NYT Article on Disappointing Economy Disappears From Mainstream View

by | Jun 27, 2011 | Forecasting | 84 comments

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    Normally, when the New York Times speaks, the rest of mainstream media listens – often running headlines for days and weeks at a time with off-shoots of important stories.

    One story that didn’t seem to matter all that much was “Forecasts for Growth Drop, Some Sharply.” The article was originally published on page B1 of the NYT New York Edition on June 24, which happened to be a Friday going into the traditionally slow weekend news cycle. By Saturday it had been picked up by several mainstream online news services including CNBC and Drudge Report, which outlinked it via the hyperlink text “Economy Expected to Have Major Slide in Months Ahead…“.

    By Sunday night it was gone. It hasn’t been “wiped” from the internet, but its importance has certainly been marginalized. For those interested in keeping the facade alive for a little bit longer, it makes sense as to why:

    A drumbeat of disappointing data about consumer behavior, factory sales and weak hiring in recent weeks has prompted economists to ratchet down their 2011 economic forecasts to as little as half what they expected at the beginning of the year.

    Two months ago, Goldman Sachs projected that the economy would grow at a 4 percent annual rate in the quarter ending in June. The company now expects the government to report no more than 2 percent growth when data for the second quarter is released in a few weeks.

    Two years into the official recovery, the economy is still behaving like a plane taxiing indefinitely on the runway. Few economists are predicting an out-and-out return to recession, but the risk has increased, with the health of the American economy depending in part on what is really “transitory.”

    “The likelihood of a negative surprise is bigger than the likelihood of a positive surprise,” said Jerry A. Webman, chief economist at OppenheimerFunds.

    “A lot of the factors that will give us a boost in the second half are largely temporary and will run their course at some point,” said David Greenlaw, chief United States economist at Morgan Stanley.

    Given the clouded outlook on hiring and the potential for further shocks, Mr. Hatzius of Goldman Sachs said that he could not rule out another recession. “We’re still a reasonable way off from that,” he said. “But I’m not as confident as I would like to be.”

    Not a whole lot of our fundamental economic problems are transitory, and the big players on Wall Street, in Washington and the rest of the world know it.

    It is only a matter of time – but that’s just it, isn’t it? Timing.

    The Times is starting to drop the hints, but it is not yet being heavily pushed like the crisis in 2008. When we see the constant repetition in the Times (perhaps even a front page, Monday morning lead story), with the same talking points hittting your local news outlets regularly, and Drudge Report carrying it for more than 24 hours, then we should see the next crisis in full swing.

    For now, take note, because the ramp up to the next financial collapse is in progress.


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      1. I’ve only seen the media take down a few good stories. Clearly economy is Obamas demise, and he can’t have the main stream offering validity to his opponents. I look forward to the Bachman Bashing to begin….

        • Bachmann said some years ago that Obummer may have un-American views. She got that right and history has documented that reality.

          • I listened to part of her interview with Georgie Peorgie on ABC on line….what a mistake, I should of known better, I can’t believe I even stepped back into that useless matrix.

            She is an idiot, they’re all idiots, but I was not impressed with her other than she is pretty. She says true things about the Founders, and George doesn’t know his history, but then she totally flopped on answering the question like an educated human being. She clearly is told what to say, cause she can’t back it up on her own when asked….I was embarrassed listening to her. If her and that tool career politician Romney is the best the right has to offer…we are screwed even more in the future. I can’t really imagine being more screwed….but I fear we are

          • Hey Mark! Followed your link. I never realized that Bachmann was that intelligent. Thanks!

            She’s a shoo-in!

          • Don’t forget to pray to your filthy Zionist god!

            • I’d pay money to water board you! You would be #4. I’d brake (break) you down in three breaths and give you chest compressions with my desert tan boots and leave marks on your chest.

          • Yes and she voted for the Patriot act, another piece of trash, like all politicians!

            • My sentiment exactly. The neocons shroud themselves in “patriotism” as they vote to let the FBI enter our homes without legitimate warrants, put us on “no fly” lists, deny us the RIGHT to own firearms, plant listening/ tracking devices where ever they wish, record our phone conversations, read our e mails, the list is ongoing. All in the name of the fake war on terror. The REAL war on terror will begin with the citizens marching on DC to remove and try the REAL terrorists.

      2. What? The lamestream media hiding articles full of facts? No way! Say it isn’t so! Whats this world comging to!

        • It’s coming to the Obama Re Election campaign…..

        • Nope, we are in a recovery… Everyone knows that
          Go search: DailyJobCuts

          There is a lot going on.

      3. Storm hit our area this morning, knocked out the power for 8 hours…. damn it sucks when that happens… it is going suck even more if the power ever goes out, and never comes back on…. life afer SHTF is going to suck.

        in other news….. I see a show called “Doomsday Preppers” is being shown tonight on the National Geographic channel tonight at 8:00 PM Eastern time, and being reshown later too.

        • anyway of watching that online?? No cable here

          • I dont know, maybe search the title and Natgeo. I am not even sure what it is… a series?… or one time show?…. or what? I have it set for DVR, so I wont miss it, and after I watch it I will advise here if it is (imuho) worth watching.

            I usually watch these things hoping to get 2-3 nuggets of good info out of usually 45 minutes of drivel/hype.

            I’ll let you know friend.

            • I watched the video tease on the nat geo site and it looks really cool. Although it just made me jealous and wish I could do what this guy was doing….the guy obviously has money and lots of it

            • I checked out online and one of the guys on here is (thesouthernprepper1) fron youtube! Great prepper channel.

            • Random thoughts on the TV show “Doomsday Preppers”

              I have guessed if one believes TEOTWAWKI is coming, one might have children right now.

              uummmmm talapia… every day… I would think he would hold off until it is required, so as not to get too sick of too quickly….but it was cute how they used a fishing pole, versus netting the fish.

              My issue with a set up like the first one, is it is in plain view of everyone. His neighbors can see that set up and when they get hungry, they will help themselves….. not to mention he showed himself on TV, probably not a very smart thing to do. shhhhhhhh…. and sure as heck, dont show your nieghbors your supply room, unless like the prove that they are in on the plan.

              “emergency anti-coagulate”… stops the bleeding….
              “bug out bag”… 72 hours worth of stuff….


              45,000 pounds of wheat ordered by a single man??
              sounds like a price gouger, not that I am judging him.

              Hype inflation…. looks like it has it already happened….
              4 quarters(pre 1964) = $20.00, RIGHT NOW.

              “”OPSAC””… I agree, lose lips sink ships, but she said her name on TV, so…..


              I wouldnt think true, honest, really prepped people would live in the desert


              3rd segment folks seem to be planning on going the Amish way…..I wonder, Will the Amish turn out to be the smartest people ever?


              More “toilet paper” 60 sheets per day, per person.

              Water from ground water using wells, hand pumped or solar panel pumped.


              A lot of these people say a one year of supply is enough. Why does they think a year is enough? What will come save everyone in 1 year? If things go as bad as they are painting, things in this part of the world (what was America) are not going to recover in one year.

              I wonder what it means when a show like this is on mainstream TV?
              Is it a “we are alerting you to do this” or is it…….. ? ?

            • I have guessed if one believes TEOTWAWKI is coming, one might NOT have children right now.

              In retrospect I am glad(delighted) that I never had children. It never felt correct to have kids and nothing has happened to change that… esp now. Heck, I did not even replace my last round of pets when they died 🙁
              tick tock tick tock.

        • That Guy, and anybody else who doesn’t like not having power should check out building solar panels.

          Start small with a solar generator, then build as you get money to do it.


          I am not all solar, not even close, but I can at least watch TV when the power goes out.

          It’s not that hard once you understand how solar power works.

          • Don’t think that solar works after an EMP, but if we simply lose power because they have to shut off the natural gas and nuclear power plants it’d be great. I like solar a lot, and wish they’d get more houses off the grid.

            Speaking of scrubbed articles if anyone can ever find the one by the SJ Mercury News from way back in the late 1980’s on how Al Gore wanted to “governmentize” the Internet I’d love to find it – I read it – but its gone.

            • Okay – let’s refine the answer a bit to see if it helps…

              It all depends on a *lot* of factors. If you’re tied to the grid (to get some of that juicy feed-in tariff love), then your inverters and charge controllers are going to likely go ‘splat’ – not from the panels, but from that titanic antenna out there known as the power grid.

              If your system is off-grid, then it only depends on distance, panel orientation, grounding, what time of day it is (thus how energized/active the cells are), etc.

              A PV panel in and of itself is a group of really big diodes (each cell is a diode). They connect to each other by short leads. Most panels are surrounded by a big, fat, helpfully conductive aluminum frame (which is electrically isolated from the cells and grounded). The cell ‘strings’ tie to a junction box on the back, which in turn is connected to an inverter (to turn that DC into AC), and a charge controller (if you do the battery thing).

              In most cases, odds are extremely good that if you’re off-grid and an EMP pulse isn’t facing your panels head-on overhead, your panels are probably going to do okay. Put a few fusible links between the j-box and the inverter, and you’re even better off (just keep spares around). Fusible links are more commonly seen in cars, and as luck has it, they’re made for 12-volt systems at various amperage… well within the same range of most solar panel outputs (since output is variable depending on sunlight, you’ll have to do some math to match your own panels’ max outputs).

              If you’re that paranoid about it? Buy a couple extra panels, inverters, and chargers, and keep ’em in the basement. You can always trade them post-SHTF for something else.

        • I believe the show you are talking about is called “Prophets of Doom” on the History Channel. You can see it in its entirety here:

          Some of it is genuinely scary and some of it is unrealistic to a point of being silly. Nevertheless, if you read a blog called SHTF Plan, it is well worth watching.

          • No, I watched “Prophets of Doom” last week. This is called “Doomsday Preppers”. I have DirecTV and it is on the channel guide on tonights listing under that name.

            btw-The nugget I got got out of POD was (I COULD BE MISTAKEN HERE)
            the tidbit that the Earth population in 1900 was 1 billion people. From 4000 BC to 1900 AD we only grew to 1 billion people…. then in 100 years 1900-2000, based on using gas power to grow more food, we grew to 7 billion.

            That is a “chart spike”… and if I learned anything from reading charts… chart spikes (usually) do not last. Usually the charts settles back down to the norm…

            e.g. the interest rate chart spike back in the late 70s early 80s……. If you looked at a 400 interst rate chart, you could easily see rates were irrationally waaaay to high, they had to come back down. I used that logic to make a lil money in bonds. Looking at the chart, it seemed logical that rates would have to come back down, and they did… of course once the move is over… you cant keep making money on it…

            ANYWAY…… As far as applying the chart spike logic to human population… yikes… I aint going there…..

            I just read the charts… who knows what will happen… the only fact is, “in 120 years there will be all (100%) new people down here, guranteed”. Wether or not Earths population continue to explode remains to be seen, but if it grows at the same rate as the last 100 years (7x population in 100 years) in 2100 there will be 49,000,000 people on Earth… I probably am missing something, or doing my math wrong… I dont know….. but… nayway… that is the main thing I got from the POD show.

            Regarding solar…… GC offers a good idea…. I wont write another 😉 book… GC said it perfectly.

          • 10 pm e.s.t. tonite on Nat Geo….

        • Doomsday Prepper is at 10pm.

      4. Hiding the reality is only going to enrage those who wake up to that fact, and more and more people are becoming aware..
        they aint too bright, just keep putting nails in their own coffins.
        Silencing the MSM..is only going to show more people , who owns them..and once the reality sets in..it justs adds one more pissed off American to the list of Patriots that could be their demise

        bring it on Idiots

      5. Free press, are kidding me? they are the best money can buy! They cost the tax payers up the wazoo! PRESSTITUTES!

      6. We all know diebold makes safes, and voting machines, and atms, and voting machines, and voting machines. DO THEY MAKE PRINTIN PRESSES ALSO????????

      7. There is no ‘soft-landing’ associated with this economy.

        I could see this whole thing coming way back in 1994; that’s 17 long years ago. It’s also the very first time that I was ever laid off so that my job could be exported elsewheere. At that time, I was subjected to what they called an ‘outprosessing interview’ conducted by a young female HR functionary. In closing, she asked me if, “I had any questions for her?” “Just a quick one”, I responded; “what happens to our country once you have shipped all the decent, reasonably well paying jobs in this country overseas to foreigh workers?” “What happens when there is no one left here in the US with any money to buy your cheap, foreign made goods?”

        The little lady sputtered and threw a minor ‘hissey-fit’ while attempting to tell me that things would never get to this point.

        Guess what boys & girls?? That’s where we are at right now in the history of the United States. We don’t seriously make anything in this country anymore, except for bombs, guns, and other associated weapons.

        But we should all be very glad that we, as a country, are simply so wonderfully “Globally-Competative” that it makes me want to vomit! This means that we, as a country, have learned to smile sweetly while we bend over and taki it in the shorts!

        Get ready folks, the really bunpy part of this amusement park ride that we call “life” is just ahead.

        • I know the feeling. I saw the subprime mortgage crisis and derivatives crisis coming six years ago. Tried to talk to people about it and they thought I was crazy. Really insulted me for even saying such stuff. “Crackpot, etc.”

          Now, today, we know what’s coming, don’t we? And the powers-that-be, villains that they are, aren’t going to be doing anything to help the people–quite the contrary.

          Most people in this country simply WILL NOT listen, no matter how hard you try. They’ve had AMPLE WARNING and have chosen to ignore reality. All you can do is to prepare to take care of yourself and your family. Good luck.

          • I have often felt the same way. Used to be every time I try to discuss the economy/shtf etc, people’s eyes glaze over or they deny any such thing being possible. Things are changing. More people are waking up. I recently went to a baby shower and was the only guy there.(my wife couldn’t go) Some women were talking about guns and defending their homes from theives/looters. Then, a couple of relatives, both female started talking to me about rising prices. I gave them the usual spiel about bread/wheat/gasoline/whatever not changing, but only the value of the dollars in their purses. Instead of glazed eyes, I got advice to buy and hoard gold and silver, store food and get prepared. My how times have changed. There is hope after all.

        • They changed a lot of ground rules in the 1990s which helped set the stage for this BS. e.g. allowing interstate banking, dropping the limits on media (am/fm/TV) ownership, changing the rules regarding personal bankruptcy… not to mention pushing the new concept of “home equity mortgages”…..

          • I remember a coworker being surprised that he was able to “take cash out of his home”. This was before I ever cared about mortgages, etc. but I still percieved this to be a really bad idea. I also remember not too long ago the “money guys/gals” on the radio advising everybody to borrow more every time they got a little home equity and “invest” the money in the stock market.

        • excellent post. You said a lot of truths there. It’s bad enough to be screwed when you’re not aware of it, but awfull when you know it, and the reason why.
          I also agree with your last point. get ready for the bumpy part of the ride. The banksters can’t keep juggling all those balls much longer. They are starting to fall in rapid succession. I have a feeling, that when it all starts unravelling, it’s going to happen in a short ammount of time. people will be left in absolute shock, and I can hear the sheeple now, “how did all this happen’?
          I’m sorry for all those who have done nothing to prepare. But if you’re dumb enough to believe all that bull the government is telling everyone, then you deserve the fate of a true sheeple.

      8. The Wall Street Journal has been good to me.

      9. In talking with my folks every weekend, I constantly tell them of the news that I read of here and other sites. My mother always remarks that she had never heard of alot of the stuff that I relate to her. When she asks me why the regular media (NBC, CBS and ABC) doesn’t report it I tell her that they’re “in the bag” for Obumbles. It just drives my folks nuts that the media stays silent on a lot of important issues.

      10. The media loves to bury stories. Just this weekend Drudge Report had a link to an article about a huge mob of black folks storming through Peoria neighborhoods screaming “kill white people” and intimidating residents, running up on their porches, etc. The Peoria newspaper removed it quickly but google’s cached files kept it visible.

          • Wow, thanks for that link. I’m thinking maybe I don’t have enough ammo for the 12 gauge, after all…

        • it is close to happening here too. Yesterday we had a hard time driving down Forest Ave to get home from an after church barbecue…and having my family in the car and no gun and way way out numbered I was nervous

          • soon most on this site will not be concerned with laws regulating carrying weapons.

      11. All you conspiracy lovers.
        The people of the NYT know that the economy is going very good. That’s why they took of an article without any meaning.
        The stock market is rising.
        Money flow is stable.
        People are buying Ipads and Iphones.
        People are not hungry. McDonalds are showing results.
        The banks are having profits. They also have increased the asset part in their balance shit (oops sorry balance sheet i meant).
        Unemployment is decreasing.

        Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
        See Mac, what a good anti-depression pill can make?
        Everything is much more clear now.

      12. I can’t believe the Times let that article slip through to start with. On the other hand, it is not difficult to believe it was CENSORED and removed.

        It is not about preventing a collapse, it is about managing the collapse. The best way to do that is to keep the sheep in the dark.

        For those waiting on the collapse to happen, it is right now in slow motion. It will continue in slow motion until you can look back with fondness when gas was just $4.00 a gallon.

        Best to start generating income any way you can. Start a web business. Collect aluminum cans and keep them to sell or trade when the dollar is worthless. Keep copper pennies and nickels that will always have some value.

        There is coming a time when two jobs will no longer be enough to support a family, and three jobs will not exist. Don;t wait for the Times to tell you when that is coming.

      13. look into the shadows where the truth lies waiting to be heard….the lengths the will go to lie to us will be matched by the lengths they will go to oppress and enslave us.

        I do not expect to adjust to central-planning mandated serfdom gracefully.

      14. Follow the money and you will find the truth, and it is real ugly. Ask yourself this, Why is the MSM now starting to cover this? Hmmm let me see.

        Alot of people are fed up and sre starting to wake up to the lies about our economy. People are starting to wake up to shadow taxes and this administration adding taxes like the 3.9% payroll tax that hits all of us next year and guess what it is called the Medicaid support tax. Geithner just announce he wants to raise small business taxes once again. HEY GEITHNER HOW ABOUT CLOSING THE LOOPHOLE ON THE BIG GUYS!!! We small guys have to pay our 35% How about not expanding govenment progams and telling small businesses they must pay for it.

        I am so tired of sacrificing while our fricking politicians continue to spend my hard earned money. What do we working stiffs have to show for all this prosperity they so discuss on MSM? Not a dam thing, we are doing our damdest to keep our heads above water and doing the right thing.

        Maybe it is time for all American to take a month off and walk out of their mortgages so the banksters get a dose of what we peons can really do if they do not start listening to us.

        The big corporations do not create the jobs in this country the small businesses do that for the most part. Oh I forgot the Local, State, amd Federal jobs market is now larger then the private sector.

        • And that Local, State and Federal Job doesnt produce anything..they just take.
          they dont produce a product, they dont raise the GDP..they get their funding from us, the remaining working man..soon they will starve to death..just like us.

          because people, ..when there is no us, there is no them.

          the best needs to be starved to death before we do.

          • Beast..not best.

      15. “there is no spoon” Neo from the matrix

      16. they all believe they can get away with it..

        this guy…http://www.cnn.com/2011/POLITICS/06/27/blagojevich.trial/index.html?hpt=hp_t1

        Kwame from Detroit…

        the list goes on and on..all the way to DC..

        even corruption in that sleepy little town you all think is up standing..ha! i doubt it.

        the corruption is the main reason this country is falling..its people like this, in power.

        Every last one of them have their hand out, and do nothing but take..take..take

        • the thing about Blago that sucks is that he was a scapegoat and not alone….a lot of people should be in trouble along with him

          • Blago is not a “scapegoat”. He is a criminal, no if’s and’s or but’s.

            • I’m happy to say you are correct DK!!! Another shining moment for the dim gainsters out of Chicago.

            • yup he is a criminal but the fall guy for the team….his cell mates should be many, inclulding Rezko, Rahm and bo

          • I think he got thrown under the bus as an example to those who talk about the corruption openly and to redirect from the continuing corruption. He’ll be gone for a long time…

      17. It’s all part of the Psyops campaign to expose those (like yourselves) who may be an impediment to ushering in the new age of peace and prosperity. As long as the ideas come from the MSM there is no conflict between “the economy is doomed” and “the economy is healthy”. The problem resides in the unhealthy minds of those who desire to (foolishly) think for themselves.

        • We’ll start with the machine on “Level 1”. How many fingers am I holding up?

      18. Every day, I read a little more, and a little more, and just add up all the crap economic news. Folks, something that I have a hard time getting my head wrapped around, and understanding, is the fact that none of these so called temp fixes, quanatative easings, this , or that, is going to stop the economy from collapsing. I’m also talking about doing some of the “real” cuts and changes that would make a difference over time.
        None of this is going to make a difference. The entire system, at some time in the near future is going down. After that happens, we can start over with maybe some real changes. Once the masses figure out who did this to them, they will want some payback.
        I have listened to many common sense bloggers talk about doing this or that as a pathway to a positive change in our government. None of that is going to work, or matter. We are well passed the point of no return. Now, we are on the final approach to a crash landing, and all the seat belts and safety devices in the world aren’t going to save us. Just get your house in order, and wait for that first hit. it’s coming soon. We all know it, we all sense it.
        As I mentioned before–too bad for the rest of the nation. By some estimates, only a few percent of the population are doing anything for the coming hard times.
        Take care of business, it won’t be long before you get a chance to use some of those preps you’ve been saving up for a while. have a great day.

      19. Bernie Goldberg says that all of you pencil neck liberals are racists! HUH… Good thing we don’t have too many here or it would be even more interesting and stacked high and deep.

      20. The Liberals that voted in a Fascist, Socialist who is black? Yeah that makes sense, NOt! Conservatives in the SOuth are the biggest haters and Racists of all, and that is a fact.

        • We are NOT the biggest haters. In fact we love every white conservative, pro-life, pick-up driving good old boy no matter how far north they live. Even all the way to northern Kentucky! Beyond that, it gets a little iffy.
          Can I send you a free NRA sticker with a smiley Face?

        • Maybe so, anony…but when the SHTF those big, ole southern boys with their rebel flags in the window of their pickups and a shotgun in their hands will help get this country back on it’s feet…and I’ll be standing right next to them!!

          • Right on! I expect to see lots of TX gals doing the same thing!

            • If anony had ever been in my neck of the woods he’d see the reddest redneck there is on the planet. One of my former co-workers drives a pickup, complete with gun rack, coon dog box in the back, bumper stickers promoting Walker coon hounds, he never wears anything but blue jeans with a skoal ring in the pocket and he dips 24 hrs a day! He listens to nothing but country music. ALL TRUE. Oh, and he just happens to walk around in black skin. I guess he was born with it. Plus he never held my whiteness against me. I’d probably like him even if he was white!
              I guess it’s easier to accuse people of bigotry when you know nothing about them. I think I’ll stick to my plan of judging individuals one at a time based on their behavior rather than appearance. (although them baggy pants do set me off occasionally!)

          • You can’t reason with the likes of anony. The fact that they voted for a black man for prez makes them smarteer and gooder n you.

            • google ‘white guilt’ and you can see how libs and college kids voted in a black man with absolutely no experience and who openly stated that he planned to fundamentally change the face of the nation while raising utilities too high for most to pay for. Schools have been subtlety teaching this for over 20 years now. I wonder if the college kids can get took a second time around 🙂

      21. Have a nice day! You can take it from my cold dead hands. Dogs love trucks! (Driver to hitch hiker) You can ride in the back with my dobie “guz”. She hasn’t ate today and likes her space. Don’t get near her new bag of kibbles or bits. That bitch is smarter than any liberal, she waits for me to let the tail gate down and she don’t piss on no electric fence.

      22. I would not be so sure that another financial crisis is imminent. What most of you doomsayers underestimate is just how criminal and corrupt the U.S. financial system is. The U.S. financial system and government is the most corrupt institition ever known to mankind, and the corrupt media stands behind it 100% provided their man is in office.

        The ONLY WAY the system will collapse is if a republican wins the white house. In that case, the media will not only tell the truth about how corrupt our country is, it will also lie to make things even worse to deface a republican in office.

        People, we have problems in this country, but a collapse is not imminent. Between a dumbed down sheeple, a corrupt media, and a government that will tax through debasement, all is well.

        Now get out there and buy something on credit you cannot afford instead of trying to be responsible reading about what is really going on.

      23. I feel fortunate to be married to a woman who understands the trials we are all going to experience. My wife is from Ukraine. She grew up under Soviet communism. Her family didn’t have indoor plumbing and had to haul water from the local spigot. Minimal electricity with countless dark nights. Heated the house with and cooked on a coal fired stove. When the Soviet Union fell apart, so did Ukraine. Sure they were not communist any longer, but things didn’t change much. The new government tried to put the pieces back together but it has failed miserably. In the 90’s they experienced a currency collapse (40+% drop) with the help of Mr. Soros. Ever try living on $200 a month? How about a $100 a month as her mother does right now. It’s not pretty!

        She doesn’t think I’m crazy for prepping, just a little strange, but she does see the writing on the wall as she has lived through it. She understands what may befall us someday and fortunately for me, she knows how to survive. That gives me some comfort as I know some of my prepper friends have wives that just don’t get it. I tell her someday you may thank me for being prepared, she says I hope I never have to!

      24. If you think it’s bad now, wait til someone like a rick perry gets in office, you will wish to have obama back. Bush got us to this point them obama continued his failed policies, the next pres will do much worse.

        • Obama is a traitor to this country plain and simple. His policies had weakened our country, our people and our freedoms. Look up the definition yourself. Traitor along with much of congress.

      25. It’s because their dear leader Obama is in office, that’s why the bad news is scrubbed when possible.
        If anyone other than a democrat were in office, this would be headlined for a week.

        • The MSM has to protect their guy!!!!

      26. Wait til a rick perry becomes president, then you will not recognize this country any longer.

        • You’re an idiot.

          • You are wrong Steve. He’s a liberal and his village is missing him.

            • Conservabots are fags, just ask w bush, larry craig, jerry fartwell, linday graham and the many other hypocrit repug fags

          • you are a moron.

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