Breaking Point: People Are Shellshocked, Extraordinarily Nervous

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    Economists and analysts have said that fear is building as the possibility of another recession looms. We certainly wouldn’t disagree with the fear factor, but we maintain our position that the recession, which began in 2008, never really ended. Mainstream economists will argue, fruitlessly, that positive GDP growth over the last two years proves the recession ended, but as was pointed out in Global GDP Growth Numbers are Fictitious, the official statistics fail to account for the real rate of inflation. When you count the rise in prices across the board, we’re in recession – and we’ve been there since at least 2008.

    But, for the sake of argument, we’ll humor the mainstream, and give them the “official” position, which says that fields of green shoots spread across the country in the summer of 2009, and continued to bloom throughout 2010 as the stock market came roaring back. (We won’t mention falling real estate prices, record foreclosures, rising unemployment, an expanding food stamp participation rate, destruction of personal credit and overwhelming national debt – no, we won’t mention those –  just focus on stock markets and GDP, please, because we need to think like the experts.)

    As experts, we would then be looking at the one and only factor that really means anything – and that’s consumption. And, according to the Washington Post, it’s this particular aspect of our economy that is now putting us on the brink of the oft feared double dip:

    More than two years after the recession’s official end, people are driving their cars a year longer, holding back on jewelry and furniture, and swapping brand names for cheaper store brands at the supermarket.

    More ominously, the once sturdy optimism of Americans appears to have crumbled, according to one key measure. Breaking from precedent, Americans no longer believe they will make more money next year than this year, according to the University of Michigan’s Surveys of Consumers. These expectations used to rebound after recessions; this time they didn’t.

    This crisis of confidence, a departure from long-standing expectations of rising American prosperity, is spurring millions of small consumer decisions that collectively determine whether businesses should expand, and in turn whether the recovery will continue to falter.

    Confidence. The whole system is built on it. And, based on recent consumer sentiment surveys, the confidence is dissipating. People are scared, they’re uncertain, and they’re responding by holding on to what little money they have left, as opposed to spending it on $10 million dollars worth of vacations like our first lady has done. This, says Moody’s chief economist Mark Zandi, is a self-fulfilling prophecy. The likely result is lower sales for businesses, more layoffs, and even less spending – a vicious economic cycle that no amount of stimulus and propaganda can reverse:

    That could begin a cycle of dismal expectations and set off another downturn.

    “It could be the only recession that we actually will ourselves into,” said Mark Zandi, chief economist for Moody’s Analytics.

    The trouble is people are so shellshocked and haven’t really gotten over the recession,” he said. “They’re extraordinarily nervous, and when anything goes off script even a little bit they freeze, and that’s where we are right now and why we are so close to recession.”

    If recent indicators are a guide, the green shoots have now withered, and recession is already here. Economists, just as they failed to do in early 2008, simply don’t see the writing on the wall. Even Mr. Zandi doesn’t seem to get it. This has nothing to do with willing our way into recession, and everything to do with the fact that working Americans simply don’t have the means to do it. The money is gone, and many are now down to the paychecks of last resort – unemployment, social security benefits, welfare, and anything else they can scrounge up – just to survive.

    We are at the breaking point.

    The experts completely dropped the ball (again) and have yet to identify what is really going on here, and will not do so until they write about it in hindsight ten or twenty years from now.

    That is, we are in the midst of the next Great American Depression.


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      1. Amen. I’ve been through lots of recessions, as has everyone else. This, since the beginning, has smelled, felt and tasted different. This was, is and will continue to be a depression. I can walk out of my home office and literally see at least one abandoned home that in 2006 would have sold for at least 1/2 a million. I can drive in any direction from my house and count multiple dozens of such places, some would have approached 7 figures in 2006 / 2007. But I do agree that a percentage of this is caused by perceptions. Remember good ol Jimmy Farter ? I remember how a cloud of sadness just “hung” over this country. When Reagan came in, it was like the sun rose for the first time in a long northern winter. He wasn’t magic, little had changed in reality; but WE were no longer depressed and sad. Consequently, WE started moving again, We started growing again. We were no longer hopeless.

        • Yeah, when Reagan came in, we got happy again while the underlying system stayed the same. The living on borrowed time kicked it up a gear. And now, the ponzi scheme is winding down. The party is over – here comes the headache.

          • We? Good thing you weren’t over in Iraq as a hostage? You probably miss little jimmy Farter. Yes I agree with you but you’re short sighted.

            Looks like we have a few shovel ready jobs for the white house now, and fema is broke.

            • Actually, compared to our Glorious Leader who now inhabits our WH… yea, I do sort of miss the Peanut Man. At least he was only a dope and wasn’t consciously trying to destroy it.

            • Don’t you perhaps mean IRAN instead of Iraq?

            • Yes, you’re right MM. I’ve been to both and it’s tuff to tell the difference with cross hairs on your back.

            • What is coming is not a recession or a depression. It is the complete destruction of our financial foundations. A new system will be brought in to REPLACE it- not repair it. Even folks here cant seem to grasp that. Wont stop it from coming tho, and when it does, their solution will be to euphamize the vaporization as another ‘pending recovery’ or such rubbish and the sheeple will believe it. Even as they camp out homeless and hungry in leaky tents, with China hiring us as slave labor on our own soil.

            • You really ought to Google the words “October Surprise” if you think Reagan was some kind of hero who saved the day. Must have been nice for the former hostages to find that the GOP was conspiring with the Iranians to keep them as hostages a little longer for political reasons. Bush Senior knows lots about this story.

        • SNS: It was President GWB that allowed the American economy to be stolen and shipped offshore with the transfer of 42,400 factories, many millions of jobs, and many hundreds of billions dollars in GDP destroyed, that will never circulate within our economy again.

          Is it any wonder then that this contraction “smells different’?


          • SNS, you are just plain wrong. I was not a fan of GWB, however, I am also not a fan of propaganda, ignorance, or lies. Please understand I am not attacking you, as you are simply repeating the mainstream propaganda lies the media spews out. The fact is it was Clinton and Gore who broke the camel’s back on offshoring when they signed NAFTA in 1994. Between Clinton and his criminal Sec of Treas Robert Rubin, they sold out America. Then, to make matters worse, they laid the groundwork for the housing bubble in their numerous “houses for everyone” legislation and “education for everyone” bills. If you do real research on all of these economic issues you will find that most of them were architected during the Clinton administration.

            The bottom line is there is always a lag between bad policy and who gets blamed. GWB’s legacy is not selling America out to the lowest bidder or most of our economic troubles. GWB’s legacy is war mongering.

            In the end, had GWB been in the white house during the “sellout” decade of the 1990’s, perhaps he would have sold us out. The reality is the banking elite control the white house and the congress and what they want they get. However, you should try to use more facts when you make assertions—-the fact that 99% of the population are sheeple and simply parrot the left wing media propaganda does not relieve each and everyone of us to dig and find the truth behind the root causes of our numerous problems.

            • I was gonna kick those facts in, but see you handled it.
              Yep–Bill, the first black president.

            • Gotta say I’m more in line with ws on this one. Simply put, the problem with the Democrats is that they are socialists and communists. The problem with Republicans is that they’re capitalists when they’re running for office and turn into Democrats once elected.
              If Western Civilization is to survive, the liberal welfare state must be unequivocally refuted and destroyed. The proper social discourse should be between Republicans and Libertarians.
              In other words, the 2012 election should be between “insert tolerable Republican here” and Ron Paul. The fact that it isn’t doesn’t bode well for us. I think we’re going belly-up soon. And on a more macro level, I think Western Civilization is doomed.

              Have a great day,

            • Underground rumor was that one of the reasons they got rid of Nixon was that he wouldnt sign GATT- the precursor to NAFTA- due to its proposed decimation of our job base.

          • Is that you Barry?
            I thought you were in Martha’s Vineyard.

          • AMEN! Well said! This Country has been LOOTED and STOLEN right out from under us. Sad part is, we allowed it to happen!

            • No offense to you personally, Swamprat, but I’m so sick of hearing the whole, “and we let it happen” thing. We haven’t had a real choice for decades. The Powers That Be do what they please and if we stand up to them in any number short of overwhelming force, they whip out their little army, tell them we’re terrorists, and they KILL US.

              So, to recap:
              a) Stand up for what’s right, and make your wife a widow and your kids fatherless.
              b) Keep your mouth shut and try to survive quietly as they erode personal freedoms and crush the very soul of your country.

              Damned if you do, and damned if you don’t!

            • I agree with Cyber. My husband says the same thing that “we let it happen.” I disagree. How were we to know what was going on? Why would we think that our government (Republican AND Democrat) was out to destroy our country? It’s only because of the internet that we have become more educated about what’s been going on in the dark.

            • It’s been obvious since the 60’s what’s happening. You just had to pay attention. The obvious coverup of JFK’s death, Vietnam, gutting the dollar, increasing debt, the phony war on drugs and all the war and fear mongering. There hasn’t been any real difference between the Republicans and Democrats for decades. People started to wake up in the 60’s but then went back to sleep in the 70’s. We let it happen and are still letting it happen. Keep voting for Republicans and Democrats (two branches of the corporate/war party) and wonder why nothing changes except for the worse.

          • Agreed! I STILL haven’t forgiven that SOB for what he did to our country. Saw a bumper sticker the other day with his goofy Alfred E. Neuman-like grin which said, “Miss Me Yet?” Yeah – like the 17-year locust and chicken pox…

        • I remember the con man peanut farmer. I left the army because I’d be damned if I was going to continue to serve under the traitor that allowed all of the draft dodgers to come back. Quite a slap in the face to all of the families of the draftees that came home in a box.

          Anyway, you are right. For the last year or two of the a$$hole’s term people were gloomy. He couldn’t blame Bush so he blamed us. After Reagan won in 1980 you started seeing these white things all around. Finally it dawned on us. They were teeth. People started smiling again.

          • :), POA. Also, class and true patriotism cannot be bought. The Reagans had both – in spades. The current occupants (as opposed to “residents”) are merely poor imitations.

        • Carter is one person who is not depressed. Now he can say that he is no longer the worst US president ever.

          • True, true, true. Good for him.. bad, Bad, BAD for us..

          • And I thought Billy Beer was bad! Simple me!

        • The thing about the AMerican Dream is you have to be asleep to appreciate it….wake up Sam hahaha

      2. Both of us work but are very frugal. Saving and prepping more important than spending. I shop at thrift stores for everything from casual duds (sweatshirts, jeans, tees, etc.) to clean used Tupperware containers and flower pots. Bought crockpot for $2 (gift tag still inside, never been used). Found “vintage” percolator for our gas stove for $1 (stem/basket still shiny, used very little). Also have found greeting cards for 10 cents each, votive candles for a quarter, new shower curtain for 75 cents. Husband like-minded. Don’t care what the Joneses do – just taking care of OUR little corner of the world.

        • ~~~More than two years after the recession’s official end, people are driving their cars a year longer, holding back on jewelry and furniture, and swapping brand names for cheaper store brands at the supermarket.~~~
          I see I’m not the only one here that wonders where this man lives and eats and gets his idea of the current state of affairs for the average American–I have lived like WestVaFolks all my life.

      3. If Americans are holding on to their money you certainly can’t tell it in my rural community. Almost everyone I know gets a new SUV every other year. (while I drive a 10 year-old car that’s paid for and still runs well) I read all the time on facebook about my friends and neighbors on another vacation, or eating out almost every night. Meanwhile I, a single working mother, am taking classes to have a second career, and saving every penny I can. All my money that isn’t used up with bills goes to adding to our food storage and supplies or purchasing clothing on sale for my child for the next few years. It makes me very angry to see friends and neighbors acting like there is no tomorrow. Especially when I think of them coming to me one day for a hand out.

        • anonymouslady, that is because irreponsibility is rewarded and encouraged by the elites (via their propaganda arm, the mainstream media). The bottom line is we live in a new world now—fugality and responsbility are not only frowned on, but also punished. In the end, moderate irresponsbility will continue to be rewarded. We are a consumer society. The producers and savers are punished so that the consumers and irresponsible can be rewarded—its just the way it is so go buy yourself that new car you want nd take those vacations on credit cards—-the government is already working on “Debt Forgiveness” bills and will soon give everyone a “fresh start” by wiping their debts clean and allowing them to start over (going into debt).

          • Debt Forgiveness??? That would be awesome!! Who cares where the money comes from??!!! (I think Obama has a ‘stash’ somewhere). Yippeee!!! I can go run up the credit cards again, and maybe I’ll go get that Mustang convertible.

            What great news!


        • And come to you they will, with hat in hand.

          • I might tell them that I want their new SUV for that bowl of soup you give them. BUT, they’re probably still making payments on it. Most of us aren’t that used to bartering but it will become a batering economy again. I think they will probably need to bring more than their hat in hand. Can I get an AMEN???

        • It shouldn’t make you angry. It shouldn’t matter to you what other people do or have.

        • I don’t really see a depression/recession in the region where I live. I guess the banks must be raising everyone’s credit card limit another 50 grand. People are spending somebody’s money at the local malls, the massive parking lots are always filled.

        • They are still trying to live “the life”… off credit cards etc. Those are the people that will be hit the hardest when this ponzi game ends….and it will SOON!

        • My car is 11 years old and, like yours, paid for. Our small house is 90 years old and paid for. People like the ones you describe are everywhere – sorta like the flappers and the dandies of the 1920s. Singing, dancing and making merry – ain’t we got fun? A friend of mine used to work as a bank teller; she was bound by confidentiality, of course, but did tell me I wouldn’t BELIEVE how many of the “beautiful people” are only ONE PAYCHECK AWAY FROM BEING HOMELESS! Spending themselves into oblivion for new jewelry, new clothes, new shoes, new cars, new furniture, new gadgets, new JUNK!!! I say, go man go, if that’s your thing, but pwetty soon you may be weally weally sawry…

          • Hey folks the PC term is “Nouvue Riche” back home it was called “n$&&$r rich”.
            Also 500 dollar a week millionares erc.

          • In the end if a big rock or a un natural disaster occurs who’s to say preppers will have their preps? I often wonder if it will be us who will be knocking on doors looking for a bowl of soup.

          • @ Anon-Lady

            I love my 15 yr old 4×4 and house built in 1956, my Jeep still runs like a champ, no leaks or issues, starts every time. The house, is paid for since 99 and doesn’t need repairs, just have to keep mowing the lawn. I don’t have a car payment or a house paymet. The $300 to 500 plus dollars for a car saved,the house payment of 1,100 is saved aswell; I used my extra money and placed in rolls stuffed in PVC pipe ( my bank) , I finally bought a B.O. place to build on after saving and be able to construct a Connex type safe house, I have friend who can haul them up there and I can weld em up. Water well is already planned. If the SHTF then my rundown looking home will be bypassed when others who have their Land Rovers and H2’s and Vettes get raided. Down size and look poor will keep you safe, don’t worry about the idiots who flaunt their debt they are the first to get theirs. Besides if they look down on you because they think they are better than thou, well I wouldn’t help the lot because of their ignorance.

      4. I had an interesting talk about prepping with an American friend originally from Bulgaria.

        He said that he lived through hyperinflation there.

        He said what is different about their hyperinflation and any hyperinflation that would come to America is that in Bulgaria the culture was such that everyone prepped unconsciously: Everyone had 2-3 months of canned food from gardens and bulk goods stores that you were considered weird and/or poor if you didn’t have that supply.

        So when hyperinflation hit, the people just stayed home from work and waited for the government to do something.

        Well, most sheeple in this country are also hoping and waiting for the government to do something (mistake #1), but here is the difference: Most people in this country do not have 2-3 months worth of food stored up.

        That means they will HAVE to take to the streets once their 3-10 day supply runs out.

        And that’s when the trouble will start.

        So the way I see it you have only two viable choices: Be content with slop, filth, and crime in some FEMA camp, or, emulate Joseph in the Old Testament, who saved Egypt by prepping during the good times, in order that he could weather the 7 year drought that befell the Egyptians.

        • Most of LDS I know have one year supply on hand + an extra year on hand for others.
          On easy to store stuffs such as grain keep 7 years it is still cheap per person but I doubt it will stay that way.


      5. If anyone could possibly generate a hint of optimism or security in our future as a nation they are dillusional. They must be enjoying some personal success and with it I hope they are buying gold, guns, land and professing their sins to God. When homes have lost 60 to 75% fo their value (here in CA), jobs are not available, stagnation would be considered a good thing, and our government partying, golfting, traveling and telling us they might fix it next month its impossible to have optimism.

        • Jim: 75-80% of Americans are still working and spending money. That’s a good thing! 🙂

          This is a difficult time for many to be sure, but it is a good thing because the younger generation needs a wake up call, and teenage girls in particular I think. Without it they would still be enjoying conspicious consumption.

          A lot of people, women in particular that I know, spend money to feel good and avoid reality. I mean does a woman need 150 pairs of high heel shoes? etc? I could go on and on.

          A little adversity is good for the soul. Poverty magnifies character. This too will pass. WE will adapt. We will change. WE will grow. Some of US will start life anew with a new perspective and fewer things.

          All of US will be stronger for it psychologically, and this is a blessing that will prepare US for even more troubled times ahead.

          WE are in the Last Days. Embrace the Changes. They are coming whether We want them to or not. Get above 5,000 feet my friend.

          • I’ve been blessed and every now and then I do a little “retail therapy” But it’s always on preps and it brings peace of mind. Just outfitted everyone in new hiking boots, much more money then the one pair of high heels I had once. It’s all about choices and some people make some very unwise, poorly thought out choices about where to spend the money they do have.

          • Meeshall tries to stay above 30,000 feet.

          • Hey hey! LOL 😀 I am a woman who owns exactly 0 pairs of high heels, and would much rather spend a few hundred extra dollars (haha, like THAT ever happens) on preps rather than some designer shoes. 😉
            It is good that people are learning to live with less. I probably have a ways to go on that, but I’ve taken my great-Grandmother’s Depression-era wisdom to heart:
            “Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without!”
            That’s why all my towels have holes in them. 😀

            • My folks lived thru the depression and I heard that same “Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without” quote all my life when mom & dad were alive.

              Beans & hamhocks was a good hot meal. Still fix ’em myself.

      6. If you lose your great job and are over 40 – guess what? Your personal recession has begun and will last you the rest of your life as you *will not* find another position at similar pay.

        Bill Murray: “You want a prediction about the weather, you’re asking the wrong Phil. I’ll give you a winter prediction. It’s gonna be cold… It’s gonna be gray …and it’s gonna last you for the rest of your life.”

      7. What to say? Today I went with my daughter for her doctor appointment in the big city. To Bed, Bath and Beyond prices were high. I only have a Walmart in my town and the prices are much better there and at Dollar Tree. We stopped at Comcast to get a special box for the TV and it was going to cost an extra $4.00 a month so we didn’t get it. Netflix has raised their prices so now we no longer get DVD’s just use streaming. We share a meal often when we go out to eat and drink water instead of pop, coffee etc. Our paychecks our not increasing not even cost of living, benefits are much less than in the past. We go out of town much less. I go to the grocery weekly now and get only what we will use for the week. I use to have a freezer full. I could go on and on. I think we don’t know when all this raising prices will end and bosses have made it clear the amount we make will not increase. Where does that leave us? Even when I can save money I get almost no interest. If we are not afraid we sure are questioning this situation and how long it will go on.

        • Saving food will bring greater rewards than any interest bearing account.
          Consider 22 hams @ 1.50 compared at today’s price of $2.95.

      8. I read today that the 16 to 24 age group has 51% unemployment. I don’t think that kids coming out of school are counted as unemployed by the feds, because they are not eligable for unemployment checks. Illegals have the entry level jobs and summer jobs sewn up.

        • You are correct on both accounts. That’s why the ‘real’ unemployment rate is closer to 20%.

        • Sometimes I help out a family member and ‘dip’ ice cream for customers in his shop when he has an outside catering event to deal with. A substantial number of the customers are students from the five universities in the immediate vicinity. Most of the students use credit/debit cards (most likely paid for by mom & dad) to pay for their dish of ice cream.

          A large number have already graduated with four year degrees, returned home and ATTEMPTED to find employment. Sorry, no jobs available kids. So now they are back, taking out yet more student loans to pay for their Master’s Degrees in whatever; usually liberal arts majors. Poor bastards! Student loans can never be discharged unless you actually pay them off. The Student Loan ‘bubble’ will be one of the next ones to pop.

          Ya just gotta love it folks! We really do live in the most interesting of times in the history of the world. Sad to say though; it all goes down hill from here.

          Please stay alert. God Bless & good luck to all.

          • Sounds like my daughter. $50,000 a year college education. $20,000 a year job & lucky she could get that one!

        • I love how that except for a few times here and there, the US economy doesn’t even generate enough jobs to cover population growth, but the unemployment number goes down.

      9. I am getting sick and tired of hearing how “SCARED” we are, F*** that!
        I want to see this in the street and get this shit over with and let the chips fall where they may. As far as buying ANYTHING, nope!! Any monies we spend goes towards paying off debt. And it is gone, all of it. Other than mortgages.
        The very idea if contributing anything towards the impending success of sitting administration is out of the question. And we intend to do this for as long as it takes, no matter how much Michelle spends on lavish vacations.
        I have never been so disappointed in a President/ Government.
        We may not last the duration of this shitstorm but we are not going to be led around by the nose and be the first to drop.

        • I was this dissapointed when w bush was president too, dont forget about that a hole, he was and is in every way as bad as obama, dont forget that, he started two unwinnable wars, oops sorry 3 unwinnable wars, the other being the war on terror, which is a tactic and cannot be defeated.

          • That last one will end about as soon as the “war on poverty” ends.

            • Don’t hold your breath on that one, Obama needs the poor vote.
              And then after he has got it, the poor, it’ll get worse.
              He will never care who gets droped into the meat grinder just so long as it isnt him…
              Obamatrons, you are about to be eaten alive!!

      10. The problem is that when you plug yourself into the TV Matrix everything is OK. 500 channels, lots and lots of distractions, you really don’t have to think. A new generation of main stream media personalities come into your living room every night, and tell you things are fine. Piers, Anderson, Chris, and Kudlow, they’re almost like family. It’s never as bad as you fear, look at Irene! Preppers become the proverbial boys who cry wolf. Your friends and co-workers have bought into the main-stream paradigm, and the Emperor has a great new suit.

      11. C’mon, li’l buckaroos… The federal government’s unfunded liabilities are only $60-$100 trillion. It’ll all be fine. Just fine. Warren Buffet just said he was willing to pay more taxes. And we all know if we just tax the rich more, tax the businesses more, and institute a VAT, it’ll all work out in the end.

        I think I’ll go put a Corvette on my credit card now.


      12. The Fourth Turning.

        • Great Book!

      13. Minimal $$ is kept in my bank account. My pantry is full and I have lots of warm clothes for winter. Many of my linings are stitched with silver. No worries here.

        • I hope you’re in a position to heat your home with wood or kerosene if the economy suddenly heads south. I’m going to be buying kerosene heaters soon. They don’t have them at Home Depot yet and the one I want isn’t available at Amazon.

          • Good idea since our gas company sent us a prepay per gallon and it was higher than any last winter price per gallon—wanta guess what the price will be for the ones who can’t prepay??

        • A full pantry does do wonders for peace of mind.

          • We always keep ours as full as possible & adding monthly. Thankfully our grown kids are all on board. Even the grand babies know that if we have to use our bug out bags we’re all going together :>). We’ve lived this way in bush AK for 31 years & aren’t about to stop now. Keep praying & prepping folks.

          • So does a full magazine of 5.56… just saying 😉

      14. Picked up an Excalibur crossbow, sighted it in, very good kit. Plan on doubling down on the Bamby this fall.

        • Got a small gang of elk living in the neighborhood. Been keeping an eye on them. MMmm mmmm good!

        • I’m jealous. You got a nice crossbow. Was looking at a Predator the other day, but decided on a Marlin 795 and a Ruger 10/22 instead.

          Can you hunt with it where you’re at?

      15. I see a lot of anger in what I’m reading here. Who cares what the neighbour’s are driving right now? I have a job and many of the unemployed folks I know wouldn’t “lower” themselves to take the jobs the “illegals” have.

        Honestly, I don’t feel anger towards those who are still avidly consuming. No one is ever going to expect a poor single mom to have food stocked up so I don’t worry too much about being bothered later. I’m not ticked off at people from other backgrounds, the POTUS, or anybody else. I have too many other things to think about, like preparing to take care of my kids and myself should things go downhill.

        My plan is to do right for us, help others if I can, and keep to myself. Anger is a waste of energy.

        • Last line well said

      16. “one and only factor that really means anything – and that’s consumption”

        We’ve been living in a world, here in America, where the vast majority of humans have structured their lives around the accumulation of “stuff”. Most of this stuff is worthless, i.e. it doesn’t support life in the big scheme of things. You walk into a sports shoe store and they sell you shoes that you wear just to go to the sports shoe store to walk around looking to find that “specialized” shoe, i.e. the one that gives you the distinct feeling of uniqueness so you can feel “special”. You go to the market for that exotic dressing shipped in fresh from the other side of the horse head nebula so you can satisfy your individualistic taste buds giving you that “special” rush of perceived orgasmic, oral gratification. You go to the toy store to buy the latest animated movie hero doll so your kids can settle down and be distracted for 10 minutes while the ADHD meds you gave them can throttle their little pea size brains throwing them in a stupor so they can watch more TV, just in time for your meds to throw you into world of make believe where being in debt up to your eyeballs doesn’t mean a damn thing to your pickled brain. This consumption thing goes on and on and on and on and on.

        Most of these specialized “things” are not only NOT necessary, but detrimental to the overall well being of preserving the delicate balance of local, regional and international; financial, social and environmental systems. This need to satisfy more, at the expense of our fellow humans and environment has lead us to the point where collapse is the only way we have a chance to survive this pathetic mess we are all in. Collapse IS the wakeup call to snap us out of consuming ourselves alive.

        This topic concerning “consumption,” the obsessive behavior to collect more of meaningless junk, represents a long overdue major correction for the vast majority of brainwashed life-styles gone wild in America. Uncontrolled Consumption IS the DIS-EASE.

        Americans need to go on a consumption fast, utilizing extreme austerity measures. And what better way for that to happen when most have reached their debt ceiling. Debt is about to shatter Denial on the rocks of Reality. After the dust settles, Americans, those that make it, will have learned their lessons. Fifty years as a Third World Nation should snap us out of it. Thankfully, most preppers already have the wherewithal to adapt to a world where consumption is understood with delicate reverence.

        Let the shells shock em.
        Let their nerves fray.
        Behold, the “breaking point” is here today.

        • Bravo, EuroAm!

        • Well stated……………..

      17. Check out John Williams says that if inflation was measured now like it was in 1980 it would be 11% now. GDP numbers are adjusted for official inflation numbers so that 1% growth is based on 2% inflation. So we didn’t have 1% growth we had an economy that shrunk by 10%.
        You can’t lose 400,000 jobs a week, have 25,000 new jobs a week, and not be in a severe depression.

      18. actually, it is good to get angry..i mean really pissed off. and after having a good steamy cussing hissy fit, it is time to get down to the business at hand. been out of work since dec.2008..and have no hopes of getting back to the job either…(building and supply business). instead, i have prepared for the worse to come…beans-yep, i have at least a 18mos supply of food, bandaids-yep, i can do most anything needed to be done from my homemade first aid supplies, bullets-yep, shotgun, 22 rifle, 38 special, and a good “air” gun (it can put an eye out ya know :))…plenty of good though well and often worn clothes for all seasons, and no big debt of any kind bogging me down. i am not on anykind of public or private assistance. i have a garden. i live in an isolated part of the county. i do have some savings. i have a hobby that can also be a lucrative business and i am well stocked so i can continue even in the worse of times. i can live without tv., without electricity if i need to do so. the more i do for myself and the less dependent on anyone or anything the less angry i am. it has been worth the effort to get back to what life really is..freedom to make my own choices with consequences i can live well with.

        • Well Said, Ma’am. Good and correct attitude. You and yours will be fine, come what may. Hat off to you..

        • You set a great example for others to follow…..steady as she goes.

      19. Research the great depression and you will see they (TPTB)annoucing it was over and things were getting better when i fact it wasnt. History is doomed to repeat itself because man refuses to learn from his mistakes. The one thing that is different is the technology we have now(computers do most of the trading). So when it crashes its going to make the great depression look like a walk in the park.

      20. Look folks we are in a Depression and this is just the beginning. Everything our leaders have done basically guarantee it will stay like this for 10 to 27 years.

        The only way out is to chop government in half now or let it collapse now. Think about it, if we have a public / private bankruptcy complete elimination of all debt. We could rebuild a banking system and be back on top in 3 to 5 years.

        • PO—I still see chopping govt as only part of the solution—we have GOT to start producing things here in our nation that we produced before—screw imports…
          When did we decide we can’t sew??? Make lotions?? Weld??? Paint?? Make crafts??

          • JJ,

            We tried to build a bridge from Oakland to SF…..they built it in China,
            We said we would go green, but silicon restrictions make solar built in china better,
            So we decided to spend 120m on a statue to honor MLK, but that’s made ny the Chinese too.

            At least the AR lower receivers I bought are made in the USA

          • Absolutely correct, but its not going to happen till we get government under control.

        • How do you think the Chinese will take it when America stops sending owed money?

          • They’re gonna be REALLY pissed-off BIG TIME Igy!!!!!

          • If we default they are going to have their own problems to deal with. Realistically what can they do besides go to war.

            If we default the world defaults. How many countries have never paid us back?

        • Cutting 1/2 would not be enough. Same as the detroit mayor’s plan to bulldoze 25% of the city. My thought was that he was probably not serious and was not going far enough anyway.

          It would suck beyond belief going through the change, but after a collapse (and complete housecleaning down to the local level), things at least have a chance at improving. I am optimistic for America’s long term future. It just won’t be the America we all remember.

          I also think China deserves watching, but they have HUGE internal problems. I have read that China must generate two million jobs per month just to keep it;s citizens from rioting. Haven’t researched that number, but it sounds plausible.

          Think of 10% unemployment there. If the workforce is 50% of the population (about 750 million), 75 million angry, hungry people could be pretty hard to deal with. Then they have their demographic problems as well.

        • Patriot One..

          the only way to chop the Gov down is to take away their reason for being, which is the money. Look at the stock market, its rebounding really??? No, the uber elite and politicians are buying it up because they are given the guarantees.. If they have no money then they have no power.

          A man with nothing to lose is the most dangerous of all then a man with everything…

      21. P1…

        I agree with you, but how many of us are actually ready to Martyr themselves to get the ball rolling, because it seems they want Pandora’s box to open. I am prepped and ready for anything, my family has a place to go and be safe, and I would go as far as to take a fight to some commie/socialist/Marxist/Liberal/Anarchist asshole trying to take away my rights , my child’s rights and the right of future of my fellow Americans, but what would it do words and protests are useless and violence seems the only course the populous is festering on. How many are actually ready for the fight? how many are actually ready to be the first wave to start the change that is festering inside each and every one of us. How many have us truly can take the country back knowing that our families could be danger close? Who really wants to throw the first stone in a glass house?

        The million dollar Question is ” when, where, and how and who will push the envelope”

        • “The million dollar Question is ” when, where, and how and who will push the envelope”

          I can only speak for the when and it is just an educated WAG but methinks September 17th is as good a day as any other guess.

          • Read somewhere that Sept.17 is being touted as the National Day of Rage. Doesn’t sound a bit good to these old ears. Anybody know more?

        • It won’t happen that way. It will spawn off of a trigger event, financial collapse, terror attack, war, etc.

          It will be anything but organized.

      22. TYPO correction

        How many of us truly ready thst can take the country back knowing that our families could be danger close? Who really wants to throw the first stone in a glass house?

        Sorry all, not typing right when I am pissed, but most off it is just another topic that is yet to be discussed anywhere I have read…

      23. You know I hear a lot about our countries debt, the fact of the matter it not my debt, its not your debt. The stinking politicians can kiss my arse, I am unemployed and really, really want to work, back in Law enforcement, but its has also been corrupted. Cheer up, yeah i love life but this country is toast. It’s time to pick up the pieces and the country as their debt and fiat system!

      24. Brain washing is not something that can happen overnight, it can take years…… and the American people(U.S.A), over the years, have been brain washed, manipulated, guided…….

        If the world(The U.S.A.) was truely a just, and fair, place some people who were/are leaders of The United States of America would be charged with TREASON for what they have done and/or allowed to be done to this country.

        At the end of the day the results are all of our fault. Nobody is watching the store, no one cared/cares to keep our leaders honest…. and now we see what happens.

        We are beyond fkd nd yet the federal government contiues to act like they have fkg money to do this, do that, take care of this , take care of that… it osa fkg joke…. we dont have any money… We built a fkg space station we can not even get to anymore… HOW FKG STUPID IS THAT!!!?!!?!?!?!

        • Partly, yes, but the real culprit is the dual-citizen azzholes making the laws, the foreigners running this nation taht care not for this couintry first.

          • Oh heck, now I’m upset and not checking my spelling..that and country…geeze.

            • Dat’s OK. You ain’t gonna get graded on yer grammar & speeling…L Zero L

        • Paul, thanks for the link. I originally ran a story Saturday night regarding a possible nuclear detonation and based the theory/analysis on a seismogram from Washington and Lee University. The evidence was quite compelling at first glance, as I compared the seismogram to previous charts from actual underground nuke tests in India. However, after several hours of discussion in the comments, two pieces of critical evidence were presented to the contrary.

          1) The original seismic chart was likely incomplete, as evidence from four other universities showed a “P” wave leading up to the quake, making a nuke unlikely.
          2) Animal behavior prior to the quake, reported all over the East coast, suggests it was a non-nuke event. (other weapons systems, however, cannot be discounted.

          For these two reasons I pulled the story Saturday night.

          Thanks for the link – Sorcha Faal is always an interesting read ! (

      25. URP – if anyone is looking to build a house / cabin; maybe on your land or bugout; do a search on Safeway Homes in Lexington MO. Built to withstand 150 MPH winds,
        goes up fast and supposedly cheaper than traditional construction. Just watched a special on them.. pretty impressive..

      26. C’mon folks why the pessimism?! Think of how few actually know the ‘secret’ we know? I feel blessed that I woke up when something didn’t feel right and did a little research. A little store of food, some metals and a gun should let more of you sleep easy at night! Let the riff-raff and the welfare trolls fight like dogs for the scraps in the inner-city once America becomes a flashpoint for violence, you cant affect any of that.

        The bible has been around for thousands of years and each generation gets a little farther removed from it. To those who do not abide by a higher law their fate is clearly laid out. I used to be a miserable wretch. Conspicuous consumer, raucous drinker, serial fornicator, etc. I woke up and saw where my life was headed and I pray others do as well and apologize to God and Christ for their sins. Each one of us has a purpose and use while we inhabit this spinning rock so make the most of it. Enjoy the good times (relatively) we have left!

        • I used to be a miserable wretch. I woke up and saw where my life was headed and I pray others do as well and apologize to God and Christ for their sins. I became a careful consumer, raucous drinker, serial fornicator, conspicuous enjoyer of life, etc.

          Pious Pete shows up at the pearly gates and is asked by St. Pete, “Why are you here?”

          Pious Pete states, “I have lived a pious life. I avoided all potentially sinful things. I spent all Sunday in church and attended bible study several times a week.”

          St. Pete glares at him and says, “You were given the greatest gift; life. You pissed it away. You went even further down the wrong path by attempting to sway people away from what was given freely and only had one string attached. You were to love one another.” And with that, a red “Rejected” was stamped on Pious Pete’s forehead.

          • And somebody made up a story to spite a real account.


      28. Michelle Obama is a dead ringer for Marie Antoinette; Let them eat cake, while I party and vacation like there is no tomorrow. maybe they know something that we don’t and there is no tomorrow?

        • The French Revolution keeps popping up in my head.

      29. No debt…ever! Didnt participate in the “consumption” that some speak of…I suspect theres a few more than just me who never got on that ride and who now feel no reason to apoligize or repent for “sins” we had no part in and recieved no pleasure from….there seems to be a “corporate” mindset or a socialistic blame thing in all the “we” or “us” or Americans did this or that and now everyone has to tighten their belts and get used to having less ect….all I can say is “sorry Charlie” I intend to keep on livin the way I have been but this boy aint about to repent or cut back…been there done that whilst the guilty played…let them fix themselves,just sayin’

      30. “Americans no longer believe they will make more next year” and “we are in a depression” Can I just say DUH! The “old coggers coffee club” in the morning @ the local greasy spoon has been talking about the fact we are in a depression for YEARS. I find it entertaining that they at Michigan took a survey for this.

        The expectation that anyone would believe they will make more money next year simply because they are working is so unrealistic as to not really warrant a big discussion (maybe a few jokes about sheeple/entitlement mentality). As for me, I expect to have to keep busting my chops to keep food on the table and a roof over my family’s head and don’t expect that next year will guarantee me anything.

      31. no swamprat, they aren’t living the ‘life’, they are living the ‘lie’; and remember that beer ad that said ‘drink responsibly’?? There should be one that says ‘spend responsibly’.

      32. I have been away from school history lessons for a while now but i cant help but think of how well recent histories events seem to parallel those of the early 1900’s…Ive many times heard that “history always repeats itself” So what will be our “ww2” to pull us out of this economic shat hole? We cant say that a large war effort would help out due to the giant suck hole that is the middle east situation, not to mention americans dont make “the war effort” anymore…its outsourced!!! So i continue to wonder…what will define my generation? at 25 years old i have gone from graduation in 04 wonder how the hell i will ever afford a mortgage payment, to 2011 wondering how the hell i will continue to make a mortgage payment?!

        • What will define your generation? What will be the ww2-style event to pull us out of this mess? You ask some interesting questions. That shows you are thinking.
          As far as the ‘event’ to get us out- I guess that’s impossible to tell. It could be any number of things. Or it could be that we still have a very, very long slide downwards before any truly catastrophic event. Nobody knows for sure. I suppose that’s why we quietly prep and keep rotating the stock.
          As far as what will define your generation- the more relevant question is “what will define you?” Every generation has some successes and plenty of failures. My generation (I have kids your age) has lots of technological advances and such, but also plenty of foul-ups (watergate, viet nam, huge loss of liberties, disco music, pet rocks, and Wayne Newton.) OK- I was a couple yrs too young for ‘nam but my older brother was there. The thing is, I and the people who fought, didn’t start the war. I didn’t break into the watergate hotel myself. Never had a pet except ones that crapped on the carpet, and I can’t dance. Personally, I’m not defined by any of that. I’m defined by the people who know me. That is to say, they know if I’m honest or not. If my word is good. If I have integrity. We’ll all make some mistakes and, hopefully, learn from them along the way, but that’s pretty much how it is for all of us.
          Your generation has plenty of people who will think for themselves. Who will learn and grow and who are(or are becoming) people of integrity. Just be sure you are in that group.
          Oh, and a reminder for you- EVERY generation has been told by some in the previous generation that the younger folks are all lazy, incompetent or no good. That’s a load of crap! Each generation has its share of good and bad. And its own new challenges to deal with. I know enough people in their 20s (and 30s) to be convinced that your generation will live out its future and achieve, acomplish and create just as well as any previous one.
          Our present economic, political and social turmoil certainly gives us cause for concern. Nevertheless, the future is ours (especially yours, you have more of it than me) to make of it what we will. I refuse to let the past identify me, the present discourage me, or the future intimidate me. I’ve got a LIFE to live, and so have you. Let’s get after it!

          • SmokinOkie,

            Well said! 🙂 I agree!

      33. Since the change in 2008 I’ve seen what is normally very heavy traffic in the morning dwindle to a few bottlenecks here and there. I’ve watched as houses in my neighborhood have become vacant and foreclosed. I’ve seen a spike in copper thefts from those foreclosed homes and vacant homes for sale. Scams have gone through the roof. Just yesterday I was talking to a shop owner who told me her product cost are up about $2.40 per case of product in the last year and they are expected to go up again in another month. Me personally I’m having to juggle providing food, shelter, utilities and fuel and I’m one of the lucky ones to still have a job. Basically I haven’t seen anything get better since ’08. Of course this is the choir I’m preaching to.

      34. We all know what is going to happen! I want to know WHEN! Does anyone know when? The only question what is, is what the trigger will be. Any answers out there? Any good guesses?? Would love to hear them.

        • It’s going to be a slow steady decline. I don’t think there will be an aha moment.

          Unless we can vote in sweeping reform politicians in 2012. I give that about a .0000000001% chance of happening.

          Just keep on preparing and getting yourselves ready. The prepared and the smart will survive.

          • Please purchase 69 trillion dollars of real money & I will have a few truckers with 16 gears pick up for shipment.

        • Yes, but it will cost 69 trillion dollars.

      35. Bottom line: Americans will make less and spend more (or what they can).
        To me… we are heading into a depression like we’ve never seen!

      36. It seems like the recession didn’t end because of the bailouts, the govt welfare system keeping 20% of America chugging along without personal impact and the money printing.

        Were it not for those things, we would have crashed harder and faster. On the one hand, I would have prefered that and just taken our lumps then & there rather than dreading the future we know is all coming. But on the other hand it allowed me (and many others) a few years to get my act & preparations together. I am thankful for that.

        Make no mistake about it, we are still in a recession and the big one is coming. The dreaded “D” word. It’s inevitable.

      37. What the world is about to undergo is what would be the equivalent to a forest fire. Fire burns all the old and dead timber and leaves as well as clears out a lot of the parasitic vines. The ashes from all the burnt matter re-fertilize the ground. New growth forms and the race to the light is started all over again. Such is life!

        The World is primed for a good burn. Overpopulation of the ignorant is due a cleansing. The ignorant and most dependent of population are the very slaves that carry the elitist on there backs. With the union controlled public school systems in place it is obvious that the elitist do not wish the majority of population to develop
        intelligence. As world governments run about the world stomping out the (Hot Spots) witch they themselves created as diversions to keep the ignorant distracted for their true purpose. Ummmmm What is that?……Should you have to ask. I would say to you O ~ nothing you should just go back to sleep.

        “Alone with My Thoughts”

        Farr from the nearest road packing in the Mountains…A person needs to be alone in nature to really feel alive.

        There are no longer “dancers,” the possessed.
        The cleavage of men into actor and spectators
        is the central fact of out time. We are obsessed
        with heroes who live for us and whom we punish.
        If all the radios and televisions were deprived
        of their sources of power, all books and paintings
        burned tomorrow, all shows and cinemas closed,
        all the arts of vicarious existence…

        We are content with the “given” in sensation’s
        quest. We have been metamorphosised from a mad
        body dancing on hillsides to a pair of eyes
        staring in the dark.

        Bloodyfellow –

        • THIS! YES!

          What the government, the elites, TPTB are trying to do is to DELAY its coming for as long as possible. But, the trigger may not be what you think. The trigger may come from the sky in the form or a big rock or a solar flare. When the system finally decided to let natural justice take its course, it will bail on us and we’ll have nothing from it any more. Neither grief nor aid. Since I get very little aid, the loss of the grief this highly controlled system gives me will be a blessing.

          I pray each day for it to come. Sooner is better.

          • NetRanger:

            Sooner is better, I concur.

            • Push the damn ‘reset’ button already!!!

          • what I have been saying for a while now 🙂 They are keeping the beast alive on life support for an appointed time when they know it won’t matter anymore and then let it all go together. They know what they are doing won’t work and isn’t healthy in the form of longevity…they don'[t care as long as they can suck as much from it before it all happens, and yes the trigger will come from somewhere up there.

            • Although I do not concur with sooner is better…….I and my family are no less valuable in the big scheme than anyone else’s IMO. In fact my wife and children I hold higher in regard than any one else……without work and being able to do what I want and need to do, which is buy land in the U.P., build, get safe, and become self sufficient….I need more time.

              You think George Soros would donate to a poor guy like me…LoL

      38. we have finally reached the point where we can no longer afford to pay for Reagan’s scripted optimism and support the growing and economically stagnant entitlement class at the same time…..

        Would somebody please notify about 95% of our elected politicians please?

        • They already know it. The programs are benefitting them personally, that’s why they do it. 99% of them could care less about the future, as long as they get theirs.

          • oh they’re going to “get theirs” allright….either in THIS world or the next…

      39. It wont be a recession it will be a total breakdown of banking and your savings, stocks, and investments will all be lost! Over 80% of jobs will be lost and all pensions will end throwing the USA into the turmoil that the New World Order crowd wants. Your children and the elderly will starve to death. It won’t be pretty that is for sure.

        • Not if I can help it!! That’s why any extra money goes towards food and ammo, meds…

          • You tell ’em…I haven’t left the house for a week and didn’t need to..I have a store in the extra bedroom, like SML…and if you have kids and don’t have AT LEAST a year’s supply of food, water, medical supplies/hygiene, a way to read, a way to cook, …I question where your head has been for the last two years.

        • What savings, what stocks, what investments(other than preps), what pension, what job????

      40. Wow you guys. Lots of anger here. Lots of depression here. Are you guys getting laid? Wacking off to online porn just doesn’t cut it guys. Stop staring at your pantry and your porno sites and get your pipes cleaned out the old fashioned way, with a real woman. Ole willy gets angry and depressed when he isn’t taken care of and gets obsessed with this doom and gloom bullshit.

      41. Yea but the market is going up because……..let me guess…..because they are pumping it up ? Bullshit… many years are they gonna use that copout line ?

        • WOW!! Every county in east Tennessee has had a significant increase in Hispanics! Wonder how many are illegals??

          • Keep ’em..please don’t send to Ky…Lexington, horse country, has more than they can handle, what I hear.

            • Oh, crap–I moved from Springfield because of the overrun of illegal Mexicans…my home of 57 years, from a home I built with my own hands…Here in this little county of Ky..I have counted about 10, it’s tobacco time.

      42. Let me make this perfectly clear, I am not nervous, i am pissed off. I am a mom and cannot believe the amount of cowardice and cluelessness of the electorate and the masses. Why are we letting these nimrods get away with this? Why are we letting them assault lemonade stands, guitar companies, raw milk producers/sellers, garage sales, and the myriad of American pasttimes (I will not perform service for 9/11) which our country has always stood for?

        Get out there – go to the city meetings and make sure they are not complying with Agenda 21, continue to write your representatives/senators and by all means, don’t let zero get away with taking our country down. pressure everyone you can, the sheriff, the DA, and talk to everyone to open up his files.

        Don’t mess with me and my children or their futures.

      43. The eye of the master will do more work than both his hands.
        Benjamin Franklin –

      44. Fear is a symptom of stress. Stress and pressure are not the same but can be related. Stress is basically a loss of confidence to handle the accumulation of pressure. See Peter Principle.

        As confidence wanes, the quest for entertainment increases. The entertainment takes many forms from 500 channels of drivel TV to alcohol to drugs. Those with fear look to deux ex machina to solve thier problems. Ergo, trust those who claim to understand it to solve it.

        When the people seperate themselves from the stark reality of providing for themselves, they become utterly dependant upon the machine to meet thier needs. The problem is the people have been out of reality so long that they lack the ability to distinguish between needs and wants. Elect Bob, he’ll bring home the bacon.

      45. What will be the trigger is anyones guess. I think it could be a massive sell off on the stock market, banks closing, dollar demise or China’s refusal to continue the US credit card. When the ATM’s are closed and they can’t get food, money or gas, folks are gonna freak out. If TPOTUS doesn’t get re-elected ,can you only imagine the SHTF then, it’s gonna get real ugly, if you know what I mean. It’s already started, just saying.

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