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    This article was originally published on Activist Post. 

    This is a critical update from one of the best financial commentators I know, a good friend of ours, Mr. Lior Gantz of and we’re excited to share this one with you!

    No One Comes Back From This Uninjured. In one word, the devaluation is set to ESCALATE.

    In fact, I term it Competitive Devaluation. There are several countries that will be the pioneers of it, but it will eventually reach the United States of America. In Europe and in Japan, we are closer to seeing it happening; in the next 2-5 years, you’ll hear about governments’ first official plans to do this.

    They will NOT alert the media to notify the public to own gold and silver. They haven’t thus far (and they won’t going forward, either), and meanwhile, they’ve been accumulating them at the fastest pace in more than half a century.

    The central banks want to buy gold, uninterrupted. Since they do not buy silver, the mania that will ensue in that niche market will be huge.

    Not just gold and silver stand to gain from devaluation; companies that are able to increase prices and not lose consumers will be great winners as well. These are the world-dominators with pricing power, and I will profile my top-5 holdings for the Endgame Decade (2020-2029) in a Special Report due to be published by September 30th.

    Real estate prices in metropolitan areas will also continue to rise; these are hard assets that are difficult to increase in supply, but my analysis is that of the three – world-class companies, precious metals, and real estate, silver will be the BEST PERFORMER.

    Courtesy: U.S. Global Investors

    Central banks are not able to inflate the real debt levels away. The most extreme case of this is Japan, whose central bank has done ALMOST everything under the sun to relieve the country of its deflationary spiral and has failed miserably.

    We are a few years from that because many countries have still not reached the negative-yield world. Trump’s entire argument is that the FED doesn’t need to have ammunition come next recession, because interest rates are never going higher again, so just slam the bid, shove the thing to ZERO, or lower and help monetize bonds.

    That’s Trump’s attitude, and as bizarre as it sounds, it is becoming our way of life. Under this fiat monetary system, we are never going back to normalized rates; the path is Competitive Devaluation.

    Debts will be written off, savings will become extinct and it’s all because our political systems, demographics projection, and growth curves do not align at all.

    In the short-term, September will be a month of relief. The Treasury will be funded, the debt ceiling will be raised and dollar liquidity will be increased by the FED; they will lower rates with 100% uncertainty. Any other announcement and the markets will dive by 15%-20%, like in December.


    Of course, people living on a fixed income, who represent most of the individuals in the world (employees with salaries), will be HURT THE MOST.

    Inflation has the same effect on society as poisoning the water supply: it contaminates and destroys one of the elementary requisites for an orderly society – a stable medium of exchange.

    Worse, it diminishes trust in authorities.

    Worst of all, it makes everyone a bit more extreme in their views and raises their primal instincts for survival; it reveals the violent side of the personality.

    This past week, my wife, daughter and I have been enjoying the beauty and the architectural splendor of the Liguria Sea, the area known as the Italian Riviera, with the Cinque Terre UNESCO World Heritage Park and the magnificent Portofino peninsula.

    When looking at all the tourists who flock these shores in August and early September, it is sometimes unimaginable to envision times in which people will be concerned about their basic needs, when mega-yachts dock on the picturesque marinas, but I can cite a list of more than 20 countries that saw this crisis in the 20th and 21st centuries hit them, seemingly out of the blue.

    Just 11 years ago, the U.S. papered-over a major banking disaster. Argentina went from being one of the top-10 economic engines in the world to a criminal enterprise with corruption everywhere. Empires fall, due to mismanagement. Countries collapse, due to wrong policies. It’s the way of the world.

    No one will like the endgame or leave it unscathed, but some will be in a better position to capitalize on the boom that follows. Priority No.1 is to meaningfully elevate the active income you derive from your career, by becoming a more valuable person. Priority No.2 is to invest the savings wisely.

    The race is only beginning!


    It Took 22 Years to Get to This Point

    Gold has been the right asset with which to save your funds in this millennium that began 23 years ago.

    Free Exclusive Report
    The inevitable Breakout – The two w’s

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      1. gold and silver isnt legal tender. nobody takes it as payment. only pawn shops buy it and they dont pay spot even. i will stick with cash. everyone wants it.

        • Probably better do at least 1 more second of research. Gold and silver is preserving wealth in other countries like Venezuela. If you did not have gold or silver you went in prostitution, left the country, or died. I buy us mint gold and silver eagles because they are the most recognizable and as a result have the highest buy sell payback. Better pricing with online dealers. Gold and silver miners will soar 10x more than physical and payout obscene dividends as well.

        • Are you an ASSHAT or DIPSHAT?

        • what you said is ALMOST completely true……….but would you trade your push lawnmower for 1 ounce of gold?

      2. “Told ya so!” Silver still cheap…. GET SUM! 😛

        • Until Silver drops to 50 to 1, Silver to Gold Price Ratio, Silver is still a buy. Silver is at 82.73 to 1 right now, so Back up the truck and load up. Buy on the dips like right now. This sucka is going to $24 I predict by end of 2019, or close to it.

          • Good old Ron Paul bought his box of gold dollars at 20 dollars a pop. He’s still alive and breathing today.

            Nobody knows the true value of gold or silver, at least at this moment in time.

            Those with the highest debt loads will be the hardest hit.

      3. free speech verbotten at this site

      4. what BS

        silver and gold are tanking like always the days of $ 300.00 per oz silver are just a pipe dream. and contrary to what most silver bugs here claim money spent on over priced and hyper over priced silver is money gone for good.

        no one with half a brain cell will buy your crap for more then its worth so if you pay $ 300.00 per oz and the value drops to $ 3.00 per oz you lose plain and simple. no magic wand and no amount of wishing and crying will get you your money back.
        and forget the BS about how during endgame time it will magically get you a butt load of food meds etc

        so why waste money
        Lear capitol is still sitting on a shit load of crap they over paid for years ago and they are getting premium when they do sell it

        all this story is about is how to rip you off

      5. “Buy my report now because you are too stupid to see the handwriting on the wall.”

      6. In a currency devaluation, it helps to have your cash money in coins, as they never replace those because of the cost. If paper money is devalued by 100 times, your coins instantly become worth 100 times more than the old paper money.

        Silver for small purchases and gold for big purchases is great. But having loads of coins means being able to simply buy things cheaper after a devaluation. Just don’t go trying to buy a car with a load of quarters. Someone might get suspicious and make a special case out of you.

        • This is a murky subject to me. Help me out here. So, if they replace the dollar bill with a hundred dollar bill when they devalue by 100 times, you can take your four quarters and exchange them for a new hundred? Fraid not. Regular coins will devalue by the same amount. They will still only buy a new devalued one dollar bill. A quarter will still be 25 cents and a nickel will still be 5 cents. What am I figuring wrong?

          You may hold more value in pm coins but you will need to convince the seller that they are worth more than their stamped face value. Only 2% of the people value precious as money. Good luck convincing those people that your Mercury dime is worth a buck…even a devalued buck.

          • No. What happens is that they take $100 of your old money and give you $1 of new money. But they don’t take your coins.

            Because of this, prices are forced down, at least for a while. For example, $5 gas goes down to 5 cents at first. Your old $100 in paper money is now only $1, so you can buy 20 gallons. Your $100 in coins is still $100, so you can buy 2,000 gallons.

        • You’ll be lucky to get face value in any collapse.

          Many of you paid multiples of face value for mixed composition coinage, which are illegal to meltdown.

          Bread $500 a loaf, good thing you got a $500 sack of quarters and pennies that you paid $5000 for.

      7. US Coins are Junk. Unless pre-1964 which then, still there is only 90% silver in the coins. And being diluted with crap metals, US coins are virtually worthless to use for any utilitarian purpose. I’ve seen people use nickels as washers and drill a hole in the center of the coin the size of your bolt, as some washers are more expensive than 5 cents each, so maybe you can use the US coins as a washer. Do the math.

        To maintain your wealth, you are better off buying .999 Fine Silver Bullion, which will be easy to cash out, since the price is valued via the spot price. US Coins are freaking junk same with the phony IPU paper soon to be worth nothing.

        My last purchase of 200 Oz of Silver Bullion 1 ounce coins from a well known coin dealer, I only had to pay .15 cents over spot per Oz. And cashing it out at the same coin dealer, they will only charge me .25 per Oz to cash it out.

        So don’t get ripped off from the pros when buying the real deal.

        • .999 1 ounce Silver Bullion, are “Rounds” not coins. Since they are not US Minted and cannot be called coins. Sorry for the misquote.

          • US mint makes .999 silver eagles which are called bullion. They also make .9999 gold buffalos which are also called bullion.

      8. If the news is truthful Trump is asking the Federal Reserve to push interest rates to zero or go negative. One gain the “crazies” who have been predicting such a thing scooped the main stream.

        Money is divorced from value. The economy is not capitalistic but instead planned. Each intervention requires subsequent interventions, price discovery, supply and demand, both building blocks of capitalism are removed.

      9. Liar ought to learn what debt and the economy are.

        Economy is just fine, new highs **before** xmas.

        Stocks fall once in awhile, and then the rats on SHTFPLAN come out of the walls all proclaiming a collapse. Then a week or two later, new highs.

        Just days remaining until gold/silver collapse.

      10. It is both a historical and financial fact that Japan, whose central bank has done ALMOST everything under the sun to relieve the country of its deflationary spiral, has failed miserably. Given that irrefutable fact, what guarantees that zero or negative interest rates, in an effort to monetize US debt, as Japan has done for more than a decade, and as European nations are embarking on, will result in inflation as the article implies? Why should we be so sure that our economic and financial outcome will somehow be different than Japan’s?

      11. When there is currency revaluation, US circulating small coins will be devalued as well and will sell only for the metallic content, nickel and or copper. Their monetary value is based on the current dollar value and will not automatically be worth what a “new dollar” is valued at. Circulating coins make good washers if you drill a hole in them.

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