Stansberry: Here’s What Will Happen Next

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    The latest news out of Europe is that the EU will have plenty of funds to bail out Greece. Never mind that a global stock market panic led to a near 1000 point drop in the Dow Jones last week, that IMF head Christine Lagarde said the organization needs more money to make good on emergency rescue packages, that Treasury Secretary Geithner suggested Europe is the most serious threat to the stability of the world economy, that signs of economic slowdown are everywhere, and even mainstream economists are now warning of another Great Depression.

    Ignore all of that. The stock market is rising. So long as the arrows on the market indexes are green, everything is fine.

    But what if, and we know this sounds crazy… what if things really aren’t fine?

    Porter Stansberry, who has been right on the money (literally) for the last several years with respect to how the financial crisis would unfold and how to not only protect and grow your wealth, but prepare yourself for the chaos that is sure to follow, gives us his take on what happens next:

    So… here’s what will happen next. Soon, Greece will default. This will begin a chain reaction of European bank failures, because most banks in Europe have only written off a small portion (21%) of the value of the Greek bonds they hold. French banks are particularly vulnerable right now. This, in turn, will cause banks to stop lending to each other out of fear.

    It will also lead to big losses in the commercial paper market. That’s how the crisis will spread to the U.S. – our money-market funds still hold roughly 42% of the assets in loans to Europe’s banks. Companies with exposure to European financial assets (like GE) and those that depend heavily on the commercial paper market for funding (like Capital One) will see their share prices plummet. As the global economy stalls and then moves into recession, unemployment will worsen… and political tensions will greatly increase. I expect large-scale civil unrest in both Europe and the U.S.

    In the short term, commodities are also likely to fall sharply. The crisis is nearing a breaking point. Europe represents the world’s largest economic area. I expect oil will fall at least in half from its peak. You could see silver fall, temporarily, by maybe another 30%. Gold could fall by maybe 25% from its peak. Base metal and energy commodities – stuff like copper and coal – will get crushed, like they did in 2008. In short, this is Europe’s turn to have a Lehman Brothers-like banking collapse. Only this time, it will involve dozens of huge banks and several different countries, all of which have different ideas about how the crisis should be solved.

    And that means it will probably be a longer and deeper crisis than Lehman Brothers. But… sooner or later… we’re going to see a massive reversal. The Fed will step in to support the ECB, and a tremendous amount of new euro will be issued. I expect the euro to fall to parity – 1:1 – with the dollar before this crisis is over.

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    As we’ve mentioned before – the Great Depression of the 1930’s originated not because of the 1929 stock market crash, as high school history teachers would have us believe. Rather, it began when European banks and nations began defaulting on their debt.

    Porter Stansberry points out that Europe is the largest economic zone in the world – exceeding even the United States – and they are going under. The subsequent consequences on the streets of Europe and America are going to surprise a lot of people. Mr. Stansberry has made it a point to warn of civil unrest before. It’s coming – make no mistake.

    Realistically speaking, what do you think is going to happen when peoples’ pension funds, retirement accounts, savings, purchasing power and jobs are wiped out?

    Despite what we see from mainstream media in their ever shortening 24 hour breaking news cycle, there is no resolution, just as there has been no resolution for the last three years. Stansberry continues:

    Is there a chance I’m wrong? Is there any realistic way to solve this crisis without a Greek default and a European banking crisis? I don’t see how.

    I wish I had better news… or a more promising strategy I could endorse. But as always, I’ve got to write what I believe.

    Folks, the indicators are everywhere. We can stick our heads in the sand and play pretend, or we can face reality and take action to insulate ourselves as best we can. Ignore the warning signs to your detriment.

    The next leg down is going to be fast, volatile and violent – and the United States will be right in the middle of it.


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      1. Gold, guns and a get away plan. If you haven’t begun to prepare, start now.

        • OMG….. I know because things are gonna get bad real soon right ? WRONG!

          • Your life must be very pathetic? Nothing better to do, no friends?

          • Seriously, why even comment or visit this site or others like it.

            You have all the answers and know nothing will happen and all is well.

            You are very inmature for someone who sits so high up on your horse.

            • Big E, does that stand for your Big Eass, you know, the one that is so big it takes up the whole width of the aisle at Walmart!!! Your shit doesn’t smell any better than anyone else.

            • Then why are you here?

          • That’s right Rich99, “These aren’t the droids you’re looking for” Now move along nothing to see here!

            • @ duplicate Jedi


              A duplicate JMT,I don’t post often and since your new I hope you change your name. You must be from the dark side or RICH99 playing weird games

              da original JMT 😉

        • Working on it, but I think it’ll take at least a year, perhaps two, before it goes splat.

          The reason why is simple: inertia. It’ll be awhile before Greece (as in, their government) blows through their new-found loans, and it’ll be awhile beyond that before the chain reactions begin to tumble out from there.

        • Your right Mike…

        • PERFECT!!!!!!

        • lol!

      2. We have all seen this coming for years. With the over printing of the worlds false monies, backed by nothing, printed on nothing, a value of nothing and nothing to prop it up but the force of the world banks. As history has shown us several times, these kinds of monitary systems will fail.

        And with their failure goes the hopes and dreams of many.

        The American Dream has been eroded away with over taxation, over regulation and over printing of nothing dollars for several years now.

        My American dream now, is to survive from day to day. I don’t want to look to far into the future. It is nothing but a black hole right now.

        God bless and keep on prepping.

        • Thanks….I have been getting very anxious. No job for both hubby and me. Cash flow looks pretty grim. Black hole sneaking around the corner looks foreboding. I have warned everyone to prepare and they look at me with those deer eyes with not one thought how to prep. Does anyone one know how much food and diapers I need for a five month old baby? Will we have time to grow food? What if we get a nuclear winter from all these broken down nuclear plants. The NWO armies UN will be stealing our guns and food. God give us mercy, grace and wall of fire around each one of us. Our enemies are not of this world but from the wicked one.

          • Dorothy – Buy cotton diapers and lots of laundry soap and plastic pants…like the ones my generation was raised in (60’s). That should save you some money. As for formula…that’s a difficult problem, but perhaps in the future breastfeeding would be the best option. If you can’t, perhaps a friend can do that for you…like they used to have in the old days…wet nurses!

            Life is what you make it, even with all the trials we are experiencing. They WANT you to fear, so don’t buy into that crap. In the end, the good people will bind together and help one another. That’s what always happens in times of crisis. The putting aside of all selfish endeavors to do what’s for the good of the many. That’s what heroes are made of (and we certainly don’t see many of those anymore). Despair is what they want from us…they can just go to hell!

        • There is light at the end of the tunnel.
          Its called A TRAIN!!!

      3. Another succinct article. Glad you have the gloves off and trying to get folks to wake up as is Porter. His video about the day in 2011 that will change your life really got me attention.

        • Dear Silver Bean: Can you put up the link to Porter’s video you mention?

            • Oh Mac please, closet self hating Jews like you have no credibility. Why don’t you post your favorite book ‘Mein Kampf”

      4. You know, I try to talk to people (family & a few close friends) about all of this and they literally gloss over or dismiss it. They do NOT want to hear it and they do NOT want to believe it.

        I really cannot believe how strong normalcy bias is.

        I’m so sad for them, they will be so surprised. They will look to us for support I’m sure but we probably won’t be here anymore. We will have moved way out to the boonies by then. Our bug out cabin is almost finished. Looks like we sure might need it.

        I’m still hoping for the best in my heart but my head tells me otherwise.

        P.S. The positive thing I did read is that commodities and gas will go down in price. That is good for those of us who still have money.

        • incognitive disodence….fear is a strong emotion and most people cant deal with it…its people like us that will be able to help and move forward and to accept that the old way of living is gone and begin new ways of living….i prep like a madman but i know at some point my provisons will run out and i will have to use skills to survive…..knowledge is power.

          • You said a mouthful. Between being too broke all the time to buy preps and what you just said, I haven’t amassed a fortune in PM’s, I have a little lead, and I have little in the way of food stored up. However, I’ve been studying the old ways (and some new ones) so that I may survive the old fashioned way when the other shoe drops. I have farm land (if I can keep it) and we WILL survive. It may not be pretty, but it will work. I’ve also been working on my survival library: foxfire series, SAS survival manual, How to survive in the wilderness with nothing but your bear hands (title is something like that), etc.

            “May you live in interesting times”
            -Chinese curse-

            • PLEASE remember to vet your Foxfire books through current scientific knowledge…..Many techniques are indispensable but some of the medicines are actually dangerous. A current Herbal PDR is as useful as those books. I own both PDRs and Foxfire, the whole set. All my survival gear is pretty much in books and my head, too. Just be careful, because as great as the old ways are for making something out of nearly nothing, if you take it all as gospel you could get hurt. Research!

        • Mr. B.
          I hear you, I try to talk to a few family members and they laugh and disregard everything that is going on in the world right now… Sometimes I feel like I’m being paranoid but I see it all over the wall, I just can’t sit and do nothing. I feel I am prepared for a while..

          Good luck

        • Mr. B,

          I have actually given up on my family and friends. They think I am a kook.

          • Kook? Foreward thinker? Visionary?
            In many instances they are the same thing. It all just depends on where the viewer stands.
            Today you are a kook.

            Under the circumstances, I hope that in a year or more we are all still seen as kooks. That would mean the worst did not happen.

            • Today you are a kook. Tomorrow you’re a dick if you don’t take care of everyone in need. I don’t know how to win this and get people to prepare at all. I would hope some of the local churches can become a place where can people can go and get their needs met.

          • Right God’s Creation, My Christain family and friends think they won’t be here. That is why the false doctrine of the rapture is so dangerous. They say God won’t let us experience wrath. I say what about the scriptures where God’s people had to stand and fight. What happen to most of the prophets of old when they stood and spoke the truth in times of lie and trouble. It really annoys me. A bunch of whinning babies who do not want to stand for truth and fight for the faith. No, they want out, as soon as times get tough. Suppose the apostles had done that. And how did most of them leave this earth age? What will they do when they are right here when shtf happens? They know I’m prepping here in northern Maine, I suppose they will want to comestay with us.

            stay prayed up, and prep.

            • I believe in a rapture but acknowledge it very well might get very bad, for who knows how long before we get beamed out of here. The first 3 half years of trib. we may have to suffer thru. Or if you can’t find employment for a span in this fouled up time, you may be glad to have basics.

            • Amen the Rapture false doctrine is so sad people have closed their eyes; and their wolves in sheep clothing; I mean pastors have led them astray, we will witness the great falling away as many weak church goers find themselves in tribulation and fall apart.
              We are getting ready spiritually
              P.s. the tribulation period is only 3 1/2 years
              thank god its not really 7 years!!

            • I believe in the rapture. I don’t know when it will happen so I try to prepare for this slip sliding world. I am poor so cannot do much, but I try, but the most important preparation anyone can make it to get right with God. Get saved folks, give your life to Him, repent. Now is the time…don’t wait..ask for the salvation of Jesus Christ.

              I also know that when it falls and people are starving they are going to head straight for all those they know who did prepare. Gangs going door to door looking to steal all they can. If there is no electric then lights in the dark, generators running and the smell of food cooking will be a big flag to those looking. So, I prepare what I can knowing it may go to thieves or left for others in the rapture. It is up to God, my life is in His hands…Praise Jesus.

            • I guess I’m lucky, we mormons believe in having provisions stored up to support our families for a year—just in case—and we take care of our own when shtf…

          • Noah was a kook too.

        • I am in the same situation with family. You try and tell them to be careful and 99 others tell ’em it’s party time.

          I am older and single so I just keep prepping for my kids. They know about one third of my preps so if and when TSHTF they will have a little cushion but then it will be time for the real reality show.

        • Mr. Blutarsky, you’re not the only one. One of my best friends is just like this. He’s one of the finest and most decent beings I’ve ever met, but the guy buries his head in the sand. He had the fortune of marrying somebody who makes good money and who works in finance, so he defers ALL money decisions to her. I tried telling him a few times about how the the economy is and asked him to read some stuff … his default position is that his wife will always give him a heads up.

          He is a complete sheep. A great friend but a sheep.

        • Who really WANTS to believe it? The trick is to keep living and doing all you can with drive and motivation, yet realizing that any day everything could go away. Otherewise, you just sit and wait for everything to fall apart and do not take advantage of the opportunities as they present themselves. It’s a balance and you can’t dwell on it or talk about inertia!

      5. Buckle up and get ready for one helluva rollercoaster ride. My preps will help me survive the crash when the whole thing comes off the tracks and takes a nosedive off the big loopty loop.

      6. I don’t understand why he is saying gold & silver will go down in value. Does anyone understand why?

        If that is the case, where should we park our investments? Most of our money right now is out of the stock market and in gold, silver, savings or money market accounts.

        I watched this video earlier today but he was real sketchy about where to put the money. Treasury bonds he suggests. Why would I put my money there if the US govt is in trouble?!!!

        “Trader on the BBC says Eurozone Market will crash”

        • The only way for the metals to go down is if the dollar became a strong currency. The other possibility is gov’t regs, limiting the value of metals in fiat money.

          As far as warning people, it is a little ironic, Noah comes to mind. Those that are prepping aren’t doing it by blind faith. Being in the ministry, I wonder why more, in the ministry, aren’t warning their church members. Others, in the ministry, can’t understand the passive views of so many, concerning prepping. I could go on but let it be. Interpretations (biblical) with world views and influence has dulled the minds of many to the facts.

          • They aren’t warning thier church members (at least my pastor isn’t) because they beleive two things, God will provide or the Rapture will occur and there is no reason to prepare. On both of those subjects. The God will rovide attitide: Yes He will, He is providing you the means to do so now and warning you through others. And the Rapture Attitude: Are you sure? Since those scriptures are some of the most debated interpretated scriptures amoungst Christians.

            Soooo many scriptures point to preparing that they just look the other way.

        • Because deflation is going to hit. If the dollar goes 1 to 1 with the Euro it means as the Euro community falls they will clamor to the dollar making the dollar strong and attractive. Dollars will be more desirable then gold and silver to those who just don’t think SHTF will ever happen.

          The odd things is Stansbury has been selling everyone on Silver and Gold for years and now he says to expect big hits ….I’m losing faith in Stan Man.

        • Metals will go down short term after the euro crisis because the greenback will just look better than the rest. Then buy more metal like a madman!! The truth will be seen by the sheeple’s when the goverment checks run out and that’s when metals will rise fast. Hang on to what you have and buy the dips after food and of course bullets. Have your preperations ready so you can afford metal when it is cheap.

        • Mr. B: I saw that video previously. He believes in a collapse because he doesn’t believe the Euro zone can work out its problems via the Bernanke Doctrine.

          It appears to me that they can. Whether they do or not is still debateable. I think they will. Here’s why:

          In a deflationary collapse (which is what he was refering too) all assets will plunge in value because there will not be enough money pursuing the available goods and services, and it can become a vicious downward spiral without FED or euro zone intervention.

          Prices in general would collapse because no one would have money to spend: there would be a contraction of the monetary supply; less consumption, meaning less demand, meaning less production, therefore fewer workers, then more unemployed, and more foreclosures; meaning less consumption, less demand, less production, fewer workers, more unemployed, more foreclosures, meaning bank insolvency, meaning less consumption ….. are you getting the picture Mr B?

          Less money equals lower metal prices. More money equals higher gold prices; silver likely to languish with a lot of volatility.

          There is NO profit in collapse Mr B. The GB’s may be thieves but they are not suicidal.

          So do you believe there is going to be a contraction of the money supply Mr B? 🙂 I didn’t think so.

          Inflation by a thousand cuts everyone. Double digit inflation. Long loaf sandwich bread now up at China mart 25% over last year. Another nickel since my last mention less than a month ago.

        • Metals will go down for the same reason they did last week. When there is fear and uncertainty people usually react the way they always do. Last week people were selling off stocks and running to treasuries because thats what has always been the safe haven in the past. Notice he said that it would be a short lived dip. Once the sheeple that buy the treasuries realize that they would have been better off investing in toilet paper the PM market will skyrocket.

          • Inertia.

          • I believe that gold and silver went down last week either because of margin calls or because the media has convinced some that there is a solution over in the Europe. First, margin calls will continue to be a problem in a falling stock market. I think they will bounce though once we get close to the bottom. Other wise countries will continue to buy PM’s due the fear of failing fiat currency. Now, when it comes to the idea of a solution for European crisis I think of the whole world financial system like a house of cards ready to fall. They are not trying to lift the whole think and put in another layer/level. Even if it seems like they will do it it’s still going to be just as fragile, if not more so.

        • Stansberry is saying the price of gold and silver will go down, it has nothing to do with value.

          The current downturn is gold and silver prices can be attributed to a large number of motivated sellers trying to raise cash for margin calls, covering short positions and raising cash for the (European) bank runs.

          Essentially the “TBTF” European banks are just past their breaking points and all hell is closer to breaking loose than many would care to accept.

          • Mirbach: That is true, also a technical correction for an overbought market. I expect it to pop up again next year.

          • Exactly. To anyone buying precious metals: buy the dips and hold. We have a long way until things start getting better.

        • Keep in mind that the exchange of paper promises for the physical metal ‘dominates’ the market by 50-100/1 (i.e. 50-100 ozs of promises transact for every 1 oz of physical that changes hands. As such the gamblers in the PM markets are setting the price right now.

          The miners of the metal that feed the actual physical demand are just hoping for the highest price possible. If they don’t feel they are getting that then they will hold back inventory. Regardless they are a business, as long as what they sell it for more than what it costs to produce they’ll keep mining it.

          The consumers of the physical metal for products are the same way in that the metal is just a means to an end. They want to pay the lowest price possible but don’t want the lack of Silver say to shut down the other 99% of their business activity which is say making circuit boards.

          So in between all these forces sits those who buy and hold physical precious metals as an insurance policy against a complete collapse of the paper system. While we, like the end product producers, want to pay the lowest price possible as well we measure success one oz at a time.

          We aren’t buying PM as a get rich quick investment but as SHTF insurance which ‘should’ also include even more useful stuff as well beyond kicking a few extra dollars to PM once and a while. You won’t get rich being a big buyer of beans or bullets either but they will take some of pain away of what many of us can see coming as clear as day.

          Here is the key if/when the paper system collapses it will take the gamblers in precious metals with it. As such the market price ‘will’ be the price that those that hold physical set since everything printed on paper will head towards it intrinsic value. My guess is that many physical holders of PM are also well stocked with all the other stuff, so it’s going to take a lot of got to have today value on the other end of the transaction in order to make them exchange.

          As I see it their will be three distinct phases in the significant price ramp up of precious metals. Phase one will be when the fiat hits the fan and holders of precious metals will exchange the metal for lots of fiat and then buy stuff they really need now that their worst fears are coming true (i.e. double down preps + final preps).

          Phase two will be when the purchasing value of fiat loses value so rapidly it just makes more sense to skip the intermediate step from PM to Fiat and Fiat to Valuable Good/Service. (i.e. currency dies). Commerce which is based on paper and electronic exchange also grinds to halt, so what you’ll be able to buy will also become very limited (i.e. directly from the producer to you, milk say). Even then the producers will be constrained as well, (i.e. the dairy farmer) as they are not self sufficient either. This is why you need to get other preps in order now since they are the product of modern economic system which is based on paper/electrons.

          This 2nd phase cannot last very long as you can probably see. We simple can’t support 300 million people based on a PM barter system, period. Thus this then forces Phase 3 on the government to issue a new paper currency. In this phase the value of PM will collapse in terms of the new currency but the value of PM will eventually settle out at least in terms of mining cost in the new currency eventually which more than I can say for the old currency.

          Long story short you don’t buy fire insurance on your house to ‘get rich’, you buy it so you can survive to the other end should that unfortunate event happen.

          • I disagree. I think holders of PMs will be rewarded many times over because I think PMs will play an important part in the next financial system. Wait until price discovery hits the physical market.

            • Agreed.

        • Food! Park your investments in food related things. A piece of land for a garden, a farm, a green house, a store house of food. Food will be far more valuable than gold.

        • Because of deflation. Enormous deflationary pressures will bring down energy and commodity costs for a while. Money is evaporating out of the system, and when there are less dollars the dollars that do remain in the system become more valuable because they are needed to pay off debts. The QE this or that is a drop in the bucket vs the trillions and trillions of outstanding debt that cannot be repaid. Industry will will slow and consumer purchases will slow. With less demand, prices will fall. It’s pretty likely the metals will fall, but who knows. One thing about the metals is that they often retain their value even if their price falls. Other commodities can fall further in price, home prices are likely to fall further, and big ticket item prices such as those for cars or tvs may be slashed in the face of slower consumer spending. I’m heavily invested in silver too. My investment is for the long term, though I may cash out of some and plan to buy more if the price goes lower. If the metals prices go higher, I’ll just buy food, ammo, or hold the cash. The dollar isn’t going kaput for a long while. And if the euro drops dead, it will increase the value of the dollar as compared to metals or commodities. I believe if you hold on to metals for a few years you’ll be fine, but who knows. Typically if you do the opposite of everyone, you’ll do best; for the past year many are screaming about gold $2000+ and massive inflation. The opposite is likely true for a while. If you made some profit on the metals, you could sell some now and buy more if the price falls further.

        • Invest in dry goods and prep your garden area with a rototiller while you can still afford the gas for it. You can’t eat gold and silver.

        • If your money is still in paper you’ve waited damn near too long. Wealth preservation is not the same thing as investing, They are two different mindsets with all together different rules. The reason you are confused is because you have not made a decision on what you believe the future holds. Do your research and then decide, your odds of being right or wrong are about the same. Meaning there is no guarantee – you just need to decide what is right for you and then take action. Good Luck!

      7. Porter Stansberry is a known fraud, so anything coming from his direction needs to be taken with a LARGE grain of salt.

        Having stated he obvious and the known, it doesn’t mean that some of his predictions are wrong, quite the contrary, what he is stating as his “predictions” is not much different than what hundreds of others having been pointing out.

        There is little value of having a known fraudster like Stansberry mentioned on this, or any other site as it immediatley reduces the credibility of anyone willing to host his comments or advice.

        Best option, use your own common sense, try and find the real economic numbers and listen to what credible people are saying such as Jim Rodgers, Peter Schiff, Marc Faber, etc, etc.

      8. Why will silver loss if the banks collaps? I can’t believe that…

        • Because its Euro banks failing not US banks – at the early stage. As those Euro banks fail they will clamor to the dollar not the silver/gold. The dollar will grow strong, and deflate just like it has in housing.

      9. Fuck you people with the here’s what happens next… people don’t know shit BUT it makes for an audience and a salary ! Hey where’s all the market collapse videos ? Oh yea the market isn’t collapsing this week , hey maybe next week huh ? I have called this market over and over for months now .
        The Chris Greene’s are all over YouTube whenever the market tanks screaming crash and market collapse and I sit back and laugh now cuz I know when it drops a few days it will always rebound over 11,000.

        • DEAR READERS,

          Please forgive Rich.

          He’s not even a real person.

          He’s a monkey that we taught how to type and left him connected to the internet.

          Our apologies.

          We wanted to see if you left a million monkeys typing on a million keyboards would eventually write out Sheakespears Works.

          All we could afford was a Macaque Monkey, Rich, and a low quality internet service.

          Bad Monkey!,… Bad monkey!,… and stop flinging your poo!!

          Universtiy Of Stupid.

          • Forgive this you commie retard

            • Bad Monkey!…Bad Monkey!!

              Stay away from the computer or NO peanuts for you tonight!!

              (Speaking with someone in the background: Gwen,… I think its getting time to go to Harlem and let Rich loose back the jungle to be with his own kind,… he keeps playing with his own poo,…. and getting it on the internet….)…

            • Its fear, notice he is the first to comment?

              He has no life and wants to convince himself all is well. If he types the same BS over and over it will come true. c

            • Just hand Rich an enema, maybe that would help him clear up his cloudy thinking

        • Rich: Why do you have to always be so vulgar and offensive? Can’t you make your point without name-calling and ridicule? Your “bedside manner” is really getting old.

          • How about debating me on the facts instead of being so seeensitiveee about what language I use. I have the freedom of speech and if you don’t like it too bad!

            • Rich is a paid shill. It exhibits all of the signs.

            • How about you do like the lady asks and cough up some facts instead of hiding behind invective?

              …or is invective all that you have?

            • You have presented no facts.

              But you have shown your level of intelligence is that of a child.

            • Sure Rich, you do have freedom of speech. It is to bad you won’t afford anyone else that right.

          • +10!! TY Daisy!! Rich is disgusting and he offends me VERY much!!

            • Smokymtnlady am I offending your belief system too much am I making too much sense and a part of you knows that what I am saying is true?
              Here is a perfect example of what I’m saying …..there are articles and videos all over the imternet regarding all these leaders that are supposed to be away during a period of September starting on the 27th – 29th , with Obama ordered to Denver by the u.s. military because of this alignment of comet elenin and its devastation its supposed to bring and of course I laugh my ass off. Thank god he went underground because its really bad on the surface. My point is that doom sells and what’s going on with the economy and markets is the same, hey hows that market crash going that everybody warned of? Let me guess…..its coming right? Hahahahahahah

          • You are offended by my bedside manner?? Well next time I wont leave you cab fair to get home 😉

            • Stop using my fuckin name !!!!! Is that how you operate ?
              The people on here who hates government immortality has no problem being immoral as long as it suits their needs . Stop impersonating me asshole !!!!

            • Oh wait a minute, why am I arguing with myself again I am a jerk with nothing but a bad taste in my mouth from the poo…I need to fill my perscription.

              @ Marine

              I throw poo only sometimes at my ceiling fan 😉

            • what? Was I supposed to PAY for something here?? Who’s selling what?

          • I’d be delighted to debate you on the facts if I could wade through the obscenities without rolling my eyes and writing you off as a troll.

            Shockingly, after some strenuous translation, I think I might even agree with you on some points.

            What I’m saying here, and let me dumb it right down since I tried to say it politely before and you seem to misunderstand:

            Make your point in a literate fashion.

            Stop trying to be inflammatory.

            Swearing with every other word just makes it seem like you have a limited vocabulary.

            You might have more in common with people here than you think – not everyone here believes the sky is falling.

            Darn it. I used some real big words there, but I hope it is still clear.

            Alternatively, cuss your guts out, scream, rant, rave and ridicule. Have a big old Rumpelstilskin-style hissy and we will all continue to ignore you.

            Oh – the hooker reference was a real nice touch. But remember, even hookers have some discretion and I wouldn’t come near you with a 4 inch stilleto heel.

            • by the way I have changed my name twice and someone on here is impersonating me by using my screen name SO many of the comments under RICH99 or previously RICH are NOT mine!

            • Daisy: You wear four inch stiletto heels? OMG!!! 🙂 saw a gal in Barnes and Noble yesterday in a pair ….. WOW!!!

            • Actually I usually wear steel-toe work boots. I was making a hooker reference in response to Rich’s charming comment. I do have a lovely pair of Manolo knock-offs, though.

            • Daisy: I don’t believe you wear 4 inch stiletto heels! Lets see some evidence! Photos please. 🙂

        • Rich, Why don’t you start a channel and post your research on the web? Please post all the link’s so we can see and research for ourselves. I try and get as many articles on any subject as I can when studying. Please share your wealth of facts and your almighty knowledge with us. Awaken us please oh savior! Your words ( I have called this market over and over for months now.) Wow, months!!!! I just havent seen your articles or videos. Please send a link so we can buy and sell as you do in order for us to better prepare.

          • Channel my pole 😮

            • Stop using my name !

            • Oh man am I blacking out again?? 🙁

            • I should Baker myself!

            • Forgive rich he probably got fired for coming in drunk once to often and now he can’t afford his psycho-tropic med’s.
              His type is why we need to be on guard, to many of these mindless wonders are off there med’s
              return of the zombies??

        • You are generally so offensive and ignorant that no one wants to debate with you.

          That is why you have no friends and why it seems the only thing you can do is troll forums like this.

          Try bowling.

          • Underwater basketweaving comes to mind…

          • I can’t even debate with myself it seems. I can bowl, that the game with a ball and a net right? :O

        • Since you always know what the stock market will do you MUST be uber-rich.

          • How about we all ignore him….if he gets NO comments he’ll go away…

        • Always? …so long as they keep printing money and infusing it into the market, you mean…

        • Rich,

          The stock market != the economy.

          Who cares what the DOW says? The banks create money out of thin air with fractional reserve banking and a entire host of other tricks. It’s pretty easy to buy stocks when you get free money.

      10. Good evening brothers and sisters.
        Mac sorry to post this here, but i’m so sad.
        Today a 39 y.o. woman, mother of two kids, commited suicide because of debts to banks.
        Banks transfered the debts to the government, so the woman would go to prison.
        Jesus our Lord, please forgive her sin and accept her soul by your side.
        My very dear friends. Forgive me if i sound like that. My heart is black and my brain is empty. Since this fake crisis started, 1700 fellow Greeks killed themselves.

        Be safe boys and girls. Be healthy. You gonna need it.

        • That’s awful.

          • Darwin Award Winner

        • I’m so sorry to hear this, Manos. That poor woman will be in my prayers too, as well as the other brothers and sisters there who feel they have run out of options.

          • The woman doesn’t need prayers anymore…but her kids sure as heck do…

        • manos,

          I am sorry to hear this. Prayers for this poor woman and her family and for others who feel so sad and overwhelmed.

          Stay safe!
          KY Mom

        • manos: Many people in India who took micro finance loans have also committed suicide this year when they couldn’t repay less than a thousand dollars (USD).

          This is why I have encouraged people to prepare physically, mentally, psychologically, and spiritually for the Changes that are coming (just not yet).

          Attitude will be everything. A little exercise every day will help to chase the blues away.

          A close personal relationship with your Creator will be more valuable than silver, gold, or food. Go within people. Find the source of your being. For the atheists among you, look for the ameoba within! 🙂

          • You know I do not see things the same as you. I think it is safe to say many others also see things differently. That is because of different life experiences, education and thinking styles.

            That said I personally enjoy your company on this site and appreciate the fact that all of us can learn from one another.

            Except Rich and Sam.

            They are putz’

            • POA: Exactly and thank you! I wouldn’t try to tell anyone how to can, I have no experience with that (I’ll be eating granola bars and twinkies when the SHTF).

              I wouldn’t tell anyone how to fix their car because I am not a mechanic.

              I am willing to share what knowledge I have about the things I do know about, and I have the education, experience, and special expertise to make a serious contribution in that regard, and about those topics.

              I am not selling a monthly subscription to anything, and the extensive time I spend here must come to an end in a month or so when the weather changes and I get back to my other activities.

              My statements speak for themselves:

              1. WE don’t have hyper-inflation, WE are not going to have hyper-inflation, and WE have the double digit inflation that I said WE would, when everyone else and the “top analysts” were screaming “hyper-inflation”.

              I was the lone voice crying in the wilderness last year at this time against hyper-inflation.

              2. The dollar is not going to collapse anytime soon. And when it does it will not be because the GB’s shot themselves in the foot again.

              They only get one “collapse”. They had it. Next time they go broke. Thats why it won’t happen again. They will find a way to avoid it; or many tens of millions of Americans will descend upon Wall Street in a way that will make the current protests look like a watermelon eating contest.

              What could be worse to a GB than going broke? (A public hanging on the Washington Mall not included). Nothing.

              You can count on their greed, meaning asset prices must eventually go higher from additional printing, but not until they have those assets firmly in hand as they move from market to market, taking your money and leaving the crumbs for those following in their wake.

              Currency trading is the biggest market. It is also the biggest fraud.

              The stock markets are casinos. Viotility will reign (up and down). Do not measure economic activity by market gyrations. It will give you a heart attack and make you look stupid.

              When the markets go up its because the GB’s have gotten in at the bottom. When markets go down its because the gangster banksters have ALREADY taken their profit and moved on, leaving their short positions to catch your money like a falling knife.

              3. The dollar is not going to be replaced by another currency or basket of currencies anytime soon; and OPEC is not going to demand gold in payment for oil. This is hyperbole by people without a real knowledge of the financial markets and the role of the dollar and the US military in them.

              4. Goldman does rule the world; when you understand that “Goldman” is a euphanism for the PTB, GB’s, and global fascists. The LSM is the propaganda machine for these liars, cheats, thieves, hypocrites, and ruthless sob’s that care only about themselves.

              5. Gold will be the metal to own if you can. Silver will be helpful through the transitions for the Changes that will come, but gold will be the store of value for the wealth that you have, on the other side of the Changes.

              Do not listen to what the GB’s say or the PROPAGANDA of their shills. You can recognize their shills because they will mix truth with an obvious falsehood to sell you a lie. The truths you know, it is your DNA, the lie is the falsehood they want you to believe so they can use it to drain your wealth.

              Its not rocket science. Its common sense. You can determine their intent by the consequences of their actions. These are highly intelligent individuals and corporations, who know exactly what they are doing and what they are doing to US.

              They are not incompetent. They are culpable.

              3. Be alert for PROPAGANDA. There are those who deliberately mix a lot of truth with lies to slip disinformation into OUR consciousness. America and thus Americans have many enemies. WE are under attacke from within and without.

              They deliberately seek to mislead, discourage, and psychologically DISARM US, by dividing US one against the other; or by distracting US from the cause, which WE CAN fix, by talking about the symptoms that manifest from the cause, rather than the cause itself.

              Their shills are naysayers, drop outs and cop outs who want you to accept their misery, their loser mentality, and their lack of success as your own. Misery always loves company and if you accept their attitude and make it your own, you will fail too and validate their own inadequacies. Be a pathfinder, think for yourself,cut your own swath.

              4. The euro zone is still on the table. I do not know what the solution (among many) will be, but the EU will emerge stronger, more united, and more powerful for this crisis. That is Bible prophecy, not a delusional vision on my part. It is most likely that Bernanke’s Doctrine will be used to absorb the crisis in some fashion.

              As for me, I can, and have learned much from knowledgeable individuals here, with other knowledge and experience that I personally do not possess (but I don’t expect to be doing any canning personally … I will buy the granola bars and twinkies I need :-)).

              If others benefit from what I have to say, good for them. I am not seeking either subscribers or friends. If I make a friend here, great. With respect to what I post about, I have been there and done that, I know what I am talking about.

              I am not posting links to third parties and asking you to debate an issue posted at another link; or use a link out of context to support my hypothesis because I cannot present a rational argument for my opinion. It is what it is.

              Times are tough so everyone needs to toughen up, work together with family and friends, cooperate each with the others, build consensus among you and yours, and prepare for the Changes that will EVENTUALLY come, but not yet. Do not weary in well doing while you prepare.

              The sky is not yet falling. A tin foil hat will suffice.

            • you should change your name to from POA to POS :p

            • @Durango Kidd:

              That was excellent.

              My missus is getting into prepping now, but she’s gone a bit hypersensitive about it. I spent two hours last night patiently explaining that no, the economy isn’t going to go ‘splat next week.

              Personally, I give it about 5 years or so before it becomes too ugly. 10 before it gets desperate. This is assuming that we continue electing the same asshats that we do now.

          • I think you’re wrong about hyperinflation. We’ll have hyperinflation the day some other country or countries get sick of the US exporting their inflation (see Arab spring) causing food prices to spike. Someone is going to introduce a hard currency and everyone is going to send home their dollars which will cause almost overnight hyperinflation.

        • You be safe too, Manos. Thank you for your frequent and valuable updates from the “front lines” of this mess.

        • Hi Manos,

          How are you my friend?

          It is a terrible thing to hear of that a mother with children to care for, felt so cornered and hopeless that she killed herself.

          I will post prayer for, and I hope anyone that reads this, will say it for her also.

          The great misfortune is, she is not the first to do, and hardly the last.

          Although she had the right idea of killing someone, she misplaced it on herself.

          Killing the bags of puke Banksters and Government personnel that sold your country out would have been a much better starting point.

          You and I have discussed this before, in that we have all been failed by our “representatives”, and betrayed by our governments, all for the sake of their insatiable avarice and wonton lust for power.

          I live on the upper East Coast of the US, in New Jersey (God’s cesspool,… I was born and raised in a real state,… New York) and recently some women decided to kill herself by driving her minivan in a river with her kids in it. She died and I think one of the kids also, but 2 others got out.

          We are in the revolutionary cycle which occurs in steps,…

          First comes dissatisfaction, then dispair, hopelessness, anger, and finally hunger.

          When you have the following three in abundance, that is when people rise up:

          1) Anger: Anger from the current circumstances and what people percieve as a train of “abuses and usurpations”.

          2) Hopelesness: When people see that circumstatnces are NOT going to change anytime soon, or will not get better even in the future, they become filled with hoplessness.

          3) Hunger: When people can no longer afford basic food items and hunger sets in, that is usually the final straw

          This is why the US Gov’t is doling out the Obama Coupon (Food Stamps).

          They know people will put up with 2 out of the 3 I listed above, but when all three of those drivers are present in abundance, it only takes a “Flash point Incident” to ignite peoples rage and willingness to fight,… hence the French Revolution.

          What most people DON’T realize is that “Revolutions” are Top-Down Events, Not Bottom-Up Events as we saw occur in Eqypt.

          So whats the difference?

          Top-Down Revolution: Simply put,… its Money.

          This means that someone, or some group is funding it! The receiving party,.. the Revolutionary Party then becomes the center of organzation and strategy. They also become the people who define what political solution they are looking to institute.

          Bottom-Up Revolution: Simply Put,… its protesting on a large scale.

          The problem with Bottom-Up Revolutions is that there is no central organzation, no defined set strategies, and no political perscription to resolve the current systemic ailments.

          This is what everyone witnessed in Egypt, and which is why it fissled to nothing but letting the military take over. Wow!,.. that worked out great for them.

          So, the idea is, if any real change is going to be brought to a country, it in fact requires some Top-Down assistance, meaning help from people with money so that a central point of organzation is established. Of course, this in and of itself has its own perils, as people financing will in all likely hood be doing so for their own gains. Patriotism, the Common-Good, and Concern for their countries future are probably not in their mindset, although there have been exceptions, such as the Founding Fathers of The United States, and even then, there was some back room horse trading occuring.

          Finally, What I hope most people realize, both in Greece and here in America is, that the best strategy for real change isn’t physical confrontation, which is the Strategy of Attrition, but the opposite, which is Sun Tsu’s Strategy of Go, the Strategy of Cleverness and Surprise.

          From Sun Tsu: To win one hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the height of skill. To win with out a single battle is.

          In the end, since no government will go quietly, no matter how morally, spiritually, or fiancially bankrupt it is, the use of battle should only be for the “Killing Stroke”, and even that should be avoided if possible since Moral Superiority will cause mass defections from the corrupt governments we wish to replace.

          In closing, I would like to offer a prayer to that women that felt she had no options left, and to all the others that are about to find themselves in that same, dark, hollow of despair and fright.

          Dear Heavenly father,

          I ask you to reach out,

          and comfort in your arms,

          the poor soul who has committed herself to your mercy.

          Such was her anquish and despair,

          that not even her love for children,

          could give her the strength she needed.

          In your kindness, please let her children know,

          their mother no longer suffers her torments,

          and that you see the sufferings of all the peoples,

          who have been broken by the evil of greedy men.

          Please let her children know,

          you will shed your special light over them,

          so that their sorrows and despairs may be eased,

          Just a little bit.

          I ask you Lord,

          to grant mercy to all who now suffer from the same evils,

          and that you will bring rightousness,

          and moral valor back to those who effect,

          so many of your children here,

          on your good earth.

          In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.


          • Amen; nice – yes lets keep it positive. thanks USMC

          • Amen,

            May she find peace, and He gives strength to her kids.
            Thanks US Marines.

            May our Lord protect us all.

          • Amen.

        • Praying for her kids, that they would know the comfort of our Lord Jesus and that He will protect and provide for them during this crisis. I also pray for your family.

      11. I heard that Germany has decided to back Greece so that they don’t default. Just delaying the inevitable.

        • Don’t you people get it yet……this game will go on and on and on for a very very very long time . Notice he said SOONER OR LATER and I will bet on the later ….much later .

          • You are a freak rich, you want a timeframe for the crash, here it is, the month of october is it, the one day that will change the lives of americans forever, you are a fucking idiot!

            • i will hold you to that AEOP …….because when October comes and goes and nothing happens you will be the IDIOT!!!! I will remember that name…….I can’t wait!

          • Rich99, When is the collapse going to happen. Should we all stop preparing? Is it next year or do I have 3 years 4 months and 16 days 12 hours and 45 seconds left? Please enlighten us oh almighty Rich! As I said before.
            (Rich, Why don’t you start a channel and post your research on the web? Please post all the link’s so we can see and research for ourselves. I try and get as many articles on any subject as I can when studying. Please share your wealth of facts and your almighty knowledge with us. Awaken us please oh savior! Your words ( I have called this market over and over for months now.) Wow, months!!!! I just havent seen your articles or videos. Please send a link so we can buy and sell as you do in order for us to better prepare.)

          • Paid shill.

            • Hi God’s Cremation,

              No,,… he’s not a shill(although he sounds like a classic one doesn’t he).

              He’s our pet monkey that we had trained to type and he got out of the lab again.

              Our apologies.

              We had him caged pretty well, but hes always flinging his poop everywhere, so we had to take him out while we cleaned his cage, and there was an open window nearby,…..,well,… he found his way into the Deans office where there was a computer left on.

              We only have him, so we do let Rich on the internet so he can talk to other monkeys and not get to lonely, but every now and then he finds his way onto human sites.

              Bad Monkey!,… Bad monkey!

              We’ll try to put blocks on Rich’s internet.

              Sorry about that again,… just ignore him, hes nothing but a stupid monkey that can type.

              Director of –
              University Of Stupid Is As Stupid Does.

            • at least I have a job… What do you do?? surf the web all day collecting food stamps and SSI because your fat and lazy?? Bible Thumping S.O.B.

            • Who pays him? Can I get some?

            • …he probably doesn’t have the sense to get paid for his stupidity…

          • Rich99,

            You’re right. The process will be slow, painful, and full of surprises.
            We see that here, during the last two years. Two weeks before the IMF’s assistance, the government announces to the public that the measures taken are not enough. This has already happened 6 times, and many things that you take for granted, are now obsolete in Greece. Liberties, personal finance, property, etc.
            Being here now, i understand what happened to those poor people in Argentina, Hungary, Romania, Turkey, Haiti or wherever the IMF passed from.
            I now look things from another perspective and try not to be strict. There are not only black and white. Thousands of tones of grey exist, and each represents a different view.

            I wish you all the luck. I wish that you and the people you care, will never face what we live today.
            Be safe rich99

        • Mr. Blutarsky,

          They just sharpening their knives and teeth.
          They have closed deals with our traitor government to exploit Greece’s sun, by placing photovoltaic systems.
          Of course all construction, materials, and personel will come from German companies.
          To say nothing of the struggle for natural gas and petrol.
          That’s why i poste the other day, that this “default” hides something sneaky behind.

          • Of course all the parts & employees will come from Germany! Greece will be totally beholden to Germany. Not a good thing at all. Question is, is collapse a better option? Sometimes I wonder.

            The whole thing is like a three ring circus.

            • There is a solution.
              1. Throw out the fucking illegals, all 1 million of them.
              2. Close the borders.
              3. Deny the debt against the German and French banks. Let them collapse also.
              4. Drug 300.000 public servants, from useless jobs, and place them out in the fields, to start food production again.
              5. DEMAND the German compensation for the WWII crimes. The amount touches around 200 billion euros.
              6. As soon as production starts again, start satisfying internal needs first, and then start exporting.

              I know it’s too romantic but it can work. There were options, but our government needed to assist for the 4th Reich expand.

          • The end of the world in Europe will happen. Many nations will default and make it easier and more ‘explainable’ for the Uncle Sam to do the same. We’ve had no scruples for the past twenty years, what make you think we’ll change our stripes? America cannot and will not take this graciously. We do live in interesting times.

      12. Everybody should watch Porter Stansberry’s video “End of America”. Yes, he has something to sell. Yes, he isn’t telling the truth about his previous predictions. But yes, his take on what’s going to happen in America is right on.

        • Bill S: I disagree. The reason I disagree is because the EU Banks are going to put a “ring” around Greece and other PIIGS and recapitalize their losses in ADVANCE so that when Greece does go belly up, the too big to fail do not fail.

          Its the Bernanke Two Step with a southern med beat; not an Austrian waltz.

          The EU emerges stronger, more cohesive, and more powerful from the crisis.

      13. “[If government officials tell you the outlook is dark, you can be pretty sure the outlook is actually a lot darker!

        The Fed says “there are significant downside risks to the economic outlook,” which translated to plain English really means “all hell is about to break loose.]”

        IMF: “The global economy is in a dangerous new phase.”

        Good Luck All… Here It Comes!

        • Where did you find this!

        • Man Up: If the IMF is screaming doom and gloom (and they are I read that link previously) you can bet its because THEY want to be the power in charge when the dust settles.

          With only $36-38 billion in assets themselves they want all of the large commercial banks to give THEM money to redistribute.

          They are not a player in this game. Just a spectator with a mega phone complaining about the umpire.

          • DK: You are 100% right… when the dust settles it will be the IMF that the world will need to bow to.

            They will then change their name to…
            International Mother F*ckers, aka. Bad Asses 🙂

        • Peter and Porter are both selling something and I think Peter took Porter apart. Hind sight is always 20/20. Lets just assume Porter did get it all wrong in 06, 07, 08 as Peter says. Does that change what he is saying today? I think not.

          As with most of these guys you have to divine the nugget’s of fact in their reports. Personally I think a lot of these guys are a bit out there, but so were communicators in the 1960’s Star Trek. By the 90’s we had push to talk and flip phones.

          Greece is just going to be a trigger event which if we don’t get financial contagion to Italy or Spain I think we can withstand a Greek default.

          The fact is that every sovereign currency is being printed in large quantities and or digitally marked up. Which means they can keep the game going till you can’t afford food or fuel.

          As broke as the EU is they own 30% of our debt and we own theirs. Its really just a game of financial musical chairs on the deck of the Titanic. No matter who wins, the ship is going down.

          • Peter and Porter ….this sounds like a very bad tongue twister waiting to happen.

            Peter and Porter went postal, pitching pinches of prophecy at the peons…..

            Say that 3 times fast!

            • cute!

            • Did you ever used to read the Mogambo Guru?

              He was the master of alliteration.

              I’m sure he’s in the Mogambo bunker now.

        • BF: Thank you Peter Schiff! Challenged Porter Stansbury? I think he showed him to be a bold face liar and propagandist trying to sell fear, hysteria, and hybole.

          There are many people trying to make a buck on OUR irrational fears. Irrational fears are not the same as genuine and valid concerns.

          Don’t panic people. Pray and prep. Good words to live by.

          • hyperbole … via a monthly suscription.

            • Nick Guarino, Don McAlvany, Marc Faber….

      14. We need to keep in mind that Porter had made millions selling this idea that something major is going to happen in 2011…he doesn’t have much time left….

        • What did he make millions with

          • Commissions

      15. how does throwing someone in prison for a debt, solve anything?

        so if they threw you into prison for a debt ,that you would be able to pay it off, heck at that point your costing them more..thats just pure stupididty

        very sorry to hear thats how dumb this has gotten, and that she took her life..sad, really sad

        • VRF,

          It doesn’t solve shit. Government, banks, and judicial power, are interconnected. They exist to serve and support one another. Having the 4th power to cover their crap, these people don’t stop to suppress the masses.
          I hope some time people will wake up, and stop killing themselves.
          Some time, a person will appear and he will gather the millions, giving them hope. Will he be a mesiah, will he be an enlighted leader, or a military officer?
          Who knows.
          But their end is near, because you don’t mess with the human brain. It’s so fragile but it’s also unpredictable.

          My best wishes VRF.

          • My beast wishes back to you Manos..

            this is so wrong on so many levels I pray for you and your fellow man.

        • They were probably gonna rent out the children to slave labor…and I ain’t kidding.
          Let that keep you awake tonight.

      16. I put the blame for the coming Depression, collapse and Fall of Empire-hood squarely on the American Women.

        • Because…….???????????????

          • You are so predictable it’s not even funny. Must be in the DNA. Ditto on the relief valve suction pump.

        • Daisy says:



          • Daisy and LH: Because they have driver’s licenses and library cards!!! That’s why! 🙂

            The Saudi’s are going to let them vote(probably not run for office). We’ll see how that works out.

            Just kidding ladies.

            • Yeah – you don’t want us women getting all uppity, thinking we run an automotive shop, telling grown men what to do – – –

              Oh, wait! That’s what I do at work everyday. Gee…..

            • Daisy: I like a woman who knows what she wants and takes charge … its soooo sexy!!! 😉

            • Part of my charm, Durango. 😉

            • 10 lashes, is that all?

            • My ex worked in a warehouse pushing paper at $8.00 per hour—while I swung a 28 oz framing hammer at $28.00 per hour. he only tried the “male superiority” argument with me once…especially when my 8 person construction crew was ALL WOMEN.

      17. “what if things really are f**cking, insecure, neurotic & emotional?”

      18. manos
        prayers still going your way

        • dr e,

          Thanks, i also pray for you all. We are the pawns in a global chess game.

          • manos,

            Remember…it is the pawn that can move all the way down the board and BECOME ANY OTHER PIECE IT WISHES! No other piece can do that. We can become the solution and that is what the powers to be do not realize.

            Good luck to you.

          • CHECK !

      19. Uh…guys? I’m not trying to make light of our economic disaster coming, but didn’t Porter Stansberry get fined $1.5 Million for fraud by the SEC? Might wanna vett this guy a little further. Just sayin’…

        • That only serves to show he is not liked by the corp. Anybody who participates in the system can easily be charged with fraud, including us for passing off debt like it was money.

          It is those who do not get fined you need to worry about.

          • GC: Not liked by the corp? If the corp fines a person 1.5 million dollars for breaking securities laws, that individual has committed a serious crime against someone, somewhere.

            Everything the corp does is not to OUR disadvantage. Many things are done to protect US from those who would prey upon US.

            The corp doesn’t allow competition is that venue. 🙂

          • Ahhhh…the corp!

      20. Well, personally I find all the articles posted here to be refreshing and uplifting.. at least as compared to the actual headlines on news sites, news papers and on TV news..

        Now that is some depressing crap..

        • Good point.

          Drudge requires lubrication.

      21. I like the End of America Video he has. Basically says the US dollar will lose its status as the Worlds Reserve Currency in 2011. He has 3 months

      22. This is causing quite a stir in Europe! From BBC World…

        Alessio Rastani says get ready for Market Crash live on BBC.
        Incredible statement by Alessio Rastani about the Euro zone collapse and Goldman Sachs rule the world NOT Governments…

      23. Sebastian
        Sivlver and gold prices will fall as banks and country’s will flood the market selling them to cover margines or short falls. But shortly after that pow though the roof they will go.

        • GENX1 – I hadn’t gotten this far before I wrote the comment above, but we’re on the same page about the dip in precious metals.

        • Agreed. Methinks next year is a good year for gold.

      24. Meanwhile North Carolina governor Perdue comments that we need to suspend congressional elections for two years in order to let congress focus on the economy.

        Meanwhile a former Obama official complains that too much democracy is the problem and we need less in order for Washington to get things done.,0&passthru=MGU3YjMxNDdlN2UyMjM2MTNhZGZjNDE2MjE2NjE2Nj

        • I might could agree with that statement. Send in the Marines to surround Congress while it is in session and arrest those traitorous bastards!

          Where is Robspierre when We need him?

      25. Manos: Our congregation will be praying for the young lady, her family and yours tonight. I am a former police officer who also had a grandmother who took her life, she was a strong, strong Christian woman, but it is as you said the human mind is Fragile. She tied a plastic bag around her head and sat down on the toilet seat, that is how we found her, I am sorry to be graphic, its hard to comprehend.

        • I’m so sorry, Copout. Please remember that depression is an illness – your grandmother was most likely a victim of that horrible debilitating shortage of serotonin. Bless her – I hope she has peace now.

          • Daisy: Thank you for your kind words, my brother named his daughter after her, hers is Daisy also, funny every time I see your posts, it reminds me of her, your name that is, one of natures finest Flowers! Thanks

            • to bad so sad 😉

        • I’m so sorry Copout to hear this.
          Before this “crisis” reached us, it was so hard to even think about suicides.
          Now we hear a couple of incidents every day, and is about to become another part of our daily life.
          It still is not normal, but it’s so common that you forget it the next day.
          And this is so sad, because we talk about a human life and the lives connected to this person. It’s not a number in some statistics chart.
          It’s a human life damn it.
          I cannot even imagine the strength a person must have in order to do such a thing. He/She needs real guts. But it has to do with this small click within the brain.

          So sorry Copout. So sorry for every human being on this land.
          Be healthy, your family needs you.

      26. Hi All, I have read/listened to this guy for awhileand think he has some valid points.
        I know he has to make a living but I wish he would have said up front his solutions would cost me to know. Would have saved a lot of time because the solutions are well known to those who hang out here but except for the very wealthy are unrealistic. Gold in oversea accounts,real estate,etc.
        The best most of us here can do is try to stay healthy,get out of debt,lay in some extra food and have a method of protection and the training that goes with it.
        I am a bit prepared but not for a total collapse as I’m sure the vast majority are not. Sometimes I would prefir it would happen now both as vindication to the sheeple I have tried to talk to(don’t anymore) and I can assist my kids through this if they would ever wake up. Maybe they will be forced to. God Bless,James
        PS Thank you Manos, hope all goes well with you!

      27. I see the bad moon arising.
        I see trouble on the way.
        I see earthquakes and lightnin’.
        I see bad times today.

        Don’t go around tonight,
        Well, it’s bound to take your life,
        There’s a bad moon on the rise.

        I hear hurricanes ablowing.
        I know the end is coming soon.
        I fear rivers over flowing.
        I hear the voice of rage and ruin.

        All right!

        Hope you got your things together.
        Hope you are quite prepared to die.
        Looks like we’re in for nasty weather.
        One eye is taken for an eye.

        • was hoping i wasnt the only CCR fan out there!

          • Oh no. We be down on the corner.

            • Or running through the jungle (personal favorite)

            • And out in the street.

          • Oh hellz no! They are part of my post collapse collection.

        • It’s on my MP3..I mow and weed eat to it!!

      28. Everything be alright. I will see to it. I will talk some sense too the fagots that worship me once every year.

        • Lol, your name & that comment cracked me up. Thanks for the laugh.

          Speaking of BG, the other day I read a long article/profile at The New Yorker online re SCOTUS Justice Clarence Thomas & his Tea Party wife, Ginni. It said Thomas “attends (current ongoing tense) Bohemian Grove.” — Repeatedly the article quoted him as saying he loathes “Ivies (Ivy League) & elitists.” Yet he joins them every year at the Moloch Worship Event. Go figure.

      29. Maybe all the congressmen and women will commit suicide—they’re not accomplishing anything else of use to the american public,but then they don’t give a a rat’s ass for anyone of us anyway. Just thought it might save the mobs from mulitple hangings.Do any of you think if any members of congress realize how badly they’re hated by the american people?

      30. I don’t see the need for a “getaway plan”, no matter how bad the economy gets.
        The only thing that would drive me from my home (on an acre) would be a flood, nothing else.

        • Nothing you have thought about at least. It is for things you do not think about that you should be prepping for.

          It is far better to have a getaway plan that is never used than to need one and not have it.

          Your choice….

        • If I enjoyed an acre in a rural territory that is in no way on the exit path of a major population base I’d focus on staying home too. Not everyone is that lucky. I have a great bug out property, but it’s getting there that can be scary. Yes I can drive it in 6 hrs no traffic. I can bike it in 2 weeks if there were no threats. Walking about 2 months but probably longer to avoid pop centers.

      31. Don’t sell your silver. As a matter of fact as the price drops buy more. Everyone knows you cant eat precious metals so the best place to put your money is to invest in yourself. Read “The Alpha strategy” Silver is for people that already have prepared for uncertain times. The price of silver went up too fast it needed to correct. Rest assured when the dollar collapses you will be glad that you have your money out of the dollar and into silver and gold. beans, bullets, band aids and bullion you bet. Oh and learn a new skill, canning, gardening, auto mechanics, home repair, basic electronics, electrical, plumbing what ever floats your boat. Don’t sit around complaining.

      32. Spoke with my well traveled and well heeled sister and BIL this weekend over breakfast. After a short discourse (by me) on the condition of markets and world economy – which they have intimate contact with – the first question is: “Which party’s the right and which is the left and what do they want?”.

        I’m not a party guy, but WTF? It’s 90% Zombies folks…..

        • Sounds like a showing of “Night of the Living Dead” is in order. Tell sis & BIL to bring the popcorn…

      33. WTF?!? Pardon me for getting off topic a little bit but a friend of mine just got automated call from her 3rd grade son’s elementary school notifying her that Obama’s speech will be shown on Thursday to all classes followed by a discussion about it led by each class’ respective teacher.

        The message then instructed parents to watch it live tomorrow night and discuss it with their child in preparation for the school-wide viewing and group discussion the following day. Parents were also told if they didn’t want their children participating they should instruct their child to inform the teacher before they begin the video.

        Is this not akin to how communist countries brainwash their country’s young starting at a very young age?!? I’ve got 3 grown boys who are in or have finished college and I don’t recall anything so blatantly political being shoved down my kid’s throats.

        I could maybe see something like this being part of a 12th year government class or a college level class but we’re talking 6, 7 and 8 year old kids who are still learning to read, write and do simple math for christ’s sake!

        Anyone else appalled by this bullshit?

        • This isn’t the first time the Kenyan, muslim, crackhead, punk,piece of excrement has done this. This guy pisses me off as much or more than Bush.

          • the last president who went “off-script” was Kennedy and we all know what happened to him…..

            Ike was the last popular electee before TPTB began installing their own handpicked candidates and using the election process to screen the fraud.

          • Tell us how you really feel.

        • Actually a communist dictatorship would not have called or let your kids opt out. It sucks, but were not there….yet

        • Utterly ridiculous says this retired teacher. If I were still in classroom my students would NOT be watching TV during the day for ANY reason – they would be LEARNING!
          (reading, writing, ‘rithmetic…you know…all the stuff the liberal left has no use for any longer)

        • ……..HOMESCHOOL !!!!!!!!

          • What’s wrong with you people?? HOMESCHOOL!!! from an educator.

        • Hi The_isle,

          Yes, you are quite correct.

          This is called “conditioning & Indoctrination” of impressionalble minds.

          Hitler understood this tactic and used it to great effect.

          Imperial Japan understood this tactic and used it to great effect.

          Mussolini understood this tactic and used it to great effect.

          North Korea understands this tactic and uses it to great effect.

          A thousand cultures before us have suffered from this simple paradigm of: “Indoctrinate The Children”.

          My wife is a teacher (17 yrs) in the NY City School System, and she has become more and more appalled at the openly wonton institutionalzation of our children into the gov’ts ideologies of complete submission to tyranny by other names.

          There is only one workable solution for the slavation of our Republic, which is: Abolish our Treasonous US Federal Gov’t and ALL its criminal agencies to the last, and let not a vestige of it remain to infect its replacement with the cancer that now prevades every aspect, every level, every corner and quarter of our broken, corrupt, and hopelessly unfixable Treasonous US Federal Gov’t.

          To do anything less, is by DEFINITION to do less, which guarantees complete lose of our few remaining liberties.

          If Americans are not willing to say: “We Hereby Declare The US Federal Gov’t Null & Void”, then they had better get use to saying: “Heil Obama” (right hand/arm extended straight out and up slightly).

          Lets save America.

          JD – US Marines – Defenders Of This Republic.

        • Without someone there to give the kids “perspective” on what Obama is saying it’s a bad idea to let them hear it.

        • _ISle: I would absolutley make sure my child had a cold that day. Can’t be too careful with those pesky coughs you know. (cough, cough).

        • Yes, I am appalled. I cannot believe the widely varied and unconscionable bull being fed to our children. Appears to me that the differences are appropriate to keeping separatism among Americans alive and well…. The compost they put forth in Alabama is different from that in California, but it is all pointed at getting the children to ignore the parents and to depend on the government for all data, trusting it completely.

      34. Stansberry is a fraud, it has been posted on here before but do a little homework and search out Peter Schiff who debunked the Stanssberry firm.

      35. i am a serious prepper and frankly, i think that i will have a little “shock” when and if there is an all out alert that the doo has hit the fan..but, being a serious prepper i will recover from the brief shock quickly (as in the “i told you so” or ” i knew this crap would happen)..then, being the serious prepper that i am, i would like to think that i would go about my daily business of surviving with possibly having to make changes to my daily schedule which i can do quite easily and efficiently.

      36. I made my buys of Gold & Silver on Monday. With what they are up today….I’m even… including the handling charges. As for lead…picked up another brick of 22LR at WallyWorld & a 100 pack of 12 gauge 7-1/2 …..
        Now I need to get back to food & other preps.

        Montgomery County Texas

        • Can you shoot 3 and half inchers? If so, the 4 shot goose loads are devastating up close.

          • Those Wally World packs of 2 3/4 7.5 shot for $23.97 per 100 are sweet though. They leave enough rattle snake in place fora decent meal, hurt like a mother, and at that price you can just keep on shooting if needed

      37. Gerald Celente: The collapse of 2010

        Mike Ruppert: We have until July 20ll till the collapse.

        Stansberry: A collapse is coming.


        • I’m a different kind of kook that no one wants to listen to, a Christian one, and I wanted everyone to be aware that we are on the edge of something much more sinister than a global financial collapse. Folks, we are on the edge of what the Holy Scripture calls the “Great Tribulation” or “Jacob’s Trouble”. The Bible says that “Jerusalem shall be compassed with armies” and so this PA statehood request going on right now can be the thing that sets the prophecy in motion. I’m sure you realize the extreme violence that can come out of it. “For then shall be great tribulation, such as was NOT SINCE THE BEGINNING OF THE WORLD TO THIS TIME, NO,NOR EVER SHALL BE.”

          Know the spiritual facts behind what is really going on. Your life isn’t the most important thing here, it’s your soul that will soon be at stake.

          God bless you all!

          • In the debate of inflation vs. deflation I was thinking about the scripture in the bible that says that in the end days, a days wages will be worth a days worth of food. I believe that describes inflation quite well. The question is now weather you believe we are in the last days. I do.

      38. Over the past 6 months I have been paying close attention to this website. As much as I dont like hearing all of these things, I have seen the signs clearly. I am a 19 year old who is greatly concerned with the near future. Shit is going to go down, no doubt. But what about the US military? What about the big heads in congress, they’re going to try to “control” this situation. Yes, we do live in the land of the “free”. but gradually are freedom has slowly been taken away. Theres at least a law for everything now. Another thing is are there any links to guides of how much food to store for a family of 5? As for the past 6 months I have been training myself mentally and physically for the worst to come. It hasnt been easy, but it will be worth it.

        • Rule of thumbs for food supply preps – 1 gallon of water per day per person (less if the children are under 12) and 3 “meals” per day per person.

          Commercially canned foods will stay good as long as the can is intact, may loose taste after 2 years and start loosing nutritional value beyond two years. High acid content canned foods won’t last as long as non-acidic foods, and the cooler it is stored, the longer it will stay good. Properly stored dried grains (wheat, corn, rice – and pasta/noodles/macaroni) and beans last 5 years easy – but freeze it for at least two weeks to kill any bugs or bug eggs.

          MRE’s and dehydrated goods will last according to the manufacture’s time and temperature chart, but IMHO are expensive compared to Chef Boy-r-Dee, Hormel Chili or Spam, Starkist, Ragu, Campbell’s and other non-military heat-em-eat-em foods ( don’t forget the veggies!). Quaker makes a wide variety of cereal bars that will also last around two years – easy breakfasts, snacks or desserts. Mott’s and Dole make individual serving fruits that last a long time.

          Also, 1 pound of salt per person per year, and lots of sugar if you’re into sweets or for bread. Also store baking soda, baking powder and dried yeast. Then add vegetable oil or Crisco and Powdered Milk or get a goat or lots of pudding cups ’cause kids need calcium. Too bad cheese doesn’t keep?

          You can google around for more information about food storage, but as for the what to store, just think about what your family normally eats each week and multiply it by 52 x per year of prep. It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive, only nutritious and balanced.

          • Where’s the edit button?

            Needed to add that you should also prep for a means to cook things. Lots of plans available on the internet for solar cooker devices. I’ve got canned sterno, propane, charcoal, wood and alcohol. Worst case scenario (cold Spaghetti-O’s straight from the can) still beats hunger.

            And lastly, you should have a store of seeds and know how grow food and can your own food.

          • mirbach..I know a technique learned from a granny how to get dry goods to last 20 years, not months; like cornmeal, flour, pancake mix, etc. baked 200 degrees for one hour in quart jars..
            And I agree, MRE’s, Meals Rejected by Ethiopians, are overrated.
            D.E. kills parasites for those with no freezer space–and both mine are full.
            Don’t underestimate ramen noodles for those on a budget–we’re just getting by here–worry about nutrition after we live through this chit. I am eating 3 year old ramen and they are just fine and lost no flavor.
            Sorry about the long post—God bless my lost America.

        • That Hippy…

          Try this…

          It is a food calculator. I haven’t used it myself, but if this doesn’t work, I’m sure you can google ‘food storage calculator’ and come up with dozens (hundreds, thousands) of websites that will alllow you to plug in the number of people. Also, try the LDS website…I think they have a great calculator as well.

          PS: Nice that there are still ‘hippy’s’ out there. God Bless you and your’s in your preps.

      39. the velocity of the crap flying into the fan is speeding up pretty good lately. if it happens tomorrow i will be ready. if it happens next year i will be ready. if it never happens i will always wonder, but i will also be ready just in case.

      40. There is a comet passing by tomorrow between the earth and the moon tomorrow. Nasa confirms it. Been following this one for months. This could be the reason Obama is in Denver now (underground base for the elites under denver international airport…New World Airport).

      41. After TSHTF for whatever reason…when chaos reigns and everybody’s sleepwalk is interrupted by reality… I only have two questions:

        1) how long will the power stay on?

        2) How long will the water be drinkable?

        Once these two vitalservices are lost, we’re going to be living in a blacked-out medieval nightmare & I don’t expect congress or FEMA to come to the rescue.

        • Here’s a question I finally know a lot about. I work for the electric company in an east coast state. I am a electric system opertor. If the S hits the fan real badly, I like 99% of my company’s employees are going the hell home, just like you. I’m not leaving my home and family unprotected. For the most part generation is computer controlled. It will keep on pump out electrons.

          The problem comes with the distribution end. The first time the guy racing home misses the turn and takes out the pole down the street….lights out. And there ain’t gonna be anyone to come replace the pole, put the wire back up, plug the fuse in at the end of the street.
          Branches fall off trees, shorting phases, blowing fuses or opening breakers everyday where i live. Line crews go out, make repairs and restore your precious juice. Not going to happen if there are riots in the streets. They don’t pay us THAT much.

          • those situations, I sincerely hope we have community samaritans knowledgeable in those fields to get the stuff up and running for community’s sake…
            God help my lost America.

            • Now, if the trucks have no gasoline, etc. that’s another matter–in comes generators, shared, house to house.
              We just got a key for our shed door after four years living here—anybody checked the price of gas cans lately, not even mentioning gas per gallon??
              Lock up, if storing gas.

          • After Irene, we had many trees that had taken down power lines. We also had many volunteers (knowledgable) who were willing to at least cut up those trees, to make the job easier to restore the power. They were FORBIDDEN!

            Now, they certainly couldn’t russle up a transformer to replace, but what we experienced (to another 2 days without power because of), I’d have to agree with you. Ain’t no one coming to the rescue….and even if they do, no guarantee they will succeed.

        • Power and water are two most critical factors in preventing total civil unrest. If a city of any significant size loses the ability to provide them it’s time to leave…..and fast.

      42. If its financial, i dont think we’d run out of either. They still had both during the depression. Now, off the topic, with Iran threatening to park its navy off our Atlantic coast, Pakistan threatening to declare a jihad on us and creating an “new international bloc” with tye 2 countries previously mentioned along with afghanistan, china, and turkey… And then compound that ideal with the missing SAM’s in Libya and that might just be the party to NOT byob…

        • Imagine Syria, Iran, Pak, N. Korea, Venezuela, and Cuba deciding it’s time to ” fix” America. All they have to do is send about 2,000 smart bombs (soldiers) across our southern border and this country wouldn’t know what hit it.

          • Or just matches to the dry states??

      43. Some more on Greece:

        “…So much nonsense has been written about Greece and Europe and appears in the mainstream media every day. The generalizations are vast and depersonalize the problem but what’s happening in Europe is affecting individuals.

        We’ve written that once the “new normal” became fully evident, once it was clear that the good times of the 20th Century were not going to return, the tribes of Europe – who are far more violent than they have seemed to be, post World War II – would not put up with it. We predicted that “Europe” – the EU – might not survive (neither the currency, nor the union).

        The problems are happening to people, individual people, and it is these people, ultimately, who will formulate a response, not “Greece,” not politicians, not “working groups” – not even the IMF or ECB. Here’s some more from Mason’s article:

        “Some days we only buy the basics and a few days lately we were not able to buy even those. We have to count our cents to decide between buying bread, milk or butter,” says Mary. “Some days are better, but some are difficult. We don’t buy clothes any more. People don’t go out. There is simply no money around out there.”

        But what’s happening in living rooms like theirs presents the bigger danger to the future of Greece. People are switching off: from politics, from the mass media, from social life. “We would like to see the politicians executed,” says Maria, not smiling as she delivers the joke. “Most people are saying this: politicians deserve capital punishment – at the Greek equivalent of Traitors’ Gate. It would be a nice time for politicians to be heroes, to stand up and defend the people. But they’re not.”

        “We can’t watch the television news any more,” says Dmitris, shaking his head. “If you watch it, with the constant uncertainty, it can make your psychology very low. It’s like a nightmare we can’t wake up from. Perhaps it’s fortunate that we’ve had to cancel our cable TV subscription. I don’t trust the media any more: I get all my news from the internet.”

        Mason writes that that the helplessness that Mary and Dmitris evince can easily turn to rage, giving rise to violence. “As a result Greek politicians have started to worry about something called ‘anomie’ – a pervasive listlessness, low-level social conflict and the erosion of bonds between the country’s citizens and the state.”

        Mason, to his credit, makes the linkage between that helplessness and what may be yet to come. “Over the past six months,” he writes, “I’ve stood in the middle of Athenian crowds so furious that they will withstand tear gas and endure near-lethal stampedes to make their point …

        “What’s been obvious, each time, is the ordinariness of the people involved – bank clerks, interior designers, even a concert pianist once, their faces painted with alkaline liquid against the sting of the gas. But it is this seething anger of those who have never been on a demo that is really frightening – because we have no model for what happens if the middle class of a developed country simply switches off from politics and gives up hope. Not since the 1930s, anyway.”

        None of this was accidental. How could it be? The EU was not an accident. Central banking is not happenstance. The “crisis” that now affects the EU was long anticipated and was intended to build a closer political union. What was NOT anticipated, however, was the spread of electronic communication and the eventual rise of what we now call the Internet Reformation.” …

      44. They took our jobs!

      45. Name the day of the proverbial “Collapse”.

        What’s going to Collapse?
        How is it going to Collapse?
        Why it’s going to Collapse?

        I’ll start.

        Name the day of the proverbial “Collapse”.
        There will not be a day, week, month or year.

        What’s going to Collapse?
        Our life-styles.

        How is “it” going to Collapse?
        No one Event will do it. It will be hundreds, thousands of events that will just keep adding more austerity measures to our life-styles, at least for the majority of the masses. At some point, when critical mass is reached, i.e. when enough have had enough of their narcissistic personality disorder, the pendulum will begin to swing the other way. This momentarily stopping of the pendulum may be perceived as the ultimate event. However, it’s always darkest just before dawn, so in terms of time frame, collapse will have already taken place on a personal level at different times for everyone.

        Why it’s going to Collapse? Almost all humans are greedy and selfish and have lost touch with their interconnectedness to creation and the Creator. Most have consciously severed that relationship.

        Collapse should be understood as simply a necessary stepping stone for ushering in a time for a Great Spiritual Regeneration Movement for all humans.

        We have some lessons to learn, some more than others, but we’re here just to be good students so we can move on; heal ourselves then help to heal everyone else. Time to remove the “Dis” from “ease”.

      46. Europe? The USA? Well, if theses places go down, so be it. I’m tired of listening to all the fear mongering, saber rattling and the ‘End is Nigh” drum beaters.
        I don’t live in either of these two place’s. I don’t care about either of these two place’s nor do I care what happens to the people in these two places. Why? Because people live there by choice.
        Personally, while you are all going broke, going hungry, planning wars, revolutions and civil unrest against each other, I’ll be fishing off the beach. I’ll be pig hunting. I’ll be enjoying my large veggie garden and I’ll be milking ‘Fatso’ and ‘Head Butt’ our happy Jersey cows.

        • Then you are not any better than the ones causing the problems if you do not care about your fellow man.

      47. How can the EU crises be contained much less resolved?

        They are trying to TARP it, but that is just having some entity buy the crap bonds and issue new crap giving a degree of seperation but crap is crap. And who would buy the new improved crap bonds.9

        Will they actually be able to get 17 or 27 countries to agree and successfully pass legislation to issue Eurobonds? What if Nowhereslovia holds out? Can they create a backdoor bond?

        Do they have the mechanisms to print unlimited Euros to try to inflate the debt down a la Bernake? And what effect will that have on the EU?

        • The impact will be to keep obumbles in charge through 2012 and then some how manage to use a billion in campaign contributions to keep him in the realm. Then they can have the US kick the can next so the EU dictators can continue their reign……nice little can kicking scheme.

      48. my father said everything was going to hell in Jan 1942, I said the same thing in 1966, my kids said the same thing in Jan 1991, My GKs said the same thing in 2003 and my GGKs will be saying the same thing in another few yrs, in the mean time the rich just get richer, the lazy just get lazier,one third of the people are working just to get by, half the people are living off the other half.some people and areas don’t have a clue about Detroit or the tent cities around the world. I was talking with some grown ups, all in their 50s-60s after the Florida debate last week and one said Ron Paul has some good ideas, where is he from anyway? I said Texas and he’s is also a Dr.One of them actually left to ck it out on their computer, that’s how brain dead most people are.. Here’s another oldie but a goody from Howard Stearn.

        and these people actually vote, at least they said they do.

        • Hilarious link!! Unfortunately they did vote and they voted in mass November 2008. They were bussed, drug to the polls unwillingly and bribed to vote that day but vote they did……

        • Just me—I think it’s different this time—I truly think more are talking about the workers not wanting to support the non-workers…it’s like it’s not their fault NAFTA and other programs were Billy Graham said..”we rewarded laziness and called it welfare”.
          When the workers are say, only 10%, and trying to support the other 70%??? It will then hit the fan.

      49. Here’s just another reason why there are no jobs.. headline on Drudge.. Our Glorious Leader is proposing rules which would allow the unemployed to SUE any company who doesn’t hire them for an advertised job IF the applicant “suspects” they were not hired because the are currently unemployed.

        Yup.. that will stimulate the economy. Yup.. that will make me put an ad in the paper for job..

        Of all the stupid things to do..

        • Well when a company is stupid enough to come out and say “unemployed need not apply” they deserve to be sued.

          • Agreed.. however, in typical PTB fashion, they use a proverbial nuclear weapon to swat a gnat.

            This is beyond ignorant.. so far beyond; that the only explanation is that it is purposefully harmful and therefore, not ignorant but evil.

        • Everything is probably going as planned except the internet truth.

        • Hi SNS,

          You’ll have to forgive our fearless monkey leader.

          His father was a rodent, his mother a chimp.

          His IQ cannot break the double digit barrier, so he really is quite limited in his ability to think,… well for him its more,… stimulus -> reaction, as amoeba’s do.

          My apologies to Amoeba’s everywhere for the insult.

          JD – US Marines

      50. I don’t see what the problem is. The Democrat’s plan is to print money until we are all rich!

      51. Everyone knows that we are on the verge of something big. You can’t over-spend as a nation and not expect some repercussions.

        What is going to change things? I don’t see the cavalry on the horizion. Our industry has been systematically dismantled and sent overseas. It isn’t 1930!

        All this crying that there are not enough engineers and science majors. You don’t need engineers or scientists if you have no factories and industrial complex!!!!!

        Prepare! Don’t despair about family and friends that think you are crazy. Think of those you love that think you are crazy and save a portion of food for them if possible. Save some extra for those that are deceived or just niave if you can.

        • Don’t answer the door. Problem solved.

      52. It’s time to get off the couch. Talk is cheap!
        We don’t have to live like this anymore.

        OsiXs (Revolution 2.0 – The Smart Revolution)

      53. While Porter Stansberry’s message is good, and captivating, it is NOT his own. He stole all his “ideas” from Peter Schiff!!! Stansberry laughed at Peter Schiff for being bearish on the economy and bullish on silver and gold back in 07ish. Then he “pretended” to be Schiff by lying about making all these warnings after the crash(as seen in his video) that he NEVER ACTUALLY MADE. He extorts people for THOUSANDS of dollars to subscribe to his newsletters. Schiff’s information is free.
        I’m dissapointed you’re not up to speed on the credibility of Stansberry, Mac.

        • It seems to me that the one thing most of the financial and political prophets-that-be are agreeing on is that it IS going to hit the fan. The vast amount of disagreements are on how, where first, and whose fault it is.
          All I can say is that some of the agricultural tips from the American Indians have been shown to be good ideas….. Corn, beans of many sorts and squash, also of many sorts, grow well together an provide excellent nutrition……
          Good luck to all.

      54. Mad Max USA………here we come. Both insane parties will make this into a 6th world country……….bravo.

      55. Bundestag votes in less than two hours. It will approve the bailout funds for Greece. But if Merkel’s party (CDU/CSU) abandons her, it’ll force a confidence vote, and she’ll lose that one. That means elections in Germany and the possibility that the German people will elect to leave the EU because they’re sick and tired of being used as Europe’s cash cows.
        The EU survives or dies with Germany. You’ll get an indicator of which direction it’s going @ 0900 EST.

        Have a great day,

        • I knew she would fold again. Cheaper to keep her when most else (countries) know it and back them (for now). You just know they’ve already got contingency plans ready & waiting.

      56. Personally, I welcome this. Why? Because I have been preparing for it for many years. Secondly, the US needs it to right itself again because there is no other way, short of civil war, to wipe out the parasite class of people who are supported by the politicians who buy their vote with ever increasing handouts.

        The parasites will either starve to death, freeze to death or kill each other over scraps of food… GOOD!

        What will be left is the responsible people who have prepared. These are the kind of people who work for a living and also, the people who have been supporting the parasite class for many, many years.

        Bring it!

        • Well, Rick, that makes two of us…one more and we can start a club!!

      57. is anyone paying attention to me anymore?

      58. Cool! Maybe it’ll get so bad that America will wake up & elect Ron Paul.

      59. The crazy violence has already started: look at the UK riots. Days of out of control violence across the country and the police couldn’t do anything about it. The government was totally paralysed.

        That’s a clue of what will happen: a state paralyses as decision making mechanisms freeze up. Like a computer that can’t read an algorhythm, this narrative has not been seen before for this generation of political leaders.

        Look for the rise of violent paramilitary outfits just like in the 70s. Only this time they won’t just be lefties, it will be the far-right too. These elements will exploit the chaos to pursue their agendas.

        The government will crackdown on all electronic communications, but as somebody has pointed out, this electronic communications network needs a vast infrastructure to be in place for it to work. When elements of the infrastructure go down, for whatever reason, black spots will appear and the bad elements will thrive in these black spots.

        Like the book 1984, the poor suckers in the mainstream economy will be heavily harassed by the state but the guys outside the MSM – the Mexican drug gangs, etc. – will be free to live as they wish.

        Functioning societies need consent and that will be in short supply. Governments will find it harder and harder to assert their authority. A new generation of political leaders will be needed to heal this mess but they won’t emerge for years to come.

        • You have all the answers and know nothing will happen and all is well.

          You are very inmature for someone who sits so high up on your horse.


      61. Big E, does that stand for your Big Eass, you know, the one that is so big it takes up the whole width of the aisle at Walmart

      62. Big E, does that stand for your Big Eass, you know, the one that is so big it takes up the whole width of the aisle at Walmart

      63. A duplicate JMT,I don’t post often and since your new I hope you change your name. You must be from the dark side or RICH99 playing weird games

      64. If you have any questions about Stansberry and Associates, please do not hesitate to call customer service at 1-888-261-2693. We would be happy to assist you. We are open Monday – Friday 9-5 EST.

      65. I don’t post often and since your new I hope you change your name. You must be from the dark side or RICH99 playing weird games.

      66. You do realize Porter wasn’t “right on the money” about much of anything.

        He advised going “long” prior to the meltdown,  did not in any reasonably accurate or honest way actually predict the meltdown, and if an investor were to follow Porter’s advice, they’d be broke.

        Porter is a charlatan who has been fighting his own legal battles based on his dishonest charade.  And he is a habitual liar.

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