Harry Dent Says It’s Go Time – Short the Market

by | Sep 17, 2009 | Forecasting, Harry Dent

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    Harry Dent’s September 17, 2009 Forecast Update recommends that investors pull out of the US equities markets. For those looking to make some money on the down-side, he recommends moving in to short positions by way of Inverse ETFs:

    Today’s trading looks like a potential blow-off top. The U.S. dollar sentiment got back to 3% bullish yesterday and the dollar is very close to our buy target of 75.90 – 76.00 and the Euro has reached our more extreme target at 1.47. The markets are very overstretched here and we think it is very likely that we are seeing a top just above 9,800 on the Dow today.

    This is the best intermediate term play we have seen in a long time. Shorting the stock market (for example, ETF symbol SH) could yield 50% to 60%+ gains over the next year with a 5% to 15% downside if the markets keep edging up for awhile, even to extremes.

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