It’s Coming – “If You Believe It Or Not, It Doesn’t Matter”

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    Internet radio host Charlie McGrath of Wide Awake News warns that for those looking for a singular set of events that presage a paradigm shift into the far-from-equilibrium event we could refer to as “collapse,” then simply pay attention to what’s going on around the world and right here at home. Though we’ve previously discussed that the collapse occurred in 2008 and we are in the midst of the big bang’s explosion as of right now, history will mark certain events as having been the defining moments that changed the world as we know it. These events will often times play out in perceptively slow motion because we’re living them minute-by-minute and day-by-day, but in hindsight, they will be clearly understood as the harbingers of the disaster that followed.

    When people are broke and hungry, and without a government capable of managing the crisis, then the people lose it and all hell breaks loose. This is not conjecture – it’s historical fact. The question to answer is: are we really at this point in our history today? Is all hell about to break loose?

    Charlie McGrath weighs in:

    (Video follows excerpts)

    My message is simple, if you haven’t prepared – you know what, I don’t even know if you have time.

    …These high prices in food are truly what’s causing the unrest around the world. The high prices to fill your belly is what’s causing the Egyptians to riot, causing the people in Libya to riot. The absolute and utter failure of their governments to represent the people of those nations has led to them being hungry and they’re pushing back.

    That is coming to this country. If you believe it or not, it doesn’t matter. It is coming to this country.

    It’s starting out in Wisconsin. These people are out in the streets protesting by the tens of thousands right now because the government is telling them what they can and can’t do with negotiating their contracts. When it becomes a matter of ‘they can’t put food on their table because we’re having a 100% increase inside of a year in their food bill’, the push back is going to look a little different than it does in Wisconsin right now and it’s going to look a whole lot more like it does in Libya and Egypt.

    I’ve never come out in a video and said “this is it, this is the collapse.” But I’m saying it now. This is it. The world is coming apart by the actions of a bunch of central banksters. They’ve tried to cover it up. They’ve tried to pretend it isn’t their fault. They’ve tried to pretend the world economy is getting better. And, a lot of people fell for their con game. But guess what? The rubber is going to hit the road no matter where you’re at.

    We have been within a collapse of the world as we know it since 2008. The unsustainable system based on unlimited consumption made possible through pulling forward decades of time-energy yield no longer exists. Both, individuals and governments, have pulled forward and leveraged too much, and the system has broken down. For those who failed to realize what was happening around them, and to this day haven’t a clue that what they are seeing are warning signs and symptoms of a collapse, it may be too late.

    • One eighth of the US population required food stamps to survive, and this dependence on the government for basic necessities is accelerating.
    • Multiple millions of homes are either in foreclosure or defaulting on payments, not to mention the millions more that will come as the second wave of the mortgage meltdown accelerates throughout the rest of this year and into 2012.
    • Millions of people have lost their jobs, and many millions more are no longer counted in the official statistics.
    • The US government, via The Federal Reserve, has taken on some $30 Trillion in debt for stimulus, bailouts and emergency measures that have failed to recover the system – and perhaps make it even worse through the leverage and manipulations in financial markets.

    It can be argued that Americans have become apathetic and lack any motivation to take to the streets to enact any real, long-lasting change. This is because up until this point, Americans have, for the most part, been comfortable. We’ve had a roof over our heads. We’ve had decent, quality food in our stomachs. We’ve actively engaged in a community driven reality show known as Keeping Up with the Joneses. This has been life in America – until now. For many, the Joneses game has now ended in catastrophic personal debt collapse. Luxurious cars, iPods, and fancy weekend dinners have been replaced with tight budgets, FM radio and frozen pizza – a psychologically destructive effect for those who didn’t see it coming.

    When the time finally comes that tight budgets no longer help, and it becomes difficult to impossible to put three squares a day on the dinner table, then the people will assuredly get off their couches. Apathy will be replaced with desperation, and subsequently, rage. The rage will, sooner rather than later, be manifest on the streets of America. Higher crime, more violence, riots – it’s all headed our way.

    We facetiously referred to the protests in Wisconsin as Egypt in Milwaukee when we reported that the governor had alerted the National Guard to the possibility of riots resulting from the decision to cut off collective bargaining rights for Unions. Jesse Jackson and other progressive leaders have made the same claim – that Wisconsin is Egypt in America.

    Realistically, we haven’t seen anything close to Egypt yet. The unions and others protesting in the streets right now are but a foreshadowing of what’s to come from those who can no longer feed their families. Austerity measures – translated as government spending cuts – are happening, voluntarily through political action as we are seeing in Wisconsin, or involuntarily through free market defaults and/or monetary debasement as we are witnessing with out-of-control price increases for essential goods.

    Most choose not to disturb their preconceived notions of the American Dream – many are simply non-contemplative, meaning they don’t even realize that there is a problem or that what they are seeing are warning signs of what’s to come. Regardless of whether they believe it or not, it really doesn’t matter.


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      1. You’re right, it doesn’t matter anymore. I’m done talking to people and trying to convince them to get ready. They either have or haven’t. I’ve told them all, don’t come to me. As much as I want to help, and I’ll try, the reality is that there is no way to adequately prepare for what’s coming our way and my family will have its hands full just trying to cope.  Those of us that have made at least some basic preparation will have to band together to do the best we can as a community. Everything is about to become desperately local.

        Pray for deliverance and wisdom. We can’t get through this on our own.

        I believe the masses are finally getting the answer to the question, “what part of broke don’t you understand”?  The local governments, and at every level above, are just simply broke.   there is no where to borrow the money, and taxing people to pay for cadilac retirement plans for public employees, isn’t going to fly anymore.
           Fiscal leaders at every level are having to make hard decisions.  Either take a paycut, or take a layoff.  Unions don’t want to hear any of this.  Too bad, so sad. The facts of fiscal life are a bitch.  The party is over, the bar is closed, and it’s time to clean house.  This time, there REALLY isn’t any more funds, nor an acceptable way to raise them.
          Again, “what part of broke don’t people understand”?

      3. It will be interesting, these next few months.  The Irish vote, the debt ceiling problem, the possible COMEX default, the price of oil and the ME situations.  The global ponzi of $600 trillion in derivatives (10 X global GDP) is the true Black Swan.  Kicking the can down the extend and pretend road is coming to an end.  There will be an epiphany in June, QEIII or not.

      4. The Wisconsin bill would also allow for the selling of State owned heating/cooling/power plants without bids and without concern for the legally-defined public interest. This excellent catch is from Ed at

      5. Total agreement that there will be no single event to tip the people off. It is like eating an elephant one bite at a time. From several directions it still looks like an elephant. It is only when you look closely do you see that a possum has eaten a hole in it and is hollowing it out one bite at a time.
        Tom is correct, everyone needs to be part of a network that cooperates for mutual survival. This is NOT a transient event such as a tornado or flood. There will be no influx of disaster aid.  Don’t look to the Red Cross. We are in this together. We’d better figure out how to get along with others in our area and recognize local threats.
        If this mess totally degenerates, don’t look for LEOs or other help. We MUST protect individual and property rights from those who would steal.
        Yesterday Ak state representative Sharon Cisna refused a TSA pat-down. She is currently travelling back to Ak by car, small plane and the Ak Marine Hwy ferry. Her staff stated, “Rep Cisna has declared she will never travel by any means that requires a pat-down again.” You Go Girl!
        Small bites still eats the elephant.

      6. I had some ONE troy OZ silver bars listed on Ebay. Last night they sold for 55.00 EACH…….Too bad I only had a couple of those I wanted to get rid of.

        Personally I prefer Silver Eagles….

        People are starting to get nervous….I can feel it in the air.

      7. The looming federal debt is not ours, we didn’t sign any contract.  I say, we default like Iceland, and let the chips fall.  The only other choice is Ireland, and putting generations of Americans into inescapable debt. 

      8. Charlie’s message is consistent, if not somewhat repetitive. But always spot on. I have been listening to him for a few months now.

        It does seem we have reached a fork in the road. But like other commenters have already said, don’t expect everything to unwind all at once. Rather, things will get progressively worse until more and more people wake up each day, something right out of the Matrix.

        I am waiting for Lindsey William’s latest bombshell information. It is due any minute now. Now I know many believe him to be a snake oil salesman, but he does have a eerie track record on a number of calls. Let’s see what happens.

        Hooray for Sharon Cisna. We need more leaders with backbones like her.

      9. Yikes!

      10. everyone is waiting for this “BIG CRASH” of something and its not going to happen it will be slow and take time. why? because governments around the world are going to keep propping it but in the mean time letting things slide a little at a time. the new “norm” as will be riots popping up in the cities and states(but not at the same time). the new “norm” will be $4.00 at the pump (that might happen overnight ). the new “norm” will be 11% unemployment. so prepare even if it looks like things may getting better because it is coming not as fast as most of us on here think. just my opinion:)

      11. WOW Tina.  Spot time 1.61 !!!  On the other hand, in two months the buyers will be ahead of the game again.

        People, the collapse has happened.  Now is like when a tsunami approaches a beach.  The water is receding from the beach.  You can walk out two hundred yards from where the normal tide rolls in.  Don’t be one of the people who make that walk out there to see what is happening.  You have precious little time before the wave hits.

        Get as far out of the paper financial system as you can.  You may have the same amount of paper you had two years ago, meanwhile the banks have multiplied the amount of the paper they hold many times through nothing more than fraud.

        If you get extra cash, go spend it now on things you can use to support your lifestyle.   Do as much as is humanly possible to avoid corporations of all kinds.  DO NOT give them a nickel, especially the government corporations. 

        Remember, lawful taxes can not be paid with debt currency.   The best the government can do is issue IOUs.  If you must give them something, give them one of them. 

        There are millions of people who do not participate in the tax system.  They are not the problem.  The problem is those who continue to support the fraud out of fear and continue to fund the leeches by donating their labor to the government corporations who are assisting the bankers in doing the real damage.

        The collapse is here.  It is happening right now.  Quit supporting the cause.  Keep all of your money.  If possible, quit corporate employment.  If corporate employment quit you, then find a way to survive without depending on any corporation.

        You can start now voluntarily or wait until the corporations can no longer provide for you.  In the mean time, you need to prepare yourself for life without corporate involvement.  All corporations are bankrupt, both monetarily and morally.

        Depend on them at your own peril.

      12. Tina, some people are getting nervous  but most just don’t want to hear.  Like Tom Usher said, you tell them but if they don’t want to hear, they just don’t. It is frustrating and sad.
         I understand it all sounds unreal but it doesn’t take much looking to see it comming at us and as you said, many people can feel it comming.
         I feel it’s here. But it will be a long one so we are just seeing the start and that makes it look less real or more deniable. It’s like standing in front of a train. You see  the front or face of the engine  and it’s big and you get out of the way but then as you stand on the side you see just how big it really is and it just keeps comming.

      13. Tom and others:  I sure wouldn’t try to tell others what to do and what you’re doing, as it will make you a target.  Stay low key telling no one. It will be everyone for themselves/family unless you have like minded friends.  Glenn Beck is telling everyone what he is buying, etc.  I hope he has a good hide out.  Mormons  don’t seem to be low key and everyone knows they have food storage.  Even patriots won’t trust each other unless they are long time friends.

      14. A friend of mine who doesn’t follow these news at all hates to be told that things aren’t rosy out there. So last week he texts me asking what I thought of what was going on in Egypt. I wrote back saying that it was partly due to food riots and unemployment, and told him it can happen here. To make the point I sent him a chart I’ve seen here that shows double-digit increases in prices of basic food commodities.

        He never wrote back nor made any comments on the issue. This friend of mine is a great friend but he is the book definition of denial and not wanting to know what’s happening.

        I just hope he’s all right later on.

      15. Laura M:  I tell others for two reasons. The first is moral. I do believe that we are our brothers keepers and because some of us see this and others don’t it is morally incumbent upon those of us that do to get the word out. Secondly, as society begins to come apart, and I agree that this will be a slow motion death dance, we need to have the infrastructure in place to start over again at the local level. The only way to do this is to find out who else is on board ahead of time and the only way to do that is to talk about it.

        At the very least, I’m well aware of who is and who isn’t prepared in the immediate  surrounding  area. I guess you could say that now I know who to look out for.

        Also, I am relying on God to get me through this. I have a role to play and I’m trying my best to get prepared, but I’ll never be able to do enough to completely prepare my family. I will have to rely on God and if I am going to rely on Him I have to be prepared to act as He would want me to. That may require extreme acts of generosity even though they’ll be counterintuitive.  It also requires me to not worry about the coming collapse, just do what I can and have faith that the rest will be provided.

        In the end, I am at peace regarding this whole thing.

      16.   Last night I stopped at gas station. Small candy bars marked $1.59.  Double same brand same price. Asked the attendant about it & he said probably the new prices.  Hey prices are going up all around!  Just LOOK!

      17. In some ways I’ve actually started to regret telling people to prep.  None of them believe me, but when the time comes they’ll know I have some things stored.  Luckily, we’re planning on moving to the next town over and I don’t think I’ll be giving people my new address and phone number any time soon.

      18. Gods Creation….WOW Tina.  Spot time 1.61 !!!  On the other hand, in two months the buyers will be ahead of the game again. YES…I know.

        People, the collapse has happened.  Now is like when a tsunami approaches a beach.  The water is receding from the beach.  You can walk out two hundred yards from where the normal tide rolls in.  Don’t be one of the people who make that walk out there to see what is happening.  You have precious little time before the wave hits.GREAT ANALOGY

      19. @ Tom Usher – yes, you’re right about trusting the Lord, because He is in control and knows whats happening, but my question (never got any good answers) is being in the “Normalcy Bias” good for us who believe in Jesus Christ or does God allow us to see some signs and us to be prepared to secure our families, money, PMs, and gold, etc. OR should we give up everything up to God? I get confusing signals of what to do and decide.

      20. This all makes for exciting reading, and stockpiling food, water, ammo, guns, and PMs on the farm sure make us feel safer and smarter, but seriously, can 300,000,000 people be wrong while only 7,000,000 are right?  And, if those 7,000,000 are right, then how can a few AR15s and .223 ammo hold off 300,000,000 starving zombies?  Moreover, how do the U.S. government, its military, its intel net, its law enforcement net, and the DHS detention centers come into play vis-a-vis the 7,000,000?  Vis-a-vis the 300,000,000?  If there is such a collapse, it may seem like every man for himself, but tyranny will prevail, martial law will reign, and anyone “hoarding” (i.e., those who have prudently prepared) will probably either be hauled away to detention centers or will be executed in the public square (ala the Reign of Terror).

        Now, don’t get me wrong, I plan to flee my city life way before the zombies come banging on my front door, and hope to hole up with family in the countryside.  That said, I fully expect to die at the hand of the mob or the government for doing so, but at least I will go down fighting.

      21. wow   mac salvo  u hit it

      22. I saw this program last week. It was a real eye opener. Any trigger or combination of triggers will move us to the next level.

        Search      Prophets of Doom on youtube      if the link doesn’t work. The clock is ticking, and the unprepared will be the wild card as to how this plays out. Gear Up & Good Luck

      23. Comments….. Growing our own food is going to save a lot of us… defending it will be a different story.

        To our survival

      24. I’ve been preparing for the Apocalypse by storing crisp, new $10 bills in food-grade mylar bags, with O2 absorbers to keep out the weevils.

        These perfect bills will store in their 5 gallon buckets for up to 30 years, if kept in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

        Do as I do, and you too will survive the Apocalypse in Fine Style.

      25. Federalist45 said:  “but seriously, can 300,000,000 people be wrong while only 7,000,000 are right?”

        Yourdaddy says:  Ask Noah.

        To better clarify, this isn’t a “Right or wrong” issue.  If someone believes it is going to rain, and they take an umbrella with them, you might regard them as “right.”  However, if that rain holds off, and there was no need for that umbrella, was that same person now, “wrong?” 

        Sorry for the simpleton analogy, but as you can see virtues of being prepared, prudence, sacrifice transcend judgement and are simply character traits.  And if you’ll allow me poetic license here, I believe the Holy Spirit is telling everyone to prepare as God’s Ark of Mercy (Time) is quickly coming to a close…Just seems that most aren’t heeding his voice.  

        Not sure where you arrived at those numbers (300M vs 7M) but those are probably as close to reality as I would guess (98%-2%).

        And just my perception on your post, but you seem surprised and doubtful that it is the masses mis-guided here when every cliche and sounding board throughout time has advised to “never follow the masses.”  (i.e. Stock investing, Robert Frost,  “Sheeple” etc etc).

        Nope.  Regarding this unfolding situation, if I turn around, and see 300M others with me, I’d know I’m “wrong.”  🙂

      26. Magnix,

        I say trust and prepare. Then listen. Then trust some more.

        Faith is dead without works; we have to do our part, too. Yes, I think that if you keep the communication channel open through  prayer God will let you know the things that you need to know to survive or die, whichever He wants. The trick is in recognizing what he’s saying and for that I think everyone has to work it out for themselves. I know that sound crazy and it’s easy for those that lack faith to ridicule this idea but I’m speaking as truthfully as I can.

        Prayer is the foundation. Everything else comes from there.

      27. “Dad”:  Thanks for the perspective.  The numbers are mere guess, but make sense to me.  I don’t see any sense of preparedness urgency among the hundreds of people I see on any give day.

        I am preparing–standard stuff–but have not yet found inexpensive enough a piece of good land that meets my needs as my go-to place.

        Ultimately, I see this thing, if it comes, as resulting in our deaths at the hands of either the NWO govt shock troops or at the hands of the zombies.  There is no way, if things get bad enough, that those who are prepared will be allowed to live their lives out in peace.  They will be assaulted from all quarters by hordes, whether in uniform or out.  The only good thing you can do is die fighting.

      28. I’m in eastern Washington State if anyone wants to hook up for coffee and conversation on this or other topics please let me know as I am available to chat, support etc.

        I’ve been prepping for awhile so maybe we can swap strategies etc. I think its time to at least build a network if you don’t already have one.

      29. Prep websites always say keep low key.  If mature adults 25 years old and up, don’t know what to do now, then they won’t listen to us.  The older and wise have basically given up on the masses of mankind, as only a small percentage have common sense to prep.  Stick with family, close friends and keep your biz to yourself!  Revealing personal info is plain stupid and dangerous.  Even to your co workers, church pals and neighbors; read history (even in the Bible) proves people will turn on others.

      30. Laura M,

        Sorry, but did I forget to mention I have a rather large killing field cleared of all vegetation and obstructions surrounding my rural fortress. As I think I said somewhere else, trust AND prepare.

      31. Comments…..Best wishes to all in the coming days…… but just remember, you cannot ever, ever, out-give God. Pressed down, shaken, cup runneth over!

      32. In the famous words of Ron Popeil, ” Set it and forget it”.  Prep and let history fall where it may,  at least you will be semi-ready.

      33. Every prepper worth his/her salt has a Showtime Rotisserie!

      34. @Laura m. they already have your information even if you were stick your head in the ground and hide. They know what you’ve purchased, where you’ve purchased it from and when your last period happened. It isn’t stupid to build a network its stupid to think your safe from a 3am kick in the door visit. Your close friends and family can’t do shit for you at that hour. Only danger is your a solo artist about to experience the wrath of others aggression. Stay to yourself LOL this is funny.

      35. Laura M seems to be just plain stupid or pre nursing home material. Even the Jews pushed their family members to the front of the line what makes you think your family members or close friends won’t do the same? Do some situps maybe run a few miles a day and up the meds. and you may be ok in the short term.

      36. Local support group imperative.  If a Christian and belong to a church, is the minister, pastor, reverend aware? Is the congregation? If not, know this. Of the some 14,000 Evangelical churches in Germany, only perhaps 10% spoke out against Hitler.  Whereas, Colonial churches in America directly opposed King George, preached against tyranny and numerous pastors were Minutemen. Get the picture?

      37. Laura is fine.  Let her do her thing her way.  She may outlive us all and find happiness in her way of doing things.

        I am convinced that those who are prepared are the ones with the targets on their backs.  Let’s take Sam, who has 40 acres, 20 in fields and 20 in woods.  Creek, two ponds, great organic soil.  Good climate. He has prepared 100%.  Good defensible land, clear fields of fire, good guns and ammo, great food prep, good well water.  Woods provides great fuel source.  Has gold and silver, some livestock, and five or six fellow preppers living with him (family or not).  When 150,000 starving people from nearby Small City want food, where are they going to go after they have pilfered everything else?  They are going to find Sam’s place. They will attack en masse.  Sam has no chance.  It will be either that, or Sam will be confronted with confiscation by the government (probably NWO) and, if he fights back, he will die at the hands of the shock troops.  Sam’s situation is hopeless, except insofar as he will have died trying–died defending liberty and his way of life.

      38. let me indroduce myself. my name is dooh nibor. i rob from the poor men, women and children and then give to the rich.

        i will be back to your neighborhood again.

      39. “It’s coming”… I hate to break this, but “It’s Here”. The insane part is, we are closing eyes and waiting for the end…

        Read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( )
        We don’t have to live like this anymore. “Spread the News”

      40. Hi Dooh Nibor!  I see by your job description that you are a republican!  Come on in!  Lots of us here are very happy about concentrating all available wealth (including ours) into the smallest possible number of hands!  You’ll fit right in!

      41. Scott and and 5:20 pm:  no there is no guar. you can trust anyone, not even family.  And no scott, I don’t order long term food storage from a credit card like many dumb butts do (then they have a record of purchase).  I buy from grocery stores not mail order rip off  food co’s.  Band of the rose said what I said; have a local like minded group.  By the way 5:20pm, there are family members/relatives I wouldn’t trust/even church goers/  or even speak to now.  I live in the city, and a moderate prepper as I’ve lived thru hurricanes for many years.  City folks, stand your ground where you can if you can’t leave. Maybe 5:20 pm we should all isolate ourselves distrusting everyone incl spouse? you have a point, and I’m cynical on people anyway..comes with age and experience!

      42. Reality check…
        The unions in WI aren’t protesting the government “telling them what to do”, they’re outraged that their gravy train at taxpayer expense is coming to an end.
        Federal, state & local government pensions are out of control in addition to being horrendously unfair with what those in the private sector make (and have to fund).
        Our cities and states are going bankrupt from them.
        This isn’t a “people against the government protest”, this is the parasites against the taxpayer protest.
        Only those sympathetic to the plight of the unions wish to frame it as a populist revolt for cover.

      43. I am appalled at the negativity here. Prepping is supposed to be a proactive affair with a positve attitude. Most of the posts here today are from pissers, moaners, whiners, and defeatests. What a bunch of crybabies!

        I actually find it laughable that the majority of you folks have so little hope in your own future. How pathetic!!! I guess there is no need to “cry in your beer” when you can take a bath in it!!! 🙂

        Is it any wonder then that TPTB dominate you? Get some spine!!!!

      44. I’m bathing my innards in beer while my Ronco Showtime Rotisserie cranks away!  🙂

      45. I agree, this no good CONgress is guilty of TREASON on the American People.
        How could these people sell our there own USA?

        who do you think durango kiddy is working for?

      46. Joerocker, you’re obviously new around here.  By all means, keep reading.

      47. I’m thinking of switching my nic to Anti-Federalist 308. Heh.

        How-freaking-ever, I also don’t see any sense of preparedness urgency among the hundreds of people I see on any give day either.
        In fact I know of a couple of dozen plus that have just been given notice they might be facing layoff with a possibility of no unemployment benefits (Ya know, the states are broke) and yet they are still Only talking about vacations, spending lots of money, and actually hoping to get laid off with the offhand chance that they will get unemployment And backpay.
        Not Once does the possibility pop into their minds that they may actually Not get paid and they might not actually have any more paychecks. I’m talking Mega-denial and Mega-cognitive dissonance.
        “Wisconsin? They say, Wisconsin what? What’s happening in Wisconsin?”
        “Florida? What’s happening in Florida? Sunshine?”

        Oh, no clue, is widespread.

      48. Comments…..  the normalcy bias is alive and well.  people think that if they don’t think about something, that it’ll just go away.  i just keep my mouth shut, and mind my own business. I learned the hard way, that if someone is interested in your opinion, they will ask.  The only people that care what I think are me, and my wife, and she has to because she’s my wife.  even my kids are in denial.  I gave up really trying to let them know what i think is going to happen.  I say a few things now and then, but as many people their age, they are wrapped up in daily living, and don’t think what’s happening around the world has much effect on their lives.  They are in for a rude awakening.
              I just keep on with my preps, and know that one day, they will save my family.  good luck folks.

      49. @RafterManFMJ you crack me up dude.

        If this is god’s plan, then $#%* that.  Why prep then? Just speed up the process and go to god. If you’re expecting divine intervention then you’ll be waiting a long time.

        Yes, this is likely the long slow fade to black. If we get through it all it will be because we work together despite our differences.  Extremists, literalists, and objectivists will have to work with folks like me – sinners who are good people. It takes all kinds and your friendly neighborhood pagans, atheists, libertarians, fundies, and good ole boys will have to get along like we do today. We don’t have to agree on everything to have a community.  In fact that’s at the core of what it means to be an American.

        @Dave – keep thinking the rich are working for your interests and will protect your jobs. It’s worked well thus far…

        Sorry for responding to the negativity with more of the same.

      50. Guys… by itself, Libya falling into chaos means that OUR oil prices are going up because all of Libya’s oil sales are to Europe, who will in turn have to buy oil from elsewhere, which will heat up the market for oil.  Egypt in chaos and Iran mobilizing their navy can easily close off the Suez Canal and the Straits of Hormuz… and that alone can cause $200/barrel oil.
        Of course, our prices for energy and food are going up because of a combination of inflation hitting (it takes 2 years for the inflation to hit after the Fed embarks on a money printing campaign) AND futures traders forcing prices upwards. A lot of the price increases we’re seeing is commodities traders on Wall Street!

        We’re in the middle of the perfect storm. Those of us who saw this coming and have been prepping are feeling a lot more confident about our ability to handle the future. Those who have not been making preparations have a short time to do so… and anyone else will likely have a tough time surviving.

        Still looking for a cheap enough parcel of arable land?  Just sink your money into silver and gold… and get ready to buy your land when there’s blood in the streets… just like the elites.

      51. Suzanne: Good advice, but its not a perfect storm yet. Prices have gone up a bit and other oil producers will increase production because they can, and profit the more from it.

        Any hardships on US in the short term will mean more solar. New solar technology increases efficiency to 40 %. Its time to turn the Arizona desert into a solar farm. Even without the new technology a 100 by 100 mile square would provide ALL of the energy the entire nation needs. Now we only need about half of that space. And it should be on our rooftops.

        Power to the People!

      52. Comments…..  Dooh Nibor  aka Robin Hood  … funny

      53. DK – I don’t always agree with you, but am glad to have your point of view too.  When negative news comes along, I find comfort in looking on the dark side, or imagining what is the worst that could happen.  That is my natural tendancy, and I am rarely disapointed! 

        “other oil producers will increase production because they can” 
        Tell me more about this.  Which countries could step up to meet the demand? 
        I recall recently that Saudi Arabia did not believe they could step up production.  I wonder if other countries would have the resources to draw it out of the ground very quickly.  The oil issue bothers me since we commute 60 miles per day.

      54. I also quit trying to warn people…those warned now know I have prepared, so I have begun moving supplies out gradually as to not arouse suspicion. Live in SF valley in LA and have planned escape routes,etc. Aside from modern day trend forecasters, Bible warned us for thousands of years this was gonna happen. We’ll have to leave some family behind too when we escape LA.Will do our best to avoid government help as they’ll wanna herd us as sheep into a pen.US government is dead.What’s left is a macabe shell of once greatness.Times up folks, evil is alive and well on planet Earth.

        Although I can’t help but wonder what Reagen would do now. Barry O can’t do anything cuz ya just cant fix stupid.

      55. Watching business news this morning and they are saying definately 4.00+ a gal gas by summer. They also stated that other oil producing countries really don’t have incentive right now to produce a lot more oil because they know if they wait a little while longer they can get so much more for it by just waiting a bit longer. We are so dependent on oil …..they have us by the balls.

      56. While the author makes some very good points, he discredits his argument by posting that video of Charlie McGrath “weighing in”—that guy doesn’t know what he is talking about it; specifically, Charlie claims in his video that “your neighbors”, “state workers”, etc., are not to blame.  That is patently false.  The fact that criminal bankers and our corrupt government are the perpetrators of massive crimes against the nation does not relieve the citizens of the responsibility to educate themselves.

        The SOLE REASON the criminal bankers and corrupt government officials have gotten away with fleecing our country of its wealth is due to the incompetence and ignorance of the population.  If the population at large had shown just a little interest in finance and government, none of the problems we face would be occuring.

        At the end of the day, it is YOUR NEIGHBOR who is at fault for all of this.  Had YOUR NEIGHBOR spent his time educating himself on where his 401K money was going instead of playing golf; if YOUR NEIGHBOR had spent his time questioning the corrupt propaganda that comes out of what is called “news” instead of trying to keep up with the “Jones”, this would have never happened.

        I could go on and on, but the reality is YOUR NEIGHBOR is to blame.  The United States is an idiocracy, and while most certainly our leftist, anti-American education system has played a role, people have to take personal responsibility.

        At the end of the day, you can determine whether YOUR NEIGHBOR is to blame with several simple questions.
        1) Does YOUR NEIGHBOR know that the Federal Reserve is a private banking cartel, not a government agency?
        2) Can YOUR NEIGHBOR tell you who the chairman of the Federal Reserve is?  Can he name the previous chairman?
        3) Can YOUR NEIGHBOR explain to you basic metrics of equity valuation?  PE, PS?
        4) Can YOUR NEIGHBOR tell you facts about major sporting events like the PGA, etc?  Can they name popular golfers and other sports figures?

        If YOUR NEIGHBOR cannot answer questions 1-3, but can answer question 4, HE IS TO BLAME, so stop blaming the criminals (most people are criminals when given the opportunity) and place the blame where it lies—ON YOUR NEIGHBOR.  Your NEIGHBOR is a teacher that blames republicans and conservatives for everything, all the while demanding government handouts while watching Oprah and Tiger Woods?  How about blaming them for being ignorant fools—THAT IS WHY THIS HAS HAPPENED.

      57. Mac! Glad to see you’re still here. When Libya started to really escalate and silver went through the roof in the last few days, I was checking in here and could still only see the Freeze Dried Food article. I thought you might’ve bugged out! I wouldn’t’ve blamed you though.

      58. I agree 99% with what you write here.

        The part “We’ve had decent, quality food in our stomachs” is unacceptable to me though since by definition Americans have no concept of the term “decent quality food”.
        Unless you call mcdonalds or burger king or KFC decent quality food ofcourse 😉

      59. 1.) it’s crunch time folks… buy canned goods, oils, lotsa oatmeal, sugar, muffin mix, rice, lentils, beans… get the hint.

        2.) buy a dcent handgun for prsonl protection, mace and a blade.

        3.) pick up a 12 gauge and a long rifle caliber of your confort level in handling and on target hits.

        precious metals is last…

        in a few months it’s gonna get ugly , bad ugly… buy now while you can still afford it… good luck!

      60. I am also thinking of Noah.  God had him preparing for what, 120 years before the flood?  People scoffed at him, but he kept preparing.  When it was time, God shut the door and didn’t allow the scoffers to come in when the rain started.  My personal belief is that we may be seeing the end times beginning.  I believe that Jesus will come back for His people before the worst happens.  That does not mean we won’t have to endure the beginnings.  I have felt the Lord leading me to prepare for hard times.  I can only do what I can with His help.  Then I have to trust Him.  Because there is no way to prepare totally.  No way even if I had a lot of money to do it with.

      61. Mr. Shraeder…   I agree with you.  But the entire system is to blame.  The intentional and planned dumbing down of the citizenry has worked like a charm.  Long ago I gave up trying to talk sense with fools.  I do have one acquaintance who is prepping.  His wife openly ridicules him, so he preps in secret.  Not a pleasant existence, when your “partner” is so against you.  I did tell him though, that if the real crisis hits, he could barter her out to “service” other lonely preppers, or as a last resort, slather her in butter and fry her up for a neighborhood cookout.  At least I can get him to laugh once in a while.  Good luck to all.

      62. Federalist45
         out of those 300,000,000 probably 100,000,000  will perish the first 7 days because most cities and towns will be out of water if the employees don’t get paid to maintain the pumps. Another 100,000,000 will die trying to steel from others and because they’re using drugs or other meds that will not be available. The population will thin out rather fast. Probably some troops and LEO will be running around trying to abuse their authority for looting.

      63. Comments…..Bangkokslim
        February 22nd, 2011 at 4:53 pm
        In the famous words of Ron Popeil, ” Set it and forget it”.  Prep and let history fall where it may,  at least you will be semi-ready.

        I have a Pocket Fisherman which will provide for mea and mine in the NWO.

        Oh yeah, “AND IT REELY REELY WORKS!

        Durango Kid, the solar is a good idea, but we can’t run our fleet of cars and trucks on it, and there aren’t enough rare earth metals to make all the batteries we need.  Thats why they are rare.  (but the MSM would have you believe that a techno fix is just around the corner)

      65. Comments…..yes

      66. There is about to come some real surprises in the oil front, once this reaches Saudi Arabia. Should that regime topple, as I would expect it will, despite this morning’s bribing of citizens by the King, there will  be much truth unveiled.

        Beyond the reliance that the world has on Saudi oil, and where they rank in things, recent news has tipped their hand, in what has been known for a couple of years now. That Saudi oil is at a level much lower than once thought. They say 40% lower. We’ll see.

        The late Matt Simmons came forth with some eye-opening info back in 2008 on their situation. Since the 80’s the Saudis have been claiming NO depletion whatsoever in their reserves! Imagine that. Every year that goes by, the population around the world, consumption multiplies, yet, no drain on the Saudi reserves???????

        Matt then made the point that OPEC would base base their authorization to pump ‘x’ amount of oil from the desert, depending on your reserves. So the more you show that you have on hand, the more you were allowed to pump! Talk about a conflict of interest!

        So who else has been playing this game, and really, just how much is left to go around?

        And if you don’t have silver yet, get it before Friday! It’s a monumental day in the metals world, as we get a final look at how many contracts will be standing for March delivery. We already see more ounces ready to go out the door than the Comex has! A default seems imminent.

        And a breadmaker is a wonderful survival device these days, with a number of recipes requiring all dry, storable goods. Keep the electricity going, and at lest you can make a bit of sustainance for your under-prepared brood.

        Good luck all.

      67. I have a very good feel for my surrounding area, and those who will be in big trouble when the S hits the fan and who will not. My area got hit with a ton of ice snow and wind, trees down all over power out and below freezing temps. Im not even typing this out on my computer, because theres no connectivity in my area.
        this will be the 4th day..people are leaving their homes to go stay in hotels, some are finding that they are already full up.
        some are finding that after leaving for 3 days and coming back to them(their homes) was a bad idea to not be prepaired to be able to stand alone,they are dealing with, burst pipes, flooded basements , trees thru the roofs etc..some i have even heard say..”ill just let my insurance company deal with this”..F-ing clueless.

        I live out a ways from a “normal” neighborhood setting..and not in any city.,but the 20 or so homes with in my 3 Sq miles..not many are around , only a few have generators, shows how just a mother nature burp, can seperate the men from the boys.

        If this is any indication (and it is to me) of what it can be like if the shit hit the fan or a larger natural disaster hit this area, it shows me you better be able to hunker down and TCB for your own. If you cant do that or dont know how, life isnt going to be any where near pretty for them.
        I heard one distant neighbor comment that if they didnt get power back on by the next day that they were going to run out of wood , fuel and a few other things..needless to say i just went humm..that sucks.
        because i dont want them looking at me as their welfare system, or knowing what I have, and expect me to suppliment their lack of planning….ever hear the story about the ant and the grasshopper?
        i got that taught to me when i was just a lad, my kid got that lesson earlier in life from me, and thru this event, she is realizing her ‘ol man knows how to provide, not only when the times are good, but to not be blind to those days when its not so good, and get at it while you can..’cause it can come knocking like a wolf at the the middle of the night.
        speaking of night, i was up and on my feet for over 32 hours.. i tooh a 4 hour nap and was back up until now and may go al the way til tonight before laying down for hopefully a full night of sleep..
        I bet most non preppers couldnt do 12 hours with out a rest or a nap of some sort..
        wiggy..wiggy tired my fellow preppers..weeks of this on end and on edge can take most people down to their knees. what a test of some anal fortitude, glad i didnt have to deal with any “zombies” or fuck sticks trying to steal from me, theres a whole nuther level of prepping that im sure most “average joes” are no way prepaired for..just some food for thought my friends

      68. p.s. And though Ron Popeil is the Godfather of gadgetry, may we all bow out heads for a moment of silence, to this generation’s late, infomercial king of kings… Billy Mays.

        Buddha rest your soul, Mr. Mays. Your coke-induced existence made us all better for your time here. Amen.

        p.p.s The Sham-Wow guy will never fill your shoes, no matter how hard he tries. May you find peace in that.

      69. Comments…..  @ VRF
        very well put. My thoughts exactly.  Everyone will get the chance to find out what they are worth very soon.  it will be rough for all, but deadly for most. I live in Florida, and got a chance to find out what it was like without power for 4 days. That generator I bought for Y2K was finally put to use.  I’d hate to go for months without power, but I know I could do it, and make out ok. 
            it’s all about the preps, and ther’s no way around it. Do it or die, it’s going to be that simple folks.


        Greaseman and others…Something is going on here not divulged or not in plain sight in Wisconsin…I’m an ex-teacher…we’re not this dumb….
        Watch for the truth to come out…again, WE’RE NOT THIS DUMB!!


        ~~~I actually find it laughable that the majority of you folks have so little hope in your own future. 

        Durango’s the other neighbors’ and non-preppers’ futures we’re so little hopeful for!!!

        And they can make our lives pure hell.

      72. JJ and others… The teachers in Wisconsin have offered the Governor all the financial concessions he wanted, but he still refused to budge.  For the governor, this is about ending the existence of the union (financially).  That would effectively de-fund the democratic party in Wisconsin, which is his real aim.  Corporate contributions to the republican coffers would continue unabated, however.

        I know that many on this board will feel that de-funding the democrats is a good idea, but maybe we should think about this a little bit.  Every time this country, or any state for that matter, has been under one party control, things have been messed up.  The only time our government seems to function as advertised is when some sort of bargaining must take place to get anything passed.  The idea of “checks and balances” was written in by the founders for a reason.  Although they hated the idea of parties, we now use this as a check and balance in our modern system.  We need two viable parties (at least, more would be better), not one party with unlimited corporate money, and one with no organized funding.

      73. OK folks. Stand by for your daily dose of drug free sanity. It may hurt a little at first but if you survive the treatment, you’ll soon be much better.

        Someone noted that the poster called  dooh nibor was also robin hood, True but did you also know that dooh nibor is an anagram of Hobo Rindo. Yes, that famous one from ancient shumerian mythology. As in “Hobo Rindo throws the Shumerian into the Fan” and other tales. Check it out sometime. It’s fascinating…

        Schraeder mentioned that, what with the ignorance and apathy of people nowadays, it’s really your NEIGHBORs fault. I took him at his word and sneaked over to my neighbors yard and stole his lawnmower. Just tryin’ to start the process of evening up the score…

        Somebody also mentioned Ron Popiel, Billy Mays and the Sham Wow guy. A perfect trifecta in intellectualism, philosophy and high culture. I shall not pollute their solemn names by commenting. I’m unworthy…

        Seriously though, GA Girl mentioned something that’s often overlooked. It was God that shut the door of Noah’s ark. God sealed him in safely and left all the rest of the corrupt world to drown. The point is: yes God does take care of his own, but sometimes that means He instructs them to prepare. And, for those who don’t prepare (first by knowing Him) and then by whatever other means possible- they will be “shut out” and left to their own destruction. GA Girl said it much better but the main idea is worth repeating…

        One brief observation completely off topic:
        I recently learned this when trying to re enter the US from Mexico-
        1-Cool uniform, dude. Are you an eagle scout?
        2-Antonio Banderas is in the next car back. If you hurry and let me go you can probably get his autograph.
        3- Sorry about your dog, but he shouldn’t have barked at my gorilla.

      74. Shoemaker: I appreciate your perspective. My older brother thought like that. I say “thought like that” because he’s dead now. 🙂

        As for the other oil producers none of them have the spigot wide open now, so there is room to increase production. I’m pretty sure Saudi arabia can produce more. The last I knew they were producing 9 million bod and can pump 12 million bod, as I recall.

        Gasoline isn’t going down anytime soon, so I suggest you think about an electric car with the OBAMA REBATE. personally, I like that E-Mercedes delivery truck that gets …… 60 miles a charge.! (Add a solar panel to charge while at work. )

      75. ANON: Actually we could run our cars on it, eventually, from OUR all solar homes. Homeowners might as well get the one trillion dollar annual energy subsidary every year, to charge their ALL electric cars, instead of giving it to the energy companies.

        Actually Rare Earth Metals are not that rare. Its just that China mines so cheaply because their employees work for peanuts, that the USA cannot compete. As an example, gold is mined for $50 an oz in China. In the USA the best practice cost is about $600 an oz.

        Actually, if you do some real research rather than read MSM, you will discover that new battery tecnology IS around the corner. It will not use RE and it will also hold more charge.  Would you believe paper?

        Check DOE.

      76. Jonny V: The teachers have been a BIG supporter of Illegal Immigration because it put Illegal kids in the little chairs every day and that is how they get paid from the FEDS with taxpayer dollars. Let them it cake! And let them understand how the American taxpayer doesnt like paying for the kids of foreign nationals. When they take a serious paycut, they won’t want to support Illegal Immigration anymore.

        And after the teachers get the message, they can help US take the message to the FED governm,ent that federal employees need to take a 60% paycut. That is, the ones that still have a job after we strip the federal bureacracy to a minimum!!!

        FIRE ALL THE TEACHERS IN AMERICA and start from scratch!

      77. I’m sure the high price per barrel will entice producers to sell more.  However, that assumes the employees doing the work to extract it are not rioting or fleeing the country. 

        I was actually thinking of just sleeping in my office if it got really bad.  If I amortize out the cost of a new rig, I may be better off just paying more at the pump and carpooling with others.  I just hate carpooling.  At about $6 per gallon, I might get used to the idea.   

        Sorry about your brother.  Good pessimists are a joy to be around.

      78. ANON: I forgot to add, that trucks should be converted to natual gas. We have LOADS of natural gas which is why it is so cheap. And it is clean. Trucks and busses should be required to run on natural gas.

        Cars on electricity, charged at HOME>

        In Madison, Wisconsin the people demonstrating are the entrenched government bureaucracies that have amassed cushy employment with pay and benefits above the working people in the private sector.
        The revolution happened in Wisconsin at the ballot box in last November’s election when the people voted for change in the government.  The government bureaucracies are out to prove their power is more powerful than the voter’s representatives in the legislator or the governor’s office.

      80. Well that seriously blows…….I just spent a considerable amount of time (for me anyway, I suck at typing and absolutely hate it) typing out questions for several posters and pouring out some stuff I wanted some thoughts/opinions and advice on and hit submit and it comes back “can’t find that page”…….only here was not working, then finally got the site to come up again and of course no post there ……….errrr

      81. Wow this site was down for some time. I tried a 2nd time to post my long one (for me anyway, I hate typing) after doing my best to remember everything and the same thing happened again only this time I couldn’t get thissite to come up for 1-2 hours? Anyway maybe third times a charm.

        Why, if I may ask are you selling physical?

        @CHRIS C.,
        Yes L.W.’s information from his alive source and Ken Fromm (now dead) has been eerily spot on.

        What do you mean by “spot is 1.61” and “Remember, lawful taxes can not be paid with debt currency.   The best the government can do is issue IOUs.  If you must give them something, give them one of them.”

        @ARMED & PREPPING,
        Can you link me to that chart showing the commodity price increases?

        I know exactly how you feel…..when I have been trying to feel people out a little and look for a way to break into the conversation…….I get this reaction that I am crazy, or just full of it and an immature christian, or not having faith in God and am not balanced in my life. I get the attitude of “well I am just going to trust in God and have faith” or “well when its my time to go God will take me….it sall going to end anyway some day”  I walk away frustrated and feeling or second guessing myself “am I wrong, am I not having faith, am I a doom and glloom sensationalist with a pessimistic attitude? I end up feeling all screwed up and down. But then I feel like this is something put on my heart, and wonder is this a burden for me to carry, to try and warn people….kind of a combination of a John the Baptist and Paul Revere…LoL  I went to my pastor after church Sunday and shared somethings from here with him and told him I really wanted to get or at least see a group started here through the churcvh of prepping and sharing and teaching….I evenm made a list of the talents the group would need and so forth. He said he would pray about it with the elders and not to be hasty….I understand, really I do, but I wanted to scream! Anyway sorry for turning this into such a “God” conversation, but I feel like a lot of conversations need to and are going to turn into God conversations in this country in the near future.

        Anyway I could really use some words of wisdom, thoughts, advice?? something…..this is kind of a cry out for a YourDaddy talk  🙂
        Tom, Tina  anyone……….

      82. @DENNINS,
        Matt Simmons is dead for what he said

        According to Lindsey Williams who has a inside soucre inthe elite crowd and had Ken Fromm as a source until he died around Christmas time….says America will produce the oil once it hits 200$ a barrel. Don’t know that myself to be true, but do know that the info he has said he got from Ken Fromm and reported last October  is playing out right now to a ‘T’ ??

      83. BJ,

        Noah is the template here. He heard God speaking (that may be the sense you currently have that you need to do something), he acted upon it by building an ark, he was ridiculed and laughed at but when the rain came he was prepared. He stepped onto his ship, closed the door and put his faith in God to carry him through.

        He was saved through faith and works.

        This isn’t a “God” conversation; I’m not hoping to convert or sway. This, for many of us that are believers (and those that aren’t, they just haven’t realized it yet) is reality. To deny or avoid a part of reality would be insane. God is the first part of my prep. I do everything else because of Him.

        So BJ, follow the voice inside you and do the things necessary to get ready for the things that are coming. And always work in faith.

        “But wilt thou know, O vain man, that faith without works is dead? Was not Abraham our father justified by works, offering up Isaac his son upon the altar? Seest thou, that faith did co-operate with his works; and by works faith was made perfect? And the scripture was fulfilled, saying: Abraham believed God, and it was reputed to him to justice, and he was called the friend of God. Do you see that by works a man is justified; and not by faith only? And in like manner also Rahab the harlot, was not she justified by works, receiving the messengers, and sending them out another way? For even as the body without the spirit is dead; so also faith without works is dead.”  James 2:20-26

        Durango Kid, have a friend mudlogging for Shell.  (he’s a geologist) he said its amazing that in the push to continue BAU we are going to destroy the rest of the world with natural gas, the very thing he’s making a living off of.

      85. Living on the edge
        think Areosmith had a vision?

        check out the lyrics to this song

        There’s somethin’ wrong with the world today
        I don’t know what it is
        Something’s wrong with our eyes

        We’re seeing things in a different way
        And God knows it ain’t His
        It sure ain’t no surprise

        We’re livin’ on the edge
        We’re livin’ on the edge
        We’re livin’ on the edge
        We’re livin’ on the edge

        There’s somethin’ wrong with the world today
        The light bulb’s gettin’ dim
        There’s meltdown in the sky

        If you can judge a wise man
        By the color of his skin
        Then mister you’re a better man than I

        We’re livin’ on the edge
        You can’t help yourself from fallin’ (Everybody, everybody)
        Livin’ on the edge
        You can’t help yourself at all (Everybody, everybody)
        Livin’ on the edge
        You can’t stop yourself from fallin’ (Everybody, everybody)
        Livin’ on the edge
        (Everybody, everybody)

        Tell me what you think about your sit-u-a-tion
        Complication – aggravation
        Is getting to you

        If Chicken Little tells you that the sky is fallin’
        Even if it wasn’t would you still come crawlin’
        Back again?
        I bet you would my friend
        Again and again and again and again and again

        Tell me what you think about your sit-u-a-tion
        Complication – aggravation
        Is getting to you

        If Chicken Little tells you that the sky is fallin’
        Even if it was would you still come crawlin’
        Back again?
        I bet you would my friend
        Again and again and again and again and

        There’s something right with the world today
        And everybody knows it’s wrong
        But we can tell them now or we could let it go
        But I would rather be a hanging on

        Livin’ On the Edge

      86. Comments…..   for those duely concerned about the moral aspects of “informing” people of what is coming, especially your church friends, once you make a good faith effort and they give you the cold shoulder, it’s time to clam up.  Many times in life, we only get one chance, and one chance only to listen to advice, and give it a fair listen to.  it’s the old horse to the water addage, and it’s very relivant to this situation. To all the practicing Christians out there, we can have faith that God’s will will be done.  but we need to do the “works” aspect of that principle also, I believe..  So many church goers will say they are going to just trust God.  nothing wrong with that. But I just prefer to throw a little ‘works” into the faith part of that.  To each his own.
              One of the truly sad parts of what is to come, will be the picture of many church goers coming together at their church, thinking just their faith will get them through all this.  They will starve right along with the rest of the crowds.  A prepared citizen is no better than anyone else, except he is prepared.  There in is what seperates him from the rest of the world.

      87. It seems many of you think you are under God/Jesus. He said you CANNOT serve two masters. How many of you have a SSN, birth cert, marriage cert, mail delivered to your home (the stamp only pays for post office to post office, the delivery is a gov benefit), etc? These are all contracts with the beast system. God says He will not know you. Do some research. Do you go to church? Check and see if it is 501c3 incorporated. If it is, then you belong to the state god.
        Yup, bad stuff comming our way and I’d be willing to bet that most, if not all of you, will not make it because of the voluntary contracts that make you a possession of United States Inc. Do you have a drivers license? Do you register your car, truck, etc, with Corp US? I don’t, and yes, I get persecuted. Wake up!

      88. @ Bildo

        No, “You cannot serve two masters” is referring to worshiping money, fancy cars, greed, etc. or God. God knows our weakness and God has been so faithful with all of my prayers. God is an awesome God!

      89. @greaseman
        true words my fellow prepper, I have learned to STFU when it comes to some people, I have almost , almost got it down to where i can read some people and know if they will or wont be receptive to “this thinking”.
        Faith or no faith.

        Sometimes i drop a hint in casual coversation to see what bounces back. Its my way of feeling their convictions out.
        those that know, you can tell right away, those that are in denial, I have learned to drop the conversation like a bad habit.
         Im no preacher, and I have learned that those that want to plug their ears and go bla bla bla while you try to wake them up, is a waste of energy.
        There will always be followers, and leaders..Sheep and ostriches.
        than there are the Lone wolfs and the probably all comes down to the human nature, or how they were brought up , somethings you just cant change.

      90. C’mon Bildo…Really?

        It’s ironic to me how you close out your post letting us know that you get persecuted for your position…Of course you do!  You’re flagrantly mis-representing scripture. 

        Man…I hope NO ONE ever comes to this site looking for proper, Christian guidance.  They will be led over a cliff by a wolf in sheep’s clothing..

        Suicide is a plausible answer
        Can’t have a Drivers License

        Magnix properly squared you away in his/her post above.

        I’ll close with three documented instances where Jesus addresses us regarding “the system”

        Matthew 22:15-21 (below); Mark 12:17;  Luke 20:25
         15 Then the Pharisees went out and laid plans to trap him in his words. 16 They sent their disciples to him along with the Herodians. “Teacher,” they said, “we know that you are a man of integrity and that you teach the way of God in accordance with the truth. You aren’t swayed by others, because you pay no attention to who they are. 17 Tell us then, what is your opinion? Is it right to pay the imperial tax to Caesar or not?”  18 But Jesus, knowing their evil intent, said, “You hypocrites, why are you trying to trap me? 19 Show me the coin used for paying the tax.” They brought him a denarius, 20 and he asked them, “Whose image is this? And whose inscription?”   21 “Caesar’s,” they replied. Then he said to them, “So give back to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to God what is God’s.”

        Had Jesus been responsible for the belief system you currently hold to, he wouldn’t have responded as he did above.  His commentary might have been, “You filthy sinners!  Destroy that coin, and remove it forever more from my presence.  It is a sign of the Beast’s system, and you are not to engage it in any shape, form or fashion.  And don’t you dare think about getting a Drivers License either.”

        I guess with over 30,000 Christian denominations floating around out there, a “Church” is now whatever anyone wants it to be.  For me and my house, I stick close to the one he gave the “Keys to the Kingdom” to.  Bildo, you might want to do the same.

        @Durango Kid, you are soooo ignorant when it comes to geology. The people are Ignorant Cattle. They have no clue. But soon it will reach out and smack them between the eyes.

        Like your little LED lights? Not without Gallium you don’t. Biggest deposit of Chromium is in Zaire. Chrome … Need good steel? Have to have Chromium and molybdenum. Want Ball Bearings? Chromium again.  Natural gas?  Lets quickly overheat the rest of the world.  Yeah, the geologists agree… the ignorant masses not so much…

      92. ANON: BAU? I’m so ignorant of geology I don’t know what you are refering too.

        I never mentioned LED lights. Never mentioned Chromium and molybedum. Lithium may become a bad investment before it gets red hot. Gallium can be substituted by other compounds. But if you need Chromium I got LOTS!!!

        As for “overheating the world” its a little late for that. The caps are melting the glaciers are melting and this happens GEOLOGICALLY on its own over and over and over again, and has ever since the world began.

        Try again. 🙂

      93. ChrisC: You are right. One hundred years is just too long considering the pace of change. We probably won’t recognize alot of things in ten years. Certainly the economiy won’t last that long as is.

        Changes are coming.

        2012 is significant. Exactly what the manifestation will be I don’t know, but 2012 IS different. It is the end of a galactic age and the beginning of something new …….  everyone should see Terry McKenna and Timeline Zero on you tube.

        Prep and embrace the Changes. Face them with hope and determination. Fear is a waste of energy.

      94. IMO, we have a lot more going on and are being distracted by other things to keep our attention from the real scary stuff, maybe by design? or maybe it’s just the timing is working out to where all the things are hitting at once. Maybe TPTB, knew some things weather wise and outer space weather wise and it’s effects it has been having on earth were coming for a long time now and that’s why they didn’t care things were getting like they have been for so long now?? Just some thoughts I was having today as I look at some of the anomolies giong on weather wise here and out there.

        I heard that there was a scheduled training session for terrorism on the day of 9-11, and one scheduled for the day the London bombiing happened and the one in Spain as well?? Has anyone else heard this and find any validity to it? I ask cause AR New Madrid fault has just been way crazy with more than normal activity. I have heaqrd compelling evidence as to how the BP oils spill has weakened that seismic zone (and also killed the Gulf stream which in turn sputtered out the dying North Atlantic Current…..hence the crazy weather here and even crazier in Europe) and Now FEMA is the bigest buyer out there of the food, buying up some 14,000,000 meals for 7,000,000 people and in the letter to the companies they are asking to fill this order they mention New Madrid Fault (it isnt really a fault line but a stress crack) aqnd mentioning something about 10 days?
        now tonight some one showede me the website where they all the sudden as of lately declared February eaarthquake awareness month and are having a first time NLE 1 training in May of this year for 4 days???

        Anyone else heard of this ??

      95. The blame for causing the financial crises is to be shared by all the parties involved.
        Individuals kept on spending even in face of declining incomes by using the cheap and easily available loans handed over to them by the bankers.
        The bankers kept on lending to the individuals, who they knew would never be able to repay their loans, because they were getting commission and charging exorbitant interest on the loans. Moreover they were able to sell the poor loans (after getting them fraudently rated as AAA) to Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. The bankers also sold these toxic products to the pension funds and fixed income investors for commissions knowing very well they will go down in value when the borrowers default. The bankers were confident that the government would route tax payers collections to them in case of any mishap as they had become too big to fail and controlled the politicians, rule-makers and the rule enforcers.
        The politician­­s around the world are nothing more than auction items which can be sold to the highest bidder. They will do whatever they can for the lobbyist paying them the maximum amount of money or votes, be it the unions, the banksters, the richest corporatio­­ns or individual­­s. They are in the power seat to extract maximum advantage for themselves in the small time frame they occupy the seat of power.
        The rest of the population is least of their concerns. The only activity they do is pacify the majority of the population using false statistics and promises of a better future so that they do not lynch them and their masters while they are robbing the taxpayers.

      96. Comments…..  @ BJ
        Remember this very important concept. There are no coincidences in the actions of the elite or PTB.   And in the realm of the natural world, the hand of man has pushed mother nature to the point that I question how much of the natural world is natural. Again, the no coincidences concept.
             One idea that I have tried to get a better understanding of.  if man can do something in the science world, he will do it.  Good , bad indifferent, it makes no difference.  The morality of the issue never comes into the thought process.  So, if weather can be manipulated, life can be cloned, minds can be controlled, viruses for killing made, on and on, it will be done.
            The masses don’t stand a chance.  The only hope for survival is being prepared, and knowing what the game plan is. Good luck.

      97. “……..a measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny, and spare ye not the oil and the wine…”
        Rev 6:6

        Here it comes…
        R U Ready…?
        The Lord told you to tend the oil and wicks in your lamp while there was still time, did you?

      98. I think something will happen in the near future and they damn well know it. They don’t want mass panic so they use subtle warnings…..or maybe I am just another Jerry Fletcher.

        And finally…….

        Awful eery to say the least how it’s all showing up all over all the sudden

      99. I didn’t think the first one posted, that’s why the repost….sorry

      100. The US government is $14 trillion in debt. That’s over 100% of GDP (GDP that’s fake btw because it includes all kind of government spending that does absolutely nothing to add to the wealth of this nation.

        But it gets better. Freddie and Fannie were effectively nationalized in 2008 when the subcrime crisis started. Two years later, and after billions in taxpayer bailouts, they are insolvent yet again. Total liabilities on the books somewhere in the neighborhood of $6 trillion.

        This makes the US debt $20 trillion.

        But it gets better.

        The cost for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have never been counted in the debt figures, and still aren’t today. Let’s be conservative and add another $2 trillion.

        That’s $22 trillion, with a fake GDP of $13 trillion.

        That’s a debt-to-GDP ratio of 169%.

        Of course it gets better. Unfunded liabilities ($60 trillion plus) and more housing deflation means more of those wonderful mortgage backed securities go bad, which means more bank bailouts.

        And it gets… you guessed it. Better.

        48 out of 50 states in the red, with 6 near or in bankruptcy. All will need an infusion of freshly printed FRNs to keep the party going.

        Are we panicking yet?

      101. BJ..yeah
        I been watching the same thing for about the past 3 or 4 weeks..
        and hearing more and more abou it.

        Not sure what to think of it

      102. @VRF,
        Check out I go to a thread every day that is in a 2012 section and I think the name of the thread is “increased anomolies as we approach 2012” yes there are some in there that have some pretty wild stuff in their head, but those guys are real slouths there and dig up so much stuff and post it there all day long. I get some real good interesting stuff there, and a lot lately has been on the earthquakes world wide and the swarms of quakes in Arkansas last few weeks and all the dead animals all over the world and the death of the Gulf stream and so forth. It’s worth checking out

      103. Peak oil is a theory, meaning no proof. Check out the late Dr Thomas Gold and his theory of where carbon based fuels come from, hint: not from decomposing organic matter which peak oil is dependant upon.
        To prep is to be on the outside of popular opinion circles. I often gage others acceptance of prepping talk by beating around the bush. Engage others in talk of the FRB, militarism, etc and if they are open to discussing these problems, I find they are generally open minded regarding prepping. If I can deduce they are statists (willful or just apathetic), I will not mention prepping for the already stated reasons.
        #1 item preppers lack-potable water source. The first thing any prepper should have is a clean water supply as well as filter systems & chemical treatment options. All the silver & gold (although you will need some) you can accumulate will not replace the water you will need. Just ask the Iraqis after their water works were destroyed during the first gulf war. Over a million dead (does not count the hundreds of thousands with birth defects, etc) due to not having fresh water and the diseases associated with it.
        I agree completely that the comparison of WI to Egypt is farfetched and 100% propigated by the media to misrepresent what’s going on there. All the left(union)-right(koch) banter regarding the protests is nothing more than what’s gone on in this country for well over a hundred years now. The citizenry has had the oldest military trick in the book perpetrated upon them, divide and conquer, all the while the 2% preps.

      104. @ BJ
        I been knocked off the internet due to a bad storm we had up here in the north east. Lost power for over 4 days, and the spike when the lines and transformers crashed to the ground took out some of my equipment, Havent had time to visit the near by library to keep updated, too busy with clean up and keeping things going at home.
        I’l look into that link

        Personally i think the FEMA and the Gov. wants us to prep. and they are doing it also. Because its a smart thing to do, they (the gov.) was so unprepaired for natural disasters , and Katrina showed them how weak they were. And how weak and un prepped the masses are. And how those events fold out to total chaos.
        I took a lot of learning from past natural events, and some other types of un natural events I feel were false flags, and have learned you better be able to support your self for as long as you possibly can, because when TSHTF..they (gov.) arent any where near able or capable of completely handeling the situation, and in some cases as we know they made some really ignorant moves and choices..I want to be able to make my own moves and choices, If I die of my own hand , thats a hell of a lot better than reling on some beauracracy to fumble mis and shit you to the curb. IMO

        I have always been into being a self supporter, always have had stored items, medical supplies, water, skills and ways to make it if their system fell apart, I have been ramping things up a notch lately due to the financial uncertanty
        But being on top of what nature can throw at us is very prudent thinking to, we all know she can be a bitch , and can have dire effects if you are caught up in her wrath somehow
        especially if you have nothing to survive on or no skills

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