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Do you LOVE America?


    This article was contributed by Tom Beck of Portfolio Wealth Global.

    I’ve made my career living by this mantra: DON’T try to change the world, ADAPT to it. In the next two years, WHOEVER is willing to SEPARATE his personal DISGUST of how corrupt, useless and UNFAIR the financial system is from the OPPORTUNITY to capitalize on the INHERENT flaws that this very system can’t fix, will potentially make a GENERATIONAL FORTUNE in the coming transition.

    You can shout from the rooftops, but this won’t change the REALITY we live in one bit.

    I’ve seen the HOURS-LONG traffic jams that are forming in cities to receive FOOD ASSISTANCE from the government. Millions of people are THRILLED to receive the free stuff because they haven’t the SLIGHTEST CLUE how the system works or where the government gets its funding from; they don’t care about civil liberty, but only about security.

    Don’t get frustrated with the collective ignorance of your fellow countrymen. You were not put on this planet to lecture others or to “fix” them. All you can really do – and for that matter, anyone else – is LEAD BY EXAMPLE. Some will resonate with your personality if it proves to be a WINNING ONE, while most won’t.

    Only 3% of the population live INTENTIONAL LIVES, according to the most comprehensive study ever conducted on the subject. What I mean by intentional is that (1) they KNOW what they want, (2) BELIEVE they can achieve it, no matter what’s going on in the world, (3) they DEVISE a plan to pursue their goal, and (4) they EXECUTE with everything they’ve got.

    Don’t look outside of yourself for the answer to your problem. Never in history has anyone achieved anything of lasting value by leeching off the government.

    All great things were made by HARD WORK and careful planning.

    Courtesy: Zerohedge.com

    NEVER should one let others dictate his trajectory in life – that’s SLAVERY.

    This coronavirus is such a CONTROVERSIAL subject because it was initially a medical emergency, but in managing it, governments have made it so that in order to save the lives of the ones that the virus would otherwise defeat, the PLANET has been put on hold.

    There’s no right or wrong here; it’s the decision that we collectively decided was appropriate.

    We may call it BULLSHIT or say it is TOTALLY JUSTIFIED, but our opinion means nothing.

    Successful people concern themselves with two things:

    1. What is my goal?
    2. What am I doing about it right now?

    These two questions have NOTHING TO DO with a virus or anything else; it’s a DEEP psychological conviction that you CAN and SHOULD be on the escalator to new heights all the time.

    Nearly 16 million Americans have filed for unemployment in the past three weeks. I don’t like that at all. Too many of them will depend on government and that could place a heavier burden on America’s DEBT MONETIZATION out-of-thin-air schemes.


    Courtesy: Zerohedge.com

    Silver is the ultimate asset for these times. Since INDUSTRY has basically been ground to a halt, traders have already PRICED no industrial demand. Then, Powell said that HIS LAST CONCERN is that his lending programs would generate inflation.

    The Federal Reserve isn’t worried about inflation and it is BLANKETING THE ENTIRE bonds market with purchases.

    All I can say is that now EVERYONE, including all of the world’s governments, understand that we are in the REAL endgame. It’s a RACE TO DEBASE!

    In the face of this, the markets are RALLYING hard. The reason is that bonds are essentially worthless, so money is flowing only to STOCKS, if anywhere.

    But, there’s literally no REASON to assume that they’ll continue going up. Earnings don’t justify that.

    As bullish as I am on silver and gold, my BULLISH outlook is even stronger for copper, which is going to be the TRUE BENEFACTOR from the infrastructure SUPER-BOOM that’s coming shortly!

    China has caused other nations to doubt it. America’s companies will start to move back and Washington (as well as Europe) will ramp-up projects on roads, bridges, and new construction.

    Copper is the main metal in electric vehicles as well and all governments will ban gasoline cars pretty soon.

    You watch as these new metals SOAR!


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      1. Governments will NOT ban gasoline cars soon.

        • Don’t be suprised by Anything the criminal predator politicians come up with. Criminals do not think like you do.

          * * * Chaos, Control, Collapse, seems to be the goal.
          You people play right into it. Ruled by Fear. Ruled by Tyrants.

          Control freaks have actually shutdown the world economy.
          Americans acting like cowardly compliant comrads ruled by fear. What will it take for people to Stand up to Tyrants? Why are people so weak? Guess the brainwashing must really be that good?

          China CCP started a War by releasing a bioweapon.
          No response? No Accountability? No one will even talk about it. Why?

          -5G is a kill weapon- Is chicom virus release to cover up and explain 5G deaths? Any answers?

          We are All being Lied to.

        • The Graberment bails out hedge funds, who manipulate the price of Silver. Enough said. I have silver but dumped some in the $18 range back in Jan /Feb, then it dumped below $13. Buy low sell high, like anything. Find value in small items. Go to an antique shop and search for those old tools will come back into fashion. Butter churner, Buggy Whip, donkey whip, mule whip, goat whip, saturday nt playtime whip. Git it.

          • Fuel efficiency has greatly gone up during the fake threat lock down tyranny. Today’s vehicles can now get “3 weeks to the gallon in fuel efficiency.” Absolutely amazing..

            Is there any need to wear a watch anymore? No need to be anywhere, at anytime for anything. Time is now irrelevant. Sun up, sun down.. Just in time supply chain economics didn’t consider a plandemic. Haven’t seen TP in a month.

      2. Holding hard assets in general protects against devaluing fiat currencies. When the dollar dies, using gold, silver, platinum, palladium, etc will help people get through this mess. Even base metals can get used for trade.
        I have trained myself mentally to think in terms of weights and measures and not use fiat as a form of valuation. Let them print more currency and send out their stimulus checks. Use the federal reserve’s stupidity to your advantage.

      3. WOOOO HOOOO! Imma party like it’s 2020! Installin my pellet stove at the cabin (still have woodstove backup) gas is cheap as hell! Got the rhino decked out for everything! All dialed in and ready to go! 24 years of this shit is gonna pay off! Imma be a mad Max mutha!

        • Yes sir congrats. My Off Grid Solar is cranking out the energy daily. No planes flying, the skies are clearer, I win again. I’ve notice more Turkey vultures lurking in the area. I think their road kill food buffet has ended, because of little to no traffic on the roads. So they are hungry and in search for their next meal. Watch your pets. If YOU are gonna die, drag your a$$ back into the building or into a car before you die. Vultures are lurking, and you will be eaten down to the bones in just 1 day. I see this with roadside road kill deer and full wild pigs, picked down to the bones in a day by turkey vultures. So don’t die outside, have a plan and a shot gun with lots of ammo. We have entered the twilight zone.

      4. Insanity will be the future, since past is prologue. With all of the record bail-outs taking place in virtually every sector of the governments from local, state, and federal, in addition to every failing corporation in America, the post office has been denied any funding, but a $10 billion loan. The post office has been the single government entity that has strictly relied on postage stamps for its operations, dating back to Benjamin Franklin that created the Post Office, realizing that communications were essential for the purposes of business and trade. Since the creation of the Post Office, telephones, internet service, and Fed-Ex, and UPS have deteriorated the postal revenues, yet, the Post Office has managed to provide a service that the majority of Americans find vital, run efficiently, at a reasonable cost.

        Maybe the rest of the governments and corporations get sick of hearing about the efficency of the Post Office. If the Post Office were forced to privatize, would businesses still send out mail?

        If internet communications were shut down for any reason, whether an actual war, or even cyber warfare, how would communications continue to function?

        For reasons of National Emergency Preparedness, I believe that it is extremely important to make sure that America still has a Post Office.

        The banks load toxic debt, bubble burst, after bubble burst on to the backs of tax payers.

        Diane Feinstein’s husband actually purchased Post Offices several years ago in northern California.

        • -if there is no post office
          -there is no mail delivery
          -no mail delivery means no Bills delivered
          -that means no bills to pay right?
          Having No Address, No cell Phone, No bank Account, is your best Defense against government tyrants.

          I would be very Careful about accepting government checks, giving your bank account info to them, using government apps on your phone. Do as you will. I think I will pass on that “free” money. Nothing good will come of it. There are Advantages to having nothing worth taking. When you are cashless and broke, people generally leave you alone, want nothing to do with you. People and Government are you biggest danger to life.

          Here is a youtube video for you to think about. How about an article on shtfplan on the topic?
          Title: “Mark Passio – Order Followers”

          • Anonymous,
            Obviously, you are a terrorist thug.

          • Mr. Feinstein,
            Obviously, you are a terrorist thug.

            • Andrea.Iravani
              Curious, are you he, she, or it?
              Obvious that you have too much time on your hands.
              Maybe consider productive hobby?
              Do you have a garden?
              Do you have small livestock like rabbits, chickens, quail, goats? You can easily keep these, if you have a backyard.
              These things keep you busy while insuring your food security.
              Potatoes grown in trash cans and 5 gallon buckets you can grow even on apartment patio. I’ve done it.

              Maybe you should unplug from politics/internet, have a cold beer/wine, or three. Maybe also get Laid now and again.
              (I find that always improves my world view/disposition.)

              Also good music helps. You might try LEAH on Youtube. “Present Darkness” is a nice tune. “Return To Serenity – Testament – (Cover by LEAH)” also on youtube.

              It Isn’t nice to throw the T word around insulting others. Especially to vets that have put in multiple deployments, extinguishing savages in dirty nightshirts. (Some might take exception to your insults. Others don’t care what anyone says about anything.)

              Don’t believe everything you read on internet.
              It is good for you to unplug and have friends in real world.
              Isolation make people “different”.

              Best of luck to you. Hope you are doing well in these interesting days. Wish you All well.

              • How cute. Advice from an internet using pig that believes its a genius and can’t mind its own business.

      5. Extremely IMPORTANT,
        Up at ZH late this evening, titled;
        “Whistleblower: COVID-19 Patients Need Oxygen Therapy Not Ventilator”
        Should you or one of your loved ones be diagnosed with COVID and the progress of the infection appear to be accelerating this might well be something that you’ll need to remember…and pursue vigorously with the attending physician(s).
        Read and heed….


      6. So how does one get exposure to copper if not in the stock market? If buying physical, one would need a large shed…

        • Some organ of the state is buying it, in bulk, or there wouldn’t be recycling businesses.

      7. Chinese owned factory farm Smithfield Foods ( you probably figured out that it is Chinese by the Chinese sounding name Smithfield ) shut down its meat processing plants indefinitely. Meat plant workers are striking for having to work in close proximity to others.

      8. The name of this says it all! Novel Corona Virus! Fictious, inebriating, contagious brain sicknes – (insanity) of those in power!

        Drunk and insane on power!

      9. Why do people fall for the absurdity to believe that if they use end to end encryption, that their communications are private when the internet providers, software providers, and hardware providers have the ability to read those communications?

        I’m sorry, but I just can’t believe the stupidity of the encryption argument!

      10. You’re telling us that you’re just gaming a system, which halted your fav commodity. (silver) “It’s a RACE TO DEBASE!” is not a trading strategy for the consumer.

        “The Federal Reserve isn’t worried about inflation and it is BLANKETING THE ENTIRE bonds market with purchases.”

        The name of the game, as best I can tell, is for the govt to sell off high-interest debt, then buy low-interest debt. So, the interest would be low as possible. At maturity, the bonds are yielding in the 1/10’s of a percent — not even keeping up with the rate of inflation, at large.

        So, ROI on bonds would presumably be even lower, on the next round of easing.

        This is not an investment strategy (for the consumer).

        “they don’t care about civil liberty, but only about security.”

        Correct, but you said you weren’t going to change the system.

        “Nearly 16 million Americans have filed for unemployment in the past three weeks. I don’t like that at all. Too many of them will depend on government and that could place a heavier burden on America’s DEBT MONETIZATION out-of-thin-air schemes.”
        “Only 3% of the population live INTENTIONAL LIVES”

        Then, 96% of people are passive, moral agents.

        What if you view the quota case as a financial instrument and crony companies as holding accounts.

        As an investor, you’re telling us that they will be monetized. (receive welfare)

      11. Agree with most of the author’s points, except the one about gasoline cars being banned. I guess the idiots that run this country could ban gas cars, but they’d be stupid to do so, as the fantasy of electric vehicles will hit head-on into the wall of reality that it will take trillions of dollars to retro-fit all the gas stations to handle the necessary electric charging capacity. Ain’t gonna happen . . . we’re bankrupt. Tens of millions of electric vehicles widely disbursed across America is a libtard pipe dream.

      12. Finally got the 1 oz round of bobba fett in the mail. To my surprise I flipped it over and there was queen elizabeth and the mint mark. Oh, sadness.

        Dang New Zealeanders! But you know, whatever was lowest over spot.

        Let them eat cash, (and coin).

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