House Hearing On Gun Regulations Delayed By Shooting

by | Jun 15, 2017 | Forecasting | 53 comments

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    News of the shooting early yesterday at a Republican congressional baseball practice is dominating the media.  But what most missed, was the canceled hearing to loosen certain gun regulations pertaining to silencers and their use during hunting. It was canceled because of the shooting.

    A congressional hearing which was scheduled for early Wednesday morning to debate gun legislation has been canceled until further notice in the wake of the shooting.  The House Natural Resources Federal Lands Subcommittee spokeswoman Molly Block confirmed the decision to CNN.

    The panel had been due to debate the “Sportsmen’s Heritage and Recreational Enhancement Act,” which includes 18 provisions related to guns and hunting, as well as other recreational sporting and outdoors provisions. The measure would make it easier to purchase silencers, transport guns across state lines, and ease restrictions on armor-piercing bullets. Hope for these bills, is now likely dead, unfortunately.
    As Democrats clamor for more gun control, and the demands that the GOP admit we have a “gun problem” escalate, it’s possible we could see Donald Trump enact more gun control that Barack Obama.  Speculation is all we have until we know more at this point.  It’ also important to note that not all events on Capitol Hill have been canceled and Donald Trump has not, as of yet, said he would support gun control.
    Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Defense Secretary Jim Mattis are both were testifying at separate hearings on Wednesday. Obviously, no crisis will go to waste, and that’s quite obvious considering the blame is already on the gun, and not the crazy socialist who pulled the trigger. 
    Today, though, there was one small change in the House. After the shooting, the Natural Resources Committee canceled a hearing over Republican Rep. Jeff Duncan’s proposed bill to deregulate gun silencers. An NRA representative was to have spoken about the issue. At the very least, the cancellation came out of respect for the House’s own victims of gun violence. Here’s hoping their colleagues will continue to keep them in mind. –Vogue
    It’s always the fault of the gun and never the human who committed the shooting.  A gun cannot shoot itself, yet once again, things are ripe for more gun control laws.  Deregulating silencers would have also had exactly zero effect on this incident. But leave it to the hoplophobes to twist around gun laws.


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      1. Who needs Obama for gun sales when you got millions of silly assed libturds who will gun down those they disagree with. Stand-by for the rush on ammo and firearms. Keep your enemies close but your pistols closer.

        • Hahaha gun control almost got more innocent people killed. No one in congress was being responsible for their own safety. Lucky some hired guns that were good fighters were there to save their sorry, cowardly rear ends. So of course we need to ban the model car the “Bernie bot” rode to his freedom fight.

          • Those Senators and Congressmen travel into gun restricted Washington DC. While many can be legally armed in Virginia its the transportation to and from the office that poses the problem. The solution is nation wide reciprocity. The lack of a permit didn’t prevent this nut from firing up the ball field but the lack of a carrying Congressman or Senator aided the criminals mayhem.

            One thing about spinning an event, it’s circular. Very easily this can be used to back up the national recognition of carry permits.

        • I say that ALL Liberals can follow their Lefty Agenda and self regulate and disarm themselves. Yep turn in all your weapon the to the Right. You on the left are nut jobs and unstable.

          And if you Hate the US Constitution, and our Country, Freedoms, History, Heritage and Culture, then just pack your bags and move to some Commie country like China, or Cuba or N Korea. Nobody is stopping you. Get lost.

        • PO’d Patriot, I think you’re right. I’ve got one, maybe two more purchases in mind. Libturds with guns! One more thing to worry about!

      2. I made a post where I theorized that this shooting was contrived stating they went after kids (and it backfired as the cry was to arm teachers), then gays (and it backfired as gays wanted to be armed) and now politicians.

        This might backfire an become a boost for reciprocity

        h ttp://

      3. People get shot every day. So what’s the big deal. And have you been to an emergency room. People get hurt and killed from all kinds of things. Ladders scare the holy crap out of me. I see lunatics climbing up and they’re wobbling back and forth while the nut takes out a chain saw and starts cutting huge branches that fall on the people on the ground trying to keep the ladder from falling over. It’s a damn massacre. So, like in the ambulance, we get hit by a semi-truck near the rail road. There ought to be a law.


        • I’d be more likely to get behind chain saw control. Many Americans have don’t have the sense to use a chain saw.

          Common sense has become so rare, it can now be considered a superpower.

          “Idiocracy” has become a documentary.

      4. And now thanks to the idiot in VA, he could cause all kinds of additional problems for us and those that support the 2nd!!

        • Only for those planing on complying

          I’m not changing a dam thing about my ways ,because of this
          If anything it solidifes my resolve

          • If you’re not planning on complying you should keep quiet about it.

            Otherwise, you may find your compliance is unavoidable in whatever jail you end up in.

            Far more people get in trouble for what they say than what they don’t say.

        • No, this hysteria is just that, hysteria. The left has lost a great deal of political clout over the last few months, just look at their Russia debacle.

          No one is going to accept leftist nutjobs as arbiters of the Constitution.

          We may not get some bills passed this Congress, but there’s next Congress.

          This started in 1934 and 1968. It’s not going to roll back this June.

      5. Get your ammo now…I’m betting its going to go quick. anybody hear what weapon the nut used? I’ve heard several different stories.

        • Jim, The Weapon by the shooter was an SKS. A version of an AK. This is what I heard on the radio yesterday, 7.62 cal. That’s all the details I have, so others quit asking me to clarify. Do your own research for all the answers. It was a Spray and Pray type of weapon. And probably why he ripped off 50 to 60 rounds and didn’t hit sh!t.

          • Crack, I heard the same thing. The news identified the firearm as a Chines SKS. 7.62x39mm. I have one of those. Some are called Chinese paratrooper SKS’s. They only have a 16″ barrel. They cannot be imported any more. The Chinese actually never issued these to their paratroopers. The name was a marketing ploy. It only holds 10 rounds. No detachable magazine. Usually reloaded with a 10 round stripper clip. Not very easy or fast, unless you practice a lot. These were imported back in 1990’s. They cost about $100 back then. Good rifle for poor boy deer hunters. Mine is real accurate and fun to plink with.

            • There used to be 3 round SKS magazines available, and a kit to retrofit an SKS to use AK mags. I had an SKS that used AK mags, right out of the box.

            • Yes they are accurate and various versions do have detachable magazines, fortunately, he was a bad shot. He couldn’t hit center mass from only 90ft away (3rd base dugout to 2nd base) they were lucky.

          • Hadn’t heard any story yet.
            If it was and SKS, it was not a ‘version’ of an AK. SKS’s pre-date the AK’s and had since been rendered obsolete.
            They require top loading with stripper clips and usually have a fixed (non-removable) magazine of 10 or 20 rounds.
            You can get aftermarket extended mags but you still have to load them with 10-round stripper clips.
            The SKS is very accurate, even the Chinese ones, although they were probably the lowest quality. Certainly not a ‘spray & pray’ weapon as you suggest. They were the primary military choice of every socialist/communist army in the world in their day.
            If he missed, it’s because he’s a bad shooter. If that’s the case, I would doubt the veracity of the 50-60 rounds fired story as well. Can’t see a newbie top-loading an SKS in an open field with people shooting back at him.
            Read one account that there was someone armed in the crowd who returned fire.
            Could’ve been much worse.

            • The SKS is a fine battle rifle and a prized capture in Vietnam.

            • You can have removable magazines on a SKS.

          • The SKS is not a version of the AK (not even close really). It is not “7.62 cal” it would be “7.62mm”. “Cal”, or caliber, is not metric designation therefore it would be “.30 cal” as an equivalency to 7.62mm. Also the SKS is not a spray and pray type weapon, it holds only 10 rounds as standard, so he would not have been able to “rip off” 50-60 rounds (the SKS is manually loaded from stripper clips from the top down). Finally he didn’t hit shit because he is a left wing mentally unstable Democrat type idiot.

            • This is what they said on the Radio. I am just repeating what was reported. I could give a rats ass if an SKS is a version of an AK or not. I don’t own one, so whatever…

          • The AK and the SKS are two different weapons using different designs with little in common other than a similar design for the piston driven gas system and their standard (at the time) Combloc caliber.

            The SKS is an older rifle that preceded the AK.

            Neither the AK or the SKS are “spray and pray” weapons, both being designed for use against man sized targets out to 300 meters using open sights.

            • The SKS is a 1940’s era Russian designed semi automatic, ten round fixed magazine, short stroke gas piston rifle. It was the rifle that pioneered the use the same cartridge that the modern AK-47 uses.

              It was manufactured with a built in bayonet, and the long barrel that provided superb accuracy. The long barrel proved ungainly to handle in combat and was deemed unnecessary except for specially trained snipers.

              The SKS is considered a relic by ATF. So many were build that they still flood the market and typically sell for $300 to $800.

              They really are accurate, reliable weapons and were used by Soviet and Chinese surrogates like Vietnam and N Korea for decades.

              Because of the wood trim and the rifles lines plus bayonet. It is a favorite used in military parades to this day. Check out videos of N Korean military parades, they will often be sporting SKS rifles.

              There are a world of aftermarket parts you can get for an SKS, including upgrades that will let it use AK-47 magazines, solving the capacity limitations. There are parts that will let you customize them and overcome every known weakness in the weapon.

              If you can find a good one for < $400 it might be a good addition to a preppers self defense collection. Because of the long barrel the range and accuracy is more like an AR, but with a much bigger bullet. They can be tuned to become a good sniper rifle.

              • To use ak mags requires gunsmithing however you can get removable SKS mags.

        • I was wondering the same thing – and the first article I read online claimed the nut bag had used an AR-15. I immediately asked myself a couple of questions.

          First of all, how could a guy be walking around carrying an AR-15 – or any other make or model of a long gun – in public and not draw attention to himself? I read that, at one point before the shooting started, this nut bag had walked up to someone and asked which party’s people would be on the field, Democrats or Republicrats? Scalise had a security detail following him around, right?

          The second question or thought that passed through my mind was a recollection of how the mainstream media lied out of their asses about an AR-15 being used at Sandy Hook – deliberately and with premeditated intent, because that entire Sandy Hook false flag was intended to be used to ban AR-15 sporting rifles from being owned or sold to the public.

          No AR-15 Found at Sandy Hook Massacre

          Sandy Hook shooting AR 15 rifle was left in the car! NaturalNews tv

          So, if the rifle used by this crazy liberal lunatic was a Chinese SKS and not an AR-15, here we have another attempt by the lying media to LIE to the public so as to try yet again to get AR-15’s banned.

          • He was parked close by, so he didn’t have far to walk with his rifle. Even a long gun can be hidden inside something. A golf bag works real good. Or a duffel bag. Imagination. Folding stock rifles fit inside violin cases. Kel-tec sub-2000 fits inside computer bags. Wheee!

          • They say he carried the rifle in a burlap bag, walking toward a baseball field many would just think it was baseball stuff including bats.

            Most people wouldn’t have given it a second thought.

      6. I have been reading lately of neighbors around shooting ranges complaining of the gun noise, trying to shut the ranges down but losing their battle. So this too is a perfect example of why real silencers need to be sold freely to the public.

        Gun noise scares off wild life, harms human and pets hearing and there is no reason to make guns noisy. Cars and trucks are required to have mufflers. Why is that? To reduce noise pollution that disturbs nature and hearing and noise is considered a nuisance. Just like Aircraft noise. 65 dB DNL is the maximum level of noise that the public can be subjected to for human habitat, before hearing loss occurs. That is EPA Standards.

        So common sense laws need to apply to help reduce the noise. Who likes loud noises that can harm your hearing? Besides Anti-Gunners morons? They will argue and complain of sunshine if the Right likes sunshine.

        • CSS, noise from libturds hurts my hearing on occasion, LOL!

          • When I visited New Zealand, which has really crazy draconian gun control, I stopped in a gun store for a look around, I was surprised to see almost every .22 rifle sold had a silencer.

            I asked about it and the owner laughed and said, “how else are you going to kill the rats without scaring the sheep or the cows mate”!

      7. I’m told that in Germany, one can walk into a store and buy a sound suppressor and walk right out with it. It’s considered a courtesy to one’s neighbors, not to make so much noise when engaged in target practice.

        • You need to be a liscensed and registered firearms owner, first. Not that simple.

        • Supressors were invented as a courtesy device, and were something of a status symbol. You could afford to be considerate of your neighbors, and few (if any) people wore hearing protection when shooting during that era.

      8. And another thing about the news media. The congressman gets shot and is taken to the hospital. The media reports that he’ll “be okay”. No. No. He’s not going to be okay. He was shot in the hip area with a rifle round. He’s going to need several surgeries and extensive rehab. He may have permanent disabilities. He may limp, or never walk again. They may have to remove some of his lower intestine. The news media thinks that if you get to a hospital you’re home free. People go in for scheduled knee surgery and leave the hospital in a body bag. Nothing is for certain at the hospital.

        • Does anyone besides me remember the gigantic and ridiculous hissy fit that the virulently anti-White, White race hating, White race genocide craving libtards in the mainstream media through a couple of years ago when someone discovered that Steve Scalise had been a guest speaker at some European Nationalist-Civil Rights activist organization?

          Apparently, there was some loose affiliation between that European Civil Rights group and David Duke, who as we all know, has dedicated his entire life to advocacy for the rights of White Europeans worldwide. Anyway, when the media rat dug up that “connection” – they started howling like stuck pigs and started beating Scalise over the head with their David Duke club, just like they later did with Donald Trump during his presidential campaign.

          This makes me wonder if this Hodgkinson piece of liberal excrement was one of these self-hating, self-loathing, white guilt ridden, white race hating, social justice warrior race traitorous creeps who deliberately targeted Scalise because the media had slimed him with their David Duke club?

          • Tucker, I like the way you think.

          • No reason for wonder, that’s exactly what Hodgkinson was.

          • Tucker, DING DING DING DING! You hit the nail on the head about Hodgkinson, another commie POS.

      9. Any idea when this is being rescheduled?

        I can’t find anything online as to a new date. Right now, it’s all the talk but since it’s come out that the guy was a flaming Bernie Sanders socialist, I’m figuring the shelf-life on this story will expire quicker than normal.

        Once again,the argument to be able to adequately defend yourself is underlined by the left as they scream to disarm us.

        By the way…the whole suppressor thing? I don’t get it. Not that it wouldn’t be cool to have one but they require specialized, sub-sonic ammo which drastically reduces the effectiveness and accuracy of the round. As a hunting appliance, except for very close range shots, I don’t see the benefit unless you’re trying not to spook nearby game.

        Reciprocal, national carry. Consider it an end-run around the state licensing a constitutional right.

        • Suppressors also significantly reduce the sound level of high velocity ammo although not as much as with subsonic ammo designed for use with them.

          A serious concern with residential encroachment on outdoor shooting ranges and hunting areas that were previously rural and noise complaints about them from new residential areas that have developed near them.

          • When fired in a pistol, pretty much all .22 LR ammo is subsonic.

      10. The DEEP STATE will never rest until it has decisive legislation on the books to successfully disarm Americans…End of Story. ANY pretext works, and every event gives them momentum to do so. Get used to it. Either you KILL OFF the DEEP STATE or it will kill you off. That’s reality. until someone is successful and courageous enough to do it, they will ALWAYS be a deadly threat. Full stop.

      11. Every study on crime and or firearms proves time and time again, that 99.99999% of American gun owners do not commit crimes or use our firearms in any dangerous or improper way.

        JUNE 14, 2017 Congressional Shooter Recently Wrote, “It’s Time To Destroy Trump & Co.”

        In a statement, Sanders said that he had been informed that Hodgkinson “apparently volunteered on my presidential campaign,” adding that, “I am sickened by this despicable act…Violence of any kind is unacceptable in our society and I condemn this action in the strongest possible terms.”

      12. This and other reasons are why gun sales this May again broke all past records,folks realize just having a potus that says he is for second does not mean much,this may push June to all new records,perhaps Trump will take over as gun salesman of the year!

        • Balance has been restored to the Supreme Court.

          That’s a win that will be hard to take away from America for a decade or more.

          With Ginsberg as frail as she looks, we could get another conservative on the court. She doesn’t look like she can make four years, let alone 8.

          We really did dodge a bullet when Hillary lost.

          I’m counting my blessings with Trump. The deep state is really exposing themselves like never before attacking Trump, and is freaking out a lot of liberals that we thought drank the Cool-Aid.

          One year ago the idea of a deep state, secret government within the US government was a thing of fiction spy novels. Now it is a dinner table conversation reality.

          • Didn’t Scalia die suddenly?
            They will just do a jfk to our guys.
            Or have a 13 member court.

          • RBG is full of herself, and was certain the Hildebeast would nominate her successor.

      13. Just when you thought it was safe to ease up.

      14. Just a note on SKS Rifles. The Norinco “SKS Model D Sporter” was a commercial rifle manufactured in China, and made specifically to use detachable AK-47 high capacity Magazines, had no bayonet, a 16″ barrel, and a shorter gas tube and piston. It fires the (M-43) 7.62x39mm, a 123 grain FMJ round (JHP rounds are available). Their importation was banned in the mid-1990’s.

        After-market “pinned non-folding” folding stocks were available for the mil-surp SKS, and fit this model as well, and could easily be made to fold again with a cheap “pin switching kit” (which by the way would be very illegal to do). Therefore, folded, and with the 16″ barrel, the rifle could have easily fit into a gym bag.

        A Norinco “SKS Model D Sporter” after being sighted in, was quite accurate out to 200 yards with the right ammo.

        What actual rifle was used by this NUT I have no idea. Just some info on an SKS….

        • Just another though, if this piece of garbage was the actual shooter, he was one LOUSY marksman (luckily for the people being shot at)!

        • So there are no misunderstandings, the Rifle’s importation was banned in the 90’s, not the cartridge.

      15. Only your enemy wants you disarmed.

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