can’t handle people who question a book written by men – 500 years after the fact.  Fairy tales IMHO.

      133. Goldenfoxx, and all other non-religious commenters:
        First, thank you for sharing your opinions and, to most of you, for doing so with clarity and/or lack of malice toward believers. I enjoy the humororous ones and the comments that show some thoughtfulness was put into them. And, most readers here probably have seen one or two items from me, so they know I enjoy reading or writing the occasional “shot over the bow” lobbed (in good fun) at someone else here.
         There are a few here though, that seem to be exceptionally angry toward Christians or religious faith in general. Does it really bother you that much if 90% of the world believes it’s “fairy tales?” Honestly, does anyone feel threatened or coerced by believers? Granted, religion and especially Christianity, has it’s share of con artists, and our history is not spotless, (though no worse, and often better than the record of non Christian cultures) And besides, nobody in the western world is even remotely under duress from believers today. All we use is words. And you are free to reject or tune out if you wish. The only force we ever mention is hell or punishment for unbelievers after this life is over. It’s not like we’re threatening you with any harm in the here and now. And we fully recognize your right to post your opinions to the contrary. So, why is Christianity such an offence or threat to you that you feel the need to respond with unsubstantiated and often erroneous claims of it’s history or with outright vitriol? COME ON! We’re just the helpless little sheep of the Shepherd. If one of our slightly unbalanced members tries to sell you a bottle of holy water or predicts armageddon- just ignore them like we do! They may not even be an actual member of our flock (it’s hard to tell without that animal ID chip) You think we belive in fairy tales or we’re just a bit off mentally, but if you were to encounter a mentally ill but harmless person on the street, would you hold them in the same contempt as you do Christians? Why not? Why are you so mad at Christians? Is it perhaps that so many of us seem to be mostly happy and content in our “fairy tales” and that we don’t want to come over to your “rational, logical, provable” world of non belief? Could it possibly be that some of you, in your innermost conscience, aren’t as sure of your rejection as we are of our faith? I humbly propose a swap, similar to kids trading marbles: you give us a bit of your doubt (it’s okay, our belief can handle it) and we’ll give you some of our faith. Maybe we’ll both be better off!

      134. shut the fuck up 6:00 pm the hell LMAO i was up @ 7:00 pm and nothin happend

      135. Odd Questioner: You are talking about a specific type of “red heifer” to be used in the animal sacrifices when the Temple is rebuilt. My understanding is that this particular pure strain of “red heifer” has been developed in Texas and has been available for years now.

        As Net Ranger said, the Temple still has to be rebuilt, so Harold, mellow out, dude, and cut back on the caffeine.

        Also a couple of interesting points:

        1. “The Lord does nothing without telling his servants the prophets”.
        2. The “day or the hour no man knows” actually refers to a specific day during the Feast of Trumpets, which always changes, is never the same, and never starts at the same time.


      136. You sound lost & afraid goldenfox.  You still have time.

      137. I used to be a manager/boss in charge of a couple hundred people and several production sites…..certain people at times took it upon themselves to say and do certain things….telling others they were doing it in my name….although I had never authorized or otherwise okayed their words and actions…..

        In the name of “freedom and America” certain persons have created monsters like the CIA or DHS ect…to keep us safe,even though our law(constitution) specificly says differently…..

        if you study history you find myriad examples of peoples and persons who have said and done totally idiotic and evil things in the name of someone or something that they know people have a respect or deference to….

        thats what I see happening with this Camping fellow….hes saying he is speaking in GODS name….he is speaking in the name of “christianity”and the “end times”….I can say anything in the name of anyone and get a response from any particular group of people,depending on whos name and authority I invoke…..God and Christians in general are not to blame just because some person claims to speak for said person or group/entity….thanks!


      139. Darn, I was camping. I missed it.

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