Consumers Have Reached Their Tipping Point Marking Impending Recession

by | Sep 2, 2019 | Emergency Preparedness, Forecasting | 10 comments

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    American consumers’ sentiment has officially reached their tipping point.  It’s time to brace for the impending recession.

    Unfortunately, the news is dire. Consumer sentiment results from the University of Michigan Surveys of Consumers have crashed. The Consumer Sentiment Index posted its largest monthly decline in August 2019 (-8.6 points) since December 2012 (-9.8 points), according to the University of Michigan Surveys of Consumers. According to a report by Forbes, economic analysts had expected August to be fairly steady and smooth, but the mid-month preliminary results dramatically shook those expectations. Analysts, trusting those early readings, dropped their forecasts accordingly. However, the final results reported Friday, August 30, are even below those revisions.

    Consumers have said they are concerned over the rise in prices for goods and services thanks to the trade war.

    “The recent decline is due to negative references to tariffs, which were spontaneously mentioned by one-in-three consumers, he said. … Trump’s tariff policies have been subject to repeated reversals amid threats of higher future tariffs.

    “Such tactics may have some merit in negotiations with China but act to increase uncertainty and diminish consumer spending at home, Curtin said. Unlike the repeated tariff reversals, negative trends in consumer sentiment cannot be easily reversed.”

    “Overall buying attitudes toward appliances, home electronics and other household durables fell to their lowest level in five years, with net price references more negative than anytime since June 2008.”

    Despite lower interest rates, vehicle and home buying attitudes declined on balance in the August survey. Forbes

    Morgan Stanley: The Fed’s Interest Rate Cut Will NOT Stop A Recession

    If you have not yet begun to prepare for an economic recession, now would be a great time to start. Especially considering the one small piece of positive news is not all that great. TheU.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) report said: “optimistic US consumers boost spending 0.6% in July.” But that’s terrible news when considering wages grew at a meager .1%, a number below what spending grew by.

    The Next Economic Crisis’ Fuel: Americans Over-Burdened By Debt

    If consumer spending declines, the economy will surely face a recession. However, consumer spending will have to decline at some point, considering most Americans are already tapped out financially.

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      1. Same Sheeet different day/week/month/year/decade……

      2. Kill a buffalo, starve an Indian.
        DIY, starve a commie.

      3. This is the Fed plan for a one world order system. Useless to fight against it apparently going by past presidents murdered to continue the march, JFK, RFK included because he would have been elected in 1968, Lincoln like JFK printing United States Notes. The decline has been steady now nearing the desired end of all freedoms that we cherish.

      4. The only recession that I see coming is for Mac Salvo and his Trump hating Libertarian nut job web site. MAGA/KAG!

        • Libertarian

          : an advocate of the doctrine of free will
          a : a person who upholds the principles of individual liberty especially of thought and action
          b capitalized : a member of a political party advocating libertarian principles

          The US Constitution as expressed in the the Preamble and codified in the Bill of Rights are Libertarian. Libertarians believe in “America first, second and third”. Libertarians do not believe in wars for foreign business interests. Certainly a Police State runs contrary to Libertarian principals. A true conservative by definition believes in the principals outlined by The Founding Fathers who in fact were Libertarian.

        • aljamo, Rand Paul is a libertarian and he consistently supports the President more than most. Get a clue. And face it, the day the Donald showed up at the door of the White House on day 1 the U.S. was 21 trillion in fed debt, and over 200 trillion in overall debt. This was bound to happen. Its not the President’s fault, although, he will be blames, as usual, for everything. Try not to get your panties in an uproar, and try to think clearly, or you won’t be able to shoot clearly when you see the whites’ of their coming eyes. Got it? Get it! Good.

      5. I’m sure most SHEEPLE have reached their limits but I’m sitting pretty and still stacking. No trouble here.

        • Same here, plus I’m wayyyyy up in dem dar hills. I’ll be down when the smoke’s cleared enough to see and shoot accurately. UN soldiers get 10 points each.

      6. The issue now is we’ve shot a good deal of our bullets. Trump has exhausted our options on the fiscal side. Interest rates are near zero. So not much on the monetary side. It’s going to be tough to get out of this one. The budget deficit is just going to have balloon even bigger than it has been.

      7. Anon, I don’t know about you but yeah, Fed bullets are spent, but I have my bullets, n’ lots of ’em.

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