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    This article was contributed by Lior Gantz of the Wealth Research Group. 

    What NO ONE expects is a deep recession; there are a number of CONFLICTING THEORIES as to what the recovery will look like, but nothing about entering a recession. The consensus is that the pandemic is highly contagious, but not lethal; “with a vaccine coming and FEAR LEVELS subsiding, a recovery has begun,” is the general idea.

    Where OPINIONS DIFFER is about its strength and inclusiveness of the recovery:

    1. Dichotomy – This is the thesis that claims BIG BUSINESS is eating up SMALL BUSINESS, so the recovery is HAPPENING, but it isn’t a healthy one. We’ll see GDP printing better stats with each PASSING QUARTER, but poverty is increasing, since BIG gets BIGGER and small gets TINY.
    2. Vaccine-Dependent – This camp believes that the PENT-UP DEMAND will be unleashed, once first-responders agree to take the vaccine. That stamp of approval will LEAD to CONFIDENCE worldwide; I want to show you how much DISTRUST THERE IS in the value stocks, which are companies that dominate their industries but are growing slowly and predictably, not fast and sporadically.

    The market believes that each company that isn’t on the cloud is going out of business, which has led to a bubble:


    You should consider THE FACTS about the pandemic before I move on to the THIRD CAMP, which are the investors who believe in the “V”-shaped or quick “U”-shaped recovery. They’re BUYING DIPS, as I am right now, following our FOUR WATCH LISTS: 1, 2, 3, and TECH.

    The MOST IMPORTANT fact is that the PANDEMIC ITSELF isn’t lethal; the real crisis is overwhelmed hospitals and insufficient medical staff.

    While no one likes to see CROWDED HEALTH FACILITIES, if those do return, this would be nowhere near the panic levels of March, when healthy people feared FOR THEIR LIVES.

    Therefore, to expect markets to price in MARCH LOWS is a bit of a stretch of the imagination.

    Instead, be agile in your thinking; there are REAL BARGAINS out there. Flexibility is needed, though. Don’t wait for sellers to hand you once-in-a-generation prices for the second time in six months.


    As you can see, tight presidential races WEIGH ON PRICES, since it’s a huge unknown factor, especially when the parties are THIS POLARIZED on policy and public ideas.

    It’s a tale of two Americas with two opposite agendas.

    Where does gold come into the picture?

    1. Slow “V” or Fast “U” – Those who are FREE-MARKET oriented understand that businesses have muscled through the ROUGH PATCH and that capitalistic forces are driving innovation in this post-COVID-19 reality.

    Wall Street and institutional money will be ENTERING EQUITIES on this severe dip and you ought to know that BUYING NOW is playing with fire, but I am certainly am.

    Gold stocks have also reached their MOMENT OF TRUTH:

    Courtesy: U.S. Global Investors

    They MUST PENETRATE below the average of 2.5; that will signal a MULTI-YEAR TREND, which will confirm the bull market. The fact that Kinross and Newmont, among other large-cap miners, are RAISING DIVIDENDS, is a healthy sign of confidence from the most reputable management teams out there.

    The September dip has allowed us to find companies with GREAT SUPPORT and I’m going to present new stock profiles, since, as the chart above shows, we’re ON THE CUSP of the REAL MOVE.

    Gold might sell in this panic even further, but that’s not the REAL TREND; think ahead by 6-12 months and you’ll realize that inflation is accelerating!


    It Took 22 Years to Get to This Point

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      1. You are in The Great Manic Depression! You are fooling nobody! If it wasn’t for the massive lockdown and bailout fraud of well in excess of $6.8 trillion of government spending that created nothing of any useful value, but destroyed incredible amounts of useful value, GDP would have suufered the biggest record loss in that amount of time in history, since governmemt spending is added onto GDP!

        Wake up and face reality!

        It as not as if there simply is not anything that needs money spent on it, but perveted spy program of contact tracing sure as hell is not anything of any value to any worthwhile individual or corporation, and neither is all of the other total fucking bullshit of mass hysteria testing, mask wearing, vaccines, violating freedom of assembly in everything except BLM, engaging in false imprisonment, etc!

        Send the fucking psychopaths to prison! Every God damned fucking one of them! Sick and evil monsters!

        Andrea Iravani

      2. What epic frauds and evil propagandists Dr. Wilmur Leon and Garland Nixon of Sputnik Radio The Critical Hour are!

        These happen to be highly educated men pretending that they are totally oblivious to the overwhelming evidence that the lockdowns, forced soicial distancing, forced house arrests and false imprisonment, forced business shutdowns, and the outlawing of freedom of assembly in all things with the exception of BLM protests are complete bullshit!

        At least Garland Nixon confessed twice when he was on Fault Lines that he can be bought, because evidently he has bedn bought, and to what end? To destroy your liberty, as well as mine, and the same with Wilmur Leon, as well as Sean Blackmon and Jaquie Lukeman on Sputnik’s By Any Means Necessary, in which the title of the show says it all about their mentality, by any means necessary, including destroying the country and everyone in it! 

        What disgusting monsters you are in the black movement by arming your followers with bullshit! What a disgraceful disservice you have been to all of America!

        This article below by  Black Alliance for Peace says that without justice, there cannot be peace, and I happen to agree with that, and as long as the psychopaths that allowed and promoted the lockdowns, including the propagandists are not brought to justice for their evil crimes, there can be no peace!

        Andrea Iravani

      3. Congress passed a temporary budget keeping the government afloat until December 11th.

        If the government fails to pass a budget prior to December 11th, coinciding with what appears to be an anticipated election dispute with more mail in ballots than any election in history, regardless of who the winner is, the entire country could be held hostage by Trump/Biden/Harris, and everyother contested elected official in all races, although I have not heard the others claiming that they will refuse to accept that they lost the election as Trump, Biden/Harris have all said that they would refuse to accept that they did not win the election, even though swearing the oath of office is not until January 20th.

        So, it seems that that is the date of total chaos and total breakdown of society if they do not pass a budget, but Trump has signed numerous executive orders and if he would do so to keep the country functioning and the Democrats criticized him for keeping the country open, it would not be helping them gain any public support or approval. Democrats are demanding another $3 trillion for the coronavirus, which is bullshit. It is a complete fucking lie! So sick of the fucking bullshit!

        Andrea Iravani

      4. British residents should consider leaving the country since parliament allows MI5, the domestic counter-intelligence officers to commit any crime including murder.

        Won’t be visiting “Merry Old England” again!

        Guess that they confessed for sure now who poisoned the Skripals and disappeared Joseph Mifsud, probably have something to do with Mulvaney too.

        Imagine if Gufrie was in England. Would she still be alive? I was always suspicious of the death of Amy Winehouse.

        Yeah, when you give the government a license to kill, it raises eyebrows and suspicions as well! Running through fiields of wheat with a 22 calibre with a silencer! Oh, forget the bullets! Go for poison or fatal accidents is obviously your route!

      5. There will be no recovery. All based on the facade of fiat money printing. No value. NO V.
        Till then

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