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Do you LOVE America?


    This article was contributed by Tom Beck of Portfolio Wealth Global. 

    At this point, society is being REARRANGED. Forget anything you know about our political, judicial, and financial systems, and the values we cherish.

    Basically, discard anything you thought America stood for. America is fighting for survival. It’s a DO-OR-DIE moment and the government and the central bank are TAKING OVER everything.

    I’ve already covered the fact that the Federal Reserve has lowered rates to zero. I’ve shown you the MARGIN CALL that the U.S. Dollar has been in, but you’ll need to sit down for what’s coming next.

    We live in a new world.


    In this new system, the Federal Reserve criminals are ABOUT TO begin buying corporate debt. The authorities are OUTLAWING defaults and OUTLAWING the failure of the business world so that TAXPAYERS will be liable for EVERYTHING.

    Through the guise of private enterprise and keeping markets open, the Federal Reserve will purchase, by the time this is done, TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS in debt.

    As I see it, the Federal Reserve will become the largest owner of toxic debt in history.

    This is a form of communism and the panic that’s out there will allow these draconian measures to be implemented.

    I’m seriously considering the ramifications of this. America is turning into Japan.


    This is the FIRST time you’re going to be hearing about this: MY ESTIMATE is that markets are now contemplating the risk of America going under, of the government falling apart.

    Bond yields are actually going UP.

    Silver Eagles are selling for $22/ounce, while the spot price is around $12/ounce. Our markets are broken.

    That’s not all; not by a LONG SHOT!

    We are also hearing that the U.S. government, using TAXPAYERS’ money (whatever that means at this point), is considering BUYING STOCKS!

    We are stretching the limits of what America even means. This is the worst transformation of our core ideas I’ve ever seen.

    These are measures that put in jeopardy the mere meaning of fair competition: PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY and BEING AN INDIVIDUAL.

    All laws are written, as we go along.

    We are creating a new society, a new global economy, and a new paradigm.


    FORGET about the past. You have woken up to a new reality. The financial losses mean absolutely NOTHING, compared with the loss of LIBERTY.

    The government will own real estate, stocks and bonds and will exercise TOO MUCH control over the economy.

    This should CONCERN you.

    The government has asked FEMA to get involved and they’ve AGREED to send paychecks to all Americans.

    Every prediction that I’ve made, which five years ago was CONSIDERED TABOO, is coming true.

    I discussed the day that the FED would cut back to zero. I highlighted that we’ll first see a HUGE RALLY in the dollar (because everyone is selling), and I forecasted that we will see STOCKS PURCHASED by federal agencies.

    1984 is here!


    We are days away from seeing the GLOBAL BANKING SYSTEM freeze; a 2008 repeat.

    This will require a miracle to avoid and, worst of all, the MEDIA is the main virus here – spreading PANIC that is SO overblown that I believe people will never trust it again.

    TRILLIONS have been lost. The bottom line is that we’ve lost our way.

    This is precisely why I have a 2nd passport, physical metals, a cash duffle bag, whole life insurance and friends in several countries.

    You need to know who to trust for accurate facts, for sound reporting, and for hard evidence.


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      1. You have two passports like Jeffrey Epstein did? So you have confessed to identity theft, or fraud, or both?

        Get the fuck out of this country now you fucking psychopath! You are the scum of the earth! You are a fucking pig!

      2. We might begin asking ourselves at this point, “WHERE did it all go wrong?”.

        As a start, let’s review a bit if history here for context. The men and women who returned from WWII were weary of WAR, wanting only a peaceful Life to live to assuage the horrors they had endured. Surely, that is easily understood. However, in their desire for serenity and peace they forgot that Liberty requires CONSTANT vigilance… and so that vigilance lapsed and subsequently the Fox’s took charge of the Hen House, eating US out of house and home; the Financiers, the Rentiers, the Stock Market Gurus, all promising the Moon…and ALL of it just a vast Ponzi Scheme.
        The primary enabling agency in this Cosmic Swindle was the Federal Reserve which in all time since it’s creation has CAUSED more boom-bust cycles than any other entity in American history. During each of these engineered episodes, those at the top of the economic ladder – tied hip-to-hip – with that Abomination would swoop in at the lows and little by little consolidate the Wealth of this Nation under their dominance.
        So, to start, the solution is actually quite simple. First, We the People, DEMAND a full and complete audit of the Fed, NOW. That audit MUST include ALK US holdings of Gold at Ft Knox, the NYC branch of the Fed and the West Point depository without further dissembling or obfuscation by any governmental agency. Thereafter, Congress will be tasked with enacting legislation to immediate DISSOLVE the Federal Reserve and the DOJ will be tasked by Executive Authority to initiate a generational investigation of everyone EVER associated with same without any silly ‘Statute of Limitations’ bullshit limiting the scope of said investigations. Then, a National Referendum – binding – will be placed before the People such that a permanent, Constitutional injunction be placed in Amendment to that fundamental document utterly prohibiting any subsequent delegation of the Congress’s designated authority to Coin Money…in PERPETUITY.
        The Federal government MIGHT need to be dissolved inasmuch as the corruption entrenched in that institution is become so profound that it’s rectification is – now – via any ordinary means become impossible…those so entrenched are now so skilled at concealing their perfidy through manipulation of the bureaucracy that there exist no possibility of systemic reform. Simply put, the systemic can ONLY be successfully rectified through a full and complete PURGE of the political landscape.
        Thereafter, once a sufficient period of time has elapsed and the DOJ has identified a framework of primary culprits, those can either be offered life imprisonment/execution contingent on the magnitude of their involvement OR forfeiture of ALL ill-gotten gains. At that point a re-constitution of the Federal edifice can be entertained as a notion with the explicit provision that no Senator or Congressman can serve more than two terms in the Congress PERIOD…EVER. The office of the President might be explicitly permitted to waive the two term limit under specific conditions at the need of the Nation under strict conditions only and only for a fixed time determined in ADVANCE by the Will of The People.
        Senators and Congressman WILL receive voting instructions FROM their respective State Legislatures and failure to vote AS DIRECTED will be grounds for summary dismissal from Office without exception.
        Any Senator or Congressman against whom substantial allegations of Corruption are leveled shall be suspended until innocence or guilt is determined. FURTHERMORE, if it be determined that anyone holding political office in the Federal edifice be guilty of accepting any ‘favors’ having a monetary value from ANY Foreign entity then they shall be Tried for Treason against the Nation. PERIOD.
        FURTHERMORE, the Founders Wisely established the complete separation of Religion and Government, similarly it MUST be established that there be enshrined in the Constutution a full and COMPLETE Seoeration of Government and the Conduct of Business in the Nation henceforth in perpetuity, ergo all forms of Lobbying will henceforth be classified as a Felony of the first degree on the part of those proffering such enticements and should any official assent to such the minimum penalty shall be removal from office and the imposition of a life-long ban on holding any further office.
        FURTHERMORE, Glass-Stegall shall be amended appropriately and SEVERELY AND BE FOREVER MORE ENSHRINED IN THE CONSTITUTION OF THESE UNITED STATES. Never again shall SIFI’s be ALLOWED to endanger the Wealth of the Nation
        FURTHERMORE, the Federal edifice will DIVEST itself of all land holdings and administrations of the Land of these United States excepting only the district of Columbia and limited areas designated as military fortifications necessary for the defense of the Nation.

        The foregoing are but a brief listing of what MUST occur in order that the rapidly metastasizing Cancerous growth of Government be halted and thereafter reversed. These are but a part of what I have alluded to previously when I have here asked the question, “What comes next”. Failure to effect a return of control of this Nation to “We the People” will have one single result…the commencement of the Second Civil War.
        You in who are in government today must choose presently which path We will all take…We the People will NOT fire the first shot…but we WILL fire the last if need be. We the People are DISGUSTED by the Rape that has been perpetrated upon us and on OUR COUNTRY accomplished by the Financiers and Rentiers in collusion with the venal, self-serving, self-dealing pit which is known as the Congress as well the revolving door between the agencies responsible for the the good and necessary regulation of Business and Wall Street.
        Lest you believe that you can establish suzerainity over this Nation broad, be disabused of the notion; you MIGHT lock down the cities for a time but outside of those you have no hope of extending control beyond that measure…for there will be a gun behind every blade of grass and all your military might is frail when contending against those who know the weak points thereof.
        This is my manifesto unto my fellow Americans…the Greatest people ever to walk upon God’s Earth! AMEN.


      3. jump out the window!

        they dont teach this stuff in college!

      4. So you recommend doing what exactly? Buying a cabin in the woods? Should I cash in my retirement and eat the penalties to buy something tangible? Like supplies, non-permissible food, ammo etc?

        How are you supposed to get to your “friends in other countries”?

      5. Comments are being moderated again on this site. I posted a cogent comment almost a week ago about how and why this virus is being way over blown, how this “crisis” is being manipulated by the State for its own purposes, the real motive for the hype and its measures like closing businesses, lockdowns, etc., even in regions where the virus has not entered.
        Without going into a fuller explanation due to the likelihood of being “moderated” again, the far greater danger is economic and a diminishing of our rights. Look for more unemployment, mass deployment of the NG and coming severe domestic travel restrictions.

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