The Possibility of Extremely Damaging and Highly Disruptive Events in 2010

by | Jan 16, 2010 | Forecasting | 13 comments

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    Jim Willie, of the Hat Trick Letter, outlines a variety of events that can cause a global domino effect and have the potential to change the world as we know it.

    2010: Giant Gathering Storm Clouds

    The odds are very high in favor of several events taking place this year. The key here is that a great many extremely damaging and highly disruptive events loom like giant gathering storm clouds that meet, complete with lightning displays. More terrestrial types might consider that a great many land mine explosives lie in the wide pathways ahead. At least a few extreme craters will be formed. A few financial edifices will be toppled. Great changes come, especially to the global power structures. This time around, the stakes are bigger, and entire nations will face debt failure and national realignment. The ripple effects will reshape the global financial system.

    Regular SHTF Plan readers understand that a wide variety of events, all over the world, can turn the so-called global recovery into another collapse. And this time, it can potentially be much worse than most of us can even imagine.

    Below, we list events that could be game changers, along with Mr. Willie’s assessment of their likelihood of occurrence.

    • Greece defaults on its debt (80% chance)
    • Food prices soar in the US (80% chance)
    • Mexico fails as a state (70% chance)
    • London metals exchange shuts down (70% chance)
    • Russian cuts off natural gas to Eastern Europe (50% chance)
    • UKGovt suffers a debt downgrade (50% chance)
    • Credit crisis relapse hits the US (40% chance)
    • The US supply chain suddenly suffers disruptions (40% chance)
    • JPMorgan is object of persistent rumors of gigantic credit derivative losses (40% chance)
    • Fannie Mae is revealed as a slush fund, toxic bond haven, and object of grand criminal fraud coverup (40% chance)
    • Japan suffers a financial & economic crisis (40% chance)
    • China gains full naval military capability (30% chance)
    • Saudi Royals fall (20% chance)
    • The real 911 story comes out (20% chance)
    • China faces a degree of chaos (20% chance)
    • Iran is attacked (10% chance)
    • Talk swirls for eliminating some central banks (10% chance)

    Some of the events listed above may already be on the forefront of your news watch list, but there may be some you haven’t considered as of yet. Jim Willie provides a brief analysis of each event and how it may affect global events if it were to occur.

    To read Mr. Willie’s complete overview of each event, we direct our readers to the full article.


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      1. Let’s get a pole or something going here.  I’ll break it up into two seperate, different types of events – though one may lead to the other.

        First, what do you think the odds are that the U.S. economy has an “oh…$#!^” moment in 2010, perhaps something similar to what happaned (or almost happened) in September/October of 2008?

        Again, I’m not necessarily rooting for this – but as I’ve said before, the sooner the SHTF economically, the better off we will be in the long run (so, in a sense, I guess I am rooting for it…but it will suck).  I’ll give this a 70% chance, though it may not be THE “great reset” or whatever you want to call it.

        Second, what are the odds that there is natural disaster or terrorist attack in 2010 that effects the U.S. in such a way, that at least a portion of the country essentially goes into a SHTF scenario…at least for a week or two?  I thinking along the lines of Katrina.

        Obviously, I HOPE this DOES NOT happen.   Note that such an event could lead to, for example, a serious oil shortage, which would lead to something like the first item I mentioned above.  I’ll go 20% chance on this one.

      2. I expect to riots in europe  when the soverreign debt crisis is at full swing. Also watch mexico this year  as Willie put it. Yhere is an election this year and their oil exports is doing terrible. And they are running out of oil. So expect hyperinflation in mexico. If Mexico collapses this will affect our economy big time. There could be a military coup in mexico or full scale civil war. Either way it will NOT be good for us. Many nations will collapse this year and the summer that is coming will be the real summer of hell. The dollar will rally only for a little while, the euro will collapse with the yen. So expect government being overthrown. And a failed treasury auction at the end of the year that leading into 2011 a dollar collapse. This year will be very chaotic. I mean the earthquake in my parents homeland Haiti is a sign of a very long and terrible year. And a major stock market crash will happen and the dollar will go up for a while. its going to end ugly.

      3. The case with mexico. expect the govt beg for peacekeepers in the country. Wonder what you guys think if mexico collapse of UN peacekeepers in the nation?

      4. Most likely scenario would seem to be this (not my original thinking, but what I’ve gathered after months of reading everything I can find): poor retail sales lead to store closures which trigger the inevitable meltdown of over-leveraged commercial real estate (and more layoffs with attendant ripple effect). The Fed and/or Treasury has to step in again to keep banks afloat which can only be accomplished one of two ways… either the Fed monetizes government debt which will likely destroy the currency or they allow interest rates to rise enough to attract foreign buyers which will make the unsustainability of the US fiscal situation excruciatingly obvious (as if it’s not already). Either one is another big nail in the coffin.  60%

        Major terror attack or natural disaster probably no more likely than usual (though I did just buy a few packs of potassium iodide pills).

      5. The Bible Codes predict the “BIG ONE” in LA this year, maybe within a few months. Imagine that a 7.5 to 8.5 quake hits under LA and 17 million people are out of water, food, fuel, and employment. Thats Haiti times five. imagine the impact on Las Vegas, Phoenix, SLC, and other major cities from the “refugees”. Consider the financial impact on the dollar, the treasury, inflation, and world markets. It will take the USA a generation to recover.

      6. Rick : I beleave BOTH to happen this year .  Mardochee : When Mexico’s shtf we will follow in less than 2 weeks . Many good people are saying this .  Zukadu : YOU ARE SCARING THE CRAP OUT OF ME !!! I live in Arizona near phoenix .  I too think the “Big One” is soon to hit us ,

      7. To Airborne71:

        In Phoenix, get above 1500 feet.  In Tucson, 1800 feet. Many believe the Pole Shift occurs in 2012. The Bible Codes say: 2015. In any event, change we WILL believe in is coming. Of course, the proof of the pudding  is always in the eating of it. The problem is, in this case, if you are not prepared, there will be no pudding to eat; and little else either. Can you say: “hunger”, “thirst”, “anarchy” and “martial law”? Can you say: “HAITI TIMES FIVE” ?

      8. Along with the San Andras Fault  , don’t forget the New Madrid !  Both togather and the US  is instantly a third world country . On the pole shift  , I am not sure .  But I do have an open mind on it . 1500 ft around here ?  Hummm  I’ll look for an area .

      9. Zukado: In 1994 a 7.1 hit LA and 55 people died. Thank God for our building codes in USA. You can’t even compare Haiti to Los Angeles. Get real!!

      10. To Airborne71:  I am in Phx too. No point in the Valley is above 1500 feet except maybe the top of Squaw Peak. The Salt River bottom at Central Ave is about 900 feet. When the handwriting is on the wall, you will have to “bug out” to the Northwest, North, or Northeast. Tucson is at 2200 feet. Cayce said Tucson will be a seaport after the pole shift.

        To Matt:  Yes, its a good thing our building codes are better than Haiti’s, or the loss of life would be staggering. I would submit that the Northridge 7.1 was not the “Big One” and was not even worthy enough to make the Bible Code. When the “Big One” does hit the disruption will be enormus. If it occurs this year as the Bible Code predicts, the adverse financial impact would exacerbate an already precarious financial situation  for California and the nation. If it hits this year as predicted, then we know the pole shift comes in 2015 and not 2012. Fore warned is fore armed.

      11. Comments..You guys are getting too carried away with this “pole shift” nonsense.
        Pole shifts are natural and they take around 4,000 years to complete,it doesn’t happen overnight.

      12. You are absolutely right Dave, pole shifts are natural events occurring on a “regular” basis. That is, on “average” about every 200,000 years based upon the scientific evidence found by geologists that research this phenomena. The last polar shift occurred more than 700,00 years ago, so statistically speaking, we are overdue for for a change. Change I think we WILL belive in when it happens. When the polar magnetic field does change, it realigns the molecules within rocks allowing scientists to measure that location/directional change. I would invite your attention to the scientific literature available from the USGS, or other notable institutions with experience in this area like the University of Arizona in Tucson, or Livermore Labs in Pasedena; both of whom are conducting measurements of the current changes of mass, gravity and the magnetic field of the earth. By the way, their recent findings have concluded that the magnetic pole has shifted significantly towards Russia. That scientific fact suggests the change has already begun.

        As to how long the pole shift takes to complete (4,000 years by your count) perhaps you could point me to the scientific literature for that, because it is new information to me., and i would appreciate the edification.  The information I have is that the “reversal” occurs quickly. That is, within a mater of years once the pocess has begun. It may take the earth, the land, 4,000 years to “settle down” after the change.

      13. Polar wobble takes 2000 years to complete. Wobble always taking place – no problem.Polar magnetic reversals have occurred about every 10 to 50 thousand years. We are OVERDUE. If polar reversal occurs the magnetic shield of the earth will be down for at least 100 years before building up again. One decent solar storm/flare will burn the entire surface of the earth in a matter of days. NO Life left. See movie “Knowing”!  Did you want to live forever!


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