Social Unrest, Civil Unrest, Perilous Times – Jim Rogers Hosts CNBC Asia

by | Mar 5, 2009 | Forecasting, Jim Rogers

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    Jim Rogers is the guest host of CNBC Asia Squakbox on March 4, 2009.

    Jim Rogers provides some insights into his forecasts and investment strategy, including:

    • Social unrest, civil unrest everywhere, including the United States. We’re in perilous times. the economy in the world is going to be bad for more than 2 or 3 years. It always has lead to problems. So, be prepared.
    • Some parts of China are booming and will continue to boom no matter what. things like water treatment and agriculture have to boom. China has a stupendous water problem. India has a worse water problem than China.
    • The IMF is trying to sell its gold. If the IMF sells their gold, then that’s going to drive the price of gold down, a lot. Buy as much as you can if this happens.
    • Jim Rogers suspects he’ll make more money with silver than gold.
    • Some concerns exist around the Chinese banks lending money domestically which is being put into the Chinese stock markets, possibly pumping prices.
    • China has been strategically purchasing hard asset oil producers to protect future supply lines. This may be detrimental to US Treasury bonds, as China is now investing their reserves elsewhere.
    • Oil reserves worldwide declining year over year. This indicates long-term growth potential.
    • British Pounds Sterling may trade 1.2 to 1 to the US dollar, and potentially less than 1 to 1 over the next few years.
    • The Euro may also get hit near-term, as a result of issues in Eastern Europe and possible default.
    • Various forecasts for Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Brazilian Real, Japanese Yen (Part 5 of 5)

    Part 1 of 5

    Part 2 of 5

    Part 3 of 5

    Part 4 of 5

    Part 5 of 5


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