In a Few Weeks Time the Market Will Be Heading South

by | Sep 22, 2009 | Forecasting, Precious Metals | 6 comments

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    Bob Hoye, of Institutional Advisors, on Howe Street September 18, 2009. Mr. Hoye is a long-time economic and market analyst who advises institutional investors and high net worth clients.

    Discussion includes:

    • Stock market rally and possible shift in the bullish trend
    • gold and silver
    • Treasuries and corporate bonds
    • The US Dollar and the Euro
    • Oil, Natural Gas and broader commodities

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      1. Faber said that a “few weeks” ago. He better be right. I hate betting against the market and losing!

      2. FYI, Mac – that MP3 link no longer appears to be working.

        Then again, it could be my computer or something…

        I’ll go 50/50 on it.

      3. ok, my bad… added the wrong link. Should be working like a champ now. I think the player function started working again, so either the link will work or the player will appear.

        Good stuff from Bob Hoye…

        AS, I am waiting for Faber’s forecast to happen too… Bob Hoye, actually, has been talking about October since back in the early summer… this is a pretty good interview where he explains what he thinks is going on and how the technical indicators they follow are close, but not yet there.

        My Inverse ETF plays stopped out yet again…

        still waiting for the black swan..

        I wonder how SKF (banks) and SRS (real estate) will perform this time around. SKF is off around 70% since April.. ouch for those who held that long… but a serious drop in the markets could see these two ETF’s easily double or triple…  for now, they continue to deteriorate into leveraged ETF hell like the pre-split FAS/FAZ ETFs…

      4. Also of interest for bears on the markets today:  Citibank Dec $1 Put action today was 12,900 contracts traded!  I have been watching .cxt for a couple months, picked some up at $0.01 and didn’t see any action for the last 2 weeks.. then, out of nowhere today, someone picked up a ton of contracts… either a big bet or a hedge?? 

      5. Holy crap…What happened during the last 90 minutes of trading today???

        Some thoughts on ZH:

        On a related note, as of my writing this (12:00 noon in China), the Hang Seng is down 540 (c. 2.5%) for the day (9/24).

        In all likelihood, neither bit means anything…but I found that dive in at the end of today’s trading in the domestic market interesting.

      6. yeah, i checked out the Hang Seng on Bloomberg at around 2am CST and saw that big move down…

        perhaps a correction is coming????   I think China may be a leading indicator for us… perhaps we will see these markets come apart in the next couple of weeks….

        Of course, since i bought Citibank puts, that will be the only stock that survives the collapse.. haha

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