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    This article was contributed by James Davis of Future Money Trends. 

    The first few days of September were EXACTLY AS PREDICTED. We issued two separate alerts on the reasons why September will be horrible for the markets, and right out of the gate, investors got it HANDED TO THEM.

    I don’t think it’s the end of it, either. The fact of the matter is that the VIX has gone up to its highest level in three months, which TELLS ME that profit-taking isn’t over.

    Because of that, Future Money Trends is taking UNPRECEDENTED STEPS to add exceptional value to you:

    1. We’re creating our FIRST-EVER tech-focused watch list, which is a MUST-OWN sector. Some segments in tech are so disruptive that not having exposure to them is a CARDINAL SIN.

    In order to achieve this, we’re masterminding with tech funds that we have a personal relationship with, and that’s going to be PUBLISHED in 7-10 days from now!

    Our three WATCH LISTS we’ve published since the MARCH PANIC have returned high double-digits yields, so I want to stress which stocks are STILL BELOW our buy range. Here are the watch lists: ONE, TWO, and THREE.

    As you can see, the gains have been JUST PERFECT. The number of companies that are still attractive to me has shrunk drastically, but there are still a few that are below the limit orders: Ciena, Cisco (close enough to its limit order), Spirit Aerosystems (not Spirit airlines), and there are four companies that are getting close: A.O. Smith (below $42), Resmed (below $160), Chubb (below $122), and TFI International (below $39 on NYSE).


    As you can see, insiders see the WRITING ON THE WALL and know that at these prices, they’d be NAÏVE NOT to take advantage of their options and stock compensation.

    A vulnerable tech sector opens the door for the natural resource industry TO SHINE!

    Therefore, for the first time in our company’s history, we’re publishing a resource portfolio comprised of 4 companies: a MEGA-CAP, a seasoned miner, a new IPO, and a speculative high-flyer. This is our ideal combination of companies.


    With China continuing to decelerate its TREASURY HOLDINGS and the dollar’s weakness in 2020 at the same time as gold and silver are the BEST PERFORMERS, resource stocks have done amazingly well for us.

    Therefore, we embarked upon our GREATEST PROJECT in company history and came up with four company profiles that comprise this portfolio, which will eventually grow to between 10 and 15 stocks.


    Get FULL ACCESS to the portfolio HERE!


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      1. This is the land filled with and controlled by horrific monsters. Being a horrifying monster is now the norm in America. They destroy the honest, intelligent, capable, and successful ( individuls and small businesses) for the benefit of the incompetent, corrupt, and incapable, ( large corporations that repeatedly force bail outs, banks, the Federal Reserve, and the governments that also repeatedly force bail outs.) 

        America is guaranteed to fail, because the government is totally corrupt and evil to not only permit this, but to mandate it. Every single one of them is guilty of treason and high crimes. There is not a single honest person that is in elected office, or other unelected offices. Same with the press that is supposed to be the ultimate guard that makes sure that if the system –  all three branches of government, in addition to the surveillance state and military and state and local governments are corrupt, that the press would inform the public of it. They are too caught up in identity partisan politics and acting as propagandists for their paid advertisers, if not overtly promoting those advertisers, then by refusing to report on the corruption of those advertisers.

        Surveillance is out of control. Contact tracing proves that the entire surveillance state is filled with perverted, retarded, thieves and frauds and that they are incapable of fighting or preventing crime because they are in an organized crime ring. I have heard this government coming up with lame rationalizations to spy on people and violate their rights, but contact tracing is the lamest of them all.

        These are such wretched scumbags and truly lousy excuses for human beings! What a nation of scumbags and losers! No heroes in this shithole country! Just a lame excuse to hand trillions over to the surveillance state and tech sector filled with retarded, perverted, thieves, and frauds! No intelligent decent human being would stoop to such demoralizing levels! 

        Andrea Iravani

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