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    This article was contributed by Portfolio Wealth Global.

    Lucy, you’ve got some ‘splainin’ to do! If these instances mentioned below even closely resemble reality, Biden’s victory lap is premature:

    1. A state stops counting and upon resumption, Biden’s tally surges.
    2. A USPS worker was arrested while bringing three absentee ballots from Canada into the U.S. – claims he took a wrong turn.
    3. Software glitches across the board. By the way, some of these software systems can be hacked online.
    4. Backdated envelopes.

    For the sake of democracy and the American way, we hope these prove to be false or over-exaggerated, but we can’t deny that there are many Trump supporters who now doubt the official count.

    When Trump tweeted “I WON THIS ELECTION, BY A LOT,” it took him four minutes to reach 40K likes. When he tweeted “Joe Biden should not wrongfully claim the office of president. I could make that claim also. Legal proceedings are now beginning!” he received over 600K likes. These represent probably 10% of the people who genuinely believe this election was not conducted fairly, so, in reality, we believe millions of Americans are now convinced these results to be real.

    This may become a legal battle and I’m pretty sure that markets won’t like that in the least.


    As you can see above, the media, in our opinion, will begin to report that a massive third wave of hospitalization and death cases has begun. With the elections currently tilting towards Democrats, all fingers will be pointed towards Trump (perhaps globally).

    Biden’s security has been greatly enhanced, with a wide no-fly-zone over his home.

    Germany has openly condemned President Trump’s behavior as dangerous and within his own party, he is under pressure to concede and to hand over the baton.

    I am going to keep you posted on developments, perhaps even on a daily basis, since circumstances are changing so quickly.

    For now, let’s recap what we got:

    1. Precious metals enjoyed an historic week of gains.

    1. Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency that we mentioned and highlighted right here in this newsletter when its price was less than $600/coin is now worth $16,000. This represents a 26.6x appreciation!
    2. Societe Generale, a very famous French bank, has calculated that QE programs have suppressed interest rates in the United States by a dramatic number.

    This, of course, has served to widen the wealth gap, bring about societal unrest and lead to a debt bubble.


    If bonds were not purchased by the Federal Reserve, they argue, the S&P 500 would be 1,800 points and the NASDAQ 100 would be worth around 5,000 points.

    The proof is in the pudding.

    1. Lastly, because of the gain in the price of gold, which appears to have bottomed around $1,860 and silver, which appears to have bottomed just below $23.00, the sector has been recovering and mining shares are up noticeably.


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      1. (I think that the charts would be somewhat more relateable, if they were converted to like units of measure.)

        While I do not fully relate to either the party of Nixon or the party of bicycle fish, I have already been categorized by all of my observant and confrontational neighbors, out loud. They have been given lots of room to destroy.

        • Everyone knows that the election was fixed in the corrupt cities. If you think not, well what can I say. This is like someone goes in a store and robs something, everyone knows and nothing is done. Hunter Biden fraudently received millions or more dollars from foreign nations, nothing is done. These are the big things, one could list many more and certain people get away and nothing is done. This has been going on for a long time on both sides. I have zero trust in the elections most are fixed or there is attempted manipulation. There is no uprising going to happen and the demented Biden will most likely be president. If they can get away with these things imagine what is happening all through the corrupt government. How this will all end up is anybody’s guess.

          • I like that Dominionists would play a leading role in society — if that’s your God-given mission in life, and he has opened those doors for you — but I have yet to see any firm rule, in which the irredeemables and apostates must be saved from themselves.

            Psalm 9:17

            From Old Testament times though the Age of Discovery, there have been examples of detached, non-participating God-fearers watching social collapse from a safe distance.

      2. Violence next? I am not involved in the deep state. Do they plan on a civil war of warring factions of the deep state itself? The rest of us have been their victims for decades. Is the congressional shoot out going to happen to start it off? With deep state scum rising to the top to quickly fill the vaccuum that power abhors?
        I would not know. One thing I know is that there are a tremendous amount of people claiming to know what will happen next without disclosing how they know that it will happen. It is my belief that they are attempting to persuade people that those things will happen and allow them to become self fullfilling prophecies which are gas lighting techniques and mysticsm techniques used in cabala and secret societies and secret brotherhoods.

        It is a bunch of baloney. It is so important to them that everyone believes it because believing it enables them to impose their will on others.

        Now they are calling it predictive programming, which is something that every day trader is a victim of. The trends defy logic and reason, and the techniques employed in the industry and by Wall Street are a confidence trick, where people keep pouring money into investments watching their balances grow, taking the predictive programming bait being fed to them by algos and catchy phrases like sell in may and go away, yadayadayada.

        A fool and his money are soon parted. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. So I sacrificed the chance to win big and lose big, for peace of mind and sanity, because I do know that the technology used is untrustworthy, and I am not an insider privy to the knowledge that I would require to make any investment decision that I would feel comfortable making, and I do not trust anyone in the industry that has that knowledge to be honest, because we would not be experiencing the Health Scare Plandemic, the 2008 crash, or the inside job of 9/11 if the people in the industry were trustworthy individuals.

        Andrea Iravani

      3. It’s quite telling how the msm/liars refuse to cover press conferences by the Trump team.The way any discussion of the possibility of some type of fraud is immediately shot down is very telling indeed.The four points listed in this article definitely deserve to be looked at and investigated.If the circumstances were reversed and Trump was the candidate who overcame a lead to win the presidency-the bought/paid for msm would be falling all over themselves defending Biden and demanding a recount/new election.I thank this website because if it wasn’t for you guys-we’d never know what’s really going on.The lies/deceptions of the media makes me sick. Just the thought of B/H for the next four years makes me even sicker.?

      4. Why would anyone trust the charlatans that are not honest with them about what is currently happening to share secret knowledge that they claim to posess about what has not yet but will happen?

        Andrea Iravani

      5. Some of the charlatans are claiming that red state America will rise up in revolt and refuse to give up their rights under a Biden presidency, except that those same individuals that the charlatans are claiming will rise in defense of their rights being violated sat quietly at home under the first nation wide lock down in American history, and have not risen to the occasion to date, despite twenty years of complete tyranny, treason, and fraud. So, I would like to know why this time will be different. They have not said why it would be any different this time. And rise up and do exactly what? Start shooting people at random? How would that improve their lives? Or would it be deep state actors wearing MAGA hats ? Trump supporters that have not been violent during all of this are suddenly supposed to become enraged in violence? That just does not seem to be logical or likely. Evidently nobody has clued me in on the details, and I think that it is because there aren’t any details to be clued in on.

        • Andrea:
          If you stop and take a look, the only real place that Biden won was big cities: Cleveland, Philly, Las Vegas etc. That leaves a lot of rural areas on the ‘Trump’ side of things. We as a general group (l live in forgotten middle of Nevada country) of rural residents tend to be non aggressive, but, we will fight to defend our homes. In my area, we don’t always get along with each other (sort of like a big family: you always have something going on between members) but, and it is a BIG BUT, it’s not wise to push to hard against us. Especially if it is someone who is from a big city…..

          I think in this matter, there may truly be fighting in the streets. I am not saying this will happen, just that most people I know are preparing for it… take a look at gun sales, ammunition sales, and in general: ‘prepper’ sales. What is striking about this: both sides of the coin are stocking up on the above mentioned items.

          In the end, time will tell.

      6. Former Clinton advisor Naomi Wolf is for some reason claiming to be shocked that Biden favors more lock downs, and claims that she hates lock downs because the elites love it. Also claims that she would not have voted for Biden if she knew that, despite his support of the lock down, and even stating that Trump was too lenient with people’s liberties, even though they were locked in their homes under false arrest in a hostage crisis. How can an advisor to Hillary Clinton not consider herself to be the elite, and is Naomi Wolf claiming that she thought that the lock down was just a gas-lighting conspiracy to commit fraud in order to defeat Trump because they told the Democrats that went along with the lock down that? It certainly sounds that way to me!

        Andrea Iravani

      7. The honeymoon is already over for at least one Biden voter, Naomi Wolf, and most Biden voters did not support Biden in the primary, but many Republican voters did. Biden is going to face an uphill battle not only against Republicans, but against the progressive wing, the youth vote, the minority vote, and a lot of the women’s vote in his party. It is really sad that an obviously feeeble minded individual was suckered into doing the dirty work of the psychopathic robber barons, and even though Biden has an extremely corrupt record, a record that included building prisons as the main infrastucture project under Clinton, and tbat included prohibiting student loan debt from being written off in bankruptcies, and allowing the government to seize social security checks from parents or grand parents that co-signed student loan debts, in addition to all of the wars based on lies, the Ukrainian judge bribing consisting of a high crime, and the sex offender allegations, wait! WTF?! Why do I feel sorry for this psycho!

        Former Clinton advisor Naomi Wolf is for some reason claiming to be shocked that Biden favors more lock downs, and claims that she hates lock downs because the elites love it. Also claims that she would not have voted for Biden if she knew that, despite his support of the lock down, and even stating that Trump was too lenient with people’s liberties, even though they were locked in their homes under false arrest in a hostage crisis.  How can an advisor to Hillary Clinton not consider herself to be the elite, and is Naomi Wolf claiming that she thought that the lock down was just a gas-lighting conspiracy to commit fraud in order to defeat Trump because they told the Democrats that went along with the lock down that? It certainly sounds that way to me! 

        Andrea Iravani

      8. If the democrats are succesful is this voter fraud… in two years thay will do the same thing again with the Congress and Senate… Then they will have it all. Your gold and silver will be stolen from you by the Democrats.

        If this fraud is not checked, then kiss the once great Republic good by. WE, lost the greatst country ever on OUR watch.

      9. Biden may get in office, but it’ll really be KH who’ll be dictating policy and calling the shots. JB was merely the place holder. There is no doubt JB, who is 78, and will be 82 in the last year of his first term, will not run again. He already has symptoms of dementia anyway, and will be not be able to cope with the stress of the job. The Dems. know all this of course. He was merely the vehicle or means used to get KH as President, as she was to the Dem. party’s dismay, unelectable in the primary. He may not have even realized this himself. Furthermore, besides for “health reasons”, JB will step down sometime in his first term for KH to assume the Office for at least two more reasons; he may not be perceived as aggressive enough to make the super radical changes Dems. really want, and KH wants to be a sitting President when the next election rolls around. All this was very transparent this was part of the plan from the beginning. The election for them was not so much to get JB elected, but to get the Dems. in power. The fact they operate in such a duplicitous way does not bode well for America, and it shows their real agenda is still hidden from the American people. Duplicity and hypocrisy are truly the signature traits of the Dem. party.

      10. What’s the difference between falling into a pit of rats and falling into a pit of Democrats?Well,one group will bite you,gang up on you,attack you relentlessly,rip your skin off and leave you for dead,and,the other group are…..the rats. ?

      11. @Bill- I agree with you.In the long run,Harris would be the actual president.I haven’t quite given up on Trump yet.You mentioned that Biden would step down sometime after taking office. If a miracle happens,and Trump wins these legal challenges,then,Biden would be forced to concede BEFORE taking office.Wouldn’t that be great? Well,one can dream…

      12. Sorry, I am so irritated by Sen. (Stolen Valor) Blumenthal that wants to lecture me about ethics on television. GTFOOH you stupid moron.

        Blumenthal is a poster child for TERM LIMITS.

      13. Re: the Senate Judiciary Committee investigation into FBI CORRUPTION in Crossfire Hurricane. Another FBI LIAR, McCabe this time, continues with the famous line from Hogans Heros Seargent Schultz “I know nothink”.

        The coup de Etat by Comey-McCabe-Strock-Page & the remaining parade of idiots (think Keystone Cops) continues to remain unindicted for treason. There was a time when “hanging” would have been expected.

        Less than 200 years ago, the French would have rolled out the guillotines.

      14. Factions…what the founders warned about. Right versus left, red versus blue, Republican versus Democrat. Divided by factions pulling from two sides. No other party is allowed to meaningfully participate in the government.

        I’m right and you’re wrong…and vice versa.

        But both of these factions are actually two sides of the same coin. Their purpose is to divide up the people and prevent them from realizing they are being robbed and enslaved by both factions.

        I see it every election cycle on this very blog. When the R faction wins, they laugh and harass the L faction for being poor sports and sore losers and snowflakes. When the L faction wins, the R faction cries and moans about cheating this and rigging that. It’s humorous to watch and hear, because neither side realizes that when they lose they act the same as the other side.

        I support neither faction. The last time I voted for either one was when I voted for Dr. Paul in 2012. I vote Libertarian in nearly all elections.

        Of course I cry and moan when they lose, because the other two factions have rigged the election against them.

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