“An Army of Half-Cloned Mice” Produced with Artificial Sperm to Lead Science

by | Jul 17, 2015 | Experts, Forecasting | 72 comments

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    The future is synthetically designed in a lab.

    Cloned sperm is about to take a big leap, and scientists believe that an “army of half-cloned mice” will result in fast tracking research in cancer and medicine.

    Scientists in mainland China have successfully mass produced high-quality artificial sperm for the first time.

    The man-made sperm do not have tails and cannot swim, looking more like eggs than natural sperm, but they can fertilise an egg and pass on genetic information…

    “Our man-made sperms cells can be used to generate an army of half-cloned mice with ease and efficiency. These half-cloned mice will fight on the frontline in battles against cancer and other genetic health issues,” said professor Li Jinsong, lead scientist on the project with the Chinese Academy of Sciences’ Shanghai Institute for Biological Sciences.

    The researchers injected an artificial sperm into a natural egg. The resulting mouse was half-clone, with 50 per cent of its genes coming from one of thousands of sperm cultured in a test dish.

    [Using a powerful gene-editing tool together with the man-made sperm] the scientists could now explore the function of many genes simultaneously, while in the past it could only be done one at a time.

    It will be genetic engineering in a whole new era.

    Once science masters this ‘army of mice’, the human genome will be quickly edited with artificial traits as well, in a rapid assembly line fashion.

    But the technology to that end has until now been problematic, with low quality results that have yet to be even close to perfected:

    Man-made sperm have been produced by scientists in labs around the world for years, but the output remained scarce.[…]

    “We thought it would be great if the sperm could be cultured to multiply endlessly like normal cells,” Li said.

    They achieved this by putting the sperm in an egg with the nucleus removed, which would turn into a haploid embryonic stem cell with functions similar to sperm.


    But quality of these sperm was a problem. For instance, only about 2 per cent of the fertilised eggs could develop into healthy half-cloned mice.

    They are a long way from getting it right, and those with these traits may have unexpected side effects.

    Buyer beware, it may not be ready for market.


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      1. And what does this have to do with prepping?? Freeze more of our ASS-ets for safe keeping?

        • Next they will the army of brain dead democrats….oh, wait they already did that.

          • That was supposed to read will make. Dang auto correct on this phone.

            • I learned to type at Coney Island, so you are STILL light years ahead of me!! 😉

        • @WWTI

          With regards to prepping, it now means that we now have to add a CAT to our list of preps.

          • I’ve already got my cat, and he jumps anything that moves. He does his job.

        • Most this site has nothing to do with prepping.

      2. While I agree that all the genetic research can be used for evil,can also be used for good.I see if we don’t blow the whole thing up first 3D machines that are bio that will grow a new limb lost say in accident/new working eyes ect.I addmitedly am a old school/luddite type but see the cool things that can also come from this.I really liked the story of guy who had ear grown on back of a mouse,he found out mouse would be killed and was backing out and thus they kept the little dude alive,guy got a new ear and the mouse as a pet,bet that mouse had one heck of a pampered life after that!I really liked/respect the guy for standing up for the mouse that was improving his life!

        • $1137 and $14.88

          Lovin these lows…wonder where the bottom will be……hmmm?

          I hope under $1000 and $10 🙂

          • Mac, I guess it only worked for one day….I am back to moderation land

          • JP Morgue, Goldmun Suchs and ChittyBank selling at 3 AM again!

            Platinum looks even better

            • This morning I saw a whole bunch of Zionists with vacuum cleaners on their backs going through the safe deposit boxes at my bank and sucking up gold coins out of the boxes. I don’t know what’s up with that.

              • Anyone who still has gold coins in a safe deposit box is suppose to lose it!

              • Commodester,

                That was john q public, wwti, and aqua man in their clever Zio ” super Jew” disguises! Braveheart had to wait in the car because he’s still in Nazi training wheels.

          • at a 100 to 1 ratio.. buy loads of silver and wait for the 50 to 1 to return and double your holdings.

            • What do you mean .02? Refresh my memory please.

              • BJ: Just google something like “historic gold to silver ratio” BJ. In the earth’s crust, the ratio is somewhere around 16:1 AG to AU (AU is gold, BTW). There is actually more gold above ground than ther is silver as silver gets used up (not really recoverable).

            • I only do gold and silver, but today looks like another good day for a purchase. Funny think .02 posted, because when I can and have the funds saved up, I usually get a 100 oz. of silver and 1 oz. of gold.

          • Probably around 700 and 6.5 this year, maybe significantly lower than that by the end of next year.

        • I agree on genetic research “can be used for good”.

          However, when that research starts cutting out the huge profits of Big Pharma and their political insiders, it is squelched and the warm bodies that could leak those findings are squelched as well.

          Example: Crash of Korean Airlines flight 007, on Sept. 1st, 1983. Presumably, 269 passengers and crew were killed in order to take out one, Larry Patton McDonald, Congressman.
          He was probably the last, most conservative, and upright democrat to ever hold office.

          He, himself a doctor. was presumably going to expose the cover up; by the medical establishment via Big Pharma and government, of the isolation of the gene that caused cancer and/or, the spread of such.
          He was already on “their” radar, by his attempts at exposing the role of the US & UN and the NWO, among many other things the gov didn’t want the public to know about.

          His story is a testament to the lengths that the likes of the Illuminati = Bush’s and Clinton’s will go to, in order to progress their New World Order, positions.

          The Big Money involved with Cancer Charities and those involved with research dollars, and the drugs associated, is so huge, they cover up and lie about where the real suffering is linked back to.

          The Almighty knows who they are, and their reign of terror upon the world is about to take a fall.

          • From Washington to Clinton they are all of one society as far as I know and that is the Brotherhood of Free Masons. Could the Masons be the whore of Babylon?

            • Maybe, but more likely the Holy Roman empire known as the Vatican. More specifically, the Pope as leader of the New world order church, that will be a newer version of Catholicism, and all inclusive, including homosexuals and islamists.
              Can’t wait to see how they pull that off.

              Mystery Babylon is the UN headquarters in NY City.

              The link between the two is the two sculptures, that sit at both places, depicting a world within a world, as the secret society, so the Masons are definitely part of that.

              The banksters and zog controlled elements are like birds of a feather but with different colors. They all have the same demonic ideology to control the world with their coming king.

              Their Antichrist has already deceived the majority of the world by his insiders/preachers, false information. They can’t rightly divide the KJV, so they have come up with a “flesh man as antichrist” ideology.

              God is very clear on this, especially in Revelation. There is only one that can pull off that role as “Antichrist and the False Prophet”. Key point. Two roles, and one entity. Satan as Antichrist and the False Prophet will align with many, like the Illuminati and the Pope, to deceive the whole (majority) of the world.

              I laugh when Preachers say, “the antichrist and his sidekick the false prophet/one world religious leader, is cast into the lake of fire”. Wrong! That is those “roles”, “positions”, of Satan that are destroyed…forever.

              How can Antichrist be destroyed if he is a flesh man, before the Great White Throne Day of Judgment, at the “end” of this age, when the GWTJ doesn’t commence until after the Millennium?
              See, it doesn’t line up.

              There will be destruction when Christ returns, or just right before, when the 7000 Nephilim/Fallen demonic angels fall dead, spirit body and soul, in Jerusalem, to never be again; but they are the only entities that have been pre-destined to die after they have fulfilled God’s purpose at the end of this dispensation of time.

              Satan himself will even have another little reign of power at the end of the Millennium of Teaching, to try/test the hearts of those converted during that 1000 year reign. he has been destined to be turned to, ashes from within, from many Millennia ago.

              sorry to get so longwinded, but some things are too important to not repeat.


              • If babylonian whore were a place I’d put my money on either NY city or London. But I am starting to wonder if it isn’t a system rather than a place.

                • Every system has a starting and/ or, operating place. Usually a building, and in some cases a whole city…..vatican?

                  Anyways, a system is correct in that Babel, and babylon, stands for one thing……confusion.

                  Man has made a religion of it. That is how we can identify the crooks and evil doers, because they find it necessary to confuse the sheeple with their lies and legal jargon.

                  Obolacare anyone?

            • The early Freemasons like Washington, may have had a secret society for bringing about their own agendas, but I highly doubt it was so evil as historians and conspiracy writers infer.

              The majority of early Freemasons, as Americans, were too consumed with pleasing God and keeping Americans free through the parameters of the documents of Liberty, and the KJV Holy Bible.

              There were elements of evil Freemasons deeply rooted even as to the layout and construction of structures in Washington, DC, but not all leaders ever thought those elements and entities would ever gain such a foot hold as they did.

              However, they did give warnings of such happening if “we the people” allowed them too much power and authority.

              We did, and it is finished on a majority consensus.
              Now, all is left is what transpires on a personal and family unit movement towards freedom and spiritual renewal.

              There will be a time of great evangelistic opportunity, but to what degree of truth is brought forth, we will just have to wait and see. Hopefully many will come to repentance before the door is closed. That is only, where true freedom will come from, in this late stage of time.

            • Clinton is no Mason,few of them left anywhere.

          • NWO = Rothchilds, Rockefellers, Warburgs, Soros…all of the mega-billionaires and trillionaires. Clintons and Bushes are just wannabes that cling to their shirt tails and do as they are told.

            It takes more than a few million to be a NWO globalist elite.

            The Rothchilds are worth more than 700 TRILLION, for example.

            Get some rope.

            • We’re right behind, go ahead and lead the charge anytime now.

      3. “a federal agency will not give out embarrassing information about the Benghazi cover-up because it may hamper future federal cover-ups.”

        a Nice truth found in this story

        ht tp://www.newsmax.com/TomFitton/hillary-clinton-email-benghazi/2015/07/15/id/657196/

        • Good ol’ Hitlery. I’m sure she already has her troupe of flying monkeys at the witches castle already warming up their wings

      4. Last I recalled, HUMAN BEINGS were not MICE.

        Whatever in the heck applies to MICE, may surely NOT apply to HUMAN BEINGS.

        Junk science at its best.

        Fruit flies are poisoned by grain alcohol. Therefore, human beings cannot consume grain alcohol. Yeah.. right.

        • Actually, grain alcohol poisons humans too.

      5. Speaking of what Churchill called “perverted science” of the Nazis, how about those BIG GREEN MONEY fascists behind global warming (you control energy, you control everything it touches, which is, well… *everything.* What disgusts me most is a.) their anti-science (science has NEVER been decided by consensus, of which there is none, but rather by experimentation and hypothesis testing – maybe they should check out Galileo, Copernicus, or Einstein, against whom Hitler had published “100 Scientists Against Einstein” to which Albert famously replied, “Why 100? If hisfacts are right, only ONE is needed.

        Then they have the temerity to claim moral high ground for their lies. Richard Rahn wrote in the Washington Times that he was present in at the Kremlin in 1992 when Russian demographers announced they had determined there were 64 MILLION “excess deaths” in the USSR during Stalin’s regime. Keep that tidy little euphemism, “excess deaths” in mind as you read the paragraphs below… As you are aware, the climate alarmists want us to move to Solyndra style green “solutions” for the issue of global warming – even though even the IPCC admit there has been ZERO global warming since 1998.

        The left – which according to both the Black Book of Communism (Oxford Univ. Press) and the late Dr. R.J. Rummel of Univ. of Hawaii (hey, tough job being a prof in Hawaii, but someone has to do it, right?) murdered over one million people last century – are back at it this century. Only this time they have a more pleasantly appearing mask. Unfortunately, as Dr. Calvin Beisner from the Cornwall Alliance wrote July 16th, at http://www.cornwallalliance.org/2015/07/16/fuel-poverty-the-deadly-side-of-renewable-energy/, about the human toll in the UK from the green fascists, when that mask comes off, it is as ugly as sin.

        Over a decade ago, the UK started down the BIG GREEN MONEY energy path. The result, per Beisner, was rising rates of “fuel poverty,” defined as when a “household must spend 10% or more of its income simply on home heating. That doesn’t include lights, refrigerator, washer. And the result? That nice euphemism again… “excess winter deaths” (EWD). Excess winter deaths are not abnormal – they are simply deaths that rise in winter due to normal issues like flu, pneumonia, etc. The problem is, as Beisner notes, “… fuel poverty-driven EWDs are different. They’re excess winter deaths that wouldn’t have occurred except that those who die couldn’t afford to heat their homes. Had they been able to, they might have lived for years longer. So an EWD caused by fuel poverty can rob someone of years of life. And that’s what’s been happening all over England and Wales. Last winter saw an estimated 40,000 EWDs, the most since 1999–2000 (48,440) and topping the flu-induced spike of 2008–9 (36,450). In each of the last five winters, England and Wales recorded an average of about 27,860 EWDs. Research by the World Health Organization concludes that from 30 to 40 percent of EWDs in Europe and Great Britain over that period are attributable to fuel poverty. If that is so, then fuel poverty caused an average of 8,358 to 11,144 deaths in each of those winters in England and Wales alone….”

        • Pseudo-erudition and bluffing only get so far.

          There are MANY scientists against Einstein, the wife beating serial plagiarist who abandoned both his children to die. Sadly fitting his abusive libertinism, he died from a syphilitic (“luetic” in the old parlance) abdominal aortic aneurysm.

          Both Einstein’s scientific failures and psychopathic narcissism were ignored by the anti-Christ media who touted him a the greatest physicist of the 20th century.

          Unable to refute Michelson & Morley’s interferometry in any other way, Einstein invented his Special Theory of Relativity, a theory that to this day has no proof. Amusingly, when his Special theory was refuted, he decided he needed a new theory, the General Theory of Relativity, a theory that contradicted his Special Theory with regard to the supposed constancy of the speed of light. For centuries, men have tried to dethrone the Creator with all manner of fudge factors: epicycles, the Lorentz “constant,” relativity, dark matter, and dark energy. Never any proof, just arguments from authority, the scientific priesthood.

          It really is quite hilarious that the supposed lions of science, despite more than a century of trying, have no proof of any of their key anti-creationist theories. Heliocentrism and “Big Bang” should be dead because with greater and greater resolution, the latest background cosmic microwave probes (WMAP in 1989, COPE in 2001, and Planck in 2013) have provided ever more refined data that is consistent with geocentrism (Yep, Galileo was wrong and the Church was right). Too, despite two centuries of trying, the best evidence of evolution of one species into a different species is still a handmade drawing of the fantasy transitional species.

          Though you’d never know it from the lack of media reporting, numerous cosmologists have grudgingly admitted how the data support geocentrism.

          Of course, none of this scientific evidence is set free in the anti-Christ media.

          The three volumes of books have much more evidence, but the graphics are superb in the 2 DVD set: http://gwwdvd.com

      6. The Confederate Flag Needs To Be Raised, Not Lowered

        What we see materializing before our very eyes is Zog tyranny.

        Pastor Chuck Baldwin

        Ladies and gentlemen, I submit that what we see happening in the United States today is an apt illustration of why the Confederate flag was raised in the first place. What we see materializing before our very eyes is tyranny: tyranny over the freedom of expression, tyranny over the freedom of association, tyranny over the freedom of speech, and tyranny over the freedom of conscience.

        In 1864, Confederate General Patrick Cleburne warned his fellow southerners of the historical consequences should the South lose their war for independence. He was truly a prophet. He said if the South lost, “It means that the history of this heroic struggle will be written by the enemy. That our youth will be trained by Northern school teachers; will learn from Northern school books their version of the war; will be impressed by all of the influences of History and Education to regard our gallant debt as traitors and our maimed veterans as fit subjects for derision.” No truer words were ever spoken.


          • Lots of people flying Confederate flags here in FL Several mounted on 4 Wheelers. Bring it Biotches. My Crossbow 385 fps. With 2″ broadheads. Looking to buy a few hundred bolts. Any suggestions of where?

          • I agree with every single word of this video. I said the same thing. The banks have a grip on our genitals as well.

            If they don’t jump voluntarily—give them the rope.

        • I am a dual US/Canadian citizen and have ancestors that fought for the North. Of course, racial based slavery was evil. But, as you know, the war was more about state self-determination, and over the years I have become more sympathetic to the southern cause. There are many different streams that fed into the war, so it’s not completely black or white (and why I do not have respect for the incessant ZOG comments – viz., it is more complex that you let on, even if there are a disproportionate % of leftist Jews (which I agree there is, BTW… i.e., you have it partially correct); it also gets ridiculous with seemingly every second post some Jew baiting screed).

          As Adams said, facts are stubborn things. I find it interesting that someone with my background has a lot of sympathy for certain aspects of the Civil War. And I doubt I am alone. The whole war seems to strike a continuing chord with many, hence all those re-enactments. Perhaps the powers didn’t win as thorough of a victory as they hoped. Yes, the victors may write the history; however, they cannot re-write *reality* and the cannot efface the truth… and sometimes that truth breaks out and bites scam artists in the derriere.

        • The only question is what are you going to do about it? Oh you can forget about fighting unless you use the magic in your mind!

          • Akocen,

            You must be new around here. What are they going to ” do”? Well, they’ll ” do’ what they always “do”, piss and moan and fight imaginary keyboard battles. This site is a dual geriatric and pediatric ward, geriatric for their bodies and pediatric for what’s left of their minds.

      7. If it cures cancer great! But you and I know that they will use it for something else. Thank God I’m in my 60’s.

      8. Folks the gun related FALSE FLAGS will be ever day. It’s amazing how all of these shooting are starting during Jade Helm makes one say Hmmmmmmm doesn’t it.

      9. These genetic tamperers can’t leave well enough alone. We have monsters toying with the natural order of things, that can only bring bad results. GMO foodstuffs, which have been proven dangerous, come from trying to control nature, despite the attack on the proof of their danger to pure foods. The congress is now pushing through legislation to ban states from labeling GMO food. Those who tamper with food and animal DNA are sick individuals, and no I’m not buying that they are seeking food security or cures for disease.

      10. GOT TUMORS? Conclusive Link Between GMO Foods and Disease in Rats



      11. Prep Survival: Wet Fire Starting

        Fire Starting Wood Heart Feather Sticks

        *a true lifesaver, this method of fire starting will work in the wettest snowiest of climates.


        • cotton ball rubbed in Vaseline is easier.

          • Carry a nine-volt battery and some steel wool. Touch both terminals of the battery against the steel wool and the steel wool will ignite.

          • you learn something new everyday!

            i wasn’t aware 9volt Batteries, Steel Wool, Vaseline and Cotton Balls grew naturally around the world in the forests and rainforests.

            • I use as a wet weather fire starter jewt that has been dipped in wax,have small containers in all my hiking/bo/hunting bags.I unravel a piece and can get going with knife/ferrous rod easy.This also looks like a good start for a bad weather fire,keep the ideas coming folks,at least until they can genetically make a zippo built into me fingers!

            • how hard is it to put 100 seasoned cotton balls in a ziplock? Only takes one and you dont need that bic lighter that evidently grows naturally in the rain forest.

            • match or what ever it was and try to actually light one of those in a driving wind/rain storm. been there tried that..
              the cotton ball UNDER those things is the way to go.

            • I ain’t never seen no dry feather sticks growing in them forests and rainforests neither.

      12. My ex always complained that my sperm tasted artificial. I wonder what she was comparing it to?

        • Thank you Prophet, I needed a good laugh on a Friday at work.

          • Ten Four.

        • Before my future ex, and I, ever got hitched, she was good at giving out the proverbial bj.

          After we had been dating for years and me complaining about her inability to swallow she said my spunk had too much funk.
          Yea, it made me wonder what she was comparing it to.

          I was getting a complex about it and told her she should think about all that good protein she was wasting.

          Then, one day while tooling along down the interstate she proceeded to go to work like a good 21 year old sweet thing can do, and I was finding myself mashing down on the accelerator (no cruise control) and exploding at 80mph.
          As the car slowed and my shaking subsided, I noticed she had not grabbed a tissue and thought, oh what a good little girl, she is finally swallowing. A few minutes later she approached my side and began kissing my neck and cheek. Then without warning she began french kissing and out of nowhere came a gush of warm yogurt in my mouth, and to keep from spewing I swallowed and realized what it was. omg!

          WTF girl? She said with a big grin, If you think it is all that good, you swallow it from now on.

          Never ever brought up the swallowing thing again.

          • Yucky. Caca.

          • hey mac, i find the above posts about bjs a hellova lot more offensive than bashing joos.

            • If it were faggots talking about bjs, I would say yes.
              That would be terribly offensive to me and especially to straight women that follow here.

              But, something that the majority of women do and have done, with their opposite sex mate, I can’t see how that is offensive.

              Anyway, the jew hating thing is no different than a black or brown hating thing to me. I don’t hate them as long as they don’t hate me or mine and try to kill me or mine.

              Hey, I just come in off the road from a long week of trucking, so from what I hear on the CB, this is like kindergarten stuff.

              Don’t be so touchy, people. Laugh and celebrate freedom to speak out and drink beer, and have sex with your opposite sex mate.
              It ain’t going to be long before those good times are gonna be rudely interrupted by a true shtf event. Actually, lots of them, and scientists growing shit off the hides of mice, won’t mean a thing.

          • Sex Health Tip: if your sperm is funky tasting or smelly in a unpleasant gym socks way it’s your diet and a sign of bad health.

            means you need to cleanse your body and eat healthier cleaner foods, drink more water to flush out the body.

            some ladies intentionally feed their mates spices, strawberries and other fruits to enhance the taste.

            • Maybe you shouldn’t be chewing on your socks in the first place.

        • Monsanto produced!

        • Monsanto produced!

      13. Star Wars – The Clone Wars – ARC Trooper

        Clones eventually will be Weaponized for War!


      14. White Man exercising his right to open carry law robbed of his new gun in Oregon by a Black Man.

        Gresham man robbed of gun he was openly carrying!

        GRESHAM, Ore. (KOIN 6) — A man practicing his open carry right was robbed of the gun he was openly carrying.
        William Coleman III was robbed of his Walter- brand P22 just after 2:00 a.m. October 4 in Gresham by a young man who asked him for it — and flashed his own weapon as persuasion.

        Coleman, 21, was talking to his cousin in the 17200 block of NE Glisan St., after purchasing the handgun earlier that day, when a young man asked him for a cigarette, police said.

        The man then asked about the gun, pulled a gun from his own waistband and said “”I like your gun. Give it to me.”

        Coleman handed over the gun and the man fled on foot.

        The suspect is thin a black male, between 19 and 23 years old, clean cut with a small patch of facial hair on his chin, and short black wavy hair.

        He is roughly six feet tall, wearing grey sweatpants, a white T-Shirt and flip-flop sandals.

        The weapon he used in the robbery was described as a possibly semi-automatic, black gun, Gresham Police said.

        Anybody who may have information on this case is asked to call the Gresham Police Tips line at 503.618.2719.

        *concealed carry is best in when in public.

        • That is when you pull your backup piece and shoot the perp in the back of the head when he turns around. A pair of sap gloves works well also.

          • Dumb ass should have concealed it. Open carry invites problems even though its legal.

      15. Congratulations to Mac Slavo and shtf.com! Your site has officially jumped the shark and shit the bed. What was once a good prepper site has become a garbage dump, well done.

      16. “unexpected side effects”? Ya think?

        God says “DO NOT tamper with My creation.” There will be consequences.

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