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    This article was contributed by James Davis with Future Money Trends. 

    Pump gasoline in the tank because this is GOING TO BE a long, winding road until we RESUME NORMALCY.

    We had the chance to LOAD UP at the lows when the rest of the world was selling, acting AS CONTRARIANS should, picking up stocks at 30%-50% BELOW their February highs before the FED launched the bazookas, but most of the rebound impact is now BEHIND US; time to lock gains on these short-term, FED-induced profits.

    Many BLUE-CHIP names are up as much as 100%, with some EVEN MORE than that.

    I expect MUCH MORE stimulus to come from Washington, which is going to need to SUCK-UP to voters by mailing FRESH CASH doses, which is the perfect form of bribery right before Americans need to cast their votes. I expect MUCH MORE from the Federal Reserve, which aims to OVERSHOOT in its support, not the other way around.


    As you can see, the MARKET REBOUND has been the FASTEST EVER, so let’s all get real on what can realistically happen next: we forecast that stocks will TRADE IN A RANGE.

    While the markets CHURN, the authorities will burn through CASH faster than a DEGENERATE GAMBLER at a Las Vegas high-stakes roulette table:

    1. Nearly $1 trillion in relief for state and local governments is COOKING UP!
    2. A second round of HELICOPTER MONEY INJECTION of $1,200 per person is planned, with up to $6,000 per household.
    3. $175B in AID to help people with rent, mortgage, and utility bills.

    These three are just the TIP OF THE ICEBERG!

    Each of the two parties is looking to BUY YOUR VOTE with huge bailouts, paid for by none other than your own future self.


    You can’t have it BOTH WAYS. Running giant deficits, which aren’t adding ONE IOTA to productivity, will bring about a KNEE-JERK REACTION from gold and mining stocks.

    The rest of 2020 will belong to gold.

    I hope you bought tickets because this flight is going SUPERSONIC!

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      1. On the sunny side of life, 50% of Americans now oppose vaccines for COVID-19.

        As I had explained in the past, the entire vaccine hoax started with the polio epidemic which was caused by contaminated water with the onset of indoor plumbing, piping contaminated water into homes. The first polio outbreak in America occured in Vermont in 1846. The elite did have indoor plumbing at that time.
        Polio is a gastronitestinal virus and food or water contaminated with the polio virus, transmitted through feces, which can also seep into ground water supplies through out houses and chamber pots, which were still in wide use in America through out the great depression, even in cities. People used to just
        dump chamber-pot contents out of the windows in the winter in

        The polio virus can not be transmitted via respiration. In other words, it cannot be contracted by being present in a room with
        someone, just as AIDS, STDs, hepatitis cannot be contracted
        just by being in the same room with someone that is the
        unfortunate victim of those viruses.

        It was the refinement of filtering sytems in addition to using minute quantities of chlorine in drinking water that ended the polio epidemic, and not vaccines.

        The majority of people, over 95% were able to fight off polio as easily as the common cold. Children’s immune systems are weaker than adults, since they have not been exposed to as many viruses as adults have. The immune system gets stronger with age, and in the end of life phase, it weakens again. That has always been the case for those who have been blessed with longevity. Everybody is going to die of something at some point in time. Death is the only guarantee that life offers. As unfortunate as that may be, that is the brutal reality of life.

        In vaccination, there are currently 3 types in use, all of which are wrong. They are all completely based on junk science.

        In antigen vaccines, the body is infected with the virus, which forces the body to contract the virus. If the individual has a strong immune system, they will fight off the virus, if not they will die from the virus or continue being infected with it as carriers capable of transmitting it to others.

        In antibody vaccines, the individual is injected with antibodies that overcame the virus. That does not make them immune to the virus itself if they are to come in contact with it. Their own immune system would still be required to fight off the virus. Antibodies are the product of a virus that the immune system has fought off. Antibodies do not cause the immune system to fight off viruses, and they are not capable of destroying viruses, or their mutated form.

        Messenger RNA vaccines edit RNA with a progrmammed immune response to cause the body to attack a virus, which would force the body to attack itself.

        All of these types of vaccines have failed. All have forced someone to be in a postition that they would not have been in. They may have been in that place at a later time, but it is not guaranteed that they would have been in that position of being exposed to a virus, and having to overcome it.

        It is just a money making racket! It is snake-oil medicine plain and simple without any scientific basis whatsoever!

        Furthermore, many vaccines also contain mercury, which is extremely toxic and results in insanity, mental defficiencies, insomnia, anxiety, as well as other symptoms for taking toxic products!

      2. The insanity and incompetency of Wisconsin Governor is on full display for all to witness who is also former school superintendent that terrorized children, warning them that they could catch cooties that could possibly end up leaving them as orphans if they dare to leave their homes has also hired state employees whose jobs have been deemed non-essential by Tony Evers to become BIG NANNY NAZIS and do contact tracing, contracted spying on McCarthy Dahmerville residents. The residents would be contacted by a psychopath if they have been in proximity less than 6 feet for 10 minutes or longer to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, which violates
        all HIPPA and 4th amendmendment laws.

        Tony Evers placed these MCCARTHY BIG NANNY NAZIS to stalk, spy, harrass, and terrorize, while those who now find themselves unemployed are subjected to no unemployment payments for weeks and calls that result in waiting over an hour to speak with someone! Why didn’t Tony Evers have them do something that would serve residents that are now unemployed?!

        Because this is McCarthy Dahmerville! It’s the Wisconsin Idea! Tax Idea Tax Us for spying on you!

        A state with a philosophy of psychopaths, and more holes in their economic theory than Swiss cheese, from the cheesiest state in America!

        Badgering us to death!

      3. If someone is asking for us to forfeit our constitutional rights and our free will, they are without a doubt Luciferians that are the equivalent of flesh eating bacteria that would be better off dead!

        They have abused their free will.

        In a just society, they would be thrown in prison since they pose grave dangers to everyone else.

        They have been thousands or millions of opportunities to stop abusing their free will by engaging in predatory behavior that violates the rights of others.

        They have proven to be incapable of reforming themselves. They belong in Federal Pennitentiaries where they can no longer harm anyone.

      4. Ha Ha, Trump is fooked. He is done. People vote according to their pocketbooks, and with 30% unemployment what do you think will happen?

        Pedo Joe, Wuhan flu, Obamagate…bullshit that only Fuck Snooze and See An Anne tards care about. Broke down serfs don’t care about that stuff, they care about food on the table.

      5. urnuts

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