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    This article was contributed by Lior Gantz of The Wealth Research Group. 

    Don’t search for logic; there is LITTLE OF IT to go around. I am stunned by the ABSTRACT MANNER in which most investors rationalize the “V”-SHAPED recovery theory; they say the phrase, without thinking what it really means.

    Markets have been so conditioned to believe in SHORT-TERM FIXES that people actually believe that “V”-shaped means that if it took 12 weeks to get to where we are (March-June), it will take 12 weeks to go back to the February employment figures. They act as if there is NO PROCESS of change occurring in the economy just because the Federal Reserve and government have stepped in to bail out companies and liquify the bond market and Main Street businesses, but that is a BUNCH OF NONSENSE. A bailout does not return things to normal; instead, it creates a new normal, using taxpayers’ money.

    The reality is that the world has changed; we can see below that it takes AT LEAST one year to
    conduct DAMAGE CONTROL and re-hire the staggering number of people that have been sidetracked by the coronavirus and, unfortunately, laid-off or put on leave.

    In the chart below, you can see that there has NEVER BEEN any similar event to this one that didn’t span at least 12 months to CORRECT ITSELF, so I expect to know more by March 2021. Between now and then, so many things are happening, the biggest of which is the NOVEMBER 2020 election, so I’m going to put some important data in front of you regarding what to expect here, but know that even if this recovery is LIGHTNING-FAST, the markets are already pricing in most of the rebound so the upside IS LIMITED.


    Though several polls have come out stating that Joe Biden is in the lead, I not only find them HUMANLY IMPOSSIBLE to believe, but I also think that I’ve NEVER ENCOUNTERED
    a worse candidate going all the way back to the 1960s (and possibly before).

    Literally, even the people that are ANTI-TRUMP realize that Biden is not right in the head.

    The reason I say that is because the TRULY SMART investors, the value-investing legends, are not GETTING BACK into the markets just yet.

    For the life of them, they aren’t able to FIND JUSTIFICATION for today’s valuations. The super-fast rally is a SIREN SONG to them and they’ve been through too many of those to trust in one.

    Look at this chart that clearly demonstrates that THEY’RE OUT.

    This should serve as a WARNING SIGNAL, a red dot on the target, which is the retail investor who believes that Federal Reserve liquidity is enough to overcome mediocre fundamentals.


    ASK YOURSELF, in all truthfulness, have you ever seen a PROPER RALLY in which billionaire investors such as Ray Dalio, David Tepper, Jeremy Grantham, Warren Buffett, Stanley Druckenmiller, and Paul Singer, collectively worth over $130B, are all COMPLETELY WRONG?

    If their judgment is off, it will be the FIRST TIME in history. Warren Buffett dumped the airlines and they went on a tear. Carl Icahn dumped Hertz and the bankrupt company’s shares went up by 100%. Central banking SUCKS TO THE CORE!

    Part-time traders, home now instead of in their workplace, are simply day trading like it’s 1999, and it will

    I want to remind you that 88% of market options statistically EXPIRE WORTHLESSLY, so when you see below that investors are throwing MONEY OUT THE WINDOW, you realize that COVID-19 has sparked the bubble – this is the BULL MARKET’S final run.

    We all know the index just fell 35% in March, but to me, that wasn’t a real bear market. My thesis is that the 2009 bull market still mentally stands and it’s now entering the euphoria stage.


    What’s next is an INTENSIFICATION of the bubble, but the end is now in sight.

    Our NASDAQ 100 target going all the way back to 2016 was between 10,000 points (where it currently is) and 11,000 (which is another 10% away), so we’re officially OUT of the NASDAQ.

    Our S&P 500 target was 3,350, so I’m telling you we are only buying in accordance with THIS report and THIS new report.

    The old-timers may be ridiculed as being out of touch, but I assure you that their core principles of understanding what EFFECTIVE INVESTMENTS, which has made them into billionaires, are have not diminished and their stance will be proven right.

    This is a bubble, and when you’re on the outside, you will MISS OUT on some of its initial fun, but you’ll also be around to watch it implode.

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      1. The 2020 election will be the first where BOTH candidates are controlled paedophiles. Biden, we have long known about, and Trump, who was best buddies with Jeffrey Epstein through the 1990s, and who has said a number of occasions he would have liked to bang his daughter.

        When that is the case then you know the system is in trouble.

      2. This is the first economic collapse that I did not watch on tv. Economic collapses are becoming old news, and predictable. I watched 1987, 2000, & 2009.
        I am mad as hell about this. This is a sign that people with reckless insanity and irresponsiblity are in charge of the world.

        They may think that it is very cute, entertaining, and amusing to pathologically and cyclically engage in destruction, but everyone else thinks that it is passively homicidal.

        It is unforgivable. It was a deliberate, premeditated act of violence with the intent to cause injury, suffering, pain, death, and destruction, and then to steal from and opportunistically take advantage of their victims that did manage to survive.

        They are evil and barbaric, savage, sadists that do not deserve to be free and should be in prison where they can not cause such egregious injury to others, society, the economy, and the country.

        Andrea Iravani

      3. Sadly, this is the time in history where a true dictator will emerge as the only temporary hope for the West. And Trump doesn’t qualify. The man necessary will be a charismatic, iron fisted, SOB. Some one who will actually drain the entire swamp by executing all of them. Replace the entire Supreme Court with strict constructionists. Fire all General grade officers. Kill all resistance to the purge of communists and globalists. Shut down Hollywood and most MSM. And bring back the original Twinkie.

      4. Apple thinks that the menstual tracking app will excite women.

        Do you know what would excite women Apple? Not spying on them and a product that can’t be hacked and isn’t obsolete within a few years, and doesn’t require constant updates, or forced consent to make a product work that they habe already paid for!

        Andrea Iravani

      5. Apple thinks that the menstual tracking app will excite women.

        Do you know what would excite women Apple? Not spying on them and a product that can’t be hacked and isn’t obsolete within a few years, and doesn’t require constant updates, or forced consent to make a product work that they have already paid for!

        Andrea Iravani

      6. they gotta app for tracking your bowel movements. you have to agree to the terms that the data will be sold to toilet paper companies for marketing purposes. they may sell the data to your sewer board for future billing. they will charge you per dump you take. the more full of shit you are the more you pay.

      7. Biden out of his head. He has never been in his head and Satan has been his master!

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