Ignore At Your Peril: New Data Warns A Recession Is Looming!

by | Sep 15, 2019 | Experts, Forecasting | 15 comments

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    While we don’t know the exact date that the recession will officially hit us nor do we know when the mainstream media will report the actual facts about the condition of the United States economy, we do know its decline is imminent. New data has come out that warns that the recession is not only imminent but could be right around the corner.

    According to a report by Market Watch, you should “ignore this data at your peril.” According to Société Générale’s known bear Albert Edwards, who was schooling clients Thursday on an often-overlooked set of U.S. government numbers that reveal profits of all companies, including unlisted ones, published by the Bureau of Economic Analysis.  Edwards says there is a recession right around the corner based on these data points released by the government.

    Corporate profits are down by a lot. That’s nothing to sneeze at either. The corporate profit series (economic profits from current production in the second quarter) saw nearly 10% cut from the previous more upbeat 2019 first-quarter estimate, said Edwards. “The latest revisions to U.S. whole economy profits — National Income and Product Account profits — were sufficiently large to suggest that the end of this record economic cycle is much closer than previously thought,” he said.

    In sharp contrast to “booming stockmarket measures of profits,” the BEA’s NIPA data has been flatlining for a few years now, he said. That divergence is pretty normal just ahead of a recession, as those profits reveal the underlying trend.

    “For it is at this late stage that we often see whole economy profits and margins declining sharply but this weakness does not usually appear in stock market reported profit measures until much later in the cycle – usually in the middle of ensuing recessions when companies sack their CEOs and write down years of inflated profits growth in one fell swoop,” said Edwards.

    This is just one more piece of data showing that the U.S. economy is not as strong as we are being told.

    A Recession Is Already Happening In Parts Of The U.S.

    Large sections of the economy are already in a recession, according to their data, and Americans are piling on debt at a record pace.  If the economy was in such great shape, would there be a need to borrow excessive amounts of money when most debtors are already tapped out? Probably not. But hey, the stock market is good, and some people still have jobs, so there’s nothing to worry about!


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      1. What is competition:

        When there is not enough hours, cash, status, attention, or materiel to satisfy demand.

        I would like for capital to tell the labor that the carrying capacity / occupancy limit has been exceeded. Matter-of-factly, everyone’s needs will not be met. Say it that way.

        Questions about a zero-sum-game would be considered rude, on the campaign trail. It seems, to me, that the questioner would get arrested, in spite of his First Amendment rights being practiced calmly.

        At the aquarium, why don’t the sharks eat all the other fish. There is a reason why.

      2. How will the new war in the middle east affect the recession? Israel claims the oil fields were attacked by Shiite militias in Iraq. With drones. Then the Israelis changed their minds. Now they say it was Iranian cruise missiles. The Saudis attacked us on 9/11. Screw ’em.

        • I was looking at target PIX. Pretty accurate stuff if AP wasn’t photoshopping.
          ht tps://apnews.com/269744b35e16422fa746b0c1504ceb4f?utm_source=Twitter&utm_campaign=SocialFlow&utm_medium=APA

          A guy who used to work at that installation commenting on Free Republic said the targets were low value and relatively easy to repair. Note; No oil storage tanks were hit, just Gas Oil separators(GOSP) and some controls. Oil tanks could have easily been hit.
          I know Iranians have invested a lot in “drones” and they are fairly good at it, but the accuracy of the hits look like Cruise missile hits more on the order of what Americans or Russians have proven to be able to do. Chinese or Indians may also be
          able to do this but none of their stuff has been proven in battle.
          Looks to me like someone is stirring the pot for a profit of some sorts, leverage, or send a message, but not to start or fight a war.
          I do know if Iranians possess that kind of technology, limited only by range, the Arab world must obliterate Iran yesterday!
          Keep in mind Iran is Persia, they are not Arabs, and they conquered a good portion of the world at one time. They want to be the “top dog” again because it is their destiny and this time, Allah is on their side.

          • Rellik, I hope we can stay out of all that Mideast BS but I’m not holding my breath. Even with Bolton out I think the neocons can still get some shit started. Once again I knew I made the right move on the BOL. Hal Turner said on his site earlier that oil prices will spike now. Good thing I refilled the Dodge and some gas cans yesterday.

        • Paul Craig Roberts believes the oil field attack by drones in S.A. was almost certainly carried out by the Israelis to be used at as a pretext to create a war against Iran. Aggravating the situation is that Israel wants a defense pact where the US is obligated to be committed to war should Israel find itself in a fight. Not just supplying material, but also possible mobilization and actual combat. This is the height of absolute foolishness, the US is being pressured to commit itself to a situation where it has no control. This “pact” would bind us to a war, even if against our interest. Why would any sane entity go along with that. Why would any rational gov’t let another gov’t control its foreign policy. The people in the US are sick and tired of wars. A reason Israel may want this pact is that we may be a powerful counter against Russia because Russia is blunting Israel’s long-term strategy in the Mid-East region.
          The wars we have been involved in over the past 29 years have in the long-term accomplished almost nothing. But we have lost trillions of dollars we never really had, thousands of lives, and untold thousands of permanently damaged bodies and lives. It appears the will of the citizens in this country generally don’t matter, only what TPTB / neo-cons want is important. They see the lives of Amer. fighting men as expendable and disposable.
          As for Bolton, he will be replaced with another Zionist.

          • Roberts believes everything is Israel’s fault. Literally everything. He is one of America’s greatest Anti-Semites. Years ago I would listen to him and he was credible. Now he just a pitiful lunatic.

      3. I say again, the Saudis financed the guys who attacked us on 9/11. The Saudis run the radical Wahabi schools.

        • Him, agreed about the Saudis. Let them and the Iranians wipe each other out. It’s what they deserve.

      4. Saudi Arabia = Wahabbism = Arab Sunni extremists = ISIS = al-caida. (created by CIA, Mossad covert ops)

        Iran = Persian = Shiite = enemy of Sunni extremist Wahabbism, ISIS, al-caida. (supported by white Russian and Syrian Orthodox Christians).

        Listening to FOXNBCBSABC will not tell you the real story. PS. Rush sucks too.

        • Talk radio neocons like Shapiro and Levin nearly experienced aneurysms when the Ole Dirty Bastard Bolton got fired. But they are just little hand puppets for the GOP chickenhawks anyway. The biggest cheerleaders for foreign wars are the folks that ride around in golf carts and eat at the finest DC establishments.

          I am waiting for the Turks to re-establish the Ottoman Empire, with the explicit approval of the State Department.

      5. Black Rifles Matter.
        Donate to NRA.

        * Buy Ammo. Reload ammo.
        * Buy gold. Buy silver. Store food. Grow food.
        * Get yourself in good physical condition.
        * Pray to the God of Jesus Christ for: Peace, Comfort, Wisdom.

        The politicians are starting yet another Endless war.
        Hell is on our doorstep. Wolves are huffing and puffing.
        Wolves don’t like armed sheep.

        • solid advice

        • Do everything on Mike’s list except give money to the NRA. I’m a life member but they will not get another cent from me as long as Wayne LaPierre is employed there.

      6. Oh lookie, Trump is WINNING the trade war after all.

        htt ps://www.redstate.com/bonchie/2019/09/15/china-blinks-pork-soybean-tariffs/

        Why don’t you run these factual news articles instead of all that hysterical, anti-Trump crap by Synder, et al Mac? The only reason this site is called SHTFplan is because National Enquirer was already taken.

        • Trumo sucks

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