Has the War Already Begun? “Does America have the stomach to fight a guerrilla war against the banker occupation forces?

by | Feb 5, 2015 | Aftermath, Forecasting | 260 comments

Do you LOVE America?


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      1. Yes, is the answer

        Ive said it before, it has started with out us, its just taking people time to wake up to it

        • The commie, progressive, libtards have been destroying our country and fighting a war for a long time as I have stated many times here. Only a civil war will prevent total tyranny at this point without the return to God and his moral laws. Its good to see so many are also seeing this future. It at least indicates people are waking from being sheeple.

          • And don’t forget the part the neo-cons have played in the destruction of our country.

            The vast majority of those on the left and right are Statists, and do not want individual Americans, or anyone else in the world, to control their own lives.

            Both Democrats and Republicans cater to the bankers, Wall Street, and the multinational corporations that finance their political campaigns. They are beholden to them, and couldn’t are less what you or I think or wan, unless it will effect their political future.

            • Yep, I should have added conservaturds. My apologies.

              • Everyone please get real. There will be no Gov VS US war. War; No taxes: No Taxes: No war. The Gov takes 10,000 cops to chase 2 guys. A hundred cop cars to chase OJ. This gov barely functions with public support. One real problem and we lose reserve status. We lose that, the bankers will run for their lives and the Gov finds it’s borrowing costs at not 1%, but 10% or more. It will have to balance it’s budget that day. It’s not like Greece with 11 million people. It’s over 30 times that big,
                Every bank in the world, most countries, will be broke no one will lend us anything, no imported oil..
                Rome didn’t fall because of invaders, the Army went home because it wasn’t paid. If this country could run things as well as above; WE WOULDN’T BE IN THIS MESS.

                • Paranoid its not about money and never has been. Money has been just a means to an end. Its about power and ultimately control over the sheeple and world.

                  • True, But the people they send out need money or they won’t go.

                    • If they promise compensate the millions of illegals they are flooding the country with anything they can steal then the problem of paying them goes away. Maybe that is where the billon plus hollow points are going to.

                  • I disagree. Power is always about money. Without you can use power to gain money, what is it good for?

                    • This article is typical rubbish from Dave Hodges. When I read his screeds, I can only think of him as I do Alex Jones, “managed opposition” and “agent provocateur.”

                      Anyone who believes Hodges’ nonsense needs to carefully reconsider what Hodges is hoping we will believe.

                      Hodges wants us to think that the same US military that voluntarily and enthusiastically fights the banksters’ serial wars will fight the banksters… and help us???!!! Go figure.

                      Sure, there is often tribal infighting—just as we have seen in Argentina (Zionist Kirchner v. Zionist Nisman)—but it is completely delusional to believe that the tribe’s willing cannon fodder will help us en masse.

                • “There are only 1.8 million veterans who are under the age of 35, which would be the prime fighting age for any resistance force”

                  PRIME fighting age? WTF is that? You can’t tell me that a man/woman above 35 ain’t as lethal as a 35 year old. A 36, 38, 40, 45 year old, hardened and experienced veteran may not be able to win a sustained foot race with a bunch of college students, but we’re not talking about running in the Olympics here…we’re talking about people protecting their families and homes.

                  You back a man’s loved ones into a corner and find out just how lethal a 40-50 year old can be. This article is dishonestly and pessimistically jacking the stats against us, but it won’t be statistics that win this thing.

                  IT WILL BE SHEER GRIT, EXPERIENCE AND DETERMINATION. Something the kids still need to learn.

                  The wisdom that comes with age and experience, trumps young inexperienced fire-pissers every time. Better to have the people in that older group fighting beside you, working together as mentors and as leaders.

                  If the best we can do is hope for the young-uns to protect us, we’ve already lost.

                  It’s ALL HANDS ON DECK, or don’t even bother to muster.

                  • SIX –
                    There is NO way i could agree with you more .
                    Agree 100%.
                    THanks , good post.
                    At +50 , I can out work the young guys most days , grit and determination will do the rest.
                    I guess thats what its all about…

                    • Hammerhead, at 57, I’m still full of ‘piss and vinegar’ myself. I still put in 10-12 hour days and do more in one day than some young punk does in a week. When TSHTF, these dumbass kids better just stay the hell out of my way.

                    • Braveheart, it doesn’t take much effort to be a security guard. shaking doorknob handles and sitting on your ass watching tv monitors hardly qualifies as hard work, in fact, it’s a job that attracts those of low intelligence and propensity to be lazy.

                  • Sixpack, outstanding post. I’m 57, will be 58 in March, and can still outwork any young sack of shit any day of the week. Hodges is just as bogus as Alex Jones. Let ANYONE, I DON’T CARE WHO, do a home invasion on me, and they’ll find out how deadly I can be. BTW, I DON’T furnish body bags. BYOBB [BRING YOUR OWN BODY BAG]

                  • 46 year olds are crazy bad! bring it on bitches

                  • @sixpack,
                    I wholeheartedly agree: you back ANYONE into a corner, and they will most likely lash out. The most basic reason that there will be a civil war is that TPTB are so blindly arrogant that they believe they can keep pushing and pushing and heaping ever greater piles of shit on people and there will never be a consequence. History has seen this before, just before every great tidal wave of rebellion.

                    Ideals Mastering Power Creating All Life GOD IS

                    • Which God?

              • “–Say ya want a rev-o-lu-tion…well you, know—-
                (yeah, I like the old Beatles music too!)


                OK folks, straight-up! IMO, its gotta break-out soon..or we haven’t got a chance..as its awful hard to fight when everyone is broke/destitute..and hungry!

                ..as the gubbermint’s horde/stash of goodies/supplies/resources, vastly surmounts our own..even as a collective.

                It seems the plan/agenda of the money-changers/masters & their heavies..(i.e.) government..orbits around the necessity of keeping us working-productive stiffs on an IV-drip of perpetual “quantitative easing”…their version of a viable economy..

                ..so as to continue to “suck-out” our lifeblood/productivity/monies..via excessive taxation/confiscation/govt mandates etc..into the circle-jerk of the treasury-the FED-& the one percent types!

                The likely “layman’s breakdown” goes thus:

                Interest payment unto the usurious tribe’s FED-reserve..then unto the Inc’s & the Corp’s and their 1% owners, (hence the wars & such)…then onto the vacations/pay raises & perks for the D.C. cabal of (owned)traitors…and lastly, as bribes/quiet/mollifying monies, for the millions & millions of leeching parasites…who’s sole aim in life..is to game the system..

                ..albeit, with the system’s overall consent!

                Thus, they’ll keep us alive for awhile…


                But in truth..we the productive..the patriotic & GOD fearing…and those of us who’ve PAID THEIR DUES already..

                ..are in reality..akin to a 3 legged goat, tethered & bound in the bathtub of an extended family of “illegal alien” Guatemalan immigrants, somewhere in Southern California…who when busted for animal cruelty…claim they couldn’t afford meat..

                ..so they kept the poor bandaged goat in the tub…eating only what they needed!!!


                Such is the ground level “Modus Operandi”…of they..who rule over us!!!


                ..we’re missing a leg already…pretty soon..its gonna be…too late ….to do anything!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Wtf??? Commie libtards? Is this reality? Your point of view is so twisted by this bullshit that you literally are fighting against what you think your fighting for. I read this article and my jaw literally dropped at how insanely stupid, baseless , and made up it was. Holy shit. And the first few comments proves my worst fears.. That people who are trying to find truth in a world of lies are falling victim to nonsense spewing comspiracy personalities who tie in communists and anti leftist rhetoric with psycho babble bullshit. You realize communism was never evil rightt? You realize it was attacked on all fronts by the same elite that hate us right? You understand that Benghazi will never be seen in history as the start of a fucking civil war right??? YOU NEED TO KNOW THAT A CIVIL WAR WILL NEVER BE AMERICANS/US MILT vs FUCKING RUSSIA /CHINA/OBAMA RIGHT?? W t f!???!!?? Please do some reading and stop the “libtard” shit. You are throwing 100s of good ppl off track and setting us all up for a bloody failure. The real civil war will be the people ( left /right/center JUST PEOPLE) vs idiots with bad information and racist/ anti leftist nonsense / military/police/nat guard/Dha/fbi/cia) are you sick?? A real liberal/ Marxist / would never lie in bed with the bankers like Obama does. THERE ARE NO FUCKING “COMMIES” in American govt

            • If you can”t see the commies in our government you have a problem. Pull Dick. your head out of your ass

        • getchyer beans in bulk…a good root-a-toot-toot under the blankies help to heat a cold buttocks during the cold nights!

          • “Does America have the stomach to fight a guerrilla war against the banker occupation forces?”



            • …which is just fine, BigB! They’re doing a fine job of killing themselves. The “system” will simply devolve. I buy into Paranoid’s thinking more than anything. It will just turn into this big mess because the dishonest bastards in washington will have no one to work for them. They could pay them a million dollars a minute and it would be NOTHING if that million dollars won’t buy a cup of coffee.

              The power that the corp has is based *SOLELY* on two things:

              a) Their wielding of military power
              b) The worth of the dollar

              Take one away and you take the other away. The world is about to pull b from the grasp of these crooked bastard thieves which means a will be gone in a flash. Poof! The District of Criminals will be dead in the water.

              The Union States only listen because of b.

              The Nation States of the world only keep b alive because of a.

              Without b there is no a. Without a there is not b. The world is in revolt. The United States Federal Corporation is on life support and its biggest enemies (The States, The People and The World) are *DARING* each other to pull the plug.

              Sooner or later, someone will grow a pair and grab the cord. The other two will have their backs.

              Get the TV wiped down and the popcorn popping! The coming show will make the Class C false flag we call 9/11 look like a B movie.

              • INVEST IN ADULT DIAPERS! The sheep will shit theyre pant’s for sure! They will be screaming for mommas boobie if shit went down. Me, I will do my thing poo free and it should work but if not, I have lived a pretty good life so see you patriots on the other side 🙂

                • Yes Genius,the other side will be interesting,hopefully plenty of Goldfish Crackers and fully functioning Federal!My only question is,will Julie be on the other side,because if she is will just hang in the shadow lands between the two worlds till the next comes along!

                • Genius, the sheep can go get their own diapers. Warchild, it’s funny you mention goldfish because I’m having some at this time.

                  • That’s really special there braveboy, now all yu need to do is find someone who really gives a fuck.

          • Smelly, I think they call that a Dutch oven if I’m not mistaken. Thanks for the laugh man, all this doomsday shit gets really tiring after several thousand rounds of hearing it.

            • No anonymous its just plain old sodomy. I can’t say I was laughing.

        • My concern are the Chris Kyle types in the military that will consider patriots viable targets .

          We can debate whether or not what Kyle said about Katrina is the truth or not.However it appears from what I read that he said it .

          Will they consider those who wish to change things,which is our God given right an affront to the country ?

        • 40 or 50 year olds my ass…I’m 61 come on!

      2. I’m not even going to read the article before I comment. The last 5 times I have commented the article changed before it posted. This is just a test.

        • Yes Ed,the direction this country headed in will be a “TEST”,one of the hardest the citizens have ever faced!

        • I was reading it until I came on this wacko statement of Hodges:”The Sides Are Drawn- The coming civil war will consist of the present administration, the DHS, the Chinese, and the Russians versus some of the American military and about 10% American people.”

          Nothing to lead in to this and nothing after it. Looks like theres good facts on Americans officers but wheres he going w/ this artical? Bah! Hodges flunked composition.

          • Correct. There are a variety of statements in this article that are either demonstrably untrue (such as his calculations of armed people able to resist) to the patently absurd (like Russia invading).

            Poorly written, poorly sourced, plenty of logical fallacies. Typical Hodges.

            • I agree. Why would Russia (or even China for that matter) invade the US? What do we have that they could possibly want? Our entire infrastructure is old and dilapidated. They’d have to spend too much money to bring it up to speed with other first world countries. And we don’t have any resources to be worth their while!! So really, it’s not worth them invading. They certainly wouldn’t be ‘invading’ us to free the people from the Tyranical US gov.
              Russia has more than enough land mass for their population. They don’t need any more. China on the other hand is quite happy to flood other countries with hundreds of thousands of New Chinese Immigrants ever year. There ‘global invasasion’ has been ongoing for a couple of decades!
              Anyone who adheres to the notion that a RED DAWN senario is possible, think about it. Sure, the Latinos might swamp us completely, but there too smart to do it Militarily. Ha!! We are PAYING and REWARDING them to invade us!!!!!! without a fight!!!!
              A civil war here is possible. But whole States and reigons would have to Cede from the Union and away from the Federal government at one time. A guerrilla war would be quashed pretty quickly, so that wouldn’t work. It would have to be conventional.

              Anyone who actually knows something about the background history of the 1st US Civil war will know that Britian, France and Spain were backing the Confederacey. They were hoping to Balkinize the US and retake control of the entire continent. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending our geographic leanings) …. Yeah, fortunately for the UNION, and Lincoln, the RUSSIANS stepped in and threw their weight behind the North!!

              And that’s what would happen again. US Patriot forces fighting a US government would have to seek Political and Militay support from Foreign countries to beat the Government.

              oh ….. If you think the 1st Civil War was about slavery, you’re obviously still drinking the Kool Aid

              • Cede,
                They would invade to secure our nuclear arsenal , no one is going to let a nuclear armed country descend into chaos . That alone would be the justification . Never in history has a country armed with these weapons has collapsed . We are in uncharted territory here . Hodges is full of shit but he does bring up some interesting points . The fuse is lit many are undergoing kenetic preparedness training for the Inevatable , we can not stop what is to occur or delay it , it has assumed a life of its own.
                The comments of the dear leader concerning Christians is rather disturbing and his meeting with radical Islamic elements in our own country yesterday is VERY foreboding . You judge a man by his associates .

                I can tell you this the infrastructure is developing and already in place , time will tell if it is needed in the events to come . The war if it happens will only succeed with the help of the people , hearts and minds , if you do not have the backing of your own any resistance movement will fail . If you do as the example of opposition in the southeast Asia adventure you will win by sheer will outlasting the opposition . The road will be hard and dirty but the alternative is uglier .

                Never before have we faced an enemy as determined , fanatical and barbaric as this , it will happen much sacrifice will be required , but I have read the book in the end it says we win .

                Prepare the hour is late , do not be found wanting , trust in a just God , train like there is no Tomorrow , in the end its up to us , just us .


                Semper Fi

              • Putin and Russia I believe are anti globalist and not part of the that mafia. They would not join up with them. If anything, I wouldn’t be surprised if America became the next Nam and the Patriots are the Russian supported VC! Ain’t the world grand?

          • I’m glad someone else recognizes Dave Hodges for what he is, a classic disinformation agent. I have been calling this guy out for years and even met him in Phoenix at a breakfast talk.

            He is a complete BS artist and completely fabricates facts. The thing with Hodges, he is good at manipulating people. Be very careful with what you believe in regards to Dave.

            You guys know I am not a troll as I have been coming here for years (posting for roughly 1 year) and I have been adamant about this snake for a long time. DO NOT trust Dave Hodges under any circumstances. If you do not believe me, go look through his old articles and you will be amazed at the crap he has predicted/stated as fact.

            Mac- Your credibility is questionable when you post articles by Hodges. You seem to be an intelligent individual/s and I know you see through his crap.

            • Calgagus, Breathial, and Smooth Criminal, Hodges is just as bogus as Alex Jones. Hodges has the absolute nerve to rule out 30,000,000 veterans who are included among 80,000,000 gun owners and also claims people above age 35 can’t take care of themselves? Let Hodges try to do a home invasion on me and this ‘old fart’ will give him some ‘lead nutrition’.

              • Exactly Braveheart. Hodges pulls stuff out of his butt and tries to scare people. I’ll take an old ‘Nam Vet any day over some 20 year old libtard who has never seen a rifle.

                One a side note-If I remember correctly, you mentioned that you live in GA. I might have the opportunity to relocate to Savannah for work. Any thoughts on the area? I have been twice, but just for short trips. I like GA people, but am afraid Savannah might be a little too dark for my liking.

                • Most of Georgia is dark. That’s true of most of the South. Lots of good people though.

              • Christ almighty braveheart, do you have to constantly pound your chest and make 14 year old kid threats 10 times per article? You may be 57 physically but your 13 mentally.

            • I agree with you SC. But two things for you….seems many here anymore just call people a troll if they don’t like or agree with what they say. And it seems to some, me included anymore, that Mac no longer cares about his credibility with the constant posting of the same ole same ole fear porn, dis information, BS from controlled opposition and such. It seems anymore, with the way the site has almost purposefully had modifications that were negative and the ridiculous amount of ads (most disgusting trash meant to appeal to the sinful side of mans lust)that someone is content with the amount of people coming and licking for the almighty dollar.

              It seems as of lately for me, yet another layer of the onion has been peeled. Praise Yahuweh, His son Yahushua Ha Mashiach and His spirit.

              • Well said BJ. Thanks for your reply. Keep thinking for yourself and always question what is presented to you. I do not want to call MAC a sell out yet, but it is becoming much harder for me to afford him the benefit of the doubt.

      3. American history shows that only tiny amount of British subjects stood up for the freedoms we as a nation enjoy now. America is a beacon of light for the world and it is because of the people not because of the corrupt people in Washington who fatten their pockets. We the people still have a voice and always will. The UN blue helmets, and other nations who wish to disband our great country underestimate the core values and beliefs of Americans. We the people will always be the best defense for freedom.

        • History also shows that women who performed their daily kitchen duties and prepared tasty sandwiches while staying quiet was the best productive way for them to help the men achieve their goals.

          • That was before women learned how to knock the eyes off a bullfrog at 300 meters…

          • I am thankful I married a Proverbs 31 woman.

        • Other countries don’t want to destroy the U.S. (except for the islamists), they simply want us to stop trying to destroy THEM. In their countries, the MSM lies are not believed to be the truth. They know the truth, because they live in it.

          They just want the west to STOP BOMBING THEM and stop ousting their elected leaders to install puppets. They want western corporations to get out of their resources, unless invited in for mutual benefit. The other countries don’t want to give up their sovereignty to the NWO banksters.

          If one puts aside his life-long programming and prejudices, and truly opens their eyes, it’s written everywhere.


      4. There are only 1.8 million veterans who are under the age of 35, which would be the prime fighting age for any resistance force.


        there are a lot more of us older guys who just dont give a shit and will fight to the death, dont be so quick to discount those who have paid their dues in life, if my back was up against a wall not one of the guys i would count on are under 50

        • Right there with you in your sentiments

          • Kula and Enemy,though not “OLD” have reached the point of don’t give a fuck anymore,no wife/kids so no one personally depending on me too much!

            • Kula, Enemy, and Warchld, I will also be on the front lines. Hodges is full of shit to count out 30,000,000 vets who are included among 80,000,000 gun owners in this nation. Russians and DHS are limited in manpower, but it remains to be seen how many troops the Chinese are willing to send in for an attempted takeover. I don’t care where they come from, they’ll all be targets in my rifle scope and fair game.

              • Why is everyone leaving out the UN “Peace” keepers that are already here?

        • Also, don’t count out the hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of us that are under 35, with no military training, and willing to take up arms to defend our families and country.

          I know I will not go down easy.

        • Roger that, braddah.

        • Right on…served 20 years and pushing 60 there’s a time and radon to fight and if necessary die. If it’s a worthy cause I’m sure the old DAWG would fight one last fight. As Audie Murphy said “To Hell and Back” if that’s what we have to do so be it.

          Good luck and Good night

          • Look up the story of Samuel Whittemore, 18th of April, 1775, near Cooper’s Tavern in what I guess would now be Arlington, MA. He was eighty.

        • Agreed. But I think we can count on some of them unless they are too brainwashed into thinking we are the domestic enemy when we’re not… Keep your powder dry…

        • just know that you old farts could benefit from us younger, trust worthy ppl, to help carry your tired old asses if need be 😉

          • The untrained will only get the experienced fighters killed. Join the military and learn how to fight or stay out of the way.


            • There’s a difference between untrained and someone with no common sense, BigButt…join the military if you have no common sense and like being taken advantage of.

              The only ones who will get killed off are the stupid, and those too tired or out of shape to keep up.

            • A BigB

              Ho Chi Minh never attended a military academy. He was a historian. The forces he led did pretty well against the professionals. Who, without their air power, would have been totally slaughtered.



              • BB,the lone folks who do not give a fuck can cause a lot of damage(and likely die in the process),not everyone is born like Grizzly Adams with a few combat special forces tours thrown in.That said,many know their lands/hunt their lands and can especially in lone situtations cause all sorts of problems for any enemy of this country.The ones who don’t give a fuck anymore with the feeling beyond life not much to lose and yet believe in true freedom ect. have their place in challenging times.

                • And just because someone doesnt talk about their training, doesnt mean they dont have any, or wont know how to handle a situation

                  its amazing what a person or body can do when their life depends on it

                  • Hell, I’ll fight along side ANYONE who shares our common goal!

                    • LOL. Not trying to be argumentative but those of you with no training or think you are an armchair Rambo don’t have a f’n clue of what you are talking about. Down thumb me all you want but I won’t fight alongside you. You don’t speak the language and you don’t know the routines associated with combat. You may be useful as cannon fodder in front of me but not beside me.


                    • BIG B-
                      I volunteer for cannon foder duty .
                      If we have to go there , and i dont think we will.
                      But i promise to show up on the front line.

                    • I’d fight along side just about anyone too ….. But I’m the boss. We’d train, practice and rehearse long enough till I’m satisfied you can do what I expect you to do. Then we’d train some more! Allowing untrained, undisciplined inexperienced people to fight puts there lives in danger and the lives of everyone else around them too.

                      You might have the most beans and bullets stocked up in your county and you might be determined to sit on your cashe and defend it to the bitter end ….. But that’s all you’ll do. You’ll be lucky if someone buries you after trained operators roll right over you.

                      Individuals and the untrained are of no use to anyone. Well prepared, well led, diciplined and trained groups/communities and organisations will be the only ones that have any effect whatsoever.

                      Rambo was highly trained!!! Most of you are not …. So think about how many seconds you’d last if the real shit hit the shit ,that hits the fan?

            • Why don’t people like you train people like me instead of completely dismissing me? Do you think I want to enlist in the military so that I can serve my fascist government? Am I not brave enough being a career firefighter? Do you think I won be able to keep up? If were to surrender my weapons, I believe I will be targeted for extermination by my government for being the Evangelical Christian that I am. I believe I am backed into a corner, and that makes me a dangerous man to my enemies as I have nothing to lose. Obviously, I prefer not to die, but I will be at peace if I do.

              • Kfilly,some folks will share their knowledge in regards to tactics ect.,do not rule out the lone wolf.As a firefighter my guess is you have some at least basic medical skills which will be invaluable in tough times.All folks will not be soldiers but will if necc. fight anyway they can.Those fighting will need info./med care/safety holes to regroup in/basics like a meal and a safe haven to rest,no matter what ones skills in life one can help if country at war.

        • I know a lot of older vets that feel that way.

      5. You pathetic little broken scumbags… You just don’t get it do you. We the BANKERS are your NEW MASTERS and the sooner you learn this lesson the better… You bunch of sad sack losers. “LOADS OF M O N E Y”

        • There will come a time that we will all get up from using keyboards and start using other tools, that is when the real story will be written.

          There are those that talk, those that do, and those that wonder what happened.


          Live Free or Die..1 Banksters at a time.

          • Here we are talonLESS my little man… Have a large some of money and go away quickly. “LOADS OF M O N E Y”

            • Send it…need to buy more ammo and guns fo yo ass…biatch

              • Bend over and earn it you bumboy. “LOADS OF M O N E Y”

                • Ahhh…you see how these “elitist” are…always invoking their homosexual desires… Pitiful

                  • Homophobe.

                    • Better than being a homoprobe…now go put a dress on…

                      (Rim shot)
                      Thank you…I’ll be here all week

                      Live Free or Die…DEATH TO THE NEW WORLD ORDER

                    • young Eisen… is that you…

                    • Loads of Money, I’m against sodomites and trolls like you.

                • Loads of Money, why don’t you bend over and go f#$% yourself?

                  • I wish we had a handful of Chris Kyle types to go after banker assholes

        • your greed is YOUR master…

          hide all you want when shtf, if people want your goods, you’ll get smoked out like the rat you are, then we’ll see who’s gonna bend over.

          keep your money, it will be just as useless as you will be once it aint worth a damn.

          • AWWWWW DIDDUMS… Poor wickle Chicking little… Don’t cry you can also have some dosh, “KERCHING” NOW PISS OFF YOU Twerk… “LOADS OF M O N E Y”

        • We have a rooftop to show you. Bring your load of money and your load of crap w/ you. We take the money but not the crap.

          • I can see plenty of rooftops from my penthouse thanks. Fortunately you smelly sad little people are way down there were I don’t have to see you. Bye-bye.

            • Loads of SHIT, don’t let the door hit you in he ass on the way out.

              • Mav/Brave—


                Does $$$-lover remind you of troll/Prof. Higgins..in anyway?

                ..you know..upper-crust shit, marinated in methane-gas…so it floats!!??!!

                • Hunter, he does sound like Higgins. Could be related for all we know. SOME trolls do show themselves on occasion.

                  • Sounds like the young Hilton boy….

                • You’ll find my correct tittle is Dr you ignoramus peasant. “LOADS OF M O N E Y”

                  • yawn…

      6. take a few minutes and do some research on why
        those military officers were “purged”

        were the charges legit?

        did they warrant their removal/discipline ???

        • They were not legit in many cases,
          A few were threatened if they balked.

          • I dam sure hope they arnt taking this shit laying down, seems that way dont it?

            • Every able person needs to rise to the occasion. And as such, I’m not saying that I’m batman. I’m just saying that nobody has ever seen me and Batman in the same room together.

              • Thanks Sterling, I needed a laugh 🙂

      7. and as they keep lying to us all

        Enemy of the State says:
        Comment ID: 3326668
        February 5, 2015 at 8:46 am
        READ THIS!

        12 years of being a fuckin liar.. they are all liars ,, yes especially HIllary!

        ht tp://www.breitbart.com/big-journalism/2015/02/04/nbc-shock-brian-williams-forced-to-recant-iraq-war-lie-repeated-for-12-years/

        • people who continually accept those who always lie to us are also part of the problem.. HOLD THESE JACKASSES TO THEIR WORD! and start the trials

      8. Since WWII 90% or higher of asymmetric conflicts have been successful. So the odds are very high that the insurgent side wins. Read your Van Crevald.

      9. Unfortunately, our country is now producing cowards. None of them have the backbone to stand and fight They would just rather bury their heads in the sand and live what ever kind of life they are living They will be the first begging for help when all heck breaks loose. Will we help ? Probably, we are real men who won’t lower our standards to the levels produced today. I just pray that they wake up and see what has happened to the country they have loved for so long and have done nothing for it.

        JUST SAYIN

        • AZ…it only took 3% in 1776

        • Stand and fight ?
          Hell , they wont stay and work !
          Two dum dums quit today , i was payin 15 an hour for them to tear out drywall in an old house and throw it in a dumpster.And bought lunch !
          How hard is that ?
          They worked a total of 3.5 days.
          Too cold , too dirty, too heavy ……
          Sorry for the rant , but there is just no way that we could ever expect people to get off their asses and do ANYTHING much less fight.

          • Never know, maybe once they see their buddys head blown off or their belly is empty, the fight might just come back to them

            • ENEMY-
              It wont come to that.
              Socialism is the goal , and its takeing over without a gunshot fired .
              Some russian commie once made a prediction as such.

            • Only if hammerhead provides video games, 3 hour lunch breaks and 2 2.5 hour breaks before and after lunch.
              I feel for ya hammer, its the same here in Nevada.

          • Dang Hammerhead, those are good wages! I’m doing the same thing for $10/hr. You wouldn’t happen to be hiring in the West Central Mountain region in Idaho, would ya?

            • HAHA , Sorry freeman ,the commute to Michigan would be a bit brutal .
              Ill just do it alone , i aint afraid of workin .

            • @Freeman, I was gonna say, “Where is that job?”

            • Looks like were probably fairly close to each other. I’m in Idaho County. If you want, let’s make contact for possible mutual aid in the future. I’m at: [email protected]

          • Hammer,am working for much less at times but for a familiy members home.I can do much more then demo but have no problem with general labor,you hiring in a month or two am on my way!

      10. Interesting times we are living in today…..very interesting…….Praying, prepping and learning more everyday. God bless you all for sharing info with us!

      11. “Does America have the stomach to fight a guerilla war…”

        lol…Americans have become soft. They are afraid of everything. They clamor for the blue mafia and the DC corporation to protect them from the latest boogieman the media throws out.


        Case in point. The latest measles “outbreak”. Buncha crying and gnashing of teeth about an “epidemic”.

        Sheesh. When I was a kid, if you got measles or mumps, your mother called your friend’s mother and she sent them over to catch it ON PURPOSE. It was to get it over with and to get immunity at an early age. It was a minor inconvenience and not a stupid national issue.

        Most Americans have lost sight of their own independence and freedom and actually love their place in life as statists and badge lickers.


        • Anonymous:

          We can all relax now.

          Megan Kelly of Faux news fame, and said to be one of the most influential women in the world, along with her guest Bobby Jingal?, the governor thinking about a run for president, assured everyone last night on her broadcast that vaccinations are SAFE and no one should even question anything about them.

          Made a point of making fun of a former playboy model who has questioned that vaccines cause autism. Guess as a TV news talking head you are head and shoulders more intelligent than anyone who questions you and your opinion.

          Anyone wonder about all the lawyers asking you to call them if you have been injured using a drug which had been approved by the Federal Drug Administration? Seems the FDA is really incompetent, or worse…..in bed with Big Pharma.

          Why does the FDA seem to get off scott free when it takes their approval to bring these drugs to market?

          • You really DO need to get out of the house more often!

          • Oh Megan Kelly, another feminazi…haha! What a lying BITCH. See, it’s okay for her to do whatever she wants because she is woman, hear her roar…But a playboy model is considered stupid for questioning a corrupt system. And, obviously, her little stint as a playboy model is evidence she has no brains?

            I just wonder if Jenny M. was a former senator if she would be discounted? She wouldn’t. That’s what pisses me off about these damned feminazis. They toot their little horns as long as it suits their cause.

            • Anon 1970, are you serious about Megyn Kelly being a feminazi? That’s interesting. I thought she was just another neocon fascist.

          • They are also calling for doctors to turn away people that won’t get the shot and not see them for anything. Its starting to get scary POG.

            • I have a whole lot of friends here who see a certain dr. We all opt out and have resources for care. Also, Naturopathic Drs. are a wealth of info and if they are legit they can write some prescriptions. Keep that in mind.

              There are a few benefits to liberal California and that is the fruits and nuts demand their freedoms.

          • POG, Megyn Kelly is a fascist neocon bitch just like everyone else at Faux. I’ll take that former playboy model’s word over the word of an MSM talking head any day. Vaccines are poison and I won’t touch them, period.

        • I was at a knitting supply shop the other day and they were having their little ‘circle knitter stitch and bitch’ (because bitching helps anything). Well, one woman was going on and on about how she could “at least support people who don’t vaccinate for religious reasons” but then said, “they are a bunch of idiots but those that don’t because they say the science is bad, well they piss me off, they are a problem because they get right up in my face and give me their sickness”… I had a little snicker because if her vaccine worked then it won’t matter one damn bit if I get my un-vaccinated self all up in her mug because she is vaccinated, right?

          I didn’t even bother debating it with her…why? As far as I am concerned, she is a US citizen who is free to make her own choices about her medical care. It’s not my business.

          I thought she was ignorant and I also think someone who chooses to be that ignorant can deal with the consequences of their actions.

          As far as the measle ‘outbreak’ goes, those folks CHOSE to not get a vaccine. So, they have the measles…what’s the big deal? They are willing to deal with the discomfort.

          • “I had a little snicker because if her vaccine worked then it won’t matter one damn bit if I get my un-vaccinated self all up in her mug because she is vaccinated, right?”

            Exactly my thought. As far as the “new” measles outbreak, its not just un-vaccinated becoming infected. As a matter of fact many are vaccinated adults. I believe the reason for this is that the “new” measles bug has mutated while circulating among un-vaccinated sheeple of central America and then brought here by the Obama administration with the tens of thousands of illegal “children” shipped to every corner of the US this past year. Along with the Obama flu and a multitude of other long forgotten diseases.

            • Agree.

              People really ought to be concerned with diseases coming over the border. That is some seriously scary stuff. Instead of focusing on coerced vaccination, let’s lock up those borders.

              I honestly don’t care what they try to force on me, it isn’t happening. There are just too many of us. Just like outlawing homeschooling and guns, good luck with that! There are too many people who will not conform. it will get pretty ugly if it comes to forced disarmament, vaccine, or education. I’m not saying we don’t need to be aware, we certainly can’t ‘check out’…but I will just not live in fear.

            • the give infected blankets to the people trick.
              only this time it is infected children from mexico.

      12. Hahha nice family Harry Reid ..

        ht tp://news.yahoo.com/harry-reids-brother-accused-dui-battery-officer-231625863.html

        • A criminal complaint had not been filed as of Wednesday afternoon and no court date had been set.

          yeah,, no kidding?

          • Just a little about Harry ass Reid

            How did Harry Reid become so wealthy? He has spent more than 40 years in government with his top pay being 174k per year. Corruption? Lies? Reid has mixed family and politics and has constantly potentially run afoul of ethics rules.

            His estimated net worth peaked at around $10 million just a few years ago, and he has remained consistently wealthier than when he entered Congress worth only about 1 million. As of 2012, real estate composed about one-third of his portfolio. The rest was made up of government bonds; stakes in energy, electronics, pharmaceutical, and chemical companies; and other investments. He also possesses significant mining claims in Nev. potentially worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

            In 1998, Reid invested $400,000 in an undeveloped residential property located on the outskirts of Las Vegas. Reid’s partner in the deal was attorney Jay Brown, whom Ralston describes as a “master manipulator.” Reid transferred his share of the property to a company Brown controlled in 2001. By transferring the land to Brown’s firm, Reid avoided legal liability and taxes. But Reid didn’t note the transfer — or that he had any stake in the company — in his financial disclosure forms, despite rules requiring such transfers to be reported. By 2004, Brown’s company sold the land, which had been rezoned for a shopping center, and Reid received $1.1 million.

            When the AP asked Reid about the deal during a 2006 interview, he hung up on the reporter. A spokesman later said that “there were several legal steps associated with the investment during those years that did not alter Senator Reid’s actual ownership interest in the land.” However, there was no physical proof that Reid had any stake in Brown’s company. The story may have caused Reid public embarrassment — he amended his ethics reports to include the full history of the property — but he walked away from the deal some $700,000 richer.

            That isn’t the only problematic land deal Reid was involved with at the time. In 2002, he put $10,000 into a pension fund controlled by another friend, Clair Haycock. The payment gave Reid a sizable parcel of land in Bullhead City, Ariz. According to the Los Angeles Times, Reid purchased the land for one-tenth of its estimated value (and one-fortieth of what it had sold for a decade earlier). Two actions created suspicion afterward. First, Reid sponsored an $18 million earmark for a bridge that would connect Laughlin, Nev., and Bullhead City. This bridge would likely increase property values in the area. Reid also introduced legislation that would benefit Haycock’s lubricant company. Reid aides denied that his support for the earmark or lubricant dealer bill was related to the land purchase. By 2011, Reid’s initial $10,000 investment was valued at $500,000. The property did not appear in his 2012 disclosure.

            While some of Reid’s most lucrative deals involved land, he also benefited from investments in stocks. Near the end of the 2005, he invested between $50,000 and $100,000 in the Dow Jones U.S. Energy Sector Fund, which held shares in several major oil companies. According to National Review, the fund closed at $29.15 on the day Reid purchased. Nearly three years later, in August 2008, Reid sold some of his shares, which closed that day at $41.82. Two months later, Reid-supported legislation that would cost oil companies billions in taxes and regulatory fees passed. The Energy Sector Fund’s shares plummeted to $24.41 each.

            While six-figure investments and million-dollar land deals most greatly impact Reid’s wealth, he also manages to save money through some of the perks that come with being the most powerful politician in Nevada (and the U.S. Senate, for that matter).

            In 2004 and 2005, for example, he received ringside seats to three boxing matches from the Nevada Athletic Commission. Arizona Sen. John McCain attended one of the fights with Reid and paid $1,400 to reimburse the commission. Reid did not. However, after receiving criticism for accepting the tickets while considering legislation involving the commission, a Reid spokesman said that the senator would no longer be accepting “these kinds of credentials in the future.”

            For years, Reid also took part in the bipartisan tradition of riding on corporate jets at a discounted rate. Between 2001 and 2005, he took 35 trips on corporate planes. Ethics rules required him to reimburse the firms — such as MGM Grand and U.S. Tobacco — the cost of a first-class plane ticket, which is significantly less than a private jet rental rate. Two years after the Jack Abramoff scandal, the Senate enacted new rules requiring senators to pay prohibitively expensive charter rates to ride on a corporate jet.

            While in Washington, Reid stays in a one-bedroom condo he owns at the Ritz-Carlton. Each year, residents contribute money to a holiday bonus fund for Ritz staff. Between 2002 and 2005, Reid spent campaign cash — not his own money — to contribute a cumulative total of $3,300 to the holiday fund. His office said that his lawyers had approved the transfers and that a clerical error had prevented them from being properly disclosed. (The explanation was suspect, as several ethics experts said the expenditures clearly violated campaign finance regulations.) Reid reimbursed the campaign and admitted no intentional wrongdoing.

            “There is kind of a pattern. He’ll do something pretty bold. There’ll be a lot of publicity about it, and he’ll step back. But then it happens again,”“It’s not as if somebody has made a mistake, learned from it … and it never happens again. This keeps happening.” One of the most corrupt politicians getting rich off the taxpayers dime just like the Clintons, Obama, etc who have never had a real job except Politics.

            keep putting up with scum, and the war were in will keep marching on..and over us all

            • Sharon Angle asked Reid how he became so rich in his last election here in Nevada. Reid said he made some good investments. The media persecuted Sharon for asking the question. This is our media, the fifth column and one of the main reasons a civil war is required to restore freedom. Todays American media is the governments propaganda arm.

            • Enemy of the State:

              Great article.

              Multiply your story about 500 times and you will have covered most of the DC cockroaches.

              They do not spend millions of their own money to get a job that pays less than $200T.

              Feinstein and Pelosi are two of the other thieves that have benefitted colossally at the taxpayers trough. Hogs, both of them.

      13. I am sorry I am not killing my own people.

        I am sitting this one out.

        I will try to help anyone hurt with what medical skills I have.

        • Pacifist Coward…leave the country., your no good to the cause of Liberty and Freedom.
          Get out while you can. Your Country men???
          There is no country for old cowards

          Live Free or Die…Richard Cranium


            • TALON


              • B-17;
                Bless you if you flew in WWII. Just lost an old timer here who flew lots of missions over the hump. He shared some of the history with me. You can relax.

                • I GUESS TALON DOES NOT THINK SO.


        • It is losers like you that will do more harm to a cause than help it. I thought we were done with conscientious objectors as yourself.

          And if your “own people” come to attack you or haul you and your family away, will you offer them medical aid or fight to protect your family and yourself??

          Wake up sheep!

      14. Never underestimate the power of the people when pushed too far. I will die on my feet, not live on my knees. We Baby Boomers had the chance to grow up in the best of times and many of us love our country enough to die for it. That makes us dangerous to the enemy.

        • Amen Texan,
          Our local state government is trying to pass disarmament bills, the time for negotiation and testifying is a waste, if they want my guns they can have em,
          Bullets first!

          • thats right

            they can Kiss our ass! aint giving up a dam thing , come and take it

            • you know that whole “negotiating a right” deal was the NRA’s game , right?

              WE dont have to play their games

              • I used to think the NRA was great,
                Now my eyes are open to the fact that they and their compromise position is why so many feel they can take our rights.
                I have the unfortunate, (or maybe fortunate depending on the discussion) the unfortunate luck of living in a solid blue state where the far left has become the norm second only to trashcans such as california, people jump up and down for support to the NRA,
                We have the SHITTYEST gun laws of anywhere IMO, yet they still want us to rally for the NRA and fork over hard earned cash,,,
                You want someone to compromise go ask someone else,,, i just dont care anymore, AND i have NO intention of turning anything over to anyone,,,

                • I still support the NRA, mostly because I became a Life Member in the early 90’s. But all my $ contributions now go the GOA.

                • I stop supporting the NRA after I called them and asked why they were supporting Harry Reid and requested they pulled their support. They refused because they said Reid supported gun rights. Bullshit.

                  • Same here maddog. Did not renew my membership after that boneheaded endorsement of Dirty Harry Reid.

                • Texan, Enemy, and Kula, I’m right there with you. Our rights are NOT negotiable and I’m not giving up anything, either.

        • Yup! I can’t run too fast anymore, but I can lay down a shitload of cover fire for those who can!!!!

          • Same here. keep your powder dry and see you on the other side.

            • I can no longer run fast or far either. But I am smart, fierce when I have to be and the Rules of Engagement do not apply to me.

              • Rules of engagement? We don’t need any stinking rules of engagement.

      15. We all need to get off of the “liberal this or conservative that” mindset. The political machine has been turned against the people by corporate money for the better part of the last 100 years. It is one party which represents the highest bidder screwing all 300,000,000 of us who don’t have the money to buy us a politician or election. I am real tired of the Jesus loving & God fearing people not realizing that Divide & Conquer has been used to divide the American population into such a fragmented mess we cannot even agree on what to have for dinner. I have lived all over this country and I have learned that 98% of people want the same thing, to have the freedom to live how they want, take care of their family and have enough to eat. If it does come down to civil war we need to get over the black/white/hispanic/oriental/ muslim/christian/jew bullshit and realize we are all brothers in the same fight against the corrupt banksters. Once we become ONE they don’t have a chance.

        • Wish more people would realise this,

        • sounds familiar
          I like this guy

      16. Read “none dare call it treason” by John a. Stormer. Or “barbarians inside the gates” by donn de grand pre

      17. Talk military any branch and you will fined pay-grades E-6 thru E-8 run things and the vast majority are on our side. As for the officers good guess. The ones that have been purged; they have not forgotten, and I feel will hold some one accountable for their firing. The average enlisted man will follow orders up to a certain point. All IMHO.

      18. As for the article it was an entertaining read. As far as Hodges though, He sure makes some strong allegations and proclaims this to be fact in almost every article…But I swear I don’t think I’ve once yet to see any verifiable source. Apparently this guy has some mighty high up ANONYMOUS sources. To me his articles are little more than interesting speculation…if I even read them at all.

        That being said, much of this one is probably pretty accurate. I don’t know every detail, but you’d had to been blind or stupid not to see how much crazy, dark, unprecedented, and possibly down right evil things have gone on inside the PTB over the last few years. I believe something wicked this way comes, and I believe its just over the horizon. I’ve had that sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach (literally) the last few years. Will we fight? I hope so. Will we win? Honestly its not likely. Will it still be worth it? Well, just ask yourself what are the other options..slavery??? I just keep praying, and that gives me hope, because though I believe whats coming will be disastrous and powerful evil. At least I’ll know I’m on the right side. It God is for us who can be against us..

        Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.

        • I agree with you on Hodges, but with this article there seems to be way too many “coincedences” to not have some truth to it.

        • To paraphrase a quote from the movie Full Metal Jacket, “All fucking TSA Agents must fucking Die!!!”

      19. Dont ever think “Its just the other guy”

        ht tp://news.yahoo.com/suit-man-held-20-hours-asking-file-tsa-210427933.html

      20. “Editor’s Note: There continues to be an unsettling sense that something big is coming.”

        oh really…

        if i had a nickel…

      21. just go gray state!
        someone please finish that movie too

      22. Just want to point out to those who think this is a “right vs left” or “Dems vs Reps” thing that while we scream (rightfully) about the left’s statist answers to pretty much everything, we way to often give the right a pass on their wholehearted support for the very banks and megarich individuals who are behind the “invasion” (more properly an infiltration) spoken of in this article. This attitude only serves to split the peons into smaller groups that will fight among themselves, making it easier for the PTB to complete their takeover. Not a political divide, but a budding oligarchy is what we need to be aware of and fight against.

        • So much truth to that statement. All you have to do is read many of the comments in most of the articles here and elsewhere. The division is quickly apparent but I have to wonder if many of the hate posters wouldn’t put up a fight if pushed too far. I certainly hope so. God Speed

      23. Benghazi 4 dead 400 surface to air missiles missing (stolen)
        Said there was no funding for security, yet her state dept comes up missing $6,000,000,000

        and she thinks she’s qualified to be President, and if we dont make sure it doesnt happen .. were further fucked !..

        • What does it matter?

          (Insert sarcasm)

      24. George Soros, as a teenager, was actually helping real Nazis confiscate the real property of real, about-to-be-“exterminated” Jews in his native Budapest, Hungary.

        And no, this actual Nazi collaboration by a young George Soros was not an obscure tidbit dug up by opposition researchers. George Soros freely admitted his actions in the now-infamous Steve Kroft interview of 1998. Soros was shocked that the interview was so upsetting to so many and endeavored greatly to put the controversy to rest by giving more details and explanations to his biographer, Michael Kaufman.

        At age 72 — with 58 years for reflection — George Soros described his year of living under Nazi rule as “the most exciting time of my life.” That was the same year Soros’ own uncle, along with his wife and children, were “deported” to Auschwitz. But as Soros glibly recounted, his family had long ago abandoned Judaism — for a “cosmopolitan” pseudo-religion, for Esperanto, and for watching their fellow Jews, including family members, get carted off by the Nazis. It caused George no real grief. “We were somehow above them,” he told his biographer, his family having abandoned their “tribal” loyalties long ago.

        A dangerous man indeed. …stoking and fanning the flames of this governments war against its people

      25. The real question to this… is Dave Hodges the person to pose such questions in the first place.

        The man is a complete fraud. When someone routinely uses Steve Quayle, or Quayles regular guest “Hawk,” or uses sources such as Steve Everson–or the rest of the black helicopter nonsense jockeys… is he credible?

        The answer is no.
        Dave Hodges is in no position to pose such questions at all.
        And he is in no position to speculate on this looming problem.

        In one part of his essay above, he claims that “only 10%” of the US population will support Revolution II–but this idiot does not do the math… that would be over 30,000,000 American people versus at the most 2,000,000 DC thugs and goons of all flavors. There would be no way possible for this illegitimate to survive such odds.

        Also he claims there are legions of Russian Spetnaz troops already present in this country…. this is complete horseshit. He claims that Russian and Chinese troops would be patrolling the street of the USA enforcing martial law.

        Is this guy insane?!
        Answer: completely insane.

        Please note: do not attempt to post such comments on Dave Hodge’s website–anything going againt his grain will be deleted personally by Dave himself.

        • Agreed, Hodges is full on nuts. He never has “explained” the logistical theory involved in getting the Chinese troops here in US soil at all, and refuses to do so. He just says it will magically(my term) happen. As for “legions of Spetsnatz” troops already being here in place, bovine excrement comes to immediate mind.
          Hodges can say anything he wants, and he does, and none of it has ever been proven to be accurate or even remotely so.
          Yet the sheeple will continue to slobber all over him.

          • BUT , He gets lottsa “clicks”.
            KA-CHING !

          • Hodges, like Jones, is a clown who makes a good living stirring people up. Grain of salt with everything he dishes out…

            • Hammers, make that a WHOLE SHAKER of salt with Dave Hodges. He would fit right in anywhere in the MSM.

          • (Smacking my head) –Ooops! I completely forgot about the legions of Spetnaz Commandos hiding here.

        • Shinmen, welcome, and I agree about Hodges.

      26. I would have to say NO for a large portion of America.
        Then again I would have to say a very small % will take on the fight.

        Only around 3% fought in the revolution. WE WON! Only about 5% wants to be firefighters, only about 5% want to LEO’s, only about 10% wants to go into the ARMED FORCES OF THE USA, and we have the best army in the world.

        So to say will we have the guts to fight? I would have to say YES, and we will win! LETS GET IT STARTED!!!!!!


        • aim small miss small…

          i guess i wasn’t wrong when i said muricans are easily lead by entertainment…i bet the first time you saw rocky you were shadow boxing and walking around like you thought you were larger than life too…what twat. lol.

          pray hard fooled hard.

          • BJ your back. I don’t feed trolls!!!

            • this ain’t your bf BJ, and it’s *you’re

              instead of bible-thumping, you should be dictionary-thumping, you aging flea-ridden sheep.

              now get back to american sniper, i’m sure you need to watch it another 50 times, Sgt. Stale.

              • Chicken
                I have to let you know I’ve been on this site of more than 2 years and I’ve used Aim Small Miss Small for that period of time. I took it from the movie The Patriot.

                You’re right, excuse me for being human.

                If you don’t like me thumping the Bible that is OK you have the right to what you believe. As for me I will put my faith in GOD!

                If you aren’t b.j. you think alike. Young kids that think they know it all, and really know nothing. Book smart and Life STUPID!

                American Sniper I would watch again, It is not all true and there is some things I know was done wrong, but it is just a movie.
                By the way Rocky was just a movie that was something where someone came up out of nothing and made something out of himself. If you see something wrong with that? YOU HAVE A PROBLEM!


                • sorry sgt. stale, but it’s people like you who retard human progress by continuing with your garbage religions and destroying the world and killing innocent people over your clashing beliefs.

                  without idiotic, naive believers such as yourself, we could have been a lot more advanced today and a lot happier.

                  the only faith i have, is that one day, the world will be completely alleviated of religion and the disease that are its followers. and it will happen, old man…not in our life time, but one day this world will be free of religion and its delusional nonsense.

                  • CT
                    One day we will see how is right. I you are right we will see nothing. If I’m right I will see the faced of God, and for you, I’ll let God figure that one out.

                    • Good God there dale, do you know how to speak in English? What in the fuck is your problem with spelling for God’s sake?

                    • yes and if you’re right, your “god” will strike me down into a lake of fire or other realms of torment, where the devil, demons, fallen angels and other stupid creatures will torture me or whatever for all of eternity… but not before 4 horsemen show up with all sorts of plagues and shit, and jesus comes back with griffon/dragon/lion-assembled monsters and whatever the fvck else to have one final battle with the devil and his demon minions…

                      sound about right?

                      you know how fvcking stupid that sounds don’t you?

                      and you(and others like you) believe in this shit?

                      that’s why our world is fvcked up. because of crap like this and people who are manipulated by fear of consequence just so they can control your stupid ass into doing what they want…and even worse, you enforce this shit and its delusions on your kids.

                      or is it that you’re so afraid to die and lose it all and your loved ones, that you hope so hard it wont end and you’ll never see them again when you die? that you’ll be with them forever in a paradise of clouds with angels flying around playing fanfares of blissful music?

                      if your god is real(not taking into account thousands of other gods that have existed prior/currently)…i’ll call upon you personally for your ghost and beg your forgiveness while on my knees on judgment day…so expect me in your afterlife, ok?

                      but that wont happen. IF there is any sort of god(s)… there’s no fvcking WAY, it’s anything like what humans have EVER conceived or written about…but until i die, i’ll believe in what i see: people dying and killing in the name of VARIOUS religions, who all believe their religion is the right one.

                    • My biggest problem with American Sniper was the language (which I try very hard not to repeat) and the booze (which I don’t partake in). It is interesting to me how many people will revert to their childhood and issue vulgar and nasty retorts when confronted by something they either cannot, or will not accept, or even look at, for that matter. Fortunately I am of the belief that GOD is VERY forgiving, and that the athiest potty-mouths will not be denied an afterlife in heaven, unless they have so badly damaged others in their life here that they’re beyond hope.

                      I will not pray for you Chicken, because I assume you do not wish me to. But Sgt is right, GOD will figure it out. Like I said, though, I believe he is VERY forgiving of those who would deny his existence, as he did not allow us to evolve without brains, and the ability and desire to question our existence. Just do not allow yourself to surrender to evil. That will likely NOT be forgiven…

                      Fides et Ratio

                    • Sgt. Dale,

                      You are just feeding the troll Eisen / whatever his name is. Let it go and soon it will be time for his mom to come down into the basement, change his depends, feed him and give him his meds.


                  • Chicken Twerk.

                    I await the intergration of man and machine, to be followed by the birth of artificial intelligence.

                    No rights. No Dreams. Only programs.

                    • no rights, only programs…no different than every particle that makes up everything and the laws of nature they cannot deviate from.

                      no dreams…not until the programs become aware of the information they process. there’s no telling what type of “dreaming” or memory retaining process will occur while a system is in a “hibernation/sleep” type mode…but i believe it will be a lot more efficient.

                      AI and integration has existed for quite some time, the only problem is that it’s still primitive(just like we are) thanks to ppl like sgt.stale and those like him, who rather think about delusions and fairy tales, instead of scientific/technological advancement.

                  • ChickenSHIT, one day the world will be free of delusional POS trolls like you, so go f#$% yourself!

            • dale,
              I have been here twice as long as you and am no troll….you obviously still do not understand what a troll is.. Unfortunately for you, the word does have a meaning and should be applied correctly instead of being applied to anyone who posts something you do not agree with or like.

              If you were worth $.02 as a cop, you’d have more knowledge about me through not only my postings here, but through your occupation as a servant for satan. I seem to know more about you than you do me. I am not a statist servant of satan but I do investigations in my career and I can tell you that you should not only know that chicken twerk is not me, but also just who it actually is, you need to pay attention more…lol

              I am not only not a troll, I am not a young kid and believe it or not, am not very book smart…that would be my brother the Colonel. I have always had a hard time reading/studying and focus/attention. I have enough life experiences to write a book you’d think an 80 year old wrote, and I have more street smarts than most.

              As for you worshiping God….I say what God? Think, if your able to, about this for a bit before answering.
              Remember , just about EVERYTHING you know is a lie.

          • Chicken, you don’t know how right you are. If bullshit could fly this place would be an airport with sgt pussynose as lead fight instructor.

            • Another new troll named Rob Morrow who needs to move on.

              • It’s going to take a lot more than your sorry assed windbag comments about standing in the front lines. My guess would be you’ve never fired a shot in anger in your life, unless your talking about thumbs up/ thumbs down as your weapons.

                • RM, I know damned good and well what’s coming to this nation and made my decision over 2 decades ago. You don’t know where I’ve been or what I’ve done. You don’t know what I’ve been through in this thing called life. All I will tell you is that I can and will hold my own in any confrontation with any POS out there. Try losing your wife to a drunk driver who was a POS illegal alien and see how that feels. I’ve lost a few relatives to violent criminals so I WON’T have any trouble pulling the trigger on one when it come to that. Put that in your crack pipe and smoke it.

                  • I know that you and your sgt buddy have never fired a shot in anger or have been fired back at either, you both just talk big out your asses about how bad you both are. Please, just go back to your old man thumbs up/thumbs down warfare, it’s really the only type of combat old men are suited for.

        • @Sarge

          Its a bigger and different world these days. Ever heard of the internet?… I don’t know, I hope your right. Maybe I’m just an eternal pessimist

          • What the hell is the internet?

      27. Mr. Hodges, you know nothing about Russian history. You are delusional to believe Russia is just another species of NWO imperialist that will join the banksters against the American people. Russia’s central problem across 1100 years has been having too few people to domesticate too much land (and other resources). Secondly, they have known total war, with an equally capable foe, in a way Amerikans have not. But keep on repeating the warmonger propaganda you internalized over the years. Your imperialist masters love it.

      28. I remember in the last days of Bush vast sums being squirreled away around the world for a reason: there was no trust with the current regime. Segments of the government knew the conspiracy afoot – Saudi oil money funding Islamic extremism with the goal of bringing the West down and instituting a global Islamic caliphate. Members of the military and security services were well aware of this danger and also of the collusion with elements in most Western governments.

        But it is complicated: there is also the push for a secular, one-world government, which is backed by China. This is also a powerful global player and force and is quietly in conflict with the Islamic caliphate vision, but so far, apart from acts of terrorism, this has not turned into a direct, hot war. I, however, can see it going that way as these competing visions butt shoulders around the world, in particular in Africa, the Middle East, and now, Europe. In the caliphate plan, bringing down Europe is step one. The seeds of that plan have been planted for a long time and thus the unrest there (France being the worst). After that, it is the Middle East, Africa, Central Asia, Russia, and finally, North America. That is how the Saudi’s think. It is a plan that has been long in the works and is very well funded with cash and backed up with blackmail.

      29. No
        Every time it gets close, TPTB backs off, while the MSM changes the subject, so it won’t happen.

        A Civil War 2 would wreck our cities/farms/economy and all the other “toys” of the mega-rich.

        I believe that increased racial violence is much more likely, and/or another World War is coming.

        Watch out fur them Hogs.

      30. The polarization of bankers and the people at war as this article portends means it would behoove one to observe how the adversary operates. If you missed the Iraqi, Libyan and Ukrainian sacking of their respective barbaric physical gold reserves, then keep an eye on Greece’s physical gold and observe our masters actions in real time. Sovereign slavery through financial control by unelected banking oligarchs versus a duly elected government with a mandate contrary to the aforementioned oligarchs. Greece, the birthplace of democracy. Where was the blood, sweat and toil backing the Euros lent to the Greeks? A loan out of thin air produced digitally enslaves at a national level can just as easily be deleted by another digital keystroke by the Greeks. But look, there is a third hand coming over their shoulders to make a keystroke. It has a Russian look but says made in China. Which keystroke will they make? Control/alt/delete then end task, probably, hopefully, mercifully. I prefer in your face corruption since we apparently cannot live without it.

      31. The unemployment number that the talking heads keep repeating (5.6%) is not the unemployment number. It is the percentage of people who are still receiving unemployment benefits. If your benefits ran out, you are no longer counted as unemployed. If you just got out of school and can’t find a job, you are not counted as unemployed because you never received benefits. If you are only working a few hours a week you are not counted as unemployed or under employed. Bill Clinton changed the way unemployment was figured. And Bush Jr. kept the change going. The real number is somewhere near 21%. The destruction of the West is nearly complete. One more World War in Europe and North America should finish it.

        • Agree: we are going into an unbelievable global war unseen of before. It is already being fought all over the place but has not come to the developed countries – yet. A point will be reached where the special forces and the mercenaries will not be able to hold it back any longer and there will have to be a national call-up and total war mobilization. It is starting in Eastern Europe, where most of the countries are already sending call-up notices to young men and women. It is one of the reasons why many are fleeing to the UK etc.

        • During the depression unemployment was figured based on any able bodied man for whom there was no full time job available.

          Today that would be any able bodied worker since we now figure women as a part of the workforce along with men.

          Wonder what today’s unemployment figure in relation to the depression would be if it were still figured the same?

          • Over 50%

      32. 44 year old former Army Ranger ready for duty.

      33. I disagree with the articles comment on “civil war”,want nothing to do with this govt.,this is a war of succession from the insanity as was the war of 1861.I read that the fed reserve is really against Rand Pauls desire to “audit the fed”,the reasoning being congress can’t do anything right(kinda agree),that said,could be one of their “right “decisions,nothing to lose!

        • Civil war in America in the 21st would mean World War. Not that we have the fortitude to actually fight a gov’t gone rogue but hypothetically lets say we will or can….But?? Can you also fight their allies. I imagine tptb would call up all their buddies, UK, Can, Aussies, hell whoever else. Then lets just say we can fight all of them, of course assuming the call to arms to kill free Americans hasn’t led to political strife and civil war in their respective countries. While America is weakened during the course of a internal war, What’s to stop the Chinese or Russians from taking advantage of our great misfortunes and coming in to stake their claim. I see two options, a war to end all wars…or…and this being in my opinion the most likely (though also the most terrifying option) things keep getting progressively worse, more and more people cozy up to the gov’t tit, and if we’re unlucky enough to still be here in fifty years, we’ll all sit around and wonder how in the hell we let this happen. Though some will be content in their slavery. The future’s not looking very bright. IMHO

        • Rand Paul is just playing with us; knows it is one of the “catchy” little phrases that Patriots like to hear The day the non-Fed gets audited is the day hell freezes over…

          • Granny,whether Rand or his father Ron believe and will act on what they say,as public speakers who get press and say things I agree with is all right by me.As to whether there ever is a public audit will not hold my breath,seems things like F&F/Bengazigate ect. have faded from the public mind to a large degree.

      34. Do you think that decisions will not be made from the vote?

        But BULLETS INSTEAD ??????????

      35. Now for our listening pleasure

        go to you tube

        1 million fps slow motion video of bullet impacts made by

        werner melil from kurzzeit



      36. Members of the Armed Forces will not participate in any sort of coup, civil war or whatever in the name of the government. If the events you are describing come to pass, they will head home to their families and loved ones to protect them until this all dies down.
        Private mercenaries on the other hand may be something to contend with. Do not make the mistake of thinking the ultra-wealthy are not fully prepared for all contingencies.
        While I myself am not ultra wealthy, I travel in circles of those that are only one-degree apart from those that are. I have toured many homes, many properties and “get-aways.”
        I thought I was prepared…but you wouldn’t believe what some of these people have in their basement, underneath their showroom garage, buried in a bunker beyond the tree line of their property.
        The ultra rich will survive as they always have. Pick one or two off? Sure. But like the fabled hydra of old, cut off one head…you know the rest.

        -Heel out

      37. Meanwhile, as people here seem to talk about the bravado of courageously standing up to the invading U.N. and other foreign forces in conjunction with our own military and police, the United States is quietly and effectively being transformed into just a member State in the North American Union (something started under Clinton and continually progressing to the current time).

        Wonder why there is such a huge push to import as many Mexican and Central Americans as possible and give them de facto full citizen status here?

        If you cannot recognize your enemy and identify his strategy you cannot defeat him. He then will become the victor and you the subjugated loser in the conflict.

        Anyone ever bother to read the Art of War? If you haven’t you don’t know how to fight in a winning manner.

      38. A civil war is, simply put, a war between citizens of the same country. Be it a division that falls along political, racial, gender, geographic region, or any other lines, if it is involves citizens of the same country who are at war with each other it is classified as a civil war. Civil Wars generally are fought for political independence (or dominance) of each side – they may or may not result in a splitting of the original country, but those wars where secession is a stated goal of one side (not just an outcome) are generally always considered a Civil War.

        A revolution is a war fought to overthrow or rid yourself of a government in order to establish a new one. The old government may be indigenous, or may be external (i.e. colonial). In general, the main point of a revolution is to completely overthrow the existing government and replace it with a native government, NOT to split the country. Revolutions can be civil wars, but civil wars do not have to be revolutions.

        careful how you classify it

        • “War is when your government tells you who the enemy is, Revolution is when you figure it out for yourself”…..

          • Amen.

          • Exactly!

      39. A civil war is, simply put, a war between citizens of the same country. Be it a division that falls along political, racial, gender, geographic region, or any other lines, if it is involves citizens of the same country who are at war with each other it is classified as a civil war. Civil Wars generally are fought for political independence (or dominance) of each side – they may or may not result in a splitting of the original country, but those wars where secession is a stated goal of one side (not just an outcome) are generally always considered a Civil War.

        A revolution is a war fought to overthrow or rid yourself of a government in order to establish a new one. The old government may be indigenous, or may be external (i.e. colonial). In general, the main point of a revolution is to completely overthrow the existing government and replace it with a native government, NOT to split the country. Revolutions can be civil wars, but civil wars do not have to be revolutions.

        careful how you classify it

        • viva la Revolution

          TPAB want a Civil War ,, we should piss them off by giving them a REVOLUTION!

      40. want to know how your state stacks up?

        ht tp://www.cracktwo.com/2015/02/chart-shows-how-all-50-states-rank-on.html

        • That was interesting.
          It was from 2007 , i bet the numbers have damn near doubled since .

          • I bet your right

      41. about half our country owns firearms 150 million and estimates are as high as half a billion privately owned firearms.
        anyone that can squeeze a trigger would be slaughtering any occupying forces. Americans would not sit ideally by while an occupying force attempts to confisicate firearms and enslave us no matter the pretext used to start such a scenario. 22 million veterans currently many with battle experience I’m 44 and my generation fought in the first gulf war were not to old to fight,and you don’t need to be in great shape to squeeze a trigger on occupying forces at checkpoints etc.

        • Or squeeze one off at an elitist banksters…I’m looking at you LOADS OF MONEY.
          Lots of us peasants with lots of guns.
          Good post Mr. Smith…Steinbeck would be proud!

          Live Free or Die…from sea to shining sea

          • That “Loads of Money” is a LOAD of SHIT and nothing more. It’s a fake ass moron trying to rile people up.

            • Hey Bob-a-job you’d look SO cute in your little old BB outfit. I have a task that you can perform “””ZIP””” Do your best now! “LOADS OF M O N E Y”

              • loads of shit likes to fantasies about getting ass raped by his little piggie buddies at the bank LMAO u stupid little turd.

      42. The US public could take on the state and win within a day and that includes giving turn coats like the police what they have got coming to them.

        It is silly to sugest that Russia or China could or would help and you just need more patriots with the backbone to stop the banker puppets in their tracks.

        What are you ? Men or mice

      43. I’m not sure how many of you realize or have an idea how hard this revolution/g-war concept thing is going to be,on all humanity. Talk and speculation,In my humble opinion,is just that!!!!talk and speculation.Thousands of good people friend’s,family,and fellow patriots are going to die.I am not looking forward to that.I Do not deceive myself into thinking otherwise.This is Not going to be a winnable battle According to scripture. Their will be a lot of saints and innocents that are going to loose their lives and heads.For myself with the direction of the holy Spirit I will do all i can to preach,teach and Bring to belief in Christ as many souls who will listen and (believe).until my time here in the flesh has ended.Gods grace to all kaynine.

        • I simply don’t believe this is Armageddon. I refuse to give the globalist elites that much credit. They ain’t got the power to kick start the final confrontation. This is but another skirmish between good and evil, in a long storyline of skirmishes.

          It may be devastating, but it will not invoke the return of Jesus Christ. That’s just not up to the globalists.

        • you dont call what were doing right now losing? dying?

          its either we fight back or were all dead anyways

          • How the Hell is bitching on internet chat blogs considered to be ” fighting”?

        • @kaynine

          Exactly, prayers to you and us all. 100thumbs up

      44. The mathematics of armed civilians (prior military and not) isn’t correct plus how did the author come up with Russia and China entering a civil war taking place on American soil? My bet is that neither one will get involved. This article is totally off base.

      45. Do not think that the 35 & younger group is the key to win a conflict.35 or less is desirable for breaking and indoctrination that’s true, but as far as ability to engage,with age comes both wisdom and experience. I’d rather roll with someone in their 40’s or 50’s even, than some wet nose 19 0r 20 year old novice.

      46. Vote: Is this the “TOP” prepper site? I haven’t seen info on getting prepared, new products, best deals of storable food, equipment ratings, shtf plans etc. etc. in awhile.
        Clicking on ads, not.

        You tell me

      47. Fight the banksters? All you gotta do is go down and buy some junk silver, gold, or – IMHO, better idea – platinum, which is at extreme lows, and FAR under production costs.

        No courage needed for this one.

      48. If guerrillas have less chance of wining a war how come Isis is a force to be reckoned with another lie. if every American picked up the gun and went against the gov the gov would back down right away I’d bet my house on it. War is about livin to fight another day retreat does not mean they yield and we win and it’s over forever. They will go into their hideyhole and resurface when an oppertunity to make gains over Americans arises the war is never over in reality just folks are asleep at the wheel. When everyday life becomes too hard they will wake up. Is sad they have so much trust in the system. I sure as hell don’t. I see the gov as being very weak and they have to keep up the illusion that they are the almighty. But the machine is breaking down on them if there was an explosion of high morals tomorrow we would be at war right away but folks are so used to the gov failing it seems normal to most people. I look out for number 1 everybody else should too it’s not selfish IMHO charity is not mandatory but it is appreciated you don’t want to be a burden when everyone is suffering. The saying don’t keep all your eggs in one basket is the smart thing these days. Just stop participating in anything that helps the economy do not buy any new vehicles just by minimal living you are silently protesting. I hoard $ I’m not buying anything. I’m keeping my hard earned $ I have been not buying things for a long time. I repair my car. I said it before spending $ hurts me it makes me feel awful even if I get nice things I don’t enjoy them because I spent $ I’m glad I’m this way. Stay out of stores they are set up to keep you in there as long as they can to keep your mind distracted. All the ads are made with little jingles to be catchy so when you need something you will remember the tune and the company and buy their wares I’m not old but this advertising crap has really gotten way out of hand everywhere you look there is a bill board a radio ad a tv commercial or pictures of sandwiches that look tasty they are playing into this psychological aspect of humans to make $ off us. Avoid being influenced by all this crap and keep your $ enjoy the simple life it is good if god wanted us to be consumers he’d a told us this in his word I don’t see it in there. How much crap do you have in your house you don’t even look at. These were all impulse buys . You need some things in life but not all the junk they sell out there. I tell my kids no too they don’t need this junk. I get them some candy and they are happy.

      49. I would rather fight along side people that have an aggressive demeanor than some folks who are scared of the world. Think about dead means it’s over you lost there is no respawn . I would rather kill people and repent later for it. This is how I see it . And if I gotta kill people I’m gonna be ruthless in my actions it’s the way it has to be people . If not you will have your guard down and end up a victim sooner or later . I’m not going into a war with intentions to lose my life. I will fight dirty to win. Thumb me down people if you like . War is the end all folks I’m playing for keeps.

      50. This 55 year old veteran (Navy) still runs about 35 miles a week and lifts weights 3x a week. I am NOT the man I was when I served but with age has come a modicum of wisdom and MUCH more patience than I possessed as a young man. IMO I would do better in combat now than I would have at 30 for those reasons.As for the article it is complete bullshit. There is no way to gauge how a protracted Civil conflict would turn out. If skilled command level ex-officers were involved ANYTHING could happen. Just 2 scenarios out of thousands as an example. Blow up the 5 major bridges spanning the Mississippi River and see what happens to the establishment when the trucks stop running. Blow up the 10 key transforming stations in US power grid and bring it down. See how effective the NSA is with no functional national power grid. These are two of countless areas where TPTB would be vulnerable.

      51. another worthless article. Whatever happened to the EBOLA epidemic that was gonna really take off when the weather got cold? I stated from the first that it was gonna fizzle out! Im tired of these half assed cry wolf half truths. The actuall truth is the government and 1% are preparing for the end of an age earth changes. That are being caused by the magnetic pole shift. The NWO plan is mainly for continuity of goverment. Think any of us will get a invite to MT Weather? The goal of government is plain for anyone to see. Just read the Georgia guide stones. all they plan to do is kick the can down the road until the clatyclisims really kick in. Look they spent 9 trillion prior to Obama. and already 9 trillion since he was sworn in! They are not even attempting to be fiscally responsible.

      52. The American people are not going to do nothing about anything that they do not like except bitch, especially the whites, we always bitch but never do anything, just go right along with what ever is done to us,gun laws, tax laws, medical laws, politicians with criminal records drawing pensions and bennies ect
        the only war that will ever be in this country is some day, the wrong black kids will be killed in the wrong city and all hell will break loose, there will not be just a couple busses of blacks going to the city to protest, but there will be a few million going to the city to get revenge and god help anyone in the way, they’re not going to care about all the automatic weapons and armored vehicles the cops have. we’ve all seen the average protesters who make a lot of noise and do some looting, we’re forgetting that millions of blacks are combat veterans, very smart and will be a force to reckoned with when they get organized and riled, hungry, cold. I’m just happy that I don’t live on a main road to anyplace.

      53. i just don’t see the american military shooting up the american public. the powers that be may want it, but they just ain’t going to get it. maybe in one spot on a small group sure. but if it is prolonged and country wide, the rank and file will just not comply no matter what the generals say, they will join the rebellion and bring their heavy ordinance with them. god bless america

        • Sorry to disagree with you. But the government has been killing and shooting its own people forever not just with secret experiments but shooting then in plain day light. Are you aware of how out of control police brutality is in this country. When the time comes (not if) the government will run people over Tienanmen Square style with MRAPS and tanks (WACO?) Also, you need to understand like in all empires there are ways to keep ONLY the psychos in positions of power. They won’t have any trouble pushing buttons or running people over and others will fall in line to keep their jobs. The only hope we could have is if at some point government worshipers (republicans, democrats and religious people) finally disapprove of the actions of DC. But based on the evidence I would not hold my breath. Revolutions have occurred in many countries around the planet for a fraction of the infractions of DC but the people keep their hope in their so called “democracy” here in the USA. Don’t forget to vote!

      54. I disagree with your theory. You are not counting the millions of militia groups or citizens. You sure not counting the resistance in the southern states. People in the south will be the first to rise. Sorry, but it’s true. the standing government is hated the worst in the south. If a civil war does break out between the people, Russian and the Chinese will not enter. but the flow of arms will be like running water to the rebels. They will finally be able to pay back the US government for all the back insurrections we helped. The US government will fall, they will not have a chance. The US will break apart like the old USSR. The regions will break into political and religious sections. Naturally the South will fall back to the confederacy, the west coast will fall into their own region. A Russian general 3 years ago wrote a paper explaining the break up, and causes. Unlike your synopsis, the Us has never won a Gorilla war. Have you forgotten Vietnam? The Taliban, and every other group is still fighting in the middle east, we have not won anything but put a different dictator in charge. Sorry, the US government with all their might will not win. You can kill people—-but you can’t kill an idea.

        • Suppose I was a circle of dictators, knowing our ‘defeat’ in the U.S. was inevitable. Suppose we were trying to implement an internationalist government.

          I would allow the U.S to crumble. I would allow it to break up geopolitically, and help the worst-of-the-worst elements take control in each respective region.

          Then I’d let them slaughter eachother and their people.
          The ensuing events would be powerful evidence in support of ‘foreign aid’ troops rushing in. It would be a rallying call to an internationalist system. And my opponents in the general populace would be long dead.

          Thats how I would unmake America, if I were the leader of the USSR or The International.

      55. They usually do a purge when they are prepareing an attack and or doing something illegally if they already aren’t

      56. Of the 1.4+ million active duty, how many are capable of actually engaging in warfare. We often think about all of them as fighting machines, but seriously, the mail clerk, the finance officer (those without continuous training in weaponry); I’m speaking from what I saw. Secondly, there are many GIs (officers and enlisted) who simply won’t deviate from their innate calling to stand as American citizens and not go to battle against them.
        Don’t think that these discussions aren’t debated among our troops in close circles.

        I think TPTB are worrying about the logistics as much as the average American citizen, and will most likely shit the bed when they see how many GIs are NOT willing to fight against American citizens. Contrary to popular belief, most GIs are not dumb-ass robots.

      57. …More of a description of Cheney than Obama–the planting of moles all throughout government, to do his, and his Big Oil oligarchs’ bidding. Yet, no doubt, Obama is the “Mole-in-Chief”–the “Manchurian Candidate” who, for the time being, is there as the placeholder and blackmailed accomplice with Cheney’s, and Cheney’s cabal’s, overlordship “out of ‘office'”. Nevertheless, SHTF is not a singular, expected, watershed condition that will be unmistakably noticeable to everyone with a gun who can then rally to the cause of defense of liberty. That naive expectation of a “shot heard ’round the world” is being proven by the piecemeal, one-at-a-time capture of individuals who are labelled by the complicit mainstreamers as being “deranged”, “hostile”, “mentally-disturbed/unbalanced/troubled, etc.” or “suspect”. Those individuals can be individual libertarians who are being singled out and purged from the battlefield–with or without a shot being fired. That, and the complicit acceptance of “legalities” such as gun-control or other regulation, is the kind of surreptitious, “frog-in-hot-water” attack on individual liberty that wins the battles for the powers-that-be without the mass rally of armed citizenry that’s expected by the timid who have to have a mass rally in which to feel legitimate or safe to act. One’s own individual liberty, and that of one’s loved ones–whenever, wherever threatened with being violated–is the alarm that’s sounded. The sustainability of the tactics and the materiel of every individual and, whether or not their strategy is about disempowering the powers-that-be, are what determine the success rate of every individual in this war.

      58. Financial jewish capitalism and Marxist jewish communism allied themselves, to crush the the sovereign nation of Germany during the terrible years of ww2, now we are paying the price of the crime committed to the German race.

        The west will rise again, Europe will be it`s epicenter.

      59. Financial juice capitalism and Marxist juice communism allied themselves, to crush the sovereign nation of Germany during the terrible years of ww2, now we are paying the price of the crime committed to the German race.

        The west will rise again, Europe will be it`s epicenter.

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