Bob Hoye: The shake-out here will include gold stocks

by | Nov 28, 2009 | Forecasting, Precious Metals | 2 comments

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    Bob Hoye, of Institutional Advisors, discusses gold, the stock markets and his outlook for a variety of asset classes.

    We’re very bullish on the long-term for gold and for the gold producing stocks and the whole sector. But, I think the shake-out here will include gold stocks.

    Mr. Hoye seems to have a similar opinion to what we discussed in Why Gold Can Still Go Down and what Karl Denninger wrote about in A Sober Reminder on Black Friday, suggesting that any negative hit to the stock market will also affect precious metals to the downside. When this will happen is certainly a matter of speculation, but it seems that the inverse correlation between the dollar and gold/stock markets will remain (for now) in the event of a rapid and violent down-turn.

    For those waiting for a good price to stock up on more precious metals assets, keep your eye out, because if/when it does happen, it may be the last opportunity to move into sub-$1000 gold for a long time.

    Listen to the audio interview with Howe Street to get an understanding of why and how Mr. Hoye comes to his conclusions.

    Bob Hoye on Howe Street November 27, 2009


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      1. “Goodbye, Dubai.”


      2. Bob, is very good. Been reading and listening for years.  Though his timing is more for position trades and bigger institutions. His historical perspective is right on and he had the crash pegged near to the day on the 1929 30 pattern.

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